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Wednesday: His penis didn’t drop off

At the risk of sounding like an echo chamber, I’m reprinting this comment from MABlue that Edgeoforever at Not Your Sweetie found at our site:

“Why is this guy never supposed to do anything, take any position or win a debate before being declared the winner?”

“Obama still has the main characteristics that led me to support him. He didn’t drop dead during the debate, which means he still has a pulse. His penis didn’t drop off during the debate,which means it’s still attached. I don’t have any other real requirements, he can eat puppies onstage for all I care.”–the punditry

Oh, I don’t know if those are the only requirements but it does appear at times that the media has beer googles where Obama is concerned.

Neither of the remaining candidates is the one I would have chosen to be president.   The one *I* wanted, indeed, much of the country wanted, was taken away from us.  The media should be on notice.  We aren’t going to forget its part in sidelining Hillary for a long, long time. But Obama most certainly did NOT win that debate last night.  McCain had a slight edge over Obama for one reason- he took risks.

McCain was as forthcoming as he could be without pissing people off.  My Friends, the government of George W. Bush has been so successful at achieving the Conservative Movement’s goals that pissing people off is the inevitable outcome for the forseeable future.  We are royally screwed nine times til Sunday.  As Dakinikat said last night, if you have a job, consider yourself lucky and hang onto it.  It’s going to get rough, maybe rougher than we’ve ever known in our lives.  There are some social safety net programs that will need to be restructured.  Social Security can probably get by with a tweak with no restructuring, assuming the economy recovers in some not too distant future.  Medicare is the juggernaut that will do us in if we’re not proactive about fixing it.  We need to curb our dependence on foreign sources of energy and reduce greenhouse gases.  That means we have to seriously consider nuclear energy.  McCain was right to introduce these subjects during the debate because they are very serious and we can’t turn our heads and pretend that “Hope!” and “Change!” are going to fix things.

I didn’t hear Barack Obama go out on a limb for anything.  His healthcare proposals are better than McCain’s but that’s because they are rip offs of Hillary’s.  McCain copied Hillary on the HOLC proposal.  I give McCain points but not Obama because McCain really *is* bucking his party’s position on HOLC where Obama is not taking a risk on healthcare.  For Obama, it’s a safe position to take.  Healthcare is not likely to get addressed in the next administration anyway.  Why is that?  Because there’s no money.  At least John McCain is putting  the horse before the cart by trying to solve the economic crisis at its roots.  Solving the mortgage crisis is an essential but currently missing portion of digging ourselves out of the financial meltdown that is going to ruin our economy.  Obama barely mentioned it in passing.

But it hardly matters that McCain’s approach seems to be more practical especially given the parameters he will be working with.  Obama has a penis and it did not fall off.  It stayed attached and that’s all that matters.  We will lower the standards for him like we have done all primary season like a game of bumper bowling.  He simply can not miss.  We who were subjected to that incoherent rambling style and find it free of substance will be declared racists for not appreciating the impact of his historic candidacy, the beauty of his mere presence on that stage where no one like him has ever been before.

But it is the spirit of Hillary Clinton hovering over both candidates that I feel most acutely.  Both candidates make reference to her.  We shouldn’t look back or regret what has happened.  We should only look forward.  Yes, she would have made a better debater, policy maker and president.

Alas, she did not have a penis.

More on the debate and the economic crisis can be found in this post at Anglachel (here’s hoping she has recovered from her psychogenic fugue.)

192 Responses

  1. I always wanted to be first!

  2. That’s the message Democrats are sending:

    All penised-ones win.

    The absence of Hillary was huge and it HURTS to see that stage so empty of her presence yet so full of her PLANS & words.

    That’s why I prefer listening to it on NPR – less painful.

    McCain sounded good to me on energy & foreign relations.

    Instead of his uh-uh parade, Obama sounded like William Shatner. Except that William Shatner makes more sense.

  3. The sexism and the dishonesty and the manipulation and the volatile, delicately holding-on economy — it just feels like we’re living in a nightmare, doesn’t it?

  4. Karolina – I feel this whole econmy thing is a sham to push the psychodrmatic blackmail over our heads now that the Roe v. Wade card didn’t exactly sway us.

  5. Even under the DNC rules for counting Florida’s votes, shouldn’t two breasts equal at least one pe nis??

  6. Like most people here, I saw all of this coming and tried to do everything that I could to change the direction that history was going in. At least I know that I did that, so I won’t be doing a V8 forehead smack later, after the election.

  7. sm77—I wish that it were.

  8. SM77—If Hillary were in the race and winning, I would be sleeping better at night because that she would do the right things to get the economy on the right track. Obama doesn’t give a crap about doing the right thing. He has too many people in control of him, who put him where he is and apparently continue to help him.

  9. Yesterday after debate someone comented on what Americans want to hear from their candidate;

    They wanted to hear something but they don’t know what is and only when they hear it they would know what that is?

    Please elaborate if you can what is that you would like to hear?

  10. That’s:

    “I would be sleeping better at night because I would be believing that she would do the right things to get the economy on the right track.”

  11. McCain wiped the floor with obama; let’s help McCain/Palin crush obama in November (that’s what a true patriot would do)!

    McCain/Palin 2008!

  12. I’m still watching the (taped) debate. I’m just at the point when McCain says “entitlements” (boo hiss right wing frame) then the next question BO says “entitlements” too! Ahh!
    That’s one of my problems with BO — so eager to adopt right wing frames. He’s such a DINO.

  13. Once again the media is doing its biased, trivia-based schtick. They are treating the Ayers association as if it was an isolated incident. Like Obama did not also have long term, close relationships with guys like crooked slum lord Tony Rezko, and radical preachers Wright and Pfleger!!
    McCain should make a point of this and point out that it shows just how flawed Obama’s self-proclaimed judgment really is.

  14. I would like to hear that Obama is stepping down, conceding that he cheated to get the candidacy, and Hillary is stepping into the Dem candidacy.

  15. Honora – LOL!!!

    Karolina: Me too. The future wouldn’t looks a s grim with Hillary leading the way.

  16. nostalgia is good. . .AFTER THE ELECTION!

    We MUST defeat obama!

    I’ve already done my duty by voting an early ballot in Arizona for McCain!

  17. myshiba — you are absolutely right that it is not time to feel our pain, because we are still on the battlefield.

  18. I Found This Tidbit When I Wasn’t Watching the Debate….RE: Ayers/Obama Early Relationship


    Buried, but another bit of indicator of how close Ayers and Obama must have been early on…in Ayers book!!

  19. I would like to hear more of what I heard from McCain–FDR-like policies. Not all FDR policies worked, but many, many did. Besides saving many families from utter ruin, he put a lot of people back to work on jobs that improved America’s infrastructure, from buildings to roads to education. One of the greatest contributions, in my mind, is the collection of slave narratives obtained by WPA historians and ethnologists. This is the kind of creative work that is rarely done in good economic times, and needs government support.

    One problem I fear is that the neo-con Republicans have in fact destroyed the federal government. The Supreme Court is helping, as it recently tossed out the supremacy clause to allow Texas to bring down an international treaty. The bailout has broken the government. So I am not sure an FDR-type save could even be accomplished today.

  20. Omg insightanalytical. I think BO’s going to have to do an “that’s not the Ayers I knew” speech.

  21. My next-door neighbor’s dog has a penis and a pulse. Does that mean he qualifies to be POTUS?

  22. Beata — against an woman? Yes.

  23. Katy,

    Why don’t you elaborate on it? It’s your question….

  24. Still got the debate tape one. Obama: “We will kill Bin Laden”.
    OMFG. Just like W: “Dead or alive.”
    What a maroon.

  25. Insight Analytical,

    Obama knew Ayers long before 1998. That is already on the public record. I think it is highly likely that they knew each other at Columbia. That was in the early ’80s. They were both there at the same time and both worked with the same faculty mentor. Furthermore, they lived within a quarter mile of each other in NYC. I believe that Ayers is the reason Obama went to Chicago in the first place.

  26. I thought that Barack did his best job in last night’s debate. John seemed a bit awkward, but more authentic. Watching the PBS analysis, I was surprised to hear them say that Barack came off as “presidential.” No, I think he came off as Senatorial. He framed his points better, didn’t stutter as much and had a smooth delivery. He still doesn’t inspire confidence. I thought that John McCain’s closing was the most powerful. I could feel his commitment to serving our country.

    Listening to NPR I heard an Obama sound bite then a McCain one. They chose a cogent statement from Barack and the “I have served my country for many many years” statement from McCain. It was what followed those words that was powerful in McCain’s statement. That clip just emphasized John’s age. No attempt to be fair again. I don’t know whether that was the BBC or NPR

  27. bostonboomer, when/how do you think that we will get confirmation of this probable connection?

  28. Purplefinn,

    Go back and listen to Obama’s answers on foreign policy. He stumbled and stuttered plenty, especially when talking about Russia. His answer on Russia made no sense at all. But the MSM probably won’t play that one over and over. I do agree that Obama performed better than he did in the primaries, but the standards set for him are very low.

  29. purplefinn,

    I don’t know if we’ll ever get confirmation of it, but if you look at the timeline and read the available information, it is a very logical conclusion to draw.

  30. bostonboomer, yes, I remember the Russia comment. There was quite a hesitation there.

  31. wasn’t the famous Zig Brzezinski, a teacher of Barry’s at Columbia ? I believe he was there at the same time. Isn’t it amazing Hillary had to turn over everything, but we don’t get to see Barry’s Columbia records?

  32. bostonboomer, someone has to have observed this relationship. I agree that it’s likely.

  33. Ayers calls him the “the writer Barack Obama”.

    I’m just at the Russia part of the debate. McCain sounds like he knows what to do, Obama sounds like he’s BS ing.

  34. paper doll,

    I don’t know if if Zbig taught Obama. He was at Columbia at the same time though. When Obama was at Columbia, Ayers had recently come out of hiding. He was working on a masters degree at Columbia Teachers College.

  35. paper doll, the gaps in Obama’s history are as interesting as the recorded parts.

  36. Purple, Obama didn’t stutter as much only because he was channeling William Shatner.

    IMO, McCain didn’t speak defensively, he made his case and explained WHY.

    Obama spewed off Hillary points and whatever he didn’t memorize came…off …like a bad…impersonation…of William Shatner.

    Obama floundered on foreign policy and energy – and McCain showed him out in that respect.

    I loved McCain mentioning Hillary’s plan for home foreclosures. LOVED THAT. That’s what I call working across the aisle!

    McCain floudered on Healthcare, only because I disagree with his platform, not because he didn’t explain his well.

    One thing I can say is that I can’t remember anything remotely good that Obama said last night other than his “What Hillary Said” moments. And even those were bad because I was mad that Hillary wasn’t the one debating McCain.

  37. McCain wiped the floor with obama and the main stream media is still supporting a coup!

    I have cancelled my satellite AND cable and will not be able to get the networks in February when everything swiktches to digital . . .I recommend tha teveryone do the same; also, boycott all corporate sponsors of the traitor network and cable channels. Finally, i will never purchase a New York Times, Los Angeles Times, or Washington Post or Time or Newsweek, ever again.

  38. Morning all!! paper doll–Barry’s special. The rules don’t applyl to him. it’s like what McCain said in his New Mexico speech the other day. And if all of the scuz on him ever hits the fan, the MSM will act all shocked. They have taked our democracy away–may as well not vote, the media is picking our presidents now. I know, I sound bitter this am. I am. but I do love you people. And I cannot type or spell this morning.

  39. Indictment issued in the hacking of Sarah’s email.

    McCain’s plan:

    Homeownership Resurgence Plan
    America’s families are bearing a heavy burden from falling housing prices, mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and a weak economy. It is important that those families who have worked hard enough to finance homeownership not have that dream crushed under the weight of the wrong mortgage.
    Read the plan

    The McCain Homeownership Resurgence Plan

    Help struggling Americans, stabilize the housing finance market and put a foundation under our financial system.
    Target the root cause of the financial crisis: mortgages that are “under water” because of falling house prices.
    Improve the use of taxpayer money by reducing the need to spend taxpayer money to purchase toxic assets from Wall Street.

  40. Here is what I would like to hear but know it will never happen:

    In all honesty, and I am putting myself at political risk in saying this, there is no money at this time to do all that I would like to accomplish. There simply is no money left.

    We are mired in a hopeless encounter in Iraq and as a direct result of our hasty actions, we have managed to spread this distaste for all things American further into the region. We have no idea how to honorably disengage ourselves and as a result we are no longer able to extricate ourselves from the situation. So the billion dollar monthly cost that we are paying now will be there for awhile longer. The ultimate reality is the oil and to leave at this point may jeopardize the flow we so desperately need to continue our way of life. Bear with me, it won’t be easy, but that pricetag is not about to disappear come January.

    Add to this adventure our current Wall Street crisis. The congress has acted recklessly to solve this problem and the cost of doing business sans oversight is going to lead to further erosion in our economy before this mess has leveled out. Some of you may lose jobs, homes, investments because of these actions but there is no quick solution to this problem and as dire as this may sound, I wish to prepare you in advance. There is no money left for a new administration to begin to implement all those promises you have heard on the campaign trail.

    We need to be ready to actually tighten our belts. This too will have an effect on the airline, automobile, service industries. We have actually “shopped until we dropped”, placing all of our wants onto a plastic card that has us drowning in debt. The effect is far reaching, more than we can actually wrap our minds around. The domino theory will go into effect within the next few months. We have simply been living far above our means and without income we will see some of us go into bankruptcy while others will be left struggling mightily just to stay afloat.

    Simply put, we need ideas and innovations to pull ourselves out of this. Perhaps a return to the 1930’s WPA type of putting us back to work. Some of these exhorbitant salaries and our own envy of those limousine CEOs have paved the way in our thinking that you can have it all by just cutting a few corners and putting the amount due on someone else’s tab but in any event times are going to get rougher. The cost of just heating a home will drive many of us over the financial brink.

    Now is the time to pull together and look for answers outside of the Washington establishment. There are many economists, agriculturists, energy experts, whose expertise must be tapped and put to work for the sake of our survival.
    Simplistic? Perhaps. But innovation has always been our saving grace and it is our responsibility to utilize everything at hand.

    My warning may be dire but it is the truth. I an only offer myself as the conduit to ensure that I will do everything within my power as a leader to create our way out of this. But please remember, we have overplayed our hand, we have ruined our budget and the treasury is barebones.

    This may be not what you wish to hear but the facts speak for themselves. The days of wishful thinking and pie in the sky proposals are no longer viable. We are in this together.”

    We will never hear this said by either candidate but it is as close to the truth as possible but playing it safe is the shell game they propose. Neither of these candidates inspires the trust that would lead us to believe that they are the instruments of change. Leadership is sorely needed and the choices are miserable.

  41. sm77: “One thing I can say is that I can’t remember anything remotely good that Obama said last night other than his “What Hillary Said” moments.”


    I can remember a few of the things each one of them said. I remember agreeing with more of Obama’s positions, but having more confidence in McCain.

    One thing that Obama said -doubling the Peace Corps- puzzled me. I’m not sure what question he was responding to, but it didn’t seem like a job creation plan or a plan we could finance given our economic concerns. I really like the Peace Corps, but he needs to demonstrate how we can pay for it.

  42. Ok, I just finished watching the tape and I have decided (and I am unanimous in this*) that McCain won the debate. My ruling is final and cannot be appealed. 😛

    *(mrs Slocum from Are You Being Served)

  43. McCain can gain ground by embracing Hill’s HOLC and other economic policies, especially if he were to frame it with his “Maverick” image and started talking about bailing out “Main Street” as well as Wall Street. Not sure if his conservative ideology would allow that, though. But I have to say explaining HOLC gets people’s eyes to light up and when you say that it is Obama *and* the Dem leaders who are suppressing this, they are shocked.

  44. Votermom! I love that show. I watch it literally everyday. Naturally Mr. Humphries is my favorite character but Mrs. Solcum is a close second.

  45. Mika’s dad and one brother works for Obama’s campaign. One brother works for McCain’s campaign. Her dad is an arrogant, narcissistic, misogynist creep that was responsible for Jimmy Carter’s mistakes.

  46. I don’t know if Obama paid bloggers have been out in force, but my local paper in Florida was 90% anti-Obama after the primaries. Today I revisited the paper and the comments are 80% pro-Obama.

    I will not let this stop me from voting. I think the MSM will try to hurt voter turnout like they did for Hillary. We must be strong.

  47. Pat, well said!

  48. gqmartinez, Everyone I know hates Hillary’s HOLC, including me. I supported Hillary believing she would never get this passed. I am hoping McCain, if elected, will have no chance of crushing the Employer paid health care benefit in this country. What an assinine idea unless, like title insurance, the gov’t sets limits.

  49. “Why is this guy never supposed to do anything, take any position or win a debate before being declared the winner?”

    That’s actually MY quote from last night.

    Can a brother get some credit here? Ferchrissake!!!

  50. Regency, Mr. Humphries is my favorite too! But I love Mrs Slocum’s malaprops. Did you see the ep were they got engaged? Oh that was EVER so funny!

  51. McCain stated 3 thing to fix the economy:

    Slash spending with the freeze cut out the earmark. Only necessary expenses. (Palin with a Pen.)

    HOLC (Thank you Hillary)

    Energy Independence (Keep yelling “Drill Baby Drill” so that the speculators keep lowering the price of oil and driving the value of the dollar higher.)

    McCain said we can work on all of it at the same time. We can, he just has to get elected.


  52. Pat, right on!

  53. Why would you hate HOLC – it prevented a crisis and was very profitable?

  54. Ah look at the lovely news I wake up to in Chicago courtesy of Obama’s district:

    WGN News:”My son is going to hate me for this.”

    Patricia Wilson said this aloud, sitting on a chair in a Southwest Side church on Tuesday, and closed her eyes.

    When she saw the video of a man police are looking for in the killing of a Julian High School student Sunday night, she knew instantly. She knew his face and his clothing. She knew the man in the video on the CTA bus was her son.

    What Wilson didn’t know was what to do next. The last time she had seen her son Monday afternoon, he told her he loved her and walked out of their South Side home. It was not an unusual goodbye. But that night the video aired, and Wilson was at a loss. She didn’t know whether he was the killer. She prayed that he wasn’t. But she also knew he was on that bus. So she called the Chicago Tribune, and I met with her. She made a mother’s plea.

    “I want my son to turn himself in. I want him to be safe, and I don’t want him to be hurt in the streets,” she said.

    She wanted to tell her son that she loved him. She knew that he must be scared.

    She cried as she thought of the family of Kiyanna Salter, the 17-year-old girl killed by gunfire on the bus when an argument between two men turned violent.

    “My heart goes out to them. I feel so bad,” she said. “If my child did this, I am so, so sorry.”

    The Tribune is not naming her son because he has not been charged.

    When the interview was over, Wilson worried aloud about what she had done. But a mother has to do what is best for her son, right?

    She had not talked to police yet. She had wanted to make a public plea first. But soon, a detective would call her cell phone. He told her he was on his way to see her.

    For an hour, Wilson sat quietly with family members at the Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church. Wilson hoped her son, who is on probation for weapon and drug convictions, would appear at the church’s door. She didn’t know whether it would happen that night. So she waited. The bishop’s aide read silently from a Bible.

    Then four detectives from Calumet Area arrived.

    Afterward, Wilson, this time even more tearful, made a plea again to the television reporters who had arrived.

    “That’s my baby. That’s my baby,” she sobbed. “So please, baby, do the right thing. Turn yourself in.”

    With that, she walked out, still weeping, as detectives escorted her to a waiting police car in the rain.

  55. NOTE: I swear I was writing my post before I saw Carol’s post. Good move by McCain. Hope that “old” dog can learn new (non conservative) tricks.

  56. All Afro American Gal, how tragic.

  57. Here’s a real shocker – according to pro-Obama media polls, Obama won the debate.

  58. The middle class is slowly disappearing. When you are forced to work two jobs to stay afloat then aspirations of remaining within the middle class structure begin to fray. The poor we will always have with us and the wealthy will be survive, but the shrunken middle class, the fabric to every society, will shrink and take the revenues with them. It is the middle class that has been cheated and forgotten.

  59. We are at the point in the GE where all of Obama’s dubious associations are ignored, his lack of experience is ignored, and his lack of concrete plans are ignored. Let me not forget that we are told many many times that if we vote for Obama the sins of r@cism will be erased. As for McCain, he will continue to get the Hillary treatment. Let’s see: he has been called a r@cist a number of times, the polls are pushed non-stop indicating an Obama landslide, so at any moment the calls for McCain to concede and drop out should begin.

    On Fox this morning they interviewed two college students and one stated that she was leaning Obama because of how clearly he laid out his plans in the debate. LOL! It is the same as during the primary when a woman interviewed said she was voting for Obama because his health care plan was better than Hillary’s.

  60. The good news– McCain within 2, 47-45.

    The bad news– it’s a Zogby poll.

  61. Pat – xanax – We will survive, I am sure of it. Sarah is trying to lower your Gas Bill as I type. She will succeed.

  62. ‘By denying the responsibility of man in global warming, by advocating gun rights and making statements that are disconcertingly stupid.

    ‘You are a disgrace to women and you alone represent a terrible threat, a true environmental catastrophe.’

    Bridget Bardot


    OK, Ms Bardot, how many men have you called a disgrace to their sex who espouse these same ideas? Or are men supposed to be stupid and environmentally catastrophic?

  63. When did Ms. Bardot become an expert on global warming?

  64. Just another day in Chicago.

    Since June 2007. There have been 621 murders in Chicago


  65. Want to mention something re Ayers, as a retired high school teacher.

    The $100 million Obama doled out as part of Ayers’s Annenburg Challenge—supposedly to “improve education” in innercity Chicago—was mostly given to charter schools aligned with Ayers’s community organizer world view.

    Nothing wrong with building young people’s self -esteem or teaching them to “believe in themselves and their rights.” All of us who have actually taught in an innercity school do that, you know—big whoop.

    But if the children being taught end up with no better reading or math skills than the public school kids, even if they DO have more “tude” about what society owes them, then the “educational project ” is a complete failure.

    And THAT is what we should emphasize with Obama’s connection to Ayers’s wasted $100 million project.

    The assumption Ayers made—-that basic skills would improve in his smaller, charter schools—completely failed.

    Post-project analysis, educationally, showed that students in Ayers’s schools scored NO BETTER than the public school kids did. In short, that means they scored POORLY.

    Lotta self-esteem, but still couldn’t spell or add. (little tacky-sounding, but true).

    $100 million wasted, and nothing achieved.

    I think that analysis of the Ayers association, rather than “domestic terrorist”, will have more impact on the public than anything else.

    The Annenberg Challenge, as designed and run by Ayers and Obama, was a complete failure, in terms of real results.

    Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  66. Carol Xanax is my new best friend.

  67. I am off today for lunch with a steady group of women friends and I insist that all political discussion be banned from the conversation. Much too depressing to contemplate. My mood right now is one of despair and the last thing I want is to poison the atmosphere with my attitude. Am looking forward to a nice bottle of wine at lunch to bury the beast.

    I may even go to Target after. This usually buoys my spirits.

  68. Sarah Palin is Princess Diana’s far flung cousin? cool!

  69. And Bridgette Bardot is certifiably insane. She backed that right wing lunatic LePen for president of France as I recall. A whacko!

  70. Mary said;
    “The assumption Ayers made—-that basic skills would improve in his smaller, charter schools—completely failed.”

    Especially when the charter school’s teachers are teaching the kids how to wear combat fatigues and be cheerleaders for Obama. Rah Rah Obamah!!!!

  71. NH,

    I thought HOLC was a proposal to help people who can’t meet their mortgage payments stay in their homes? I’m confused now. That’s what I heard McCain talk about last night.

  72. Pat, too funny. I have to meet some friends for lunch too. Obots in fact. I am undercover for Mccain, so I will be ordering lots of drinks and take two Xanax just to curb any urge to leap across the table when someone references Tina Fey as a source of political insight.

  73. How do those “charter schools” differ from madrassas? Aren’t they both teaching radicalism rather than ABC’s? Idiots.

  74. BB: That’s exactly what HOLC is.

  75. Pat, wine at lunch and Target is a good idea!

  76. paper doll: Maybe I can make this lunch last for the next 4 weeks.

  77. Thanks, Regency. That’s what I thought.

  78. hillary isn’t the candidate. we need to deal with the NOW. i too am desperately sorry she isn’t the candidate. let’s please get on with getting obama defeated.

  79. HOLC is the best idea I’ve heard concerning the bail-out. Is everybody so willinging to give $750,000,000 to wall street, but no one will help average people stay in their homes?

  80. There are good charter schools and bad ones, imo. Sometimes a school district is just so bad & violent that having a charter school that a poor family can send their kids to that will focus on academics is a good thing. Just like having a magnet school. I’m all in favor of anything that will give kids who just want to learn a chance.

    But there are charter schools which are set up just to push one ideology and those are just another way to exploit kids.

  81. bb, here is the problem: Most Americans, including myself, don’t subscribe to the idea that someone who bought a house they could not afford can get the govenment to buy the note and reduce the loan amount. Most of us want the housing market to correct so houses are affordable. I didn’t buy because prices were too high, and I resent letting someone who spent way more than they could afford by getting an interest free loan being able to get the Gov’t to reduce their obligation. There are lots of people with 100,000 dollars income who bought 600,000-1,000,000 homes. With interest free they could afford the payment. Now those houses are worth a lot less and those people are going to get the Govt to buy thier 1,000,000 note and give them the house for 300,000. I don’t think so. Yes the houses were over appraised by where is the responsbility of the individual. I am not taking about the poor, old people who were lied to.

  82. wait that’s billion not million

  83. PAT::

    AMEN, amen and AMEN to your first post.

  84. NH: How are are we supposed to differentiate between the poor people who were lied to, the middle-class people who were lied to, and the rich people who were too greedy to live within their means? Leaving it as is doesn’t work.

    People can’t keep their houses and they can’t sell them. That does not work. It leaves the housing market at a standstill. The banks clearly aren’t up to the strain. So if HOLC is bad, what is good?

  85. NH, the one thing about Mccain is that if he does push through HOLC I’m pretty sure he will be doing it with all sorts of transparency and oversight and rules to prevent abuse. He has to because his base HATES the idea. Just go over to any rightwing blog today and they all hate that McCain is for it. They are calling him a lefty.

  86. Where we see failure., Barry and Ayers see success!!…..they certainly don’t want the kids actually educated. If they weren’t , they score that as a win.
    I believe Obama, with so many shady associations, was built to implode, but after he gets installed. They are fighting to keep this humpty dumpy together until Nov. Then they can take him down at will….and he knows it. POTUS Barry would be far more beholding to the press and its owners than McCain would be, even to his GOP base.

  87. Bridgett is as usual parsing Sarah’s words to fit her argument. Sarah never denied man’s involvement in global warming. She said she didn’t know the how much and arguing the percentages wasn’t important, fixin’ it was.

    I had lunch with 2 work peers yesterday. One guy that was a Republican to begin with but likes Hillary and his mother just recently declared she liked Hillary and loves Sarah.

    One woman who “hated Obama” but will ‘so far’ vote for Obama based on the ‘choice’ card. We didn’t get into it, but I will find out from her later as to how she could possibly make that switch.


    I am happy that someone on this board finally said it. Hillary is not running and we need to move on. Even to project 2012 is being hopeful. A lot can happen in 4 years.People get ill, the world changes, she may not want to run. For me the priority is getting the DNC back on track. That means not letting Obama get in. I am pleading with those who will not vote or are voting 3rd party to vote Mccain. I know that is hard for some of us, but the alternative is Obama. Just like Nader in 2000. Nice idea but it ended up serving us Bush on a platter.

  89. Mary–I’m a retired teacher also and I have taught in inner city schools-you are so right. The best way to improve self esteem is to really accomplish something, not just mouth platitudes. Substance over rhetoric. Too often I have seen just the opposite, another stupid program tried that will just bolster some administrater’s resume and do squat for the kids.

  90. NH, if we are talking about fairness there shouldn’t be a bail-out at all. No one should get any money from the government. Not wall street not main street. The bail-out isn’t about fairness at all. It is supposed to be about saving our economy from going into a depression. I was against the bail-out, but if we are going to give $750,000,000,000 to wall street and even foreign banks then there needs to be a similar effort on the home-owner end. Otherwise, wall street recovers, but now millions of people have been foreclosed on.

    NH, according to a fairness doctrine, wouldn’t you have to stop almost all entitlement programs? Is it fair to someone who works for a living to pay for people on welfare?

  91. The base for McCain is solidly behind Sarah. McCain is bringing in the PUMA’s and the Independents.

  92. McCain gained 3 in Ras tracking today. If Obama won that debate, we need more Obama wins in debates.

  93. Barky and Ayers know that if you give children an education and a reason to live, they are less likely to let you later “attach a bomb to them and point them into the direction of the corner market.”


  94. I was very impressed McCain wants a HOLC! It’s only by reworking the loans at the householder ( for now ) level can the bleeding stop . Barry will give the owner class everything and the rest of us nothing. We will be told we are rac**st to expect anything

  95. myshiba – if you intend not to read them anymore – write to the Editor in Chief or Managing Editor and tell them as I did – money talks – The Times used to be a client of mine -about 5 years ago and they were terribly worried about “declining readership” tell them you read the paper for news not opinion.

    PJ – great definition – I agree the only thing I’d add is a ban on earmarks to focused bills.

  96. Talking about Hillary’s HOLC is not about her being the candidate or not. McCain just adopted it which makes it fair game. I’m not okay with us reaching a place where we can’t even mention Hillary without it being accused of looking backwards.

    She exists. She’s relevant. That’s it.

  97. The base for McCain is solidly behind Sarah. McCain is bringing in the PUMA’s and the Independents.

    Good point Carol. Picking Sarah has freed McCain to be more mavericky and buck his party.

  98. some of the national polls are coming back down to earth a little (I’m trying to remain positive here!!!):

    zogby: obama +2
    rasmussen: obama +6 (was +8 yesterday i think)
    hotline/fd: obama +1
    GW/battleground: obama +4

    The way these polls are so heavily skewed towards polling dems to begin with… I think (HOPE) that if the polls can get to and stay below obama +3 or +4, then mccain might be able to pull out the win on Nov 4.

  99. Russia closed their Stock Market again today.

  100. I’m willing to bet Hillary told McCain to push the HOLC.

  101. “Alas, she did not have a penis.” And that was the problem, wasn’t it.

  102. McCain will win.

    The Ayers ads are aimed at Ohio, PA, VA, NC, FL.

    I bet Sarah goes back into MI and pulls it off.

  103. And, I bet McCain planned on staying in MI and wanted to send Sarah in for the drama.

    He is good.

  104. re polls—-consider that with the econ. totally destroyed, Obama or any remotely lucid democrat should be up 40 at this point.
    Gotta go do some work for a change.

  105. Thanks to NQ and the PUMA’s this voter fraud ACORN sh*t is going to be handled.

  106. NH – As I understood the HOLC plan is not a bailout – it would not be interest free – it would lower the interest rate significantly but not do away with it – that way the bank gets paid – and even makes a little money to keep them afloat and the folks who bought the house can afford it or at least get through a period of time without going under and then sell it to get enough to buy into something they can more easily afford.
    It worked well during FDRs term – in fact the banks actually made a profit that brought the economy out of the doldrums.
    It’s a fair plan for all – even those who bought what they could afford and are still paying on that original mortgage.

  107. OK, so Obama won the debates but McCain is gaining in the polls. I am OK with that scenario.

  108. “Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.”

    — Michelle Obama

    Michelle maybe you overlooked this or are just uninformed? The murder rate in Chicago has skyrocketed. And Michelle perhaps you will set your Whole Foods shopping list down for a minute and notice that it is in your own backyard:

    September 24, 2008


    The man who was caught with a gun near Barack Obama’s South Side home told police officers he wanted to speak with the presidential hopeful about getting a job, prosecutors said in court today.

    Omhari Sengstacke, the 31-year-old grandson of late Chicago Defender publisher John Sengstacke, was ordered held in lieu of $250,000 bail during the hearing.

    The convicted felon twice approached officers conducting security detail near the senator’s Kenwood neighborhood home at 5 a.m. Tuesday, telling them he needed to speak with Obama about getting a job, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said.

    Sengstacke was asked to leave the premises. He went back to his BMW, and then approached the officers a third time, saying he needed to go to Obama’s campaign office, said Antonietti, adding that the block has concrete barriers.

    When police searched his car, they found .40 caliber semi-automatic weapon, a bulletproof vest and ammunition, Antonietti said.

    Sengstacke was charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and criminal trespassing to state land, police said.

  109. At least he was driving a BMW.

  110. How does one measure last night’s debate as a win or loss? Perhaps that most of us stayed to the end of this boring, unenlightened, unmotivating, 90 minute blabfest should be considered “winners” because I sure did not walk away with any conviction that either one is up to the task. Most assuredly not Obama.

  111. Barky’s friends just keep getting visits from the FBI and nobody in the MSM or MSNBC or CNN seem to notice:


  112. Pat he was just driving around in his BMW with a semi automatic …out looking for the CHANGE that Obama promised him during his senate campaign.

  113. McCain proposes to help homeowners by refinancing mortgages at their PRESENT value.

    McCain said that except for a few necessary programs
    he will freeze government spending AND this would be done out in the open and NOT behind closed doors.

    McCain said he supports innovation for this country to become a leader in producing energy saving entities such as battery powers cars.

    He hinted that Meg Whitman (E-Bay) might become his sec. of the treasury.

    Without a doubt he was quick and knowledgeable on
    foreign issues while Obama stumbled and rambled on.

    He also stated that Obama’s name was NOT on the letter that Barack constantly claims he wrote to Sec. Paulson warning about the economic crisis. How did the press miss this stunning statement??

    I listened to the debate on NPR, McCain clearly won on knowledge of issues and speaking in concise information filled sentences while Obama blabbered on hogging time and rudely interrupting.

  114. Admittedly, of the two McCain has my vote but I will be dragging myself to the polls on November 4th like I was being summoned to the principal’s office. It will be done with a lack of enthusiasm and out of protest to what might have been. But I hold no illusions.

  115. OT – ..just a two quick question, on what issues do Obama and Hillary even agree anymore? I can’t keep track of what Obama wants to implement and in what he is in favor. Or perhaps there is website or post that lays this out? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

  116. jvsp, whatever you want is what Obama will promise you.

  117. McCain did just fine last night. Obama was lack luster and that jumping up and down with the “pick me next” arm waving; like a child.
    I cannot predict the winner, but I must say that I am hoping for karma to kick in on Bambi. The dems are ACORN! They use the same tactics or Hillary would have benefited from all of the votes in her column.
    Obama himself has questionable citizenship; that must not be important though because you never hear about it. Any other person thought to be illegal goes through hell, but the kenyan, not being Latino, is elected President!? I am in awe!
    What the hell with the dishonesty and cheating? This cat told us what he wanted and threatened to use guilt on people and call them racist and we give him the world? I am losing it with the BS! One thing after another, but there he goes! You, any of you, try that! Would you get away with any of it? Who the hell is Obama? Where did he come from? What the hell is going on?
    Stick a fork in me please!

  118. jvsp: Why bother? Whatever he says today is subject to change tomorrow. If you are looking for clarity you won’t find it there for long. Promises, promises is all he can mouth. The Treasury and future revenue are in serious meltdown. Taking Obama with a grain of salt is the best I can offer.

  119. “Talking about Hillary’s HOLC is not about her being the candidate or not. McCain just adopted it which makes it fair game. I’m not okay with us reaching a place where we can’t even mention Hillary without it being accused of looking backwards.”

    = Hear, hear, Regency.

    And if Hillary’s ideas are not recognised, remembered and talked about, then it will be taken over by someone undeserving who own’t give her credit.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton 2012

  120. To anyone who watched the debate:

    What was it that Obama was rambling off about the government inventing the computer?

    Wasn’t that the INTERNET?

  121. jvsp, in order to do a website like that, you would need multiple servers and an IT staff of twelve, just to keep up. His story of what he is “for” changes according to the wind, and where he is, and who he is speaking to.

  122. Pat – Trig and Piper have asked to suspend their visits with you until you whole heartedly get on board with their Mother. They are tired of the hem – haahing. They are beginning to think you work for Barky. Trig’s first 2 words were “Pat – Obot”.

  123. SM: I don’t remember that statement but then I was slipping in and out of a coma during much of those 90 minutes.

  124. Carol: Yeah, I’d rather have Meg Whitman than Warren Buffett for Sec. of Treasury as well.

    Pat: Was the coma cosmo induced or Obama-drone induced?

  125. Obama is unelectable

  126. SM77 – I remember that statement, and my hubby said the same thing!

  127. Carol: My apologies to Trig. Tell him I really like Sarah but reality keeps creeping into my consciousness. I will buy him something nice today at Target in hopes of “making it up” to him.

  128. Barky – Warren Buffett ??? Joe Biden ???????

    What are you looking for – a father figure??????????

  129. ——-it emerged that Ms Palin is a distant cousin of Princess Diana. The Alaska governor is a 10th cousin of the mother of Princes Harry and William.
    Ms Palin is a also ninth cousin once removed of President Franklin D. Roosevelt according to genealogists

    I know i have been saying for some time that Sarah palin would emerge as the American Political Princess Di,

    but NOW you can knock me over with a feather and call me psychic 😉

    and I think Mccain and Sarah Palin will win this election …

  130. If Obama wins he can thank the MSM for looking the other way. If McCain wins he can thank Sarah Palin and the PUMAs.

  131. Trig says to just apologize – he will be running for office someday and doesn’t want to have to disclose gifts from a Democrat from MA that is looking for cheaper Natural Gas – he’s not going to get accused of taking “Gifts for GAS”!

  132. MadamaB: Ok, thanks for that – I thought I was going crazy for a minute here.

    Yom Kippur is today, I’d wish you a happy Yom Kippur but I know that it’s more of a solemn holiday. It’s like saying, Happy Ash Wednesday or Happy Good Friday! Or something like that.

  133. PJ – And who do you want YOUR President indebted to – the corporate media, or the PUMAs?

    Did you notice that McCain mentioned a woman as a possible Treasury Secretary? Mmmmhmmmm.


  134. Swan: You vibrate with the energy of the universe.

  135. Thanks SM77! You’re exactly right in your parallels. It’s solemn and it’s going to be a lot of singing. I will need lots of stamina to get through it all!

  136. Carol, Barry is always looking for the father figure!
    I should have known his VP pic would be Biden
    just based on that! lol!

  137. I rather have Meg Whitman who was a mom who built a billion-dollar empire from her kitchen table than a Hedge Fund Billionaire as Sec. of Treasury (and I don’t care how much Warren Buffett gives away or still lives in the same damn small house.)

    SCREW WARREN BUFFETT. He’s part of the PROBLEM, not part of the solution.

  138. sm:

    The same way the computer was originally invented by a bunch of government scientists who were trying to figure out, for defense purposes, how to communicate, we’ve got to understand that this is a national security issue, as well.

    transcript at http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/10/07/presidential.debate.transcript/

    It depends on what you define as the first computer. Some people point to ENIAC, which was funded by the US military during WWII. But that was built to calculate artillery firing tables (although it was general puprose so it could do other things).
    Some people point to Germany’s Zuse Z3 which was built to compute aeronautical wing flutter in WWII.
    Then there is the British Colossus, also WWII, which was built to break codes.
    To communicate implies the internet, so you may be right.

  139. MadamaB: YOU MUST sing for us one day on the radio show. Please think about it.

  140. Hmm, Bill says to cross the street.

    Whatever does he mean>?

  141. Carol: Please pass this on to Trig:

    Dear Little Cutie Pie: I am sorry that I upset you. I do like your mother. I am voting that ticket for the first time in my life. Sorry I cannot work up more enthusiasm but please know that she has injected some electricity into this race that was sadly needed. If McCain should win he can be thankful that it was your Mom that boosted an otherwise dull and uninspired campaign. In fact in this uninspiring field of candidates, she is the only one who appears genuine. Hope this satisfies you to some extent but in all honesty, I am wistful that my vote for a woman candidate is just not the woman I had originally envisioned. lol

  142. Mawm

    Pat & WCMB

    I really am keen for the info. I think it may help to sway a couple of friends as they seem receptive to discussion on this subject and more and more on the fence. ..can’t give up hope. If you find a site (with the IT staff maintaining it) or something and you feel comfortable my junk addy is ijanzizka (at) hotmail
    Either way, thanks!

  143. Pat Johnson, on October 8th, 2008 at 10:31 am Said:

    I can cure your feeling like you’re dragging yourself to the principal’s office…

    Do what I did, stop and image listening to uhbama for the next 4 years.

    If that doesn’t hasten your steps, nothing will.

  144. Talk show legend Oprah Winfrey will headline a two day fundraising weekend for Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., this weekend.

    Aimed at female donors, the Chicago event Friday and Saturday will bring visits from Obama and his wife Michelle, as well as Sen. Joe and Jill Biden.

    Interestingly, Sen. Obama and Oprah are not anticipated to appear together at any point. Obama will make remarks at the event on Saturday evening in Chicago (no cameras allowed). Michelle Obama and Oprah will appear together on Friday night; a cocktail reception with the two grande dames is only for donors who give $28,500 or more.

    The Obama campaign along with the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum is hosting the “National Women’s Leadership Initiative” – aimed to “recruit and engage women leaders from across the country to work together and raise money in support of Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.”

    The campaign says the multiple events will, “highlight the role and significance of women’s leadership in electing Barack Obama, present important policy and campaign strategy updates and provide field tools for women to take back to their communities.”

    There are multiple levels of tickets for the event that the campaign has high hopes for raking in big bucks, from “National Chairs,” who raise $100,000 for this event by October 5th or contribute $57,000, to “State Co-Chairs” who raise $50,000 for this event by October 5th or contribute $28,500, and so on.

    The event will take place at the Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers. Other events feature former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin; Laura Tyson, Former National Economic Adviser to the President; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.;
    Lilly Ledbetter, Plaintiff, Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.; and former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright.

  145. I would love to hear madamab sing! Her speaking voice is lyrical.

  146. Votermom: Within the context of Obama’s point, he was referring to the Internet and said COMPUTER.

    Dear God almighty, is THIS what they stole votes for?\

    He’s worse than Dan Quayle!

    Obama is an embarassment.

  147. sm77 – Hmmm…interesting idea! From a practical standpoint, I’m not sure the radio show could handle the higher notes, though. They might overload the system. When I make recordings, the engineer has to compensate for those notes so they don’t cause fuzz and feedback.

    But I would love to do another play sometime!

  148. I like Meg Whitman, but she did not create eBay, she came on board later. However she’d be loads better than Buffett any day. If Buffett gets to be Sec. of Treasury, it’s over. We have been completely privatized

  149. Trig, “Pat, my mom has never let me down. She will never let down America. Now, where is my bottle. All of this political stuff makes me hungry.”

  150. Add “That one” to rac*st code words & terms.


    Our old friend “Angry Black Guy” says so.

  151. I agree with you sm.

  152. Angry Black Guy is racist for pointing out that he’s “black”. Why can’t it just be “angry guy”.

    Seriously, I’m sick of the racial bullshit perpetrated on the country.

    I’m being made into a racist for being hypsensitive about this crap.


  153. I am getting hungry as well. Off to lunch with my “girlfriends”! They continuously lighten my moods because they are so irreverent. Like a lot of PUMAs on this site, they are full of snark and vinegar!

    madamab: You are terriffic!

  154. sm77, on October 8th, 2008 at 10:50 am Said:
    Swan: You vibrate with the energy of the universe.

    Thank you Sm77
    … and I dont even use a vibrator teehee

  155. McCain uses that term on people all the time. I can’t take the r*ce card sh*t anymore. Barky and friends are the “boy who cried wolf” too much.

    Maybe anyone using it again should know that Sarah lets them shoot wolf from the air.


  156. I liked “that one”.

  157. It is a bad hair day today. I need some Piper paste!

  158. Pat – you and I need some very serious drugsssss.

  159. Thanks PJ! You know you are the tops with me!

    New post – more debate thoughts above…

  160. Regency, that’s a cool clip.
    Bill Clinton: “We don’t need phony unity in this country.”
    (I wonder when he said that)

    And how thrilling for the author to know that Bill read & plugged his book.

  161. Piper said, “just lick your hand really good and apply directly to your scalp.”

  162. I guess we can’t say ” the boy who cried wolf” ….that’s rac**st….can we say ” the man child who cried wolf?”

  163. I forgot the / snark part

  164. You don’t need serious drugs, you want the recreational kind

  165. I’m up early this AM for a westcoaster, in pain (shoulder) and depressed (politically). I think the last few months of roller-coaster disappointments are catching up to me.

    First, it was: Since Hillary won the popular vote, the superdelegates will come around. AND THEY DIDN’T.
    Then, it was: Maybe Barky will implode before the convention. AND HE DIDN’T.
    Then: Maybe Hillary will take the vote to the floor and she will be the nominee. AND THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN.
    Then: McCain will continue his post-convention bounce after the Palin pick. AND HE DIDN’T.
    Then: Isn’t it great to have all the Ayers and bad associates crap finally come out in the open, and now McCain can go for Barky’s throat in the debate last night. AND HE DIDN’T.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m still voting for McCain-Palin, but I’m wondering if it’s going to even matter. I’m beginning to think that maybe for the Republicans it didn’t matter who the nominee was, because they were “expendable” in this anti-Republican climate. McCain seems to be playing the “expendable” role right now. Where is the fighter? Maybe he really is fading from the scene. The only good thing was the introduction of Palin to the world, but maybe they did that to set up everything for 2012 and have a stronger Republican candidate to take on Barky’s failures (and we all know there will be many).

    I’m mad as hell about the economy (haven’t had work in 3 months; I’m self-employed); Social Security and 401(k)s..(I am 7 years from retirement); my health care costs are going up constantly (6 years before I can get Medicare); and I don’t frankly see either candidate being able to do anything about those things. But I’ll tell you, if Barky makes any changes to Social Security or my pension plans, well, you’ve heard the phrase, “I’m menopausal and I have a gun”? Well, I do own one and know how to use it, and there are many people like me who will start a revolution. Seriously.

    Sorry for the long rant. Somebody slap me into optimism, please….

  166. It’s nice to see that over at Corrente dogemperor’s work is getting the attention it deserves – which is none

  167. The debate was terrible. The moderator was terrible. The questions only prompted the campaign talking points. Tom Brokaw comes from the NBC-MSNBC crowd and still holds some kind of senior position with the organization. This whole thing was set up to favor Obama. McCain was expecting a town hall meeting and you see what he got. All twenty questions were selected by the moderator. This election is still coming down to the battle ground states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Whoever wins two of these three will win. For the life of me, I do not understand the Pennsylvania polls. Zogby has the race within 3 points and when you look at the internal numbers, it has whites at 55 to 39s for McCain. The AA is 90% for Obama, but the AA population is only about 11% and they are mostly in the large population centers. PUMA will have to play a large part if he is to be defeated. I have one sister who lives in Pennsylvania and I have talked to her and she will be voting for McCain.

  168. Jessie – I agree – see new post above…

  169. IndyBoomer, imo, the polls are weighted to Obama so that you won’t bother voting.It’s part of the corporate msm strategery to get BO elected.
    The thing about McCain is that, looking at his campaign, he really wants to win and he’s not letting anyone twist his arm to give up. So don’t count him out yet.

  170. But it is the spirit of Hillary Clinton hovering over both candidates that I feel most acutely.

    I still can’t believe it.

  171. I didn’t SAY that no charter schools are worthwhile, votermom. Some are.

    What I SAID was that the actual study done after the Annenberg Challenge, PROVED that the Ayers/Obama charter schools funded by the Challenge , were NOT successful. Skills improvement was no better than the public schools.

    But thank you, kc.

    For those of us who have actually been IN those inner city schools (that does not include Obama or Oprah), confidence-building is about gaining skills to cope, and NOT feel-good, everybody-owes-me- bullshit.

    And that was my point. The Obama campaign tried to suppress the study done of the actual skills results, but were unsuccessful in doing so.

    $100 million wasted. And that’s the bottom line.

    Due respect, votermom.

  172. If Hillary were in the race and winning, I would be sleeping better at night because that she would do the right things to get the economy on the right track.

    – WOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been feeling the exact same way!!!!!!!

    I swear, if I knew that Hillary was going to be our next President, I could breathe a huge sigh of relief. Now, I feel tense, worried about what is going to happen.
    I know she isn’t perfect, but I know with every ounce of my being that our country would be in good hands.

    ** sigh **

  173. myiq: Lambert is still looking for someone to dive in with hip waders. Not sure what the appeal is, but I won’t read any more of Mr. Dog’s self-referential BS.

  174. Oprah is a piece of work. She is wealthy and she uses it to her advantage no matter whom it hurts. She moved into our neighborhood and plunked down 50 million for a 12 million dollar home and killed our comps, our peace and our privacy. Home values went through the roof and so did taxes. She was very happy after winning a tantrum that ended with her throwing money at someone who had something that she wanted. She had not a thought about our community because her big fat ass was happy!
    She is doing the same thing now throwing money at Obama. Rallies and fundraisers? Let’s see the books on those!
    Not to mention, was she racist when she came out at a rally and said,”I am not voting for him because I am black!” That statement has always bothered me.
    Who said anything about color Oprah? I do not like the woman, nor do I trust her.

  175. ok, I know I’m not welcome here, but just a quick word. Freaking ACORN is now being raided by FBI in ten states. Lake County has thrown out a number of their regestrees. My God, what happened in the primary?

  176. The most interesting fact we learned after the debate is as follows:

    John McCain supports Hillary Clinton’s HOLC idea, and in fact, gives her credit in today’s NYTimes article for same.

    Barak Obama, on the other hand, has ignored Hillary and her ideas.

    Speaks volumes , eh?

  177. […] Wednesday: His penis didn’t drop off […]

  178. I don’t think it is necessary to link to Anglachel. It shows a lot of maturity on your part to keep her on your blogroll after she calls you a racist and takes The Confluence off hers. But giving her site more traffic is too generous of you.

  179. I don’t think it is necessary to link to Anglachel. It shows a lot of maturity on your part to keep her on your blogroll after she calls you a r*acist and takes The Confluence off hers. But giving her site more traffic is too generous of you.

  180. Agree, Disenfranchised.

    And frankly, Anglachel may have a PhD in PoliSci, but she doesn’t understand Finance or Economics.

    You know, we don’t hire plumbers to fix our air conditioning systems.

    Same can be said of a PoliSci major attempting to bloviate on Economics.

    She and Jeralynn may find economic articles written to agree with their own political points of view, but it doesn’t mean they understand the principles of economics themselves.

    Dakinikat gets it. Jeralynn & Anglachel haven’t a clue.

  181. Re: the polls- I heard one commentator speak of the fact that some of the national polls will be honest enough to say what their sample % is.

    Predictably, (don’t remember which one) there was one which admitted to sampling 41% Democrats, 36% Rep, 20% Indep.

    Obama ahead 5%.

  182. I want …

    One of madamab’s narratives (eg, THE SCENE) of what Hillary and Bill were thinking/doing last night! That would be hilarious. I’m craving a laugh 🙂

  183. Great post, RD. It may also help to view last night’s debate in terms of strategy. The likely objective for both candidates was to not make any big mistakes at this juncture with several weeks remaining before Nov. 4. The third and final debate would be the more appropriately timed forum for the gloves to finally come off. In view of the stragegic objective for last night’s debate, Sen. McCain’s willingness to take some risks is even more admirable, while BO’s refusal to do so is even more deplorable. BO meandered verbally, regurgitated tired talking points, did not answer the questions and selfishly bogarted more time than allotted, with barely a peep from the suddenly inept Brokaw. Sen. McCain also gets lots of points in my book for borrowing from Hillary’s HOLC idea, and mega points for giving her well-deserved and proper credit today. Throughout the election, BO has ‘borrowed’ extensively from Hillary — plagiarizing everything from her remarks to her positions on issues — never once giving her any credit whatever. I continue to believe that both Hillary and Bill are paying mere lip service to supporting BO and the Dem Party. Their hearts are not in it. I don’t believe for a second that they believe BO can lead this country out of the current mess it’s in. They both know, respect and trust Sen. McCain, and have often said so. I believe Sen. McCain would consider both of them for key positions in his administration. No matter what BO or the Dem leadership may have promised them, I can’t imagine either of them trusting that whatever was promised would be delivered. The Clinton’s may be many things, but they are not fools.

  184. californian4clinton, you in the Montecito area? The real estate market is distorted enough around Santa Barbara, that’s for sure.

  185. Katy: What could the candidates say? What am I waiting for? I don’t think there is anything Obama can say to make me want to vote for him except, “I’m sorry for screwing up the election. I am stepping down so that Hillary can run.”
    That might do it. Other than that, he can go jump in a lake for all I care. Nothing he says is believable or trustworthy after the crap he pulled during the primary and the convention. He’s a disaster.

  186. What is it always with the dicks?

    “His penis didn’t drop off.” No, because Michelle had it with her! 😯

  187. His Penis did not fall off because a decoy for Hillary Clinton was the one forced into a hysterectomy by him (forcible…Me)!

  188. anyone notice how obambi avoided naming anyone when asked who he’d name as sec. of the treasury.? bill ayers maybe? or tony rezco ? or…… he just rambled on as he usually does to avoid a diirect answer.

  189. why is no one questioning barkys plans for a private military??? who will it consist of? his rabid radical supporters? will they be armed? how much power will they have? sounds too much like hitlers brownshirts. very, very scary. this is his new plans for the peace(?) core?

  190. […] … McCain unveils Hillary’s HOLC plan to stop home foreclosures … spirit of “Hillary Clinton hovering over both candidates” … ‘That One’ plays the race card […]

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