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Barack Obama for Kids

Bruce Handy , a self-professed Obama fan, reviewed three children’s biographies of Barack Obama for tomorrow’s New York Times Book Review.

As an Upper West Sider and member of the media elite, one who’s scared of John McCain’s rickety temperament and doesn’t find Sarah Palin credible on any subject or even as hot as Republican bumper stickers and obliging foreign leaders would have us believe…I’m all for Obama.

But thankfully, his gag reflex has survived, despite his heavy intake of Koolaid. He actually dares to ask the question, what if Obama is not only “the first black president” but also a “the first lousy black president?” Look out Bruce. You’re going to be on the receiving end of a lot of angry O-bot e-mail now.

here’s an excerpt from the intro to Garen Thomas’s readable if not particularly inspired chapter book, “Yes We Can: A Biography of Barack Obama”:

“There has emerged a new leader who seems to be granting Americans a renewed license to dream. . . . People believe he under­stands them, because by some measure he is them. . . . He manages, through what appears to be genuine concern, to uplift those who have fallen and bring hope anew to both the cynic and the idealist.”

I read some of this book at Amazon.com. It is recommended for children ages 9-12. In the excerpt I read, there was an odd bit of cognitive dissonance. The book describes Barack Obama Sr.’s marriage to a woman named Kezia and the birth of their child, Roy; and Obama’s efforts to find a college that would give him financial aid. Then author Garen Thomas explains that after he was admitted to the University of Hawaii, Obama left his wife and children in the care of his stepmother Sarah.

In the next paragraph, with no further explanation, Thomas describes how Obama met Stanley Ann Dunham and started dating her. I guess times have changed for 9-year-olds. I think I would have needed a little more information about how Obama, Sr. left his wife and child and quickly got involved with another young woman. Apparently, this didn’t trouble Bruce Handy though. Back to his review of the Thomas book:

Let’s perform a brief thought experiment. Let’s imagine the same saucer-eyed prose being written about Michael Dukakis, John Kerry or Al Gore — or for that matter, either George Bush. Nope. Doesn’t quite translate.

I think it’s fair to say that no modern American politician, not even Ronald Reagan, has entered the arena with as much symbolic, even messianic, baggage as Obama has. Some is the byproduct of his historic role, some the product of his own oratorical manufacture, and some has been projected on him, vaporous and inchoate, as if he were a big-eared, smartly dressed healing crystal.

Actually, I did find some sappy children’s biographies of other Presidential candidates, and even a recently published children’s book called Al Gore: Fighting for a Greener Planet. Here’s one about Hillary Clinton. Here’s another one about Hillary, for children ages 4-8. Sigh. Oh, well, back to the Obama books. Handy continues:

“Barack,” a picture book written by Jonah Winter and illustrated by AG Ford, depicts Obama looking off into the distance — at the future? The promised land? Another town hall meeting in Scranton? — against a backdrop of blue sky and a suggestion of heavenly clouds. “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope,” another picture book, written by Nikki Grimes and illustrated by Bryan Collier, features a ghostly adult version of the candidate looming behind his boyhood self, the elder Obama’s hands raised in a preacher’s gesture, light beams emanating from the horizon to suggest we’re at a more churchly incarnation of a Hollywood premiere. Upping the ante, “Yes We Can,” the chapter book, backdrops our hero with a suggestion of both heavenly clouds and light beams — the full Botticelli….

The Obama portrayed in the Winter and Grimes books reminds me less of George Washington not being able to tell a lie, the future father of his country as morally instructive goody two-shoes, and more of the denatured Jesus I remember from Sunday school, the Jesus who was always suffering children but never making dark cracks about camels and eyes of needles — the Mr. Rogers of holy.

Both books deploy the cadences and strategies of folk tales and religious texts to retell Obama’s life story….“Barack” notes that the future senator was born “one moonlit night” — I missed that detail in “Dreams From My Father” — while “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope” introduces us to “his mama, white as whipped cream” and “his daddy, black as ink.” Hope becomes a semi-literal character in Grimes’s book, as in “the sight of beggars broke his heart. Barry started to wonder, Will I ever be able to help people like these? Hope hummed deep inside of him. Someday, son. Someday.”

How lovely. “The sight of beggars broke his heart.” Oh really? I guess he avoids looking at the poor folks these days then. Otherwise, he’d probably try to help the people that are losing their houses, no?

Meanwhile, “Barack” cli­maxes with an illustration of the candidate in front of the Lincoln Memorial, seemingly in prayer, with a text block about Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech and then the following: “And on the horizon, at the dawn of a new age, there appeared a man who would be the embodiment of King’s dream — a presidential candidate whose very being was a bridge that joined nations.”

Okay, I don’t think I can take any more of this. But how nice that the New York Times has seen fit to point O-bot parents to the age-appropriate propaganda to help them prepare their children for the hopey changey “new age” of Barack Obama.

Excuse me while I run out into the street screaming.

194 Responses

  1. Argh sorry to be OT, but does anyone know why Senate.gov has been down all day!?!?

  2. Un-believable …those childrens books about bo are sad , I think , because they resemble fairy tales and fiction more than fact .

  3. call me old fashioned, but what happened to the fabolous five???

  4. “…for he is Quisatz Haderach!”

  5. But what I find most amazing is: why Obama? If you are going to have yourself a cult of personality, shouldn’t you first find a personality? The real Obama, sans teleprompter and a squad of media fluffers, seems bland and uninspiring.

  6. OT, but I have a new post at Klownhaus.

    If you want my opinion on a topic we won’t discuss here:


  7. Okay, on the birth certificate thing, I literally don’t even know what everybody’s talking about. If people want to litigate this in the courts, fine, but I care about the man’s monumentally misconceived policies. Abort enough of those, and even I might be okay with him as my president.

  8. Mike J- Who or whatever is behind Sir Barks-A-Lot doesn’t want someone with personality, as they may have a will of their own. I would think his lack of personality is even more evidence of a grander scheme, please excuse the triteness of that phrase.

  9. Oh. I have a little throw-up in my mouth.

  10. Mike J. have ya ever looked at the way Hitler looked? Not much there either.

    The emptier they are, the easier it is to fill’em up with whatever you want them to. Like the barf-inspiring writing in the reviewed books.

  11. Me too, Joanie.

    BostonBoomer — You’ve got a really strong stomach. Yech.

  12. “messianic baggage”

    What the hell is that? A halo? Wings? Frequent flying miles?
    Thanks for this. I guess.

  13. johninca:

    If you want to discuss or comment on that issue, please do it at Klownhaus, not here.

    There are certain issues that Riverdaughter has requested not be discussed here at The Confluence, and that is one of them.

  14. “He manages, through what appears to be genuine concern, to uplift those who have fallen and bring hope anew to both the cynic and the idealist.”

    The operative word here is “appears”. That is the only thing that saves this statement from being more horribly frightening than it already is.

  15. Sad, isn’t it, that we have to self-censor our discussions because others want to twist our words and portray us as bigots when we are not.

    Mature adults should be able to have open and honest discussions on any topic.

    I will be glad when this election is over.

  16. edge,

    I think the messianic is in the eye of the beholder. At list Bruce Handy admitted to being an O-bot, unlike 99% of the mainstream media.

  17. myiq,

    I think part of the problem is that if you let in some topics they will take over whole threads and irritate a lot of commenters.

  18. “messianic baggage”

    You don’t have to define it, just to know it when you see it.

    When you see kids with dazed looks taught to sing of Obama while making bizarre gesticulations the significance of which I don’t even care to guess, you’re seeing it.

    I’m afraid that past experiments, with children forced to sing about such leaders as Hitler and Mao Zedong, still have not inculcated the lesson that it’s not a great idea to brainwash young children into singing about political leaders.

  19. BB there have been some trolls at your Ayers/Dohrm poat.

  20. BB:

    We won’t even allow these topics to be the subject of threads. Once we allow the topic, there will be comments that some will find objectionable.

    I agree with RD, I just wish it wasn’t so.

    Look at the reaction last week to dakinkat’s posts. I didn’t see anything objectionable, but others sure did.

  21. It’s bad enough that we have to defend ourselfs from right-wingers and Obots, but we have to constantly worry about our “friends” too.


  22. Uh… is it me, or is Palin actually a bigger star? Obama needs rockstars to warm up his crowds. Palin just enters the arena and the crowd goes wild.

    The “polls” have been oversampling Democrats, so I think they are going to be very disappointed on election day.

  23. I can spel, it’s my finngers that is stoopid

  24. Battlecat:

    One of two candidates will win on election day. Vote your conscience and don’t worry about things you can’t control.

    Either way, we have four years of hard work ahead if we want to see Hillary become the first woman POTUS

  25. john- it amazes me that there is this collective amnesia about such figures as Hitler, Stalin, et al, and how the youth were so inappropriately corrupted. Is it because these bots truly think he is the Messiah? Perhaps, and in that case it would explain some of these liberties taken with our younguns, just as we take our kids to church or temple, they may feel it totally righteous to spread the gospel of O.

  26. Can someone tell Doug to rack off?

  27. Hey Doug – that’s what the Brits thought about the Irish rebellion too. Till 1916.

    The West’s Asleep (excerpt)

    And if, when all a vigil keep,
    The West’s; asleep, the West’s asleep-
    Alas! and well may Erin weep,
    That Connaught lies in slumber deep.
    But-hark! -some voice like thunder spake:
    ” The West’s awake, the West’s awake’-
    Sing oh! hurra! let England quake,
    We’ll watch till death for Erins sake!”

  28. Hey Doug,

    Obama may well win but not with the help of my vote. My question is: how long before you regret casting yours for him?

    Even if Obama wins this year, we’ll be around in 2012. And something tells me by then we’ll have many, many new friends. Who knows, maybe you’ll count yourself among our number then? Don’t worry, we’ll keep our “I-told-you-sos” to an absolute minimum.

  29. We don’t drink Kool Aid around here, Doug, do not wallow, and we never, ever, ever give in.

  30. OT
    I have a post on the Ayers/Dohrn post. about the recent secession movements in the US . it is in moderation probably because it is too long but here is the link
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secession_in_the_United_States and some excerpts

    There was an attempt by Staten Island to break away from New York City in the late 1980s and early 1990s (See: City of Greater New York). Around the same time, there was a similar movement to separate Northeast Philadelphia from the rest of the city of Philadelphia. San Fernando Valley lost a vote to separate from Los Angeles in 2002 but has seen increased attention to its infrastructure needs (See: San Fernando Valley secession movement).

    I love this one

    In 1977, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, tried to secede from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (they also tried to secede from the United States and become an independent nation).

    The Hawaiian sovereignty movement has a number of active groupings which have won some concessions from the State of Hawaii. Founded in 1983, The Creator’s Rights Party seeks to have one or more states secede in order to implement “God’s plan for government” and is fielding political candidates in 2007 around the United States.

    and Additionally some members of the Lakota people of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakota region are also making steps to separate from the United States.[citation needed] The self-proclaimed Republic of Lakotah has made a point to say that their actions are not those of secession, but rather an assertion of independence of a nation that was always sovereign and did not join the United States willfully. They note a failure of the United States government in honoring treaties, and abuse of Native peoples through out its history. A statement of independence was released as of January 2008, and the United States government has not commented on the issue.

  31. Now we can see what the change agenda really is that Obama talks about but does not define. It is about politicizing every aspect of life, starting with children and schools. It is about “social justice” ala William Ayers and the Weathermen. Huckabee said today that the economic crisis is a terrorist act. I think he is right.

  32. myiq2xu, we should push for Clinton in 2012 regardless of who wins. Obama will be a disaster.

    I found this video on elections in Kenya today. I wonder if this is the “change” that Obama has in store for the U.S.?


  33. The “polls” have been oversampling Democrats, so I think they are going to be very disappointed on election day.

    I just read that a Gallup poster was on the radio saying that in a normal poll, there is a 40-50% hang up rate. They have been getting 80% hang ups. Also, they do not include Nader in their polls. These are supposed to be accurate? What a joke.

    Can someone please clean up Doug’s mess? I can’t fathom Obot mentality. I have never, nor wish to, gone to a pro-Obama site just to dump an insult. What is the matter with these people who claim to revere a candidate for his message of hope, unity and healing? You’re nothing but a petty bunch of adolescents.

  34. Doug-bug: Like all good onanists, why doncha go fuck off?

  35. doubt it… but anyone in the philly area watch Palin at the Flyers game dropping the puck? Any boos?

  36. myiq,

    Do we have any friends left?

  37. Palin: Decision—abused power/did not do anything illegal.

    A solomon like decision?

  38. Too bad I missed Doug. I wonder what he said?

  39. First we get the pox that is BO, then we are struck wit a financial meltdown, now this:

    “Pathogenic microbes are getting a lot of bad media coverage lately: avian flu is spreading amongst millions of chickens in south east Asia; … ; there’s multi-resistant staphylococcus in our hospitals, gastro bugs in nursing homes; and childhood illness like measles, all now making a comeback.”

    I asked my family physician last Wednesday if he was seeing more people with unexplained aches and pains. He said it’s a lot worse than that – he’s getting patients walk in, sit down, and lament that they’re simply overwhelmed and cannot cope.

    And we are looking for O’Biden or McCain to lead us out of this?!!
    Palin I would listen to because her message is both direct and positive.

    Hillary, of course, would rise as all leaders do.

    I’m hoping against hope that MCain/Palin get in, that John McCain hands over to Palin, and that Hillary and Sarah, as a force in tough times, form a new party and whip the *ss off whoever else. (Well, I did read and believe in Harry Potter.)

  40. I found Doug in the spam file. I guess he thinks all the clicks on this site are from O-bots.

  41. The following is the full text of a July 2008 letter sent by Sir Nigel Sheinwald, British ambassador to the United States, to Gordon Brown, British Prime Minister, shortly before the visit of Senator Barack Obama, then the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to London.


  42. urgetocompute, I think Palin and Clinton would work very well together on most issues. I believe Palin wants to do what’s best for this country, and I believe Clinton is capable of doing what’s best for this country. I think we’ll be witness to some surprising party-line realignments over the next four years.

  43. Battlecat, like Harry Potter, I live in hope!

  44. vw – Is this Oprah’s idea and will we be using Ayers educational package?

    “Africa/MDGs; his heart and mind tell him he should do more. He is committed to doubling the US aid budget by 2012, and says he will “capitalise a $2 billion Global Education Budget” to address the global education deficit. But he won’t want to be pigeon-holed as too focused on Africa; and this has not – despite Susan Rice’s influence – come through as a major campaign theme.”

  45. Carol, the money will go directly to violent, oppressive Muslim regimes in Africa, like the one in Kenya that Obama supported.

  46. We have a real problem with the reality that–undoubtedly intended as a tonic, a recompense, an expiation for past indignities and worse–we as a society have a great deal of difficulty in criticizing, or derogating a Black person.. The idea is that this country committed the “original sin” of slavery, and has been trying to cleanse itself ever since. For many–mostly some liberal Caucasians, and many Black people–nothing can be done to erase that; there must be never-ending apologies, contrition, reparations, literal or figurative.

    In some sense, the Obama campaign can be understood and encapsulated in the phrase, “He and they deserve this.” Obama is the first credible Black candidate for President,, so he deserves to win, because of all the past bad things that were done. It is felt that it is time that Black people had their own champion in the White House, and this is their first real chance, so we must not deny it to them. And along with that came the sanctifying of Obama, as man and symbol. Obama is…what? Jesus come to relieve us of our sins? Moses here to lead us to freedom? JFK or MLK reincarnated? Literally, it is all nonsense; but metaphorically it is all-powerful as an image and narrative.

    We have seen how Obama cannot be attacked; how his critics are immediately branded as r@acist, somehow linked with those who practiced such evils in antebellum and Jim Crow days. There is no way to escape from the loop that has been created. What is going to happen when and if a President Obama does something stupid or dangerous? Can a Black President be subject to criticism; or will it be seen as equivalent to “lynching,” or “plantation tactics,” or whatever other pejoratives his supporters are going to use? Blacks absolutely must have equality in this country. But equality includes being subject to all the slings and arrows, and suspicion, and questioning, and attacking, and public censure that people of any ethnicity who hold public office must endure. It is part of democracy. It is something that we cannot dispense with, under the mistaken belief that we are somehow doing something noble by saying only good things about Barack Obama, his history, his abilities, his actions.

  47. William, I guess he would have the longest “honeymoon” in history were he elected. Ghastly thought.

  48. Doggone it, Obots are so good at propaganda. They’re everywhere. I frequent this forum that has absolutely nothing to do with politics, and a post appears advertising a free anti-Sarah Palin book. Christ. I’m thinking of posting a counter-thread, but I don’t know of any free anti-Obama book.

  49. hmmmm….. msnbc.com of all places.. reporting Palin was met with some boos, but mostly cheers when she dropped the puck in Philly at the Flyers game…. if she’s getting mostly cheers in Philly (heavily dem) that has got to be a good thing, i would think

  50. Sarah Palin is the American equivalent of Princess DI ..and no amount of Masshole Media is going to change that !!!

  51. Hello Coanflucians!!!

    Sorry I’ve been away… I have a nephew-to-be on the way!!

    Been on the phone & coordinating Grandma PUMAs arrival to Orlando so she can babysit my niece while my sister in law & brother are off to the hospital.

    So far, doctor say nephew-to-be is an almost 10 pounder so they’re giving it 12 more hours and if nothing, C-Section.

    OMG, WTF is this post about? Did they write in Voter Fraud under that photo?

  52. BPD, I am in NY & I am watching the Flyers game against the Ranger. It is the end of the 1st period & MSG replayed the puck drop with Sarah. Apparently Sarah kissed the cheek of a Ranger from Alaska. MSG had the sound off. But Philly online statements that she got cheers & boos when she entered but that people cheered politely after that.

    By tomorrow morning all the MSM (except FOX) will be reporting the boos like they reporting that she abused her power and NOT A WORD that firing the Commissioner was proper & legal.

  53. HOW COULD THEY write a children’s book about a man who’s accomplished NOTHING in his life except run for office?

  54. BPD, I am sorry I did not see your second post.

  55. Hi SM,

    Barack Obama: so many questions, so few answers.

  56. I wonder if any of those children’s authors mention Obama’s longtime relationships with a Domestic Terrorist, a Racist Church and a corrupt Slum Lord?

    (just asking)

  57. sm–No one said that it would be a long book. Pls. promise tonight before all these witnesses that you will never read the Obama book to the little PUMAette-to-be??

  58. I find the adoration of any politician bizarre….they are people and usually people who care more about their careers than anyone or anything else. I find little to admire or adore in any of them.

    The rhetoric on both sides of the fence has just gotten way over the top as far as I’m concerned.

    I think I’ll vote for Nader this year.


  59. Honora – My brother is a Republican (how did THAT happen in my family, I dunno) and for the first time in our adult lives, we finally agree on something (Nobama!), so NO, no Barack children’s books to nephew to be!

  60. Katiebird! how’s the flu/cold?

    Hey BB!!! Good catch with this post. How can they write a Children’s book on someone who’s accomplish NOTHING in his life?

  61. I just went and googled the Dohrn children. I guess that I have stalker qualities. Only in America would those children have tuned out so successful. Not much on the younger, but the older went to Brown, BU and is now a professor/playwrite. The younger is a teacher in high school. Maybe the right wing is correct and we cannot trust academia. Before someone hangs me out to dry, I know that it would not be fair to punish the children for the sins of the parents, but I thought that it was interesting that the parents made damn sure that their kids had all the advantages that our country has to offer, yet they still trash our county all the time. Rant finished, deep cleansing breathe.

  62. Honora,

    I doubt if Bill Ayers ever turned down his father’s money and influence either.

  63. You can watch the entire Weather Underground documentary on You tube here.

  64. In the children’s books of say…MLK, George Wash., Lincoln, sh12, even Paul McCartney(and Wings) there would be a list of accomplishments accompanying each biography. Who wants to bet a bit of scrilla(money) that both of, or any book about Barack will be heavy on the idea of accomplishing something great but not list any actual products of his accomplishments. WE all know why, don’t we? Any takers. I have some highly leveraged MBE’s that are hot and heavy. (Nobody wants to touch ’em and they are sinking like lead-filled safes.)

  65. I’m going to write a book for girls called, “You’re Just a Pig with Lipstick and other tales of why you can’t grow up to be president.”

    Nah, I’m just being a bitter deadender.

    But I would like to see some books for girls explaining why sisterhood is powerful and how if we ever expect to make progress in this world we’ve got to learn how to hold hands and stick together.

  66. Hi SM — It’s great to see you!

    I think I’m moving into the deep cough phase. Which will probably develop into bronchitis by this time next week. Bad lungs run in our family and I get every ailment possible it seems.

    (sniffing pathetically)

    Still, I’m feeling a LOT better than a couple of days ago.

  67. yttik–that would be a fantastic parody. Please write it, I am dying to read it!

  68. Check out the latest video on http://www.obamacrimes.com. Very well done.

  69. Honora and Bostonboomer, that is exactly why I don’t like Ayers. There is a very simple reason why Mumia Abu-Jamal and Leonard Peltier rot in jail while Ayers walks free–Ayers has a lily-white daddy with money and influence. That Ayers has lead a comfortable bourgeois life despite his youthful indiscretions puts him much closer to George W. Bush than Stokeley Carmichael. And what is more bourgeois than being a poseur? Scoring a book deal for it, maybe–oh, he did that too.

  70. I’m listening to a show on CNN about Presidents and health issues. I never knew that Nixon worked with a psychoanalyst for years. More evidence that Nixon was human as opposed to BO, the pathological narcissist.

  71. Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohrn, once made a mind-bogglingly horrific comment about how “cool” it was that the Manson clan committed those murders. I will not repeat the quote here, but you can find it. How someone like that can be viewed as a respectable citizen, an attorney in a respected law firm, is beyond my comprehension. These are very bad people

  72. swanspirit, Palin does have the same political gift as Princess Di did. Palin has a future in national politics and no amount of laughing and name-calling from the left is going to change that. I dearly wish my fellow liberals would find a more effective way to counter the popular politicians of the right than calling them stupid. Hasn’t stopped anyone from getting elected yet.

  73. Hey SM,

    Are we having cocktails tonight or what?

  74. William, I found that quote and it was beyond disgusting. I honestly can’t understand why those people have prestigious jobs. Or ANY job. Or why they aren’t in jail.

  75. bo had better not make himself available to a legitimate psychiatrist, he would be diagnosed as a pathological narcissist, along with his nicotine addiction , and other clinical diagnoses > it would be interesting indeed to have him take a few psyche tests ..Rorschach anyone ?? TAT ??MMPI ??

  76. I think we need something to sooth our tattered emotions.

  77. {{{Sister Katie}}} I love you.

    Was that soothing?

  78. William,

    Dohrn claims the comment was meant satirically/ironically, while failing to grasp that the Tate murder was not an opportunity to make social commentary. The remark certainly is in line with the outlandish rhetoric of the day, most of which sounds ineffectual and ridiculous (at the very least) 40 years on.

    She was not an attorney at Sidley & Austin, as her convictions kept her from being admitted to the bar. Of more interest is that Sidley & Austin was the firm of Commonwealth Edison, the electric utility of which Ayer’s dad was CEO. They are certainly not so radical that they are above pulling strings where necessary.

    Ayers and Dohrn got on plenty of nerves 40 years ago too. Cartoonist Jay Kinney drew a little strip for Anarchy Comics, “Safehouse by Dohrn.” A silhouetted woman says, “We’re all living underground!”
    “Why?” asks a silhouetted man. “Pigs looking for you?”
    “No! We’re just paranoid!”

  79. Did any of you see this video? “October Surprise???”

    I watched. so why isn’t Barry producing the documents?

  80. Katiebird, they’re not in jail because they’re white, they’re rich, they have influence in the right places and they’re damned good at dodging responsibility…like the Bushes, come to think of it.

  81. I think SM is working on something. I can’t wait.

  82. {{Sister Joanie}}

    Yes — THANKS! And I love you!

  83. David Axelrod astroturfed for Thomas Ayers’ Commonwealth Edison (Exelon)


  84. Dohrn did spend a year in jail and her son claims that it was hard on him. 🙄 I am more interested in how they get these high paying jobs at these institutions, but then notoriety sells. I guess the universities feel that it gives them an edge. Tougher question how did Michelle make $300,000 doing community outreach at a non-profit hospital??

  85. Ah well, the new MSM meme out there is that McCain/Palin appearances are little more than fascist/Klan rallies. Even John Lewis has gotten in on the act, declaring that McCain is worse than George Wallace. Lewis undoubtedly got his orders from the O campaign, which, as usual, is going the plausible deniability route, just like it did with Hillary in the primary. The media are also starting to push the ‘rioting in the streets if Obama loses’ meme. How much uglier can this get? How much gasoline are the f*cking media going to pour on this one before it’s over. This is getting really, really scary. I think we’re screwed.

  86. George Wallace won the Indiana primary. Just a bit of trivia. Once again the media and the O-bots are going over the top. There will be a Republican backlash.

  87. One thing that really oncerns me, BB, is the very real possibility of exacerbated racial tensions in the coming years. Obama and his in-house thugs have used race over and over again for Obama’s benefit, with nary a thought to what this might mean for the country at large. Those predisposed to genuine racism will find plenty of new hooks on which to hang their personal grievances. Where does that leave the rest of us? Under suspicion for the duration because we’re deeply unhappy with the very real manipulation wrought by Obama and company?

  88. ugsome, interesting stuff. Yeah, she meant it sardonically. She and her husband are spoiled, self-indulgent, superior, doctrinaire jerks.

  89. Honora- The Ayers children are grown and working ? Gee, how did they go to school with BO’s girls ? I know the answers. Why doesn’t Palin bring this up ?

  90. Kat5- it is frightening, as either way, they are attempting to ignite strong feelings. They are running the intolerant, white trash meme, while BO is readying the racial identity meme. I was quite alarmed to witness a portion of his Philly speech today, where he not only included his chameleon-like speech inflections, but used the bamboozle, hoodwink, and okie doke line again carelessly. He then went on to describe the lovely sweet potato pie he recently had while making casual reference to the coconut and lemon meringue varieties enyoyed by some white counterparts. Of course, he made it clear that these counterparts were on his side, otherwise the reference would have been even more over the top, but what comes next?

  91. woops- enjoyed

  92. Katiebird,

    I think, and feel, that the people who come to this site and contribute are genuinely good people. They are intelligent, thoughtful and caring. Their pain and frustration is evident. RD and others have created and maintained a space that is helpful to many people. What you and others do is really helpful. Every cloud has a silver lining. You are part of the great silver lining that has come with this cloud of an election. What you and others are doing IS having an effect. Sometimes people here are funny, sometimes mad, sometimes angry or sad. But they never stop trying, and they never give in. I am personally very glad to have found his site, and very glad to have been allowed to say the few small things that I have. It has helped me personally a great deal.

    Thanks to you, to RD and to one and all.

  93. Go Red Sox go!!!

    3 HR in one inning.

    Red Sox 6 to 5, 5th inning.

  94. Yay! I can’t believe it. I turned it off for a minute to answer the phone and they hit another home run! Go Sox!!!!!!!

  95. One of Obama first acts as POTUS will be to create a commission to find an artist to create a statue of Obama which will be placed prominently in Washington DC and then he will have commissioned or cause to be commissioned statues of Obama that will appear in every major city in American with a sufficient population of AA. Because the only reason anyone would object to a large, imposing and prominent statue of Obama for all to see is if they were racist. After all ‘he is the one we’ve all been waiting for’

    In case anyone doesn’t know me I am being sarcastic

  96. Kat5,

    Obama has exacerbated racial tensions in the U.S. and if he is elected, the conservatives will argue for the end of Affirmative Action. I don’t believe Obama would fight that. He will do nothing the heal racial wounds and nothing to advance the situation of African Americans.

  97. Kat5, I heard there is a growing number of hate crimes by AA against whites but its not reported in the news. Internet search might give some ideas.

  98. bb, how can Obama heal those wounds even if he wanted to. He sat in Wright church for 20 years.

  99. {{{urgetocompute}}}

    Riverdaughter built a great little website, didn’t she?


  100. Wow, I just had a moment of panic when I read about the children singing praises about Obama. Let’s just say it brings back unpleasant memories of my own childhood when I had to sing about a certain political leader whom I don’t care to name.

  101. Honora, University of Chicago Hospitals mind the bottom line like a hawk. A few years after I had my son as a patient of their outstanding midwifery practice, they decided to shut down the practice in favor of specializing in high-margin, er, high-risk obstetrics. Massive community protest (Yes, I picketed a hospital for booting out skilled cost-effective midwifery) did nothing. Money first, women and children second.

  102. William,

    “She and her husband are spoiled, self-indulgent, superior, doctrinaire jerks.”

    That’s them in a nutshell. Also they are classic examples of “useful idiots.” They and their wide-eyed revolutionary ingenue friends met with Real Live Cuban and Vietnamese Leaders and came home very impressed with themselves and their newfound communist importance. I doubt the esteem was mutual; I’m guessing the Cubans and Vietnamese probably saw these middle-class American kids as a way to irritate their enemies, but not much more. Certainly the Weathermen don’t seem to have gotten lots of funding and support from foreign governments.

    Anyone’s got a right to be a communist, that doesn’t bother me, but self-important easily-duped bomb-tossing schmucks get on my nerves.

  103. Just got a card in the mail that was addressed from “FORMER FELLOW African American

    It said to me:


  104. AAA Gal, that’s so sad. Perhaps you shouldn’t tell people you’re voting for McCain? Keep your own counsel. It’s true, you know, that “discretion is the better part of valor.”

    You’ve contributed so much here. Please be careful.

    Hugs to you.

  105. interesting article about Ralph Nader in Newsday:


    from the article:

    “The purist vote would go to Nader, and I think there are certainly more people out there that are going to see him as an option,” Mackay said. “Hillary and Bill Clinton may be supporting Obama, but their supporters don’t.”

    He also sees a potential defensive vote going for Nader.

    “A President Obama means there will never be a President Hillary Clinton,” he said. “For those waiting for another President Clinton … Ralph is an outlet for them.”

  106. omg AAAGal, that’s creepy. I am so sorry. You might want to be careful where you express your opinions – I hate saying that but I want you to be safe.

    god, what country is this again?

  107. To hell with them (crying)

    The thing is. I am not against an AA POTUS. I just don’t want that one. This is all so frustrating. What is wrong with people. This guy has so many red flags and not to mention he is a DICK. But is everyone who supports Obama on DRUGS?????

  108. Thing is, SOD, the MSM either bury or discredit (with great scorn) anything which might take votes away from Obama. The number one thing scaring me these days is the deep dishonesty inherent in the media. How long has it been this way? Am I only comprehending the dishonesty because I’ve been paying very close attention all year? What, exactly, is driving what appears to be unprecedented media bias – all the lies, omissions, oversights, and distortions – in favor of Obama? What the hell is going on?

  109. BB, lol about the cognitive dissonance regarding Barack Sr’s other wife. I was just imagining if I had read this book to my daughter when she was little……..”wait a minute, didn’t you just say he already had a wife?” I bet a lot of kool-aid drinking parents are going to get caught off guard having to explain that.

  110. sm77 said:

    Hey BB!!! Good catch with this post. How can they write a Children’s book on someone who’s accomplish NOTHING in his life?

    One of the next set of kids books for the Obie crowd will be:

    The little terrorists who could [blow up a building] extolling the virtues of Ayres/Dohrn and the W.U. and why it was good what they did in the 60s.

  111. Hey, Triple-A Gal – screw ’em. And here’s another {{{{{cyberhug}}}}

  112. The card is postmarked Chicago from the southside. There are maybe 6 people who could be responsible for this.

    It’s sad. They look at this man and project their dreams on him. He will disappoint. I agree with what Jesse Jackson said. Obama talks down to black people.

    It is hard for me to keep going. This jerk grows in the polls every day. I don’t know what to do to convince people. I have lost friends even.

  113. A President Obama means there will never be a President Hillary Clinton,” he said. “For those waiting for another President Clinton … Ralph is an outlet for them.”

    That could be a reason to also vote for McCain.

    It’s a thought I’ve had also that *if* Obama gets in this time he’s automatically the nominee for reelection and that shuts out Hillary. I don’t think she’d think of running in 2016. 😦

  114. The local Teacher’s Union is fighting for the right of Teachers to wear Obama Buttons in class which the Union is distributing….

  115. Obama talks down to everyone, Triple-A. Why do so many choose not to see this? I mean, he talked down to Hillary and Bill, for goddess’s sake.

  116. A more appropriate children’s book than anything about O would be “Duck for President”. The plot sounds awfully familiar:

    “When the book begins Duck is working at Farmer Brown’s farm, doing the necessary chores. But this becomes tedious to Duck and he insists on holding an election. Farmer Brown is chagrined soon after to find that Duck beat him fair and square. Duck is pleased with his success, but he soon finds that running a farm is hard work. Very hard work. So, without further ado, Duck runs for governor. Sporting placards that read, “I’m a duck, not a politician!”, he visits small-town diners, marches in parades, and (my favorite line in the book), “gave speeches that only other ducks could understand”. Duck beats the governor but finds that running a state is, you got it, “very hard work”. So it’s off to run for the presidency. You see where this is going. After making it into the White House duck finally finds that he still has to do a lot of work. A quick searching of the want ads reveal that Farmer Brown is looking for a good duck. The VP is placed in charge, duck returns to the farm, and the last shot we see of him is as he’s writing out his memoirs.”

  117. SOD, probably short of taking us to nuclear war or sacrificing a child on tv, each incumbent is almost automatically the nominee for the next term. LBJ wasn’t/didn’t run so I guess there’d be a chance Obie could be dissuaded from running for reelection.

    KB: Should be a no-no in school. As a Federal employee I couldn’t wear pins or put signs at my desk. I’d say it should be doubly so at a school. I wouldn’t want my child being proselytized by a teacher.

  118. Saw this on yahoo newz.


    Yeah, nothing like bringing up those crazy days of the 60s eh?

    Can’t bring out the r@cist meme too much or too frequently.

  119. Fredster — I don’t know. I think the Obots would find a way to justify the nuclear war and sacrificial offering.

    Well, ya know… if it was in the Bible and all then it must be okay. 🙄

  120. Fredster, It’s always been a no-no here too. This is some new Obot Idea. And of course the news-guys treated it like a grand-new idea. As a Librarian, I could never wear buttons either. In fact, WHO wears political buttons at work?

  121. Obama may not want a second term. I do see the similarities in “Duck for President”……I think the speechifying life of an ex-president would be more to his liking. plus he’d have actual experiences to put in autobiography #3

  122. Yeah KB it’s just a no-brainer.

    With the Feds, we could put decals on our cars and we could have yard signs. However, I was uncomfortable putting decals on the cars and going onto Fed property. It’s that stupid Hatch Act that most employees didn’t understand completely.

  123. kiki5: With his ego and narcissistic personality I’d say it’s a given that he’d want the 2nd term.

  124. Nah, Fred, he’d want president for life. At the very least.

  125. he’d want president for life

    Ohhhh…like Papa-Doc in Haiti!

  126. Oy!

  127. Bill and Hill are appearing together in Scranton tomorrow at an O rally

  128. I can’t count on any straws breaking backs — Obots seem to have the strongest backs on the planet. And the hardest hearts.

  129. Katiebird…IMHO they will not look away from this.

  130. {{{{{{ AAA Gal }}}}}}

  131. Isn’t it ironic that the obot meme used during the primary was that Hillary didn’t have any real experience and that we couldn’t count her 8 years as First Lady because, well, that’s just for show BUT these same folks swallow hook line and sinker that 18 months of running for President should be included as “experience” for Obama. The illogic is stupefying. And it is this faulty reasoning that the obots use again and again.

  132. Sarah is so much fun to watch!

  133. Go Sox!

    9 all.

  134. Oops!

    I mean 8 all. Kinda getting carried away.

  135. I am losing track of how many people are accusing opponents of BO of being racist or (I believe the subtext is) angry KKK mobs. Let’s see:

    Claire McCaskill
    John Lewis
    Frank Rich
    Maureen Dowd
    Paul Krugman

    Is this what a BO administration would mean? (Wait, don’t answer that.)

  136. You’re right Fredster.

  137. katiebird

    That must be to sway all of those 8 year olds.

  138. How ironic is that?

  139. MABlue,

    This game is wacky. I hope I can stay awake till someone wins.

  140. Damn, that’s funny. I just got online and read the opening paragraph of this post… and this is just what I had been thinking.
    How can someone be proud of the first black president if he really, really sucks?
    It’s sort of like being proud that a guilty AA male can pay to get off of a murder just like a rich white guy can. Right OJ?
    Where is the pride in that?

  141. Fredster — I don’t know.

  142. kat5 – The media was really in the tank for the 2 nd Iraq war. They pushed it hard. Their embeded reporters were in training 6 months before the start of the war. If they didn’t support the war, then Bush cut them off. They couldn’t get a story, or an interview. That was the first time that I noticed that the media was slanting their stories. Did anyone notice it before that?
    AAA Gal – here is another hug !
    I find it strikingly strange that so many of us have lost friends over this. Lost our party. Lost faith in the media. Afraid that we will lose our country !

  143. BB: So sorry, I was writing a post but I got sidetracked with news from Orlando, my sister-in-law is having heavy contractions, 1 every 3 minutes, but hasn’t broken water. She’ll be induced at 2 am. Baby weight is estimated at 9.5 pounds, possibly more – I’m a nervous wreck. I’ll post tomorrow.

    Can’t wait to read your new one!

  144. Also:

    BB, thanks for posting the Ayers documentary – I saw the entire thing on Youtube this AM.

    I LOLed at how the Black Panthers didn’t want anything to do with them yet Ayers/Dorhn swore that they were doing “something” – it’s like they wanted to be Black Panthers soooo bad, but weren’t welcome so they decided to blow up stuff instead on their own.

    IT’s really cultish and sick what they were involed in, it was like Charles Manson Family Jihadists. Very f_cked int he head.

    The most strinking part for me was when the SDS leaders talked about how the Weathermen just took over the SDS from within and corrupted their organization. It reminded me EXACTLY how the Obots took over the Democratic Party. Same technique, same rhetoric.

  145. oops I posted this on the wrong thread , and not to belabour the obvious , but how ironic is the “click to look inside” arrow ?
    as if anything could penetrate that facade and get to the truth about “that one”

  146. SM,

    That’s OK. I tried to find something cheerful to post, but no such luck. I hope your sister-in-law will be OK. Hugs to you and yours. Let us know when you have news.

  147. Thanks BB!!!

    I’m just the official worrywart – been on the phone on/off throughout the whole evening with mom & bro & sister-in-law & other family.

    My post is more of a rant that I’m still formlating – but please post your news! From the headline, it’s very important!

  148. AAA Gal, I’ve actually been surprised that so many of my black friends do not support Obama. Some are voting for him anyway just because he’s running as a Democrat, but they would have preferred Clinton. I suspect others will vote for McCain, but due to enormous peer pressure, will not admit so.

    Glad to have you here 🙂

  149. Sorry BB – Go Rays.

  150. You know the Bill Ayers cult thing is validated by his choice of spouse . Both of his choices of mate are from his private weatherman stock so to speak . His first chioce Diana Oughton was killed while bomb building in Cathy Wilkerson’s fathers townhouse.

    “The townhouse was being used by the Weather Underground to make bombs, in particular a nail bomb that was to be used against soldiers and their dates at a non-commissioned officer’s dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey that night.”

    What are the chances that Bill Ayers could have chosen outside his little terrorist circle for another mate?? None , because it was a cult, with him at the center.

  151. alice, on October 11th, 2008 at 11:59 pm Said:

    I am losing track of how many people are accusing opponents of BO of being racist or (I believe the subtext is) angry KKK mobs. Let’s see:

    Claire McCaskill
    John Lewis
    Frank Rich
    Maureen Dowd
    Paul Krugman

    And it’s going to get to the point that people will say “So what?” They can only cry wolf for so long until it’s ignored.

  152. Just catching up–had to watch my gators and LSU. Yeah!!

    This is disgusting and so ‘no class’—children’s books about Obama. Please–pretty soon he’ll have pictures and statues up of himself everywhere. Can we say ‘dear leader?’

  153. I’ve heard some teacher friends complain about the NEA, but it’s never sunk in until this year. Isn’t it odd how we’re seeing so many things in a different light?

    As for the political buttons, I’ve been thinking of InStyle mag [think that’s the one] that has someone do a ‘my life in perfume’ or the like. KY AG says voters can now wear buttons to vote; my thoughts this year reflect a changing ‘my life in buttons.’
    At the beginning of the year, I thought I’d wear my People’s Party from the 1972 election [Spock for prez] to rage against BushCo. Then I considered my LBJ button as a sign of the times. As things got crazier, I thought I’d wear my Archie Bunker We Need a Few Laughs button. I can’t fully explain, but i’m thinking about wearing my Pat for First Lady button. I bought that as a joke, I never liked either Nixon, but I feel some empathy for women this year, and she was a smart woman who was never negative. So many lost opportunities, now the likes of a Pelosi or Claire. Don’t know how I’ll feel about buttons tomorrow…..

  154. kjmontana: you were kidding about the duck book, right?

    We have one of the real duck books around the house somewhere… so I could see where you might not have been kidding.

  155. KC, I saw them too. 😥

    I don’t think Les should have put Hatch back in yet. I think he’s still feeling the effects of that concussion at Auburn!

    I’ve got to say it’s a joy to watch Tebow! The guy is nearly flawless!

  156. William, I think the slavery is bad enough, but it is how AA were treated in this country well after slavery was abolished that is worse. The KKK and other groups that treated blacks like chattel. Slavery was bad, but what some racist whites did in gov’t & police postions was even worse. It was shameful, but if the Black Liberation stuff continues we will never get past race in this country.

  157. When I logged in the headline on MSM was “Palin at times crossed church state boundary.” Can anybody fill me in so I don’t have to click and wade through through yet more bs?

  158. I was in Scranton today and it made me feel a lot better about my choice not to vote for Obama and it also gave me hope that Obama can still lose this like Kerry and Gore did. I believe that the race is tighter than what we have seen in the polls and have heard from the Obamabots. I believed the polls at first until I went to Scranton today to talk to people on the ground. I believe PA is currently at a dead heat with a slight Obama advantage.
    Also, the Clintons are in Scranton for their brother’s baby’s christening. They will stop at a campaign rally but it is not as big as what the media and the Obamabots have made it out to be (as usual). This is what I heard from several residents of Scranton who are acquaintances of the Rodham family.
    This election has absolutely disgusted me. If Obama wins, I’ll be hiding under the covers, avoiding the Obamabots in my neighborhood who will undoubtedly be celebrating as if it were the second coming. It is time for all of us to keep faith and continue to work for our respective candidates. If you are for Nader or McKinney, find a way to bring over a few progressives. If you are for McCain, find a way to get out to OH, PA, MO, FL, or any battleground state near you. Don’t give up no matter what you’re hearing in the media and on these blogs.

  159. I’m back!

  160. “Alice & Fredster”

  161. myiq2xu: Why, so you are. Where did you go?

  162. I’m conflicted – I live in Tampa and the Rays are killing it this year – but born & raised near Boston. Have always been part of the Red Sox Tribe since BIRTH.

    So my PUMA cub is GO RAYS while I do the LET’S GO RED SOX song.

  163. I was hiding

  164. tpt/ny, on October 12th, 2008 at 1:02 am Said:

    “Alice & Fredster”

    Almost fell outta my chair in shock! 😮

  165. “Palin at times crossed church state boundary.” ZOMG. Of course Obama’s taking up the ‘faith-based initiatives’ banner and his Faith, Family & Values tour don’t, no not at all, nor does the highly-politically charged theology he endorsed (by silence if nothing else) for years, nothing to see here, move on.

  166. myiq2xu, on October 12th, 2008 at 1:05 am Said:

    I was hiding

    No he wasn’t. He was selling that damned Capt. Spaulding chicken or else was cooking the goat he sacrificed earlier.

  167. Wow Dosenfranchised!!

    You went with the Harriet Christian group!!!!!!

    That’s wonderful & thank you for posting your experience!

  168. Any teacher who wears a button is NUTS. You’re just asking for Republican parents to complain that their kid’s getting a bad grade because of politics. Plus 90% of school kids are not 18, so the point is….?

  169. BTW, I see what is being done to McCain similar to what was done to Clinton in the primaries. I disagree with much of McCain’s policies but no one who has served our country the way McCain and the Clintons have deserve to be r*ace baited and accused of running a r*acist and negative campaign when they are doing nothing of the sort. I’m sick of Obama getting away with having his surrogates play the r*ace card while he looks innocent. I am seriously thinking about moving to another country in the next several years because I can’t stand what is happening to this country anymore.

  170. Fredster, on October 12th, 2008 at 1:08 am Said:
    myiq2xu, on October 12th, 2008 at 1:05 am Said:

    I was hiding

    No he wasn’t. He was selling that damned Capt. Spaulding chicken

    Rather, what TASTES like chicken…

  171. sm77: Ayers and Dohrn could have just formed a band like the MC5, but noooo, they had to blow shit up.

    As far as the Party takeover goes, it’s tragic, but in a sense we are lucky; being among its early purgees we can see clearly what is happening, and are not responsible for what is to come.

  172. DisenfranchisedVoter: Yeah, but no one has the b@lls or the (it seems) desire to call him on it.

    I really thought once the G.E. started they wouldn’t even try this shit because the Republicans would just laugh and ask “Explain how it’s racist.” It seems even they won’t touch that third rail.

  173. sm77: Hee-hee! 8)

  174. Oh Gawd. I typed the “R” word. Can somenoe release it please?

  175. Teachers should not take a public stand on candidates at school, and should be careful about taking positions on issues as well.

    A clever teacher can lead the students whereever they want them to go, and make it look like an educational experience where the kids reached their own conclusions.

    A really good teacher would teach the kids to evaluate the facts and reach principled conclusions by using questions rather than statements.

    If I student says they like candidate “A” then the teacher makes them provide rational, cogent reasons for their choice by posing questions that force the student to think.

    That’s the method they named ofter some Greek guy whose former students made him drink poison.

  176. “Fredster”
    Me Too; but I saw the “news conference” where he threw Pres.
    Clinton, you know where.
    He was also surrounded by familiar faces:
    and the “ring-master” (in my opinion)……….
    Rahm Emanuel!
    In an interview with ABC, the person called Clyburn a “friend ”
    to Clinton. His response; was “he’s no friend of mine”!

  177. That’s not really chicken

  178. myiq: But damn it was finger-lickin’ good!

    tpt: I think I recall that interview.

  179. Dv, this is all going to backfire. I don’t know who decided to start the talking point about riots, but that person was a damn fool. Voters aren’t going to give into that type of emotional blackmail.

  180. ugsome: It’s pathetic how Weathermen tried to impress the Black Panthers with their radicalism and they wanted NOTHING to do with them. They were like the Vanilla Ice of the 60s revolution. They destroyed the anti-war movement and any valid credibility that the anti-war protest had. Weathermen terrified voters and clung to Nixon.

    They were definitely terrorists without a doubt and Bill Ayers is their David Koresh. It’s disgusting how they took the SDS and twisted it to their sick demented means.

    And that Barack Obama started his career in their living room as a blasé thing????? OH HELL NO. There is nothing blasé about this association.

    Some of the other Weathermen, the first guy to turn himself in and the another man in NY really seemed to regret what they did, while Bill Ayers and Dorhn weren’t at all. There is no “rehabilitation” in them whatsoever.

    And I consider myself a liberal lefty by all means, but I beleive in DEFENDING Democracy, not destroying it.

  181. Seriously, they’d be dumb to give into that. After all, we’re the gun-totin’ bitter folks, but I stress the gun-totin.

  182. New post up

  183. They wouldn’t give in to it, and they know it;s not going to happen anyway. Nobody’s going to riot over obama. Yeah, Tweetie, KO, Carville, and “CaptainGirlzSuk” from Gamer website will try, but no one will join them.

  184. not that Obama is so far removed, but shouldn’t our childrens books star talking animals or cartoon characters? Talk about freaky. Even madonna had the decency to fabricate some fiction around her picture books.

  185. why children should care so much about current politics/politician? even though it is put on a cartoon/animation level it is not spontaneously nor genuinely attractive to their pure mind.

  186. Promising ACORN to reshape the agenda? Is there an agenda? Weren’t ALL promises ditched already?

  187. Question for someone who is more regulation savvy than I. Aren’t there regs against taking funds from other countries for political purposes i.e. the Hundreds of millions of dollars that BO has taken for his campaign?

  188. oh, lost the kid again! 😦

  189. oooh, she’s back! 🙂

  190. Just wondering if Ayres wrote these fairytales, too,

  191. […] “Barack” written by Jonah Winter and “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child Hope” written by Nikki Grimes, are books that glorify and lionize the presidential candidate.  There is something a little creepy about the way these books treat Mr. Obama as if he were the next Messiah.  You can read a couple of reviews here and here. […]

  192. My 10 year old daughter came home from school and said “Guess what Nathan had on his shirt today.”

    I looked at her. “Obama.”

    “Yes. And everybody was, oh! Oba-ma! It was the worst day.”

    “Hmmm. Would you like me to get you a McCain/Palin shirt?”


    “You know what will happen – if you come in in a McCain shirt… They’ll ban political shirts.”

    “Yeah, but it’s because they don’t want it to turn into a fight.”

    Now, the teachers in my kid’s school have gone out of their way to be respectful, to make sure that everyone of any persuasion is comfortable.

    But the kids are intensely interested in this whole thing, and they are wrestling with it all, struggling to make sense of what they are seeing and hearing and feeling from their parents. It goes without saying that the kids largely mirror their parent’s choices, and they know it. But they discuss things, pretty respectfully. One conversation was relayed to me in which one kid said to another (my daughter) “Gee, I’ve never met a Republican before.”

    Bush Derangement Syndrome is so bad that when the Lion’s Club donated beautful new dictionaries to all the kids in the class, the kids would go to the pictures of the President’s in the back and draw devil’s horns on Bush. It’s so bad that one kid in a playground discussion that turned to”How would you like to die?” (Skiing,,, race car driving, in your sleep, all common answers – and one that stood out and disturbed my other daughter – a kid who said he wanted to die being shot by the Secret Service as he tried to kill Bush.) Very HInkley-esque. No? (This was a few years back so don’t alert the media. I considered reporting it, and decided to watch that situation, it turned out fine.)

    I’m telling you what happens at home and what happens at school affects the kids.

    And teachers wearing buttons indicating a preference can cause pain for some kids. Please. Keep your political feelings to yourself. Because like McCain tried to say, Obama is not the devil. Nor is Bush. Nor is McCain.

    That’s why I am so offended by the Obama campaign using kids in this way – the singing video and now the books. It’s not just the resemblance to the Hitler youth. It’s dragging the kids into this hate-filled Partisan divide.

    Please. Hear me.

  193. “The sight of beggars broke his heart.”

    Isn’t that the trigger that sent Siddhartha Gautama on his quest to become the Buddha?

    Do you suppose Obama’s mother was a virgin?

    Carolyn Kay

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