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Late Night Open Thread

Howard Dean is such a busy little bee, isn’t he? The Real Barack Obama has an interesting post up.  Months ago when they were called Rezkowatch, they posted a fascinating piece on Howard Dean’s role in enabling Barack Obama to get into the Senate so he would have a launching pad to move up to the White House.

Basically, about a month after Howard Dean lost his bid for the Democratic nomination in 2004, he morphed his campaign into Democracy for America and began working toward electing Obama in 2008. Somehow Dean got control of Move on also–or maybe Move on was working with him all along. Now The Real Barack Obama has more details on how Obama’s rapid march to power was planned.

Check it out, along with the earlier piece if you haven’t already read it. That Howard Dean. It’s amazing how he was able to accomplish this. And how on earth did he come out of nowhere in 2004 and end up taking over the Democratic Party? There is certainly a lot going on under the surface that I never suspected. My eyes are open now though. I don’t trust anyone in the Democratic “leadership” one bit.

According to Karl Rove many voters still haven’t made their final decisions on whom to vote for on November 5.

There are probably more undecided and persuadable voters open to switching their choice than in any election since 1968.

For those open to Mr. McCain, it is unclear how they will respond to his plan to order the Treasury secretary “to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America and renegotiate at the new value of those homes.” It came across as both impulsive and badly explained. No experts were ready to defend it. No explanatory paper was flung at journalists. Nor were surrogates like Mitt Romney briefed. But the campaign did admit it borrowed the idea from Hillary Clinton.

While it was good Mr. McCain engaged on health-care reform, his explanations were not crisp or powerful. And he failed to defend his proposed corporate tax cut. Why not say America has the world’s second-highest corporate tax rate, putting the U.S. at a disadvantage in creating jobs?

For those leaning to Mr. Obama, there was no evidence of bipartisanship. There was no talk of accomplishments. Did he really think it was smart to answer Mr. McCain on Fannie by dismissing the GSE reform bill and pointing to a letter he wrote? In the Senate, is the pen mightier than legislation? And Mr. Obama’s say-one-thing, do-another approach was apparent. Blast Mr. McCain for talking up the economy, then say, “I am confident about the American economy.” Blame Mr. McCain for the credit meltdown, and end the assault with “you’re not interested in hearing politicians pointing fingers.” Say “only a few percent of small businesses” will get taxed when 663,000 small enterprises are in the top 5%.

Rove ends with this:

Mr. Obama’s test is that voters haven’t shaken deep concerns about his lack of qualifications. Having accomplished virtually nothing in his three years in the Senate except to win the Democratic nomination, Mr. Obama must show he is up to the job. Voters like him, conditions favor him, yet he has not closed the sale. He may be approaching the finish line with that mixture of lassitude and insouciance he displayed in the spring against Mrs. Clinton.

But here’s a warning sign for Mr. Obama. Of recent candidates, only Michael Dukakis in 1988 has had a larger percentage of voters tell pollsters they believe he lacks the necessary qualifications to be president.

It does seem that undecided voters will decide the winner. I remember during the primaries, last minute deciders went for Hillary. Who will they choose this time? Will the bitter deadender hillbillies and menopausal women really mark their ballots for the guy who went to Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years and worked closely with unrepentent Weatherman Bill Ayers?

Speaking of Ayers, Lynn Sweet and Jake Tapper have been pressing Axelrod on his claim that Obama knew nothing about Bill Ayers’ violent history until after the meeting at Ayers’ house in 1995. Axelrod was less than forthcoming.

Can it be that the somnolent corporate media types are finally waking up to the story behind the fairy tale that is Barack Obama’s life story?

123 Responses

  1. Yuck. BB, I think I’ll have to wait until morning to actually read that. It sounds like a nightmare.

  2. I know KB. We needed a new thread though. I have been reading The Real Barack Obama every day lately. I don’t know who those people are over there, but they are really good at research.

  3. It is just mindblowing to me that Howard Dean was able to accomplish this. I didn’t even realize in 2004 that Howard Dean was as far left as he apparently is. Or maybe he’s just a user like BO. I just don’t know what to think about him or Obama anymore. All I know is they have destroyed the Democratic Party.

  4. That shot of Palin with the boys between the legs is more than disgusting to Palin; it is extremely disrespectful to the boys. If I were one of the parents, especially of that one boy, I would be royally ticked. This boy shows up for a speech by a VP candidate, and the media [wasn’t it Reuters] makes it look downright vulgar.

  5. #6 of “the Plan”–change the media landscape, and CREATE A MOVEMENT. Oh lordisa, where was this in the last year when we could have steered it into the ditch? Damn those f*ckers! This explains PRECISELY the DNC’s behavior towards Hillary. I will not rest until every single one of these vultures are gone–for some, behind bars where they belong.

  6. I am getting bleary, but those links sound very interesting. I’ll read them in the a.m. too. Thanks for the great company all. See you tomorrow.

  7. BB, It’s a great thread. I’m just fading fast. And I don’t want the Howard Dean story to be the last thing I read.

    I didn’t mean anything negative about what you wrote.

  8. God what an unholy alliance these vultures have created. What in the world does Howard and Co think that BO will give them should he attain the crown? Stalin would take his teachers from his childhood out to the woods and shoot them so they could not tell tales. WTF do these fools think that BO will do to insure their silence?

  9. Went to watch the Greta interview of Sarah, and was very impressed. Doggone it, how can you not like and respect this woman?

  10. These people remind me of the political cult types I used to meet in Harvard Square in the ’60s. They were really off the deep end, very moralistic and rigid. Anyone who wanted to actually have some fun once in a while instead of working toward the revolution was considered evil incarnate. They would attack you just the way the Obamites attack anyone who doesn’t get with the program.

    The sad thing is that there are so many Americans who are being completely duped. They have no idea how angry and viscious the mainline Obamabots really are. And if you try to tell people who don’t spend time on the internet, they don’t believe you. At least that is my experience.

  11. Katie,

    Don’t read it. I thought we needed a fresh thread and that is what I happened to be reading at the time. I know it’s kind of heavy and depressing. Interesting though.

  12. I’ll see if I can find something cheery to add. I’m on my second wind now.

  13. parentofed, on October 9th, 2008 at 12:51 am Said:
    Went to watch the Greta interview of Sarah, and was very impressed. Doggone it, how can you not like and respect this woman?

    I know so many women who can’t stand her: She is a mother of young children, how dare she run; she’s too pretty to be VP; she’s stupid; she’s this, she’s that.

    I can’t even talk to my co-workers who are women (all D’s and most supported Hillary) because of the awful things they say about her. I don’t even bother to counter their attacks because they don’t care to hear the truth – Obama told them not to like her, therefore they don’t.

    There is one woman who refuses to vote for Obama, but she only tells me this, because they make a lot of money and he’s going to raise her taxes – she’s skipping the top ticket, and we whisper. Ridiculous.

    I don’t get it.

  14. Accck, my TIVO hates me. I went to tape Greta, and it had a thumbs down by her program for some reason, it wouldn’t let me tape it and it had a bigoraphy of Obama recorded. lol

  15. BB: Remember in the 60’s how we wore military jackets as a form of protest? I hung out with a fairly serious group of lefties, and one day a really cute sorority type girl wore one of the jackets with a short skirt, hose, perfect hair, etc. We were all so pissed! Except the guys in our group kept looking……

  16. I’m still amazed that the Clintons didn’t see this coming…or if they did, what went through their minds….

  17. nv swing voter, heidi Li has a post up about how the attacks on Clinton and the attacks on Palin are mirror inages of each other–Palin is too pretty, Clinton isn’t feminine enough. Same bs, different day.

  18. Thank YOU .. Bostonboomer ..! You’ve done enough .. can you sleep now ???

    if so I hope you have beautiful dreams .. ;))

    Ashes & Snow is beautiful .. it’s a love letter .. from a husband to his beloved wife .. but , it takes you a long time to get that .. well, at least it took me a long time to get that .. I just kept hearing these beautiful words with the Best Photos I had ever seen in my life and was mesmerized .. …. Finally , I got it ..

  19. The Clintons didn’t want Howard Dean for Chairman.

  20. In 1969 I wore a military jacket [my brother’s, who served in Vietnam] while I took a bus to visit a friend in NC. We had a layover in some small station somewhere – TN, NC, VA – can’t remember. It was about 4am and I think I was the only young woman there. I was all sleepy & zonked. While waiting in a line to buy snacks, a couple of bubbas started giving me a hard time about the jacket, about how they ought to take it off me, what a disgrace it was for a hippie like me to wear.

    I was scared sh*tless, think the clerk was too, but I just kept my mouth shut and didn’t look at them, was polite to the clerk, went to the bathroom, sat on a bench. Good grief, I was so glad when I got back on that bus.

  21. Is that what started this feud? Dean is another meglomaniac from the Obama school of stupid grudges?

  22. What I want to know is how much money have Howard, Nancy, Donna, everybody in on this, taken in as kickbacks, bribes, “hush/slush” ? I’m serious, I will not rest until these people are brought to justice for this.

  23. Seriously, yeah.

  24. Well, I’ve said it before, I’m in a swing state, and I really wish Hillary had one the D ticket. Now I find myself working to the bone, taking on more than I can chew, just so BO doesn’t win. I could be relaxing right now thinking all is well.

  25. Hi Katiebird! Posts are so long, I haven’t been writing, but it is great to see you back here.

  26. nv swing voter: The Kid is surrounded by Obots. When she counteracts a hateful diatribe with facts, the other woman usually says ” I don’t care, she’s still stupid [or dangerous, insulting to women,etc}” which is shocking because these are intelligent, educated women.

    They are convinced -by the media, I think – that their role as liberals is to destroy this woman and save modern womanhood.

  27. I’ll need to read this in the morning but this does not surprise me. It seems to me that Barack Obama was pushed into the spotlight since the 2004 convention. Howard Dean is the ultimate screwup whose base in 2004 is similar to the one now supporting Barack Obama. He would be the first person I’d blame for everything that has happened.

    The DNC leadership along with screwup #2 Donna Brazille probably decided that this was the time to elect a black president since they predicted it would be a cakewalk for whoever was the nominee after 8 years of Bush. They had a feeling that Hillary was going to run and their CDS drove them to push Obama thinking that Hillary didn’t have much of a base anyway and that so many people hated her it would be easy to get rid of the b*tch soon after Iowa with help from Obama, Edwards, a little race baiting, and the backing of Democratic powerhouses like Ted Kennedy.

    I stopped trusting the DNC after I realized that my vote for Hillary Clinton would not matter in my state and that they would allow Obama to get away with disenfranchising millions of voters because he wouldn’t like the outcome.

    I think it is time to for reflecting on what happened during the primaries because too many people have forgotten the abuse and fraud and disenfranchisement that went down. I will never forget.

  28. Parentofed–that’s why I think everybody should learn martial arts. It’s good exercise, it’s very disciplined, and comes in handy if someone (unarmed) wants to mess with you. My daughter is only 5’3″, and 105 lbs. She doesn’t go out of her way to pick a fight, but she could put a hurting on somebody who tried to.

  29. Jerome Corsi, just released from detention in Kenya, talks to Hannity on radio show. Has documents showing Obama advised Odinga about Odinga’s presidential campaign strategy in Kenya from his U.S. Senate office. Watch/listen.

  30. Breaking:

    Jon Martin at Politico posted this about an hour ago:

    McCain camp making news in the morning

    On what, they won’t say.

    “We’ll have something to talk about,” is all a campaign aide would allow.

    Check back again in this space or over on our front-page in the morning.

  31. Prolix,

    Oh my. I hope it’s worth the wait.

  32. Irlandese: My undergrad roomie & BF had a 4.0 GPA and went to teach in a pretty rough HS. She was drop-dead gorgeous and 22; she got a black belt in karate. She said she didn’t ever intend to use it, but it gave her confidence and intimidated even those tough guys. This wasn’t too long after the show Kung Fu had been on tv, and people were very interested. My friend encouraged those students to get martial arts training for the discipline.

  33. The Real Barack Obama says Dean announced Dean’s Dozen in June 04.
    This press release for Dean’s Dozen is dated May 15, 2004
    Dean’s Democracy For America is also part of the America Votes Coalition, along with ACORN, SEIU, LULAC, MoveOn, Emily’s List, etc.
    I’d add their link, but I don’t want to get stuck in moderation.
    I’ve been following DFA for a long time, most recently they aligned with Brave New Pac, of Brave New Films, and did the 2 Swiftboat-style ads about McCain, one about his temper, the other about his cancer. That’s the one even MSNBC had to pull since they were the only ones carrying it.

  34. I hope it doesn’t have anything to do with jerome Corsi, because wasn’t he one of the swiftboaters? Even if he’s telling the truth, the media won’t touch that.

  35. Prolix: crap, I’m off to bed, and now it will take forever to get to sleep. Somebody wake me if it turns out to be big, okay?

  36. Despite the Obamabots who think the election is OVAH, this election will be close whether they want to admit to it or not. Maybe Obama will win but it says a lot when he might only win by a few points after 8 years of Bush and a financial crisis. Undecided voters will still determine this election and those in traditionally red states will have plenty of doubts about Obama when they enter the voting booth. Like with Hillary, they are going to vote for the person they can TRUST and relate to. Obama’s shady past will matter. Jeremiah Wright will matter. Not supporting HOLC will matter. Not standing firmly behind Democratic principles will matter. McCain definitely needs a new strategy and more attacks in the coming weeks but it is not impossible for him to win. The Obamabots are falling into the trap of 2000 and 2004 by letting their guard down and getting arrogant. I didn’t think Kerry was going to lose until around 7PM on Election Day. It boggles me that people think they can predict this election a month before Election Day.

  37. BB,

    I hope it is as well. I can’t believe it would be anything related to Corsi because he’s so caustic with the press.

    All we can do is hope for the big old orange October surprise.

  38. PofEd,

    I promise to wake you and the hubby if it is big news.

  39. First reaction after skimming the piece about Dean’s Abominable Plan (the Abominable Dean’s Plan): much of the power of the Obama mystique has derived from the “miracle man coming out of nowhere” meme, with all its (abominable) ‘gift from god’ connotations. And gosh, it was all made possible by millions of “small, individual donations” from true believers. What crap. What a game. What a bamboozle.

    Question is: just what is Dean up to? Most certainly not good democratic governance. As the Real BO site makes clear, this has been one big flipping manipulation from the very beginning, a rigged pinball machine. Dean is even more diabolical than I had thought. And to think I used to donate $ to further his crappy ends.

    Thanks for the link, BB. This is very valuable, if depressing, stuff. I’ll give it another look in the a.m. when I’m a bit more functional.

  40. bb – thanks for the info – I am going to read it shortly – I am always searching for answers to the mystery of who,why, what is BZero. I will be up all night as I have some time away from work again – thank heavens I can feed my weird obsession with this horrific primary season.

    Just quickly want to say Hillary and Bill I trust with my life. Who knows what awful threats they have faced. Who knows who is fronting this imposter and what lengths they will go to. It breaks my heart to read people are upset with the Clintons after their long service to the American public. Now I ahve to go fix a middle of the night snack for my son and come back and read.

    I never cared for Howard Dean – may he reap what he has sown.

  41. Cinie: And to think I supported Brave New Films & Greenwald, and bought multiples of their DVDs to donate to libraries and give to individuals.

  42. DV, i think carville was spinning his guts out today setting up for some kind of media coup after Obama loses. Many of these polls are seriously oversampling Democrats. Unless they can explain why they’re so out of whack with the sample size, not just a little but a LOT in sme cases, then it’s suspicious as hell imo.

  43. I added another bit about a piece by Rove in tomorrow’s WSJ. He seems to think it’s not over yet.

  44. According to Politico, more people watched the VP debate than last night’s boring mess with Obama and McCain. Obama is not the biggest star anymore. He must really hate that.

  45. BB, I read the article from The Real Obama and while it was interesting, I like this ending much better.

  46. PofEd, their website is full of ads against McCain.

  47. bostonboomer, it probably bothers The Chosen One A LOT. I think his advisors have told him to control his narcissism in public but the fact that he went on that Europe vacation proves to me that he constantly seeks attention and wants to be the most praised and worshipped person in the world. He will use his presidency as his platform to give “historical” speeches rather than actually getting his hands dirty to fix problems affecting everyday Americans.

    It probably bothered him that McCain’s ratings for his convention speech were higher than his. It probably bothered him a lot that Sarah Palin, another white woman, was getting so much attention. He and his supporters hate Palin so much because they know she is a threat. She’s as much of a celebrity as Obama is – or was – when he first announced his presidency last year. I’m not going to defend Palin’s record or experience but if the Obamabots want to do that I’ll say that she is just as “dumb” or inexperienced as Obama. Neither should’ve been given a chance to run for office this year but at least Palin is running for Vice President and not President and Ruler of the World.

    I’m waiting for the day that Obama gets knocked back down to earth. Either when he loses or when his approval rating dips to Dubya numbers if he wins. It will be delicious.

  48. For those who haven’t already read it, Cathy Wilkerson’s review of William Ayers’ autobiography is a real eye-opener. Wilkerson, like Ayers, was a member of the Weather Underground; unlike Ayers, she has had to come to terms with the ambiguous legacy of Weather activism.

    The most telling part of the review (for many PUMAs) reveals Ayers’ treatment of women.


    From the December 2001 issue of Z Magazine.

  49. DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 9th, 2008 at 1:48 am Said:

    I think his advisors have told him to control his narcissism in public…

    Not according to this CBS reporter who waxes quite eloquently about the unkindnesses paid to the traveling press by the BZero campaign. No printed schedules, long waits with no place to go, no consideration for extra time to file reports, no consideration for live reports for the evening news, and to top it all — the BZero plane smells bad.

    I’m not sure I can format a link to the article, but I’ll try.

    CBS news blog

  50. Hey, I did it — baby formatted his first link.

  51. There was a link here yesterday where a woman who knew Ayres said that he locked her in his room and wouldn’t let her out until she had sex with his roommate, when she tried to refuse, he said she had to prove she wasn’t rac ist. He also wanted to force her to have sex with his brother, but the brother let her go finally.

  52. Seriously: Unfortunately, most of America doesn’t know about this incident with Ayers. Unfortunately, none of the liberal “feminists” are saying anything about the sexism that went down during the primaries and the sexism displayed by many of Obama’s friends and supporters down to this attempted rape incident with Ayers. I have never heard about this so I will need to read more to decide whether this in fact happened but if it did, I wonder how liberal women like Jeralyn of TL can defend this man.

  53. Jeralyn has turned out to be quite the hypocritical traitor. Her eagerness to trash Sarah Palin is something to behold. I swear, she’d rip the woman’s hair from her head, given sufficient proximity.

  54. Wilkerson, who knew Ayers very well, has this to say:

    During the mid and late 1960s women came both to the arts scene and the movement, and later the hippie culture, to take advantage of new intellectual opportunities, to explore and validate our own sexuality and to stumble, fall, and argue our way into new roles in relationships, families, and work. But these steps were unevenly taken, and in many instances, the acceptance of freedom and experimentation became yet another license for exploitation and oppression. Thirty years later, many people have tried to sort these experiences out.

    Yet Ayers relates his relentless sexual encounters without the slightest trace of awareness that some of these encounters might not have been so positive for the woman. Ayers was a white man with access to tremendous resources who aspired to leadership. He indicates no awareness that he might have used his privileges to provoke women to give him access to a vulnerability that he was unable to honor. Certainly, when he asserted his leadership quite forcefully, and when access to leadership was in part defined by “coolness”–coolness being defined by a small clique, with increasingly tight control over information–the pressure for women to consent was enormous. My complaint here is not primarily with his behavior at the time, when we were all experimenting with values and at the same time coping with the escalating violence of the government, with the result that our choices were not always well reasoned out, but with Ayers’s absolute lack of reflection since then, especially in the face of numerous attempts by women to explain–in conferences, writing and conversations–what it was like is mystifying.

    At 17, Terry Robbins went to Cleveland ERAP the summer after his freshman year at Kenyon College because he was drawn to the community organizing model. Ayers, two years older than Robbins, moved in as one of his roommates for that summer. Robbins came to idolize him. … while Ayers, according to what he writes, knew that his language, which increasingly glorified violence, was just show, Robbins was one of those who really believed all of it. He tried to act it out, being abusive to his girlfriend and trying to psych himself up to love violence.

    Other themes in the book review are Ayers’ refusal to take responsibility, as well as cult-like psychological manipulation of young people.

  55. Phoenix: refusal to take responsibility, as well as cult-like psychological manipulation of young people.

    Sounds like Ayers and Obama are well matched.

  56. What mystifies me to this day, Bostonboomer, is not just the tone-deafness to women’s issues on the part of the so-called progressive wing of the party–but more seriously, the out-and-out cruelty of the misogynist attacks: first on Clinton, then on her supporters, now on Palin.

    It’s not as though feminism is exactly news to these guys. What on earth is their problem?

  57. The following is a quote made by our Regency on another site:

    Take with usual cautious optimism:

    Jon Martin at Politico posted this about an hour ago:

    McCain camp making news in the morning

    On what, they won’t say.

    “We’ll have something to talk about,” is all a campaign aide would allow.

    Check back again in this space or over on our front-page in the morning.

    Hmm, I shall dream it is something really juicy. One can still dream as long as it’s not rac*ism huh?

  58. Prolix @1:56 – congrts on the format and interesting input from CBS reporter Dean Reynolds. I’m sure he
    will be unwelcome now by the BZero campaign.

  59. I guess it’s too much to hope that HRC is going to endorse. lol

  60. anyone still around?

  61. parentofed, on October 9th, 2008 at 12:46 am Said:
    “That shot of Palin with the boys between the legs is more than disgusting to Palin; it is extremely disrespectful to the boys. If I were one of the parents, especially of that one boy, I would be royally ticked. ..”

    What photo are you referring to?

  62. kjmontana, there’s a link on teh last thread I think to inappropriate phots taken by the reporters covering palin

  63. inappropriate photos

  64. “Other themes in the book review are Ayers’ refusal to take responsibility, as well as cult-like psychological manipulation of young people.”

    Sounds like another Charles Manson to me. Ayres had a problem with ego and self esteem. They both sound like Obummer.

  65. Correction: Sounds like another Charles Manson to me. Ayres had a CONFLICTING problem with ego and self esteem. They both sound like Obummer.

  66. What ever happned to the news media being impartial

    them giving us real facts instead of giving us distorted, biassed facts and telling us who to vote for?


  67. Just in case someone can’t sleep.


  68. Or, if you can’t sleep and want to get a bit more pissed off:

  69. Cinie 1.26- too right!!!!

  70. There was a big spike in favor of Mccain on Intrade last night on substantial volume… it has receded, but someone made a very large wager on Mccain winning…. I wonder what this news is…. Probably a bunch of nothing that will let me down…. an HRC endorsement would be nice….

  71. morning all,

    how is it going-

  72. Good Morning fuzzy. I have no reason to be awake and yet I have already been up for almost 3 hours. This sh*t has got to be over with. I can’t believe we have been sucked into such a freaking nightmare with the economy and the election.

    I really am calling the doctor for some xanax.

    I hope you have a good day.

  73. Fox is getting ready to air the new McCain ad about William Ayers and Obama. It better be good.

  74. What a sick joke!

    Who would make a better first lady?
    Cindy McCain 29% 17999
    Michelle Obama 71% 43423
    Total Votes: 61422

  75. Who did the polling? MSNBC?

  76. Watch the videos – interesting choice of jewelry pin that Dorhn is wearing – it reminds me of all of the jewelry that Michelle wears.


  77. CNN Poll

  78. carol those “non scientific polls” are used to demoralize us…dont worry-cindy will be serving tea in the east room to you and eddie!

  79. fuzzy – I know, I just wanted to point out what a bunch of crap the media is trying to play us with.

  80. “Then we endured long criticism sessions where our courage, intelligence, and commitment were challenged, often with the unfamiliar but powerful language of psychotherapy, dampened further critical thinking.” Wilkersons review.

    Sound like current times?

  81. McCain has a press conference scheduled some time today. No word about the topic.

  82. Joe just called out Robert Gibbs and Nicole on what their candidates were going to do to fix this economy – what are they going to cut:

    Nicole – spending freeze for McCain

    Robert – ahhhh, some stupid sh*t that is really vague and oh yeah, some more stupid sh*t that is even more vague

    Joe said he will take the “FREEZE”

    And Joe said, “Really Robert, a scapel instead of a sledge hammer?????????”

  83. BPD – I’m wondering if the intrade wagers against Obama are related to something that will hit the news today. McCain has a press conference scheduled.

  84. I do the V8 forehead smack whenever I think that I listened to those CNN map polls with such attention the first few weeks of the primaries, torturing myself and worrying, until I realized that something weird was up w/ the whole network.

  85. CBS reporter says Obama’s plane stinks… ewwwwww


  86. Don’t beleive the polls. The race is far from over. McCain says that elections are won in the last 72 hours of the race.

    Just keep doing constructive things and don’t worrry.

  87. Arabella-

    I’m wondering if the intrade wagers against Obama are related to something that will hit the news today.

    Yep. A new LONG Ayers ad came out this morning.. aired at 7am EST.

  88. Thanks for the link to the reporter.

    Now – translate his observations on the character of that aspect of the campiagn into how a presidency would be run – and use it to explain why his followers act as they do (the fish stinks from the head first).

  89. http://justsaynodeal.com/

    ayers layers .
    weigh in

    just a guy in the hood?

    or master plan?

    1987 William Ayers meets Barack Obama

    1987 Michelle Obama and Bernadette Dohrn work
    at Sidney Austin law firm

    1988 Ayers solicits Khalid Al-Mansour to raise
    money for Obama’s Harvard Law School education

    1989 Tom Ayers and William Ayers get Obama a
    summer job at Sidley & Austin (where he meets
    Michelle Obama)

    1993 Ayers places Obama on Woods Foundation

    1995 Ayers makes Obama Chairman of Annenberg
    Challenge through 2000

    1995 Ayers hosts Obama’s political coming out
    party in his home (Obama falsely claims this is
    when he met Ayers)

    1997 Obama and Ayers serve on a juvenile justice
    panel sponsored by the University of Chicago;
    Obama blurbs a book for Ayers

    1997-2004 Obama in Illinois Legislature

    2002 Obama and Ayers co-panelists on
    intellectualism -co-sponsored by the Chicago
    Public Library

    2005 – Present Obama in US Senate

    2007-2008 The structure of Obama’s presidential
    campaign increasingly resembling an Ayers-
    designed national “community organizer matrix” as
    espoused by ACORN, where Obama was trained
    and trained. This is not merely a presidential
    “campaign.” Obama’s organization is the first
    installment of an ongoing movement being paid for
    with tax-exempt contributions to his campaign,
    approaching half a billion dollars.

    2008 Obama in response to ABC News, tells a
    national TV audience he was “six years old” when
    Ayers bombed federal buildings, and that Ayers
    was “just another guy in the neighborhood.”

  90. Re: 30% solution

    Female majority on high court puts Tenn. in rare company

    Tennessee has joined the ranks of a small and progressive group: states with a female majority on their highest court, in a profession long dominated by men.

    Wisconsin, New York and Washington, D.C., are the only other states that can boast the distinction of having a female majority, and those in the legal community say Tennessee can attribute its progress, in part, to Gov. Phil Bredesen.

    The historic swearing-in of Judge Sharon Gail Lee put three women on the five-member Tennessee Supreme Court.

    Bredesen has appointed four of the five sitting justices since 2005, a substantial if not unprecedented turnover that has allowed the governor to shape the court’s future.

    “His contribution to the judiciary may be one of his greatest legacies,” Lee said during her swearing-in ceremony last week. “He has made it look more like the people of the state of Tennessee, and we all benefit from that.”

    Bredesen has appointed Justices Lee, Cornelia Clark, William Koch and Gary Wade.

    Former Gov. Don Sundquist appointed Justice Janice Holder, who was recently elected chief justice by her colleagues on the high court, another female first for the Tennessee judiciary. Holder is one of 20 female chief justices in the U.S., according to the National Center For State Courts.

    “For women in the legal profession, it means that the barriers are coming down a little. If we go back to 1975 there was one woman in the whole state judicial system,” Holder said. “I think it says volumes about Sharon Lee, how hard she’s worked, how deserving she is of the appointment, and it says volumes about Bredesen and his willingness to appoint deserving people, people who’ve worked hard and deserve to be on the Supreme Court.”


  91. FemtheDem – Thanks for the link to the article. It’s worth the trip to the link. You get a vivid contrasting picture of how both candidate run daily campaigning activities.

    Obama’s people can’t be troubled to keep his charter jet clean. McCain is running a clean campaign in several senses.

    I’ll bet there’s chewed up wads of Nicorette gum under the seats of Obama’s aircraft.


  92. Bill Burton just had a fit while Fox & Friends asked him directly:

    “Are you telling me their wives worked together at the same law firm for all those years and Obama never knew who Ayers was? ” – paraphrased

    Burton get telling us we didn’t care about that.

    Gretchen told him: People want to know everything.

    They are in trouble. We will soon be able to rest. I hope McCain presents the evidence and lays him low.

    All of the “inquiring minds kind of buildup” was to draw Obama and camp into more and more lies before they blasted them with the truth.


  93. The Fraud’s plane is pongy, huh. No surprise there.

    I missed the thread on The Fraud’s smoking. Didn’t Jake Tapper write a few months ago that he smelled smoke on The Fraud?

    (Week 4 of no smoking coming up for me. l had to pretty much give up news-watching/reading to accomplish this….anger and angst turn me into a chimney.)

  94. Dean and Moveon were working together. For whomever pulled the strings this time. Dean was Obama .01
    Now, remember Obama’s flip flop on the HOLC? No one reports it besides us. But they know of it, because they found a way to blame it on McCain

  95. Carol,

    I heard the Bill Burton segment. He was out of control. Another Obama staffer blew up last night on Fox about the Ayers story. Maybe it is starting to have an effect.

  96. good work frostback. It has been slightly over a year for me. If I hadn’t quit last Sept., I’m not sure I could have during the primary.

  97. Congrats to the people who have kicked the habit.

  98. alex, where did you read that?

  99. Today is Yom Yippur.

  100. Carol,

    The timeline goes back further. In 1983, Obama and Ayers were both attending Columbia U. in NYC. They lived just about a quarter mile from each other and worked with the same faculty mentor. I don’t believe they were just ships passing in the night.

    Ayers was a community organizer who had worked in Cleveland and was originally from Chicago. Barack Obama, who wasn’t from Chicago, ended up there working as a community organizer. Sorry, don’t believe it’s just a coincidence.

  101. Mawm,

    I think Alex is a troll. He’s been dropping in the past couple of days with nonsensical comments.

  102. Today is the 39th anniversary of The Days of Rage in Chicago.

  103. If McCain wants to win, he has to do what Hillary couldn’t and that is play dirty. He has to out-cheat Obama. We all know he is going to cheat It is the only way to beat Obama.

  104. BB, I think you are right. There are too many conincidences there to believe they didn’t meet then. I believe Ayers Recruited Obama to come to Chicago.

    We know that Ayers asked Al Mansour to help Obama get into Harvard which is bad enough when you find out the kind of things Al Mansour professes, essentially death to white people.

  105. McCain doesn’t have to cheat. He’ll win on his merits.

    Besides, he is an honorable man. Cheating is not part of character.

  106. DT, what is playing dirty? Is bringing up his associations playing dirty because to me, that is all we have to go on with Obama because his accomplishments are nil?

  107. Here is a reminder of what our Hillary had to say about it:

    And here is a reminder of what Bill has to say about Obama and Wright and David Duke:

    Enough said!


  108. does anybody know why BO’s records from Columbia are not available? Is it the university or BO who holds them back. Kind of mind boggeling – for every job you apply they want to know this stuff and to become POTUS you just get away without it? Pleaaze!

  109. congrats to you, Mawn!
    i smoked for yeeeeeears. my hubby and i have both quit. we’re eating everything without a pulse, hitting the sack at 8 or 9 o’clock, (and having WILD dreams), and have changed our cocktail hour to high tea. it all sucks….except the savings – about $100/week.

  110. Mawm and Carol,

    How do we know that Ayers and Dohrn didn’t introduce Barack and Michelle? Did Ayers clue Rezko in to Barack? I have really come to the conclusion that Ayers is a driving force in Obama’s career. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I am extremely suspicious.

  111. Bostonboomer
    Obama is seething about Sarah celebrity – he was “joking” to Letterman – “I used to have all the TIME, Newsweek covers, now they asked me to do a spread for Popular Mechanics” And Dave said: “take it!”
    On TV Guide yestersay – they had a “top 5 celebrities”: Sarah was 5, after singers/ actresses I never heard of. Obama nowhere in sight.

  112. vivienne,

    The university can’t give out info without Obama’s permission. His Harvard records aren’t available either. We know he didn’t have a 4.0 average (not unusal in grad school), because he graduated magna, not summa. Obama would have to release those records.

    Why don’t we even have his health records? His mother died of cancer in her mid-50s, and Obama is a smoker. He should release the records.

  113. Mawm,

    How do you know that Ayers is the one who asked al Mansour to help Obama get into Harvard? I haven’t heard that before.

  114. Thank you bostonboomer,

    so he basically could put it all out there in the open. Well, I dont believe in conspiracy, but this suspicious if he does not open his records.

    Re med records…would not be surprised if he has some psychological disorder…given his vanity, etc…I mean anybody who is not even a presidential candidate and wants to hold a speech at the Brandenburg Gate must have megalomania!

  115. NQ has a good article with video on the connection between al Mansour and Obama.

  116. re Columbia, i understand he skipped over these years in his “memoirs”…

  117. Mawm – I know cheating is wrong but it is the only way to beat Obama. I don’t think it is in Mccain’s character to do this just as it wasn’t in Hillarys but it difinitly is in Obama as we saw his campaign’s fraudulous actions in the primary and now the voter registration frauds. He has never won fairly.

  118. he skipped probably over columbia as it was his ‘audacity of dope &god-knows-what else period’

  119. I think McCain is going to let the Ayers stuff simmer away on the stove.

    My bet is that today McCain takes on ACORN and election theft.

    That’s clever.

  120. It seeems the “news/announcement” that politico referred to is the new Ayers ad:

    That “news” in the morning
    Sure enough, it’s Bill Ayers.

    The McCain campaign is launching a web ad accusing Obama of trying to hide his ties to the 60s-era radical.

    “Too risky for America,” the ad concludes.

    The idea here is to keep Ayers in the mix without spending precious dollars to put real points behind it on TV. Republicans know that cable TV stations will play the spot for free, regardless of it being a web ad.

  121. Thanks WMCB,

    I was just about to post it.

  122. Here’s the ad:


  123. http://www.aigcorporate.com/corpsite/GeneralFeedback.html

    Would everyone who is more computer literate please email the AIG headquarters and tell them what you think about the half mil dropped on the spa vacation. This is the only blog I know of, if more of ya’ll can re-post in other blogs to get the word out maybe we can’t change their behavior but we might be able to overload them with our opinions. Thanks

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