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We Will Survive—Lessons From Yertle the Turtle

Well, where have I been, fa God’s sake? You know what they say? When times get tough, the Jews get cleanin’ — at least those of us raised by borderline obsessive-compulsive moms. My New York pad had been suffering from nine months of neglect after blogging up a storm for our gal, Hillary. My cleaning strategy (or was it a tactic?) fell under the rubric of build it and they will come, for all you clients who might have unknowingly been demagnetized by the New York film of white dust that seems to settle on everything in my little flat, despite air purifier. And there’s something about wiping the slate clean during the Jewish New Year that compelled me to also clean the space around me. So am I next to godliness now? Hard to say, God only knows.

Like many of my Confluence sisters and brothers, I imagine I’ve been suffering from an influx of fluctuating moods and diminishing incomes, having dedicated so much to our PUMA cause. Yes, as has been told repeatedly, we’ve been putting out fires all year. Just when we thought we’d found each smoking gun of Obama’s dirty dealings and his trail of broken promises that would put his campaign out to pasture and reward Hillary with her rightful place of stellar leadership, we would be surprised by the MSM, Dem leadership, and general populace’s silence. So we’ve been running this relay race, and frankly, we’re tired. Our team members have carried the baton when any one of us could not. Some of us have felt beaten down by hitting our heads against the wall with cries of illegality and the smarmy tactics and associations of the Obama campaign. Frankly, I’ve cited so many instances that I’m numb, so if you want a reference, just look at almost any post here, on my blog or that of any one of my blogroll links.

So what kind of horse am I to stop before the race is over? I’m not really stopping, I’m just refueling, and that means refocusing and looking for work. Blogging, as I have found, is almost like having a job, it just doesn’t pay the cash. After all, to do it right, one must read other blogs, comments, stay up on the news, have an opinion, gather audio/visual accompaniment, cite supporting resources, links, and articles.

What blogging has gotten us is that our PUMA protest voice has made a huge difference in forcing the truth into the media, which has largely obfuscated its purpose as keepers of the Fourth Estate. In one example, after all of our yammering, finally the ACORN improprieties in voter registration are coming to light in thirteen states of the union. Most of us are lifelong Liberals who refused to give in to the philosophy of “by any means necessary.” Reference to those words by Malcolm X were woven in as code during the primaries against Hillary and now against McCain.

When Obama says in grandiose speeches that people are trying to “hoodwink and bamboozle you,” he’s speaking in code. And most knife-twisting of all, the chief hoodwinking bamboozler is calling the kettle black or white if you’re John Lewis. Those words by Malcolm X are part of the “by any means” philosophy, which gets to the heart of why we feel so angry and hurt by his campaign. We are fundamentally against this way of being in the world and see this MO permeate every level of Obama’s opportunistic campaign at each step of the way — from the trail of broken promises to his associations with shady characters, from ACORN to his Fannie and Freddie on-the-take, and how he stepped on the heads of those who helped him rise to power. We’re frustrated because when we or the McCain campaign point out these things, we/they are called haters and racists in the most vile, stringent terms. We are called haters by a campaign and its followers who have threatened, shouted us down, made it unsafe to wear normal campaign gear, carry or post signs, speak out. We are called names by a campaign that has used people within their governmental capacity to stifle free speech. Why?

Saddest of all is that we are like the wandering Jews. Welcome, people, to my world. We have no home. My thousands of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, people I’ve known for my entire adult life, going on forty years, think that I’m a pariah. I don’t talk about my views with them, as I’m usually met with a barrage of hatred toward the candidates I believe in or am placing my hope in to counteract Nobama. So, basically, I don’t go there. I just write to get out the word. I write to you and for myself as an outlet, and because I cannot stay silent. You are my new community, my solace, my rock, my connection to the reality I see — the reality that so many of my counterparts don’t see. It’s as if the truth before their eyes is invisible.

Remember “Yertle the Turtle” by Dr. Seuss? Obama is like Yertle in his unbridled ego and hubris, fake seal, O-plane, fake Greek columns. His attitude is cloaked in the language of noblesse oblige, but instead of by birthright, he will use the power he has garnered to re-distribute the wealth to the less fortunate. And the people, the other lowly turtles in the land, afraid or deluded, they will obey:

My throne shall be higher!” his royal voice thundered,
“So pile up more turtles! I want ’bout two hundred!”
“Turtles! More turtles!” he bellowed and brayed.
And the turtles ‘way down in the pond were afraid.
They trembled. They shook. But they came. They obeyed.
From all over the pond, they came swimming by dozens.
Whole families of turtles, with uncles and cousins.
And all of them stepped on the head of poor Mack.
One after another, they climbed up the stack.
Then Yertle the Turtle was perched up so high,
He could see forty miles from his throne in the sky!

So, as we say, we don’t really have a horse in this race. Again, as in prior elections, we are forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. We are forced to turn a blind eye toward a Yertle who has stepped on the heads of the people. But WE are like Mack. When Yertle the Turtle could not bear to see the moon rise higher in the sky than he himself, he ordered more turtles onto the pile, but poor Mack—suffering under the burden of the millions who followed their king—did the most simple, natural thing, and brought the tyrant down:

But, as Yertle, the Turtle King, lifted his hand
And started to order and give the command,
That plain little turtle below in the stack,
That plain little turtle whose name was just Mack,
Decided he’d taken enough. And he had.
And that plain little lad got a bit mad.
And that plain little Mack did a plain little thing.
He burped!
And his burp shook the throne of the king!

And Yertle the Turtle, the king of the trees,
The king of the air and the birds and the bees,
The king of a house and a cow and a mule…
Well, that was the end of the Turtle King’s rule!
For Yertle, the King of all Sala-ma-Sond,
Fell off his high throne and fell Plunk! in the pond!

So, all you wanderers who feel you have no home except for that of your fellow bloggers and protesters, YOU, WE will survive. We will continue to do what comes naturally, to put one foot in front of the other, and just . . . burp.

[cross-posted from Lady Boomer NYC]

170 Responses

  1. Oh, LadyBoomer, this is FABULOUS!

    PUMA POWER!!! And a very happy New Year to you and your newly-clean apartment!


  2. Mack, huh? 😉
    May he burp very loud tonight!

  3. The PUMA movement is the diaspora from the democratic party. We are like the wandering Jews and other displaced peoplesof the world. PUMAs cannot return home, until the democratic cpartychanges from the Obama party. It is no longer the democratic party that we have lived with for so many years. Thank you for your wonderful posting.

  4. Fabulous post. And yes, I admit that I’m a dead head — got the “steal your face” on the back of my car to prove it (and yes, I’ve been to live shows).

  5. Saddest of all is that we are like the wandering Jews. Welcome, people, to my world. We have no home. My thousands of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, people I’ve known for my entire adult life, going on forty years, think that I’m a pariah.

    Oh, Bostonboomer, you said what I feel. We are judged because we won’t succumb, why can’t they accept that we have seen all his flip flopping and we were there when the party rigged the process for him on May 31 2008 in Washington D.C. How can they forget, or expect us to forget.

    I don’t say anything in public, because if you do it is like the POD PEOPLE movie….EEEEEK –> point, then R@CIST!

  6. 🙂 Thanks, madamab!

    In re-reading my words, just in case somebody’s hackles get raised: When I object to Obie’s plan of redistributing the wealth, please know that I am all for a more equal and just society. I just don’t trust him as the arbiter of fairness nor justice.

    I was also thinking of “that plumber” who asked Obama about his plans to further tax income of $250K and the company with that value that the plumber was considering buying. Obama’s redistribution plans don’t seem to take into account the people who have worked themselves up from nothing over time, and also that small businesses are the source of our greatest innovation and job growth.

    God, I’m not, but hate how I’m sounding like a Repub. Geez, soon I’ll be quoting them: Hannity says he’s never gotten a job from a poor person.

  7. oops, it’s Lady Boomer NYC…
    Gee you would think since I met you I could get that straight! Big hug to ya…you have friends here. 🙂

  8. Lady Boomer I’ve missed you. And Gail you’re exactly right, the diaspora of the Democratic Party, how fitting. Cast out and spit upon. We have to stand strong and change this party, or start a whole new one. I think it’s about time.


  9. I want mail, dagnabbit. And if anyone can get Meg Ryan to send me some…

  10. Let me repeat from the end of the last thread:

    I just checked my email and I’m really hurt and diasappointed that our former ray of f*cking sunshine didn’t mention me by name.

    I promise I will try harder in the future.

  11. Thank you, gail fahey — I love what you wrote! That’s would have been the next step in my analogy! Good goin’:

    gail fahey, on October 15th, 2008 at 4:55 pm Said:

    The PUMA movement is the diaspora from the democratic party. We are like the wandering Jews and other displaced peoples of the world. PUMAs cannot return home, until the democratic cpartychanges from the Obama party.

    Thanks, angie nc, and yes, edge — mack tonight!

    Women Voter — It’s me Lady Boomer NYC! We have a couple of us young’uns here at The Confluence!

  12. Obama’s redistribution plans don’t seem to take into account the people who have worked themselves up from nothing over time, and also that small businesses are the source of our greatest innovation and job growth. -Lady Boomer NYC

    Gosh, you get it, so many people don’t. The hardest thing for me is the class warfare that is being promoted. They don’t realize that small business people take out loans (to make payroll and cover expenses) rather than lay people off because they know them, they see them as part of the family and some times the boss makes less than the employees, but they never know. 😦

    Thanks you are a gem. Yes, small business is the little engine of the American economy and in times like these they are very innovative.

  13. Ah, you’re welcome, Women Voter! Did we meet in NYC? I’m sorry it’s so hard to keep the names with faces, since we’re mostly names! Big hugs back!

    Thanks for the group hug, Marsha, et al.

    See, The Dead always brings us together with peace love and happiness — although they just did an Obie fundraiser, I hoid.

  14. myiq – Are you also sorry you didn’t get a fake attorney screaming at you on the phone?

    Be careful what you wish for.


  15. you are beautiful lady boomer nyc!!!!!

    thank you for your touching articles!

  16. myiq2xu, on October 15th, 2008 at 5:06 pm Said:

    “Let me repeat from the end of the last thread:

    I promise I will try harder in the future.”

    I don’t know myiqu — Is that possible?! 🙂

  17. They don’t let us use the phone here ever since the incident.

  18. Copying from Hillary: both boys cribbing furiously from “the girl”

  19. Lady Boomer:

    With one exception I was always polite and friendly to you-know-who.

    As far as I recall, so was everyone else, at least until he lost his marbles.

    I’m sure there were plenty of opportunities for me to be rude and obnoxious before he departed.

  20. very uplifting post for a very rough week for me !!!

    thanks so much for it!!!

  21. Did you all see this at No Quarter?

    On 10/22/04, John Kerry was leading in Ohio by 6 points. His likely voter numbers showed a four-point lead over Bush nationally.

    How’d that work out for us?

  22. Great post! Here’s to 18 million sneezeson Nov 4th!

  23. myiq: who dat be? Your ray of sunshine.

    I wrote in a down below thread, been battling with Medicare, a billing office that doesn’t want to do their job and BCBS/LA.
    I’m in a holding pattern with them.

    Anyway, I just called and got my Xanax script refilled. 8)

    I can cope now.

    After the election I think Xanax will be Brave New World’s
    Soma. 😆

    Excellent post btw LBNYC

  24. I got this on GRETAWIRE…..check it out!

    it’s Fox News Channel’s fault ???
    by Greta Van Susteren
    Check out this email from my colleague Corbett:

    From: Riner, Corbett
    Sent: Wed Oct 15 16:17:09 2008
    Subject: NYT intvw:BHO “if not for FNC…

    “I am convinced that if there were no Fox News, I might be two or three points higher in the polls,” Obama told me. “If I were watching Fox News, I wouldnt vote for me, right? Because the way Im portrayed 24/7 is as a freak! I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal. Who wants somebody like that?”

  25. Lady Boomer: I am so glad that you are posting here! Just remember, 100 years from now no one will give a rat’s ass concerning your clean apartment. At least I live by that theory when it comes to my own house. Until it looks like a carbon copy of Miss Cavindash’s digs, I am not going to let it bother me.

  26. I really don’t like that guy.

  27. Obambi has been copying off of Hillary from day one. In all the debates it was ” Uhhhhhh, I agree with what Hillary said.” No wonder he wanted her to answer the questions first. At least McCain is willing to work across party lines, Hillary had a good idea so why not admit it and go with it and use it, instead of being like Barky and claiming you came up with it all on your own.

    I hate it when people steal other people ideas and don’t give them credit. That is what cowards and people w/no ideas do.




  28. I am the latte-sipping, New York Times-reading, Volvo-driving, no-gun-owning, effete, politically correct, arrogant liberal

    But Obama you are all that but not a liberal. What is wrong with not owning a gun and driving a volvo?

  29. He forgot narcissistic.

  30. And just to prove how much of a Dead Head I am — I have to point out that this video has been edited as some lyrics are missing. After the second refrain of “I will get by” and before the following lyrics:

    “Its a lesson to me, the deltas & the east & the freeze/
    The ABCs we all think of and try to win a little love”

    Should come:

    It’s a lesson to me, the eagles and the beggars & the seas/
    The ABCs we all must face try to keep a little grace.”

    I wonder if I”m the only freak who noticed? 😉

  31. Someone should tell Obama that if it wasn’t for CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS he would be down 20 pts

    eff him

    excuse the language

  32. I see we have another gail. hi!

    About the plummer-did anyone hear the interview with him after the encounter with O? Yeah, that O really has the gift of flattering gab, lmao!

    O was pretty darn condescending. I thought he prides himself on being able to “persuade one to vote against one’s interests.”

  33. Oh poor Obambi, Fox News doesn’t wike him, his wittle feewings are hurrrt. Mean, mean Fox News.

  34. Plummer guy used the word “scary.”

  35. DT – Obama is such a j*ck*ss!!! At least he is not claiming to be a liberal, since he cares about nothing but his own career.

  36. Thank You Lady Boomer. What a lovely post! As a teacher of young children, familiar with this book, your analogy pierced my heart, as did your profound comparison to wandering Jews.

    Miss you! Come to Scranton and canvas with us this weekend! Robin R

  37. Regency — LMAO — he always seems to forget the narcissistic part, doesn’t he?

  38. Hi Angelina!! {{{waving}}}

  39. According to Politico, McCain called and chatted with BOTH Big Dawg and Hillary, asking her input and picking her brain about her HOLC idea before he announced his proposal at the last debate.

  40. madamab: I left a comment on the previous post regarding the threat. It is mindboggling! If Freedom of Speech is the first to go, be prepared as they will all follow suit. What a disgusting election this has turned out to be. Not one glimmer of praise to be offered.

    Know that I will support you in any way I can.

  41. HI PJ!!!!

    Missed ya on the earlier threads today.

    Regency – You crack me up as always.

    Later, all you magnificent PUMAs! See you tonight for the debate!

  42. gail — I didn’t here the interview with plumber after his O encounter — what is the scoop?

  43. Hi Fredster {{blows kisses}}

    See you all in a bit — def. for the debate!

  44. gail says: “O was pretty darn condescending. I thought he prides himself on being able to “persuade one to vote against one’s interests.”


    Yes, he is very good at persuading others to vote against one’s interests. Look at the PUMA movement. Although, at this point in time, I think PUMAs are acting in their self interests, and for the good of the country.

  45. New ad to run in Nevada 🙂

  46. Fredster:

    If you don’t know I can’t tell you.

    It’s kinda like Fight Club

  47. WMCB, I’d count on McCain before Obama to appoint Hillary to a task force dealing with health care or the economy. Obama has no respect for Hillary and only uses her when he needs something for himself. McCain has more respect for the Clintons and he considers their voices and opinions which is why he called them up recently for economic advice.

  48. Oh, Lady Boomer – I love it – see, that’s why I love you guys – you’re all so darn creative!

  49. Just for the record: I am planning on opening a bottle of wine for the debate tonight so I will be here more than likely sporting a buzz.

    I feel the need since listening to Obama drives me to it and if McCain does not hit back he may as well pull the covers over his head along with the rest of us.

    So you are all on notice. And if I start telling you guys how much I “love” you all this is the sign that I have found the bottom of the bottle all on my own!

  50. Oops! I mentioned F***t C**b!


  51. Downticket,
    The ad should have stopped after the second Hill clip. I think the focus on “terrorists” makes ppl think about Arab/African terrorists rather than the white Ayers. That can come across as racist.

  52. Just that the more O kept talking, the more he was scaring plumber guy off even more!

    Yeah, O just bulldozed his way in with his opinions without knowing anything about the guy- how hard he’s worked, etc.

    Made it more about “those who are behind him.”

    I’m sure O thinks plummer guy is some greedy republican and was condescending. I didn’t like the tone of his voice.

  53. The last 2 times that taxes were raised during a recession, jobs decreased. When Herbert Hoover raised taxes on the rich, unemployment increased and we went into a depression. When Jimmy Carter raised taxes, unemployment and inflation increased.

    The rich didn’t suffer during the Great Depression, only the poor and middle class.

  54. I’m not sure how Mac is gonna do in the debate. I still haven’t figured out if he or the party really want to win this year. I go back and forth on it.

  55. angienc’s definitely a bigger Deadhead than me! I guess you’re the freakiest freak here.

    myiq — yes, you’re respectful plus a very funny guy.

    Yes, someone fill us in with follow-up about the plumber.

    It’s reassuring to know that Mc conferred with Hillary about her plan, b/c as first presented, and then spun, he pulled it outta his, um, outta nowhere.

  56. I don’t think wanting to win or not is the issue.

    Just think MSNBC has the whole evening dedicated to obama commercials every night (KO, Maddow, Tweety). CNN doesn’t do the BIG obama commercial every night, but they are in the tank too.

    They will be spouting the obama talking points and follow-up faux-rage tomorrow and for the rest of the week unless the dow drops 500 points or something.

  57. Downticket, on October 15th, 2008 at 5:40 pm Said:

    “New ad to run in Nevada 🙂

    What a great reminder of how fierce and brave Hillary actually was when she took it to ’em! Much stronger than McCain now — although I understand the change in times, etc., the stakes are so much higher comin’ to the finish line. And tonight they’ll be seated at the same table, I believe. Let’s see if Mc soldiers forth . . .

  58. Lady Boomer NYC, What a great post – thank you!

    Onward, PUMA soliders, fireworks will start going off at 10:31pm tonight all the way up to November 4th!

  59. “New ad to run in Nevada

    WOW – that was fireworks #1 to go off!

  60. Gary and I were watching Fox the other night and O’Reilly mentioned how Fox was enjoying their best ratings ever and MSNBC/NBC, CNN, and the networks were seeing declining viewership. I seems illogical that Fox would be up and the others down if Obama were really surging in the polls. Whenever Greta does an online poll during her show, it is obvious the viewers support McCain more. So what gives? Are Obama leaners watching Fox? If so, why don’t they watch Greta?

  61. Thanks Lady Boomer for your honesty and dedication to Truth. There is so much truth lacking in this election and Obama is a completely fraudulent candidate and can only make a fraudulent president. Who is he to decide to redistribute the wealth? What wealth, with stocks crashing and houses in foreclosure? After Bush & Co. America owes so much money there is nothing left to distribute. I too have witnessed and endured the scorn and anger coming from friends and relatives because I cannot support the CHOSEN ONE in November. I have tried everything to get others to see the arrogant one as he really is, but very few have understood. Thanks to all bloggers and those whose web-sites have helped us survive together even though we are strangers. Without these reassurances that others share our vision, this would be an impossible time. I fear for America the next 8 years if Barack and Michelle enter the White House. These people have so many code words who knows what they plan on doing or saying in code to terrorists here at home and abroad. It’s sad to say, I have never felt afraid in my home city before, but now I do, the home of Barack Obama, Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Rev. Wright and others who hate us. He also wants a Global Poverty Fund to redistribute the wealth to foreign countries (do we get to vote on this?) That is a bottomless pit that will further break the back of our already failing economy. Thanks Oprah Winfrey, you sure know how to pick your candidates. Next time, don’t do us any more favors and keep your candidates to yourself.

  62. Yertle the Turtle! Awesome. I love this site.

    Mawm, Fox ratings were in decline a couple of months ago. I guess it is surging again because it is the only mainstream network with a different point of view. I have often disagreed with Fox, but I am very grateful that it is there.

    OT – happy Sukkot to those who celebrate.

  63. Mawm, all the places that I used to request not show Fox – gym, doc offices, sandwich shop – I’ve had to schlep back and tell them it’s fine. I’ve even had to ask a couple places turn from MSNCO to Fox. I think people are looking funny at the hubby, wondering if he didn’t trade me in for someone that looks just like me.

  64. This is a much better ad, IMO.

  65. Speaking as one from a family of which one part went into the diaspora after the soviet occupation decimated part of the family, sent another part into exile and slavery, and the third escaped with absolutely nothing but fear, grief and the sense of being strangers in a strange land – my mother tells me it feels the same, being lost and not able to go home.

    But there was a light at the end of the tunnels. 40 years of continuos resistance from the outside and inside led to the Singing Revolution, named so because the form of demonstration was through song. The Singing Revolution led to the Baltic Way where millions of people held hands across three nations and continued to sing, and after a bloody battle with Soviet tanks and troops where the people protected their parliament and their TV tower with their unarmed bodies, my mother’s home was finally free.

    I have hope, and agree with Lady Boomer. We will survive and live to clean up and improve our party.

  66. *tunnel

  67. myiq2xu, on October 15th, 2008 at 5:42 pm Said:


    If you don’t know I can’t tell you.

    It’s kinda like Fight Club

    That’s no fun!

  68. “I was also thinking of “that plumber” who asked Obama about his plans to further tax income of $250K and the company with that value that the plumber was considering buying. Obama’s redistribution plans don’t seem to take into account the people who have worked themselves up from nothing over time, and also that small businesses are the source of our greatest innovation and job growth.

    God, I’m not, but hate how I’m sounding like a Repub. Geez, soon I’ll be quoting them: Hannity says he’s never gotten a job from a poor person.” – Lady Boomer NYC

    Could it be possible that this election will force an actual realignment of American politics? The conservative base HATES McCain, but they’re terrified of Obama, and that’s about all McCain has going for him. They consider him a RINO. The old Democratic coalition is hardly coalescing behind Obama, but is rather being dragged along by a rope tied to the back of the bus they were all thrown under.

    I don’t think McCain is intending to have two terms, and I think Palin is intended to be the face of the new Republican Party after years of it being firmly in the hands of neocon wingnuts who have treated their social conservative base as badly as the Dems have treated their liberal base. The conservative elites don’t like for the same reason liberal elites didn’t like the Clintons — she is an actual example of the alleged middle class family person everyone’s always talking about and the GW Bush only pretended to be. I always thought that the disdain for the Clintons from their own party was because they were the real deal: they actually worked their way up.

    Maybe, just maybe, the era of the elites (both conservative and liberal) are behind us, and we can have our democracy back.

  69. Fox is a whole lot fairer to Obama & the Dems that all the others are to JM & Sarah. Sure, you can tell they favor JM, but it’s not like the knockdown & kill ’em propaganda from everyone else. Sometimes when I go to FNC website, I’m disappointed that there’s so much nice stuff on Obama, and so much criticism of JM/SP. I see that suckup-Obama stuff everywhere, and I want a little contra.

  70. Hi Mawm!

    Looks like another debate moderated by an Obamabot!

    ***Media Research Center CyberAlert Special***
    4:35pm EDT, Wednesday October 15, 2008

    Media Reality Check. “Bob Schieffer Tilted Left Against Bush in 2004:
    CBS Host Trashes Palin As a “Down and Dirty…Attack Dog,” Then
    Expects to Be Seen as Fair Moderator”

    Below is the text of a Media Reality Check, related to tonight’s
    debate, which was posted and distributed earlier today.

    It’s online at:

    Tell Gary hi also!
    your Denver RV neighbor, robin r

  71. Basically, Roger Ailes is a whole lot smarter than Joel Stein at CNN, that new guy at MSNBO, and the rest.

  72. Mawn, 6pm,

    I believe the polls aren’t true. Who would want to tell someone who they are planning on voting for if they think they’ll be thought of as “RACIST!!!”? Why, no one. So unless a pollee says, none of your business, click, then there’s only one answer. So big vote numbers for Barky.

    I have Malcolm X magnet on my fridge. I think he’d be appalled by what’s going on right now. He was smart enough to see the light, and see where it got him.

  73. Hello all-

    today a barrel of Oil closed below $75.00 per barrel and Goldman Sachs(remember them) who only a few months ago touted $ 200.00 dollar a barrel oil are now saying $ 50.00 before December 31st 2008 CE! I wonder how much of the crisis is caused from the brokerage houses going long in the Energy Markets?

    On the lighter side Amenidinajhad and Chavez may be unable to prop up the terrorist rouips and clientele states due to a huge shortfall in Oil revenues….

    just some good news 2.75 a gallon gas is around the corner.

  74. Lady Boomer NYC,

    Sorry for the late reply, went out to have a snack. Yes, we met at the conference with all the others that were still steamed over the UN-Democratic events. NotYourSweetie was a hoot, she has the best sense of humor in person and on-line.

    This PUMA movement sure got us to meet up with wonderful people. travel and I have gained many insights about the America we so love. I hope you caught the train without any problems. I was traveling with a GPS gadget and still took several wrong turns with other PUMAs in the car! lol We were waiting for the gadget to YELL…”I SAID TO GET ON THAT EXIT”…instead of recalculating route! lol

  75. Hi gqm!

  76. OK please no one go out an buy an SUV yet!

  77. All the comments and links are really wonderful, but I must go out for a walk to save my pant size, so continue on. I’ll be back, but before I go . . .

    looking for integrity, on October 15th, 2008 at 6:08 pm Said:

    “But there was a light at the end of the tunnels. 40 years of continuos resistance from the outside and inside led to the Singing Revolution, named so because the form of demonstration was through song.”

    Thank you for your family’s tragic and triumphant story. Although she emigrated to Israel around the turn of the last century, my g’ma was from Russia, but I never heard of the Singing Revolution!!! Is that for real? It strikes me that the folksinging and hippy eras were or accomplished a similar feat — although people said we didn’t amount to anything, our music and the movement it sparked lived on and carried us forward.

    Hmmm, it may be time for this century’s version. We are the world, anyone? 🙂 No, I’m serious, we need a counter to what the other side is putting out, plus a way to win them to our side of Red Rover. We need an original, catchy anthem. Okay, you musicians among us, you’re on!

  78. As per fuzzybear’s $2.75/gal gas, does anyone remember (okay not you zygotes or xyers, and yes, I still have long term memory), when during the Carter years gas was .25 cents/gal? That’s what enabled 250 of us organized hippies to caravan on the cheap, 1.5 times around the US in old school buses.

  79. What about the Black community, Obama? Found a video from the people who protested his rallies – see what their beef is

  80. This is a fabulous post. Just when I was feeling low (after reading about the polls and surprisingly even the newsMax report by Robert Novak which said Mccain had no chance), I feel charged up.

  81. Pat Johnson, on October 15th, 2008 at 5:43 pm Said:
    Just for the record: I am planning on opening a bottle of wine for the debate tonight so I will be here more than likely sporting a buzz.

    Pat, can I come over your house for the debate? I’ll bring an extra bottle or three of wine…

    Oh, heck with it, I’d rather watch Project Runway anyway.

  82. jjm! I’ve been wondering about you and joannie. Strangers, we’ve become.

  83. Saw a new debate drink over at Michelle Malkin that was evidently invented by a CO bartender. It’s called the ACORN drink:
    amaretto cranberry orange juice rum nutmeg

    then shake like a martini. Sounds pretty good to me.

  84. Hillary Clinton Rips Apart Barack Obama


  85. Over 70% of CEO’s fear an Obama presidency will be a disaster.


    Lets face it the media is really part of Obama’s campaign. We Hillary supporters knew this early on. They would make things up and they are doing the same with McCain/Palin.

  86. Re: the debate. I’ve been hearing various reports that McCain doesn’t want to risk appearing “desperate or rac*st” by bringing up Ayers and Wright. Where is the fighter pilot? This has nothing to do with race: it is about honesty and judgment. He has lied about every radical association in his life including Rezko, Ayers, Pfleger, Wright & ACORN. Always the same pattern of lies. THAT should be the issue. If McCain backs down, he doesn’t deserve to win. He talks about “fighting” for the American people. Well, this is your chance. Show us what you’ve got. I am annoyed with the “noble Republican” in a campaign when he is up against a Chicago thug. Of all the years for a Republican to have a conscience, it has to be this one?!

  87. fuzzy: we have $2.67 down here…

  88. London: $8.40!

  89. I have hope, and agree with Lady Boomer. We will survive and live to clean up and improve our party.

    OK, but will Israel survive? I really worry what a pro radical muslim president in the US will do to the middle east…a nuclear Iran?

  90. just wait and see what happens. no use in guessing a few hours before.

  91. The economy is the most important issue, and that is precisely why consideration must be given to Obama’s character. The American people need to know what kind of person is going to be making the decisions that most affect their lives, which, at present is the economy. What kind of person do you want to be at the tiller guiding America through this economic crisis?

    That is what McCain should say to lead off his attack of Obama’s associates.

  92. Lady Boomer NYC – there were long gas lines during Carter – no gas to be had(I was in Atlanta) and not a quarter. There was 25 cent a gal in Houston a few years earlier – especially when they were having gas wars – at least out north Houston off FM 1960 – Jack Rabbit Road.

  93. LB-This will be a long post- but yes It is for real!

    The Baltics resisted for four decades.The idea of the baltic leaders for resistance became using Gandhi’s peaceful resistance doctrine. The movement led in Lithuania by a poet, Landsbergis, was called Sajudis (movement).

    There is a paper which describes the history and analysis as an example for non-violent resistance (I have a copy and would be happy to send it).

    Title: Nonviolent Resistance in Lithuania: A Story of Peaceful Liberation/ Grazina Miniotaite

    From the introduction:

    “I object to violence because, when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary, the evil it does is permanent. — M. K. Gandhi

    Lithuania was the first republic of the former Soviet Union to declare its independence. On March 11, 1990, a mere 1.5% of the Soviet population—inhabiting only 0.3% of Soviet territory—posed a fundamental challenge to the vast empire and its powerful apparatus of repression. The world had indeed noticed the challenge, though at first with little formal engagement yet plenty of (if at times condescending) sympathy. Only after the bloody events of January 1991 and the failed hard-line August 1991 putsch attempt did Lithuania receive widespread international recognition. On September 17, 1991, Lithuania was granted membership in the United Nations.

    Lithuania’s struggle, like those of Estonia and Latvia, exemplified the nonviolent way of East European liberation from the grip of totalitarian empire. Taken together, the scale of the East European nonviolent liberation movements can only be compared to India’s drive for independence, led by Mohandas Gandhi. Such liberation movements have clearly confirmed that there is an alternative to violent and military-driven social change. The attention of scholars has been drawn to nonviolent action as an effective, nondestructive type of “weapons system.”

    Gandhi was among the first national leaders to show both in theoretical analysis and practical action that nonviolent struggle is a positive force that can be successfully used in conflict. He was convinced that nonviolent action provided means of action incomparably superior to those of violence. Gandhi had noted that rulers and the ruled are ultimately bound by a relationship of partnership and mutual dependence rather than by one of force: “In politics, [the use of nonviolent action] is based upon the immutable maxim that government of the people is possible only so long as they consent either consciously or unconsciously to be governed.” The proposition can be held as the axiom of the theory of nonviolent action.

    This is of course not something entirely new. The idea was clearly stated by the sixteenth century writer Étienne de la Boetie, and later by Locke, Montesquieu and other classical representatives of political liberalism. Yet with Gandhi we see this axiom applied on a nearly unimaginable scale for national liberation.

    Historical studies of the development and dynamics of nonviolent action can offer unique insights into this form of social, economic, and political power. The present essay is an overview of nonviolent resistance in Lithuania in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Beginning with the story of Lithuanian resistance to Tsarist Russification, an attempt is made to show that the nonviolent character of the resistance was of major importance in defeating the TsarÕs policies. The second chapter is a short account of the struggle for the preservation of national identity and values during the Soviet occupation from 1940 up to 1987. Chapters three and four analyze the emergence and actions of the independence movement after 1987, from early discussions by intellectuals to the mass liberation movement known as “Sajudis” (meaning “co-movement” in Lithuanian). Chapter five, comprising the period from the March 1990 declaration of independence to the bloody events of January 1991, describes the development of “people power” from spontaneous protest to such a level of organized nonviolent action that it directed the course of political events. From the January 1991 Soviet assault to the attempted hard-line Soviet coup in August 1991, Lithuanian defense policy developed mainly along the lines of “civilian-based defense.” This and the subsequent incorporation of nonviolent action into Lithuanian defense policies are looked at in chapter six. The appendices provide documentation, some for the first time in English, of these developments.

    This monograph seeks to highlight the important role that nonviolent action has played in Lithuania, especially in the reassertion of independence in the 1980s and 1990s. In no way is it my intention to try to revise or to downplay the troubling, and at times horrific, infliction of violence in Lithuanian history, particularly in regards to the destruction of the Lithuanian Jewish community during the Second World War. Rather, I seek only to draw attention to an often-ignored strand of the Lithuanian experience, one thatÑgiven greater understanding and developmentÑcould help diminish the prospect of a recurrence of such destructive national and communal violence.


    “Most people don’t think about singing when they think about revolutions. But song was the weapon of choice when, between 1986 and 1991, Estonians (Lithuanians and Latvians) sought to free themselves from decades of Soviet occupation. During those years, hundreds of thousands gathered in public to sing forbidden patriotic songs and to rally for independence.”

    By 1989 Lithuania and the other Baltic nations had announced their intent towards separation and independence, calling the treaty illegal. (An Estonian director has put out a film called the “Singing Revolution” which discusses this chain of events.)

    In 1989 on the anniversary of the Molotov Ribbentropp act Balts from Lithuania to Estoni formed a 600 km. chain of all nations races and creeds (there were many immigrants to the Baltic states) and continued to sing.

    “Lithuania became the first republic to declare its independence from the USSR on March 11, 1990, and was later followed by Latvia and Estonia. Vilnius, 26 days after.

    At least 250,000 people crowded into a city park today in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, to back their Parliament’s defiance of President Mikhail S. Gorbachev, witnesses who saw the rally in the neighboring republic said.

    The Soviet Union has barred foreign reporters from Lithuania. But a Radio Vilnius reporter, Audrius Braukyla, said the Lithuanian President, Vytautas Landsbergis, told the chanting crowd that there would be no retreat on the Baltic land’s March 11 declaration of independence, dismissed as illegal by the Soviet Parliament and denounced by Mr. Gorbachev.

    In Vilnius, Repeating a battle cry of Lithuania’s 14th-century national hero, Duke Gediminas, Mr. Landsbergis said, ”Iron will melt to wax and water will turn to stone before we will retreat.”

    ”Are we going to survive persecution and provocation?” he said, and the crowd cried ”Yes! Yes!”

    An Appeal for Talks

    Soviet television, the official press agency Tass and organizers estimated the Vilnius crowd at 300,000.

    The gathering adopted an appeal to Mr. Gorbachev calling for talks. It said the independence declaration had been issued by a democratically elected Parliament and supported by a majority of the republic’s inhabitants.

    ”We ask you to do everything to bring about a start to equal negotiations as soon as possible between the republic of Lithuania and the U.S.S.R.,” the appeal read. ”We express our hope that our message will be understood as the first step of popular diplomacy paving the way toward friendly relations between the republic of Lithuania and the U.S.S.R. peoples.”

    As the demonstration started, a Soviet military helicopter flew overhead dropping Russian-language leaflets urging Lithuanians to abandon the independence declaration.

    Moscow has been increasing military and psychological pressures on Lithuania since the declaration reinstating the republic’s pre-1940 independence. All three Baltic republics were incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940.

    Key Buildings Seized

    Soviet troops have seized key Government and Communist Party buildings in Vilnius and convoys of military vehicles have driven through the capital in a show of force.

    Mr. Gorbachev, warning Lithuania of serious consequences unless it withdraws the declaration, used new executive powers granted to him by the Soviet Parliament last month to order the surrender of firearms and to tighten border security.”


    The roops and tanks came in enforce. Lithuanians gathered by the thousands to protect their parliament and TV tower (communication) and they were unarmed. They sang. During the night the tanks drove into the crowds and shot into the crowds. I know because my family was there-a friend of theirs was crushed under a tank. (They had resisted for two generation – both the Nazi occupation and the Soviet occupation. Some member are listed at Yad Vashem).

    The rest of the world finally took notice and by August of 1991 the Baltics were finally free. Gandhi’s methods had worked.

    And it’s true, no one has ever heard of it, and it’s not in textbbooks we read in the US.

    The following you tubes cover these events:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch v=MXxDFw3tm0o&feature=related

  94. I wasn’t voting for BO after he toured SC with McLurkin, but everything that happened and/or I learned about him afterward only confirmed that I was right. The absolute scariest thing about him is his pro-Palestinian stance, which I sincerely believe he has. I may be wrong about BO’s beliefs, but Israel is too important to play dice with, imo.

  95. Something about that comment manages to be an oxymoron, emphasis on the moron.

    And obsessed too if everyone will be celebrating, why worry? There are only like 5 of us, right?

  96. HA! That’s funny, .25 a gallon. We though that was crisis back then. Gee, how times have changed. Who even dreamed gas would go up to $4 a gallon. They should’ve starting making those electric, bio-diesel, hybrid cars YEARS ago. Or fixing our rail system. What’s with that? You can anywhere in Europe on rail, and here it’s only around the big cities. We need to get with the program.

  97. radlyboo1 — Damn, you’re right, oh well, so much for the long term memory as well! It was BC — 1970 to 1971 — when we were on the road. Now what do to, with long and short term gone? Hey, I guess there’s the here and now.;)

  98. lady Boomer clean up at 7:06

  99. i’d just like to remind every on that on Oct 22nd 4 years ago Kerry was 6 point ahead in the polls …

  100. Somehow, I don’t think real feminists need to announce themselves as such.

  101. Heh, they really take comfort from being in complete, utter lockstep, don’t they? They can’t even frame a victory without it being about All The Kewl Kidz Partying. It’s totally hip because, like, *everyone’s* doing it! Now, that’s how a “real feminist” thinks, for sure.

    I think they’re very, very frightened to think independently of their group, or else they’re simply not able to.

  102. Why do I want to see “W” the Oliver Stone movie so bad?

  103. Hey, fake feminist — you drink on your blackberry? Swine — use a glass.

  104. LadyBoomer NY..

    I left work early today.(it was audit time) I did exactly the same thing today getting my gear together on one of the last great days of autumn. Therefore, the outdoors were the project of the day. Set the hoses back in the garage till next spring…plant that last “Knockout Rose Bush” sitting patiently in her plastic pot, while her sisters had long ago been planted and generally feeling an unexpected sense of accomplishment.

    Now if the yearly window washers show up in the next few weeks..we’ll be more than half way ready for the holidays..
    and btw.. Happy Holiday to you.. (my late husband was/is Jewish) he celebrated all holidays..

    Yes, the PUMA movement has been a badly needed voice for disenfranchised Democrats.. We didn’t leave the Democratic Party, they left US…I don’t consider the DNC remotely reflective of the Democratic Party’s mission statementor Democratic Values.

    They have turned into what they hated most…predatory politicians full of themselves and drunk on power..

    The election of John McCain would bring the balance necessary for a better government than the prospect of a unified system bent on following a president with so many criminal and corrupt associations.

    I fail to understand how Obama and the DNC can in good conscience keep up the charade pretending Obama is a ‘Natural Born Citizen’; when no one knows better than they do…Obama doesn’t meet the standard of qualifications for a presidential candidate. (no matter what race he is..)

  105. Regency — don’t be ashamed — I want to see W too.

  106. gqm: Joanie has been around the past few days, but she has a *real* job and can only pop in early and late (PST) .

    I’ve been lurking more than commenting – threads are long and lots of good comments to read.

  107. Angie: I can’t get over Thandie Newton as Condie Rice.

  108. Regency — I can’t get over how much they made Josh Brolin look like W!

  109. Angie: I know! It freaks me out and he apparently plays it so well. Is it too early to order the DVD?

  110. Ha! I accidentally posted as Obama for Joliet Prison.
    Sorry for that… oh well, it’s a good sentiment anyway.

    I think I’ll be watching Project Runway too.

    It’s one of the only things on TV that has any creativity in it…. and my nerves are a little too raw to watch the debate…. there’s only so much yelling and cursing my housemate will take.

  111. 3rd Party candidates debate on Sunday


  112. I hate to say it, but everyone sounds so defeated in here.

    Am I the only one that remembers that the last two elections were suppose to be a lock for the democrats, and yet they lost.

    I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am fighting for McCain, until the end. I am not giving up no matter what polls say, in the end the only polls or count that counts is the one on November 4.

    So people if you feel like I feel, go and help McCain get elected.

  113. Ana,
    I think McCain will win. I think the 80% hang up rate on the polls is very telling. I’m not that worried and I’m fighting hard to help Obama fall flat on his face.

    I just don’t like watching the debates. I get some weird kind of empathetic performance anxiety.. lol…I’ll watch the replays to get what info I need to help McCain.

    I actually don’t even think McCain needs to have some blow-out performance tonight. I think the media is all hysterical about the debate, but I don’t think the general public is. The media will do their silly thing.. but, no matter how furious the media spin, in the privacy of the polling booth, the American people will vote No Obama IMHO.

  114. After how dull the last one was, I’d be surprised if anyone watched this one.

  115. fuzzybear, re: “I wonder how much of the crisis is caused from the brokerage houses going long in the Energy Markets?”

    I don’t know, but the fact is that the people who are saying that MOST of this crisis is psychological are right, and in a very real way.

    People who own stocks or property that are dropping in value are OK as long as they are not dumb enough to sell in a down market. I just put my money where my mouth is on this one by writing a one-time check for $2000 to add tp my IRA mutual funds, and tripled my monthly contribution. This will bring a considerable increase in the number of shares that I own, purchased in a down market. I’m sure that the market will eventually recover– “when” is the only question, as far as I’m concerned. That’s why long-term investments are the safest.

    And I’m not a wealthy woman. My house burned down a few years ago, and that $2000 was a part of my insurance proceeds that I had set aside in a regular savings account at my bank. I moved the money to my checking account, and handed my broker the check. I’m that confident that NOW is the time to buy.

    Most of the people are affected by this current problem this way: Someone who bought a house 20 years ago at, say, $80,000, saw it’s value go up to $150k in recent years, and now it’s value has dropped to $100k are still $20k ahead. That $30k “loss” is JUST on paper– it’s just a comment that hit the bit bucket in the computer when housing values went down. That hit is 100% psychological. Same thing with mutual funds– they’re almost all still worth more than the amount that was actually invested.

    The $150k “value” on my hypothetical house is only real if they refinanced the house at the top of the market.

    Yes, I KNOW that there are people out there who are hurting because they did refinance at the top of the market and now have homes that are worth less than they owe. My heart genuinely goes out to them. But the fact is that most people leave their mortgages alone, and that’s why there are experts saying that the effect is “psychological”. That is the angle they’re thinking about, and MOST of the “loss” IS on paper.

    People who bought recently during the high housing market are in a different category, for a wide range of reasons. I really feel for them. 😦

    My general advice to friends who ask is, “Either hang on tight or buy.”

  116. Wow, BO’s infomercial is going to delay the start of game 6 of the World Series. Is there anyone here that cares about that because I’m pretty sure a lot of people do.

  117. Ana: Good point. The democrats are the ones who have the great poll numbers and are already doing the happy dance in October. Republicans are used to being down in the polls and it hasn’t seemed to hurt turnout.

  118. Ana, I don’t think we feel defeated, it’s just kinda sad to see the same tactics played upon John/Sarah that we saw played upon Hillary. Brings back bad memories of an Obama-shilling media that wouldn’t let her win even when she won. I want McCain to see that this crap Obamedia is playing and learn from it.

  119. angel, I hope you are right, because we can’t afford 4 years of Obama.

    I do hope people show up in November and vote for McCain, his base better come out, as well as independents, as for the polls that have obama with a 10 to 14 point lead, some one posted elsewhere that democrats are being overpolled.

    Here in NY City, I am surprised by the large amount of McCain signs that have popped up. My boyfriend told me that there was an Obama sign this morning in the lobby and someone took it down and ripped it, I was happy about that.

  120. parentofed I agree with the media, but I hope this backfires on them. I think a lot of people see what is happening, and they hopefully don’t like it either.

    As for McCain, I just want him to fight, take it to Obama, like Palin has been doing. Screw what they will say.

  121. hell I think the polls being in favor of Obama, might actually help McCain, after he started lagging in the polls, I started seeing signs everywhere for McCain, very few for Obama and I live in NYC.

  122. Now question, does anyone watch tv, can anyone tell me, if they have reported on ACORN and its link to Obama, that is besides FOX.

  123. What does everyone think of the “leaked” talking points?

  124. I believe I will have a feast of onions and cabbage in your honor.

    I don’t know if you are closer to Godliness. But you certainly are with the Goddess.

    Great tale. Love the music.

  125. Ana — in NYC? That is a GOOD sign, imo. Like angelasmith I have faith in the “silent” voters — they aren’t answering the polls & they aren’t voting for Obama. The thing about the Obots is they are really, really LOUD but I don’t think there are as many as they’d like us to believe.

  126. @Lady Boomer, 5:01

    “God, I’m not, but hate how I’m sounding like a Repub. Geez, soon I’ll be quoting them … ”

    If there’s one thing we all should have learned from this election, it’s that our enemies do not always lie; and that those we’d hope are our allies, are capable of treachery.

    As for surviving, I know that I will. It’s the Republic I’m worried about.

  127. None that I have seen.

  128. Ana,

    CNN: Griffin (Investigating ACORN)

    CNN is looking, but how hard? Only time will tell, I still refuse to watch them since the Hillary is B@@ch incident! Still fuming over that and Anderson becoming Donna Brazile’s BOO! How could he, in the tank but in the BOO?????????

    CNN: Anderson wants to be her Boo

  129. The Grateful Dead tune has gotten me into quite a good mood today — ah, hazy memories. Anyway, to paraphrase some Dead lyrics:
    Obama ain’t so big, he’s just tall — and that’s just about all.

  130. Don’t forget the Lions Share on No We Won’t tonight. 8pm est.

  131. re: My last message, “That $30k loss…”

    That’s $50k, not $30k. Typo, not bad math. 🙂

  132. Getting started on dinner.

    I don’t think I can watch the debate tonight. Too nervous about it. I’ll probably be back after it’s over to see what you all have to say. Or I guess I could watch the talking anuses on MSM tell me how wonderfully Obie did and how McCain is a dried up old shell of a man who should go off and die somewhere. Anyway…later!

  133. taggles, on October 15th, 2008 at 7:57 pm Said:

    Don’t forget the Lions Share on No We Won’t tonight. 8pm est.

    Link please for us older folks. 🙂

  134. Finally some balance from the View:

    Whoopi Goldberg Decries Anti-Palin Vitriol

    Sarah Palin found an unlikely voice defending her from constant vicious attacks on the left, “View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg. On the October 15 edition, in sharing her experience meeting John McCain and Sarah Palin, Elisabeth Hasselbeck expressed regret about all of the hate the Alaska governor recieved and added, “she’s a good woman and regardless of what you think, she is.”

    Whoopi Goldberg surprisingly concurred noting past attacks on Hillary Clinton, decried such attacks on Sarah Palin observing a pattern of vitriol towards strong women. When Joy Behar attempted to play the equivocation game, holding Governor Palin responsible for words from one random supporter, Whoopi replied “that doesn’t justify crappy behavior from anybody.”Whoopi continued noting “everybody when you meet them as something redeeming.” Joy then retracted with a weak, “I’ll accept that.”

    If “The View” moderator did not surprise enough, she countered Joy when Joy blamed the “mess” on Bush and Republicans. Whoopi declared “all of Washington has a hand on this,” reminding Joy that Democrats controlled Congress for the last two years and neither party has “been able to get jack booty done.”…………………..


  135. I have two words for this post…

    Out standing!

  136. Like many of my Confluence sisters and brothers, I imagine I’ve been suffering from an influx of fluctuating moods and diminishing incomes, having dedicated so much to our PUMA cause…So we’ve been running this relay race, and frankly, we’re tired. Our team members have carried the baton when any one of us could not. Some of us have felt beaten down by hitting our heads against the wall with cries of illegality and the smarmy tactics and associations of the Obama campaign.

    Beautiful post Lady B. I’m tired today. It started with a video of HRC that Downticket posted this a.m. It just made me cry all over again. I just don’t know how to integrate that so many people, especially former HRC supporters, can support this obviously inexperienced, arrogant, and fraudulent character. What kind of world is this that after 8 years of Bush, people would elect another authoritarian crook? It’s mind-numbing. And then I become furious with the media, because it is largely their doing. He never could have gotten away with his constant lies, his secrecy, and his fluctuating positions if they had done their job. I’m of the moody variety tonight. I will not watch the debate, but will check your comments here to see how it goes.

  137. paganpower — great to see you on here! In fact, I was just thinking about you yesterday. Goddess be with you and thanks for the feast.

  138. Finally some balance from the View:


    Whoopi Goldberg Decries Anti-Palin Vitriol

    (repost of some information because my comment is in moderation.)

  139. As for McCain, I just want him to fight, take it to Obama, like Palin has been doing. Screw what they will say.

    Ana: I watched Palin’s speech in NH today on CNN.com, and she barely said a thing about BO. She spent time on the economy, and the rest was just her regular stump speech. It did not have the fire and passion of her recent rallies. I think they told her to tone it down too. Why are they listening to the idiotic MSM?! That’s exactly what they want. It’s extortion–cry rac*sm, that’ll shut ’em up. It worked for HRC, and I can’t believe the Republicans are buying into it.

  140. Lady Boomer

    I hope my response wasn’t too long.

    Thank you for your post – I’ve sent a number of my friends to this site who are not voting for Obama and have never heard of the PUMA’s yesterday.

    They have found a new home.

  141. Thank you for this post, Lady Boomer. I love Dr. Suess- his humor is exquisite. The first book that my son was able to read was Hop on Pop. So, do you think Mack is Mack, maybe?

  142. looking for integrity, on October 15th, 2008 at 7:04 pm Said:

    “The Baltics resisted for four decades.The idea of the baltic leaders for resistance became using Gandhi’s peaceful resistance doctrine. The movement led in Lithuania by a poet, Landsbergis, was called Sajudis (movement). . . .

    In Vilnius, Repeating a battle cry of Lithuania’s 14th-century national hero, Duke Gediminas, Mr. Landsbergis said, ”Iron will melt to wax and water will turn to stone before we will retreat.”

    Wow! Now that’s an amazing attitude! What brave souls they were, and thank so much for sharing that story. It took me a while to reply b/c I’m a lazy reader and saved your long comment for later. (That doesn’t say much for me, as I tend to write longish posts, which I always hope that people read, so I appreciate y’all’s indulgence!)

    We can learn lessons from the Sajudis’ bravery and the commitment of your family.

  143. purplefinn: thanks so much for that clip of Whoopi. Finally, someone shows some decency and mercy. Good for you Whoopi.

  144. lililam, on October 15th, 2008 at 8:21 pm Said:

    “So, do you think Mack is Mack, maybe?”

    Seems that way, doesn’t it? — at least when he speaks up for himself and The People, and calls Obie on his s**t. I guess we’ll see.

  145. Lady Boomer, I love this post! Thank you. I’m a huge Dr. Suess fan from way back.

    Myiq2xu, You crack me up!! The “incident,” eh? I don’t think I want to know.

  146. Whoopi also backed Hillary after vowing to back a candidate who brought up certain issues. I applaud Whoopi for her principled stands even tho I can’t champion anyone who backs Obama at any point.

    And Ana, yeah CNN has brought up the ACORN nonsense, if that makes you happy. I wish PUMAs would NOT waste time and capital flogging this rotting fish of an issue. Get some common sense people. Unless you get 60,000 human voters who somehow KNOW the bogus names on these lists and risk imprisonment to vote twice THERE. IS. NO. VOTER. FRAUD. Oh, and they’d not only have to know the bogus names, but also the precise bogus names that somehow escaped the vetting. GET. REAL.

    This is just run of the mill human crap when you’re paying contract workers to hand in names instead of professionals. We should be on the side of improving the way we register more voters, not squealing like brainless bots to the longstanding and laughable fear tactics of Republicans who want to suppress the vote.

  147. Man, that plumber video has gone viral. I can’t believe Obama was stupid enough to say “spead the wealth around”. Watching the whole tape doesn’t really help him either. He can’t seem to make a coherent statement. He meandered so much that I couldn’t understand exactly what his plan was. He basically admitted to the guy that he was going to take his money and give it to someone else.

  148. Oh, and great post….Dr. Seuss was way political. All of his stories can be read as metaphor. Some more obvious than others, such as the Butter Battle Book.
    He also penned a lot of antiwar cartoons way before he became a children’s writer.

  149. purplefinn, I second fif: Thanks for that. You know, I ventured over to the View for a moment today and caught that unusual occurrence. I then switched quickly when Joy started with her naysaying. She sounded so sour, but switched back to hear Whoopi coming back with her decent reply. It’s about time — I used to be a loyal View-er, and can’t tell you how many times I’ve written to their producer, Bill Geddes, this year to complain about their gross treatment/snarkiness toward Hillary, then McCain/Palin.

  150. Great post, Lady Boomer NYC!

    I burped (a tiny one) today. My co-worker was ranting about the guy at the Palin rally who said “Off with his head.” And, I couldn’t hold it in, I blurted out: Yeah, and then there’s those folks who are wearing “Palin is a c***” shirts. He was truly taken aback. I do believe he had no idea this was going on. And he replied: That’s just wrong… They’re both wrong.

    Damn straight it’s wrong. It would be nice if Obama admitted it too. (Not that there’s a snowball’s chance I’d ever vote for him BUT it would be nice.)

  151. The world is upside down. I’m watching FOX for the debate. When my husband comes home he’s going to flip sh!t.

  152. Ana – I don’t think it’s defeat you’re reading. More betrayal by “family” (Life long Dem or Dem minus any semblance of Democratic values, issues, STEALING Hillary’s votes, delegates + the selected candidate is a fraud – liar -arrogant a$$hat) planned – this was all planned years ago. This phoney cipher was foisted upon us. We may be depressed, worried about the future for our country, our families.

    It’s like a horrid divorce – during it, painful but after, you realize it had to happen. We are mostly life long Dems and had pride in our party. That ‘s all gone now.

    What they did to Hillary Clinton is inexcusable – our best and brightest and she was so amazing during that long campaign. This country is in it’s worse condition since the great depression I would imagine.
    Speaking for me, I am not defeated, I am sad but I am surely motivated to do whatevah it takes to rid us of BZero and get our party back or start a new one. Oh, a party that all are welcome to regardless of race, creed, gender, age, wealth etc. equally. Jeesh, that I have to mention those labels.

  153. fif- You don’t judge a person’s character when times are easy, it becomes apparent when times are tough. We are in the middle of a marathon, we are tired, some of the Haki has worked, at some level we are demoralized. On November 5th, the best that we can hope for is that we save our Country from Obama. That will not be the same as having Hillary President. But we are (breaking into song):” strong, we are invincible, we are PUMAs. We are PUMAs hear us roar… ” you get the idea. Lets finish this strong, after the election, the real work gets started.

  154. Yertle The turtle is Jewish?!!? Who knew? Wow, it’s cool, I just didn’t know, that’s all.

    I think Sam I Am is a Kilingon, btw.

  155. I just can’t believe the Republicans haven’t come up with an actual October surprise. Where are the 527s?

    I hate that I’m rooting for the GOP, but I’m really amazed at the tame tone that’s come out of them this year.

  156. Zee- I disagree on your view of ACORN. Granted, very few actual people will commit voter fraud, but ACORN is the mechanism by which the whole system is ‘greased’. Huge amounts of cash are funneled into shady organizations that support the Democratic machine. GOTV money is given as reward to those that toe the party line. In the past, I too negated the Republican ‘talking points’ about voter fraud, now I know that ACORN-like fraud probably cost Hillary the election. If real voters were counted and campaign money was used to GOTV, Hillary would be our nominee. I can’t wait to see what ACORNs role in the caucuses was.

  157. I sure as hell don’t believe The One is up that far in PA.

    It’s breaking my heart…Husband is voting BZero…sigh. We’re really getting to where the subject’s gotta be off the table. He just hates Republicans so much it’s blinding him, pretty much…

  158. Ok, but the character in “Green Eggs and Ham” is based on my children. Of course, they never really ate the food in the end.

  159. disagree ZEE

    There is voter fraud. And it is being investigated.

  160. Live debate CHAT now at NewHampster’s place


    Don’t forget to log in!

    BYOB 😉

  161. Okay, this is too much, dammit!

    Major League Baseball Agrees to Fox’s Request to Delay Game 6 of World Series 15 Minutes to Air Obama TV Ad
    October 15, 2008 7:57 PM

    In order to accommodate the half-hour TV ad Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., purchased for Wednesday October 29, Fox has requested and received permission to delay the 6th game of the World Series by 15 minutes.


  162. New debate thread.

  163. Zee, you are mistaken if you do not believe that there is rampant voter fraud. Not only do they sign up fictional people, they often keep track and send someone to vote under that name. And in a state like CA, where no ID is required, there is really no chance that you are going to jail for voting twice. And then there are those who are not citizens who they register. And once again, in the states where you don’t have to prove that you are a citizen, it is a big problem. This is not a small problem.

  164. Whoever was afraid to watch the debate tonight — if you’re reading here, turn it on! There are specifics, yay! It’s exciting and a much better Mack format. Sitting down is better for him (or for me) than seeing him walk around looking like Frankenstein. And a zinger!!!:

    “Sen. Obama, I’m not President Bush, if you wanted to run against him, you should have run four years ago.”

    Go, John! He also gave credit to Hillary for her take on the HOLC program. He’s kicking butt!

  165. Obama just threw universal health care under the bus. Said that the only thing he really wants to accomplish is to get the insurance companies to lower the cost (how, he did not specify) and to allow people to carry with them (when they get laid off) their insurance coverage. Incidentally, this is already covered by the COBRA law.

  166. Don’t forget that one of Obama’s big boasts was how in Illinois, they changed a healthcare bill to “respond to concerns from the insurance industry.” Tells ya all you need to know, right there.

    “Why do I want to see “W” the Oliver Stone movie so bad?”

    Oh, me too. And I hate myself for it. After the wretched “Natural Born Killers” I swore Oliver Stone would never get one bleeding second of my time or penny of my money. And I have held fast to that pledge. But “W” looks like it will be fun; the reviews say Brolin is terrific.

  167. Those of you so angry at Obama that you would rather throw his and Hilary’s shared ideology under the bus, i sympathize. But my pocketbook say otherwise– Obama is not perfect, but he is more helpful to me in my economically endangered state than his opponent.
    Some might even call him “blessed,” as does this article tracing the biblical, archeological, linguistic and historical origins of his name from the hebrew “Baruch”:


  168. LadyBoomer, this is BRILLIANT! I am in the same boat – can’t talk about anything to friends or family for fear of intense retribution. But I sure can burp! Thank you for the sanity of this post!

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