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      While there certainly were Russian bots pushing Sanders back in 2016 (it was part of my job to track them), and most assuredly they’re there again, it’s really disingenuous of Bernie to insinuate his online supporters aren’t known for attacking people — because they’re people we know. Some of them are members of his senior … Continue reading Deja vu […]
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Barack Obama: Cartoon Liberal

Is This the Image We Want Democrats Projecting?

Is This the Image We Want Democrats Projecting?

I have been racking my brain, and I honestly cannot come up with any way that the DNC could have screwed America any more than by nominating Barack Obama this year. The reason? He is the most cartoonish exaggeration of a far-left liberal that has ever run for President. And the rightwing narratives against liberals are all being confirmed by everything he does and says. To wit:

Liberals hate America.

Does Obama really seem like a guy who is positive about America as a country? Do I really need to go into all the statements by his wife, his associates (Wright and Ayers) and himself? There is a way to present solutions to our problems without sounding like you think America sucks. Hillary was great at it – she used the word “potential” all the time. That is why she got the Clinton Dem vote and Obama didn’t.

Liberals want to suppress free speech.

I used to think the rightwingers were crazy for saying this. But along comes Obama, whose operatives and supporters infiltrate the entire fauxgressive blogosphere and create a No-Tolerance atmosphere for anyone supporting Hillary. He bans the usage of signs at several of his campaign appearances. He and his enablers at the DNC silence the voters of Michigan and Florida by invalidating their elections, despite the fact that doing so invalidates the DNC’s own rules. He calls for a “civilian security force” as big as the current military. He creates a “Truth Squad” that threatens to use law enforcement to crack down on “lying” political ads. (The law enforcement officials involved have been forced to back off their original, incendiary statements.)

Liberals are bigots.

Gosh, you think a guy who plays the race card constantly is a bigot? A guy who calls his own grandmother a “typical white person?” I think it’s ludicrous that everything is about race with Obama. Geraldine Ferraro was 100% accurate in her statement. If Obama weren’t black, he never would have gotten this far. Or do you think the 90-94% of AA’s that voted for Obama in the primaries would have done the same for a white man? That firewall of support was the only thing that gave him any legitimacy whatsoever as the Democratic nominee.

Liberals are elitists.

This one is true about Obama, and unfortunately, about the fauxgressive blogosphere as well. Obama is arrogant and condescending, and so are his supporters. Just go to any fauxgressive site and you will see the hatred and ridicule that anyone not supporting Obama, Republican, Democrat or Independent, receives. As for me, I experience the elitism every day. Everyone that comes here to try to change my mind about Obama talks down to me, or posts some ridiculous nonsense that’s either untrue or irrelevant. Whatever happened to realizing that people who disagree with you are not stupid, or even necessarily wrong? What happened to keeping an open mind and realizing that Republicans, for the most part, are just good people who disagree with us? It is “fatiguing and irritating” to constantly argue with people who are underinformed and over-opinionated, but this year, I find Obama supporters to be that way, not PUMAs.

Far from strengthening the Democratic brand, having Barack Obama as our representative this year is weakening it, perhaps fatally. Millions of die-hard Democrats are now voting for a Republican for President because Obama is unacceptable to them. Wasn’t that supposed to be the other way around this year? Where are all of Obama’s vaunted Republican supporters? I thought Bush had destroyed the Republican brand forever. Looks like McPalin is on the way to revitalizing and infusing it with new meaning, doesn’t it? The Party of tolerance (Palin talked about “equal rights” this morning in Florida) and American exceptionalism? The Party of Reform? The Party of honor and service? I’ll tell you something, this sounds a lot better than the Party of America-hating, free-speech-suppressing, bigoted and elitist Barack Obama.

And we made this happen this year. The blame is entirely on the DNC, who saw that Hillary had leapt every hurdle necessary to win in November, while playing by every arbitrary rule they made, yet handed the nomination to the man who boasted no important blue state or swing state wins, but who had swept Utah, Kansas and Idaho.

And heaven forfend that this empty suit somehow limps into the White House. There won’t be another Democratic President for decades after that. His combination of “me-too” non-leadership and authoritarian tendencies will move America even further in the wrong direction. He will be the Jimmy Carter of 2008.

Because I am against Obama, my left-wing creds are even being questioned by the one conservative whose blog I visit. He says I MUST have moved to the right because Obama is the left-wing of the Democratic Party and I refuse to support him. Uh, no, my friend. It’s just that Obama is neither a liberal nor a Democrat. But why would conservatives know that, when he calls himself a Democrat, and confirms that their every stereotype of a liberal is right on the money?

Gosh, wouldn’t it have been horrible to nominate someone who is positive about America, whose resume and associations have all been shuffled through ad nauseum, and who actually has a clue about the economy, equal rights and reforming health care? Someone who could refute all the negative stereotypes liberals are always saddled with? Someone who could actually unite Americans and move us forward into the 21st century?

But then, we would have won the election, and the Congresscritters would have had to (gasp!) do some work. And as we know, work isn’t their strong point.

Right, Harry?

Cross-posted at Partizane

370 Responses

  1. Because I am against Obama, my left-wing creds are even being questioned by the one conservative whose blog I visit. He says I MUST have moved to the right because Obama is the left-wing of the Democratic Party and I refuse to support him. Uh, no, my friend. It’s just that Obama is neither a liberal nor a Democrat. But why would conservatives know that, when he calls himself a Democrat, and confirms that their every stereotype of a liberal is right on the money?


    THis is the arguement I have with my Repub. brother who swears I’m now a repub.

    NO, it’s that Obama is NOT a Democrat, at least not in my definition of what a Democrat is.


  2. I think they just said on fox that obama is calling for a second bailout package. is that true?

  3. Here’s story on Fuld’s testimony to Congress today:


    This guy should be tarred/feathered and then all his assets taken.

  4. As bad as Mr O is, some of his supporters scare me more…

  5. 2nd BAILOUT??????


    (dropped to the floor)

  6. Gary: someone on corrente said this would be only bailout #1 and that 2 would follow.

  7. Gary – a different one, or an additional one?!

    SM – Ha! I knew I couldn’t be the only one!

  8. “Liberals want to suppress free speech”

    Don’t forget about the Fairness Doctrine which Obama will impose which will be the end of conservative talk radio. He can do it with out an act of congress and he’s already promised he will.

    If it were not for the alternative conservative media there would be no truth out about Obama. Come Jan he will silence everyone but the MSM who will fawn and adore him for the next 4 to 8 years.


  9. Well doesn’t this all work out well for Goldman:

    WASHINGTON – The administration has selected a former Goldman Sachs executive to be the interim head of its $700 billion rescue effort for financial institutions.

    Neel Kashkari, the Treasury’s assistant secretary for international affairs, was selected Monday to be the interim head of Treasury’s new Office of Financial Stability.

    The designation was made by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who was the head of Goldman Sachs before he joined the Bush administration in 2006. Kashkari, 35, will head the office created by the emergency legislation enacted Friday to fund the largest government bailout in history

  10. they said he said we may need another bailout at a campaign event today.

  11. I have exactly $42.00 in my wallet. Here, take it now! Why bother going back to congress for a second dip in the pond. This paltry sum should at least pay for the next dance, horseback, gymnastic, or tennis lesson for the girls. Or how about another mailer from the campaign? Hate to tell you, but mine end up in the fireplace.

    Go ahead. Ask for more money. Ever hear of blood from a stone? Say hello to a piece of quartz.

  12. WTF are they going to do to collect more money?

    Are they going to drive by & pick up scrap metal or something????

  13. Is Obama asking for a second bailout package for the country or for himself?

    (poor attempt at humor)

    I have no job and a bad case of bronchitis, but Obama is about to go down. So I laugh in face of misfortune.

  14. madamab: Terrific post! You sum up this “progressive” bs perfectly. As usual.

  15. “I just didn’t show up out of nowhere”–John McCain LOL

  16. Back with MadamaB’s article, I see Obama the cartoonish image of a “librul” on the outside, but on the inside, Obama’s a Neo-Con.

  17. today i received yet ANOTHER mailer begging money from me from the DNC with Barack Obama’s name on the envelope in the return address corner.

    I called Molly Barker @ the DNC and told her in the most polite but yet stern voice I could muster to ask them to take me off their mailing lists. I have made this request more than once. Next time, I’m gonna cuss those fuck*rs out.

    The last thing Barack Obama is is a liberal. That lazy ba5tard hangs out with Donnie McClurkin and voted FOR FISA.

    I can’t stand the air that a55hat breathes. May him and his voters rot in he11.

  18. McCain letting the hammer down on Obama now LIVE in New Mexico.

    Palin is in Florida and speaking now also!!
    The crowd is going wild!!

  19. We (the country) don’t have any money. To do even the 1st bailout I’m guessing they’ll either just print it or auction off a helluva lot of Treasury notes to China. Woe to us the day China comes collecting.

  20. Thanks for the summary, madamab. It is all too true.

    I’m still recovering from what happened to the blogosphere/democratic party once Obama came onto to the scene. In retrospect, I think the Obama phenomenon just revealed the cracks that had been in the foundation all along.

    Now it’s time to regroup.

  21. I need to remain angry as this could easily turn into depression and I do not want the shower I took today to be the last. Oh, and I am munching on ginger snaps too.

  22. I hate when I make grammatical errors. It should have been may HE and his voters…

  23. McCain better hurry up with his October Surprise because I’ve just about HAD IT with Obama.

  24. Oh, McCain rocks!

  25. Go Johnny Go!!

    McCain is nailing Obama with the truth!



  26. omg…he’s letting hiim have it. “for someone who has written two memoirs, he’s not exactly and open book!”

  27. Pat Johnson, on October 6th, 2008 at 3:30 pm Said:

    I need to remain angry as this could easily turn into depression and I do not want the shower I took today to be the last. Oh, and I am munching on ginger snaps too.


  28. That October surprise needs to happen before Halloween. I am almost thinking that the R’s WANT to lose so the Dems can have Obama screw it up even more and they can swoop down in 2012 with Romney/Palin and lead us into the abyss for another 12 years ala Reagan and Bush41.

  29. Whenever I hear someone describe Obama as a liberal, my first impulse is to scream “NOOOOOOOO!”

    Haven’t we been maligned enough without being associated with that narcissistic, malignant sh*thead?

  30. Palin just lowered the boom on Barry!!

    Oh hell yes!!

  31. someone in the audience just yelled ACORN!

  32. I’m glad someone brought up The Fairness Doctrine– the perfect phrase for a broadcasting world in which war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength.

  33. pat i just found the anise cookies I hid on myself last week
    was wondering if i should ration them

  34. McCain calls out Obama on the “Big Lie”…damn…

  35. Heidi Li has a new post up, http://tdg.typepad.com/heidi_lis_potpourri/

  36. Fredster: You are too much! But that would require engergy and mine is fast slipping down the drain.

  37. catarina; Indulge. We are probably in the midst now of playing out our last string anyway.

  38. McCain sounds strong and he looks great.

    He’s laying it out for the audience and they are gettting it.

  39. Nah, looks easy.

    Instead of gathering soda cans for the crusher we’ll all be scrounging for little pieces of soap to melt down and remake.

    We can be scrungy in the depression but we can still smell good.

    BTW: IronMan who is showing Palin?

  40. Very nice post, madamab. Thank you.

    I honestly don’t thing there needs to be an October surprise. I don’t believe the polls. How many times, during the primary, were we told that the polls were close in some states that eventually went to Clinton by double digits? I don’t believe this drumbeat from the media and the pollsters. I think McCain is going to win and the media is going to pontificate about a “Bradley Effect” and that we are all r@cists. We just have to remain vigilant and not get discouraged. Obama will lose because the majority of Americans do not want the Obama/Biden team in the White House.

  41. JohninCA: Someone named Orwell predicted this way back in 1949 in a book titled 1984. Predictions do come true.

  42. ohgod pat!

    Fox is streaming Palin and Mac live and you don’t even have to worry about commentary from Roland Martin!

  43. Fredster, on October 6th, 2008 at 3:37 pm Said:

    Nah, looks easy.

    I make soap occasionally – the cold process method isn’t as easy as it may look, but it’s fun. Pat, I’ll send you some when I make my next batch! Maybe even a gingersnap scented one!

  44. Carol: Thanks for the link. This way I did not break my ban on cable news.

  45. Sarah was shouted down, she turned and said, “God Bless you sir, my son is in Iraq right now defending your right to protest!”

    I think that person is probably now on the way to Iraq.

  46. I don’t care any more if I’m called a r*cist.
    I really don’t.
    As long as Obama is defeated they can call me anything they like.

  47. McCain seems to be on fire for once.

  48. they said mccain is taking a page out of Hillary’s playbook.

  49. Won’t hurt if he does.

  50. love the pink McCain/Palin signs!!!

  51. Carol – Sarah is really good.

    I don’t think our soldiers in Iraq are fighting for our freedom of speech. I sure wish that were true for their sakes.

  52. C-SPAN carrying all of McCain’s speech.

    Cnn.com website has the live internet feed of Palin in Florida right now.

    She is locked and laoded and hitting the target!

  53. Gary – Why not? Had she been allowed to, she’d have beaten Obama AND McCain. Why not imitate a winner?

  54. catarina, on October 6th, 2008 at 3:41 pm Said:
    I don’t care any more if I’m called a r*cist.
    I really don’t.
    As long as Obama is defeated they can call me anything they like.

    I’m black and “happy” (wink, wink), so I suspect they’ve got other FAAAABULOUS labels for me. LOL!

  55. I’ve got Sarah on now.

  56. You can Thank Obama when you see him for getting the majority of House Dems and Repugs to swing the Vote to approve the Bail-out!.

    Such a sickening story of Greed and Corporate Welfare:


  57. Sarah speaks from the heart. She is authentic!
    An amazing and much needed quality in a leader!

    She is hitting Obama wit the truth!

    Crowd is going wild!! They love her!!

  58. I just did a word count of the debate transcript. McCain mentioned Republicans 6 times and Democrats 3 times, Obama mentioned Republicans 3 times and Democrats 0 times.

    Has anyone ever noticed that with the exception of his nomination acceptance speech, Obama hardly ever mentions the Democratic Party?

  59. Delphyne: no doubt it’s not easy. Just trying for a little humor there. But we may be saving up our scrap pieces soon.

    I hate when I can’t get “suds” toward the end of a bar of soap and then I pitch ’em. May have to start saving those!

  60. Just ran across the Obama campaign’s press release countering the accusations of the McCain campaign regarding Ayers.

    Mostly it’s just the Obama campaign quoting “fact checks” from its media supporters on the Ayers issue. (I note that these media supporters basically simply refuse to come to terms with the full breadth of Obama’s contacts with Ayers, and attempt to find ways to trivialize the clear connections Obama did have.)

    But at the end there was this priceless piece of absurdity:

    LIE: Ayers has not been accepted by any community outside of Chicago.

    FACT: Ayers is known in other communities like Columbia, SC. He is currently a distinguished scholar at the University of South Carolina where Republican Governor Mark Sanford, who supported Senator McCain’s campaign as far back as the 2000 primaries, serves as an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees. By Governor Palin’s standards, that means Governor Sanford shares Ayers’ views.

    Excuse me, if Ayers is a “Distinguished Scholar” at University of South Carolina, then that means one thing precisely: that the academic community at USC has accepted him with open arms. It means nothing about how happy the Board of Trustees might be about that action. And, of course, if the Board of Trustees actually stepped in and had Ayers removed, that very same academic community would howl in outrage over that act as an unforgivable violation of the principle of academic freedom.

    I mean, we are supposed to be impressed that the locus classicus of moonbat leftists — the academic community — might accept Ayers?

    Really, sometimes these press releases read like comedy.

  61. Here’s the link to the Obama campaign press release.

  62. sm77; madamab — I feel your pain! My Republican father thinks I’ve “finally seen the light” and became a Republican too! I keep telling them Obama is not a Democrat, but he so obviously fits my dad’s image of the “cartoon liberal” (great analogy as usual btw madamab) that he just laughs when I try to convince him. Poor us — sometimes I feel like we PUMAs are all crying Cassandras — destined to only speak the truth but have no one ever believe us.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  63. where are you guys watching her?

  64. edwardian
    can’t even imagine what it must be like to be in your shoes.
    I’ve heard some of those ugly names.
    Makes me so sad.

  65. John M. Murtagh

    Fire in the Night

    The Weathermen tried to kill my family.

    “During the April 16 debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, moderator George Stephanopoulos brought up “a gentleman named William Ayers,” who “was part of the Weather Underground in the 1970s. They bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol, and other buildings. He’s never apologized for that.” Stephanopoulos then asked Obama to explain his relationship with Ayers. Obama’s answer: “The notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was eight years old, somehow reflects on me and my values, doesn’t make much sense, George.” Obama was indeed only eight in early 1970. I was only nine then, the year Ayers’s Weathermen tried to murder me.”

    Read full article here:

  66. gary; I picked up an earlier recording on CNN that I thought was live. I think it was one that Carol had referenced earlier. I think I may need to turn my tv back on for the next four weeks. This thing may just be heating up once again.

  67. Fitz – It’s not a coincidence. Obama is not a Democrat. He belongs to the Obama for America Party.

    Frankly0 – That is so idiotic. Did Governor Sanford launch his political career from Ayers’ living room?

    I am so tired of Obama and his constant stream of WORM.

    I cannot wait until he slinks back to Chicago in total and complete disgrace.

  68. Sarah Palin is someone I would choose to have as a friend in real life. She would be the first one I would call to come pick me up at 3am when my car broke down because I know she would be there. Sounds stupid but that’s how she strikes me.

  69. And Mussolini made the trains run on time. Yippee!!

  70. Fredster — don’t worry — I know how to make soap (weird thing to know, but I do) it is really easy & cheap. I’ll teach everyone how.
    Pat Johnson — McCain isn’t on fire “for once” he is on fire “finally” — I think he has purposefully been playing it own the down low so that when he starts hitting hard BO will be too stunned to react. Face it, BO is a dirty Chicago pol, but he is a coddled dirty Chicago pol — he had guys like Emil Jones, Blagovitch, etc. doing all the “heavy lifting” behind the scenes while he skated on in. He’s never been in a real political street fight.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  71. I saw McCains speech in NM before FOX pulled away. WOW, I was amazed at how good a speech McCain gave. I didn’t think he had it in him. He hit Obama hard and it was straight and true. More people should hear that speech.

  72. Obama a neo-con?!? In what way?

    Madamab, excellent post. We’re in the last month, so out come the big guns. Keating 5 is what Obama is bleating now but I hardly think that will trump Ayres and Wright. He needs to stay on the economy.

    Dow down 800, guess the $700 billion of the taxpayer’s money was well spent, eh?

  73. Fredster, on October 6th, 2008 at 3:50 pm Said:

    Delphyne: no doubt it’s not easy. Just trying for a little humor there. But we may be saving up our scrap pieces soon.

    I know – people actually do save up scraps or a bad batch of soap and rebatch them into a new bar. Not as nice as the original in my opinion, but certainly doable in dire straits. I can send you a bar, too, when I next make soap! I’ll call it PUMA 08 soap – wash away the dirt from a really dirty campaign.

  74. Pat J — and I bet Sarah would know how to fix the car to boot!
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  75. angienc: If she can load and fire a moose gun she can do just about anything I think.

  76. Thanks madamab, this says as well as anyone has what is wrong with BO and the DNC.

    We are not crazy, not r*cist, not old and bitter, and – most of us – not Republicans. But we can tell a duck by how it walks and quacks.

  77. I read somewhere that it is the law in alaska that if you see a car broken down on the road, you are required by law to stop and help. if that’s true, than I’m sure she’d know exactly what to do 🙂

  78. I’m having one of those “this is unbearable” days regarding politics. Clearly the ‘bots are freaking because over at my blog I keep having to delete comments that come from the same ip address but with different names, all objecting to the most recent post. I know that when they freak it is because a) the cannot tolerate dissent and b) they know their candidate may well not win this election – but the tone and tenor of their comments upsets me.

  79. I could be described as a moonbat leftist, and I despise both Obama and Ayers. Obama is using leftist politics as a cover to grab power. It’s hard to tell what he actually believes (if anything), but I agree that he’s most likely a neocon.

    As for Ayers, he’s a sociopath who used leftist politics to justify his killing. Note the people he targeted – working class cops and NCOs, not big dealers like his dad and his cronies. Had his group succeeded in hitting the Capitol, it’s most likely he would have killed a lot of lowly-paid staff, not the senators or representatives. Same with any other federal building.

    Ayers’ current “leftist” ideas are just a game to his, his con, the way he makes money and feels powerful. I bet he cries fake tears just like Dubya over how he cares about poor people, but doesn’t give a rat’s *ss about their real welfare, just implementing his agenda.

    The real far-leftists I know don’t have two dimes to rub together because they spend anything they get on helping others and their cause. The Ayers and Obamas of this world instead such the taxpayers’ dry for theirs, with no good results to show.

  80. sister of ye, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:07 pm Said:

    Spot on, on every point.

  81. Heidi Li – Buck up. Everyone is entitled to an off day.

    Let your blue rose blossom to see yet another sunrise.

    The tide is about to turn, beleive me.



  82. Pat, I agree, Palin seems like someone who steps up when she’s needed.
    If I were to guess her faults, I’d guess at the worst, she may be managing and bossy, but I prefer that to Obama’s hands-off, can’t I just eat my waffle, style.

  83. heidi li, you’re right on. they get crazy (and downright scary) whenver Obama is being attacked. they’re flipping out because McCain just threw down the gauntlet.

  84. The bots are hopping around like fleas in a frying pan.

  85. urgetocompute — on the other thread I saw that you wrote that Rupert Murdoch is now backing McCain. I remember his statement in May when it seemed to me he was backing BO (which you cited to). What have you seen that tells you Murdoch is now for McCain? Thanks in advance.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  86. garychapelhill, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:05 pm Said:
    I read somewhere that it is the law in alaska that if you see a car broken down on the road, you are required by law to stop and help. if that’s true, than I’m sure she’d know exactly what to do

    Is that the “Good Samaritan” law?

  87. We are not crazy, not r*cist, not old and bitter, and – most of us – not Republicans. But we can tell a duck by how it walks and quacks.

    No, but you are morons:

    Sarah Palin is someone I would choose to have as a friend in real life. She would be the first one I would call to come pick me up at 3am when my car broke down because I know she would be there. Sounds stupid but that’s how she strikes me.

    Come Nov. 5th, she should have more time to do things like rescue broken down bozos at 3 in the morning.although, for a three am call to the whitehouse…you’d pick the man who’s had less experience than Palin, and considers running for president experience for being president. Who’s the REAL moron now?

  88. Heidi Li – Remember that they are PAID $7 hr to harass you.

    Don’t give it any more thought and DELETE the friggin bastids!

  89. sister, there is not one thing wrong with being a moonbat.

  90. Heidi Li – Obama’s people thougth that by now they’d have the whole thing wrapped up – like thirty points ahead or something. They are not marathon runners and they are exhausted.

    The main reason they NOT 30 points ahead is because of people like you who took a stand. Don’t forget that. Don’t negate your huge contribution.

    The heels are on and the gloves are off.

  91. Oooh, we have a little Obot invasion! This makes me happy. They know things are not going well for their Precious!

    Wave hello to Xanthippas.

  92. edwardian, I don’t know I just read it or heard it in passing somewhere. don’t even know it if is true. the reasoning is that since Alaska is so remote, breaking down somehere that is up to 500 miles from civilization could be fatal, so passing motorist (if there is one) are required to stop. any lawyers ever hear of this?

  93. Gary: Don’t forget COLD. YOu could freeze in less than a minute.

  94. Thanks garychapelhill and Arabella. I am not so much discouraged as distressed – because the ‘bots ARE scary. And I keep getting emails from people whose friends and families are ridiculing and shaming them for saying this. I want so much to swoop in and protect anybody who is trying to speak up and be heard …

  95. Sister of ye – You are my favorite moonbat and you are right, as usual!

    I’m with ya all the way.


  96. Screw the precious and his astroturfing turds, I WANT MY OCTOBER SUPRISE!!!

  97. Ok, gang, consider me bucked up! Thanks.

  98. Heidi – they are getting paid to harass us.

    We don’t.

    It’s principle over party all the way.

  99. {{{Heidi Li}}}

    Don’t worry. These Obots are all bark and no bite. They are cowards, just like their *ssh0le Messiah.

  100. No, but you are morons

    Love it when they throw off the mask.

    Listen to ’em screaming when we call them elitist…

  101. If you saw one of those bots in person you’d laugh.

    They’re just average schmoes, but not at all imposing.
    If one of them sat down next to me on the subway, I wouldn’t even bother to get up and move.

  102. Here’s some good news: the Obama/Nixon commercial will be airing in pink state MO first thing Wednesday morning! More info at http://tdg.typepad.com/democrats_for_principle_b/2008/10/scheduled-air-times-for-wednesday-october-8.html

    AND, we have raised close to $3000, a quarter of the way to our ideal-yet-realistic target for October.

  103. SOD: I hope it comes soon. We’ve only been aiming and firing at his crotch for 10 months now.

  104. sm77, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:17 pm Said:
    Screw the precious and his astroturfing turds, I WANT MY OCTOBER SUPRISE!!!

    LMBO @SM! Hola, mi vidita! 🙂

  105. Democrats For Principle Before Party want to hit Pittsburgh and Miami with commercials next. We have one on the economy in the works and if we have the money it goes on air in Pittsburgh ASAP.

  106. This is the greatest group I’ve hung out with in a long time – as I started to read your comments I actually began to laugh – yes laugh – when I came to the part where BO want a second bailout – and Pat you’re being made out of Quartz was classic – the $42.00 left in your wallet just pushed me over the edge – it’s like a Laurel and Hardy movie – are they going to raffle off one of our States to raise the cash?
    And the bots remind me of that scene from Babes in Toyland where the Boogie men came out after the nursery rhyme characters. Surreal -absolutely
    I send an email to McCain last week saying he should have a cup of coffee with Hill – hmmm maybe he did and she told him to Go Johnny, go put the pedal to the metal and give it to the with both barrels.

  107. !Hola Edwardian!

    Yeah, I want my October Surprise NOW. Take the gloves off, toss the heels, I want some combat boots with steel-toes on, STAT!

  108. I like the Obama-Nixon ad.

    As for buying a used car, maybewe could work something out if he agreed to go to China…

  109. Heidi Li, if the budget allows, try the I-4 corridor from Tampa to Orlando.

    You have a lot of swing voters here in my neck of FL.

  110. joanelle. he thinks there are 58 states. maybe that’s why he thinks we have enough to raffle one off…

  111. I say he’s probably leaning towards alaska though…

  112. We could always sell the Louisiana Territory back to the French — we know how BO loves to pretend he speaks French.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  113. gary — he would be dumb enough & spiteful enough to want to sell Alaska, since it is so energy rich & just sits up there by itself never bothering the rest of us.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  114. Partial Transcript of McCain’s speech in New Mexico today.


    “My opponent has invited serious questioning by announcing a few weeks ago that he would quote — “take off the gloves.” Since then, whenever I have questioned his policies or his record, he has called me a liar.”

    “Rather than answer his critics, Senator Obama will try to distract you from noticing that he never answers the serious and legitimate questions he has been asked. But let me reply in the plainest terms I know. I don’t need lessons about telling the truth to American people. And were I ever to need any improvement in that regard, I probably wouldn’t seek advice from a Chicago politician.”


    “Senator Obama was silent on the regulation of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his Democratic allies in Congress opposed every effort to rein them in. As recently as September of last year he said that subprime loans had been, quote, “a good idea.” Well, Senator Obama, that “good idea” has now plunged this country into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

    Read more here:

  115. Mack has been playing opossum, seems to me.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  116. My friend Cathy likes to say McCain has been playing possum.

    Well, today, the possum woke up – and became a PUMA!


  117. Barry wants a second bailout?? WTF? LOL!

  118. Oh, LOL, angie! We are mindmelding!

  119. madamab, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:39 pm Said:

    My friend Cathy likes to say McCain has been playing possum.

    Well, today, the possum woke up – and became a PUMA!

    Brilliant, madamab, brilliant!! 😉


  120. Is this the worst day on Wall Street ever or what?

  121. Thanks, madamab. You nailed it. It reminds me of that line from the American President, “people who say they love America but clearly can’t stand Americans.” All of my Republican relatives keep asking me why they should elect people who seem to ooze with contempt for them…and I don’t know what to say. “Uhhhh…they really like power” “Uhhhh, if you don’t and Obama gets in, he’ll refuse to give one dime to our state, saying we’re racists and all out to get him”?

  122. votermom – What’s the final number on how low it went?

  123. Sarah Palin slams Obama again on Ayers at Florida rally.



    Amd Joe Lieberman is campaigning with Palin in Florida! Excellent!!

  124. Thanks, madamab. You nailed it. It reminds me of that line from the American President, “people who say they love America but clearly can’t stand Americans.” All of my Republican relatives keep asking me why they should elect people who seem to ooze with contempt for them…and I don’t know what to say. “Uhhhh…they really like power” “Uhhhh, if you don’t and Obama gets in, he’ll refuse to give one dime to our state, saying we’re raci sts and all out to get him”?

  125. Seriously – I know, I know…Obama was the cure for my own liberal elitism – I suddenly realized why “You’re stupid if you don’t vote for my candidate” was not a convincing argument!

  126. I think it is important to remember that McCain is running this campaign with virtually no support from the religious right. If he manages to win, it will prove to the majority of republicans that they don’t have to cow-tow to their nutty base. it could be a watershed moment for them, and make them more appealing to the general population.

  127. if he loses they’ll rule the party…then neither party will offer be absoultely nothing…

  128. SOD – Oy vey. I’ll bet somebody made a bundle!

  129. Gary – Palin satisfies the religious right, does she not?

    I’m sure they’ll be there on November 4th…

  130. “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough”

    -William Ayers

    “I know nothing. I didn’t know about Rezko. I didn’t know about Jeremiah Wright. I didn’t know about William Ayers. I didn’t know about Khalidi. I just didn’t know anything. Why can’t I just eat my waffles?”

    -Barack Obama

  131. madamab, I don’t know. If I recall right, this time 4 years ago every preacher from robertson to the family research council–all those guys–were on tv constantly to support bush. they were preaching it from the pulpit. I haven’t heard anything like that this year. I think they hate mccain because they know in their hearts he’s not one of them. and I don’t think palin is either…she may believe what they do, but she doesn’t want a christian theocracy like they do.

  132. Rear Admiral Tom Lynch Calls on Barack Obama to Disavow Accusation of American War Crimes in Afghanistan

    HARRISBURG, PA — Rear Admiral Tom Lynch, USN (Ret.) today issued the following statement on Barack Obama’s accusation of American war crimes in Afghanistan:

    “Barack Obama must disavow his comments equating American forces in Afghanistan to war criminals. This dangerous rhetoric emboldens our enemy, but it also speaks to Barack Obama’s judgment and competency to serve as commander in chief. While his remarks were designed to score political points with the left wing of his party during the primary, Barack Obama stands by the comments even after securing the nomination. By defending his words, Barack Obama makes it more difficult for our American heroes in uniform to complete the job we have asked them to do.

    “John McCain understands that, as commander in chief, words do matter. As a POW, John McCain endured years of torture to avoid making similar statements that would be used as propaganda to demoralize Americans. He put country first then, and John McCain continues to place the interests of those who bravely serve our nation above all else.”

  133. I have been a lifelong Republican, and this year will be the first year I don’t vote straight ticket. Not only did the Democrats get a raw deal with their convention’s representative, but the Republicans too got a raw deal. So many convention laws were broken in the RNC that I am now beginning to question whether or not this whole election is rigged. My only suggestion is for those not happy with their party to vote third party this year.

  134. Gary – Ah ha – thanks for the clarification! I don’t know much about that world, I must say.


  135. {{{{{Thank you all so much for being here}}}} My little island of sanity has shrunk to my husband, a few close friends, and ye Conflucians.

    Over on TL, BTD is busily writing off McCain as a blithering, menacing, short-fused idiot who just let loose with a weak, pointless, mendacious, meandering diatribe. Then I drop by here and read that McC is handily bonking O with a sturdy 2×4. Gosh, who to believe?

    BTW, thanks much for another spot-on post, madamab. I agree completely.

  136. Chris – Thank you for your concern.

    [cough] Obot [cough]

  137. This was the song cited by Ayers on his website on 9/11/08:

    The end of an empire is messy at best
    And this empire is ending
    Like all the rest
    Like the Spanish Armada adrift on the sea
    We’re adrift in the land of the brave
    And the home of the free
    Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.”

    Ayers is a disgusting POS!!

    And just think, Obama has been good friends with William Ayers for MANY years.


  138. haha from WaPo blog:

    unscum wrote:
    “Obama’s ‘so-called’ associations with Ayers, Resko and Wright don’t even come close to the kind of incompetence that John McCain has displayed in his political life.”

    Really? right there you mention 3 questionable associations – in a mere 2 year US Senate career – vs 1 in how many years?
    What’s 0bama now again? second or third highest recipient of FM/FM donations – after Dem Chris Dodd.

    unscum my derriere

    Posted by: minghia | October 6, 2008 4:54 PM | Report abuse

  139. Took a week off to get away from rawness of the election, but there’s no escape. My regional news said 300 young people were registered by one party in an E KY county. Had to be Dem. Odd since we’re losing population.

    Other paper had story on AA KY man who’s registering people. He’s O, natch, but wants to reg all parties. Uh-huh. He & 30 volunteers reg’d 500 at AA KSU in Frankfort. Folks, that is an organized team, not a lonely man on dusty road.

    Finally, cleaning out stuff and found old Kentuckians for Commonwealth t-shirt. I’ve wondered if this grassroots group that I’ve supported due to their enviro efforts has ties to ACORN, since KFTC is pushing voter drives among AA, young & felons. Lo and behold, middle of that t-shirt is a huge, huge acorn. I didn’t remember it.

    Lots of Appy writers & folks [Ashley Judd, Silas House] support KFTC for oppo to mountaintop removal, but I’m feeling used. Seems that Joe Szakos, first KFTC coordinator got Master’s from UChi & did community organizing in Chicago. Jeez, Alinsky & Chicago must be behind every progressive org in this country.

  140. I don’t care about October as long as in November Obama isn’t president. I am glad to see people saying loud and clear that Obama is not liberal. My academic lefty friends don’t give a crap that he is anti-gay or pro-death penalty. Every once in a while they’ll mumble FISA but clearly it doesn’t bother them, whereas before BO FISA was an ABOMINATION. Now it’s Obamanation so it’s OK.

  141. Kat5 – We are not in the tank for anyone except Hillary. BTD is avowedly in the tank for Obama.

    I think we have the credibility edge here.


  142. Look for the Obots to try to convince you to vote third party. They realize we will never vote for BO, so the next best thing is to persuade you to throw your vote away.

    Thanks Chris, but no thanks

  143. Hi PofE!!!! Sorry for the vaca stress.

    Okay, I’m outta here – time to cook dinner, then go rehearse for Yom Kippur services. Have a great evening, everyone!

  144. BTD should urge Obama to announce his cabinet appointments and his ambassadorial picks. It’s over, according to BTD, after all.

  145. Go Johnny MAC. Tie Obama to FF; strangle him with it. Point out the Dems on the FF take.

    The market today: Asian and European markets are hitting the same credit crisis as in the US. European Union can not reach agreement to stop the bleeding. I think this reveals that surprise, surprise, risky loans, greed and lack of accountability are a human foible that knows no boundaries.

  146. Wellll, madamab, guess I’ll have to take your word for it (heh). Know what I’m in the tank for? A free and impartial press. That, in my opinion, is by far the biggest loss we’re incurring amidst the media’s omnipresent Omania. Maybe I just wasn’t paying sufficient attention in years past, but the media sins of omission and commission have left me stunned by their very brazenness. Somehow, I think what we’re seeing now surpasses anything that went before. The dice are well and truly loaded, and this leaves me truly frightened.

  147. “before BO FISA was an ABOMINATION. Now it’s Obamanation so it’s OK.”

    Yep. If my Obot father has flipped on FISA, he’ll flip on anything. There’s nothing Obama can’t get away with.

  148. Wow, SOD, how sad that you can’t talk to your hubby about the election. So much loneliness out there… Thank you so much, Barky. Never has so small a person done so little for so many.

  149. Tweety just declared McCain is trying to scare us older voters by tying “Barack’s middle name, Ayers and we don’t know who he is” to Barack so that we will think he is some kind of terror*st.

    He is off his medications again.

  150. when did he say his middle name??? these people need to be horeswhipped…

  151. Wish I had some of Pat’s ginger snaps. Hub & I are still on diet, I’ve lost maybe 2 pounds and he’s lost 12, and we don’t have any cookies to munch on.

    It’s really hard to stress-munch on low-fat string cheese and romaine leaves.

  152. Come on Barky, say it isn’t so – “everytime we ask you about your nefarious connections, you call us rac*sts”!

  153. Tweety is not making any sense.

  154. I think it was a police officer or the mayor or someone at the rallies today.

    gary – are ya going tomorrow???????//

  155. Tweety isn’t into making sense. He’s into making dollars.

  156. Tweety must be worried. Good. I hate it when Tweety pretends to be all reasonable & calm.

  157. Guys I know that all the citations in the comments are hard to keep up with, but if you only read one please read the link in Ironman’s 3:54 post. It should be made into a campaign ad. thanks, Ironman.

  158. Arabella — and Tweety has made sense when?
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  159. Someone needs to let Tweety know that some of us older voters don’t scare soooooooooo easily.

    We’ve already raised teenagers. Nothin’ scare us.


  160. POE
    this is not the place to be if you’re dieting.
    The topic will eventually be chocolate.
    wont name names but last week it was all about brownies.
    This is a fattening blog.

  161. […] Why a vote against Barry proves you’re a racist and other nonsense […]

  162. Cindy had on a beautiful blouse or jacket today.

  163. “Uh…I never heard McCain say “Hussain – Obama” even once.”

    Just because it didn’t happen–doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  164. Seriously – seriously.

  165. catarina: true, but I’m trying to get back to fighting weight. Time to get out there & fight.

  166. Catarina:

    LOL! I love that: a fattening blog!

  167. carol I can’t make it. I’ll try to keep you up to date with the latest local coverage though.

  168. Personally, I have killed off 2 more boxes of Carr’s Poppy and Sesame seed crackers since Friday. No drug tests in my future that I will be able to pass.

    I would take out stock in the company if I were all of you.

  169. angie – “Tweetie is not making sense, bless his heart” is the same kind of thing I say in making conversation around my family.

    As I might say to a young niece “Great Auntie Phyllis is not making sense today.” Now help me set the table, sweetie.

  170. On a cheerier note, I got an email from Amazon advertising lovely pink PUMA shoes. Hah! Do they know me, or do they just know the political clime?

    Although I’m on an austerity pledge [why the hell not, since I’m dieting anyway], I think I will have to buy a pair.

  171. ” She gets to kick Obie in the crotch for all of us!”

    Oh, yeah! And with those shoes of hers, that’s going to leave a mark.

  172. Howard Wolfson also reported today as saying it is all over for McCain—too little, too late, wrong message.

    Do you all remember how depressing it was when we had to face the reality of all those caucus states going to Obama? Do you remember how HRC did not give up? How she went on fire and blew right through Super Tuesday and beyond? Big difference with now is that in the primaries those caucus votes were on the record. No votes have been counted as yet; it’s not over till Nov. 4.
    Now is when we need our candidates to be hitting back hard. I think they are doing that and the great thing is that Sarah is dominating the news. She has the oxygen so the more they have her out on the front line leading the attack the better. MSM has to cover her because even they have to recognize that SHE IS THE NEWS. Heels on; gloves off.

  173. Brownies while I was gone? That’s just dirty pool. It’s going to be a long 28 nights, there will be more here, I betcha.

  174. Arabella — LOL! I get it now!
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  175. I laugh right in Howard Wolfson’s face.

  176. cheez-its are my downfall. vedry bad.

    amazon never sends me puma stuff. they want me to buy a defribilllator.
    they must know about the cheez-its?

  177. I just got polled by I don’t know who (area code 231). I said I was a Dem voting for mcCain.

  178. So why did Obama change from his birth name?

  179. Okay, the dramatic music is a bit much, but this is Obama admitting there is more to his association with Ayers than he’s now saying:

  180. “I hate how they have to apologize for using his middle name.”

    They just think people are so stupid. Like if they hear the word “Hussein” they’ll think zomg! Saddam Hussein is back, and he’s outside!

  181. Let’s tell Obama we will vote for him if he will subject himself to a lie detector test. Let’s see if he is capable of puttin’ up or shuttin’ up. (In honor of Sarah, I am now leaving all of the g’s off of my words.)

  182. And, he has to pass that test. Affirmative Action won’t get him into the pass or no play circle.

  183. angienc, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:31 pm Said:

    We could always sell the Louisiana Territory back to the French — we know how BO loves to pretend he speaks French.

    Hey! Then I’d have health insurance again!

  184. “Do you all remember how depressing it was when we had to face the reality of all those caucus states going to Obama? Do you remember how HRC did not give up? How she went on fire and blew right through Super Tuesday and beyond?”

    Yeah, and another thing the primary taught us–the American people are getting damn sick of tried of being told who they are, what they think, what they believe, what matters to them, and who they’re going to vote for.

  185. Carol: see me above. I said “I betcha” in Sarah’s honor. The Kid & I now say ‘durnit’ all the time. Starting to like it. I spent 50+ years trying to get over my eastern Ky hick talk, but now I just say… Durnit all.

  186. Hilary Rosen – McCain has decided he will lose his entire integrity and record to throw the kitchen sink at Obama.

    I think McCain’s integrity and record stand solid.


  187. parentofed – I caught that!

  188. oh, oh, they’re bringing out the kitchen sink again that Hillary threw at them. Wonder where they found it out back?

  189. Kind of disgusting to see Woolfson using the same deception tactic on McCain that Obama used on Hillary in the primaries… serving his new overlord well without a hint of conscience.

  190. McCain needs to file a defamation lawsuit against the people putting out these ads.

  191. Dr. King exhorted us to judge a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin. Strangely, the first black candidate only has his skin color to recommend him to his supporters, and his opponent has demonstrated good character.

  192. Obama supporters are doing the polls. People like to vote for winners. They are playing the game of expectations.

  193. Whenever anyone questions Obama’s associations he says it’s not the time for that we need to focus on something else. When is it the time to question his associations?


  194. I just saw an interview with the Danish Minister for the Environment (on Hardtalk BBC). She is busy travelling the world and organizing for the World conference on emissions etc to be held in Copenhagen next year.

    Guess what she knows and likes John McCain and finds him to have a strong interest. She went with him and 4 other Repub reps to Greenland last year, to study the effects of climate change there.

    It is so unfair the way people (like BTD) seem to think they have the right to depict him

  195. Re Wolfson: To half-assed quote Austen, ‘Unlike my younger sisters, I recognize that handsome young men must eat as well as the plain ones.’

    Wolfson probably has kids in private schools…

  196. SOD–yeah, I don’t know what the think they’re doing. It would really seem that McCain’s voters are more likely to vote no matter what, while Obama’s voters are more casual voters overall and more likely to say forget it. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, look at the heroic efforts of KY and WV Democrats in the primary. They were told to screw off, but they still came out in huge numbers to make a stand.

  197. Mountain Sage: Yes, ObamaCo keeps saying we need to focus on the economy & forget all this other petty stuff like his associations. Sound familiar?

    That’s exactly what Bush did in 2004 whenever anyone brought up his military duty or anything else: he said we need to focus on the war on terror.

  198. sm77, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:25 pm Said:
    Thank you for the suggestion.

  199. If it looks like Bo will win, his people will not vote. Our job is to ensure that McPalin’s people do vote.

  200. Obama never had much to say in the first place, and now that he’s said everything three times he has no conversation left. He is not talking and acting like a winner.

  201. SOD: Had algebra and a midterm today (bombed it!) and then I went to play racquetball. It was a ton of fun, even if I ruin my shoulder and get plowed in the jaw with a ball. So sore! But it was so fun. Must go back.

  202. Arabella mt sweet how are you! Missed you so much !

    Is Obama for amreica going to replace the love train with the sexism train and is that change that 53% of the ellectorate can believe in?

  203. You’re welcome Heidi Li!!

    I have a good contact at Bay News 9/Bright House Networks if you need a deal – it covers all of Tampa Bay 6 counties with about 3million people.

  204. SM I am really beginning to worry about Obamanation election fraud with this ACORN thing are you worried?

  205. “And the college crowd is the first group to be so hyper confident that they blow it off.”

    Plus, we always hang our hopes on new registrations who never show up anyway–now we’re helping the process along by literally saying “Hey, yeah, really, go back to sleep, no worries, we don’t need you.”

    I think it’s all part of our usual genius strategy. 🙂 This is why we win so many elections!

  206. SOD have you ever heard of the “rose of castile”? is it common enough to buy at any florist?

  207. The thing that makes no sense about bussing in homeless people and college kids to vote is that in the long run this does not help the Democratic Party. Does anyone really believe that the votes Obama is buying will develop into a extended commitment to the party… Or that these kids with their high school crush on Obama will really stick around after the election? These vote-getting tactics only benefit BO, not the Democratic Party or the downticket Dems. I don’t understand why the DNC has allowed itself to be used in this way, with voter fraud tactics that go against everything the party was supposed to stand for.

  208. sorry Arabella should have been my sweet-

    Hiedi Li is in the house hey Heidi!

    Hello regency-please dont let the obamabots hear about your test with as sexist as they have been lately they may say some stupid nonsense like Obama Boy’s are better at the new math-GRRRRR-to that I respond only if new math is cheating!

  209. Obama and his cronies have threatened to attack the licenses radio and tv stations that run NRA backed ads critical of his record. I guess those bitter people need to be kept from hearing a discouraging word about BO.
    Fortunately the NRA’s response was to enlarge their campaign to 6 states.
    Apparently any tactic is acceptable as long as it is for the right cause. JN

  210. Election fraud, Florida–fuzzy couldn’t happen in a million years. 😉

  211. DNC wants to win at all cost gxm17-and they dont care whether they loose the house-

    High gary told the chef Claude friend about your father in law and the scraping of metal on your pan -his face went white! He mourns your pan with you!

  212. fuzzybeargville, I’m very concerned about voter fraud. That’s why, as a Virginian, I’m voting McCain/Palin. I want to do my little bit to offset the voter fraud that appears to be going on in Virginia. I wonder how many of the early voting states are in the toss-up category since it seems that the Obama Chicago thug machine is using early/absentee voting as one of their vote-stealing weapons.

  213. fuzzy – How are you?

    Obama is not going to win, but let’s not let our guard down.

    Be cheerful, within reason.

  214. awww…thanks fuzzy! I’m hoping santa mawm will get me a new one for christmas!

  215. “Obama and his cronies have threatened to attack the licenses radio and tv stations that run NRA backed ads critical of his record”

    You know, I’ve been comparing Obama to Bush, I think I was being remiss in leaving out Nixon.

    But hey, let’s give him control of the federal government with legislative supermajorities, no doubt that will cure him of his tendency to cross these lines and use his power illegitimately.

  216. NOw I am hoping that the Republicans cheat better than Obama 4 America! I cannot believe I am saying this-

    As Kate Clinton says “So its come to this!”

  217. This is on http://www.gretawire.com if you want to read the entire thing – it is a hoot!

    Latest from the FNC Embed traveling with Governor Palin
    by Greta Van Susteren
    Email (the behind the scenes) from FNC embed producer Shush traveling with the Gov Palin campaign…

    From: Walshe, Shushannah
    Sent: Mon Oct 06 16:36:37 2008
    Subject: Palin in Estero, FL

    Estero, FL

    At a rally with over 8,000 enthusiastic supporters at an arena here Palin hit BHO again linking Obama to Ayers. Palin is citing a CNN interview today with David Axelrod who said that in 1995 when Obama met Ayers he didn’t know his radical history. The McCain campaign has been sending the story around all day (please let me know if you want me to forward it.) Palin also said that as Election Day gets closer it “may get kind of rough here” and she may have to “take the gloves off.” During her remarks several protestors tried to interrupt and chant “Obama!” And she responded with what has become her standard line with protestors about her son fighting for their right to protest. She did not address today’s stock market dive.


    15:43:51 PM “One of Barack Obama’s earliest supporters is Bill Ayers. Now according to The New York Times, he was a domestic terrorist and part of a group that, quote, “launched a campaign of bombings that would target the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol.”

    15:44:11 PM “Today they’re saying for the first time that Barack Obama didn’t know back then about Ayers’s radical background. But it was only a few months ago that Barack was saying Ayers was just a ‘guy in my neighborhood.”

    15:44:30 PM “But, Wait a minute. He didn’t know a few months ago that he had launched his political career in the living room of a domestic terrorist?”

    15:44:46 PM “So What’s next? Claiming their ticket doesn’t define higher taxes as “patriotic?”

    15:44:52 PM “Or claiming he’s just learned that tax increases on small business kill jobs?”

    15:44:59 PM “Claiming he’s just learned that American soldiers don’t actually target and kill civilians in Afghanistan?”

    15:45:08 PM “Or claiming he’s surprised that the surge in the war ont errorism in iraq is a success? Oh wait, he’s already done that one.”

    15:45:24 PM “Ladies and gentlemen, this is about the truthfulness and judgment needed in our next president and john mccain has it Barack Obama doesn’t have it.”


  218. Yep, fuzzybeargville. At all cost. Even selling out Democratic principles. Well, in my opinion, that’s not winning, that’s losing. Losing everything, everything that matters.

  219. I am fine Arabella spent part of weekend in Jax! ws fun my friend their is a chef at williams senoma store made home made empinatas for us and a lovely brunch was great fun! Oh watched old movies-

  220. someone please add the colon to the end of Sarah’s Haka

  221. Seriously, I’ve been saying that since March. Obama reminds me of the two Presidents I’ve disliked the most: Nixon and Bush2.

  222. FUZZYBEAR: Hugs to you! I’m more worried about it in Ohio more than FL.

    Someone here reminded me that in FL they do a huge voter purge before the election for duplicates & felons etc.

    But early voting/absentee voting is iffy because your vote ultimately cannot be checked back – there are instances if the systems aren’t in sync that a voter can vote twice.

  223. I wonder who will be assigned the job of helping Brazille clear out her office?

    I’m not volunteering, I’ll tell you that much. I’d be willing to tack a hammer to Blackberry though, even if she won’t let go of it first.

  224. Come Nov 4, the Obamabots will be crying to their dear leader.

    McCain-Palin are going to win!

    We’re on offense now. We’re hitting Obama stright in the mouth with the truth!!

    Obamalamadingdong is on defense and making up lies to try and cover their tracks! It won’t work.

    God Speed McCain-Palin ’08 and Hillary ’12 !!

    Another thing to think about.

    When Obama tries to smear John McCain with the Keating 5, he also smears Senator John Glenn, a Hillary Clinton supporter. I bet the good folks in Ohio are mad as hell at Obama for pulling such a stunt!

    Both John Glenn and John McCain were exonerated.

    What part of exonerated does Barry not understand?

  225. Lawrence O’Donnel said Sarah can say what she wants because “it is not coming from a position of authority” !

    GOD, I will be glad when these assw*pes go down in 30 days.

  226. I think that the Obama campaign is pushing this story that the election is over to keep PUMAettes at home. I know that we will all go out and vote for either a 3rd party of McCain, but people that are disgusted but not quite deranged (like PUMAs ) may just not vote is they are led to believe that its already been decided. I have had a number of people, my sister and my daughter included, say oh why bother he’s gonna win. I think that that is what O wants. That is why the PUMA lawn signs and our continued strength will win this for McCain.

  227. I’m very worried about voter fraud, even here in KY, as I mentioned above.

    I know there are some folks from KY who read here. Could one of you pls tell me if I’m paranoid about all this, esp the KFTC Voter Empowerment push? Are you seeing/hearing anything?

  228. Obama urges help for Middle Class – Why doesn’t he just call someone?

  229. Well that felt good! I just told the caller for Emily’s List that they could not count on my support and that I don’t understand how a so-called women’s organization could support the sexist Dem ticket. I told her that I would not be voting Dem and that I will be voting for the ticket with a woman on it. Period. I don’t give a cr@p about party affiliation any more.

  230. We know their tricks. Saw it all in the primaries. The mind games. Now we’ll get to vote.

    From that old song…. With some change in the words.

    “My Mac yee is back and you’re gonna be in trouble. …. You’re a big man now, but he’ll cut you down to size……”

  231. Carolyn, I don’t have a problem with the Fairness Doctrine as originally constituted, back in the days when the airwaves were considered public property. The media landscape has changed so dramatically that I’m not sure we can go back to the Fairness Doctrine as I knew it as a child, however.

    Seriously, “The American people are getting damn sick of tried of being told who they are, what they think, what they believe, what matters to them, and who they’re going to vote for.” That’s exactly what this woman voter is sick of from the so-called liberal men in her life.

  232. All Obama can do now is try to supress voter turnout. He is not gaining any ground. In fact, he’s losing support.

    He will lose big. Don’t let anyone stay home!

  233. They can only cheat so much, ok it is a lot, but we just need to get all the people that don’t want Obama as president, to vote for McCain. There will be more registered people that decide not to vote, than there will be stolen votes. We need to fight. We need to make sure that we leave it all on the field . We do not want to be saying if only we had done this…., Obama would have been stopped.

  234. Carol: Believe it or not, I used to think Lawrence O’Donnell was one of the more intelligent pundits on tv.

    I swear, this election is like if a spouse or friend died suddenly, and when you cleaned out their stuff, you discovered a secret double life.

    Me, I try to sweep out any controversial crap so that The KId doesn’t find out stuff after I’m gone, and still goes on thinking what a saint I was.

  235. I don’t see Obama as any sort of liberal, cartoon or otherwise. If he was a liberal (or a leftist) I’d be voting for him. I see him as essentially a GOP Trojan Horse.

  236. Arebella – I will clear Donna out of her office as long as Sarah will come with me to provide protection.

  237. LInda, exactly. It’s not like we’re ObamaCo virgins; we’ve already been screwed by that gang of thugs.

  238. I did the deed and registered today!! So did my husband and sister!!! Yay

    I don’t see Obama as anything except Cult of Personality gone awry. I am glad that that teacher got suspended who made those middle school boys do that chanting step show. On school time too!

  239. Honora – Good luck with that. Make sure you get the ladies room key and her parking sticker.

  240. carol diamonds you so speak the truth to us about Obambi and Bullwinkle

  241. parentofed-I have so missed you see gary we got one back-parent the rumors of you drinking koolaid are very false right!

  242. I feel like an assault victim everytime I see him or hear his voice.

  243. parentofed – Sorry, I think the PUMA is out of the bag on you already.

  244. ugsome, on October 6th, 2008 at 6:18 pm Said

    ugsome, They still want to control you , ( while saying they don’t ) , but they want the issues to do the heavy lifting for them and hide behind Barry . It’s passive control. When you point out their champion is looking pretty bad, they get upset . They might have to put themselves on the line! Heavens no!

  245. I saw Hillary on tv this morning. She said she is exhausted. She is heading out for a vacation where no one is at when this is over.

  246. fuzzy – I’m deathly allergic to kool-aid. I went camping for a few days – it’s gorgeous here in the eastern KY hills right now- and then was quiet for a couple of days to clear my head.

    It’s a roller coaster ride this year, and I have vertigo.

    nice to be missed, I missed you, too.

  247. Please excuse the presence on this discussion thread of a somewhat right-of-center (formerly somewhat left-of-center) male.

    While I would argue with many posters here on specific points, and some of my own views would probably be anathema here, I have to say I am moved and encouraged by much of what I’ve read here.

    I do think Obama’s ascension, which seems inevitable now, is going to tarnish true liberals (and judging by what I read here, there are indeed some left — I thought they’d become extinct!).

    And I think I had not sufficiently appreciated how shut out of the political process women have been, especially during the recent Democratic primary. (But hey, I’m male — it goes with the territory). 😉

    I do hope the Democratic party can reform (really, re-form), and real liberalism can make a comeback.


    Jamie Irons

  248. tdraicer, on October 6th, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    What tdraicer said .

  249. These idiots on MSM are declaring the bailout hasn’t worked. Interesting considering it hasn’t been implemented yet.

  250. Carol- I really think that she should just go now. If she is tired it is all for the best, I’m sure Barry and Michelle will understand. Besides if Hillary is tired, then her ‘tone’ may change and it may offend Michelle.

  251. Even cynical me thought the bail out would buy us a week before they would come around again ….not!!

  252. Carol: That’s the way with greedy Obama friends. Too much is not enough.

    Hey, is that a country song right there?

    I think I’m starting to channel Sarah.

  253. Obama is no neo-con. Though the neo-con strategy was a disaster, at least the goal was to further spread democracy around the world and enhance American power and influence. It was a USA-centric policy. It was a flawed policy, but it’s goals were noble. I have no faith that Obama cares much for the USA to remain the top super-power. I see in his attitude so much of how I used to think, having grown up in Europe. I was an American growing up abroad listening to anti-Americanism rants from my European friends. I became an anti-American myself, thinking that the US was such a terrible country. However, after moving to the States for college, I began to see the positive values of American culture and despite it’s flaws, I still believe it is more progressive than many other countries — and I’ve lived in numerous countries. Too many far-left liberals want to see America punished for her past mistakes and I do believe that Obama will not be strong enough to push back all the nations just itching to contribute to America’s downfall. The rest of the world hates the USA because she’s powerful. Every super-power has the same problem. It’s silly for us to believe that the whole world will magically love us when Obama is in power.

    Perhaps you can call me an obnoxious American, but the thought of China, with its horrid treatment of women, being the super-power of the world scares me. America is not perfect, but it’s still a much better place for women. If I were a man, then perhaps I wouldn’t mind America’s decline so much, but as a woman, I believe that the US needs to stay strong to further the cause of feminism around the world. America needs to remain the world leader because the rising super-powers are not the most female-friendly places. When Hillary Clinton is our POTUS in 2012, she will inspire millions of women around the world, not just the millions in our country.

  254. I bet Hillary is tired. She is broken hearted. When she was running in the primaries she was superwoman and clearly growing stronger. She was happy and making a difference. Now she is just trying to prop up this entire sham because they have threatened her. I’m tired for her.

  255. I cannot for the life of me figure out which side is manipulating the poll numbers.



    October 6, 2008

    Attorneys for Barack Obama and the DNC filed a motion asking the court for a protective order, essentially asking that the judge rule on their motion to dismiss for lack of standing before ruling on Berg’s motion for expedited discovery.

    Bear with me, here. Geez, I wish I could just do this for a full-time job — it would be so much easier without all this other stuff (work, school, etc.) in the way!

    Keep checking back. Due to the amount of information, I may split this up into two separate posts. We’ll see.

    — Jeff

    October 6, 2008
    4:45 p.m. — Obama, DNC File Motion for Protective Order

    I’ll pretty it up and explain things a little bit better later on this evening, but here’s what’s going on, so far and in brief:

    As I was talking with one of my contacts at the courthouse about this motion, my phone rings and it is Philip Berg. He’s fired up. Apparently, he had just been contacted by John LaVelle, attorney for Barack Obama and the DNC, and asked whether he would “put off discovery until Judge Surrick ruled on the motion to dismiss.”

    Until I have time to get into this more specifically, here’s the rub:

    Basically, the law states that Judge Surrick can order discovery even in the face of a pending dispositive motion such as the motion to dismiss filed on September 24 by Obama and the DNC. In other words, he can order full discovery, limited discovery, or none at all before ruling on the dismissal. The attorneys for Obama and the DNC, however, just filed a motion asking for a protective order stopping “all discovery in this action pending the Court’s decision on defendant’s motion to dismiss the action for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.”

    Just like with the amended complaint, an attorney cannot simply file a protective order but must file a motion for one, essentially asking the court to issue one. Make sense so far? That’s what this is — defense attorney John LaVelle filed such a motion this afternoon, a motion asking the judge to issue a protective order which would allow for a ruling to come down on the motion to dismiss before the commencement of any discovery.

    Obviously the first reaction is “what do they have to hide?” or something along those lines. Rule 26(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provides authorization to the court for just such a matter, ostensibly to protect one of the parties from embarrassment or oppression or the like. I’m sure there’s some case law on it as well. Still, even knowing the rules, I will admit that my first reaction was one of suspicion.

    As for Philip Berg, while he and I will chat later on, here’s a snippet of what he had to say in our brief conversation:

    “He’s asking to delay discovery and, Jeff, I’m obviously going to oppose it, ” he said. “This isn’t right. This just isn’t right. By tomorrow, we’ll have a response and put out a press release. The American people should hear about this and, if they do, they should go nuts. It’s time to put up or shut up.”

    Read more here:

  257. I :heart: Terry McAuliff!

  258. Falstaff believes that Obama will be the next president of the United States. For those of you who refuse to look at the polls, put that aside for a moment and go over to his blog. He makes some great points about Obama and McCain. His latest post is about how this is the least important presidential election of our lifetime because neither McCain nor Obama will be able to deal with this mess and won’t serve more than 4 years. Maybe Hillary should be thankful that she doesn’t have to deal with sh*tpile waiting for the next president

  259. Why are the attorneys for Obama fighting discovery? Why are they filing for a protective order now? What are they hiding?

    We need to get the news media’s attention on this!

    Here in the United States of America, there is today, a candidate for President that is filing motions for protective orders in Federal Court to try and prevent having to turn over proof of being a natural born US Citizen and thus, eligible to be President!!

    If Obama was who he claimes to be, he’d have turned over proff long ago and this case would have been dismissed. Filing for protective orders to try and block discovery is, IMO, proof that Obama is hding something and trhying to keep the American people from finding out who the real barack Obama is.

    Spread the word.

  260. “move along…nothing to see here”

  261. freyjanyc, on October 6th, 2008 at 6:35 pm Said:

    ” If I were a man, then perhaps I wouldn’t mind America’s decline so much, but as a woman, I believe that the US needs to stay strong to further the cause of feminism around the world. America needs to remain the world leader because the rising super-powers are not the most female-friendly places. When Hillary Clinton is our POTUS in 2012, she will inspire millions of women around the world, not just the millions in our country.”

    A woman from South America told me that it is not “our freedom” that South Americans respect so much as our civil society. She included the treatment of women as an example. I suppose it can be argued that our Bill of Rights contributes to the civil society. I believe that it is inevitable that the USA lose its status as THE super power. We need to be able to work with our allies to promote democracy and civil liberties.

  262. There’s only so many times you can walk by a house that smells of dead bodies till someone needs to go in and see what the hell is going on in there.

  263. Sarah Palin was so “mean” to Obama today. Unforgivable!

  264. Seriously

    And the college crowd is the first group to be so hyper confident that they blow it off.

  265. Also, the only thing I can look forward too if Obama wins is to see him get torn down by the Republican Party. They will gladly hand over their sh*t to Obama knowing that he is completely incompetent. Obama should be scared because not only will he go down the history books as the first black President but he will also go down as one of the most ineffective and incompetent presidents after George W. Bush. I hope that if McCain doesn’t win that he will be at the forefront of solving the current crisis along with Hillary Clinton. Sometimes losing the presidency can save one’s career. Just look at Al Gore. I see better things ahead for Clinton and McCain. We might have to suffer through 4 years of Obama but he’ll shamefully be sent back to Chicago in 2012 after running our country into the ground even more.

  266. I agree puplefinn—-otherwise we’ll be like England with Shia laws for some women here.

  267. Sharia law?

  268. Heidi Li — I love your gravatar. I have a whole garden of Blue roses. They’re my favorite!

  269. what is going on Iron Man? this isnt more drivel on the Birth Certificate we need to move on from that one… ‘

    It makes us look foolish like the Larry Sinclair folks…

  270. Hey Reg…where ya been?

  271. Right Sharia law. Sorry.

    Also, it was purplefinn.

  272. Should Obama be elected, watch for news blackouts and soft questions to follow. Anyone violating that rule will be labeled as ra*cist. Has everyone forgotten the “unpatriotic” label being assigned for questioning Bush on the war? This will be a closed to the public administration for two reasons:

    1. Obama does not have a clue in how to govern and will leave it to the minions.
    2. The minions will be running the show.

  273. I don’t think neo-cons were or are US centric. They are all former Trotskyites–at least the ideological leaders, and Trotsky was all about international, continuous revolution. I think Obama could be a neo-con, but frankly, I can’t place him within an existing ideology exactly. Maybe he is globalist. Not to split hairs. I think what we are seeing is, as someone said, a kind of Trojan horse, but the contents of the horse are unknown. That is what I find alarming. We have all become slaves to China through our national debt.

    I am tired of trying to figure it out. All I know is that Obama is no Democrat, no liberal, no good. He represents no one, which is why so many people believe that crap he says about us being the ones we have been waiting for. He is the image in the mirror of anyone who loves him.

  274. Larry King to interview MO on Wednesday night. Can’t wait to watch her attempt to tamp down the anger while trying to come across as Kelly Ripa.

  275. Pat: isn’t that when Greta interviews Sarah?

  276. Folks the polls are wrong they in the past over polled obama by 10pts and under polled McCain by 7 points, As we get closer to election day more americans are going to be worried about the Obama factor…can this guy fix the problem? Is this guy “the One”? sorry he is to risky a candidate to bet on in the current climate.

    Also good old John gave the american people another ronald reagan-Sarah Palin-for better or for worse people remember the “great communicator”!

  277. I would rather watch Sarah. We already know what Michelle thinks, that America sucks.

  278. parentofed: Not sure. Greta comes on an hour earlier than Larry here in my area.

  279. You’re right Pat. An Obama presidency would be the true extension of the Bush presidency. I’ve managed to muddle through 8 years of Bush so I suppose I can handle another 4. But I’ve never felt that Obama would win this election. I could be wrong but, even with all the propaganda, polls and biased MSM coverage, I’m just not feeling it.

  280. I am just sick to my fucking stomach (pardon the foul language – i’ve sailed on a few ships)

    this just came in via e-mail from the WSJ

    Independent voters are starting to swing behind Barack Obama and Joe Biden, who continue to benefit from economic turmoil and the public response to their debate performances, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The survey gives the Democrats a six-point edge over John McCain and Sarah Palin, 49% to 43% with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage points. That’s up from a slim two-point advantage from the last Journal poll two weeks ago, and parallels other recent national polls.

    The new poll is full of good news for the Democratic ticket. Obama increased his advantage over McCain when voters were asked which one they prefer to handle economic issues, as a growing percentage of voters said that was their top concern heading into the election. More voters said they’re “more reassured” by how Obama was responding to the financial crisis than by McCain.

  281. fuzzybeargville,

    I understand your comment, but think about what Obama’s legal team did today by requesting the protective order.

    Obama’s attorneys filed today for a protective order to try and prevent obama from having to to comply with discovery, ie., to not have to turn over the requested proof showing Obama is a natural born US Citizen and eligible to be POTUS.

    Why do you think the Obama legal team is jumping through multiple legal hoops to try and keep from having to turn over the documents to the Court…if they in fact, had the documents?

    It just does not make sense. If you have the documents, produce them.

    The lawsuit is getting very interesting.

  282. Gary — is that the rose from Castile in Spain? I think it’s probably available online. you can get almost anything online.

    I don’t know that it would be hardy in my area though.

  283. Arabella Trefoil, on October 6th, 2008 at 4:14 pm Said:

    The heels are on and the gloves are off.

    I love that image. I think that’ll be my daily motto from now on…it’s a great way to start a day — World, watch out, the heels are on and the gloves are off 🙂

  284. DV, I agree that the next President will be a failed one termer, but that doesn’t mean the election isn’t important. What scares me is that if the Obots completely take over the controls of the party we’ll never be able to get them out. They have no scruples, no principles, and no shame and they’re not just going to give up and go away quietly. We’ll have a hrad enough time if they do lose. If they win, they’ll do whatever they have to to keep control and there won’t be any alternative to the Republicans.

  285. Fuzzy — just read your comments about the polls being wrong — G-D I hope you’re right — FUCK

  286. Obama is unelectable.

  287. simofish: The only good thing is that these polls tend to be soft. A lot can change in 4 weeks. Like Obama admits that he is in over his head and asks to be driven back to Chicago before it snows.

  288. What record?

  289. Seriously; Spot on.

  290. You know, I NEVER, NEVER gave up hope on Hillary — in fact I still have not canceled my hotel room in Washington, DC for “January 20th” — I am seeing the same shit go down now with Obama — the media plays him up over and over and sheeple keep buying it.

  291. simofish: You are an optimist! We’ll look for you in the receiving line as you reach out to shake MO’s hand. (just kidding of course)

  292. Pat – you better be ready for that 3 am phone call.

  293. Carol: If I don’t answer call Sarah. I think she may be good for it.

  294. Iron Man, I understand your point. It is interesting. But they could also be dragging it out because they want to provide the papers right before election day to make a big show of the right wing being wrong, and r@cist to boot.

  295. I would not make too much of this court case. Why not comply with discovery? We don’t know what the other side has asked for. If I were a lawyer in a lawsuit, I would certainly try not to comply with discovery. It’s like a chessmatch. You never let the other side have anything. Plus, lawyers get paid by the 10-minute increment. No one ever willingly turns over any document, and no lawyer ever makes anything easy when she can make money by making things hard. Sounds dirty there at the end of my sentence. Sorry. I see this lawsuit business as a red herring.

  296. Oh everyone Ithe american psyciatric assoc ahs added “Scoop Mouth” to its DSM!

  297. If they have something release it now not during the World Series when people are pre occupied.

  298. “Obama’s attorneys filed today for a protective order to try and prevent obama from having to to comply with discovery,”

    Seriously?? Most attorney’s I knaow say this is a move one makes to hide things. Should a possible president of the USA be permitted to do this? It would be unprecedented.

  299. The media pulled this same crap on Hillary, and the only way Obama “won” the nomination was by cheating right down to the finish line.

    This has that same MSM sh*t sniff to me.

  300. *know

  301. These poll s are not an accurate sample of the electorate. They are skewed to favor Obama, and I have seen some of these polls with as much as 10%-15% MORE Democrats in the poll sample. And yet, with that much bias, McCain is obviously getting some cross over votes from Democrats.

    The polls will be up and down over the last month of the election.

    The real poll is on Nov. 4.

    I think McCain is in a good position and can win!

    29 days is an eternity in a presidential election.

    Millions of Americans will be watching the debate tomorrow night.

    That is the perfect time to hit Obama and expose him for the fraud that he is. Then we’ll have one more debate next week.

    McCain-Palin will win!

    I think much of Obama’s support is soft and will cross over to McCain-Palin. McCain-Palin are on offense now and just beginning to ratchet up the campaign.

    Keep the faith and keep standing up for country first!

  302. Simofish I believe that the polls are only measuring the number of people comfortable of telling a stranger that they are voting for mccain and dont care if the pollster thinks they are a r*cist for doing it. I also believe at least 5-10% of those Obama voters or likely voters are saying that they are voting Obama because they are afraid that the pollster will think thay their town and state are r*cist!

  303. I’m not going to go so far as to say that the polls are “wrong”. It is what it is. The economy sucks and people trust Democrats more with the economy even if the nominee is incompetent and could give a sh*t about what happens to this country once he’s in the White House.

    I do agree that the polls can definitely change in the next few weeks so that McCain and Obama are tied again. This would be bad news for Obama because he tends to do better in the polls than in actuality. I agree with fuzzybear that voters – especially those in traditionally red states – will have lots of doubts going into the voting booth about Obama.

    If McCain can make the case in the next several weeks, I definitely think he could convince some independents to leave Obama. McCain just needs a change of plan and not only go after Obama’s Chicago ties but hit him hard on his lack of experience, his incompetency, and that voters cannot trust him to solve the financial crisis. But it will be an uphill battle for McCain, no doubt about that. Especially with the media being in the tank for Obama and ready to lash out at the American people for being r*acist if he doesn’t win.

  304. looking for integrity, on October 6th, 2008 at 7:01 pm Said:

    “Obama’s attorneys filed today for a protective order to try and prevent obama from having to to comply with discovery,”


    Yep. They sure did.

    Of course, the mainstream media is silent about the lawsuit and Obama filing for the protective order to keep from having to produce the requested documents.

  305. The way I see it — McCain has been timing everything. He unveiled Sarah — the world went crazy. They the slurs started on Sarah — and they keep quiet —- Sarah is a bimbo was said over and over again— then the VP debate — people were thinking she would cry or faint or something —but no — she blasted on to the stage again—now that hse has everyone’s attention they are ramping up all of the questions regarding Obama –right near the election so they stay in people’s heads—by the time they are done obama is going to go on vacation.

  306. That is how r*ce is effecting this nation it is screwing up the polls!

    It will be no suprise to me when Obama loses Ohio by 250,000 votes and Florida by 450,000 votes Virginia by 100,000 votes New Mexico by 30,000 votes Colorado by 75,000 votes and Michigan by 25,000 votes and pennsylvannia by 50,000 votes…to me that is my belief!

    SOmething is going to break at Obama for America they are working 4 shifts 24/7 and expending capital at an unsustainable rate…

    I believe the democratic party will be bankrupt by Nove 5th 2008- It is us Puma’s who will have to salvage it!

  307. Iron Man, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I think RD has made it clear that we don’t want to discuss that issue here. I’ve said before that the Obamabots WANT this story out there…it distracts from his many real flaws. Please respect RD’s wishes and leave that discussion for other outlets. Thanks.

  308. On Greta’s blog this week, a poster wrote that there is audio and maybe even video of Obama talking with Ayers and discussing what is right for America’s future.

    Here’s the kicker: the topic they were discussing was communism.

    (read between the lines)

    If such an explosive tape exists, that would be the coffin/nail.

    Open question:

    Has anyone ever seen a phot of Obama and Ayers together. Rumor is that such photos exist and will be exposed.

  309. FBI raids Obama friend’s office
    Andrea Billups (Contact)
    Friday, October 3, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama hugs Will County executive Larry Walsh in a hotel in Springfield, Ill., in February 2008. (Associated Press)

    The FBI on Wednesday raided the county offices of a former Illinois state senator who is a poker-playing buddy of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

    According to Chicago authorities, the FBI visited the offices in Joliet, Ill., of Will County executive Larry Walsh, a longtime friend of Mr. Obama’s, and his chief of staff Matt Ryan.

    Mr. Walsh, who served in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2005, was endorsed by Mr. Obama in his county executive election bid. With the support of some of Mr. Obama’s U.S. Senate volunteers, he easily defeated incumbent Republican Joseph Mikan.

    Will County auditor Steve Weber confirmed that his office had been asked by the FBI to assist in an investigation, but he did not elaborate on the specifics.

    Two FBI agents out of Chicago reportedly spent more than an hour in the Will County offices on Wednesday morning.

    According to sources, the Walsh investigation may be tied to lobbying firm Smith Dawson and Andrews, which was hired in 2006 for $10,000 per month to help Will County acquire federal grants.

    The firm, which is registered with the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, assists clients with communications and legislative strategies that better their public policy agendas, according to its Web site. Last month, Mr. Walsh announced that Will County was the recipient of a $750,000 federal government grant that would allow law enforcement and prosecutors to fight against domestic violence.

    One of the firm’s partners, James P. Smith, contributed $2,000 to help Mr. Walsh’s county executive election bid.

    A corn farmer from Joliet, Mr. Walsh has supported his friend’s presidential bid, and campaigned for him in rural and farming areas of the state. They are seen hugging each other in photos before Mr. Obama’s announcement that he was running for president.

    The two men became tight friends during their tenure in the Illinois Senate and bonded over games of poker. According to a report in Time magazine, Mr. Walsh lost to Mr. Obama once with what he thought was a winning hand, and then slammed down his cards and said: “Doggone it, Barack, if you were more liberal in your card-playing and more conservative in your politics, you and I would get along much better.”

    Mr. Walsh denied any knowledge of any investigation.

    “I don’t have a clue what you are talking about,” Mr. Walsh said in reports published Thursday in the Chicago Sun-Times.

  310. sinofish, the thing is though, the people in the primary DIDN’T buy it. Obama had every advantage they could give him, and he still couldn’t win. The media couldn’t bring it home.

  311. Facts are not based on wishful thinking. There may or there may not be stuff out there but so far it has not materialized. Until then we can only hope the candidates themselves make their case, good or bad, before we hop on theories that some poster may have written with nothing to back it up.

    The facts at present are enough to give one pause but made up stories, as we saw with the Clinton’s, poison all commonsense. Suppositions can also lead to sympathy in favor of the one who is being slammed. I would prefer Obama go down on his known missteps rather than theories without foundation.

  312. I think it’s time to have a meet-up before the election. It seems like there are a sufficient number of people who visit this blog who are from NYC, NJ, MA, and other parts of the east coast/Obama country. I didn’t go to the citizens for McCain event tonight but I’d like to meet everyone regardless of whether they have chosen to vote for McCain, stay at home, or vote for a third party candidate.

  313. McCain and Sarah are building to the cresendo.

    I see Sarah missing for a few days. Then:


    Sarah has been in Pakistan for the last 2 days. She has captured Bin Laden and his team of terrorists. She has brought back his Head for a Trophy to be proudly displayed at the foot of the new Twin Towers in NY!


  314. Ironman – he’s a US citizen. His mother is a US citizen. Maybe the birth certificate has something embarrassing on it – no father, religion, whatever. But if it’s just something embarrassing, it might backfire on those wanting to use it.

    You should just leave it for NoQuarter.

  315. Carol!!! LMAO!!!

  316. Thank you Carol. The doom and gloom is getting to be bit much. We have almost a month. That is almost infinitely in a campaign.

  317. infinity

  318. They are running an ad now regarding Fannie and Freddie and Obama. The portrayal is accurate because of facts. He took a lot of money from F and F and acted as an attorney for ACORN to pressure banks into lending money to clients who ordinarily would not qualify.

    As an attorney it was his job but he knows exactly what was going on and knew what ACORN represented.

  319. Jmac,

    Do you know the difference between being a US Citizen and having been and retaining one’s natural born US citizenship? There is a differemce and that difference is the line between being eligible to run for POTUS and not. It is a Constitutional issue.

    If RD doesn’t want this discussed about on here, no problem. I won’t make anymore comments about the lawsuit. Those that want to follow it can easily do so. Fair enough?

  320. Carol- While she is at it, can she head west and destroy the opium plants and plant soy beans in their place?

  321. I believe that Obama2012 is counting on us puma’s to be so concerned restoring financial order and disipline at the DNC that he will quietly try to regroup so we Hillary2012 folks will be caught short. When he announces that “the second time is a charm!”

    Unfortunately we will have done the following:

    Made Caucuses non-binding and only allow caucus states to assign 1 of their delegates to the caucus process as a nod to the history caucuses have played in these states

    We will reduce Supergelegates or eliminate them and purge the DNC of all Obama support.

    We will assign delegates to states based on their red or blue past and not allow anyone group be over represented in the assignment of delegates.

    Make blue states Winner take all states and semi-prportion red states in dem primaries on total vote not congressional districts ect…

    The first 4 states to hold primaries: 2nd tuesday in January 2012
    New York-Winner take all(blue state)
    Florida-semi-pional 50% delegates to the top vote getter the other fifty percent will be split according to proportional vote recd!(red state)
    California-Winner take all(blue state)
    Ohio-semi-prportional 50% delegates to the top vote getter the other fifty percent will be split according to proportional vote recd!(red state)
    total delegates-1195 at stake

    Iowa and New Hampshire will be moved to the back of the calender!

    and we will make Obama fight for his re-election in 2010! by funding his primary opposition

  322. I LOVE this post:

    I would like to go on the record and make the following official statement:

    “I, soldier4hillary who now supports McPalin do solemly swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God”:

    AINT.NO. DAMN. WAY Senator Barack H. Obama is winning NC. They need to get off whatever it is there smoking, close the fairytale and face reality and stop doing these f’d up polls to give the allusion he is winning. Look, they ASSUME this based on the AA percentage. But look at the primary map for NC. I am sure McCain will win the same places as Clinton.

    Which left the large AA counties. Now here is the thing. People ASSUME that those counties are going to vote overwhelmingly for Obama right off the bat. So what happens when theres fraudelent voter registration? Because its ASSUMED that he will win those counties, no one places that much emphasis on those places, they just go with the flow and the assumption he will win. Meaning they are going to call NC for Obama like there doing now. Saying theres NO CHANCE Mccain will win based on early voter registration of AAs etc etc

    Thats how they called NC for his sorry a$$ in the primaries three minutes after the polls closed based on miraculously 90 percent of the whole state of North Carolina voted early. But what was interesting is the fact that we LOVE Obama so much here, 90 percent of us voted only for him and left everything else blank. Yup, they just voted for Obama and went home without voting on any of there local dems. Oh and counted the ballots twice.

  323. Field Report

    I’m from Oregon, and I spent the past weekend at a family event in Colorado. I’d hoped to find somewhat more PUMA-favorable conditions on the ground there.

    Instead, I saw lots of Obama bumper stickers, and just a handful of McCain bumper stickers. One McCain lawn sign. More distressing still was the conversation, snippets of which went like this:

    Relative: Obama blah blah hope blah blah stupid Palin blah blah old McCain blah blah change blah blah Obama.

    Me: What about his FISA vote?

    Relative: His what?

    Me: Never mind. Isn’t her dress beautiful?

    Filed by your intrepid (and disgusted) reporter

  324. Remarks By John McCain In Albuquerque, NM

    October 6, 2008

    ARLINGTON, VA — U.S. Senator John McCain today delivered the following remarks as prepared for delivery at the McCain-Palin 2008 rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

    Link: http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/News/Speeches/9d9b3a12-e2ea-4b9e-99d0-bb9e5c77b6f8.htm

  325. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2008/latestpolls/index.html

    Latest numbers– grim, but still a winnable race. I can’t think of a Republican since Herbert Hoover who has taken as many body blows as McCain.

  326. Honora – this morning I heard on Joe that we should actually be buying it directly from Afghanistan for pain killers because we buy it from other countries. They are getting our money anyway.

    They said it takes a couple of years inbetween crops to be able to change that crop.

  327. The way to read these numbers is that Survey USA, for example, has been an average of 1.34 more accurate than an average pollster; this is an outstanding number, and remains something of an outlier.

    Survey USA -1.34
    Public Policy Polling (PPP) -.88
    Rasmussen -.69
    ABC/Washington Post -.60
    Insider Advantage -.45
    Mason-Dixon -.41
    Research 2000 -.38
    Quinnipiac -.37
    Strategic Vision -.30
    LA Times/Bloomberg +.12
    Fox/Opinion Dynamicfs +.40
    CNN/Opinion Research +.50
    Zogby +58
    American Research Group +.71
    USA Today/Gallup +1.09
    CBS/New York Times +1.29
    Public Opinion Strategies +2.61
    Zogby Interactive +2.81

    The database consists of over 150 competitive contests since 2000. This includes essentially every competitive presidential race, and most competitive primary races, Senate races, and Governor races.

  328. OMG…..we are watching the hannity special from last night….if anyone who saw it remembers the woman who is reporting from his neighborhood…That was the day that mawm and I showed up in the pumamobile…you can even see the kids playing in the street that I got on my video!!!! she interviewed mawm that day too…

  329. Obama keeps saying that discussing his relationship with Ayers is a smear tactic.

    Senator Obama, truth is not a smear tactic.

  330. gary – get to the Palin rally. No excuses!!!!!!!!!!!

  331. Wow. So much to catch up on today. I just watched part of McCain’s speech and it was SO GREAT to see someone finally call Obama a phony liar directly! I have been waiting months to see someone directly confront this hypocrite. Calling him out for his false claims of reform, his lies and obfuscations about his background–let him have it Johnny Mac. I’ll be cheering all the way.

  332. In my big 4 2nd tuesday in Jan primary senario Hillary would have recd over 1,000 of those delegates 100% of california and New York , 75% of Floridas delegates, and 77.5% of Ohio’s delegates!

    Super tuesday would have seen an unstopable Hillary steamroller.

    I would get rid of super Tuesday- instead have Blue State Tuesday 1st Tuesday in February and Red Tuesday 1st Tuesday in March. On those Tuesdays 12 blue states drawn by lot and twelve redstates drawn by lot would be represented on there respective Tuesday.

    All other blue states would be between the blue tuesday and red tuesday dates. all other red states would follow the red tuesday by 4 weeks.

    Exception Iowa and New Hampshire will hold there primaries the third tuesday in May. The Puerto Rico primary would be held 1st tuesday in June and would be the official end of the Primary season. A ceremony would be held in Porto Rico to honor the end of the primary season.

  333. Smear tactic: yea, but spreading slander about Palin is perfectly ok huh?

  334. Obama smeared himself when he became associated with Ayers. If Palin wants to point out he has a stain on his shirt, it’s fair game. Likewise with Rezko or Rev. Wright. Obama smeared himself with their filth too.

  335. IronMan: what are those numbers supposed to represent?

  336. Good one, Greta.

  337. Interesting facts about Chicago:

    Body count. In the last six months 292 killed (murdered) in Chicago, 221 killed in Iraq.

    Sens. Barack Obama & Dick Durbin, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., Gov. Rod Blogojevich, House leader Mike Madigan, Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan, Mayor Richard Daley…..the leadership in Illinois…..all Democrats. Thank you for the combat zone in Chicago. Of, course they’re all blaming each other. Can’t blame Republicans, they’re aren’t any!

    State pension fund $44 Billion in debt, worst in country. Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% highest in country. (Look’em up if you want). Chicago school system one of the worst in country. This is the political culture that Obama comes from in Illinois. He’s gonna ‘fix’ [Change] Washington politics.

    Mmmhmmm .. sure…..sure.

    From someone on Illinois:

    Illinois has been made a non-smoking state. I don’t smoke but I now belonging to the VFW and to the
    American Legion, non-smoking now for all and this goes all over the state. People has lost Vets from
    coming in to just relax and chat with their friends due to and Obama thinks this is good. We in Illinois
    has lost our freedom of choice and lost our jobs and Obama hasn’t done anything while being in the Senate
    to help Southern Illinois which is Champaign Illinois down to Kentucky line.

    Obama can’t take care of his own hometown, and he wants to be POTUS? Yeah, Wright!

    What has Barry done for the people in Chicago?Other than exchange money with criminals and get them sweet deals, I don’t see a single thing he has done to actually improve the lives of regular Illinois citizens.

  338. What does Survey USA say? who are they showing ahead!

  339. AINT.NO. DAMN. WAY Senator Barack H. Obama is winning NC. They need to get off whatever it is there smoking, close the fairytale and face reality and stop doing these f’d up polls to give the allusion he is winning. Look, they ASSUME this based on the AA percentage. But look at the primary map for NC. I am sure McCain will win the same places as Clinton.

    IronMan: No offense to Patsy (Soldier4Hillary) but she said the exact same thing for weeks before O beat HRC in NC.

  340. My cusin says the same thing! Iron Man his popularity is non-exsistant in the south outside of east st luis!

  341. OC Register
    TERI SFORZA Watchdog blogger
    (714) 796-6910 tsforza@ocregister.com

    AIG subsidiary parties in style in OC, two weeks after bailout
    October 2nd, 2008, 7:00 am • posted by Teri Sforza, Register staff writer

    Financial crisis? What financial crisis?

    Less than two weeks after Uncle Sam gave American International Group (AIG) an $85 billion loan – staving off financial collapse – execs from one of its insurance subsidiaries, AIG American General, gathered for a conference at the uber-swank St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort, billed as “California’s only Mobil Travel Guide Five-Star Resort,” where ocean-view rooms start at $565 a night and “world class luxury” is the rule.

    On Friday, before the presidential debate got under way, caterers for the St. Regis were setting up dozens of tables on the grounds of Mission San Juan Capistrano for AIG American General’s sumptuous off-site dinner. Tables were draped with soft Tuscan-gold tablecloths that cascaded to the grass; elegant fresh flower centerpiece graced each table; and what appeared to be fine crystal stemware, at least from a distance, glistened in the fading light.

    Workers set up a lengthy bar stocked with bottles of liquor. A half-dozen tall space heaters stood sentinel in case the evening turned cool. There was a large center stage with lighting and a sound system, and once the sun went down, the whole scene took on a magical patina as tiny white lights twinkled in the trees.

    The Watchdog – and the Outraged Taxpayer who alerted us to the situation – understand that corporate events such as these are planned many months in advance. I mean, really. Who could have known in the spring that there’d be Financial Armageddon in the fall?

    But still. “The inappropriateness and the excessiveness just blew us away,” said the Outraged Taxpayer, who went to the Mission Friday to pray in the chapel. “It’s outrageous. In very poor taste. Over the top.”

    AIG says it’s not what it seems.

    The St. Regis conference included recognition for vital independent agents who distribute AIG American General’s products – insurance for individuals and businesses. AIG American General – a subsidiary of parent AIG – is in much, much better financial shape than AIG itself. ”It’s one of our viable businesses,” said AIG spokesman Joseph Norton. “They’re fully capitalized. They’re fine. It wasn’t a corporate kind of thing.”

    Appearance, though, is powerful.

    “When people hear things like this, it makes it difficult to sell people on a bailout plan,” said Tara Setmayer, communications director for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, who opposes a bailout. “Of course the events are planned in advance, but from a PR perspective, it doesn’t go over well.”

    Like every congressional office, Rohrabacher’s was inundated with outraged calls and emails opposing a bailout. ”No one is bailing us out!” Average Joes were saying. “Why should we bail out those Wall Street fat cats?”

    (Suggestion to those crafting the next bailout – er, ”rescue’ – bill: Consider a cap on expenses as well as executive compensation?)

  342. I really wonder if certain polls aren’t becoming a form of
    psy warfare to create an aura of inevitability for The One, and depress opposing turnout.

  343. Barney Franks was romantically involved with someone on the board of F & F

  344. KO with a special comment tonight on Sarah Palin.

    Wow, more slime. I bet she goes over and kicks his booty.

  345. fif-but NC is a republican tobacco state no republicans voted in the primary in NC! I do not think that AA’s outnumber republicans that are lining up 90% behind their candidate and have higher turn out numbers than AA’s!

    what percent of pop is AA in NC 25%? I know that republicans are a bigger majority than that if they AA’s turn out 100%!

  346. fif, I live in NC too, and there’s no way Obama can win here without cheating. Obama won NC in the primary because half of the dems in NC are AA. they only make up about 20% of the whole electorate. they won’t be able to carry it for him this time.

  347. carol, what did he say? and what’s this about barney frank???

  348. Not on yet. Barney romantically involved with someone that handed out the money at F& F

  349. KO with a special comment tonight on Sarah Palin.

    Because she dared mention the Ayers connection, I’d guess.

  350. can anyone tell me what the AA % is in each southern state and past turn out rate? and what the republicans numbers are and turnout rates….

    republicans always turn out in bigger numbers than dems anyway….that is why the can dominate in states where dems dont bother to vote!

  351. thanks gary think that is why in most southern states they are so red that Obama cannot compete.

  352. I saw Hillary on tv this morning. She said she is exhausted. She is heading out for a vacation where no one is at when this is over.

    Ohhhhh. Hillaaarrryyy….

  353. My island has shrunk smaller than that. My husband hates every republican. he doesn’t like Obama, but he hates republicans more so I can’t even bring the election up. My PUMA daughter is off at college dating an obamabot who she said she’s given up trying to persuade. My best friend jumped ship over Sarah Palin. My other Ex-best friend is a stone-cold obamabot gone to Iowa and helped with the fraud a$$hat, my neighbors are AAs who called me a r@cist for having a Hillary sign.

    Uh….thank God for you guys. I would’ve jumped out the window by now.

    Ditto. Living in Manhattan, I don’t dare let my Obot friends know I’m a PUMA…they shriek at me when I tell them that I won’t vote BO and will sit out the election. They’d probably faint if I told them that I will most likely vote McCain/Palin. I’m a college student and I feel the pressure to support BO…so now I just avoid attending any parties where there will be any political activity. There were lots of parties for the Palin-Biden debate and I stayed home…I was afraid that I would explode after having to silently listen to hours of anti-Palin hysteria.

    Thankfully there are blogs to let me know there are plenty of Dems who like McCain & Palin. And best of all, a place where I can express my true feelings of BO :mrgreen:

  354. fuzzybear, I don’t have a link, but I remember reading an article on real clear politics about that. they basically said that even the state with the most AA pop…I believe mississippi at about 35%, that still would not be enough to put obama over the top because they are still outnumbered by republicans. I bet if you went to the site and searched you could find it.

  355. NEW POST!!!!

    PAntsuits vs. cool glasses

  356. gary: then what accounts for the polls? I know we talk about how inaccurate they are, but they do offer some guidance and they are all trending the same way. Are we to believe they are all wrong? I mean, we have to be realistic too–as much as I hate it. What accounts for the support he supposedly shows there (and in states like PA & OH)?

  357. fif, they are not breaking the demos down correctly. I suspected this several weeks ago when all of a sudden Hagan zoomed from 4-10 points down to about 7 pts up over dole. there is no reason for such a drmatic shift in that race, and it is beyond credibility. that was about the same time that it went from a mccain 10 pt lead to an obama 4 or 5 point lead. it mtches the hagan swing. I think it shows a change in their sample make up that to me says their latest numbers are 8-10 pts off in obmama’s favor.

  358. thanks Gary

  359. I was just looking at the guts of some Rusmussen poll that Fox has up. All are trending Obama, but one of the questions is really interesting. “If you had to make the toughest decision of your life, who would you rather get advice from?” In all of the polls reported, even polls with Obama in the lead, the people said that they would rather get advice from McCain. To me that is the ultimate question of trust. This election is still in flux, do not trust the polls.

  360. Has this piece already been discussed? I just found it via The Daily Beast. It raises some very interesting questions about B.O.’s relationship with Ayers.


  361. Fresh meat to sink into: SNL’s “forbidden” Bailout skit

    + screenshots and transcript


  362. I TOTALLY agree with all that you have written.It’s frightening the way the supporters of Nobama are fanatics and downright militant! Hillary should have had the balls to say,”I’m voting for McCain,for I can’t EVEN go this far left..radically left..almost terrorist left! I’ve always known our country has some scary people among us but this Season they have come out by the multitudes! Like Zombies really to eat our flesh.What is appauling is that our Schools and Colleges are indoctrinating future generations to be like Obama ..ie Ayers teaching our children.I never realized how scary Chicago was till all these militant/terrorist have come out of their closets! I agree the Dem Party will be destroyed.I lived through the Carter years and they WERE BAD! He ruined our economy and now with our economy in questionable conditions how can we elect an immoral taxationist to lead?He will cut the military and let the terrorist of this world gain more momentum and domination.I am frightened.I pray he doesn’t get elected.Our great Country can not afford it..There will be nothing left in 2012?For Barack Hussein Obama can do unsurmontable damage in 4 years!

  363. If I’m repeating something that has been stated already, I apologize. The point of my comment is in reply to: “He will be the Jimmy Carter of 2008.”

    I have actually heard one commentator say they think that no matter who wins this year, it will work out that way. I do agree that Obama meets all the sterotypical criteria that conservatives have for “Liberals”.

  364. Obama = affirmative action at it’s finest. The token, less qualified minority hired above the more experienced, qualified woman.

  365. […] to suppress free speech, which is amazing since Obama taught constitutional law (see here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), the Obama team intimidating Hillary’s voting delegates either […]

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