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Wednesday: The “R” Word vs the “C” Word

I received a very interesting email from Lori, the producer of the film The Audacity of Democracy.  She’s been googling some research:

I was googling tonight and discovered something interesting. In the six weeks that Palin has been in the public eye, she’s been a called a cunt online almost half as many times as Obama has been called by the N word in the past  TWO YEARS. Unbelievable. Totally unscientific but revealing nonetheless.

The search Palin + cunt gives us 308,000 hits:

Then I checked out Hillary and Cunt – 984,000 hits. Interesting.

Well, I had to do the obvious. I googled Obama and the N word. 578,000 hits. In a few weeks, Sarah has hit more than half of the name calling that obama has received in two years.

How does this happen in progressive circles? It’s just staggering. and that flaccid little putz of a Democratic candidate hasn’t attempted even once to put a stop to it.

Thank you, Lori, for the term flaccid little putz of a Democratic candidate.  I will be sure to add it to my lexicon.

Lori’s got a very good point.  How is it that the sexist references about Palin have spiked in the past 6 weeks while the racist references to Obama have more or less plateaued in the past 2 years?  We’ve always suspected that the pearl clutching over perceived racism was a overblown.  There certainly *is* racism and there is no doubt in my mind that some voters will go to the polls to vote against Obama just because he has a surplus of melanocytes and no other reason.

But I suspect (and I only speculate because I have no way of knowing) that for some of these people who take color into consideration, Obama really has transcended his race.  When you reach the heady atmosphere of presidential politics, it is assumed that your political abilities, experience and hard work are responsible.  At the pinacle, color is not important.

Or is it?

Could it be that some of our fellow Democrats protest too much?  Maybe they are looking at Obama and his fellow presidential candidates and assessing him in this frame and found that he is lacking in political abilities, experience and hard work and can’t figure out how he got there.  But there has to be *some* explanation for why he is at the top of the food chain when he doesn’t measure up to his competition.  How else would he have gotten so far?  Maybe the fact that corruption and his willing participation in it is so unsettling to some of our friends that they don’t want to think about it.  Maybe they just want a Democrat so badly that they are willing to overlook this unsavory side of Obama.  So, they might be susceptible to the suggestion that those of us who are screaming our heads off about that very same corruption must be racist lunatics, emphasis on racist.

It doesn’t help that the campaign itself seems to wield racism as a weapon against its enemies.  It’s part of the corruption to turn its base against itself and to shame its enemies.  A corrupt organization doesn’t particularly care if real people are hurt by it, especially the people who are the true victims of racism.  When the real thing rears its ugly head in the future, we aren’t quite so likely to get incensed by it.  Our arousal level will have been conditioned to not react to the word.  In a similar fashion, we will become inurred to sexism of all kinds.  If anyone wants to see where that may lead, I recommend watching a few episodes of Mad Men.  The thought of going back to that era sends a chill up my spine.  The women of the 60’s fought and struggled so hard for respect and independence.  To see all of that hard work thrown away by this corrupt, untrustworthy and ruthless nominee and his campaign enrages me.

So, I am calling on the Obama campaign to put an end to it.  It is time for David Axlerod and Barack Obama and all of their surrogates to stop undermining the fabric of society with these destructive accusations of racism.  I am asking for Barack Obama to rein in his hooligans and tell them to stop using sexism against women who are fighting their way to the rarified atmosphere at the top of the food chain, especially when they get there by their political abiliies, experience and hard work.  Senator Obama, stop trying to cover up for your lack of qualifications by demeaning theirs and stop calling us racists.

163 Responses

  1. I just had it out with one of my bosses, she came in and first thing came up to my desk with “can you believe how racist john mccain and his supporters are” “they used his middle name”.. I told her I didn’t appreciate it. I felt like she was attacking me, and that I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I’m probably going to lose my job now 😦

  2. turn on FOX now

  3. can’t…what’s going on?

  4. I second your call to stop the “isms”, RD.

    Sadly, I don’t hold out much hope for ending the sexism. Sexism is an insidious cancer which is rarely detected. It erodes the fabric of our society and yet, if you ask most men (and women) they will vehemently deny they are sexist and frequently finish their defense with, “I love women!”, and feel perfectly satisfied that they have made their point.

    I think the 30% solution is the only way we can put an end to sexism.


    love it!!!!

    Gary, how is it “r*cist” to use his middle name????

    That’s the biggest P.O.S. I’ve ever heard. IS it r*cist to say “Hillary Diane Rodham” ???


  6. Gary – you can’t lose your job over this. This is political persecution.

  7. gary – they were replaying part of the earlier interview with Nicole and Burton. (read my review from the last post) They actually did not show it all. Maybe someone can pull it later and post. Burton lost it. They know they are in trouble. Fox took it to him and he kept flinching and finally was clearly losing it.

  8. I went to the mall yesterday and was freaked out by what I saw at one store…I’m totally disgusted by the force-feeding of this Frankenstein monster created by the Democratic Party, the media, and being force-fed the propaganda…

    The Intrusion of Obama: Propagandized at the Mall and Trapped on the Treadmill


    Thank god for “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” which I escaped to later….

  9. Wow! What a wonderful post, rd.

    I’m reduced to hoping that our democracy survives long enough for all of us to look back some day in horror at what became of the Democratic party.

  10. Burton is Obot campaign guy, eright?

    How did he lose it?

  11. Tell them that Barry CHOSE that name…so, screw it!!

  12. Let’s keep the reverse sexism out of this site also.

  13. Yeah, I don’t know anything about Burton…what’s happening?

  14. Lose it?

    When did he ever have it?

  15. Burton kept trying to change the subject telling them what the “people want to know ………”, Gretchen said, “yes, but the people also want to know …………… Ayers” Burton just kept elevating the rhetoric and started shifting in his seat and raising his voice telling us Ayers was nothing and “people aren’t interested …………….. “

  16. If Obama get’s elected, trust me, if you don’t agree with his policies in the House or Senant you’ll be a “Racist”.

    Everyone in the Democrat party leader us in government will be afraid to speak out against “The One” for fear of being called a racist. This will not end at the election!

  17. Go back to the end of last post – I wrote it more clearly. I’m not good at total recall of the conversation, just the overall impression that was cast by the exchange.

  18. Gary, was it Alice?

  19. Here’s Carol’s post:

    Carol, on October 9th, 2008 at 7:50 am Said:
    Bill Burton just had a fit while Fox & Friends asked him directly:

    “Are you telling me their wives worked together at the same law firm for all those years and Obama never knew who Ayers was? ” – paraphrased

    Burton get telling us we didn’t care about that.

    Gretchen told him: People want to know everything.

    They are in trouble. We will soon be able to rest. I hope McCain presents the evidence and lays him low.

    All of the “inquiring minds kind of buildup” was to draw Obama and camp into more and more lies before they blasted them with the truth.


    Ayers is important, there’s proof that he raised money to pay for Obama’s law school education in Harvard – this is too close for comfort.

    You don’t hire somebody to hand out millions of dollars to the community if they’re just somebody from the neighborhood.

  20. I always love the response “people don’t care about that” as if they are the spokesperson for the world.

  21. Gary, get the Fing letter TODAY!

  22. The AUDACITY of Burton to say “WE DON’T CARE” about that???

    Yes, Burton, I CARE.

  23. I got banned form Corrente for saying Ayers was relevant.

    If I said he was “important” no telling what would have happened.

  24. The other “c” word is cracker, a word Obama used in one of his books to describe a white sheriff. And clearly he thinks we are all that. I wouldn’t write the n-word in a book I intended to launch my political career, not about anyone, so why is OK for him to write “cracker”? The sheriff may have been one giant a**hole, but this was a book for public consumption, not his living room conversation.

  25. MYIQ: What did Capt. Spaulding have to say about that?

  26. Fox News…. been airing new Ayers ad all morning 🙂 It’s the longest McCain ad I’ve seen yet… I think it’s a full minute. Started airing at 7am EST.


    Our arousal level will have been conditioned to not react to the word. In a similar fashion, we will become inurred to sexism of all kinds.

    It makes me so mad!!

    I think sexism is a totally different breed of bias compared to racism. Racism has proven itself to be an “American” malady (more or less)…. whereas sexism is freakin’ global.

    If Obama were in the White House, how could another country take us seriously when speaking of human rights/women’s rights…. without snickering under the table? BO has set a TERRIBLE tone for the future of women’s rights. Argh… I can’t even write anymore b/c it ticks me awf.

  27. garychapelhill, on October 9th, 2008 at 8:36 am Said

    “I felt like she was attacking me, and that I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I’m probably going to lose my job now”

    I hope you sue your company for political harassment. In fact, I think HRC supporters should sue the democratic party and the media for political harassment since we have been smeared as racists and are fed up with that malicious allegation.

    Any lawyers here?

  28. Happy Klown – as we all know, that is to direct the conversation to something else, anything else.

    Nicole got the time to really lay it out and then Burton had to respond. Then the hosts started taking it to Burton.

    I hope there is full video of it coming. Someone find it and post. I have never seen Burton lose it like this before – he clearly would never last 5 minutes in a witness chair.

  29. myiq2xu what is the name of your blog, you are too funny & I would like to read more of your stuff.

    I saw the exchange between Gretchen & Burton she was calm he kept spewing ” NO ONE but Repubs care about ayers, Gretchen” we have 30% dems, 30% indys and THEY DO CARE” I loved it. LOL

  30. myiq2xu, your avatar….the disturbing House of 1000 Corpses keeps coming to mind.

  31. Flaccid Little Putz – i think I’ll make an acronym FLP – and use it a lot! And be very, very happy when people will ask me to explain what that means! 😉
    As for “isms” stopping – not any time soon!
    TPTB who started this takeover in 2004 – Dean was the first version – needed a black guy this time precisely to unleash the power of the isms.
    Can anyone remember, how many of those people who accuse everyone of racism supported …Carol Mosley Brown in 2004? Sharpton?
    I also like to ask people who attack Palin if they supported Hillary – most often is “no”. I then say – another woman not up to your snuff?

  32. FemTheDem, on October 9th, 2008 at 8:58 am Said:
    Fox News…. been airing new Ayers ad all morning It’s the longest McCain ad I’ve seen yet… I think it’s a full minute. Started airing at 7am EST.


    Our arousal level will have been conditioned to not react to the word. In a similar fashion, we will become inurred to sexism of all kinds.

    It makes me so mad!!

    I think sexism is a totally different breed of bias compared to racism. Racism has proven itself to be an “American” malady (more or less)…. whereas sexism is freakin’ global.

    Oh it’s the same “hate” – it’s the institutionalized oppression for a specifc homo sapiens feature, except that one oppresess because of skin color, the other oppresses because of ovaries.

  33. Here’s the Correntian view of Ayers:

    “Hearing the tiresome “William Ayers” talking point over and over makes me feel like I’m dealing with an unfunded, less feral, far clumsier, and far less effective version of the winger’s Mighty Wurlitzer.

    It’s the PUMA equivalent of Bill Clinton shutting down LAX to get his haircut — a zombie talking point, repeated over and over and over again, gaining even its truthiness solely through currency. No advancement of the discourse, no analyis, certainly no analytical tools, no integration into any wider context: Just zombie-like repetition.

    It’s not even ingenious or interesting character assassination: At least the wingers can do that! “


  34. When I first started really paying attention back in January, one of the first red flags was the vile sexist name-calling coming from Obama’s minions. Frankly, it floored me that supposedly progressive people would stoop so low.

    Sadly, what we have learned this election is that misogyny is alive and well in America. And personally I think it’s more prevalent and ingrained than racism. I would never claim that we are free of racism but misogyny and sexism are firmly rooted in both our public and personal lives.

    It’s understandable, but inexcusable, that a person who lives in an ethnic vacuum can hold ignorant ideas about those outside of his narrow realm. But all these folks who call Hillary, Palin AND their supports vile derogatory names have mothers and most likely sisters, wives and daughters. For them to harbor such contempt speaks to a sickness within our culture that must be purged.

    The fact that Obama has never once utilized his so-called “eloquence” and his status as the Democratic nominee to speak to this ugly undercurrent which his campaign has revealed speaks volumes. In his silence, his complicity is deafening.

  35. sm77
    While it’s true that sexism is global, it does have some hot spots on the globe. Such as in the Arab world. And the US. I do believe it’s less in Europe and other parts of the world.

  36. My blog is Klownhaus (what else)

  37. Did any one see the cover of newsweek or newsday? I’m not sure which one, it shows Sarah’s legs from the calf down to her HighHeels sexist ? you tell me.

  38. so when did lambert become such an asshole sexist jerk. we’re all pissed off women who are worthy of his sympathy? fuck you lambert.

  39. gxm
    It’s more than silence. One campaign heaped abuse on 2 women. And the finger, the shoulder brushing, the lipstick…the “periodically when she is down” where quite explicit egging of his minions to keep it up.

  40. Bill Burton’s video will be here …. soon:


    ^^ Fox puts all Burton’s vids there. Hopefully the Fox and Friends one will be posted soon…. I can’t see how it wouldn’t.

  41. sm77, I disagree. To hate women means to hate your own. It means to hate your mother. It’s easier to hate people you don’t know and never have contact with. It’s easy to think another person is less than human if you never have to interact with them. But to hate women means to hate, essentially, yourself since each one of us was born of a woman. Misogyny is a much weirder thing because it means that one must always be disconnected, both publicly AND privately.

  42. SM and Mawm,

    How do you know that Ayers is the one who contact al Mansour to get Obama into Harvard. I want to add that to my timeline. Do you have links?

    Here’s the new McCain ad on Ayers. It’s incendiary. I was down on the other post talking to myself…


  43. “sm77”
    Thanks for the up-date.
    “It’s about time someone asked them”!!
    Oh BTY, Obama worked there too, that’s where he met Michelle. Michelle & B. Dorn worked under the same person.
    When will someone ask: “How can you have someone LAUNCH your political career & NOT learn all you can about that person??
    Isn’t that “irresponsible”?

  44. Bush is going to take over the banks, according to my new newz source, Yahoo. Gee, that smacks of socialism, don’t it? The world turned upside down!!!

    Of course, just to keep us all straight, and I do mean straight, the NRA just endorsed McCain. On the one hand, this is good, as it means he will win. On the other hand, I so hate the NRA.

  45. A lot of people (including Lambert) criticize the fact that there is very little proof regarding the Ayers-Obama relationship.

    The problem is neither one is talking, and Obama’s previous answers have been proven false.

    If he has nothing to hide, why not come clean?

    Until he does, people will just have to speculate about what he is hiding based on the evidence available.

  46. Bush is taking over the banks?

    We’ll have a photo op with Bush wearing an ID badge saying “George Bush – Teller in Chief.”

  47. BTW – If you want to keep your privacy, don’t run for President.

  48. HAHA!

    Obama’s Intrade stock is going down!


    McCain is going up!


    Just a small *change* … but still 🙂

  49. What a shocking and astounding revelation. I would have thought the reverse was true. What a good bit of reporting this is on your part – thanks.

  50. BB, Here is a YouTube clip from a show Hannity did. There are a lot of articles online if you google +Obama +Ayers +Mansour +Harvard.

  51. Wait I’m not sure that talks about the Ayers+Mansour connection. I know I have read that Ayers helped Obama to raise the money for Harvard, but I’d have to track it down again back to a credible source.

  52. Thanks so much, Mawm!

  53. It’s not that Obama made one or two unsavory connections during his time in Chicago, it’s that ALL of his connections seem to be unsavory.

    Is there anyone from that period he hasn’t had to throw under the bus?

  54. Barack’s and Michelle’s good friend’s poetry (regarding the man that was paralized by the Weatherman):

    **Bernardine Dohrn’s Gleeful Lay Eldrod Lay

    Lay, Elrod, lay,

    Lay in the street for a while

    Stay, Elrod, stay

    Stay in your bed for a while

    You thought you could stop the Weatherman

    But up-front people put you on your can,

    Stay, Elrod, stay

    Stay in your iron lung,

    Play, Elrod, play

    Play with your toes for a while

    Hey, what’s the big deal ❓ Hasn’t it been 30 somethin’ years ❓ Aren’t they just the “neighbors down the street ❓

  55. Pls go over and watch the Ayers/Dohrn videos at noquarter. They are from 2007 and are chilling. Dohrn is really scary, Ayers does seem more controlled in his speech. The thing that gets me is that he goes on about how the key to success for the revolution is to get Blacks, Hispanics, women , LGT communities to join together. However, Obama has taken the opposite approach. He is trying to win by getting the Blacks, young and ‘cool’ whites. His use of r@ce as a weapon against those that disagree with him is a prime example of this. Sorry, I usually try to read all the comments before adding my 2 cents, but I am off to drive my mom to the train station and don’t have time now. She’s off to NY and I’m a little jealous. 😥

  56. gxm17, on October 9th, 2008 at 9:15 am Said:
    sm77, I disagree. To hate women means to hate your own. It means to hate your mother. It’s easier to hate people you don’t know and never have contact with. It’s easy to think another person is less than human if you never have to interact with them. But to hate women means to hate, essentially, yourself since each one of us was born of a woman. Misogyny is a much weirder thing because it means that one must always be disconnected, both publicly AND privately.

    It’s the same “hate” – like rich white southern plantation owners who loved their house servants like family yet when they stepped out of the house to the cotton fields, all bets were off because they distanced the “house servant” from the “field slave.”

    It’s a chasm that make the sexist/r*cist feel comfortable to explicity spread their hate OUTSIDE of their homes while cognitively disassociating the people within their inner circle that are afflicted by the “Hate.”

    Sexist men separate the females close to him from women in the outside world. I’ve seen it in my own family with my Dominican Archie Bunker dad & brothers.

    Mom/sis/wife isn’t like “THOSE WOMEN” who dare apply for that managerial position. Mom/wife/sis isn’t like “THOSE WOMEN” who is the smartest and most competent student.

  57. Notice in that video of Dohrn and her jewelry and then take a look at the jewelry Michelle is wearing on her clothes lately.

  58. We are returning to a nation of Neanderthals. Kids and disturbed people sitting in front of a computer typing the most vile and disgusting epithets with impunity. Try equating this with high tech lynching. Kind of spells it out for me.

  59. ” Thanks Maw”
    ??Frank Marshal Davis??
    He was Obama’s 1st mentor & I heard, friends with Aryers’
    Also, did anyone see the “SMACK-DOWN” between Hannity & Gibbs from the Obama campaign from Tues night?
    Hannity is unusually QUIET on this?

  60. I guess to the MSM and the Obamanation, there is never enough proof to tie Obama to some unsavory characters. Short of Obama admitting the connection, all attempts to link him to his backers will always be r@cist.

  61. Fox is the only channel openly reporting on ACORN. This election is so dirty already that I am losing hope that a clean win is at all possible. Burying my head in the sand is looking more and more alluring with each passing day. It is appearing more and more likely that Obama is going to get his wish after all because of the economy tanking as it is.

    We are watching the culmination of the worst “election” ever and being handed this Chicago tool to lead. Completely demoralizing as of today. I do not want to give up hope but the signs are there and growing.

  62. IRAN is calling an emergency meeting of OPEC because of the falling gas prices. Good – take Russia and Iran down.

  63. What the he!! is wrong with Chicago that they would legitimize people like Ayers and Dohrn? What the he!! is wrong with people that would defend people like Ayers and Dohrn? To me these people are no better than your average run of the mill murders. There is no cause in the world that justifies murder. That the elite would elevate any of them to positions of authority is stunning.

  64. FL Voter: No one is accountable, haven’t you heard that? You can say, do, act in any manner, and with enough money to back it up, get away with just about anything. No one cares. That is the simple truth to all this. No one gives a good goddamn.

  65. Re: Sexism. Obama was at Harvard Law from 1988 until 1991. In 1991 he was president of the law review, which is the same as editor. In 1992 he was succeeded by a bunch of people who later became prominent in the Republican party on the very right wing side. Obama’s issue of the journal is the least cited of any HLR. Anyway, in 1992 the successors of Obama, all of whom were his pals, decided to make fun of the scholarship of Mary Jo Frug, a feminist scholar. The bad thing was that Mary Jo had been murdered and the HLR team decided to carry out their joke even when her husband was supposed to attend their annual dinner. An investigation was launched studying the culture at the law school from 1988 to 1992, and the report that resulted found that misogyny was rampant at the law school in those years. Obama can’t be blamed for what a successive editor chose to do, but he was part of that culture of misogyny while at the law school and he certainly had a role in ushering in the next editorial team.

  66. FL Voter:

    Bill Ayers daddy ran Commonwealth Edison.

    Money is the mother’s milk of politics, and the Ayers family has lots of it.

  67. Pat, don’t give up hope yet. Don’t internalize the polls. Remember the BS of the polls always showing BO winning? This was to demoralize the Clinton voters. It is the exact same tactic now only Obama doesn’t have the DNC to put him over the finish line. He is counting on you to feel the way you do and give up. Don’t believe that people aren’t paying attention.

  68. So “myiq”
    Is there evidence that his daddy knew F.M.Davis??

  69. BTW – I have noticed that any Wiki entry relating to Teh Precious and/or his associates has been subject to recent editing.

    Prolly just a coinky-dink

  70. tpt/ny:

    Dunno, I have never made any mention of F.M. Davis

  71. What the he!! is wrong with people that would defend people like Ayers and Dohrn?
    That’s the great thing about supporting Obama! You find yourself defending people who bomb civilians and people who taze 10 year olds! Now THAT’S change! /snark

  72. sm77, I respectfully disagree. We are talking current day, not plantation days. We managed to get rid of that cultural abomination. (Well, kinda, we still have modern day slaves working in sweatshops.)

    I don’t believe that one can truly love another human being and see that person as inherently equal and not extend those feelings for strangers who share the same two chromosomes. I guess that’s the fine line between sexism (which sounds like your father) and misogyny. And, IMO, Obama’s sexism is teetering awful close to the misogyny side. Really, he’s about to fall over. MO is probably the only thing holding him up.

  73. votermom:

    Don’t twist the facts, that kid was 11 years old!


  74. Mawm: I like to think that the posters on this blog adhere mightily to the truth. We do not as a group bow down that easily to the propaganda that we must endure from all quarters. The Confluence and its regulars keep me balanced for the most part and as we all seem to do, we continually check in here throughout the day to validate our feelings and update our reasoning.

    At the moment I think we are living through dark times. An Obama win will only heighten that supposition. I can blackout all forms of communication, crank up the cd’s, and pretend there is not a world going on outside my own door. Like Blanche Dubois, I can pretend. Just not sure if that is enough. The Confluence is the only place to find the kindness of strangers. It is getting more difficult to grasp onto something real when the unreality is morphing into the norm.

  75. Myiq, hehe, I read that he was 10 when he was tazed, actually, though I don’t have the cite …

  76. pat, we will survive. we made it through 8 years of the worst president ever. what needs to be done more than anything else is the complete takedown of our evil, lying corrupt media. I couldn’t believe the anger and hatred frothing out of campbell brown last night as she nearly exploded her head over the fact that somebody said BO’s middle name.

    Oh, and Andrea Mitchell fretting about how people of color might be offended by mccain’s “that one” reference. Mitchell, who I’m sure hasn’t set foot in the neighboorhoods of DC where those people of color actually live, even though its blocks away from her georgetown mansion. She wouldn’t be caught dead in columbia heights…much less outside of NW. hypocrites all of them, and they need to be destroyed.

  77. GXM17 – you made a point about sexist men not being able to hate the “feminine” because then how could they love their mothers?

    I gave you a case scenario. The same happens today. A man can systematically hold women down & degrade them at his job while kissing his mom on the cheeck with the same mouth he called a woman at his job a “C__T ” because she’s smarter & more able than he is. I believe that it’s possible because I’ve lived it.

    Of course, there are other parts of the world where the subjugation is more accepted. I’m not arguing that. I’m merely pointing out that it’s the same hate but just transferred to another part of the human anatomy.

  78. Pat:

    There are some stories about Obama that get no play here, for a reason. I won’t mention them by name, but typically they involve Obama’s childhood.

    I am disgusted with so-called progressive blogs that prefer truthiness to truth.

  79. “myiq”
    I didn’t think you did. I have been focused on the Obama/ Frank
    Marshall Davis connection for some time now. I truly believe he was the one to set the wheels in motion for Obama. He was well connected & originally from Chicago. No one ever asked (to my knowledge) “Barack “why Chicago”?
    Bits-n-pieces come out ; but no smoking gun.
    You seemed good @ finding stuff out, so I thought I’d ask?

  80. tpt/ny:

    I’m not sure what the relevance would be.

    It’s apparent to me that when he arrived in Chicago he started making connections into the sleazy world of the Daley Machine, Rezko and Ayers. That’s enough for me.

  81. For me in my line of work I find I like to get to the “root” of things, to figure out what “drives” an individual?
    Once that’s established, the rest usually falls into place.

  82. gary – and Pat is married to Greenspan – where was he when all of this economic holocaust was building?

  83. Some people think the Ayers connection is mentioned only to show that Obama is a scary radical.

    I don’t think he is a scary radical.

    I think his sleazy pals show he lacks judgment or moral principles.

  84. I saw McCain’s new Ayers ad and I like it. It is great although I wish that it wasn’t ended with “too risky for America”. “Can you trust him” would have been better. It is all about establishing the fact that Obama can’t be trusted. He will promise you wonderful things but then you have to ask if you trust him to fulfill those promises.Trust needs to become campaign’s theme in his next stage. He started out with “not ready to lead” then defining him “who is Barack Obama” = “too risky for America” now he needs to ask the voters if they can trust Obama to keep his promises. Do they trust his judgement? Can they believe all the things he is telling them?

    Whom do you trust to keep you safe?

  85. smith and wesson

  86. To Obamanation money excuses a multitude of sins. We really need a third party because the Dems now appear to be more corrupt than the Repubs.

  87. I will never EVER forget who brought us BZero. I will never EVER forget the remarks – the name calling – the total disregard for voters and Democratic issues shown by the “leaders” of my former party. From the moment Ted Kennedy was shown on TV saying BZero was ready from day one – my stomach lurched. My timeline may be off but I think it was Febuary. We were having great difficulty getting vetting done – if this selected candidate was so “the one” – where is the proof of his accomplishments – record of legislation – show us!!!

    This candidate is a nightmare in my opinion. Toxic for America but, as POTUS – toxic for the world. If the facts that are coming out now are true, what in he0ll were the “leaders” thinking? That is why I am having great difficulty voting for downticket “D”s who supported this farce. What our gut was telling us was true.

    When leaders make such a ginormous horrific mistake at that level it is freakin scary. BUT I’m going to be brave just like the rest of you and fight it every step of the way. Then we are going to get Hillary back and maybe there are still a few good souls left in government we can support.

    BZero – brought to you by the Dimocrap Leaders.

    Someone tell me why? It hasn’t been subtle from the beginning – we just could not believe how unqualified he was.

  88. Downticket: No one. That is the sorriest statement of all. No one.

  89. Pat: The truth is I think that America’s attention and interest in Obama’s associations was probably at its zenith when the Wright tapes finally hit the national news. The Ayers information was available then too but it was not put in play. Maybe that was because Republicans wanted the Dems to stay in chaos and indecision until their convention. Maybe that was because no msm reporter wanted to really investigate because to be on the wrong side of the political fence could really end a career. Can McCain rekindle that American interest in Obama’s scary history? Obama is just as much a “bubble” as the Dot.com bubble and the sub-prime bubble—and will probably do as much damage. It is interesting to me that the people who brought us both of those bubbles are more or less the people who are bringing us Obama.

  90. myiq
    On that note / you & I completely agree!

  91. As much as “flaccid little putz” rolls off the tongue, I’m not sure that insulting BO’s virility is the best way to get sexism out of the race.

    Also, in the progressive stronghold of Seattle, I get a strong sense that the Obama-mania is driven at least in part by liberal white guilt and the need to magically erase the gruesome history of racism in this country via the big symbolic gesture of putting a Black man in the White House.

  92. The women of the 60’s fought and struggled so hard for respect and independence. To see all of that hard work thrown away by this corrupt, untrustworthy and ruthless nominee and his campaign enrages me.

    Unfortunately, many of those leading feminists have been part of the Palin pile-on. Mind boggling.

    *That McCain ad is fierce. I didn’t realize until this morning, though I heard mention of it, that Michelle O worked at the same law firm with Dohrn almost 30 years ago. They didn’t know each other??? They didn’t know about his infamous background. He lies–period.

  93. Obama raised nearly $100 million last year, before a single vote was cast.

    That’s more than all his competitors except Hillary, combined.

    How does someone with his resume raise that kind of cash?

    Without all that money, he wouldn’t have been a blip in the polls. Who financed Obama?

    (If you say millions of small donors I’ll send Captain Spaulding over to straighten you out)

  94. tpt…do you know if there is any one clearinghouse on that info about the Barack-Frank Marshall Davis connections?


  95. A lot of people (including Lambert) criticize the fact that there is very little proof regarding the Ayers-Obama relationship.

    That’s not true. There is a lot of evidence about the closeness of their relationship. That is the dispute. He is clearly not “just some guy in the neighborhood” when they served on a 6 person board together for years, dispensing $100+ million for radical educational reform. I heard a clip yesterday of Ayers’ visit to Venezuela, when he was praised by Chavez. He talked about how education is the best socialist transformative tool (ie: indoctrinate the children and the society will change). Americans have a right to know if they are voting for a socialist–or at least a socialist sympathizer.

  96. fif:

    I don’t think Obama has an ideology other than Obama.

    When he talks to left-wingers he’s one of them, but then he turns into Reagan-lite when he’s around the GOP.

    He’s Obamachameleon

  97. Pat Johnson – the choice is between Obama and McCain. Of the two McCain is the right choice. Obama can’t make a decision on his own. So you will rather have a guy that is friends with unrepentent terrorist to make thr decisions that will affect your life. Look back at the Russian- Georgian crisis, how long did it take Obama to come out with a statement and how many times did he flip flop on it? The economic crisis. McCain has a plan and Obama hasn’t got one yet. Obama is afraid to take a stand on anything unless it benefits him personally. That is why he voted present 130 times. McCain a hero. He has served his country well and was willing to die for it. When things are bad, you would rather have a person like McCain than Obama because you know that no matter what happens you can trust McCain to do what is in the best interest of his beloved America. You might not agree with some of his solutions(you can’t agree with everyone) but you know that he does have your best interest at heart. McCain is more trustworthy than Obama.

  98. We constantly chafe at the rules set up to govern society. Speed limits, buckling up for safey, 12 items or less, take a number. The list is endless.

    However, we have sat through this election watching rules being bent, ignored, hijacked, stolen, rewritten, submerged, and thrown out the window. Without rules we cannot function.

    When the electorate ignores the above actions they will get nothing more in return. As rules no longer apply, the chances of a fascist state begin to emerge. Accountability and shame disappear and are replaced. The question remains is to how exactly this will apply.

    Rules are rules but without them a society becomes obsolete. Why abide when the consequences have been destroyed in favor of a win at any price? Attention is not being paid to this overture. It favors the one who has no regard for rules.

  99. It’s the hypocrisy that bothers me. I don’t care much about radical connections myself. Heck, I’m a fan of liberation theology when it’s thoughtful and purposeful.

    There’s no way that BO didn’t know who Ayers was, and people who plan bombs are scum. That is what it is… it seems like Ayers has been ruled to be redeemed by the corporations who control opinion in this country, Disney, Viacom, etc. What I want to know is this: since Ayers and BO’s association with him are non-issues, is that extended to other politicians and other associates with violence in their past? Does everyone get a pass, or just BO? Does everyone get redeemed, or just those who are washed clean by BO?

  100. myiq2xu, on October 9th, 2008 at 10:55 am Said:

    I don’t think Obama has an ideology other than Obama.

    When he talks to left-wingers he’s one of them, but then he turns into Reagan-lite when he’s around the GOP.

    He’s Obamachameleon


    Yep, this is my take, too. Radical? Please. Obama is whatever it takes in a given room to line his pockets and gain more power. I don’t get the impression that he has any core convictions whatsoever, beyond the glory of Brand Obama.

    That in and of itself isn’t unusual — pols are like that. What is insane is this mass delusion that he’s something more than this. After all the weather vane twisting in the wind and the body count under the Team Obama bus, you would have to be an utter fool to buy into that delusion.

  101. “Zee”
    Corsi from ObamaNation has covered it. In Obama’s own book he called him, “Frank”.
    Davis knew Obama’s grandfather in Hawaii ( not sure if they knew each other in Chicago as well, there’s some “talk” they did). He befriended Obama when Obama returned to Hawaii @ age 10; just after he was rejected by his mother , birth father & stepfather by that time. It’s said he (BO) was very curious @ that stage of his life about his “black side”. In walks, F.M.D., a black writer-hiding from the CIA in Hawaii.
    Just before Obama went to Occidential College it’s described that he “sat @ the foot of Davis’ bed”. Or something like that. Has anyone asked “why did so many doors, OPEN for Obama along the way”?

  102. Fox news this morning reports that in Indianapolis there are 104% registered to vote. More people are registered than the actual lawful adult population. How many cities and states across the nation will have voter fraud. Acorn is active in each battleground state.

    Gallup says Obama up by 11%.

  103. I think his sleazy pals show he lacks judgment or moral principles.

    myiq: that is the theme the McCain camp is pushing: trust and judgment. McCain & Palin emphasized that in their interview last night, and it is also the thrust of the commercial. He’s a liar with poor judgment. I think they should extend that to say: how will he know how to navigate the delicate and dangerous world of foreign policy. The president is a symbol of our democracy–if he doesn’t know when and where to employ that power, it is dangerous. They did suggest that re: the lack of preconditions issue. It could be more clear.

  104. Well, I also think Tom Lykis (sp?) was pretty popular around Seattle for quite a while.

    I think the “white guilt” argument is a cover for sexism. They protest too much and too violently, in my opinion, for the “white guilt” to be true. If you think about it, wouldn’t the argument for obama be rational and logical IF they really thought it was a stepping stone for society at large? Wouldn’t they have something better than “but, _____ female is so EVIL!!!”

  105. The rise of Putin to political power draws some similarities. An obscure Russian politician who never held elective office thrust upon the international stage because they felt he could be controlled. Unlike many before him who kept to the party line, Putin created his own fiefdom with the help of others who eventually were made to “disappear” or who died untimely deaths at early ages from “heart disease”.

    I am not suggesting anything as sinister but watch this man who arose from a limited career to become the nominee with the aiding and abetting of a group who feel they can control him throw off his handlers when the taste of power overtakes all else. With a compliant MSM and a dirty group of political Washington hacks he is easily on his way.

  106. Americans have a lousy choice this year, but if the majority of our citizens elect Obama as the next President, I am not sure that I will ever participate in an election again. To me it means that the MSM will be picking our president from now on. They picked Bush and now Obama. What is the point when so many people can’t think for themselves and think so little of the Presidency that anyone can fill it. When so many Americans have lost touch with what it means to be American.

  107. NH: That extra 4% are the municipal cementary voters & NHL draft pick list.


    They are stealing the election – AGAIN!!!!!

  108. PJ – up above said the magic word – accountability. Power without accountability is always dangerous. All the years Bu$h has been in office we saw no accountability. The D leadship never held him accountable and it has been a nightmare. Never in a million years would I have thought the D party could become worse than Bu$h – but they are proving that daily. The media is unhinged in the garbage they spew(ed) against Hillary, then McCain and now Palin. The CNN gig of playing the Rev. Wright tapes over and over again for 24 hours was to desensitize the public. That did not work with me – nor anyone telling me all balck churchs are like that . The MSNBC gig to play all facts of BZero as inconsequential is so over blown to be mind boggling. I stopped watching them a few months ago but cruise though sometimes and KO once stated Mac is on death’s door? Jeebus.

    What is the dollar amount for a soul these days? I knew Bu$h had no moral compass – why did so many lose theirs. Ethics became a big topic in the early 2000’s, lots of books opinions but no action. It was a fad – ethics and morals are out this year.

  109. Thanks, tpt…I don’t use Corsi as a source, specifically because he made up that entire conspiracy theory about the fake monetary takeover of the dollar by the mythical “amero.”

    But I have seen some very interesting tidbits about Frank Marshall Davis and Obama.

  110. And, as you say….it’s all gone unquestioned.

  111. The president is a symbol of our democracy

    “I have become the symbol of America returning to our best traditions” – Barack Obama

  112. NY Post article yesterday re: ACORN:

    Voter fraud in Nevada, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida & Ohio. Fake registrations include dead people and underage kids. As Lori pointed out yesterday, people (including felons, which is against state law) are paid to meet quotas, so they randomly select people from the phone book and forge their signatures. In Indiana, up to 11,000 registration forms were no good, tying up election officials and jeopardizing the voting rights of untold victims whose identities may have been stolen. In Florida, one individual had “21 duplicate applications.” Election officials had flagged ACORN’s negligent practices months ago, but “it may be too late.” In Orange, Broward & Miami Dade counties, ACORN has signed up 135,000 new voters, nearly 60% of them registered Dems–a fifth of all new voters in the region. In OH, large numbers of homeless people got free van and bus rides to register, and were told “who to vote for if she wanted a better life.” Another homeless man exulted that he was voting for Obama because “I want him to do his thang. You know do his thug thizzle.”

    Well, he’s doing his thug thizzle alright.

    NH: why post the Gallup poll? It’s an outlier–all the other polls have the margin much closer.

  113. Another thought about the Gallup poll: they do NOT include Nader in their polling, who is pulling up to 5%.

  114. NH, on October 9th, 2008 at 11:12 am

    – not only the media but also the Democratic Party will think that they can decide who the nominee should be despite what the majority of Democrats want.

  115. Is it true that Fitzgerald is investigating ACORN?
    link too long to post

  116. Big Pimpin’ Democrat thinks Obama’s “say it to my face” goading of McCain has only two possible outcomes – McCain backs down or loses his cool.

    What about McCain calmly and cooly saying it to Obama’s face?


  117. myiq – can I borrow Captain Spaulding for a while? Don’t ask why.

  118. http://citizenwells.wordpress.com/

    Fitzgerald story is on this blog.

  119. Patrick Fitzgerald may be the last voice of reason, no make that the only voice of reason, we can more or less trust to act on behalf of the public.

  120. I have to say it: Capt Spaulding scares me more than Barack Obama. And that is saying a lot!!!

  121. Regarding Fitzgerald/ACORN – I heard talk that the FBI raids of the ACORN offices were related to a larger investigation by Fitzgerald.

    I brushed it off as conspiracy theory, but there may be truth to this story.

  122. Yea, McCain who faced the Viet Cong is afraid of Obama. Do these people think before they type?

  123. Obama’s “say it to my face” goading of McCain

    Again, do I need to point out the hypocrisy of this man? How many times did he cower next to Hillary in the debates, and then, the next day, he would mock and ridicule her in his stump speeches, in front of a sea of Bot worshipers?

  124. How could McCain be afraid of an opponent who is nothing more than a huge helping of Marshmallow Fluff? But his supporters? A whole different group. Afraid, be very afraid.

  125. fif,
    “Obama’s ‘say it to my face’ goading of McCain’

    Did he say that?

  126. If the captain scares you then you should be grateful I didn’t use my real picture as an avatar.

  127. Obama sounds a bit tetchy. Maybe Michelle should just let him start smoking again.

  128. McCain should do what Hillary did in their last debate. Smile and the crush him.

  129. You know, when the whole issue of Ayers came up in Hillary’s debate with Obama, Hillary didn’t have a problem “saying it to Obama’s face”. She did so calmly and carefully and effectively.

    Are BTD and Steve Benen (whom one can hardly tell apart anymore, given their nearly identical hackery) really so far gone that they don’t think that McCain, if asked a direct question on the point in a debate (which he never was, of course, in the Brokawfest), won’t have a similar, perfectly calm (and without a doubt perfectly rehearsed) response? Do they really believe that he’s just going to lose it because they, in their out-of-control McCain hate, can’t see that he knows how to control himself when he wants to or needs to?

    BTD really has turned himself into a joke. I could never stand how he “argues” (loud, simplistic assertion followed by poorly assembled evidence and logic, combined with one or two sentence ad hominems) but who needs his predictable, hate-crazed partisan junk?

  130. jvsp: I just cut that quote from above, so I assume he’s out on the campaign trail shouting that in his speeches. That must be a new talking point too, because Alan Colmes (aka Don Knotts) said it last night on Hannity to Newt Gingrich. It will undoubtedly come up in the next debate.

  131. myiq: The combination of you and Capt Spaulding conjures up nightmares. As long as he stays close to you is all I ask. Letting him loose? OMG.

  132. They’ve been anticipating a “McCain explosion” since June. He’s seems pretty calm–even too calm–to me.

  133. SAY IT TO MY FACE?????

    Oh pahleeze.

    You’re talking about a guy who lived in a box for 6 years – tortured everyday which is the reason he can’t move his arms. He’s spit on death’s face 4,000,000 times.

    SAY IT TO MY FACE? He won’t have much of face left after McCain’s through with him.

    Isn’t that a bit childish & naive for a candidate who’s known for his “eloquence”?

  134. McCain will “say it to his face” (re. Ayers) and Obama will stick his fingers in his ears and say “La la la I can’t hear you.”

    The Obots will applaud!

  135. Pat:

    As I said yesterday, I have nightmares of being chased by angry sockpuppets.

  136. tpt/ny
    Frank Davis was Obama’s mentor (his books) and a die-hard communist and radical. Davis and Ayres were friends. Ayres and Obama probably got to know each other while Obama was at Columbia – there are a number of articles about this, and there is an indepth article about “why Chicago”. I will post the link in an hour – have a meeting.

  137. I think you have several groups of people that are voting for Obama that have chosen to ignore his relationship with Ayers based on a romanticism of who he actually is:

    The old elitist, middle class and poor that were around in the 60’s and 70’s and hated the war for many reasons the least of it being that we should have not been in Vietnam.

    We had the draft, free sex, free love, long hair hippies and rebellion of everything including people protesting the flavor’s of ice cream at Baskin Robbins as too limited.

    People were capable of even spitting on our soldiers at the same time we probably had a combination of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, school mates, doctors, dentists, boyfriends girlfriends, work peers, etc. that either enlisted or were drafted to go. I personally had my brother, an ex-boyfriend, 2 future brothers-in-law and many school mates that went to Vietnam. All of my close alliances enlisted – did not wait to be drafted.

    I had a unique perspective as I was a flight attendent back in those days. While I saw the horrible events night after night on television regarding the war and the way our soldiers were being treated back home, I was actually on a Convair 580 Jet Prop plane flying around the country with Pilots that had been in the military and for the most part were still in the National Guard (National Guard back in those days did not go off to the war). I worked for the original Frontier Airlines. My trips were short hauls between a lot of small cities – Lawton, Ok; Fort Smith, AR; Fayetteville, AR, etc.

    My passengers were for the most part “draftees and some enlisted” – poor that barely had shoes, some that were probably 1 step in front of the law, students that had to put their educations on hold, doctors, dentists, teachers, fathers, young, rich, etc. – that we picked up from the different cities and left at different military bases that were replaced with “seasoned soldiers – 6 weeks in boot camp” that we were dispersing around the country.

    I cried everyday for over 3 years, and I personally hated everyone that disrespected our soldiers.

    After they brought the Vietnamese refugees into military camps for later assignment throughout the US, I was unbelieveably on the first flight to take a group of Vietnamese out of Fort Smith, AR. 1 of the Flight Attendents tapped was French Vietnamese and spoke the language. The news media was all over it. It turned out to be very funny for everyone as you can imagine as the Flight Attendent was giving directions in Vietnamese, the other 2 of us were pointing in every direction since we didn’t know what she was saying.
    It was tough because we had many of those flights over the next year, and these were scared people that had to leave everything they knew and move on .

    And, then you have a generation that really has only had a view from the cheap seats at a movie theatre unless their relatives were involved and spilled their guts to them (which many never did).

    My point, there was nothing romantic about the vile way people acted that had a choice.

    While I didn’t make the trip to Vietnam and I didn’t fight in Vietnam and I didn’t physically lose anyone close in Vietnam and I didn’t want our country to be fighting in Vietnam, most of my early years were entrenched in what was happening in Vietnam.

    While I haven’t thought about it in a long time, it seems I’m still not over it. Most people thought back in those days being a Flight Attendent was a “glamourous job”. Not so much……………………………..

    To hell with you Obama and Ayers


  138. Watch Hillary at 2:01. First she smiles and then 👿

  139. I don’t think that there would have been an anit-war movement if it had not been for the draft.

  140. RD & Co— I don’t think Axelrod would stop at anything. This morning DQ has the real roots up of the ties to the Democratic Socialists of America. It was ruthless towards Hillary, ruthlessly sexist — and now they are trying to pull the same thing with ageism on McC.

    Somehow Ayers fits with all of it — it’s like all the old radicals of the Kent State era are in Chicago? Pretty unreal.
    Last night I found an article that is good for the differences between liberation theology and the feminist movement. It dates from 1974 — makes an interesting read and gives a very clear picture about the sexism we’ve seen.

    We had Hillary. Funny, in 1974 what was Hillary doing? I think she had just opened that women’s legal aid place? All the work that was done by so many over the years — to get the C word?


    The Acorn thing? A big problem. Why isn’t the press reporting?
    It’s really interesting to read this article and think back…to childhood — for a lot of us — the roots of feminism—-and the sickest thing? We help other nations with women’s causes — but look what just happened here…


  141. I meant NQ! sorry typos.

  142. You’re talking about a guy who lived in a box for 6 years – tortured everyday which is the reason he can’t move his arms.

    It says a lot about McCain’s character that he was willing to go through all that. It is one of the reasons I like him.

  143. WOW CAROL!!!!!!!

    WHAT an insightful and poignant post!!!

    Thank you for sharing that snapshot of your life.

    I LOVE my Conflucian bretheren!

  144. ps: The writers at No Quarter have all the back story on Ayers and Annenberg –O lied about their relationship? They go back years. Todays news though comes from New Zealand and Nq’s Reverend Amy has the piece that nails it — one of her links is out of New Zealand — it seems only the Canadian Press will take it on?

    I read yesterday Ayers is shopping his screenplay aroung Hollywood circles about the Weathermen years. Funny, for someone who is trying to pass herself as a fistbump Jackie O — you might want to ask what hetero soccer moms are going to think about the concept of destroying white male patriarchy with the “smash Monogamy” that was part o’ the weatherpeople. It gets weirder the more you look…….

    here is new Zealand piece on the DSA and Socialism…
    miq2xy——– Frank Marshall Davis was his mentor in Hawaii.
    amazing, no?


  145. Davis was under investigation by the FBI so he left Chicago for Hawaii in 1958 or thereabouts. Chicago has very strong socialist and communist organizations. Obama was 12 when they met in Hawaii and he remained Obama’s mentor until his death in 1987. (see Obama’s books – and other articles.

    Davis put Obama in touch with the New Party (Socialis ) in Chicago (Ayres is a member). The New Party helped launch and finance Obama’s political career. Documents are available via a couple of web sites, NQ, politicallydrunk.blogspot.com, and a few other places.

    Remember that the SDS/Weathermen defended the Black Panthers (supported by Farrakhan). The ties are close for these and sister organizations down to all the churches, and the place is Chicago. Chicago was the place to be for Obama.

  146. These documents came to light after google posted its index in celebration of their anniversay.

  147. Why did I post the Gallup poll? for two reasons. First, here at the Confluence we shouldn’t be afraid of facts or events that we dislike. There is benefit in analyzing whatever arises. And second, gallup is still rated as being the most accurate. I would be happier if Gallup and Zolby were reversed.

  148. Arabella Trefoil, on October 9th, 2008 at 11:44 am Said:
    I don’t think that there would have been an anit-war movement if it had not been for the draft.

    Considering the differences between the anti-war movement and protests of the 60s to the anti-war movement today it appears you are correct.

  149. I know that Hillary is not on the table for Pres. but I just had to share this. It highlights her ability to inspire people across parties.

    In the October 2008 issue of Today’s Chicago Woman, there is an interview with Terry DuffyCEO of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He says:

    “I’ve been a supporter of the Republican Party for many years. But really, my politics have always been about the individual. I like to look at who’s best qualified. I still believe (Hillary Clinton) is the most qualified for president. First and foremost, it was her experience on foreign policy. She’s well respected around the world. She’s rock solid”.

    Our judgement about Hillary was good. Our current discussion on this blog and others reflect this judgement, regardless of what others say.

    I respect the fact that we at Riverdaughter will not stoop to truly questionable sources when trying to validate a point made about Obama. Even if it serves to show we are right about something. In fact we let people know we do not accept questionable sources.

  150. Quick question; why is cunt spelled out but the other is referred to as the “n” word? It seems to me that by doing that you are inferring that one is indeed worse than the other. In my opinion they are both abhorrent, one not worse than the other.

  151. HRC – Hillary Rodham Clinton — clearly has no problem with people using her middle name.

    What is Barak Hussein Obama’s problem. Hmmmmmm?

  152. Palin and Obama are eerily similar in presentation, political savvy and stardom. However, when you actually compare what they have done Palin comes out on top. Why? Because she actually had to work to get where she was.

    Funny. I had a similar discussion with a Palin hater some time ago. Their argument against her always floats towards inane BS like the Couric interview. When they actually try to focus on her record of local politics I point to someone like Clinton (gov arkansas) and their only defense is oh well he went to an ivy league school.


    ….and yet they are so in love with hating her. I just don’t understand partisanship. Especially hyper partisanship.

  153. here is your laugh — O pumpkin stencils you can believe in:


    it’s from Uppity’s……you won’t believe it–all the more places to get that logo known….unreal.


  154. i liked the diary but disagreed with the use of the words “fellow democrats”. speaking only for me, that is no longer my thinking. i don’t consider these folks democrats but simply dims. other than that, good show!

  155. Don’t forget “the L word” :

    Here’s Grace Moon, New York art professor and managing editor of “Our Chart”, the commercial blogsite of Showtime’s series “the L Word” had this to say in a chat about Sarah Palin to fellow Lword blogger, Diane Cage:

    Grace: “That is so true about the winking thing, see? I’m not making this up. She is flirting with us on purpose. I do have a weakness for pretty brunettes with long hair. Okay, I’m a hot-blooded lesbian. Do I want her in the White House? No! Do I want her in my bed? Maybe. As long as we don’t have to talk.”

    Grace Moon is supposedly a feminist dyke. Purportedly. As are most of her readers. I am sickened by the amount of sexism hurled at Palin from the “liberal democrats” & I wish Sarah all the strength in the world to deal with it.

    And – just as I read on Hillbuzz today – the Repubs are looking better and better.


  156. Recent sexism and mysogyny are shocking enough, but two events have happened this week that have driven home the problem even more. I live in a very mixed ethnic part of Indianapolis. It is not unusual to see women wearing moslem head scarves, but last weekend I encountered a woman in a full black obeah repleat with a vailed face. All I could think was oh my God is this the future for American women , if some of Obama’s shady Middle Eastern supporters have their way. Then today, I received a call from a man who told me he wanted to, “Speak to the man of the house.” I have always considered myself to be a rational human, but I confess that in light of all that all that has transpired during the campaign, the first event terrified me and the second second sent me back to the seventies when I had excellent credit, but was told I could only get a car loan unless they checked my ex husband’s credit. He had had a very bad credit rating, but apparently was considered a better risk than I because of my gender. This last encounter simply made me very angry.

  157. Thank you for a great post here! The most significant campaign message from this arrogant, anorexic resume called Barack Hussein Obama has been addressed to the girls and women of this world and it’s simply this:

    “Get back to the end of the bus, ladies”!

    All else is horsefeathers.

  158. Beth Taylor’s comment is enough to send shivers down any woman’s spine! It is no coincidence that Barack was in Kenya in 2006 and campaigned vigorously on “hope and change” on behalf of his cousin Raila Odinga. BHO also donated $50,000 for his cousin’s campaign. Unfortunately, Odinga had signed a Memo of Understanding with all the islamist groups there to enforce Sharia Law if elected with full dress (burqa) code for women and appropriate punishment for adulterous females! Last December, Odinga’s murderous thugs rioted leaving some 200,000 Kenyans internally displaced. Many churches were burned with villagers inside while hundreds of Kenyan girls were raped and maimed. All this with the help of the misogynist anorexic resume-holder who managed to get to the top of the Presidential Candidates File! The BBC and CBC and most European press reported the President of Kenya’s strong objection to Barack’s supporting Odinga during the election: “Sen. Obama is interfering in a sovereign country’s politics and he’s too young and inexperienced in foreign policy matters and should be told to stop this…”
    Let’s hope that if (Zeus forbid!) Barack Obuma is elected he starts taking some urgently needed Gender Sensitivity 101 courses….

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