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Final Debate: Live Blog Thread

Tonight is the last debate between Barack Obama and John McCain at Hofstra. We know how the media will spin it. gqmartinez at Corrente sums it beautifully:

1. Claim the race is already over.

2. Use 1. above to say that the losing candidate needs to have a “game changer”.

3. Make the debates such that no “game changer” is possible.

4. Declare that no “game changer” happened and so the losing candidate actually lost the debate.

If you want to follow the debate Conflucian style, watch it on C-Span and turn the volume down. Watch the body language. Then, rewind the DVR and listen. Do you get a different impression?

Oh, and now we have the ability to poll! So, let’s test it out.

Ready, set, go!

360 Responses

  1. another option should be “not yet, but midnight’s still a few hours away.”

  2. I protest Obama delaying game six of the world series for one of his stupid ads!!

  3. I’m watching CNN — Schieffer starts with a tribute to Tim Russert — gah!

  4. Good one, Regency.

  5. I said Yes, but really it was just an ugly insinuation.

  6. I meant CSPAN!! I don’t watch CNN any more (except Dobbs)

  7. Alright, I’m already nervous for the old man. I have my candle lit.

  8. Honora– same thing. I said “yes” for the same reason.

  9. I just sent a link to Michelle Obama’s phone conversation w/African Press International, but I don’t see it, am I in moderation?

  10. Honora– that wasn’t clear– what I meant is that insinuating someone is a r@cist is the same thing as saying it.

  11. Did they show Hillary in the audience?

  12. could they torch mccain more on cnn? unbelieveable

  13. griff — I think trying to post links sometimes sends you to the spam filter

  14. The hate you handshake.

  15. I kinda hoping Obama’s penis falls off tonight.

  16. angie – can you light a candle for me too? I don’t know how that works.

  17. The eff you handshake

  18. I’m watching “100 Greatest Hits of the 80’s” on VH-1

    Y’all have fun watching that unimportant stuff.

  19. Love that debate summary.
    And cool poll!
    Let me know what’s going on – we go baseball here – undetermined outcome and all

  20. plamingophred — I only have the one — but it is a real oil one from a monastery in Greece so it will work for the both of us.

  21. Fox just bleeped McCAIN….

  22. #20 is Rick Springfield with “Jessie’s Girl”

  23. “must not forget to mention nancy reagan!”

  24. Barack O’Blinky is nervous…he looks like a deer in the headlights already.

    That’s because he was trying to be a Big Man and dared McCain to “say it to my face.” Now, he’s scared sh*tless.

  25. I hope Schieffer will bring up controversial issues for once.

    Obama is still the man in a vacuum.

  26. I’m also thinking that not only is BO going gray, he’s going bald… doesn’t his forehead look a little larger?

    all right, I know, now I’m just being mean.

  27. #20 is Rick Springfield with “Jessie’s Girl”

    LOL! You’ve got your priorities straight!

  28. OldCoastie:

    Let’s not go there, ok?

  29. myiq — I was watching that before. please keep me posted on the top 20. thanks

  30. why would Fox bleep McCain? I thought it was a mic malfunction…

  31. I hate listening to Obama’s voice.

  32. Hi guys – “Bringing Up Baby” is on at my house. I’ll be getting my updates from you all. Keep me posted!


  33. I hate when they sit down. I think that it is harder for McCain to attack when they sit.

  34. not that I think the middle doesn’t need help – but I’m tired of hearing about saving us like the poor don’t need it more

  35. OldCoastie, on October 15th, 2008 at 9:02 pm Said:

    I kinda hoping Obama’s penis falls off tonight.

    Michele emasculated him long ago.

  36. There goes the first “I agree”.

  37. He changed the number. It used to be $250,000.

  38. Can’t Obama ever come up with something original? Does he always have to say this is the worst bla bla bal since the Great Depression?

  39. ack!!! obama just told folks to drain their 401ks again …

    and Mccain started off with Hillary’s HOLC

  40. I’m watching Eastern Promises, but it might be too bleak. I need escapism, not bleak. The debate is already bleak reality.

  41. It’s interesting to watch the reaction of these pundits. None of the Dem pundits seem too excited nor the GOP pundits very worried about the poll numbers.

  42. That was probably it. Sorry, I overstated for humor…

  43. Yeah, the plumber.

  44. PS I’m Brooklyn born and LI raised, so I am the ultimate Long Island girl, so welcome to my neighborhood everyone.

  45. Just finished watching Pushing Up Daisies – gave my guy a turn with the game. What’s up with the debate? Is the game changing? 😉

  46. does he even remember who that is?

  47. boston: He must’ve been on drugs during the 80s, i guess … it was far worse then … can’t believe he doesn’t know that

  48. Obama’s gotten quite good at faking it. But still a fake.

  49. sod — LMAO!!! OMH!! Yes, that would be right !!

  50. old cosie, SOD – I am hoping for something more visible

  51. fif: I liked Eastern Promises. Watch it.

  52. http://deadenders.wordpress.com/2008/10/15/whitey-tape-who-cares/#comments

    Michelle Obama talks to African Press International


  53. Hate that Obama smirk.

  54. NBc says McCain needs a game changer–Obama needs to avoid a game changer! Take two shots!

  55. McCain is really a slow starter. He’ll get going once he warms up.

  56. Obama cuts taxes for ppl who don’t pay taxes in the 1st place.


  57. fif — you get to see Viggo naked — the “bleak” is worth it!

  58. “I want to give that money to ACORN”.

  59. Obama is going to tell us what he’s “actually” gonna do. I’m guessing it’s gonna be different than what he told Joe the Plumber.

  60. Joe the plumber speech is typical snoozer, ooops, another mike malfunction. McCain needs to pound the table with real answers.

  61. thanx Pat

  62. “Joe the Plumber” nice BO

  63. MaBlue: Exactly!

  64. Regency, on October 15th, 2008 at 9:07 pm Said:
    He changed the number. It used to be $250,000.

    He just changed it back!

  65. angienc: Calm down girl!

  66. Joe The Plumber. I hate when people use their middle names.

  67. what is this Higglytown? Joe the Plumber?

  68. What is Obama blathering about now?

    Let me guess:

    Taxes, taxes, taxes – BARK!

  69. griffith: that has already been debunked.

  70. At least McCain knew Joe’s last name – I’ll bet BO doesn’t have a clue

  71. uhs are a little up tonight

  72. Obama cuts taxes for ppl who don’t pay taxes in the 1st place.

    Yeah, but pointing that out means you’re a racist.

    Perhaps one of the most disappointing things about this election is that if Obama does go on to win, we will be stuck with media creatures for the indefinite future as far as “credible” candidates go. Sigh.

  73. ooh – My friend Warren Buffet!

  74. If I hear “my friend Warren Buffet” one more time…

  75. Hey, there’s no windfall for the oil companies now, Barky. Have you seen the price per barrel today?

  76. I said “I’m a loner” in the poll because I’ve been home alone with my 3 kids today. They haven’t called me a racist yet. Dang, guess they’re not paying attention to the propaganda on Nick Jr (Kids Pick the President 2008!)

    Ahhh … I’ve downed a Cosmo and am mixing myself up another. Just tell me what happens on the debate. I’m not watching it.

  77. Thank you Mr. McCain for reminding BO of what he ACTUALLY said. It’s so hard trying to remember this stuff when you’re busy picking out the colors of your new flag.

  78. fif – Is the API interview definitely a big fake?

    What a shame!

  79. Poor McCain, I finally realized that he just doesn’t seem very sharp. I think he is intelligent and his heart is in a good place but he just doesn’t have the brain power and Obama is walking all over him.

  80. oh! now BO want to only cut taxes for 90%! I thought it was 95%?

    oh, such crap! the country is broke in every way…. does anyone really expect a tax cut?

  81. I am not an idiot. My state and local taxes are going to go up anyway.

  82. Off script. No clue.

  83. Obama is really screwing up this discussion on taxes. McCain really stuck him with the “spread the wealth around statement.”

  84. obama: I’ll see you one plumber, and raise you one billionaire

  85. Pat J — I can’t calm down for Viggo! I love him almost as much as I love myiq 🙂

  86. sounds like socialism Barry

  87. dakinikat LOL

  88. Regency – yup, they’re down to around $74-$75 today

  89. really, damn they had number you could call and everything. damn

  90. I just can’t watch this tonight…besides..Obama could stand up and say “I’m going to screw the American public to no end” and he would still be declared the winner.

  91. Ooops! I said “r@cist” and am in the troll pit.

  92. Honora, on October 15th, 2008 at 9:10 pm Said:

    Joe The Plumber. I hate when people use their middle names.

    It was good enough for Kermit The Frog and John The Baptist. So, I think it’s OK for Barack The Dickhead.

  93. Alright! AAAGal is here — I was talking smack about Colmes last night & missed you!

  94. John looks damned sharp to me. He is in the house and smirking.

  95. dakinkat,
    Yep, that was beyond stupid. He comes up with a millionaire to counter a plumber? He sounds just like the elitist he’s always accused of being.

  96. But Obama has an additional $1000 B expenses.

    What a fraud!

  97. The Michelle story has not been debunked.

  98. angienc: Even myiq’s mother does not love him that much!

  99. Good news for me — I left San Antonio, TX today with a co-worker and she drove 4 hours away (I have no idea where) I did not see one Obama sign — but I saw a ton of McCain / Palin signs — we drove 4 hours back – near the hotel I saw a car with a bumper sticker on the left side – McCain / Palin and on the right side NOBAMA !!!!!!

    I LOVED IT !!!

  100. angie – Not only are you a great and fierce PUMA, but you have excellent taste in men!!!


  101. Viggo naked??!! Ay, carumba! I’m changing the channel NOW…;)

  102. Obama doesn’t take office until Jan, how is gonna assure the plan is structured properly. What a pompous ass.

  103. Since when has he been a strong propronent of pay-as-you-go? Wasn’t that a HIllary thing?

  104. What is Obama rambling about?

  105. I was a busy bee yesterday and got 20 converts for Mccain

  106. MABlue — the programs he will cut — allegedly

  107. madama & griffith: it was being posted all day on NoQ, and someone said the Obama camp responded to it already and claimed it is false. This is all second-hand though, so don’t quote me on it.

  108. I really don’t understand what anyone sees in Obama. He doesn’t come across to me as the brightest bulb on the tree. He’s the bulb that keeps shorting out. IMO, of course.

  109. oh, now barry hussain is using McCains words from the last debate — cut projects that don’t work out of the budget — he’s such a fraud — Hillary’s ideas and now Johns — does he not have an original thought in his head?

  110. I’ll need a double!

  111. i’m not living beyond my means.

  112. You won’t have a line item veto Barack. Please ask him how he is going to go thru the budget line by line and take things out???

  113. AAAG – Holy crap! Great job!

  114. NH — I don’t think McCain isn’t smart — he just isn’t as flashy as BO.

  115. HOLC

  116. Triple AG: way to go!!

  117. I wonder why Hillary didn’t think of that

  118. HOLC baby.

    Even Roubini likes it.

  119. shout out to HRC!

  120. Yeah, lets restart the home bubble. Geez

  121. and something can’t be true because The One’s camp says it’s not?

  122. Yaay! Shout out to Hillary on the HOLC!

  123. There is NO such thing as a line-item veto. Where are you constitional advisers? Bill knows about the Constitution. Ask him–if he’s taking your calls.

  124. I’m living beyond my means. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be living much longer.

  125. Hmmm. My husband isn’t home yet. Tell me when the good part comes on (and what channel) and I’ll sneak a peak at this amazing Viggo. (Who is he?)

  126. And that is why I love me my AAAGal!

  127. come on John, you are starting up

  128. what is his health care plan now? flu shots for free, and wash your hands every hour? hope for the best?

  129. fif – Just because Obama denied it doesn’t mean it’s not true! Jeez, has that commenter been asleep for the past 18 months?

    “Michelle is not the wife I knew.”

    –Barack Obama

  130. McCain’s mindset is one of nervousness. He needs to quit trying to tip toe through the land minds of his own nervousness. Obama is always specific in his responses, even if unrealistic and a flipflop from his last speech. This is why Obama “appears” presidential. This is very upsetting…

  131. angienc, you may be right, but I’m on pins and needles.

  132. John is on point today.

  133. Way to go AAAGal!

  134. “Obama cuts taxes for ppl who don’t pay taxes in the 1st place.


    LOL wait until you hear how he plans to keep people in their homes–if you don’t have a house to begin with, the government will give you imaginary money to pay off your imaginary mortgage–in full!

  135. shout out to HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    everyone drink!!!!!

  136. of course the Obamabots are gonna deny it, sounds like something she would do

  137. McCain shouldn’t rehash the last f*king debate.

  138. Mac’s warming up…

  139. NH — you are wrong — it will not be restarting the home bubble — it will be stabalizing the market and that is a good thing.

  140. There is no line item veto.

    Hey, ACORN doesn’t work at all.

  141. Obama’s plan counts welfare as a tax rebate

  142. gxm17 – Viggo Mortensen – from Lord of the Rings.


  143. bob schieffer is playing gotcha with mac…asshole, but he knew his stuff.

  144. F*ck earmarks!!!! Bring up Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, and Bill Ayers.

  145. woo-hoo – back-handed shout out to the Big Dawg!

  146. he’s gonna give us a history lesson, duh

  147. don’t agree angienc but we can go into later K?

  148. Talk about rehashing.

    Somebody call Bill. He can!

  149. No one can balance the budget in 4 years.

  150. Oh hell. So good

  151. Good LIne

  152. Good zinger on the Bush stuff!

  153. hit him John! Whooo hooo.

  154. barry hussain is blinking like crazy and not happy — go get him Johnny


  156. can’t type laughing too hard!

    You should have run 4 years ago if you wanted to run against bush!

  157. Oh, snap! “I am not president Bush – if you wanted to run agaisnt Bush, you should have run 4 years ago.”

  158. four years ago, he hadn’t been invited to Ayers house yet

  159. gxm: on HBO, Viggo Mortensen (spelling?). He’s a real renaissance man–paints, acts, musician, etc. and easy on the eyes.

    Did they show HRC in the audience???

  160. “Senator Obama, I am not President Bush – if you wanted to run against Bush, you should have run 4 years ago”….

    nice little smackdown, John…

  161. Raising the pen — can’t wait to jump in and start babbling.

  162. Senaor Obama, I am not President Bush, If you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run four years ago!


  163. Woohoo! Go Johnny Mac.

  164. Yay!! Some thing new. “Senator Obama, I’m not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run four years ago.”


  165. What an effing Moron

  166. nice line you what to run againt bush you should have run 4 years ok

  167. Ooh, FINALLY Mac gets a good one in!!!!

    Go Johnny Go!

  168. I think McCain is more effective when he’s pissed. He ought to get pissed.

  169. I’m hoping Mac really rattles his cage tonight.

  170. Yeah, that was a punk a$$ vote BO — catering to the Insurance Companies

  171. Zee on the previous thread said:THERE. IS. NO. VOTER. FRAUD. Oh, and they’d not only have to know the bogus names, but also the precise bogus names that somehow escaped the vetting.

    Zee, you are mistaken if you do not believe that there is rampant voter fraud. Stupid names, like Mickey Mouse are very rare, they usually use normal names. Many states have late registration, or even same day as the vote registration, which means that you cannot vet the names before hand. Sure you fill out a provisional ballot, but, as a long time poll worker, I can tell you that all provisional ballots are counted. There is NO way to tell who filled out the provisional ballot, to vet it. Provisional ballot is just a way to make us feel better about same day registration. And the groups that are doing this keep trackof the names they used to register and send someone to vote under that name. And in a state like CA, and many others where no ID is required, they get to vote. And if you use a name that is not on the precinct rolls because it was vetted out, all they do is send you away. There is no list of ‘bad registrations, that poll workers get. Because of this and because no ID is required there is really no chance that you are going to jail for voting twice otr for a fraudulent registration. Then there are those who are not citizens who they register. And once again, in the states where you don’t have to prove that you are a citizen, it is a big problem. And, as someone who knows Chicago politics, I can tell you that they are the best at it. Obama learned from masters. This is not a small problem.

  172. What a paltry record he cites. 120 days in the Senate. Wow!

  173. What’s all the smirking by Obama?

  174. “Senator Obama, I am not President Bush – if you wanted to run against Bush, you should have run 4 years ago”….

    Did he really say that??? Sweet!

  175. so does everyone think JM will get some play from that line? I sure as heck hope so

  176. Tort reform. Yeah this is when he thought he could get all the Repub to vote for him

  177. Pooor Obama, the media is so against you.

  178. katiebird — because he is an a$$

  179. madamab: I love Bringing up Baby!

  180. I like that John is talking directly to Obama

  181. BTW, NH isn’t NewHampster. This is a different NH. Would the new NH please choose a different username so we can tell you apart? Like, not_NH? The confusion arises because you are saying very un-NH kind of things.

  182. The notion that…..

    STFU Barack.

  183. angie: is he really raising the pen? I said this afternoon, he would start with the finger in the air thing. He did that constantly with Hillary. Petulant child. Wait your turn.

  184. Obama voted with Bush 88%, why doesn’t MCCain say so!!!

  185. The term is only for 4 years.


  187. Obama is smirking love it!

  188. oh my god…he’s a fucking republican!!!!!

  189. Ooh, FINALLY Mac gets a good one in!!!!

    Go Johnny Go!

  190. I wondered about that RD. This new NH seems quite negative.

  191. McCain does better when he is attacked.

  192. As much as I disagree with Jonah Goldberg, I’ll give him this:

    It’s hugely important, but we’ve heard all this before. Freeze, scalpel, hatchet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Abortion? Guns? Acorn? Keating Five? Cuba? Racial Quotas? Gay marriage?

    This is getting tedious.

  193. it’s official — barry hussian is pissed

  194. oh here it comes

  195. ooh! another SNAP – you record of standing up to your party isn’t very convincing

  196. Good question.

  197. Schiefer trying to start a fistfight.

  198. Yeah, tell him to his face!!! DO IT DO IT

  199. they mentioned — paling with terrorists !!!

  200. Sorry, not sure what I’ve said that is un – NH like.

  201. It’s a fucking campaign for POTUS, there’s no such thing as a dirty campaign.

    Knock it off MSM.

  202. I hate the smirk


  204. Oamabi call america a racist nation!

  205. he did hang out w/a domestic terrorist

  206. “palled around with terrorists” That’s the opportunity McCain.

  207. Okay, I’m watching now…Mac is blaming Obama for the negativity! He should have come to the Town Hall…

  208. Schiffer pounding both with good leads…

  209. John Lewis got thumped!

  210. Good one John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  211. oops used th “r” word…sorry last comment in moderation!

  212. Yes,

  213. Hey, BS left a word out. He forgot to add c*nt to Camp Obama’s.

  214. Negative. Perhaps I do sorry. I am nervous for McCain, and wanting him to do well, I must be coming off different than I think.

  215. yay! Good one John, call him out on the Lewis remarks

  216. what? I don’t know what you’re talking about! Of course I repudiated everything everyone has ever said

  217. Go, John, bringing up John Lewis’ remarks, saying Obama does not repudiate nasty remarks made by his supporters, but McCain ALWAYS does.

  218. I want to slap that smirk off Obama’s face.

  219. meat to say please Obama call america a R@cist nation

  220. Schiffer is probably regretting he asked that question now!

  221. because he is a liar

  222. get him John! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  223. Obama’s smirking is very unattractive, IMO.

  224. apparently BO told Rolling Stone that HIllary was certainly on his short list

  225. Barky is swallowing hard as McCain tells him something to his face…

  226. Obama’s really not cool at all tonight. He is a rude man.

  227. Yeah, NH, you and Pale Lion are harshing my mellow! 😉

  228. I detest Obama! Detest him.

  229. I wanna see John make Obama cry. Make him cry, John, please….

  230. Propaganda in, propaganda out

  231. Obama’s answer: I agree. LOL!

  232. 100%????? LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Obama has 1300 ads in NorthernVA vs 11 (!) to McCain.

    Apparently all of those ads are negative according to Morning Joe.

  234. Does Obama ever tell the truth about anything?

    McCain’s ads are 100% negative?

    Oh puleeez….

  235. McCain calling Bambi out for lying over public financing. Barky now LYING saying 100% of JM’s ads are negative.

  236. there barry goes skirting the issue, by bringing up “the issues”

  237. MR Obama would you like a pillow? are you comfy?

  238. Okay, I’m sorry, it’s been a long time for me, but right now this is better than sex. John is forthright and right on! Go go go go go!!! The dude is kicking butt.

  239. I give John mad props right now.

  240. Oh brother! “Hurt feelings?” Where have I heard that before?

  241. BO desperately trying to change the subject.

  242. Pat — I will hold him down while you wipe the smirk off that smug face !!!

  243. Will someone shut him up, PLEASE? I can’t stand the sound of his voice.

  244. but michelle won’t shut up

  245. Barky distorts and slanders with a sly smile…attack ads all come from McCain he says.

  246. Obama can have a cardboard likeness of himself there tonight and CNN will say he won

  247. 👿

  248. I just watched McCain dissing Obama on not repudiating Lewis when McCain always repudiates Republicans, public financing, O has spent more on negative campaign ads than anyone in history, etc…. O does not look happy.

    I liked where McCain showed how he stood up to his Pres and his party. O not so much. O really doesn’t look happy.

  249. McCain has mentioned Hillary twice so far.

  250. It’s ok NH. Welcome! We’re just wary, because we get a lot of agitators here.

  251. obama is sorry that he brought it up

  252. Mr Obama your lack of character is the issue here care to comment?

  253. obama can’t talk about mccains ads because then he would have to address those issues.

  254. Okay, McCain is looking very sharp tonight!

  255. Yeah, go John, bring up all the MONEY, he’s outspending MCCAIN by MILLIONS, and he STILL can’t close the deal

  256. Believe the Christian Science Monitor disagreed, said The O was much more negative

  257. McCain needs to make Obama’s character an economic issue; JUDGEMENT

  258. unlike mccain??

  259. Simofish: You are on girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

  260. Take it to him, John! Obama looks uncomfortable. We’ll hear the whining tomorrow!

  261. Lewis was unprompted?

    I don’t believe that…

  262. “It wasn’t us, WE didn’t tell him to say that?”

  263. Jeeesus … I’m going to have to watch now. You’re making it sound so good. Only C-SPAN, though.

    My second Cosmo. Hope I don’t trip on my way to the tee-vee.

  264. McCain is also an American hero, and I LOVE John Lewis.

  265. Thanks all for listening to it so the rest of us don’t have to.

  266. Barry you sound whiny

  267. where the fuck were you barry hussian when the trinity church was mocking Hillary ??

  268. Of course, there’s so much more to attack against Obama..

  269. ok, you guys got me involved. I’m watching now. Kick his butt John!


  271. New thread up. Everyone grab your drinks and migrate.

  272. sorry I thought I was the debate moderator for once

  273. from under the bus

  274. He’s really trying to defend Lewis’ comments?

  275. Now he’s going to throw John Lewis under the bus, it’s getting crowed under here


  277. I just hope McCain doesn’t lose his temper. I would.

  278. I hate him, seriously. The American people have become cynical. Yea, and YOU don’t contribute to that?! Get him John.

  279. Oh my goodness – he keeps lying and then changing the subject.

    Typical Obama.

  280. obama’s never aware of anything

  281. What a weasel. Obama hits, then whines “we are all sick of this negative back and forth” when anyone hits back.

  282. Obama does all the “Tit”, doesn’t get any “Tat” and lectures us about cynicism?

    Get this guy of my screen, I beg of thee.

  283. migrating

  284. The t-shirts! Say it, Mac!

  285. T-shirts!!!! WOW!!!

  286. Obama is so p*ssy. He can’t take ANY criticism.

  287. JM brings up the t-shirts at Obama’s rallies.

  288. GAAAH! He’s making an issue out of the ‘hate speech’ at GOP rallies when he said fuck-all over ‘iron my shirt’?

    It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

  289. Go Johnny! He brought up the c*nt t-shirts! And all Obama could do is nod in agreement.

  290. Obama sounds totally creepy.

  291. OMG, he brought up the T-shirts and Obama said NOTHING!

  292. Passion is McCain’s now! Things said at your rallies about me that I don’t like, Senator Obama. Paydirt!

  293. By George I finally got it. Obama is a BOT!!!!

  294. oooohhhhh, i don’t think Obambi is doing well, he’s stuttering to avoid this subject …

  295. Wow, O is really uncomfortable. McCain mentioned the nasty t-shirts and wouldn’t allow O to squeeze in an excuse and wouldn’t let O interrupt. The um and ers are flowing.

  296. Let’s talk about the T-shirts, Barack. Do you repudiate the T-shirts or not?! bla bla bla bla saying nothing.

  297. McCain’s doing better than I expected. He’s not as flashy, as someone else said, but he’s also not anywhere near inarticulate.

  298. He’s LAUGHING about ACORN!!! What a complete JERK!!

  299. Are you watching this on the split screen? Obama looks bad, doesn’t he?

  300. Why is Obama laughing about Ayers? What a d*ck!

  301. What the fuck is that fraud laughing at?? God, I hate his smirking ass.

  302. Oooh. Washed up terrorist. LOL! Now here comes the laundry list. Mention Odinga, John!

  303. mccain is just as pissed off as we are.

  304. It’s the A word!! Whoa!

    He has ’roundly condemned’ the acts of Ayres…no mention at all of the fundraiser he accepted…

  305. Barry you are walking into this one….

  306. I can’t listen to his lies and dissembling. He’s a LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR LIAR. What’s his new excuse about ACORN now? Excuse #1,025.

  307. new thread

  308. wow, the NQ stuff on Acorn including the payments to ACORN!!!

  309. Ayers launched his campaign for him; in his living room!!

  310. Same old talking points. When did you meet him Barack?

  311. Triple A= Ayers, Acorn, Alinsky

  312. Lying about his ACORN connections.

  313. GOD! Total ‘dog ate my homework’ manner and tone…”Acorn had nothing to do with us!”

  314. motor voter in CA is a huge probelm because you don’t have to PROVE that you are a citizen!!!!

  315. And his 300 advisors. Eeejit!

  316. Nah, he left out George Soros, substituting Buffet…

  317. he said nothing about the 800,000 payments to ACORN this year …

  318. Oh, what a cloud of bullshit. The people who have “shaped his ideas” are people he did not even KNOW until 3 years ago!

  319. Wipe the smirk off, Barky.

    Gawd, he’s just like Dubya.

  320. The laughing by Obama is very unattractive. Very.

  321. Oh, here we go, attacking Palin again.

  322. Obama really does show his lawyer training very well: deny, deny, deny, blather, blather, blather, change subject never answering the question.

  323. LYING about his Ayers connection. Is that all this man can do, lie lie lie?

  324. Oops, my bad. No Palin bashing yet.

  325. That’s not true. That’s what he always says. When HRC said his NH campaign manager was a lobbyist, he said, “That’s not true.” Guess what? It was true, but he flat out lies in these debates!

  326. Oh, yeah, Biden was fighting for working families when he wrote the bankruptcy bill, right Barack?

  327. No, Joe works for the credit card industry, not working families.

  328. Should we jump to the new thread? See ya up there.

  329. Wipe the smirk off, Barky.

    Gawd, he’s just like Dubya.

  330. gxm17,

    Yes, he lies constantly. He doesn’t know how to do anything else.

  331. Called Biden idea on Iraq coqamame (spelling) funny LOL

  332. Can obama open his mouth and not propose new spending?

  333. This is a lively debate – I am liking McCain more and more.

  334. Okay. I still don’t understand how Obama can say with a straight face that Palin is not ready to be President when she has as much political experience as he does AND she’s not running for President!

    Why oh why do the obots not see this glaringly FLAWED thinking. They are completely ILLOGICAL.

  335. Obama just agreed with mccain about the time frame for oil independence

  336. anyone watching on CNN?

    weasels scoring the debate


  337. Priorities hmmmm… Is there any legislation to back that up?

  338. I don’t watch CNN.

    My hubby came home and the first thing he asked: Why are we watching FOX?

    I’m like, um, well, BBC didn’t have it on when I checked…

  339. As usual, Obama gets to talk on and on and on and on. Is this a monologue or a debate?

  340. a monologue clearly

  341. full of “um” and “ums”

  342. He looks like a deer in the headlights already.

  343. hahaha – Senator Government – lol

  344. John is really hitting hard on the difference between small & big government. He is explaining it directly to “Joe.” This Joe has really become a celebrity.

  345. McCain is talking and both Obama & Schieffer are interrupting him, AFTER Obama went on as long as he wanted. Blatant bias.

  346. Roe v. Wade

    McCain will not use a litmus test to appoint judges.

  347. Old Coastie, You might want to check with angie.

  348. Suzi: nice try. Haven’t seen you here before. I think McCain is kicking a*s. Thanks for sharing, “undecided” voter. Calling your opponent out on his lies is not negative, it is absolutely necessary.

  349. Clean up at 10:07 please.

  350. Obama’s channeling Bush when he should be channeling Cheney. The growl is more effective than the smirk and the pissiness,

  351. A shout out to “Hillary” woo hoo!

  352. Nice one!

  353. Blinky O’Noddin

  354. Ha!!

  355. Good Lord. Obama promises everything, and still can’t tell Americans how he’ll pay for it AND meet PAYGO stipulations.

    And that old windfall profits tax on the oil companies? That’s done for.

    I think ole Joe Plumber knows exactly who will protect him from “spreading the wealth.”

  356. What I don’t understand is that Obama is only 3% ahead and McCain needs a game changer? Last time I looked the margin of error was 3%. So they are tied.

    If Obama is tied with McCain then McCain wins because of the Bradley Factor. But the media always treats Obama like he is the top dog.

  357. The problem with Obama is that he wants to be President so much — perhaps too much.

  358. suzi — Acorn is cheating all over the country. They threw Acorn out of Nevada. They have arrested some of them in Michigan. All in all 11 states are investigating Acorn and their fraudulent votes.

    As for Bill Ayers Obama has known him since 1988. He launched his first campaign at Ayers House.

    All of Obama close friends have one thing in common — they all hate this country and its people. Coincidence?

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  359. I was waiting for Obasma to repudiate certain campaign tactics, like the signs and t-shirts, but he never did. All he said was Lewis issued some statement of retraction. He did NOT answer the question.

    This country has a long history of violence against women, but I guess that’s all okay with the O-man.

  360. One of our OWN did a great Video that I think says it all..Please view and help raise this video up on youtube

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