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Sarah Palin is one of us now

Yep. She’s a racist, because she criticized Barack Obama. The AP says so.

By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama is “palling around with terrorists” and doesn’t see the U.S. like other Americans, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin targeted key goals for a faltering campaign.
And though she may have scored a political hit each time, her attack was unsubstantiated and carried a racially tinged subtext that John McCain himself may come to regret.

Yes, AP writer Douglass K. Daniel has determined that Palin is making a “deliberate attempt to smear Obama.” But is it a smear if it’s true? If Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Illinois state senate at the home of former Weathermen Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, and Obama worked with Bill Ayers in two different foundations over a period of years, and his opponents point out that he is friendly with them; is that a smear or is it simply a statement of fact? And what, pray tell, makes this statement “racially tinged?”

I’ll let Douglass K. Daniel of the Associated Press explain it all for us.

Palin’s words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee “palling around” with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn’t see their America?

In a post-Sept. 11 America, terrorists are envisioned as dark-skinned radical Muslims, not the homegrown anarchists of Ayers’ day 40 years ago. With Obama a relative unknown when he began his campaign, the Internet hummed with false e-mails about ties to radical Islam of a foreign-born candidate.

Whether intended or not by the McCain campaign, portraying Obama as “not like us” is another potential appeal to racism. It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American.

Most troubling, however, is how allowing racism to creep into the discussion serves McCain’s purpose so well. As the fallout from Wright’s sermons showed earlier this year, forcing Obama to abandon issues to talk about race leads to unresolved arguments about America’s promise to treat all people equally.

Well that’s about as clear as mud. Talk about a circular argument! First Daniel reads between the lines of what Palin said and decides that when she said the word “terrorist,” she really meant to imply that Obama hangs around with “dark-skinned, radical muslims.” Daniel apparently thinks that Americans are too stupid to know who the Weathermen were because it all happened {gasp!} 40 years ago. And then he makes Palin responsible for internet rumors that she never mentioned or even hinted at in her speech. Finally Daniel completes his sophomoric “analysis” by arguing that Obama should never be “forced to abandon issues to talk about race.”

Guess what? Palin never came close to referring to race in her speech. Why on earth should Obama have to address race in response? In fact I didn’t see any mention of race in his campaign’s response to Palin.

So now Palin is being hounded by the media and called a racist because she said something Barack didn’t like. Because he’s special. He’s supposed to get a pass on anything unsavory in his biography, while at the same time he is free to lie about his opponents. It’s perfectly all right that Obama implied that Sarah Palin is a pig, because…because…

I don’t know. Because the press and the power structure have anointed him as the inevitable next President? This is bulls&$#t!!  And I’ve had just about enough of it in the past year to last me three lifetimes.

170 Responses

  1. Well, join the club, Sarah…

    Read this and pass it around…I’ve put it up in its entirety…

    “THE ILLUSION OF BARACK OBAMA”…A Must-Read from The Australian


    It includes a reference/link to piece in juxtaposition published later than this one in The Australian by Phillip Adams of Radio Australia after I contacted him protesting an omission in a broadcast interview which included a discussion of Obama. His piece was incredibly disrespectful toward John McCain, the rant of a an aging radical….

  2. I’m really sick of hearing the word “r*cism” week after week from the Obamabots and even from former Clinton supporters turned Obamabots. I guess once you throw your support behind Obama, every criticism about your candidate you dislike will make you automatically think that it is r*cist. I don’t believe the Obamabots think anymore. The first word that comes out of their mouth is “r*cism” whenever they disagree with someone. It comes naturally now. Look forward to hearing the same meme for the next 4 years if Obama wins. Anyone who questions him will be labeled as a r*cist.

  3. Insight,

    The article has been linked here a bunch of times in the past couple of days. The date on it is May 5. Is that right? Anyway, good for you for contacting him. It’s an excellent piece.

  4. Disenfrancised Voter,

    I can’t take it anymore. I guess it’s working for them, but I can’t figure out why. I was listening to Meet the Press on the radio tonight, and even the right wingers like Peggy Noonan were saying this is a big mistake for McCain. Why? Why shouldn’t Obama be questioned on his friendships with Ayers and Dohrn, and with Rezko, and Auchi, and all the rest? Why is it racist to ask about it?

    It’s almost like what happened in 2004, but with the parties reversed. Now the Republicans are completely impotent and Obama is covered in Teflon. The press has decided who our President will be. Our votes mean nothing.

  5. Just the latest chapter in the MSM Whatever It Takes campaign. Note to Daniel: Obama’s campaign is ALL about race, and you know it. You and your fellow practitioners of the media dark arts have made damn sure this would be the case.

  6. he is so full of shit on the terrorism thing. what about timothy mcveigh? not dark skinned….the unabomber…another white guy. in fact most americans have more experience with white terrorists. This guy is a propangdist plain and simple. this is shameful, absolutely disgraceful behavior. the AP is a joke.

  7. The truth seems to draw blood and accusing all of r*csm will not cover it up any longer. It might have worked in the primaries but not anymore. All I can say now is: Go Sarah go!

    Sarah is a child relative to beltway politics; she is the only one with the microphone capable of yelling: “The Emperor Has NO CLOTHES!”

  8. Um….a bit carried away???? Let’s see some links to support your claim that the Weathermen were founded as a peaceful organization. They deliberately started violent riots in Chicago. The days of rage was their first public action. They followed up with more violence at the ’68 Democratic convention.

    Get your facts and come back here and post them. Until then, you’re going into the spam filter. Don’t crawl back out from under your rock until you have something intelligent to post.

  9. they got carried away??? are you fucking insane. wait…stupid question.

  10. Ha! Righteous Indignation!! ..and rightfully so! Nice post!

    If you wish to register your disgust, call the AP.

    Contact the AP, and ask them to retract the article and to issue an apology to Sarah Palin. Also ask them to fire Douglass K. Daniel immediately.

    “The press has decided who our President will be. Our votes mean nothing.”

    The bloody king makers!

  11. Is anyone attending the Citizens for McCain even in NYC today?

    PUMAs are partnering with Citizens For McCain to hold a pre-debate happy hour and finger food event in New York City on Mon, Oct 6th, 7pm-10pm ET. We will have an OPEN BAR and finger food, at a total cost of $25 per person. You just can’t beat this price!

    Media contacts will be invited to this event to hear why Democrats are supporting John McCain.

    Please let all PUMAs in the New York City area (includes CT, PA, and NJ) know about this important show of support for John McCain.

    People of Color (POC) PUMAs is one PUMA group that has committed to co-sponsoring this event. Other PUMA groups are invited to join as co-sponsors. If you plan to attend or want to co-sponsor, contact pocpuma@aol.com.

    Quigley’s NY Grill
    313 First Avenue (corner of 1st Ave & 18th St…subway stop on 14th St)
    New York, NY 10003

    Mon, Oct 6th, 7pm-10pm ET

    Other Details:
    * Open bar
    * Finger food provided

    Cost Per Person:

  12. Read this and pass it around…I’ve put it up in its entirety…
    “THE ILLUSION OF BARACK OBAMA”…A Must-Read from The Australian


    Thank goodness some of the press is waking up, and hopefully with us plugging away they may wake up here too.

    Bostonboomer, I am so tired of being labeled a r*cist by the Obama folks and then he adds to it with his speech that he gives on the stump…they will tell you…etc.

    Hanity’s show tonight is finally bringing up some of the questions people are afraid to ask. They are criticizing Palin for using the word terrorist. OK, if you don’t call Ayers a terrorist, do you call him a VERY VERY UPSET MAN WHOSE ORGANIZATION UTILIZED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES RATHER THAN WORDS. We are splitting hairs and walking on pins and needles while people cover for him rather than address the issues.

    AP is for appease now?

  13. By the way, this is a little preview of what an Obama presidency might well be like: any and all criticisms of the man in the Oval Office will be subject to severe scrutiny by any and all arms of the media and blogosphere and DNC and Obama administration, for racist content – intended, unintended, latent, blatant, or otherwise. Oh joy.

  14. About the Hannity Special/transferred from bottom of last thread.
    I saw Hannity’s America on Obama’s Radical History. I think it was well done. It will probably not change anyone who has signed up for Obama now but I think it will impact anyone who has been an independent trying to make a decision. It did not really have anything in it that most of us do not really already know. But putting it all together in this one presentation helped to illuminate the reality of a long pattern—and that has power. For people who are not as maniacal as we in the pursuit of how Obama is screwed up, I am sure they would be pretty aghast at all of this stuff buried in his past.
    This was followed tonight by the Fox Special on the economic crisis. That was very insightful and had a lot of new information for me. It really called out the Democrats on the F and F mess and named names. Gave Republicans and McCain credit for warning of the dangers. I thought it helped to explain how a relatively small percentage of loans (about 5%) going bad could cause so much damage. Also made it pretty clear that there is no way this government will have any money going forward to do anything new and made Obama’s spending plans look pretty irresponsible. It will definitely help McCain.
    I am new to watching Fox but what I have found is that if they have a good story they repeat it and they will also replay it in parts. When you look at what Fox has been doing for election coverage in the last 3 weeks, they have a very orchestrated series of things going on that all interact together to undermine Obama (in a fair and balanced way, of course). I guess Rupert Murdoch has decided there is profit to be had in being the only media guy in the world who is not on the Obama bandwagon. Thus, Fox and the WSJ have been increasingly pumping stories that undermine The One.

  15. If you speak the truth about Obama, you are accused of being a racist. That is the kind of warped logic that Obama and his mainstream media cheerleaders believe in.

    I am so glad Sarah Palin is standing up and telling America who the real Obama is.

    The Obama campaign is going to try and throw everything they can at McCain this week, starting tomorrow, to try and prevent the American people from learning the truth about Obama. Pretty sure Obama is going to bring up Keating. Let him. The facts are that Senator John Glenn, a Democrat, and John McCain, were cleared of any wrongdoing.

    The Obama campaign bit the bait. Now it is time to set the hook and reel them in.

    The next 29 days of the election will be war.

    The gloves are officially off.

  16. Gary,

    In previous years, would Americans have voted for a man with this kind of history? If I thought Obama was really a radical, I might support him. But he’s not. He’s a complete sellout to corporate America. The only reason he hung out with these people was because they had the imprimatur of the Chicago machine.

    I’m completely dumbfounded by what is happening this year. Until I see it happen, I’m never going to believe that voters in places like IN, OH, and PA will vote for this guy.

  17. I think that some blogs need to come off the blogroll. Yes, it is immature but I thought about it today and why should some of these guys take off The Confluence from their blogroll but still benefit from your traffic? Also, I just went over to TalkLeft to see what kind of bullsh*t they were spewing tonight. It’s really quiet over there. BTD thinks the election is over. Yes, McCain is imploding but I dislike Obama too much to give up just yet. I sent in my absentee ballot for McCain and I’m holding out hope that if lifelong Democrats like me are voting for McCain, that there are still a lot of angry and annoyed Americans who will decide in the voting booth that they can’t take 4 years of an Obama presidency. I’m waiting for the GOP to take their gloves off and not only attack Obama on his shady relationships but also on the economy.

  18. Oh, for god’s sake. For years, feminists have complained that Americans who bomb abortion clinics aren’t called terrorists even though they are. For years, liberals have compalined that people who plant bombs like the Atlanta Olympics guy aren’t called terrorists, even though they are. They’ve compalined that these acts aren’t taken seriously enough and that the word ‘terrorist’ is only applied to non-white people.

    And now Palin calls a white American terrorist a terrorist and she’s accused of racism. Unbelievable. What is she supposed to call him, “the bomb setting non-terrorist”?

    Sarah, get it straight–he doesn’t pal around with scary darkskinned terrorists, he pals around with good red blooded Americans who set off bombs for swell reasons. Damn!

  19. bb: The reason the msm is saying “this is a mistake for Palin” is simple: they think if they say it enough that the McCain campaign will believe it and stop doing it. I hope to God McCain has more sense then that (and being a Republican, even the least conservative one in the Senate, I’m betting he does).

    Jangles — while most of us know about the stuff on Hannity, most people in this country haven’t been following the election like we have. I think the piece will have a big impact.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  20. DV, McCain is hardly imploding, in spite of the face that the MSM is doing its damndest to make this a reality.

  21. Pat Johnson: I know off topic, but are you pleased about the OJ verdict? I knew the people in my State would convict him. Now all I have to worry about is the Supreme Court, but they’re kind of the same mind set.

  22. “It suggests that the Hawaiian-born Christian is, at heart, un-American.”

    I don’t want to live in a country where setting off bombs is considered unAmerican. The very idea!

  23. I want to see Palin and the McCain campaign really come out swinging against accusations of racism. I don’t think what Palin said was enough. This kind of stuff can spread like wild-fire around the media. They need to start a fire from the other side, really calling out AP on this and pushing back on anyone who calls them r*cists for this. Or it will be too late very quickly.

  24. NV Swing Voter, some of us were discussing OJ the night he was found guilty. I think OJ will be in prison for a long time. He will probably be in for a few years waiting for a new trial. I get some satisfaction in knowing that he will be behind bars for a good length of time. I’m hoping for the rest of his life.

  25. Great post btw — and the most important sentence in it, which should be highlighted, is that the Obama campaign stated that he & Ayres were “friendly.” I know I’m just a dumb woman, but can someone please explain the difference between “friendly” and “palling around?”
    This is just like when Gerry Ferraro said that Obama was lucky to be who he is at this time & was crucified for it, despite the fact that in Obama’s book he said that if it wasn’t for the fact that he was black he would just be one of 9 freshmen senators. Disgusting manipulation. I hope Palin doesn’t stop.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  26. Damn! I *knew* it. She sounds just like Marge from Fargo offering to bring a “hot dish” made with cream of mushroom soup. And we all know there are very few African Americans in North Dakota or Alaska.
    It was there all along. We just refused to see it, what with her Dutch architect glasses and “come fuck me” shoes.
    I even heard on Fox today that she was exploiting Trig because she was parading him around in front of everyone on stage, clearly aiming for the Down’s Syndrome vote. Of course, if she had had all of her children *but* Trig, it might have looked like she was ashamed of him.

  27. I saw some comments about the MTP today saying the mcCain campaign was going in the wrong direction by going negative. I don’t think they have a choice. And I think putting Sarah out there to lead the charge is spot on. I know one thing, they have taken back the attention and the focus. Palin has dominated the news going into and coming out of the VP debates and her attack on Obama’s associations continues to dominate the news coverage. It has even pushed the economic bailout off the front pages. The MTP gang and Washington media types have this love affair at times with playing nice. Obama does not play nice; you can not play nice with a street thug and survive.

  28. I hope the deciders on the McCain team read some of those comments at the AP site before they pull the plug. It looks like most people think the AP writer was totally off his rocker. People aren’t stupid. I’ve been saying this all along. There’s a foul stench about this election and while you may not be able to name the smell, you can sure tell it stinks.

  29. Please don’t laugh, y’all, but the photo up top of Palin is reminiscent of, yup, old photos of Harry Truman in high dudgeon.

    (BTW, great italics, angie)

  30. I’m just a dumb woman, but can someone please explain the difference between “friendly” and “palling around?” – angiecn

    In my common people experience nothing, nothing at all.

    “Kill the pigs” from the Weather Undergound. Lipstick on a pig. Is this code? Coincidence or am I getting tired.

    Good post bostonboomer. I am off to sleep for real this time.

  31. What you hope OJ is in prison for a long time?> You think he is guilty? You must be a racist.

    Seriously – these unfounded racism charges against Palin are ridiculous.

    What’s racist? Honestly – these people are pathetic.

    Oh wait a minute-is that racist? Oh – I get it – if you criticize a white guy that’s not racist. But if you criticize a black guy that is racist. Wait, isn’t that reverse racism?
    The black guy is immune from criticism, but the white guy isn’t?

    I’m confused!!!

  32. Kat5, I know many people here don’t believe in the poll numbers right now. Trust me, I want McCain to win. I already sent in my absentee ballot for McCain/Palin. But it won’t help by ignoring the uphill climb McCain faces in the next month. The media is in the tank for Obama and Americans are scared to death about the economy so much that many are reluctantly voting for Obama in hopes that someone will turn things around.
    I think it is a mistake for McCain to leave Michigan. He is trailing Obama in OH and I think even in NC and VA. I think it’s a tie in FL. He can’t win if he loses those states. He has to hang on to FL and OH and I say he should try his darnedest to win MI because Obama has a good chance of turning VA, NC, and CO blue.

  33. Disenfranchised: i want to go. I really, REALLY want to. But I have a 7th grader who comes home at 4:00pm and won’t be picked up by her Dad until close to 8PM. I haven’t spent enough time with her since the primary season started. I’m starting to miss her. Taking her with me is not an option. She’s got homework. I’m sorry but Monday night is the pits.

  34. Thanks Kat5 — they are all for you!

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  35. Seems to me Obama is really afraid of the Ayers connection. Seems more afraid than I would expect. There is something more there than we know about and he is afraid the connections will be made. Did everyone see Hannity’s America expose on Obama and his radical friends. It was pretty good. Catch it if you can.

    I think he is afraid because there is a real connection between Obama and Radical Leaders in US and in Muslim countries.

  36. People in those states will vote for him, they will vote early and often. The amount of voter fraud being set up by BO is astounding, even to one who lives in Florida and has seen some amazing voter fraud.

    They are bussing homeless people from the shelters in Ohio to register and vote, same day. They are car-pooling college kids to do the same thing. That would all sound legit, except that Brunner, the Ohio secretary of state has pushed through rules that require NO ID for this same day early voting deal. Which means they can vote here, and then vote there, and cross a county line and vote again, and again. It is astounding. Brunner has also stated that she does not want poll watchers present. What happened to Jimmy Carter and his committment to fair and representative voting? Guess that doesn’t matter when it’s his guy doing the cheating.

    I have to say that I didn’t realize what an idealist I was until I had to watch the people and institutions I had long time allegiance to, turn into whatever the hell this “democrats” apparently are. I am not a Republican, but I am certainly not one of these Democrats. I still have ideals and all that rubbish.

  37. Hi RD,

    I loved your post today. By the time I got home to read it, there were more than 500 comments. I’ve been feeling kind of discouraged, but as usual, you lightened my mood.

  38. WV — I think that may just be coincidence. During the 60s it became quite common to say “kill the pigs” especially after the Manson murders in CA were the Manson family wrote “Kill the Pigs” on the walls of the 2 murder scenes. The “lipstick on a pig” thing is an old, old expression — kind of like “you can’t make a silk purse out of a cows ear” or “a cat can have kittens in the oven but it doesn’t make them biscuits”


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  39. DV, I’ve gotten sufficiently paranoid to believe that the majority of pollsters are skewing their poll designs/populations in O’s favor.

  40. RD: I caught those same comments on Fox about Tryg and had the same thoughts—what do they say if he is not there—-she’s hiding him. That kiddo is carried by every member of that family, carefully and lovingly. That is just what he needs.

  41. Disenfranchised: I am not buying the poll numbers. All I see around my house in central NJ is McCain signs. You don’t see Obama signs until you get to Princeton. My township went for Clinton but there were a lot of Obama supporters here as well during the primaries. Where are the signs? nada, zip, zilch. My Mom and aunt were here over the weekend. They don’t know anyone in PA who is voting for Obama with the exception of one aunt and uncle. The others they know don’t like Obama. They still don’t trust him.

  42. The silly season is upon us. I just want to know who wished that we lived in interesting times.
    Will the truth be told before November 4th or will the Obama slouch toward the Oval Office?

  43. Jangles,

    They weren’t in love with playing nice when Kerry was being savaged by the swiftboaters. They don’t want Obama’s opponents and critics to survive. They want him bad. The question is why do they want him that much?

  44. DV — I’m in NC — Obama has no chance to turn this state blue — I don’t care what the polls say.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  45. BB one poster else where thought it would make for good theater and ratings if Obama got the White House and then Tony ratted him out.

  46. too true bb — but it isn’t swiftboating when it is the truth, which makes it especially scary imo.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  47. New Adam Sorkin series coming up, MrM – “Rezko Wing”

  48. NH,

    I think Obama is afraid of the Ayers connection, because he doesn’t want anyone to find out that he met Ayers in the ’80s at Columbia and Ayer’s was influential in getting him to move to Chicago. I don’t know this for sure, but based on what I have read, I think it is a very good possibility.

  49. SOD said She has her sharpest stilletos on and is busy grinding her foot in his crotch with a big ole smile on her face

    OMG, what a visual! LOL.

  50. Hi SOD!!

    {{ waving }}

  51. BB, the impression I get from the Fox expose is that a lot of shady Radical Leaders have had a hand in promoting Obama in furtherence of his career. Why would they do this if they didn’t expect something in return.

  52. It’s racist to ask why this candidate has been hanging out with so many strange and scary white people?

  53. bb — speaking of his Columbia records — why isn’t the msm all over him for not releasing them? Hillary practically had to release her grammar school records & they still acted like she was hiding stuff. Which brings me to another point (well, at least the way my mind works) — why in the heck isn’t the press making much ado over the stingy donations to charity by Obama & Biden? I see people everyday who are filing bankruptcy & they still give a larger % to charity then these two do. It really bothers me that they say they “care” about the less fortunate & yet give 1% of their income to charity. All talk, no action.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  54. NH,

    I don’t know. They probably do expect something in return, but if they get anything, it will probably be money. Obama is indebted to his corporate masters. They are the ones who financed his presidential campaign. He has already paid them back with the bailout bill. If Obama becomes President, they will expect him to hand over social security for them to “privatize.”

  55. Angie,

    Because the MSM wants Obama to win. A lot of us assumed that they’d turn on Obama once he had the nomination. We were wrong. Obama is the one they have been waiting for. McCain has been jilted by the press.

  56. angienc, I think the reason why Obama doesn’t want to release his transcripts is because he was a mediocre student more than anything else. I don’t know if his records will reveal any radical leanings, but bad grades will open up an entirely new can of worms. The Republicans would be justified in labeling him the affirmative action candidate. How does this guy with mediocre grades get into these prestigious schools while your children struggle to get into a competitive college even though they have better grades and test scores? It will be embarrassing for Obama and it will be used by the Republicans to launch an attack on affirmative action programs all over the country.

  57. bb: true, I guess that was a rhetorical question. But I honestly believe that if Obama gets in the WH he is going to surprise all his backers, including Wall Street, Pelosi, et al who think they have a “puppet” candidate. He is going to stab them in the back just like he has every other person who helped him on his way up (Alice Palmer anyone?). I don’t know what he is going to do, but he is playing all of them, of that I am sure. Look at that circus he created for himself to accept the nomination — can you imagine what he will demand if he is actually President? {shudder} I don’t want to find out.

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  58. ooh sod! I read “Helter Skelter” along time ago, so I’m sure I knew it at one point, but I’ve forgotten. I remember he thought the Beatles’ White Album was a secret code for him to start the “Revolution” but I don’t remember where he got the phrase “kill the pigs” Tell me!!


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  59. SOD–isn’t Ayres’ wife a big fan of the Manson family, too?

  60. SOD: The White Album by the Beatles? Wasn’t it Helter Skelter?

  61. Animal Farm?

  62. RD — Helter Skelter & the White Album is the same album. Some people called the White Album “Helter Skelter” (one of the songs on the album)

  63. sod — Ok, I was close then! It has been a long time since I read the book (high school actually & I’m not admitting how long ago that was). My mom told me about Sharon Tate (my cousin is lucky enough to kind of look like her) & after I heard the story I had to read about it.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  64. LOL Well, according to the Obama Rules, your essay will actually help you become President.

    SOD/Ayres wife ’12!

  65. Oh well, as long as some of us (who, me?) are on about conspiracies tonight….here’s some intriguing speculation about Obama as famous writer:


    Has anyone seen this before?

  66. hey people chin up,the assault on barky is just starting,i have been saying the polls are rigged and tonight maybe i saw the truth ppp polling has barky ahead in col and their method for the sample is 40percent dem 30 percent rep and the remainder inds.according to the colorado sec state the actual make up is 30 peercent dem 34 percent rep and36percent indi really opens your eyes to what they are trying to do.

  67. I remember all of it. Manson and his followers were hanging out alot with the Hollywood hills crowd. Terry Melcher, who was Doris Day’s son, was a music producer and partied a bit with Manson. He tried to get Melcher to listen to his songs, but Melcher thought he was a whack job. Manson may have mistaken Tate’s home for where Melcher lived. The first of many serial killers I survived growing up in Los Angeles!

  68. SOD,

    Brian Wilson didn’t hang out with Manson. I think you mean Dennis.

  69. RD @ 12:24 am–And if she’d had NONE of her children with her, they’d have said that she was a bad mother who neglected her children.

  70. Kat5 — I read that. I don’t know, but at this point I’ll be anything about BO.

    I think there was a little confusion — I meant “Helter Skelter” the book about the Manson murders, not the song. And when RD was answering I thought she was calling the White Album “Helter Skelter” — Ack — that is probably too much explaining, and makes even less sense. Anyway, I remembered the White Album influence Manson (he thought the Beatles were sending him secret messages – gah! how did people follow him?) but I didn’t remember were “pigs” came from until sod reminded me about the song “little piggies’ on the album.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  71. SOD,

    Probably not an Obama fan. Manson actually was a racist. His dream was to foment a race war in the U.S.

  72. Good night all. I’m ready to doze off. Talk to you tomorrow. I hope Sarah keeps pounding on Barack.

  73. The origin of all his “pigs must die” was his obsession with the Beatle’s White Album (yes, “Little Piggies”, and “Revolution” were tied together in his mind), and his belief that there would be a race war; he thought he’d give it a push and try to make the murders look like they’d been committed by radical Black Panthers.

  74. The nerve…well Sarah, welcome to our humble abode here at 104 Underthebus Lane. We’re glad to have you join our party.


  75. Oh god irlandese. Was everybody freaking out?

  76. I’d like to encourage everyone to contact AP and complain about this story. I just sent them an e-mail.

  77. I am tired and cranky and my middle toe on my left foot hurts …because I broke it tonight

    … and I had read the article painting Sarah with the R word for daring to call out bo on his TERRORIST associations, but far worse are his PARTICIPATIONS with them , organising and sitting on comittees and passing around money to one another ….
    So because of my toe I might not get the heels on , but the lipstick is a given, and it is just a shame I cant vote by writing it in bright red lipstick !

  78. Irlandese — Melcher thought he was a whack job.

    I’d say he hit the nail on the head with that one! Lord, what a nut that guy is — I remember Diane Sawyer did an interview with him probably 10 years ago & you could just see the “crazy” in his eyes. He also kept calling her “woman!” which was kind of funny. Do you know he has fan clubs? I just don’t understand people at all.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  79. I absolutely love it. She has her sharpest stilletos!

  80. Back on topic–it’s all pretty predictable that ANYTHING anyone says in criticism of BO is “r*cially tinged”. I don’t think they all believe it, but it’s such a handy pan to hit you over the head with.

  81. Angie–what I can never understand is how ANYBODY with half a brain would have ever listened to him! Yuck! He was just as nutty back then. They must have been smoking sum good weed and dropping some heavy LSD.

  82. Seriously–YES!! And I swear, it just got worse as the sickie 70’s wore on. Poor hippies–nobody looked at them the same afterwards, lol!

  83. “On the Palin attack, it’s obvious Barky and his ilk knew it was coming.”

    He’d have to be a complete idiot not to. On what planet does the fact that the candidate’s friends with a terrorist NOT become an issue? This would have destroyed any other candidate ages ago.

  84. Bottom line, irlandese: cries of racism are in danger of becoming a joke – including those which are warranted. What’s really pretty evil is that Obama could seem to care less that his campaign is fostering such an environment.

  85. You’re not, SOD. Old people don’t wear hats like that.

  86. Irlandese — according to the book I read “Helter Skelter” after Manson started the r@ce war by giving it a “push” with those murders, the plan was that he & the family were going to hide in the desert because when the war was over, the black people would have won by killing all the white people, but they would be unable to govern themselves & would need white people (i.e. the Manson family) to rule them! Thus, he would become King of the World. What a whackado! And the people who believed him! Even crazier. But it isn’t the first time something like that has happened — look at Jim Jones & David Koresh (Branch Davidians in Waco). Let me point out about that Koresh guy — how can anyone think a guy who wears glasses is the second coming? Don’t you think the Son of God would have perfect vision?


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  87. Kat5–I agree wholeheartedly. The whole issue of r*cism is being diluted by his campaign. I see the bigger backlash coming against him, not McCain. But in there is a lesson for all of us. We are not entitled to r*cism simply because we think it is “justified” by the past. It never is. Bigotry should be simply unacceptable in our society–perhaps this is what we were meant to learn from all of this. It’s obviously alive and well in ALL quarters.

  88. The Democrats were expecting the GOP to attack Obama on Ayers and Jeremiah Wright the last month before the election. It’s one of the last options for McCain to gain some ground. Obama showed poor judgment in associating with these people for 20 years. They can only use the r*acist meme to counter the attacks.
    I said this earlier today but Obama is the luckiest man in the world right now. Yes Seriously, any other candidate would’ve been destroyed if they had associated themselves with people like Rezko, Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright. If it weren’t for CDS, he would not have won the nomination. If it weren’t for the financial crisis, Obama would’ve likely lost the general election. Now, I don’t know. It’s his to lose now.

  89. Kat5 — you are right — Obama is becoming the boy who cried wolf & his legacy will be that when real r@cism occurs (not just to him) it will be ignored. His campaign has set back women’s rights & AA rights by 25 years (at least) and he doesn’t give a d@mn — all he cares about is being addressed as Mr. President (and I say that, ’cause I don’t think he actually cares about doing the work either).

    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  90. My Dad worked for Ma Bell in downtown LA during the Manson Family trials. I saw those scary hippy girls sitting around in front of the courthouse on Spring St. holding signs and laughing. My Dad pointed them out to me and my sis, and told us that’s what would happen to us if we ever started in with the dope and ran away from home. Point taken!

  91. DV — I don’t believe that — most of the country doesn’t start paying real attention until now. I can’t believe that the election is still his to lose. I think that if McCain keeps hitting him on this along with Hannity it will have a major effect. At least I hope so.


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  92. OK all — I’m off to bed now. Good night!


    Put on your reddest lipstick, your highest heels & your chicest pantsuit & vote for the Woman, It’s Important!

  93. Hey one more thing Manson O/T–Bobby Beausoleil, one of the convicted Manson killers, is here in Pendleton at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution. Kind of a weird coincidence. One of my clients is the nurse over there and says he’s very quiet and keeps to himself.

  94. Getting here and catching up.

    I won’t be surprised if S.P. calls out that AP writer by name!

    Remember in the debate she talked about how great it was to be able to communicate with the public w/out the MSM providing their own interpretations of what she said.

    I’d love it if she did so!

  95. Sarah.
    After watching the VP debate—Sarah simply has emerged as my candidate of choice. Sarah.

  96. DV, it’s almost like the Dems decided to throw in the towel. They know that the Republicans will just make stuff up if they can’t find anything to swiftboat on, so they decided to make it easy for them and hand them someone who has more skeletons than you can shake a stick at. The Republicans don’t have to make anything up with all this ammo.

    I agree with angie, I don’t think Obama is doing well at all. This is the best year for Democrats in forever, the economic crisis just hit, and I don’t think he’s even doing as well as Dukakis. He’s well behind what he should be doing imo, and I don’t think this will hold.

  97. If we can call out the Canadian writer ( I cannot recall her name, but I bet someone here can), I sure as hell think we can call out an AP writer. This is just nonsense. I almost think it’s just best to stand back and let them dig this hole even deeper.

  98. I’m sick to death of the twin themes that seem to be filling the airwaves the last 5-10 days (excluding the “bailout”, which is a whole ‘nother story);

    #1 Any and all criticism of Obama is race-based. This is NOT them whining; this is their overarching F^&*ing STRATEGY. And it is working. I think that the Repubs have actually been afraid to trot out the heavy critique of Obama for fear it would backfire. IMO they should have been doing it from the outset, because now it DOES look desperate.

    #2 All Sarah All the Time Non-Stop Criticism….from all corners of the corporate media. In a short five weeks she has had more S^*&T throw at her than was dumped on Hillary…something that had I not seen I would not have believed possible. I was talking with a friend tonight and said I was sick of the anti-Palin emails filling my inbox. She said she was too, and even though she is reluctantly supporting Obama, she is deleting those emails without even opening them (as am I).

    Obama’s campaign is using charges of racism to shield their candidate while using non-stop misogyny to smear Palin. God these people sicken me.

  99. “Remember in the debate she talked about how great it was to be able to communicate with the public w/out the MSM providing their own interpretations of what she said.”

    The media elite just make themselves look like stooges by falling all over themselves here, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get some shirts made up, “Guns make you hillbillies, bombs make you the coolest kid at my elite prep school. Love ya, Bill. PS–The victim was only a janitor.”

  100. The only people they’re “winning” with all the PDS is the ‘bots! I don’t think anybody who was previously on the fence because they weren’t sure about either candidate is going to be won over by such obvious rabble-rousing. Those people are not just jumping into one camp or another–the true moderates or “centrists” are not going to get guilted into voting for an unqualified candidate simply by being called names. It won’t work.

  101. But I can tell you it’s been a real litmus test for me; to see how many in my former “latte liberal” circle now shun me or threaten to if I’m not voting BO. I don’t remember this from any other election. It’s really becoming a problem for me–do I tell them to go to hell, or do I lie like a rug and tell them I’m sitting it out? I’ve got to make a living. I’m a greedy capitalist, after all, lol!

  102. angie — a little trivia:

    Do you know where Manson got his “Kill the Pigs” mantra?

  103. Irlandese,

    Here is the phone number for the AP
    Contact the AP, and ask them to retract the article and to issue an apology to Sarah Palin. Also ask them to fire Douglass K. Daniel immediately.

    Please do! It breaks my heart to watch the press basically betray us. They are the king makers. It seems like there is no way to hold them accountable.

    Here is the most recent NYT travesty. What is wrong with these people? Doesn’t anybody care about being fair, the truth?


  104. Well shit! Third time trying.

    go to liberal rapture liberalrapture dot com and check out the
    Saturday post about S.P. and her Saturday appearance in LA.

    Check the photo. The crowd was huge and apparently were not buying the msm bull.

  105. I agree, the American people don’t like it when Democrats get ugly. The Republicans have perfected this downhome presentation that lets them get away with stuff like purple heart bandaids. Democrats aside from the Clintons have more of an image of looking down on people, so they have to be careful getting nasty, and that’s a lesson they never learn.

  106. It was the White Album, but it was from a different song “Little Piggies.”

    “Have you seen the little piggies rolling in the dirt…”

  107. I don’t think Americans like it when ANYONE gets ugly! The DNC thought they could get a free ride this year because everybody hates GWB so much, they’d look the other way if they screwed over the real nominee, plus she wasn’t interested in playing footsie under the table with the money sharks. If up to half your party is onto the scheme, you’re in trouble. IMO, that’s where the DNC is right now. They are starting to sound like a broken record with this BS.

  108. I remember being suspended for writing my essay on a famous person about Charles Manson. I argued that he was a victim of society.

  109. irlandese, I know, it’s so hard! We need a secret handshake so we can find each other, instead we’re forced to do the wary…’so what do you think of BO dance?’ where we’re afraid to say and the other person is afraid to say.

    My mom’s friend was really excited to find out her secretary is a Clinton supporter turned Palin supporter–but she was still afraid to reveal that she’s supporting palin too because she doesn’t think she’ll get promoted if it gets around. The other woman was like “You’re not going to like who I’m voting for now, I just love her!” and all she felt she could do was smile warily.

  110. Seriously–you could make up a few of those shirts, lol! I’m sure someone at FoxNews would wear one!

  111. I’ve done that dance lately, too!

  112. Seriously

    They probably smoked a lot of weed together — over at Brian Wilson’s bungalow.

  113. seriously — LOL!

  114. “I don’t think Americans like it when ANYONE gets ugly!”

    Well, true–but it doesn’t seem to put Independents off the GOP as much, while it’s DEATH for Democrats. 😉

    “The DNC thought they could get a free ride this year because everybody hates GWB so much, they’d look the other way if they screwed over the real nominee, plus she wasn’t interested in playing footsie under the table with the money sharks”

    Total hubris. They thought they could run it anyway they wnated, nominate anyone with a D after his name, and not lose.

  115. For all of Manson’s mystique he was just a frustrated musician that was snubbed by a producer. He went after an address, not a person.

    Another vile person.

  116. But then I always have to enlarge and tell whoever it is that in my heart, I’m still a Dem. I’m still socially liberal and I always will be. I think my faith DEMANDS it, and it angers me to hear someone use that same faith to excuse hatred and bigotry. So what the hell am I? A Demican? or a Repubricrat? Aaayyy!

  117. No but I’ll go back to being a Dem if someone could stop the insanity, but I’d never sign up to be a Republican. That far-right evangelical stuff is total nonsense.

  118. yep BB — you’re right – the crazy one.

  119. All of the pre-emptive whining and knashing of the teeth is going on.

  120. Oh, it’s ridiculous. The same people who are so enraged at you have probably voted Republican a million times anyway. My Obot father is an exRepublican turned Indy. He’s not even a Democrat, but he gets in Democrats’ faces and tells them their responsibilities. It’s ridiculous. kos, Marshall, all these people are ex Republicans.

  121. That’s true BB. He had mommy issues too though.

  122. thanks all for the trip back to the 70s! with all the manson stuff.


  123. g’nte

  124. I’m thinking of becoming a Green. My party loyalty is broken and it would take a lot to make me go back. I won’t be voting Republican in the future (unless they nominate a wman or teh Dems go crazy with another hate fest and I feel like they need to be stopped again), but I won’t necessarily be voting Democratic, either.

  125. I remember when Arianna Huffington was a hard-core conservative! She’s just an attention-junkie at this point.

  126. try #2

    Obama to hit McCain on Keating Five


  127. seriously – I agree. I told someone who works for a prominent Hillary surrogate turned Obama supporter that “it will be a long walk home” for me back to the Democratic party.

    re: Ayers – I wish the McCain campaign had dropped this forcefully much sooner.

  128. if Obama starts with the Keating 5, and then, Hillbuzz has speculated that Obama will start false rumors that McCain beat his first wife, then it will be advantage McCain.

    If BO gets mired in the election turning on “character,” then, he will lose.

  129. But epicurious, hasn’t McCain’s 1st wife had nothing but good things to say about him-McCain?

  130. epicurious, I dunno. Like angie said, don’t most people make their minds up close to Election Day? If he’d brought it up sooner, then the MSM would write it off. Now it’s going to be fresh in people’s minds. I remeber hearing in 2000 that Bush’s DUI, whic came out literally that weekend, caused a great surge for Gore.

  131. seriously 12.18:
    “Sarah, get it straight–he doesn’t pal around with scary darkskinned terrorists, he pals around with good red blooded Americans who set off bombs for swell reasons. Damn!”

    Ayers was a wealthy man’s son who played around at setting bombs. He was bailed out of justice because of his father’s money, and then, together with Obama proceeded to wreck the Chicago school system-wasting enormous sums of tax dollars in the process.

    No wonder Axelrod is spraying clouds of racism around- trying to make the stink of corruption go away.

  132. Obviously the point of this squid-ink cloud of promiscuous cries of “racism! racism!” is not to even attempt to describe anything accurately, but merely to intimidate opposition into silence.

    Two or three decades ago, in the heyday of political correctness, it would have worked.

    But nowadays, obviously-groundless accusations of racism are understood to be merely another form of name-calling, and like most name-calling, it does not intimidate its targets. It makes them angry.

    The sad part is that this will eventually give rise to a boy-who-cried-wolf response. Racism really does exist, but after the Obama cultists have spent a year denouncing everyone in sight as “racist” on ludicrous grounds, it will be that much harder for real racism to be taken seriously.

    Not that that concerns the cultists. They’ve already shown that they don’t care how much damage they do, or to whom, in the cause of shepherding their Messiah into power.

  133. Link to the Nat Review article on Ayers/BO:

  134. I was thinking of RD’s article for a long time today. Then tonight after reading a blog I happened on by accident I saw a video that really has shocked me. Palin may have a point that we don’t know really, about O. This video is deeply troubling, and is a follow up to that piece here Gary had on the kids? I saw it at NQ, and at my friend Uppity’s too.

    But this? How many schools? How many kids? This is about building a political regime — not about electing a President. What RD said matters — this is no longer about who is hurling what, and blaming who. This is about a regime that has been constructed behind the scenes.

    Be prepared, and I don’t exactly think Hillary would condone this sort of thing. I know the PUMAS wouldn’t.

    How many schools? How many squads?

    I found it by accident tonight. What has he created here?

  135. This ridiculous line of reasoning may work of course, with the “creative class”. They bought the equally tortured argument that Hillary was inviting an assassinatiion attempt when refering to RFK’s candidacy. And the more they are being drawn into vortices of sophistry, fuelled by outraged idealism, the less they notice they are being sucked down the plughole of Obama’s ambition. Anyway, Palin must be racist: she’s white, working class and Republican, isn’t she? Case proved.

  136. Man, that is one HOT picture of Sarah!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I just LUUUURVE strong women.

  137. insghtanayltical:

    Phillip Adams also wrote the following:

    “Phillip Adams, September 09, 2008 “The Australian”

    HAVING barracked for Barack Obama since his keynote speech at the Democratic convention in 2004, I’ve watched his progress, read his books and applauded his victory over the hydra-headed Clinton candidacy. Yet I’ve considerable regard for John McCain. Not principally because of his harrowing experiences in the Hanoi Hilton, or because of his attempts to rein in the corrupting influence of US campaign funding, but because of his implacable hatred of the Bush family. …..

    I don’t really mind who wins the presidential election as long as they detest the detestable incumbent. … The next president – or, in the case of a McCain victory, the one immediately after that – must purge the Oval Office of any remaining vestiges of George W. Bush. Nothing less than political fumigation must occur in the West Wing, along with repeated rituals of exorcism. The US should follow the Kremlin’s example and airbrush Bush out of history.

    That’s all I ask of president Palin: don’t be a pale imitation.”

  138. morning all fuzzy back from jax!-what did he miss?

  139. Intel-
    As a regular commenter here we at the confluence are not engaging in the whole Birth Certificate thing we find it a distraction. Along with the whole Larry Sinclair thing. Please cease to connect and reduce all PUMA post to those that find such topics “interesting.”

    Lipstick on a pig is a sexist term when used against Gov. Palin specially when the intent is to demean women who refuse to support Obama just because he has a “D” after his name.

    The point of the post was if Obama for America or the Media say you are a R*cist you are a r*cist. Not becoause of any thing you say but because they can build a nuanced case against what they twist your speeches into meaning.

    I think this will backfire on Obama for America and the Media. Just like their manipulation of the polls to show a non-exsistant Obama Lead. The Overt sexism of Senator Obama’s campaign is self evident.

    Just because you call Senator Obama out on an unpleasant fact about his current and past associations, does not make you a r*cist.

    I notice that your post is psuedo-supportive what other parts of the Junior Senators past do you think we should look into? you make no suggestion…

    If you read past threads you will see numerous well researched charges against Mr Obama. Unless you can point out specific posts and not fly by comments of the responders to threads here at the confluence do not charge us here of latching onto any of these less researched post on other sites.

  140. Intel-are you just another drive by?

  141. I believe that many women, white, black, brown, yellow, whatever, women
    will vote for Sarah Palin because they want a woman in a position of power.

    The more these blockheads, male and female, disrespect her, make their predicable sexist remarks, and call anyone that dares diss the One racist that angrier women become.

    Beware the silent rage of millions of women. Many will not say who they will vote for or why. I believe they will vote silently and passionately for a woman who shares their experiences. They will show their outrage by voting for a woman who has been attacked, repeatedly by media for the crime of womanhood.

  142. Intelligentby design, it sounds like you’re talking down to people… I hope you’re young, and that your attitude will soon be tempered by a realization that you’re not much better or brighter than the rest of us (and none of us are that hot)…. The problem with the Weathermen was that they were sure they saw things more clearly than everyone else… yet they couldn’t see in their air of superiority they had blindly transfigured themselves into the unjustified violence they stood against. Apparently, they were thinking that two wrongs could make a right (like all of the fascist dictators in the 20th century had).

    I haven’t watched the whole video (90 minutes of news clips, etc.), but this seems to give a balanced view on the beginnings and efforts of the Weather Underground. Many of its members are “unrepentant” and use their own vision (“we saw what no one else could see”) as a justification to absolve their actions, but others have examined their own actions through the same objective lens we use to assess other historical events and come to a more distasteful conclusion:


    Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, intelligentbydesign.

  143. thanks finely-you said it mutch better!

  144. Good God – in spite of all the evidence at hand, the media, including the venerable New Yorker is still putting out drivel. The article they have written supporting Obama fior president and blasting McCain and Palin is painful to read.

  145. Remember when Hillary’s inexperience accusations were also considered racist? How many people in this country want to have to watch what they say for years to come? Votes should ask themselves that.
    And some sound advice for the candidates

  146. They just can’t stop. Today on Morning Joe, Obamafan Mika kept downplaying the extent of the Obama-Ayers relationship, saying it was nothing, they barely knew each other, Obama was 8 when Ayers blew up the buildings, bla bla bla. Of COURSE she knows that is bs, that they had a long and close relationship, but she has to parrot the approved talking points.

  147. Does the word “rac!st” even mean anything anymore?

  148. We have 30 days to the GE, however, this is a perfect time for all of us to be showing signs and talking to folks, because a lot of states have early voting, and right now is when they need to get a McCain bump before they cast their vote and are done.

  149. […] AP writer Douglass Daniel implies Sarah Palin is a racist (’cause anyone who doesn’t love and worship Obama must be a racist) who made a “deliberate attempt to smear Obama.” But is it a smear if it’s true!? BostonBoomer at The Confluence calls it bullsh**. […]

  150. This is bulls&$#t!! And I’ve had just about enough of it in the past year to last me three lifetimes.


  151. Hawaiian-born Christian? Hawaiian-born Christian???? WTF???? Simply being a Christian who was born on American soil makes you American? So those of us who AREN’T Christian are un-American???

    His religion has NOTHING to do with his “Americanisnm”. It’s his loyalty to people who set freaking BOMBS in this country that does. Asshats.

  152. Ok the Roe v Wade carrot didn’t work – let’s go back to the racism charge for anything and I mean anything said against Obama. These people are despicable – oops I said these people – guess that makes me a racist – I used the words these and people in the same sentence – I have to watch myself there.

  153. […] 6, 2008 · No Comments The Confluence: Yep. She’s a racist, because she criticized Barack Obama. The AP says […]

  154. Just to clarify my first post…I am a woman and I am voting for McCain because of his Palin pick!

  155. At least they are being forced to mention Ayers, Wright and Rezco. the Ob mouth kept trying to change the subject, and the other just stated facts about O’s history that can’t be denied. Maybe some people will here it in spite of the CNN anchor’s pooh-poohing and drawing conclusions that it’s irrelevant.

  156. Lookingunder…
    I have been a Republican since right after the 2000 election, when I had the pleasure of being in Florida. Never a Hillary supporter. Wasn’t a McCain supporter until Palin.

    I wrote my first ever blog post here just a bit ago, the moderator disallowed it, even though it was benign. Is there some rule I don’t know? Or was it because I was a Repub on a liberal site? My second post was allowed, but there is no prior post to put it in context. I love this site, please let me play, too! I promise to be nice and respectful.

  157. ****
    I have been a Republican since right after the 2000 election, when I had the pleasure of being in Florida. Never a Hillary supporter. Wasn’t a McCain supporter until Palin.

    I wrote my first ever blog post here just a bit ago, the moderator disallowed it, even though it was benign. Is there some rule I don’t know? Or was it because I was a Repub on a liberal site? My second post was allowed, but there is no prior post to put it in context. I love this site, please let me play, too! I promise to be nice and respectful
    HAL-9000, the automated filter, chose not to like your post. There could be a number of reasons, but remember, HAL-9000 did it to help you.

    HAL-9000 is your friend.

  158. Racist? Because she opposes terrorism, and anyone who has ever been or associated with one? Sign me up as a racist, please.

  159. Using the “r” word (r_@_c_ism) will land you in moderation. The reason is simple. Tr0ll$ (another tagged word) come here on a regular basis and accuse us of it. It’s to keep the obots in line.

  160. […] so we have Sarah Palin being accused of racism because she mentioned Barack Obama’s pivotal relationship with the very white William Ayers. […]

  161. Sarah Palin one of us? YES!!
    …wait. where am I? oh …..huh?

  162. I’m probably a racist too. I don’t know why, but I’ve said it enough I don’t even know what it means anymore.

  163. […] Sarah Palin is one of us now Yep. She’s a racist, because she criticized Barack Obama. The AP says so. By claiming that Democrat Barack Obama […] […]

  164. Test one…two…lets see if this post makes it past the filter here…

    Is asking for an examination of these issues that would meet basic academic standards for reliability of sources and validity of the points expressed outside the realm of this forum? I don’t see it stated as such anywhere, but if there is a standard I’m unaware of and have been in violation of, please let me know and I’ll take my questions elsewhere.

  165. sorry to bother you guys again. I just can’t figure it out. I don’t feel racist, but I pretty much have rationalized calling people I don’t even know racist. so does that make ME racist, a race baiter, or just plain stupid? I need to reflect on that I guess.

  166. sorry..today is my first day out of troll camp and I just don’t know what to say…..

  167. We need to stop referring to them as MSM. If obama and his thugs take control, we can start referring to the AP, New York Times, et al, as the MOP:


  168. It amazes me how stupid I am

    I feel compelled to vote for an empty suit and a corrupt race baiting homophobe. what’s wrong with me?

  169. Felizarte (the Old One), on October 6th, 2008 at 12:05 am Said:
    “Sarah is a child relative to beltway politics; she is the only one with the microphone capable of yelling: “The Emperor Has NO CLOTHES!” “

    In the case of the empty suit from Chicago, it’s, “The clothes have no Emperor!”

  170. Obama is a fraud and an empty suit. Period.

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