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Presidential Debate Live Blog

Get your popcorn and your cocktail and point your satellite to C-Span for the second of three Presidential debates between Barack Obama and John McCain.  This is a town hall format, moderated by Tom Brokaw at Belmont College in Nashville, TN.

For those of you who want to watch Conflucian style, here are the rules.  Set your DVR to record and turn the sound off.  Pay attention to body language.  Then rewind and watch it with the sound on.  Notice any difference?

We recommend C-Span for debate coverage that is unfiltered.  But if you want to hear what WE think about what happened, tune in tonight at 10:30PM EST for Conflucians Say.  We’ll give you the very best in Conflucian political analysis, commentary and snark. 

526 Responses

  1. Here we go…

  2. I admit — I’m nervous for the old man tonight. Got my candle lit.
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  3. Popcorn, anyone?

  4. i just hope Tom Brokaw is tough

  5. Ok… listen to NPR radio for Debate – if not, deal with TV.

  6. kat5: nah, this is nawlins down here, i got booze, but thank you …
    and it’s pinot grigio …
    red, pinot grigio, and blue

  7. These “uncommitted” voters always turn out to be Obots.

  8. I hate listening to the same program from two different stations – they’re slightly off on the audio and it’s darn distracting.

    Hey y’all! {{{waving}}}

  9. Everyone should know that I absolutely hate Tom Brokaw.

  10. Brokaw is asking the questions? So, no way for these people to “change the question” I guess.
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  11. I have a candle lit too angie.

  12. I am so nervous for McCain!

  13. good, make him go first so he can’t do the “me too” thing

  14. Downside is I can’t watch “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” while listening to the debate stream.

  15. I wish Palin were debating Obama tonight. Look what she said in Jacksonville:

    Palin made light of Obama’s claims of not knowing the background of former terrorist Bill Ayers, suggesting the Democratic candidate may cite limited knowledge of other world issues.

    “You know, what’s next? Claiming that he didn’t know two of his biggest supporters were running Fannie Mae, the sub-prime mortgage giant?” Palin asked several thousand supporters at Jacksonville Landing, overlooking the St. John’s River. “And since he got called out on his plans to meet unconditionally with terrorist state leaders like Ahmadinejad, will he now claim he was unaware of his radical backgrounds?


  16. I’m here – bat girl for McCain.

  17. Actually, I have a pulled back muscle and will have to ‘watch’ off and on. Depending on y’all!

  18. katiebird — me too! I hate that stupid serious “anchorman voice” he has.

    Oh, real people will ask the questions.
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  19. Why aren’t they letting the actual people ask the question? That’s stupid. Isn’t this OUR election, and not the media’s?

  20. Good luck, Johnny.

  21. I don’t have access to a television and I don’t feel like watching it online. I’ll just read the reactions here.

  22. IMO, at this point any uncommitted voters should be committed.

  23. God,he’s a minute into the first question and hasn’t answered it!

  24. DV — first question is economy.
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  25. Sending good thoughts for McCain.

    I’m puking while listening to Obama.

  26. – stay in their homes = stolen from HRC

  27. Here’s the bucket, Brit.

  28. There goes Obama pontificating again with no experience

  29. Oh, kill me now.

  30. DV,

    Obama is just as boring as ever.

  31. McCain is not blaming like Obama did, he’s talking about his plan.

  32. Is he uhh ummming?

  33. Oh, thanks Kat5. 🙂

  34. Regency – it’s a toss up on which show is most important or funny – but I’m happy you’re hanging with us tonight!

    katiebird – welcome back! I heard you took som vacay time.

  35. You never cared, Barack, ever. Now you do? You hypocrite?

  36. nice mccain nice

  37. JM is working the room well- clear answers

  38. The darling, newly espoused Obot is sequestered in a back room, watching the debate. I told him I don’t care as long as I don’t have to hear it or hear about it. I love him, but I can’t stand listening to Obots. ZERO critical thinking skills. They sound lobotomized.

  39. tough love

  40. McCain – Hillary’s plan.

  41. I have to look away and access mute on BO (peanut head). America, wake the flip up already! Dayum!

  42. haha – McC has a PLAN for that

  43. Is McCain talking about Hillary’s HOLC?
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  44. Yes! He is basically endorsing Hillary’s HOLC idea!

  45. 1st question should be, “are either one of you going to answer any of our questions?”

    didn’t this guy ask what the candidates will do to help older Americans?

  46. Holy F$%^&! He’s adopting Hillary’s HOME plan???? OMG!

  47. Hillary’s HOLC?

  48. I think McCain would sit beside the questioner if he could.

  49. Huh … lobotomized … l OBOT omized … coincidence??

  50. McCain is saying the government should buy up bad mortgages, renegotiate them, and keep people in their homes. Is that what Hillary was talking about?

  51. McC is adopting Hill’s plan???

  52. Carol: did he give HRC’s plan??

  53. It’s Hillary Clinton’s proposals, goddamnit!

  54. It’s not Pres. Bush’s proposal—good line.

  55. angie – yes – so was obama – but feebly

  56. great he has an answer

  57. Brit – simple solution – don’t listen to him when he speaks – put your fingers in your ears and do the “la-la-la-la” thing.

  58. John related well with his first response. BO was preaching.

  59. Sorry, Honora!

  60. i’m not sure mentioning that Warren Buffet supports Obama is a good strategy

  61. They both handled the first question very poorly. But McCain missed an opportunity to hit Obama with Fredeie and Fannie.

  62. katiebird: why don’t you like Brokaw?

  63. Oooo, he’s hitting the trust issue. Someone has been reading the PUMAsphere.

  64. and yes Boomer, that was Hillary that recommended !

  65. obama: what mccain said! warren buffet…lol

  66. Ann: lol! Good eye.

    Holy shit–he’s borrowing HRC’s plan? That’s it! The ultimate shout out to PUMAs!

  67. BO is off topic

    two questions he hasnt answered

  68. bostonboomer, even better, he said he’d order the Secretary to re-negotiate them at the PRESENT VALUE of the home. So if your inflated home value has dropped, you get relief – they write off the difference.

  69. did he say he’d like warren buffet as a choice for treasury secretary?

  70. here we go with his top-bottom stuff again

  71. I like McCain’s shoutouts for Meg Whitman. I’d like Obama to name ONE woman he truly admires.

  72. Majority of Americans do not agree with Hillary’s plan to bail out homeowners.

  73. I’m not going to actually answer the question, This is a good opportunity to go blah blash blah…

  74. My lipstick is applied, my tv is on mute…here we go!

  75. is this Honora or her daughter? just asking 🙂

  76. dakinikat – didn’t you notice that BO is on a first name basis with “Warren”?

  77. Stop spewing Barky

  78. here we go with the “mccain is right” again

  79. Nope…Buffet’s out as Sec of Treas in an Obama Admin…he basically gave the “he’d be on anybody’s short list” answer.

  80. Obama’s straying away from the question. Is Brokaw going to get him back on track?

  81. Middle class? In about a week I may no longer be a member if this crap keeps up.

  82. did mccain just offer more to homeowners than the democrat????

  83. still4hill — if Obama was endorsing HOLC, I couldn’t tell!
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  84. Somewhere, Hillary is tossing back a couple of shots

    BO, you said that fundamentals of the economy were sound days after he did!

  85. McCain mentioned a female as candidate for Treasury Secretary.

  86. Hillary’s HOLC

  87. oldcoastie: so am i, i used to play bridge with him and I hung with howie as a kid, big deal!

  88. oldcoastie: That means E1 who has ever said hi to him once is one a first name basis with him, btw

  89. McCain is taking Leadership stating he left his campaign ………………….. He’s going their on F & F

  90. gary – he offered more substance – barky had no plan

  91. McCain is saying his campaign comes second to the economy. He’s hitting Fannie and Freddie.

  92. Sophie – I’ve always thought he was a drunk name-dropper. He goes on Letterman and preens about all the famous people he knows. But, last spring he went on Letterman and explained that Hillary had no chance of winning the nomination because of the MATH == this was in early April. It was absurd. And for him to imply that it was pure fact was outrageous.

    I’ll never forgive him.

  93. Can’t Obama ever come up with anything new? He’s still harping on what McCain said about 3 weeks ago “the fundamentals of the economy are sound.” Then bla bla bal, tax cut for 95% of Americans, more criticism of McCain, no proposal of any kind.

  94. Fannie and Freddy – Yeah- hit him with it!

  95. “McCain is saying the government should buy up bad mortgages, renegotiate them, and keep people in their homes”

    That’s going to send Obama straight over the edge. Help normal people? Never!

  96. There goes that “I’m gonna get you” smile. Barky: Stuff it!

  97. SOD – do you have enough liquor to do that?

  98. Yeah, Fannie and Freddie. Go John!

  99. Hit him hard, McCain–his cronies and his friends!!!

  100. Gloves are off.

  101. Its me, my baby girl is shy, but my 11 year old son wants to chat.

  102. oh, GOOD, mcCain’s finally hitting him on fannie and freddie… guess it’s just not a SNL thang any more


  104. McCain is just another ra*cist! Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mentions solidify that. Bad McCain!

  105. For those interested, NewHampster is hosting a live debate CHAT now at his place:


    Don’t forget to log in first! Drop in for a second.

  106. janicen, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:11 pm Said:
    Obama’s straying away from the question. Is Brokaw going to get him back on track?

    Wonder if SNL will parody him this weekend? Heh.

  107. Obama is so arrogant! just looking at him makes me sick- no way can I take 4 years of looking at his ugly mug

  108. “some of us” that includes HRC

  109. If McCain is really committed to a HOLC style program, that is a positive to me.

  110. Barack said the fundamentals of the economy were sound not two weeks ago.

  111. BO’s smirking as McCain places the Blame.

    I love it.

    He isn’t afraid of jack shit! Sarah is coming out for the half time show!

  112. Obama just shook his head and laughed at McCain’s reference to his “cronies”. Eff him!
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  113. I tried TV, C-SPAN,


    Hillary should be up there.

    It hurts. I’ll hear it on NPR

  114. God, the vp was so much more fun

  115. Oh good, McCain is remembering the questioners’ names.

  116. LOL @ Pat!

  117. why does obama sound like the republican and mccain sounds like the democrat

  118. geez louise!!! Obama sounds like Bush stating the obvious as if to make sure HE understands it.

  119. He’s got to correct some of Sen McCain;s history, not surprisingly????

  120. gary, yes, the Republican offered more concrete relief for homeowners than the “Democrat” did. He even admitted “it would be expensive”, but needs to be done.

  121. Of course he has to defend himself. EFF HIM!!!
    Put on your brightest red lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  122. Gotta go pick up Hubby. Keep track, will be back!

  123. Wow. So McCain gave out Hillary’s plan but Obama can’t even associate himself with the Clintons or with the word Democrat? This is enough for me to leave the Democratic Party until it purges itself of Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, and Obama.

  124. er uh

  125. Obama is trying to scare voters. Shouldn’t he be proposing something to calm people down?

  126. Honora: the more the merrier! Hi Honoralets! Join us!!!!!!

  127. Obama is such a liar!!!!!

  128. Oh, god, I can’t stand this guy. Bullshit! Hillary did it!

  129. what F***. how does Obama have the GUTS to say McCAin wanted deregulation in March when OBAMA wanted it on April 28, 2008????????

  130. gary: because McCain is a practical Republican and Barack Obama is Republican Lite?

  131. The daughter just told O to shut up. She said that he is talking too much

  132. After he points fingers! Have I said EFF HIM?

  133. Barack W. Bush

  134. So how come you got all their money, OB? Your stellar oratory skills?

  135. Dammit, I HATE this Two years ago crap. Maybe nobody listened two years ago because Obama hadn’t done anything of note two years ago. Argh.

  136. Oh, the hypocrisy!

  137. Oh good Barky is telling us what we are interested in.

    He just took credit for everything he could.

  138. Get your names straight Barky
    What about the money you get from Fannie Mae, Barry?
    Notice he never refuted that the DEMS were at fault for Fanny Mae?

  139. fear seemed to work for the bushies, why wouldn’t it work for him?

  140. What would Obama know about leadership?

  141. Tom Brokaw – SCARING dems to vote for Obama.


  142. I have the sound OFF!
    Thanks for the up-dates.
    McCain really looks strong!

  143. Does not Franklin Raines now advise Obama?

  144. Sandra S.

    No doubt!

  145. Sandra S – he hasn’t done anything of note since then either

  146. Barky’s in denial about the economy. Liar!

  147. McCAIN – giving Hillary’s plan again – YES!!!!

    Buy up the loans, HOLC, HOME!!!!

  148. No, Reg, Raines stepped down.

  149. Just say it’s Hillary’s plan and I endorse it.

  150. Good on you McCain! No false hopes.

  151. reg – yes Raines is Barky’s financial advisor

  152. Prretty bogue of Obama to criticize McCain for jumping onto other people’s bills. Guess he’d know, since that’s his own specialty.

  153. Senator Obama’s name is not on that letter.
    McCain is right about us being the best workers in the world.

  154. Is it true Obama mentioned Warren Buffet AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or is that a joke??
    He has said that guys name @ almost EVERY DEBATE!

  155. McCain – Empathy.

    BO – blame and shame.

  156. My question for Obama: Senator, you have just about as much, maybe a little less, experience as Sarah Palin who you and your supporters keep accusing of inexperience and here you stand saying that you can fix the economic crisis. My questions is this: Are you insane? Are your supporters insane?

  157. go for it – blame both parties and ask how they can fix it!

  158. “Senator Obama’s name was not on that letter.” Heh!

  159. Yes, you look like a typical white person so of course you are cynical.

  160. I think McCain is doing pretty well tonight so far.

  161. Rd – i thought not – thanks for the validation – such a LIAR!

  162. Raines, Raines , Raines…..

  163. You mean when Clinton left office, you prick.

  164. F__K Warren Buffet.

    I want FDR.

    In a Pantsuit.

  165. did he just give a back-door shout to the Big Dawg?

  166. This is an answer?

  167. How is this useful?

  168. “Well, look …” Did he really just start out his response to that woman’s query? Arrogant much?

  169. barack all about blame

  170. Here come’s “the accent.” So annoying.

  171. No one is completely innocent but it is the GOP’s fault.

  172. the lady questioner was SO freaky!!!!!

    did she just scream at Obama?

    He dare not state the surplus under Bill Clinton.

  173. I’m sorry, why is Obama the nominee again? I just can’t get past the fact that he’s the nominee.

  174. Yeah, Bambi is going to try to claim the Clinton legacy for himself. I hate this man. I honestly do.

  175. I thought you hated Clinton

  176. the question was – can we TRUST you?

  177. Penny Pritzker is still Obama’s finance chair … her family investment firm had a lot to do with the swap market … the Pritzker connection still has not be investigated enough…

  178. gmx: My questions is this: Are you insane? Are your supporters insane?

  179. Now he is recapping McCain’s opening answer.

  180. But How can we trust you Barry?

  181. Honora’s daughter, cover your eyes please.

    Oh now you wanna claim Bill, asshole? Vicious hate!

    We can’t afford healtchare reform, dumbass.

  182. i am already confused – how can you follow BOs arguments???

  183. “How can we trust you?” Obama’s answer: “I’m gonna spend some money.”

  184. Here he goes! George Bush!
    It’s disgusting him wanting to ride Clinton’s Coattails! What an ass- he is. Hope JM hits him with BO dipping into the past

  185. He’s SO Condescending. “You couldn’t possibly understand. If you don’t have money, you cut back on buying new jewelry. Just leave this stuff to the professionals, honey…”

  186. RD – he is black, a manchurian candidate and fight the suit.

  187. And I am going to put ACORN in charge of all this come January! Trust me.

  188. still, no one actually answering the question asked… (but it sounds like McC might give it a go)

  189. McCain is hitting the trust issue again.

  190. This is hilarious, watching the debate through your comments!

  191. so he wants to bring down our expenses by spending more of our tax dollars?

  192. RD: Obama is the nominee because of the media.

  193. if he is going to tie mccain to bush, he needs to tie obama to pelosi

  194. Barky is about to give a shout out to Reagan’s ghost. Ooh, inspiring.

  195. gmx — LMAO!!!

  196. McCain comes across as more personable. Way more.

  197. Sandra S – don’t you mean “sweetie”??????????

  198. RD:

    I TRIED to watch it on TV.

    It hurts not to see Hillary on that stage.

    SHE should be there. She earned the popular vote.

    I’m on NPR Radio listening. Less Painful, especially with wine.

  199. Briannia – Thank You! Where did he get that accent? Not his environment!

  200. McCain’s hitting hard with facts … without being nasty … very very well prepared for this

  201. Oooh. I like “look at our records as well as our rhetoric”.

  202. Again Obama has no experience to reference in his answers.
    That is what makes me mad about the whole Sarah thing. She could talk about her job in her debate. Obama has nothing to speak of.

  203. SOD: Testify!!!

  204. God– the son has already left and the daughter is goofing off with her dad. They are not keeping the audience. Now, it is only me. Say what you want.

  205. Britannia — not to the Obots — they weep while he sneers.

  206. Has barry been in training camp for “uhms”? I count less than before.

  207. still4hill: The accent sounds so fake. It appears when convenient, I suppose.

  208. McCain’s working the crowd pretty well, coming off like someone’s genial and wise grandfather.

  209. dakinikat: so glad to hear that. He needs to be specific, not just “reform.”

  210. sm: Wine!!! what a brilliant idea.

  211. I was planning to watch this debate but I am so repulsed by BZero – I can’t.
    HE seems to have been smirking earlier and when Mac went first – he basically said “what Mac said” – jeesh.

  212. who has an accent? I want to make sure I listen for it next time

  213. YEah, good answer all three at once.

    Good job McCain.

  214. An overheard projector? $3 million?

    WTF, Barack?

  215. Watch Barry steal answers.

  216. Big PUMA is going to say something tomorrow like “I’m glad he likes me after all. I wouldn’t have known it from how much he smeared me in the primaries.” lol

  217. oh, migosh … McCain’s talking straight about the third rail… very very brave!

  218. McCain we can work on all 3 top issues at the same time.

  219. I’m on NPR Radio listening. Less Painful, especially with wine.

    Ooh, I couldn’t do that. Wouldn’t know when to turn down the volume.

  220. McCain is winning hands down. He is stealing the show.

  221. john: yes, they specifically worked on Obama shortening his answers before the last debate, when he was hanging out in Florida while the economy crashed.

  222. work on all three at once…good answer

  223. phred – Obama – phoney accent for where he was raised and by/with whom.

  224. Sophie: Here I am, laid off & broke, BUT WINE WAS a necessity for tonight.

  225. watch BO strike a pose while McC talks…

  226. I like how passionate Mc is beginning to sound.

  227. It’s torture to watch Obi’s face- I CAN’T STAND him.

  228. barack stealing palin’s rhetoric

  229. someone must have hit him about not interrupting your elders like an unschooled child

  230. Aren’t those things interconnected? Don’t they HAVE to be dealt with together?

  231. Hillary is the donkey in the room.

  232. ooh-ooh – someone’s been hanging with Al Gore!

  233. Honestly, I can’t tell who is winning because BO disgusts me so dang much.

  234. Denise – I wish I were watching Hillary’s face instead.

  235. THIS is what he challenged Barkie to do every week all summer. See why he refused?

  236. McCain also sounds the more passionate one. Like he’s speaking from the heart. Obama sounds condescending. What else is new.

  237. Jesus Christ. Lay off the folksy, down home “just like your family” crap. A national budget is NOTHING like a family budget, you patronizing Ass.

  238. Oh shut up, you wind bag. You’ve been post peak since March 4.

  239. I’m not watching but I am listening.

  240. watch BO strike a pose while McC talks…

    I used to hate the way he would slouch and brood while Hillary talked.

  241. independence from foreign oil – and how?? citing kennedy does not get you out of providing specific

  242. Stealing Hillary’s space race = energy race idea. Fucker.

  243. How come he remembers Kennedy, but not Ayers. He was a lot younger when Kennedy was President.

  244. Medicare is a huge, scary entitlement coming down the pike when the baby boomer generation retires en masse. It is true that it needs to be addressed, Social Security? Ehhhh, not so much. But as long as you’re addressing the medicare issue, why not expand the goal? Restructure the entire health care system for everyone.

  245. Obama has to work on things one at a time. He can’t remember who he steals the ideas from if he has to work on more than one thing.

  246. brokaw is an ass…

  247. So Obama like JFK and the moon you are not sure how to do it, you just want to do it.

    Oops, Barry just stole a McCain line.

  248. Line-Item vetos? REALLY? How’s he gonna do that?

  249. Healthcare will not be fixed this go-round. Let it go.

  250. He has no record- he has done nothing but run for office

  251. why does Obama keep talking about going line by line in the budget when POTUS doesn’t have line item veto? that doesn’t make sense, how is he going to actually do anything with that?

  252. SM – you have to have your priorities in order

  253. katiebird — yes, McCain’s answer was right. — all 3 are interrelated.

  254. Maybe Obama can do the Moon Walk.

  255. citing kennedy

    Oh he DIDN’T! What a complete Pandering Fool!

  256. He does not understand Executive Powers does he?

  257. I like all three at once.

    We can chew gum & walk & talk at the same time .

    NO OBAMA. NO energy, then this, then that.


    Hillary would’ve done 10 at the blink of an eye with a gimp leg, blindfolded and hogtied and done 20 at this point.

  258. Here he goes with the line by line stuff again. Senator Obama, you will not have a line item veto as President. Read the Constitution!

  259. haha Brokaw just called barky a windbag.

  260. he wants line item veto?

  261. is BO talking about a line item veto? again?

    prez has no line item veto! (I hope he knows this)

  262. Brokaw is just another bot

  263. fif — yep, especially since getting to the moon had nothing to do with the question.

  264. You are not the new Kennedy, Barack. Hillary is the new Kennedy.

  265. Barky is smirking a lot. Factoring in Obot projection, I predict the talking points will be “Mccain smirked” “McCain sneered”

  266. sm: Now I have wine. Much better!

  267. Eww, I hate that McCain goes first. BO steals the answers

    I am laughing about the projector at Adler Planetarium
    That place is a snore.

  268. McCAin – spending freeze with no earmarks.

  269. i liked how McCain said all the priorities are interconnected, because they are.

  270. Would someone explain how this asshole happens to be on this stage tonight and not Hillary Clinton?

  271. Yeah Johnny!

  272. Plus, BO was saying he “doesn’t know how he can do (just like when JFK said lets go to the moon — no one knew how they were going to do it) but I’ll get it done.”

  273. that was a really great question – but JM may have hurt himself with the honest answer about cutting programs. I dont’ disagree with him but most people don’t really want to hear that.

  274. “Oh shut up, you wind bag. You’ve been post peak since March 4.”

    HA HA! Too funny!
    Please keep regurgitating this debate for me. You know my testy stomach

    HI Sis!!!! I’ve missed you!!!!!!!

  275. Became DIMocrats are named that for a reason.

  276. I can’t bear to watch so I’m doing like fif and reading comments here.

    I’m gonna wear out f5 refreshing!!

  277. I’m telling you Hillary is going to do Healthcare.

  278. sorry, ask dean and the donkey brazilla

  279. Pat J: Because it was fricken’ fixed!

  280. RD: I know a little about this subject, universal healthcare IS POSSIBLE, especially with the systems in place.

    YES, McCain attacking healthcare!!!! YES SIR, you know we can do it all.

  281. 9/11 here we go – is he talking abt ayers – maybe not!

  282. Yes- 911 – remember Ayers?

  283. Obama first to 911 us. I miss Rudy 😉

  284. oh god! here he goes with 9/11.

  285. a lot of you remember the tragedy of 9/11?

    uh, How about ALL of US remember it!


  286. When my buddy Ayers stepped on the flag and said that he had not bombed enough buildings.

  287. Hillary is better than Kennedy. She is FDR. He was a better president.

    What is Brokaw doing that is bugging everyone?

  288. “You know, a lot of you remember, the tragedy of 911…”


  289. “aaaannnndddd” has replaced “uh uh uh”

  290. where did this come from?

  291. he didn’t just bring up 9/11? what a foron (f@cking moron for those who don’t know) I don’t care what his rationale was, it’s just wrong

  292. Obama is not answering the question.

  293. Barky sits so pretty. Snort..

  294. Carol: Do you think President McCain would put Hillary in charge of health care reform?

  295. Answer the question, Obama. What will you sacrifice?

  296. No Barrack, 9/11 slipped our minds. Again, he’s so emotionally disconnected.

  297. Now he’s for offshore drilling

  298. obama not answering the questions!

  299. i can’t believe Obama playing the 9/11 card … that just beats all!

  300. Go out and shop was extremely important after 9/11- that is what literally saved us. We had to continue everyday activity or the economy would have been finished.

    BO is about to tell us to air up our tires, just when I was getting used to driving on them almost flat!

  301. Carol: Only under a McCain administration will I allow Hillary to work on it!

  302. Clean coal? But Barry, Joe Biden said ‘No clean coal…”

  303. I keep telling people: The only person in this election who’s actually brought health care to people all over the world is Cindy McCain. That’s gotta have an effect on Senator McCain

  304. was he for off shore drilling and nuclear – saving energy?

    what is next switching off the air con to save the country – pleaaaze??!!

  305. Why did he even mention “go out and shop?” He doesn’t know how to answer this one, and he’s had minutes to think about it.

  306. Barky will never allow HRC on anything. He hates her. She has not sucked up enough

  307. I don’t even recall the question

  308. Yep, I am with Regency…I like the passion I hear in McCain’s voice. I also have to admit I couldn’t watch without the sound. Although…with each “And” I could swear.

  309. I’m not listening [LALALALALALA] if Barky’s claiming to be the new JFK, Johnny Mac oughta give him Lloyd Bentsen’s line.

  310. He never says HOW!! Just what.

  311. Obviously not, my young people are already upstairs goofing off.

  312. That is a major shift senator BO! Energy, energy???

  313. BPD — no one will notice how he didn’t answer the questions.

  314. is he talking abt the hitler ooops obama youth??

  315. AAAG – BO has not answered any question that was asked yet…

  316. Is he going to say “September the eleventh” like Bush?

  317. SM77: Hillary would’ve done 10 at the blink of an eye with a gimp leg, blindfolded and hogtied and done 20 at this point.


  318. He sounded like Carter. And we all know how that went.

  319. This man talks in circles. Poor speech pattern and answers searching for a goddamned period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. I still don’t know wtf he’s talking about.

    Motherfucker, did he just steal Hillary’s new public service plan?

  321. The 0 likes diversion tactics…he doesn’t mention what he will do, he just points fingers.

  322. I leave for 15 minutes & come home to 321 comments??? Go for it, conflucians.

  323. That was pretty cool when McCain said “We’re Americans! We can do it!” Meanwhile Obama talks about how we’ll all have to “bear the burden.” He sounds negative, and McCain sounds positive.

  324. (waving) Hi Joanie!!

  325. Hey, Tom, don’t be dissing getting drunk. It’s the only way to get thru these debates.

    Oh, it was a metaphor. Never mind.

  326. I want Hillary back. She is the real leader.

  327. *gags self*

    Your answers suck. John’s aren’t great but they’re better than this!

  328. okay folks – pls remind me of the question

  329. Hi Joanie! Hi Kbird! There’s a new thread up. Everyone migrate….

  330. Do you see that lady in the back whose smile reeks of Kool Aid everytime Barry speaks?

  331. Sitting here, drinking my beer, gun in one hand, bible in the other, wondering how in the h*** anyone could ever look at B.O. without laughing. We get it. He’s a fraud.
    By the way, all teachers aren’t women.

  332. Is Obama/Brokaw suggesting that the Federal Gov’t is a role model for the young folk in terms of fiscal responsibility? WTF???

  333. socialism

  334. WTF? That was way more then one minute.

  335. Stop the class warfare Barky! You are an effing idiot.

  336. joaniebone,

    He modeled his campaign on Bush’s, why not his speech patterns?

  337. how is that answering that specific question?

  338. Egg timer, damn it!

  339. btw, EFF BO for using the “hatchet/scapel” line.

  340. sm: Wine was definitely a good idea. How much of this do I need to drink before Barky stops getting on my nerves?

  341. he wants to use a scalpel to the people who need help? Jack the Ripper solution?

  342. NAILING Jello to the wall….BINGO!

  343. JM Nailed him!

  344. SOD — its nice that the ad after the last debate took away Obama’s ability to say, “I agree with Senator McCain…”

  345. I want to slap that smirk of of his face!! make it stop!

  346. Comin right up, RD!

  347. 🙂 he just compared Obama’s tax policy to Hoover’s. While Hoover was correct, he was unpopular.
    Ironic that McCain’s using that for Obama, who’s usually incorrect, but popular.

  348. Obama doesn’t do well without a a lectern. He always needs a crutch.

  349. why doesn brokaw keep complaining about time, but lets obama talk for 5 minutes??????

  350. Oh god, what a twit.

  351. poplicola: Now he just leaves out the “I agree with John McCain” part, and goes right into repeating McCain’s answer.


  353. obama is such a punk

  354. I might just have to shoot the tv the next time he butts in and tries to change the rulZZZZZZZZZZZ

  355. I really wish they wouldn’t show BO – that smirk is disgusting- he either has the knitted brown Igor look or the natsty smirk

  356. wow! Way to show some backbone Brokaw!

  357. Chevaler – LOL

  358. Notice how Senator Obama doesn’t want to play by the rules his OWN campaign negotiated?

  359. Use the Peace Corps interchangeable with military? Gack, we have to fight THAT one again?

  360. Oh good, Brokaw didn’t let Obama whine.

  361. Oh, what an ASS! Gee, Tom, can’t you break the rules for meeeee????????

  362. I’m impressed that Brokaw did that too Sophie

  363. migrated

  364. every smirk will be on a new ad

  365. So you are going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans and pay for everything how? Oh yeah, capital gains tax — that is a way to get people to invest in the market.

  366. So now, instead of answering the question, he is going to defend himself on the last question.

    He MUST have the last word, always. He’s like that every debate.

  367. meant knitted brow

  368. Not true barky…expenses add up and they’re only deductions, not tax credits

  369. More then a minute.

  370. Smal businesses make 250,000 a year – lots of them!

  371. God damn it! I’ve been paying payroll tax thru the nose since Reagan to “save Social Security.” Put back the damn money the lot of you stole from the trust fund and we’ll have enough to pay benefits. Idiots, both of them.

  372. You can’t cut taxes & increase spending. That’s called debt increase.

  373. yes, edgeoforever — lots of them do.

  374. WMCB: Obama is a small, small man. He is no leader and no visionary. He needs therapy.

  375. Gawd, Barky is so incoherent.

  376. edge – I thought that was a big underestimate too

  377. lmao!

    “I’ll answer the question.”

  378. i’ll answer the question
    eat it barky

  379. McCain: I’ll answer the question. Zing!

  380. JM: “I’ll answer the questions (laughs)”


  381. Sorry, but I think both of these guys are doing lousy.

  382. Thank God, somebody answer the damn question!

  383. rhetoric and record – go john!!!

  384. barky is barky and jm is mccain
    he has been told don’t be mean
    i think he should rip him a new one

  385. Can we please have Hillary back now?

  386. It used to annoy me when McCain called me his friend, but tonight I’m convinced that he means it, it’s not a ploy.

  387. NH – sorry – you’re thinking too much about how Hillary would be answering…

  388. joanie: Obama already played the september 11 card

  389. I think I’ve had too much to drink. Obama is making no sense whatsoever.

    But seriously, I think Johnny Mac is doing well. I’m impressed. I really like that he represents a “mature” person who clearly has his marbles intact AND the wisdom gained through experience.

  390. the channel is asking us to text who won the debate. I dont know how to text – can anyone help me do this

  391. ahahaha
    he cut himself off from bush

  392. I can’t stand him but I think that Obama’s coming across better than McCain. He does have his uh, uh problem pretty much under control.

    McCain needs to use “my friends” more judiciously.

  393. The debate isn’t even over yet and we’re looking for a winner?

  394. I was in the Navy too. The nuclear powered subs once jump started the main power facility on one of the Hawaiian islands while I was there! pretty cool stuff. But we have to do it safely, like France.

  395. He’s not opposed to nuclear power anymore last time I checked.

  396. Well, Regency, give it five minutes. He’ll change his mind.

  397. I haven’t had enough to drink to think that this socialistic, narcissitic, bull****er has a clue. Workin’ on it though.

  398. Just dial in the number on the screen into the text menu of your phone, type in “A” or “B” or whatever, hit send.

  399. he did drill not saying uh – but it doesn’t make the bull flow any more smoothly.

  400. Now he FAVORS nuclear power? He didn’t in Iowa.
    Big surprised.

  401. I can only feel one thing (HT to Carol): PUMA HAKA 👿

  402. MK5112: the # on the screen is the number you’re sending the text to. the letter indicating who you think is winning goes as the message

  403. Agrees with McCain again?

  404. mccain speaks in specifics, obama speaks in word fogs…

  405. Do you folks notice that both candidates are channelling Bill Clinton. I remember the town hall with Bill and Bush and Bill was WOW. He moved to each questioner and was really good. Neither of these guys are near as good, but they are trying.

  406. MK5112 Tx: First, write down the number you have to dial and then the number you want to resond with, then you have to go to the place in your phone where the text message option is… choose send text message, type in the number where, then when it asks you for what the message is type the code in, then hit send …

    that usually works

  407. he agrees bc he doesn’t have a better answer

  408. You know — maybe BO is only talking for one minute — it just seems like 5.

  409. I’m impressed that Brokaw keeps calling BO on the time limit.

  410. McCain should call Obama on his ‘speaking with forked tongue”

  411. well, he is a legend in his own mind quite possible

  412. yeah, angienc, tom just yelled at him for that … obama just doesn’t want to play by the rules for every one else does he

  413. BO comes acrossed as polished …


  414. BO comes across as polished …


  415. did he say they invented computers to communicate? I don’t think thats right is it?

  416. Bush/Cheney energy bill is a disgrace — too bad most of the morons in this country don’t know that.

  417. Oooo, McCain can be sooo snarky!

  418. edwardian LOL

  419. There you go John, wrap that Bush-Cheney energy bill around his lying lips.

  420. garychapelhill, thank goodness it’s not just me! i can never figure out what it was that obama just said. his words are like vapor.

  421. McCain is loose tonight.

  422. “I’m just trying to keep up with John” was Obama’s response to being called on taking too much time with his answers.

    Is everything someone else’s fault?

  423. (About being repeatedly asked about healthcare)
    And yet, you distanced yourself from Hillary. You Idgit!

  424. wow…a second thread already!

  425. Yeah, health care costs have doubled, just like your wife’s salary.

  426. I just don’t get someone being undecided this late in the game. I respect it -just don’t get it

  427. did he just snap his fingers or am I hallucinating from boredom?

  428. He just stole Hillary’s words again.

  429. Hillary: a moral commitment. barky can’t say it

  430. Marlowe: Of course it is! The One can do no wrong!

  431. new thread new thread

  432. information tech + medical info + FISA= Bastard!

  433. Denise: Undecideds are really saying they don’t like either one and can’t figure out who really is the lesser of two evils. I think it’s pretty obvious myself.

  434. Holy cow
    how is he going to pay for the federal indemnity health plan?

  435. WORD, Still4Hill.

  436. Tim’s up, Barky!

  437. Denise — could be they don’t really like either so they don’t know who to vote for. I think that could be understandable.

  438. “as I travel around the country…” I’m tired of hearing that phrase.

  439. what Barky is proposing will force doctors to provide medicaid to all

  440. Oh yeah, the unraveling of the employer-based healthcare system would be CATASTROPHIC.

  441. I think both of these health care plans are pretty much the same — buy your ‘effing own.

  442. WOW

    …like hair transplants…”

  443. medicare pays docs 23 cents on the dollar
    add Barky’s tax increases and you have socialized medicine which sucks

  444. Nijma, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:52 pm Said:
    “as I travel around the country…” I’m tired of hearing that phrase.

    Well you just trying trekking all 57 states, and back again.

  445. no, obama’s plan is like the one I’ve got in Illinois. I have to pay taxes towards other people’s children health insurance, but I can’t get medical care myself.

  446. Healthcare won’t change until birth control pills are covered and viagra is not.

  447. poplicola — I’m surprised he didn’t say “like Joe Biden’s hair transplants”

  448. angienc

  449. Eff BO

  450. Yes, Barry, where were you? Not at her side when she was dying of cancer. You piece of ………

  451. CHIP sucks
    in Tx

  452. txredneck – my thought exactly

  453. See? health care for children, children children, but not for the rest of us.

  454. So once again, Obama is going over time (he obviously looked at the light), but says “Fuck you, fuck the rules, I’m going to talk as long as I want.

    Is anyone keeping time here? McCain is following the rules, and Obama is not.

  455. he was registering felons under ACORN to vote

  456. Should you be mentioning Delaware & credit cards?

  457. Obama doesn’t have rules

  458. That guy looks like an Obot to me

  459. WMCB Bush was doing the same in 2004

  460. on the job training

  461. Wrong about the surge, wrong about Russia-Geogia, “we don’t have time for on the job training.”

    Wiping the floor with his own positions.

  462. Let me tell you how wrong McCain is to dare criticize me.

  463. 80 uncommitted voters??

  464. Hillary line – ‘on the job training”

  465. thanks Kat5 [[[ crunch crunch ]]]

  466. How the heck would you know about the troops you sniviling socialist? Didn’t go to visit the troops until embarassed into the trip. Didn’t visit with those injured when in Germany.

  467. Is it me, or are all these questions a bunch of flaming liberal topics?

  468. Gary — first programmable computer was developed in Great Britain to crack German codes during WWII.

  469. Called “Enigma.”

  470. Did he just imply we went into WW2 only because of our security interests? I didn’t follow that.

  471. shut up barky

  472. “tax cuts” and “help” “fix the energy system”

    ohhh wow

  473. I still don’t get McCain’s health care proposal. Sounds like crap.

  474. Go John — details!

  475. So how do you like Obama”s. Sounds like crap.

  476. Who think McCain is doing well?

  477. “What he/she said”

  478. I’m chugging a shot everytime he sez “middle class”

  479. I did not get BO’s health plan for those who can’t afford any kind of plan.

  480. Coddle Pakistan? Encourage dictators? WTF? Doesn’t he understand the difficulty and intracacy of the ethnic and tribal positions in that part of the world?

    Sweet Jesus!

  481. NH — me either, but I think it is basically this — you get $5000 tax credit a year to pay for your health care insurance. I don’t understand how this is different from BO’s “subsidy” to buy into the federal program.

  482. can everyone please migrate to the new thread? I’m getting whiplash trying to keep up with two

  483. I think most people dont spend $5000 a yr on health care but if you buy a plan- you arent limited to the plans in the state you live in- it can be in any state- so the programs will be competitive – if they arent those companys wont survive.
    so this $5000 will pay the basic plan payments per person-I am assuming this is $5000 a person???
    This actually covers alot of the plans costs I think.

  484. Jesus!

  485. Barky just wants to do Chicago Style Thuggery around the World

  486. yesssssss…

  487. Yes he did — I heard him say “I will take them out”

  488. phlaminophred….

    If I have to I’ll tap into the Christmas Party stock…

  489. The Fed Plan is an indemnity plan that is extremely expensive. If we get to buy into it, you services will be lessened. The reimbursement rate for docs is less than half of what is billed out.
    You get to choose with JM. That means if you are healthy you can use an HCA

  490. NH, you are not alone. I don’t understand it either. How is a $5,000 credit is going to help a family who may have a child with special needs and healthcare costs for that child can cost @$15,000 a year. Thank goodness I have insurance that pays for 80% and sometimes 100% of cost. If we have McCain’s healthcare what will that $5,000 do for my family? Leave us with a $10,000 balance to pay providers?

  491. A friend of mine from canada said their system does include everyone but there is a que and that que can be very long, so they end up coming here because they can get into our doctors .
    they dont like their system.

  492. Welll….look

  493. More than 500 comments on this thread!

  494. gxm…ROFLMAO

  495. I smell smoke…is someone’s pants on fire?

  496. They are both low key, which makes the debate a bit boring and hard to follow.

  497. 👿

  498. I will have to look into that , is her plan on her site yet??

  499. Your insurance plans pay a contracted rate. They do not pay 100% or 80% of the billed amount. Hence. The insurance companies decide what your services are worth. You choose.

  500. He should’ve mentioned Hillary across the aisle

  501. I know Canadians that cross over to the states because they can get services as you pay. Socialized medicine creates a sluggish albeit free healthcare system that you maybe happy with or not.
    Socialized medicine does not pay for those extras like experimental drugs for cancer.

  502. Emperor of the Milky Way and Beyond.

  503. personally I dont believe anyone has to pay all of anything of mine- I am responsible for me and if i take care of my body and mind then I feel this will improve my chances to live a longer , healthier life.
    Anyone who thinks someone out there owes them a living is living in a make believe land. That is also a socialistic state and I would rather have a choice. So I dont think there is a perfect plan out there right now.

  504. Oh snap!

  505. Consumer Reports has a good case-by-case comparison of their plans. It seems to come down to McCain’s plan being good for the healthy and those who currently have insurance and BO’s plan being better for those who can’t now afford any healthcare. The article doesn’t address how much either plan will cost the taxpayer and how either candidate will find those dollars in out current budget.

  506. Employers do receive a contracted rate. As an employee, I pay 20% of that of my coverage. Now if we have McCain’s HC, I feel that the contracted rate that employers are currently getting will disappear and that will raise employees premimums… so the $5,000 is not going to help with my finances… I see that there’s going to be more budget cuts within my household…. How much more do I need to cut from my family in order to live?

  507. 20% of most services

  508. RD — exactly .

  509. He almost agreed with McCain and had to cut himself off.

  510. I dont know alot about the canadian system but I do have a few friends there and it sounded like they didnt like it because it took to long to get in when there was a real problem.
    But as for the debate i think McCain did well. he sure has knowledge about foriegn affairs.

  511. I wish McCain had given obama a real sucker punch- to bad like they said , McCain needed to do something to change momentum and he may not have done it. But McCain was very knowledgable.

  512. MK5112 Tx, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:18 pm Said:
    A friend of mine from canada said their system does include everyone but there is a que and that que can be very long, so they end up coming here because they can get into our doctors .
    they dont like their system.

    I don’t have a link to the study (apologies), but I read that in Canada, 85% of those who need elective surgery get it the same day, all those who need care get it right away. Canadians who are coming here are doing so because they don’t want to wait for procedures they don’t really need.

  513. angienc, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:46 pm Said:
    Now he FAVORS nuclear power? He didn’t in Iowa.
    Big surprised.

    Just like he was for regulating it until he took a bribe from Exelon, then rewrote his own bill to suit them.

  514. Let’s be honest…Mac’s HC plan stinks.

  515. What a loss. 😦

  516. MK5112 — that is an inaccurate statement.

  517. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from.

  518. Who is “Mcnorman?”

  519. Please PEOPLE…..Simply said it’s time 4 CHANGE


  521. I will vote for a woman if she is intelligent and has her head screwed on her body. I will not vote for a woman because she is a woman.

    Sarah Palinis just a woman!!!! She does not represent me. I am more than just a pretty woman.

  522. What an old coot!

  523. Obama did much better than Mccain. All Mccain did was get angry and start nonsense disputes about little things that didn’t matter – and whats with Mccain saying that “he’s proud of the people who come to his rallys” right after he admitted that people call obama a terrorist and want to kill him? oh my god!
    Mccain also skipped around questions and did not answer them, whereas Obama stayed more on topic and gave quality answers. Did you also happen to notice how calm Obama was? He never once let his emotions completely get the best of him – a true presidential figure.

  524. i completely agree. Obama did soooo much better than McCain. McCain cant control his emotions!!!!!! He just kept being all fussy and freaking out about things that were completely off topic. Obama may not have as much experience, but he has more obvious intellegence of the material and he doesnt need little notes in front of him all the time like McCain did. Obama KNOWS the material.

  525. $3M overhead projector… Please people check the facts. This is heavy scientific stuff, that you can use to see jupiter and other planets. I took my kids from school and it was really cool. I also looks scary!!!. The current projector that they have is very old. A new one cost around $10m. Go on line, check the facts, don’t listen to propoganda. Check things out for yourself.

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