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Monday: Didn’t the media give us 8 years of Bush?

Just sayin’.

So, does anyone have a theory why the media is shoving Obama down our throats this year? Is it that they want to teach us values? The first African-American president? If that is true, why couldn’t we have the first female president? Wouldn’t that have been just as valuable? Given the adoration from the press that Obama received and the horrific treatment Hillary and Sarah get, one gets the impression that the country is not ready for a female in high office. Except, I’m fairly certain that is not true. What seems to be the case is that the media is not ready. Now, why would that be the case? Who is behind the media collaboration to elect Obama and why?

And how do we put the media back in its place?

Oh, and markets around the world are crashing this morning. But I’m sure The Chosen One will make it all better. It’s either that or he will be blamed for the worst economic crisis to hit the country since the Great Depression.

In other news, Harriet Christian wanted me to pass on this invitation to those of you in the NY-CT-NJ tri-state area. There will be an event tonight in NYC for area PUMAs. This is an opportunity to get together, meet the press and plan activities with the McCain campaign, if you are so inclined. (We at The Confluence don’t tell anyone how to vote. We encourage you to vote your conscience, regardless of media interference.) If you are interested in attending this soiree, here are the details:


TIME: 7:00-10:00 PM


313 First Avenue (at 18TH ST.)

$25 Cover Charge includes Open Bar and Finger Food.

257 Responses

  1. Damn your good! We are dealing with BZero – exposing the truths that the MSM will never do because they want him. I hold back on my feelings of rage at the parisitic media because we have to deal with so much but they sure do need a drubbing, I have almost totally ignored them the past severalmonths because I get acid reflux – never had it before in my life.

    Tune out – turn them off, contribute to Heidi Li Feldman’s campaign vids for the truth.

    Whatever happens in this election, we need to correct the media. Where have America’s “professional” people gone? How do we demand it back?

  2. The media not only gave us shrub, they gave us a war in Iraq.

    Shrub I cannot forgive but the war I understand. I mean, who could resist the chance to tool around the desert in a hummer. All those embeds got to play soldier while bouncing around and looking so cool. So what if a couple got shot up in the process, so much more to add to the stories they tell their grand kids about the big war.

    And Conflucians. Join me for live debate chat Tuesday at http://www.partizane.com

  3. You should be afraid of whoever the media wants you to vote for.

    Obama’s black face is the perfect cover for the continued rape of Main St. by the monied elite.

  4. I have been saying this all along and very loudly since the morning after the PA primary: Something is going on in the media and it’s the media who should be the most direct and particular object of our scorn, protest, and resistance. Every MSM broadcast I watch, I wonder who is behind the curtain pulling the levers? It can’t be Soros alone–could it?

  5. Normally you don’t vote against anybody but for someone. However, for once I wish that wisdom could be tossed aside because I want the media to be taught a lesson: they should not be allowed to chose who should run this country.

    I’m in total disgust with what has been happening in this election cycle.

  6. I read a series of posts from over the weekend, catching up. I agree we can’t lose HOPE that Obama will lose and we need to make it happen. No matter what box I tick, it will not have Obama’s name on it. My friends are shocked. But as a GLBT person, I have no choice. One of my colleagues said, “Well, I haven’t paid attention to him on that issue.” That issue is my life. She was telling me, even after I explained that he is very anti-gay, that she didn’t care. GLBT people can be forgotten. And if Obama is elected, we will be.

    The idea that Palin’s remark was racist is absurd. Even the NY Times ran an article about Obama and Ayers, saying Obama hadn’t been completely candid about that relationship. I don’t like domestic terrorists, and I am glad she called him out on it. Ayers is unrepentent. Candidates who hate America should not be its president.

    I think globalists don’t care who wins this election, but perhaps McCain is more threatening bc he isn’t a neocon. Obviously Obama is a chameleon who can CHANGE at any moment. I think the media is doing what it can for ratings, and that means focusing on Obama. Lieberman on FOX cheered me up last night: he said he and Gore were 6% behind in 2000 at this point, and they won. There’s hope for McCain. (I was never so proud of Lieberman as I was last night when he said they won!)

  7. I have been boycotting the morning shows since March. I turn on the TV this morning, and I am treated to Andrea Mitchell quoting the NYT story about the Obama/Ayers relationship as fact. Here’s the e-mail I just sent to NBC…

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I just watched Andrea Mitchell’s report on the Today Show regarding Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers. To help explain the relationship, Ms. Mitchell quoted the New York Times story which claimed that Obama and Ayers, “…were not close…”.

    Have we learned nothing from the tactics of the Bush administration? The Bush administration planted a story with Judith Miller of the New York Times which justified the Iraq War, and then Vice President Cheney went on national television, NBC, actually, and quoted the fabricated story as fact.

    Now we have Andrea Mitchell quoting a New York Times story, which has been disputed by a number of online reports, as a fact which explains away the Obama/Ayers relationship.

    Perhaps Ms. Mitchell could report information that she has actually researched herself rather than quote questionable stories from a newpaper which has a track record of being manipulated by propagandists.

    Not that it will do any good, but it made me feel better to call out her half-a$$ed reporting.

  8. I am laughing at the Mccain campaign’s brilliance. How many times has Ayers been brought up (by blogs & Fox) and ignored by the MSM.
    But now that Gov. Palin has had a chance to speak directly to Americans in the debate, not only is anything she does new, it is also credible. So when Palin brings up Ayers, the MSM are forced to mention it. It’s really a brilliant end run around the media.
    But the MSM are shameless, aren’t they? Just this morning, I heard that Ayers stuff was so long ago, and what really matters is Keating (which was even longer ago).
    I think they’re scared.

  9. One aspect of the media romance with Obama that offers an additional puzzle is Obama’s accessibility to the media. He really is not very accessible. He does not have “press availabilitiies” very often and certainly not to the extent that HRC did. Usually, the MSM take great umbrage to that. One of the things that promoted JFK was not only his accessibility but his wit in dealing with the press. What we have seen with BO is that he does not have the sense of humor to be witty. He has sarcasm down pat but in the end that is not very funny.

  10. Janicen: You rock.

  11. Riverdaughter, you’ve become my morning paper now. I don’t look for balance anywhere now. There is none. I just need a place to call home during these horrifying times.

    There people who think of the “news” media as fair or honest coverage deserve what they get.

  12. Yes…and it is part of “The Legend”…

    The Legend Continues, The Story Unfolds…

    ~~A Guest Post by American Lassie

    (Editor’s Note: American Lassie (under a different ID) wrote this in response to kenosha Marges post “From The Folks That Gave You GWB and the War In Iraq, Here’s Obama!” which appeared on Friday, October 3. We thought it was so good that, with her permission, we are highlighting her comment as a special Guest Post.)

    The Legend continues, the Story unfolds.

    This story began a long time ago while many of us were too complacent, living our own self satisfied lives and not paying attention to what was happening around us.


  13. I have noticed this for a while. The same exact media who covered up for Bush are promoting and covering up for Obama. Campbell Brown was pushed off NBC for being too Republican. She is married to Dan Senor, formerly of the Coalition Provisional Authority. She is one of the biggest cheerleaders for Obama. I wonder who is really behind Obama. Obviously, the same people who wanted Bush want Obama.

  14. Ayres may have been yesterday for some, but is still today for his influence on Obama.

    Ayres (see his site) still advocates overthrowing the US government. I don’t mean Bush, I mean replacing our republic with its democratic freedoms with something entirely different and free only for the chosen few.

  15. Good morning everyone!

    WHY is hell’s name is it to refer Palin’s “terrorist” comment as r*cist?

    PALIN was talking about AYERS and the NYtimes inferred that she made a r*cist remark.

    But if the NYtimes thought “terrorist” equals brown men with radical Muslim views, isn’t that more R*cist? Cuz last time I checked, William Ayers is a white man, so was the Unabomber, David Duke and Timothy McVeigh – and they are all TERRORISTS.


  16. It’s ominous that the media is intent on shoving Barky down our throats-at all costs-
    couple that with the financial meltdown which stokes the anti-Bush/
    anti-establishment anger in the electorate- and I think we end up with
    1) a severe backlash favoring Repugs starting in 2012 (or sooner) or
    2) the end of America as a political and economic world leader, with a similar
    drop for other Western countries.
    And who,do you suppose, would want those results?

  17. Good call on the media – they don’t want a woman as presdient dammit! Especially one with a sqeaky clean background and proven plans that will solve the problems we face.

    What would they have to write about then?

  18. Explosive Audio Of Obama Speaking in favor of Subprime Mortgages

    At 30 seconds into the video, Obama says:

    “Subprime lending started out as a good idea, helping Americans buy homes who previoulsy couldn’t afford to.”

    -Barack Obama’s Speech at the NASDAQ
    September 17, 2007

    Just listen to what Obama says 28 seconds into the tape.

    Obama says he thinks Sub Prime Mortgages that gave houses to people WHO COULDN’T AFFORD THEM was a GOOD IDEA!!

    Obama lacks the judgment AND character to be POTUS!

  19. Imagine Ayers, who is a Distinguished Professor of Education (incredible, I know–just sickening!) as Sec’y of Education. What’s to say that wouldn’t happen? Obama gets what he wants from Dems.

  20. Here is my take, RD.

    Where did the radical left take refuge? In the media and academia:

    the long march through the institutions.

    Students now leave the “education” gallimaufry more indoctrinated than educated, i.e., more susceptible to influence, and who is the peddler of influence? The media.

    The media has one of their own running for president. They couldn’t care less about their responsibilities to the American people, because the American people need fixing. They need to be saved from themselves.

    My question is how are we going to hold the media accountable? Is writing a letter/email to the editor enough? Calling enough? The media rifles through private lives and then shreds them. It’s time to rifle through THEIR lives and post their details, e.g. personal telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc., because it’s time to know who the king makers are.

  21. The media gave us George W. Bush, the Iraq War, and now they are trying to shove Obama down our collective throats!

    I say, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The media has now tried to fool us three times with their cover up and cheerleading for Obama.

    Vote for the ticket with the lady!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  22. Keep up the good work. Obama will be defeated.

    And not only that the intellectual elite in the media and academia will take a good shot to the snout as well.

    Hannity was a warm up act. McCain has enough stuff to bury Obama.

    Defeating Obama is not possible without the hard work of PUMAs like you. The long range task is to rebuild the Democratic party, and you guys have convinced me we can do it.

    “The high heels are on, and the gloves are off.”

  23. DAMMIT – just found out that Sarah Palin in my neck of the woods.

    She’s in Coachmen Park in Cleawater – NOW.

  24. I think Fox will show Palin at FL rally live (they said) at “the top of the hour” — in a few minutes, I’m guessing.

  25. Ooh, there she is, wearing a pretty white top & black skirt.
    The audience has a red white & blue section, making a flag. Cool.

  26. Voter Mom, it’s here in Clearwater FL at Coachmen Park.

    I just found out about it on the morning radio. They said about 3000 people are there.

  27. Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

    There’s a sign in the audience that says “Sarah 1; Joe 0”. LOL.

    She’s a good speaker — natural talent, I guess.

  28. Shit has hit the fan and the BOTS are flying all over the place. The ABC website looks like an online version of the Enquirer.

    Stay strong Puma’s things are gonna get ugly. Now the BOTS are bringing up the Keating 5, and what is dumb is that 4 of the 5 are Democrats.

    Expect an angry, unraveled BO at the debate. You know how he gets when Sarah gets too much attention. He starts making gaffes like lipstick on a pig.

    My Obamabot relatives are calling me. Saying that McPalin is a smear campaign. Why the double standard. Now Obama can say things like lipstick on a pig, destroy Hillary yet only the Republicans can run smear campaigns.

    I told my relative well you said McCain would lose by a landslide…Right? So why should McCain care? Go ahead expose BO, what does he have to lose?

    He hung up the phone on me.

  29. I have tuned out so totally – I live 22 miles due west of Asheville – guess who was here yesterday? No one told me here so, darn…….

    Saturday I noticed campaign signs out – not one BZero sign. There are signs for Heath Shuler, McPalin none for BZero.

    I did my monthly check on Mika’s brittle face this am – treated to Joe speaking of how LOW the AP has gone stating Palin’s questioning the Ayers relationship was rac@ist – what a treat! They, Joe and Pat B., said there is every right to know about his involvement. They were also saying how “stupid” NYT was to call Palin stupid – she is obviously very bright.

    I bathed afterwards – Mika is getting the permanent sour Mary Maitlin mask – I guess her mother never told she her about your face may freeze like that. Too late now.

  30. fox has Palin on now.

  31. I cancelled my subscription to the NYTimes with a lovely letter to the editor telling them that perhaps when they start actually reporting news and not giving opinion I may resubscribe. The only thing they understand is money – more of us need to drop them.

    I heard this AM the Dems are really working on the investigation into Sarah for her dismissal of the police admin in Alaska.
    I’m thinking that the Keating thing was too long ago and that the Repubs have been waiting for that attack so they should be prepared for it.
    BO’s relationship with Ayers is not that long ago and shows his funding/working relationships with that type in the not too distant past. But it ALL has to come out – the information about how he got the nomination at the convention too.
    I never thought I’d say this but …hopefully Rove is on this.

  32. For those with their TVs off right now…turn them on!

    Sarah Palin LIVE in Florida now on all the networks!

    She is locked and loaded with plenty of ammo against Obama. She is kicking ass!



  33. And Barry still thinsk he will win Florida. LOL! Let barry keep burning millions of dollars in Florida, a state he will NOT win!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  34. I am watching Palin in FL. She is a natural and she is going to take out the Obots!

  35. Sarah on “will Obama cut your taxes?”
    “He’s bult his career doling out tax money as a Chicago politican”.Ouch!

  36. Mawm babe – that is a given..isn’t it? Are there people still that do not know that? Media has always had bias BUT now, it is epic in proportion to those who are honest. Having lived in Houston for several years, knew Bushes – I found myself at first laughing at an article in the VF back those many years. Laugh was on me. Then listening to the little that was said about him and what was NOT said – just wore me out.

    I marvel at the voters who do not spend more time contemplating the candidates. That is something that my family has always done – a big reason why this divorce of mine from my party has been so hurtful to me. I did not leave them – they left me no choice. I do not support corruption or selection especially of the unqualified.

    It is a given that who evah the media is for is not for America’s people. I have to go to work, grreer.

  37. Thanks for the heads-up everyone – I’m watching Sarah now!

  38. Look at all those women behind Sarah!

    The heels are on, and the gloves are off!!!

  39. All Afro American – I am getting a bot invasion even at my little place. They are freaking out about the fact that we PUMAs are standing strong.

  40. She is incredible. She will be great in Washington. We will finally get something done there. Throw the rest of them out.

    Except our Hillary!

    GOD HOW THEY MUST HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!



  41. I’ll be there – and I also advanced a theory – based on who owns stock in them & about everything and some Obama moves

  42. I just finished seeing Palin in Clearwater – WOW. She did damn good.

    I noticed she’s now referring to Ayers as a “DOMESTIC” terrorist for the friggin r*ce card throwers.

  43. Robert Gibbs said they were surprised “Palin reads the NYT.” FUCK THESE CREEPS!

  44. She needs to be doing 5 or 6 events a day. Why are they only doing 1 or 2? Get her out there. She will make them win.

  45. Sarah is going to keep pounding away!!! Yaaaayyyyy!!! At last someone has used the forum to actually put his feet to the fire. And those announcing these statements as ra*cists are nuts.

    As for the media, think of monopolies. Most of these news organizations have been swallowed whole by corporate agents whose agenda is money, money, money. Obama is just a handy tool in seeking those ends.

  46. Also – the US flag formed from the people in the back – PRICELESS. I loved it. Beautiful.

    All of the above energy sounds good to my ears. I don’t like the Drill Baby Drill, but at least McCain didn’t vote for Cheney’s energy bill unlike Obama.

  47. Looks like Fox is taking off the gloves. At last. Rev. Wright is being brought back to life.

  48. Pat, Wright’s coming out with his book this month.

    Media-wh*ring much, Rev. WRight?

  49. Now the Hillary Supporters who are voting for BO, have to backtrack with reporters because they said nasty things labout BO…Now they look stupid because they are supporting BO and having their past negative words about BO thrown in their faces.

  50. Now the OJ jurors are being accused of ra*cism. Forget the facts, just acquit since this is OJ after all. Come on!!

  51. OK, I’m tepidly ok with environmentally safer Natural Gas drilling. But no more friggin oil.

  52. Rove was on FOX yesterday saying McCain was losing and he didn’t understand McCain’s strategy, etc. My partner said, “Does he want Obama elected?” I couldn’t tell if Rove was being all analytical dispassionate to actually scare people that Obama might win, or if he actually hopes McCain will lose. He has nothing at stake anymore. He has done his job to ruin the US.

  53. I love it when they call “outing” Obama and his nefarious positions and friends “negative”. I call it, someone finally got off of their butts and told the truth.

    Also, don’t you love how we can’t process more than one issue at a time? We can’t process Obama and his “terror*st” associations and the issues of the economy at the same time. Our brains are just too small.


  54. (CNN) — Sen. Barack Obama on Sunday charged that Sen. John McCain’s campaign is launching “Swift boat-style attacks” on him instead of addressing the country’s problems.

    “Sen. McCain and his operatives are gambling that they can distract you with Bambismears rather than talk to you about substance. They’d rather try to tear our campaign down than lift this country up,” Obama said at an event in Asheville, North Carolina.

    “That’s what you do when you’re out of touch, out of ideas, and running out of time,” he said.

    The comments come a day after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, claimed that Obama associated “with terrorists who targeted our own country.”

    I also just saw sell out Lanny Davis on FOX saying McCain can’t win without talking about the economy. Then the crawl at the bottom of the screen said the Obama Campaign has released a video on Keating 5.

    They are going back what? 30 years to attack McCain?! That’s all they’ve got? Also, it’s going to really piss McCain off, because he is fiercely protective of his honor, and the Keating incident was really troubling to him, and put him on the road to being a reformer.

    *Tomorrow’s debate is going to be intense.

  55. AAAG – Especially Joe Biden! LOL

  56. The media is not a bunch of independent journalists.

    The media is a bunch of highly-paid news writers and readers. Television news readers get paid milliions of $$$

    “News” is whatever they are told to write down or read to us by they people who pay their big salaries. Nothing is news unless they are told to say it is.

    The media would not cover-up stories or push one candidate over the other unless they were told to do so by the people who pay their big salries.

    The only big name to ever get shitcanned was Dan Rather. He was fired for disobedience because he reported something bad about Bush his employers wanted kept covered up..

    So ask yourself – who are the people that pay the media?

    Why do they want Obama to win?

  57. sm77 – does that mean we should shut down our oil wells in Texas and the Gulf?

  58. Who knows anymore what motivation drives these people. We are swimming in murky waters here. It begs the question: Who’s on first? Our sensibilities have been turned upside down. Few voices out there who are deemed trustworthy.

  59. Why do they want Obama to win?
    Myiq, Maybe because he’s so good at reading a teleprompter — just like them! /snark

  60. Hannity’s program showed how Acorn’s activities contributed to the current economic meltdown.

  61. I love it when they call “outing” Obama and his nefarious positions and friends “negative”. I call it, someone finally got off of their butts and told the truth.

    Carol, NOQ did a post this a.m. on this, the “reverse negative twist.” Obama used it successfully with HRC through the primaries. How does he justify a smear ad like the Keating release as he is complaining about the “smears” against him? This has always been my biggest problem with this guy:


  62. fif – I saw that. I think they are letting BO state what he did that he served on a board and then they are going to throw the entire relationship in his face.

  63. Carol – No, keep the oil platforms & wells that are already existent, just not build NEW ones. It takes 10 years for us to see some usable product from oil. Gas is fater & cheaper and more environmentally safe. Plus, the USA has much more gas than oil.

  64. The msm can keep repeating how “Ayers doesn’t matter” but the fact it, he does to the American people. You know the Obots are desperate if all they can counter with is Keating — which McCain was cleared from!

  65. TGW has a post about a study back in 2006 that showed that little girls in the USA know they can’t be president. I find that so sad.
    I think voting for Palin would be an overall good — part of teh 30% solution.

  66. Obama’s handlers insisted that the race be run on “personality” rather than issues since he was very weak in that area. Well, character and integrity are now the hallmark in this campaign as we head to the finish line. Obama’s “personality” and lack of integrity are in the spotlight after 18 grueling months.

    Did they honestly believe that we would only be captivated by a winning smile and presumed rhetoric? Presumption has its price.

  67. Sam Dealey: US News & World Report on FOX saying B. Frank’s claims of pushing for reform are bunk, and HE was one of the main obstacles to enacting reform of F&F.

    I can’t believe I am reduced to FOX as the ONLY source of counter reports. Did you see the post above about Andrea Mitchell. She’s AT THE TOP OF MY LIST TOO! That list is out the door and down the hill now.

  68. fater = FASTER (more cuban espresso please.)

  69. angie: I agree. That Hannity report would terrify the average voter, and definitely create doubts about who BO really is. I have been saying all along that this vote will come down to trust. Who would trust a guy with this many nefarious associations? The pattern is clear. He wasn’t spending time with Wright AND Mother Theresa. It seems like all of his key contacts were questionable, from Rezko to Ayers to Khalidi and the Daley machine. How ELSE would someone with so little experience rise so fast. It’s not rocket science.

  70. The media will never allow a president who challenges corporate America. Hillary Clinton would have worked for universal health care. Add up the number of HMO, insurance, and drug company ads that you see on CNN or MSNBC some day and you’ll see why she was unacceptable. Al Gore would have challenged the energy industry. John McCain might just actually work to reform lobbying and election law. The fact that the media is shilling for Obama is proof enough that he’s not about change. Change will not be allowed by our MSM.

  71. fif; And what you said just drives me crazy when those who support him come on tv and announce what a great choice he is to lead. And to be honest, this includes the Clinton’s. Knowing his background, how can anyone insist that his presidency is good for America?

    Party loyalty or not, this is the time maybe to just sit on the sidelines and allow him to implode on his petard. There is nothing more distracting than listening to that nonsense when we know differently.

  72. Ever notice how the entire media can turn on a dime and go a different direction? All those primadonnas with over-inflated egos just fall in line and read the same scripts.

    Who writes the scripts?

    If they can’t cover-up a story, they spin it.

  73. What initially calls into “judgment” is his less than 200 days in the Senate when he made the decision to run for president. His lack of experience, coupled with little or no legislative background, does not exactly make one ready to lead.

  74. Ever notice that some people only drop by to blogwhore?

    I wonder how much the job pays. Are there benefits?

  75. Warning…..Warning…….The MEDIA is determined to get Obama elected. ….. The onslaught has begun….We are going to be told…..Obama is winning and ahead in the posts….and everything possible, to make everyone think .. …Obama has won and it’s over.

  76. SOD: Then I guess my argument falls into the category of:
    “We know he is an idiot and rather undesirable. We know he really does not possess the tools to lead. But we just HAVE to shove him down your throats in preparation for 2012.”

    If so, then no one from this crowd deserves to lead. They are knowlingly foisting a total unacceptable on the electorate who could take this country in a direction that we don’t deserve.

    Loyalty to the party apparently trumps loyalty to the public.

  77. If there are blogwhores, does that mean there are blogpimps too?

  78. Obama will not win.

  79. I am so glad that the McCain campaign is now starting to openly attack Obama’s radical and totally unacceptable associations.

    Imagine if we found out that McCain had launched his career from the Unabomber’s front porch. Do you think he would still be a viable presidential candidate?

  80. Hi to all of you. Although I have been regular visitor it was only few time that I posted few links, like yesterday Australian article (which I have discovered in my pile of saved material when I was actively trying to help Hillary win primary). I was in LA for the Oscars and got hooked into following your primaries (I live in London and usually try to read anything regarding media hype for my job), mainly due with my fascination of biased media.

    As an expert I tried over ten months to figure out why that is so. First I though they, MSM, are trying to help get weaker democratic candidate but now it is clear, media is in tank for a candidate that has interest of the big corporations and that MEDIA IS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Since media helped Bush to get elected last time around they knew that people could not be fooled twice.

    Solution, find a corrupt candidate amongst democrats and, not only media can do the same for him but at the same time blame republicans for everything. Double whammy! People get so carried away by blaming this mess to current party and the president promoted by the same media so that they never will ask crucial question: Who convinced me last time to vote for Bush? There lays the answer;


    Now, my advice for all of you would be to stop trying to get media to report the truth as that would never happen. I have few articles that I will post later but bottom line is that MSM or rather Big Media is owned by big corporations and just ask your selves how many millions of shares are owned by Arab billionaire. Buffet is Obama supporter; he just bought into EG who owns MSNBC, how convenient? Time Warmers owes AOL, CNN, Time, and Arab sheik owns shares in AOL; Google, You Tube, My Space, Bebo, all of them Obama supporters? Check ownership and also how this crisis is helping Obama and benefiting his backers.

    Use your energy at trying to warn the rest of the people about it. There is so much about Obama that when most of people ask you to give reason why they shouldn’t vote you would not know where to start as there is so much and we all have been digging into his past for years to be able to compress it into a single soundbite. So what is solution? There are two things that rest of uniformed people need to know and possibly chance to save few obots out of the cult Obama and that is clear message to them;

    Do you really know who Obama is and would you be the one that has on your conscience betrayal of freedom just because you didn’t at least look into his background. Didn’t MLK say that you shouldn’t judge a person by the colour but their character? We all know John McCain’s character but do you know Obama’s? Do you think it is a good character someone who betrays everyone once he has no more use for them? Do you think that is a good character someone who is happy to deprive voices of millions being heard just because they didn’t vote for him? Do you think that all those who don’t agree with you have right to be heard?

    If not that means that you are not different from those who supported Hitler and just think for a minute of consequences of your actions. Just think about; do you want to have that on your conscience. We are not asking more from you but two things:
    Think about whom MSM has supported last time around and who do they support now and you will know who your enemy is. Whoever media supports you will then know for sure, THAT PERSON IS ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. To all Obots out there: Now you have real culprit and this is you should be directing your energy, to the real enemy of the people – BIG MEDIA.

    P.S. Please note that I grow up in socialism and for all who have that experience Obama’s rhetoric is very transparent. Although the notion of distributing the wealth is honourable, history has thought us that all those who preach it do so to gain power and enrich themselves. I also once suggested that someone watch a film Persepolis (foreign Oscar winner) as there is an example of how Khomeini entices masses and what is to follow for the idealists that bought into it – please someone edit those scene for you tube – perhaps Jeremiah from No Quarter- he is so funny and as I noted he got to the same conclusion due to his family experience of fleeing Persia – someone pass message to him).

    I have been living in UK for nearly twenty years and in the meantime my country has been liberated from communism. Just one relevant anecdote; I asked one wise friend why it is that there is still so much corruption? His answer: We don’t have politicians that come from Old Money as those are the only one that will work for people and are comfortable in their own skin to abuse the power. Most of the others need first to accumulate wealth and to do so they have to be corrupt to achieve it and so we start vicious circle of corruption that never ends.

    Just a thought from an outside perspective and I will post some useful links out of my archive.

  81. Sarah has become their “bulldog”. She is out there making the case. I just hope that it is not too little, too late.

  82. I think we should stop referring to them as the MSM, they are not the mainstream they push corporate interests. We should come up with a new acronym like CM for Corporate Media or something else.

    We need to push for a truly Free and Independent media but how is that accomplished when Congress is in bed with them?

  83. Oh this is rich. FOX just did a report from the Obama campaign. They are saying the Keating documentary (13 minutes long) is NOT a response to Palin’s remarks, but is about the unfolding economic events, and McCain’s belief in deregulation. You see? He is NOT negative–his message is important to the American people. It’s the OTHER guy who is smearing HIM. I can’t stand this guy.

    Rasmussen 52% McCain 44% ouch.

  84. katy – Thank you! I have thought for some time that Obama is a Stalin in the making. Just look at how he uses the media and his rabid followers to savage and destroy anyone who stands up to him.

    Gawd help this country if this tyrant-in-training actually gets elected. It will Bush III: Stalinist Boogaloo.

  85. sm77 – I read an article that the oil up to 50 miles out is easy to get to. And, the Chinese are ready to hit the 50 + mark all over our coast lines and can drill at a slant. Also, there are rigs that are capped and can be opened quickly.

    It is not an either/or proposition. We will still need oil in 10 years even when all of the other things are in place unless we can come up with the same type “sugar cane” fuel source or better.

    My point is that everyone needs to make a sacrifice from every corner of the US. California and MA now want huge loans from the government, but they are too arrogant to fix the problem. Sarah could loan the money out of her Treasury that is $9 Billion in Surplus.

    In 1975 my College teacher said his arrogant brother in MA should freeze to death in the dark because they refuse to drill off their coast and bring something to the table. It’s been 33 years. Enough is Enough!

  86. A couple years ago the blogosphere was getting effective at reporting stories the media ignored.

    Josh Marshall broke the story about the US Attorney firings.

    Then all the big bloggers became Obama supporters.

    I wonder how much their integrity was worth. If I was gonna sell my soul, I’d want top dollar.

  87. Fitz – I call them the corporate media. It now includes the fauxgressive blogosphere as well.

  88. Let’s also remember , the same media also tried – for 8 years to unseat President Clinton – the last elected president we had.
    Palin tells Kristol – we should talk some more about Wright
    Fitz – I agree we need to change names – I like to call them these days OM – Obama media

  89. I find it curious that after ever major event that should be a coup for McPalin, that the polling shows them trending down. It doesn’t attach to reality very easily. I’m curious–as ever–about that.

  90. myiq: Ariana is a blog pimp.

  91. the MSM hates the Clintons, that’s obvious now. They set this whole thing up to try and make Hillary irrelevant. They bolstered BHO in spite fo the fact that the majority of the democratic party wanted Hillary.

    the media is sexist – so having a woman president is of no interest to them. I remember many pundits making the statement that having Obama for pres would be “historic” – no word about if hillary were the president.

    now the MSM want to be sure there’s a dem in office and probably, around june – they’ll turn against obama and everything we already know about him will come to light….

    I can hear anderson cooper saying now “didn’t anyone check into this before he was elected?”…..you know Rezko, the fact that he’s had 3 citizenships, taking contributions from foreigners, yada yada….

  92. Regency – It’s called oversampling. They are weighting the polls with 40% Dems, 29% Repubs. Sometimes they put a lot more AAs in there than is statistically merited, as well.

  93. madamab: that’ll do it. I don’t believe there are that few Republicans in the mix anymore.

  94. Most of the former like minded blogs have become blog pimps. I have eradicated at least 12 over the last few months who not only bang the drum loudly for Obama, but delete any comments that are unflattering about him. And it cannot be based entirely on the vulgarity since most of the comments coming from pro Obama supporters that are allowed through are disgusting.

    You are either for or against in this atmosphere and woe be to those who find themselves in the latter category.

  95. Carol – you are right,m we still need oil regardless. I’m just saying that in those 10 yrs, oil should not be the priority of our energy independence when other environmentally safer, more economic to produce and more domestically abundant alternatives exist.

  96. The next event in Florida this morning was soooooo large, they had to move it and there is still not enough room for everyone.

    She needs to just keep going up and down Florida all day long. And, then move up and down PA, OH, etc.

    She will win this for McCain.

  97. This is what I don’t understand. Why do people think Obama is better equipped than McCain to solve anything let alone the economic crisis at hand? Obama has little interest in solving anything except for a falling approval rating once he’s in office. He will do anything including adopting Republican policies as long as it saves his ass until the next election.
    The former PUMAs and Clinton supporters who are now flocking over to Obama’s column because they are worried about the economy need to really think about what they are going to get out of an Obama presidency. Just the same sh*t we had to deal with during Bush’s presidency except for a lot more narcissism, sermons, sexism, and an abandonment of women’s rights as payback for all of us biotches who didn’t support him in the primaries.

  98. We got to get there. I want to be totally self-sufficient in energy.

    That will be our greatest achievement.

  99. Arianna is a blogmadame

    Blogpimps wear big fur hats and lots of bling.

  100. madamab, on October 6th, 2008 at 10:14 am Said:
    Regency – It’s called oversampling. They are weighting the polls with 40% Dems, 29% Repubs. Sometimes they put a lot more AAs in there than is statistically merited, as well.

    Sounds just like delegate count in the primaries.

  101. Stop the Obama Constitutional Crisis
    Sign the Petition : 177 Letters and Emails Sent So Far


  102. OMG – McCain has a new ad. It’s not up on his site yet. He’s gone nuclear on BO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Just saw a clip of Sarah in Florida. She was talking about one of her “less than successful media interviews recently.” The crowd booed and gave thumbs down to the media. Then she said, “Ya know what I shoulda said to the critics? I was just giving Tina Fey more material to work with!” The crowd loved it.

  104. Regency, I agree. I just heard about Rasmussen poll. He basically said that no independent voters moved towards McCain. That sounds fishy. I heard that many are saying they will vote Obama but have no intentions of doing so. Then look at the poll about Congress. 59% voted to removed congress from office…Congress is a democrat majority, so It makes no sense, that no independents would move towards McCain yet vote to have Congress removed.

  105. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox. Rupert is now supporting McCain. He wasn’t always. In mid 2006 Rupert was for Hillary. Then in May this year he said strong things in favor of BO and against McCain:

    Posted May 29, 2008 | 01:20 AM (EST)

    Carlsbad, CA — Tonight at the “All Things Digital” conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal, Rupert Murdoch — Chairman of News Corp, new WSJ owner, and longtime torchbearer for conservative politics — said this about Barack Obama: “He is a rock star. It’s fantastic” “I love what he is saying about education.” “I don’t think he will win Florida…..but he will win in Ohio and the election”. “I am anxious to meet him.” “I want to see if he will walk the walk.”

    About the presumptive Republican nominee, Murdoch said, “McCain is a friend of mine. He’s a patriot. But he’s unpredicatble. Doesn’t seem to know much about the economy. He has been in Congress a long time, and you have to make a lot of compromises. So what’s he really stand for?… I think he has a lot of problems.”

    Rupert has a habit of picking winners on the national and international stage. He was pretty clear that Kerry would lose to Bush. He befriends, and helps make, presidents and world leaders because it helps his media business.. Currently, his media empire is supporting McCain. That speaks volumes to me about who he expects to win. The rest of the media combined are not in same league as Rupert Murdoch. He has an avowed aim, by the way, to buy and reform the New York Times.

  106. Carol: what is it and where did you see it?

  107. There goes another blogwhore!

    I figure if I was blogpimp of The Confluence, all the blogwhores would have to pay me a percentage to work here.

  108. Carol – give us the goods!!!

    Where did you see it????

  109. This financial crisis is biting McCain big time. But at least this proves that whites in Appalachia and parts of the south will vote for a black man as long as they believe it is in their economic interest. This was just really bad timing for McCain as well as Clinton. If this had happened six months ago, we might have been looking at a Clinton presidency rather than an Obama one. People are scared and they are going to any Democrat even if it is Obama to seek a solution to this mess.
    I don’t know McCain can do in the next four weeks but he needs to stop the bleeding now and address the economy.

  110. They just showed it on Fox.

    It shows BO stating “air raiding villages and killing civilians” and other stuff.

    Still not up on his web site.

  111. The stuff with the polls is just like with Hillary in the primaries. They always were saying she was losing and she just getting bigger and bigger. They are trying to suppress voter turn out. We can’t let them get us down. We are on to their tricks.

  112. We should come up with a new acronym like CM for Corporate Media or something else.
    I used to call them the Corporate Pravda.

  113. myiq: P.Diddy should start a blog.

  114. Remember Rasmussen declared Hillary was going to lose California – I think it was by 14 points!!!!!!!!!!

  115. SOD: In all honesty, I am sick to death of the 2012 game. If he gets in it is almost a given that he will run for a second term and unless he has adequate opposition, chances are he will win. Very doubtful that someone from within his own party will challenge his bid. Seldom happens. Do you honestly think that Hillary Clinton will put herself up against an AA president? That alone will seal any political aspirations she hopes to achieve.

    We are in for a rough 4 years regardless of who gets in. All these “pie in the sky” promises will never see the light of day since the economy and the US Treasury are bankrupt. Expecting either candidate, more so Obama, to clean up this mess is overreaching. We do not trust this man going forward so why should any of us feel comforted that he will do what is right?

    What I resent is being told, encouraged, exhorted by knowing Dems to support him when they know full well the demons surrounding his background and experience. I would much prefer they keep their own counsel and let him make it on his own.

    I would be committing a criminal act if I were to attempt to sell you a product I know to be defective without warning. That is my only point. It is discouraging to listen to the blather coming from people who know better.

  116. DisenfranchisedVoter, on October 6th, 2008 at 10:25 am Said:
    This financial crisis is biting McCain big time. But at least this proves that whites in Appalachia and parts of the south will vote for a black man as long as they believe it is in their economic interest. This was just really bad timing for McCain as well as Clinton. If this had happened six months ago, we might have been looking at a Clinton presidency rather than an Obama one. People are scared and they are going to any Democrat even if it is Obama to seek a solution to this mess.
    I don’t know McCain can do in the next four weeks but he needs to stop the bleeding now and address the economy.

    What’s sad is that Obama is riding on Bill Clinton’s coattails on this issue while calling him a r*cist.

    Since Roe V Wade isn’t necessarily scaring us to death to vote for a Dem, now they are scaring us to death with the economic crisis. So now OMG WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR A DEM psychodramtic blackmail all over again.

    It’s a shame and a travesty.

  117. Pat – maybe we can put a “seconds” label on BO.

    It’s not going to matter soon. The DOW is down 409.60.

  118. You know what will happen in an Obama administration. he will renege on his promises and blame everyone else for it.

  119. I have said for months : Media+ want =bad. Anything the media wants is bad for 99.999 % of the population.

    It’s an infallible guide!

    Obama is Bush 5….McCain is Goldwater 2008
    Of course the media want Obama.

    Carol, Indeed. Palin needs to adopt Hillary’s spring 08 schedule ….NOW . As you say, 5-6 events per day.

    MA resists wind towers too! I’d like to see wind towers in tons of places regardless what is done about drilling ….you get the energy right away as the drilling discussion goes on.

  120. I can’t believe he got away with the “punished with a baby” statement.

    That made me sick and mad.

  121. Re:Drilling. The GAO put out a report about drilling that explicitly says new areas should not be opened up. There are BLM land reserves with oil leases. Don’t fall for this MSM crap. If they bulldoze people about Obama, you can’t believe them about OIL! One reason I don’t like Palin so much but am OK with McCain has to do with this issue. It’s just short-sighted. Obama’s energy plan is not any good, and now he seems to advocate for drilling and nuclear power, so who even knows what he’ll do. He’s the worst choice. But don’t sell out the environment.

  122. Bob Beckel just called her “Freddie Kruger’s running mate”.

    Yeah, and I am ready to see her starring in “Texas Chain Saw Massacre” as long as BO and MO are the targets.

  123. Good and defiant morning to all PUMAS!

    My front door and windows are covered with McCain/Palin
    signs-I especially like the one with the picture of Palin looking through the rifle scope.

    I’ve also redecorated my front lawn with “Jeff Beatty for US Senate” signs.
    He is John Kerry’s Republican challenger. Kerry must go.

    If all that isn’t enough to keep the Obama canvassers away, the life-sized John McCain cutout is on the fronch porch to greet them.

    I’m handing out McCain gear to my business clients. Twenty-five years in business and I’ve avoided mixing business with politics-until now. This is an emergency.

    I’m also carrying a folder with copies of articles and blog posts relevant to the many questions people constantly ask me about the origins of the economic crisis, voter fraud in Ohio, Obama-Ayers connection, etc.

    In my spare time I’m making calls for John McCain.


  124. The scary part of the economic crisis is that most voters turn out the party in power when things become rough. Those unwilling to concede that this crisis was co sponsored by each party in one form or another, and coupled with our hatred of Bush, could lead to Obama being handed this election on a silver platter and has nothing to do with his qualifications or lack thereof.

    This is what keeps me up nights. The willingness to push aside any qualms regarding this man as a referendum on the last 8 miserable years.

  125. catarina-love the spirit. And yes we must save the USA.

  126. A family member said we HAVE to elect a Dem!!!!
    I said Unfortunately she was cheated and pushed off the ticket. Lordy! Show me a Dem on the ticket, I’ll vote for them. But there isn’t one .

  127. Chimera: That’s exactly what I’m saying. No NEW places. Keep the ones we have – get safer more abundant and cheaper to produce alternatives.

  128. Just a thought: I wonder if Soros and his America-blaming high roller buddies are tanking the markets to help out their boy?

  129. I can’t wait to vote for McCain. First time I am voting for republican .

    The DNC is something that is unrecognizable to me. I don’t feel bad about it because this sham that is running Obama, is not of the true Democratic party.

  130. PJ – Yup, don’t listen to those people that try to say Obama will come in and wave his magic wand and make all our problems go away. It’s annoying and fatiguing. We just have to tune them out and keep our focus.

    No way, no how, NO OBAMA.

    If Obama somehow gets elected, which I do not believe will ever happen, then Hillary may leave the Democratic Party and run as an Independent in 2012.

    When you hear the dogs and see the torches, JUST KEEP GOING!


  131. Can you believe Hillary did 5-6 events a day?

    Agghhh!!! Such a travesty! How the hell did we get here?

  132. Catarina, you go, girl!
    Wish you’d post a pic of your signs!

  133. catarina, where in MA do you live? You have a lot of guts. I would be scared of Obamabots attacking me if I wore anything McCain or placed a sign in my apartment window. I haven’t told anyone except for my mother and two friends who are PUMAs that I voted for McCain.

  134. The media is overcompensating for their trust in Bush that backfired. ( The man should be drawn and quartered – if not for the war, for the outing of a CIA agent).

    So now they’re backing Obama out of pure guilt. Plus the fact he’s not Clinton. Clinton’s news was old news – this new guy will keep them busy and entertained and hopefully selling papers. That’s why I think Palin was a good choice – she too is new and is keeping them on their toes – I don’t think they give one hoot about the country – just selling the news.

  135. I’m not selling out anything. The environment can take us becoming energy efficient. We have no choice.

    The Democrats can’t have it both ways. You cannot skewer and imply “Bush as willing to send our troops to Iraq trading Blood for Oil and then continue to transport it for our needs.” It is hypocritical and unfair.

    Everyone has to do their job to fix this crisis. I would put a rig in my yard if it saved one Soldier, and we never had to look in the direction of the middle east again.

  136. madamab: you and Arabella sound so confident that BO will not be elected. How can you be so sure. Even with certain polls being weighted, it seems like there is a definite trend across the board since the economy tanked. I love your assurance, but I am worried.

  137. This comment is really long and if you don’t want to post it or want to edit it, I completely understand.

    I puzzled over why the media was in the tank so early for Obama until I read this by Pam Martens back in March:


    ‘The “Obama bubble” was nurtured by Wall Street in order to have a friend in the White House when the captains of capital are made to face the legal consequences for deliberately creating current and past economic “bubbles.” Wall Street desperately needs a president who will “sweep all the corruption and losses, would-be indictments, perp walks and prosecutions under the rug and get on with an unprecedented taxpayer bailout of Wall Street.” Who better to sell this “agenda to the millions of duped mortgage holders and foreclosed homeowners in minority communities across America than our first, beloved, black president of hope and change?” ‘

    ‘Mr. Greenspan was the wind beneath the wings of a carefully orchestrated wealth transfer system known as “pump and dump” on Wall Street. As hundreds of court cases, internal emails, and insider testimony now confirm, this bubble was no naturally occurring phenomenon any more than the Obama bubble is. ‘

    As for Ayers, his connection to Obama goes back many years and Mitchell da@n well knows this. Back in 1988, the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools successfully lobbied the Illinois legislature to establish a decentralization of the Chicago school system centered around Local School Councils. (Ayers was a leader at ABC and later became its head.) Essentially, each school became a separate fiefdom and the gains of the teachers’ union regarding seniority were effectively thrown out. For this last reason, AA organizations did not support this plan. Teaching had become a path to the middle class for many AAs and any weakening of the union was viewed as a threat.

    One Chicago AA organization did support the plan: the Developing Communities Project, headed by Barack Obama.

    The LSCs were started 1988, but by 1993 support for them from the business community was weakening because there was no improvement in test scores. By 1995 power had been recentralized but LSCs still existed. Then the Annenberg Challenge came along and Ayers was able to get a $49.2M grant. The Chicago School Reform Collaborative was established as the operational arm of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995 and was co-chaired by Ayers. Additional funds were secured from the CAC over the next 6 years for a total of $160M. The head of the board of directors of CSRC was Barack Obama. The efforts of the CSRC centered on recruiting and training new leaders for membership on the LSCs.

    After much controversy and dwindling of funds, another arm of the CAC was established to research the results of the efforts by CSRC. Their final report in 2003 stated that although test scores improved somewhat in schools that were part of the CAC efforts, those scores were “similar to improvement across the system….There were no statistically significant differences in student achievement between Annenberg schools and demographically similar non-Annenberg schools.”

    As head of the board, Obama oversaw the expenditure of $160M on a project that had no decernible results. This is the important part of the Obama/Ayers connection.


  138. SOD-I thought the same thing. I thought “THE BILL” saved everything. I guess Sarah made them have to up the ante.

  139. chimera – EXACTLY!

    Re:Drilling. The GAO put out a report about drilling that explicitly says new areas should not be opened up. There are BLM land reserves with oil leases.

    Yes, drill, but don’t do anything new. There is plenty of available land to drill on. And, how about getting the oil companies to pay all their leasing fees? They owe billions and instead of getting punished for it, they get more and more tax breaks and profits.


  140. Swiftboad implies lies and inaccurate information through at the Candidate.

    Sarah is telling the truth – it’s SARAH HAKA 👿

  141. They continue to throw figures out there on the bail out and future loss of revenues that even I cannot compute in my limited brain. All I am sure of is that my yearly local taxes are bound to go up and I will be paying more for every single product and service I have.

    Whatever “disposable” income I have left will be diminished to a pile of pennies as a result of this poor management. But as long as these fatcats can continue to dine at La Cirque that gives me comfort. Meanwhile, on my pocketbook, the Number 1 special at McDonalds is now up to $7.00. Whoopee!!

  142. DV: no kidding. I live on the state line in NY, and work in MA, and it is like driving through Obama World. It’s everywhere. I walked into my favorite coffee shop yesterday, and this young guy I like was wearing a t-shirt with Obama’s face taking up the entire front of it. I had to look away from the glare. It said “moveon.org” on the side of the image. The signs, the bumper stickers. I can’t wait until he is not “in my face” 24/7.

  143. BTD says the election is over and Obama has won. Why don’t that *stupid old man* and his *racist* sidekick quit and save the voters the trouble of going to the polls?

  144. The ’swift boat’ is in the water, loaded with ammo and heading straight for Obama Island.


    Practically every single election, the Republicans have won (except Bill & J. Carter). The year that it matters to me the most, they are struggling. What the hell? Why am I reduced to cheering on Republican swift boat ads? This is such a strange time.

  145. bb – of course, everyone is just keeps getting in the way of Obama and his needs.

    We are “just not the electorates he knew” he could cheat!!!!

    I’m not feeling guilty – how about the rest of you?


  146. Market tanking because they don’t buy the BS the media is selling….the hand will be out for more tax payer moola of course. It’s like being surprised a drug addict comes back for more after a big score. They come back until they stop getting their hit . The bill was a drop in the bucket ….plus what is underreported is how much of that 700 B goes to foreign banks. If the money was used to help rewrite the house loans, the bleeding would be stopped and the money would stay here. But the upper crust doesn’t want the bleeding to stop…they want all the blood out.

    The other point is I’ll believe Bush is actually leaving when he’s on his 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay .

  147. fif – IMHO, it’s the negativity towards America and Americans that will sink Obama. Ayers and Wright make him unelectable. His performance in the primaries shows that very same trend.

    As soon as people found out about Wright, they dumped him in record numbers. Why do you think Hillary won Kentucky and WV by 40-point margins, and PA by 10-point margins?

    Do you honestly think that those people will vote for Obama now just because of the economy? Absolutely not. He is unpatriotic and r*cist. Those things don’t go away.

    The polls that are being taken now are being fixed. Remember that every pollster predicted a Kerry landslide. Even with voter fraud in Ohio and Florida, the swing states went completely differently than the pollsters predicted.

    I just don’t see the American people elect a guy like Obama. McCain is starting to take the gloves off now. I don’t think Obama has a shot in hell.

  148. bb: sounds vaguely familiar…who cares about those 18 million people who actually prefer the other candidate? WE know who is best, and the rest of you do not exist.

  149. Carol: My guilt left weeks ago. No Obama under any circumstances if my vote will make the difference. I doubt it will as my state will more than likely remain blue. But it will take an act of God for me to vote Obama. Never.

  150. SOD,

    If Repubs were going to “go nuclear,” they should have started right after the conventions. It may be too late now. I just hope McCain doesn’t listen to all the calls for him to be “polite” and chicken out. Obama needs to be leading in the polls by at least 6-7 percent, because he will underperform as he did in the primaries. I have to admit it looks good for Obama right now.

  151. fif – I am sure that Obama will not be elected.

    I am positive that Obama will not be elected.

    The work that we have done will help finish him off. The PUMA’s hung tough. That makes the difference.

    It’s down to the undecided voters and voter turn out now, so that’s where I’m directing my efforts.

    Keep up the action, keep up the attitude!

  152. No, I’ve been right here SOD. And I do not know what is going to happen, but IMHO the economic issue is paramount. I think BO is benefiting from a severe backlash to Bush, and McCain is suffering from that association. I do not know if even swiftboat tactics will counter that. Obama is doing his usual “They are being negative & desperate!” routine, and it might just look like that since the polls are screaming that McCain is behind to everyone who will listen.

  153. SOD: And I love pancakes!! No way, now how would I ever vote for that man.

  154. Soros was shown on SNL this week as the one benefitting from the vast amount of our money given to Paulson with no strings attached. He represents the European financially elite and their financial elite working agents in the USA. The elite Europeans are quoite disturbed about the crash here, as they own much here already, and the crash over there and were desperate not to allow America to take a bold road to recovery and independence by keeping all federal chartered banks open and functioning and all the Wall Street atrocities put under bankruptcy reorganization. They won.

    The media and the liberal f*scists, knowingly or unknowingly, are agents of the same people, and Obama is their baby. This is not as written in stone as making sure that the vast amount of our money in Paulson’s bailout looting is protecting them, weakening us and all “lower classes” globally, and that military is poised to quell any revolution that might erupt when the hyper-inflation and devaluation of the US dollar hit us within days or weeks. Obama still is not a done deal, and might not be so supported after they get all our money. But I’m not speculating on it.

  155. BB – BTD is pathetic. So is Jeralyn. They denounced the WWTSBQ tactics in the primary, but now they’re promoting them.

    Gawd, the Obamasphere is ridiculous!

  156. At this rate, the Dow has 18 more days before it is over.

  157. I love your confidence Arabella!

    What do you think about all the reports re: the “superior BO ground game and emphasis on GOTV efforts?” Traditionally, this has been the GOP’s strength–how do they match up?

  158. Larry Johnson at No Quarter just put up this video about the Weathermen:

  159. Pancakes? (scoff) Doncha know Obama the messiah ™ apparitions only appear on waffles and cheetos?

  160. Karolina!

    Where have you been? It’s good to see you again. Don’t be a stranger.

  161. madamab,

    Some of the TL commenters have bought into it. Military Tracy used to be determined not to vote for Obama. I’m sorry to see her surrender.

  162. Morning people——if anybody here is going to the Harriet Christian thing tonight—–please tell her that she needs to say it over and over that the media gave us Bush and the Iraq war and now Obama. She is on Cavuto at times and if any media is at the event–say it again and again.

  163. WWTSBQ = Why Wont That Stupid Bitch Quit?

    Credit goes to Corrente.

  164. Bush was pushed over by the GOP and the media
    working together. This time GOP is running on one wing . The upper crust has moved to a new host. So it’s not strictly a matter of when the GOP will open fire? . The press that worked for them like ferrets in heat are working the other side. That’s why Palin must take up the slack and GET the GOP more media etc.

  165. kc: Unfortunately the media is only interested in people who promote Obama, not disparage him. Questioning or criticizing The One is paramount to total banishment.

  166. I guess any PUMA going on tv would also help if they keep driving the media’s track record home–we know it has to be repeated 5,000 times for them to take notice. We are like a voice in the wilderness here.

  167. Here ya go – new McCain AD:

    McCain/Palin Haka 👿

  168. fif, on October 6th, 2008 at 10:43 am Said

    Yea, NYC is Obamaworld as well but not as bad as I had expected. They are all over the Upper West Side and Harlem selling t-shirts and buttons and signing up people to canvass in PA. I saw two white guys in the Bronx wearing McCain caps. Very brave.

  169. Votermom
    I don’t know how I could post a pic, as I don’t have my own blog.
    I know it’s not the same but I’ve logged into WordPress so you can see my “Mac and me” avatar 😉


    I’m in northern MA near the NH border-close to Nashua.
    I’m just waiting for some Obamatwit to make my day.
    It infuriates me that people have been made to feel intimidated.
    None of my neighbors have signs out but they pirvately tell me they do not support Obama.

    There are McCain/Palin and Jeff Beatty stickers on both of our vehicles.
    My husband works in Cambridge, which is Obamaville, but we haven’t had a problem with vandalism.
    I suppose that could change as things get uglier but I won’t back down.

  170. Seriously-0 McCain is going to win. Regular people don’t “buy” Obama. I meet them everyday and they don’t “buy” him. Only his special interest groups love him.

  171. The polls that are being taken now are being fixed. Remember that every pollster predicted a Kerry landslide. Even with voter fraud in Ohio and Florida, the swing states went completely differently than the pollsters predicted.

    I just don’t see the American people elect a guy like Obama. McCain is starting to take the gloves off now. I don’t think Obama has a shot in hell.

    madamab: is that true about the swing state polls last time around? I don’t remember that far back. Thank God you guys are here. The constant poll HAKA drumbeat is a powerful force. As*holes. Have you seen those bumper stickers that read: KILL YOUR TELEVISION? If it weren’t for the occasional drama and old comedies that offer helpful escapism from the madness, I might just do that.

  172. BB – That’s so sad about Military Tracy. She always seemed like a lovely person. I’m sure the decision was difficult for her. She can still change her mind, of course. Nothing is final until November 5.

  173. Scott Ritter, an expert on WMD, was so savagely attacked during the run up to this insane invasion that his appearances were canceled. He tried telling us that those weapons did not exist, that the war talk was being gamed, that our leaders were lying through their teeth. It took several years for them to recognize that he spoke the truth.

    The same for Phil Donahue. When he questioned the veracity of the statements his show as canceled. Speaking truth to power is unacceptable until after the facts are known. Until then, go along to get along is what they push.

  174. fif – yes, it’s true. The exit polls from the swing states were 10-15 points off in some cases. I don’t know if it was election fraud or what (I tend to think so), but it was quite astonishing.

    I was in a coma the day after the 2004 election. I was crying so hard and freaking out. I could not believe that the polls and every single pundit was wrong.

    It will be the same this year for Obama supporters. No WAY McCain and Rove are going to let a nominee as scandal-ridden as Obama beat them.

  175. I agree madamab. I can’t go over to TL anymore without getting angry. Jeralyn is a complete moron and out of touch with reality in every aspect from politics to how to fix our criminal justice system. Sorry, but I’ve lost all respect for her like I have with Taylor Marsh. BTD has always been a moron but he hid it well enough because he didn’t have the CDS like most of the other Obamabot bloggers. I guess we gave him credit for that but his reasons for supporting Obama in the first place were idiotic. I think BTD hid his true feelings on a lot of things to try and get Clinton supporters to support Obama. He was very careful not to offend us after Clinton dropped out but I could tell that he was buttering us up to switch over to Obama. When some of us refused and formed PUMA, he called us idiots.
    I seriously don’t know why they are in our blogroll anymore.

  176. Both Fox and Sarah are on a roll!!! Keep it up, you guys. Don’t let this sham get away with anything. Push, push, push.

  177. BB—my computer broke right after I wrote my last entry a week ago. Synchronisity again. I now have a new Mac (Powerbook Pro) as of Saturday, and, BTW, your article about the Bush military to keep the public down was “spot-on,” as was the John Cleese about how the British elite feel about everybody who is not the British elite. Including the American elite.

  178. Off to work peeps. Have a great day.

  179. A few days after Bush “won” in 2000, my former boss declared that this “win” was a “message from God.” She repeated that assertion again when 9/11 occurred. She was absolutely certain of what she said and we had to agree never, ever to discuss politics again as I was dumbfounded a that the simplicity of this statement.

    Fastframe to 2008 and the same certainty arises from those supporting Obama. The conviction that he has been “chosen by God” to bring stability to this world is almost as fanatical. Nancy Pelosi was merely uttering the talking points of their beliefs. Twisted logic all around.

  180. DV – When BTD admitted that he wanted Hillary for Obama’s VP because she would take a lot of the media’s attention off of him – getting the bulk of the negativity, of course – I knew how much respect he REALLY had for Hillary.

    I left very shortly afterwards. I could see right through his phony attempts to have it both ways. And no one that calls me stupid gets any traffic from me. Period.

  181. Pat – I truly believe the WMD were there. We sold them or gave them to Sadam to handle Iran. What happened to them I don’t know. Was it a reason to go, of course not. But, Sadam had them at some point.

    I believe that is a fact.

  182. madamab, on October 6th, 2008 at 9:34 am Said:

    All Afro American – I am getting a bot invasion even at my little place. They are freaking out about the fact that we PUMAs are standing strong.

    Yup, I guess the first wave of threats should have shut us up and here we are… Viva La Resistance!

    Maybe they are afraid you will post this:
    Palin: “Obama Disqualified To Be Commander-in-Chief” (In My World)

  183. re polls:
    DJ Drummond over at Wizbang has written a lot of great analyses of the polls… he studied the 2004 polls in detail. On average the national polls were about 5-10% off and always in favor of Kerry, while the state polls were even worse, sometimes as much as 15% off in Kerry’s favor, even in solidly red states. Very illuminating.

  184. I won a trip from work to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard a few years ago. I remember a tour in which they pointed out the Mega Multi-Million dollar home of the guy that sold us and other countries all of the land mines that Princess Diana was attempting to remove before she died. We were told of all of the amenities – pools, tennis, bowling alley, etc. They were bragging, my son and I sat stunned and disgusted.

    We as American’s are in the sh*t head first up to our ankles.

    What we should be looking at now is the huge layout of weapons to Tiawan that we are about to sell them!


  185. It also maybe to the reaction of P Diddy saying he is under the blankets scared?

    Isn’t all grown up and doesn’t he have kids. A woman scares him? A woman that runs a State and one with a budget in the billions? P Diddy, isn’t a very good actor.

  186. I’ve been enjoying the posts… I’m an Independent and I have not voted for a major party candidate for President since 1984 when I actively supported the Ferraro VP candidacy… This year I’m voting against a major party candidate and holding my nose and holding my breath marking my ballot for McCain – Palin

  187. Pat— “he has been “chosen by God” to bring stability to this world” is at least looking for a working outcome! I have heard educated professionals and elderly AAs in the Midwest say that he is “chosen by God” to bring about the frigging end times and warning me that we must all be “right with Jesus.” It’s more surreal than 9-11 was for me.

  188. Carol: We had contained Saddam. We knew everytime he went to the bathroom. The evidence was based on phony reports and the Chalibi connection along with Bush’s desire to “finish the job” his father did not. I know the real reasons have not fully been outed, but there was simply no good reason why we ever invaded that country and put lives in peril when the supposed evidence was sketchy at best.

    The damage forthcoming from specious arguments and cloudy reasoning will never be overcome. This is Bush’s folly and we will be suffering for many decades as a result. And the Iraqi people themselves, whose lives were severely upended, are the ultimate woeful recipients of an invasion based on faulty intelligence. We should never have gone there and had those who had the power to openly question this action had done so, we may not be in this precarious position we find ourselves in today. Instead, silence for fear of being labeled “unpatriotic”. Shame on them.

  189. Dangerous


    New McCain ad which they don’t want on any blogs…like the Palin one.

  190. Of course Sadam had WMD….years before that we sold him to him. But they were not usable by 2003, since the last ones were sold to him long before that. They don’t have a long shelf life. After a time, if you try to use them , they are just as dangerous to the user as the supposed target. We knew that of course. Bush would never attack if he thought Sadam had useable WMD. Tony Blair knew it was a lie….etc. I have maintained Valerie Plame was taken down, not because of her husband’s activities, but because of what she knew about the WMD,…and how to tract them. How can you move WMD about with her and her network watching? Bush and co have been arm runners for many decades. It would be great for them that a world wide WMD watching network was taken down. IMO

  191. P Diddy under the covers is his usual resting place since he has how many illegitimate kids with how many different women? A moron.

  192. The Dallas Morning News Fact Check:

    The claim: Sarah Palin on Sunday again said Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” referring to 1960’s radical William Ayers.

    The verdict: False, according to CNN

    !!!!! That’s some “fact check” – what CNN says. LOL

  193. Brad in Ca
    you are a patriot

  194. *hearings should have been scheduled…

  195. But Kucinich and others are making good points. Those who voted no are explaining why they voted no as they ask questions. If you can and have time to listen, do so. Kucinich is right in that these hearings should have been done BEFORE the bailout.

    Hearings before the bailout-what a concept!!
    Well, duh!
    Those f-ers.
    Market was down about 400 last time I checked.
    I thought the bailout was going to make it all better.

  196. Pat Johnson,

    It is amazing how many people saw his rant under the blankets. Wasn’t he in a shoot out? That didn’t seem to get him under the blankets, but a WOMAN IN POWER….WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  197. catarina – I forgot to say, YOU are awesome!!! You go girl.


  198. Gotta do some work now—man the barricades! Check in late and stock up on popcorn.

  199. The claim: Sarah Palin on Sunday again said Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists,” referring to 1960’s radical William Ayers.

    The verdict: False, according to CNN

    !!!!! That’s some “fact check” – what CNN says. LOL

    Yup, they checked with Roland Martin and he said FALSE! lol

  200. I’m waiting for these ads to come out. So far McCain has been pretty silent. He needs to start getting excited about this campaign again and push out those ads.

  201. The voters are not believing it. The banks over seas put in more securities and many people are pulling out their money and placing it over seas. Gee, those politicians were supposed to ad more security here but they all wanted to go home. You know that Nancy, she will turn off the lights and its over…serving the people will have to wait until she is done electing Obama.

    C-SPAN BAILOUT live..

    Did you get the eye movement?

  202. roland martin is a STUPID racist hack.

  203. Still an angry stupid macho hate filled bigot here! I can’t help taking out my aggresion on women by hiding my coward ass behind a computer screen. I’m a disgrace to my mother.

  204. if they want to imply that sarah is racist, and that even though obama sat in that racist church for 20 years its only “guilt by association”, why doesn’t somebody remind the media that it was the obama campaign itself that referred to Hillary as Sen. Clintond D (punjab)….racist assholes.

  205. Pat Johnson, on October 6th, 2008 at 11:21 am Said
    We had contained Saddam. We knew everytime he went to the bathroom. The evidence was based on phony reports and the Chalibi connection along with Bush’s desire to “finish the job” his father did not.

    ….of course. & If Chalibi wasn’t a liar , he would not have been used

    The reason was oil…. . Also Saddam was about to go to euros….that would spelled total disaster to us. Plus we always take down our strong men when they have served their purpose. Ask Noriega. The other reason was, they could go to war& Bush and co love war….I sometimes think they wanted this 700 B bailout because they couldn’t get their Iran war….yet, so they will just take the war’s profit this way. Only with war could Bush and co keep reaming out the US like a stolen car….Obama wants to keep on that tract….not only will he not end the war, he’ll likely start a new one in Pakistan…and his advisor since Columbia, Zig , wants one with Russia . So of course Obama is the media darling

  206. Many House congress-people last Friday were being threatened by the same candidate’s charming machine that controlled the Democratic Convention roll-call vote. I have been happy to see it come out at least a little in the media over the weekend.

  207. Wow. I’m such a dick. sorry about that. my mother is a fool who never taught me any manners.

  208. Catarina-

    It doesn’t seem to be helping the market much and overseas things are no better. Iceland (ok they are a small country) stands to self destruct as its bank is leveraged to many multiples of the Icelandic GDP. Problem is that that bank supports/lends to citizens and businesses in the UK.

    BTW – I like what Nell Minnow just said in the hearing “we rate Boards by their results not their resumes…”. Why doesn’t that work for our nominee (whose acheivemnts are thinner than his resume).

  209. 99 PROBLEMS

    PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Barack Obama claims to run a clean campaign, but someone in his camp took a swipe at Hillary Clinton through the candidate’s theme song. As Obama and his wife, Michelle, strolled triumphantly into his victory party in Des Moines, Iowa, on Jan. 3, Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” was blaring — a song where Jay raps, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.” Most listeners took it as a not-so-sly reference to Clinton. “We didn’t know he used that,” a shocked Clinton spokesperson said.

    Well guess who is giving a FREE CONCERT to motivate the base in FLORIDA…you guessed it! Jay-Z!

  210. madison, stop spamming all of the threads or you will be banned.

  211. woman voter – I’m going to hold off on judgement until Begala and Donna let us know their opinion. So far from them I have only heard “this is a distraction and the American people” can’t understand more than one thing at a time.

  212. Karolina NYC, on October 6th, 2008 at 11:20 am Said:
    Pat— “he has been “chosen by God” to bring stability to this world” is at least looking for a working outcome! I have heard educated professionals and elderly AAs in the Midwest say that he is “chosen by God” to bring about the frigging end times and warning me that we must all be “right with Jesus.” It’s more surreal than 9-11 was for me.


    This is the kind of purile nonsense that gives me the nonsense. For god’s sake, why make some creepy cult out of it? Enough has happened that any messianic view of BO makes you a fool. At best.

  213. We have all been bullshitted.
    If I had a nickel for every asshole that told me how stupid I was for not supporting the bailout.
    What a giant snowjob.

    I’ve been so busy plastering my house, car, purse, and forehead with McCain/Palin stickers I haven’t had much time to read my usual foreign papers, but I did see a few headlines that said EU countries are attempting to calm things by fully insuring citizens’ bank accounts. Imagine that-what a great idea!
    I feel a 700 billion dollar brain aneurism coming on.

    you’re pretty damned awesome yourself

  214. That makes ALOT of sense…..Water rights!! That’s the oil of tomorrow

  215. Katy, thank you for your information – when I first joined the PUMAs I said I believed that the powers that got Bush into office thought that Bush had turned off voters so much that they would not be able to win with another Republican so they looked around and said who can we back and how can we do this with a Democrat? Ahhh, a minority – no, a woman won’t be able to get elected in America yet. We need a black male – yes, that guy that gave the speech for Gore. He speaks well, looks pretty good and he’s got a big enough ego to go along with us.”
    And thus was born the BO campaign

  216. The media hated Al Gore and because he was “stiff” and in their words, unlikeable, trashed him so badly we got Bush in his place. Chris Matthews wanted to have a beer with him – they were giving that as a reason to vote for Bush. Since the media now wants to stuff this unqualified arrogant radical man in a suit down our throats, we will probably be stuck with him for the next 8 years. Having lived through the GWB years, we know first hand how quickly and how much damage can be done by a president who does not know what he is doing. What kind of damage can be done by one who doesn’t care about us (in my opinion Obama) and potentially wants to do this country harm? If the media and the DNC wanted to give us the first african american candidate, why not give us a qualified one, who is not tied to radical terrorists???

  217. joanelle, I agree with you. BO is the staus quo candidate, a wholly owned subsidiary of Big Money Inc.

  218. Whoever is “monitoring” ABG – thanks! Great laughs with your comments – and they’re most likely true!

  219. gary: I just spit my latest cup of coffee onto the screen with the fishtank reference. Hysterical! Glad I keep my Windex handy these days. Probably accounts for much of my “housekeeping” skills in that I am forever wiping off the monitor.

  220. I agree SOD – they never would have chosen him for the nomination speech if he wasn’t already in their pocket before then

  221. The MSM is batting 1000. They just gave us 8 years of the worst presidency to ever grace the landscape and they are providing us with a sample more of another president who may actually beat him out for the Number 1 slot. Way to go!!

  222. Exactly. One only has to look at what has been done already in other countries to get a clue ….in some places it was illegal to put a bucket out for rain water .
    Because the water was “privatized” i.e. stolen
    The corporations are bringing every awful thing done else where, here It’s not new, just new to us. And they just love that every protest can be met with” that’s rac**st “.

  223. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thoroughly rely on Roland Martin to explain my next moves. This guy is so objective!

  224. Thank God if BO can pull it off here, he will have another office to run for, “King of the World”:

    Global Poll Finds Obama Preferred in All Countries But U.S.
    A new global poll of 17 countries finds a huge preference for Barack Obama over John McCain in the presidential election in 16 of those countries. In the 17th country — the U.S. — McCain was edging out Obama.

  225. If Obama is a “gift from God” is there a return policy in place?

  226. Do you all remeber during primaries when revrend Wright story came out the polls for Obama kept rising. This is fix to show that people do not believe it in hope that opponent will be discouraged. Same story like with Hillary, all over. People, spread it around that polls are fixed.


  227. Katy is right – we do not have the funding or capacity to reeducate/align the Big media but we do have the capacity to have logical conversations with those we know who are still on the fence, going to vote third party or even obamabots who can be swayed – we need to be careful that we don’t win the battles and lose the war.

  228. aahhhh, “Rabid Roland”

    I love his twitching rants when his eyes are almost bulging out of his head.
    Isn’t there some medication he could take?
    The man seems to me to be suffering.

    Gary, please ask the fish when things will be better, since nobody else has any ideas.

  229. Pat Johnson,

    Yup, me too especially since he went with Rev. Wright to show how it was just the Black Church tradition until the good Rev. Said that Obama had him in the cellar praying with him before he went up to do the show for us. He hadn’t been un-invited after all…it was just to fool us fools.

    Then the Rev. Wright tour came to a quick full stop.

    Don’t you remember it was CNN that played it live…yup that helped…NOT!

  230. eBay is firing 1000. CNN just keeps telling people to pay down there CC debt. What planet are these people on??????????/

  231. I keep my tv off for the most part and am hoping for the day it is “safe” once again to turn it back on. But someone at CNN came up with the idea to give Roland Martin his own show. Must be the same programmer who thought showcasing the Lohan’s would clean up in the ratings. Sheessh!

  232. Pat Johnson, on October 6th, 2008 at 12:06 pm Said:
    If Obama is a “gift from God” is there a return policy in place?

    Hence, Hitchens Book “GOD is Not Good”.

  233. Target has a pretty good return policy. God could follow their lead. Just saying.

  234. McCain needs to name his economic team.

  235. Carol: Excellent point!!! Leave it to you to come up with that analogy!

  236. Pat – Target is only 90 or 180 days. The return policy probably has passed.

  237. Let’s see, what have I accomplished so far today? Got up, made coffee, unloaded the dishwasher, made my bed, took a shower, got dressed, inserted my unnecessary opinion into everything. Exhausting!!! Think I will do some yardwork and hit the store.

    A nap is in store as I am carrying too much responsibility on my shoulders. Retirement does not come easily I must say. Looks like I am definitely “overdoing it”.

  238. This may be a reason to vote for McCain and possibly other Republicans, Can the bailout work? Fat chance

    David Kotok over at Cumberland Advisors in New Jersey gives another reason the Senate plan won’t work: It proposes to buy bad assets only from institutions that decide to participate. Any institution that can avoid the bill’s constraints — such as limits on executive pay — will try to do so. Indeed, only the weakest banks will opt into the program, in an act of desperation, he predicts.

    “The others will languish and deteriorate until they, too, become so weak as to leave them without any choice,” Kotok says, which may actually come too late.

    Who is it that will decide to participate? The executives. I asked someone that works in executive compensation and they agreed. The executives would rather collect their enormous salaries with a slim chance that their bank would survive before they drastically reduce their own pay.

    At this point, the question in the next four years to be answered on Nov.4 is whether the tent cities are called Obamavilles or McCainvilles. Neither one of them will be able to fix this and whoever is in power will get the blame.

    The next two elections could be a great opportunity for the 30%. We need to get women candidates in position to challenge incumbents for 2010 and 2012.

  239. after wright spoke to the NAACP Roland Martin couldn’t heap enough praise on him. when he said basically the same thing the next day at the Press Club, and after obama denounced him, Martin agreed. He’s a two faced bigotted liar.

  240. It appears we are one stepped removed from Potterville, USA.

  241. OMG – get ready to laugh if it weren’t so frightening:

    ICYMI: Obama Campaign Now Claims Obama Didn’t Know About Ayers’ Past

    “Our Jim Acosta talked with your senior strategist David Axelrod about this. In 1995, William Ayers held kind of a get-to-know you event at his place where he was introducing Barack Obama to the political culture there in Chicago when he was running for the State Senate for the first time. David Axelrod said that at that meeting Senator Obama was not aware of Ayers’ radical background.” — CNN’s John Roberts

    CNN’s “American Morning”
    October 6, 2008

    CNN’s John Roberts: “I just want to try to get to the heart of it so that people at home can understand. Our Jim Acosta talked with your senior strategist David Axelrod about this. In 1995, William Ayers held kind of a get-to-know you event at his place where he was introducing Barack Obama to the political culture there in Chicago when he was running for the State Senate for the first time. David Axelrod said that at that meeting Senator Obama was not aware of Ayers’ radical background. Is that true?”

    Obama Senior Strategist Robert Gibbs: “Look, if that’s what David said, that is true. Look, again, this is a relationship, excuse me, that Barack Obama has condemned the actions of Bill Ayers. This is somebody that The New York Times said Barack Obama’s not close to, and, again, John, this is a way of distracting the American people from what’s important.”

    Watch The New Obama Campaign Defense

    FACT CHECK: Axelrod Has Said Ayers And Obama Are “Certainly Friendly,” And The Obama Campaign Has NEVER BEFORE SAID Obama Didn’t Know Ayers’ Radical And Violent History — But Has Referred To Him As “Respected Advisor” To Chicago Mayor

    When Politico First Reported On Obama’s 1995 Meeting At William Ayers’ Home Reportedly Launching His Campaign, The Obama Campaign Never Said He Didn’t Know Ayers’ Radical History. “In 1995, State Senator Alice Palmer introduced her chosen successor, Barack Obama, to a few of the district’s influential liberals at the home of two well known figures on the local left: William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn. While Ayers and Dohrn may be thought of in Hyde Park as local activists, they’re better known nationally as two of the most notorious — and unrepentant — figures from the violent fringe of the 1960s anti-war movement. … I can remember being one of a small group of people who came to Bill Ayers’ house to learn that Alice Palmer was stepping down from the senate and running for Congress,’ said Dr. Quentin Young, a prominent Chicago physician and advocate for single-payer health care, of the informal gathering at the home of A yers and his wife, Dohrn. [Palmer] identified [Obama] as her successor.’ Obama’s campaign dismisses the notion that his relationship with Ayers should be seen through the lens of the latter’s violent past, or his present lack of regret for the bombings. … He described Ayers as a professor of education at the University of Illinois-Chicago and a former aide to Mayor Richard J. Daley,’ referring to printed reports that he had “advised” Daley on school reform. Dr. Young and another guest, Maria Warren, described it similarly: as an introduction to Hyde Park liberals of the handpicked successor to Palmer, a well-regarded figure on the left. When I first met Barack Obama, he was giving a standard, innocuous little talk in the living room of those two legends-in-their-own-minds, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn,’ Warren wrote on her blog in 2005. They were launching him — introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.'” (Ben Smith, “Obama Once Visited 60s Radicals,” The Politico, 1/22/08)

    When Senator Hillary Clinton Made Similar Attack, Obama Campaign NEVER Made Argument That He Didn’t Know About Obama’s Radical And Violent Past. (Obama For America, “Fact Check On Obama And Ayers, factcheck.barackobama.com, 4/17/08)

    Obama Campaign Argued That Ayers Was “Respected Advisor” To Chicago Mayor Daley, And That “Charges Against Ayers Were Dropped And He Served No Time.” (Obama For America, “Fact Check On Obama And Ayers, factcheck.barackobama.com, 4/17/08)

    Axelrod Has Previously Said Obama And Ayers Are “Certainly Friendly.” AXELROD: “They’re certainly friendly, they know each other, as anyone whose kids go to school together.” (Ben Smith, “Ax On Ayers,” http://www.politico.com, 2/26/08)

    Two Years After Meeting Ayers, Obama Published “Rave Review” Of Ayers’ Book In The Chicago Tribune, And Jointly Appeared On Academic Panels Together. “The two men were involved in efforts to reform the city’s education system. They appeared together on academic panels, including one organized by Michelle Obama to discuss the juvenile justice system, an area of mutual concern. Mr. Ayers’s book on the subject won a rave review in The Chicago Tribune by Mr. Obama, who called it a searing and timely account.'” (Jo Becker and Christopher Drew, “Pragmatic Politics, Forged On The South Side,” The New York Times, 5/11/08)

  242. October 6th, 2008 11:40 AM Eastern
    what is wrong with some people?
    by Greta Van Susteren
    I should name the journalist but will not…but a male journalist sent me porn – a digitally created picture of Senator McCain and Governor Palin that I will describe no further

  243. name the journalist, Greta, come on

  244. What was so enormously refreshing this morning listening to Governor Palin was having her relate things she has actually done….solutions she has used that worked and are still working

    . While she was talking about those things… what really came home to me was not even how little we have heard like this; of accomplishments ; but that we have heard NOTHING of any accomplishments from the “demographic party ” because there is
    absolutely nothing to offer . I so enjoyed hearing what she has actually done ,
    I half expected to her her say to Floridians they would have a solar panel on every roof and make money selling their solar energy to the rest of the country !!!
    bo is truly the has done nothing and will do nothing candidate

    The “media “will not offer this perspective but the people will get it , and that is yet another reason bo and mo and co are afraid of Palin.
    She really is his worst nightmare . He made fun of Hillary by invoking Annie Oakley , and he got Annie
    Oakley with a degree in journalism . I was screaming laughing when she said she was ” just trying keep Tina Fey in business

    I think the agenda that is driving the media is multifaceted , with corporate ownership ; CNN Corporate News Network etc etc . ; their own desire to be right , this is their horse in his race they ( David Gurgen et al ) picked him , and the misogyny rampant in the system, all contributing to the
    greatest sell out of the American people I have ever seen and the guilty parties have thrown out all principles of honest journalism and fair reporting .

    The weapons we have to fight this sell out are, largely ; the internet, which is the largest and most powerful weapon in our arsenal ..and the interconnectedness of communications with cellphones and people with recording devices of all kinds ..audio and visual to chronicle the truth
    and provide it for as many people as possible .

  245. I can’t believe they are claiming Obama had no idea about Ayers past. Just like he didn’t know Rezko was a thug. LOL…he’s pretty oblivious isn’t he? He worked on the Annenberg Challenge for 8 years and in all that time he never got an inkling about Ayers…never heard a rumor? Please, how stupid are people to believe that?

    If you have already, please check out http://barackobamaassociates.info/


  246. The other SNL skit – no Palin – but shows Dems creating the crisis – and funny too – Th Nancy impersonation is priceless

  247. Buy up stock in itrade on McCain. Apparently he’s low right now, which means when he wins we will cash in and have money for the economic depression and maybe a little bit for Hillary’s run in 2012.

  248. carol, I saw that video on you tube, absolutely disgusting, and it has no warning or anything, I was just scanning for vids. these people are sick.

  249. I don’t know if you are interested, but I’ve been asked to participate in a BBCWorld discussion on “Are women women’s worst enemy?’ about the Sarah Palin comment …

    the link is here for the online discussion:


  250. Carol, that’s interesting. I read somewhere, possibly the New Statesman(UK) that Axelrod had been grooming BO since at least 1993, and that his 2nd autobiography had been vetted by him as road to WH material.

    Anyway, here in Italy the stock market has lost 7% this morning; a bank (Unicredit) is being bailed out by the govt for over 6 billion euros. They are blaming it all on the US subprime market.

    Also the dollar is gaining on the euro. Lately a euro was worth s’thing like 1.48 dollars, now it’s 1.35$.
    They have atarted having amazing sales here on household appliances and electronic goods. Just my2cents.


    Bring the party up to the lunchtable post !

  252. There’s also a live cast and it’s played on NPR later today …. The live cast link is on that site … or I have it if you’re interested also

  253. I am still upset that Hillary voted “yes” for the bailout. Why? I am sure that she knew better. To LOOK good, because eeryone was SAYING it was just the thing that was immediately needed and would save the frigging economy?

    The government is the enemy right now, and any idiots who still believe that Obama as POTUS would turn that around are so far in denial they may never find their way back to reality.

  254. Hey, conflucians, I see y’all are in fine fighting fettle (Agnew would love it). Just wanted to report that today’s San Antonio paper had a great editorial cartoon lampooning MSM Obama Love bigtime. This is something of a departure for them, and hopefully a good sign. The cartoon features a news correspondent labeled “Objective Reporting” wired to a contraption labeled “mainstream media’. The contraption is emitting soap bubbles containing the Obama logo. Scattered around the background are newsboxes stuffed with papers headlined “obama’ , ‘hope’, ‘change. One paper has a photo of Obama adorned by a halo. The cartoon is a product of the Washington Post Writers Group – surprise, surprise.
    (The cartoon isn’t on the Express-News website yet, so y’all got stuck with the verbal description.) This one goes up on the fridge.

  255. […] 6, 2008 · No Comments Riverdaughter: Harriet Christian wanted me to pass on this invitation to those of you in the NY-CT-NJ tri-state […]

  256. thank you, catarina, for your comment…

    anybody else find it curious that the global deleveraging is occurring shortly before the US elections… there is a great deal of money out there and the unravelling could be supported by money plays…

    my concern is related to the amount of outside financing of bo’s campaign… monies that seem untraceable but definitely foreign to these shores…

    could it be that foreign entities are propping up bo… along with the DNC and MSM?

  257. I have long been convinced that the biggest and most dangerous enemy our country faces is our corrupt, corporate media.

    In fact I wrote a little something about that a couple says ago over @ Insight

    Here’s a link if you’re interested in more on the same subject:


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