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Presidential Debate Live Blog II

I’m out of popcorn but there’s plenty of debate left.  Follow along with us with our live thread.

We recommend watching the debate on C-Span  listen to our post debate commentary on Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio at 10:30PM EST.

Let ‘er rip!

564 Responses

  1. gee bo is worse then i thought

  2. First (giggle)

    I’m really enjoying McCain!

  3. nailing gel – i like it

  4. bo just has his sound bites – but cant connect the dots

  5. Why is it when ever BO talks it just goes in one of my ears and out of the other?

  6. Whoops, dinner. Thanks for all the eyes and ears!

  7. Shut up Obama

  8. GOOD!!!

    Gimme 5,000 for my kid.

    More than what her dad’s given me in child support in 2.5 yrs.


  9. But where is all this money coming from? Let’s be real!

  10. AAAG – ear plugs help!

  11. tricky question – bo show as your hand

  12. AAAGal – I know that’s not because your head is empty, I know better than that! It’s because his intended points are empty so they can’t grab your brain as they pass through

  13. THAT is a moderator’s JOB. To moderate.

  14. I want to go to Mars. It’s the only way I can figure on skipping out the next four years. This is so depressing.

  15. I do NOT trust Barack Obama. I think he’s shallow.

  16. in my FIRST term – assuming that there is a second

  17. the audience looks so bored, how are these two people the best we have.

  18. People, NPR RADIO rocks. No finger wagging & ObamaDrama.

  19. Whats the question? I’m counting on you guys. I can’t bear to listen

  20. I think this makes BO look bad..Screw the question, let me get the last word.

  21. okay bo asked about entitlements and hes talking tax cuts??

    Maybe I should mute or go back to House and keep reading here.

  22. KB? Shallow? Much more than that. Toxic.

  23. sm77 I long ago gave up on NPR radio. A little too Obama loving for me.

  24. in my FIRST term – assuming that there is a second

    Oh gag. “When I WAS a Senator.” He is such an arrogant piece of work.

  25. 95% of Americans tax cut – Does that mean only 5% of the population doesn’t pay taxes??????////

    Barky – do you notice the confused look on everyone’s face?????///

  26. Can we have a boxing ring bell for the next debate? Ding, ding, ding! Obama is like the worlds most boring blind date. Enough already!

  27. Honora, it HURTS not to see Hillary up there. Knowing that SHE HAS THE SOLUTIONS.

    Radio & wine lessens the pain, a little. Not a lot.

  28. I don’t have any idea what question is before us now

  29. How’s the debate going?

    MABlue Princess wouldn’t sleep and had to read 2 more chapters of Anne of Green gables.

  30. Here we go. Brokaw says we have to “reform” social security.
    Obama can’t wait to hand over our money to Wall Street.

    BTW, Tom, social security is already funded for the baby boomers. Bush “borrowed” the money, but he’ll just have to give it back. Unless you really want a revolution in this country.

  31. too nervous to watch—-your comments are keeping me from melting

  32. Honora, it is what we got, No use crying over spilled milk.

  33. he still didn’t explain how soc. sec gets fixed!

  34. I think most of us are reconciled that our taxes are going up specifically due to the current mess. To say otherwise is false.

  35. “When I WAS a Senator.”
    RU kidding?

  36. Honora: They have a straight transmission so no Obotulism.

  37. Go JM! “I’ll answer the question

  38. how are these two people the best we have.

    They’re not. That’s the problem.

  39. Hi MABlue!

    Obama is saying the same thing over and over again in response to every question, regardless of what the question was.

  40. Good- picked a dem and a rep

  41. Merlot for me. moving to scotch soon.

  42. Barack Obama says a lot of words.

  43. it’s too bad Gore couldn’t get his lock box for SS.

  44. sounds good

  45. YES!! Medicare Commision.

    Of course Universal Healthcare will work.

  46. BTW, Tom, social security is already funded for the baby boomers. Bush “borrowed” the money, but he’ll just have to give it back. Unless you really want a revolution in this country.

    already funded pour moi? Screw the rest of y’all I got mine!

  47. bring up their records!

  48. Ohhhh. Good one on the tax cut, Johnny!

  49. Barky needs to stick with “what Hillary said”!

  50. joanie: No, he said that a while ago in a campaign speech.

  51. OK – JM needs to stop saying “my friends”. Drives me nuts.

  52. I can’t wait until the ‘experts’ start telling us what we have heard.

  53. McCain has the record to back that talk up, at least I give that to him.

  54. BB:

    I love your summary and it’s no surprise.

  55. Honora: If the expert include Hillary, I’M IN!

  56. Dee: I actually wrote into his campaign site and said that: easy with the “my friends” line. It gets old.

  57. congress was fast on the economic crisis – pleeeaze . markets were on the brink, it took forever

  58. joaniebone – straight heroine shot directly into the artery works fastest.

  59. you know, it’s really true that JM does much better in this format

  60. fif – guess they thought your were not a “friend”.

  61. And TEL:L them that Obama voted for the Bush Energy Bill. Please.

  62. I am getting bored. Not a good sign.

  63. france has abt 80% nuclear engery (and red wine) – maybe a wee bit excessive….but it works

  64. congress was fast on the economic crisis

    yea, after they ignored it for years. WTF?

  65. heroin – not heroine (unless it is Hillary)

  66. Good thing I bought more vodka on my way home. I may bring out the munchies I was saving for the hockey game, too.

    God, this election is making me nostalgic for Nixon/McGovern.

  67. Thanks Carol. (picking up the phone….)

  68. fif:

    That train is gone. McCain will never get rid of “my friends”, not at this stage.

  69. I heard on the last thread Obama mentioned 09/11?
    How DARE HE!!
    After I figured out that he did’nt even care eough to go to his own church on that following Sunday to be with his community, because he & Michelle had to stay home with a then 3 month old, what he described as a “new-born”.
    Give me a break!

  70. Nuclear power. Ooooo! I know some of you don’t agree with him but actually- I happen to think he’s right. The US Navy has an outstanding record in nuclear power. And I am proud to say that my father was right in the middle of that. The rigor and integrity of the Navy nuclear power program is unsurpassed.

  71. True, the French do have 80% nuclear, YES, CLEAN UP environment. Solar, wind & geothermal.

    When have you heard a Republican talk like that?


    I like that.

    5 million jobs!!!! UGH That was Hillary’s PLAN!!

  72. Barky tried to talk over Brokaw–and Brokaw just shut him down? Good for him. ‘Bout time.

  73. Obama: This is one of the biggest challenges of our time
    This is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our timeThis is one of the biggest challenges of our time

  74. Me too, Pat Johnson. If Hillary was up there we’d be hanging on every word.

  75. Is it just me, or is neither candidate really answering the questions?

  76. “I’ve said it” – prove it buster!

  77. ahhh – all of a sudden he favours nuclear – when did this happens???

  78. Yes RD. nukular is not bad; if handled well.

  79. Is Obama in favor of nuclear power or not? He takes a different position every time it comes up.

  80. “5 mio new jobs”?

    Hmmm. Isn’t it what Hillary was savaged about on Obama’s network NBC?

  81. John McCain voted AGAINST biofuels.

    Food should not be burned to fuel cars.

  82. AAAG–LOL!

  83. Obama is such a bore.

  84. MA Blue, Bo was just wondering if anyone remembered Sept. 11. The man is a twit!

  85. Fredster,

    Social Security is OK for at least 75 years into the future without any adjustments. I just mentioned the baby boomers, because we are the scapegoats they always use to claim that SS will run out of money.

  86. Let’s get some fireworks going up there and put aside the multiple platitudes that a high school debater would use. Put some starch into the dialogue. Obama is doing noting but talk in circles and McCain is coming across professorial.

  87. They all steal HIllary’s ideas, because they ARE THE BEST IDEAS!!

  88. AAAG: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Challenges is the new “the notion that”

  89. Go Tom!! Shut him down!!

  90. Riverdaughter, My dad worked for the Navy in an Atomic Research Laboratory when I was growing up. So, I’ve got a lot of respect for them myself.

  91. Obama favors nuclear. He is getting mucho donations from the nuclear industry.

  92. “That one”

  93. BB, I’m a boomer and breathing sigh of relief!

    That and civ service is my retirement!

  94. Personally, I think nuclear is necessary.

  95. 3% of the oil when we use 25% – wow, we provide most of the emergency aid, military aid, we can’t drill anywhere…………

    Bush/Cheney/Obama energy bill – he went there.

    I love John McCain – he has been misunderstood.

  96. JM finally nailed him on the Cheney energy bill. ’bout time.

  97. the reality is you might not like nuclear, but renewables are just not sufficient at this stage

    europe is VERY green compared to the US, but struggles to get to its declared target of 20% renewables….most windy places have alrady windfarms

  98. You know i think the worst thign Bush is going to inflict on this country is an Obama presidency, and the end of the Democratic chances fo rthe White House afterwards for the rest of MY life anyway.

    Thanks Dubya. The same idjits who voted you in will now vote BO in as well.

  99. Nuclear will help BUT NOT be the final solution.

    Drilling? I’ll be tepidly ok with gas, but NOT OIL. No more.

  100. I feel like I am sitting through a showing of “My Dinner With Andre”.

  101. My Dad died when I was 8. Social security allowed my mom, a hs graduate to send her 4 daughters to college. I went on to law school. Social security is a national treasure.

  102. RD:

    I was waiting for it. There will be a Special Comment from Keith Obamaman tomorrow.

  103. Brokaw is getting on my last nerve with his whining about time. Get out of the way and let them argue!

  104. Look vivenne…we got Congress. That’s a LOT of hot air to power windmills!!

  105. BB, Obama loves nuclear–which is why NBO and MSNBO, owned by GE, are in the tank for Teh One.

  106. Here he goes where he steals Hillary’s healthcare idea. Prick.

  107. isn’t that HIllary’s plan?

  108. key to energy independce is to spread your risk – have a bit of everything

  109. He is totally plagarizing Hillary’s plan.

    Enough of this sham!




  111. Kbird: Roger that. My dad worked at a Navy nuclear reactor research facility in upstate NY. From what I understand, the US Navy had the highest standards for the technology AND the personnel who serviced it. I’m not sure the average American understands how well the Navy nuclear program works.

  112. He is using Hillary’s health care plan….WTF

  113. He ate Hillary’s plan! Shit, if her stuff was so good why didn’t they pick her?

  114. Obama rambles beyond belief

  115. Not exactly. Hillary’s plan would have capped health care premiums at 5% of income. Totally Radical.

  116. health care – reality is that Europe is struggleing with its health care systems and it is looking to introduce more maket-based elements to get a handle on cost

  117. Doesn’t Obama know that when you go to the hospital they already put the information on computers as do many doctors?

  118. Obama FOUGHT Hillary’s healthplan.

    NOW he copies her plan word by word.

  119. If Barky is plagiarizing Clinton, McCain should call him out on it. Or at least point out to the Obots what they’re cheering. As if they’re actually listening.

  120. Oh my god, I miss Hillary so desperately.

  121. Pat–LOL

  122. Mammograms and maternity. Give it up Barack. You’ve alienated women and you are going to get us back.

  123. Ok, I really don’t like McCain’s healthcare plan.

  124. stats, viv, stats…

  125. “seriously”
    That man can’t be bringing up 09/11 again?
    Read my comment @ 9:45 it took me 6 mos. to figure out the answer to that question.

  126. Ann – I wish he would

  127. and assuming most of the people there have employer-provided health-care – moron

  128. These 2 bozos are copying Hillary’s plans.

    Fuck it!

  129. katiebird – he can’t remember all the details of Hillary’s plans! Give him a break.

  130. RD — I’m sure I became a programmer because of the hours of fun I spent in his Computer Lab!

    (I kind of like a $5000 tax credit) But I’d rather have Hillary’s plan.

  131. joaniebone, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:41 pm Said:
    Merlot for me. moving to scotch soon.
    Don’t do it, Joanie!

    Liquor to wine, you’ll be fine.
    Wine to liquor, never been sicker.

  132. Barry will say he’s for ( insert Hillary’s plan here ), but will never implement any of them .

  133. Is Hillary’s name a dirty word? All Johnny has to do is give her a shout-out and he wins. Just do it, Johnny.

  134. Sarah Palin is the only spark in this whole debacle. Since Hillary left there has been such an absence of any form of enthusiasm.

  135. RD,

    McCain’s plan sucks. If he wins, Hillary will have to fight for a real health care plan.

  136. is obama channelling Hillary on health care from the priamry debates…???

  137. BO’s trying to win me back with a mammogram!?!


  138. Can we have Hillary now?

  139. Can we please have Hillary back now?

  140. OK, I do know this, Healthcare for average Americans costs about $3,000 per year for insurance for people with average to chonic manageable conditions.

  141. Channelling nothing, Gary, mimicking!

  142. ,,,”like hair transplants…”

  143. I wonder what it’s like for HIllary to watch this stuff and hear them parrot her ideas…

  144. If I thought that O would adopt H’s plan I would be happy. I don’t believe it. Is McCain getting all the questions first??

  145. Was Mac going after Joe’s hair plugs? Does the U.S. Senate’s insurance cover that?

  146. Hillary!!! …..stat!!

  147. All Afro American Gal, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said


  148. I don’t know, John. Tax credits don’t help much if you can’t come up with premium money up front.

  149. Well, if McCain wins, the Democrats in Congress may be spurred to act like real Democrats.

  150. Bo will gie you a mammogramm and partial abortion

  151. Canada has a national health care system – ask a Canadian how long it takes to get an appointment for a simple MRI, or ask him why so many Canadians cross the border to get their health care here when they can’t wait the outrageous time for routine procedures, or need specialized medicine.

  152. fif – what makes you think Hillary’s is watching this train wreck?

  153. Hillary’s finishing off her second bottle of wine right. Bill’s finishing off his own and giving her a well-deserved neck rub.

  154. How does McCain make sure everyone gets accepted by Insurance Companies?

    Also, I read in the paper that the bail Out bill requires that Health Insurance give Mental Health Parity. Right Now.

  155. If you average out EVERYBODY in the US, the cost of healthcare will go down and the US can afford it.

    OMG. Obama is copying Hillary.


    I want HILLARY!!!

  156. McCain is funny. Obama couldn’t be funny if he tried.

  157. Okay Body language check. Obama is nervous and looks relieved
    Okay, the Obot woman smiling in the back is not undecided.

  158. If Hillary is smart she is watching Lucy reruns on another channel.

  159. In a country as wealthy as ours? Where have you been? We’ve in fricken’ debt!

  160. Rima, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:49 pm Said:
    (respectfully snipped)
    Thanks Dubya. The same idjits who voted you in will now vote BO in as well.

    Ain’t that the sad truth! It’s scary how many folks who supported Bush are supporting Obama.

  161. Hillary will do Healthcare – I promise – I just know it.

    Here’s Mama died – how did he know since he didn’t show up. (Now, he is breaking the rules again.)

  162. He has no shame – dragging his mother into this- like he dragged his typical white grandmother

  163. How much is the fine?

  164. “A country as wealthy as ours”? Aren’t we trillions of dollars in debt? And McCain is the one that’s out of touch?

    Sure, barky, just keep telling yourself that.

  165. Here he goes – he let his own mother do her own arguing – why didn’t the man with the golden tongue argue FOR his mother???

  166. Pat J at 9:57: ROFLMAO!!!

  167. phlaming: she’s a wonk. She’s always working.

  168. Oh no, I’m getting sleepy.

  169. we are gettin’ nothin’ on health care from either of these guys…

  170. If you don’t have insurance, and you get sick, what happens to your kids?

  171. gxm17, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:
    Ain’t that the sad truth! It’s scary how many folks who supported Bush are supporting Obama.
    I noticed that as well! What’s up with that?


    EVERY line, every WORD of his healthcare policy is copied from Hillary’s policy and her STUMP speeches. I HEARD her speak these exact same words at least three times LIVE.
    And he released ads against her policy.


  173. Does Obama just get to talk whenever he want’s? For however long?

  174. Oh no you don’t. You sorry sack of sh!t. You, who could not come to your mother’s deathbed, just shut your shameless mouth. You, who didn’t buck up and go to her side and help her get better medical care. Just STFU and sit down you heartless f*cker.

  175. Sophie,
    I love you for looking out for me, but too late!

  176. Oh, the Delaware reference! Biden’s state!

  177. How can his man , whose vp is from delaware, make this argument.

  178. It’s not socialized medicine as in Canada – it is insurance for everyone.

  179. SCHIP is also Hillary’s baby.

    OMG, why is she not the President?

  180. rd- I’ve already fallen asleep during one of BO’s drones but I woke myself up with my own snoring…

  181. say it ain’t so Bo! you’re vp lives in a state that shelters corporate meanies? Why would you do that?

  182. riverdaughter, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:
    Oh no, I’m getting sleepy.
    No you’re not. Obama’s voice has a hypnotic effect on people?

  183. How is “making sure that your children have health care” not a mandate?

    Single payer care!

    I can’t believe that Obama just linked DE with credit cards. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

  184. Yeah, buddy, bring up DELAWARE and Joe BIDEN. Good choice.

  185. Obama is saying that Delaware is part of the problem?? Isn’t Joe Biden from, er, Delaware???

  186. I am drinking Red Red Grapefruit Juice. Maybe I should brew a pot of coffee to just get to the end of this.

  187. Oh – this guy Phil Elliot is a bot- you can just see it in his face

  188. Oh that guy is an undecided voter? Really? He seemed pretty angry at McCain.

  189. has he ever said that before about his mother having to fight with the insurance company?? I want to find out about that….

  190. I think I’m gonna stop watching this charade.

    Suddenly Obama is parroting Hillary verbatim, for stuff he and his thugs running his campaign vilified during the primaries.


  191. RD: Every time I hear Obama I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher.

    Wah, whaaa, wha, wah whaaa, whaaaaa…

  192. Honestly, I don’t understand what either candiate is saying about their health care plans. When they talk and talk and can’t clarify then something is truly wrong – like they are both full of sh*t.

    I understood Hillary’s plan.

  193. who’s he going to put in charge of finding out who’s cheating their customers, Rezko?

  194. Joe Biden = part of the problem.

    Nice, Barky

  195. i can t beleive he mentioned delaware


  196. I’m tired of hearing about health care from men who will never have to worry if they can pay for a visit to emergency in the night with a child. Shut up. Stop pretending you care. Shut up.

  197. Obama says a lot of words. Some of them have subjects and predicates. Some of them do not. I can not concentrate.
    Actually, I really miss Hillary.
    A lot.

  198. The Canadian plan isn’t that bad. Ask me about how long it takes me to get a specialist appointment in my insurance plan, and I have a reasonably decent one.

  199. alice, me too.

  200. You, who could not come to your mother’s deathbed, just shut your shameless mouth.

    I believe Obama was busy running for office.

  201. Pat Johnson, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:59 pm Said:
    I am drinking Red Red Grapefruit Juice. Maybe I should brew a pot of coffee to just get to the end of this.
    Pat!!! You’re doing this sober?!!! You brave woman!

  202. Short Career! Oh SNAP!

  203. sm77, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:00 pm Said:

    RD: Every time I hear Obama I hear Charlie Brown’s teacher.
    Wah, whaaa, wha, wah whaaa, whaaaaa…


    LOL. Descriptive, accurate, succinct.

  204. the germans might not like it , but the west would have been communist if the US would have not step in 50 yrs ago

  205. gary – yes he has said that before. On the other hand, I don’t think he was actually there in Hawaii.

  206. speaking of peanuts (SIGH!) – wtf was that?

  207. They crucified Al Gore for mentioning his sister’s early death from lung cancer. Obama gets a pass.

  208. I wish Ralph Nader could just turn his spot over to Hillary and Ted Strickland.

  209. “It’s true, there are some things I don’t understand”
    So sayeth Barack Obama.

  210. he just threw biden under the bus!!!!!!

  211. ah, Obambi is still harboring resentment from the last debate … lol, that tie back is a sign of weakness

  212. LOL Rule number one–Memorize your running mate’s state. Take all the time you need, but get it done.

  213. Big sigh from Obama.

  214. again bringing up 9/11? When is JM or anyone from his side going to point out how very much like bush that is?

  215. I’m a Canadian. If you want to know about Canadian healthcare, ask. It’s not really insurance. In two provinces it is, but it is insurance provided by the government. And the waiting lists are only longer in some areas, and that is still subject to triage. As to crossing the border for care? It’s a total myth. I live in Seattle now, and the ERs are totally comparable in terms of waiting and level of care. But the ER in Canada is FREE.

  216. McCain didn’t say that! That was Rumsfeld.

  217. Pat J – no pass – he always said his mother argued with the companies – why didn’t HE argue, great communicator that he is?

  218. Does Obama really think Osama bin Laden is still alive? He must be a complete idiot then.

  219. I’m thinking about changing it over to watch The Shield.

  220. So he’s not going to go into Afghanistan cuz it’s too expensive? Sarkozy’s not happy.

  221. noun verb 9/11

    the bush is back

  222. Barky knows guys that can get that “$79 billion from those Iraqies”!

    Just tell him when.

  223. Sandra S. :-ppppppp

  224. when his mother died, he was campaigning for the state Senate.

  225. wow that was a mistake bo bo … economy decline… military NOT decline …. sounds like the NAZIs too me

  226. Personally if we aren’t going to do the healthcare thing “all the way” like Hillary’s then I think McCain’s is 2nd best. You can’t do “partial-universal healthcare” & have it work. UHC only works if EVERYONE is in to off-set costs.
    Under Obama’s way only the ones that REALLY need it will be in & costs will be even higher than now.

  227. Now he’s sucking up to the troops. But in front of his followers he accuses them of air raiding civilians

  228. why wasn’t BO home helping his poor old mom deal with those insurance companies?

    seems like an important person such as himself could stepped up.

  229. so waht is he changing – i missed that one?

  230. ugh sorry was i snoring?

  231. I need to open a window. I am yawning.

  232. sister of ye, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:01 pm Said:
    The Canadian plan isn’t that bad. Ask me about how long it takes me to get a specialist appointment in my insurance plan, and I have a reasonably decent one.

    Thank you. Up there, if I have to wait three months to see someone , at least I won’t be stuck with the bill
    afterwards .

  233. obama doctrine – change because fe can

  234. janicen: I am watching the Shield. Reading here.

  235. has he ever said that before about his mother having to fight with the insurance company?? I want to find out about that….
    He ran commercials during the primaries that mentioned his mother dealing with insurance companies while she was dying but I’ve never heard the claim that it was a “pre-existing issue” argument.

  236. The Obama Doctrine: he has the nerve to bring up the Holocaust

  237. vivienne: It’s part of the mystery. Just pray for faith.

  238. So far, I keep thinking that Obama is completely miscast. He is just not up to the task.

  239. Sandra,

    Back when Michael Moore cared about health care, he made a movie in which he interviewed people who go to Canada from the U.S. to get health care. Of course now Michael Moore supports Obama and doesn’t give a sh*t about universal health care.

  240. We had the ability to stop the slaughter in Rwanda, Barry. We didn’t do it.

  241. You know they’re just going to point out what a good son he is – he was so concerned about his mom having to fight with insurance companies during her dying days so he want to reform everything

  242. I meant to say “pre-existing condition issue” argument.

  243. Regency, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:58 pm Said:
    If you don’t have insurance, and you get sick, what happens to your kids?

    He was asked that in January 2008, and he’s not gotten around to answering that. Sen. Obama’s been busy campaigning.

  244. Does he not know his history?

  245. “Moral issues at stake”? Yuck. Coming out of his mouth. What do you think was happening in Iraq you ass? Hussein was a genocidal dictator!

  246. marlowe – as someone who has lost both parents – and done the arguing FOR them – I do not understand why Mr. Harvard Law didn’t argue in her place – he’s a BASTARD!

  247. BTW, Rwanda not only has a female majority in congress, but also has the first female speaker. By law, their congress should consist of 30% female. But you knew that.

  248. Both have copied Hillary’s plans the past few weeks-or talking points. Remember hearing a McCain speech awhile back and I yelled-that’s Hillary. BO-no original thought in his head-shameless copying.

  249. I heard that Obama hadn’t spoken with her in two years before she died

  250. he has the nerve to bring up the Holocaust

    Pander Bear
    Pander Bear

  251. If you don’t have insurance, and you get sick, what happens to your kids?
    He was asked that in January 2008, and he’s not gotten around to answering that. Sen. Obama’s been busy campaigning.

    Why would he bother answering it? He’ll never have to worry about it. The little people don’t really exist to the emperor.

  252. bostonboomer- I meant in the OTHER direction. Canadians don’t go south for healthcare to avoid waiting lists. It just doesn’t happen. It DOES happen in the other direction.

  253. obama knows jack sh*t and has no clue what to do in the future – empty rethoric

  254. How about that senator from NY, she seems to be strong and and good communicator, is she available???

  255. btw, do y’all notice that in EVERY debate, in EVERY stump speech, Obama and Biden make it a point to plug in Darfur….

    remember what Howard Dean had said in Atlanta a few months ago? That Evangelists care very much for Darfur – that’s one of their top three issues, along with global warming and poverty.

    They’re still going after the Religious Right.

  256. Fif, I totally agree about BO bringing up the Holocaust.

  257. I’m cringing – JM just said Reagan was his hero

    I know that plays well to some, but not if you’re trying to get cross-over votes

  258. KC: That’s pretty much the gist of it. Sure, maybe he can speak well, but how much is that really worth when every word is someone else’s?

  259. Is the debate worth watching? Also, the bailout skit is back at SNL’s Web site.

  260. moral obligation??? isn’t that what bush said about iraq?

  261. Jordan also has a law reserving certain legislative seats for women.

  262. AAA Gal – Oh man!~ Then he said he heard her arguing w/ insurance companies – such a LIAR!

  263. McCain should tell Barky – “I know Senator Clinton, Senator Clinton is my friend and Senator, you are not Senator Clinton!”


    And now for the final act, “Sarah is going to beat his scrawny ass and make him cry!”


  264. I live across the river from Canuckistan. I try to keep a bit aware of what the neighbors are up to. Plus, Canadian TV has been a godsend during this campaign season.

  265. WTF is up with GDam F-section????

    All the questions are from there???/

  266. If Hillary was up there, the markets would not be tanked as they are. …but you knew that

  267. Dee, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:01 pm Said:
    gary – yes he has said that before. On the other hand, I don’t think he was actually there in Hawaii.

    No. He was not there. He claims to “regret” not being there. I don’t buy it and it’s a very sore subject for me. Still, he uses his mother’s illness and death for emotional pull. It speaks to his complete lack of character and compassion. As well as his issues with women and the women in his life who he claims to love and respect. Just like his poor grandmother who has been used for political fodder. These “little” things speak to the huge void within the man Barack Obama.

  268. his argument for interventionism is the same as bush’s

  269. Pockistan is back.

  270. And I’m better than John because I pronounce Pakistan correctly. Other than that, I’m clueless.

  271. phlamingophred,

    JM has to throw some bones to the base.

  272. Once again he’s recounting history as if we didn’t know…

  273. here we go again – where does bin laden live – on main street in pakistan and I would get him!

  274. Crushing al queada…… here it comes, another 100 years of war,,,,

  275. Hey BO! If you were so against going into Iraq, why did you not vote on whether or not we sent troops there in the first place?

  276. I would rather Reagan be his hero than Ayers and Wright.

  277. lyn5: Only if you are looking for something of substance. If so, you need to look elsewhere.

  278. Barky is going back to the 2002 speech. We need Sarah to explain to him going backwards on a seesaw only makes everyone dizzy and sick!

  279. I hate the way Barry says Paaakeeestahn. Speak English, dammit, it’s Pakistan.

  280. SM – that’s BO’s section

  281. LOL Regency! By the way, Hillary says Hi.

  282. yes or no. Obama the question is not that hard to understand.

  283. Paper Doll: I believe the Democratic COngress held out to help Obama in the polls.

    Let the economy tank = better for Obama.

  284. he does not understand a word coming out of his own mouth

  285. yeahh the packis plays rather cricket then to kill bin laden – pleaaase

  286. “Still, he uses his mother’s illness and death for emotional pull. It speaks to his complete lack of character and compassion”
    Similar to his race-baiting and fanning the nearcombustible race relations in this country. He doesn’t give a rats a$$ about Unity.

  287. Reagan is BO’s hero too. No win there.

    I think I’m gonna go check out GoFugYourself.com now. Celebrities wear the damndest things.

    God this is the worst election EVER.

  288. YAY! TEddy Roosevelt – good.

  289. Sen McCain: Well, I’m not sure what Obama just said, but here’s my idea….

  290. Wow, and this guy is getting the PACIFIST vote? He’s supposed to be good with DIPLOMACY??? WTF?

  291. i loved it! right off the bat he calls that middle aged woman questioner “cynical.” what a jerk. all she said was something to the effect: how can we trust you with the economic bailouts when both the dems and pubs are responsible. he calls her cynical! i’d call her a realist. obama will never get my vote.

  292. still4hill, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:06 pm Said:
    marlowe – as someone who has lost both parents – and done the arguing FOR them – I do not understand why Mr. Harvard Law didn’t argue in her place – he’s a BASTARD!


  293. RD: Thread II is almost at 300 comments!!

  294. Sophie: I know she says “hi.” She said it this morning when she came over for breakfast.

  295. There’s the Obama trademark haughty look.

  296. Hey I love Vivienne Westwood clothes.

    Obama knows shit about foreign policy. Chicago had 127 murders this summer. More than killed in Iraq for the quarter.
    Get your own house in Order, Obama.

    We have a war zone right here in Chicago.

  297. Regency: Wow…how gracious–she ate two breakfasts.

  298. Please, do not hold it against McCain, No one understands what O says.

  299. Geez Obam is looking like an ASSSSSSSSS

  300. WALK softlly John. WALK – it’s WALK softly.

  301. I like this answer.

  302. Obama is a flat out pig with questions and letting someone else have the last word.

  303. God, he’s so damn condescending to everyone in the room.

  304. We will never get Osama bin Laden. You must first deal with a corrupt army, shady politicians, lying chieftains, fanatical followers, and neighboring countries that are in concert with his safety. This problem is much too large to diminish it to a few gratuitous words.

  305. Look at that, Obama does not want to play by the rules of the game, Brokaw just gave in, and he just patronized him as a weak person for doing so …

    what an jerk!

  306. Barky keeps breaking the rules. McCain calls him out.

  307. All Afro American Gal: What a statistic! Sh1t.

  308. I hate it when Obama says, “Look”. It reminds me of Bush’s “My job is….”

  309. If I have to listen to Obama for the next four years it will be worse than listening to Bush—-the more I hear him, the sicker I get. I’ll be in ER every day.

  310. sm77, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    Indeed. And not just the dem congress is doing it . This is being manipulated on the highest levels…the Oct surprise came, but it’s to help Barry .

  311. what an ass!

  312. Ok, Barack is a Jackass.

    We do NOT need to put MORE pressure on Hamid Karzai – he’s as pro-Democracy as they come. We do not need to antagonize the Afghanis.

    You DOLT, you dangerous IDIOT, you need to SUPPORT Karzai so that the warlords dont come back.

    Hamid is walking a VERY FINE LINE – please do NOT rock the boat there when you don’t understand shit and make a big mess, I implore you.

  313. Sophie: I know, but only had one lunch, one dinner, and will only have ONE midnight snack.

  314. Jesus — I was wondering were everyone was! LOL

  315. Is Obama being allowed to lecture on and on ? Of course

  316. Obama there are rules here. This is not the DNC you are not in charge here.

  317. Why even have Brokaw there?

  318. Green behind the ears!! Hooray!

  319. obama definitely feels that the punches are landing, that’s why he wants the rules changed in his favor … and that’s what he’s gotten used to

  320. Obama thinks he knows foreign policy because he says Pakhhistannnnn

  321. “green behind the ears”?

  322. Green behind the ears!!!

    LOL! Get your metaphors straight, Barack.

  323. We’ll never get Osama because he more valuable not got.

  324. Scruz, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:12 pm Said:
    all she said was something to the effect: how can we trust you with the economic bailouts when both the dems and pubs are responsible. he calls her cynical! i’d call her a realist. obama will never get my vote.


    Ugh. I guess the emperor doesn’t need to worry about his pension. His pockets are lined very nicely in all this. Gotta work on your noblesse oblige a little there, Barry. You don’t play the part well.

  325. Too much follow up. Brokaw is totally ineffective as a moderator.

  326. Karzai is trying to get the Taliban to come to the table for talks

  327. I beg of thee!

    Put an end to this snoozefest.

  328. I actually cannot believe that BO uses that “Bomb Iran” thing as a serious talking point.

  329. Chevalier – YES! Karzai is doing in pakistan what Hillary has to do in the Democratic Party

  330. Sophie,

    Osama is dead, and the CIA knows it. They’ve said it again and again.

  331. I just don’t get it. Why can’t everyone see how sick BO is? He has a personality disorder–plain as day.

  332. Let’s face it, we just can’t stand Obama. We will never get over the fact that he had the primary rigged in his favor and he is completely inadequate compared to the woman who was better in every possible way.
    We will never accept him as our nominee. That’s what it comes down to and we are *right* to hold him to a higher standard.

  333. It’s ok, let him blather on. It bores everyone.

    Dakinikat: whose punches are landing?

  334. There must be an ointment out there for the problem of “green behind the ears”. Sounds painful.

  335. Afghanistan, no way.
    We have no interests there.

  336. joanlebone – his followers can’t see it because they have shared delusional disorder. it’s an epidemic.

  337. Obama’s grasping at straws. Obama, you don’t know what the f— you’re talking about.

  338. Has Barky said one thing different from his stump speeches? That would be a huge “Fuck No”!

  339. Chevalier, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:14 pm Said:
    I agree! The idiot will be dangerous.

  340. RD: Ditto

  341. BO — let’s get one thing straight — you are NEVER clear.

  342. how exactly is he in any position to lecture a sovereign nations leader on anything?

  343. we want to have a democrazy in afghanistan just like the DNC!!!

  344. I texted in a vote for McC…. I’m sure the obots are texting full force…

  345. Burn the building down. Burn it down!

    This is so dull. What’s Hillary doing tonight?

  346. He made it very clear- you are going have to do more- What an overbearing ass – a true megalomaniac

  347. vivienne hahha LMAO

  348. Riverdaughter: He doesn’t even live up to the standard I, personally, held Bush to.

  349. Sandra S – your comment is “r*cist” – “green behind the ears”

  350. nah, obama is shaken again … he’s throwing names around and stuff … it could get interesting shortly… when I met with … yeah, like he couldn’t have done that in his job in the senate as head of thesubcommitte with oversight in NATO …

    mccain’s getting to him …

  351. BB: Fact?

  352. typewriter: Seriously. They do! Along with just plain ignorance.

  353. What a difference a few days make. We were riveted to the Sarah/Biden debate. I hate to admit it but I am writing out checks and paying my bills during this snoozefest.

  354. Flik – he would need a shovel!

  355. Pat – write one out to me.

  356. It’s true. I think he’s a secret Martian.

  357. Town Hall format my ass, BO is stomping around like a brat “I WANNA FOLLOW UP”

  358. Regency, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:18 pm Said:
    This is so dull. What’s Hillary doing tonight?
    Since you asked….. 🙂

  359. Actually, Barack admitted in I think it was either WSJ or NYT that the surge did work. That was a story for a few days then it died.

  360. You don’t make a hard and fast pronouncement that you will INVADE another sovereign (and powderkeg) nation to get one guy, no matter how badly you want him.
    Sorry, but that is a BIG mistake and HUGELY naive thing to say. JM is absolutely right on this.

  361. Ooooh…McCain droppin’ Foreign relations science.

    I like it.

  362. The comments on this board are more interesting than this debate.

  363. Sandra – not t total secret – been rumored here for a long time.

  364. McCain is easy to listen to ESPECIALLY compared to Obama.

  365. Is this 90 minutes tonight? God, I hope so

  366. fif: the ones that attack Obama’s sense of self esteem, that’s why he’s feeling the need to job up and defend himself … the one on finding Osama where ever and killing despite the fact that we owe it to Pakistan to talk to them first … he knows he made newbie mistakes on that

  367. Pat: I’m just drinking. If I end up having to go to those darn meetings, I’m blaming OB and the DNC.

  368. You win:

    vivienne westwood, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:18 pm Said:
    we want to have a democrazy in afghanistan just like the DNC!!!


  369. No regular people are still listening. Only crazy political people , like us, are still listening. All of these people know who they will vote for. The problem is that the ‘media critics’ are sitting there trying to change the discussion tomorrow morning.

  370. I hope McCain grabs the moment and lunges


  372. I think my gal is sitting in front of a tv, listening to John, laughing at Obama and planning for 2012

  373. Sophie: It was rhetorical! Stop puncturing your HRC blow-up doll.

  374. I would rate this as a draw. Neither one is dazzling. I would give it a C-. Boring. When the audience tunes out there is a big, big problem regarding the content.

  375. Who TF would insult a voter on a nationally televised debate?

    “He can’t handle being questioned by a voter…how will he handle being challenged by a foreign leader?”

  376. Obama: Uhh, Uhh, I don’t know what the F— I’m talking about. Oh, and what McCain said.

  377. Conflucians, don’t forget that Conflucians Say will start tonight at 10:30PM EST on PUR.

  378. Sad to say, but I don’t think this bore changed anything for McCain.

  379. pour me up a Makers Mark and sit me down with Hillary…

    these guys suck.

  380. Obama: What McCain said.

  381. Obama is lecturing, he’s trying to position himself as some one who know stuff … that’s an ego dance again … I put out a statement, way back when … it’s saying I know the deal, let me explain it to you .. that’s patronizing …

  382. Is it just me or doe sObama lapse into William Shatner speak???

    Wel…we…must go to Russian and stop.. the….situation…

  383. “Back in April, I put out a statement…” Good for you, Barry! That’s governing!

  384. Barky is stuttering. He’s in Georgia in his mind

  385. i disagree I find this debate very interesting. Obama can’t be specific about anything. McCain is very specific.

  386. He’s still talking in fits and starts even without the uhs ers and ums.

  387. I’m beginning to wish that if they give a time limit, t hey do what they do in appellate courts..have those lights that go from green to yellow to red (which I think they DO have there) and on red..you stop in mid-word if need be.

    Otherwise BO just keeps on bloviating.

  388. Is it possible to score this TH meeting?

  389. Good thing the debate is almost over, because Obama is making no sense at all when talking about Russian. It sounds like word salad.

  390. Pat – Piper just told me that was “moss slime”.

  391. I don’t have any emotional foods so I’m just sitting here.

    Why is BO stuttering?

  392. If Palin just came out with that bunch of nonsense she would be laughed off the planet. That made no sense

  393. Ramble. Stutter, Ramble. Stutter. What was the question?

  394. Hillary–save us from this shit. Please.

  395. Rima: those things are there; Obama is ignoring them

  396. Good thing Sarah can fix energy. McCain wins.

  397. I feel like I am on the Bridge to Nowhere this year. And gary, you have a stronger interest than I do.

  398. BB !! (giggling) Word Salad

  399. He’s been stuttering on and off all night.

  400. Sm77: I never noticed that, but it’s true! Though Shatner’s a much better actor.

  401. Yes or No!

  402. Obama is doing the William Shatner.

  403. from russia with love…MAC is more clever, speak softly and have a huge stick

  404. Dez eez boorrrringggg…

    I bought a new tape measure today.

    I’m gonna go measure something….:P 8)

    bye for now!

  405. They both suck at that.

  406. I’m lovin this no sound thing. The people in the back-ground are GLUED to McCain & Obama “not so much”!

  407. Hillary was specific versus the BO blather, and what good did it for her?


  408. look McCain gave a Maybe .. then was asked to explain… asked for ONE word, Obama just blathered with out the courtesy of giving the one word as asked …

  409. MSNBC will have it Obama overwelmingly by one minute and thirty seconds into media rehash.

  410. garychapelhill, ITA. I’m just having trouble paying attention cuz Obama keeps lulling me to sleep. Listening to him is better than counting sheep. He should put out tapes for insomniacs.

  411. so here we go – holocast as of today – what would you do

  412. Wow! He knew some of the names of the Baltic states when talking about former Soviet republics. Ain’t he smart?

    (Scares me to think of his real world geopolitical knowledge base. Of course, he did spend several months traveling in Pakistan, and adjacent countries in his youth, right? Why doesn’t he tout that trip?)

  413. Fredster: ROTFLMAO

  414. The West Wing debates were so much more interesting.


  416. I didn’t know it was possible to stutter and bloviate at once. I love that word. Blow-vee-ate.

  417. watching the weather channel would be more interesting

  418. Watch the media call Terri a racist because he shook MCcain’s hand.

  419. Oh, good personal moment there!

  420. By the TV schedule – it ends soon!

  421. okay, this is telling, McCain just shaked a guys hand … are we going to get an “I got a bracelet too moment?”

  422. Regency: I loved the West Wing!!

  423. Mac’s interpersonal exchange with the Chief Petty Officer, thanking him, shaking his hand, was a plus.

  424. I have to say, I like McCain’s foresight and I thought the little veteran back and forth was charming.

  425. McCain rightly says that everything he learned, he learned from a Chief Petty Officer. It’s the absolute truth. God bless him. NCO’s in all services are the backbone of our military.

  426. did BO thank the guy for his service?

  427. I think McCain should let Sarah Palin take his place in the next debate. She would drive Barack absolutely nuts.

  428. Rima

    They have the lights but BO keeps ignoring them.

    May I ask if you are of Lithuanian descent?

  429. joanie – LOL

  430. One of these two men will be our next president.

  431. “Rima: those things are there; Obama is ignoring them”

    Trust me on this one..in court..you STFU in mid-wrd, END of yoru time means shut up and sit down. Now. That’s how it shoudl be here as well.

  432. McCain also patted the questioner’s back.

  433. Still enjoying the Shout Out to Balston Spa, NY 🙂

  434. Sophie: I have the entire season on dvd.

  435. The entire show, I mean.

  436. Can we agree Tom Brokaw sucks balls as a moderator?

    His own probably.

  437. McCAin gave a great answer for Israel. GOOD.

    WIlliam Shatner’s back on…

  438. a-a-a-n-n-n-n-d

  439. Barry backing off his Amididajene man-love.

  440. didn’t he speak first? I’m getting that exhaustion headache trying to keep up here

  441. Yep, Barack imitated McCain. He didn’t sound very sincere though.

  442. bostonboomer, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:27 pm Said:
    I think McCain should let Sarah Palin take his place in the next debate. She would drive Barack absolutely nuts.
    Now there’s a great media revenue generating idea! A crossover debate: P candidate vs. VP candidate!

  443. Ooo who will have a bracelet tonight?

  444. Typewriter, I concur. 😦

  445. I think it would have been more enjoyable to drive a nail through my head then to have lost 90 minutes of my life to this.

  446. Just me? I’m FASCInated by this debate. I would’ve like Obama’s positions if they were actually his and if he could actually communicate them.

    I’m really impressed by John McCain’s instinctive understanding of foreign policy. Loved how he reasoned out not giving a specific answer to the Yes/No question. Didnt just leave it ambiguous, but explained the implications of each answer.

  447. cost benefits analysis of Iran….mmmh …where did he pick that up…what does it mean…change??

  448. Iran “cost-benefit analysis”. Oh, my goodness, what a sissy boy.

  449. If it’s possible to type and sleep at the same time we’ll find out tonight. Obama — the best sleep aid ever.

  450. Barky sounding like Shatner? Nah. I actually like Shatner. Besides, I can’t see Obama throwing a punch and kissing the alien gal a la Kirk.

  451. nah, McCain’s doing good, cool, calm, facts at his hand, making subtle jabs that are getting to Obama … Obama has to be reminded to shut up and not over explain by the moderater … btw they should show the lights, but i’m on cspan … he cant find the bottom line …

  452. All Afro American Gal, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:28 pm Said:
    Ooo who will have a bracelet tonight?
    Us. We’re wearing our PUMA bracelets.

  453. Pat – LMAO

  454. Is it just me or does Obama get to talk twice as much as McCain. BO goes on and on and on.

  455. well – we know he talks to everybody, even terrorist! Ayers

  456. Thank God for all the lovely people on this blog! Reading here keeps me sane through all this election bullsh!t.

    McCain/Palin 08
    Hillary 2012

  457. If Barky wins this its going to be a long 4 years. i was so happy to be getting George Bush off my tv set, please dear God, let it not be Barky.

  458. “May I ask if you are of Lithuanian descent?”

    Not hardly. Seven-eigths British, one -eigth Scottish. Rima is Spanish.

  459. Tom Brokaw – worst moderator ever?

  460. A Palin/Obama debate? That would be FABULOUS. She’d wipe the floor with him, hands down, and have the crowd rolling in the aisles while she did it.

  461. Yes, Barack, we know that Michelle thinks you are a useless t***. So do we.

  462. Oh Gosh lock nest monster alert

  463. I don’t know how to answer a question directly & to the point.

  464. Pat – MO is definately getting her teeth fixed.

    Also, BO is giving me Hives!

  465. They showed Michelle- I guess they let her out of the basement

  466. McCain oughta break out the ankle bracelet tonight – THAT would be worth watching.

  467. OH God! Again with the food stamps etc.etc.etc.

  468. she got food stamps so she could work on her PhD. Porker.

  469. Obama knows this about the presidency how?

  470. But what does this have with all the stuff you don’t know?

  471. Obama is full of shit, but I am unhappy with this debate.

  472. here we go with “my mom was on food stamps” again…


  473. yeah best school on earth -where is the transcript from Columbia???

  474. scholarships! AHA!

  475. PA is hotly contest. MI or FL but not NH

    Hate him!

  476. Go to the best schools on earth. Yes, siree. Bought and paid for by either me or the largesse of socialistic terrorists like Bill Ayers.

  477. Carol: Are they green?

  478. “I couldn’t have done that anywhere else in this country”?

  479. Obama suddenly can’t say how he loves the country loud enough?

    What a fraud.

  480. Are they done yet??

  481. Reg is it true Axlerod worked for the show and based Matt Santos on Obama? He was the worst character in the history of TV.

  482. Carol – you need a zyrtec – helps the hives -he gives me hives too

  483. Buffalo – I don’t think so – he just sounds like it’s longer because he couldn’t find a point with a flashing neon sign pointing to it

  484. Show is on!!! Please come vist and call in to tell us how you think!!!!!

  485. McCain should answer:
    What I don’t know is how Obama managed to steal the Democratic nomination. I’m gonna learn it by asking Hillary.

  486. I wonder what it’s like in this room. Are either of these guys resonating with the audience.

  487. Kat5, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:31 pm Said:
    McCain oughta break out the ankle bracelet tonight – THAT would be worth watching.


  488. if this were bowling, that last barky answer would have been a gutter ball.

  489. Seriously: Yep.

  490. Bullshit. Your mom was single for SIX FUCKING MONTHS, and your grandmother was a Goddamned BANK PRESIDENT. You attended the most exclusive private school in Hawaii. Scrimping and saving and on Foodstamps my ass.

  491. Notice Obama has no flaws . He is alpha and omega. All knowing.

  492. The fact that Obama is using the mother he had no time for when she was alive is utterly revolting.

  493. What the HECK!!
    Michelle looks like she had work done?

    I’m trying to get a joint ticket TH with a NYC based union. Then we could get Palin on the same stage as Obama.

  494. I fell like I am having a dissociative experience. This was one boring debate

  495. Sophie, too funny. LOL!

  496. madamab, yes worse moderator, most boring debate.

  497. Sophie: ZING!

  498. John’s answer to the last Q. sounds more like a president to me than Obama’s.

  499. Seriously: He sucked so bad. I loved Arnie Vinnick.

  500. overall – the MAC was stronger, but he did not hit it out of the park!

    democrazy for everybody!

  501. as someone who grew up on food stamps – I’m completely insulted every time he brings up that his mom quit everything to go on welfare instead of standing up and getting a job

  502. I’m a Presbyterian. I already have a Messiah,

  503. Pat
    you said “One of these two men will be our next president”

    this is what is scary about this debate

  504. You can see McCain’s bracelet – but no sign of one on BO

  505. “Single Mom”, “food stamps”, “my friends”, “let me be clear”, “new challenges”, “facing crisis”. Unbelievable.

    What I don’t know could fill a book. Neither one has answered the question.

  506. What a lousy job, but I predict they will say Obama won.

  507. Nobody should ever again allow Tom Brokaw near a Presidential debate.

  508. “Your in the way of my script.” Too funny.

  509. Hallelujah! I lived through it. One more to go. PUMAs, without you, I’d be dead from boredom/horror.

  510. Good Job McCain.

    Obama’s closing remarks about himself
    McCains about the country

  511. Hillary won this debate.

  512. Joan Walsh called Sarah “mean”.

    McCain will be called “vicious”!

    McCain won hands down or up.

  513. I know I’m biased, but I teared up over Johnny’s close!

  514. McCain asked for the votes.

    Obama sucks at this townhall thing. I give it to McCain.

  515. Thank goodness it’s over. I think McCain did better. But we all know that’s not what the MSM will say.

  516. “What a lousy job, but I predict they will say Obama won.”

    They will all say McCain HAD to win and win big, or else he lost.

  517. Michelle wearing a dish rag again. Where did she get that from Forever 21?

  518. The last sentence Tom Brokaw said was his best of the night.

    What a joke of a moderator!

  519. Obama is such a prima donna. Someone find his cape and blue M&Ms or no one’s going home.

  520. That was boring as hell. I can’t stand either of them. We need Hillary.

  521. Oh hell and of course they jsut DID say that, even on FOX>

    Bushs’ many screwups are going to cost McCain this election, and then BO is going to screw the Dem party forever.

  522. I thought they both did crap. Sorry Johnie, but even I coulda done better.

  523. Thank you very much for this thread. I would be more depressed after this
    bore – but No Quarter broke a great story tonight about Barry’s long time affiliation with a Socialist Party.
    Maybe that will make a difference.
    Good night!

  524. I couldn’t have made it through without you all.

  525. Even FOX blowhards are not praising McCains performance.

  526. Glad I didn’t watch it. Sounds like it was a bore fest but that McCain did slightly better?

  527. Ugh, watching CNN over here. How is Campbell Brown a NON-partisan observer?

  528. Did you just get see the African American female get her photograph with Obama? Sure she is undecided.

  529. BBC says the MAC was more alert and younger then BO

    they think BO managed to sound presidential

    they dont think MAC changed the race as the economy is taking over

  530. I’m so tired of hearing JM has to do something. WTF what do they expect him to do in a town hall- stand on his head? At least HE answered the questions- unlike Obama who just spewed his stump speech

  531. FOX blowhard saying Tom Brokaw chose crap questions. Yeah I agree.

  532. There are no winners. We all lose either way. Innovation, scintillation, total honesty, all absent. Obama is a disaster and McCain a wash out from my perspective. Do not feel good about either one at the helm. Sorry.

  533. MSM verdict: Obama – calm, statesmanlike, in command of the facts, has grown in stature before our eyes… McCain – insane, vicious, senile, past his shelf date, dangerous, and did we mention very very old?

  534. migrating to the post-debate thread up top

  535. Geeze is Obama getting enough photo ops

  536. Ugh. All Santos ever did was talk talk talk and never say anything. He was rude and disrespectful to the President, threw Leo under the bus, thought he was better than anyone else. And he never said or did anything. He’s Obama to a t.

  537. One debate is not going to change the race. I wish every pundit with a mike would stop saying that the campaign ends NOW. Every day counts until Nov. 4.

  538. IS that a Christmas theme dress MO is wearing? What is up with that zipper down the back?

  539. Where are McCains advisors. Geez I am so disappointed.

  540. McCain needs to blow Obama out of the water with something. Either the economy or the Wright/Ayers/Rezko scandals. Without that he will lose. Again, glad I didn’t watch because it doesn’t seem like it was a game changer.
    I don’t think our country will do well with either of them but I dislike Obama more so McCain is the guy I want to win.

  541. I can’t believe no one is saying he won!

  542. McCain lost a real opportunity and it has to be that he can’t do it. I mean even I could have done a better job. See more citizens chose Obama. I will be that Obama won.

  543. McCain won, regardless of the media spin. I’m saying it now before they have a chance to pollute the air.

  544. Lord take me now — an Obot, I mean undecided, on FOX just said that Obama answered the questions & wasn’t snide but McCain never answered the questions & was snide. They are re-writing history as I am watching it.

  545. FOX viewers saying Obama’s answers on health care turned debate from McCains favor to Obama’s. See I said it here. McCains ideas are crap and people know it. If he can’t explain it better than he did in this debate he is goinna lose.

    What people don’t realize is that Obama will not do anything. But they are not looking carefully, and they won’t, at the difference between Obama’s words and his actions.

  546. angienc,

    I totally thought teh zipper in the back was Hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  547. angienc,

    That “undecided” guys answer. Are you kidding me???????
    Mccain didn’t answer. Give me a break

  548. A little off topic, but McCain and Palin are going to be in Bethlehem, PA tomorrow, at Lehigh University, and then Sarah is going to be at the company where I work for an appearance! ( I work at a large international electronics company, very “green” in new technology.) I was so disappointed because all the tickets for the Stabler Arena appearance were gone in hours, but now I’m going to see her in a much smaller setting, and I am ecstatic. Wish I could take you all to work with me tomorrow, you are all such good people.

  549. angie, i called it. Obama smirked and sneered, so that will be the word on McCain.

    Let’s hear it for Obot projection!

  550. Not a lot of bloggers I see, maybe everyone is as disappointed as I am.

  551. LOL

  552. Give’em time TPT/NY. 😦

  553. Don’t forget we’re chatting on Blog Talk Radio and you can call in! see the link in the previous post!

  554. OR above… although it doesn’t have the pretty picture … we’re chatting about the debate on blog talk radio and we want to hear from you! Energy is the topic RIGHT now!

  555. vivienne westwood, on October 7th, 2008 at 9:45 pm Said:
    france has abt 80% nuclear engery (and red wine) – maybe a wee bit excessive….but it works

    Even putting waste storage, terrorism concerns, huge costs and oversight other aside, though, at present consumption the world will run out of easily-reachable uranium in 50 years; if the world went 100% nuclear we’d be completely out of it (ease of extraction aside) in 15-20 years.

    In the meantime the DOE in its Energy Report 2000 said that there was enough wind energy in the Dakota alone to meet the all of the US’s current energy needs.

    And we could build all those wind farms fairly inexpensively in just a few years.

    Meanwhile Obama said he was for nuclear regulation, then changed his mind (rewrote his onw bill) after taking a briber from Exelon..further, he keeps changing his position on nuclear power itself depending on where he’s speaking (for in the first debate, against last week in Iowa, for in this debate)…just like he does on everything else.

  556. modest means???

  557. I thought he was going to say that.

  558. MABlue, on October 7th, 2008 at 10:00 pm Said:
    I think I’m gonna stop watching this charade.

    Suddenly Obama is parroting Hillary verbatim, for stuff he and his thugs running his campaign vilified during the primaries.



    Hi MaBlue…and that’s not all…if you can stomach listening to O at any rally now he is running on Bill Clinton’s administration and economy…you know, the one he campaigned against in the primaries…the administration he ‘wanted to turn the page on’

    …now the SOB has all clinton’s people on his team and he praises bill clinton at every rally…

    he has suddenly adopted Bill and Hill’s making the election “about you” the people…

    why, why? can’t people see what a fraud this man is?

    I cannot stand him…

  559. Why is that no one talks about the spending that is going on monthly into another country?… IRAQ. I just do not understand why no one addresses this as an issue. This year we have spent 12 billion on the whatever is going on over there. I watched a 60 minutes special that talked about the US Embassy costing around $150 million. What the heck!!!! Does anyone else think this is CRAZY!!!!!! I am pissed… ready to march at Washington in protest. Who else?

  560. Bo is completely unacceptable, Mccain is barely adequate by comparison but he I know he will work with Hillary , who is MY CANDIDATE and wasn’t there …
    I don’t think bo will even work with her no matter whether he parrots her or not . Given bos track record there is no guarantee he will do anything remotely resembling what he says he will do
    I trust John to try ….and Sarah as well..

  561. LOL

  562. Let’s face it – if BO didn’t even show up the MSM would say he won the debate.

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