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Government Of, By and For the One Percent

All Ur Moneez R Belong 2 Me

All Ur Moneez R Belong 2 Me

Friday I wrote about how I hated Reagan with a white-hot passion. Today, I would like to explain why, in further detail.

Remember Reagan’s “Nine Most Terrifying Words“?

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

He then added,

“Unless you’re in the wealthiest One Percent of America. In that case, call me anytime!”

Well, that’s what he should have said. Because that was at the heart of Reagonomics, sometimes called “trickle-down” economics, sometimes called “voodoo” economics, and more recently called “put your head between your legs and kiss prosperity goodbye” economics. And George Bush practices it, religiously, and without Reagan’s late-term realization that he had to raise taxes or destroy the economy altogether. In Bush’s world, the elite One Percent are, indeed, his base.

We’ve been told so many conflicting things about the credit crunch that has been panicking the stock market and the business world. One thing everyone agrees on is that it started with bad mortgage debt. But how did the debt get so bad in the first place? Why did so many banks make such risky loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay them back? And why where they able to bundle the debts together and swap them among different entities, effectively making it impossible to tell who owns what piece of the bad debt at any given time?

Well, as we know, it was Bill Clinton’s fault. (Isn’t everything?) He relaxed the regulations in the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. That was the root of all evil.

One policy Clinton said he doesn’t regret is his repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which, for the first time since the Depression, allowed commercial banks to engage in investment banking activities. Clinton said the commercial banks were an important moderating force on the risk-taking of the big investment firms that collapsed this week. “In the case of the current crisis, I believe the bill I signed allowed Bank of America to take over Merrill Lynch,” he said.

Huh. Well, I guess he would know. And it does seem weird that nothing happened for several years after the repeal of this Act if it is, indeed the cause of our current crisis. Could anything else have happened to cause this disaster?

Meanwhile, the primary mortgage market was coming under the spell of the underwrite-nearly-everything mentality spurred on by Fannie and Freddie. We’ve mentioned that Fannie and Freddie also imply a government guarantee. Now, we have a situation where the Fed has shown its readiness to put the tax payer’s money behind anything it deems too big to fail. Both actions were like chumming the waters. Rising house prices were just more blood on the water. It was only time before the piranhas and sharks came to feed. They were being encouraged to ignore risk and that’s not a wise thing to do.

Five investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, approached the SEC with a proposal around 2004. They sought an exemption for their brokerage units from old depression-era regulations that limited the amount of debt they could incur. An exemption from this leverage rule would free up a heckuva lot of money to invest in some new-fangled investments: mortgage-backed securities, credit derivatives, and credit default swaps. They got permission. Enter the net capital rule that enabled the piranhas and the sharks. During the next few years, leverage ratios increased until for about every dollars worth of equity held by an investment bank, there was around $30 in debt.

And now, we get to the heart of the matter. Yes, the One Percent came calling (led by Henry Paulson, who was then CEO of Goldman Sachs – yet another Bush Fox set to guard the People’s Henhouse), and the SEC, run by another Bush Fox, was happy to extend a helping hand.

What we are fighting for in this election, in my opinion, is the idea of what government should be about. Should it be about the 99%, or the 1%? Every time the government stretches out its hand to help, should it be to the most privileged, or to the least?

Now here’s where Reagan was really insidious. And I don’t think I was fair to Sarah Palin when I said she was a Reagan Republican. She’s got some Teddy Roosevelt in there too. Her kids go to public school. She has gone without health insurance. One of her kids is in Iraq. She gets what it’s like to be a regular person, and she has gone against her own party, fighting corruption and instituting reforms.

But according to Reagan, she deserves nothing from the government, because there’s a One Percent chance that maybe, somehow, she might take advantage of that help. Remember those lovely stereotypes Reagan perpetuated? Welfare queen in a Cadillac come to mind? So welfare is, then, bad. Any government program is bad, especially if it benefits people who are morally questionable (such as those homo-sexuals or those Negroes, or even women who dare to become pregnant without being married). Yet, of course, the moral character of the One Percent is never questioned. Money appears to confer all the virtue necessary for these fine upright practitioners of Reagan/Bushonomics.

We all know it’s time for a change. When you have a government that refuses to help the Gulf Coast during a hurricane, but is more than happy to extend every courtesy to giant corporations in order to allow them to coin money at Gulf Coast residents’ expense, then something is very, very wrong. We need to get back to government of, by and for the 99 Percent.

Too bad we cast aside our one chance to make that happen this year.

119 Responses

  1. Dear Madamab,

    I know what you mean, this economy business is very complicated. Fortunately I found an interview that explains it all rather well. lasts about 10 minutes, worth the watch.

    Please let me know what you think

  2. Its the law of unintended consequences. I think Bill Clinton thought he was doing the right thing.

    I do not think Barney Frank gets the same pass.

  3. I don’t think Palin is “reagan like” on most things other than her style.

    O/T reposted from downstairs..>ACORN offices raided in Nevada.


  4. This is so very true.
    What we are fighting for in this election, in my opinion, is the idea of what government should be about. Should it be about the 99%, or the 1%? Every time the government stretches out its hand to help, should it be to the most privileged, or to the least?

    Reagan imo is a little bit like Obama, that he had this power where if he said it, then the Republicans belived it must be good.

  5. Your point about the Gov’t help after the hurricanes vs its willingness to bailout AIG, the Auto makers etc is a good one. Of couse the market is tanking for another day.

  6. Thanks SOD!

    Gotta go to a job interview – have a good afternoon, everyone!

  7. PJ- I feel like the ‘Democratic Party’ that I thought was the champion of all those things did not really exist. I loved the Democratic Party of ‘The West Wing”, I am afraid that I was just terribly naive to think that it really existed. After this last election, I no longer trust any politician. The system is just so broken, they are all out to get elected or re-elected. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves after McCain wins and reconstruct the Democratic Party, until then it leaves me cold.

  8. What we are fighting for in this election, in my opinion, is the idea of what government should be about. Should it be about the 99%, or the 1%? Every time the government stretches out its hand to help, should it be to the most privileged, or to the least?
    really enjoyed this post.

    but do we have a candidate who says they will stretch out their hand to help the least privileged?
    Please tell me which candidate because I missed that.

  9. catarina – no we don’t. That’s the last line of my post.


  10. I listened to hearings in House of Rep today about Retirement savings and was appalled. How can the Congress execute good policies with such crappy advice. Forcing Amercans to buy annuities. Of course this means more fees for wall street, and another way we can be screwed out of our money.

  11. oh!!!!!

  12. Carter cracked open the door to deregulation. But Reagan proceeded to remove the door from its hinges. That, in my opinion, led to the emptied treasury we are now facing. “Ride ’em cowboy” is fine until the horse croaks: turns out dust makes for a pretty lean diet.

  13. Let’s refer to the big money boys as “the Welfare Kings of Wall Street.’
    Great post, madamab!
    Someone once posted a state by state guide to alternative top of the Ticket voting. Does anyone stil have that link? I’d really appreciate it.

  14. It is important to avoid panicking about the stock market.

    Panic can only make it worse.

    If you are age 30-55 or so, just wait it out. Don’t rush to sell.

    It will go back up.

    To make money, many sell when the market is high (not now)
    and buy back in when the market is low (now)

  15. madamab: You captured the essence once again. As usual!

    Before I go rushing off into the arms of another party, namely the GOP, and confer upon them virtues they have so noisily disclaimed, they must throw off the following:

    1. A woman’s right to choose. Declaring this right a “sin” and continuously following the dictates of suspect “preachers”, this one is utmost in my mind. It is the law of privacy and should not be used as a ping pong in putting women down.

    2. Recognize gay rights and hate crimes for what they are. Rights and crimes. Continually labeling the gay community as “choosing a lifestyle” and prohibiting their rights to live among us as equals is my second objective toward reconciliation.

    3. Capitalism is great for the country but placing business and corporations ahead of the citizenry is unacceptable. It is “we the people” after all.

    4. They must learn that to criticize their own party members is not a “sin” a la Reagan but a certainty that democracy will flourish. Their silence in the last 8 years regarding Bush policies and appointments is something they own. Breaking ranks does not mean the world will stop in its tracks.

    5. Recognition of social policies set in place as safety nets, i.e., social security, welfare, unemployment, minimum wage, UHC, are not “government giveaways’ but are there for those who may need a hand up and also serve to keep the economy from further collapse.

    6. End the ceaseless campaign of demonizing. This can be attributed to both parties but the GOP has made this into a fine art. If the perceived enemy cannot be eradicated through the voting booth, then personal attacks are in play. This leads to further divisiveness and achieves nothing in the end.

    7. Challenge the morons like Rush and Coulter who bring nothing to the table but lies and smears. We are not the enemy but one nation and we “are all in this together” like it or not.

    8. Stop proclaiming that only they “put America first” when it is through many of their own party member CEO’s who are sending our jobs overseas to be done for much cheaper wages then resold here at a tremendous profit.

    Until that day arrives, I will remain a Dem in my heart.

  16. Palin cannot be Reagan like economically , because she believes in returning profits from energy sales directly to the people , rather than trickling down these funds she superintends a direct flow of proceeds to the people . This is the opposite of the trickle down theory ; it is more like a “confluence of funds ” available to the general population .

  17. Sweetsue, here’s RD’s old post on write-in laws


    (I double-checked my own state, PA, by emailing the official govt site, and they told me that PA does NOT award write-ins to any other candidate. But that was before I decided to vote for Palin.)

  18. madamab, I wish McCain had better advisors. If he wins maybe he will listen to Hillary.

    I do think McCain is trying. He needs someone to explain to him that it doesn’t have to be one extreme or the other. We can rely on the market, but we can also help create an environment that helps its citizens. I think the problem we should recognize is whether the regime favors the top 1% or the bottom 1% (Carter), both %ers will try to scam the system. We need someone that focuses on the rest of us, but helps the bottom 1%.

    I really think that when our Govt leaders decided on focusing on a Global Economy Americans got screwed..

  19. Thanks a million, votermom.

  20. SweetSue, on October 7th, 2008 at 2:58 pm Said:

    Welfare Kings of Wall Street!

    LOVE IT! 🙂

  21. If one candidate could just come out and say: “This is what I believe. This is what I stand for. This is what I would like to achieve. This is who I am”, then I think most of us would sit up and take notice. But the pandering, tongue twisting, position changing, word shifting, double meanings they employ to capture any and all constituencies leaves me cold.

    None of us knows who these people really are and what they stand for regardless of how much we want to believe. No wonder we don’t know the “real person” hiding behind these pandering words. They hardly know themselves.

  22. You have to hand it to Sarah! A pit bull she is. Tonight should be interesting.

  23. PJ
    1. A woman’s right to choose. Declaring this right a “sin” and continuously following the dictates of suspect “preachers”, this one is utmost in my mind. It is the law of privacy and should not be used as a ping pong in putting women down.

    this PAC is fighting for make choice part of the Republican platform.
    they protested at the RNC and claim they were well received.

  24. David Brooks says, “It’s gonna take a global Village” to clean up the mess:


    What think y’all?

  25. SOD, I think they left something out after the Freddie Mac … she said maybe he though they’re just guys in his Washington DC neighborhood.

  26. Sarah says what we are thinking!!
    She is listening to PUMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sarah is snarky. I like that. The is real power in humor. O never gets it right. His humor stinks. Like brushing is shoulder and crap.

  28. Pat Johnson, on October 7th, 2008 at 3:03 pm Said:

    I posted in the earlier thread that we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the sake of our Democracy/country.

  29. Vladimir Putin releases Judo dvd ??


    Obama will mess himself.
    He can’t face Vlad.

    We need McCain/Palin.

  30. glasnost: It just doesn’t make sense; you’re flying in the face of your own ideals.

    Refer to the post about Protest Voting.

  31. Sarah will kick Vlad’s butt. She has taken down moose.

  32. catarina, on October 7th, 2008 at 3:27 pm Said:

    Vladimir Putin releases Judo dvd ??


    Obama will mess himself.
    He can’t face Vlad.

    Well, that elicited a great big laugh – thanks for that!

  33. glasnost
    such oversimplification.

    Both candidates’ health care plans sort of suck.
    so there’s a draw.

    Obama wants huge spending. McCain wants to stop spending but will not risk our national security.
    guess what-we’re broke!
    government spending will have to halt for a bit.

  34. there’s a lot of hedge fund selling going on … it looks like the may be next to catch the catagion

  35. Delphyne
    I owed you a big laugh after
    Refer to the post about Protest Voting. 😉

  36. On Reagan – he officially ran the most corrupt admin in the history of this nation. Twenty eight of his staffers were convicted on corruption charges. Nixon comes in second with about 18. Then we’re down to Harding and Grant with three and four.

    For the record, Clinton only had one staffer convicted. Carter, none.

  37. The other candidate has a small tax break going to people who make *less* than 250K, paid for by tax increases on people making more than that. Also, a plan to expand and subsidize health-care coverage for low-income people

    Did you forget to include the part where tax increases ALSO apply to SMALL BUSINESSES who make more than 250,000? Did you know that 250,000 is NOT a lot of money? So what’s the difference?

    Please uhbamabushbot.

    I’ve had an anti-Bush sticker on my car before…I’ve been flipped off a few times from it.

    I’ve had an anti-uhbama sticker on my car, and the hood keyed the same day, AND been flipped off from it.

    low-information voters = low-class voters

    Alexi Giannoulias anyone?

  38. Anything Mac proposes won’t pass a Democrat majority Congress anyway.

  39. Mac won’t do anything.
    Congress gets nothing done.
    He’ll just warm the chair for HRC

  40. glasnost: read the previous post … it’s a protest vote for one … and it’s not about the issues for a lot of us at this point, it’s about the character of the candidate and one candidate has no paper trail, no experience, and flip flops on those issues and the other doesn’t, for two … go back to two koolaidetini lunch and based on your issues and see what happens to them when the candidate with no character, no paper trail, and the complete turnaround on issues gets your vote

  41. glasnost: Are you from O HQ? Just seems a bit odd that we’ve had a sudden influx of newbies urging us to vote third party if we can’t countenance Obama. I’ve seen your sort of post, with variations, all over the Nobama blogs in the past week. Forgive the suspicion, but it’s not as if the O campaign hasn’t become notorious for being upholstered in astroturf.

  42. glasnost
    your comment doesn’t address raising the social security rate-which Obama is planning to do.

    That will hurt every single person who earns wages. It will cause the most pain for low-income people who can barely survive as it is.

    That’s hardly fair. In fact, it’s rotten and insensitive.

    I’d rather the Fed tax was raised-at least some income brackets wouldn’t be affected.

  43. Catarina – I went to the AOL article and laughed for about 3 minutes straight just reading that first paragraph. I have a feeling that Sarah can do the same things!

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (Oct. 7) – Vladimir Putin is out on video as a judo master. Russian state-controlled media already have shown the powerful prime minister at the wheel of massive racing truck, shirtless on a fishing excursion, and tracking a tiger through the Siberian forest — just a few of the he-man presentations designed to boost his public image.

  44. maybe glasnost is here to learn and wants to come over to the light.
    that’s fine

  45. Sorry, spammy – not sure what I did. Just quoted from the AOL article that catarina linked to about Putin and judo. I promise – nothing naughty. Please release me, let me go….

  46. catarina, Obama proposed raising the SS cap. People making below about $100k per year will be unaffected, only those that make more than that.

  47. republicans don’t support free market economics, they enable monopoly, that’s the antithesis to capitalism

  48. Poor glasnost, how many times must your candidate flip flop (latest is health care, do you remember his plan vs his ads), or lie for you to get it. Some people should be in a home for the terminally mentally disadvantaged.

  49. of course, most democrats support monopsony,which is just monopoly on the other side of the market …

    so, who’s the worse?

    if a market fails or doesn’t have the characteristics that allows it to be an unregulated market, the government has to babysit it … that’s not something idealogues or lawyers get …

  50. Raising SS cap is a tax. gqmartinez. Obama will not live up to his promises. Do you need God to tell you directly?

  51. I missed the glasnost post but let it be clear: I don’t much care if Obama owns the secret to the recipe for KFC and Coke! I will not vote for him under any circumstances and no amount of berating will make it so.

  52. gqm

    My impression was that the percentage would be raised as well-from the current 7.65 to over 8%
    I will try to find a reference.

  53. I have to take issue with the previous “protest” vote post. Voting for Obama does not mean you are voting for a person who will push for the issues you care about. The post seems to imply that Obama is right on the issues, and I’m yet to be convinced of that.

  54. You’ve all been very mean to poor glasnost.
    Pat, what are we drinking for the debate?

  55. wine here, catarina … a nice pinot grigio for me

  56. NH, you need to stop being knee-jerk. I was addressing the issue of the cap raise not affecting lowering income people plain and simple.

  57. gqmatrinez, is refusing to faith base vote not a protest vote?

  58. caterina: Zinfandel. Cheap, but effective!

  59. dakinikat,
    Are you assuming that the “free market” doesn’t inevitably end up in a monopoly. Can anyone say that for sure?

  60. catarina, on October 7th, 2008 at 3:45 pm Said:
    You’ve all been very mean to poor glasnost.
    Pat, what are we drinking for the debate?

    Proud Meanie here.

  61. catarina, on October 7th, 2008 at 3:27 pm Said:

    Vladimir Putin releases Judo dvd ?? “Learn judo.”

    I can see several BZero dvds:

    “Learn how to speak without saying anything.”

    “Decision-making: Why not?”

    “Buying real estate with friends.”

    “How not to know those you know.”

    “How to get more out of cramped spaces: Tales from under the bus.”

    “European vacations.”

    “My college years: The heartbreak of amnesia.”

    With Martha Stewart, “Fun ways to make your own seal and coin minting at home.”

  62. gq – For me, it’s not a matter of Obama being right or wrong on the issues. It’s a matter of believing that Obama actually has no ethical/moral/political pole star. He strikes me as an example of pure pragmatism, with his only consistent goal or interest that of being elected to ever-higher office. In other words, we are being asked to trust the assumption that because Obama has a (D) behind his name, he will push for good (D) issues and ends. Where’s the evidence?

  63. d, there are plenty of issues that we know Obama is bad on. FISA, for one. The bailout for another. The fact that he says one thing about Iraq while his chief FP adviser says something different while she is in Europe. His two-stances on NAFTA during the primary. Etc.

    The whole “not voting on issues” frame makes Obama appear to be correct on the issues and that is a bad frame, IMO. You don’t have to agree with that, but giving the appearance of Obama being right can turn out to be counterproductive.

  64. Pinot noir here ..

    when RR was in office …
    I had some inlaws that were “Reagans” While we were visiting them, my youngest son answered the phone ; he was 11 years old .at the time .

    The person on the phone identified himself as President Ronald Reagan and inquired as to whether the residents were related to him. My son thought it was a little friend of his and HUNG UP ON HIM after saying “no you arent , cut it out Tommy “and slamming the phone down .
    The phone rang agin and it was the office of the president and it had indeed been RR himself calling . My son hung up on Ronald Reagan
    that is me ROFLMAO <–still laughing

  65. “My college years: The heartbreak of amnesia.”

    LOL, prolix.

  66. gqmartinez, depends on the nature of the market and its characteristics, if it doesn’t have the characteristics of a perfectly competitive market, it could end up a monopoly … it may mimic a perfectly competitive market … depends on the power of the actors in the market if, no buyer or seller can get market power, free market works, if not … depends on things that can empower the agents… one factor is government actions, other factors can be things inherent to that market

  67. anything giving any agent market power will melt down the free market model

  68. Kat, I agree completely with your assessment that’s why I think stating that a protest vote is “not based on issues” is counterproductive. If that lands me in moderation,so be it. I was at Confluence before most folks here and if I can get thrown into moderation, this place is now no better than Kos or TM. Oh well. Peace out.

  69. swanspirit, on October 7th, 2008 at 3:54 pm Said:

    Cute story

  70. hence, labor unions can offset the power of a corporation, or become sources of power that meltdown the market themselves

  71. The difference between Reagan and W is Reagan understood you had to pay the bills and raised taxes on the middle class a number of times. (The Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982- which increased federal revenue by $100 billion and created jobs – for one).

    George Bush senior understood. George W. – head in the sand. Dumb as a doorknob.

  72. gq: to my knowledge you’re not in moderation, but I can check…

  73. gq: didn’t find you in the moderation cue we control

  74. I think if Obama loses he will run again. He already has his own offices in some states separate from the Dem office. His ego is too big to run and lose and let it go.

  75. I don’t think Palin is anything like Reagan. But then I’m no expert on Reagan. All I know is that I couldn’t stand to watch him on TV. One minute, and I was gone. That stoopid delivery, that 40 weight viscosity of his voice. That stupid head movement. God, I thought he was an idiot. And that assessment doesn’t even have to do with his economics… that’s a whole nother story.
    For some reason, I just adore Palin. There, I’ve said it. She kills me. Her politics don’t align with mine on several issues. But I have the feeling with her, that there is room for discussion.
    And the Onitwit, although pretending to be a democrat, is nothing I would ever want to align myself with.
    So, he’s got some of Hillary’s talking points. With him, they are nothing but talk. Obama is BS (look in dictionary— yes, there he is under BS!)
    I like Palin’s sense of humor. I like that she’s tough.
    I like that she’s going to take Barky down.
    To quote Byron.. “and that’s all ye need to know.”

  76. Michelle isn’t letting him run again. She already said so.
    It’s bad for her scowl lines, or something.
    Obama said himself that Michelle is one of his top advisors.
    If MO says not, it’s NO

  77. Jmac, on October 7th, 2008 at 4:07 pm Said:

    I disagree, thank God.

    I do not believe uhbama will ever run again. By the time 4 years are up, his true self will have been exposed, and he will not be the new kid on the block anymore.


  78. JMAC is right about the ego, though.
    Obama needs those screaming thongs of Germans!
    He’ll never get all this media attention as a senator.
    It may be too late for him to go back.

  79. You believe Michelle? She said that to get the AA vote. This was your only chance – she said. Just like Obama said he wasn’t qualified to run as a freshman senator – and then did.

    I hope I’m wrong. I just can’t see him disappearing into the woodwork.

  80. I tend to agree with Jmac, remember, BZero said he wasn’t going to run this time…just saying that he might well be the 21st century’s reincarnation of Stevenson…

  81. I don’t think Obama will run again. What would his motto be? “Still Hoping”?

  82. No Angela, or do you prefer Angie, I think it would be “Still Changin’, stick around and sooner or later I might be what you want…”

  83. angelasmith, on October 7th, 2008 at 4:23 pm Said:


    We have to remember the core reason why uhbama says he decided to run now; “the window will only be open for a little while”. 8 years of failed leadership; “change sorely needed”.

    Who better than to represent that change than a change not only in policy, but skin pigmentation? VISIBLE CHANGE, by God!

    I’m tellin ya, after this election, uhbama won’t run again. The window will be closed, and all of his past will hang around his neck. Then again, I suck at gambling, so maybe I’m wrong. Eh, heh.

  84. Hey Prolix, I probably should stick with Angela cause there’s an Angie who posts here as well.

    Do you think Obama’s new theme song (if he ever ran again- lord save us) would be
    “wishin and hopin”

  85. Angelea,

    That’s excellent — given it has been sung by everyone and their dog, it would be perfect.

  86. If things go the way they should he won’t be able to run again because he’ll be incarcerated.

  87. I thought BO’s theme song was “The Great Pretender”

  88. Destardi, I didn’t know about that window line.
    Now I want a bumper sticker that says : “Close that window!”

  89. If there is a hell — that’s where Ray-gun is.

    I was in California when Ray-gun was Governor. California is still messed up because of that idiot.

    Ray-gun was living in an alternative reality so it was hard to know exactly when his Alzheimer symptoms really began. Every time he opened his mouth he was lying or confused about his movie roles and reality.

  90. angelasmith, on October 7th, 2008 at 4:34 pm Said:


    close it, shutter it, and nail boards across it

  91. I am a small business owner here in the critical State of Virginia. I live “inside the beltway” of the Washington D.C. suburbs, an area that McCain must make inroads into. I am a strong Hillary supporter just feeling sick about the election.

    On Sunday I was at a shopping center here in McLean Virginia and came upon a nice lady in a red Hillary baseball cap putting fliers under my windshield wiper. I called out and asked “are you one of those Hillary supporters for John McCain?” Lo and behold it was Paula Abeles, I introduced myself a PUMA and received from her a handful of fliers. My wife and I have decided to do what we can.

    We avoid talking politics with our neighbors because things have become so poisonous, however my wife and I have decided that after the debate we will break out a McCain/Palin sign (currently hidden on our third floor :-), and place it on the lawn.

    She told me this past Monday she went to the High School where she teaches, walked into the teachers lounge and said, “Be careful what you say about Sarah Palin, I love Sarah Palin don’t you be dissin” my Sarah!” I can’t do such because I am President of a Corporation, but I am proud of her for doing what she did.

    I have seen very few McCain/Palin signs in our community, my wife and I were joking that all the homes without signs must be silent McCain supporters because trust me, supporting Republicans in our community is not a popular thing to do.

    I obviously didn’t talk business in this post but just wanted you to know as encouragement there a more of us out here. Paula Abeles inspired me, I also believe we inspired her that day as well.

    McCain/Palin 08!

  92. Scary stuff: Lynn de Rothchild was just on Cavuto. She said she was at a synagogue over the weekend talking about Obama… she mentioned Khalidi and was threatened by Obama’s thugs: they said if she ever mentioned Khalidi again they would go after her personally. This is America for God’s sake, how is this being allowed to happen?

  93. RPFree: Welcome to the refuge, man! Give your wife a pat on the back from me. I’m just a student but it’s madly unpopular to do it here too, though everyone who knows me knows I’m a NOBO. Your wife did a brave thing, just as you did when you introduced yourself to Paula. That took guts and that’s what PUMA is all about.

  94. I know I’m mentioning this late, but if anything happens to Lady Lynn de Rothschilde, there will be riots and I will be one of the rabble rousers.

  95. I’m just popping in for a moment to say that the Saturday Night Live skit from last weekend has disappeared from the Internet—the SNL website and YouTube, both. That’s the one giving all of the correct info about the Paulson bailout of last Friday, with the Peloi w/ eye movements, idiot Bush, Barney Frank, two resourceless guys who were given loans and were now homeless, the typical opportunistic couple who only made $10,000.00 profit on the 5 foreclosed condos they bought to resell, the real, profiteering couple that were bought out for a HUGE profit, and Soros, who ended up w/ the entire bailout for his use.

    I find it interesting that this happened on the same day that RD mentioned the Obama info was missing from the internet. Well, Soros owns Obama, so I guess no bad info on anybody on that team is allowed.

  96. RPfree, what a great story! Welcome!

  97. Karolina: It’s still here

  98. Reagan, Bush and Obama would not be where they were/are, doing whatever they wanted , without the complete & enthusiastic support of the top 1%. Those men had the courage of the top 1% convictions . The top 1% percent LOVE the idjit….and they love now how every protest about any crime can be met with “that’s rac**st” .and therefor not worthy for discussion .

    However , so many who thought they were on the gravy train and cheered these men on, ( I mean even the owners of Home Depot etc.) will find themselves on the platform with the rest of us. I remember years ago a survey was taken, people were asked if they were in the financial top 1%… 19 % said yes.

  99. i loved that SNL skit … it’s gotta be out there some where …

  100. Dakinikat: I just posted a link to it..

  101. i think i said this in a previous post, but I know a lot of academics that are walking on tippy toe about their McCain Support because of the students and other faculty… bunch of us don’t want to test the limits of academic freedom

    being called racist in a public institution is the kiss of death and not supporting obama appear to be defined as racism these days

  102. thx, regency, maybe we should download it before it goes into exile like the South Park episode that took on tom cruise and the scientologists

  103. Man, that’s crappy about Lyn Rothschild…

    I’m really impressed with her courage.

  104. DK: I think they did download it. That’s why it’s been immune to knockdown so far.

  105. madamab: you have to get me out of moderation: I forget to use the @ again

  106. I am glad Lynn de Rothchild went immediately to a tv station and revealed what happened.
    Who ‘exactly” were the thugs??

  107. Destardi: I think it’s got to be a sign of desperation for them to go after someone that prominent. You don’t go after rich women with even richer husbands. They will have you in jail so hard and fast–if you’re lucky–that you’ll be fortunate if you remember hearing the car door slam before the jury says, “Guilty of all charges.”

  108. my frigggggin gawd….. axelrod on msnbc actually making the case that ayers is an upstanding citizen…. college professor… advisor to the mayor…. and people are buying this load of crap

    In 20 years, is is perfectly acceptable to be a presidential candidate and have an association with an unrepentant Osama Bin Laden?

  109. couldn’t get it play Regency: maybe it’s high traffic; wonder who exactly had problesm with it? Soros? Pelosi? Obama?

  110. Regency, on October 7th, 2008 at 5:02 pm Said:

    I think the “anonymous Dems” not necessarily in the uhbama clique were dead on when they described the arrogance and hubris emanating from the group.

    I think the saying goes “the bigger they are, the harder they fall”.


  111. Do you have a Private mortgage insurance (PMI) policy? If you do have one your PMI insurer passes their risk to others by bundling 100 policies together and selling them as a credit default swaps (CDS). They do this in order to protect themselves by large payment to mortgage providers such as insurers in the event your home is repossessed. In the mortgage industry this has been the case for decades. If you bought a PMI to protect your lender then you are building the CDS market. To avoid this put at least 20% down on your home or pay what it takes now to get rid of the PMI policy. http://nomedals.blogspot.com

  112. DK: I got it to play just now. It’s not a direct link, just a link to the blog page it’s on. Try again is all I can suggest.

  113. Pat Johnson ie.. 8 points

    My boss and I were talking about our disgust in our politcal parties and came to a conclusion that the Republican party will have to be the one to change. GW assured that with the last 8 years in office. I consider myself a moderate Republican to set the record straight but agree with most of your points.

    1. A woman’s right to choose. My personal feeling is that its that person’s right and its none of the governments business. If they see fit that no government money is spent whether its grants or so fourth on places that preform the acts that is fine.

    2. Grant civil unions. Give them the right recognized by the federal government to be binded legally. Don’t hand it off to the states to get around it. People move alot whether its job related or otherwise and shouldn’t have to worry. Again none of the governments business.

    3. Don’t know where your going with that one but yes the government needs to place itself somewhere in the middle and not directly with one or the other.

    4. This is an issue that both parties need to address. Breaking ranks should be required for government to work correctly. This scares me greatly especially if BO gets elected.

    5. Safety nets are important but should be used wisely. The government should be there in times of need but shouldn’t be anyones only line of support. If your looking for the US government to fix your life it won’t happen. Some things have to be done on your own. As far as social security and helping find a reasonable health care system (not government run) I agree.

    6. This is a problem with both parties and will continue I’m afraid.

    7. For every Rush out there (I don’t listen to any of them) there is one on the other side so to me it equals out. Does it make it right. No. It’s our responsibility to find out the facts and disregard most of what these idiots say to begin with.

    8. This isn’t just a Republican party problem its on both sides. They all represent someone with their own self interest but I do side with freemarkets. Yes jobs are being sent overseas and will continue to do so as long as they produce products cheaply and can be sold cheaply here in the US. Would most Americans buy goods made in the US or chose a cheaper brand made in China of the same or similiar quality? No they would always chose the cheaper product. Look its a moving market and guess what it does help other poorer countries but it finds its limits also. People in China are wanting higher wages now so they can have the computers, cars, and clothes. Now those same jobs are moving to Vietnam where at some time they will want more. Eventually the jobs will problably come back stateside when the cost benefits erase themselves. Some businesses are finding out that doing it overseas isn’t the greatest. Toys with lead paint, tainted milk, and safety standards overseas are pale compared to the US in things like tires. Those jobs will come back. I’d like to support McCains tax plan on reducing corporate taxes if they would add some kind of plan requiring no outsourcing to offset the cost of doing business here.

    No outsourcing means 25%.

  114. All roads to this crisis lead to Fannie and Freddie. I think McCain will point that out in tonights Town Hall meeting. I loved Regan, but then I’m a conservative.

  115. http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/10/07/obama-is-hiding-a-radical-past/


  116. Oh my god, CNN is covering Ayers story and confirms connection with Obama


  117. All roads to this crisis leads directly to all of us. Freddie and Fannie are constructs run by people. As a society collectively values something, those who embody those values will rise to the top. It doesn’t matter if they run Fannie, Freddie or AIG. Fannie Mae has been around since the depression. It was created in 1936 or so. Therefore it cannot be “the cause” of the problem. The cause of the problem is the attitude of this country and the people who were in charge of these companies.

    When we as a society venerate those who do little to contribute to society, but earn much by devouring it..then there is a problem.

  118. Make sure you watch this video of the slimey Robert Gibbs:


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