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      Yesterday I had a brief article, which noted a general rule, “only things the rich and powerful believe will benefit them will be done” and applied it to shortages, suggesting that if the rich and powerful are benefiting from them, no serious action will be taken to end the crisis in countries where that is true. I wanted to note that this is a general rule. […]
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“The Shrill One” wins Nobel in Economics. Congratulations, Paul!

From the NYTimes:

Paul Krugman, a professor at Princeton University and an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday….

Mr. Krugman received the award for his work on international trade and economic geography. In particular, the prize committee lauded his work for “having shown the effects of economies of scale on trade patterns and on the location of economic activity.” He has developed models that explain observed patterns of trade between countries, as well as what goods are produced where and why. Traditional trade theory assumes that countries are different and will exchange different kinds of goods with each other; Mr. Krugman’s theories have explained why worldwide trade is dominated by a few countries that are similar to each other, and why some countries might import the same kinds of goods that it exports.

Well. I’m going to have to read his dissertation now.  Or not.  They don’t call Economics the “Dismal Science” for nothing. Can we assume the Nobel Committee is signaling that Uncle Miltie Friedman and his Chigago style economics aren’t as popular as they used to be?

We’ve had our differences with Paul lately but they have been relatively minor.  On the other hand, Princeton is fully in the grips of Obamamania.  Signs are littering too many yards.  Still, I think Paul only tepidly supports him.  (maybe)

Anyway, it’s a time to celebrate.  This calls for beers all around at The Triumph Brewery on Nassau Street.  Just let me know when, Paul.

Not too shabby for a Liberal.

105 Responses

  1. I’m thrilled for PK!
    (I’m sad that PK appears to be on the Obus now, but he’s always been one of my favorite big brain bloggers)


  3. Wow!

    That is really great.

    I remember when I was in B-School and Krugman was still teaching at NYU. Reading his webpage (he used to post a lot on Roubini’s page) was mandatory.

    Btw, Bernanke is the guy who brought Krugman to Princeton.

    After winning the John Bates Clark Medal, which by ll account is even harder to win than the nobel price, and all the work he did on trade and currency crisis, there’s no question that Krugman is arguably the greatest economist of his generation.

    Take that you Rightwing Freaks!!!

    Well done Prof Paul Krugman, Sir.

  4. Yay for Paul!!

    He endorsed Hillay’s eco policy which in my book means a lot especially since his editorial colleagues were part of the Oborg.

    That THAT Maureen Dowd & Frank Rich!!!

  5. Watching the acorn investigation — poor guy looks scared.

  6. AAAG & Votermom: WTF is going on??

    Please give details!

    What does ACORN have to do with Domino Pizza?

  7. Fantastic, just saw it now.

    BTW Milan Stock Mkt is 7% up now at end of day !!!!!(16.23 here)

  8. Basically this delivery guy is explaining how Acorn asked him to sign up for multiple cards using different addresses.

  9. The pizza guy is someone who registered himself several times on July 4. He says it’s because he was reading a book in a park and someone would come up and ask if he was registered. he’d say yes then they’d say well, could you please fill this out anyway because I just want to keep my job and I have to get 25 of these filled out. “I’m a kind-hearted guy” so I’d fill it up. Then someone else would come up saying the same thing.
    “I never thought I’d end up here” says the pizza guy. LOL.

  10. Called me Triple A-Gal for short 🙂

  11. Wooohoooo! Go, Krug, Go!!!!

    Maybe there’s something to this here “librul” notion that crony capitalism on steroids isn’t necessarily the best thing in the whole entire universe.

  12. Congrats to PK. I was a big fan of his until his latest ridiculous statements about the dangerous mobs McCain & Palin are inciting. That was disappointing. However…he was a great advocate for Hillary, and the only editorial writer I could still stand to read at the Times. I was so happy with one of his earlier columns regarding Obama’s emptiness and race-baiting, that I wrote a letter to the editor praising him, and it was published. I just hope the Kool Aid hasn’t seeped too far into that impressive brain.

  13. My new guilty pleasures cheesecake Marble slab ice cream, and Fox News! 😉

  14. It seems like the problem with ACORN was this quota system. They find struggling people to register others and give them a quota they have to meet to get paid. They don’t seem to understand the wider implications of voter fraud, from the interviews I’ve seen. One woman said, “I felt bad for them, so I kept filling out the forms.” They asked her if she would lie on the forms, and she said, “NO! That would be fraud!” She didn’t connect the dots. The problem is with the managers and the administration of ACORN. Those are the people who will/should be prosecuted. Win by any and all means, the Alinsky way.

  15. I keep Fox on now just to get my daily Palin fix.

    Ugh, it’s Berlusconi & Bush on teevee. Good thing it’s on mute.
    “Developing: Obama to unveil Middle Class Rescue Plan.”
    (I wonder whose homework he’s copied now)

  16. AAAG & votermom:

    This is one instance of a guy who filled out 25 voter reg cards – how many of those are floating around in the country? 100,000+?

    It sad that such an organization that used to be somewhat credible has sold themselves out with voter fraud and with the mortgage crisis.

    ACORN voter reg cards should all be thrown out, including the good ones. How can you tell at this point?

  17. He’s always the last one to release a plan. It’s not a search and rescue anymore, barky, it’s retrieval. They went under while you were trying to decide where you wanted the gray dyed in.

  18. We should just get that indelible ink mark on our finger when we vote. It works to keep people from voting more than once in other countries.

  19. Oh Snap! On Fox news they just showed a clip of Obama telling a plumber about sharing the wealth.

    (sitting on sofa eating the most delicious omelet)

  20. Oh they just showed a clip of Palin & Flyer at a Flyers game. Piper looks so CUTE in a Flyers jersey!

    How sad that some jerks booed them.

  21. So they got to a Domino’s Pizza guy now? I’m glad I’m off Domino’s.

    Riverdaughter, I hope you’re feeling better. Have some chicken soup.

  22. AAAG: Cheesecake, Omelets and Fox. Too much of that is going to make you sick.
    So, fork over some of that cheesecake. 😉

  23. JohninCA: Thank you. I’m convalescing at home today. I don’t have chicken soup but there’s some nice vanilla tea.
    Loved your Hail to the Thief.

  24. Win by any and all means, the Alinsky way.

    That is the Chicago Way and anyone who doesn’t get with the program looses

  25. I hope you feel better Riverdaughter. I love chamomile tea with soy milk. Obama went down in the Rasmussen polls so maybe that will make you feel better . McCain is up in the polls in Missouri again.

  26. anybody watching the voter fraud hearings on fox?

  27. I hope now, he will get the audacity to freely criticize BO’s economic plans. {last time I read, he was said to have been tiptoeing around for fear of hurting Obama.}

  28. Hell yeah Regency!!! This is funny.

  29. What’s funny? (No tv here yet)

  30. Sorry Regency. I was laughing about the Dominos pizza guy. Now Bush is on.

    Hey did you guys hear about this? sorry if I am out of the loop.

    Candidates differ on female draft
    Monday, October 13, 2008
    By Jerome L. Sherman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Even as the U.S. confronts two long wars, neither Sen. John McCain nor Sen. Barack Obama believes the country should take the politically perilous step of reviving the military draft.

    But the two presidential candidates disagree on a key foundation of any future draft: Mr. Obama supports a requirement for both men and women to register with the Selective Service, while Mr. McCain doesn’t think women should have to register.

    Also, Mr. Obama would consider officially opening combat positions to women. Mr. McCain would not.

  31. couldn’t find a link to this so I caught it off my dvr – did you see BO and telling the plumber he wants to ‘spread the wealth around’?

  32. Great news! I always enjoyed PK’s columns during the primary. He’s one of those smarty pants who doesn’t talk down to the reader.

  33. I have a question for ya’ll: my (PUMA) sister just called and she is sitting at an auto dealer’s in Cambridge, having her car inspected. There was a local news report on NECN (approx. 11 a.m.) that said there was a massive voter registration drive going on at Cambridge Baptist Church. Are churchs allowed to do that with their non-exempt status? What gives?

  34. did you see BO and telling the plumber he wants to ’spread the wealth around’?

    Yea, but he wants to spend OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. He and Michelle have been noticeably skimpy when it comes to charitable giving–along with Biden–until he decided to run for president, that is.

  35. “Developing: Obama to unveil Middle Class Rescue Plan.”

    He just struts around every day repeating:


  36. Fox showing a McCain rally now. I wish the talking head would shut up so I can hear Cindy do the intro.
    Palin’s up. Stfu talking head.

  37. Omg! OMG! there is the cutest little black girl and her mom behind Palin in Virginia and she is for Palin. Oh my there is hope for my race. i am choked up.

  38. Aww! I see her! What a cutie!

  39. A gal I used to work with just called – she lives in a Chicago suburb – of course the conversation eventually got around to the election – she said she’s a Dem but not voting for the presidential candidate because Obama did nothing for Illinois while in their Senate –“he’s a big nothing – a fraud” (her words)
    I convinced her that it is important to vote for the top spot too and told her why – she said “that makes sense” and is now voting McCain for pres and Dem downticket.

  40. Just took another blog off my bookmark. I hate how koolaide has corrupted my favorite blogs.

  41. AAAG: I just got the courage to purchase some McPalin stuff. I’m gonna put some buttons on my backpack. I’ve just put the Hillary and Bill ones back on.

    Have faith.

  42. European markets up 9% at almost close of day, US+6% …worlds looks a brighter place

  43. Are you watching McCain on FOX. He’s fiery and strong. His new theme sounds a lot like someone we know: “I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!”

    Ready on Day One.
    Focusing on the economy and his specific plans, including the home plan: “So if your neighbor defaults, it doesn’t bring down the value of your home.”

    He’s in VA, and the crowd is huge and fired up!

  44. About those “boos” at the hockey game – nowhere to be heard on the video. Listen for yourselves
    Not unlike Hillary being booed at a church in Harlem back then

  45. Regency – good on you and if they dont like it, given them a bit of ABFAB attitude….show them some Patsy and Eddie attitude!

  46. Obama to unveil Middle Class Rescue Plan.

    Whenever Obama proposes anything, the first question should be: who are you going to steal from this time, besides our children and grandchildren?

  47. More direct link for the Palin/hockey video

    booing is in the eye of the reporter I guess

  48. fif: “Are you watching McCain on FOX. He’s fiery and strong. His new theme sounds a lot like someone we know: “I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!””

    I was going to post on the Ace blog that McCain should take up Hillary’s “I’ll work my heart out for you” stance. It was so inspiring and I loved her for that. She was a fighter; she never gave up and I truly believe she did it for us.

  49. Laurie: hopefully it’s not the dreaded dead cat bounce

    and I’m so happy for Paul, i guess when every one calls something the krugman model, it’s only a matter of time before the Nobel Prize folks come knocking


  50. Viv: Should I burn them with ciggies if they try to mess with me?

  51. the little black girl in pink behind McCain said “Boooo”

    so cute

    Regency. I can’t have McCain paraphernalia on. I got death threats the last time I did.

  52. fif: I always enojy folks that go to prestigous prep schools and ivy league universities trying to get the word middle class out of there mouths … it always looks so unnatural and forced

  53. McCain’s doing good at the rally, I gotta say.

  54. AAA Gal: i’m so sorry about that … that just does not speak well to something going on in this country …you shouldn’t get death threats just because you disagree on something, i used to get death threats from the pro-lifers when i ran for office in nebraska, I always thought that was an odd thing … my kids were like 18 months old and 6 and they used to leave death threats for them also on my answering machine

  55. AAAG: I don’t know what it will be like here. Can’t say. It’s an urban campus so it probably won’t be good but since I don’t have a ton of friends anyway and the ones I have already know how I feel, I don’t have much to lose.

    The stuff won’t be here for like a week so I don’t have to deal with it yet. Just have to have the courage to walk out with the HilldawGore buttons on. That’s not so bad.

  56. I’m not a GOP member but I am officially off the TV for anything other than entertainment. I see no reason to watch shrill (Hannity)and shriller (Olbermann)hawk their candidates like cheap knockoff purses. I’m voting McCain and Palin because I believe they are the better choice and there is little that would sway me to vote differently at this point.Short of kitten sacrifices televised on national TV, McCain Palin will have my vote

  57. AAAG: Stay safe from now on! I’ll do the same. I’ve got class for the next couple of hours. Till later everybody.

  58. Off-topic, but I can’t resist.

    On my way in to work this morning, I saw an Obama-Biden button in the most unlikely of places… it was on the floor in front of the MEN’S ROOM.

    No, I am NOT making this up. Nor did I put it there.

    It doesn’t help that I work with a bunch of young guys and that particular men’s room has a reputation of being one inspection away from a hazmat site.

  59. AAG I am so sorry that some folks have been awful to you. Sometimes doing the right thing is difficult. Summon your inner Rosa Parks and don’t back down and allow them to intimidate you. Hugs.

  60. Regency be careful.

    ps I go to that site to ‘vote’ for u almost every day 😉

  61. gxm

    I’ve always believed he’d work his heart out for us. That’s the problem. Corporate America doesn’t want someone who will work his heart out. They are quite happy with a Congress that is just there to bail THEM out and name post offices.

  62. {{AAAGal}} I think you are funny & smart!

  63. Regency – ciggies sure why not – they should not mess with the messer! Or sprinkle some laxative into their lattes – they will be busy for a while, no chance of harrassing anybody else!

    Thats my recommendation for anybody who encounters canvassing Obmots….offer them a coffee…mmmh cafe laxalatte organic Costa Rica blend….mmmh….just make sure they are out of YOUR house before it starts working!

  64. Thank you angienc. 😉

    You made my election with that comment.

    You are my fav here!

  65. CWaltz, on October 13th, 2008 at 11:54 am Said:


    I’ve always believed he’d work his heart out for us. That’s the problem. Corporate America doesn’t want someone who will work his heart out. They are quite happy with a Congress that is just there to bail THEM out and name post offices.

    My sentiments exactly — that is why my decision to vote for McCain is not that difficult — it isn’t like I’m voting for W or Huckabee or some loon. I don’t agree with most of McCain’s policies, but I do believe he will do what he honestly believes in his heart is the “right thing” — couple that with a Dem. Congress with whom he will have to compromise, and that isn’t so bad. On the other hand, a BO WH? Sorry, it will be Corp. America running the show just like it has been for the last 8 years — we’ll just have a different party to blame at the end of it.

  66. Me 2. Also in line for cheesecake! Anybody got any good recipes…? It’s almost shamefully easy to make at home…

  67. I’m getting depressed with the Moreno/Jefferson campaign. She’s hispanic and all neigbhorhood does is call her that ” little white girl” and all the black preachers just came out for Jefferson –despite the fact he’s been indicted and most of his family is in jail at the moment for skimming money from nonprofits…how can they say he’s not guilty of anything or been set up when he’s got 90,000 in a plastic sack in the freezer and the poor guy that was just trying to set up a business was black and testified that Jefferson kept shaking him down for money?

    this is just craziness

  68. You’re my fav too! (after myiq — but I like him in a different way wink, wink) 😉

  69. vivi: that is so brilliantly underhanded! I love it!

  70. Angie’s got good taste, methinks…but then I’m married to a nice liberal myself (used to card guys on the first date to be sure to weed out any GOP riffraff)

    What the hell?! Now RCP’s got North Carolina a tossup again. I simply don’t believe it.

  71. dakinikat — take my advice — don’t get yourself worked up about the Moreno/Jefferson campaign. It’s NOLA — Jefferson is going to win barring some miracle. Just do what you can to help create that miracle, canvass, phone bank, VOTE, etc. but don’t get yourself emotionally tied up in the outcome. I know, I know, easier said then done — but at least try.

  72. Like Mac said, it takes a lot of courage to fight corruption in your OWN party, and that’s what Sarah Palin did.

    That’s what makes me so mad about the violence being shown towards her, just like they did with Hill.
    Hillary was someone who worked all her life for kid’s rights and UHC, and the media had no compunction whatsover in crucifying her.

  73. Just a reminder: The *last* time in history the GOP had the Presidency and both houses of Congress they managed to bring about the Great Depression.

    To a great degree, recent developments aren’t news, in the strict sense of the word.

    Just wish we had better lefty types to support when pushing the liberal agenda, rather than the pitiful Barky/Pelosi/Reid axis.

  74. Dakinikat –

    desperate times require desperate measures – but why not do it with style? Of course you may apply the concept to any variation like Caramel Choco Frappolaxocciono with extra whipped cream!

  75. You know what’s cool about Krugman? He has never deserted the word “liberal.” He wears it proudly and happily.

    Unlike our fauxgressive friends…

  76. Quoting elderj from the last thread:

    “…honestly he wasn’t that impressive to me and reminded me of so many preachers I’ve heard when you leave the sermon and realize you had a great time, but have no idea what the preacher talked about.”

    I’ve been saying this for months (on other blogs). Obama isn’t a statesman. He isn’t really even a politician. He’s a secular preacher with a self-focused message.

    The problem with that is when you appeal to that side of people, you need to use something beyond yourself. Here are a few examples:

    – Mohandes Gandhi, Indian self-rule
    – Martin Luther King, Jr, Civil Rights
    – Archbishop Oscar Romero, poverty and corruption
    – Archbishop Desmond Tutu, apartheid
    – Mother Tereas, poverty

    …and so it goes. All of these people were (or are) charismatic, intelligent leaders who *used* their gifts in service of something greater than themselves.

    Unlike Obama. He awakens the same kind of hunger, the same kind of belief those people did, but, instead his underlying message is, “Vote for me and I’ll fix everything.” Even if Obama was the best-intentioned person in the universe (and I don’t believe he is), spiritual and religious memes are not meant to go hand-in-hand with political power.

    If he does manage to get elected (God forbid), his supporters are likely to end up disappointed and disillusioned at best, crushed, furious and disenfranchised at worst. Obama’s effectiveness will implode – it will collapse under the weight of his everyone’s projections. Since no one knows what he actually stands for, he can be “all things to all people” while he is running – but as soon as he gets elected, he’s expected to produce.

    My heart breaks for this country. Apparently, we’d rather have a pretend president whom we like, who makes us feel happy and inspired and warm and toasty than an executive who can actually achieve things – not everything, not necessarily perfectly – but who might demand something in return.

    No matter what, the Republicans can’t lose. Either they get another president, or they get someone who has effectively co-opted and obscured the Democratic brand. If the Democrats had put country first, we’d be seeing a Clinton-Clark ticket who would be 30 points ahead in the polls.

    Instead – not.

  77. PS I should add, as a former theology student, I find Obama’s co-option of religious memes for personal gain unbelievably offensive. And, yes, I hate it when Republicans do it, too.

    PS (II) Hope you feel better soon, RD.

  78. My favorite cheesecake recipe

    Brownie Cheesecake from Rosie’s Bakery, Boston

    1 1/4 cups vanilla wafer crumbs
    1 Tbl sugar
    6 Tbls melted butter
    1/2 cup chopped walnuts or pecans

    12 oz semisweet chocolate chips
    1/2 cup hot strong brewed coffee
    1 lb cream cheese at room temperature
    1 cup sugar
    2 tsp vanilla extract
    1/4 tsp salt
    4 large eggs at room temperature

    1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    2. For the crust, place the wafer crumbs, sugar, butter and nuts in a small bowl and toss them together with a fork. Press this mixture over the bottom of a 9-inch springform pan and bake for 10 minutes. Remove it from the oven and cool.
    3. Reduce oven heat to 300 and place a roasting pan or baking dish gilled with hot water on the bottom rack of the oven to create moisture.
    4. For the cake filling, melt the chocolate in the coffee in the top of a double boiler placed over simmering water.
    5. Cream the cheese, sugar, vailla, and salt in an electric mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy – about 2 mins. Stop the mixer once or twice to scrape the sides of the bowl.
    6. Add the eggs and beat the mixture on medium high for about a minute scraping the sides halfway through.
    7. Add the chocolate mixture to the egg mixture and beat until the batter is smooth and uniform in color. About 30 seconds.
    8. Pour the filling over the crust. Bake on the center oven rack until it is set and a tester inserted in the center comes out clean, about 1 hour and 25 minutes.
    9. Allow the cake to cool completely, and then refrigerate overnight (if you can wait that long to try it).
    Makes 12 to 16 servings – a little goes a long way.

    You can also make this with a chocolate cookie crust or a graham cracker crust.

    Anyone else with a favorite cheesecake recipe? I have mini-cheese cake pans (4″), and it’s fun to make several different kinds and serve mini-slices at a party. Since the elections have depressed me so, I’m channeling my inner “Martha”. Last night’s dinner was beef short ribs braised in stout (recipe at Williams Sonoma website) and popovers (King Arthur Flour) Yummy!

  79. {lurking}

  80. good afternoon all am home for lunch and keep up the good work-

  81. The NOLA preachers are in on the game, D’kat – as you know. Working hand in hand with local pols, they’re fully capable of fleecing their flocks, something which always really p*ssed me off.

    BTW, Krugman is an American hero, so it’s deeply disappointing to see him castigating McCain/Palin for imaginary racial sins.

  82. oh feel better RD and hello Angie

  83. It is pathetic that once again, all we hear about in terms of an economic “plan” is nonsense about tax cuts. As if cutting the average person’s taxes a couple of hundred dollars a year is going to fix anything in his or the country’s life. The increased debt, the interest on which we all pay in various ways; the additional fees which every state and municipality places on us because they are out of money; the inflation which continues, particularly in necessities–they more than eat up whatever little tax cut or rebate we get. That’s why they never work; they never spur the economy, or help average Americans to get through the day-to-day. I guess they are tried-and-true political ad slogans, though, because that’s all we ever hear.

    Wouldn’t it be great if the candidates could actually understand and discuss economics–what is actually wrong with our current economy, and what can be done to fix it? We can talk about the banks and their liquidity, and all the macro stuff; but I have the sense that the average working woman or man is going to be in for some terribly difficult times ahead; and unless we change the dominant paradigm from “top down” to “bottom up,” going back to more of a Keynesian model, creating jobs, protecting workers, increasing not diminishing business competition, millions of people will be trapped in an economic prison with no way out, and no solvent future to believe in. And maybe this is terribly unfair–but why do I have this nagging sense that the Black Liberation Theology’s disavowal of “middle-classedness” is going to be manifested in policies which drag the current middle class down to the level of the poor, so that the former is both disavowed and ceases to exist?

  84. I used to be middle class, no more.

  85. I don’t understand how the news said people below 50K would pay no taxes? How are the roads going to be built and are we going to look at road tolls of 5 dollar and bridge tolls of 10 dollars in the future. They get you one way or an other.

    No one ever discusses the details then you end up having to take a couple of dollars just to travel back home.

  86. You’ve got company, Kim. Katrina reduced hubby and me to poverty level income. We look and sound middle class, but at the moment we’re anything but. You could say we have something of a unique perspective in this country. Our Katrina legacy is one of utter skepticism on all levels – local, state, and federal.

  87. I agree it was better under Clinton and that is one reason why I wanted Hillary. I am all for supporting good programs but some are just a waste of money and people can’t afford all the taxes here, and the taxes there…it becomes a multiplicity of layered taxes with no accountability.

    We still haven’t had any hearing on the missing billions in Iraq and the Democrats control congress! That is one reason Pelosi has a challenger, Cindy Sheehan whom they so willingly used and then forgot once they had control of congress (no hearings, none of what they promised).

  88. buzz words… less tax but more services (UHC, education). you dont need to be PK to figure out that there is a catch!

  89. Sorry Kat5, I work two jobs just to maintain my lifestyle.

  90. If there was a new BLUE DOG DEMS I would join today!

    I don’t want a wink to day and a promise only to have it tossed tomorrow.

  91. I just try to make do with less: I wear my sisters hand me downs, cut my own hair … don’t do movies, etc.

    pretty soon i’m going to run out of things I can give up

  92. What ever happened to honest people going into politics to serve, not to serve themselves. I am so angry with the Barney Frank conflict of interest thing, and the Democrats just don’t get it.

    We feel BETRAYED! Are retirements are disappearing like smoke, I wish their retirements would do the same, but their are with the government…they take care of themselves first.

  93. We need to stop Obotulism because basically we will be taking care of all the people who got sick from the koolaid. I don’t want that responsibility.

  94. William,
    The middle class really does not bear the tax burden to begin with. We already have a pretty progressive tax structure.
    Table 1
    Internal Revenue Service data, 2006
    Share of federal Share of Total
    Top 1% 40%
    Top 5% 60%
    Top 10% 71%
    Top 25% 86%
    Top 50% 97%
    Bottom 50% 3%

    The Top 25% already pay 86% of the income tax. Whatever tax cut/credit the Dems promise people, it can’t be too big without turning the tax code into a wealth re-distribution mechanism.

  95. For those of you who went to bed last night, Joseph Cannon dropped by and left a message near the very end of the “Just Survive” thread. He also has a follow up on the people involved with the “whitey” tape at his blog Cannonfire which is on the blogroll to the right.

  96. Dear Barack Obama and John McCain,

    Please do not cut my taxes. Instead, invest my money wisely and give me a decent ROI. Like, I could use universal health care. And an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And a real energy plan for the 21st Century. And how about rebuilding our roads, bridges and subways – and adding light rail throughout the country? And taking out NCLB to improve education? Etc. etc. etc…..

    In fact, there is so much you could do with my money, I’m willing to give you more if you’ll just get it done instead of giving all of it to Halliburton, KBR and other Friends of Bush and Cheney.

    Thanks ever so,

    Middle-class America

  97. Dakinikat,

    ‘ … don’t do movies, etc.’…maybe movies would be cheaper if people like Matt Damon would not get $20 mio for doing one…things that make you go mmmh!

  98. (cues up Foo Fighters’ ‘My Hero’ for samanthasmom) That sounds DELISH! I’m on it!

    I’ve got a good one for Baileys Irish Cream cheesecake but I can’t find it on my desktop. Will try to remember to post later this PM.

  99. On the subject of making do: Was reading in Washpost last week that sales at consignment stores are way up. Gotta remember to sell some older gold jewelry, myself…

  100. Angie

    Did you hear him talking about a 90 day moratorium…….he used the ol’ executive order in his statement. Great, we’ll have another President that thinks that he’s a monarch. Just bloomin’ peachy.

  101. NO federal taxes maybe……which will be made up by higher local taxes. Higher property tax, higher sales tax, higher state taxes. It isn’t like the states wouldn’t have to make up the shortfall when the federal government says there isn’t enough revenue. I am so sick of spin.

  102. New post up!!

  103. Get your movies from the library(if there is one you want that library doesn’t have you can probably order it) or start a “movie group” so that you can share movies among neighbors.

    I’ve always loved thrift stores and consignment shops. My older two kids did all their back to school with the exception of socks and undies at our local goodwill. Lots of brand names. My daughter got a charlotte russe top and somne b moss pants and son got Old Navy shirts and a homer simpson sweatshirt that he adores. They were able to pocket some of the fifty I gave them toward shopping.(I try to give them $50 every quarter.)

    We garden.

    I do surveys and points programs for extra cash.(I just cashed for a $50 target gift card, not bad for mainly reading emails).

    I am friendly with neighbors. My family just got a giant craft box for nothing. The month before they gave us a ton of notebooks and notebook paper since their daughter finished college. I got a beautiful skirt when one of my neighbors went through her closets(most didn’t fit or suit and it got donated but the skirt and a pair of pants did.)

    I shop sales and frequent frugal boards and sign up to product test. I got a coupon for free thin pizza crust through the General Mills Psssst program. I got free Pledge multisurface through Bzzzzzzz. I got free febreeze noticable the other day by using P&G online coupon and using a print coupon. There are deals out there if you look. I save my boxtops and trade them for coupons or paypal to use on coupons. Lots of folks are looking for these because junior gets a pizza party if he collects the most etc, etc. I use coke rewards I have found for subway gift cards to pay for subs when we went to NC.

    Frugal has been a way of life for me, so its funny to see people going into overdrive doing what our family has embraced for awhile.

  104. Correct, CWaltz. Lower the fed taxes, the property taxes just go up even more. It’s a shell game used to get elected.

    Per the WSJ this morning, Obama’s “tax cuts” will result in checks actually being cut for those not paying any at all. They’ll get “refunds” from the IRS, courtesy of you and me.

    Obama says this is ok, because those people actually DO pay payroll taxes.

    Dear God….this program sounds like he’s using the tax code to reinstate welfare checks.

    This is so much b.s.

    We ALL know that a windfalls profit tax on oil and gas just results in higher prices for consumers.

    I’m sick up spin, too.

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