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Sunday: Revolution Roll Call

Cold feet.

The reality of the election is creeping up on us.  Creep is a perfect word because I am starting to see some of our number starting to have second thoughts.  Some of you feel you MUST make a decision.  It has to be final.  Convert or die.  Tell me, PUMAs, who is forcing you to commit to one candidate or another?  And what is wrong with ambiguity?  Rest assured, there *will* be a winner on November 4.  It will be decisive.  But there is no reason why either side should feel comfortable right now.  And there is certainly no reason for the Obamaphiles to threaten to put you to the sword.  You don’t owe them anything, not even a conversation if you don’t want one.

But there is still a decision to be made.  Let me tell you where I am right now.  In my mind, I am trying to reduce each campaign to a single descriptive word.  I’m still working on McCain’s, which I see as treading a very fine line, carefully avoiding mine fields that would upset the fragile coalition it is trying to assemble.  It is very cautious and yet there is an element of adventurousness in Sarah Palin that says “risk taker”.  Getting the right balance is very tricky.  On the Democratic side, there is one word that comes to mind and it’s very strong:

per·ni·cious (pr-nshs)
a. Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly: a pernicious virus.
b. Causing great harm; destructive: pernicious rumors.
2. Archaic Evil; wicked.

The election of Obama will be the death of the Democratic party. His campaign has been nothing short of astonishing in its destructive power. We thought the party was the party that supported equality for women. Not so. Obama’s campaign has pandered to the worst impulses in testosterone fueled young and middle aged guys and the women who want to be loved by them. By first unleashing a vicious attack on Hillary and now Sarah Palin, Obama supporters have set women in the public sphere back by decades. Will we see a return to the Mad Men era of diminishing women to sub-adult status? If we let Obama win, we might.

His campaign has also used racism as a weapon.  Racism is a serious problem but unlike sexism, our culture is much less tolerant to public displays of racism.  But this campaign season, we are witnessing a redefinition of racism to mean whatever Obama says it means.  Any criticism of him is filtered through a black and white filter.  Obamaphiles have hurled the racism label at us since before January with great success.  They have offended the political junkies and voting population.  I predict a backlash.  But what is even more astonishing is that now even among ourselves, “the shrieking hordes of paranoid holdouts”, we are starting to attack each other with the label when there is absolutely no racism or intent to discriminate. We are even alienating ourselves.  That is destruction I couldn’t have predicted a few months ago.

It doesn’t stop there.  The Obama campaign has purged the party of the elderly, the GLBT community and working people.  For years, the party was once the champion of these groups.  It was its distinguishing characteristic.  Now, the Obama campaign taps into the resentment of its new coalition towards the old coalition.  “Those people” are not worthy of protection or courtesy or even enfranchisement.  The Obama campaign makes it OK to treat them as less than human.

“Those people” are us.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of us discussed how we could involve more people into the movement to reform the Democratic party.  We were wary of using the PUMA name because some groups felt squeamish about it and didn’t want to coexist under that umbrella, even though they were indistinguishable from us in every way.  Some of those people were rationalizing why they were different from us, as if there was a reason for why they needed to distance themselves.  The PUMA name, it seems, has become associated with all of the out groups of the old coalition.  We are the lunchtable where the stupid and the ugly people sit.  Well, I *know* we’re not stupid.

What’s wrong with getting old?  As my mother says, “it sure beats the alternative”.  It is an inescapable fact of life.  It will happen to Obamaphiles too.  Ooo, here’s an idea.  Next time you meet a young Obama campaign person, tell them they’re going to be 60 someday, if they’re lucky.  See what happens.

And what’s wrong with being a woman?  How about uneducated?  How many women my mother’s age were perfectly capable of excelling in college but never got the opportunity to go?  What’s wrong with being working class?  Most of the people in this country are working class.  I have one of those creative class jobs and I consider myself working class.  The working class has moved from the factories into the cube farm.  We still work with our hands, it’s just that now those hands touch keyboards instead of widgets.

But if we allow Obama to win, our power will be diminished, perhaps for generations.  And when I say “our” power, I mean most Americans.  If we allow Obama to win, we give our consent to stealing nominations by party manipulation.  We say that it is OK to conduct fraudulent elections, misleading voters about their self-determination.  We say it is OK to take taxpayer’s money to conduct sham primaries.  We give our permission to hooligans to be bussed in from other states to bully and intimidate voters during elections.  We capitulate to the diminishment of women, the elderly, working class people, gay people.  We participate in our own demise.

A few months ago, Dr. Violet Socks wrote one of the most insightful pieces of the whole election season.  In Archimedes Lever, she describes the situation we presently face.  We PUMAs and like minded people have a huge lever in front of us.  If we choose to throw that lever, we can change history.  We can bring this pernicious version of the Democratic party to its knees.  It is in the interests of the party to make us believe that we are helpless, that we can’t or shouldn’t pull the lever, hence the renewal of the haka against us.  The polls are going in Obama’s favor, they say.  We are racists, they shout.  We women are standing in the way of Obama’s victory.

Oh, really? How about this one: Obama is standing in the way of our personhood.  Obama stands in the way of our self-determination.  Obama stands in the way of our dignity and worth.  Friends, it is time we recognized our power, our amazing strength.  WE have the votes to swing this country in OUR election.  We have the ability to send this pernicious party apparatus to the level of Hell where it belongs.  We can give a new Democratic party four years to rebuild and put the remaining Democrats on notice that we expect them to represent US. We can start our own Revolution.

Are you with me, PUMAs?  Sound off.  Tell us which Great State you are voting from and what the power of your vote is going to do this November.

601 Responses

  1. I am with you. I am voting for McCain. I had my share of Obamabots this weekend. Emailing. My relative called to ask me

    1. If I have changed my “allegiance” from Hillary to Obama
    2. To inform me she has joined Obama
    3. To ask me for money for Obama.

    and by the way, thanks for asking how I was doing.

  2. I am voting from NY – where I am not too sure my vote would make a difference. Which is why I still keep the dichotomy McCain-McKinney in play for myself. leaning closer to McCain every day.
    Also, a theory as to the makers of candidate Obama

  3. I’m with you! from NC, and my voting means that no one else can take my vote, and that we will have a democratic senator again from this state.

  4. For anyone still undecided about voting Dem top of the ticket:

    http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,23643866-5013948,00.html 10/5/2008

  5. RD – Thank you for this. It was desperately needed.

    I am undecided in the Great State of NY, where my vote will be determined by my perception of how the election is going. If I feel there is any chance at all of McCain winning my state, I will vote for him. Otherwise, I’m going topless!


  6. Washington State- With you all the way Riverdaughter!!! As time goes by, I and my family have decided it has to be JMAC. We are proud to call ourselves PUMA’S…
    In fact, I’ve been very surprised to see some of your regular posters waffling on the subject of “voting for Obama” ??????????????????

  7. I am with you. I will not vote for McCain or Obama. Maybe McKinney or if I can I will write in Clinton’s name.
    I can’t believe the divide this election has caused between me and my husband and our friends. They keep saying a Democrat is better no matter what just as with Kerry. I keep trying to explain that it is different this time but they don’t want to hear it. I keep wondering what they will do if Obama wins and all of the things like those you mentioned happen. Will they stand up then?

  8. IT IS my sincere belief that obama is the anti-christ (and i am not a christian)!

  9. I’m from Illinois and although my vote will not make a difference, I will still vote my conscience. Where can I make a difference – friends in the swing states.

  10. riverdaughter!!!

    You have blown me out of the water!!

    Incredible post!! You said everything so well!!

    THANK YOU!!!

    Indeed. What’s with this bailout, ” HURRY! HURRY! “crap again?….only now it’s about our vote ?
    When has the out come of anything been for one’s benifit when one is told to hurry up? Do it NOW!

    An Obama win will cement every under handed thing he and his handlers have done, as future Dem policy…. funny, when he isn’t a Dem at all! It’s like watching a virus taking over a host. Will the patient made it? Get the paddles ready, it might be code blue

  11. madamab-


    As for PUMA’s being old – my kids are under 25!!!

  12. I am in Maryland and I will be voting for McCain/Palin. I have been an active ‘worker bee’ in every election since I could vote. This time I will watch. I used to assume that the Democrat was the best candidate, this election I will evaluate each candidate by the ‘content of their character’ and will decide accordingly. I will not let anyone convince me that this election has already been decided. We voters will decide who our president is and we will do it on election day. Every election day the people who do not vote, have more ‘votes’ than the people who do vote. Don’t waste time converting the coolaid drinkers, empower those that don’t trust Obama to take a stand and to vote. PUMA

  13. Absolutely wonderful !
    This election is about sending that message to the New Democratic Party that has been going in the wrong direction for a good 10 yrs now.
    It is time to vote against the New Democratic Party.
    I’m from IL. I voted for Obama as Senator and have been disgusted with him and the Dems in general ever since. Enough is enough. I will be voting straight Republican for the first time in 40yrs of voting. No Durbin, No Melissa Bean. Won’t defeat them but hope it helps to send the message. And many friends are doing the same.

  14. Whether I am a PUMA, a disenfranchised voter, a deadender, old by their standards, irrelevant to the cause, I am hurting. Hurting because my Party betrayed me; hurting because I am forced to make a decision I never expected in my lifetime to make; hurting because I have been cast aside, ridiculed, demeaned, denigrated, insulted, remade into something I am not.

    My state, Massachusetts, will more than likely remain blue. My vote against Obama will have little or no value in the end. As before, my vote for Hillary Clinton was completely deleted by the time it arrived in Denver to make way for a candidate who got to the head of the line carrying more than his share of designated items. Shameful, disgraceful, and overwhelming bias allowed this to happen.

    I do not see my vote as meaningful beyond what I deem it to be. A vote against the candidate and the cabalists of whatever stripes in the DNC forced me into this corner. What you have so skillfully included in this essay is exactly how I relate to the present atmosphere. The man is unqualified. He is divisive. He is shown a pattern of behavior that does not bode well for his possible ability to lead. At least not in the direction we aspire.

    At this juncture I have made my peace of having to live under either administration. An Obama win will be as equally devastating to me personally as will one for McCain. The challenge will be to live through it.

    In the end I have been hurt, wounded, and depressed. We are left with the choice of an Old Warrior whose time has more than likely passed and a man who brings little to the table outside of dubious qualifications and a lack of experience. Unfortunately for us, one of them will become our Commander in Chief. Our future for now looks bleak.

  15. I am from NJ and will be voting (as will my husband) for a Republican Presidental candidate the first time in our voting lives and we have voted for more than 60 years between us. I considered voting for Nader, but almost 10 months of reading about that fraud, cheat and nicely dressed yet thuggish Obama, and the hateful rhetoric of the Obamabots put us over the edge to McCain. I think it’s the only way to get back the Democratic party that I knew.

    Thanks for yur post, RD; It was a fine, thought provoking one.

  16. Thank you for the clarification RD.

    I live in the lively Purple state of Wisconsin and I will be voting for McCain/Palin. I had “waffled” a bit when JM voted for the bailout bill that I oppose vehemently but after thinking it over, I decided that voting for McKinney will not do enough to defeat Obama, Obamacrats, and Obamathugs.

    I can console myself with voting for McCain by getting my chance to vote 30% solution in the person of Governor Sarah Palin. I may not agree with her on some things but she is a woman of style, substance and worthy of respect for her accomplishments.

    I also get to vote against the media darling. Anyone media likes, ain’t no friend of mine.

  17. What Pat Johnson said. Either one will suck. I just happen to think McPalin will suck a lot less.

    No way, no how, NO OBAMA.

  18. From MN, I will be voting Republican for the first time ever in the past 40 years, and it feels as if it is the first time that I actually *see and understand* the visciousness that underpins political practices from both parties. This election, the Republican vote seems a lot less “icky” than a vote for BO. But the strongest argument for a McCain vote is that it is the only way I can express my disapproval of the DNC’s actions.

  19. Another black woman who will not vote for Obama, here. I’m in Nevada and would personally prefer to vote for “none of the above.” I’m thinking about closing my eyes and picking at random, but I’m scared I’ll vote for Obama or one of his minions by accident.
    I really do think “none of the above” should be an option, though.

  20. If we allow Obama to win, we give our consent to stealing nominations by party manipulation. We say that it is OK to conduct fraudulent elections, misleading voters about their self-determination. We say it is OK to take taxpayer’s money to conduct sham primaries. We give our permission to hooligans to be bussed in from other states to bully and intimidate voters during elections.

    I’ve declared myself many times on this site. I feel exactly as you have written above. Yesterday I got into an argument with (another) old friend who is voting for “the lesser of two evils” in Obama. I completely disagree. Voting for Obama endorses the violation of our most fundamental democratic principles: one person one vote. He STOLE the nomination–what is ambiguous about that? By voting for him, we would be telling Pelosi, Dean, Brazile et. al. that their unethical and anti-democratic practices work, and to be sure and do it again. I feel the same way about him that I do about Bush. He is illegitimate. If we sacrifice our foundational beliefs, then what are we voting for–a party that already abused and violated those principles? It makes no sense.

    NOBAMA, NEVER. I have never and will not waiver. Even though I am in NY, I am voting McCain as a full-throated protest against all things Obama. I want to use whatever power I have to defeat him, even if it’s only symbolically. I read McCain’s bio, and I believe he is a man who honestly values honor and at least he has character. He has a proven record of bipartisanship, and with a Dem Congress, he will be forced to compromise his more conservative leanings. I will vote downticket Dem for members that did not turn on HRC. In NY, that means all.

  21. I live in NY and will vote McCain at the top of the ticket . It will be the first time in my life that I will vote for a republican.

    That said, many clinton dems that I know who dislike BO immensely seem to be getting in line to vote for him.

    I am just disgusted.
    The link above from the australian paper is excellent. Read it if you haven’t already!

  22. I’m in VA. My husband and I will be voting McCain/Palin. To critics who question how two lifelong Democrats can vote Republican, especially after the disastrous Bush administration, I reply that our votes are votes, not only to voice our disgust with the DNC, but to reward the Republicans for having a far more democratic system of selecting their nominee. While we agree with almost none of the issues and ideas the Republicans represent, the behavior of the DNC has been so contrary to democratic values that voting against the DNC supercedes the issues this year.

    As well, voting for McCain is the same as not voting for Obama, twice. Rather than registering two dead voters to replace me and my husband, the Obots will have to come up with four.

  23. ABG-

    No where does Myshiba include those words. It is typical of Obama suppoertes to refer to r@cism where there is none.

    This is NOT about Obama’s r@ce, but about his and his campaigns lack of integrity and nefarious, illegal tactics.

    I don’t think that we should elect a candidate based on his color, regardless of character and integrity, sorry. We have not elected, or basically forced the resignation of many people in office who are white-because of their lack of integrity and violations of the law. In a post-r@acial society this should be the norm. If you’re bad, you’re bad. Period. And you’re out.

    (God how I wish we could do this in Chicago- all corrupt politicians out – and let me tell you they come in all colors and creeds).

    Take your damn accusation elsewhere.

  24. I am a proud PUMA in Florida . I have been subjected to the disdain and wrath of many friends, and some family. They get their information from the MSM, and have bought the Obama talking points. My son lives in NYC and is so conflicted, he has thrown up his hands and says he will vote Nader. I will enthusiastically vote McCain-Palin, and do my part to put Florida in the red column.

  25. I live in the great state of FL, and for 42 years have voted reliably Democratic. The polls show that we are no longer reliably Republican, so I will choose the “nuclear option” and vote for JMac. I may not agree with him, but I find him honest and reliable.

  26. mlr, on October 5th, 2008 at 12:02 pm Said:
    …. They keep saying a Democrat is better no matter what….

    That might be true if Obama was a Democrat.
    But he’s not , he’s an Obamaican. But many people see the D next to his name and that’s enough. ….well it’s not and as you say, when will they finally realized every Dem princeple will be sacrificed and stand up?

    And how many of us who have paid attention all these months find what we learned dismissed now that other Dems have started to think about the election?

  27. And I’d like to add for the Obama supporter above that Obama’s race has no impact on my vote. As another blogger elsewhere said, “It’s way overdure time for an African American to be President.” As far as I’m concerned, that’s the only thing Obama does have going for him.

    I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he were Latino, Asian American, Native American, Caucasian or any other race. I vote on the content of the character in large part and Obama is extremely lacking in that area.

  28. I will find it very hard to vote for Obama, for all the reasons stated. Since he’s doing well in the polls and the EV — since people, I believe, still identify the Democratic brand he’s trying to destroy with being good for “the” (our) economy — that makes it all the easier to vote against him.

  29. I am not voting for the top of the ticket in Texas. Some of the local Obama supporters are wealthy and have intimidated people all year. I live in a majority Republican precinct with a large minority of Democrats and we have generally gotten along. But this year the Obama supporters hate other Democrats more than Republicans. There have been three huge Obama signs in front of mini mansions all summer. No other signs were up. Last week the McCain Palin signs started coming up in front of neat modest homes to estates that make the Obama manse look like a playhouse. I walked around and counted 83 McCain Palin. There are still 3 Obama signs.

  30. Wonderfully inspirational post, RD. Thank you. I am from California and I will be voting for McCain, the first Republican I have ever voted for with the exception of our small town garbage collector, who was an independent republican, a “maverick”.

    I am hoping against hope that McCain/Palin will show an affinity for populist pragmatism a la Hillary, when push comes to shove. I certainly have no delusions that blabla will, so my choice is clear.

  31. Pat: it is so depressing. And we could have had it all–the best I’ve seen in my lifetime, and that includes Bill. Hillary does not have Bill’s emotional baggage. She is all focus, work and commitment. Now, I want to cry again.

  32. California here… and while I cannot vote for Obama, I have not decided what to do at the top of my ticket yet.

    2 terrible choices, as far as I can see.

  33. Clean up at 12:07. ABG cannot see anything beyond color.

  34. I’m all for the revolution and I’m McPalin.

    But I would like to see more specifics on how we can reach the most of us throughout the country.

    Just the blogy-savvy does not make it a revolution.

  35. I’m from IL. I voted for Obama as Senator and have been disgusted with him and the Dems in general ever since.

    ILBlue: I’m curious about this. If he’s accomplished so little in IL, why does he have so much support there?

  36. I have no doubt, no cold feet; I know which way lies salvation and I have no delusions that what has been done to my nation can not be put right by a single person in four years. It will take time to recover and will require the ministration of many good and faithful public servants.

    For almost a decade now we have been counseled to wait…wait…wait… and now we are being counseled to wait another four years but we must start to mend our nation now to avoid further destruction. Any person that promotes divisiveness like Barack Obama must be denied any political office because, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, it is NOT about color but character – and character is Barack Obama’s failure.

    In the state where I presently reside, Oklahoma, Senator Hillary Clinton won and there are more McCain/Palin signs than Obama/Biden. My family and I will be voting R for the first time. We’re independent voters and not used to being “winners” but we hope this year will change that because our country so badly needs to be saved and Obama is truly NOT the one to save it.

  37. Hear , Hear RD .. hear ! hear ! &

    Good Morning ! .. You have cut right to the heart of the matter. I must say , as usual . Thank YOU for this, thank You !! ..

    I’ll never forget the all the broken hearts who were here in Jan, when I got here . My heart was also broken . I was appalled , shocked and deeply , deeply hurt by the party that I had identified with my entire life . I know this sounds dramatic, but it’s true, at times I literally felt that I was in danger physically – from the emotions I was feeling – tightness in my chest , a feeling of not being able to take a ‘deep’ breath , a general ‘dis ease’ throughout every tissue in my body ..

    Then I found You here, I think it was ‘primary’ night in Jan.. from the Hillary orange cheeto diary .. Anyway , I found you and the wonderful people who were all ready here .. You saved my life !! .. I know .. I know …. sounds dramatic, it is dramatic – Dramatic & True.

    You all helped my heart , mind and body in the healing process .. with brilliant truths , and warming HUMOUR . .!! ;))

    as you know due to self discovery and weighing consequences – I came to the conclusion that I simply , this year had to vote the repub ticket at the top .

    In the spirit of a sincere Puma I have no other choice and I am proud of it ! .. Yes .. ! I am proud that I will not ‘go along – to get along’ .. I am proud that I am not going to reward my abusers .. You betcha ..

    another time , another place .. I will see . I have gone to the new site – FDR – every day ! I will support this effort in any way I can ! ..

    RD .. a recurring ‘thank YOU ‘ from me .. once again .

  38. I am voting for McCain. This election is too important not to vote. I wish those of you who are considering not voting will vote. I am in a state where it will not make a difference but you never know. Go on some of these blogs like ABC John Tapper and promote PUMA.

    I find not voting to be apathetic. I have met 20 people who say they are doing this. 20 people. How many groups of 20 are not voting.

    My goal is to keep Obama out POTUS. He is not a democrat and will destroy this party

    This is what the BOTS are saying:

    There is only one choice in this election, anyone with common sense knows Obama is that choice… but then… reading the posts on the internet blog sites… common sense is NOT so common..

    Your not voting is not going help the stupidity as the above comment.

  39. I am from NJ, the Great State that took my vote for Hillary and gave it to Obama without consulting me. This year, I am committed to vote for every woman on a ticket. I am committed to the 30% solution. 30% of women in political office.

  40. I am with you, RD.

    I am from Missouri, another swing state. Because Missouri can go either way, I feel I have to take direct action to block an Obama victory here. I have voted solidly for Dems for 35 years, but will cast my first Republican vote for ever for McCain/Palin.

    My only regret will be that Claire McCaskill isn’t also up for re-election this November!

  41. SOD: me too. I have been polite, because I don’t want to start arguments here, but the recent discussions about anything potentially BO is disturbing. I come here as the only refuge from that, and I always understood that the PUMA/Just Say No Deal coalition’s mission is Nobama, and beyond that, it’s each person’s choice. Having said that, some of the people discussing these conflicts are intelligent, kind posters. It’s a dilemma. RD??

  42. I am in Maryland , and I will be voting for McCain _ Palin with PUMA PRIDE . I cannot wait to do so .. and I am seeing a lot of McCain signs all over this “blue” neighborhood .
    Your sumary of the situation is always , accurate and succint .

    I have been reading dictionaries since I was a child ( compulsive speed reader ; finished off the bookmobile by fifth grade ) and I reserve affection for the thesaurus too; this post just warms the little cockles of my heart .. so let me add the Thesaurus resutls for PERNICIOUS

    pernicious 3 thesaurus results for: pernicious
    Synonym Collection v1.1
    Main Entry: pernicious
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Synonyms: baleful, baneful, deadly, deleterious, destructive, detrimental, evil, fatal, harmful, hurtful, malign, mortal, noisome, noxious, ruinous, toxic, vicious, wicked

    Synonym Collection v1.1

    Main Entry: destructive
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: Having the capability or effect of damaging irreparably.
    Synonyms: ruinous

    Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition
    by the Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionary.

    Main Entry: virulent
    Part of Speech: adjective
    Definition: Extremely destructive or harmful.
    Synonyms: baneful, deadly, malignant, noxious, pestilent, pestilential

    Roget’s II: The New Thesaurus, Third Edition
    by the Editors of the American Heritage® Dictionary.

  43. I am proud that I am not going to reward my abusers .. You betcha ..

    Beautifully said Briana.

  44. SOD: I think she originally created this site as a have for Hillary supporters who were getting the crap kicked out of them whenever they posted elsewhere. Along with that intent, it was clearly indicated by the posters themselves that Obama was not, nor ever would be, a consideration.

    However, rd made it clear that she was not promoting one candidate over the other and that her posters were free to choose whomever they felt most comfortable with in the end. Prostelyzing was forbidden to a large extent but courtesy was the rule of the day. No one was to dismiss the views of another.

    However, a few have related their intention to vote Obama as the race winds down. They do so I believe more out of party loyalty than any sense of what a great guy he is. That being said, I think it is pretty obvious from reading the comments that Obama support is not welcomed. Your choice is yours, but this has never been a site for Obamaworship. Some of those posters have left us but there are a few who insert it into the dialogue.

    The agonizing here is profound. We are bereft and uncertain. What remains solid for the most part is a complete lack of faith in Obama.

  45. Calling in from Oregon–for me, not to vote McCain/Palin at this point is to effectively lie down for BO/Howard and Company over at the pig-pen (DNC). No can do. I’m voting McCain/Palin, and let the chips fall where they may.

  46. I have voted Dem only since I was 18 years old & I am happily voting for McCain. I have told you all here about my die-hard Republican father who voted Dem for the first and only time when the Republican candidate for governor in LA was David Duke. My father hated Edwin Edwards — the embodiment of everything he saw wrong with the Dem Party (tax & spend) and a shady character to boot (he is now in prison, as a matter of fact), but he knew it was important for the people of LA and the Republican party to not have someone like Duke as governor. My father could have taken the “easy way out” and not voted for Governor, but he did not. He did happily voted against Duke — as a result he got a governor (Edwards) that he didn’t really like, but the Dukes of the GOP in LA lost all power — Duke himself was marginalized & has NO power in LA politics. My father did the right thing for his state & his party. I have the opportunity to do the same — by defeating Obama — a man with as horrible associations as Duke, imo & a man who, as RD eloquently points out, has used sexism, r@cism & voter fraud to get where he is today — I will be purging him & his ilk from the Dem. party. Yes, I will have a president McCain whom I’m not crazy about (although he is rated dead last on being “conservative” of all the Republicans in the Senate) but I firmly believe it is the right thing to do for my country & party. I will not take the easy way out by not voting or voting third party. To paraphrase the bumperstickers we all had on our cars during the Duke/Edwards election (i.e., “Vote for the Crook, Its Important), I say : Vote for McCain, It’s Important.

  47. My state, Vermont, is blue which is due in large part to the Obamites coming in early in the primary and buying off Dem officials.

    And you know our Senator Leheay – the Dem who just loved Roberts and Alito for Supreme Ct. Tell that to those who think Obama will be of any help to women.

    Working on turning the state at least violet.

  48. Hey ABG –

    Why does Obama refer to himself as black? He’s 50% white and raised by white mother/grandmother with his black father mostly absent.

    Does Keanu Reeves call himself Chinese or does Anne Curry call herself Japanese? No, they are Americans of mixed race.

    Why then does Barack call himself black when he keeps on insisting that race be NOT made a factor? Doesn’t he just lend credence to the persistence of racial discrimination when he segregates himself on the basis of race?

    Would getting 80 to 90% of black votes have anything to do with it?

    Would being able to deflect criticism from anybody by shouting “racism” have anything to do with it?

    Would be tuning in to and using the white guilt about slavery have anything to do with it?

    With the media in his pocket, the voting public cannot learn about his past, his mistakes or his beliefs. We are just shown the crowds, made mad from drinking the kool-aid propaganda.

    His fitness and experience for the highest office in our land goes nearly unchallenged. One hope is that Governor Sarah Palin’s bright light will bring home to voters an obvious comparison.

    The MSM call her, a Governor, not ready or experienced enough to be VP? Well by damn, look at him and his lack of both, and the DNC put him up for Commander In Chief!

    And remember what Hillary said in the Primaries about McCane and herself having years of experience in government, and Barack giving a great speech in 2004.

    And just in case you missed it, a part of Hillary’s comment on the recent VP debate.

    “It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater.”
    — Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Hillary – We always knew you were a class act!

    Sarah! – You go girl!

  49. LOL! Thanks for the editing on ABG at 12:07.

  50. Absentee ballot (I live in Europe)
    I will be voting against the media. I am tired of seeing bigheaded journalists thinking that they are the ones to determine elections, based upon whether a candidate is “nice” to them.

    Of all the candidates the only one I like is Palin-who seems to me to be intelligent, and good at getting at pork..

    BTW Obama has variously distributed at least a hundred million dollars to radio and tv stations, but non of that to the AA media: http://tinyurl.com/3j9sdh

  51. RD, thank you for that. You sound so confident that our refusal to vote for the top of the ticket would be noticed and will do some good. I think I lack that confidence. I live in Florida, where the race is tightening, so my vote will matter. I know how much terrible harm the Republicans have done to this country in only 8 years. Are you really convinced an Obama administration wouldn’t be even a little bit better? I’m not arguing, just asking sincerely.

    Even while I ask, I think of the Dem collusion in all of the things the Republicans have done in the last 8 years. I think I just answered my own question.

    Sign me up for The Intervention. If I am allowed to write in Hillary, I will. Else I will go topless or Nader.

  52. Ps I can spell I …. just cannot type to save my life sigh , so sorry .:(

  53. NObama here in Michigan. I’m a proud PUMA, will probably vote McCain/Palin.

  54. Voting McCain/Palin, and every woman downticket from Rhode Island! We need the 30 percent solution to end this misogyny and sexism!

  55. Obama is the Bush heir, not McCain. Obama is like Bush 5 , while McCain is a pre neo -con Goldwater GOP. Kerry asked McCain to be his VP….how has McCain changed that much in four years? At this point, I think Kerry asked McCain in order to wreck McCain’s career. Where would McCain be if he got on the take a dive Kerry bandwagon ? Surely not on top of a ticket! I think Skull and Bones is a far more binding tie for the upper crust than either Dem or GOP.

  56. SOD: We tell people to vote their conscience. But people who think they have to vote Obama for what ever reason, should think about what they are voting for. I would like to discourage people from canvassing for Obama on this site though. This is not a blog for that. The guilt trips and appeals to party loyalty are completely inappropriate this year.

  57. I live in New Mexico and have voted Democrat for 35 years. This one is easy. McCain/Palin get my vote.

  58. Virginia- John McCain/ Sarah Palin

    I’m a swing state, I don’t have the luxury of going topless. I needed to decide which would be worse a McCain presidency(complete with cuts in social spending) or an Obama Presidency(corrupt and up for sale). I decided Obama is the worse of the two evils. May God have mercy on all our souls.

  59. From a long time lurker in the swing state of Ohio………

    I’m voting Nader/Gonzalez.

    Every time I hear Nader speak, I find my self nodding my head…..so I’ve decided I’m going to vote FOR someone for a change. No more holding my nose.

    I’ll come back to the Democratic Party when it returns to democracy with a small “d”

  60. I signed a pledge and I’m sticking to it. Let’s all follow the example of Hillary and Sarah and show a little courage under fire.

  61. I’m a hot head. No cold feet here.

    I’m voting McCain

    Not just because I loathe Obama.

    Not just because the DNC needs reform.

    But because, if I vote for Obama, there is zero chance of Hillary running in 2012. And, I want her in the White House! Asap!

    I see it this way….

    Refusing to vote at all *or* a Green party/Independent vote, is in essence a vote against Hillary in 2012. As if I’m going to take that chance. NO WAY!

    That’s my personal opinion, anyway :/

  62. This Montana voter is in agreement with you RD (and Pat!)…I will be voting to help those of my gender. I will also be making sure I do everything possible to make sure the 0 doesn’t get my great state, so McCain/Palin will have my vote. If I can score a DeMcrat for McCain sign, they will have my yard also.

  63. Ruffian: can I ask you how you feel about voter suppression, manipulation and fraud? That is what you are supporting with an Obama vote. It doesn’t even matter what his “administration” would be like. It is how he got to this point. IMO a vote for Obama is a vote for corruption and authoritarianism. How is that different from a Bush Administration?

  64. Try this on for size:

    October 5th, 2008 11:12 AM Eastern
    this is interesting … more women??
    by Greta Van Susteren

    I am hearing rumblings…apparently the endorsement of Governor Palin (and Senator McCain) by LA’s President of NOW Shelly Mandel is making it ’safe’ for other high profile feminists to endorse McCain/Palin. The thinking is twofold – one; that it is time for a woman and two; that Governor Palin wants to work across party lines… This is a giant change in politics…
    What do you think about this?”

    Shelly Mandel 👿

    When Female Leaders step up to the plate, the masses can finally decide to follow!

    CAROL 👿

    McCain 👿

    Palin 👿

  65. Ugh btw, when I said up there ^^ “zero chance,” I meant if McCain was shut out and Obama manages to steal his way into the WH.

  66. Down here in Georgia, my vote will make little difference. I have always known that my state will still be bright red in November. The only thing that I know for sure is that I won’t be voting for Obama. After watching the shenanigans of the Democrats during this financial “crisis”, I am seriously leaning toward McCain. I have a sneaking suspicion that Nancy Pelosi intentionally torpedoed the original bailout in order to keep it in the headlines because it was helping Obama’s poll numbers. Every American who has money in a 401K, regardless of political affiliation, was hurt in the process. I will no longer be voting a straight Democratic ticket for economic reasons, because their hands are far from clean in this mess, and they obviously don’t care if they hurt their own base to help Obama get elected. I don’t agree with Sarah Palin on every issue, but the more I see her, the better I like her. I think that John McCain is a better man than Barack Obama. If I take economics out of my decision, then I am left with character. McCain/Palin wins that argument hands down. If I cast a vote for President, it will be a Republican vote for the first time in my life. I just don’t know if I can.

  67. Ruffian: A person who didn’t listen to you before the election, who used unethical means to win the nomination, who does nothing to stop his supporters from ridiculing you, the voter, is not going to have an administration that is responsive to YOUR needs.
    If you are harboring such notions you can disabuse yourself of that right now. Think of it this way, his most ardent supporters expected him to vote no on FISA. He voted for it and telecomm immunity. It didn’t matter to him that his base wouldn’t like that. Expect more of it if he’s elected. He is no better than a Republican and his effect on the party could be substantially worse.

  68. SOD, I think you all have made more and more convincing arguments as time has gone by. Some of us have come along more slowly, but we get there. I’m sure it must get old explaining the same thing to us over and over, but that is how you get converts.

  69. By the way, I am glad you are having this conversation. It may make many of us uncomfortable but who said democracy is “supposed to be comfortable.” We have a right and a responsibility to do what is best for this nation. There are men and women who died and continue to die so we can be heard.

    I understand that this, for many(or for most) is a difficult decision but it is a decision that needs to be made.

  70. At this point, “appeals to party loyalty” is a complete SLAP IN THE FACE to those of us (previously) loyal Democrats who were abused for our support of the true Dem nominee–Hillary Rodham Clinton. If loyalty was toilet paper, we wouldn’t have enough to wipe our ass with this year. I don’t see the ‘bots concerned about being loyal to the Clintons! I owe no one loyalty, save those who proved themselves to possess enough honesty and integrity to call the BS flag on the whole deal–PUMA!

  71. SOD: The one blogger I have in mind who does the party promotion is one who has pushed that theme for quite awhile. The blogger becomes provocative at times and challenges others to engage in a back and forth that has no ending and becomes “old” after awhile. To push an Obama vote, which in my opinion, is a vote as well for the tarnished DNC, is not a welcome topic to most of us here. Where we stand united is in our anti-Obama regard.

    It is one thing to have a disagreement but it is another when the poster becomes hyper critical and disrespectful of others who heartily disagree. If there is one thing that drives me insane is when a poster enters the room, demands to heard, denigrates the others by pointing out spelling and grammar errors, uses foul language in almost every other sentence, then expects to be praised for “courage”. I honestly think that this type of communication is what made most of us leave sites who allowed this type of discourse to become the norm.

    Forgive me, I did not mean to become preachy. I just happen to love this blog.

  72. This weeks rundown on all the reasons why we need to fight for reform and not allow Obama to control the part…It includes the links to Parts ! & 2 of the GG piece on Obama’s associates, now combined into one post for easy printing and use/passing around….

    The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 28-October 4 (Treasury “Bill”; Sec. of Defense Robert Gates & Obama?; Sir Nigel Analyzes; Pimiento Power)


  73. Did anyone hear Palin on the stump yesterday, quoting Madeline Albright?


  74. I live in Minnesota with friends and family in Minnesota and Wisconsin and of all of them as far as I know only one, a cousin, is supporting Obama.

    The cousin is a professor at a local college and is proud to say she was on the FBI watch list and a community organizer in the 60s. I sent her Dr. Longs video of the two Obama thugs on lawn chairs intimidating an old black lady with a walker. She said that was troubling but she thought is was surly isolated so I sent Dr, Longs web site. Haven’t heard back yet. But I won’t give up on her.

  75. I can see a green vote as principled. That said, I do think that you’d have to weigh it carefully in states where there is a small margin and decide if it was okay for your vote to have minimal impact. I’ve considered this option myself because I think both parties need reform and I’d love to vote for something other than bad or worse.

  76. Great post and great video selection. I live in Geneva, Illinois which is in very Republican Kane County and I work in Chicago. I see more Obama signs than I did for Kerry in 2004.

    I am voting for McCain/Palin as a retribution against Obama since it will take two pro-Obama votes to make up for my positive vote for McCain. I will wait until election day to decide to vote on the rest of the down ticket.

    Two years ago, an Iraq war veteran named John Laesch ran against Dennis Hastart, then speaker of the House. When Hastart retired suddenly, Laesch ran again in the primary, but 3 additional Dems also got into the primary and split the vote. One of them, Bill Foster, received an endorsement from Obama. I will decide to vote for Foster depending on how well his opponent, Jim Oberweis (a rightwing Rep.) is doing in the polls.

    I am having a hard time about Durbin who I used to respect more.

    I agree that we should not reward the Democrats who have abused our faith in them. When I vote for McCain it will be the first time that I have voted for a Republican presidential candidate.

    And I may vote for a woman candidate even if she is a Republican.

  77. RD,
    Great post. We are vibrating to the same strings. Last night, I wrote this:
    If you take a look at either, and then look your left you will see that Dems For Principle Before Party has raised the first 1200 toward a 12000 ad budget for the remainder of the month. Ads begin airing this week.

    Many thanks to Conflucians who have donated or helped spreat the word.

  78. Bret on FOX is taking on the pathetic California Nurses Organization for their pathetic ad – she is diagnosing McCain. I hope she loses her license.


  79. carol-

    I am hearing rumblings…apparently the endorsement of Governor Palin (and Senator McCain) by LA’s President of NOW Shelly Mandel is making it ’safe’ for other high profile feminists to endorse McCain/Palin….. What do you think about this?”

    If the rumblings turn out to be true, then it’s about time!

  80. Also Obama expressly said he doesn’t like babyboomers….

  81. RD, when you are right you’re right.

    I so resent having two bad choices. Before Palin I would not have even considered voting for McCain, but maybe I will instead of writing in Hillary. She voted yes on this bailout, and I am not pleased. If McCain had voted NO this week, I would vote for him in a heartbeat, on that issue alone.

    Sorry to be all over the map. I’ll stop agonizing in your bandwidth!

  82. With Obama was is past is prologue….As POTUS he will do exactly as he has always done, but with unimaginable power. But if anyone wants to know what Obama will do, ask Alice Palmer , the first political friend he back stabbed. Obama hasn’t change a wit since….expect his head size of course .
    If Obama gets in , we will all become his South Side constitutes who froze their assess off as he partied with their slumlord. IMO

  83. San Antonio, TX

    Proud PUMA

    McCain/Pailn 08
    Hillary 2012

  84. NY- and not wavering a bit.

    A SOLID McCAIN/PALIN vote here- The alternative is too horrible to even consider. NO WAY, NO HOW , NO OBAMA!

  85. The difficult thing for me is deciding whether to vote for Obama despite my reservations about him or staying home this year. I’ve never seriously considered voting for McCain so that isn’t an option for me. Hearing Hillary and other good democrats vouch for Obama has lessened my opposition to him. I’m hoping the remaining debates will help sway me one way or the other.

  86. State of disbelief .. ! .. What You Said .. ! All of your words ..!

    I’m sorry, but I do not get how any Puma can vote for the ‘one’ . I really don’t .

    If I had my way I would simply tell you to get off this site ! You have forgotten all the principles of what used to be the dem party .. and to not support the women, after what happened to Hillary & US, .. compliments of our former party, until We take it back .. ! is just unbelievable, to me ..

    thank goodness it’s RDs site .. ;)) – she has the insight and tolerance that I do not – at this present time. ..

  87. Thank you so much RD. You speak truth to power so well. Here in the bright red state of Kansas my intentional vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin will be cast as a symbolic vote against the most dangerous candidate for President I have ever seen in my 68 years. I am truly afraid for our country. As a lifelong Democrat this vote causes me great pain and ailenation, but this I must do. For me to simply not vote would be an act of cowardice. These desparate times call for extrodinary and unwished for acts of courage and sacrifice. My vote will count in the total popular vote. Each of you, my integrity filled PUMA friends must, however, be true to your deepest self. Thank you all for your support.

  88. Oh and by the way, just yesterday my nephew’s girlfriend asked for help e to convince her life long democrat father not to vote for Obama.
    She told me he always is able to stop her cold with stuff like Hillary supports Obama. So I am emailing this essay to her.

  89. Irlandese: so true. And how LOYAL was this Party to Hillary & Bill, who have served it their entire lives, raising money for other candidates, promoting it at and fighting for it at every opportunity–even now. ‘


    (Not quite as catchy an acronym, but you get the point.)

  90. I am even more solidly McCain / Palin. Saw Liz Trotter this morning saying that Palin is obviously not a “deep thinker” and the media is in “consternation” about her toteing her “handicapped” child around with her. Oh my gosh, I just wanted to throw up. The snobbishness and arrogance of the media against this woman and her family makes me sick.

  91. It would be almost “delicious” to know if anyone from the DNC is reading this blog. From the turnout it appears that many of us here are solidly voting “against” their chosen candidate as opposed to voting an unadulterated “yes” for the opposition.
    If Obama loses this should be enough reason to cleanse the current DNC of this perilous leadership.

    DNC, you do not “choose” for me.

  92. It is time to take a stand. I am second to none in my commitment to Senator Clinton and to the Democratic Party. It is BECAUSE of that loyalty that I will not support the top of the Democratic ticket, a man who has treated Senator Clinton and her supporters with contempt and disdain, a man who has never,not once made a bold clear statement about the importance of women’s rights as human rights, a man who was willing to violate every democratic principle to serve his own purposes. This is unacceptable. If the Party wins with such a candidate it will NEVER be a party true progressives can put their faith in.

  93. I’m a guy voting for McCain in the great state of Virginia. I love the term “pernicious” to describe Obama. From the dictionary:

    having a harmful effect, esp. in a gradual or subtle way : the pernicious influences of the mass media.

    That’s perfect! The problem with Obama is that he is indeed having a harmful effect on the Democratic party in a gradual and subtle way and if elected, he would have 4 long years to adversely affect this country in gradual and subtle ways.

    Obama is a nightmare in the making. He’s subverting our democracy, undermining it, circumventing it. You know how a virus works? It uses the Saul Alinsky approach. A virus is a bundle of DNA wrapped in a protein overcoat that’s made to look like a tasty morsel to a cell in the host body. The cell takes it in under false pretenses and enzymes are used to break down the protein. Once the overcoat is dissolved, the DNA inside is free to reprogram the DNA of the cell and turn it into a virus replication factory.

    Obama is a student of the Saul Alinsky method, as outlined in his book, Rules for Radicals. The idea is, make yourself out to look like a nice guy in a suit so you can attain a position of power and authority. Once inside the system, you can change it and modify it to suit your goals. That’s Obama’s plan.

    We’ve seen what Obama has done to the DNC and to Hillary’s campaign. We’ve seen what tactics he used in the caucuses, how the DNC rules were changed, modified, broken and ignored. We’ve seen how Obama uses ACORN to subvert voting rules.

    Please do all you can to prevent Obama from winning. If he wins, we lose.

  94. Marie

    I agree completely. They have thrown the kitchen sink at her. I was appalled that the standard for the debate was Palin needed to know facts and Joe Biden needed to show he could chew with his mouth shut. I got into a spirited debate the other day with two gentlemen over Obama. Hopefully I made them think hard.

  95. Pat Johnson, on October 5th, 2008 at 12:09 pm Said:

    “In the end I have been hurt, wounded, and depressed. We are left with the choice of an Old Warrior whose time has more than likely passed and a man who brings little to the table outside of dubious qualifications and a lack of experience. Unfortunately for us, one of them will become our Commander in Chief. Our future for now looks bleak.”


    Facing this cold truth takes courage as you well know. It is in coming to terms as realistically as possible with our situation that can empower us. We cannot go forward without this knowledge.

    At first, before I heard any of the primary debates I considered getting on the Obama bandwagon. I knew Hillary would get all kinds of grief (always has), and I didn’t want to face it. I wanted the “easy” way. Listening to the first debate, I concluded that Hillary was the strongest candidate and have only had that reinforced throughout all of this.

    I don’t know what sorrow is to come with a country that is controlled by the corporate will. My hope is with those that understand our dilemma and are part of the resistance – revolution.

    Hear, hear, RD!

  96. I’m in California and I’m voting for McCain / Palin. Even though the polls are heavily in Obama’s favor in California, you never know if the polls are accurate (the polls were completely off for California during the primary, which Hillary won by almost 10%). For those of you who are in blue states and don’t think that your vote for McCain will matter, just think if everyone who was undecided ended up voting for McCain — blue states would definitely be turning red.

  97. I noticed some of the Obama love here last night, as well as discouragement on the other side about the election, which I believe was best described long ago by a writer after whom I’m named.

    “…they adored the beast, saying: Who is like to the beast? and who shall be able to fight with him?” (Apoc. XIII, 4)

  98. i am voting for mccain even though i am in a firm red state. no way obama!

  99. There’s a simply breathtakingly dishonest article up by an AP writer, talking about Palin’s words yesterday in which she says that Obama “palled around with terrorists”.

    Read this writer’s amazing take on this:

    Palin’s words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee ”palling around” with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn’t see their America?

    In a post-Sept. 11 America, terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims, not the homegrown anarchists of Ayers’ day 40 years ago. With Obama a relative unknown when he began his campaign, the Internet hummed with false e-mails about ties to radical Islam of a foreign-born candidate.

    Whether intended or not by the McCain campaign, portraying Obama as ”not like us” is another potential appeal to racism. It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American.

    Could you have a more dishonest,more biased account of what Palin might be doing here?

    She is referring quite clearly to Obama’s connections to a WHITE terrorist — Ayers. Yet somehow, it is, in the mind of this writer, really an allusion to OTHER NON-WHITE terrorists.

    Sometimes I just can’t keep up with the ability of these “analysts” to play their degrees of separation game. On the one hand, they play it so that Obama’s absolutely clear connection to Ayers is NOT anything anybody should concern themselves about or ever bring up, but the absurd connection between a clear allusion to a WHITE terrorist and its supposedly “real meaning” — NON-WHITE terrorists — is somehow legitimate and important to bring up.

    Man, when you’re in the tank, you’re in the tank.

  100. Heidi Li, on October 5th, 2008 at 12:57 pm
    ….If the Party wins with such a candidate it will NEVER be a party true progressives can put their faith in.

    Here. Here!

  101. My first choice was McKinney .. however – I decided to make my vote have impact . . .

    Protest without any impact is simply not heard – anywhere!

  102. Hearing Hillary and other good democrats vouch for Obama has lessened my opposition to him.

    Oh God, why don’t you just stab me in the heart?

    I have to take a break. I cannot understand ANY waffling where this vote stealing, lying, hypocritical, homophobic, sexist, inexperienced, arrogant, unprincipled panderer is concerned.

    And DO NOT FORGET THE GANG OF THIEVES: Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Kerry, Richardson, McCaskill, et. al. You are voting for THEM too.

  103. Hillary does not support Obama in her heart.

    Bill Clinton does not support Obama in his heart. The Clintons are passionate people. Hillary has been less than passionate about Obama and Bill certainly has been tepid in his support. The Clintons have supported Obama in order to save their careers. The Obamabots are already serving up Bill on a platter for his tepid support. Nazi’s is what the Kool Aid Mountain people are. They have already said that they will not support Hillary should she run in 2012. Once in office, Obama will do his best to destroy the Clinton’s.

    As far as my being a Hillary supporter and not voting for Obama…I have no problem with it. My Obama supporter friends said during the primaries that if Hillary wins they would not vote for her. Michelle Obama also said something similar.

    I honestly do think that McCain would make a better president. I also believe that he and Sarah Palin will fight for America. Obama has proved for me two things. That he will fight women and he will fight only for himself.

  104. is hillary supporting us now?????? no! she is supporting the democratic party in its death march. ok, fine. no more excuses for what she is doing. she is not stupid and made her choice. let’s make ours. we’ll tune her back in when she shows us she is on our side again.

  105. FranklyO,

    I pointed that out to hubby last night. When you blow up things because you are angry at the government you are a terrorist. Palin is exactly right. Obama has “palled around” with a terrorist.

  106. frankly0: One of the many reasons why I have almost completely abandoned the MSM in any form. Jim Jones would have been proud that drinking the Kool Aid has now become a national obsession. Objectivity, truth, and proper vetting have become scarce.

  107. As far as I can tell, Obama has enough cult members to vote for him, and I have no intention of selling my soul just to make my friends happy.

    I have always done the thing that is morally correct (for me), and will not condone in any way the actions of the DNC this election season. I became a Democrat because of Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas and I may become a Republican because of Hillary/Sarah.

    But I will never, under any circumstances, ever support Barack Obama who is so obviously lacking in every way to be President. I have no doubts, and with complete certainty, will vote for a republican for the first time in my life.

    I will gladly stand proud and tell any Obama cult members, friend family or foe, to take their Obama cult ways and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. I am a woman with a rage so powerful that they would back of in two heartbeats, or lose their heads.

  108. All Afro American Gal, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:01 pm Said:
    Hillary does not support Obama in her heart.

    Bill Clinton does not support Obama in his heart. The Clintons are passionate people. Hillary has been less than passionate about Obama and Bill certainly has been tepid in his support….

    Great point!!

  109. Cleanup at 12:07 PLEASE. It’s that troll that usually infests Tennessee Guerilla Women, where Egalia’s non-banning policy gives it free rein to junk up a lot of threads. Its style is that of way too many skinny white boys at work who grandstand about someone else’s r@ce as a way to keep their own sexism legitimate.

    NC here and definitely voting for McCain/Palin, since it’ll be close. Otherwise, I’d write in Hillary.

  110. Being a black voter they can not call me a racist for not voting for Obama but i have been called

    Self Loathing
    an Uncle Tom
    Paid by McCain (never met McCain in my life)
    Not really black (yes me!)

    The Obamabots will say anything to make you feel stupid and guilty for not supporting Barack Obama. I will never vote for anyone whose supporters attack my self-esteem in order to win me over.

  111. You know – I don’t care what state anyone is in – I am in a blue as blue can be state , CA.

    However, even ‘less’ dem votes will be seen . The powers that ‘are’ study exit polls and they CERTAINLY study the numbers of declining votes for their party !

    Chutzpah ! .. dig deeper in your hearts .. ! – it’s clear.

  112. I support McCain/Palin. The Democratic party does not deserve my vote. I wouldn’t even vote for a Democratic dog catcher at this point.

    I haven’t gone over to the dark side mind you. Republicans in general give me the heebie jeebies. But the Democratic alternative gives me very bad day and night dreams.

    I don’t know that the Democratic party will be ever to sway me back to their side. At present I can say without hesitation that they lost a once very loyal member. And until after November I won’t consider anything other than a McCain/Palin victory.

    Screw the Democrats!

  113. I’ve never waivered; Dem’s neutralized my vote. I will not give them a chance to do that again.

    MSM has just spent weeks smearing everything about Sarah and her family. So … with me they have zero credibility.

    Finally, since MSM would not vet Obama, I’m thankful that Sarah has taken up the cause.

    I just donated quite a chunk of $ to McCain/Palen, and have ordered my latest cap. On the front, ‘Country First’ is printed. On the side, it reads : McCain/Palin. These are my priorities exactly.

  114. Another thing to think about it that every time Obama gets his way,and advances, what he does afterwards is even worse. Giving in to Obama does not placate him or his followers, it emboldens them for more . IMO ,Obama is the neo-con Bush and Cheney have been waiting for.

  115. I’m voting for McCain.

    Obama is not going to win.

  116. How are you doing Arabella?

  117. Here in South Florida, both hubby and I are voting McCain/Palin. May get a McCain yard sign just to piss off some neighbors.

  118. I am in WA state and will definitely vote McCain/Palin. Before the second primary here this year in August, I had only voted for one republican in 26 years of voting…that was about 10 years ago and was some county-level position, I believe.

    I am a little conflicted about downticket. Part of me wants to vote straight republican because I want the corrupted democrats to have strong opposition, but another part of me wants to at least vote for downticket females democrats.

    By the way, if anyone has some time today to phone bank online for McCain, heres a link:


  119. I am from NY. I will vote McCain/Palin. NY may stay blue in this race and one might think that my vote will be wasted. However, my feeling is that unless disenfranchised democrats vote en masse for McCain, the DNC will not get the message. In my mind, leaving the top blank or writing in Hillary dilutes the anti-Obama, anti DNC message. A McCain/Palin vote makes a stronger statement that will not be misread by either Howard Dean or the MSM.

  120. I wonder how it is possible for Obama to consistently lead in the polls when there appears to be so many Democrats that will not vote for him. Has he made that much progress in converting Independents?

    I know he and his fellow Democrats have used the economic problems of this country for political gain but what I don’t understand is what he has ever done that makes anyone think he can solve the problems.

    I believe our dysfunctional and corrupt government along with our dysfunctional and corrupt press has led us to a place where no one who is elected will be able to do much of anything.

    That is why so many of us are terrified that Clueless and Useless Obama may win. He will destroy the Democratic Brand for a generation.

  121. SOD: That was an excellent piece too! Should drive them totally nuts!

  122. Obama is truly predictable .Who wants to predict the next snarky sarcastic misogynist out of control remark he will direct toward Gov Palin because he cannot stand the face she is drawing record crowds and um he isn’t ???Wait for it because it is coming …:)

  123. Obama , the DNC version of George Bush

    A man the Orwellian “Animal Farm” donkeys in DNC made in “God’s likeness”. Obama was fashioned in God’s own image.


    Barack Obama:

    The Golden ASS

  124. I am a 48 year old Hispanic… formerly a Democrat for 30 years. Formerly because I abandoned the party for its sexist treatment of Hillary and for their persistence is shoving Obama down my thought.

    Last week I received a letter from the Democratic Party asking for a contribution. I put all of their literature in their self addressed envelope and wrote with a red magic marker to take me off their list.

    In California, it’s almost a crime to vote Republican, but come November, I am not hesitating in voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Like many who commented here, this will be a first for me, and I couldn’t be prouder.

    This was an exquisite read, by the way.

  125. * the fact * darn it sorry for the typo
    …. am on the air playing a sexy sexy folk rock canadian blues artist ..


    William Troniak check him out …

  126. GM: Cannot be that much of a crime to vote Repub in California. Arnold is your governor. Most of us will have to cover our eyes, hold our noses and jump backward into the pool this year but it will be worth it if it means Barack and Michele head back to Chicago.

  127. “IMO ,Obama is the neo-con Bush and Cheney have been waiting for.”

    Minor quibble, he’s a neo Dem, not a con. The difference is that a neo con will tell you to your face he’s going to scr@w you, a neo dem pretends to have your interests at heart and then scr@ws you. Political kabuki is the name of the game for neo dems. Their principles are bought in sold to special interests just like the neo cons.

  128. Sham Vote, Terrorist Friends. Apparently, the us citizens can’t believe that anything like that could happen, so therefore they don’t believe it…..happened…… cover my eyes,

  129. And there was given to him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies… (Apoc. XIII, 5)

    Couldn’t help adding that, in recognition of Obama’s all powerful, infernal teleprompter.

  130. Hillary and Bill have made a life-long commitment to the Democratic Party. Their loyalty will always remain there. But would you still drink out of the party punchbowl if you knew up to half of your party had pissed into it? It might still be 85% punch, but it’s been tainted. Re-registering Independent this year assures me that I’ll never have to drink piss labeled “Party Loyalty” ever again. Hillary can do what she thinks she needs to do, and by that I mean she can do what she does best–work across the aisle for working-class people. I’ll still be in her corner in 2012 should she decide to run again.

  131. PamelaofthePoconos, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:08 pm Said: …..Finally, since MSM would not vet Obama, I’m thankful that Sarah has taken up the cause.

    Indeed. If the press ever does turn on Obama, it will be after he’s installed as a means to control him. It’s vital someone like Plain ,who wants a future in politics, to bring out and air Obama’s shady past now . She can’t allow the press dictate the timing and ” suddenly discover” this stuff later .

  132. Nevada, home of caucus cheating, voter intimidation, violent Obots, and KNPR radio, whose host pigeonholed me and days after my interview compared my sources about Obama (such as “We Will Not Be Silenced” documentary, made by DEMOCRATS, to using Wikipedia as a source).

    I’m voting McPalin 2008 for Hillary in 2012.

    To allow Obama/Obiden into the White House with a third-party vote is an act as ANTI-democratic as that of the Party’s hacks in helping Bobo cheat his way to the nomination.

  133. lambert strether, on October 5th, 2008 at 12:17 pm Said:
    I will find it very hard to vote for Obama, for all the reasons stated. Since he’s doing well in the polls and the EV — since people, I believe, still identify the Democratic brand he’s trying to destroy with being good for “the” (our) economy — that makes it all the easier to vote against him.

    I’m like lambert. I am very tepidly… well you know. But vote against him for who? That’s my problem. MkKinney is a whack job. I can’t vote for her. McCain isn’t even running as a moderate. I can’t vote for him. I am stuck voting the Dem ticket. Lambert who would you vote for to vvote against Obama?

    Oh, my one saving grace in this election is we may win big majorities in Congress. but then what?

  134. The Americans would believe it if we didn’t have a media with ann agenda that promotes bias. The fact that MSM is opposed to Sarah Palin is a bonus from where I am sitting.

  135. Heidi

    Please post the link with address again; I’d like to send a check today.

  136. Thank you, Riverdaughter. This Oregon PUMA heard cat whistles in Palin’s calls to end corruption in Washington and Wall Street. Obama only changes the topic to race instead of focusing on the disaster Bush has brought.

    Just had a conversation about what would be the result of McCain’s campaign versus Obama’s if each lost. The country would be no worse for McCain’s campaign if he loses, but riots are expected if Obama does. Each has already shown their ability to lead this nation. Obama is pernicious already. I don’t know why his supporters think he will transform into something else after he gets seizes power.

  137. pat – I’m OK.

  138. masslib: You believe that a Dem congress and a Dem president by the name of Obama will be good for the country. I disagree. The compliant congress will never hold him accountable for any move he makes and will me more than happy to push through whatever crud agenda he has in mind.

    We will be looking at yet another happy to serve congress as we have under Bush when the then majority of Repubs bowed and genuflected to his every wish.

    A divided government, more so in this case, is the safest way to go. And I use the word “safest” knowing full well there is no such thing. Just illustrative of an Obama run government.

  139. fif

    Keep strong- for every one who waivers 10 become more committed to voting against Obama. I know of people who were on the fence, planning on staying home, but have come to realize the only way to have our party back, and hopefully Hillary, is to vote McCain -and they are now committed to so. Don’t trust the polls, they would have us believe all is lost but it is not- If the primaries showed us anything it was that. Remember Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, South Dakota –all had us thinking Hillary was down 8-10 pts, the day would come and she would clean up. I’m sure votes were lost because people were psyched out to believe it was hopeless, if not the wins would have been even bigger. DON’T let this happen in the November- Go out there, vote- even if it’s a blue state. You never know what can happen- Let’s hit the DNC with a sledge hammer to the teeth!

  140. masslib

    Look at McCain’s record and how he has worked across the aISLE. He IS a moderate. Right now he has to appeal to his base.

  141. I’m right there with you SOD.

  142. CWaltz, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:15 pm Said:

    “IMO ,Obama is the neo-con Bush and Cheney have been waiting for.”

    Minor quibble, he’s a neo Dem, not a con. The difference is that a neo con will tell you to your face he’s going to scr@w you, a neo dem pretends to have your interests at heart and then scr@ws you. Political kabuki is the name of the game for neo dems. Their principles are bought in sold to special interests just like the neo cons.


    I agree completely. The neo-prog pretends to be the compassionate choice, caring about the disenfranchised or marginalized as they line their pockets and steamroller to power. Smug, sanctimonious, holier than thou hypocrisy… the tools of the neo-prog trade. Pretend you care. Then call opponents Archie Bunker, r@cist, lunchbucket untermenschen to demonstrate how thoroughly morally superior you are.

  143. Here in Rochester, NY I will be voting for McPalin. Even if NY doesn’t go red, the party will take notice of the margin.

    Be sure to write those in the MSM and thank them for helping you to make your decision to NOT vote for Obama. Or, better, to vote for Mc… It must be galling for those a$$holes.

    Hillary “supports” Obama, because she was coerced to do so. I wont believe otherwise.

  144. Missouri,straight ticket-Repub. First time ever.I expect to see pigs flying all over.

  145. Let’s hit the DNC with a sledge hammer to the teeth!

    Thanks Denise. Now we’re talkin’!

    Gotta get some Sunday things done. Principle before Party People!

  146. masslib, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:18 pm Said:
    lambert strether, on October 5th, 2008 at 12:17 pm Said:……Oh, my one saving grace in this election is we may win big majorities in Congress. but then what?

    IMO , More of what we saw in the last two years of Dem majoritiy and the bailout week…but without the hitches ….say goodbye to Social Security if Obama and and what passes for Dems have all three branches . They will send it to Wall St.

  147. ” a Dem president by the name of Obama will be good for the country.” No, I don’t. My problem is more about the Repubs. I believe in a Republic and I am disgusted that the republicans after completely pilfering from us for 30 years have not modified their ideology at all. There entire solution now seems to be “low taxes” and nothing else. I don’t know what the f*ck to do truth be told. i think there’s not there there with Obama, but the Republicans sound like idiots. I mean, they keep calling him a socialist. Like heck. He’s more like a facist. Honestly, I waffle. but the polls make it seem unlikely my vote will count.

  148. Now that I’m a Texan, my vote will be purely symbolic. Wouldn’t matter if I wrote in Elmer Fudd, since McCain/Palin is a foregone conclusion here in the Lone Star state. But. I am voting against the corrupt media, against the hijacking of the Democratic party, against the sickening display of woman-hate, against the disembowelment of Hillary Clinton, against the crypto-fascist road to perdition on which the Democrat party has set out. I am frightened enough to make a protest vote for McCain, while voting for decent Dems downticket. This is a very sad and turbulent year, reminiscent of the split-family dynamic of the Civil War. For those of us who are deeply disturbed, there really is no political comfort zone at the moment.


    It didn’t take long for the Obama campaign to send out their race card talking points to their friends in the Associated Press.

    Enter AP Washington Bureau reporter Douglass K. Daniel on behalf of the Obama campaign.

    Daniel accuses Sarah Palin of playing the race card in California.

    Any criticism of Obama is met with false charges of racism. And Danile is one of the main writers that Obama and Biden use to cover for them and spread lies..

    Douglass Daniel is following Obama’s marching orders once again with his hit piece on Palin.

    Check out his “article” about Palin’s comments in CA

    Daniels’ specialty is making false stuff up out of thin air aka telling lies. Douglass Daniel is a proven liar! He writes fiction disguised as “news” .

    Daniel has been writing up cover stories for Obama and Biden. He is in close contact with the Obama campaign and is used to come out and blunt opposition to Obama.

    Daniel is totally in the tank for Obama.

    A couple of comments posted on his article:

    Douglass K. Daniel is a stooge of the Democratic Party. If it wasn’t so perverse what the AP has turned into it would be laughable. I think Russia has the right approach when it comes to the left wing media. Start with this imbecile.

    Mr. Daniel, your article reads more like an Obama press release than a news story, and the “subtext of race” is an invention created solely to you – just one more attempt by a leftist media to portray ANY criticism of Obama as racism.

    Grow up and act like a journalist, not a sycophantic cheerleader belching propaganda from your front row seat on the Obama bandwagon.

    The more Obama and his cheerleaders in the media play the race card, the more people will vote for McCain-Palin, especially in the swing states!

    Obama is not a uniter. He uses race card politics to try and win votes. Totally unbecoming of a Presidential candidate!

    I pray America sends Obama’s race card playing ass back to Chicago where it belongs!!

  150. IMO , More of what we saw in the last two years of Dem majoritiy and the bailout week…but without the hitches ….say goodbye to Social Security if Obama and and what passes for Dems have all three branches . They will send it to Wall St.

    That’s possible, paper doll. But if that happens, maybe the Repubs will go back to their TR roots, because if the Dems continue in that path eventually Rome will burn.

  151. BTW, I have Dish and as I was going through my guide last night to see what was on, I fsaw that channel 73 is now the Obama channel. Just 24/7 of what Obama can do for America.

  152. RD: I am with you.

    Thanks for the post that finally put me over the edge. I AM going to vote for McCain. My state, CT, is not a swing state and it probably won’t make a difference, but hey, you never know. At a minimum, my vote will be one more against Obama’s popular vote count.

    I don’t agree with anything in the Republican platform, but I am so angry with the Democratic party and feel they will not change unless they hit bottom. I believe that losing this un-losable election will be bottom.

    I consider my vote for McCain/Palin my “widow’s mite” towards a better future for our party and country.

  153. CWaltz, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:23 pm Said:

    Look at McCain’s record and how he has worked across the aISLE. He IS a moderate. Right now he has to appeal to his base

    No, he needed to do that in the primary. For crissakes he’s running more conservative than Bush did. He’s screwing up.

  154. The neo-prog pretends to be the compassionate choice, caring about the disenfranchised or marginalized as they line their pockets and steamroller to power…

    This were particularly well said.

    I happen to be of very low income and believe that policy should protect the poor– but I never asked for a politician to take money from somebody else at gun point and give it to me.

    That is the mentality of a thief. I’d rather be dead than receive any of the “help” that progressives allegedly intend to lavish on the likes of me.

  155. Great post, RD! I’m from New York, the empire state. But since I actually oppose the forces of empire, I will be voting for either McKinney or Nader. I was leaning towards to former, but Nader and his running mate have been on fire lately re the atrocious bailout.

    While I don’t have the stomach to vote McCain-Palin, make no mistake about it: I want Obama-Biden to lose. At this point I don’t know whether the Democratic party can be saved from its own worst corporocratic tendencies, but I do know that Obama and Biden will destroy whatever remains of FDR’s legacy in the party. I say it’s better at this point to leave a Republican holding the bag in the WH when the big crash finally comes.

  156. I believe, and I could be wrong, but Douglas Daniel may be the son of Margaret Truman Daniel and the grandson of Harry Truman. I could be wrong but I read somewhere that one of her 4 sons was in the newspaper business, following in the footsteps of her husband, Clifton Daniel.

  157. After reading all the above comments, I truly feel the pride. Having said that, I am sad.

    I have worn my medal of “Bleeding Heart Liberal Democrat” on my chest for so long that I shall feel naked without it. Casting my vote for a Republican will not be a lark. I am afraid of the Supreme Court appointee(s) to be chosen by McCain and, in all likelyhood, chosen by Palin. I, also, feel these past 8 years of Right Wing religion feeding every decision this administration made will leave us with more of the same.

    New to GA via Chicago and San Diego, I did cast my vote in IL for Obama to be elected to the US Senate.
    He will not get my vote for the Presidency – he is not ready. On the flip-side of this coin, though, if Palin (G-d forbid) has to assume the reins as Commander-in-Chief, I am terrified. From her performance to date I am not sure she is qualified to be Governor of Alaska.

    Wish we Hillary supporters turned PUMA’s had decided as a whole to endorse Nader. I think the results would have been the same but we didn’t.

    While voting for McCain/Palin will make me physically ill, looks like the Democrats CAN’T count on me this year.

  158. Why does Lambert come here, drop a comment, then disappear? It’s annoying, especially since I can not log in to his freaking site. I’d still like to know whom he may vote for to vote against Obama.

  159. I have been on a business trip for two weeks, and have missed my home here!!.

    Thank you Riverdaughter, once again, for your incredible leadership and rally-call! I am in Washington State, and I will decidedly vote McCain/Palin.

    This is a private vote, shared only with my fellow Conflucians. There is no question in my mind who would be the greater disaster as president.

    The hate and destruction wrought by Obama and his minions is beyond anything I have ever witnessed. In my own family, the Obama sibs have bound together and are literally not speaking to me because I refuse to support him.

    I found out this week from one sib that the two Obama sibs living outside of Seattle are flying in on Christmas eve to spend Christmas with my Seattle Obama brother. They didn’t include me in the plan, even though I am 15 minutes away. They haven’t even contacted me. This is unheard of. One of the siblings flying in, I have always regarded as very dear to me-we shared a double bed as kids.

    I am crying inside. Though my sibs are free-thinking and at least temporarily hate-filled adults, I have a special “F#@K YOU for Obama.

  160. CWaltz, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:15 pm Said:
    “IMO ,Obama is the neo-con Bush and Cheney have been waiting for.”

    Minor quibble, he’s a neo Dem, not a con. The difference is that a neo con will tell you to your face he’s going to scr@w you, a neo dem pretends to have your interests at heart and then scr@ws you.

    Indeed. They differ in where the laughs come in. For
    the neo dems, they like laughing behind your back , neo-con GOP like laughing in your face .

  161. I am voting McCain/Palin to ensure BO and the DNC et al lose. I want to watch their freaking heads explode.

  162. Did you see these troubled women from the California Nurses Association. Pathetic.


    There is a special place in hell…

  163. masslib: Please stop touting Obama. I’m asking nicely now. Next time, I will not be so nice. This is not a place for advocating anything Obama. This is a blog for keeping Democrats together as a powerful voting bloc. You are making people uncomfortable. Stick around and comment all you want but no more campaign work for Obama.

  164. paper doll

    “They’ll send it to Wall Street.” Heh. Didn’t they ALREADY send my money to Wall Street? I thought they did that last week? All the while “lamenting” about how they didn’t really “want” to do so but otherwise the economic world as we know it would come crashing down. I give it 6 months and they will have hat in hand again. The neo dems are worse then the neo cons and I didn’t even think THAT was possible.

  165. One more post, honest, then I have to get some stuff done!

    masslib: it’s about voting your conscience. Did you read RD’s post? Who says you have to choose between the two? You can vote nothing on top of that is what your conscience tells you to do. Aren’t you at all bothered by the violation of the basic Democratic Party Charter? Vote stealing, suppression, bullying and intimidation? How can anyone vote for that? I just don’t understand. Now I will leave so my Italian side does not take over.

  166. Touting him? What the heck are you talking about? Campaign work for Obama? That’s ridiculous.

  167. joanie: I am so sorry. BTW, what happened to Katiebird. I haven’t seen her around lately.

  168. fif, I know. I am back to probably writing in Hillary. I honestly don’t know wtf to do. I waffle back and forth because McCain is pissing me off. Eh, I don’t know what to do.

  169. “Oh, my one saving grace in this election is we may win big majorities in Congress. but then what?”

    That isn’t a saving grace, because I have considered the Dems partners with Bush for years now. Certainly since 2006. They co-own the sin. It seems there are two options: 1) admit that Bush isn’t really that bad, in which case Dem cowardice and complicity can be dismissed or 2) admit that Bush is really that bad, in which case the Dems also broke it, also bought it.

    One of the many reasons I have nothing but contempt for the snakery salesmanship that is Team BO is the fact the man couldn’t be bothered to get to the damn Senate and show leadership on issues he claims are so terribly important. If he is that opposed to Bush, he should have taken the Messiah Magic and gone to work at his actual job.

    So the answer to “but then what?” is very clear to me. I’m thinking that what would happen after a Democratic win in the White House and Congress: more of the same crap, with a smug, self-congratulatory hypocrisy smeared over every bail-out, pork deal, and Wall Street smoozefest.

  170. Joanie,

    My sympathies. I have had to submit to three “interventions” by my family. They are now only writing me for money to send to Obama. I at least respect my one sister who does not discuss it with me. Mind you the only thing she says about Obama is that he is for “change”. (ICK)

  171. Hurrah, Riverdaughter is back!

    RD, how exactly should I go about submitting my next poem? I’d like to give the junior senator a piece of my mind, in verse.

  172. As an Oregon voter who is not affiliated with any party, I will vote for McCain/Palin and for other women on my ballot. Until a woman attains the office of president or vice president in America, I will never vote for a man again.

  173. joaniebone, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:32 pm

    I am so sorry. I have seen what Obamas kool aide has done to families and it’s appalling. Any call on a Obot to agree to disagree so often meets with screams….or silence . How do we know Obama is a cult? Because how can a mere political candidate be more important than a family member ??

  174. masslib,

    The name of the game is to get elected. He needs the base. He can not afford to thumb his nose at 40% of the population, especially when 30%(10% of dem base is angry) is in the tank for Obama.

  175. Obama should not be anyone’s alternative because you don’t know wtf to do. A vote for Obama is a vote for corruption.

  176. masslib: It has become clear in the last week that you are planning to vote for Obama. Some commenters feel that you’re advocating for him and it has made them uncomfortable. In other words, you say things along the lines of “He’s not my savior but I’m going to vote for him because he’s better than a Republican”.
    We do not agree with you AT ALL. We think he could be very much worse than a Republican. For sure he has given us no indication that he is a Democrat. He barely even uses the word to describe himself.
    So, please, stay away from telling us that you are voting for him. This site is dedicated to NOT voting for him in any way shape or form and you are just pissing us off.
    Stay and comment on another topic. We are not interested in hearing why you have capitulated to the O-machine.

  177. Barack Obama – Democratic Debate – Bill Ayers – Pennsylvania

    Obama is visibly upset about this issue being brought up.

    McCain and Palin will nail Obama with his Ayers connections.

    Hillary nailed it!

  178. masslib:

    Why does Lambert come here, drop a comment, then disappear? It’s annoying, especially since I can not log in to his freaking site. I’d still like to know whom he may vote for to vote against Obama.

    Er, because I have a lot of work to do, including a complete site redesign and painting a house before it gets too cold? Things that *I* find annoying but there you are.

    I might vote Green, since I want to send a message to our local D party is well, who totally suck.

  179. Eh, I know. Obama is a lazy legislature, and there’s no there there. I keep trying to make lemonade out of lemons and coming up with rotten fruit. Neither Party deserves to win anymore. The Democrats have become the breadcrumb Party. They think they can get away with doing the littlest possible for us and we’ll be satistfied and think they are super great pols. Eh, I’ll probably write-in Hill. I would like to know who Lambert may vote for to vote against Obama.

  180. Thanks RD! NOBAMA!

  181. Serena – make sure those “pigs are wearing lipstick”!

  182. Lambert, your site is impossible to register on. I’d vote green but McKinney is nutz.

  183. Joanibone–that’s terrible! I’m so sorry your family is being just plain mean about this. I don’t know about you, but that kind of mean-spiritedness just makes me dig my heels in even deeper. Keep the faith, PUMA sister. I think alot of us will be “holiday orphans” this year!

  184. Alice,

    Doesn’t it make you sick? Everytime one of those corrupt SOBs calls Bush and the Republicans out I want to ask where the Hades they were while all this was going on? Nancy Pelosi wrote George W Bush a frigging permission slip when she said “impeachment was off the table.” Geez I wish I lived in California just so I could vote against her.

  185. RD, Katie is in a remote area of Wisconsin with her hubby on vacation. She has no cel or computer signal. I know she feels as crazy without access as I did. God, it’s great to be home!!!

  186. masslib

    It takes a while to get permission to log on at Lambert’s site but it does come.

  187. masslib, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:36 pm Said:

    fif, I know. I am back to probably writing in Hillary. I honestly don’t know wtf to do. I waffle back and forth because McCain is pissing me off. Eh, I don’t know what to do.

    Sorry I can see your point. No one pisses me off more than Obama and his traveling fleas from Kool Aid Mountain.

    I have worked polls.

    You write in Hillary
    Ballot person= in trash

    We saw what an impact Nader had on the 2000 Election. My vote for McCain will:

    1. Ensure that the better man and woman get in office
    2. Send Obama back to Chicago to begin his installment payments to the crooks that helped him
    3. Give women a chance to see what a woman can do in the executive branch. “First Lady” is not the executive branch.

  188. Fine, RD, but I haven’t said this ““He’s not my savior but I’m going to vote for him because he’s better than a Republican”. I said he’s not my savio but maybe we’ll win majorities. I’m pretty much back to write-in, but I am pissed off at McCain for not running to the center at all. It just irritates me. I can’t be more clear. I think Obama’s an empty suit.

  189. For those of you that are conflicted about what the right thing to do is, take a trip back into the time machine (I think this will clear it up for you)!


    Senator Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton 👿

  190. Awwww c’mon Afro girl………submitting cookie recipes to magazines is patriotic. What I wouldn’t give for another Eleanor Rooosevelt.

  191. masslib: I am not telling anyone who to vote for but you seem to be vacillating wildly. I suspect that people who post on this site are the ones least likely to submit to peer pressure. Are you one of those people who likes to push the envelope but then gives in to peer pressure in the end? I only ask because this is how Obama wins the game. He will isolate those of you who feel uncomfortable outslde the comfort of their herd. You need to decide if being a part of that is more important than your goal of having a Democratic party that represents what you believe in.

  192. Voting for Sarah Palin here in MA. I want to let the Republican Party know that choosing a woman was a scathingly brilliant idea – win or lose. I will be voting for any woman on any ticket for any job. No woman running – no vote from me. Fortunately, my district has lots of women to vote for! I think the only box I will be leaving blank will be the one for senator. Maybe the Registrar of Deeds? 8^)

  193. Hey, I just heard that Gov. Palin was in my area, southern California.

    Odd electoral strategy, but comforting. It’s sort of like being captured by the North Koreans and then hearing that MacArthur just landed at Inchon.

  194. Thanks for all your support, my PUMA family. I truly love you all. Anyone who wants to join me for a holiday dinner is welcome! 🙂

  195. I am from Florida and am voting for McCain/Palin. I do not want BO or the dems to win..

    Riverdaughter, I totally agree with your sentiments. I was a dem until this election and was told my vote didn’t matter, to be a good girl and fall in line. The sexism and hate during this election makes me sick. The dems are NOT the party for women’s rights…they want to hold your uterus hostage.

    I think if BO/Biden win it will be a disaster for the public at large with their far left agenda. The media has lost all respect from me as well, as they want to swing the election their way…

  196. Mar – I’m begging you, please, please, please do not let Oberweis buy his way into office!!! He’s been trying to do that for a few years now and he’s not picky about which office it is. If he gets in, you’ll have the same problems you had with Hastert. Just because Foster was endorsed by BO doesn’t necessarily mean he agress with him.

    I too voted for BO in 2004 because his keynote speech at the convention was so good and because there was no real opposition, but mostly because my votes in the last 8 years have gone democrat as the alternative to what was happening in our country. However, living in the heavily red county of Dupage meant that my vote didn’t count.

    The dems lost it in 2006 when they had an open congressional seat and pushed an unqualified living-out-of-districk-and-refusing-to-move candidate on us. They also did not support their own candidite in the previous election for that seat and would have owned it if they did. For both of those things, I will be voting for Peter Roskam again.

    With all of that said, I am an independent with formerly-leaning democratic tendencies. Now I’m all for stomping on the shameful behavior and trying to get that party back to it’s former glory. Failing that, I will vote for the alternative.

    So, the roll call – IL voting for McCain/Palin – my vote is not for sale and never will be. I will also not be voting for any down-ticket dems due to their shameful, pandering, lying, etc behavior in pushing this unqualified, lying sleazebag on us.

    In answer to someone’s question about BO – all the dems here in IL are giving away their rightful legislative bragging rights and assigning all of it to him. I don’t understand it but am guessing they’ve been heavily threatened.

    They apparently started spiking our water systems with kool-aid many years ago. Thankfully I dring filtered water.

  197. RD, I know, I am vacillating widly. I have tried to see the symbolic reasons for voting for Obama because there are no substantive reasons except he’s picked up more of Hillary’s advisors. But man, yeah, I’m having a hard time with this. I’ll leave. I don’t want to upset anyone. Maybe it’s because I no lobnger listen to or read anything Obama’s has to say. I just mute him like Bush. With McCain I listen and he’s pissing me off. But, I do tend to vacilate wildly. I’ve always been like that. It’s hard for me to pick between to crappy choices.

  198. Pesonally, I love it that McCain-Palin are not lawyers.

    Obama and Biden are two lawyers that have told many lies to us. More so with Obama, but Joe Biden has also told many whoppers, as we all know.

    Send the two lawyers back to the US Senate.

    Send the Mavericks to the White House!

    (I think most Americans will agree)

    Then we can all take back the Democratic Party from the likes of Obama, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and Nacy Pelosi once and for all!!

    Our Revolution to take back the Democratic Party begins with this election!

    We must teach the Democratic Elites and Obama a lesson they will never forget.

    Back to Chicago Obama must go!

  199. Is Oberweis a Republican? This is hilariousbut I just drank as glass of Oberweiss chocolate milk (MMMM good)

    If any of you are in IL please let me know who to vote for/against in the smaller races. i trust your judgment.

  200. RD, I am not succumbing to peer pressure. It’s really just that I no longer listen to Obama or his whacky followers, so I guess there’s some cognitive dissonance there for me with him. But, you actually have me rethinking myself.

  201. masslib, uh, the Republicans hardly like Mc. Mc has to run on a more “traditional” Rep. line to keep the happy-clappies “happy” and “enthused”.

  202. masslib – hugs.

    You can e me at dazed1821 at aol dot com. I don’t mind if you vaccilate and I am pretty firm in my convictions so you can use me as a sounding board for your frustration. I don’t want you to feel like you have no political home while you make one of the hardest decisions you have ever had to make.

  203. I’m from Indiana, voting by absentee ballot, for Sen McCain and Gov Palin! When Hillary was finally forced out of the primary and Obama ascended in his coronation, I solemnly stood up, dusted my shoulders off, and walked over to the McCain side (though only on the edge, I’m a Dem gone Independent who’s voting Repub this year, but I’m not gonna go to crazy and venture any further towards the right!).

    As for polls – “polls, schmollz!” The only number that counts are the electoral votes on Nov 4th. There’s still time, and the media is hardly a reliable source. Slow and steady wins the race, and so with resiliant determination we press forward! Onward PUMAs!

  204. And if you are still conflicted, follow these code words:

    Bill Clinton Haka 👿


  205. Lori here, from the Great State of California with the eight largest economy in the world, and home to the motion picture industry and Silicon Valley. I’m voting for McCain because I would rather run against him in four years than Obama. I am a universal health care voter first and foremost, and know that neither candidate will deliver what I want. McCain, at least, won’t sabotage the opportunities for the future. Furthermore, I want our party to know that using the kind of rhetoric about women and their families that both Obama and his supporters have used will lose votes.

    It is time to take a stand and unite. I’m shooting my commercials this week and hopefully they will help swing women in swing states away from his camp. I’m going to tell them that it”s okay to not vote for Obama and you don’t have to tell anyone what you’re doing. They’ll be up on YouTube this week. I”m hoping y’all will help them go viral by sending them out to everyone you know.

    Cheers from California!

  206. Texas here. I am deeply resolved to vote for McCain/Palin. I have BEEN deeply resolved in my choice for months. I will not waver.

  207. This PUMA will vote Republican for the first time in a lifetime. I’m also voting for the Republican candidate for Senator in my state, Mississippi, beause the Dem challenger endorsed BO. I’m a not young, white, female. I’m not racist, and I’m not voting out of bitterness because Hillary “lost”. I’m putting country first and voting McCain/Palin because I believe that Obama lacks the experience, integrity, and patriotism to be president. I made a conscious decision not to allow the Dems to frighten me with their warnings about Roe v.Wade and the Supreme Court. They’ve gotten a pass for too long from women, and their treatment of Clinton in the primaries proves they do not give a damn about gender equality. They just want to use us to put the men they’ve selected for us into office.

    In voting McCain, I’m voting for country, integrity, and experience. I’m also saying to the DNP, “You assaulted democracy when you helped Obama steal the nomination, now live with the consequences, but don’t dare tell me you care about women, and by god – don’t call me racist..” With my vote I’m also affirming that I will not allow the mainstream media to select my candidate, and I condemn their abuse of power in trying to manipulate voters to support Obama.

  208. masslib: To refresh your memory, this is what you wrote in the last thread;

    I’ve said I’ll vote for Obama as long as I don’t listen to him or his followers, because as much as the messiah thing creeps me out, and as much as the DNC totally screwed Hillary and her voters, i just think the republicans need a time out. they just are so clueless as to what ordinary peoples concerns are. They really think “no taxes/no spending” is still an effective message. I mean, these are the a**holes who went on a witch hunt and impeached the best President in my life time at least with my tax dollars. They really don’t deserve to be anywhere near government. But, i think Obama will be a whole lot more tolerable if we have super majorities because watching this bailout it seems progressive Democrats are not just going to role over for Obama and Nancy. i think that in itself is a good thing. I think Palin is actually the best candidate then the Repubs have put up since ronald reagan, but she’s schackled with McCain who astonishingly has not moved to the center at all in this election.

    Now, I don’t know how else you would describe what you said. It seems you are still under the impression that any Democrat in the WH would be preferable to any Republican and I would tell you with no hesitation that this is not true. I think McCain has to proceed very cautiously to keep his Republican base in line. He is not a Bushie at all. Yes, Republicans need to be thrown out of Congress, but I do not have the same trust issues with McCain that I have with Obama.
    I am saying verily unto you, you can not trust Obama. He is what he is. He will not change when he is in office. He started out this way. At least with McCain, there is a history of bucking his party even if hey have reined him in in the past 8 years. I know that he has already put the pharmaceutical industry on notice. Yep, figure THAT one out. Big Pharma is not losing any sleep over an Obama administration but the same cannot be said of McCain.
    All I’m saying, Masslib, is that if you are a Democrat that believes passionately in what the party used to stand for, it is premature to throw your weight behind Obama without getting something in return, something that indicates that he understands and agrees with your political philosophy. Because if you vote for him and he wins and he turns out to be a politician who throws everything you care about out the window, you may never have enough of a coalition to fight against his type again.

  209. As I look back I can clearly see my evolution through the 5 stages of grief. I come here to the Confluence as a grieving person seeks out the comfort and solace of others experiencing the same pain of loss.

  210. Johnny Mac for me. I could not morally vote for Obama. After the slew of candidates foisted on us by the Democratic Party (other than Clinton), I am
    valuing my vote, switching to Independent, and looking at candidates as
    candidates, regardless of party.

    Having the Pelosi team in charge of Congress with her puppet (and his need for
    300 foreign-policy advisers) is not what I want for this country, even for two years. We need checks and balances.

    O has no history of ever having done anything for
    any average person he has represented (without an exchange of money).

    Also, after the corporate media’s selling of Bush over Gore, Bush over
    Kerry, and the Iraq War, I decided to vote for the candidate NOT chosen
    by the corporate-consolidated media.

  211. It is amazing to listen to the media say that McCain is not winning over Hillary Clinton supporters that voted for her in the Primary….!! I guess they are in denial or if they admit it it might be true. The media and the dems are trying to discount us again and say we don’t exist!

  212. Yes, RD, I know. I just always vote. It’d be nice to have someone to vote for. But yeah, I’m probably back to a write-in.

  213. Illinois here. African American. Home of political cronies and the greatest Caramel pocorn and Vienna Corned Beef Sandwiches on God’s Good Earth.

    Before I do roll call I would like to give a special birthday shout out:

    The Chicago Against Obama Team would like to congratulate the Chicago Political Machine on it’s 77th anniversary, and with Obama at the helm, here’s to another 77 years of corruption and patronage!!-

    Snaps to Barack Obama —27 Chicago School Children killed This School Year. Murder rate up 30%- In his district too!

    Snaps again to Barack Obama– Chicago Sales Tax
    10.25% Leads the Nation

    Back to the roll calle

    Illinois — I am voting for McCain/Palin I will not be moved.

  214. Rd,

    Sometimes it needs to be enough to vote against something. Hopefully masslib realizes that once Obama makes it to the WH there will be no going back. Health care will mean making poor decide between rent and health care (Obama’s words), voting present on issues like choice and equal rights for gays will become Democratic party line. Writing your energy policy based on who gave you money will be the “new or neo” Democratic position.

  215. Heidi Li…Keep up the good work!

  216. I am from Florida, and as the new bumper sticker on my car says, I’m “Another Democrat for McCain’.

    A vote for Obama condones the ruthlessness of his campaign. It allows voter suppression, disenfranchisement, and caucus fraud to become accepted campaign strategies. It gives credibility to the MSM and the prog blogs who worked overtime to protect their chosen candidate despite his obvious policy shifts, flaws, and lack of acheivement. It allows the unlimited playing of the race card against anyone who opposes him. It says that sexism and misogyny are okay. It empowers those who kicked us out of the party while screaming ‘Obama or Die’ to anyone who would listen. It rewards style over substance and installs a man as president who would rather be worshipped than govern. It allows progressive values, like GBLT rights, the separation of church and state, and privacy to be thrown under the bus whenever it’s politically expedient.

    But most of all, a vote for Obama helps a man who is woefully unqualified become leader of the free world.

  217. Carol, on October 5th, 2008 at 1:41 pm Said:
    Serena – make sure those “pigs are wearing lipstick”!

    Hey Carol, got a whole bunch of those little sample ones, all colors from Este Lauder. lol

  218. Great post, as usual, RD. Glad to see you back. Missed you and your reassuring way with logic and words. I have no qualms about describing myself as a PUMA, no matter which JSND expansion of the acronym is used (Party Unity My Ass or People United Means Action). For me, PUMA is an exceptionally unifying, empowering, take-no-bullshit name. In fact, I believe it would be a terrific name for a new national party — New PUMA Party. For me, a Democrat for 38 years, the Democratic Party died when the RBC made its despicable May 31 decision. That was the day I firmly decided that if Hillary did not emerge from the Democratic Convention as the official, rightful nominee, I would vote for Sen. McCain. His choice of Gov. Palin as his running mate confirmed that decision for me, a long-time feminist activist. I do not agree with all their positions on the issues. But, it has become clear to me as the primary and the general election campaigns wore on, and as lie upon lie of BO’s have been uncovered and revealed in detail, that something bigger than party loyalty, bigger than any issue or issues is at stake in this election — the survival of American democracy. I trust Sen. McCain to ‘preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America’ as the Presidential Oath of Office avows (as I would trust Hillary to do). Frankly, I can’t conceive of BO even reciting the Oath without choking on every word, much less having the love of this country and its people or the courage of conviction to honor it. From Wyoming, I will proudly and resolutely cast my vote for McCain/Palin. I will absolutely not vote for any down-ticket Dems who support BO.

  219. The thought of having to endure an Obama presidency is appalling. The corruption under Bush/Cheney will continue, just with different people getting the favors. Since he has no qualifications for the job, and is only out for his own interests, he’ll get the country into hot water and horrible situations both at home and abroad. Democrats will rubber stamp him the same way Republicans rubber stamped Bush.

    The only possibility for change is McCain.

  220. fif — stay strong [[[[ reaching out my hand ]]]]]

  221. BO might have supposedly picked up more of Hillary’s backers, but these are all Dems who for political reasons have to put their eggs in the Dem basket. Polls are conducted on a call-in/log-in basis–so who do you think is doing all this squawking? Partisan cheerleaders shaking their pompoms! I’m not buying it. I’ve gone through a major de-programming this year, and I’m not listening to polls, MSM, or my (now former) fellow Dems. I’ll watch the Election results and the World Series, then I’m going back to my cave. RD–we’re just too stubborn to give in to peer pressure. Isn’t that the very heart of PUMA?

  222. Hillary and Bill are doing the absolute minimum.

  223. Massachusetts here — I’ll be voting for McCain. Also voting against Kerry and Barney Frank (if he has an opponent). I don’t expect any Dems to lose but at least I’ll be helping to send a message. It’s funny – last election for governor I voted for the Socialist candidate because I felt she was the most competent and honest. It was also a vote against Deval Patrick, another Axelrod product. The only encouraging signs these days are the lack of signs – maybe there’s more of a silent anti-Obama majority than we realize.

  224. OK, go ahead and laugh, but I have a theory of why Obama is being forced on us. It cannot be as simple as the Dems simply wanted to run a black man this time. Have they made promises or secret deals with various ME/Islamic countries rulers? But who is they? Who is in league with whom? Who set this in motion? I’ve read stories about how Muslims worldwide love Obama. It seems to be part of a narrative that’s being propagated. Does somebody think we’re going to have a great big reconciliation with the Islamic world? Just by electing this man? What else is involved in this plan, if it exists? Do we sell off chunks of the US to ME countries? Are they trying to keep the oil flowing? Somebody mentioned that it would be Dubai Ports all over again, with different results. And where does Iraq/Afghanistan come in to it?

    Bush is not to get in the way of Obama and he gets what he wants: This bailout bill; no impeachment, immunity for crimes, unlimited money for war and for crony contracts, spying on Americans, telco immunity (they probably can’t wait to use that). Our future has been mortgaged to the Middle East and China. We are to be debt slaves for the rest of our lives. Our constitutional rights have been vaporized.

    I know there’s lots I don’t know. I could be hallucinating. But I do have a lot of questions. And a maybe-crazy theory.

  225. It’s important to keep in mind that Hillary supporters who switch over to McCain are more effective then Hillary supporters who go to Obama – because we’re taking our vote from the Dems, which means it takes two votes to make up for ours! So while our numbers may be lower then those who remain (or so it is believed) we in turn cover much more ground!

    Never give up, never give in! NObama in NOvember!

  226. sorry – I meant I drink filtered water! my typing skills have gone downhill in the last few years.

    All Afro American Gal – you have to tell us fellow IL folks which district you’re in if you want advice.

    Yes, Oberweis is Republican. And yes his milk is good.

    Off to the grocery store – I’ll check back in later.

  227. Hi Lori .. ;)) .. you got me smiling .. with this sentence of yours .. “Lori here, from the Great State of California with the eight largest economy in the world”

    I know you have caught our guvs request/demand for 7 billion from the federal coffers . . amazing isn’t it ? Still 8th and desperately need 7 bill from the feds ..

    prop 13 revision would help – drilling for oil would help – LoL .. ;))

    don’t get me wrong I am passionately against drilling off our Ca coast .. however , it’s ironic to me that our state legislature will do anything but ‘something’ that could bring money & jobs into our state ..

  228. RD-Thank you for this post!

    And, thank you all for a safe place!

    I am in GA, a red state, but I am casting the first Republican vote in my life for McCain/Palin! It is a protest vote but it is much more than that. We have all seen what BO is capable of. We have already seen the beginnings of the destruction not only of our party but of what is acceptable in society. BO has brought about more divisiveness and the open display and encouragement of hate than anyone in my lifetime. This is what we would see in the next years if he steals the election. It has begun.

    I refuse to vote for/support hatred and corruption.

    McCain/Palin ’08
    Clinton ’12

  229. Nevada here!

    I will certainly be casting my vote for McCain/Palin.

    Obama scares the liver out of me. He is not only inexperienced and unqualified, his ego is so huge he thinks he is our Saviour.

    Voter fraud is rampant and that also scares me. I have sent information about voter fraud to our local newspaper editor who had a column about that very thing in the paper today, October 5, 2008. I hope he takes it seriously and does some research of his own.

    An Obama presidency just cannot happen. It will destroy this country.

  230. masslib: There is plenty to vote FOR. There are a lot of worthy congress critters. Form a voting strategy that you can believe in and stick to it. Get as many progressives in Congress as you can. Vote for more women. But voting FOR Obama is voting for using racism as a weapon, for sexism, for intolerant treatment of any group that doesn’t have money or pull. It is a vote against yourself.

  231. Their training manual is available online.


    DNC Steps in to Silence Lawsuit over Obama Birth Certificate


    N.Y. Times whitewashes Obama-Ayers connection
    Fails to report key associations, ignores incriminating documents given to paper


  233. Yeah, and voting for one of the weakest men I’ve ever seen try for the Presidency. Of course I’ll vote down ticket.

  234. Disenfranchised: I do not think it is a done deal yet. There is still a month to go and the negative advertising has barely started yet. Like I said, I don’t know anyone who is voting for Obama. I think the haka is just getting really loud.

  235. I have asked this before but never got an answer. How do I get on the gallop list to be called? Could it be that Mccain supporters are saying they are for Obama.

    Thanks to the other Illinois people. maybe I will just do straight ticket Republican…Whatever the DEMS are doing for me, I don’t see anyway. In Chicago the DEMS are corrupt anyway.

  236. IronMan: We don’t care about the birth certificate.

  237. 30 days until election day.

    That is a LONG LONG time in presidential politics.

    McCain-Palin have just begun to fight!

    Keep that in mind.

    Obama is going down!

  238. masslib

    IMO he isn’t weak, he’s corrupt. His principles are bought and sold like stock in the stock market and his strings are being pulled in the same way W’s have been pulled.

  239. Excellent post. Here’s a vote in swing state Colorado for McCain/Palin.

  240. No, he’s weak. He can’t argue an issue at all. he just gives up and walks away. he’s terribly weak. That doesn’t mean he’s not corrupt.

  241. I will not be voting for Obama.
    Can’t vote for McCain either, but it won’t matter since he will win my state, so that is an easy cop-out I suppose.
    However, I do want McCain-Palin to win to help us fix the Democratic party.

  242. masslib — we GET it – you don’t know what to do, yet you think posting 100s of times that “you don’t know what to do” is worth the bandwith — (all the while saying Obama would be better then McCain). Then have the nerve to pretend you are not promoting Obama? Passive-aggressive, much? Get real — anyone who can even possibly be thinking about voting for Obama after everything he has done has not been paying attention.

  243. RD:

    I was preparing a post on the recent unexpected and undeserved criticisms that came our way.

    If you quit picking the good ideas out of my head I might finish it.

  244. I can’t understand poeple who laugh at Palin. i think she’s the best thing that has happened to the GOP since Ronald Reagan. Democrats should be very afraid.

  245. Great post, angienc at 2:18 pm! I agree!

  246. RD,

    I am curious as to why you think that.

    It appears Obama and the DNC care a great deal about it, as evidenced by their spending millions of dollars to try and prevent the Court from ordering them to turn the documents over for public review and scrutiny.

    Obama refuses to provide certified documents proving he is a natural born US Citizen.

    Now the Judge will decide what happens next. berg’s lawsuit against Obama to force Obama to prove who he is, I think, is a great thing!

    Why doesn;t Obama just turn over proff of being a natural born US citizen? What is he hiding? Why spend millions of dollars to hire attorneys, when just providing a few documents (if you have them) will get the case tossed?

    Obama and the DNC hired several attorneys to file legal motions to try and prevent them from turning over proof that he is who he says he is.

    I think the issue of Obama’s refusal to provide such proof that he is a natural born citizen to the Federal Court in PA is an issue that many Americans will be looking at in the weeks to come.

    My $ .02

  247. Ok, I’m leaving. This is f)cking crazy. I won’t be insulted. Bye.

  248. Polls are a tricky thing to understand.

  249. From the very first time I stopped to listen to what bo had to say, because I had never seen him before ..
    and to hear him say he was running for POTUS because
    “it was our time and it was my time and we DESERVE IT” and when that collided in my brain and my heart with my own deeply cherished childhood memory of JFK saying ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU .. and from that point forward ……….being disenchanted with him ; while loving Hillary and watching all he has said done and ..watching him damage her while he threw away more cherished and sacrosanct principles of this country and everything it stands for…….running with no regard for anything but garnering power for himself , i grew from not having any feeling to despising him .
    I am terrified of him having power ; knowing the nuclear codes etc. He does not have the experience, honesty ,or correct motivation to lead this country .
    I am far more confident that McCain and Palin will lead in a new direction . They give me hope .

  250. 👿

  251. angenic,

    Thanks for that post (smile)

  252. And since I started it let me add — anyone who can at this point in time even possibly be thinking about voting for Obama is not worth my time. You are STILL saying Obama is not corrupt! Good God! Where have you been? Did you get lost on the way to kos & stop here? While I can’t speak for RD, speaking for myself I wish that you would take your pathetic passive-aggressive whining elsewhere. You are basically no better then a tr0ll at this point, imo.

  253. A lot of PUMAs are becoming discouraged. But take heart all. A month is a long time in politics. I predict an October surprise that will turn the tide towards McCain. The last card G. W. Bush has to play will be played in October to help his party. Just wait and see.

    Whether I’m wrong or right about the October surprise, it’s decision time for us. The question is simple, do you want Obama to win? If you don’t there’s only one route: vote for McCain. Voting for third candidate doesn’t help Obama, but it could hurt McCain because he’ll need all the help he can get in order to win. There are more Dems than Repubs so he’s already at a disadvantage going in. So for him to win or put another way for Obama to lose, he needs out help. For me it’s that simple. McCain-Palin it is!

  254. Disenfranchised

    Not over yet. Not by a long shot. Only way Obama wins is if we give up. Not happening- never was a quitter and I’m not going to start being one now. Will not even consider the thought of an Obama win based on unreliable polls and MSM mind games.
    The only poll that counts is the one on November 4th. I believe the silent, and not so silent majority will rise up against Obama on that day.

  255. Angie–I’m LOL!! Passive-agressive, indeed!

  256. IronMan at 2:19 pm, I have to agree. To me, it’s vitally important that BO prove that he meets the Constitutional citizenship requirement for the office of the Presidency. The official, embossed birth certificate seems basic. I’ve had to provide an official birth certificate for any number of reasons from seeking a marriage license to seeking employment and insurance to obtaining a passport. Why would it not be required from BO who’s seeking the highest, most powerful office in our nation and the world?

  257. Oh no… ;(

  258. ck, AAAGal — glad to do my part to make today a better day. 🙂

  259. Good — masslib is gone. Now I can really say what I think about her. 😉

  260. Speaking hypothetically, there might be topics we don’t care to discuss here.

    They might be trashy, tin-foil hat, or too speculative.

    We might consider them an invasion of the canididate’s privacy, totally irrelevant and/or beneath us.

    But if we don’t want to talk about them, we also don’t want to talk about why we don’t want to talk about them

    Hypothetically speaking

  261. the birth certificate thing is a trap. why do you think the obama camp is drawing it out? it is a distraction from the very real problems that obama has, problems which hopefully will be exposed this week. the obama propaganda machine, aka the MSM, is throwing everything it has to blunt this. several people have already posted the AP article which accuses Palin of racism for saying Obama “pal’ed around with terrorists”. They are spinning wildly…I believe the article tries to say that it is code terrorist=black, which is insane since ayers is about as whitebread as you can get…we need to stay focused. they are trying to make people feel guilty about the very natural response of horror that a presidential candidate is freinds with a convicted terrorist.

  262. And if we don’t want to talk about them here, we also don’t want to listen to other people talk about them here.

  263. Almost run over in grocery store parking lot by Code Pink woman!

    I had just gotten out of my car which has a Hillary Sticker and Democrat for McCain sticker above it. I was crossing the drive to go into the store when she began to back out straight into me. Another lady watching said “she’s not going to stop!”. All I remember was the Code Pink bumber sticker on her car. Thank goodness I jumped out of the way. We live in a small town in swing state New Mexico. Guess she decided that was a good way to cancel out my vote!

  264. If you could go back in time to 1930’s Germany, would you vote for the man who was going to “make you proud to be a Deustchlander again”, even though you know how it badly turned out for everyone? Voting for BO is the modern day equivalent. No “I have to vote for him he’s a Democrat”. Anybody on the fence about this has NO BUSINESS wearing PUMA colors. Anybody who calls themselves a Democrat has got to be offended by how little he resembles one.

  265. @angienc

    Well said, THANK YOU!

  266. If you choose to vote for Obama, do so, that is your right. If you choose to remain loyal to the Dem Party, fine, we all can live with it as it is your choice. But please, do not come in here, and pretend otherwise.

    No choices we have to make have been easy. However, a constant injection into a blog site that clearly spells out its mission in that it does not support the party or the candidate, should act as the one deterrent to either refrain from commenting to the contrary or at least come to the realization that none of us is budging from not voting Obama.

    Just won’t happen.

  267. Thank you RD for keeping this a safe haven for those of us who are distressed. Love this site! I literally have no one else.

  268. I’ve been in moderation for over an hour! Let me out!

  269. Riverdaughter –

    I had a fantastic idea for a political YouTube ad while reading through these comments. I described it to Lori and she laughed out loud for the first time in days. I’d like to run it past you, but not out here in front of polite society.

    Not that you’re not polite. A phone call, maybe?

  270. Let’s not forget a lawsuit was filed against McCain because he was born in the Panama Canal while his Dad was stationed there. He had to prove he is elgible to run for President. Why doesn’t BHO have to prove the same????????????????????

  271. I was readijng a comment thread at another blog and it was mentioned that tmoderatos at his blog can be really quick to hit the eject button if they suspect a t-r-o-l-l These people seemed to think we were censoring dissenting viewpoints.

    I would have responded, but the site requires that you be registered there, and I don’t seem to be registered.

  272. McCain does not have a presence here in NOVa; atleast I see no campaign signs alongside the roads and near polling places in my neck of the woods. It’s all Obama and the downticket Dims.

    This area carried the state for Webb. Back in the Clark04 days the influx of young Repubs carried it for Bush. I think many of these same voters are all Obama now.

    Many were so sure VA would not turn blue, but here it is. It may even be a landslide, but definately a big win for BO here because last time we didn’t have 100% (or 99% whatever) AA voting like they will this cycle for BO.

  273. Florida..I am voting McCain/Palin

  274. OK – running a bit late today on the West Coast — voting John McCain – representing California — my signs keep getting trashed / stolen in my Obot neighborhood.

    I am also letting you know that my mom and sister will be voting John McCain out in Iowa – they were Hillary supporters and can’t forgive the DNC for their behavior this year.

  275. His mother was a US citizen. That alone should be proof enough. Unless something tangible appears that will lawfully dispute this claim, the rest is mere speculation. Obama has enough questionable baggage to make this charge almost insignificant.

    Until there is proof to the contrary we should not open ourselves up to unproven theories.

  276. “tmoderatos?”

    That should be “the moderators”

    I’m not drunk! I swear!!

  277. Done deal: I voted early for McCain and Palin.

    Rationale: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid (and their equivocating, duplicitous, cowardly, traitorous, self-serving, erratic, cultish, tone-deaf cabal) are far more dangerous for Our Nation than McCain, Palin, Pelosi, Reid. I also find much to admire and trust about McCain and Palin.

    Except for a write-in vote for McGovern and occasional opposition to Democratic Party miscreants and misadventures, I have been a faithful Progressive voter for over 35 years. I am giving them back their sharp stick in the eye.

    Again, I’m calling dibs on my single vote being the one that cancels out both Obama’s and Biden’s votes.

  278. masslib, ITA. I think they are non-stop mocking Palin in an attempt to undercut her appeal. And I don’t think it’s working. It may seem funny to the obots but all it’s doing is pissing the rest of us off.

  279. myiq2xu

    I’m violating my own decision not to post here any more just to respond to your latest post. Yes, there are MANY people out there who believe there is censorship going on in here. I still have other groups contacting me about TAOD, and one of the first accusations they hurl at both Riverdaughter and Murphy is that they are rabid, paranoid censors.

    That is the perception out there, at least in some groups.

  280. Ewww, some of around me has an Obama sticker or button like they just got their pledge bids from Delta Nu Chi (DNC).

    So Invasion of the bama snatchers

    I am afraid to take a nap.

    Oh I have something FUNNNY to tell you. Can’t believe I forgot to tell you sooner

    Last night in the 1st inning the CUBS were losing to the Dodgers. I was outside riding my bike and this guy was watching the game on this big screen Movie TV in his back yard (dont ask), I stopped to check the score and he did not see me stop. So Manny Ramirez has a base hit and the guy starts yelling the N word at the TV. I guess he is calling Manny Ramirez one. I stood there stunned and his kid started looking at me, the guy turns around and has an OBAMA shirt on. He looked embarrassed I peddled off

    Can you believe this?

  281. The illusion that is Barack Obama

    If someone questions why your aren’t supporting Obama…send them this article and the ad by the Denver Group.


    Thanks to the person that posted it here. 🙂

  282. I live in TN which is a solid red state. I thought I would vote for the Green ticket, since I know McCain/Palin will win in TN. But after reading Riverdaughter’s post my partner Amy and I are leaning McCain. I have NEVER voted Republican in a presidential election in my life. And as a woman and a gay person, the whole Republican thing gives me the heebee jeebees. But damn it! I had an Obamabot get on me at work because she heard I wasn’t voting for the Precious. What an idiot! Like it isn’t a serious decision? Damn right it’s serious! They just don’t get it. The Democrats have split this party down the middle, and the only way to get it back is to destroy it. Obama losing will do it. I may have to do something I never thought I would in my life, and it’s the fault of Obama and Democrats, and that will be a vote for McCain/Palin.

    PUMA Hillary 2012

  283. sod — I don’t think masslib is a PUMA weakening — I think she is a wolf in PUMA’s clothing, if you will. Yes, she was probably a strong supporter of Hillary & disappointed at the Obama coronation, but somewhere along the way she decided, firmly, that she was going to vote Obama anyway (because, as she has said repeatedly, Obama is better then McCain). Instead of admitting that to us & stop posting here (which I think we could have all respected) she has hung around with her “woe is me, I don’t know what to do, but Obama is still better then McCain” shtick to try to weaken US. She has been doing this for at least a week now by my count –she even upset gary a few nights ago in a thread. But, she gives herself away when she says things like McCain is more conservative then Bush — McCain is ranked as the LEAST conservative of all the Republican Senators. Furthermore, Bush is a fundie — not a conservative — a FUNDIE. She also says things like Obama is “weak but not corrupt.” She is a snake in the grass, for trying to “play” us like this & should be banned from posting here, imho.

  284. SOD I agree.

    Ripley, NOVA hardly carried the state for Webb. he won by less than 1/10th of a percent if I recall correctly. I’d say Allen’s loss of support in areas of SW VA as well as NOVA due to his macaca moment is what carried the day for Webb. NOVA outside of alexandria, arlington and fairfax county is deeply red.

  285. Ironman

    That video just makes me sad.

    She was our once-in-a-lifetime chance

  286. If people want to go to a board and voice opinion about how they “sort of ” like Obama and are more likely voting Obama then go to ABC Political Punch. Or ABC Political Kool AID.

  287. outcries of censorship on this site are ludicrous. We are going to be called out for aggressive moderation after the OFB aggressively purged us from their forums? If anyone killed the totally open forum of commentary it is them…go give them an earful, I don’t want to hear it.

  288. Frankly I don’t believe in censorship, but masslib was enough of a pain in the ass that I doubt anyone is sorry she went.

  289. angiec: Here’s the thing: she knows many here have decided to vote McCain for whatever their personal reasons may be. We have been asked to respect that person’s choice as we have all been called upon and are struggling in that decision.

    But when she denigrates McCain she has to know she is also denigrating the choice of the other commentator. None of us is that stupid that we do not recognize the flaws emanating from all 4 candidates but these decisions remain our own. When a poster attempts to put down one candidate to another they are violating the mission statement. This is when that poster continues to cross the line.

  290. angie, I have to disagree about masslib. she’s been around here since the start I believe. that doesn’t excuse her behavior lately. I think she finally has fallen victim to the haka….its gonna happen to some people. We’ll know who the real wolves are on nov. 5th.

  291. Excellent read here on Obama’s longtime relationship with Ayers:


  292. Hillary is clearly the strongest candidate.

    The Democratic elite and the mainstream media all joined hands with Obama to stab Hillary Clinton in the back.

    Enough is enough!

    Those #&$^&$^#&*^*#& !!!

    It is time for all of us Hillary CLinton supporters to unite and with one loud voice on election day, say “HELL NO TO BO!!”

    Staying home is not an option for me. I want to be part of the broad coalition of voters that defeat Obama.

    Hillary Clinton and the Big Dawg respect McCain and they will be voting for McCain-Palin. No doubt in my mind.

  293. I agree with angienc. Masslib was not fooling me with her psyche 101 tactics. I betcha she will go back to the Obamabot scout leader and be stripped of her “Convert A PUMA” patch.

  294. Any way, here was my idea for resolving some inter-blos disputes and disagreements without dueling posts in a war of flames.

    Set up a temporary site for a blog-off.

    Both sides have posting privileges, comments unmoderated with no regisration required.

    Each side gets one frontpage post and one rebuttal post. (or an agreed number)

    After a few days, comments are automatically closed.

  295. and as for censorship, that’s laughable too. Would you call it censorship if an obat demanded to come into your house and call you a racist and a turncoat and you wouldn’t let them? hell no you wouldn’t. and neither do we.

  296. Heck I can live with J.Mc a lot better than BO.JMc has been around forever and we all pretty much know what he will do and that he will listen and he fought for and loves this country.He don’t have an ego so big he needs a wheel barrow just to carry his head around in like BO.

    He listened to us about picking a woman.Not in complete agreement with him on all issues but he will work with Hillary and the smart Dems.I trust him and am not afraid of what he might do to this country.Can’t say that about BO.He just scares me.

    And with the lovely Sarahbarracuda to help him he will be so much better than Bo and Biden.It will be cool having Sarah and her family in the VP mansion.Those kids and that hubby are so cute.I do like that family.

    JMc sure won’t be Hillary but he sure will be better than the Chosen One and his hate filled spouse.And then in 2012 Hillary can run against Sarah and we will make her our first woman President. Madame President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

    This plan won’t have a snow ball’s chance in Hell if O’Barky cheats his way in.If that happens Hillary will never be Pres.And we are hearing about the cheating right now in the early voting.We can’t chance him stealing this and voting JMc is the only way to stop him.

    We just can’t chance it.Man it would be so awful to wake up on Nov.5th to a Pres. O’Barfy.Just think how sickening that would be.Think how we would feel.I don’t think I could handle 4 years of that stuttering preachy voice and that smug ugly grin of MO’s.And Nancy and company would be grinning and flaunting it and saying “see, I told you they would come home” Yech, I am going to throw up.

    But now,just imagine waking up on Nov.5th and tuning in to the ugly,nasty left over remnants of Andrea,Jack,Roland,Donna,Tweety,KO,Howard,Nancy,Harry and all the other BO cheerleader’s blown up heads.

    They won’t know what hit them. they will try to spin and blame and moan and complain about why wouldn’t those old bitter gun and religion clinging typical white Hillary supporting women not vote for the one they chose for us and crammed down our throats? What is wrong with us?Oh the agony! It will be the most hilarious and satisfying spectacle we will ever witness in our lives.Gawd I am so looking forward to that morning.

    We gotta make sure that happens.It just has to happen.We can take our party back with Big Dawg and Hillary at the helm.We can right the wrongs that was done to them and us.It will be sweet Karma.This is my prayer every night.

  297. All Afro American Gal, I find your story completely believable. IMO, many of the white people supporting Obama are the worst bigots. Just a bunch of self-important jerks. Sorry you had to go through that but on the bright side maybe you gave him a wake up call to his own race issues.

  298. Washington state. I’m voting for Sarah Palin and her running mate 🙂

    The first time I saw GW Bush I knew he would run the country into the ground. Everything he had touched had failed. I knew we would be in trouble and it killed me that other people couldn’t see what I saw. How right was I??

    My gut instinct with O? Snake Oil Salesman. Flim Flam Man. He will take everything that’s left of this country all the while smiling and denying what you are seeing with your own eyes.

    John McCain is an honorable man who has served this country well. He’s not perfect. But I can trust him. Sarah is smart and has a history of looking out for the people she serves.

  299. myiq…I think that would devolve into another freeperland very quickly….

  300. OH Carol…I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Dawg. I gets all butterflied up when I seez him. Gosh Darnit!

  301. I was curious I went over to Alegre to see what masslib posts over there. I found this article dated Sept 30, and entitled “I’m getting excited about election 08”

    I can’t help myself, as a liberal Democrat, I’m getting excited about election ’08. This financial disaster almost assures not just a Democratic Presidency but possibly much larger margins in the Senate and Congress. That’s exciting! I am hearing there are actual Senate candidates campaigning on Medicare for All. Despite Obama’s reluctance to join the new american century that actually supports things like Medicare for All, I doubt he’d stand in the way if we win those majorities, can nudge Hillary, and have Ted Kennedy in there.

    And, there is one thing Obama brings to the table. He’ll make it less likely that congressional members knee-jerk assume opposing a war will mean electoral defeat. That’s a good thing. …

    Our outside agitators, like Al Gore, may really move this country toward a state of completely carbon neutral energy independence. Without a viable opposition on the Republican side, we may actually achieve that in a very short time. That’s a very good thing.

    I’m also hearing my Governor, Deval Patrick, may be an Obama pick for the Supreme Court. Though Patrick is not a great executor, he’s an extraordinary civil rights leader, and having him on the SC would be a God send./


  302. Brad:

    My point was that sites that require you to register also practice censorship.

    It was an inside joke

  303. In all fairness, I think she is a dyed in the wool Democrat with no other agenda then to remain loyal to the tribe. If it means qualifying for Obama to justify that vote, I believe that is where her heart is. She has been with us for awhile and I do not see her reasoning as becoming an outright Obamabot but just another unhappy Dem whose longtime party has abandoned her and her own revulsion over the years against Repubs.

    It has been a trying 18 months for all of us, some having misplaced relatives, friends, husbands/wives, in the heat of a lousy campaign. Hopefully by the start of the year most rifts will have been healed.

  304. Good points Pat. I left the ABC blogs so I could come here and not have to deal with Obamabots.I feel more positive since I have done that. I feel safe and in turn I feel that I am among like thinkers. I didn’t come here so someone can attempt to convince me to drink Kool Aid. The only difference with Masslib was that she was not threatening to administer it intravenously like on ABC (The American Barack Company)

  305. angienc, ditto. If PUMA/Just Say No Deal really means something to one, as it does to many of us, then one doesn’t stand idly by while hearing reasons to turn one’s back on it all.

  306. Voting Mac/Palin 08

    So is my girlfriend and best friend- Hill supporters


  307. AAAGal — “convert a PUMA patch” LOL!
    gary — I know masslib has been for ever, but I respectfully content (respectfully to you, not her) that she definitely decided to vote BO a while back & is trying to “hide” that from us & trying to get us to vote for him too with passive-aggressive “vacillating” I find that to be deceitful & harmful.

  308. IMO, many of the white people supporting Obama are the worst bigots.

    Not just opinion– I’ve seen them in action. Thugs all of them, without Obama’s charm and good looks.

    Like the reporter who followed RD around protesting his fairness to the high heavens, and then posted two hours of footage calling her a wackaloon.

  309. Good points Pat. I left the ABC blogs so I could come here and not have to deal with Obamabots.I feel more positive since I have done that. I feel safe and in turn I feel that I am among like thinkers. I didn’t come here so someone could convince me to drink Kool Aid.Or tell me why they are thinking about drinking KoolAid. Offering me coupons and samples of Kool Aid… The only difference with Masslib was that she was not threatening to administer it intravenously like on ABC (The American Barack Company)

  310. I was going to vote for the Dem nominee, any of them was fine with me. But around about the time of SC it changed and it was any one but BO after that. I don’t care what color he is the man is just not qualified and is still a mystery after 20 months of campaigning.

    The time will come when a tested and qualified AA will run and I will be so proud of them to win the Presidency. I just do not feel proud of BO and never will. Very sad that he has used the AA ‘s to lie and scam his way in to office.He is a divider more so than G.W.Bush.

  311. “We PUMAs and like minded people have a huge lever in front of us. If we choose to throw that lever, we can change history. We can bring this pernicious version of the Democratic Party to its knees. It is in the interests of the party to make us believe that we are helpless, that we can’t or shouldn’t pull the lever, hence the renewal of the haka against us.”

    Thank you for your thoughtful and right on target article.
    The above quote regarding changing history and as baby boomers this may be our last major input into this citizenry.
    We must leave this country better than we found it and voting for McCain is in the interest for all Americans.

    The Obamanots can have their war dance; we have the humanity dance that always prevails because it is righteous.
    Country before Party, Citizenry before Individual body!

  312. Wow, Laurie, that’s a bit shocking, particularly the misguded Patrick reference.

  313. those of you who have been around a while will remember that we went through this same sort of thing at the end of the primaries. we came out of that a bigger and stronger community. It will be the same this time. Like I said we will know who the wolves are on Nov. 5th, and we’ll know who our friends are too. We only have a month to go. No use in panicking now.

  314. Myself, I’m a complete newbie to all of this. I and many others who were LOYAL LONG TIME DEMOCRATS and Clinton supporters were completely abused then PURGED from the official DNC PartyBuilder blogsite. PB was not a BO site, but an official Democratic Party site. The accusations of censorship being hurled at us here by the ‘bots is a bunch of hypocritical BS. They are the worst ones! “The best defense is an offense”? I say don’t try to have a rational dialogue with someone irrational.

  315. misguided

  316. I am voting in Virginia and I will be voting McCain/Palin. My husband is still dead set on voting McKinney. We have both been Democrats all our lives and for me this will be the first time I vote Republican. Months ago when I realized Hillary would most likely lose the nomination I didn’t think I could vote for a Republican. I struggled with the decision, vacillating on a daily basis. One month out and I find that I’m very happy with my decision and will have no problem voting McCain/Palin. I realize that Obama doesn’t stand for anything, certainly not my Democratic ideals. It will feel good to vote against the man and his Chicago thug tactics. I only hope that there are enough folks like me who are willing to put Party aside and do the right thing.

  317. lililam-I found it shocking, yes. And I agree with angienc re vacillating canvassing tactics.

  318. At this point we’re all pretty much spectators now.

    On November 4th, cast your vote however you and your conscience agree.

    You may keep your decision secret, announce it to the world, or lie through your teeth.

    Then go home and relax. Alcohol is recommended.

  319. I live in Durham county NC if I don’t vote, somebody willl steal my vote, I am sure of it.

  320. Tampa, FL – NObama in NOvember

    -tepidly voting McKinney but if the polls are too close, I’ll vote for McCain.

  321. Laurie, on October 5th, 2008 at 2:58 pm Said:

    Thank you for sharing that post by masslib at allegre’s corner, Laurie. Well, well, well, she sure doesn’t sound like she is vacillating there, does she?
    I love being right. 😉

  322. We have lost our former point of reference: our collective distrust and antipathy toward the Republican Party. When we had that to collectively bash and chew over we were in a safe place because we felt we had identified the “enemy”. As it stands now we have once again identified the enemy and turns out it is “us”.

    This is what is primarily tearing us apart. Had Obama been an acceptable, qualified and experienced candidate who won his nomination over Hillary Clinton fair and square we would have jumped onboard almost from the start. It did not happen that way and this leaves us floundering.

    That poster was suffering from the same state of affairs as the rest of us but is just not ready to leave the sanctuary of the Party. She is simply looking for reasons to qualify her choice just as we continue to seek something more substantial in John McCain to justify ours. Same argument, two opposing points of view.

  323. Brad Mays.. and just why do you presume that I and I hope some ‘we’ .. give a fk* what any one thinks ?? ‘

    Do you think anyone gave a FK* about what we thought ?? from Jan.. until now .. banned , troll rated .. insulted , called every darn name in the book .. just for “THOUGHTS ” .. ???

  324. I’m a long time democrat who will be voting MCain/Palin!! My country is far more important to me than my party.

  325. My cousin (to me): No self respecting black person would vote for Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a woman but she is a white woman.

    People this is racism.

    I did by the way tell her that I am McCain /Palin.

    96% of blacks are for Obama

    Behold me:One of the 4% who are not.

  326. Over at NQ I read the DEAD are voting, even TWICE?!? WOW WEE! YO, they rise TWICE OR MORE for ‘The One’. WOW

  327. Hello,

    in VA, will be voting for a repub for the first time in my life.. my friends and I are staunch dems, but that fraud is not a democrat.. he is an Obamacrat..

    he will destroy this country, he hates it, his wife hates it and americans..

    we will be pulling the lever for McPalin with pride..

    all of us trust Mccain and Palin.. they have a track record of reform!

    the fraud.. he only has a track record of hanging around with terrorists!

  328. check it out:


    Be sure to check out the store to let everyone know you are going to VOTE PUMA! proceeds go to our PUMA sister!

  329. Gary,

    Given that the DEAD are voting I would vote, even if you write in Hillary or the DEAD may decide to HELP YA OUT!

  330. There was a wonderful comment posted – I believe it was here, but then reprinted on other blogs – about just who ran a scorched earth primary (Obama, not Hillary) and that all the corpses left behind on the battle-field were wearing Obama’s uniform. I keep going back to that statement because it is the absolute truth. How anyone can look at Obama and call him a “unifying force” and a “healer” when he has split the Democratic party in half is beyond me. Obama supporters call Palin “polarizing.” But her divisiveness falls into a very old category: Republican vs. Democrat. But Obama’s divisiveness is so much more tragic: he has pitted Democrats against Democrats. His supporters call everyone on the other side “ra*ists.” (Anybody see Nicholas Kristoff’s column today in the NYTimes?)

    How does one prove that one isn’t a ra*ist? How does one prove a negative? I’ve come to the point where I just shrug it off and move on – and pay no further attention to anyone who calls me a ra*ist.

    When I realized that Hillary Clinton was not going to win the Democratic primaries back on February 5th, I started thinking about who I would vote for. First I was going to write-in her name, then I wasn’t going to vote. Then I settled on Nader. I still tell my Obama-supporting friends (many of whom have thankfully stopped trying to convert me) that I’ll be voting for Nader. But somewhere and at some point (I couldn’t name either) I decided that I, in fact, am going to pull the lever for McCain/Palin here in NYC.

    McCain because he has *earned* the right to be President.

    Palin because this is the ultimate revenge I can take against all that was done to Hillary Clinton during the primaries (nay, still being done by Obama supporters.)

    Not Obama because voting for him would be saying that I accept the scorched earth tactics his campaign used during the primaries to win. Because I want to prove David Axelrod that “they” won’t come back to the table because “they have nowhere else to go?” Because Obama has accomplished so little in his dramatic life. Because he seems to float through life while others fan him in whichever direction is expedient at the moment. A friend, when I used the term “float through life,” said to me: “But you know, hope floats.” To which I responded: “So does shit.”

    Not Biden because, really, he’s irrelevant in this election.

  331. Angienc .. Thank YOU so much for your “straight talk express” .. it was needed . It isn’t as if many of us didn’t feel the way you had the courage to write . .. it’s just .. well, me anyway .. didn’t have the gut .. ;))

    Thanks !!

  332. Hi!
    Thank god there are those like me still out there…I never hear from Pumas (jsnd ers) in my everyday life. I will be voting for all the down ticket democrats in NOV but will ABSOLUTELY not vote for Obama. I’m in Caifornia so I can’t write in Hillary! Most likely I will vote “decline to state”, but I am toying with the idea of actually voting for a Republican for the first time in 40 years because I am really frightened by the prospect of Obama winning the eection.
    B Davis in Seal Beach, CA

  333. gary:

    So what? It was intended to be temporary, and then everyone returns to their home blogs.

    I was just amused by their sense that it was unfair that we might delete their comments when we couldn’t amke any in the first place!

    At least I can’t.

  334. I’m probably in an easier spot since I’m in CA. I can’t proclaim like simofish that I’ll vote McCain, but it won’t be Obama. For me, the question seems to be right now, how do we spend our time, what engagements do we make that are working toward a goal? what will activities will bring the greatest results? Can McCain beat Obama? If not what then? We will have made a statement of non-support! If Obama falls off the Democrat’s path, we must be there to put him back on. There are battles to be fought yet. Herstory must be written and remembered correctly.

    And as to that, I found something today on Wiki. It disturbed me because I don’t think it’s quite right, and I don’t like the tone. Has anyone else seen this?


    Some of you know a lot about this. Should this be disputed?

    It seems like it’s missing at least this aspect:


  335. taggles: Done.

  336. Re masslib: what Pat said. I have no idea how old masslib is, but she is clearly conflicted in a way which many of us older voters aren’t at this late stage in the game. I can live with four years of McCain, the world won’t end, the Dem party will have occasion to remember its roots and root out some of its ethical/financial corruption, Hillary will likely have a good shot at 2012, we won’t be faced with the possibility of Obama’s every blunder/lie being whitewashed by a complicit media… The list goes on. I’m voting with an absolutely clear conscience.

  337. Brad,

    I’m not for censorship, but when RD gets criticized one need only compare her decency and grace under fire with the unconscionable things said of her by her enemies, for example what Tommy Christopher posted about her on yestodemocracy on September 22. I decided against posting the link because it’s too vile.

  338. Pat, our collective identity is being challenged. Our home is broken. We are in exile. Like Cubans who traveled to Miami. We have to make a new home for ourselves. At least for now. It does not mean we have turned our backs on it. We must realize that our home is no longer really “ours”.

    We are the Jedi’s.

    Welcome to the Episode 2: Attack of the Obamabots

    Obama is a sith lord in disguise. But remember always two of them there are. No more. No less

    The DNC is

  339. All African Girl

    Their samples are relatively small compared to the U.S. Population of registered voters and therefore the chances of being called by Gallup et al. are also therefore relatively small.

  340. Laurie …thank YOU .. I despise hypocrisy and being played ..

    great research !

    btw .. has everyone noticed how the camera loves Sarah ?? .. ;)) ..


    This is a horrid rwing site .. BUT my friend sent me there to ‘just’ THIS page … ;)) .. with the photos only .. just made me smile .. in the days of “hard to find stuff to smile about ” ..

  341. A proud PUMA here in the lush, wooded hills of northern NJ. Both my husband and I will for the first time in our combined 80+ years for voting, vote Republican at the top of the ticket.
    Who the Dem candidate is at this point is irrelevant simply because he/she/it was put there through fraudulent means, so no matter who it is we could not vote for the Dem nominee – the fact that the nominee brings nothing of value to the Democratic party makes us feel even better about voting for a Republican president.

    This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers; they lived only 90 years ago.
    Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote. White males ruled, black men were given the vote and finally they relented and years later women were “granted the right to vote”
    The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for the vote.
    And by the end of the night, they were barely alive. Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden’s blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of ‘obstructing sidewalk traffic.’
    (Lucy Burns)
    They beat Lucy Burns, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air.

    (Dora Lewis)
    They hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cellmate, Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.

    Thus unfolded the’Night of Terror’ on Nov. 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson’s White House for the right to vote. For weeks, the women’s only water came from an open pail. Their food–all of it colorless slop–was infested with worms.

    (Alice Paul)
    When one of the leaders, Alice Paul,(from NJ) embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.

    So, refresh my memory. Some women won’t vote this year because-
    -why, exactly? We have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn’t matter? It’s raining?
    HBO’s new movie ‘Iron Jawed Angels’ is a graphic depiction of the battle these women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling booth and have my say. HBO released the movie on video and DVD.

    It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn’t make her crazy.

    The doctor admonished the men: ‘Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.’

    Please, if you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know.
    We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard for by these very courageous women. Whether you vote democratic, republican or independent party – remember to vote.

    History is being made.

  342. All Afro American Gal: Perfect summation!

  343. Um, it is NOT censorship unless the government is doing it. Last I checked this site isn’t affiliated with the government, and we still have the right of assembly.

  344. People concerned about censorship should start their own blog and explain their concerns in nauseating detail.

    Then they should blog about their plan for solving the problem.

  345. All Afro American Gal– don’t take any abuse. If you get any flack, give your relatives the true Democratic history regarding race, which is exposed in ugly detail on the National Black Republican Association web site.

  346. If you really want Obama to lose than McCain must win-that is the simple reality. And thus if you really want Obama to lose, you should take responsbility for that outcome and vote McCain. To do otherwise is to leave it to others to give you the outcome you want but are unwilling to own up to. I’m in NYC, and for the first-and I hope last-time in my life, I’ll be voting for the GOP nominee for President.

  347. Thanks pat,

    Vote PUMA is my little way of taking back the PUMA name. We are all PUMA’s and we are voting PUMA.

    When we are protesting the election, we Vote PUMA, no matter which way we vote.

    We are not voting for any candidate, we are going to VOTE PUMA.

    Know what I mean?

    That is our power!

  348. sod — what did we do to upset Brad this time? You know, he seems a little touchy to me.

  349. angienc: When the tro*lls come in and drop their idiot statements they are banished to wherever tro*lls gather. No problem since they are usually blessed with nothing but nastiness to begin with.

    I have been on this site since its inception and I have seen only rare instances when a commentator has been asked to remove themselves for unbecoming behavior. Most of the time they go waaaaaaaaaaaay over the line and often get personal n their remarks but this is not the usual format of banning.

    However, I have seen some commentators remove themselves because they felt abused or disrespected because others were not falling all over themselves in praise of their particular “genius”. In some instances they return, in others they choose otherwise. But unless your behavior is particularly distasteful, or are an admitted Obamabot, no one is automatically shut down.

    You more or less have to behave like a total a**hole for that to happen.

  350. UPDATE:

    Sarah Palin responds to race baiting AP reporter Douglass K. Daniel:

    “The Associated Press is wrong,” Palin said. “The comments are about an association that has been known but hasn’t been talked about, and I think it’s fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy’s living room.”


    Go Sarah Go!!!

    Obama and his cheerleaders at the AP are accusing Sarah palin of being a racist. We all know that is Obama’s MO. When the heat come shis way, anyone bringing it is a racist.

    I have had it Obama and the mainstream media pulling this BS!! Enough is enough!!

    Shove their own BS race card tactics down their throats Sarah!! Keep doing what you are doing!!

    Take the truth and hit Obama straight in the mouth with it! Take the gloves off and pound Obama’s sorry race card playing ass all the way back to Chicago!!

    Obama is running from his past. On tuesday night at the debate, McCain is goin to put some whoop-ass on Obama and expose him. That is why Obama and his camapign and the sorry media are doing all they can now to try to cover up Obama’s past.

    Expose Obama! He will fall!

  351. Let’s be honest…none of us can make any comments on any of the other sites without being called racist. Palin is now even being called racist for bring up the Ayers connection.

    On all other sites if you aren’t on cue with the singing choir of Obama you are pan tostado/toast and these sites are really multiplicity of ads for Obama. DO NOT QUESTION OUR LEADER…you may however sing to him if you must.

    What ever happened to having a differing opinion and what happened to respecting someone’s choice not to be like the others? This is very strange…very strange indeed.

    Lets see:

    I was banned at TalkLeft
    I was chased out of Salon (so much for premium membership)
    I was deleted from CNN (they don’t post PUMA comments)
    I was disgusted out of the main papers blogs

    So, NOW they want control here too? EEEK! Are we under a hostile take over? We knew they talk about us, we even knew they tried to get our private info and still we blogged. Will things get better once their MAN is elected?

  352. taggles: I do know what you mean. We need to stick together even after November 4th. Fragmentation will not be helpful no matter the outcome.

  353. Exactly Pat — calling someone out on their bs is NOT censorship. Telling someone that their agenda is not the same as this site’s agenda is NOT censorship. And, more importantly, this site is NOT affiliated with the government — RD does not have to allow anyone us to post on this site. So, the charges of censorship are not only unfounded in fact, they are not founded in law either.

  354. if you saw some of the vile, violent, comments that never see the light of day here, you would be SHOCKED.

  355. I have been publicy conceding the election to Obama on the forums I participate in where young idiotic obamabots are active. They are overjoyed to declare this election already over. This is a good thing in my mind.

    My reasoning is that Obama will need a large tunrout from these kids and they are proven to be unreliable at best. If they believe the election is over, they are IMO much less likely to show up on election day. I think it was Carville who said that there is a word for the politician that relies on the youth vote – LOSER.

    The polls are weighted heavily democratic right now based on new voter registration. I think most of these new registrations are youth. So the polls might be providing false comfort to the obama camp.

  356. I’m from Oregon and will be voting Republican for the first time in my life. I think it’s going to be closer here than people think. There is no way I will legitimize what Obama/Dean/Pelosi did by voting for that fraud. If he wins, the democratic party is gone forever.

  357. No problem Pat.

    And we can expect for backstabbing of Hillary should he win.

    Like the scene in Episode III when the clones tried to kill Yoda.

    Hillary and Bill sense imbalance in the force of the DNC.
    Congress= Trade federation

    Sorry for Star wars references. I think the classic story of good and evil applies to everything. If Obama is a Jedi, he is Anakin and his associations with Rezko, Ayers, Blago shows that he flirts with the DARK SIDE.

  358. Part of me really want Obama to win.

    That’s the part of me that wants to spend four years watching the GOP and the media tear him into little tint shreds

  359. angie

    Thanks for coming in behind RD’s wonderful defense of our movement carrying the can of bug spray and depressing the nozzle with such elegant force.

  360. no blood could you explain your very inflammatory post?

  361. Personally, when someone posts ANTI-WOMAN comments and pure violent comments towards women or gays…I say that is cleaning up hazardous mud that someone may slip on. How many times were we called names? I find it nice that we can make differing comments without slinging arrows.

  362. on second thought don’t bother….

  363. Tdraicer, Amen! You said so well what I believe.We can’t expect some one else to save us from the charletan BO and the conniving Dems. We have to take responsibility ourselves and vote McCain to make sure he does not win..

  364. pat, yes! but it also gives us power as a group.

    If some one asks how I am going to vote, I am going to say that I am going to VOTE PUMA.

    No other explanation needed! Plus it keeps PUMA out there. It keeps us together.

    Might fly, might not, thought it was worth a try.

    Could you imagine if everysingle PUMA bought a VOTE PUMA yard sign???

  365. what short memories we have. not 5 months ago they were screaming that it was OVER….and hillary continued to surge….Why should now be any different?

  366. Typical Republican: So true! I have been waiting for two weeks for my adorable 17 year old grandson to come by and clean my cellar for money!!! But he just bought himself a new car and though he means well, he is “busy”.

    I can count on him as you can see. The same holds true for those 20 somethings who may just as easily get waylaid on their way to voting by something as equally important. Kids!!

  367. taggles, I say I’m voting only for Dems, that obviouslly excludes obama or any of his obamacrats

  368. garychapelhill, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:34 pm Said:

    if you saw some of the vile, violent, comments that never see the light of day here, you would be SHOCKED.

    I have Garychap and there isn’t anything progressive in them. I thank you for removing them, just as the school administration removes them from the bathroom stalls. Thank you for making for good discourse without the shock and shock!

  369. I know what you mean myiq — it would *almost* be worth the destruction of the Dem. Party (which an Obama WH would most certainly bring, imo) to watch the GOP & the msm reduce the “One” into a grease spot.

  370. not sure what happened to my post —


    Here’s the website of the CA Nurses Assoc, — I just called and left them a message — please do the same.

    CNA/NNOC 2000 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94612
    Tel: (510) 273-2200 | Fax: (510) 663-1625

  371. Gary,

    It’s all about the narrative…

  372. I’m a motherless child. I’ve worn my “Democrats are the keepers of Democracy” button all of my adult life. Then this. I want my old party back, but it is no more.

  373. Hailing from the Lone Star State here. And with my “voice,” my “power”, I intend to bellow a resounding “HELL TO THE NO[BAMA]!” come Election Day.

    PUMA POWER! Let’s rev up this revolution! 🙂

  374. Folks, a tipping point inthe race has just happened in the last 24 hours.

    This iwll be crystal clear soon.

    Palin hit obama on his relationship with Ayers.

    Reaction by the Obama’s friend in the AP: Palin is a racist

    As someone on the other blog noted perfectly…
    Cue Sarah’s Palin Speech.

    You can’t question our opponents associates or you would be painted as a racist.

    You can’t question our opponents tax increases on small businesses that will kill jobs or you will be called a racist.

    You can’t question our opponents massive government spending plans or you will be called a racist…

    Sarah Palin is taking on Obama and the mainstream media today.

    This is going to mushroom and explode all over Obama this week.

    Obama is playing the race card now.

    Obama’s relationships with known terrorists are going to come back to bite him in the ass/

    That is why the Obama campaign is reacting so much and why they had Douglass Danile write up that BS race accusation against Sarah Palin.

    Now Sarah is hitting them back.

    Sparks are going to fly!

    And the American people are going to see that Obama has no character and no business being the next POTUS!

    Obama and the mainstream media accuses Palin of racism:

    Palin’s response today:

    Palin: “The comments are about an association that has been known but hasn’t been talked about,” she said. “It’s important to talk about how Barack Obama kicked off his political career in the guy’s living room.”

    Nail Obama. He is on the run!

  375. taggles: I have my PUMA bracelet, my Hillary shirt and the sticker is still affixed to my car. It reminds me of my ideals. Now that I can say in all honesty that I am a PUMA first and foremost, I feel as if I have added another dimension to the dialogue.

    We count. We matter. We vote.

  376. Hi edwardian!

  377. What will all the Obot t-r-o-l-l-s do after the election?

    Win or lose, I’ll show up here and be my usual self

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  378. gary — exactly — a while ago someone (I can’t remember who — I think sm) posted that she expected the next step would be the msm & Obama declaring that there is no way McCain can win mathematically & that he should drop out for the good of the country. That is what is going on right now.

  379. myiq: Will you retire Capt Spaulding then? I have to admit, he scares the sh* out of me.

  380. Hey guys, don’t forget the radio show tonight.

    I am going to be interviewing Rosa Clemente, Vice Presidential for the Green Party. She will be taking calls.

  381. taggles; I’ll be there for you!

  382. I guess when I read the JSND statement, “we’re a coalition of millions with one thing in common:
    NObama,” I take it too seriously. To me, that means all of us who come to any blog on this coalition web site are here because we are committed to defeating BO this election because of well-founded, factual, non-racist reasons. There are, unfortunately, only two major political parties in this country with a chance in hell of having their ticket win. So, only a vote for the ticket of one or the other of those two major political parties makes a damn bit of difference in the outcome. If, as PUMAs, we’re committed to defeating BO, what real choice does that leave us? If we continue to dither over single issues or party loyalty or personal indignance (though justified) over the past, instead of recognizing that this election is about the survival of our American democracy, we will lose sight of the goal that has unified and empowered us and we will all lose, period, regardless of what our individual philosophical/political agendas may be. We cannot win (defeat BO) by allowing ourselves to be factionalized or browbeaten and conned into believing all is already lost. There is a month left in this campaign. We can only win by continuing to fight against BO and against the corruption, divisiveness, fraud, fascist thuggery, sexism/misogyny that he, his campaign, the DNC, Dem Party leaders — abetted by the MSM — continue to use to try to steal this election, silence us and destroy what’s left of American democracy. I respect the views of all on this blog, but I will never sit down, shut up or ‘get over it’ so long as my country is in danger and I still have strength to do something about it.

  383. SOD:


    That’s why I am keeping that part chained in the basement until they arrive

  384. Protecting our fortress seems to be a better description.

  385. Well RDs right, just re-reading comments from my post last night and this one and I see that some so-called PUMAs converted to the dark side.

    Now despite her conversion, I’m not going to erase her comments. Why? Because depsite that I thoroughly disagree with her, she’s not a tr*ll.

    I for one will never convert.

    They’d have to cut my finger off, pick it up from the floor and push the buttoin that says Obama for that to happen.

    [Capt. Spaulding, it’s just a JOKE about the finger cutting stuff.]

  386. My post got lost in the ether! Hope I remember everything…

    With regard to voting non-Dem/non-Repub, your vote will have an impact. If we seek change through the ballot box, how will it ever happen if only Dems and Repubs are the recipients of our votes? Think about this: if there is only one winner, then all those votes for a Dem are a waste if the Repub wins, and vice versa.

    Sad to read another “crazy McKinney” comment. Here is something to combat that old canard that I have posted elsewhere:

    1. After the presidential election of 2000, the outcome of which was determined by a Supreme Court ruling, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney made a statement on the House floor about how the election was “stolen.” She was one of the few elected officials trying to get out the information about the illegal purging of the voter rolls in Florida. She was painted as the Black woman always crying, “racist!”. Well, what happened? MONTHS AFTER THE DECISION BY THE SUPREME COURT, U. S. newspapers finally started to print stories about this. The main player behind this action, Katherine Harris, testifying in court, confessed to the voter scam. Hmmm. CYNTHIA MCKINNEY WAS RIGHT!

    2. After the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked in 2001. Representative McKinney questioned the preparedness of the U.S. defense system and called for an investigation. Immediately, corporate media edited her comments and aired them repeatedly in an attempt to paint her as a lunatic conspiracy theorist. Subsequent to all the hullabaloo, the FAMILIES OF THE DEAD AND WOUNDED demanded an investigation. They were ignored by the Bush administration and other members of Congress until the pressure became too great. A so-called bipartisan commission was formed to investigate the events of September 11, 2001. To quote one of the chapter titles from the final report, “The system was blinking red.” In other words, MCKINNEY WAS RIGHT!

    So, if there is more to this horrific story (Katrina executions), don’t expect to hear or read anything about it until the guilty parties are able to get off with no more that a slap on the wrist. Well, there might be one lowly-ranked scapegoat.

    I say we need more McKinney-like courage.

  387. Iron Man — did Palin actually say “You can’t question our opponents associates or you would be painted as a racist.” or is that your prediction of what she will say? Because if it is a prediction, I agree 10% that is what she should say.

  388. If Obama wins also expect him to be bogged down with the baggage that comes with being the first AA in office. I hear talk where I am and the AA’s already are criticizing him for not pushing the black agenda. Expect even worse if he gets in. You know this happened with Malcolm X as well. If Obama does not do the anticipated catering that the AA’a are expecting he will find them absent in 2012 and suffer a defeat like Dinkins in New York. Knowing Obama, he has a tendency to turn his back on those who help him and backstab, so I would nto be surprised if he does the same to AA’s.

    I can just see the Inaugural Ball now. P’diddy and Ludacris, Donna Brazille, Sarah Bernhart…and the guests of Honor Tina Fey and Jeremiah Wright. Televised by CNN of course.

  389. IronMan, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:41 pm Said:

    Folks, a tipping point inthe race has just happened in the last 24 hours.

    This iwll be crystal clear soon.

    Palin hit obama on his relationship with Ayers.

    Reaction by the Obama’s friend in the AP: Palin is a racist

    NOW, do you think IronMan’s post could have stood at any other site? See, we may remove hate, but we at least discuss the issues. At the other site where I blog we even blog about the Green and Nader parties and without any hatefulness.

    We must have some where to go…we are all ready homeless (left without our party) politicos. 😦

  390. Griffith, you’ll be fine.

  391. Me and the captain are considering a road trip.

    Heads Carolina, tails Hawaii

  392. Pat Johnson, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:42 pm Said:
    Hi edwardian!

    (waves) A hearty howdy do to you, Ma’am. Hope you’re keeping well and maintaing that razor-sharp wit we’ve all come to know and cherish. We’re gonna need everything you’ve got to soldier us through into these final days.

  393. Had a HUGE screaming argument with Obot spouse yesterday who says I can’t “hold the country hostage.” Would that I had that power! Here in CA my vote is a drop in the bucket.

    I had to explain to his fancy prep-school ass that I am a legitimate political player with her own interests which are not being met, and when I or my proxies (those who resemble me with similar interests) are called c*nts and r*cists the conversation comes to a screeching halt. If I have to tell him I have political interests that diverge from his, he is already lost. He has clearly not grasped the notion of a woman having a separate existence and point of view.

    He says 98% of what’s written on the Internet is bullshit, and to go from primary sources. That is like saying read the quotations of Chairman Mao while ignoring the Red Guards beating up your ‘bourgeois’ neighbors. The Red Guard rampage is the real political problem.

    This person also described the Palin pick as an insulting, obvious pander. Yes, it’s insulting that 52% of the population should want some power, representation and respect. What a pander to pick a woman to run for office.

    This is why I have come to regard liberal men as political enemies. They have declared political war on me, so I am fighting back with my money and my vote. As long as it’s hilarious that Sarah Palin was a PTA mom but unremarkable that Howard Dean got his start in politics with a bike trail initiative, I’m fighting back. As long as it’s a disgusting pander to put women on the ticket, I’m fighting back. As long as it’s okay to bitch on national television, I’m fighting back.

  394. Pat Johnson, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:44 pm Said:

    myiq: Will you retire Capt Spaulding then? I have to admit, he scares the sh* out of me.

    Thank you for telling him this. I never address him, since he posted that ‘Capt Spaulding’ clip. Freeked me out too! EEEK! 😦

  395. This little old lady in tennis shoes is a new resident of Florida and voting McCain/Palin in November. I’m an old Norwegian and we don’t give up even if we think we’re doomed. I didn’t get my druthers as to nominees, but I can effectively vote NO to an Obama presidency.

  396. New York calling. Voting for McCain/Palin.

    Here are my one-word suggestions for the McCain campaign:



  397. I recommend Hawaii. Having Capt Spaulding anywhere on the East Coast conjures up weapons of mass destruction. They may not be in Iraq but I would hate to find them on my doorstep.

    SM: Good move. She is as conflicted as the rest of us. Nothing more.

  398. myiq….with all due respect to you and the capt. I hope its tails….I like my kidneys too much.

  399. All Afro American Gal – interesting take. If true then he’s damned if he does damned if he doesn’t because if he wins and presses the black agenda then he will solidify many white voters against him.

  400. To those of you deep blue staters who think your vote has no effect–it does. Election returns are scrutinized and analysed with great care by both parties and any shift in the electorate will not escape notice. Feel free to vote your conscience knowing that someone will figure out which way the wind blows. (And you don’t need a Weatherman to figure that out…!)

  401. ugsome: Love it!!

  402. McCain Palin, no question.

  403. I’ve tried to post something else twice, I think I might be in moderation. Will one of the moderators please check and release my comment? Thank you.

  404. I’ve tried to post something else twice; I think I might be in moderation. Will one of the moderators please check and release my comment? Thank you.

  405. Sorry, I used the “r” word again & am in moderation, please release me.

  406. I’m in California, San Francisco to be exact – the heart of Obama country – and the moment Obama became the Democratic nominee I changed my allegiance to “Decline To State” (California’s version of Independent). And, I committed to voting for McCain.

    I’ve lost friends, lost clients, cannot discuss politics with family, but I won’t be voting for O. No cold feet at all, not a moment’s hesitation.

    If O wins, the Democratic Party will exist in name only. But too many Dems, the ones that will vote for O, will blindly follow the name-only party. The only way the Dem Party will truly be destroyed – which will allow it to be reformed in the image it is meant to represent – is if O is defeated.

    So, for everyone who wants to bring the Dem party to it’s end, you cannot vote 3rd party, you cannot write in Hillary’s name, you cannot not vote. It’s got to be a vote for McCain/Palin. If I can do it, after 35+ years of voting democrat no matter what, so can you.

    Maybe we can even take down the MSM while we’re at it, eh?

    McCain/Palin ’08
    RIP Democratic Party

  407. At least some of the posts today illustrate that so far we have not lost our senses of humor. Once that goes “they have won”.

  408. Gary:

    Don’t worry, I think he just wants to ogle angie’s kidneys.

  409. myiq2xu,

    My apologies for speaking as if you are not present. Simply put, your alter ego has a bit too much kick for this granny. I do like your other jokes, especially the ones of needing an adult bib with sauces. 🙂

  410. MYIQ: Capt. Spaulding wouldn’t like FL anyway. Too many damn mosquitos to ruin his dinner.

    PAT: She can argue all she likes, but I know she’s not a troll. Anybody that posts disrespectful insane comments however, I will erase.

  411. ea, I’m concerned about the McKinney conspiracy theory and think that is why it was moderated. angie, I don’t see your comment.

  412. sfindiepuma: I am also a newly minted member of the California Decline to State Party.

  413. ahh…well by all means. charlotte is a lovely city!!

  414. There are AA’s against Obama. Some showed up at one of his rallies . It is on You tube. Jesse Jackson’s wife was a Hillary supporter. I am not pleased with AA’s at the moment. Jesse, Al Sharpton are leaders who do not like obama. But like most Obamabots they have been thrown under the bus by AA’s just like NOW has done to us.

  415. WV:

    My sense of humor is an aquired taste.

    Some people never get it

  416. I’m a lifelong dem in Virginia and in this year of the collective smearing and dehumanizing of women, I will vote for the person who dared to put a woman on the ticket. Am unwavering in my support for McPalin. No way, no how, no Obama.

  417. I would love to register the look on angienc’s face should myiq and Capt Spaulding show up on her doorstep. Shock! Disbelief! Fright! Panic!

  418. ACK! in moderation, I said the word tr*ll.

  419. “what short memories we have. not 5 months ago they were screaming that it was OVER….and hillary continued to surge….Why should now be any different?”

    Gary, you are right. Don’t fall for their psychological warfare. The media are trying to fix this for Obama. If they win, they will never be honest to Americans again.

  420. myiq2xu,

    I will stick to eating vegies and leave all the meat to you. You are too young to be acquired at this stage of the game. Cheers.

  421. Irlandese, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:41 pm Said:

    “I’m a motherless child. I’ve worn my “Democrats are the keepers of Democracy” button”


    Sounds like something that needs to hit the Dem Party in the face. Perhaps a Halloween costume – a skeleton with your button attached to a rib?

  422. Good point ugsome, also don’t forget some states like Iowa, Indiana those votes make a difference. I am in IL and I am still voting McCain

  423. garychapelhill, on October 5th, 2008 at 3:56 pm Said:

    ea, I’m concerned about the McKinney conspiracy theory and think that is why it was moderated. angie, I don’t see your comment.

    Gary, do you mean the one about the 5000 in LA?

  424. battlecat, you are right. I refuse to participate in the media’s “experiment”. If they do push him across the finish line I really think it will be a death blow to our democracy.

  425. Tennessee, I can always say I didn’t vote for the fraud.

  426. I KNEW it would happen. I KNEW that if I shared an anti-PUMA sentiment I’ve heard from other sites, someone would misunderstand my intentions.

    Guess what? I tell people who try and paint Riverdaughter as a censor that her space provides safehaven for like-minded people who need such a place.

    That’s what I tell them. And no doubt that’s what I’ll be saying this Thursday on Blog Radio.

    Now pardon me while I go make Lori some French toast.

  427. I have to run out to the grocery store before it starts raining cats & dogs.

    Be back later!

  428. woman voter, I don’t know what that one is. I’d rather not go into the one that was being discussed, I find it tasteless, especially if there is no evidence to support it.

  429. Texas, doing the 2-step for McCain Palin all the way to the ballot box! I don’t care that my state is pre-determined to go Red. I have a vote, and I’m casting it based on principle.

    That vote is against Obama, for Clinton, and FOR the Democratic Party.

    McCain-Palin 08
    Clinton 12

  430. And if gary thinks those comments are shocking, he should see the jokes I almost sent but then thought better of it

  431. Gary,

    Thanks, and yes, if it is that one, it is best left alone.

  432. I gotta scoot Guys. I have to get some movies back to the video store.

    Be back later!

  433. What they fail to recognize that we would feel this way about any candidate regardless of ra*ce or gender based on the their severe lack of qualifications and their disingenuous lead to obtain the nomination.

    We are an Equal Opportunity group.

  434. myiq2xu, on October 5th, 2008 at 4:04 pm Said:

    And if gary thinks those comments are shocking, he should see the jokes I almost sent but then thought better of it.

    I am glad you are listening to the little voice on the right shoulder. Balance is good especially when we only sleep for four hours at a time.

  435. garychapelhill,

    I was trying to quash that conspiracy theory stuff. It was in response to a masslib comment upthread. Please release it.

  436. I don’t know about ogling my kidneys, but I’ve got some other parts worth ogling. 😉

  437. I will not vote for Obama. And I won’t vote for McCain.

    I will vote for a woman – a feminist – Sarah Palin.

  438. I’m from Washington State and will vote McCain/Palin. I think my 19 year old son is planning to do that too.

    I am looking for the protest with the most strength AND I am voting women where I can.

    I’m not so sure about my fine governor. I might have to vote for a 3rd party there due to her obama support and also her use of the r*ce card to defend quid pro quo with the indian casinos. I probably wouldn’t have cared too much about the campaign contributions and sweetheart deals or even the obama support in a re-election year, but I am sick of the r*ce card.

  439. Checking in from the great state of North Carolina! I will be casting my vote for a Republican presidential candidate for the first time in my life. I was a Democrat for over 25 years and I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I’d vote Republican at the top of the ticket.

    Sadly, my vote will go to nullify my hubby’s. He hates Obama but his deep-seeded mistrust of Republicans simply cannot be overcome. In his defense, when George I was elected, my hubs promptly lost his job and was unemployed for almost a year. When George II was elected, my hubs promptly lost his job and was unemployed for almost a year. He feels he has two poor choices and he’s taking a chance on the Democrat this time.

    Personally, my vote means that I am truly Independent. The candidates will need to court me to get my vote.

  440. Texas here. It’s already blood-red, and I’ll be just another little corpuscle in the stream, but I believe my vote for McCain/Palin will accomplish two things. It will decrease Obama’s national total and his total in Texas. Because I’m from the border, it will also help to show that Obama doesn’t have a clamp on all minority votes. In my area, the Dems have had almost unquestioned supremacy for a century. Yet the local newspaper’s admittedly unscientific poll a few days ago showed McCain with a 2-point lead over Obama. This was and remains Hillary country.

  441. there you go ea, but I take strong issue with your implication that the katrina story may in any way be remotely related to the truth. I think her allegations destroy whatever little credibility she had left.

  442. [[[[ Chalking one point on the blackboard for angie ]]]]

    great instincts angie. 🙂

  443. From the Obamaverse – a forum that shall not be named

    Sitting it out or going for some 3rd part idiot in THIS election puts u on the side of the Klan, plain & simple

  444. Hey everyone – a short, true and hopefully inspiring post above!

  445. gary — my moderated comment was released some how.

  446. Sarah – actually, voting for a woman – is how I talk myself into voting GOP this year. Much as I don’t vote FOR anyone in November. Only against.

  447. As my aunt told me at a family reunion last weekend, after reminding her I was a Hillary supporter, a PUMA (and she knew what that meant!), and had always voted Democrat for President, “No one will kill you if you vote for McCain”.

    The best discussion I had about Obama at the reunion (albeit guarded) was with my Republican aunt and uncle. They knew about Obama’s background, ACORN, etc. Total turn around from previous years or discussion. My Mom says, “unless I hear something particularly unsavory”, she plans to vote for Obama, being the good Democrat she has been all of her life. I’m going to ask her to stay up and watch Sean Hannity’s show tonight, and hope he really devotes the full hour to Obama’s associations.

    Lord, please let the unsavory truth come out about Obama, so my Mom can feel free not to vote for him

  448. sfindiepuma & ugsome — I am waiting for Nov 5th to change to decline here in CA — I want the Dem Party to know I cast my vote to McCain as a Dem.

  449. Simofish: I just watched that ad from CNA. I am APPALLED. As a Registered NUrse in CA, who pays dues to this organization every month, I think this ad is totally disgusting. Not only is it disgusting and vile, it is UNTRUE. This organization has taken every vile lie about Palin and placed them in a false and provacative ad. If I could keep my job, and not have to belong to this organization, I would resign. Totally filthy, cheap, and false. I am beyond angry.

    BTW, I’m from CA, and my vote is going for McCain/Palin, because of all the reasons that RD and all the other articulate posters have stated.

    This site is my refuge, and I appreciate the monitoring of troll comments. I also enjoy the humor.

  450. ahh…well by all means. charlotte is a lovely city!!

    Yes, it is. But I missed something… who’s coming to Charlotte?

  451. If you are going to leave the top of your ballot “blank”, please consider punching, checking or otherwise marking the write-in section without putting anything or put your dog’s name.

    I’m thinking it might be easy to do some kind of voter fraud where nothing is selected. Maybe I’m wrong and just being paranoid…

  452. Maybe this will get through. My comments earlier were related to two points:

    1. Please don’t consider voting for a non-Dem/Repub as not having an impact.

    2. Very few politicians have the courage to be the messenger when people don’t like the message. Cynthia McKinney is one of those. She was correct in two previous fwell-known instances, but was ridiculed and derided for bringing up the subjects. Later investigations showed her initial concerns to be valid (election 2000 and mishandling of information on terr0r1st attacks). Trying to avoid the filter here.


  453. joanieb – sorry to hear about your problems with siblings and family. It reminds me of the beginning of my emotional separation from my family during the Vietnam war. We just stopped talking politics as I was the odd liberal out from a very political rightwing family.

    In the past five years the wounds have fully healed as we had to let our political differences go as us siblings had to fully engage with each other as both of our parents slipped further and further into old age and Alzheimers.

    Last November my Dad decided to distribute some money to his children. My sister (who lives in my home town near them) called to make sure the wired money had arrived. When she asked me what I was going to do with it I responded that since it was Republican money I had already made good use of it by maxing out to Hillary. She could not stop laughing at this poetic justice.

    Just the other day my sister and I had a good laugh when I told her I was voting for McCain/Palin and we acknowledged it would be the first time ever that our votes would not cancel each other out. Life is pretty funny at times. Be patient.

  454. I’m in one of the so called Battleground states that hasn’t voted for a Democrat since LBJ. Looks tight now,, but I’ll cast my vote for McCain-Palin in Virginia.

  455. Checking back in, and I see things got rather heated after I left. That’s why I left, I could feel myself ready to blow. Thanks for stepping in angienc 🙂

    Having a different opinion is not the problem. The problem is making the same point over and over and over again despite everyone’s efforts to offer factual responses to the initial questions. If you are not listening, then go off by yourself and contemplate. Don’t keep shoving it in our faces. masslib repeated that McCain is extremely conservative, despite evidence that we offered to the contrary.

    As SOD said, this is our fortress. I am like a battered woman after this election cycle, and I need the safety of this site. The internet IS free speech (at least until Pelosi gets her way). If you have a different p.o.v., go set up your own blog. This is RD’s and thankfully, she takes very good care of us, the wounded but fierce PUMA contingent.

  456. No cold feet here. I am firmly focused on retiring Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Donna Brazille, I am firmly focused on defeating Obama and washing the Democratic Party clean of the Kool Aid and I am voting McCain to let the Democratic Party know that as a former Clintonite, blue collar, lunch bucket Democrat they can no longer assume I will support them when they have no qualms about ignoring me.

  457. Brad, seriously — Thanks again for all you do. It is appreciated.

  458. C-SPAN BAILOUT live..

    OK, time out for a laugh or two. Check this video link out and come back and tell what you thought of it. Cheers. 🙂

  459. You’ve all heard my position on this. I live in Florida a battleground state.

    There are 300 million Americans, of those how many are registered to vote and of those how many will actually vote. No one cares about non-voters. Our elected officials are not listening to us, and if you think they are going to listen to non-votes you are deluding yourself. Your NOT vote is a cope out and since this is the most important election in my lifetime, irresponsible IMO. I do not care what state you live in, and whether you believe your state will go blue or red. You do PUMA, this nation, and youself a disservice by thinking you have the luxury of voting NOT. Just my .02, I know my view is not PC.

  460. My decision is one that has evolved through this whole process. I am a Hillary deadender, PUMA – wanted to write her in. BUT I live in a state (PA) where is does matter, so will vote McCain/Palin at the top. I feel that is most effective against O – one vote lost, plus one to overcome. The more I see, the more I feel something scary is going on.

    Re: my rep in congress – I will not give her my vote, but will not vote the other party. My state rep is great and I will vote for him and other down ticket dems.

  461. garychapelhill,

    I appreciate your concern. That’s why I wrote that statement like I did–if. My point is made again, more succintly, at the 4:22 comment. She’s been right before and denounced. As horrible as it may be, she could be right again. I haven’t found anything further on it. How long did it take Abu Ghraib to come out?

  462. When I think of Obama and Lahay Dodd Kennedy, Hart,Carter,McGovern.Kerry,being total ass—–s to Hillary I have no problem and Fanny and Freddie are the last straws

  463. Oops. Search the Web on snap.com is me.

  464. angie,

    People are very touchy lately. I’ve taken to wearing my super heavy-duty aluminum tinfoil helmet.

  465. voting McCain/Palin read sarah and see what type of family she comes from

  466. It’s interesting that the Obama supporters are so very… aggressive. Even on national television. I saw an Obama supporter tell Patrick Buchanan that if Hillary Clinton didn’t concede she had “no future in the Democratic Party”. Patrick Buchanan was shocked. He said “Who are you to tell someone who won the majority of Democratic votes for Presidential nominee that she has no future in the party? Who are you to say that?”

    The Obamabot then went into super-backpedal mode and started the “I didn’t-say-that routine”. Well I heard him say it.

    The Obamabot’s are a product of the Obama campaign. And what is the Obama campaign a product of?

    Obama’s lessons as a Chicago Political Machine politician. The visciousness is what Obama learned during his time in office “serving” Chicago. And people want him to be President? People want the United States run like Chicago? This is a good idea?

  467. For taggles, it you are still here. Perhaps you can ask Rosa Clemente about the latest McKinney story. I am out of the country and can not call into the show. Thank you.

  468. Laurie – did you take your decontamination shower yet? You never know what you might catch on those other blogs.

    angienc – I think you just might have worked your way back into purgatory!

    AAAGal – I sincerely hope you and the rest of the 4% aren’t asked to turn in your membership cards.

  469. California here.
    I take my vote seriously. I never think that it does not matter
    whether the state is “blue” or “red” or any other color. I think
    of the privilege I have to be able to vote, so I exercise it,
    I vote for RESPECT. Respect for the accomplishments
    of the women of this country. For fairness. I am voting
    against the MSM which instead of informing me, so I can make my best decision, is attempting to shove an ill prepared candidate down my throat while trying to knock down the VP candidate who that actually has executive experience. The MSM was against Hillary first, and now is against Sara Palin.

    I refuse to vote “PRESENT”.


    I will vote

  470. JulieS9164, on October 5th, 2008 at 4:16 pm Said:

    ahh…well by all means. charlotte is a lovely city!!

    Yes, it is. But I missed something… who’s coming to Charlotte?

    Capt. Spaulding & myiq are promising to come to Charlotte to ogle my “kidneys” (wink, wink) I guess I better start drinking Cranberry juice to get myself ready.

  471. myiq — is it also the part of you that needs its meds?

  472. fif — always at your service!

  473. New post upstairs…short but sweet!

  474. Proud PUMA in MN who marched in Denver for Hillary. I will be voting McCain/Palin in November to help purge the Dems of everything that was wrong with this campaign. It was Hillary’s year, and that was taken from us. Even though MN may remain blue (or not), I will be voting for people who love their country and are not trying to turn it into a Nazi state. NObama, EVER!

  475. RD – I care about the birth certificate. If he can’t or isn’t even willing to prove that he is eligible to serve if (s)elected, then it may very well cause a constitutional crisis. There are other issues beyond that regarding his Indonesian citizenship as well. Yes, I know there’s a lot of internet talk with these unproven theories and I take most of it with the whole salt shaker, but why won’t he provide the documentation? What is he hiding? Why is he spending so much time, energy and money running from the issue?

  476. I’m so happy to see so many Virginians voting McCain/Palin here. It really warms my heart to know I’m not alone.

  477. plamingophred — thanks for the vote of confidence, but I still say I’d be lucky to rate purgatory! LOL

  478. Search the Web at 4:29 pm, your comment is spot on. If BO wins, we all lose, PC or not. Knowing that the BO camp and its minions could alter any ballot with Nothing On Top (NOT) by falsifying a vote for BO is a serious possibility that should give serious pause to any registered voter considering taking that route.

  479. angienc – you could send your kidney’s ahead – sort of like a scouting mission to see if you qualify

  480. I was at the Carson rally. I have a bigger McCain/Palin poster and it’s going up today! Country First!


  481. angienc: Keep up please! Purgatory is no longer. We are left with one of two choices, heaven or hell. They banished the waiting room that was once known as “Purgatory” where we at least stood a chance. No more. Good or bad and no in between.

    God, I have to enlighten you on everything!

  482. sorry Pat! I’m not Catholic and forgot they had done away with purgatory.

  483. edgeoforever, I live in a purple state (PA) and my vote matters – yes I’m voting for the ticket that is not afraid to stand up for their female candidate, a feminist

    It’s Palin for me – a feminist , who is proud of it too- that is my decision, and that allows me to vote Repub.

    I was a Dem for many years and am a strong Hillary supporter. I have never voted for a Rep. pres in my life. I see that the Dems. have lied to me. They led me to believe they really cared about women – HA – they trot out Roe every 4 years and expect me to fall in line. Meanwhile, do nothing for me in between.

    I switched my registration to Independent this summer and feel so liberated by doing so. Now , the parties better perform for me, or they don’t get my vote.

    I consider Obama a Republican with a D beside his name. His mailings to me do not mention the word “Democrat”. He doesn’t speak for the common person, or the dfowntrodden. Wall Street is so far up his backside he can’t see staright. He diminishes women, a sexist “sweetie”.

    So, my choice is clear-vote for the feminist. She’ll take care of me.

  484. The doctor admonished the men: ‘Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.’

    This made me cry a little.

    Thank you, Riverdaughter for providing this little island of sanity in the blogosphere.

    I’ve known that I could not vote for Obama since May 31st. I didn’t consider voting for McCain until he picked Palin. I don’t agree with most Republican policies and I’m a firm believer in a woman’s right to control her reproductive choices.

    When I saw the way the Democrats-even women-savaged Sarah Palin, I was shocked all over again. These people didn’t have the convenient excuse invented by the right and usurped by the O-bots, that Palin was “a Clinton” and therefore deserving of ridicule. Then someone here posted the information about the 30% solution and the seed was planted.

    If Obama had acted as a true Democrat or displayed some indication that he’s a capable leader since he was crowned the nominee by anti-Clinton forces, I might have been convinced that he would be the lesser of two evils. Instead, he voted for FISA, offered no meaningful resolution to the bailout that might have preserved healthcare for the working poor and has continued to thumb his nose at people like me.

    I’m voting for McCain/Palin because I’m convinced that an Obama victory will destroy any hope that the Democratic Party will be a place where women have an equal voice.

  485. I’m in TX, solid McCain. I believe I will be voting McCain/Palin. I had been considering a Green Party protest vote, but I am totally convinced Obama is NOT a Democrat. Since there’s no Democrat running, I might as well vote for the most moderate Republican.

    My two cents about censorship–I have been run off from more “progressive” sites than I care to remember–most recently, from TL. How dare ANYONE come to this website and condemn the mods for censorship when almost all of us were banished by the Kewl Kidz in the Kool-Aid Brigade! There’s a hundred sites where Obama worship is a requirement. We were hounded off the Obot sites–believe me, if there was a snowball’s chance in Hades that I would EVER vote for Teh Awesomest Awesome One, I would have talked myself into it by now. Stalking is NOT kewl, it’s sick and more than a little scary.

  486. jjmtacoma, you make a very good point – don’t leave the top blank, even if you have to write in your dog – because if you don’t vote for a president it can be filled in for you in some States.

  487. Pat — yeah, I know they did away with purgatory, but I don’t accept that — purgatory is the only chance I’ve got, so I’m sticking with it.
    They also did away with St. Christopher too, but I still were my medal whenever I get on a plane. 🙂

  488. They did away with St Christopher? It’s hard enough getting to be a saint to start with – how do you lose that status?

  489. stxabuela — I do LOVE how thoseObots think they are the “Kool Kidz” now — more like revenge of the nerds — I’m really, have you seen them? That is what happens when losers get a little bit of power.

  490. phlamingophred: That was meant for angienc. She banished herself there in a post a few days ago and I have been meaning to get her “up to date”.

    I have already picked out my place in hell along with gingham curtains. As long as I don’t have to listen to any speechifying by Bush down there I can accept.

  491. phlamingophred — they removed him from the Calendar of Saints, although it is still “ok” to have medals, etc. because of the lack of verification on his life.

  492. Pat – You started that? I’ve been teasing her for a couple of days now about how she’s slipping back and forth. But I am all about any educational opportunity.

    You know you just jinxed your punishment, right?

  493. out of curiousity, who did they replace him with?

  494. He didn’t get replaced — just removed from the Calendar of Saints — but good point, plaimingophred — what saint’s medal am I supposed to wear on the plane if I can’t have my St. Christopher!

  495. plus I was always put off by Charles feigned disgust at women’s bodies. I hate it when gay men do that. it is extremely offensive imo.

  496. Obama said in the beginning he was going to be a new type of politician and that he wasn’t going to fight the old (Dem) fights.

    His health care plan in the debates with Hillary – as Republican as they come.

    He reminds me of Senator Nelson in Nebraska – and Nelson is pretty much a Democratic in name only.

    I’m in Texas and leaning strongly to vote for McCain. The argument that it will help keep Obama from winning the popular vote is persuasive.

  497. Obama pandered to the religious right touting himself as a “Pro-Life” President. He will do and say anything to anyone to get elected. If “O” wins he will dissapoint millions in his unfulfilled promised and contridictions. The PUMA’s need to be ready to call the wolf in sheeps clothing out at every turn.

  498. I say wear it anyway! But what do I know – I’m sort-of Protestant and usually just sit very still with my hands on my knees and with closed eyes praying as we go down the runway and then do the “sign-of-the-cross” just after we’re off the ground. It’s worked for me so far and I absolutely hate to fly.

  499. I am with you all the way. And by “all the way” I mean through the 2012 election. Obama will most likely win this year (though certainly not with my help), but it will be an empty, pyrrhic victory that will come back to haunt him and the Democrats in four years. So even if we lose in 2008, we are going to have a lot of new allies in four years time.

  500. the elitists in the damDem party have shown their “I’mrightYerwrong/worthless” stupidity. Ha, I don’t vote for stupid.

  501. Proud Ky voter here for McCain. I have never voted for a Republican for anything in my life and that is with forty years of voting in every single election that has ever been held for anything. This man scares me to death. He is not a Democrat in any sense of the word.
    Remember, he said he didn’t need Hillary supporters, so show him he does. This election is way too important to feel the party guilt, there should be no guilt. Our country is at stake, and if we let this chance go by, we are deep trouble, I feel like he wants to destroy this nation. No politician has ever gotten away with running with scum or saying the things that Obama has.. LOOK PEOPLE at WHO his friends and backers are. YOU MUST WAKE UP!

  502. I can not tell you how much I admire riverdaughter! I was becoming discouraged and was starting to think that the original objective, the reformation of the Democratic party ,the defeat of Obama and pave the way for a Hillary in 2012, was being completely lost..I live in Texas and we are a sure Red state and I have relatives who live in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania. All are voting for MCain.

  503. I think this video just about says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVJpWivUO2A

  504. From WNC – this life long Dem will be voting for a Repug for the first time in my life. If I were the only holdout not to vote for BZero – so be it.

    But I’m not – if we did not have the internet, this blog, RD and her great crew(I would try to list all of you but am afraid I would leave someone out) – listening to the media – tee vee, reading newspapers – you sure would think it’s over. IT’S NOT!. I want my party back, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and my country.

    RD – you are spot on once again. Thanks

  505. I come from the other end of the political spectrum, but I agree with you – Obama is a destroyer. Only I think it is of more than just your party, I say America. The Democratic party is not about Marxism – Obama might as well run on the Communist ticket. As a gay person, I have become very disappointed in the Democratic party which has been slow to move forward, but now has taken giant jumps backwards with Obama/Biden. I can’t understand why Melissa Etheridge would support this jerk.

  506. Ripley

    NOVA isn’t the whole state. McCain is kicking backside in the SW. Yaknow the part of the state that has the “Appalachians.”

  507. Pat – how can Jesus have died for your sins and you still might end up in hell?

  508. IL Blue – I’m from Illinois, too, and I won’t be voting for any who call themselves Democrats, not even downticket. I also voted for Obama for senator and have regretted it ever since. Do you remember how, during the senatorial primary campaign, Obama was touted as a progressive by Paul Simon’s daughter? You have Repub-lite Bean to vote for – I’ve got Jill “Torture is a good thing” Morgenthaler (read her blog from Iraq to see what I mean). As far as I’m concerned, there will be no Democrats on my ballot.

    I’m not sure that a Democratic Congress will do much to rein in Obama’s conservative inclinations. I think that he and Congressional leaders will do what was done on the bailout bill – make changes to legislation to make it more palatable for Republicans, strip out any stuff that might actually help regular people instead of Wall Street types, and pat themselves on the back whenever bills pass with the votes of DINOs and Repubs. Then they’ll proclaim themselves post-partisans who are uniting the country while they are actually doing the work of Republicans and corporations.

    I’m voting Nader simply because he makes the most sense and I know that he won’t change his positions an hour from now.

    Joanie, I’m so sorry. I know how much that can hurt.

    I wish Palin would bring attention to how Ayers and Obama went through $160 million and didn’t do a thing to help Chicago schools (click on “DOWNLOAD” and then select location to get pdf file):


  509. count me in, riverdaughter, although I don’t who I will vote for yet – just NOBAMA for sure!

  510. RHODE ISLAND – I am voting Republican down-ticket. The Democrats have been running roughshod over the politics in this state for too long. My only hope is there are more of me than them.

  511. someones got to be into MM
    we’re talking high school right?

    were the nobodies

    here’s what we do about it

  512. I’m in SoCal, I’m used to living around republicans. I was even married to one for 20 yrs. But I still haven’t decided what to do in this election.

    I’m as angry as most posters here about the behavior of the DNC during the primaries. I feel the impulse to “teach them a lesson” and hope that somehow they will get it. But nothing in my experience tells me that will happen. Case in point: Campaign 2000. Al Gore won the popular vote nationally and after the votes were really counted in FL he squeaked by there too. But why was that election such a squeaker? It wld not have been if the Gore campaign (led by good ol’ Donna Brazile) had not tried so hard to distance itself from the Clinton admin and its record to be proud of. No, Sanctimonious Joe on the ticket was there for a reason (or was it a feeling?). In any case that loss did not change any minds w/in the Dem party about the despicable Clintons, it just made them move further away from the only successful Dem admin in my lifetime.

    And then Kerry lost in 2004. Did that teach any lessons? I don’t see them. Donna Brazile moved up in the Dem party hierarchy, she still hates the Clintons, I don’t understand why, but even a greater effort to distance the “pahty” from the Clintons ensued.

    I’m still undecided. But I’m thinking about a speech I heard last week by Bill Cinton, the jist of which was you’re not electing a person or a personality but also an entourage of advisors and beurocrats who believe in good governance, many of whom are leftovers from his administration. Most of whom did a pretty good job. vs. republicans who don’t believe that government works and thus are determined to undermine it whenever they get a chance.

  513. lucidlunatic:

    I am 30 yr old woman, and a recent immigrant who just got my US citizenship, I will give you a perfect example of why I will never support that fool!

    I come from a country where communism still exist, you speak out too much agn the regime, you get a visit at your office, you continue to speak out, you can lose your job, you continue to speak out, you can get house arrested, or black listed to the point where it will be very hard to get another job, or blend in with society.


    mark my words! I have seen it, my parents have experienced it and we know what it feels like!

    maybe for americans who have always been americans their whole lives and lived here and experienced freedoms this country has to offer their whole lives, don’t understand what I am talking about, but me and my family, BUT TRUST ME:

    freedoms do not go away overnight.. there is first a chilling effect of self-censorhip, like now we see any critism agn the fraud deemed “racist”, so people are afraid to speak out agn him.. I am not.. but many others are afraid.

    you need to realise that this is the America that the fraud offers!

    He has shown no moral courage agn the thuggery of this supporters, or agn his staff who goes ard crying false charges of “racism” agn anyone who critises him. What makes you think he will protect your right to critisize him if he gets into the WH?!?!

    This is the same Sh*t Bush pulled during the lead up to the Iraq war…. voice your opposition to the war , and you were called unpatriotic!

    I understand you are a swing voter, if this kind of oppressive society you want this country to become, please by all means go ahead and vote for that fraud!

    As for Sarah Palin, she is qualified, turned a deficit in Alaska to a 5 billion surplus, got rid of corruption in Alaska, went agn her own repub governor to win her governorship, got the work done to lay down a 40 billion pipeline that had been stalled for 35 years!

    Perhaps it is YOU who has a problem with women!

    what has the fraud done? I mean really what has the fraud accomplised to elicit any confidence from you that he will do anything but promote himself if he gets into the WH!?!?
    He has received the 2nd most $$ from people who were the most benefical of the housing bubble, lehmand, goldman, freddie and fannie, you seriously think he will look out for the ordinary american? what dream world are you living in?

    With a unqualifed, terrorist friendly fraud, I can gurantee you, immigrants like me will not be that enthused to come to this country, I mean why bother, we see the same sh*t in our own birth country?

  514. Excellent video exposing Obama’s relationship with Ayers:

    All of America needs to see this.

  515. CONNECTICUT – Sorry I’m a little late (story of my life). Voting McCain here in Litchfield Cty. Tempted to vote GOP for congress too, since John Larson (D-1st) is a Pelosi lieutenant. Neither Dodd nor Lieberman are up this year.

    Keep the faith, Riverdaughter! Once the dust settles, the key questions will emerge – who will keep our country safe? Whose judgement do you trust? Who has demonstrated personal integrity?

    Putting it in a more accessible way (which would make a great McCain ad), who would you entrust as your childrens’ guardian, your parent’s conservator – or your executor?

  516. chrismccardell, you can type in all CAPS all you want. i’m still gonna vote for mccain.

    as a matter of fact, it’s people like you and your blindness to the reality that obama does not support democratic ideals that furthers my resolve. i will not vote for the sexist corporate shill running at the top of the dem ticket. i will vote AGAINST him. you can continue to blather and scream but it doesn’t change the fact that your candidate sucks.

  517. Thanks for the wonderful post Riverdaughter. I have enjoyed your site ever since I found it in June. It is always a source of inspiration.
    I will live in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. After much thought I will be voting for McCain/Palin. It is a vote against the despicable behavior of the democratic party. So for the first time in 40 years I am voting for a Republican for president. I hope it sends a message. Somehow I don’t think McCain would be all that bad, and I’ll be happy to support a woman for VP.

  518. I wouldn’t vote Obama for any reason. I’ll vote McCain/Palin.

    McCain will surely take KY, but I want a landslide Obama loss that destroys the current DNC leadership. The hate & corruption of the Democrats this year leaves me just sick, sick, sick.

    I also want to teach the MSM that Americans distrust everything they say and do.

    I’ve watched McCain a long time, I remember the day he came home. Although I often disagree with him, I believe he is the closest candidate we have to a populist and a libertarian. I have a trust for him that simply isn’t there for Obama and the Dean team.

    I’m terrified of Obama with a Dem Congress, and I wish we could stop the periodic purges in this country. We go for the Dems & vote out Repubs, we go for the Repubs & vote out Dems. In the process, we often lose reasonable people, vote in idiots, and return crooks for a lifetime, all based on party affiliation. Most of the downticket Dems in KY really are the better choices, so that’s easy for me.

    I think our country is in for a rocky time, and I simply do not believe Obama is up to the job.

    Lastly, I want to vote for Hillary in 2012.

  519. Thank you, riverdaughter. I think the time is ripe for a no party party. I have friends working on just that and this place will be the first to know when something solid develops.

    I’m in a swing state (NV) and will be voting Nader, letting the chips fall where they may. Can’t/won’t vote either of the 2 major party candidates for the top spot. Old, old dad, lifelong Dem, who has voted in every election his entire life will be leaving the top spot blank.

  520. Another New Yorker (3 if you include my husband and son) who will be voting for McCain/Palin this year. Perhaps when the DNC is cleaned up and a Democrat will run on the democratic ticket we will be dems again.

  521. hey all, i am voting in maryland for mccain palin because obama cannot be our president. i fear for all of our freedoms that they may die if he is allowed to become president, they are already showing signs of deterioration by the way he is trying to deny our freedom of speech and the way he hasn’t proven that constitutionally he is legit to even run for president. i am scared for us and our freedoms and the fragility of our constitution if obama becomes president. the movement that he has inspired, the blind and thuggish following is only reminding me of a bad part in our world history where many many of people were killed because a certain leader had a prejudice against certain folks who did not believe the way he did. so to me obama is dangerous and that is why i must vote against him and make it count. this is me doing my part. if i wanted at this point i could cheat and vote in 3 states because the first state i was in is still mailing me ballots and the second one i was in still has me on file, but i am not a cheater like the obamabots, so i will vote in maryland, as a democrat but for mccain palin at the top of my ticket because they at least love this country and won’t shit on the constitution the way barack obama has and will because he has only proved with action so far that he will do anything to squelch the opposition including taking away our freedoms… a man like that cannot have absolute power over this land because he will corrupt this country completely… i will think about leaving this country and living in exile if he becomes president because that is how much i fear him and his following…

  522. RD did I tell you lately you deserve a standing ovation!
    This piece of WRITING is YOUR FINEST YET!

    take a bow!

    hugs to everyone at THE CONFLUENCE!
    I don’t know what I would have done without the writers here since about January of this year.

    a PUMApal from California — with her hand on that massive lever we all know about. The other is too frightening to contemplate at this point and like RD said — we are Dems! We are the Dems!
    This new thing? These aren’t DEMS.

    So don’t feel bad — don’t. A Green Vote isn’t going to win. I tried that once myself, for Nader when he was in that Party. It didn’t work.
    You will not lose your values as a DEM by having to vote outside your Party. Dems won’t allow what has been wreaked on us. We stand together, many genders, many colors, just like we always have. We stand for AMERICA as a whole.

    If we don’t who will?

    We’ll go McC in my house — mostly for his Lexington Project to put America back to work — I see this as FDR style intervention on his part. Good plan.

    McCain Palin 2008 —- Reforms
    Hillary Clinton 2012 —- Restoration of the Dems.

    if it hadn’t have been for what the new dems did?


    funny how much I miss RD when she misses a day!
    GF you are a writer! (even if in cube farm at the mo!)!

    from me.

  523. Another Floridian here–Democrat all of my life, now Independent. Always worked in campaigns, mainly telephone banks. Shot the finger at the local RNC office right down the street, every time I drove by. NOW I’m thinking of going there and saying “when are you guys going to pull out your big guns??? Enough of this nice guy stuff!!”

    My husband and I both are solid McCain. I don’t know when the worm turned, but I went from “i’ll stay at home or write-in” to “PULL THAT MCCAIN LEVER NOW AND LET ME DO IT AGAIN AND AGAIN PLEASE”

    I’M concerned about my mom and my aunt, both in their 80’s, highly intelligent and very Democratic. They still think they can believe what they hear on TV news. I’m carefully trying to tell them (I don’t want them to think I’m partisan, they’ll resist) that anymore, no, you can NOT believe what you hear on the news, quite the contrary. I hope in the next couple of weeks I can convince them that a vote for the One is a big mistake.

    How sad for them and for us–what a wonderful election this could have been. I am so angry it’s just impossible to put into words.

  524. I’m in La. and you betcha I’m voting for Mac and Sarah! So is everyone in my family, except one delusional brother.

  525. garychapelhill, on October 5th, 2008 at 4:03 pm Said:

    woman voter, I don’t know what that one is. I’d rather not go into the one that was being discussed, I find it tasteless, especially if there is no evidence to support it.

    garychapelhill, on October 5th, 2008 at 4:12 pm Said:

    there you go ea, but I take strong issue with your implication that the katrina story may in any way be remotely related to the truth. I think her allegations destroy whatever little credibility she had left.

    Do you think she just makes up stuff out of thin air? I read Spanish-language news sources, which is where I learned of the story. Perhaps in the U. S. A. nothing more than a streaming headline is ever seen. Here is a link to an international news service–it is in Spanish. http://www.superdiario.com/2008/10/candidata-presidencial-estadounidense-denuncia-5000-asesinatos-durante-el-katrina/

    Brief summary: The mother of one of the people who dealt with the issue went to McKinney. The son, who worked at the DoD, was afraid because he had to sign a pact of silence. The individuals were entered into a Pentagon computer–confirmed by anonymous Pentagon source. McKinney’s suspicion is that they were prisoners (mostly male). She calls for an investigation and justice for these 5,000 souls.

    There is supposed to be a video in English of her statement, but I can not view it.

  526. I live in Pennsylvania and will be swinging the state with a vote for McCain/Palin. I can not vote for Obama in good conscience, as it would set a dangerous precedent for the Democratic Party (not that it hasn’t already). Therefore, I’m “going nuclear” at the top of the ticket.

    The rest of my votes will be for Democrats. As far as I’m concerned, with a veto-proof majority in Congress, McCain can sit in the Oval Office for four years and twiddle his thumbs.

  527. I am not a PUMA, however I am in the state of FL and will be voting McCain/Palin. Beacause voting 3rd party or not voting is the same as voting for Obama. And my instincts tell me he is jsut evil.

  528. I’m a PUMA from Rhode Island, so not too many electoral votes here, but I will pull the lever with a few considerations in mind: the “pernicious” actions of the Democratic leadership, the 30% solution, and downticket Dems who support the Democratic platform in deeds, not just words.

  529. Just want to say thanks for the very nice shout-out, RD. I blush.

  530. coming to these comments late in the day, I hail from Denver, CO and am exhilirated with the thought of voting strategically by voting McCain/Palin. I’ll support downticket democrats and women running democrat or republican. For me, right now, there is a greater good hanging in the air and that is working to make women of all stripes visible and voluble within the patriarchy.

  531. A Maine PUMA vote for Sarah Palin and her running mate (heh heh) John McCain. It is way past time for women to take a stand and support other women. Look at the mess that men have made!

  532. I’m getting the feeling that the soft dems are going to roar!!!!! I’m hearing the strident obama/dem worshipers having 2nd thoughts….. I am California!

  533. California loves Palin and they’re taking it to the voting booth!

  534. THANK YOU RD!!! Every time you speak it’s like your pulling from my mind! I have found my people! Go PUMA!
    I am in the state of Texas, where it would be a miracle if Obama wins. I never thought I’d be so happy to be from a red state, but I guess there’s a time for everthing.
    The rest of my family is in Texas, Alabama, and Floida. They’re all voting for Obama and think I have TOTALLY lost my mind. Everyone has tried to get me back to the “party”, with NO luck! Though I have tried to help them see this man for what he really is, they are lost. I just don’t understand how people can become such sheep…shit! Grow some! Have a mind of your own!

  535. Voting from central Texas. Two in my house — Hillary supporters — likely voting for McCain-Palin (with regret and reservations but in protest of the fraud and intimidation, the McCarthy-like use of false racist accusations, his inexperience and ambiguous record, his cult and brainwashing techniques, and the misogyny and belittling of various groups perpetrated by the Obama campaign and the Democratic Party).

    Of course, Texas is likely to go comfortably for McCain-Palin regardless of our vote. We will vote for some, but not all, down-ticket Democrats.

  536. Thank you RD. I’m with you all the way.

  537. Another puma from Ct here, will be joining with husband to vote for McCain on the 4th. We have a sign up in our yard for the republican running for the house here in S. E. Ct. Can’t support Joe Courtney after he sold out our votes for Hillary for 5,000. We do so wish Dodd were up this year so we could punish him for his part in the economic nightmare.

  538. Alwaysthinking – I’m in the Houston area, you?
    I hear what you say, and saw some of it first hand as a county delegate for Hillary. The strong-arming was unbelievable!

  539. Great article and I agree!

  540. This was so good I put a link to it in my newsletter! It left me speechless.

    I am honored to know you and know what it took for you to get here!

    I would be honored if you would check out my post:

  541. I am a PUMA from Maryland and I will be voting for McCain. My instincts will not allow me to cast a vote for Obama. There is just too much shadiness surrounding him. At least I can trust McCain to not run this country to the ground.

  542. Coming to you from Maryland. After voting a straight Dem ticket for the past 30 years, I’ll be voting for McCain/Palin. I just can’t hold my nose and vote for BO as most of my family and friends will be doing. I can’t reward the DNC’s and MSM’s forcing this fraud down our throats. Also, I find Sarah Palin to be refreshing, bright, and down to earth. I may not agree with all her positions, but I have greater confidence in her character, humility, and honesty than I do with the other side. We liberal sisters need to support our conservative sisters, too.

    With McCain I think that what you see is what you get. With Obama you have a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  543. This is very true, but I am afraid like never before, people are still complacent, I hope for the sake of the country they will get up and fight, Look it is not impossible to give an hour a day stand on a major road with a honk for McCain & Palin sign or come and get good flyers and pass them out at grocery stores, there are Halloween parades across the country don a Hillary mask & pantsuit, pass candy out and pass out Hillary Clinton supporter for McCain flyers, there is a million things you can do, go to your local McCain office and make phone calls, or join many of us in State College, PA on October 13, 2008, at 2:30 and march with PUMA’s, Free Us Now Maverics, No Obama’s, Democracy In Suffrage, or many others, hope to see you all there…

  544. Living in a red state, I don’t have to vote for Mc/Palin but I will – without hesitation. I’ve voted a straight democratic ticket for 30 years, but I will not vote for fraud and corruption.

    I’ll do this to stand in solidarity with all the PUMAs in the swing states who carry the heavy load and will bear the burden of this election and hope PUMAs in the blue states will too. I believe if Obama is not defeated by a large margin he’ll be back in four years and we’ll be going through this again. Mc/Palin needs to win big so that won’t happen.

    The DNC needs to be bulldozed.


  545. Forgot to say there are two other PUMAs in this household that feel the same.

  546. I forgot to add Democracy In Suffrage ( D.I.S ) would be sitting at the lunch table you describe, we got the all kinds including the rainbow fersure, and some of us our PUMA’s too…

  547. AMEN!! Vicki M

  548. It is great to see so many McCain supporters. While he might not be your favourite candidate, I recommend those thinking of writing in your candidate or voting for a third party candidate, I hope you know that a vote for anyone else is a vote for Obama. It you don’t like Barack, tell your country that, scream it by casting your vote for a candidate who bleed for you, who spent 5 years being tortured for you. He loves your country in a way I haven’t seen anyone running for office before. Remember that this November…


  549. From the great state of Florida!!!! An unwavering vote for McCain. Have always voted Dem. and have serious problems with McCain and his econ. and health policies, but——–I will not lose sleep wondering if he really loves this country.

    btw, great post, RD–again, you say it so well.

  550. I am in the swing state of VA. A once life-long D. Was planning to vote for our Madame President, this helping my state finally turn blue. Now I will help it go red. No one steals my vote and gets away with it!

  551. From Florida. Voted HRC in primary. Was completely depressed about the way she was treated. Will vote Nader.

  552. I am voting from Georgia.My husband and I will be voting for McCain/Palin tomorrow. I waited to see if Obama would be thrown out,but I guess not. We have seen a lot of people out registering people to vote.
    One small county has already had 18,000 to register as republician.
    Tomorrow I wll call the secretary of state to find out about all of Georgia.

    Inez Watson
    Puma Pac

  553. RD, Great post and call to action.

    Yes, I agree, the moment is now!

    My husband and I will be voting McCain/Palin. This will be the first time in our lives to vote for any Republican.

    NObama NOvember

  554. Well I saw it all-The tavtic democrats and Obama did is not what I want-ACORN is not what I want. The bad judements is not what I want-Bill Ayers is not what I want.The flip flps is not what I want-The control and the media who could not tell the truth is not what I want. The lies on Hillary the “I wil get Hillary’s supporters” Well no way will I ever-ever change my mind..McCain/Palin gets my vote peiod!

  555. Pernicious indeed. Works for me.

    As always, RD articulates it all so well.

    I’m a NYer who decided at 5 PM EST on May 31 that I would vote for McCain if Hillary was not the nominee. As much as I had hoped for a different outcome, I could not deny the handwriting on the wall that day.

    John McCain continues to be a moderate, eschewed by the far right as well as the left. Although I may not agree with the McCain Palin team on every issue, I feel a great deal better about having them in the White House than I do Barack Obama.

  556. Oh yeah…the thing that’s really the MOST creepy about this election is the DNC Selectee, B.H.Obama.

  557. RD, fabulous post! You are an absolute pillar in this movement. Despite what anyone might say, the PUMA fight is continuing around the country.

  558. Great write-up- definitely with ya on this. Best candidate in the picture is a running mate. Hockeymom for Prez! 😉

  559. Voting for McCain-Palin on the west side of the state of Michigan. Here’s hoping I’m one of the “silent majority” in our state and that the polls are whacked.

  560. I am voting in the blue state of IL. I, too, voted for Obama in 2004, and have regretted it from the beginning. For the past few months I have been struggling with the decision (McKinney v. Nader). I would sooner cut my hand off than vote for Teh Precious ever again.
    Today, I decided that in order to send any real message of disgust to Emanuel and the rest of the Illinois Democrats, I would have to vote McCain. (I am 63 and have never voted for a Republican at the top of the ticket.)
    Earlier today, I attended a gathering with many, Green Party people. When I said I was voting against the Democratic Party, and I mean downticket as well, they tried to convince me to vote Green downticket. (I had said I was likely voting McKinney) when I explained I was voting against Schakowsky, because of her “yes” vote for the Bailout, and voting Republican to try to unseat her, I realized that I had to vote for McCain/Palin.
    I am not casting a vote to make a statement. I’m casting my vote to make a difference.

  561. RD ~
    thanks for this great post.

  562. Get the above videos out to all you know and have them pass to their family and friends but,Put the links on a vcr- disk and download it.

  563. Mishelle Obama and the CEO of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -My god the democrats caused this melt down. Download this on VCR AND DISK AND SEND TO ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND HAVE THEM PASS IT ALONG TO ALL THEY KNOW G-FAMILY -FRIENDS FAR AND WIDE.

    Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the “Family” and “Conscience” of Fannie Mae

  564. […] have it right. It is nice to see that in our “lunacy” isn’t self contained, and it is nice to read posts like this one from riverdaughter about how Democrats will vote for John McC…, but these voices are usually silenced by “The One’s” zealots. Returning to my […]

  565. I left the party the week Hillary suspended her campaign, and I (along with my family) registered Republican (to send a message).

    On Nov 4 – I’ll vote for McCain/Palin – my partner is writing in Hillary’s name.

    We are voting down-ticket democrat and voting with the dems on all the issues…

    On Nov 5, I’m re-registering as a Democrat because I actually can’t stand my new party!!! My party hates both parties and she’s registering as an Independent…..

    This was an easy decision for me. First of all, we are in Calif – NOT a swing state Obama will win here probably by 20 points.

    Even if I was in a swing state, I would not vote for Obama after everything I witnessed.

    I don’t really like McCain, certainly don’t agree with him on the issues – this is the first time in my life I voted for a Republican…


    I just want Hillary for my President.

  566. voting mccain/palin in maryland.
    first time republican for all the reasons in the post.
    encoruage to make phone call into swing state with poc puma or mccain/palin campaign

  567. I will remind you ladies again, writing in a vote for Hillary is a vote for Obama. If you want to keep him out of the White House, you need to get that message out.


  568. I couldn’t disagree more than with those people who won’t vote for Obama because they think he is a radical leftist. Hell, I WOULD vote for him if I thought that. I’d vote for him if I thought he was liberal. Even if he was a centrist. But if Obama has any convictions beyond loving Obama (which is open to debate) he is clearly right-of-center. That might make him an admirable Republican nominee, but it makes him unacceptable as the Democratic nominee.

  569. Lifelong D here, in WA state, proudly voting for McCain-Palin.

    Am considering what to do about our quisling, Obama-endorsing governor. If she wasn’t a woman, I’d be voting R. Our congressman is an old-school, left-wing liberal – will probably vote for him, but I’m done sending him money.

    Joaniebone, your sibs are JERKS. Let me know if you want to meet another WA-stater for dinner or somesuch over the holidays….

  570. Little late to the party here but, for statistics sake: I sent in my absentee ballot from California with the McCain/Palin box ticked.

    From there, I went down the line and voted for every single woman on the ballot. If I had left over votes, I dug a little deeper to try to find out the candidates’ support of women in the past. Those pro-women candidates got my vote.

    For the record, I HAVE NEVER voted this way before.

  571. As always, I’m late to the conversation. I do my internet ‘stuff’ in the wee hours of the morning – 3:53 a.m. my time to be exact.

    I’m another one from the swing state of Wisconsin. I wish my state would quit ‘swinging’ as the non-stop political ads (during just about Every commercial break) have been driving me nuts for years.

    My oldest son and my mother are threatening to ‘disown me’ if I don’t vote for Obama. Son has been inundating me with anti-McCain/Palin diatribes for months now.

    That said, while I’ve not Quite yet talked myself into voting for McCain, I definitely Won’t be voting for Obama. What I Really, Really want to do is write-in Hillary for President; after all, she’s the one I Want to be President. Guess I’ll probably wait till the end to decide; if McCain is losing in Wisconsin shortly before the election, I’m going to try to force myself to vote Republican. Something I’ve never done before and hope to never need to do again. The idea of voting for Any Republican given the mess they’ve put the country in for the past 7 years practically makes me ill. But, Obama must be stopped for the good of the country and the good of the Party.

    I’m probably on the ‘other side’ of John McCain on just about every issue; But, at least I know his record and I know he is of strong character. The same certainly can’t be said of Obama. I honestly believe McCain would govern under the concept of ‘first do no harm.’

    I now understand and feel the same way as Democrats did years ago – I haven’t left the Party, the Party left me. This is an agonizing time for all of us who proudly wore the ‘liberal Democrat’ label all those years (and still) when it was considered practically heretical to do so.

    Da*n, I’m So Mad it’s come to this.

  572. I love that you have used the Beatles Revolution video. Perfect! If women want change, there needs to be a revolution!

  573. It is always so refreshing and strengthening to read the words of so many wonderful Americans!! How sad that our party and so many people associated with the party have decided to head in a questionable direction. Here in Florida..my husband and I took a good look at John McCain after the party steam rolled Hillary. John McCain and Palin give us the impression that we can believe what they say. Our feeling is that they will work very hard for us and put thought into what they are doing. Unlike Biffy..who will have to repay lots of his questionable friends and has only his idea of the democratic party at heart. If o b was a good and honest person..he would have provided the information so that he could prove to us he was worthy of running for president.. No..instead he and michele thumbed their nose..continued to talk with their loud voice and planned to steam roll all of us.

  574. Hi all, bitter Pennsylvanian here, my vote goes to the McCain/Palin ticket. Also my husband, my eldery parents, my daughter and son-in-law,my 2 elderly aunts, and my neighbor who never votes. I hope this helps, because the party has got to get the message, go back to party of the people or lose me FOREVER. We can’t let this party treat us this way, and then expect us to vote democratic in November. I voted democratic 41 years,but no more. If you want my vote, then you better earn it dems!!!!!

  575. Michelle Obama and the CEO of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac -My god the democrats caused this melt down. Download this on VCR AND DISK AND SEND TO ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND HAVE THEM PASS IT ALONG TO ALL THEY KNOW G-FAMILY -FRIENDS FAR AND WIDE.

    Explosive Video, Fannie Mae CEO calling Obama and the Dems the “Family” and “Conscience” of Fannie Mae

  576. Late to this most wonderful, inspiring post…

    Ohio here… leaning McCain/Pailn but still unsure. Hubby solidly for McCain and the rest of my family, except my wonderful momma, have “forgiven” BO, whatever that means.

    Ladies at work are PUMA, thank goodness.

  577. What Obama has done to the democratic party reminds me of what Hitler did in Germany. His National Socliaist Party made Aryans the race of choice, and everyone else, Jews, the elderly, mixed races, disabled people, were discarded, taunted, put into ghettos and finally brutally tortured and murdered. Obama likes to use Stalin, Hitler and Castro as his models for a society he wants to be leader of. I am not sure now if the African Americans are the “race of choice” in Obama World, if so, he does not belong as he is not the child of slaves and was born to a father who consider himself more Arab than African. And what about his 50% white? Where does that fit into the society Obama wants to have? He and Michelle often use the term “the world as it should be as opposed to the world as it is”, right out of marxian theology. Obama is a danger not only to America but to the world at large. Mr. Obama pretends to be a unifier, yet has divided the democratic party up in pieces and has broken the country along racial lines with his constant race-baiting, guilting, intimidation and fear-mongering. His willingness to copy cruel dictators in order to win an election (Hitler Youth, Obama Youth) should scare everyone. I know it does me.

  578. I think I have posted my info here before, but here goes again.

    Not faltering or wavering. Not buying into the Obamabots’ arguments. Not letting my hatred of the GOP blind me to the incredible damage that an Obama presidency would wring. At the rare times that I do question my sanity or my resolve, I simply turn to a PUMA site or wander into a pro-Obama site. Instant cure!!

    Live in Maryland, which is solid lead-pipe lock for Obama. Have been solidly voting for McKinney but may change to McCain just to deliver a statement.

  579. I live in the red state of Wyoming and will not be voting for POTUS for the first time in my adult life. Obama is no Patriot, just a self serving racist.

  580. Regular lurker here. I’m a lifelong Democrat voting in GA this year. I’ll be going topless this year but will be voting for downticket dems. I really dislike all of the presidential candidates – including Barr, McKinney, and Nader (who is not even on the GA ballot as far as I know). Fortunately, our Democratic US Senate candidate did not endorse Obama during the primaries, so I can support him with a clean conscience. If GA were a swing state, I probably would vote for McPalin. My husband, a left-leaning libertarian who has only voted Democrat at the top of the ticket, will be supporting Bob Barr this year.

    I’m only “out” to a few people IRL. All of my dem friends think I’m a former Hillary supporter who now enthusiastically supports Obama. Call me a coward, but lifelong friendships are more important to me than politics. Interestingly, I know a few other people IRL who aren’t supporting Obama and are only “out” to a few people.

    Guess I’m part of the silent “We’re screwed ’08” demographic. Such a waste – we could have had a true Democratic leader who knows how to govern with HRC.

  581. Voting in CT. Voting McCain/Palin.


  582. Obama is a lifelong deregulator, wall street puppet, and part of the crushing financial problem we face today. A vote for obama is a vote for a continuation of Bush, Obama voted with Bush 87% of the time:

  583. Once again, a vote for a third party candidate or not voting is a vote for Obama. Please realize this…


  584. I’m from the First State of Delaware. We have a great gal running against Senator Biden. Few people know that he has been ducking Christine O’Donnell for months now and plagerizing her information. We have a great lead down here for McCain/Palin. I have yet to see anyone have nerve enough to put up an Obama sign. God help them if they do. Go to ChristineOdonnell for senate and you will learn she is from the First State, Palin is from the last state and so Joe Biden has two women out to clip him. And also, we have a bridge to nowhere right here in Sussex County Delaware, Indian River.

  585. […] Riverdaughter: […]

  586. OHIO here!
    My vote?
    Sorry, Hill. Will see you in…2012?
    In the meantime, I have a date with Sarah
    this Thursday along with thousands of others.
    Let’s take this election back from ACORN
    and give it to the people!

  587. Heres one in Portland, Oregon for McCain/Palin!
    Keep fighting!

  588. Florida Here,

    I have written letters, sent emails, copied flyers. Made phone calls and am doing everything possible to help defeat Obama. I am definately on board McCain/ Palin all the way. I have even given out business cards with the websites of puma, just say no and democrats for McCain. Slowly pluging away. McCain finally pulled off the white gloves today great stuff…..hopefully not to late!

  589. As a conservative, independent PUMA, I have told everyone about this group and your dedication to NOBAMA. I was not a McCain fan, but love the addition of Palin to the ticket. Believe it or not as I read daily your concerns, I can tell you that we are not that far apart in our belief”s. We all care about our Country, work hard, pay our bills and know we can not let this country be taken over by socialistic marxism. If we do we may not have an election in 2012. We have not been given what we want and maybe not the best options but we all know we can not let Obama get in the whitehouse. I am from NY and if nothing else know that when I vote for McCain I have cancelled out a vote for Obama. It will make me feel that I did all I could to save this Country.

  590. I am from PA and will be voting for McCain (first Republican vote in 34 years). I will do this primarily as a repudiation of Democratic primary manipulations and machinations. I will do this because Hillary won my heart, and Obama and the DNC ripped it out by ignoring and silencing 18 million voters. I will do this because Obama is the most dishonest, most ambitious, and most frightening Presidential candidate I ever had the misforturne to see. I will do this because I love my country. I will do this because I must.

    I don’t know why so many voters are still wavering, or why there is an apparent “shift” toward Obama this past week. The pundits say it was the economic crisis, but this puzzles me, since Obama’s only expereience with money is TAKING IT! I do, know, however, that the courage of our ancestors still runs in our veins. The colonists overthrew a country. For God’s sake, surely we can overthrow a Presidential candidate and the corrupt DNC which spawned such filth.

    No one is asking you to fight a war, but we are all asking you to help us save this party, as well as our country. At least I know that McCain would never condemn this country, its citizens, or its soldiers. I don’t think anyone could say the same of Obama and his associates, including his wife.

  591. here, here…from Michigan
    voting for McCain/Palin…. and all the woman

    angry, bitter (until Nov 4) PUMA

  592. I am glad to read that many of you are voting McCain, keep it up girls! Know that there are Canadians who support your efforts to protect not only the USA but your country’s neighbours from the economic disaster this man represents. Don’t forget that only a vote for McCain means anything. Writing in Hillary Clinton, while a political statement, will help elect Barack Obama.


  593. Democrat all my life, recently reregistered as an Indpendent. Voting for McCain/Palin in this election. More for Palin than McCain, but I am an Arizona resident and have experience with John McCain’s ability to cross the isle and get things moving. Good Man! Yes, they do not meet all my needs, but neither does Obama. It is a matter of trust and women’s rights for me. That is the ‘clincher’!

  594. New York, and another 30-year Dem, turned PUMA Indie. I’ll be voting for McCain/Palin. McCain will be a one-term president, and will pave the way for a Hillary win in 2012. Palin was the tipping factor for me – although I disagree with many of her positions, I admire her accomplishments and fortitude, and relish the possibility of seeing that glass ceiling shatter. While Obama will win in my state, I cannot support his candidacy in any way. I am committed to placing integrity before ideology and principle before partisanship.

  595. I will vote McCain/Palin…..to do otherwise just favors Obama. No Obama, not now, not ever. The DNC and what they did to Hillary cannot go unaddressed.

  596. I am 61 years old and I am from the Liberal/Socialist state of California and began as a democrat and on my journey of owning my own small business for the last 21 years. I have seen how the democratic party has abandoned me and many others like me and everyday I hear biased news reporting that California is going democratic and my first thought is why bother voting, but that is the easy way to blame others for what happens. It’s time to stand up and fight for America, vote NO OBAMA! YES MCain/Palin. God Bless America!

  597. I have been a republican since Reagan, and this has been a hard year, watching Obama and the MSM doing the ugly 24/7. I just watched the video testimony of what the Obama people did to you all during the primaries (I had no idea), and I was furious that they stole your votes and your voices that way. I had no idea you all were here on the net, persisting like troopers, it would have encouraged me so much to know. I have cried my way through most of your posts, and wanted to tell you how much relief I am feeling, knowing that there are zena warriors out there resisting this ugly criminal takeover of the democratic party and our country. I hope you all win your battles, and the fact that your battle means McCain/Palin have a far better chance is a tremendous joy for me, but not more important than the fact that I have gained tremendous respect for democratic people whom I thought were all just like the DNC thugs. To find out how much I respect you has lowered my blood pressure 20 points overnight. Now I find you are standing up to the obots and the DNC thugs, and I am so proud of you. Thank you for the privilege of reading your posts here. I honor you.

  598. I was originally on the Hillary bandwagon. We needed someone to fix our financial crisis. Bill clinton put a band-aid on Herbets’ sped-thrift ways! He balanced the budget, and lowered the deficit and put us in a surplus for the first time in my lifetime. I deeply respect Bill Clinton, and I was willing to vote for Hillary out of respect for him, but to my dismay-I can not. Nearing the end of Hillary’s campaign I began to notice a REVOLUTION going on over the internet. I watched Youtubes, and joined a meet-up, and started a myspace account because I knew this was big! You may not of heard of this candidate, due to Big Media cover-up, but If you have-you know that this is the man that will save us! RON PAUL has a thirty year clean record! He is a doctor who delivered 4,000 babies. He is 100% constitutionally certified, and he puts the American people before his own party. He voted against the patriot act, FISA, the real I.D., and the recent Bank Bailout! He sees the reckless path our government is taking, and how the federal reserve is inflating our currency, forcing us to pay higher taxes through inflation. This bank bailout alone is estimated to cost each American over 17,000 dollars each! While congress hands over 84 billion to financial institutions like AIG, they are using our tax dollars to go on vacation! 440,000 for their first vacation to a luxury resort that cost 6,000 a night! Ron Paul said allow them to liquidate their assets, and for our government to not prop up bad debt. I’m sure he didn’t imagine that AIG would be arrogant enough to embezzle our tax dollars to go on a vacation, but maybe this incident shows the reason why they are going out of business. I know that this election will typically consist of a two party monopoly, but I plead to all Americans to not waste your vote on Obama, or McCain. Instead donate you vote to the REVOLUTION! We need to send a solid message to representatives that we are watching them! We elect them, and employ them, and we can fire them! Vote out your incumbents! And make sure to Write-In Ron Paul for President, and Chuck baldwin for Vice president! Support your constitutional rights! Ron Paul is holding everyone who voted “Yea” on the bank bailout accountable for their actions. over fifty of our representatives changed their original vote after 180 billion was added to the 700 billion to buy their votes, and it worked! Hold them accountable, and vote them out! I’m from Pennsylvania, and I will be voting Patrick Murphy, and Senator Casey and Arlen Specter out! Find out how your local reps voted! Goto http://www.campaignforliberty.org and their is a list of who voted yes and no on this bill. Get informed, and take action!

    In Liberty,

    Mike Wadas

  599. Are you mental? Ron Paul? Dear God, I thought you people stopped this after he lost big time.

    Put the “Kool-Aid” down and vote for McCain you twit.


    Saw this on craigslist:
    Listed on craigslist with an ACORN office address with a free stuff ad.
    Office closing, slow economy, everything tagged with a green, brown or white tag is free for pickup at xxxx xxxxxxx,xxxx,. After 6:00 everyday for next 2 weeks or all taken. Take all you want, so bring a truck. Door is open or key above door. Our loss is your gain. PS bring this ad with you.
    Craigslist addresses
    Acorn addresses

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