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    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    riverdaughter on He knew he was a looooose…
    Propertius on He knew he was a looooose…
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on He knew he was a looooose…
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I’ve been kind of depressed for the past few days. I think it is just the weight of the ugliness I have experienced during this endless presidential campaign. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way. I love America with all my heart. I’ve lived in a number of places in this great country and have traveled to many others. Since I was a child, I have loved to travel by car. Now as an adult, I always drive everywhere–even if I’m going a long distance. I love to look at the countryside and to interact with other Americans along the way. I’ve driven from Boston to Albuquerque, to LA and San Francisco. I’ve driven all over the Midwest, up to North Dakota, Minnesota, across Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania. I’ve driven down south to Florida, and made stops in Georgia, North Carolina. And of course I’ve driven all over the Northeast, from Maine down to NYC. America is a beautiful country.

Today while I was driving home and listening to NPR, a story came on about Jose Feliciano and his performance of the national anthem at the 1968 world series in Detroit. It was an amazing rendition of the anthem–probably the first time many heard it sung in a more informal, idiosyncratic style. It was beautiful, but many people thought that Feliciano was trying to make some kind of political statement. He wasn’t. He was just singing for his beloved country. When I heard him sing, I started to sob. His voice and the words struck a cord in me. I felt the deep love for America and Americans that has always been there. I also remembered another rendition of the National Anthem that affected me similarly.

1968 was a terrible year in America. Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy had been assassinated. Detroit had been rocked by riots and parts of the city had been burned. That year so many people had their hopes up that there would be a change. Maybe Gene McCarthy or Bobby could really get the Democratic nomination and we could have some hope for peace. It didn’t turn out that way. We got Richard Nixon and more war.

Now 40 years later, we are in a similar situation. The Democratic Convention was highjacked and the DNC and the media have forced a corrupt and divisive candidate on us. What can we do? Well I hope we pumas will stick together no matter who wins this election. I hope we will continue to come together at The Confluence and talk to each other.

Other than that, I’m taking it one day at a time. And today I’m reminding myself that despite the horrors the Bush Administration has brought us, despite the ugly race baiting and sexism perpetrated by the Democratic candidate and his supporters for the past year, we will survive. And we will continue to love our country and to try to make it a better place, a more equal place for all.

Jose Feliciano singing the Star Spangled Banner. It’s not the one from the ’68 World Series, but it’s the same arrangement.

Smokey Robinson singing to America in Fenway Park during the 1986 World Series.

This is an open thread.

130 Responses

  1. Everyone is dancing on eggshells in the McCain campaign over the accusations of racism, etc. as the money gets promised to the Obama cronies and they attempt to steal the vote. It is “political correctness” on drugs these days…All afraid to speak. Grail Guardian has addresses this in her new post…

    Announcing the End of the “PC” ERA
    by Grail Guardian


    Discussion of language, “politically correctness” being used as an excuse for attack, and the sort of respect we deserve…..

  2. Oh, BostonBoomer…I hear you. I watched “The Kid” yesterday (with Bruce Willis) and as it ended, I started to cry…at first for the ‘inner child’ meme of the film but then it quickly morphed into crying for ME and the election, my Mother in the nursing home and us with insecure incomes, and Hillary, and how sad I feel to feel this kicked in the teeth. I cried and cried and then went over to the nursing home and raised hell because they are short-staffed and nobody cares.

    Riverdaughter’s AM post made me feel better but anger is really close to the surface these days.

  3. This is so lovely. Thanks, BB!

    We will get through this. One day at a time…

  4. 3.5 million hits! Congratulations, Confluence!

  5. I’ve lived in a number of places in this great country and have traveled to many others.
    Well cheer up bb — you have more experience in foreign policy then Obama!

  6. I find myself tearing up a lot more than usual these past two weeks – I didn’t associate it with the horrible outcome of the upcoming election (we’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t). But I think you’re right. My tears and sadness are for my country.

    (Shaking head).

  7. BB, I read your reply on the other thread. Glad to see that I wasn’t seeing things. I tell you, lately…

    Also glad to see the thread again and, after rereading it, i can see why it moved me so. Yeah, it’s as powerful as before. As mentioned i also seem to be getting weird attacks of i don’t know what that, not too long ago, just didn’t seem to be as raw as now.

    Now, on to listening to Feliciano and Robinson–wonderful voices and wonderful renditions of one of my all time favorite songs/hymns.

    PUMAS Rock!

  8. We have a public domain version of America The Beautiful done by RAY CHARLES that we play on the CYGNUS RADIO that has the same effect on me …
    We will get thru this ….

  9. OMG BB – you just had to bust out José Feliciano!!! Jesus can that man sing from his heart or WHAT!!!???

    He has one of the most earnest and melodic voices I’ve ever heard. Thank you so much for sharing that moment with us!!

    I have a few José Feliciano CDs, Señor Bolero series which is BEAUTIFUL.

    And yes, I’m protesting this election because I love America. Democracy is not for sale.

  10. This is funny. The Agonist: McHoover vs. OHoover

    It ends with

    Obama offers a failure in the making economic program which promises a continuation of the failed ideology of Reaganomics into another term as President of the United States.

    It’s republican vs republican-lite. IMO the fact that McCain is promising a spending freeze makes him the less dangerous of the two.

  11. How about that! it was The Star Spangled Banner!!!

    OK, I love it just as much, though I find “The Beautiful” much easier to sing without tearing my throat!

  12. WE HIT 3.5 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Thank you so much, BB – I can’t ever hear our national anthem without so much pride that it brings a tear to my eye.

    Yes, Cate I too am angry – angry that we’ve been lied to, that this fraud has been foisted on the good citizens of this country and that the “freedom of the press,” that so many rely, on has come to stand for opinion and lies instead of honest reporting.

  14. The hatred of the Obots I can handle. Right now it’s not even directed at us because they have Sarah to hate on.

    I’m disgusted with the people who are supposedly on the same side as we are but who bad-mouth us and accuse us of things that are completely untrue.

  15. I’ve been depressed ever since that Slate article. You know the one I’m talking about, right? The one the editor thinks is “witty,” “insightful,” and “provocative?”

    Well–provocative, maybe. In a dark, sexist, objectification of women sort of way. Pornographic images and depictions of women are often “provocative,” to puerile adolescents.

    I am extremely disturbed at the hideous and nightmarish, brutality that has been directed at women in the 2008 election. T-shirts that call a sitting Governor and candidate for Vice President a “cunt?” Women who spew toxic bile about their black friends gang-raping a female candidate for Vice President? Public exhortations about Palin being the VPILF? Or smashing her face in with punches? Or some party thug going into a room with a presidential candidate –who refuses to abandon her campaign–and “only one of them comes out?”

    The outright incitement to violence against women in this campaign is not just alarming–it’s criminal. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed such ugliness in my lifetime—and it’s the internet, combined with our media’s celebration of celebrity info-tainment culture of dirty gets the lead that is driving it. They feed the beast every single day.

    Barack Obama is capitalizing on it.

  16. BB: The red Sox video – I watched that game!!!

    WOW, Keith Hernández, Darryl Strawberry before he became a coke-head, wasn’t that Carl Yaztremiski (sp?) there too?

    Wow, how time flies.

  17. SM,

    I used to have several albums by Jose Feliciano years ago. His voice is beautiful. Here is the radio program where they talked about his performance in 1968, if you are interested.


    Before Game 5 of the 1968 World Series, Jose Feliciano pulled away from the traditional rendition of the national anthem and sang his own version of the “Star Spangled Banner.” It was a turbulent time and Feliciano’s performance caused a furor. Only A Game’s Doug Tribou reports.

  18. I know, SM. I remember the 1986 season like it was yesterday. And I’ll never forget hearing Smokey sing. It was so amazing how he ended with part of America the Beautiful. That was 22 years ago. Can you believe it?

  19. Hi Shainzona! It’s so nice to see you. We well get through this. I’m just glad I’m not alone with my feelings about this terrible election season.

  20. Thank you BB!!

    José Feliciano is a true icon. I had the chance to see a performance of his in NYC eons ago in the early 90s and I cried & laughed (he has a great sense of humor) and just walked out a new person after hearing him live after listening to his records since I was a kid. It’s certainly not the same experience.

  21. Let’s face it; there’s just not that much you can do with the melody of The Star Spangled Banner, even if you’re Jose Feliciano.

    I sort of like Jordin Sparks’ version of the song.

  22. Thanks Bostonboomer,

    I have been feeling like that since watching the video of John Lewis

    and had a little nagging feeling since. I should be studying but I am distracted by just feeling that it is all just some big plan and thinking that our votes are just going to be tossed aside.

    I am not a big conspiracy theory person but I have to wonder why someone like Soros is given so much power without even being elected. Has the dream of a freedom been for not?

    I see them stirring the pot of the have and have nots, like that of the ra@ism pot. I saw the video of the people in Cuba with no food post hurricane and thought of a free market system. I have seen the food riots world wide that our media doesn’t cover and now we have someone that was a past member of the socialist party as our nominee (don’t tell anyone they thought they had scrubbed the web clean). WOW!

    The saddest thing is that these people that are stirring the pot all live in the million + neighborhoods while stirring the pot and pointing fingers at others for working hard. Should we not work as hard? Should we stop making the effort? Should we wait to be told what to think, who to vote for and sing to our leader (because you will be called a ra@ist and placed on a list if you don’t).

    I tell you in my family we say to each other not to speak about the election out in public. I am not kidding you. I am so tired of all of this pointing fingers and people making judgments of their fellow citizens that I feel truly sad.

    When McCain was speaking today, I even noticed Palin’s face looking sad and I think it must be hell to be in their place, front and center being called ra@ists just as the Clintons were. 😦

  23. 1986!!! My Mets!!! *sigh* Best.Season.Ever.

    I lived in London for a short period of time, and whenever I started to feel a little wistful for the good old US of A I’d take the bus that would pass the Claridges Hotel because they have world flags outside and I could catch a glimpse of the Stars and Stripes. It always made me happy. And I can’t get through an Olympic season without tearing up hearing our national anthem.

    Thanks for the post, BB. I’ve been feeling so down lately. This post made me smile.

  24. I remember that World Series here in Detroit. Things were so tense after the riots, but the Tigers gave us a reason to pull together. The league scheduled games during the day then and the nuns brought TVs into our classrooms so we could watch. When our guys pulled out the 7th game, the whole city partied.

    I can’t play the vid till I get home tonight, but thanks in advance for the good memory.

    At least hockey season has started, and I have the Red Wings to take my mind off weightier things. Well, except for Obama being rude enough to run his campaign commercials. Hockey game commercials should be limited to tires, pizza and Canadian beer.

  25. Smokey Robinson – wow! I hadn’t heard that, but boy, it just sends chills up my spine. Thank you!!

  26. Oops! I hadn’t heard that arrangement or him sing it before.

  27. We need ARETHA
    R_E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me.

    For the record, I just went over and posted at Alegre’s corner. I think core principles are just as important as any issue if not more. The core of who we are is being fought about. Obama, thus far stands for misogyny, calling folks who disagree with him racist, and cheating to win the primaries. People may need to be reminded that if he wins the end justifies the means will become the new Dem party mantra.

  28. BMG

    On the upside, this is a wake up call. Women need to realize that go along to get along is no longer acceptable. We need to teach our daughters that it isn’t acceptable. We need to push back.

  29. Very beautiful and fills me with regret for the lost promise that was America. I have been sad for some time now. Many things have changed that I never thought would. But mostly, I am sad for my adopted country. For that part of the USA that has died this election. That part that was about goodness, honor, respect for your neighbor, respect for opposing views and helping people in need regardless of their beliefs. Obamanation has crossed a line with their personal attacks of r@cism, sexism and misogyny. Unfortunately, by doing so, they have destroyed part of what made this country so great. I do not know if we can ever recover.

  30. Well said – this election season has been just plain ugly. And I simply cannot and will not forget who made it so. Obama.

    He should have kept his ass out for eight years. A Democrat would have won and become very likely a great president… and Obama would finally have gotten a bit more experience and maybe learned to dial down his big ego. He might have learned a few important lessons on true bipartisanship. In eight years he might have been ready to earn my respect.

    As it stands, there is NO good choice in this election for me. I won’t write in Hillary for fear that my vote will go to Obama. Also I don’t want it to hurt her (as NewHampster has pointed out). I can’t vote for McCain, so I’ll help the Green Party to grow by voting for McKinney/Clemente.

  31. I feel that I am in fear also. I don’t know know what the future brings but given the past 10 months, I don’t see anything good to come of it. There is more to fear than fear itself; fear is an Obama (Chicago-politics style) presidency and a Democratic congress.

    How did our democracy get away with hiding or distorting the truth? How have we the American people allow the media to choke-hold us with reverse racial injustice but yet tolerate and incite intolerable sexism?

    Well all I can say is that I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore. MSM: this is your warning.

  32. bmc, I agree.
    Voting for Obama means condoning the threat of violence against women.

  33. wow… DOW up 950+ points today….. up 1600 points from intraday low early Friday morning….

    If a tanking stock market is good for Obama, he must be a little distraught right now

  34. BPD – really?!

    I had a feeling things would turn around today.


  35. FLVoter said: Very beautiful and fills me with regret for the lost promise that was America. I have been sad for some time now. Many things have changed that I never thought would. But mostly, I am sad for my adopted country. For that part of the USA that has died this election
    It is beautiful and as long as there are those of us who embrace the beauty in it, it is still alive. We are all here together and as long as we are together that part of the USA has not died – it is changed for a while but we need to pull together – there are millions of us around this country – we know the polls are not real, we need to communicate with those we know around the country – much as I did from NJ earlier today with my friend from the Chicago area convincing her that she should not leave the top slot blank. That by voting for McCain at the top while voting for Dem downticket will keep things in balance while we continue to fight for the country we love.
    Contact your friends help them understand how important it is to use their voting privlege this year.

  36. More good news…. the IBD/TIPP tracking poll just started being released today…. it is historically accurate, and was the most accurate in 2004…. and they show obama +2

  37. BPD,

    Do you have a link for that poll? I can’t find it.

  38. BPD – You notice that they used a “likely voter” model instead of a “registered voter” model?

    That’s why the poll is so much more accurate. Statistically speaking it’s a dead heat, and with a huge undecided percentage that could swing either way.

    Those undecideds will not go to Obama on Election Day. He is too risky.

  39. Okay, for the moment, pretend I’m Cher – SNAP OUT OF IT! 😮

  40. You managed to touch on a couple of my favorite things, my country and how I love it, traveling by car to different climes, beach – mountain – lakes, rivers. Since Bu$h my flag means more to me – we have a large flag pole, my dad was born on flag day – patriot, served his country in the Army, my mom in the auxiliary. My parents passed within 2 months of each other right before Bu$h. It became blasphemous to have a president like Bu$h saluting – prancing around with not a thought to what this country used to stand for. Feliciano – outstanding. I used to live in Houston and attend the Astrodrome – big flags – huge flags – big excitement. Since a child at gathering, football games, my heart would really swell with pride. Current events are really taking a toll – if one does not have honor and intregity – what is there? I grew up in a small college town, went on the really do some interesting traveling, meeting all kinds of people – always so proud of being an American. I guess I’m not allow in this somber mood. Rats, I’m crying.

  41. Joanelle,

    Even with all of us believing and contacting every one else, Obamanation has crossed a line that cannot be walked back. Thuggery in elections is never acceptable and Obamanation relishes in their thuggery. I am hopeful that we are the silent majority and that in the end we will prevail. I am hopeful that we can take back the Democratic Party and return it to its FDR roots. I am hopeful that sanity will once again reign in the USA. But, the innocence that was lost regarding the Democratic Party will remain. I have been disillusioned. I will always have a little sadness in my heart for that part of the USA that died.

  42. madamb I hope you’re right… I tend to think (hope) that if this economic meltdown didn’t drive the undecideds to Obama already, then they aren’t going to Obama.

  43. BPD,

    I see it. I must have been asking my question while you were posting the link.

  44. bmc: the t-shirt was sufficient to flip my mother’s vote, and she’s in WI, where Obama needs those votes. WI isn’t quite as blue as thought–it only turns blue based on turnout in the Milwaukee-Madison corridor. Rest of the state is bright red.

  45. FLVoter – and I have learned from every sadness and mistake I’ve made and become stronger for each of them. Some I thought I’d die from but as I look back on some horrendous times in my life – I would not be who I am today nor have achieved all that I have without the pain and sorrow at those moments.

  46. Wow, 13% undecided. We need to remember when CNN and others announce their poll results that the undecideds are this high. Of course they Obamamedia avoids calling attention to the large number of undecideds.

  47. Voting for Obama is condoning every ugly, sad, abhorrent act of indecency this entire election cycle has shown us.

    Yes, it’s depressing and I feel the same way as BB, but I also agree, we’ll survive, I just don’t think, it will be of either “president”.

    I keep saying, the signs are ALL THERE, at least use your common sense, when we pull the lever.

    REST, REST, REST, PUMA’S—we keep fighting BO, his supporters, the media, the attacks, racist and sexist, voter fraud, terrorist associations, ISLAM association, and try to live, handle our jobs, our children, our finances, our worries and this so important ELECTION>

    Exhaustion, separation and division comes with a FALL and the PUMA’S will not FALL.

    It’s RAKES ME to MY CORE

  48. I, too, love to travel by car. I wonder how much longer we’ll be able to do that.

  49. Melissa over at Shakesville has a book club going that is reading Backlash by Susan Faludi. I am une femme d’un certain age who has been around long enough to have read it when it was hot off the presses, but it is interesting to read the comments from the women who were born after it was written. We are all feeling down about the way things have been going lately, but the upside of all of this might be that now that Obama and friends have put sexism and misogyny (that has obviously been there but been better hidden) out where we all can see it, we may see the birth of a new women’s movement. One that is more inclusive of all women – one that embraces both Hillary and Sarah. Reading the comments from the women my daughter’s age has made me smile today. (That and a slice of cheesecake.) I look forward to following the path of discovery of the younger women as they continue to read and discuss the book.

  50. I agree, Joanelle. I am glad that my eyes were opened to the misogyny in my own Party and in my society. And, I’m glad I found out that the Left can be as crazy as the Right.

    I will never go back to my old elitism and moral superiority based solely on the letter “D.” It is horrible and painful, but sometimes growing hurts.

  51. Well, okay, I’m depressed, but I got a much-needed boost this morning first thing from –believe it or not–Powerline blog! Yeah, I know….I know….but it’s true. Because Hindrocket posted a video with my all-time favorite bluegrass instrumental performed by the Dobro Best Performer like EVAH: Jerry Douglass. Now, I am a bluegrass lover, it’s true. Because I am a student of Irish and Scots-Irish history [like Jim Webb] and am Irish and Scots-Irish myself, and the ancestral roots of my family go back to 1740 in Staunton Virginia, which makes me–a PUMA–one of those dreaded “Applalachians” who voted for Clinton and who will not vote for Obama. It’s not the racism, stupid; it’s the music! Ha. So, here it is: I dedicate this to all those “Appalachians” out there who know the difference between CHARACTER and CON:

    Listen and enjoy:

    “We Hide and Seek” is the beautiful bluegrassy instrumental composition by Jerry Douglas performed in the video above. After Alison Krauss recruited Douglas into her Union Station lineup she inserted the song into her live set, where I first heard it. In the video above Douglas leads an all-star band including the late Roy Husky on bass, Stuart Duncan on fiddle, master fiddler Mark O’Connor on guitar, Sam Bush on mandolin, and Alison Brown on banjo. These incredible musicians give Douglas’s composition a magnificent workout.

    This past week the Wall Street Journal published an excellent profile of Douglas by Barry Mazor. Mazor’s profile is interesting in its entirety, but I was particularly struck by Douglas’s comment on the physical demands of the music. Douglas explains:

    “Bluegrass is such a chops-oriented music. It builds stamina and strength in your hands because it’s such a physical music, so hard-driving. And you have to stay up; you can’t just play half the song. Sometimes it seems like it’s an endurance test to see who can play fastest the longest! And with that training, you can go just about anywhere else, because you’ve already played all those notes in rapid succession.”
    One could cite “We Hide and Seek” as Exhibit A in support of the proposition.


    P.S. Fuck you to Todd at mydd, who banned me for posting Powerline as a source in a list of sources to back up a comment I once made at mydd. I haven’t been back to read Todd the Weasel since. The Scots-Irish rebel fighter in me won’t allow anyone to tell me what I can and cannot read.

  52. I, too, have been feeling this overwhelming sadness about this year’s election tactics, compounded by the fact that my son was laid off his job and my daughter and son in law are in a far-away country representing the United States. I fear especially for her because of the horrifying sexist tactics (by omission and commission) perpetrated by the Obama campaign; by its false accusations regarding race; and by the danger that other countries might think these stances and statements might be true.

    Further, we are sending other countries the underlying message that undemocratic practices and intimidation techniques are acceptable in this great country — especially since they are being ignored by our media as they often are in dictatorships. And, yes, Obama’s commercials are ruining the fun of the fall games. We had to mute a lot!

    Still, I can remember the classic Truman victory against all odds when the media even wrote the headlines in advance that Dewey had won. (Naturally, the happiest surprise would be that somehow Hillary could be that winner. I always was a day dreamer.)

    The great music videos also provide us with good cheer.

  53. We are being treated to a collective “mindfuck”. We have been told we are irrelevant, not needed, don’t want you, then a “messenger” is assigned to bring us back into the fold. Sometimes they scold or exhort. Other times they plead and whine. Some go so far to insult and brand while others appeal to our sense of “guilt”.

    I do no feel “guilty”. Anything but. For years I watched needed inroads take place, Affirmative Action, school busing, scholarships, affordable housing, and laws banished to replace the hated segregation some of us grew up with. Today the black community is made up of doctors, lawyers, professors, educators, CEO’s, statesmen, nurses, writers, public servants, all who aspired to join the middle class through efforts based on education and opportunity.

    Over 60 years ago the Jewish people were rescued from a nightmare not of their own making. Some found themselves in countries that were not their homeland. Whole families were murdered, homes and possessions confiscated, careers lost, and many found that their previous countries no longer wanted them back. But somehow these refugees picked themselves up and fought their way back. They took advantage of the opportunities and built lives for themselves they had never envisioned. And they were adamant in their words: Never again.

    Some 30 years ago or less the Boat People found their way to these shores unable to speak the language and mostly unfamiliar with our culture. Yet they sought assimilation, teaching their children, who were often their interpreters, to get an education. And this group had a greater disadvantage since they had to start with a wholly different alphabet and a culture that was completely at odds with our own.

    Some 20 years ago we saw an influx to Russian and Ukraine immigrants fleeing here for political safety. They too had to learn a whole new alphabet but their main objective was seeing their children become educated. They worked at jobs and long hours in the hope of succeeding.

    I guess what I am saying is when is enough enough? When do we stop making victims of ourselves and blaming everyone else? Why are we ra*cist because we reject a man not because of the color of his skin but because he lacks the imagination, experience, and qualifications that we trust to lead? I am no Bull Connor. Neither is anyone else here on this blog. To continue to equate every utterance with ra*cism is driving us more and more apart.

    I have lost respect for those who could have made a difference in calling out this travesty for what it is. I do not care how many miles John Lewis walked in his quest to end discrimination: this does not give him the right to label the opposition, or any of us, as ra*cists. We are not.

    The ugliness of these comments will remain in our hearts and heads as the stains they resemble. When is enough enough? When does it stop?

  54. I get chills and tears every time I hear the National Anthem. I AM proud of my country. No, it’s not perfect, but look around and tell me if any other country has so many people wanting to get in, any way they can.

    I like Jose’s and Smokey’s rendition, but there’s one that always gets me. In 1992 I was in the US Army Reserve. My unit as a whole didn’t go to Desert Shield/Storm but we had several unit members there. When they came back several had earned medals there and we had an awards ceremony on the front lawn of the Reserve Center. When they raised the American Flag they played Whitney Huston singing the Star Spangled Banner, and I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes. I’m tearing up now just remembering as I write this.

    Together we can keep Obad dream out of the White House, and in four years we’ll have Hillary.

    As they used to say when I was in college, “keep the faith, baby.”

    Walter M. Clark

  55. Are any of you in san francisco?
    I’m extremely isolated up here and would love to find someone to hang with
    just to “process” all this toxic confusion i have inside.

  56. My mom sent me this joke that really made me laugh:

    Start each day with a positive outlook.

    1. Open a new file in your computer
    2. Name it ‘Barack Obama’
    3. Send it to the Recycle Bin
    4. Empty the Recycle Bin
    5. Your PC will ask you: ‘Do you really want to get rid of ‘Barack Obama’?
    6. Firmly Click ‘Yes’
    7. Feel better?

    Good! Tomorrow we’ll do Nancy Pelosi!

  57. BB- i also think alot of the undecideds are really closet mccain voters… two weeks ago, two obama supporters came to my house and asked who i was voting for…. without even thinking, I simply lied and said I wasn’t following the election too closely, and I wasn’t certain who I was voting for (Even though I am resolved to vote Mccain, being in the swing state of VA).

    It sounds horrible, but I really think a lot of people are like me… I don’t want to be thought of as racist, especially by people who know where I live. What a messed up election this is, to make me want to hide my voting intentions….

  58. John McCain had me tearing up today with his speech.

    Fight for America!

  59. this is so depressing. Because of Obama I have realized that I will never see Hillary as president. If Obama wins, Hillary won’t run again in 2012 and she can’t in 2016. She will be 69 and the crazy media won’t let a 69 year old woman become president. Obama would also have destroyed the Democratic brand.

    If McCain wins, people will find out what Obama did during the primary and Hillary campaigning for him now is actually going to hurt her in the future. When they find out all the bad things about Obama they won’t trust Hillary again. She had a lot of trouble with that because of the character assassination done on her by the media and republicans for the last decades. This is why she had the highest negatives.
    Whatever happens Obama has managed to finish the job the republicans started. Hillary will never be the first or second female president of the United States of America. Thank you Obama 👿

  60. Thanks, PJ!

    It stops NOW. We PUMAs say NO!!!

  61. samanthasmom: There’s enough room in our new women’s movement for Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain, too, should they care to join us. I’d like the reborn women’s movement to appeal to our decency, strength and common interests.

  62. Downticket, I don’t think anyone will hold it against her. In fact, I believe she will be empowered.

  63. Downticket – We don’t know that. She can always say she wasn’t aware of all the fraud until after the election.

    There is no one better at this game than Hillary Clinton. If the entire Party hadn’t sabotaged her she’d be well on her way to the Presidency right now.

  64. scoutt, I’m down by LA. I go through Malibu a lot and it’s all Obama stickers all the time. Less so inland; Ventura County is very Republican.

  65. Hillary’s campaigning for him is the one thing I do not understand. Having been subject to the sexism and being called a ra*cist along with having the votes stolen from her, I have a difficult time accepting this.

    I doubt she will ever run again and that is why she is out there. If he wins, she loses in 2012. Yet she is beating the drum against the wisdom we possess in rejecting him. A quiet seat on the sidelines would have served her better than to push this tool down my throat.

  66. Hillary us being held hostage by the DNC.
    Free Hillary; vote McCain.

  67. Thank so much bmc – that was really great. My dad (of Italian decent) played the mandolin and would get going on his banjo when in the mood, this brought back some great memories – but most of all lifted my spirits as that is true American music!!! 😉

  68. Oooh, I like that Votermom – Free Hillary – Vote McCain

  69. Pat, I responded to poster Fran about Hillary campaigning for Obama last night. She doesn’t have a choice:

    Fran, on October 13th, 2008 at 1:29 am Said:
    I have been so amazed at the level and number of people falling in line for Obama, including the Clintons vigorous campaigning, that I have wondered whether there is more behind it than promises (carrots) – something more sinister (sticks – big sticks, threats). We do know that some Dems have been threatened with losing their seats by having a lot of money thrown to opponents in the primary. I don’t like to sound so sort of conspiracy minded, but it has struck me that there is something that smells bad going on. And that is the same feeling I had as the primary developed – and it turned out to be the case. I guess I am just saying that maybe some of these people are scared. It does take a lot of courage to stand up to the machine, especially for an AA (although we have seen there are those that do!).

    DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 13th, 2008 at 1:48 am Said:
    Fran, I have no doubt that there are many Democrats including the Clintons working for Obama at gun point. Many politicians – especially African American politicians supporting Clinton – were threatened that they would lose their seats if they continued to support her. That is why you saw so many of her delegates move to support Obama for no good reason.
    Obama never fully paid off Clinton’s debts. This is to ensure that she remains and indentured servant for the rest of the election. Before Clinton even suspended her campaign, politicians and media whores were on the news stating that her career was over if she did not work her ass off for Obama.
    That is why I’m telling folks here to chill out when it comes to getting angry at Clinton for supporting Obama. Do you think she has a choice? If I was a Democrat, I’d be scared as hell right now and probably do whatever the Chosen One told me to do as well. Obama has the DNC leadership on his side. These folks are like the f-ing mafia. Trust that the future careers of many politicians have been threatened this year to ensure that Obama got enough superdelegates on his side during the sham roll call vote.

  70. I cannot imagine the GUN they have to her head.

    I believe in Loyalty to PARTY, but this is WAY over the top.

    I agree, her stumping for him (and she’ll be nothing if he does win)—-hurts her all the way around.

    She should have done her speech at the DNC and then went about her business.

    I just don’t get it, and I don’t know If I can ever forget it and I adore her———I don’t even know if I could vote for her again——after BO and his THUGS

  71. Mawm – How will she empowered?

    madamab – It is hard to do that when she had lawyers present in Texas. On Hillary’s site, there was the option for reporting voter fraud. I bet you that they received many emails. The delegate theft at the RBC

    Pat Johnson – she doesn’t want to be blamed for his loss and probably destroying the party all of which are Obama’s problems.

  72. She’s doing it because she promised.

  73. I don’t think she will run again.

  74. Downticket – Has anything been confirmed legally? Obviously not.

    I really understand your emotions, but I don’t think we should be making such dire predictions. As we know, a lot can happen in four years!

  75. I don’t agree with you all the time madamb, but your right ON with that.

    WE HAVE 4 YEARS of HISTORY AHEAD OF US, no Doubt, it’s important to stay well and stay strong.

    WHAT’S up with CORSI< with BERG,

    Haven’t heard POOP for days???

  76. michelina, this is what I’m guessing. Before the financial crisis, Obama was not doing well in the polls. The Clintons probably planned to campaign for him because if Obama loses, his supporters and the press will blame the Clintons and her supporters first. There is no way around that. If they both look like they aren’t helping him out, they will take the brunt of the attacks when he loses.
    Obama is only doing well because of the economy. The Clintons just can’t stop campaigning for him because of this shift. The Clintons are always one step ahead of the rest of us.
    Trust me, they are planning their next move regardless of whether Obama wins or loses this election. For them, it is one more month of servitude in exchange for not having to take any shit from the Obamabots for the next year if he loses or the next four years if he wins.
    Obama, if he wins, will be a one term president. I’m sure the Clintons are planning on that as well. If he is a failure, who says she can’t run in 8 years? If he loses then Clinton is ready to come back in 2012.
    Or maybe Clinton realizes that she has committed herself to a corrupt party and she has to do what is required to maintain her power as Senator or possibly speaker of the house someday. I love the Clintons but they are still shrewd politicians. Everything they do is calculated.

  77. Downticket: He deserves to lose. Beating the drum on his behalf is demoralizing. Much of the depression stems from these actions. Our party has let us down. The votes will more than likely be stolen in some states. The MSM brooks no criticism. He is a danger to the country with his socialist views yet the same people we relied on have left us in the dust.

    Country before party. Isn’t that what we profess here on this blog? Tepid support sends as clear a message as yahoo cheerleading. Politicians care only for themselves, not us.

  78. I am very scared too. I’m in east TN, of course TN will go for McCain, thank goodness. I’m just very worried about the battle ground states. The damn “MEDIA” chose Bush for us, and they’re trying to shove Obama down our throats too. I’m conflicted about voting the Green party or just going for McCain even though I disagree w/him on so many issues. But damn it, the “Democratic” party needs to be taught a lesson. They need to be told that they need to become Democratic again, not just like the Republicans. I want the whole lot of them cleared out, Dean, Pelosi, Reid, Brazile etc. etc. etc. This year is too important to hold our noses to vote for a Democratic party that is no longer Democratic.

    Thanks for Jose and Smokey, they’re beautiful singers.

    PUMA! Hillary in 2012

  79. Hillary is in the Senate. She also lives in NY so she wouldn’t be eligible for Speaker of the House.

  80. Was my post deleted?

  81. oh dear – this is sooo depressing. I suggest you take out an old WHAM! record, put the speakers on full blast and listen to Club Tropicana…..a Pina Colada (substitute with any drink to your liking) will even enhance the experience!

    I know it is a bit earlier – but happy hour has its merits!

    Regroup and reenergize – and then kick ass!

  82. Who deleted my post, and when you delete a post, can’t you at least indicate why it was deleted?

  83. I love the Clintons but they are still shrewd politicians. Everything they do is calculated.

    Oh come on! I am really tired of this meme. Everything they do is calculated was used when Hillary suspended because she was planning a coup at the convention. There was no way that
    she just suspended and didn’t want to participate anymore.

    Everything they do is calculated was used when Hillary choked up. She is a robot therefore she doesn’t cry and was only pretending to get votes.

    Everything they do is calculated and therefore she is only supporting him because she needs the black vote in 2012. It can’t be that she just doesn’t want to be blamed for his loss. She hasn’t even said anything about running again in 2012 but we know what she is thinking already because everything the Clintons do is calculated. When you say it like that you make them sound like the mafia.

  84. NH – is your post in moderation? Sometimes Spammy the moderator gets it, but doesn’t tell you.

  85. How do you know if your in Moderation? I’ve never had that before.

  86. Downticket, I guess I should have phrased my comment differently. No, I don’t believe Clinton choking up in NH was calculated. But when it comes to why they make certain political choices, like going along with the sham roll call vote or campaigning for Obama, is made after both Hillary and Bill discuss the pluses and minuses of doing what they have to do to survive within the corrupt Democratic Party.

  87. von Bismarck is supposed to have remarked that “Die Politik ist die Kunst des Möglichen” (politics is the art of the possible) to which J.K. Galbraith supposedly wrote: “Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.”
    In that case, I can only imagine that Hillary sees BO as merely unpalatable. This may be a difference with many people here who, I suspect, see him as both disastrous and unpalatable, with McCain/Palin at least potentially palatable.

    Had Hillary ran as an Independent I am guessing she would be way in front by now, having split the democratic vote down the middle, and taken the wind out of McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin. But Hillary didn’t do that, and I am still guessing that she is moving forward with the least obnoxious choice in her view. I respect her for her strength of character, and I suspect she is far from done yet, whatever happens.

  88. It’s not a conspiracy. Hillary’s doing this because Hillary said she would. Bill’s doing it because Bill said he would. Anything else is pure speculation.

  89. Here is Whitney Houston singing the Start Spangled Banner at the 1992 Super Bowl. Thanks to Walter M. Clark!

  90. NH, if you are in moderation, your comment should appear and in italics it will say, your comment is in moderation. Several times when I attempt to post a link, my comment disappears. I say just try to post the comment again.

  91. bmc,

    Thanks for the bluegrass tune. I’m a bluegrass lover to, also Scotts-Irish, with French Canadian added. I used to play bluegrass mandolin, but it’s been awhile since I played.

  92. Oy. Can we not fight amongst ourselves, especially when we are speculating about stuff four years from now!?

  93. certain words like r*cist, v*gina, or tr*ll will put you in moderation

  94. Do you recall that video of the teenage boys goosestepping for Obama? I was reading the SPLC Intelligence Report last week about a sect that separated off from something called Black Judaism. BJ’ism is not Judaism with black converts, but rather black people who believe Jews were black and are the real chosen people. The break off sect made me think of that kids for Obama video so I googled. Michelle Obama is now claiming that she has Jewish connections, which people who don’t understand the term Black Judaism are buying. Even some Jews apparently just think of them as black converts to Judaism. Anyway, the SPLC says Black Judaism, while unusual, is not a hate sect, but the Hebrew Blacks are. Found this kind of interesting, but I haven’t had much time to investigate it. It seems we are hearing a lot about the Jewish vote lately and how Obama hopes to get it. A FB group just started called Jews Against Obama or something like that.

  95. I released a lot of comments that ended up in the spam filter for some reason. I didn’t see anything from NH.

  96. I’m more concerned about the hanky panky not getting caught in time. ACORN has been gaming things and been caught, How much do you think they got away with before they were caught?

  97. Politicians care only for themselves, not us.

    I used to think that but despite of everything I know that Hillary Clinton really does care about the people. Really, she does and this is not from listening to her speeches or anything like that. Reading her bold plans gave me an insight to how much she cared. She had so many wonderful ideas. Plan after plan and they were hers or some inspired by something she read in the paper which led her to call that person because she liked what they suggested. All the hours spent on thinking up ways to help others.
    All the unoticed work she did. When the lights weren’t on Hillary was working for the people and she stil is. It is just sad that Obama has managed to ruin the chances of her ever becoming president.

  98. It’s time to stay confident. I tend to get depressed with this race too, but there’s still time. I have to believe that the independent voters in the toss-up states will own up to their distrust in Obama and give it to McCain. Wish it could have been Hillary, but I really think she still has a chance in 2012. Go PUMAs.

  99. Kathy,

    There are black Jews from Africa. I had a friend once who was black and born Jewish. He was devout too.

  100. I posted a comment, and it showed up on this site. Later I came back and search for my comment so I know when to pick up reading new comments. My comment was gone.

  101. I am going to make this comment before it’s too late and I don’t have the enregy or the desire to post after work today. I also know that by the time I get home, there will have been at least 2 more posts up and I’ll forget what I was thinking this afternoon.

    I too have felt more sadness these days and I have lost the energy or the enthusiasm to debate the tactics and what I feel are the crimes of the DNC and the Obama campaign. It used to come so easy for me, but not any longer. I forget – or try to forget the tenets that I have held all year in support of Hillary and actually against Obama. I was at 2 different social gatherings this weekend, and was utterly at a loss for words to support my beliefs about the primary season – the criminal behavior, the lies , the misogyny that were rampant. So I just didn’t. When I try to tell Obots what those words “just words” meant and how hurtful and demeaning they were, they think I’ve “lost it”. And maybe I have. So I just don’t try any more.

    I heard my dearest brother say that he would “Never” have voted for Clinton because of her husband. When I asked him whay, and wasn’t he proud of this nation, and wasn’t he doing MUCH better when Clinton was president, he replied “Yes”. Then he said, “But after what HE did, I lost all respect for him. I would never vote for anyone bearing the Clinton. After all”, he said,” It depends on what the meaning of is, is”.

    My head nearly exploded and I had nothing to say. Because I am so friggin’ disgusted these days, I couldn’t even think. I am walking around in a stupor regarding this election.

    I did say to my brother, that for someone who is a Consitutional lawyer, it seems somehow wrong to vote to decrease our civil liberties and to give the telecoms immunity for spying on US citizens. And that it “may be” even worse than a sitting president having an affair with a willing adult.

    I am ready to stay indoors until after the inauguration.
    And I will continue to listen to the wonderful music at the confluence.

    Thanks for letting me rant/vent. I am so grateful for you all.

  102. With all the voter fraud, wouldn’t McCain have to be up by 6 or 7 to beat the cheaters (Obama).

  103. griffithinc, on October 13th, 2008 at 4:53 pm Said:
    I am very scared too. I’m in east TN, of course TN will go for McCain, thank goodness. I’m just very worried about the battle ground states. The damn “MEDIA” chose Bush for us,
    You’re right Griffithinc -t hey did push people into voting for Bush, but this is a different game – the Shrub was a “good ole boy” who could BS with the best of them. the guys wanted to “have a beer” with Dubya – Obama, as someone pointed out yesterday, has no real personality – he is very much inside of himself, aloof and not very friendly.
    I don’t think there are a lot of people out there who just “like him”
    There are those who will vote for him because he is an African American and not consider that if he doesn’t do it right he can scr*w it up for everyone who comes after him; there are those who may vote for him because someone asked them to; there are those who will vote for him because they are diehard Dems but I don’t think there are alot of folks out there who will vote for him because “he’s a nice guy” as many middle Americans did with Dubya.
    That’s why it is important for us to talk to people about this election and help them understand the choices, so they can make an educated decision as to whom they wish to vote for and not have them voting because “Aunt Sadie told them to”

  104. hmmmmmm wordpress has been acting a little wonky. I got open a wordpress account when I tried to get here and a dup comment, which has never happened b4. repost your comment NH is what I’d suggest.

  105. I started my “little” comment when there were only 54 comments, but because I was called away from my office it took forever to complete it.
    I probably missed a hundred other well made points as I was distracted by work. ; )

  106. Mawm, on October 13th, 2008 at 4:33 pm Said:
    John McCain had me tearing up today with his speech.

    Fight for America!

    Whew! I thought it was it just me! Totally channeling Hillary.

  107. here, here, SOD

  108. NH,

    We don’t delete posts unless they are trollish, and we know you. I don’t know what happened to your post. We can’t control everything that wordpress does. If you can repost the comment, please do.

    The main things I know of that can trigger having a post go to moderation or spam are trigger words, like racist, and swear words; a lot of links; and a very lengthy comment.

  109. Just to give perspective on the average voter out there: I have a good friend, very well-educated (lawyer), mother of 3, with executive husband. She’s registered Independent, but votes conservative. She has the news on “all the time,” and she knew NOTHING about ACORN…


  110. NH,

    I’m very sorry your comment disappeared. I don’t know what happened. I do know that I didn’t delete it. I think I’m the only mod here right you. I hope you can let go and just post the comment again. There is no one here who is out to get you.

  111. Great post, bostonboomer. I think you captured the mood of the moment. The fight isn’t over yet, but it’s pretty tiring being on this roller coaster. I’m getting ready to tune out until November 5th. I marked my CA absentee ballot yesterday and am ready to mail it. I’ve voted for Repub presidents before, but not downticket…however this year I voted straight Republican for all national and state offices. I’ve had enough with the Dems. For local offices, I voted for the women and non-incumbents. I can’t wait until this election madness is over. On top of all the other stressors in my life right now (my mother’s declining health, my own medical problems, lack of work and the economy), I’m holding on by a thread.

  112. OMG! I just listened to the Howard Stern audio. OMFG! Have any of you not listened to this yet? Everyone needs to listen to this. It reminds me of that FOX panel back in the primary when no one could list a single accomplishment of Obama. It’s ridiculous.

  113. fif~
    My brother knew about ACORN.Here in Illinois, we were indoctinated into thinking for the last few years that ACORN was the answer to the inderprivileged. When I told him about some of the tricks ACORN had/was trying to pull, he asked how I knew. When I said I get my news on the internet, He and his wife both said “And I suppose EVERYTHING you hear on the internet is true!”

    It doesn’t matter what I say to Obats, they have a snide remark and discount everything that isn’t in support of their MAN.

  114. DV – I listened to it. it was truly unbelievable!

    New post up by RD!

  115. State of Disbelief said “I do not believe there is one person among the PUMAs that would be anti-Obama if his win was in accordance with the principles of Democracy as we have come to believe. Hillary’s loss would have been devastating, but healing would have been possible.”

    That’s hitting the nail right on the head. What we PUMA’s are po’d about is that Obama DID NOT win this nomination fair and square. Hillary’s delegates were NOT able to cast their legitimate votes for her at the convention, as every other Democratic candidate had been able to in the past. The VOTERS were not able to speak. WE are the ONLY ones who are supposed to elect the candidates NOT the party elders. THAT’S WHY WE’RE PISSED! If Obama had won the nomination fair and square there would be no PUMA movement. But it became clear that Hillary was not getting a fair shake in the race, and as Democrats we recognize injustice. That is NOT what the Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

    This is what I keep telling Obamabots, and THEY JUST DON’T GET IT. They just get this blank look on their faces and don’t understand why we’re getting on the band wagon. SHEESH!!!

  116. bb, thats funny. I didn’t think anyone here was out to get me. I just thought I may have crossed some line in my post. I didn’t think so, but you never know.

    I responded to a comment where the author said they didn’t blame AA for voting for Obama.

    I said that i would hope if Hillary’s campaign had ben run the way obama’s has, and if her supporters had acted like his suppoters, and if the MSM had used racist remarks to kick him out of the campaign and Hillary had gone along with It, I would like to think I would have backed away from supporting her.

    After all this time, I guess I do blame AA for supported Obama the same way I will blame anyone else I know who supports Obama. At some point the politics of identity has to be rejected.

  117. Oops, i am in moderation cause I used the word rac**ist

  118. Sorry, last sentence, “Why we’re NOT getting on the band wagon.”

  119. griffithinc,
    Again, even though I felt as if I didn’t discuss much with my brother yesterday, I did discuss this fine point. The point that it was HOW, not that, BO is the Dem nominee.
    He had that same blank look that you mentioned and just sighed. They really don’t get it.

  120. Downticket, I have a feeling she won’t run anymore either, and for the reasons you give.

    However, on different occasions I’ve heard both Chelsea “my mother really believes in Party unity”, and Bill “we aren’t Party splitters”, give reasons why she’s continuing. Besides which-she promised.

  121. Leslie,

    maybe this video on BOs achievements is objective enough for your brother even if he does not believe in the ACORN stuff


  122. OH WELL< enough of yesterday and tomorrow,

    Let’s do what we started to DO: NOBAMA, NO DNC, NO PELOSI< NO BRAZILLE< NO DODD, NO REID,

    rememember this: NO FLORIDA, NO MICHIGAN, NO FIRICKEN WHITEHOUSE!!!!!!!——–I haven’t seen anyone in the BO CAMP change my feelings on this.

    REST PUMA’S REST< we have a LONG LONG THREE WEEKS, in the meantime, besides RD and PUMAPAC, surround yourself with HAPPINESS, anyway possible.

    STAY away from the BOTS and their sites, they’re depressing.—nothing you say, will change them.

    PS I don’t mean your friends and family, just remember, you take the chance of losing the friendship.

    To keep sane, stick to our GOALS!!!!!———-support the NOBAMA< JUST NO DEAL, PUMA, write, e-mail, fax and love and support each other,

    Let McCAIN win the independents and we can throw our support there.


  123. You need some uplifting?? Watch this PUMA NOBAMA video!!







  125. Hillary was stolen from us. Democracy was stolen from us.

  126. michelina – glad it helped! cool stuff these pumas, cute as hell but dont even think abt messing with them!

  127. NH,

    I’m glad you’re not mad. I always try to find people’s missing posts when they speak up.

  128. hello everyone just a point of fact Jose Feliciano like myself is from Puerto Rico, we are from birth American citizens he was not in fact signing to his adopted country but in fact to the country he was born into and loved.

  129. Vivienne~
    Thank you for responding to my story abt my brother and me. I will send him the link to the matthews interview. i doubt it will have much impact… after all, it comes from the internet.

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