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Monday: Hey, Republicans, wanna know a secret?

We know why you’re angry.  You probably haven’t figured it out yet.  To be honest, we’ve always felt you were a little clueless about what was going on.  We’re not being elite.

Oh, Hell, yes we were.  We thought we were smarter than you.  Actually, some of us *are* smarter than you.  Some of us are smarter than our Democratic brether, er, siblings.  Well, maybe smarter isn’t exactly the word.  Let’s just say we know when people are trying to sell us something.  We’re not impluse buyers.  We listen to the pitch and can actually be quite entertained by it but at the end, we recognize the script and the elements and decide we really don’t need the combination dessert topping/floor wax after all.

So, here’s the thing.  You know something’s wrong with the election this year but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.  We wish you had been this skeptical back in 2000 and 2004 but no use crying over spilled milk now.  What’s done is done.  George Bush was your president for eight of the longest years of our lives.  Many of us have been marking down the days in anticipation of his leaving the White House to be replaced with one of our guys.  That was before the primary season heated up and Barack Obama turned out to be one of the most corrupt politicians since Richard Nixon and George Bush.

And we sense that you guys are really angry.  But you’re angry for the wrong reasons.  You’re angry at some lower income people getting in over their heads with bad mortgages.  You’re angry because they weren’t responsible.  You’re angry because you think Barack Obama cares for “those people”.  Jeez, this has been the problem all along.  You’re always looking in the wrong direction.  While your propaganda unit was getting you all stirred up over resentment towards the people who were worse off than you, the rich bad boys were stealing your wallet.  We knew you were easy marks and tried to warn you but did you listen?  {{sigh}}

So, anyway, where was I?  Oh, yeah.  We just wanted you to know that even if Obama had any intention of helping “those people”, which he doesn’t, there’s no money in the Treasury.  So, you can stop worrying about it.  No, no, don’t let it trouble your beautiful minds.  We’ll take care of it like we always do.  Obama is not really one of us bleeding heart liberal types.  He’s a political opportunist.  Obama does what is good for Obama.  There’s no *there* there where his conscience should be.  That is what makes corruption so easy for him.  He might look tired but I guarantee you that he doesn’t stay awake nights worrying about your well being.  Hillary does that.  Obama thinks Hillary types are suckers.

Anyway, here’s the secret.  The real enemy is not Obama.  No, if you didn’t want Obama, all you would have to do is not vote for him.  Poof!  He would go back to being one of the most ineffectual senators in the Senate, right after Liddy Dole.  The REAL enemy is relentless media fueled peer pressure.  Yep, that media who brought us 8 years of George Bush and the Iraq War.  See, if you had listened to us back then, we would have told you to avoid Bush like the plague and it was obvious that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.  (45 minutes from Iraq to North American with a missile?  Are you kidding me?  And don’t even go there with “WMD’s were trucked off to Syria” stuff.  The Army would have made a newsreel out of the satellite images if that were true.  Have you been to Google maps lately?)

Look, if you don’t want Obama as your president, and believe me, we are right there with you, you’ve got to listen to us for a change.  It’s time to put aside the fact that we are from the opposite side of the aisle and that you guys are wrong on just about everything.  Yeah, I know my elite slip is showing but I’m telling you that we’re not like the Obamaphile Democrats.  We’re the FDR type.  Oh, nevermind, we know you don’t like him either.  Well, we never cared for Reagan, so there, we’re even.

Here’s the thing: the media is engaging in a haka against you.  A haka is the word for a Maori war dance.  It is big, brash, ugly, noisy and aggressive.  It is intended to make the enemy feel like they have lost the battle before the first spear is thrown.  It’s like Muhammad Ali trash talking Joe Frasier.  It’s designed to make you despair and give up.  And that’s what’s making you mad.  You think that Obama is going to win and there’s nothing you can do about it.


All you have to do is turn the damn TV off.  Watch the last debate on C-Span.  Read only the sports sections and the stuff about the economy in the paper.  I’m pretty sure that if a haka happens in a forest and no one is around to hear it, it doesn’t bloody well work.  Just put the media on mute and go about your business.  They’ll try to get louder of course.  And we know that the Obama campaign is about to launch a new initiative to get people to vote for him.  It will be based on the same nasty techniques that were used in high school to make you vote for that girl for the Homecoming Queen that you didn’t really like but for some reason everyone around you did.  Take it from us, the geeky Clintonistas who have been sitting this out since August, we’ve seen it all before.  We’re happy sitting together at our own lunchtable.  There’s plenty of room here.  And if we all stick together, we can bring that popular clique in the media down.

‘Cos, I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the media picking my president.

Oh, and one other thing.  Sarah Palin isn’t stupid.  They just make her look that way on TV.

Other observations from my fevered (literally) imagination:

  • Don Draper on Mad Men is Peer Gynt.  Sorry, Matt Weiner.  I’ve given it all away.  “A man is whatever room he’s in.”?  Ayn Rand?  Pretty Clever.  I hope I’m right because Peer Gynt is one of the only Ibsen plays I never actually read.  Discuss.
  • For the BFF, the name of the song you thought you heard at the Buddhist wedding was After the Gold Rush.  There are two well known versions.  One was by Neil Young with his high twangy falsetto and one by a group called Prelude.  Here’s a video I found of Prelude’s acapella version.  It’s too early in the morning for Young.  The pictures in the video are a just as fantastical and a bit Arthur C. Clarke.

Ok, I’m going to take some cold medicine and make some hot tea.

138 Responses

  1. Message to Republicans – do what PUMAs did! You’ll respect yourself more and if we work together we can keep the ObamaFraud out of the Oval office.

    Thanks RD, we missed you yesterday!

  2. Good morning, riverdaughter. Feel better soon. We missed you the past couple of days.

  3. I suspect there are as many Republicans disgusted with their party as there are Democrats disgusted with theirs’.

    I expect over time there will be fewer die-hard partisan types and more “Independent” and independent voters are they see that both parties are too corrupt to be worthy of their support.

    I couldn’t understand how anyone could vote for Bush in 2004 but then to expect a Republican to cross over and vote for Gasbag Kerry when many of us die-hard libs had to to hold our nose to vote for him is kinda silly, isn’t it?

    I didn’t think you could get people to see your point of view back then by condescending to them back then and I don’t see it happening now.

  4. Hey, RD – feel better real soon! You are always missed when away for whatever reason. I live in NJ and make a killer tomato sauce that cures all things – can deliver it to you, especially since I’m getting a new car today. Yay – something that runs and has a warranty!

  5. I’m not any kind of expert on polls, but I’ve noticed that the undecideds are kind of high. On CNN this morning they said the latest poll of polls in Ohio has 10% undecideds. Isn’t that a lot? It seems to me the undecideds are going to choose the President. In the primaries, late deciders always went more for Hillary. Which candidate will they go for this time?

  6. Kenosha; My point is that this has nothing to do with what party you belong to. There’s plenty of snark for both Republicans and Democrats in this post.
    The *POINT* is that the media is behind all of this and it is time to tell them to go take a flying leap.

  7. I’ll be glad whe4n this electiion is over.

    I already know I’m gonna be unhappy with the outcome, cuz it won’t involve Hillary moving back into the White House.

    And i don’t care what anyone else says, Voting for McCain is a legitimate choice for any PUMA to make and it’s not a betrayal of Hillary or anyone else.

    I’m not telling anyone to vote for McCain, but sure I won’t think any less of someone who does.

  8. BostonBoomer: Good morning! Have you seen an article floating around on how Gallup is placing voters?

    They ask you questions based on issues like women’s issues, enviornment and then based on the answeres you give on those issues, Gallup CHOOSES the category in which to place you, but theyt never ask you WHO do you plan to vote for.

    I’m a bleeding heart liberal on all counts but I’ll never vote for Obama. If Gallup asks me questions concerning the environment or women’s rights, they’ll categorize me as an Obama voter.

    THATs the haka with the polls. That’s why the polls are a joke and we need to march onwards!

  9. Hey, your vote is your own, myiq. You can do with it what you want and you don’t have to discuss it with anyone. In fact, when the Obama pressure group arrives in your neighborhood, you can just tell them, “My vote is my own and private. I don’t have to talk about it with you. Now, get off my lawn.”

  10. I’m all for a United Clerical Workers Union, comprised mostly of women in all those white collar office sweat shops working for bad pay and even worse benefits – like all those harried women clerks in medical offices by the tens of thousands – and that’s not very Republican of me to say this.

  11. Myiq2xu,

    Of course voting for McCain is a legitimate choice, especially if you live in a battleground state.

    On the polls, I was just looking at Real Clear Politics. It’s true that Obama is leading in a lot of the battleground states right now, but if you average out all the polls, his lead is very small and there are a lot of undecideds. Also there are some states that I just cannot believe will go for Obama. I can’t believe that NH will and right now the polls are saying it’s safe for Obama. I just don’t believe it.

    I think riverdaughter is right. It’s a media haka. I wish I knew more about polls so I could really look at the results more closely.

  12. McCain will be President.

    Palin will be Vice-President.

    Obama’s will be in the Subaru with Pat driving them back to the edge of Chicago and ditching them where they belong.

    And that would be a


  13. SM,

    I heard something about that yesterday. That is so strange. And Gallup is supposed to favor Republicans. Everything is upside down this year.

  14. You hit the nail on the head – the biggest problem BY FAR is the “mainstream” media. They were responsible for pushing the Whitewater pseudo-scandal until Clinton gave in and allowed an independent coucil to be appointed and we all know how that turned out. (Read “The Hunting of the President or watch the DVD. Or read the archives at Salon.com.)
    They also were responsible for getting Bush elected by deliberately overlooking all his past failures – bankruptcies, insider trading, etc. (There was a lot more evidence for Bush’s engaging in insider trading when he was on the board of Harken Energy than there ever was for Whitewater.)
    And they were bamboozled by the Bush administration about WMD during the runup to the war – except for the McClatchy (then Knight Ridder) newpaper chain. They are still true journalists.
    Of course Democrats passively sat by and allowed all of this to happen, something Republicans would never do so they, too, share a lot of the blame.
    McClatchy has an excellent article debunking the Republican spin that the government (Dems) caused the mortgage crisis because of their support for Fannie and Freddie. This is a complete lie being promoted by the right in order to continue to justify their radical ideology of completely free markets in the face of their abject failure:


    THIS IS A MUST READ! (And so far, Democratic leaders are allowing the Republican spin to go unchallenged. Will they ever learn?)

  15. Wow myiq – you’re up early too!

    I will vote for McCain because I think WA is in play (the sitting dem governor is in a tightly contested race that will bring out repubs that might have stayed home) and I really, really, really don’t want to see obama win. I can only imagine the bs that will come with an obama administration. All dissent will be painted as r@cist.

    CNN has been doing super special coverage on the health of presidents and candidates (um, didya know McCain is OLD? ) and then follow it with a big old “Bradley Effect” special.

  16. One thing we learned about Obama in the primaries. He has trouble closing the deal. I hope he gets overconfident and breaks away from the teleprompter long enough to insult and condescend to some rural, working class voters.

  17. I heard this morning that Sarah is telling McCain to take it to them. I guess he may have decided to do it:

    October 13, 2008
    New McCain stump: ‘We’ve got them just where we want them’
    Posted: 08:17 AM ET

    McCain is unveiling a new stump speech today.
    (CNN) – With Election Day just three weeks away, John McCain will unveil a new stump speech Monday that will signal his campaign’s closing push. McCain’s remarks will speak to the need for Americans to evaluate and consider the new direction this country must take, and which candidate has the proven record, experience and readiness to deliver against growing challenges.

    An excerpt from his prepared remarks below:

    “Let me give you the state of the race today. We have 22 days to go. We’re 6 points down. The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes, and planning with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid to raise taxes, increase spending, take away your right to vote by secret ballot in labor elections, and concede defeat in Iraq. But they forgot to let you decide. My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them.

    “What America needs in this hour is a fighter; someone who puts all his cards on the table and trusts the judgment of the American people. I come from a long line of McCains who believed that to love America is to fight for her. I have fought for you most of my life. There are other ways to love this country, but I’ve never been the kind to do it from the sidelines.”

    –Senator John McCain

    Filed under: John McCain

  18. bostonboomer, on October 13th, 2008 at 8:58 am Said:

    I heard something about that yesterday. That is so strange. And Gallup is supposed to favor Republicans. Everything is upside down this year.

    The problem with that is they are missing the PUMA vote – Liberal/moderate Democrats that refuse to vote for Obama.

  19. McCain could use a little stabilization of the markets but I suspect (wishful thinking on my part?) his numbers aren’t as low as the polls are showing…

  20. I come from a long line of McCains who believed that to love America is to fight for her. I have fought for you most of my life. There are other ways to love this country, but I’ve never been the kind to do it from the sidelines.”

    McCain needs to keep talking like this because it’s melting my bleeding liberal heart. He sounds like Hillary.

  21. OldCoastie: No matter where you think the polls are, you should always run like you’re 20 points behind.

  22. Fantastic! And ironical, come to think of it – considering that after Nixon, the GOP made the effort to buy all media…
    Meanwhile, Jesse Jackson Jr sets new standards for weasel lame defenses of crime:

  23. OldCoastie, European markets look better today so hopefully this’ll panout better today.

  24. SM and BB: Do you think McCain is clueing them in? This line is illuminating:

    The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes, and planning with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid to raise taxes, increase spending, take away your right to vote by secret ballot in labor elections, and concede defeat in Iraq. But they forgot to let you decide. My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them.

    I’m of the opinion that it wouldn’t hurt to be more explicit: “The media are picking your president. You gonna stand for that?”

  25. While I believe we know how Obama won over Hillary at this point, it’s really neither here nor there, because we are here in…..
    In Malcom X’s on words, just replace Plymouth Rock with Obama

    “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.”

    Is it his name, to some yes. Is it his liberal stance, to some yes. Is it his race, to some yes. Is it his religion, to some yes.

    For me it’s the whole enchilada

    He sounds republican, he sounds democrat, he sounds independent he makes sounds but I dont know what the sound is.

    I think John McCain in the last debate did indeed make a clear statement when he said ” trying to nail down Obama’s econmic policies is like trying to nail jello to the wall. ”

    Well, I feel like that about everything Obama says.
    And I havent eaten jello in a long time.

  26. I was surprised last night to see an Obama ad here on tv in the Los Angeles market… you’d think it would be a big waste of money, but someone must be worried.

  27. Oh, y’all – it’s turning. At least, in some places:


    Bob Garfield’s been a pretty strident Obama supporter, but now he calls Obama out on false advertising…

  28. The audiences in the rallies want McCain to name names and tell who did this. He needs to stop the vagueness and hit Franks …………………….. He can also direct people to the Fox Report with evidence that this Financial Crisis is on behalf of the Democrats.

    Additionally, No one is talking about the rest of the world and how pissed off they are and will be when this whole thing finally goes down as far as it can go. They are already rioting in London and mad knowing this is the US of A that created this mess.

  29. Yep, MSM is the driving force behind this. They are desparately selling us some cr@ppy goods. They spew Obama propaganda like their lives depend on it. I will never vote for anybody who the MSM pushes so forcefully. Journalism died with GWB and has failed to be revived in this election. The only thing that I have begun to notice is that the r@cism meme has been overplayed. I heard some people commenting in the grocery store this weekend how every criticism of Obama is r@cist and how wrong that was. Are some people waking up?

  30. RD, I empathize with your cold, literally. I have a sinus headache today — what a bummer since this is an unseasonably warm and lovely day.
    Guess what I heard on NPR yesterday. Obama was in Philly and Gov Rendell & Mayor Nutter were saying they had to twist arms in Chicago to get him to go out here.
    The Obama campaign denies any arms were twisted.

  31. Grrrr.

    It’s really annoying when you try to act mature for a change and do the “turn the other cheek” thing only to get smacked on that side too.

    At least they didn’t use a fish.

  32. Krugman wins Nobel prize for economics

  33. SM and BB: Do you think McCain is clueing them in? This line is illuminating:

    The national media has written us off. Senator Obama is measuring the drapes, and planning with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid to raise taxes, increase spending, take away your right to vote by secret ballot in labor elections, and concede defeat in Iraq. But they forgot to let you decide. My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them.

    I’m of the opinion that it wouldn’t hurt to be more explicit: “The media are picking your president. You gonna stand for that?”

    HELL yes! Take the damn gloves off and hit ’em hard!

    Remember how Hillary called out the media on a number of occasions and the harder the media hit Hillary, the more people voted for her all the way up until June despite the WWTSBQ haka.

  34. PMYIQ: HE DID???? Congrats to Paul Krugman!!!

    Maureen Dowd & Frank Rich must be livid. Good!!

  35. One more thing: as to who the real enemy is. remember, the media is only the messenger. It was Bush’s, not it’s Obama’s. Who is using them?
    The owners didn’t change, even if they now shop across the aisle

  36. That’s so awesome for Krugman!

  37. Strickland doesn’t like Barky. They are taking testimony in Ohio on ACORN.

    Mike McConnell: “Crack cocaine is also used for paying workers to bring in the voters.” I wonder if that is from Barky’s private stash.


  38. CAROL: YOU have got to be kidding me!!!

    Buying drugs to pay off a crackhead ACORN worker???

    Who’s reporting this?

  39. When it suddenly gets quiet around here I start wondering if the east coast fell off into the ocean or something.

    People out here are still sleeping but y’all back east are almost due for a caffeine& nicotine break.

  40. Mitch McConnell a talk radio person said that is what he has heard. On Fox.

  41. Carol, I doubt it. No way would BO share anything that’s his.

  42. Thank you RD – missed you – get over that gold quickly!

    carolflowery, on October 13th, 2008 at 9:14 am Said:
    While I believe we know how Obama won over Hillary at this point, it’s really neither here nor there, because we are here in…..

    Oh, Carolflowery, it is very important that people understand what happened at the convention. Many of the people I speak with don’t have a clue that the nomination was stolen from Hillary and get really mad when they understand what happened.

  43. Look, that’s how Barky is going to provide jobs with the lower income brackets. The Entrepreneur 101 and Sales 101 – have a product that someone needs and wants and provide it.

  44. vm – I stand corrected.

  45. ooops – get over that “cold”

  46. Riverdaughter,

    I think you’re right. No politician can ever lose by attacking the media. McCain and Palin should just come right out and say it. The media are telling you how to vote. You vote belongs to you.

  47. Carol:

    That’s not funny and we have enough problems with people nutpicking comments to trash us all with.

    If the right-wingers want to say stuff like that, let ’em.

  48. If I missed your *point* RD, I’m sorry.

    And I couldn’t agree more that the worst villain in this whole scenario is the corrupt-corporate media.

    I have long been accused of taking things seriously that were poked at me in fun. We named them Roy and Joe.

  49. Oldcoastie, there have been McCain ads airing here in Blue Connecticut. There are many Liebercrats who may vote McCain/Palin.

  50. rasmussen back down to obama +5

    I really truly believe that if the polls have obama ahead by less than 5 on nov 3, then (based on the obvious skewing that is being done) Mccain wins.

  51. The voters are keeping mum. To talk is to be attacked so everyone is keeping a very low profile or quiet altogether. Calling an ex president a shameful name does not make everyone want to talk to the pollsters. 80% hangups on pollsters means people do not want to talk to the press or certain campaigns who are hiring them who may retaliate personally with campaigns telling supporters to get in peoples faces. The public sees them taking private citizens statements out of context and twisting it around. So the media has very little idea what the voters are thinking. If the media keeps calling McCain attendees names, the “mob” is going to “escort” them out.

  52. I find comments like this over the top, since it is actually Obamanation that practices intolerance and thuggery:

    “WASHINGTON (AP) – Rep. John Lewis, a Georgia Democrat and veteran of the civil rights movement, says the negative tone of the Republican presidential campaign reminds him of the hateful atmosphere that segregationist Gov. George Wallace fostered in Alabama in the 1960s.

    Republican candidate John McCain on Saturday called Lewis’ remarks “shocking and beyond the pale.”

    The Obama campaign said the Illinois senator doesn’t believe McCain or his policy criticism is at all comparable to Wallace and his segregationist policies.

    In a statement issued Saturday, Lewis said McCain and running mate Sarah Palin were “sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.” He noted that Wallace also ran for president.”

  53. Announcing the End of the “PC” ERA
    by Grail Guardian


    Grail has a lesson on language, a few complaints about how it’s been used against us, and a modest proposal or two…

  54. I don’t think the media know how to do the haka properly. I greatly respect hakas. What the media are doing is more akin to a blitz. They simply yell at you so long and so loudly and so persistently that you can’t take it anymore. Maori have mana, but media only has power. Media has no conscience, no spiritual cares, no ethic, no charisma. It has only celebrity and hype–and lots of audacity.

  55. jjmtacoma and my IQ!!


    RD, please get better soon, but continue to write feverishly brilliant posts. 🙂

    I have been working “salary”, meaning 10 hours a day. I have been getting up at 4:50am and reading RDs morning posts with my 5 cups of coffee.

    I haven’t had much time to comment, but couldn’t help but notice the panty-fest between angienc and myiq the other night. (sniff–now wait, I meant sob!)

  56. McCain and all of us must connect the dots. The dots that must be connected are those that run from the corrupt and radical Chicago Machine, Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Farrakhan, and ACORN to the sub prime mortgage mess, to the Dems involved in wittingly or not promoting that mess, to the national and international economic conflation that has brought this world to the brink of chaos. The economic issue right now hurts McCain; the concerns about Obama’s associations helps but it is tentative. When McCain successfully ties together the O associations and how those have made an economic hit on this country possible, then he may make it. That is what a new stump speech needs to be.

  57. “I suspect there are as many Republicans disgusted with their party as there are Democrats disgusted with theirs’.”


    Republican here who just happens to LOVE this site. I’m not dumb. I’m not drinking ANYONE’S Koolaid. I have a brain. Give me a little credit and don’t lump us all together.

    Kudos to taking the media down.

    Keep it up ladies.

  58. Lou Dobbs is the only one, plainly saying, the media is in the tank for Obama. And acting as a buffer that says, anything against Obama……….America….are you letting the media choose your next president.

  59. Why does the left hate the right so much? I have been reading your post, and I love my country as much as you do. Even if I am a conservative. I don’t care about money, I care about my country!!!!!! I am 58 years old, and America has changed in my lifetime. I was a dem, then moved over after Carter. I care about people, and I think the most profound statement was made by a dem, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” . I was never scared to tell people that I was a dem, but I have always been afraid to tell people that I am a repub. What is wrong with this picture?

  60. Fox just showed a pic of a man wearing a shirt that says “Palin is a ” and the last word blurred out.

  61. I’ve been reading a lot of PUMAs (not on this site) saying that they “own their vote” but if they lived in a state where it was “close” they would hold their noses and vote for BO. I don’t understand this at all — are they saying they own their vote only when their state is going D anyway? What is wrong if you live in a battleground state with voting 3rd party? or, if you really want to stop the DNC from ever repeating the farce that was this year’s primary, voting for McCain?
    There are 3 possible outcomes of this election (imo):
    A. Obama wins because a lot of D’s in “battleground states” agree with Donna that they “have no place else to go” and “hold their noses and vote for BO” when push comes to shove:
    B. Obama wins without our votes — hey, he said he didn’t need us to win; or
    C. McCain wins.
    In all three of those scenarios — A & B are the least acceptable to me — we are either going to prove the DNC right that we have no place else to go or we are going to prove them right that they don’t need us. That is why, even though I don’t like McCain one bit and would have never voted R in any other circumstances, I, living in NC, am going to vote for McCain. Trust me, I consider this a great sacrifice on my part, but I do it gladly in order to save the Dem. Party. And anyone who doesn’t like that can kiss my ____. I meant what I said after the May 31 debacle at the RNC — I am not going to legitimize and condone what the DNC did during this primary — not the sexism, not the voting fraud, none of it. I knew full well then that that would mean a McCain presidency for 4 years and I’m not backing down now because it might actually mean a McCain presidency for 4 years. A McCain presidency is the ONLY way to get our party back — if BO wins after all he has done the FDR style Dems will have no place in the DNC. Look, any PUMA in a battleground state who has weakened and wants to go ahead and “hold their nose and vote for BO” after all they know about him — fine — do it, vote your conscience etc. etc. But stop going around saying that you “own your vote” because you don’t.

  62. LibOne – yes, I was suprised to see ads here in CT too, but I think these were national media buys. During football yesterday. Very annoying, even to Dem hubby.

    Was thinking of another potential McCain ad campaign this morning based on Jimmy Carter. Was that the last time we had a Dem Prez/Senate/House? And look how great that turned out – hyperinflation, Iranian hostages and Bert Lance.


    Plus, Ted Kennedy got excommunicated for challenging a Dem incumbant running for re-election. We need McCain to get Hillary back.

  63. A very special Haka

  64. Rene,

    I guess it depends on what part of the country you live in. When I was growing up in Indiana, everyone was a Republican. Here in MA, supposedly everyone is a Democrat. But there are lots of people who are conservative here. They may be registered as Democrats, but they are still conservative. And local talk radio here is mostly conservative. I don’t think people here are afraid to say they are Republicans–maybe if you are in academia.

  65. This Haka 👿 has particularly good ending:

  66. Krugman supported HRC’s economic approach; will he give a nod to McCain for adopting some of her policy? Will he red flag Obama for opposing those same components? And btw some are ripping on McCain (and even O) when they take some of HRC’s ideas. I say bravo as long as you give credit where credit is due. I am sure McCain knows that taking anything from HRC can be kryptonite for his base, so when he does that and gives her credit, that is a pretty courageous thing to do.

  67. 7000 possible illegal registrations in Ohio!

  68. Obie’s showing ads in TX and I have no idea why. I don’t enjoy that.

  69. For years now people on the left have complained that the GOP propaganda operation delegitimized liberal/progressive POV by calling them unpatriotic.

    It wasn’t until this year that I realized that the Democrats had done a good job delegitimizing conservatives by calling them r@cists.

    If you successfully delegitimize your opponent’s whole ideology in that manner it may help you win elections but you can’t ever have productive discussions with them cuz neither one of you is listening to the other.

  70. Hey you all!

    I have not post for awhile but I have been there everyday. Just wanted to say hello to everybody.

    The polls this morning are looking better than a week ago. And considering that they always favor Dems, I guess there is reason to smile. Got to go, be well RD.

  71. Republicans have been crying foul on ACORN for years. Turns out they weren’t wrong.

  72. Today I learned that McCain saying about Obama that he is going to “whip his __” in the debate is r a cist. Because Obama is black so a hite man is not allowed to say “whip his anything” to him.
    But tshirts on Obama supporters that say “Palin is a C–T” and calling Palin a PuckF*cker are fine, apparently.
    This campaign has been SO educational.

  73. Riverdaughter I love you. You keep me sane.

  74. Oh, Riverdaughter — I’m so sorry you’re ill. Please drink lots of water and get rested and better soon. ♥♥♥♥

    How does social pressure work. I know from personal experience that it can keep people quiet about who they’re supporting. But, can it really make people vote for someone they dislike or distrust?

    (I’m so confused)

  75. votermom, I hope that means Obama loses the c*nt and PuckF*cker votes!

  76. Saw an interesting program on CT-N TV last night, with Ray Hardigan. It was all women speaking about the election and the consensus among all of them was that neither McP nor O’Biden were speaking truthfully or solving problems. It was clear some supported one candidate or the other, but there was definitely a feeling that everyone was holding her nose.

  77. Look at some of the aspersions that were cast on Conflucians and PUMAs in the last couple weeks.

    Several times that person that was dissing us basically said that someone here said something that was a “right-wing trope” and that alone proved we were bad people.

    Their logic is:

    1. Everything the right-wing says is not only wrong it is immoral

    2. We agreed with something the right-wings says

    3. We are wrong and immoral

    In each instance there was no analysis nor any consideration of the possibility that there could be rational and moral arguments to support the “trope”

  78. Carol, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:02 am Said:
    7000 possible illegal registrations in Ohio!

    Whaddaya expect when you pay the canvasser with CRACK???

  79. The irony is that it’s clearly not the Republicans trying to steal the election this time. This is a Big D operation.

  80. Of course Obama uses “right wing tropes” constantly, but to say so is probably racist.

  81. BB: Naturally, because there are no black republicans, of course.


  82. sm77, on October 13th, 2008 at 9:10 am

    True. I was expecting him to say, America is worth fighting for.

  83. Hillary-Z:

    If there is anything that the GOP excels at it is obstruction.

    They blocked Hillary’s Health Care Plan when the Dems had both house of Congress and the Presidency.

    If they roll over for Obama then the universe has no natural laws

  84. Here’s a funny cartoon I found about the Obama and the ACORN. At least I thought it was funny.


  85. Cigarettes, money ………………………………..

  86. Hustler made a porn movie with a Sarah look-a-.like.

    Some of these Obama supporters are just sick f*cks.

    The rest are paid and/or stupid.

  87. McCain – spending freeze to make sure we are spending the money we have for the proper things to keep Americans and America safe and prosperous.

    Obama – another couple of Trillion in spending. Spend now, Spend often, Free everything with no value to everyone.

    I think I’ll choose McCain.

  88. Feel better, RD. Stay hydrated.

  89. Spend now – pay later!

  90. Texas Hill Country:

    “Obama’s targeted use of Malcolm X’s super-charged racial code words (”hoodwink, bamboozled”), and his followers’ continuous charges of racism against Obama’s opponents as a political tool has been well documented. It shows that Obama has a studied understanding of the racial radicalism of Malcolm X, Farrakhan, Wright, Pfleger, and Ayers coupled with the cold-blooded instincts of a heartless politician. The Obama campaign has already smeared as racists vast swaths of the Democratic Party, people who were drawn to the Party for its commitment to civil rights. Now he employs the same tactics against John McCain, a champion of immigrants who has never had a hint of racism associated with his name.”

    And if that doesn’t make you sick enough:


  91. sm77
    What article about Gallup categories? I’d very much love to see it

  92. miqx2u
    Well said! Talk about tautology!

  93. Rene: The post was meant to poke fun of both sides.
    But to be perfectly honest, I *do* have problems with Republicans, especially in the past 15 years. No, make that 30 years. As I see it, Republicans have been way too eager to drop their obligations towards their fellow Americans in pursuit of their own self-interest. The problem is that we rise and fall together and while the Rovian spinmeisters were getting the country to turn their resentment on people who were supposed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they didn’t have any boots, the guys at the top of the food chain were robbing us blind.
    Republicans tend to follow authority figures. Sometimes, those authority figures lead us all over a cliff.
    In general, the people who post on The Confluence are Democrats of a more moderate persuasion, like Hillary Clinton. That is, we have our minds open but not so wide that our brains have fallen out. It’s a good place to be. Maybe Republicans should try it.

  94. Carol, I’m not sure that the porn film makers are Obamabots. I think there is a lot of ratfucking going on from both sides.

  95. Hi Joanie! If you come back here after “salary” work day… hope all is well with you.

  96. European markets up 10%, US +6%. Looks like the world is a brighter place!

  97. Never trust a candidate the MSM is shilling hard for- I hope I can impress that on my son’s brain…

    Hillary-zilla-How about Penny Pritzker, Queen of Chicago’s predatory sub-prime mortgage scam, as Secretary of the Treasury????

  98. Good post, and btw I want to thank all of you PUMAs for giving me an education this election season. A little history:

    I proudly cast my first vote in a presidential election back in 1992 for a brilliant young pol from Arkansas named William Clinton. I’ve voted Democratic in every election since, even for John Kerry though I thought he was a (fill in the blank). I was never really a hardcore leftist since my convictions as an evangelical Christian (gasp!!) made me more than a little uncomfortable with the party platform. I’ve always been stridently pro-life but thought of abortion as a kind of necessary evil in a pluralistic society. And the gay rights thing frankly just kind of bugged me. But, I was for universal health care and a more nuanced approach to foreign policy, so I could deal with it… until this election.

    I was all set and happy to vote for Mrs. Clinton, because she is quite simply, brilliant, and I did indeed cast my vote for her in the primary helping her to win the great state of TN. Through this election though I began to see a disturbing pattern like the one played out against Al Gore in 2000 wherein the bumbling b00b Bush was given a free pass and pundits commented on Gore’s breathing and his famous “locked box” (I wish we had that locked box now)…

  99. mccain is talking in virginia and he just laid out very clearly and to the point that if your neighbor house is foreclosed your house goes down in value drastically.

  100. …continued from previous post

    I though Obama would make a good VP and oh how nice it was that a Black guy was running (I am Black after all) but honestly he wasn’t that impressive to me and reminded me of so many preachers I’ve heard when you leave the sermon and realize you had a great time, but have no idea what the preacher talked about.

    Anyway, throughout the campaign I was increasingly disgusted with the charges of r@cism thrown about (which isn’t something I take lightly) and began to see the DNC act more and more like the National Socialist Party under another history making charismatic young orator. I read more and more about the O, and thing just haven’t added up. I thought the misogyny was just about Clinton, but then it was turned on Palin, and frankly I’ve just been disgusted all the way around.

    For probably the first time in my adult life I understand what women have talked and complained about when it comes to sexism. I didn’t see it until this election, and it has sickened me and saddened. I’m glad McCain is enough of a man to not fear being surrounded by strong women who regularly upstage him (as Palin consistently does). You and all your fellow PUMAs have enlightened me, and you can count this Bible toting, prolife, conservative – leaning, Black man in on your 30% solution!

  101. (unless of course the woman is anything at all like Pelosi, or Donna Brazile; ugh!!! I can’t stand the sight or sound of that woman!!)

  102. elderj, on October 13th, 2008 at 11:40 am Said:

    Tennessee IS a great state…love spending time in the Smokies.

  103. Polling: I think this is bullshit.

    RCP linky

    Like half of Fairfax County is gonna have to stay home for Barky to win Virginia.

    Georgia’s light red?! In a pig’s eye! NO WAY that state is going to do less than a 14-point spread in favor of McCain.

    I really think a lot of this is wishful thinking on the part of media types.

    (Hi everyone! Was out of the country, have missed you…been lurking the last couple days just to catch up…Looks like nothing much improved while I was gone. Sigh.)

  104. I think the polling is way, way off. No way VA will go for Barky unless like half of Fairfax Co. stays home.

    RCP has Georgia light red. In what universe does it go for McCain less than like 14 points?!

    Hey everybody. Missed you. Was out of the country…bummer to see that not much improved while I was gone…

  105. Oh, and I love TN also. Except that our politics is screwed up beyond the pale. If I hadn’t already quit the Democratic Party, I’d do it over what the good-ol-boy infrastructure did to state Sen. Rosalind Kurita (long story, which I’ll tell if folks are interested, but in a nutshell is the good-ol-boy network protecting its own)

  106. Speaking of the media being in the tank for Obama, please, if you get a chance read the article I have up concerning the Texas “Caucus” fraud.

    Great article, RD.


  107. Eleanor A, I’m in Loudoun County and have voted Democratic all my life. This year I’ll be voting McCain/Palin at the top of the ticket. I’ll be doing my part to keep the Old Dominion from going for Obama.

  108. I awoke this morning with a sad feeling and laid there for half an hour planning a post to you, Riverdaughter. It was full of despair and anger at what appears to be happening – I just can’t stand being on the losing side for 8 more years and ,who knows, maybe forever.

    Then, I read your post and believe it or not, I feel better. YOU are such a beacon of brillance and delight. And, if we go down, if I go down with you, there will be comfort in that. Thank you.

    And, the one thing that keeps me going, the thought that the Great Silent Majority will rise up and put that bastide back where he belongs.

  109. Well, and there’s this: There’ll be *plenty* of loyal opposition to BO if he wins, er steals, this thing. It’s not like we’re all just going to give up, shut up, and go away.

    What do you think about VA, gxm? I used to live there and I just can’t believe it’s gonna go Barky. Unless they’ve managed to register 3,000,000 new voters in Arlington County.

  110. elderi — loved your post! Hope to see you are around here more!

  111. I cant believe VA will go Obama either…. I live in Prince William County and work in Fairfax…. You see about 50/50 mccain/obama bumper stickers and a few obama yard signs…. but when you drive south from my house (away from NoVa) it is 99% Mccain signs and they are EVERYWHERE. Either A) Mccain is going to win VA or B) the Obama campaign hasn’t provided many signs in Va.

  112. There is only one pollster that has been able to predict the winner with any kind of accuracy and that is Zogby. He has Obama up by 48 to 44 percent, with 10% either undecided for third party. Hidden in all these numbers is the so called Bradley-Wilder effect. This is where the pollster’s and those conducting exit polls states the opposite of the truth. Bradley was a popular AA chief of police and also the Mayor of Los Angeles, who had a large lead in the polls and won the election in the exit poll, but lost the election for governor. If we want to keep the door open for Hillary in 2012, we must help defeat Obama.

  113. I don’t know Jessie — didn’t Zogby call CA for Obama before Hillary won it by 10? I don’t know if I would trust Zogby either.

  114. Eleanor, I admit to being dismayed by the voter fraud reported in Hampton. I’m also concerned that Obama has targeted college age kids to vote absentee (and then, presumably, drive home and vote on election day from another polling place). My 24-year old son received Obama junk mail urging him to vote absentee, but neither my husband nor I did even though we are, up until now, lifelong Democrats. So I think they’re really going after the kids. That’s who they’re banking on.

    Yesterday I commented on an incident at our local Marshall’s store. I overheard a woman having a heated discussion on her cell phone. She really had her dander up and I suddenly realized that she was ranting about Obama. I went over to my husband and said: “I can’t believe it. She’s having MY conversation.” He walked over to listen in and came back with a big grin on his face and told me, she’s saying “Do they think we’re stupid?” (I had just been on the phone with my daughter the night before and we had spent two hours ranting about Obama and his thug minions.)

    So I think there are a lot of us “quiet ones” out here who the MSM is trying its best to ignore. My gut says that Virginia will stay red. I hope I’m right.

    And for the record, my husband thinks McCain will win in a landslide.

  115. Call me naive, but I am not sure there is a media conspiracy, at least obviously by proprietors.. Rupert Murdoch has said recently – and I may be irredeemably naive to believe him – that he cannot stand Bill O’Reilly (his employee) and cannot stand Geraldo (also his employee). BUT … they both bring $$ into Rupert’s coffers. In other words enough people like to watch and listen to these idiotic narcissists to keep them on air because they are popular enough to bring in big bucks. So, while a billion powder puff blows from the likes of Wolf Blitzer and Campbell Brown are eventually enough to make most folks crumple and agree to whatever they say, these lightweights have to be supported by a gullible populace in the first place.

  116. Jesse Britton: Zogby was *sure* that Kerry was going to win in 2004.
    Just as a lot of media driven peer pressure, the polls are also being used to mold reality. I’m not listening to the polls. I don’t think they’re going to be accurate this year anyway.
    I sat next to a graphic artist at the wedding I went to on Saturday. He says one of the people from his company, a guy, went on a trip with him recently and was livid at what Obama did to Hillary. Apparently, there’s a lot of that kind of thing going on and we just haven’t heard about all of it.

  117. urgetocompute: This time, the gullible populace is coming from our side. That’s what happens when you tell people they are the chosen ones leading the rest of the country into enlightenment. It’s lefty bullshit but it’s still bullshit.
    I just saw an Obama spokesperson on FOX who pretty much said that Obama was opposed to any irresponsible HOLC type program. Well, I guess that’s it then. Let us not be fooled into thinking that Obama has any interest in saving homeowners from foreclosure or having the banks take a loss on any of their assets. Sounds to me like Obama is firmly onboard with “socialization of loss and privatization of profit”.

  118. I loved your post, RD. Feel better.

  119. DOW is up 579+ at 9029.

  120. RD:

    If the media were to be believed, in a period of 1-2 weeks almost all the undecided voters decided to vote for Obama. So did the PUMAs and some Republicans.

    During that period there was nothing that occurred that would explain such a shift by the voters.

    There were some inconclusive debates where both sides claimed victory, but no major gaffes or scandals on either side.

    The bailout issue wasn’t something that clearly favored either party or candidate. If anything, the GOP should have come out ahead due to the House GOP’s defeating the original bill, which was highly unpopular with voters.

    So without even considering the methodolgy and reputaions of the pollsters I am highly skeptical of the polls accuracy

    Not to mention Obamanation’s frequent use of polls as part of their pre-vote hakas

  121. riverdaughter, on October 13th, 2008 at 12:47 pm Said:

    “Just as a lot of media driven peer pressure, the polls are also being used to mold reality. I’m not listening to the polls. I don’t think they’re going to be accurate this year anyway.”

    As someone who studies polls – particularly the Real Clear Politics daily average – and analyzes the daily average from a time series perspective, I think RD is probably right. The polls do have BO in front, but not by as much, long term, as one would think. Of course, “long term” doesn’t really count on election day (though it is a better indicator than one might think), and polls can only reflect intentions.
    The RCP averages help smooth over some of the nasty polling agencies who use polling to influence intention rather than reflect it, but there’s enough of these bad polling agencies to distort the reporting of genuine intention.

    RD’s broader point speaks to the ways in which people nowadays use various “media” tools to distort and influence. I heard a Republican the other day describe the BBC as a left wing organization. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. The BBC is highly professional, but far from “left wing” (or “right wing”). Of course ideologues see reds under every bed and conspiracies in every coincidence, but IMO the BBC America news broadcast is the most informative and least biased of all current news sources.

    What does it say about society and education of young people that so many of them think it’s OK to lie and distort, because they “know” what is right? I don’t think the entire blame can be sheeted home to the media.

  122. Good news, folks. The photo of smug hipsters wearing matching SARAH PALIN IS A C*NT t-shirts flipped my mother’s vote in a tight state. Either those kids are the most clueless idiots alive or the most devious Republican ratfucking brigade ever assembled, because they’re proving fearsomely effective at galvanizing female opposition.

  123. there is no there there!
    actually there is, but, it’s just not a there most of us believed could be there! It’s a communist/marxist/malcolmX there with “I want to be a rock star” overtones, plus worse.

    you see, the more the plot thickens we see that in this case Malcolm was the hero — not Martin Luther King (who the rest of us were blithely following) — our media is in a blind haka thing, RD.

    Australia isn’t! ———

    and now we know why he didn’t need or want the pumavote — in that worldview women mean nothing and anyone gay? good luck…

    it’s a bitter year, after the last eight — your act of defiance is to NOT let it get in office or you will never live in what you thought was this place we have taken pretty much for granted all this time — again.

    his supporters (blindly devotional as they are) have no idea what is behind the no there there.

    the more you look, the worse that “there” gets————

  124. Carol, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:02 am Said:
    7000 possible illegal registrations in Ohio!
    How do we deal with this – we’ve been taught that knowledge is there must be a way we can use this knowledge.
    What do we doe about the $280million that has been thrown into O’s campaign from foreign sources – are there no regulations about foreign money?

  125. I think the general public IS clueless. My daughter, who is 17, thinks Obama should win because he is “not an old white guy”. A few days ago I was talking to a neighbor who said, “Barack deserves it but John McCain is the better man.” I didn’t get a chance to ask him just why Barack “deserves” it. Because he’s black? Or because he has a p*nis? Either reason is a p*ss poor excuse for voting for him.

  126. RD—-you are the best! I loved this post. In fact, thinking of sending the link to my rightwing brother in SC. For years, we agreed not to discuss politics, but are tentatively back in the water this year.

  127. I agree with you, kenoshaMarge.

    Otherwise McCain would not have gotten the nomination. I think the Republicans bought into that whole support the party nonsense once upon a time. If this election has tought me anything it’s that people are realizing that both parties are crap.

  128. I’m a Republican here, and I hear you….

    We may not agree on policies, Iraq, or anything else…but we are on the same team and don’t want Obama in office.

    I’m trying to get your message out to as many GOP friends as I can. We are all praying the PUMA’s are as numerous and as united as you appear to be.

    I’ll post a congratulations and a thank you on this site on Nov. 5 if The One loses. And, by the way, we believe you all – Obama stole the nomination from your girl! And he’s about to do the same in the general election!

    Fight on.

  129. I agree with imogen13– and will also post a congratulatory message on Nov 5 if we can keep that Chicago thug out of the White House.

    I do take some offense at some of the opening comments in the OP, but I’ll refrain from commenting in the interest of not pissing off anyone. I’ll only say that we Republicans know EXACTLY why we’re pissed off about this election.

    BTW, I think the polls are being scammed– they always have been, the major polls have ALWAYS oversampled Democrats, which is why it was such a “surprise” that Kerry lost in 2004– but I think it’s a lot worse than ever this year.

    I’m predicting a McCain win.

  130. great. i wish all the secrets, revealed and unrevealed be endded to making a much more better world in which greedy and war would not be the main choice for the people who make the decisions.

  131. I couldn’t understand how anyone could vote for Bush in 2004 but then to expect a Republican to cross over and vote for Gasbag Kerry when many of us die-hard libs had to to hold our nose to vote for him is kinda silly, isn’t it?

    Thanks. I didn’t want to vote for Bush but, like everyone, I tried to make the best of a bad situation (namely: BOTH OF THESE CANDIDATES ARE LOSERS), and I felt I was holding my nose as I voted for Bush.

    I am really enjoying this blog, and I appreciate that you are trying to understand where the other side is coming from — I don’t think you quite have it yet, every conservative I know in real life believes that corrupt brokers bear most of the responsibility for the mortgage mess — I do appreciate the effort.

    I try to read at least a few strongly liberal blogs to keep my head out of the echo chamber, but since I prefer civil discourse to obscenely irritating smart-asses it is sometimes a little tricky (maybe it goes both ways, I don’t know — perhaps smart-asses are easier to find in the haystack).

    Keep writing.

  132. As a republican since Reagan, I am delighted to find all of these wonderful PUMA sites. I think the media has been causing lots of us who could agree on what makes a good president to hate each other over the years, probably so they could control us as you wrote, and force their guys on us. I thought you democrats were stupid just like you thought republicans were. I am really impressed with all of the information about how bad Obama is that the PUMA sites have researched and posted. I watched the videos about how the nomination was stolen from Hillary by the busloads of ACORN guys and the DNC giving away her delegates, and I was furious. I was so angry for what they did to you that I could easily imagine myself with my hands around a certain candidates throat….but let me not get the Secret Service at my door for that unseemly rage. We have to defeat the Obamatron. I am happy to be working together with such a fine group of Americans as I have been finding hopping from PUMA site to PUMA site since I discovered you all yesterday.

    Former democrat in TN

  133. Hi! Republican here! Please don’t rip me apart for what I’m about to say!

    About the MSM: Trust me. You are not telling us anything we didn’t realize forever ago.

    About Bush: Not to start a fight, but the best you could come up with against him was Kerry. C’mon. Let’s call it even on that one.

    About the WMDs: Yeah, we stepped in that one. The nice thing? Bush admitted it. How many other presidents would have done that? If Bush was as crooked as some on the left make him out to be, he would have just planted WMDs. But he didn’t.

    About the anger: No, we’re angry over the Socialist tones of Obama’s plans. If the government takes all of our money and provides us with our needs, what happens to the American Dream? Where’s the inspiration to get off your ass, study hard, work hard, and end up successful? Why not just sit around on our fat lazy asses and watch Oprah all day? That’s what makes us angry.

    I’m gonna stop there. Hopefully my counterpoints will be understood. Thanks for letting me speak.


  134. One more thing I forgot to say

    Man, can you democrats ORGANIZE! All of these sites are so impressive, the information I had been wishing the Republicans could come up with to defeat OBAMA, and here the PUMA sites have it nailed. The media have been trying to control us all for too long. I watched a PUMA gal telling Chris Matthews about Obama’s school years in the Madrassa in Indonesia, and he was derisive toward her, and basically asked if she was willing to lose her house (lawsuit for slander) for what she was claiming. I am so glad that you all hate these media marxists as much as we republicans do. Wow, they would never have expected that we might unite, tell each other what we each have found out, and take them down! NBC seems the worst. MSNBC and CNBC.. what about that loser financial guy that almost caused a market crash telling people to sell, sell, sell. I hope to see their Nielsen’s crash further this year.

  135. I think the polls are being cooked, bigtime. I am even more convinced of it after coming across the PUMA rebellion. The polls are being taken with 40% democrat, 29% republican, and they are reporting that 89% of democrats are voting Obama. That can’t be, only 23% of Americans in general are as socialist as Obama. I have been wondering if they are 1) cooking the polls so they can scream ‘fraud’ if Obama loses; 2) cooking the polls so they can DO voter fraud and we wouldn’t know the difference; or 3) cooking the polls so we will all want to eat a dynamite sandwich before 11/4 and leave just the Obamatrons left to vote……

  136. Riverdaughter, thank you for opening this discussion across the divide. I had been discouraged so badly until I discovered the PUMA websites, and I have been soaking in the sunshine every since. I feel for the first time in a long time relaxed, at peace. The people of this country are good, its the ones who have been telling us how to think, controlling us, and looting us, that are bad. I just want to thank you all for going on the net and fighting back, and being there for the rest of us to find. I hate what the DNC did to you all, but perhaps in a way it will be used for good, as we all start to realize we have been had by the people who THINK they control us and this country. You all have delighted me so much, and this is the only site where there is dialogue, these PUMA sites I mean, without the maniacal hate trolls passing for democrats on all the other sites like Hugg and TH, and KOS….who are those guys….they seem to spend their days here and their nights in hell, and I am so GLAD they are not all there is to the democratic side of the aisle. I feel sooooo much better about all of us Americans right now because of this discussion. Marxism teaches ‘divid and conquer’ and tries to get us all at each other’s throats so they can control us….happy the country that kicks the marxists to the curb , under the bus, etc. anyway, thanks, riverdaughter.

  137. All I can say is thanks.

    I really do think PUMAs will eventually help this country bust through partisanship and meet somewhere in the middle.

  138. […] the haka Riverdaughter coined the media is engaging in a haka against you.  A haka is the word for a Maori war dance.  It is […]

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