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Always the “Better Woman”

(This is an old post that I never got around to putting up here. It’ll give the over-nighters a place to talk. Good night, Conflucians!–Regencyg)

All primary season long, I’ve heard a particular saying—or at least, a particular inference—repeated doggedly and it’s begun to irk me a bit.

“You must be the better woman.”

“Hillary has to be the bigger ma—woman and think of the party.”

“Don’t step out of line lest she be judged with you.”

No, those aren’t exact quotes but they are exact connotations. I’ve stifled the urge for some time to say anything about it, but I’ve about reached the zenith of my good manners. Now that the primary season is essentially “over”—which is up for debate as far as I’m concerned, but that’s another conversation—I still hear the call for me to act the good woman and be a shining example of civility for all. This begs the questions: What does it take for me to be the “good woman” and why the hell should I want to be?

I’ve known a good woman, a few actually. One is my mother, who raised me as well as she could, and I think did fairly well. Another is my grandmother, who raised her to be the self-reliant woman she eventually became in time for my birth. Those are just two, but this fight doesn’t dance around the two of them. It dances around someone of another caliber, but made of that same stern stuff.

Her name’s Hillary Rodham Clinton and, in case you didn’t know, she ran for President this go-round. She did damn well considering she had to do it gagged and blindfolded. Like a good little soldier, all season long, she spouted the party line, she pumped up the masses to see another big “D” in the White House, she embraced those masses, she embodied UNITY—big letters. She did all the things a good Democrat does to be a team player. What she didn’t do was play the “good woman.”

You see, it’s come loudly to my attention that being the good woman now means understanding that being six times as smart as your male opposition is just enough to get in on the ground floor—no higher, mind you, but you’re in. I have learned through observation that knowing what you’re talking about and being fearless in your knowledge is akin to “being no fun” and “not inspirational at all.” And everyone knows being good is all about inspiration. Unless you’re a woman named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

For that woman, being good was exactly about knowing her stuff. It was about her knowing her issues and the issues of the common American so well she could debate them in the throes of death. Being good meant she had to have a thick resume and fine record of service. She had that. Her record was comparable to any of those around her and she knew that. She also knew she wasn’t nearly so inspirational as the others were capable of being; so she played the wonk instead. She couldn’t quite beat a man at his charismatic game, so she beat him on competence. Instead of checking her brain at the door, she brought it to the table. Funnily enough, somewhere along the way she learned how to be inspirational, too. That’s not something “good women” do.

In watching her shoot and defend tirelessly day after day, I learned another lesson about women who don’t play “good.” They engender vitriol from the oddest of sources. You know them, those people who talk for a living, on television and radio, but normally know exactly nothing about which they speak. It’s those people who can’t stand women like Hillary Rodham Clinton. It’s those people—who know so little– who have the most to say about why it matters not how smart you, or how much you know, or how—in the real world, where people live—how likeable you really are. Because you know, if they have anything to say about you, you’ve done something right, you’ve played the good politician and left the “good woman” behind.

Hillary did that this time. She’s been doing it for a while actually, most of her life. It started with her making a decision that only she could, a decade ago: she forgave her husband his trespasses against her. Although one would think that her very desire to stand by her man would make her the epitome of the “good woman,” the personalities on talk radio and news networks disagreed—and did so loudly, and with sound effects. Apparently, their definition of a good woman was one who allowed the media to determine when her marriage was over and when her family should dissolve. She wouldn’t allow that and thus became a “bad woman” and a bad feminist—if a rather shrewd, calculating politician– in their eyes.

At least twice now, thanks to that female-loving mainstream press, the meme of the “pity politician” has reared its ugly head. That meme states that Hillary Clinton won her Senate seat because New Yorkers pitied her. She won because he cheated. Chris Matthews said it on television and no one worth their salt raised an ounce of hell. She was relegated to the role of the “good woman” then, since, when a woman is slapped down, nobody ever yells.

But she came back, bright and proud, in November 2006 when she won her re-election with 67% of the vote. They may have voted for her the first time because she was wronged, but they voted for her again because she’d done something right. She’d done her job—and a damn sight better than the Democrats she came to run against. She stood tall on that record and they demurred, snarling. Why was she so certain and how dare she ignore me? Oh, she had many reason to remain above the fray, but one in particular: Hillary Clinton had a promise. It was a promise, a pledge, made by the Democratic Leadership that they would stand behind her. That pledge reached back as far as 2004 when the Democratic field was sparse and uninspiring. They begged, they pleaded for Hillary to run for President in 2004. She refused. She had made a promise as well, this one to her constituents. She hadn’t come to the Senate to be President; she had come to be just that, a Senator. And for six years, that’s exactly what she was.

2008 finally rolled around and the Democrats found themselves in similar dire straits. There were too many contenders but no sure thing. So, what did they do? They turned to their one sure thing in thirty years, and this one had the name Clinton, too. They begged again, appealing to her sense of Party and Country. She considered it. They promised her everything, a cakewalk, the moon. She weighed her options, convened an exploratory committee, and took them at their word. Like the “good woman,” she had trustingly believed their word was any good. That may have been the last time she played the good woman, because she learned pretty quickly that no one was playing the “good man” in return. Most certainly not her competitors and particularly not the leadership that had sworn so very earnestly to support her.

Therefore, she had to play a different part, be a different person than the one who’d been deceived. She played the good pol with the good, hard-working woman underneath and she won the hearts of more voters than any candidate in primary history—but somehow she still “lost” the nomination. Thereafter, calls came left and right for her to be a good sport, for her not to be a sore loser, for her to be gracious in spite of the fact that more people in this country had thrown their lot in with her than had thrown it in with the other guy, but the party leadership had still so brazenly chosen him. The people who had dragged her to the scene turned their backs on her. She was then asked to swallow her pride at her treatment by her opponents, by her party, and by the press in order to put forth the ultimate—united—front. She did it, regardless of having earned the right to do something very different. She was gracious in “defeat.”

“Of course,” as Bitterpoliticz poster HypeJersey said weeks after Clinton’s suspension, “she shouldn’t have [had] to be ‘gracious.’ Women are always expected to be ‘gracious’ when they win and [when] they lose. Lots of ‘gracious’ women fill the ranks of assistants to the lackluster men they support.”

More and more, as the party moves incontrovertibly towards a fictitious realization of unity, Senator Clinton has become the face of all those ‘gracious women,’ women smart enough by a dozen measures to do the jobs of the men they bolster—and better. Senator Obama, the man for whom she was passed over, grows more uninspiring and lackluster by the day. He isn’t half the man he was expected to be—not a quarter of the ‘good man’ promised most certainly. Yet, Hillary Clinton, the junior Senator from New York, smiles and stands enthusiastically by, cheering him, playing the “good woman” to a tee.

All it took for her to be the “good woman” was for her to sit down and shut up like they’d always wanted. Accept that no matter infinitely qualified she was that she would never ever be better than any man, even one with only the basest qualifications. All it took was for her to clap at his victory like a trained seal, to allow him to hover over her shoulder as though she needed a ventriloquist to help her speak; to not flinch quite so obviously when the man who was rewarded the position she had earned touched her like he had every right and she had no right to refuse. The “good woman” had to pretend these things didn’t bother her to get through this latest injustice. She couldn’t accomplish anything by crying, no matter how much she’d earned the breakdown. She couldn’t win that way, the politician in her knew. “Good” men had assured that if they had their way, she couldn’t win at all, regardless of how she fought.

So, I find that this “good woman” has earned nothing for her fair play and I wonder why I should hope to be similarly rewarded for playing a comparable role. I like to be allowed the victories that I’ve earned. I like to see my accomplishments noted in historic record when they’re worth that much. If I’ve achieved greatness, I want my greatness; not to be told that I’ve earned it squarely but that it’s being awarded to a lesser being because I was good, just not that good. If being the “good woman,” the better woman, means always holding the inadequate man’s coat, I don’t need the title. I won’t carry his coat or his water; I won’t do his work and I won’t let him take the credit for mine.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is a damned good woman and someday she will make a damned fine president, but I’m not her—I’m not the better woman at all. Even in the unlikely event that she’ll feel the sting, I’ll continue to say what I want and mean every word.

She may be the better woman, but at least I can speak.

133 Responses

  1. Welcome back Regency! I’ve missed your posts.

  2. I hope she doesn’t think we have “replaced” her. I love her.


  3. DV: This one’s so old, it creaks. I have others I’m working on but inspiration is lacking. Anywho. Enjoy the night!

  4. She will always be my Hillary :::sigh:::
    It was my supreme pleasure to cast a vote for her to be my US Senator (I was still in NY then) and it was an even greater pleasure to vote for her in the primary for POTUS.

  5. Hillary should have been our candidate. Hillary should have been our president. Damn, damn, damn it all.

  6. great post — Hillary is a better woman then I, for sure, because I wouldn’t be acting as gracious as she is.
    btw, I have to state I absolutely LOVE how these pundits can say with a straight face that the Ayers story is “old news.” Yeah, because they have been sitting on it for 2 years to help BO they think everyone is tired of it already. The msm really is out of touch.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  7. Sophie: You should know that I’ve just jacked your Hillary. She’s sitting at the foot of my bed, looking very confused. It’s a good look on her.

  8. Regency! You’re a Big Dawg girl!! What happened?!

  9. Regency: I don’t believe you! Hillary doesn’t ever look confused! You are so lying and I caught you!

  10. Regency…I’m going to say it…

    YOU SELFISH B___H!!!

    Don’t you DARE hold yourself back from writing! EVER!!!

    (Erica Kane impersonation) How DARE you keep me from this????

    I love your writing, DON’T KEEP ME FROM IT. You hear??

    God bless you little sis & love youl!

  11. All the “good women” in the world have not yet succeeded in taking over. So what did that get us? When women finally own their anger, the world will change.

  12. This is one of the reasons I finally came around to deciding to vote for Palin: to pave the way for the really good women; the exceptional women. Like, say, for example, Hillary!

  13. Okay folks, I’m going to have to hit the sack soon, but I want to dream sweet dreams. I think the sweetest dream is that a bunch of dried-up, dead-ender PUMAs took down the MSM. Anyone got any ideas?

  14. Sophie — me too. I was voting 3rd party, but now I’m happily voting for the ticket with the woman on it.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  15. Awesome.

  16. Night Sopie. I’m going to be too y’all. Sweet dreams.
    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & chicest pantsuit and Vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  17. Sophie: *snort* Didn’t you know I swing on both sides of the aisle. I ‘ll take both, thanks. And, yes, Hillary looks confused. She’s trying to figure out where she is, why she’s here, and where her pantsuit went. …Kidding! (sort of )

    SM: Ouch. I’ll live. I love Erica Kane. Did you know someone recorded a song about her. It’s awesome. Download it! And now I’m not keeping you from my writing. I’m still working on Hillary as Robert F. Kennedy but it’s hard to put on the finishing touches.

  18. Night Angie & Sophie!

  19. Regency: Hill doesn’t do “swingers.” I happen to have a personal button from her that says, “I’m your girl.” Are you saying she was playin’ me?

  20. I hope we get to see Sarah make it to VP. Each woman has her own gifts. I could see Hillary being a good mentor to Sarah.

  21. LOL!!! O’Reilly is suggesting that Biden’s lack of forehead movement during the debate could have been due to Botox!!! You heard it here first folks!

  22. You can see this everywhere.

    It can be scary once you look.

    There is a country song extolling simple living talking about Sunday being the only day his daddy didn’t work. Guess what? Even in the deepest Bible-thumping country guess who works on Sunday? The women. The moms. Biscuits are made, children are dressed for church. You name it, women are working it.

    I just bought a book by Margaret Atwood. This woman is a brilliant writer and brought us the Handmaid’s Tale—-a cautionary tale we should constantly heed.

    She was talking about a father who toted up the debt his child owed him and how the son did repay his father.

    Even Margaret Atwood did not speak of the debt of carrying and birthing a child and the toll on a woman’s body,

    No one dares put a price on the debt every breathing being on earth owes women.

    Watch The Last King of Scotland. Extolled by all the art elite. Is there a difference in how the bloody African tyrant treats his harem and the cocky British Isles doctor treats his lays? Not really, even tho they try to romanticize the white man’s concern for his chattel.

    Screw them all. They would us.

  23. Sophie: Funny you should ask that, I have a pen that says the same thing. I also have a picture of looking with particular lasciviousness in my direction. Yeah, babe, you got played. Not only does she do Swingers, she does Republicans, too. She had to learn her “skills” from somewhere.

    P.S. The only swinging I do is from Bill’s side of the bed to hers. 😉

  24. AAAG: I think that would be a great relationship. I can see that they seem to hold each other in high regard.

  25. Regency: I don’t believe you. Where’s Pat? If she were here, she’d be telling you to go study.

  26. Sophie: Too late for studying. Already did the homework. Already bombed the midterm. It’s way too late for studying. Had Hill & Dawg on the brain for too long–turned mah brain to mush.

  27. Such a wonderful and nostalgic post. I’m still sad about how Hillary, and therefore all of us, were treated by her “opposition.” Even though I’m past my prime in some people’s eyes, I can still wear high heels, as I did today (in a pantsuit), so I will take Angienc’s advice and wear them to the polls. Have to search for that red lipstick, however!

    Something great must come of all of this. (I know one thing for sure, a great man does not condone, or allow, such horrid treatment of other human beings.)

  28. Sophie, actually I saw that elsewhere first, but it’s just as funny each time!

    Tho amusing, I am not against facial enhancement, or any body part enhancement. If we accept dental improvement, we need accept all bodily improvement.

    I just sneer at young’uns who swear they’d never dye their hair, etc etc. STFU until it happens to you. I’ve seen both men and women who look stunning in gray hair, etc. But it’s a personal aesthetic choice and no one else’s business.

  29. O’Reilly, get a damn clue! We can afford UHC! It is cheaper than the system we have now.

  30. Zee: I look stunning in gray hair!
    And Regency: Hillary digs it!

  31. Sophie: Did you see that pic of hillary with gray hair? *dies* Those eyes positively pop. She needs to go gray as soon as it’s feasible. *rowr*

    Of course Hillary digs it. Have you met Mr. Rodham Clinton?

  32. Besides, I found my first gray hair yesterday. I’m on the way to hotness in gray!

  33. I’m not the silver fox that Mr. Rodham is, but I have a pretty cool salt-n-pepper thing going.

  34. Regency…what ever happened with Bryn Mawr?

  35. I’m more pepper than salt but I can still season her dinner–if you know what I mean.

  36. Someday women will support other women and the good girl foolishness will stop, but until then there are women in certain situations that have no choice.

  37. Regency!!! Cease and desist!

  38. Sophie: Scholarship conflict that nearly broke my heart. Ironically, one of the girls I’m roomed with was accepted to BMC,too. (Ironically, she knows Joe Biden personally and really likes him. Like McCain too though. What a match we are.)

  39. Do you still want to go there?

  40. Sophie: Remove your hands from the pantsuit of my future President! And I you will not be harmed.

  41. In the future, that would be grand but me and ma are enduring tight financial times that just don’t make it possible right now.

  42. Regency: I am so not intimidated by you,. Step aside, child.

  43. Regency: My partner’s brother is a dean there.

  44. Sophie: Sorry, can’t do that. Hillary told me–well, begged me really–not to stop. Can’t disobey an Executive Decree, can I?

  45. Regency: Hillary also said she was supporting Ob…and I know you’re disobeying that one.

  46. Soph: Remember I told you, I was having problems with my credits transferring? Well, I wonder if, now that I’m in a 4-year institution and the credits are affirmed, if Bryn Mawr would take them now?

    Well, this semester is definitely a bust, but if you could talk to him, it would be so great. Just to see what happens.

  47. seriously, Reg, if you want a hand with Bryn Mawr, we can help.

  48. Let’s chat offline…are you comfortable posting your e-mail?

  49. Sophie: That was Democrat!Hillary. The one hanging upside off the edge of the bed is independent!Deviant!Hillary and her I never disobey.

  50. Sophie. Everyone knows my email address already. Asabbeyaspossible@yahoo.com. It’s no secret. I’ve got spam from Kingdom Come but I can live with it.

  51. Regency: You are such a fabricator. Hillary is here with me!

  52. I hate spam, but I fear the Obots.

  53. Sophie: I think you have Amy Poehler, the Hillary impersonator. I’d know these cheekbones anywhere. She’s grinning up a storm right now.

  54. At the invitation of the blog’s owner’s there is a cross post of mine at No Quarter. If you feel bummed, see the comments. http://noquarterusa.net/blog/2008/10/06/the-quality-of-intent-what-is-really-at-stake-in-the-2008-presidential-election/

  55. Heidi, are you going to post this notice at BP or shall I?

  56. These Hillary pictures are killing me…though I love to see her, the wound is still so raw.

  57. FYI: Ani has a really good post at NoQuarter about feminism and the ugliness of many “liberal” attacks on Palin.

  58. Fif, you should see my collection. I have this set of pictures of Hillary wearing a yellow suit, crying. It breaks my heart to see it.

  59. Fif: I read it at BP

  60. Regency: you’ve got mail.

  61. Regency, on October 7th, 2008 at 12:03 am Said:
    Will you please, as I am going to Puma Pac blog to do so. And I am one hundred and one years old and tired!

    Regency – please email me about how classes are going, ok?

  62. Dickless Morris is such a hack STFU you tool!

  63. fif: Yes, that’s an excellent post.

  64. O.K… anyone who needs to .. sigh… well – just enjoy .. you can spend hours here to get it .. I play here often

    I am sure some of you have all ready done this .. but here goes . For those who haven’t this is a love letter from the husband to his wife ..


  65. Heidi: No problem! Whatever your years, you don’t look a day over 24! Get some rest. I’ve been meaning to write to you for days but it’s totally gotten away from me. I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I’ve got a free period during the day. And feel free to tell me how everything is going with you.

  66. Regency writes again!!!!

    I remember one of your first posts here at The Confluence – I remember all the comments about people not believing you are the age you are, that your writing is so mature.

    Thanks for posting again and thanks for holding up the night shift the way you do.

    Now, off to NQ to see what’s there.

  67. Fif, you should see my collection. I have this set of pictures of Hillary wearing a yellow suit, crying. It breaks my heart to see it.

    Can you post it sometime?!

    What’s “BP?”

    And what’s been going on here? I make some tea and read Ani’s post and I come back and Sophie and Regency are battling over Hillary? I thought I already handled that in the last thread Sophie?!

  68. Fif: you “thought” you handled it. My tenacity is famous in these parts!

  69. Heidi: Excellent post over at NQ.

  70. Oh Sophie: I’m not goin’ anywhere…

  71. Fif: Go

    BP = bitterpoliticz.

    Sophie and I recognize that Hillary is a hot commodity. Sophie, however, does not recognize that she’s taken now.

  72. Thanks Sophie.
    And Regency, fyi, I don’t look OR feel a day over 15 – the year I first had consensual sexual relations!

  73. Sorry, to see sad Hillary, see this

  74. This is slightly off-topic. I’ve been trying to find a link to a video of that SNL skit they did of Obama calling Hillary at 3am because he didn’t know how to handle a crises. She also helps him fix the boiler. Any idea where I can find it?? It doesn’t seem to be on youtube, unless I’m not looking for it right.

  75. Regency: I know shes taken…right here darlin’

  76. Heidi: well, then I say the best way to celebrate that feeling is to do it again! Have rampant sexual relations.

    I highly recommend it.

  77. DYB: watch it here

  78. Regency: I have terabytes of Hillary pix!

  79. Sophie: Amy is a very happy woman right now, which makes sense since she is imitating a very happy woman. Hillary is positively purring under the fleece blanket. It’s a bit chilly in here and I’d hate for her to catch a cold.

  80. Okay folks, it really is nighty-nite time… thanks Conflucians for keeping me sane and crazy at the same time.

  81. Sophie: You have so many pictures because you will never have the real thing. She’s so much prettier in person. (This is actually true.)

  82. Hillary says “Good night,” Sophie! Bill, too.

  83. G’Nite all. Hill and I have to get some rest…

  84. Oh, so do I! Gonna go watch some “Are You Being Served?” online

  85. Sorry, to see sad Hillary

    Uhhh…do you know the circumstances of that picture? I know the jacket well. She wore it during the RI primaries and I saw her at a fund-raiser in Boston and she had it on. She wore it often during that time.

    That’s what also breaks my heart: people portray her as a cold, power-hungry monster and she is so compassionate and caring. Remember that video that had a clip of her listening to a woman talk about an obvious tragedy in her own life and HRC reached her hand out to her, and you could just see the pain sweep over her face? She struggled to maintain her composure, because she was on a panel. luv her…

  86. Good night, Amy Poehler. Leave before your Hillary weave falls off at the stroke of midnight!

  87. G’Nite all. Hill and I have to get some rest…

    Stop that! 🙂

    Nite everyone.

  88. Fif: I know. She was talking about UHC and how important it was. She teared up. Still, it was definitely appropriate given it’s one of the few times Hillary really lets her guard down and it’s caught in still shots.

  89. okay, real good nights now. Sleep well, Conflucians.

  90. Still, it was definitely appropriate given it’s one of the few times Hillary really lets her guard down and it’s caught in still shots.

    I heard her once say when asked “how she keeps going” that she gets up each day and “puts on her armor and goes out there again.” It really struck me, because people accuse her of being inauthentic, but they don’t understand that she has been mercilessly attacked for years. The only way she can continue to be effective is to shield herself. At the beginning of the campaign, her friends told her to “be herself,” and she was quoted as saying, “But when I do that, they attack me even more.” I am glad that she has so many people around her who do love and truly appreciate her.

  91. nite. me too.

  92. Regency: No luck. When I try to play the video it says it’s unavailable. Is it just me? That’s what it’s been saying on every link I’ve tried (including at HuffPo.)

  93. That is good news– but all that trouble so that the crook could get no more than a few thousand votes? Perhaps its time for one poet to quote another.

    “The mountains are in labor, and a ridiculous mouse is born.”


  94. fif, I was at that same fundraiser. The yellow jacket is kind of….but I like it anyway because of that. 😉

  95. They can’t even successfully organize fraud. Way to go, Obots.

  96. LOL The homeless were like, not even if Oprah buys me a house. Too bad Jen couldn’t be bothered to just fill out the ballots herself–hubris strikes again.

  97. Bill Ayers implys that weathermen could be reactivated if “the need arose.”

    I ask what need would arise that might require the reactivation of the weathermen?

    I believe an Obama defeat could be used as a reason by Bill Ayers to reactivate the weathermen.

    Just a morning comment to wake everybody up.

    saw tis story on fox and friends this AM. It was withan x-FBI man and i heard the quote attributed to Bill Ayers repeated by the fox news caster and verified by his interviewee!@

    A vielled threat to force people to vote for the one?

    Morning All!

  98. FOX & FRIENDS in Ohio @ a dine:
    **Strong for McCain!!
    They had a PUMA!!!!!
    She’s strong for McCain!!!!

  99. Joe – Healthcare is dead on arrival no matter who wins because of the economy.

    No need to debate that issue tonight.

    Rudy tried to explain why Ayers was relevent and still a threat while Andrea talked loud over him that Obama didn’t he know him and Mika changing the subject to whether or not Bloomberg is going to run again.

    Anything to shut up negativity towards Obama.

    SARAH HAKA 👿 keep it going!

  100. I got my Hillgram this morning telling me about Hillary’s 40 appearances for O’biden and I felt ill. She can stop being the good girl now. She must be worn out, stumping for him and passing all this legislation she’s written, etc. But I don’t think she really gets too tired. She has tremendous energy.

    She was arguing that LGBT people will benefit under Obama. How? I know she has to say that, but it’s a lie. We’ll be lucky if Obama’s evangelical Youth don’t haul us off to reprogramming camp so we stop this marriage-talk nonsense.

  101. 1) Hillary’s exhausted. She said so herself. Going on a long vacation after the election.
    2) LGBT people have historically thrived under Democrat leadership. Not that we’ve had much of that in say 40 years, so who can say.

    Hillary can do whatever Hillary likes. I don’t kill myself listening to her and listening to other people kill themselves listening to her is so not my cup of tea.

    1. Don’t watch.
    2. Prove her wrong.

    That way you negate her influence.

  102. “Obama didn’t know Ayers was a terrorist.” Funny how no one is talking about MO’s connection to Ayers wife??????????????????????/////

  103. Robert Gibbs said all he knows about the relationship is from what he read in the NYT.

    What a joke? These people are sick!

  104. Ditto Carol!
    I wrote to Joe how does anyone not say if Obama didn’t know;
    he should of!! He has someone launch his career in their house & he doesn’t check him out??
    “If ” he didn’t know he “should have KNOWN”!
    * Just like the church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, Michelle worked with B. Dorn.

  105. Hillary has been glorious in defeat. I wish she would sponsor a national women’s retreat, or a series of them, across the US and we could all meet and greet. We could help her retire her debt. We could get together and hear about, talk about the agenda for women going forward. The women’s organizations extant became too focused on the abortion issue. There are so many other issues for us to consider, probably health care at the top of the list. Even tho’ that is every”man’s” issue, it is most profoundly a woman’s issue.

    Uniting women may be the key to saving this country from itself.

  106. Carol; Here’s how I see it playing out: The Ayers story builds slowly and steadily until Barack and MO have nowhere to hide. Perhaps about two weeks before the election? Icing on the cake would be Hillary issuing a public statement saying, “That’s not the Barack I knew.”

  107. Diner in Ohio:

    Woman said she worked hard for Hillary -she’s voting McCain. The entire family has been Democrats for 100 years – they are voting McCain. Her husband works as a union member that is supporting Obama – he’s voting McCain. Large number of union members breaking for McCain.


  108. Carol: Whoo Hooo. Go People of Ohio—rage against the machine!!!

  109. LGBT haven’t benefited from any politcal party. We have gotten where we are solely through our own persistence, mainly utilizing the courts. Dems have never helped us through legislation. Now, Obama and McCain have the same position about marriage, neither support it. Hillary’s claims are baseless on this issue.

  110. Everyone in the battleground states needs to order the new flyers over at PUMA PAC and get out in the areas and fight Obama head to head. We have to have high heels and boots on the ground.

    We can not have this creep win the WH!


  111. chimera, on October 7th, 2008 at 8:08 am Said:

    “I got my Hillgram this morning telling me about Hillary’s 40 appearances for O’biden and I felt ill. She can stop being the good girl now. She must be worn out, stumping for him and passing all this legislation she’s written, etc. But I don’t think she really gets too tired. She has tremendous energy.

    She was arguing that LGBT people will benefit under Obama. How? I know she has to say that, but it’s a lie. We’ll be lucky if Obama’s evangelical Youth don’t haul us off to reprogramming camp so we stop this marriage-talk nonsense.”


    I think Hillary is still setting the bar for Obama. She doesn’t talk about how great he is. She talks about what he will (read “had better”) do. She will hold him accountable for all of those policies she has so brilliantly championed.

  112. Obama is a total joke but a horribly serious joke. For such a brilliant man he is profoundly ignorant. He did not know Rezko”s shady dealings, did not know the rhetoric about his pastor and spiritual advisor, did not know about Ayers and Bernadette, did not know about ACORN’s shady dealings—that man does not know about anything.

    I have come to believe early and late that electing McCain Palin this year is so singularly important to our Hillary cause. If BO wins, he wins the Democratic party. He gets all the keys to the pantry. Even if he sacks the place and upends all his own rhetoric (if there is any that has not been upended by now), he will be in the incumbent position and that would make for a bloody interparty fight that even if Hillary were to win that struggle, she would be wounded going forward. I don’t think sometimes that all HRC supporters understand that defeating the One is not about the issues, it is about any future presidency for Hill. The only way to possibly defeat him is to vote for MP. Anything else is a half-measure and will avail us little or nothing.

  113. Mawm – the only chance of succeeding on social issues is to work hard after the elections. Elections polarize the issue and our pathetic excuse for leaders (McCain and Palin excluded) are not going to buck the system. I leave them out, because like their position or not, they live their convictions and don’t try to soften the edges – you have to respect that.

  114. What I’m not understanding is this, if Obama is doing so well in the polls and has “already won” this thing then WHY is Hillary still being sent out to campaign for him??? Give the woman a break already!

  115. Boots on the ground. Absolutely yes. Calling for MP. Anything and everything. We have to be serious and intense. As serious as an international economic meltdown.

  116. I do like Palin’s straight forwardness on the issues. She does not change or soften her position. I don’t agree with some of her positions but I respect her holding on to them.

    I still do not get what people by the millions see in The One. Whatever that lens of enlightenment is, it is turned off in my brain.

  117. Carol, I never look to politician’s for help on LGBT issues. I just want to debunk the notion that Dems are better for LGBT than Republicans. They have stood in the way just as much, so it disgusts me that they try and pick up some votes by claiming they accomplished something they haven’t.

    I’m not voting for McCain/Palin because of their stance on LGBT. I’m voting for them because they are the only ones in the race with even a shred of integrity.

  118. Wow. This is the most beautiful tribute to our Hillary I have ever read. You captured it exactly. Hillary has to see this. You have to find a way to get it to her.

  119. Staunch, we know she reads the Confluence.

  120. simofish, on October 7th, 2008 at 1:44 am Said:
    this appears to be good news

    Thanks for the good news, simofish. It was a great little pick-me-up this morning.

  121. Here is the latest act of Obama desperation: Linking McCain with the Iran/contra affair.


    Please tell me, do you think this is going to have much impact?

  122. Regency, this is such a wonderful tribute. Thank you.

  123. NEW RD POST!

  124. gmx

    Damn! I hope my comment doesn’t ruin your pick-me up. arrrrrg!

  125. Thanks, Staunch and Soupcity. I wrote this a few months ago actually, just never posted it here.

    JvSP: wasn’t that Carter’s mess? I don’t mean he caused it, just that he got tarred with it. Do they really wanna bring Jimmy Carter’s presidency back into the mix?

  126. Regency,
    I only remember the Iran/contra affair as a Reagan fiasco. I was kid back then (guess I am dating myself). If that is all they have to dredge up and the Keating mess, which involved 4 Democrats as I remember it), they are desperate!

    Btw, great post!

  127. JVSP, nah, reading that AP story is just like reading an Obama press release. Can these folks get anymore in the tank for BO? Still, it’s pretty clear that McCain wasn’t involved in the group and given that he was quoted 22 years ago, in a 1986 interview, pretty much denouncing them then all that does it make it crystal clear that McCain had the good sense to realize the negative connection UNLIKE the supposed “brilliant” Obama who apparently has no idea of history and can’t identify stinky until it’s held up under his nose. Yeah, he’ll make a great world leader. Can you just imagine the colossal mess BO could get us in?

  128. gxm,
    PHEW! I come here looking for a pick me up! ..glad I wasn’t a buzz killer!

    “Can you just imagine the colossal mess BO could get us in?’

    Yeah. His very running for President is already a colossal mess.

  129. – Regency

    They begged again, appealing to her sense of Party and Country…. They promised her everything, a cakewalk, the moon.

    and then…

    The people who had dragged her to the scene turned their backs on her.

    They begged. She cautiously complied. They dumped her. What woman hasn’t been through that – or at least remembers some pubescent from their youth trying to “beg their way” into your “goodies” .. and then take you for granted afterward… MEH!

    I’m sorry. I’m bitter today :/

    Great post Regency!

  130. Beautiful post Regency-I couldn’t read all of it cause it made me cry.

    And the yellow suit photos just finished me off.

  131. GREAT POST!!

    Hillary Clinton 2012

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