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I want to take a walk with FuzzyBear!

I need a break.  Things are starting to feel like the dark days of February before we learned “Bitch is the new black.”  And I’m having a hard time hanging on to that famous katiebird optimism.  Well, it’s pouring outside so I can’t take a walk (it’s a good thing we took a longish :NOT 5 miles: walk this morning.) — what else can a girl do when the weather is bad?

Rico?  May I have a glass of that fine boxed Merlot?  Does anyone want to join me?

353 Responses

  1. rico I want two shots of tequila, a flaming dr. pepper, and a jagermeister chaser….I’ll be over in the corner….

  2. Hi guys! There’s plenty of room at this table by the window! And the bar is well stocked.


  3. Stoli, shaken hard, up with an olive, please Rico

  4. Jeez Gary, with that drink combination I hope you’re in a corner close to the bathroom…

  5. I have some standards: 1. I will not vote for Obama. 2. I will not drink boxed wine. 3. I guess that is it. Rico- pls , I’m not a snob, but some of the ‘better’ stuff. Left this morning for a funeral and I came back to realize that I am once again rich!!!

  6. Yay Katiebird is back!!!!!!!!!!

    Aw hell, gimme a house wine.

  7. OH MY GOD.
    the left has gone totally insane. they honestly believe Sarah Palin is trying to incite crowds to lynch Obama. Have we always been this nuts?! Where will this go? The fallout from these disgusting accusations can’t be good. My god the “liberals” can be vile. Have you seen the lovely new “sarah palin is a cunt” tshirts? evidently they are very popular at obama rallies.

  8. I’ll take a Black Russian without the Russian

  9. Gary, I hope you’re not alone with that formula there.

    Mawm, grab a fire extinguisher, just in case.

  10. I love seeing all the dreamy drinks — nothing like a fully stocked open bar to show us what we really are.

  11. Do we have to use the term RICO? The bartender needs to change his name. I hear “Hussein” is available.

  12. Bourbon for me. Whatever happens happens. This is a very premature Haka. It reminds me of the days when Obama was screaming at Hillsry to drop out because she couldn’t win. But we know that she *could* win and was only a smidgeon short in delegates at the end. The Haka is intended to make you give up before you should. Don’t give into it. Never surrender. Make sure you and all the other PUMAs you know get out there and vote.

  13. I remember taking an anthropology class as an undergrad, and we read a book about arctic peoples and their lives. Part of their culture revolves around this kind of winter insanity that grips members of their groups in the dark of winter, and they will go running, screaming mad into the dark and cold and tear off their clothing, scream obscenities, etc. Anthropologists think it is due to vitamin d or e deficiency because of the lack of sunlight, but they’ve completely integrated the experience into their society…it serves as kind of a release valve for tensions in the winter when there are very close quarters. that’s what the last post felt like to me. Please allow me to regain my sanity now. 🙂

  14. If Rico is serving up food as well I’d like a
    half avacado filled with a shrimp cocktail, some crackers and a Guinness. Bless your heart, Rico.

  15. What we are seeing now is WWTSBQ3.0. Same actors, same tactics. They want us to get all pissy and attack within our coalition. We are held to a higher standard and we are going to have to accept that. That doesn’t mean we have to sit quietly as we are crapped on, but we need to be cognizant of what our foes are up to.

    We should all keep in mind something that is different between the primary and the GE: There will be no super-Ds to overturn the election this time. The polls are inevitably gonna tighten, and its important that we don’t burn too many bridges we may need.

  16. A flaming Dr. Pepper? That sounds interesting. How do you set it on fire? I have a can in the fridge.

  17. RD, I’ve heard that Brandy and Honey is good for a cold. Would you like one?

    And I agree about the premature Haka — I’m just getting edgy waiting to find out what is the New Black this fall.

  18. (sipping my drink)

    Okay I am not sure if this is a no no topic. But has anyone heard the buzz about Barry O and his possible affair with Vera Baker who Michelle conveniently had transferred to Martinique?

  19. A round of Hillary’s Maker’s Mark to the truest people on the blogosphere!

    And a big F__K U to the haterz.

  20. as long as you keep the tifoil hat on, you’re good. 🙂

  21. Gary: you can flambé Dr. Pepper? I’m going to have to keep that info from Brook.

  22. Piper has her cousin Princess Diana’s hand wave down perfect!!!!!!!!!

  23. We just spent the afternoon meandering through Litchfield Cty, CT on our way back to NYC. Beautiful fall weather. Radio off. Lovely. Fuzzy et al, you’re welcome to join me next year.

    E-mailed a lifelong GOP school chum in Cincy who was getting discouraged. I told her about the HAKA, how the Obots and MSM were labeling both of us as racists, etc. etc. Basically passing along the encouraging and insightful commentary that I’ve gotten from this blog. It really helped her. So, indirectly, you all did a good deed today for someone in a swing state. Kudos 🙂

  24. Oh, and the Rays just beat the Red Sox and the Cardinals beat the Cowboys yesterday. The world is looking better already. Sometimes the little guys do win.

  25. sm77, on October 13th, 2008 at 8:24 pm Said:
    A round of Hillary’s Maker’s Mark to the truest people on the blogosphere!
    And a big F__K U to the haterz.

    LOL. The last time I laughed at someone’s post, it ended up on Alegre’s Corner. I won’t be surprised if this ends up in one of Masslib’s posts whining about us being meeaan to her again.

  26. I suspect ratfuckers with the c*nt T-shirts. But the silence from the Obama camp is revealing.

  27. I have to think back, but it is some shot that is high enough proof to ignite, and then you drop it in a mug of beer, and then down the whole thing,,,,tastes like dr. pepper.

  28. BB, I’ll provide the flame thrower…but there has to be some 90 proof to keep the flame alive!

  29. RD, seems like we’re just at the poll-propaganda phase of the Obama “I like to cheat to win” play book.
    Too bad for Obama there are no superdelegates in the general. His next step, if my poor traumatized memory serves me, is the opponent’s campaign starts fallin apart —or so the media says over and over and over and over… This is then followed by one or two high ranking supporters of the opponent switching over to the Obama side. Obam’s whole strategy seems to be to set defeat in the minds of the opponent’s supporters. Just good old psych warfare.

    I really think someone should turn those techniques back on Obama. I wonder how good Axelrod is at playing defense.

  30. Flaming Dr. Pepper: Half cup full of inexpensive beer, 2/3 shot Amaretto and 1/3 shot 151 proof rum. Add the rum to the top of the Amaretto in a shot glass. Light the rum on fire, drop in the beer and chug. I swear it tastes just like Dr. Pepper. It’s scary.

  31. Disenfranchised, she can say whatever she wants. She’s the one that looks like a damn fool, not me nor anyone here on the Confluence.

    We are some tough bitches in this joint (yes, I said BITCHES) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  32. RD, in one of those pictures, the guy with the shirt is holding a flyer that has the ACTUP log on it. I would be VERY disappointed if they were involved, but I went to their website and saw no mention of protesting the event…but I’ll be keeping my eye on them. I’ve been very disappointed in the gay community lately…

  33. Oh no, I’m in moderation for using the r word – ooops! Here’s my edited copy –

    We just spent the afternoon meandering through Litchfield Cty, CT on our way back to NYC. Beautiful fall weather. Radio off. Lovely. Fuzzy et al, you’re welcome to join me next year.

    E-mailed a lifelong GOP school chum in Cincy who was getting discouraged. I told her about the HAKA, how the Obots and MSM were labeling both of us as r@cists, etc. etc. Basically passing along the encouraging and insightful commentary that I’ve gotten from this blog. It really helped her. So, indirectly, you all did a good deed today for someone in a swing state. Kudos 🙂

  34. every behavior has a counter reaction. what will it be for the obama campaign. How can anyone be getting away with so much. How can such a horrible man have gotten so far with so little effort.

  35. AngelaSmith – Wait until a few days after the last debate and then maybe I’ll feel nervous.

    So far, Repubs have done EVERYTHING by the Repub book. After Oct 15, get your hazmat suit, goggles & helmet.

  36. Unfortunately, alcohol is out for me. But I may just crack open my last Dr. Pepper.

  37. AAAG: nope, hadn’t heard that. It’s kind of balanced by McCain’s dalliances after he came back from the war. OTOH, it would pop the messiah’s bubble a bit, right? What I want to know what he said to the superdelegates to make them abandon Clinton.

  38. like someone said earlier, if they’re so confident, why are they going so crazy with the race card? they know that it is very, very close, and they may in fact be losing…this is just like before pennsylvania.

  39. And why is BO running ads in CA and CT?

  40. To katiebird –

    I remember when I was in aircrew school and we were going over what to do in chase of a ditch. Once everyone was in the liferaft the senior person was to assign everyone a job. It sounds hokey but there was one person who was supposed to be the moral officer. Now that person wasn’t supposed to be the clown in the group but someone who every hour of every day would say “It’s going to be okay. We’re going to make it.”

    I’m here to tell you, that with this great group of people here on the lifeboat (The Confluence), we’re going to be okay. We’re going to make it to the end.

  41. they keep swarming and pounding because it’s not about “Hope and Change” and policies. It is driven by hatred and the beast is always ravenous. We saw it with Hillary, remember? Watching this whole process is heartbreaking and sickening.

  42. Okay I am tipsy and about to get silly. Watching the o-factor and saw clip of Michelle Obama. As a black person I must say this Michelle is a basket case. Her attire is awful. Today she is wearing this navy blue suit that looks like she mugged Barbara Bush and threw on some pearls. I f I hear her say one more time that she does not watch the TV so she can’t see the ads, rallies, etc. I am going to barf. The Obama’s are so scripted that it is like opaque tights watching these guys.

  43. Angelasmith: McCain has to find a way of neutralizing the racism message. I think it might work if he brought up the idea that Obama’s not going to drop what works. If he can get away with it now, he’ll use it after the election whenever anyone criticizes anything he does.

  44. All Afro American Gal, on October 13th, 2008 at 8:18 pm Said:
    I’ll take a Black Russian without the Russian

    LOL @ AAAG! And I’ll take the Russian. (Think Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises.) 😉

  45. gary, it was more than PA. It was NH, FL, Super Tuesday (CA, MA, etc.), TX, OH, IN…

    How does Obama win: by having the competition drop out. It won’t happen this time. Many Dems/Progs are tired of being losers so I can see people wanting to get on the Obamawagon while it looks like he is going to win. But they may very easily get off if things aren’t looking good for Obama. We’ll need them later, even if they go over the top in criticisms of PUMA now.

  46. sm77,
    l look forward to gearing up.
    I think Obama and friends are going to have a rude awakening. Axelrod and Bammy are so predictable.

  47. bostonboomer, on October 13th, 2008 at 8:34 pm Said:
    And why is BO running ads in CA and CT?

    Obama’s running a lot of ads here in FL as well as McCain. Now remember, FL was a state that Obama’s people said they didn’t need to win.

    Maybe they are trying to make up for OH & PA? FL is going to McCain at the end of the day, no DOUBT.

  48. Hey guys, didn’t Hillary pitch the idea of a moratorium on foreclosures in the primaries – which, of course, Bambi trashed. Can we find this?

  49. BB, some media markets in CA overlap with NV. Also, Obama may be trying to run up the score in CA and CT to win the pop vote even if he loses the electoral college.

    And frankly, sometimes having infinite money to throw around makes you look intimidating. Not always the best use of resources though.

  50. {{{lisadawn82}}}

    Thank you so much!

  51. He is in Illinois too, running ads I mean. I thought it was strange because he is our senator.

  52. SM,

    I don’t know. Obama is leading by a lot in PA, although I find it kind of hard to believe.

  53. That’s true, gq. I hadn’t thought of that.

  54. RD at 8:38,
    that sounds like a really sensitive move to try and make. I kind of like how he’s saying he’s basically offended by the comments that Lewis made. That they are offensive.
    Man, I’ll have to think on that one. But that sure would be something if he could do it right.

  55. edwardian — back off Viggo — he’s mine! lol
    AAAGal — I heard that about BO & Vera Barker — I would love it to be true only because it will take his goody two-shoes shit down a notch but on the other hand, I have a hard time believing that Obama could ever have sex with another person (besides himself).

  56. He’s running ads in TX too. He’s got money to burn.

    Yes the moratorium on foreclosures was Hillary’s thing.

  57. AAAG: you know what’s sad? I can just picture Obama taking the oath and dancing with Michelle at an inaugural ball. That could have been such a special moment. So historic. A giant step.
    But he’s such a creepy, corrupt jerk that I think the moment will be ruined if he won. There’s nothing to rejoice. I can’t help but think that Obama is not who MLK expected. It would almost be like some kind of practical joke.

  58. even ed rendell says the polls in PA are wrong.

  59. AAAGal — I hope buy “get” them mean get him at the polls.

  60. angelasmith, on October 13th, 2008 at 8:41 pm Said:
    l look forward to gearing up.
    I think Obama and friends are going to have a rude awakening. Axelrod and Bammy are so predictable.

    Espcially since FL is starting to run voter purges today.

  61. hey RD,
    Maybe if McCain goes underneath the racism haka.
    If he goes where he’s headed now with the Ayers and other distasteful associates of Obama.
    If McCain can put a label on that kind of thought that those people represent— show it as being disrespectful to the country– then maybe whatever is charging the racism haka (cause it sure as hell isn’t real racism they are worried about– they’ve destroyed the meaning in that word altogether)–whatever that is can be undermined, diluted and diffused.

  62. Betuscha: YES. She did. And now he took it.

    THis is the kind of shit that pisses me off more.

  63. Saw a Bill Kristol link re McCain campaign & how it’s messing up. Kristol always seems to be jumping on or jumping off the smart train, never just rides it, and he’s jumping off with this criticism.

    Deja vu, problems with Hillary’s team. NO. The problem is the friggin Obamedia. I don’t think McCain needs to explain or back down or anything. All he has to say is that Obama pulls stunts of race-baiting and sexism anytime he goes down in the polls. Americans off the kool-aid drinking bus know it’s true, and want to hear it. Undecideds need to learn it.

  64. Riverdaughter,

    this why it is important to me that he does not win. I think every AA had someone in mind for this moment. For me it was not Obama. He would have thrown MLK under the bus too. What I hate is that MLK will now be eclipsed if Obama wins. BO does not deserve this.

    This is hard for me to say and perhaps r*cist. I don’t really consider Obama an AA. It has nothing to do with his being being bi-racial . That is not why I was a Hillary supporter. I think Obama is full of it, but the AA factor and how he uses it sickens me.

  65. AAAG: I had to take out one of your comments. Sorry. That’s a touchy subject.

  66. Angienc,

    LOL on the Obama having sex with himself. Wonder why no old flames have surfaced for Barry?

    Yes I did mean at the polls as far as the PA gun crowd

  67. If Obama wins I want to start a pool to see how long it will be before the media turns on him.

    It took them 6 years to turn on Bush. I’m hoping it will be no more than 2-3 before they start treating Obama like a Democrat.

  68. I’m having Veuve Clicquot I think champagne is always appropriate for celebrating — and this is a celebration — the ramping up of the haka can only mean that things are not as good as the Obots want everyone to believe.

  69. sm77 – Yup, thought so. Can someone – SOMEONE – play gotcha on this? I’d esp. love to find some dismissive comment that Bambi made about it being a gimmick. Something we could publicize.

  70. I hear Obama ads but they go in one ear, outta the other. My area gets ads in the KY, WV, & OH markets. Obama doesn’t give a rat’s a** about KY or WV, he’s holding his nose over us to get to my cousins in OH.

  71. That’s okay River.

  72. When people hear “terrorist”, how many think of “dark skinned” Arab/African terrorists? My guess is that few think of domestic terrorists like the KKK, anti-abortionists, or Ayers types. How many people know who Ayers is or that he’s white? Everyone I encounter seems to think that the chumming with terrorist charge is typical GOP slander and think they are saying Obama is pro-Al Queda. That comes across as racist because it gets people to think that the GOP is trying to say that Obama pals around with Arab/African terrorists because he’s black.

    One of the most powerful images one can use is the one that has Ayers stepping on the flag. Why not use that and use “domestic terrorist” rather than merely “terrorist”? At least if you want to go that route, which I’m not really advocating.

  73. http://www.stoptheaclu.com/archives/2008/10/12/did-obama-have-an-affair-with-vera-baker-recently/
    Did Obama Have an Affair with Vera Baker Recently?
    Posted on October 12, 2008

    Copied this from Hillary is 44

    Oh I hope its true.

  74. betuscha,
    I can’t help… but if no one here knows, you might want to post your request over at NQ. Several people over there live for this kind of stuff.

  75. betuscha: I heard an Obama spokesman on FOX today who called McCain’s HOLC plan irresponsible. That would be the same plan that bears a striking resemblance to Hillary’s HOLC plan. So, someone needs to ask Obama where he stands on the issue.

    Here’s the thing that Hillary failed to do with Obama: make him materialize. He is the ultimate Invisible Man.

  76. Hey Pumas,

    I want to apologize if I ever do something that is not protocol on the board. Just tap me on the shoulder with a gentle post. I don’t want you guys looking at me like I am at a party and I just double dipped in the guacamole. I was not here at the beginning so I don’t know all the rules. 🙂

  77. Hello everyone I am so honored to have a post with my name inn god/des you made me cry….I really was going to walk 5.5 miles but mother nature intervened @ 4.125 miles so I am wet make me a grey goose pome juice and grande marnier with twist.

    make it a double!

  78. ((((fuzzy)))))

    and i’m drinking red red wine …

    wow, what a day …

    i’m just waiting to see if it’s a dead cat bounce or every one’s just loving the european bailout!

  79. AAAG- Couldn’t possibly be true about Vera Baker, remember Michelle told us that it was only Hillary that “couldn’t run her own house, so she couldn’t run the White House”. Can’t believe that he would be that stupid, but then there is Spitzer, Edwards,…Maybe Obama just did it to get rid of the gay allegations.

  80. A Cabernet Sauvignon, dear Rico!

    Obama is advertising in NY too. If we are now a swing state, I will be happier than ever to PUMA HAKA in the voting booth!

  81. Honora, I did not know that Michelle said that about HRC. How awful. That could happen to any woman…or man.

    Good point about the gay allegations. In Illinois we are beginning to wonder whats in Obama’s medical records. Guess we will never know.

  82. gary-bear amateto shot and top of shot glass 151 rum lighted ion fire as it is dropped into the bear tastes like dr pepper-sorry missed this up thread!

  83. AAAGal — I think that a lot of people in the AA community are going to be very disappointed if BO gets elected because I honestly don’t believe BO gives a d@mn about the AA community (other then getting their votes — and not that he gives a d@mn about anybody else but himself). And I agree — it is an insult to compare MLK to BO — MLK put his freedom & life on the line for the good of mankind not to get himself in office & dress himself up with faux Greek columns. The fact that young people can actually compare the 2 shows how pitiful their role models are (ie Paris Hilton) .
    Where did you go Joe Dimaggio, indeed.

  84. FUZZYbear!!!!!!!!! I swear if we ever meet which I hope we do, I can only imagine that you give the best hugs in the world.

    AAAG: Don’t worry. You have your sisters here who”l whisper in your ear – but you never said anything out of order, is that the scotch talking?

  85. sorry gary beer not bear!

  86. SM77 actually it bearbust this weekend in lovely Orlando…so near but so far!

  87. Honored to join the good company here. Rico, I’ve been a bit under the weather, so while I’d love some of Hillary’s Maker’s Mark, how about some decaf green tea? Rain check on the Maker’s Mark.

    Speaking of Hillary, she’s supposed to make the a.m. talk shows. Don’t know if I want to hear the message for Obama, but we’ve grown to care about her, so would like to see how she’s doing. Sometimes listening, watching the responses, you can tell what’s really going on. I can only imagine what she’s going through these days. Agree with previous comments that saying the Clintons are not all calculating – they’re human beings, trying to respond to changes in circumstances as us other mortals.

  88. Fillerup Rico…I promise to leave my ‘pottymouth’ on the last thread. 🙂

  89. AAAG- If it was something that we should know, then Obama would tell us. He is running ads in Maryland too, if he doesn’t win Maryland he doesn’t win anywhere. I think that he has so much money that he is spending it everywhere. He also wants to keep his base energized to donate more and to work the phones, so he keeps piling on. My sister, also in MD, said that she has stopped answering the phones because Obama call so often. (NOt him personally of course!!!) You would think that there are better places for him to call. Of course, he does not call my house anymore, he got the message.

  90. My mom is in Orlando, I have a bouncing new baby nephew but I jst got done paying bills and have enough gas for 1 week to take PUMA cub back & forth to school.

    Had I been in a better economic place, I’d be joining your bear party!

  91. angie RD and all-I love a good port with dessert and it is the official toasting wine of the US Navy I have a chocolat port and rasberry port you mis them 1/2 and 1/2 and it is like a choco-rasberry truffle from your local chocolatier-nectar of the god/deses!

  92. Margarita! Margarita! With salt.

    I’m staying here, no matter what happens. Best damn margaritas in the blogosphere.

  93. OMG fuzzy! that sounds divine!

  94. sm7 will get down to St Pete/Tampa after this election foolishness is over and we can maybe meet to plan Hillary 2012 somewhere!

  95. Congrats SM!! What is the little man’s name?

  96. yeah, and 8 years ago i was sure it was gonna be Gore, and 4 years ago I was sure it was gonna be Kerry because of the polls, I dont’ believe anything any more …

    call me a doubting dakini

  97. Rico, fix me a Alabama Puma Slammer and make it a stiff one.

    sm77: Congratulations on the new nephew!

  98. Rico – gimme a Stoli Razz with club soda & lime – please?

  99. Fuzzy – have you ever tried hot cocoa and peppermint schnappes? Mint-chocolate chip booze.

  100. Wouldn’t it be ironic if ol’ Michelle, who took Hillary to task on not being able to “handle her own house” got cheated on by Barack? I’m normally not a person who would wish harm on another but in the case of Michelle and her comment on Bill’s infidelity I might make an exception.

  101. What’s in a Doubting Dakini? I bet one of those will knock you flat on your ass.

  102. I am actually saving that port for 11pm November 5th to toast Hillary 2012! notice I am not saying the “O” word!

  103. CWaltz: MO’s remark is tempting fate. A wise political wife leaves that topic the hell alone.

  104. [[[ putting my quarter in the jukebox ]]]

  105. AngieNC & Ugsome: Thank you!! He was born during my “I hat Columbus Day and this is why” post yesterday, you know, I didn’t even ask what they named him!!!! And I’ve spoken to them like 20 times a day.

    OMG, I’m a bad aunt.

  106. I love the HOUSE that RD built and all of you!
    tonight there is a cold snap in the air — our CA fall —

    I’m going to think of all of you, as I make a childhood thing for comfort food. Baked apples. Damn, someday, we will be able to be the DEMs we all are again — once this nightmare episode passes — we will.

    hugs to all, and especially to you RD — for making the Confluence…

    a tip of the hat to the great writers and voices here, all of you!
    I have to go to the store, but I love you– across the air waves and mental thought strands that compose our realm—
    hugs to the pumaclan!

    when I was 13 — all the girls got together to sign a petition so we could wear the pants we wanted to school (hand-embroidered Levi’s) — that was about the last time I was ever so politically active — till I met RD in here. She reminded me of those times, and the pumas are the same as that!

    thank you Riverdaughter!
    for the Confluence, the pumas, and the whole thing!

  107. Fuzzy!!

    Here, Fuzzy — there’s plenty of room at this table — sit with me!

  108. Fuzzy – I’d love that!!!!!!!! Anytime, you have my email.

  109. CWaltz — honey, that would be the ultimate karma for good ole’ Michelle. See what it means to practice a little forgiveness & humility instead of judging others on the choices they make in their marriage.

  110. RD: Invisible Man is exactly what I call Obama.

  111. yes we call it a hot “pepermint pattie”-

    What I really want from santa for xmas is to meet all of you!

    You saved my life someone on HillaryClinton.com mentioned this blog and I came here at the right time when I saw the Clinton cocktail hour I new I was home!

    Which ever one of you out there led me here I am eternally greatful!

  112. Congrats sm77! Hope all goes well with your doings. At least gas prices are going down.

  113. Angienc,

    I wish that I could meet the other 4% of AA’s that are not for Obama. I was listening to Hannity on the radio today (for laughs and to hear BO get bashed) and there was an AA man that called in and said he was an avid listener of Hannity and was not for Obama. never said who was for but I feel good when I hear that.

    alot of AA’s don’t care. they just want an AA in office. Speaking of which I have noticed that Obama seems to distance himself from AA’s during this campaign much more so than during the primaries.

    Too bad that blacks had to sit at the back of the bus and now Obama throws them under the bus.

  114. ugsome … ya know … it’s just me … but as a drink, ummmm. i’m not sure

  115. AAAG, do you live near NYC? You should take a trip to Scranton with POC PUMA. You’ll meet a lot of AA Clinton supporters against Obama.

  116. fuzzy, I’m up for new years this year in Key West … do you suppose I can convince them to let me do the shoe drop?

  117. sm dinner is on me but you pick the restraunt!

  118. OMG — has anyone seen the BO ad with the total Bubba (I swear his name must be Bubba Bubbaman) & he says he is an NRA member & he supports BO? It is so d@mned ridiculous — I can’t believe anyone buys it.

  119. but Gary…must we put our clothes back on? I was just getting comfy?

  120. Rico, I will have a Corona with lime. Please pass it to me under the table since I intent to get blitzed and will have already saved myself the effort of falling flat on my face. See how I always think ahead?

  121. Dakinikat-if Obama loses they will probably let you drop a whole house on key west-hell all of florida the thank the god/des red state florida!

  122. Look on the bright side AAAGal — now the AAs are under the bus with the rest of us — BO is a uniter!

  123. vbonnaire- That was so sweet.

  124. Fuzzy – there are GREAT restaurants here, you choose the cuisine then I can tell you which ones are good.

    However, for out of towners, you must go to Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City and/or Bern’s Steak House.

  125. Remember we are the people that know one expected-my favorite RD quote!

  126. i’m thinking house drop, Michelle Obama … bad kat, very very bad kat

  127. The upside is, we all know how the elections usually turn our.

  128. turn our = turn out

  129. then Michelle says to Sara, you and your little moose, toto too …

  130. vbonnaire — that was great! I loved it!

  131. I think that if Obama wins, a lot of AAs will soon wake up and realize that he used them. Some will be okay with that because they’ve wanted to see an AA in the highest position of power even if the person is a crook. But many others will be disappointed once he ignores their issues and sells them out to please whatever special interests he will work for. I said this in the last thread but a person who has been willing to use anyone from his pastor to his own grandmother to get ahead in his career and who uses fraudulent means to steal the nomination does not have the conscience or morals to stand up for the working class and poor – the base of the Democratic Party – unless it is to his political advantage. I am fully expecting Obama to turn a blind eye when the AA community needs him.

  132. Angie,

    Yep it is running here in SW Virginia. You know where all of us “bitter, gun totin’, racists are located(right in the heart of the Appalachians). I rolled my eyes when I saw it.

  133. Disen-voter,

    I am in Illinois. No love for Black PUMA here I am afraid.

    Okay this HACK from Rasmussen on TV right now gets on my last nerve. I think the polls are in the tank for Barry.

    Angienc, our favorite you tube video has 358,421 views. Could it be because people like me mass mailed it to like 3,000 people 😉

  134. My mom is in Orlando, I have a bouncing new baby nephew but I jst got done paying bills and have enough gas for 1 week to take PUMA cub back & forth to school.

    SM, when I had weeks like that I thought I had made it through yet another black cloud. Cheers!

  135. dakinikat, on October 13th, 2008 at 9:27 pm Said:
    i’m thinking house drop, Michelle Obama … bad kat, very very bad kat

    and all the little people came out from under the bus and cried “Hooray for dakinikat” and began to sing…

  136. AAAGal — the Dominoes pizza guy was just on Hannity — bless his heart, he is funny!

  137. On Fox they are playing that video of Obama talking to community organizers saying they will help set his agenda.

  138. bb: That sound you hear is me banging my head against the wall. Community organizers like those in ACORN? Holy friggin crapola!

  139. Riverdaughter – I think it was probably something like…and it can all be yours….”

  140. AAAG
    Rasmussen has been doing funny sample adjustments for some time now. I believe I caught them once

  141. Hang in there, SM. I’ve been there. Congratulations on your new nephew! I adore my nephews. They are the light of my life.

  142. I know this isn’t exactly something that hasn’t been belabored here but gaw! I hate Colmes.

  143. PJ
    Exactly like those – he was in fact talking to ACORN. There’s a video of that. Of course the question is: what agenda?

  144. Colmes is like the missing link. He does not look real.

  145. Pat Johnson,

    Acorn was there too. I guess you missed that video. I’m not sure how to find it. Maybe someone else knows how.

  146. angie: i’m still wondering how you can convince any one to register 73 times as well as get them to believe there’s nothing wrong with that …

    whoever did that should definitely be given some kind of scholarship to an acting school … i mean that’s amazing!

  147. CWaltz
    That’s karma in the making.

  148. edgeoforever: What isn’t nailed down is what they are coming for. And $5.00 to anyone turning in their parents for talking trash against The One.

  149. Edge — is Rass the one whose brother works for BO or is that Zogby?
    The good news is they reminded everyone that Kerry was 13 points ahead of W in October 2000 & Rass had to concede that 5 points means Obots shouldn’t be cracking open the champagne just yet.

  150. Hi everyone. Make mine a single malt Scotch, neat with a glass of ice water…

    STOP FREAKING OUT ABOUT THE POLLS. It ain’t over ’till it’s over. Three weeks to go and the entire Republican Party is telling McCain what to do. Yeah, he sucks as a debater but being boring is better than losing. Maybe (let’s hope) the gloves come off on Wednesday.

    Also, there are exactly ZERO members of the NRA who will vote for Obama. That guy has to be a plant of some kind.

  151. If Riverdaughter is correct, we need to stay strong.

  152. Pat — Colmes looks like the Cat in the Hat after he’s been dead for a week.

  153. McCain has one more chance on Wed to show some guts. Otherwise I am afraid that he may just “hand” this over to Backtrack. One more debate like last week and this thing is over with a fancy red ribbon.

  154. dakinikat — have you seen the Dominoes pizza guy? Bless his heart, I think you could talk him into cutting off his own fingers 73 times!

  155. I think Rico needs to cut Hillary-zila off.

  156. Congrats, SM!!!!!!!! Yay!

    Michelle Obama’s swipe at Hillary not being able to “run her own house”.

    RICO – a lovely champagne, please. :o)

  157. Zogby is the one with the brother superdelegate. They are trying hard to recover their credibility now.
    Rasmussen was the one everyone called “McCain friendly”

  158. Isn’t Colms a very sad individual?

    How terrible to be on a show that bears your name and know that not one viewer is tuning in to see you. It is like Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.

  159. Those morons give a bad name to true morons. Especially the dope that said he was only being a nice guy 73 times! Get a clue why don’t you? If this is the future staring us in the face I may just pack up and drive to Baghdad! At least I will be able to hear the bombs whipping by my head.

  160. I am just reading and enjoying the cocktail hour on my BB…you’re all awesome, and I send you all hugs and good wishes! SM – big congrats on your nameless nephew!

  161. See Pat, I think McCain has to just be standing after Wednesday & then the 527s can get the job done.

  162. I think they should have sent Palin to debate BO instead. She’d make short work of him. I really don’t understand what McCain was thinking at that last debate. And I really don’t understand why he didn’t raise a stink about the $700 billion bailout. That was a free shot.

  163. madamab — lol nameless nephew — please find out the little guy’s name, sm!! lol

  164. Dave,

    I actually thought that McCain won both debates.

  165. Rico, call a cab for Hillary zilla. I think she has passed over into the danger zone.

  166. AAA Gal: he makes a lot of money doing it, but I wonder how much self respect he must truely have to be the foil all the time … maybe once he cashes the check he doesn’t care, but really, it’s very sad

  167. AAAGal — I KNOW McCain won both debates — but under the Obama rules, as long as he doesn’t throw up and/or pass out he wins.

  168. comes really looks ill of late like he had bad shellfish or something!

  169. They were saying it’s almost impossible at this point.

  170. I’ll be back Conflucians, I’m up late tonight working. But I just finished this, and I wanted to alert people about it because it is for River Daughter, who I hope will see it assuming she’s not fallen asleep already!


    Please consider sharing it. I don’t care if it draws fire from haters.

  171. Lou Dobbs (my new BFF) asked what reason would he have to vote for John McCain? Other than him not being Obama is frankly the only one at my disposal. The dynamism has passed out of that balloon IMHO. He needs to get cracking pronto!

  172. AAAGal — LMAO “whatever happened to baby jane!” OMG I can’t breath — too effing funny!

  173. AAAG, I agree if you are talking about political point of view. But “winning” in this case means wiping the floor with the other guy and getting a 5 point bounce. By that measure, McCain lost. What bugs me the most is that McCain left so much unused ammunition. I sometimes wonder how badly he really wants to win this thing.

  174. True Pat — but not being Obama is a mighty fine reason imo.

  175. hello folks! Okay, on drinks, how ’bout a buttery nipple?


    Or my favorite from Flamingos on St. Charles was a separator, which was brandy, Kahlua and milk!

  176. Second try on the post, didn’t like my link.

    For drinks how about a buttery nipple please or my favorite from Flamingos on St. Charles, a separator; brandy, Kahlua and milk. Yum!!!

  177. I like RICO, he’s what’s going to help get ACORN, I think

  178. fif — thanks for the shout out! And let me let everyone in on a little secret — the only people who talk about flying 1st class are those who are the first people in their families to EVER fly 1st class.
    I can take just about anything but the nouveau riche.

  179. fredster buttery nipple buttershots-baileys layered and topped off with southern comfort…we gays have another name for it think mink stole in serial mom!

  180. I used to teach first grade Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for 5 years! I wonder how those little brats turned out? I always had this vision of one of them showing up on say a Letterman Show announcing that they lost their religion in the first grade because of Mrs Johnson.

    Judging by their ages now they probably all support Obama. OMG!

  181. I made a trip to CA, San Diego, to visit a friend and his wife who had just gotten rotated there from shore duty in Germany. It was my first *real* vacation in awhile and first trip to CA so I flew first class. It was nice. It was also nice I could change the return date with no charges or anything. But…I paid for it on my lovely Dillards charge with convenient monthly payments for a few months. lol Plus I didn’t like the fact that the return to nola was via SLC and the plane going from S.D. was delayed and so i got to spend the night in loverly SLC. Yuk!

  182. Hey, all. I’m back. I have downed all the vodka in the house and am now polishing off some French Kiss. So, no thanks, Rico. Rum is all I have left so it’s Mojito time if the Kiss doesn’t do me in. I have had a very bad day but ya’ll cheer me up so much. My teenage daughter got in a bit of a jam today. How did any of us survive our teen years? Freedom can knock you on your rear. I love our communal spirit here-when we get knocked down, we get right back up! Hillary would be so proud. I think she’s a great role model and if anyone thinks that makes me a cultist, that’s their problem.

  183. Pat: LOL! I have really missed you the past couple of days. You always make me laugh.

  184. Dave, I think McCain is dealing with a Hobsen’s Choice situation. If he gets aggressive, he will get reamed. If he is quiet, he gets criticized. I thought Obama was a total JACKASS during the last debate with the interruptions and whining about rebuttals. It hijacked the whole “town hall” atmosphere.

    Remember the Gore/Bush debates. Gore kicked his ass and then was called overly aggressive by the press. Obama has to be dealt with in a clever manner. I think McCain is smart to let Palin do the dirty stuff. Biden has turned out to be such a Mr. Cellophane in this race.

  185. fuzzy — I don’t get it — its been too long since I saw Serial Mom — what is the “gay” name for buttery nipples?

  186. If my Party, the Democratic Party, now chooses to play fast and loose with millions of votes, to put forth a candidate whose campaign tactics violate democratic principles and to join with him in that violation, to tolerate a candidate who one minute attacks the most successful Democratic President of his and my lifetime and the next cannot stop praising him enough in order to win the votes of people who did not support him in the primary in part because of his original attacks, then it is my choice – made upon deliberation and reflection – not to vote for my Party’s candidate.

    Great post Heidi Li. As I said, “It’s the fraud, stupid.”

  187. Pat LOL — that was hilarious!

  188. Fuzzy I have them with buttescotch schnapps.

    Buttery Nipple #2 recipe

    serve in

    Scale ingredients to servings
    1/2 shot butterscotch schnapps
    1/2 shot Bailey’s® Irish cream

    The Butterscotch Schnapps makes up the bottom layer. The top layer of Baileys should be added using a spoon. This is a layered shot. Delicious!

    I never used a spoon though!

  189. Hi all…I can’t tell you how great it is to be here after a day like today! Is there any Scotch left?

  190. Heidi Li et al,

    Please explain to me the logic of “abstaining” in the election. Will you be happy if Obama wins even if you vote “present”?

    Yeah, I know. I won’t lecture anybody. But please consider what outcome you would like your vote to achieve before you cast it.

  191. So I poured myself a giant glass of Chardonnay after my Sox lost. Now I am struggling through Sheryl Crow on Larry King………We know she has a real knack for picking stand up guys. NOT. Lance might be a good bike rider but what a womanizer, and alas she hitches her wagon to BHO. she would do better to spend her time sorting through her bad taste in men instead of rattling off Obama’s big bag of B*llS&8t.
    Oh, and also, I want to take a walk with Fuzzybear too. where do I sign up?

  192. Not voting means Obama wins. Obama doesn’t care how he wins….he’ll be laughing all the way to the WH. Whatever, everyone owns their vote.

  193. I thought Obama was a total JACKASS during the last debate with the interruptions and whining about rebuttals. It hijacked the whole “town hall” atmosphere.

    Obama has been like this in EVERY debate. He was always sticking his finger in the air to interrupt Hillary. And then the MSM declares him “presidential.” As obnoxious as Limbaugh is, I’ve enjoyed listening to his radio show because he flagrantly insults Obama, and it’s delightful! He calls him the “man-child,” and a “socialist squirrel.”

  194. Sophie! Thank God, another Scotch drinker! This talk about Jaeger and butterscotch nipples is making me sick to my stomach!

  195. Heidi Li I love your post and rest assured you have my full respect and support!

  196. When I was in college I was a bartender. I can make a MEAN Sex on the Beach: Vodka, medori, chambord, cranberry, pineapple and orange juices.

    Sweet drink with a powerful punch. Hats off to all PUMAS who have stuck to their guns (like me) and vowed NoBama this election cycle. After being banned from Talk Left, mixing it up with the TL defectors on their super-secret-no-one-knows-the-URL-wanna-be-scooby-gang, I am glad I can come here and hang out.

    On a PS, the irony of that offshoot of TL commenters that started the site, who I initially confronted, is back at Talk Left kissing JM’s ring.

    Mmmm Hmmm!

  197. I like a dalphinie scotch single malt

  198. Listen to us! We all now listen to right wing radio and watch Fox news channel! Holy Mother of God, on one of the previous posts someone cited Michelle Malkin of all people. What has this primary season reduced us too?

    Thank God the included that mental health provision in the bailout because I have a feeling we are going to need more than Rico to see us through.

    Somebody stop me before I find myself sending suggestive e-mails to Bill O’Reilly!!!!!

  199. Dave, I am working on some abstainers . I asked one of them to do it for me. She said she would

  200. Fuzzy, welcome to the adult side of the bar!

    Pat, welcome to the Republican Party! 😉

  201. {{{clinking Dave’s Scotch tumbler}}}

  202. I will have some jello shots now.

    I am laughing at Obama and this plumber on Greta. His whole “spread the wealth” statement. LOL

  203. AAAGal — yes, Biden is Mr. Cellophane — I think that was his strongest selling point with BO — someone who wouldn’t take the “shine” off of him — too bad we all know that “shine” is just vaseline.

  204. I would walk a mile in hillary’s shoes if I could have her back and god/des as my witness I would try to stuff myself into one of her pantsuits! If it would turn back time and I could get her nominated!

  205. Dave: No, no, no! I consider this a temporary stop on my way to better things in the future. Country first, party second, party-party third.

  206. Pat, I knew there was no turning back when I started listening to Rush Limbaugh…and liking it. 😦

  207. Dave it goes great with a nice double cocoa godiva dusted truffel!

    A true dessert scotch!

  208. Dave,

    Voting strategy is dependent on whether you live in a swing state or not. In MA, my vote either way will count for nothing. However, I’m seriously considering voting for McCain anyway. But if I voted third party or left the the top of the ballot blank, it would affect the results not at all.

  209. Dave, the buttery nipples is just a (no pun) one shot deal. Wouldn’t be able to drink too many of those.

    If I’m goin’ “drankin’ ” I do bourbon and club soda.

  210. thanks SOD- Odinga thing worries me Logan act violation and all!

  211. All Afro American Gal: Ain’t that the awful truth? Everytime he slams Obama I laugh. If anyone had predicted this last year I would have considered them absolutely crazy. Now I tune in for the body slams and am thoroughly enjoying myself as a result!

  212. Favorite Scotch for the money: Balvenie 12 Doublewood
    Favorite Islay: Lagavulin 16
    Favorite Speyside: Macallan 18

    G’night everyone. I’ve got to go pick up my daughter at the airport…

  213. fuzzybeargville, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:09 pm Said:

    I would walk a mile in hillary’s shoes if I could have her back

    Nah, you just wanna wear pumps! 😉

  214. Betusha:
    Sen. Clinton proposes moratorium on foreclosures: Mon Dec 3, 2007 6:51pm EST

  215. Pat, your in denial! 🙂

    OK, now I’ve really got to go…

  216. Dave: Never!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. Night Dave.

  218. fuzzy, you knew I’m just teasin’ with ya right?

  219. PAT, BB & JUlie: Thank you! I’m going to be the best auntie possible. My niece (who is 2 yrs old) and I talk every other day. She forces my brother to call me so we can chat, even if it’s for 10 seconds. I LOVE IT.

    Yep, it’s a blessing to have a roof & gas & food in the fridge at this point while looking for bigger & better income. Bailout blues? Yeah, but I’ve done all I can for today. Tomorrow is another set of issues that will be resolved somehow.

  220. New Rass polls as of yesterday BO leads in:
    FL + 5
    MO +3
    OH +2
    NC tied
    VA +3

    I don’t care what anyone says — every single on in the MOE (except FL were they have already found 30,000 fraudulent voter registrations & 5000 “bad” votes cast) isn’t exactly screaming landslide to me.

  221. so mccain is leading in all of them??? 🙂

  222. THIS is interesting. Sarah Palin’s lawyers have responded to the charges in the Branchflower Report. The letter is published in the Anchorage Daily News.

    Because this letter is in PDF format, I’ve had to manually type this text out. There is much more in this letter, but what I regard as the most pertinent comment in the letter appears below. I can’t figure out how to copy and paste from a PDF document. So here it is, manually typed:

    The Governor’s Attorney Condemns the Branchflower Report

    From the legal office of Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen, and Thorsness:

    “Mr. Branchflower concludes the Governor abused her power and condemns the Governor for essentially not ordering her husband to stop talking about Trooper Wooten. By so doing, Mr. Branchflower single-handedly violated Mr. Palin’s First Amendment rights to free speech. Mr. Palin is free to tell anyone he wants, from the Commissioner to the man on the street, about his concerns about Trooper Wooten. As a government contractor, Mr. Branchflower is mandated by law to respect a citizen’s Constitutional rights. He cannot impose, or seek to impose, legal liabilitly for someone’s lawful exercise of free speech. Mr. Palin can petition his government for redress– and he did so. He sought to remedy an injustice and sought to change a corrupt system that protects violent cops. It is shocking that anyone would seek to impose legal liability for expressing one’s view and exercising one’s right to petition the government.”

    What Gov. Palin’s lawyers are saying here amounts to a counter-charge that Mr. Branchflower is guilty of attempting to suppress Mr. Palin’s 1st Amendment rights to free speech and to petition the government for redress.

    One of the things that has bothered me about the Branchflower Report from when it was released Friday was the contention that Gov. Palin’s “inaction” and Todd Palin’s “use of the governor’s office” were “ethical violations”.

    However once I started thinking about it, I came to these conclusions:

    The spouses of elected officials routinely “use” the office of the spouse to do whatever.

    First Ladies “use” the office of the President (or Governor) to accomplish a wide number of tasks, from promoting favorite charities to accomplishing a bit of lobbying. They always have.

    They are, in fact, “using” the office just by their existence. The very notariety of “who they are married to” is, in and of itself, “use of the office”.

    And that was the meaning of the “use of office” that the Branchflower report refers to– that Todd was using the fact that his wife was governor to kick some asses. They certainly didn’t mean that he was sitting around in the Governor’s office using the telephone, since the complaint was that he was going around talking to this one and that one.

    Political spouses do that all the time. First Ladies (and First Dudes, for that matter), can NOT be seen outside their role as First Whatever, as a matter of default. They ARE who they ARE.

    So Branchflower would have all First Whatevers forever gagged, forever unable to exercise the 1st Amendment.

    Curious that Branchflower wants First Spouses to sit back and never exercise their Constitutional rights, no?

  223. gary — well, when you factor in BO’s consistent overpolling, yes McCain is leading in all of them!

  224. RD: Please don’t ban me…
    There is a diary on the Big Cheetoh called:
    Why Hillary may lose – 90 day moratorium on foreclosures
    by BigRock
    Fri Feb 01, 2008 at 05:34:29 AM PDT

  225. katiebird thanks for the post in my honor…I am truely toouched I know we will all one day meet in hillary’s world-

    good night all may the Creator father mother god/des keep you in their tender care and may you all find good rest and no hangover-AMEN

  226. nite Michael

  227. Sophie — why would you get panned for pointing out yet another example of the hypocrisy over at kos?

  228. good nite fuzzy…

  229. AngieNC: They’ve already started the voter purges here in FL.

    So that “up by 5+” is BULLSH_T, especially when the pollsters don’t outright ask you WHO you’re voting for, but what issues you care aboiut, then they categorize you an “Obama” voter or a “McCain” voter based on your responses to the issues.

    WHich is BOGUS because I’m 1000% liberal and I will not vote for Obama. Ever.

  230. thanks Sophie. Imagine what could have been avoided if Hillary had been able to implement her plan back in Dec 2007. Lost opportunity.
    Damn – wish I weren’t a teetotaler.

  231. Love you Fuzzy!!!
    I’m off to bed too.

    Love you guys & see you tomorrow!

  232. night sweet fuzzybear!

  233. night sm!

  234. fredster I am not an obamabot I can take and enjoy a good teasing-fuzzybear loves attention-

    gary what about the polls that say McCain ins ahead?

  235. nite pat -I love it when she calls me michael{{{{pat}}}}}

  236. okay, glad to hear it. have a good night.

  237. WOW! Where to start – Rico, I’ll take a Brain and keep ’em coming for a while.

    SM – {{{CONGRATS}}} – it’s ok if you don’t know his name yet, you have his whole life to learn it.

    fuzzybear – I’ll join in and walk with you anytime

    fif – too true about angie. I was there for that smackdown and it was way too awesome!

    angie – thanks for saying you agreed with me sometime in the last couple of days. it meant a lot.

    RD – you’re not feeling well? – {{{hugs}}}

    Pat J – I’m still smiling about Lou Dobbs. I knew I remember seeing you the other night and couldn’t figure out why everyone was wondering where you went.

    AAAGal – since I’m not black, I can’t walk that path, but I’m definitely sending you some Chicago PUMA love!

    Madamab – when are you supposed to hear about the job?

    Heidi Li – if you get back to us, thanks for the email. It’s truly my pleasure to be in a position to help the cause. I know what it’s like to be in their shoes and it is always for those who can’t

    I’m afraid to read the Masslib thread comments – I wouldn’t have had time to keep up with everyone on this thread.

    I know the comments about dead cats are pretty common, but could we lay off them for a while? I’m still grieving over losing my Buddy in August.

  238. sm77– I’m in Tallahassee, and I’m getting the same sense of the election in Florida that you are. “Up by 5+” is complete BS. Everyone around me KNOWS I’m a Republican, and everyone is sidling up to me and saying that they’d never vote for Obama. There’s no way a city as “blue” as Tallahassee would have so many dedicated Democrats coming up to me saying that if it weren’t true!

    I’m positive the polls are being rigged.

  239. Can someone tell me about this “timeline” mentioned in regards to Corsi. Are these some of the October surprise goodies?

  240. I’ve never been polled (the joys of an unlisted number) but do they really not ask you directly who you are voting for, just ask you about the issues and determine if you are an “Obama” voter or a “McCain” voter? WTF? I thought they at least asked you who you were voting for — isn’t that the point?

  241. SM,

    Plus they are ignoring the undecideds.

  242. more ammo, from the Ohio GOP site I referenced earlier –

    Hillary’s ad –

    And Bambi’s website’s response –

  243. AAAGal — SOD says that it is always after the last debate in elections past that the GOP takes out the big guns. So, Corsi is “sick” now & had to cancel his appearance on Hannity, but he will “recover” right after Wednesday’s debate.

  244. fuzzy, just that it seems obama always overpolls. I heard someonse say that if obama is not up by at least 7 then he is not going to win.

  245. phlamingophred,

    I can see the headlines now:

    Dead Black Female Found in front of Barack Obama’s Southside Home…Possibly a troubled PUMA…Was Wearing Lucky Brand Jeans

  246. I would be very cautious about Corsi. This is the same guy who was involved in the Swift Boating of Kerry that had no credence. He may or may not be onto something but his credibility is shaky.

  247. phlamingored: I am impressed by the thoroughness of your responses.
    And glad my email made it to you.

  248. SM — Hi!

    How are you doing?

  249. All Afro American Gal:

    Dead Black Female Found in front of Barack Obama’s Southside Home…Possibly a troubled PUMA…Was Wearing Lucky Brand Jeans

    ” But looking stunning just the same. Friends commented that she was still able to get into those same jeans she had in high school.”

  250. txpol-67 say it isn’t so…..I;m going to go look.

    kitchen – I love that vision of the little people coming out from under the bus and singing.

    I need a drink – Paul Begala just said BZero was so good at “bringing people together”…jeebus – has he been asleep.

  251. well look at plamingophred all full of the milk of human kindness — keep the drinks coming Rico! lol

  252. hello conflucians!

  253. i think there is a bradley effect for AA voters … I have had a lot of friends and neighbors in the AA community they know me from way back and they’ve pulled me aside and ask me if I’ve fallen for all of this …

    i could be wrong, because obviously it’s a local sample, but i can’t help but belive it since it’s come from a variety of friends in a variety of situations and they are all AA

  254. AAAGal – is that the Trib or Sun-Times lead? Cause you know if I wanted a subsription to USA Today I would have one – but no, instead I pay over $100 a year for the “new, updated” Trib!

    I know, we can get Walter Jacobsen to run the story, complete with photos and everything – so make sure they’re you’re best Lucky Brand Jeans! 🙂

  255. What is the matter with these people? Begala, Ferraro, Carville, the list is endless. I feel like I am in a Stephen King novel and the rest of the world is in the grip of some ‘toxic cloud” that those on this blog are immune to.

    If this is only a chapter in one of his novels would someone please turn the page?

  256. (shaking like a crack addict)

    Pat at this point in the election I will get a fix wherever I can if it means McCain can win.

    With the BOTS protecting Obama like Ms. Baylock in The Omen I am willing to play dirty.

  257. What is funny is that a year ago I was a die-hard democrat who believed that voting for a republican was anathema, the moral equivalent of voting for Satan.

    This year I am voting for McCain/Palin.

    What is funny is that by this time in October, every 4 years, I would be ecstatic because the democratic candidate was in the lead.

    Heck, in 2000 Gore was ahead by about 10 points!
    In 2004 Kerry was also ahead.

    And they both lost.
    I remember how sure I was that we would FINALLY get rid of the Repub wing nuts once and for all.

    Kerry was ahead in polls the entire season almost without exception.

    I went to bed on Nov 4th 2004 confident that I would wake up to President Kerry giving his acceptance speech.

    Now that I am on the other side, for the first, and perhaps the only time, I have to consider the precedence of the previous elections.

    McCain can and will win. When I see my Obot friends cheering and discussing their handouts in their future, I can’t help but see a shadow of what I was like every four years, not so long ago, when I was a democrat (now a democrat in exile)

  258. Hi taggles!

  259. Ugh. I just spoke to one PUMA friend who plans to vote for McKinney. He told me that his mother, a former Hillary supporter, and many of her friends have given in and plan to vote for Obama. It doesn’t mean they are happy though. He says his mother is too upset to even talk about the election anymore. Heidi, I wish more Americans knew about your blog so they’d think twice about giving their vote to someone they don’t even like or respect.

  260. The polls are very hard to take seriously when I am being bombarded by Senator Obama’s campaign with messages about how essential it is that I contribute money and/or time to ensure his victory. When these come in the mail, I send back copies of ads The Denver Group ran.

    Based on the conduct of the two campaigns with regard to their ad buys (something I know about from when The Denver Group goes to buy its ads) the battleground states are being treated as just that – live battlegrounds – by both states.

    And I am sorry if this offends, but if some people think that the only was to express objection to the Democratic candidate is to vote for the Republican, they are incorrect. Not only is that instrumentally not the case here in DC, where my vote will make no difference on the margin but historically Democrats lose simply because of lack of voter turn-out throughout the country. That is part of why Howard Dean orchestrated all the new voter registrations – precisely because he is very nervous about those of us who choose to sit this one out.

  261. I think the Chicago trib is in the tank for Obama. The Sun-Times has posted some good stuff. There was something in The Reader, an independent paper like The onion, but I missed it.

  262. AAAG: John Kass is no fan of Obama.

  263. SOD: How fast can you blink?

  264. SOD – Thanks, but I have to give credit to the Ohio GOP-ers. Here’s their press release, again –


  265. I love John Kass! And yes, the Trib has been on that particular bandwagon from the beginning.

    I don’t read the Sun-Times but I did hear that they endorsed Mark Kirk yesterday.

    Unfortunately I can’t get the Reader out here in the far west burbs, but it’s always been a good read.

  266. You folks are a hoot! Especially when you’ve had a few.

    I’m thinking that Camp Obama is getting VERY nervous. They’re really hammering the race issue. I don’t know what makes them think they can guilt people into voting for their sham of a candidate but they sure are making a go of it.

  267. Marial,

    I feel you. I said to a friend how ironic that I decide to support a Republican and he is behind in the polls.


    Tell them to fight. Argh. I hate it when people vote for Obama just cause he is a DEM. He is not even a DEM.

  268. Greta just showed a clip of the RNC Ayers ad, and said, “The McCain camp may be backing off, but the RNC is not.”

    Did I miss something today–did the McCain camp announce that they were “backing off?” Why–because of rac*st haka? When is someone going to stand up to this extortion?

  269. Did y’all hear late last week that the Cook County Sheriff will no longer be evicting people from foreclosed homes until the bank (insert legal term here*) that the people living there are the true owners and not renters?

    sorry, I’m having a “senior” moment – maybe angie can help with that term?

  270. Pat i did not know that. I don’t read the locals much because I guess I assume they are pro-Obama. I just know when I need proof against the BOTs, The Sun-times gets more hits.

  271. Obama and his caucus “victories” have ACORN’s handprints all over them.

  272. phlamingophred,

    Yes the sheriff did say that and that whole foreclosure “plan” that Obama brought up was said two weeks ago by a Chicago politician. so Obama stole it or something.

  273. I loved the story on Enterainment Tonight about Sarah carrying Trig around in that sling thingy and stopping at Wal-Mart to buy diapers and toys

  274. I feel like I am in a Stephen King novel and the rest of the world is in the grip of some ‘toxic cloud” that those on this blog are immune to.

    Exactly Pat! Bizarro world.

  275. Lou “the new love of my life” Dobbs went after the Dem spokesman tonight about the Dems lack of outrage pertaining to John Lewis and the McCain attacks. He pointed out that the Dem Party apparently sanctions these ra*cist comments to benefit Obama by making these charges. However, McCain did not fight back hard enough in his opinion. True. He needs to hit back on Wed night and forget about the AA vote. He never had it to begin with.

  276. DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:43 pm Said:

    Maybe I’m just being mean, but my freakin God…if a person doesn’t want to vote for someone, D O N ‘ T.

    It’s not that hard; getting mired in personal ‘guilt’ because you vote outside a party you identify with only leads to an end that is worse than so-called ‘guilt’, i.e. uhbama as President. The Dems are on a slippery slope, and enabling them makes a person part of the problem with every individual vote.

    Vote responsibly! jus sayin…

  277. ‘toxic cloud” that smells like BO

    Pat I like Lou Dobbs too.

  278. phlaming: I am recovering. My director is in town from France tomorrow so I am compelled to be well. Drinking lemonade and eating cough drops. Thanks for asking.

  279. Would anyone here refer a friend or relative to a garage that did crappy work on their car? Of course not. This is how I have made peace with my vote.

    Casting a vote for Obama just because he is a Dem carries the same penalty. Rewarding a cause that is just plain dirty.

  280. BTW – Colmes has been the little-watched side of whatever since before the 2000 or 2004 elections. I’m getting to the point where my memory is starting to fail me tonight.

  281. Pat: McCain should just called it directly:

    Do you want to vote for a man who uses these kinds of tactics to win? He calls himself a uniter, but uses divisive tactics and slander to gain a political advantage. How can you trust this man?

  282. RD – are those cough-drops the “good for you” kind or the fun cherry-flavored ones? I’m only asking because the fun cherry-flavored ones sound good with lemonade.

  283. uh oh, the typos are starting. Time for bed. Good night.

  284. riverdaughter, on October 13th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:

    While you’re here, I want to say for the millionth time, THANK YOU for this blog…I don’t know how you and your contributors do it, but it’s unlike any other blog on the net..with civility, and mutual respect.


  285. phlamingophred: I don’t know, maybe:

    until the bank certifies that they have done due diligence to determine that the people living there are the true owners and not renters?

    That’s my best guess.

  286. fif: This is all he has to say since calling everyone that is not voting for Obama is tarred with the same brush. At least it would show some sense of courage and outrage on his part. If he lets it go I have a gut feeling it is over.

    I don’t care who John Lewis marched with way back when; that remark is over the top and has no bearing other than to incite. There is no such thing as respect anymore in this contest. Just pure disgust.

  287. angie – I think that’s it. ever since I was on the chronic pain meds for so many years, it scrambled my memory. Well, that and I think age is catching up to me as well. I had so hoped I would remain the intelligent young person I was back in the day, but I guess life intervened.

  288. I was a luke warm Kerry supporter. I am tired of the DNC and these lame ass nominees. Voting for them has become the equivalent of having mercy sex. No thanks.

  289. Marial, your comment is spot on!

  290. OMG – Channel 2 news here in Chicago is talking about the ACORN investigation

  291. Don’t tell anyone, but back in 2004 when I was a good Dem and sent money to the DNC and the Kerry/Edwards ticket, I was sent of poster of both of them with a salutation: Kerry/Edwards, Victory 2004. I hung it on the den wall. I must have been out of my ever loving mind!

  292. woo-hoo! BO can spell J-O-B-S.

    I just saw a Nobama, No Way sign being flashed at a McCain rally!

    and I usually never watch the news

  293. If a break is what you need then I suggest this:

  294. night fif!

  295. Pat – I don’t think you were out of your “ever loving mind” – I think the DNC were trying out a weaker version of the kool-aid back then to see how it would work.

  296. phlamingophred,

    I have been meeting Chicagoan that are not for Obama. I just feel like I owe the country an apology on behalf of Illinois letting this Cult of Personality get out of his corked bottle.

  297. Like you said SM77…patience young grasshoppers.

  298. shtuey: It’s not easy being green.

  299. Yeah Pat J — how old was BO when John Lewis marched? If we use the Obama-Ayers scale, then Lewis’s actions when Obama was 8 years old mean nothing.

  300. Citrus flavored. Except I’m a cruncher. It doesn’t take long for me to crush them into a million bits and get the full flavor experience.

  301. katiebird – is there any Merlot left in that box? My glass is empty and my lips are parched.

  302. Pat, it’s also not easy being cheesy.

  303. Pat J — who says you’re in your right mind now? 🙂 lol I keed! I keed!

  304. Just keep repeating: It is not Obama’s fault. It is not Obama’s fault. It is not Obama’s fault. Feel better?

  305. shtuey: I love Kermit!!

  306. shtuey,

    That is Funny. You reminded me that I should listen to the Muppets “Rainbow Connection” song. It makes me feel better.

    Ladies, this is a blissful time we are in. Don’t you wish time could stand still and the election would never happen?

    Or hey if we could have a GROUNDHOG DAY movie situation and we had to keep doing it over until Obama lost the election???

  307. AAAGal – I’m with you on apologizing for our state. Except for those few years a child when I lived in Wisconsin, I am a life-long Illinoisan and I just cannot believe what we are inflicting on everyone.

    It sort of makes you wonder if that cult actually started back in 2004 when they chose him for the keynote address. It just seemed weird that Kerry rolled over the way he did, but it would make sense if it was to set up the endgame for BO this year.

  308. AAAGal & phlamingophred — stop apologizing — your state also gave us that to-die-for deep dish pizza — so we are even.

  309. Okay, I thought I drank too much. I thought Corsi was supposed to be on Hannity and Scarecrow tonight.


    I am in Illinois and I am still voting McCain. It is symbolic

  310. Hillary-zila: I think I can say equivocally that no one here is voting for Obama. Sorry to disappoint.

  311. AAAGal, I don’t know…if I had to live the same day over and over it would have not one thing to do with Obama, elections, or politics. It would be a beautiful sunset, all my friends, the beach, great music, food, happy dogs, petulant cats, and cold beer.

  312. Am I drunk or is Hillary-zila?

  313. shtuey: I will bring the shrimp if you include me.

  314. shtuey – can I join you for that day?

  315. AAAG: That’s another comment I have to delete.

  316. angienc: I doubt that it is you.

  317. dang – we’re supposed to bring something to that party? ummmm…my mom makes a killer potato salad, will that work?

  318. AAAGal – only you can get by with one! no genuflection needed

  319. sorry – I meant to say “that one” in that sentence

  320. Oh River daughter, you guys let the black girl in and there goes the Pumahood. I apologize. 🙂 I will be good.

  321. AAAG: Let’s not go there with the subject again. It’s really not appropriate and I don’t want anyone to get ideas.

  322. I’m glad I saw that before it was deleted! I think it made my night.

  323. gary has a new thread up!

  324. My groundhog day is like a Flaming Moe; “it’s like there’s a party in my mouth, and everyone’s invited!”

  325. AAAGal — LMAO there goes the Pumahood!

  326. Great detective work!

  327. I’m going to read Gary’s new thread and then it’s bedtime for me.

    happy trails everyone!

  328. angienc,


  329. Okay, i am outta here for the evening. I am going to IHOP if anyone wants to come.

  330. AAAG: Apparently, you haven’t met Patsy and Sugar. They were around at the birth of the PUMAhood.

  331. From 9/28/08 – http://news.muckety.com

  332. No I haven’t River. I tend to come on with the same crowd. What happened to them?

  333. Triple A Gal — it’s SM’s comment

  334. angie

    Some pollsters are asking issue-related questions i.e., do you support a woman’s right to choose? Do you support tax cuts for the middle class? etc. and then they estimate your “likely” vote based on your responses.

  335. angie, it may get lost in the shuffle

  336. Pat — the emails are already posted on the internet.

  337. here’s an address of a radio interview from our area regarding possible voter fraud in ohio


    (and can someone tell me how to make that a link?)
    amateur blogger here…

  338. Accckkk!! that’s great!!

  339. Begala was tossed under the bus for taking on Brazile and removed from CNN.

  340. oops! it IS a link… wellll i’llll be.

  341. any bets on how quickly this will disappear???

  342. I did.

  343. AAAG: They have their own blogtalkradio show on NQR called My View. I think they’re on on Thursdays.

  344. RD and all:

    I don’t post very often, but this blog has been keeping me (relatively) sane since last May.

    Just want to say thanks!

  345. She is like a dog with a bone and still does not get it.

  346. RD, nice to have your company this evening. Rico makes a mean Alabama Puma Slammer.

  347. myiq2xu, on October 14th, 2008 at 12:27 am Said:

    Masslib is at it again

    Well, I tried going over there, reading what was written (which was b.s.) and being nice about it. But eff this.

    Guess that’s one I’ll delete but I added New Hampter’s site!

  348. Don’t you think we could all do a $10 paypal to help SM with gas money????

    If we could help Gary and Mawm with their gas, we can do it for her too…..

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