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Saturday: When Hillary met Sally

We have never understood the irrational hatred of the press towards Hillary Clinton.  We know why the Republicans couldn’t stand her husband, Bill.  It was because he was actually the one in charge during the nineties and they never accepted him as legitimate.  Besides they were on a roll with Movement Conservatism.  Yeah, all that hard work was paying off, once they made up their minds to fight their exile into the wilderness after Barry Goldwater’s defeat. That never explained viciousness of the media towards Hillary though.

As far as we have been able to trace, the nastiness started in earnest just after the Clintons arrived in Washington and Sally Quinn attempted to pull Hillary into her social circle.  But it seems like Sally was playing quite a different career game than Hillary.  I imagine it was a little like what happened on Mad Men between Peggy, the newly promoted junior copywriter from the steno pool, and Joan, the office manager who saw her job as a route to domestic bliss in the suburbs with a man she snagged from one of the corner offices:

And then Hillary proceeded to dismiss the White House travel office staff who was collaborating with the media for sweet travel deals and gossip.  We think that was approximately the time the $%@# hit the fan.  Oh, sure, the Republicans gave both Clintons a colonoscopy with 8 years of investigations.  It was relentless and brutal- and categorized in minute and embarrasing detail on the pages of the Washington Post and the New York Times.  Seven years of the worst president in history, a president the media helped to put in power, was not enough to curb the media’s enthusiasm for trashing Hillary.  When the primary season started, they picked up right where they left off.  Hillary was the media’s favorite punching bag.  She almost won too.  It drove them NUTS.

We’ve known for more than a year now that the media has a sycophantic hard-on for Obama.  So, it came as a shock yesterday when Paul Krugman, who is generally well liked in PUMA circles, wrote the following in his blog, The Conscience of a Liberal:

The crisis isn’t the only scary thing going on. Something very ugly is taking shape on the political scene: as McCain’s chances fade, the crowds at his rallies are, by all accounts, increasingly gripped by insane rage. It’s not just a mob phenomenon — it’s visible in the right-wing media, and to some extent in the speeches of McCain and Palin.

We’ve seen this before. One thing that has been sort of written out of the mainstream history of politics is the sheer insanity of the attacks on the Clintons — they were drug smugglers, they murdered Vince Foster (and lots of other people), they were in league with foreign powers. And this stuff didn’t just show up in fringe publications — it was discussed in Congress, given props by the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal, and so on.

What it came down to was that a significant fraction of the American population, backed by a lot of money and political influence, simply does not consider government by liberals (even very moderate liberals) legitimate. Ronald Reagan was supposed to have settled that once and for all.

The good thing is that Krugman acknowledges the irrationality of the attacks on the Clintons.  What he *doesn’t* acknowledge is that much of it comes from his neighbors at the NY Times, not the Wall Street Journal.  Did Krugman read any of the stuff from Frank Rich during the primaries?  And does anyone know what bug Maureen Dowd has up her ass about Hillary? (BTW, Maureen, we still aren’t voting for him and we don’t really care what you think.)

We’ve often heard it said that Hillary’s campaign was nasty towards reporters. But I used to sit in on those conference calls between the media and Howard Wolfson.  I often came away impressed with Wolfson’s comparative composure.  The venom that flowed from the likes of Andrea Mitchell was astonishing in its sarcasm and sheer unmistakable contempt for anything Hillary said or did or planned.  After 15 years of this stuff, I wouldn’t have liked the media much either.

Paul has been hanging out with his buds at the NYTimes too long.  He has started to believe what ever new fantasy they are promoting these days.  This new meme about voters longing for Ronald Reagan is pretty stupid.  I don’t doubt that some of McCain’s fans are waxing nostalgic for the Great Communicator but I suspect the real source of their discontent is similar to ours on the left who can’t stand Obama.  It’s like we didn’t have any choice in the matter.  The media did the picking of our nominee this year.  The voters were superfluous.  We on the Democratic side were steamrolled if we wanted Hillary Clinton.  We’ve been told that neither our opposition or our votes are legitimate.  Both the DNC and the media had a hand in stripping us of our ability to affect the election.  But our resistance to Obama is not about Hillary anymore.  It’s about preserving our right to self determination.

Now, Republican voters are getting a taste of that same media fueled Obama juggernaut.  Those of us on the left who experienced the “Hillary can’t win, it’s mathematically impossible” haka that began in February recognize the “It’s over.  Obama won!” haka of October.  But Republican voters have yet to connect this meme with the intense psychological warfare that David Axelrod is throwing at them with the media’s help.  And Krugman is completely wrong when he connects the agitiation of the anti-Obama voters with Reagan.  I survived the Reagan years as a college student.  There is nothing about Reagan that I liked, admired or wish to have again.  I loathed the guy.  In fact, I really wish both McCain and Palin would drop the lavish praise of Reagan.  Whenever he is mentioned, I lose whatever tepid warmth I have for the Republican ticket.

Today we see a new media frenzy over Sarah Palin’s Troopergate problem.  I guess I’ve been watching the Hillary vs Sally problem long enough to know that it doesn’t amount to a hill of beans and no one but the media and the cognitively dissonant in the Obamasphere will care.  So, she tried to get her brother in law fired after he did some things that would get most people fired.  So she went about it the wrong way.  The way the media is behaving, you’d think the only reason she ran for governor was so she could use the full force of her office to torment and harrass this one man.  It reminds me of the massive amount of ink that was wasted on Hillary’s missing billing records and the federal case that was made out of that.  Or the unintentional exaggeration she made of one of her Bosnia trips.  Or her firing of the White House travel office.  Who frickin’ cares?

They all pale in comparison to Obama’s campaign staff intimidating and threatening delegates at the convention and invalidating the primary election results in 57 states.  It can’t hold a candle to the manipulation of the primary results by the DNC on Obama’s behalf that he accepted without protest.  It doesn’t come close to the fraud, verbal and physical bullying that happened during the caucuses.  It’s not nearly as enraging to voters as the Obama surrogates who accuse us of racism while they undermine us with sexism. The media barely covered any of this so we’ve had to document the atrocities on our own.  Obama may be their darling, but he isn’t ours

What I can’t understand is how it is that Krugman, the Princeton economics professor with the massive brain that crunches data without effort, can’t understand what’s really going on with voters at McCain rallies who resent the media’s interference with their ability to make a decision and have it count.

Go figure.

226 Responses

  1. first!

  2. You’re a refugee from Atrios, aren’t you?

  3. Riverdaughter, I don’t get it either. I was hoping the story was a delusion of my fevered brain but, you’ve convinced me that Krugman’s got an orange ring around his lips. And maybe a red one around his nose as well.

  4. Obama cannot win even with the help of the lame stream media.

  5. Well said, RD!

  6. RD – spot on. I can’t bring myself to watch the media today. I am so sick of their spin that pushed this guy down our throats at every chance.

    Last night my spouses best friend said she “likes” Obama. I am sick over this. She’s a smart women but since there is a D after his name she gulped the kool-aid.

  7. I respect Krugman’s economic opinions. His social and political opinions, eh, not so much. The same Left who cheers demonstrations (even somewhat angry ones) and outraged shouts by “their own” as a healthy sign of free speech and participatory democracy has visions of lynch mobs when those unsavory under-educated rural and bitter bubbas start exercising THEIR right to be angry at our government.

    Anger at the right-ward abuses of government is fine and dandy. Anger at the leftward abuses is to be squashed, and is scary. Anger at being screwed over by conservatives in bed with the corporations is PC and laudable. Anger at being screwed over by left-leaning elitists in bed with corporations is shocking and vulgar and distastefully lowbrow.

    Authoritarianism and expansion of government power is only bad if it is coming from the Right. If it comes from the Left, it’s ever so enlightened.

    Krugman, much as I love him, is steeped in that same cognitive dissonance. History shows that corrupt despotism and abuse of the people occurs all over the left-to-right spectrum. But our dear lefties here in the states are breathtakingly blind in their belief that that double-edged sword only cuts in one direction.

  8. Thank you for this post,RD. I’ve read it once and I want to read it again carefully before I comment further.

  9. What can we do about the media, to hold them accountable (if such a thing is even in the realm of possibility)? Maybe someone has ideas. It’s the fourth estate that is the treasonous viper in all of this.

    OT -this a great blog and a great resource. ..ya might look into getting it backed up if haven’t already (just a suggestion).

  10. WMCB is right about Krugman’s type liberalism:
    “Authoritarianism and expansion of government power is only bad if it is coming from the Right. If it comes from the Left, it’s ever so enlightened.

    Krugman, much as I love him, is steeped in that same cognitive dissonance. History shows that corrupt despotism and abuse of the people occurs all over the left-to-right spectrum. But our dear lefties here in the states are breathtakingly blind in their belief that that double-edged sword only cuts in one direction.”

  11. I have stopped watching the spin , it has been beyond rational for some time now .
    I am very proud to say none of my children will be voting for bo.. but my brother has bought the ” we dont need more of the same” line ( sometimes I think they are using actual brainwashing techniques and neuro linguistic programming ) …now my brother lives in Baltimore City , so it is not as if his vote would make a great deal of difference there but still … I just hate to see anyone not use their grey matter on this past a line so simple , but perhaps that is also part of the problem .
    Lazy thinkers that let someone else make up their minds … the “oh DONT MAKE ME THINK “Americans .. I know they are out there ………

  12. THank you for this post, RD. An excellent analysis.

    I was so disappointed in Dr. Krugman’s post expressing fear of McCain/Palin’s supporters at the rallies.

    He made no mention of Obama’s intimidation, threats, or his own fellow pundits like Carville and Brazille saying there will be “blood in the streets” if Obama doesn’t win.

    He made no mention, when expressing concern that Obama will be trashed like the Clintons were by Republicans, that it was actually his fellow NYTimes writers like Frank Rich and Maureen Dowd (and WAPO writers like Eugene Robinson and Sally Quinn) who did the Clinton trashing , and who literally BATTERED AL Gore, helping George W. Bush win .

    He didn’t mention the way the Obama supporters literally trashed HIM, either, when he favored Hillary’s healthcare plan over Obama’s crappy plan, or how the lefty bloggers threatened him with any criticism of Obama.

    Dr. Krugman was the only reason I was still reading the NYTimes at all, after the bloody primary during which the Obama thugs called Hillary-supporters “c*nts” and painted Bill Clinton as a racist, playing mind games with HIllary’s comments about MLK and RFK.

    NONE of that verbal violence was mentioned in Krugman’s post about McCain & Palin’s audiences.

    What a deep, deep, disappointment I feel in Dr. Krugman’s emotional manipulations .

    No reason to read the NYTimes at all, now.


  13. Brilliant! Thank you for this post, Riverdaughter. This morning I’ve been mulling of the odd juxtaposition of McCain trying to tamp down his supporters rage against Obama as opposed to the way Obama egged his on against Hillary and and is now egging them on against Palin. When has Obama ever shown the discomfort with inappropriate attacks that McCain showed yesterday in Minnesota?

  14. “‘What it came down to was that a significant fraction of the American population, backed by a lot of money and political influence, simply does not consider government by liberals (even very moderate liberals) legitimate.”


    You know, I like the guy and I think he has some good things to say, but actually, it’s just the opposite. Increasingly, as my eyes have been opened, I’ve seen that anyone who isn’t some watered-down, milquetoast, faux “liberal” — confirming precisely to what has been mass marketed as acceptable opinion — is allowed no voice, no role, no vote. It doesn’t matter what alternative direction you come from — you’re angry, you’re bitter, and most of all, you’re un-lovely.

    Power will increasingly be reserved for the “lovely” politicians who conform to the consumer rules of CNN soundbite dogfights and John Stewart oh-so-hip irony. I think you’ll see more clowns like BO, not less. And like the shelves in the grocery store, with dozens of brands of nearly identical toothpaste made by two companies, we’ll all brag that in ‘murica, we have freedom.

  15. I like this post so much, I am quoting it and referring people from baby blog to come read the entire entry over here.

  16. I suspect the real source of their discontent is similar to ours on the left who can’t stand Obama.

    I watched that clip of the man in the crowd declaring: “I’M MAD!” The crowd laughed, and he repeated, “I’M REALLY MAD!”

    I know exactly how he feels. Paul Krugman has been one of the few fair voices at the Times re: HRC, but he is still a cloistered, elite NY reporter. Has he actually been to any of these rallies that everyone is now characterizing as lynch mobs? And, oh, the irony: what about the riots they are warning about if Obama doesn’t get elected? I guess riots and mobs are fine when they reinforce your own agenda. Protest and anger are dangerous and unseemly if they serve a different purpose.

    Too bad. The anger and frustration being expressed at the rallies is only too familiar to us. We have been manipulated and shut out of what is supposed to be our democracy. Do we need to remind them how this country was formed–Gt. Britain ignored and abused the settlers until they revolted. People can see what is going on here. They also shouldn’t forget that NRA members are conservatives.

  17. This is an excellent essay, Riverdaughter. It crystallizes much of what we have all felt and experienced in this campaign. It has suddenly come clear, like an epiphany, that it is the media and the Washington “in-crowd” which picks our Presidents. All the sickening propping up of GW Bush in 2000, all the mocking of Gore, taking the tiniest of things and making major issues out of them–that wasn’t just a right-wing thing, it is just how the media and the insiders operate in order to get their person elected. Now they want Obama, they don’t like McCain/Palin, so they are doing the same thing, in the same blatant and biased fashioh. “Troopergate” is immensely important’; Ayers is not. Criticisms of Obama are called racist, incendiary, now “violent and vicious.” McCain is minimized, just like Gore and Kerry were, in service of the anointed one. And there doesn’t seem to be a damn thing that we the people can do about it.

    I am no McCain/Palin fan, but I think that McCain is a more innately decent person than Obama. Hillary dwarfs all of them, but the media and the Washington elite thought she was declasse, not their kind of person. So they cheerfully and gleefully mocked her, derided her, questioned her every statement and action. Obama they like. Because he fits their liberal/Stanley Kramerish ideal of the ideal Black candidate? Because he likes sports, is (like the early version of GWB) one of the guys? Because they just like to be important, show how powerful they are, how they can stop Hillary and elevate the non-Hillary, Obama? Whatever it is, it reeks of adolescent jealousy and pettiness. But this affects all of us, all the struggling people who need leadership, someone to help them as they face all the economic and international perils ahead. Of course that pales in importance next to the insiders’ and media’s eagerness to embrace Barack and Michelle into their club; a club where Hiillary was never welcome. And we the voters, the participating citizens in this so-called democracy, are relentlessly pushed and prodded to mandate their wishes, just like in second grade, when you were told to vote for the “cool person,” and how that would somehow be good for you, too.

  18. I’m thinking Dr. Krugman has forgotten how many of us Hillary-supporters DEFENDED him against the rabid, hateful Obama supporters when Dr. Krugman “dared” to criticize Obama for any reason.

    There’s thuggery, and there’s thuggery, Dr. Krugman.

    If Obama doesn’t win, Brazille and Carville say there will be “violence in the streets,” and they say it publicly , on CNN, as if that kind of dialogue is acceptable now.

    Give us an essay on how you feel about that, Dr. Krugman.

  19. What I can’t understand is how it is that Krugman, the Princeton economics professor with the massive brain that crunches data without effort, can’t understand what’s really going on with voters at McCain rallies who resent the media’s interference with their exercise of the right of self determination.

    Thank you, RD. Great post!!
    In 7 1/2 years Krugman wasn’t ever allowed to call Bush a liar either. The NYT wouldn’t let him . Krugman had his fun and reported facts, now he must serve Barry too . It was amazing to see George Soros on the PBS program NOW being treated as some oracle…Moyer kissed the hem of his garment. What is Soros doing there? and why wasn’t Krugman on? Watching Moyer lovingly pass the softballs with deference was sickening.

  20. Jon Stuart is so over and un hip now he is no more than a grind for the elite , but he hasn’t figured it out yet , and Steven Colbert is crap , and they used to be my favorites … I dont care how many awards they win
    The times they are a changin
    and bo isn’t the one bringing it ………..

  21. This morning I’ve been mulling of the odd juxtaposition of McCain trying to tamp down his supporters rage against Obama as opposed to the way Obama egged his on against Hillary and and is now egging them on against Palin. When has Obama ever shown the discomfort with inappropriate attacks that McCain showed yesterday in Minnesota?

    Has any reporter (besides FOX) EVER mentioned (or are they oblivious to it?) the violent misogyny of Obama supporters, especially on the internet, during the primaries? Talk about mob mentality.

    bb: you know what the press is saying about McCain’s attempt to calm the fears of his audience? “He’s finding a graceful way to accept defeat.” He’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. Just like HRC. Meanwhile, Obama can do no wrong.

  22. morning all !!

    It’s either that (as Alice says above) power is reserved for the lovely, pliable politicians of—-his campaign worked on this a long time ago and found dirt on said journalists. Isn’t it odd that Charlie Rangel and other Clinton people are suddenly facing ethics problems.

  23. What great posts! I hope to use them, but generally if I BEGIN to say what I really think about the GE as seen by a lifelong Dem, the kindest thing that happens is a veil comes over the listener’s face. So I stop – it’s no use.
    I get so depressed by what the Repubs are offering, wonder what’s wrong with ME, and then I remember: I COULDA HAD HILLARY!


  24. Thought I was the only one who’s pretty much avoided MSM news altogether. They’ve invalidated themselves.

    Why the Obama campaign feels it necessary to purchase ad time seems is beyond me, with all the free, non-stop infomercial publicity given him via the very same media.

  25. Watching Moyer lovingly pass the softballs with deference was sickening.

    Did you see Moyers’ interview with Wright. That’s when I stopped watching Moyers too. Another one bites the dust.

  26. Yes, paper doll.

    But Bill Moyers also passed the softballs with deference when he interviewed the Rev. Wright as an important “Biblical scholar.”

    Never ONCE did Mr. Moyers ask Rev. Wright about telling his congregation that AIDS was invented by the government to kill Black people.

    Mr. Moyers , kinda like our little Jeralynn, is slowly but surely diminishing his OWN reputation as a “journalist.”

  27. fif:

    Remember when any attempt by Hillary to campaign was referred to as “kneecapping” Obama?

  28. edwardian: he is becoming the ultimate Big Brother candidate. It’s straight out of 1984. We will see his face and hear his voice everywhere we go. It’s like North Korea. And it’s especially painful for those of us who can’t stand the sight or sound of him. If he does pull this off, I’m going to buy a hut in Fiji and disappear.

  29. RD: Excellent post, btw! (thumbs WAY up)

  30. myiq: well, she was such a mean, selfish b*tch about it–out there working 20 hours a day, meeting with auto workers at dawn! The nerve of her!

  31. River Daughter:
    I quoted this at Heidi Li’s Potpourri:
    “The media did the picking of our nominee this year. The voters were superfluous. We on the Democratic side were steamrolled if we wanted Hillary Clinton. We’ve been told that neither our opposition or our votes are legitimate. Both the DNC and the media had a hand in stripping us of our ability to affect the election. But our resistance to Obama is not about Hillary anymore. It’s about preserving our right to self determination.” Then I pointed people to read the entire post over here.

    Now, I’m off to beat the bushes for money to run Democrats For Principle Before Party commercials on more MSM venues. Anybody who knows anybody who can spare even 5 bucks – please spread the word. The battle now is on TV. We’ve been been able to make several ad buys but we need to raise another five to six thousand to be fully effective.

    Meanwhile, I am getting obnoxious emails along the lines of “Enough. The Denver Group was a noble, if self righteous cause that has outlived its usefulness.” Apparently holding the DNC accountable is not useful. Eeesh.

  32. fif,

    They are doing the same thing to McCain that they did to Hillary. The Republicans seem flummoxed by it. They simply weren’t ready. I really thought they wouldn’t care about being called racists, but I was wrong.

    Maybe it’s because McCain is basically a decent person and the right wing nuts aren’t enthused enough about him to really get those 527s going. But the DNC has collected so much money. You’d think they would find a way to hurt Obama. But they don’t seem to be able to find a formula that works against the race baiting.

  33. Heidi LI: Please know, so many of us Conflucians (PUMAs) greatly appreciate all you’ve done throughout this “election” cycle. Thank you.

  34. Heidi Li: “Meanwhile, I am getting obnoxious emails along the lines of “Enough. The Denver Group was a noble, if self righteous cause that has outlived its usefulness.” Apparently holding the DNC accountable is not useful. Eeesh.”


  35. fif, on October 11th, 2008 at 11:47 am Said:

    This morning I’ve been mulling of the odd juxtaposition of McCain trying to tamp down his supporters rage against Obama as opposed to the way Obama egged his on against Hillary and and is now egging them on against Palin. When has Obama ever shown the discomfort with inappropriate attacks that McCain showed yesterday in Minnesota?


    This is a good point.

    It seems to me that there are some very powerful people — including those who own very powerful tabloid, corporate media — who are making it **unacceptable** to have a political affiliation other than milquetoast, cookie cutter corporate post-progressivism. If you don’t identify with that as your storebought brand, you’re on the fringe. Left fringe, right fringe, whatever, doesn’t matter.

    I think this will become more true, not less true. I believe we’re seeing “acceptable” political opinion narrow dramatically in this past year. I also believe we’ll see the effects for years to come.

  36. Mary: that interview was awful. Wright sat there with a placid smile, speaking very calmly, soothingly as if an erudite scholar on Black Liberation Theology. Moyers neglected to mention or show the clip of Wright gyrating at the lectern, mocking Bill and his indiscretion. It’s hard for me to think of any journalists that are credible anymore. Where is Christianne Amanpour–she’s been awfully quiet through this election cycle. Her husband, Jamie Rubin, was a big HRC spokesperson and supporter. The live in London, and are probably just as disgusted as the rest of us.

  37. btw—–grab a tinfoil hat here. I don’t care because I really do believe this. Our msm is so lazy and disgusting that rather than investigating anything, they just read the latest eruptions from the Obama campaign. I think this latest crap–McCain supporters are mad and out of control- goes along with his ‘McCain is erratic’ talking points. And the purpose of this is to dampen repub. enthusiasm and turn out.

  38. “Meanwhile, I am getting obnoxious emails along the lines of “Enough. The Denver Group was a noble, if self righteous cause that has outlived its usefulness.” Apparently holding the DNC accountable is not useful. Eeesh.”


    Oh, Heidi Li. That those folks could label anyone else self-righteous is too pathetic to even reach the level of irony. You’ve done more for public discourse in the past few months than they will do in a lifetime — and their bully-boy strong arm tactics, trying to make every last holdout **conform**, suggest they know it. Hats off to you.

  39. It seems to me that there are some very powerful people — including those who own very powerful tabloid, corporate media — who are making it **unacceptable** to have a political affiliation other than milquetoast, cookie cutter corporate post-progressivism.

    A friend in LA sent me an email yesterday, dutifully repeating the current media framing of events: Palin is a dangerous ideologue; a warmongering, race-baiting, power-hungry anti-Christ, whipping her minions into a pathological frenzy.

    But having 75,000 people corralled into a stadium to accept his nomination with chants of “O-BAMA! O-BAMA!” is not frightening?

  40. Once again, my comment is “in moderation,” even after the absurdity of the other day, and this site’s apology. Nothing more I can do, apparently.

  41. Hey! Someone get William out of moderation please! It might have just been a trigger word William–we get thrown in there all the time. Did you use tr*ll or rac*st?

  42. One last thing, I swear, is anyone else sick of Candy Crowley’s reporter voice? That monotone, oh so serious little story she reads every time they call on her-is seriously making me ill. The best revenge is living well–without them. Let the msm know how irrelevant they are!

  43. Heidi: I’m not worthy. It’s just that when Bostonboomer brought up the agitation in the McCain supporters, it all started clicking. Krugman was the final piece. The agitated are pissed at the media reshaping reality but they haven’t connected it yet with their sense of helplessness to affect the election. Once they figure it out, well, they’ll be angrier but also maybe a little more resistant to it.

  44. kc: why would you be listening to Crowley. I see her face–and instantly hit “mute.” I don’t see her often though, because I refuse to watch any NBC station.

  45. Agree, fif. Moyers was disgusting the way he was so deferential to Wright.

    Apparently, Moyers is a member of the same type of church Wright is, I’m told.

    But I would have LOVED for Moyers to ask Wright what “riding us dirty” meant, and whether that was appropriate for ANY pastor to say , standing in the pulpit.

    Moyers chickened out, and played the “let’s help Obama game.”

    Terribly, terribly disappointing.

  46. RD: can you release William please? He is such an important and eloquent voice. I want him to feel welcome here.

  47. I believe this time the GOP is split along the same lines as the Dems , the elite and the base are not on the same page . But while the split in the Dem party is looked at , the slpit in the GOP is under the radar .

    The elite of both parties want Barry Obama . McCain is not getting the GOP elite’s support or anything like it….of course the press is owned by that group and we see how they love Barry. Obama is Bush with the added delightfulness ( for them) that any protest
    is called rac**t and doesn’t have to be addressed.
    The upper crust of both parties want Obama . The GOP elite never like McCain…they are not supporting him. They want Barry too.

  48. Thanks “RD”
    You really were able to capture EXACTLY what I/WE have been feeling, for some time now.
    All my PUMA friends have committed to McCain/Palin, I just can’t @ this time.
    For me I am “NoBama”; but because of the Republican thing, I can’t say, YES McCain. I live in NY where the Independent Party
    endorsed McCain. Since I’m registered that way it might help.
    In the end for me…..”It’s ALL about the CLINTON’s” & how they were so badly treated by BOTH sides!
    “We” need to stand up for the McCain supporters that are now WITNESSING what we saw in the primaries. The thing is; ONCE YOU’VE SEEN IT YOU CAN’T “UN-SEE IT”!!

  49. William:

    Moderation is AUTOMATED

    Don’t take it personal

  50. bostonboomer, on October 11th, 2008 at 11:53 am Said:

    Do we know if the conservative 527s are not enthused about McCain or if BO’s tactics against, for example, the NRA in PA and in attempting to use prosecuting attoryneys in MO, are working?

  51. Out of moderation, thank you, RD and fif.

  52. kc:

    Why do you assume that the media has free will?

    They do exactly what they are paid to do.

    “independent journalist” is a myth

  53. hello everyone, visiting from free republic, do I need a special password or phrase to be greeted?
    have attempted to engage in conversation at various times to no avail.

  54. Maybe it’s because McCain is basically a decent person and the right wing nuts aren’t enthused enough about him to really get those 527s going. But the RNC has collected so much money. You’d think they would find a way to hurt Obama. But they don’t seem to be able to find a formula that works against the race baiting.

    bb: I think that is true. It’s now a common theme that Palin is racist. Obama can create surreal crowd scenes and it’s “inspiring,” but if Palin does it it is very dangerous and threatening. It’s because she is daring to say out loud what the rest of us see. She is openly criticizing Obama, and no one has done it with such “audacity.” It absolutely infuriates them. They think SHE is creating it, but she is only voicing what the rest of know, and it is such a release. HRC couldn’t do it because of Party constraints, but Palin is unabashed in her Obama slamming, and they absolutely hate her for it. Regular Dems think she is horrid, because they have been shielded from most of Obama’s hypocrisy, lies, and thuggish tactics. She’s picking on him and so mean! Just like HRC, and her confrontations were mild.

    I also agree that the 527’s are noticeably absent. I think McCain’s history with Bush is the cause. His administration could have made political hay of many opportunities, and they have been completely silent. For example, Obama’s reported interference in Iraqi policy on his trip is a potential violation of the Logan Act. Bush could have called for a Justice Dept. investigation and made a big stink about it. Palin is being very brave in her attacks, but look at the backlash. McCain has too many colleagues that are friends, including Democrats. He is holding back, so he doesn’t damage his legacy, and it will cost him the election if he doesn’t get fierce.

  55. Good to see you William.

  56. William,

    I went upthread and read your post. I did notice it had the word r@cist with an a in it. According to some folks here that puts you into moderation.

  57. Krugman liked Hillary more than Obama, but he never disliked Obama, and now he wants Obama to beat McCain. Like a lot of Dems, he sees Obama as just a typical centrist Democrat, and refuses to see any evidence to the contrary. Sad-but no one is perfect.

  58. William: I just checked the moderation queue. There is nothing in it. Your comments are not being held.

  59. RD, I released about 6 comments a few minutes ago.

  60. “Meanwhile, I am getting obnoxious emails along the lines of “Enough. The Denver Group was a noble, if self righteous cause that has outlived its usefulness.”

    Yea Heidi Li–democracy is so passe. Get on the fascist/Marxist train!

  61. Well, no, tdraicer.

    Krugman posted yesterday on his blog that Palin’s supporters literally frightened him in terms of potential for violence against Obama, which was quite a jumping of the shark for Krugman.

    He never once mentioned Obama supporters threatening “violence in the streets” if Obama doesn’t win.

    This was a completely different type of post from Krugman than his usual rational economic analysis.

    “No one is perfect” is a copout.

  62. Thanks, Riverdaughter. Again, your essay is really excellent.

  63. Thanks for supportive words friends. Meanwhile if you are familiar with Real Clear Politics, I just submitted my post quoting RD over there. if you know how to, go vote for the submission: it will drive readers to this site. Some will have to be carefully moderated (sorry Katiebird) but it will broaden the site’s reach.

  64. fif: you made me laugh – much needed. Thanks.
    See you folks later.

  65. I told someone the other day about the trooper at one of Palin’s rally that had the audacity to use bos middle name . The immediate response from this person was… ” was he KKK ? ” I was totally and completely flabbergasted . I still am .. but next time I speak with them I am just going to refer to bo as the next hitler …

    That is some in depth brainwashing … and that is directly from the bo axelrod anyone against me is a racist guilt theme …I am convinced of that , and that is was and is part of the plan .

  66. Firelight: The word was added the moderation list just after I started this blog. There are good reasons for this. In fact, the blog was started because of accusations of r@cism directed at me and other Clintonistas who used to post at DailyKos. We don’t tolerate unfounded and completely false accusations of r@cism So, we moderate comments that might want to do it and remove them.
    Some call it censorship. I call it preserving an atmosphere of discourse that is comfortable to non-Obamaphiles. We should be allowed to say what we want without being subject to criticism of our characters, especially when that criticism is untrue and part of a peer pressure propaganda technique.
    As I said before, there weren’t any comments in moderation from William. Maybe his comment got eaten up by the goblins that live in the InterToobz. It happens.

  67. RD

    I think when I first read the top of the thread, William’s post at 11:43 wasn’t there. Then he said he was out of moderation and I went and read it.

    Don’t mean to belabor this, but I did read William’s posts at bitterpoliticz and don’t want him to be discouraged. 🙂

  68. I told someone the other day about the trooper at one of Palin’s rally that had the audacity to use bos middle name . The immediate response from this person was… ” was he KKK ? ” I was totally and completely flabbergasted . I still am .. but next time I speak with them I am just going to refer to bo as the next hitler …

    That is some in depth brainwashing … and that is directly from the bo axelrod anyone against me is a r*cist guilt theme …I am convinced of that , and that is was and is part of the plan .

  69. I think also McCain doesn’t want to be blamed for the ri**ts the Dems are threatening if Barry loses . But there could be ri*ts if Barry wins as well, if Obama doesn’t address that assertion and vigurously disown it ….which we know he won’t . Has any GOPer said there would be ri*ts if McCain didn’t get in? …what would you think would have happened in the press if they had?

  70. fif—I agree that McCain is not loved by the Bush crowd, but isn’t it ironic that Bush destroyed McCain in SC and now the econ. crap during Bushs’ reign is destroying him. McCain must be seething.
    This latest hit on McCain may be partly because he is endorsing Hillary’s econ. recovery plan. Conservatives hate that, but are too obtuse to see how much worse Bush has been about making govt. larger.

    And, I don’t watch the msm–my husband will turn it on in the den and I hear Crowley’s voice on CNN and run in and change the channel. In a few min. he changes it back and I run in again. We have a stupid little game going. He doesn’t care for Obama either–he just watches and knows its crap.

  71. juan:

    The special password is “Hillary Clinton for President”

  72. Mary, thank you. What about the media personalities, Donna Brazile, Roland Martin, Carver that said on TV that there would be riots if Obama didn’t win? Not a peep. It is perfectly fine for Obama supporters to threaten violence because they are fighiting for social “justice”. One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Just ask Ayers.

    This whole notion is very racist to me because it implies that Black people cannot control themselves and we can’t hold it against them.

  73. Some call it censorship. I call it preserving an atmosphere of discourse that is comfortable to non-Obamaphiles.

    Exactly, and I for one appreciate the comfort of this site beyond words.

  74. OT– I got these investment tips from my brother.

    Investment tips for 2008

    For all of you with any money left, be aware of the next expected mergers so
    that you can get in on the ground floor and make some BIG bucks.

    Watch for these consolidations in 2008:

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    2.) PolygramRecords, Warner Bros., and ZestaCrackers join forces and become:
    Poly, Warner Cracker.

    3.) 3M will merge with Goodyear and become:

    4. ZippoManufacturing, AudiMotors, Dofasco, and Dakota Mining will merge and
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    5. FedEx is expected to join its competitor, UPS, and become:

    6. Fairchild Electronics and Honeywell Computers will become:
    Fairwell Honeychild.

    7. Grey Poupon and Docker Pants are expected to become:

    8. Knotts Berry Farm and the National Organization of W! omen wi ll become:
    Knott NOW!

    And finally…

    9. Victoria ‘s Secret and Smith &Wesson will merge under the new name:

  75. It is beyond Hypocritical that they paint McCain as a vile racist after Kerry and the rest of the Dems begged him to be VP in 2004.

  76. woops sorry for the double post my bad 😦

  77. Hey edwardian,

    It’s nice to see you!

  78. William’s comments were one of the 6 that I released a few minutes ago. I’m sorry there was a delay but that WILL happen occasionally.

    And our filter grabs just about everyone now and then. Most recently? I just released Mawm’s latest comment.

    Really: If it doesn’t show up after you post, it’s nothing personal.

    If it disappears AFTER you post it — we’ve deliberately sent it to the spam filter.

  79. The policy here is, IMO , not censorship. We can use the words enough to be understood. Having to type out ” r@cism ” , simply stops the massive cut and paste Obot hit jobs posts from going so smoothly .
    I’m for that.

  80. riverdaughter, on October 11th, 2008 at 12:22 pm Said:

    Oh, I don’t disagree with r@cist putting posts into automatic moderation!

    Although I haven’t posted here that much I have been reading since early June and do remember you, faintly, from the Daily Cheeto. I read the Cheeto, almost daily, since Fall 2003 but had to leave Feb/March this year because of the hysterical Hillary hatred.

    Thank you so much for your blog!

  81. I am starting to get the same feeling re: McCain/Palin that I had for Hillary toward the end of the primaries in terms of the media hysteria. It is building to a crescendo. They are screaming about Palin’s rallies, while they are doing the exact thing they accuse her of doing–whipping people into a hostile, bigoted mob. “Liberals” are out for Palin’s blood. This whole election cycle is the strangest study in psychology. It’s a perfect storm of madness with race, gender, class, Bush PTSD, and intense fear in the mix. It is beginning to feel like the forces working against McCain/Palin, like with HRC, are too overwhelming. This is anything but a fair election, and the economic situation is injecting an entirely new level of insanity into the situation. By June, I felt so protective of Hillary and so battered, that I just wanted them to leave her alone. It’s out of control.

  82. For those who are concerned about censorship here at The Confluence:

    This site was created as a refuge from the vile attacks of Obama supporters. If we have an allergic reaction to the same words and phrases that caused us to seek refuge here, it’s perfectly understandable.

    This site does not require registration, unlike many others. Some of us were registered at other sites but were booted out because we wouldn’t drink the Kool-aid.

    Lastly, this is Riverdaughter’s soapbox. She graciously shares it with others as she sees fit. Feel free to get your own soapbox if this one doesn’t suit you.

  83. McCain is kicking some booty on cnn.com

  84. Firelight: I have a full time job and don’t know everyone at this party as well as I would like. I’m not criticizing William. I’m just pointing out that when I looked in the moderation queue, it was empty. It appears that Katiebird cleared it out. (thanks, Kbird!) But sometimes the missing comment isn’t in the moderation queue and never was. It happens. It doesn’t mean we are deliberately holding something up.

  85. HEY!!! if they can paint HILLARY AND BILL as r*cist , it can work on any one can’t it??

    Someone needs to take the paint brush away from these overgrown kindergardeners and send them back to finger paints ..oh wait bo does that too

  86. Beautiful day here in New England as the leaves start to change. My sister, another unwavering PUMA, is coming soon for a visit, so I’m off. Have a great day all. I’m so grateful for the intelligence, humanity, principles, and humor of the posters on this site–especially in the midst of so much madness.

  87. FYI, Weather Underground documentary (Oscar 2004) in 9 parts on You-Tube.

  88. Heidi Li, on October 11th, 2008 at 12:20 pm Said:

    Thanks for supportive words friends. Meanwhile if you are familiar with Real Clear Politics, I just submitted my post quoting RD over there. if you know how to, go vote for the submission: it will drive readers to this site.

    Great idea Heidi Li! Done!

    (Heidi’s submission @ RCP has 4 votes so far, get over there and push it up!)

  89. Here’s my favorite irony of the day (though it’s hard to pick):

    BO fans claim to care about r@ce, and use r@ce as a plaything to score their political points.

    Yet, they don’t seem to notice (because they don’t really think about it, because they don’t really give a damn and are too whipped into a frenzy) that had Ayers been a poor black radical, and not a rich white man who was from a rich white family, he’d likely be in prison to this day. Yet, Ayers gets a pass from them. Ah. Irony!

  90. fif- I agree. I too have watched in amazement as the obama media has gone full force against mccain/palin. My sister is a life long republican and she keeps asking me what is going on here. I tell her to just work for her candidate and turn off the msm. I explained to her that my heart has already been broken by what happened to Hillary in the primarys. I can’t stomach watching this stuff again. I turned the msm off months ago and stick to riverdaughter for my daily news.

  91. myiq2xu, on October 11th, 2008 at 12:36 pm


  92. I’m not sure if the discussion about censorship here is related to my comment about r@cist putting posts into moderation.

    I was only trying to explain to William that his post had the word r@cist with an a in it and that’s probably what put him into moderation. I mentioned it so he might use r@acist with an ampersand in the furture so he doesn’t go into moderation. 🙂

  93. I’m back from two weeks in the UK. I didn’t watch much news while I was there. However, I did tune in to the BBC while they were reporting on the will they/won’t they vote on the $700 bil bailout … and then Congress took the day off for Rosh Hashanah. Eeeeeek, embarrassing to say the least.

    It’s a shocking change in mood over here. Just want to say that despite what’s being reported in the MSM (and I’m not watching it, but dammit if Nick Jr of all channels was even running a promotional piece on BO. He’s the Kids Choice apparently. Can’t I just watch Spongebob in peace?). Anyway, despite what the MSM is pushing, here in my little corner of Pennsylvania it’s McCain/Palin lawn signs EVERYWHERE. Some are even flanked by little American flags. God bless their bitter little hearts!

  94. Riverdaughter wrote: “It’s just that when Bostonboomer brought up the agitation in the McCain supporters, it all started clicking.”

    RD, I can’t begin to tell you how great I felt when I read that. Thank you!

    I’ve been thinking about your comments on learned helplessness, and have begun to feel less helpless. Awhile ago I wrote a post about how we Conflucians are the people who have been “outsiders.” We have gotten used to resisting the “haka” of the media and society and have learned how to step outside consensus reality. I almost allowed myself to start listening to them again. We have to be eternally vigilant, don’t we?

  95. The Daily Howler should be required reading for all adults and children over the age of 12.

    While I sometimes disagree with Bob Somerby, his monomaniacal focus on how the media tries to manipulate us is a remedy for the 24/7 spin.

    He doesn’t turn a blind eye when the spin favors the left, much to the aggravation of certain bloggers.

    Just ask Atrios

  96. I think William’s comments are kicked into moderation when they are really long. I’ve noticed that when people post long comments that often happens. All you have to do is say something, and one of us will release you as soon as we can.

  97. BB: Yep. In fact, we ought to see this election as an opportunity to turn it around. I wonder if there would be any value in some of us calling in to right wing radio shows and telling them that the reason they’re angry is because the media haka is making them feel helpless and the best thing they can do at this point is to turn the media off and stop reading the papers until the election is over. From now until Nov 4, it is going to be one big experiment in how to depress a rat. The best thing to do is turn it off.

  98. There she goes
    There she goes again
    Racing through my brain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Pulsing through my veins
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Racing through my brain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    She calls my name,
    Pulls my train
    No one else could heal my pain
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes again
    Chasing down my lane
    And I just can’t contain
    This feeling that remains

    There she goes
    There she goes
    There she goes…

    –Sixpence None the Richer, There She Goes

    Riverdaughter, that bit of lyrics is in honor of your fleeting appearances here in the comments section.

    A week ago, when you said I could post, I had no wordpress account. I created it after you spoke to me, but I still can’t post. When I finished my poem, I e-mailed it to The Confluence. Still can’t post. So now I’m basically reduced to quoting other people’s work and gallows humor about a possible Obama victory.

    You must know the true measure of my desperation when I’m reduced to quoting Sixpence None the Richer.

    Heal my pain.

  99. alice,

    If Bill Ayers were poor and black, he probably would be dead now, like so many of the Black Panthers are, including Fred Hampton, shot by Chicago PD.

  100. Firelight:

    I wasn’t singling you out, it’s just that some visitors seem to think we are obligated to provide them with a forum.

    Unfortunately, moderation is a necessary evil

  101. RD, wonderful piece, as usual. 🙂

    I find it a bit heartening to see such passion from the crowds in front of which McCain and/or Palin speak.

    The heartfelt aversion to an Obama presidency on display at those rallies mirrors my own.

    I may disagree with the GOP’s base voters on many issues, but they love this country, as do I.

  102. Those of us who have battled with t-r-o-l-l-s have learned to spot them quickly, often from the standard phrases and tactics they use.

    Lately we haven’t seen as many of the offensive and insulting ones that were common last Spring, but we regularly see visitors whose only message is some variation of:

    “Give-up, it’s over, Obama won.”

    That’s haka

  103. JohninCA: If you are using the same email address that you use to post comments, then you are an author on this blog. Try logging out and back into WordPress.com. Navigate to this page and look for the “New Post” link in the upper left corner.
    If that still doesn’t work, let me know. the only way I can give you an account is if I know the email address that you will be using. So, be sure that the one you are using is the same one that I can see in your comments. (No one else but the editors and admins on this page will be able to see your email address. You don’t have to put it in the body of your comment)

  104. My pain is healed, and suddenly I now have Riverdaughter to thank, along with Sixpence…

  105. The problem we face is that we do not have a Party right now. It used to be that even when we lost to the Republicans, we could hope that our Party, the Democrats, would regroup and come back strong, and we could work to that end. Now we have been betrayed and marginalized by our own Party, which did it deliberately and insidiously. And realizing this adds to our sense of disillusionment and anomie. Where do we go now? Whom do we rely on to represent our interests and ideals, to stand up for “ordinary” (yet intelligent!) working-class, idealistic yet pragmatic Americans? Dean? Likely new DNC chair Brazile? Kerry? Pelosi? Wexler? Clyburn? One single person in the written or spoken media?

    One should never give up hope, or give up trying to make things better. But these are very dispiriting times, and I am afraid they are going to get worse, for the near term, anyway. This forum is a valuable haven and resource. The horrible realization of what happened to our candidate, and our representative democracy, will not soon be erased or overcome, however.

  106. http://www.audioacrobat.com/playweb?%20audioid=Pb2fca120155f68b55a2f95f93896c43bZVp+RH9uY2N0Vg

    you need to listen to this radio interview about odinga

  107. so when Obama told his audience a couple weeks ago “get in their face and argue with your family, friends, neighbors” that’s acceptable.

    The MSM needs to be shut down. Just like Washington – we need to clean house.

  108. You know, very few Americans would say “My country, right or wrong.” Yet the party system teaches millions of people to think “my party right or wrong.”

  109. William:

    We do have a party. In fact, we ARE the Democratic party.

    Control of our party has been seized by a group of people who do not share our values or goals. That is why our primary goal has to be regaining control of our party.

    Defeating Obama and the cabal that selected him will be a huge victory in that struggle.

  110. Oh holy cr@p-the obamabots are canvasing our neigborhood they could be at my door any minute…this is bad what should I do?

  111. and when James Carville said on CNN there would be riots in the streets if the the polls show bo winning and he loses that is acceptable too??

  112. johninca:

    Millions of Democrats feel obliged to support Obama for just that reason.

  113. they have big tacky obama t-shirts and hand bills oh they are walking the neighborhood in pairs…..I have never had an obamabot in my home what shouuld I do?

    Maybe my hillary for president signs it the window will keep them away?

    Should I offer them Koolaid?

  114. RD: I wonder if there would be any value in some of us calling in to right wing radio shows and telling them that the reason they’re angry is because the media haka is making them feel helpless and the best thing they can do at this point is to turn the media off and stop reading the papers until the election is over.

    I think she’s on to something. Also a little dialogue wouldn’t hurt. We should be able to talk to each other as Americans, and without these insane party labels and propaganda lines (memes, I think they’re now called) used to demonize people.

  115. myiq2xu-this is serious-Obamabots in my neighborhood-coming to my door!

  116. There was a HUGE Obama Tent on one of our Main Streets yesterday. They were passing out yard signs, I think. I’ve never seen that. It was the sort of tent at an Art Sale.

  117. Tell them you think bo will be the next hitler and you think they are brainwashed LOL …. j/k

  118. fuzzy:

    See the previous post

  119. Fuzzy –

    I suggest you get out the duct tape and read the previous post again reaaaally careful! think Kathy Bates!

  120. Swanspirit,

    Yes, when Carville says that it’s perfectly fine. But back when he supported Hillary, he was a racist. See how that works?

  121. I just heard Biden say that if this was a world series, it would be over. I guess actual elections don’t count at all anymore.

  122. myiq2xu-this is serious-Obamabots in my neighborhood-coming to my door!

    I should raise my deflector shields right?

  123. This link is interesting It is about Obama supporters leaving him because of ACORN


  124. Fuzzy:

    How big is your basement?

  125. fuzzy,

    Open the door and listen to what they have to say. Then slam the door in their faces. At least you will have wasted some of their time.

  126. Well, I have to admit you were MILDER today about the whole Hillary deal than I thought — but you know? I just don’t think they realize what they did to her before our VERY EYES RD & CO.


    I guess they are going to have to face the worst now. I’m not surprised at all about what I saw in the recent news articles — the media did this — and all of this could have been avoided, because we had Hillary.

    I don’t even think many of us have vented our feelings about everything yet have we?

    Let’s see — the media — didn’t get the Chicago back story.
    They should have. It’s their job.
    Nothing that happens will surprise me — it’s like the 60’s all over again–like you said the other day — the end of the world as we know it — you and I both in college during the Reagan years — lived through it and became the Dems we are. So many of us.

    The Dems didn’t deserve us RD. The PUMApeople?
    We are the last decent DEMS.

    on a good note:
    McC has vowed to go after ACORN on the vote fraud. It won’t be a bad four years. Not the four we wanted, but, let him reform it all — I have no doubts he will.

    hugs to all, good DEMS every one……

  127. All Afro American Gal,

    I read some of those comments but, I’m not sure I believe they’re real. They just don’t sound sad enough for the sort of heartbreak that comes when someone you’ve trusted lets you down.

  128. There are days when I must shut down completely in order to put some form of perspective back into my life. Amazing what almost 24 hours of no tv, a good book, sauce simmering on the stove, and Mozart tinkling in the background can do for one’s soul.

    The world as we know it may be dissolving before our eyes yet a nature walk in beautiful NE in October is the sweetest balm to uplift the spirits and it costs nothing. A blackout day away from the trenches is buoyant and soothing to the senses and to hell with those jokers who betray us.

    This is my way of resisting what I can no longer control or support. I may find myself repeating this treatment over the next 4 years but the escape is well worth it.

  129. fuzzy — laugh at them — offer them kool-aid — tell them you’re working for McCain that will really deflate them

  130. This is florida-we do not have basements

  131. bb , you know what scares me ?? I do see , and what scares me more than anything is watching frikken Carville et al go along with it

  132. katiebird,

    Biden may live to regret saying that. Sometimes world series games end with homeruns in the bottom of the ninth. And sometimes when their opponents advertise their overconfidence, teams end up in bench clearing brawls.

  133. I just came in from my 5.5 mile walk-maybe I should wait to take my shower.

  134. Fuzzy:

    Greet them in your underwear and invite them in to chat.

    Tell them that you just got paroled and you are really excited to be voting for the first time since “the incident”

  135. Katiebird,

    but they give me hope

    Meanwhile check out this scheduled walking tour of Obama’s neighborhood. All the stops are true and exactly where the map says they are:


  136. fuzzy, I met a woman who described the same situation. When the two gentlemen came to her door she told them they had 20 seconds to get off her property before she called the law.

  137. ok calmer am watching for them though BB how long should I tie them up before Lover the PUMA Paw on them?

  138. johninCA: maybe there’s a poem in that idea. Dear Republicans, we have a common enemy- the media.
    If it rhymes, it will be memorable. 😉

  139. Mawm: I have an idea. When they come to the door for Obama, we come to the door with a Watchtower.

  140. myiq… you SO crack me up , you are funnier than stuart and colbert rolled up in a rug , which is where they belong these days … please write more I love great humor …

  141. How about, “Death to the Media”!.

    Is that too strong?

  142. Mawm have the bots canvased your neighborhood? I mean my neigbor hood has a Obat 08 sign in every other lawn…

    dont they have some other neighborhood to terrorize.

  143. Mawm I live in an apartment I dont know if I can tell them that?

  144. hey get a recorder and ask them if they dont mind being recorded for your internet radio show … after you write their names down ……..

  145. swanspirit: I agree. Myiq has a super sharp instinct for snark. I frequently dowse my keyboard with my drink when I’m reading him.

  146. Okay my rainbow pride flag and bear pride flag are going to be displayed ! Maybe they are homophopes?

  147. juan,

    Just don’t campaign for McCain. This site wants Obama defeated, but we don’t support McCain.

  148. fuzzy: maybe you can meet them at the door and shake their hands and say, “I’m so sorry I can’t talk right now but my kids and I are experiencing hand, foot and mouth disease. Those little blisters in the mouth are so painful. It’s worse if you’re an adult. And it’s so easy to spread. It’s just hand to hand contact.”

  149. Mawm,

    How about “Down with the Media; We’ll decide for ourselves!”

  150. think they are still on the other side of the neighborhood

  151. Fuzzy:

    If they are homophobes be really friendly and offer to show them your new piercing.

  152. I went driving this morning in a middle-class to lower middle class neighborhood here in San Antonio this morning (looking for a friends house to drop something off), and was perusing the yard signs.

    There were a few Obama signs, but the McCain/Palin signs likely outnumbered about 3 to 1. Several had a sign that has a donkey and

    One had a very cool sign that simply said “SARAH!” with the exclamation point a big fat red.

    My FAVORITE, though, was a yard that had a few local Dem signs, plus a McCain/Palin sign, plus the “Vote! Democratic” sign. Only they had taken a sharpie marker and had inserted something between the lines, so it said:


  153. Fuzzy – asked them in and request that they explain everything to you reaallly slowly! take up a max. of their time!

  154. RD and John,

    I love that idea. If I get that poem from John and madamab’s play about Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Rezko, Barack and Michelle, I’ll be a happy (though still slightly bitter) woman.

  155. I have no problem saying that I am a McCain supporter. He has always been the only republican I have ever liked. Him and the former governor of Massachusettes. I am a democrat but in this election I support John McCain.

  156. Maybe I should unpack so my my “probs” from last years gay pride parade!

  157. I’m so glad myiq2xu is here. He was so wasted on Corrente. Lambert really blew it.

  158. If BO attains the Presidency the United States will, IMHO, get the Chief Executive who most fits the national ethos – a bunch of television viewers who take the tube more seriously than real life – who think what’s on the screen IS real life. Is it any wonder that people as seriously silly and vacuous as TV breakfast presenters think of themselves as intellectuals, and think their 20 second thought processes are worth sharing with the rest of the nation? Even some educated people – Fox’s Neil Cavuto cones to mind – see their TV role as arguing with the very people they bring on air to “discuss” issues. My point? The fawning uncritical, star-struck attitude of so many Americans to television has lead naturally to a state of affairs where a low-life crook like BO appeals to so many people. Well — hey! — he looks great on TV! He’s cool man! Catch those shades! Just look, will ya, at how he moves. He IS the man! (Pass the Kool Aid, dude).

    Despite the great achievements of the US in the arts and sciences, large sections of this society are mindlessly trivial, and may be going to get the mindless and trivial President they apparently crave. BO’s genius is to be a perfect child of his times.

    Our cruel fate is to have seen the light on the hill, to understand what a genuine and brilliant leader Hillary Clinton could have been (and hopefully will yet be).

  159. sorry “props” I really dress up to piss off the fundie republicans!

  160. heidi li or ginainkc — I can’t find the comment over at RCP to vote on. Can someone post a link? I want to vote on it!

    William/bboomer — yes I think length affects the automatic moderation bc I’m always getting dungeoned. I can never write anything short.

  161. RiverDaughter … yeaaa lets encourage him !!! and please, everyone call me swannie , its more familiar to me…. I even answer to it IRL
    and to know I am among friends here … I am so very grateful …
    I just use the more formal one for registration 😉 and stuff
    I can’t wait to meet PUMAS IRL

  162. I attended the Palin rally in Carson California. The crowd was the opposite of angry. They were wild about Sarah and very positive. I spoke to many people there before and after the event. One women I met was beaming and bubbling over with excitement and said what she loved so much about Sarah Palin was her positive energy. She felt that Sarah brought out the best in people and that it was this quality, among others that made Gov. Palin a great leader.

  163. Right after the DNC handed Obama the primary I have on 2 occasions DNC people come to my door — I am now on the DO NOT DISTURB CRAZY WOMAN LISTS — I went OFF — how dare you come to my house — why didn’t the DNC stand up for a former first lady? A United States Senator when she was called a “f’ing whore” or “white bitch” or when she was mocked by the Trinity Church – which I find to be very, very racists. Where was the DNC? Where was Obama? What about the fraud in all the caucus states? I was in Texas. Why hasn’t Howard Dean responded to my affidavit concerning Texas?

    I am much calmer these days. I play several angles – undecided, fully out for McCain – depends. I usually just listen — rope them in and simply say – yeah, I really don’t know where he stands on issues – like FISA — when he said……and now he says…….. or what really bothers me since I am a lesbian why he wouldn’t get his picture taken with Mayor Newsom or march in the parade (he got his haircut and played basketball) then I finish with – well, I think I will support McCain at least he does what he says.

  164. If BO gets elected I hope it is Hillary (out of Party Loyalty) that introduces the articles of impeachment to the senate when his turn comes!

  165. Yes, Valhalla,

    I’ve released many of your comments. I definitely think length is a factor. It’s probably because a lot of the porn spam comes in really lengthy blocks of text.

  166. Yeah the Carville talk about rioting in the streets if O doesn’t win struck me as odd too. Just recently, he was saying that O was still too “unseasoned.”

    And, esp since he is married to Mary Matalin. I know they disagree politically, but have always presented a united front, in that they don’t believe folks from diff parties are inherently “bad,” or “racist” just disagree.

    She’s one of those media/campaign “elites,” too, so I really think that even the Rep establisment fear a McC presidency in that he may actually- gasp! TRY to reform some things and change their comfortable world and that scares the sh out of them.

  167. I would get perverse pleasure out of all his supporters abandoning him for self preservation.

  168. maybe I am on the wacko’s list?

  169. simofish,

    I’m surprised you are getting so many canvassers in CA. I haven’t had any since the primary. MA went for Hillary by more than CA did. I guess they take us for granted. I wonder if they might get a surprise in the end?

  170. Please forgive the length of this, but I would like your members’ thoughts and it is on topic.
    This whole “the McCain rallies are filled with dangerous people” talking point is making the rounds (which must be by design). Got a link from a friend who normally stays above the fray. I told him that there were people on both sides who are nuts (and yes, there are) — should have linked him to one of Cannonfire’s collections and probably will.
    But when I read the MSM article from the link, there were no threats or any real nastiness — just a lot of fear, frustration and concern. I think McCain put country ahead of his career by trying to dampen that fear, but I also think that as much as he knows about the Senator, he can’t really believe Senator Obama would do anything to harm this country (other than follow the different policies than he would). I think Senator McCain thinks Senator Obama is just naive.
    I am not so sanguine and I don’t believe Senator Obama is at all naive.
    I think Senator Obama likely has an agenda, but I don’t know what it is and don’t think anyone but his inner circle does.
    Is it all ego, to become the next Reagan and go down in history as a magnificent figure, beloved by all? Is it to engage more effectively in the kinds of quid pro quo with his friends that he has engaged in during his whole career (with those not thrown permanently under the bus)? We had a lot of that with George Bush and see where it got us. It seems likely that he shares goals with Acorn as they have consistently benefited from large sums of money he has thrown their way.
    I have no problem with the goal of helping increase home ownership, which does help ordinary people build wealth, but the means used to do so by Acorn has helped bring our financial system to a breaking point. (Or was that deliberate? Did Acorn members never hear the story of killing the goose that laid the golden eggs?)
    Is spreading the rumor that the McCain supporters are nuts itself deliberate, in order to build a foundation for violence in the streets or to excuse it if it happens — and blame it on those “crazy” McCain supporters? (I can’t believe I just wrote that, but…)

  171. I want to thank Riverdaughter for adding me as a writer. I just put up my first post.

    RD need not fear that I’ll be pre-empting her all that often by putting up new posts. The poetic statement made there takes time to create– at least it does for me.

    — johninca

  172. Ha! Just read a blurb that an upstate NY county has this on its absentee ballots: “The absentee ballots sent to voters in Rensselaer County identified the two presidential candidates as “Barack Osama” and “John McCain.”

  173. bb — this was in June — right after the primary. Last week I got a call from the local office asking to come in – I asked what they needed me to do — listened then said — I raised $50K for Hillary Clinton – I am a PUMA and I am doing all those things for McCain/Palin now.

    I received a phone call from the DNC asking for a donation — did the same thing – roped the guy along then said – I would NEVER support the DNC this year — click – hung up before I could finish.

    It drives them nuts — they are as invested as we are. So – I am sure it blows their day.

    A lot of CA’s are going over to Nevada.

  174. juan, we are adamantly opposed to Obama. Some of us like McCain, some don’t, but our primary goal is seeing to it that BO is NOT elected president of our beloved country.

    I’m one who likes McCain,because I think he’s a decent and fair man who loves this country, though he would not have been my first choice by a long shot. I am, like many, a centrist Democrat. We also have some real genuine far lefties, some Libertarian-leaning Dems, some social liberal/fiscal conservative types, and some dyed-in-the wool Greenies.

    We have a few Republicans who hang out here, and usually get along fine, so long as you remember that there is a variety of opinion here, but heavy-handed pushing of brand conservatism is not welcome. We are united in our opposition to Obama and his big-money and media lapdogs, and our love of genuine American freedoms and civil discourse, and don’t want the focus to be on our individual ideologies but on our common goals.

    Country first. NObama.

  175. also on an OT side note ..
    FOR ME the trooper gate sub text has revealed how protective Todd is of his wife … and now he has been fleshed out as a real person and I really admire and respect him , he is not just a ” hunky hubby “anymore but a real person with true courage and grit !! and WHAT A GUY !!!

  176. djmm:

    Those stories about McPalin rallies are pretty vague aren’t they?

    Not a whole lot of video documentation either.

    I seriously doubt the pissed-off geezers I’ve seen in the videos produced so far are a real threat to public safety.

  177. I’d be a lot more likely to vote McCain if he’d just stop trashing Liberals in EVERY ad. As a Liberal Against Obama, it makes it really hard for me to consider McCain as an alternative.

  178. So what’s with trooper gate investigation show? Gov. Palin didn’t do anything wrong by firing Monegan BUT she was wrong to try to get her wife-beating, child-tasering, drunk-driving, gun-toting brother-in-law cop off the force?
    It just makes me like her more.

  179. Votermom:

    Troopergate = a big nothing-burger

  180. This “rioting in the streets” statement, first made by Douglas Wilder in the primary campaigning, then taken up by other people, is both incendiary and r@cist (I hope I did that right). It clearly implies that Black people, if they don’t get their way, will riot. No one ever said that the Gore or the Bush or the Clinton supporters would riot if they didn’t win. Hillary got more votes, won every big state but Illinois, had her delegates taken away, and no one suggested her supporters would riot. But the Obama voters will riot–because he is Black? Because many of them are Black? Who are the ones who will riot? What are you saying or suggesting? Are you saying that you must be sure he wins, even if you weren’t going to vote for him, to avoid riots,and risking damage to you and your house? You must vote for Obama because he is “The One,” and also because if you don’t, you might physically suffer?

  181. I agree, myiq2xu, that there is no real threat to public safety from those at the McCain rallies. But I suspect the Obama team of pushing this tall tale rather forcefully. The question is, why?

  182. djmm:

    To delegitimize McCain and any enthusiasm by his supporters

  183. I am personally sick of the words Liberals and Conservatives.
    I am somewhere in the middle.

  184. Wow, Todd is one heck of a guy trying to protect his wife that way. The people that are carrying out this witch hunt of an investigation against Palin should be totally ashamed of themselfs.

  185. marie:

    In any normal year Trropergate would be a bad story for Democrats because it reinforces the narrative that the GOP will protect people rules or no rules while the Democrats care more about the rights of criminals.

  186. And, how f’king dare anyone out there make fun of Paul? After all he’s been through. … All you people care for is readers and money.**

    Adding ‘access and acceptability’, Paul Krugman, too. He doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

    Bandwidth and Data have been reshaped, thanks to Bush and Obama.

    [**: borrowed from Chris ‘Britney’ Cocker]

  187. To WMCB

    Thank you for responding, let me introduce myself, I am a country loving American of Puerto Rican descent that is totally annoyed when the first think I hear is to push one for English when placing a phone call to any company.
    I am an American that is totally frustrated at the very obvious bias in the mainstream media, in education,in hollywood.
    I am an American whose morning ritual while attending grammar school was reciting the pledge of alligiance Under God.
    I am an American that believes freedom of speech should not just be applicable as long as it is the right manner of speech.
    I am an American that believes its leader should be held to a high moral standard, and their associations and behaviors, should be exposed for all to see and make informed judgement, I am an open minded


  188. If I were to go to a McCain rally, I would be shouting with the rest of them. The reason for their rage is simple… how can normal Americans hear and see what we have, and not be astounded that Obama is even still running?

    People are angry and instead of trying to calm them down, McCain should be leading them. Do I think any of his events are going to spill out into the street and lynch black people? No. Do I think there is a chance of violence from Obama supporters? Hell, yes. I have encountered problems since I put the “Dem for McCain” bumper sticker on. Now I am careful of where I leave my car.

    The media will make of it what they want, and McCain will go into some history books as the white man who tried to keep the black man out of the white house. That is a given. Just like Hillary has been painted a racist and will stay that way to Obama supporters.

    McCain needs to see that this is not just another Dem. opponent. This is a movement and a neferious one, at that. He can roll over and let them have the country, or he can roll up his sleeves and fight. By that, I mean, he can tell the truth about Obama, and his buddies. He can name more names than he has, and he can ask the questions that half the nation wants answers to. We have done pretty well with the limited resources at our disposal. At least some buried stories have come out of PUMA work, and surfaced in the media, but now it is time for McCain/Palin to prove that they want to help the country. We are facing a foe that will do inestimable damage if elected. It is time for them to jump on the horse, grab the sword and go slay the dragon.

    It seems pretty evident that Sarah is up for the ride, the question is, is McCain?

  189. Regarding the “out of control” McCain supporters, I found this in an AP story:
    “Barack Obama acknowledged Saturday that John McCain has asked his supporters to temper their attacks on him. . . . I appreciated his reminder that we can disagree while still being respectful of each other,” Obama told supporters in Philadelphia. He said McCain “has served this country with honor, and he deserves our thanks for that.”

    Too bad Obama has never tried to tamp down ANY of his supporters, instead he only encourages the hate and divisivness.

    Meanwhile, here’s an AP story I thought I’d never see casting doubts on Obama – Rezko is “spilling the beans”:

  190. All Afro American Gal, on October 11th, 2008 at 2:00 pm Said:
    I am personally sick of the words Liberals and Conservatives.
    I am somewhere in the middle.

    Me too AAAGal. I have always been moderately liberal socially and very damn fiscally conservative. Sometimes I Iean one-way and sometimes the other. I’m ashamed that over time I because very partisan and ended up voting for some knuckleheaded Democrats just because they were Democrats. I am so over that b.s.

    Now, as a newly minted Independent I am getting over feeling lost without my “D” identity. I am free to vote for whoever I want, McCain/Palin this time, for whatever reasons I find them worthy of my vote. Never again will I be held hostage by “party” loyalty. And I’m betting that I am not alone in that!

  191. It is illogical to me to say, “I do not want Obama to win” and then say, ” I can not vote for McCain.” If Obama does not win, it will be because McCain wins. If McCain does not win, Obama will. Whether you like it or not, the bottom line is that the only thing that is going to stop Obama winning, is McCain winning. If you really believe that it is important for Obama to be defeated, there is only one thing you can do to really help make that happen.

  192. Remember even Obama has praised Ronald Reagan as if he was some sort of god for America. Its all a myth. The majority of Republicans in Congress took power and immediately began to name everything that did not move after Reagan. That was the revision of history. It wasn’t the public that chose to name monuments and highways and airports after him, it was politicians. After Iran-Contra, after he busted Unions, after he threw many people off of Social Security Disability, after he partied and brought “class” back to the White House while AIDS ran rampant in our country with no acknowlwgement from him. Yea, what a great man. We also now know that he had lost his marbles in the last years of his second term and didn’t hardly know what was going on.

  193. BRAVO- Riverdaughter- wonderful post.

    We are still mad as hell and No-We-Won’t reward
    the DNC and Obama for their travesty of a campaign.

  194. OK – today I was really frightened. I have an old japanese car with a dent from a previous accident – caused by someone without indurance. And I have a proud Hillary sticker with PUMA written across it in marker. I came back to my car in a store parking lot just as a yellow car backed into it twice, on purpose. When the guy saw me running to my car and yelling hey, he opened his window, gave me the finger, yelled “obama” and drove off. My front fender is dented, with the paint remved and yellow paint left behind. I could not read the license plate since i didn’t have my glasses on.

    Frankly I fear violence from Obama supporters. I know that SDS has been recruiting again for 2 years and although they say they are non-violent SDS and most marxist-type organizations consider violence to be a viable means to attain their ends.

    My poor budget will get hit hard with this, but my vote is mine.

  195. WMCB, beautifully put. If those on the left put aside their blinders and asked why those on the right are angry at government, they may discover that all us angry people have a few things in common. It may not be that government by liberals is illegitimate (and, by the way, haven’t we on the left been bleating that government by conservatives is illegitimate for a generation, especially these last eight years?) but that abusive government that fails to respect the people is illegitimate.

  196. looking for integrity–my oh-so-enlightened Obamabot spouse says ignore what’s written on the Internet and pay attention only to what Obama says, but frankly what is happening to you and many others (simofish, for example) is the real political story. What he says is dangerously naive. You may as well say pay attention only to the stirring speeches but ignore the rocks being hurled by brownshirts or the neighbors being beaten up by kids wearing red scarves. No. Never. Epic Political FAIL. Hate and violence are wrong from anyone, and we are right to stand up to it.

  197. I get very upset when i hear the MSM wax on and on about how mccain is stoking the flames of hate and racism…. when it seems that, in reality, it is the obama supporters who are the ones that are out of control… I have read many storied on various blogs similar to LookingForIntegrity’s story… And this morning, I woke up to my own….

    I live in Northern VA, but in western Prince William County which is on the outskirts of NoVa and has been pretty reliably red in years past. Over the last couple of years, my neighborhood has seen more AA’s move in. No one seems to be overtly political (only a couple obama signs among hundreds of homes) so i figured I would it was safe to go ahead and put out my McCain/Palin sign… just a small one…. one week ago…. Well, this morning, I went to get the mail and I noticed someone had spraypainted the word “RACIST” on my sign….

    You will never see my story or stories like it on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, etc…. heavens no…. it’s the bigoted republicans that are the hateful racists

  198. looking for integrity – couldn’t you have called the police about that incident? Won’t you need a police report in order to collect insurance for the repairs? Seems to me the police need to be aware that these sorts of things are occurring….

    Tag # or not, yellow cars are not all that common (do you know the make?) and that one would now have evidence from your car on its back bumper.

    I’m so sorry this happened to you, and so sad that we must now fear such assaults on our property/ourselves – and more, on our right to free speech – such as this. 😦

  199. Well, if Buckley’s son can vote for Obama as a conservative libertarian then dems, by the same token, can vote republican.

  200. LFI:

    Discretion is the better part of valor. If you are worried, simply hide your feelings about Obama (lie if necessary) and vote your conscience on Nov 4th.

    If Teh Precious manages to “win” the election he will be a dismal failure. Then you can proudly wear your “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Hillary” pin.

    You don’t see anyone boasting they voted for Bush anymore, do you?

  201. It may be a good idea to hide one’s feelings in general, after the initial feelers reach hostile territory, as there are very few who can be reached effectively at this point, it seems.

    I just received a call from my sister in law, who brought up my voting for McCain, and I tried to politely explain the reasons, and then asked her why she was going to vote for BO- she replied that she was afraid Palin would become Pres, and she resented the idea that she gets all this press because she is pretty and talks well. I couldn’t resist reminding her that those were BO’s only possible attributes (although I do not care for his appearance), and she informed me that we were losing our connection (in more ways than one, I’m afraid).

  202. lfi – I am so sorry – America is not free now – just during the “pre-election” no free speech and free choice. Maybe I slept through any other election that had anything like this – but I don’t think so.

    I read many months ago the saying – When they tell you who they are – believe them. I believe the thugs – since reading blogs like the orange snake pit. I believe the moronic media. I used to drive my ’64 Jag XKE all the time. Mean creepy people would deface it just to be mean. They didn’t know me – just take a key to the length of a whole side. Most people got really happy to see such a classic and beautiful car. Most people can respect others and their property.

    But not a lot of BZero supporters have that inner character that holds back the little child within that does feel so entitled to dictate to others.Bad analogy maybe. His supporters have been telling us and showing us in their ugly language and ways that yes they will cause mayhem. Thats why I fear for Simofish and others. That’s why the polls are screwed up, that’s why this election is going to set back ra@e relations many decades. The media and the Democratic party have all contributed. The Bu$h cabal in their quest to rewrite American constitution and the pursuit of more power($$$) for the executive branch using the DOJ has set us back decades. That is not an excuse for the Democrats – far from it – we expected better and demand better. We are in a h@ll of a situation when the media is consciously fomenting hate, fraud, lies – all in the pursue to $$$. Money is not evil – love of money is. All these pundits who are now blind and deaf and have escrewed all truths about BZero have no forgiveable excuse. We will all lose if BZero frauds his way into office – but some of us are trying to save this country. It will be noteworthy. Country before party.

  203. Sure they can, looking for integrity.

    AFter all, Obama himself told us the Republican Party was the party of ideas, right?


  204. *****
    I think McCain put country ahead of his career by trying to dampen that fear, but I also think that as much as he knows about the Senator, he can’t really believe Senator Obama would do anything to harm this country (other than follow the different policies than he would). I think Senator McCain thinks Senator Obama is just naive

    Every part of his life is worrisome. Even the good parts, like attending Punahou School, have disturbing facts attached to them.

    Baracks childhood is worrisome, and things don’t get bettter from there:
    He grew up without his biological father, who left his mother early on and went back to Kenya. The father later died in a car accident while very drunk. Oh, yeah, abandoned by father and father was a drunk. No red flags there. Barack can’t seem to quit smoking though, can he? Addictive personality.

    His mother was extremely anti-American, and moved to the Philippines when Obama was six. Obama still is unable to speak the language of the Philippines, at least acording to those who say he can only speak one language. Thus he existed in severe social isolation for four years.

    His mother, for reasons that are completely unexplained, dumped him on his grandmother at ten. The grandmother, by going without a car and riding a bus to work every day, and calling in who knows how many favors, managed to send Barack to the most elite private school in Hawaii, Punahou School. Read their Wikipedia entry. Elite. 100 percent. His attendance of this school greatly helped him getting into elite colleges and set him on the path to being a US Senator.

    Obama rewarded his grandmother by calling her a racist before the nation.

    Obama’s college years were disturbing as well. The high school he went to was as elite as they come, and Obama is “very smart”, or at least all his supporters claim he is. Still, it turns out that Obama was unable to get into Columbia for two years and instead went to Occidental College. After two years, when drop-outs made an opening, Obama was allowed into Columbia. Rhode’s Scholar? Doesn’t seem like it.

    He then worked for a year at Business International Corporation and then at the New York Public Interest Research Group. Nobody seems to know what he did there, which given how much attention his very low-level leadership as a community organizer is given, I assume he had an ordinary white collar job.

    And then he moved onto a job equal in complexity to a Burger King manager. As Wikipedia states:
    “After four years in New York City, Obama moved to Chicago, where he was hired as director of Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based community organization originally comprising eight Catholic parishes in Greater Roseland (Roseland, West Pullman, and Riverdale) on Chicago’s far South Side, and worked there for three years from June 1985 to May 1988.[13][15] During his three years as the DCP’s director, its staff grew from one to thirteen and its annual budget grew from $70,000 to $400,000”

    He commanded between 1 and 13 employees! Burger King manager’s are very much in ‘his pay grade’ at this time. But look not to the ordinariness of this management position, look instead to the context of it. The context being a ‘Community Organizer’ for the completely corrupt Daley Chicage Machine. Oh, he was a little cog, but he was a cog in that machine.

    So we are now at May 1988 and Obama has achieved a rank equal to Shift Leader of the Local Burger King.

    So, having failed to hack it in the real world, he went back to college. Obama entered Harvard Law School in late 1988. Starting in June 1989, he began to determidely pursue Michelle Robinson, whose family has extensive connections with Jesse Jackson and the rest of the Chicago machine. Unfortunately, she remained unconvinced that he was enough of a ‘winner’ for her. After his successfull direction of Illinois’ Project Vote from April to October 1992, she finally married him in October 3, 1992. See where ACORN comes from? There really isn’t a part of Obama’s history that isn’t totally disturbing. Also, see where the misogyny comes from? In addition to the obvious with his mother. His wife ‘made’ him and stood in judgement over him, “is he a loser, isn’t he a loser, maybe I’ll leave” for three years.

    And that’s the beginning of Barack Obama’s political career. “Project Vote”, father of ACORN, and a political marriage.

    The following is important.
    In 1995, the Bus Of Death that is the Obama Campaign gets rolling. Read Wikipedia and draw your own conclusions:
    “Obama ran for State Senator when Alice Palmer decided to run for Congress in a 1995 special election, and he received her endorsement.[2] After being defeated in the primary by Jesse Jackson Jr., Palmer returned to request that Obama drop out of the race and let her run again for the seat.[3] Obama declined, and Palmer decided to run against him. Prior to the primary, Obama challenged the validity of ballot petition signatures for his opponents, resulting in their exclusion from the ballot and allowing him to run unopposed in the primary.[2][4] Obama won the heavily Democratic 13th district by a large margin.[4] He was easily reelected in 1998, and again in 2002 (after the district was redrawn to span Chicago lakefront neighborhoods from the Gold Coast south to South Chicago).[5]”

    “Prior to the primary, Obama challenged the validity of ballot petition signatures for his opponents, resulting in their exclusion from the ballot and allowing him to run unopposed in the primary.”-ACORN begins.

    Oh, you thought Hillary was the first time? The first women, the first rigged primary? He does this all the time. It is his life.

    In fact, talking about his life is the single best way to finish him off. Let the Obamabot contemplate the glorious life that is “The One.”

    I’ve decided to stop now, becuase this post is getting to long.

  205. wow- you have an XKE? Those are so beautiful- I used to have a matchbox car of that model.

  206. Ughhh…just got into an argument with another (now former) friend.

  207. The Anger reported at the McCain rallies is NOTHING compared to the crap that I saw at the caucus I attended in February.

    The Obamabots were literally shaking in RAGE when they spoke their lies about Hillary Clinton. Not once did any of the Obamabots tell us what Obama was going to do if elected or what his proposals were — all they did during their 2 minutes was rage against Hillary (and Bill) Clinton.

    Yes we Hillary supporters watch as the MSM relentlessly trashed her (and her supporters) — so we aren’t surprised at the way the corporate media has been trashing McCain and Palin. But now the Republicans are seeing McCain & Palin being treated in a similar manner — and yes they are pissed.

    I expect that any Republican with an email account has gotten daily email exposing Obama and his friends. You know the details about Obama that the corporate media refuses to report.

    Today I got an email from my Republican neighbor — with completely accurate information about the CEOs of Freddie Mae — and how this related to the current financial crisis.

    What is interesting is that email from the Republicans passes Snopes.com and other fact check organization — plus their information is similar to the in depth info found on The Confluence and NQ and other websites.

    Could it be that the corporate media is being exposed at long last as being NON NEWS and irrelevant?

    Obviously people are getting their information from outside the corporate media.

  208. lililam — BO is pretty and talks well too–just ask his running mate!


  209. looking for integrity,

    i am so sorry to hear abt this – as i said before: waehret den anfaengen!

  210. comment:

    Obama lived in Indonesia, not the Philippines, and by his own account he had no issues with his step-father, who was an oil-field engineer for the gov’t of Indonesia.

    He asked to move back to Hawaii at the age of 10, and his mother agreed. At the time his grandmother was a vice-president for Bank of Hawaii and his grandfather managed a furniture store.

    While not rich, they certainly were not poor either.

  211. Fantastic! The whole story – beginning to end…
    As for Krugman, I have been reading him recently to try to understand the economic crisis. It’s not the first time he leaves the economist at the door and writes as Obama’s surrogate.
    I am pretty much left without anyone in the media to trust anymore.

  212. myiq2xu: That’s interesting about his asking to move back to Hawaii at age 10 and his mother agreeing.

    I am uncomfortable with the assertion I’ve read in some anti-Obama blogs that his mother dumped him with his grandparents so she could embark on a voyage of self-discovery. Most family lives are more complicated than Ward and June Cleaver’s, and I do not lay the campaign’s events at the feet of Stanley Ann Dunham. Seems I can’t turn any place without encountering misogyny *sigh*

  213. I put this at digg
    so if you are members, digg it up. I had to replace “Clintons” with Bill and Hillary” – or else my subject matter was “invalid”

  214. efe – done dugg!

  215. “I am pretty much left without anyone in the media to trust anymore.”

    They’re being bought off.

  216. “It’s not nearly as enraging to voters as the Obama surrogates who accuse us of racism while they undermine us with sexism. ”

    Wow, you said a mouthful there and you are absolutely 100% correct. You want to know why Krugman doesn’t understand any of this? Why the various political pundits don’t understand any of this? It’s because we do not exist in their world, just as we do not exist in Obama’s world and just as we no longer exist in the democratic party. When we lost Hillary Clinton we lost whatever voice we have struggled so long and hard to attain. Yeah, we are angry.

  217. I don’t understand why what Krugman wrote came as a shock. Has his thoughts not been obvious in his NYT columns?

    BTW, the link to the Krugman blog does not work.

  218. The biggest problem I am having with my friends and associates who are voting BO is their inability to come up with good reasons. I am prepared to defend my decision to back McCain, and be more than okay with Palin. Are they my first choice? Hell, no. But the Obots took my first choice.

    I have one friend, who keeps up with the political news, but won’t tell anyone else that she is voting McCain, even though she is a registered Rep., because of the hassle she gets when it comes up. I have a couple of other friends who are backing McCain, but one is Canadian, and can’t vote. My roommate is NOBAMA all the way, but is fast becoming anti-black because of all the racism the black community has shown this year. I want to argue the point with her, but it is hard, being logical. I have no position to argue from. “There are some black Americans who are not swayed solely by the color of his skin.” That is the whole argument I can come up with.

    This election will change interpersonal dynamics all over this country, and not in a good way. If we lose, I truly believe that the tamping down of individual free expression under Bush will look like child’s play. I am not worried about the average black American family is BO wins, but I believe that he has a lot of followers in the youth range, and slightly older that will enjoy any opportunity to feel more powerful than others, and I don’t think that PUMAs will be the only ones to incur their wrath. Remember, after Nov.4, nobody will know, for sure, how someone voted in that booth. People supporting “the one” will probably be right there under the bus with us.

  219. I think I’ve convinced my massage therapist to vote for McCain.

    All of the women in her family were Hillary supporters and they’re voting for Palin, in a protest of the shabby way Hillary was treated – and continues to be treated.

  220. RD:

    Don’t dismiss Reagan then vote for Palin. They are the same person. Palin is the anti-Hillary. If you are still upset with the outcome of the primaries, vote Green. Or vote independent. Or write in Hillary’s name. If you’ve been liberal all your life, why vote for McPalin? To prove a point to the media? Who cares about the media. Do you think they will receive the point you’re broadcasting?

    No. You know the reports that you’ll hear post-election: race, Bradley effect, sunspots, moonbeams, anything but PUMA. So why choose 4 more years of Republicans to spite a media that you know has been taking shortcuts and playing favorites forever (we all know the media didn’t just lose it’s bearings and become lazy and sensationalist in 1992).

    How could you be “tepidly warm” toward Republicans? Why would you vote Republican? We all hated the way the Clintons were treated in the media and by the right wing hit machine. The same right-wing hit machine would be going after Hillary now had she won. So why even consider voting for McCain, who has employed the same mob who attacked him in 2000 and who attacked Bill and Hillary from ’92-99?’

    Don’t do it. Vote RiverDaughter 08 before you vote for McCain. THAT will prove a point.

  221. “We all hated the way the Clintons were treated in the media and by the right wing hit machine. ”

    The Clintons were and continue to be treated by the media and the left wing progressive democrats’ hit machine this go around in the EXACT SAME WAY! It was and continues to be disgusting, more so because this time it comes from the left. It will not be tolerated and it will not be condoned and it will not be accepted behaviour against any woman ANY MORE!

    That is why we won’t be voting Obama and that is why we will be voting for McCain. We aren’t voting green and we aren’t staying home because that helps obama win in november, and trust me, that is exactly what they hope we do (stay home, that is). That condones and encourages the filthy disgusting campaign that obama & co. has run against clinton since the get go. That condones and encourages the filthy smears the msm has run against Hillary Clinton since the get go, which the disgusting campaign of obama has done nothing but encourage. That once again condones the filthy, disgusting, demeaning that women continue to receive in this country, in 2008!

    Voting a 3rd party or not voting at all will do nothing but get obama and his cronies into the white house. It will complete the transformation of the Democratic Party into the same right wing nut job mode of the 90’s.
    How could YOU vote for Obama knowing what he did and what he encouraged and condoned and what will continue to be encouraged and condoned by so-called “liberal” progressives?


  222. Ugh…. I don’t think this media hatred toward the republicans is anything new to them. Look what the media did to Bush. Oliver Stone is putting out a movie of Bush on the eve of the election which makes him out to be an idiot. How many movies has hollywood made about Bush – 4 or more.

    Let’s be honest, vile hatred and contempt for conservatives is what late night commics live on, the main strem media feed on and the public all to eagerly consumes. (Let me state I am a conservative)

  223. Hillary was the media’s favorite punching bag. She almost won too. It drove them NUTS.

    – I never understood the media’s hatred of Hillary Clinton either.

    It truly is insane. The woman has a great plan for this country, wanted to get us back on the right track, and she was villified every single step of the way.

    The press hounded her when she was first lady, ignored her accomplishments as a Senator (remember that asshole’s comment stating that Hillary won because her husband messed around on her), then when she ran for Prez, they picked up the hate once again.

    I’m convinced that the majority of these men pulling the strings in the press are intimidated by Hillary Clinton. People assumed that sexism was a thing of the past, but they way they treat Hill shows us that it does in fact stil exist.

    Oh, and I think Maureen Dowd has a mental disorder, or someone is blackmailing her and forcing her to write all of the crap about Hillary. It’s beyond extreme.

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