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Scratching Post Saturday Night! My encounter with an Obama canvasser

Hello my gracious Conflucian members of the Rebel Alliance!  Thanks for your well wishes, I was able to shake off some that “lost my contract job due to the bailout” funk.   How did that happen?   I let out a lot of my pent up rage on an unsuspecting SEIU canvasser for Obama.  I will attempt a MadamaB format of a playlet , except that this actually happened.  This is how it went:

[Setting: My little bungalow house in Tampa, FL.  I have a load of laundry in the dryer which outside by the carport.  On my way out with my laundry basket in hand, I hear a knock and open my door.  A 20-something pleasant young woman with a clipboard, some flyers and an electronic device in her hand smiles back.  She didn’t seem like the Cuban Jehovah Witnesses that come around since she had some cute sneakers & stylish jeans and T-shirt so I step out of the house]

ME:  Yes? 

Canvasser: Hi, I’m from the SEIU and we’re canvassing the neighborhood asking people about the November election

ME: You mean the union?

Canvasser: Yes!  [she seemed happy to know that I recognized the SEIU and proceeds to take out some literature and hands me an SEIU flyer with Obama’s picture].  We’re canvassing the neighborhood today to ask you about the November election and –

ME:  [looking down at the flyer and handing it back to her]  You don’t need to go any further because I will not vote for Barack Obama.  In fact, I don’t know who I’ll vote for but it ain’t gonna be him, or maybe I won’t vote at all.

Canvasser: [with a shocked look on her face] But, how could you NOT vote?  Well, who do you plan to vote for if you vote?  [She proceeds to tinker with a Palm pilot looking device with her stylus.] 

ME: You wanna know?  Write this down in that thingy you got there.  I’ve been a Democrat all my life, I voted Democrat ever since I turned 18 and voted for the losers and too few of the winners.  I’m well aware of the way primaries and conventions should run, and despite it all, each Democratic presidential nominee in the past 40 years has won the majority of the votes in the party and without fudging th delegates around.  My vote, a Hillary Clinton vote, was sliced in 1/2 and discounted in the primaries.  Then in late August, my vote was thrown in the toilet AGAIN because the fix was in for Obama to win.  My vote did not have a chance to be heard at the convention.  Delegates were harassed and bloggers were sent death threats all because they spoke out against the vote fraud which, by the way, your UNION pervasively allowed more voter fraud to be committed in the Nevada caucus.  So no, I will not support Barack Obama and I will not support the DNC.  

Canvasser:  Oh, well, ok. [now scared of me and following Obama Camp training manual protocol to disengage target if hostile and armed with a laundry basket] ] Um, will you at least support down the ticket this November?

ME:  Well somebody has to since Obama took all the DNC state staff away from down ticket Dems to serve him and him only!  I’m not happy with Kathy Castor endorsing Obama right after our primaries in February but she’s done some good local work in helping foreclosed families keep their homes, something that your candidate hasn’t done amongst a galaxy of things he has yet to accomplish other than blather about himself.   The DNC stole votes and delegates away from Hillary to push him ahead.  Now how the hell you expect me to support THAT? Look, I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but you asked me how I felt and that’s how I feel. 

Canvasser:   No, no, you are definitely giving me a reason why you aren’t supporting Obama.  Most people in this neighborhood [a heavy Latino neighborhood] just say “oh, I don’t like him, I don’t trust him.”  

ME:  How do you expect us to trust him when he and the DNC stole votes to win?  Anyway, you need to get to the end of this block before Christmas so I’ll stop talking now. 

It ended with a cordial thank you and goodbye.

Rico’s got a “whateva ya want” 2-4-1 special since we’re all broke.  Flo’s mad her 401K at her day job keeping going down and her broker doesn’t answer her calls.  Broker will soon be “broken” if Flo doesn’t get answers quick!  She’s also on the lookout for troll derivatives that sub-prime the comments. 

I felt a little bad about my venting on poor SEIU canvasser, so next time I though about being at bit more gracious, something like this maybe:

345 Responses

  1. yeah SM I keep waiting for them to come to my door, but the pumamobile must scare them away….I love that song!!!!! give me a large glass of wine, plese Rico!

  2. oops I thought it was “on the street where she lives”…but I like this song too!!!

  3. I’m drinking beer tonight and watching the run-off results come in.

    I wrote a thread about the run-off but pulled it back. I’m getting overly pc now.

  4. Gary – I LOVE everything from my Fair Lady “On the street where she lives” is a beautiful song.

    I think the SEIU’s part of that $39 million dollars the O-borg is now pumping into FL since the Mountain states are going McCain.

    It’s all about Ohio & FL and PA, as usual. Now they’re signing up dead people & felons.

  5. Woohoo! Way to go, sm!!!!

    OT, but heh, a commenter on NQ went to the Palin rally today. She says that Palin used a quote with which we are all familiar:

    “She also said she was at Starbucks drinking her coffee this am…and on the cup was the “quote of the day” from Madeleine Albright…”There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

  6. DakiniKat, hey lady! What run-off?

  7. we’re trying to get rid of $bill tonight and I voted for a Helena Moreno

  8. Saturday, October 4, 2008
    Palin says it’s time to ‘take off the gloves’


    With a month to go until Election Day, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told an enthusiastic crowd Saturday afternoon that it was time to “put on the heels and take off the gloves.”

    And while she credited the line to a campaign worker, it and the rest of her 24-minute speech at the Home Depot Center rally was delivered with her trademark panache. The Republican hit the familiar topics of the economy, energy and defense, but offered a few surprises as well.

    The first one came with the woman who introduced Palin, lifelong Democrat and president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization For Women, Shelly Mandell. While NOW has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama as best representing women’s interests in the race, Mandell has taken a different view.

    “This is what a feminist looks like,” Mandell told the crowd. “Like Gov. Sarah Palin.”

    Hell yeah!! It is time to hit Obama and hit him hard!! No retreat! Stay on offense! Knock him out!!

    That is a great endorsement from President of the LA chapter of NOW!!

  9. we’re also voting on DA and judges

  10. Ironman: You mean Joe Biden wasn’t at the Home Depot????

    Smart move by Palin to stump speech there, IMO.

  11. sm — I heart you! I’ve got a candle lit for you to find a job soon.

  12. Good for you SM!! Give ’em hell! Of course you know your info was entered into her palm pilot thingy and will translate into repercussions later on, should the unthinkable happen. Did she have a brown shirt on, or have they not gotten that far?

  13. Joe Biden wasn’t at Katie’s Restaurant, it’s supposedly been closed for like 7 years … he can’t go there to get the pulse of the little people any more, and evidently hasn’t thought about it for awhile

  14. sm: historically FL does a voter purge a few weeks prior to elections. A friend went to the polls and discovered he had been purged for a felony conviction of bank robbery. Not only was it not him, but the name, address and age were not even close.

  15. Jefferson is leading in all of the black precincts and loosing in all the white precincts … according to the news

  16. Ha! We got two phone calls within about 20 minutes yesterday from Moving Arizona Forward (they want me to vote for BO early so that when the shit hits the fan, we’re stuck with our vote).

    Anyway – one was for my husband and the other for me. I let them have it with both barrels AND added Gabrielle Giffords in, too. (There’s a special place in hell for that lady who abandoned HRC before our primary, took money from Obama and Pelosi PAC and then ignored her district and her state and voted on the first ballot for the a**hole.)

    It felt sooooo good. The young male was huffy. The other woman started to say something like she agreed and then stopped and told me they would take us off their list.

    I said, “I know that’s a very good thing to do!”


  17. the guy is indicted, half his family is in jail, and he’s been rated the least effective senator in the country … how can folks vote for him? sheesh

  18. AngieNC, thank you, I need all the candles I can get!

    My immediate boss who laid me off said to go to the corporate website and apply directly for a position there and to use him as a reference for anything, so that’s what I did. Chances are higher for someone to get an “in” if you have an upper management referral, so he said. At least he was gracious to offer that, and hell yes I took the advice.

  19. Irlandese, LOL! No, she had on a white t-shirt.

  20. Irlandese: they’re keeping list so come the cultural revolutions we can all be sent to camps to be re-educated

  21. oops I thought it was “on the street where she lives”…but I like this song too!!!

    OMG! I could not open the video but I just thought it looked like “on the street where she lives”

    What song was it??

  22. btw, great job sm77!

  23. show me!

  24. dakinikat; Off to the gulags?

  25. Chatblu – you are right – that happened in 2000 & 2004.

  26. Gary – did you notice that the singing is actually Audrey’s voice, and not the dubbed voice they added later on?

  27. I joked aout the “re-education camps” on another site. I’m calling dibs on the lower bunk. Don’t let the white shirt fool ya.

  28. chatblu: part of the four cleanups movement! Bill Ayers will be in charge of the Cultural Revolution group, the next thing you know, we’ll have the little red book memorized and will be part of the purging of intellectuals!

  29. Zee, I was armed with a laundry basket and the truth. She knew she couldn’t “get in my face”.”

  30. sm…I always was under the impression that audrey hepburn could sing, and that they made a mistake dubbing her. I think it was because, if I’m not mistaken, my fair lady was released the same year as one of julie andrews musicals–either sound of music or mary poppins–and they knew she couldn’t hold a candle to her. that might be mostly urban legend though…

  31. dakinikat: well, at the very least Bill Ayers, aka “the guy down the street” has some experience in revolution.

  32. Graet post. Loved the video.

  33. Hi All,

    I linked to your post on my site here http://iusbvision.wordpress.com/2008/10/04/an-appeal-to-reason/

    My post is about how corruption, influence peddling, overspending by both parties, and the mess that Congress has become, is becoming such a problem that it is bringing traditional Republicans and Democrats together.

    These problems are becoming so big that the traditional wedge issues that seperate traditional Republicans and Democrats are starting to look pretty small.

    Chuck Norton

  34. sm77: yes, indeed they did. And without notifying the purgee to boot. If your name even vaguely resembles anyone with a felony conviction they removed first and ask ed questions later. Historically the purges involved democratic voters.

  35. OT, my husband dragged me to Eagle Eye the other day. The plot line was so unbelievable and silly. We were laughing after the first 15 minutes and never stopped. It was so bad it almost seemed like a spoof.

  36. wow, i might actually have a latina for my congress critter! isn’t that something! 🙂

  37. Excellent, SM! There is no better way to get your anger out than on an Obamabot. That young person needs to learn what it’s like in the real world anyway.

    Dakinikat, Good for you! Thirty percent solution all the way!

  38. if she comes through, I’m going to do some major fundraiser for her around Puma circles, watch out!

  39. Thanks for this sm77, yay for you! Can’t wait till they show up at my house.

  40. Gary: The movie studio wanted Julie Andrews as Eliza Doolittle but Julie signed on to film Sound of Music.

    The reason why Audrey didn’t win an Oscar for Eliza Doolitle was the dubbing.

  41. Ironman-that link of yours to Sarah’s appearance in OC made me feel better. Good to know Shelly Mandell of the LA chapter of NOW hasn’t lost her marbles. If I had a nickel for everytime I’ve argued with another woman about how Sarah IS the embodiment of feminism, I’d be chin deep by now. Why I have to argue this point with supposedly smarter, more “educated” women than me is beyond irritating.

  42. gary — Marni Nixon is the “voice” in My Fair Lady. Audrey Hepburn can sign — she sings in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but no where near as well as Marni Nixon or Julie Andrews. There was a lot of controversy when they made My Fair Lady into a movie and the producers did not pick Julie Andrews for the role she made famous on Broadway because she wasn’t “pretty enough” for the role on film. I don’t know if the urban legend you cite is true, but I don’t think Audrey’s voice would have been up to the part. Anyway, Jule Andrews got the last laugh. Mary Poppins was released the same year & Julie Andrews thanked the producers of My Fair Lady for not picking her when she won the Oscar that year for her role.

  43. When I was listening to right wing radio in the car yesterday, I heard a funny story. A caller claimed to have called a home depot in Delaware and asked if Joe Biden was there. The manager said, “no, why?” And the guy said, I heard he hangs around there all the time.

  44. Fun post , sm77. Can you sing?

  45. Dakinikat: Wow! That’s awesome! As long as she’s effective & works for the community, all good.

  46. Angie is right. Julie Andrews really wanted the part but was passed over. My mom was heartbroken and didn’t want to go see the movie. But Audrey Hepburn was good in it.

  47. angie, thanks for the low-down. I knew it was something like that 🙂 and audrey hepburn is beautiful, but julie andrews not pretty enough? go figure…. she did get the last laugh thow. My favorite by far though is victor/victoria…

  48. WMCB
    about that quote – funny that the CBS account needs to correct her

    The crowd roared its approval, but according to several sources, Albright actually said, “there’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.”

    “OK, now thank you so much for receiving that well—I didn’t know how that was going to go over,” Palin told the southern California crowd. “And now California, let’s see what a comment that I just made how that is turned into whatever it’ll be turned into tomorrow in the newspaper.”

    and in the next paragraph they report her expectations of biased reporting which they just confirmed

  49. sms77: she’s running on an anti-corruption message… hopefully she can get there and not catch ptomac fever

  50. I guess I missed this:

    ‘The crowd roared its approval, but according to several sources, Albright actually said, “there’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t help other women.

    What did she actually say and what was the context?

  51. BostonBoomer, it felt GREAT! I felt bad afterwards, but F__k it.

    purplefinn: I am a horrible singer.

  52. I think you handled that canvasser exactly right. Hell, didn’t Obama tell people to “get in their face!”?

    We all need to reciprocate: “Hey, Obama wants you to get in my face, well guess what? I’m gonna get in YOURS!”

    Fight fire with fire!

  53. Soup: If they ever come, tell them VOTER FRAUD and they shut up.

    DakiniKat: I hope she doesn’t either.

  54. Oh my, of course they had to correct her, because “support” and “help” are so different.

    Thanks, edge.

  55. So I guess no one else wasted money on Eagle Eye. Lol.

  56. txpolitico67, on October 4th, 2008 at 10:21 pm Said: Edit Comment
    I think you handled that canvasser exactly right. Hell, didn’t Obama tell people to “get in their face!”?

    We all need to reciprocate: “Hey, Obama wants you to get in my face, well guess what? I’m gonna get in YOURS!”

    Fight fire with fire!

    Arm yourself with a laundry basket in hand before attempting.

  57. sm77: “purplefinn: I am a horrible singer.”

    Well then, stick with what you’re doing. It seems that the canvasser actually enjoyed talking with someone who could articulate so well the reasoning behind not supporting Obama. I surely did!

  58. Yay, Shainzona!!

    txpolitico, I’ll have to work up my courage to get in a poor little Obot’s face. Once two of them came to my door during the primary. I just told them I hadn’t decided yet. I felt bad for them. They looked like innocent college girls.

  59. sm, great post! Haven’t had any ‘bots at my door yet but – just in case – I’m going to try to commit to memory the half of what you said!

    o/t – did anyone else hear This American Life today? They did the hour on the econ crisis. imho, it was VERY well done. Last I checked, the audio wasn’t up yet (I think they usually post it next day) but here’s the link: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/

    dakinikat, I would be particularly interested in your opinion of their analysis if you can find the hour to listen tomorrow…

  60. Shainzona, on October 4th, 2008 at 9:56 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Ha! We got two phone calls within about 20 minutes yesterday from Moving Arizona Forward (they want me to vote for BO early so that when the shit hits the fan, we’re stuck with our vote).

    Anyway – one was for my husband and the other for me. I let them have it with both barrels AND added Gabrielle Giffords in, too. (There’s a special place in hell for that lady who abandoned HRC before our primary, took money from Obama and Pelosi PAC and then ignored her district and her state and voted on the first ballot for the a**hole.)

    It felt sooooo good. The young male was huffy. The other woman started to say something like she agreed and then stopped and told me they would take us off their list.

    I said, “I know that’s a very good thing to do!”


    How could I miss this comment? Good for you!!!

    Let them keep getting in our faces.

  61. btw — I adore Audrey Hepburn & think she is great in the role of My Fair Lady (and basically every role she’s ever been in — my favorite being Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck). I also adore Julie Andrews — I love Victor/Victoria too, but my favorite will always be The Sound of Music.

  62. SM77:

    I don’t have a laundry basket (i have a w/d in the house…i do NOT miss the days of the laundry-mat).

    But I can get a handbasket. That way IF one showed up here, I could say, “Here’s a handbasket because America would go to HE11 in one if HE became prez!”

  63. bostonboomer, it’s my friends who are for Obama. Oy. I don’t consider any of them bots, but I’m disappointed that they don’t seem to be able to see that his liberal viewpoints don’t come with conviction.

  64. The comments come so fast, it’s hard to read them all. SM, do you realize that we are up to 3,330,000 hits already? Someone is reading us. I don’t know if they are monitoring us to try to find a racist comment or actually interested in what we have to say, but we are getting a lot of clicks.

  65. txpolitico,

    A broom would work too.

  66. bostonboomer.

    it’s part of their ploy: send the young, innocent faces onto the front lines.

    I will take the stance that if you’re going into the kitchen, ya better get ready for the heat. I understood one of your statements of being gracious and conducting yourself accordingly, as we all should. That speaks volumes of your maturity.

    But me being the cranky type, I will make them WISHED they wouldn’t have come to my door. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  67. ~~~waving to Gary ~~~~ Victor/Victoria is my favorite JA film, too. It’s way under-appreciated. imo, “Le Jazz Hot” is one of the best musical numbers evah!

  68. txpolitico,

    I probably won’t get another chance anyway. Obama isn’t worried about Massachusetts.

  69. SM: Looks like you are back to you own fiery self! Great post.

    Irlandese: Is the sign across the street still nailed to the roof!

  70. lusbvision, I read your post at your blog. I agree. We have to get rid of the corruption and back-door dealing and bad players on BOTH sides of the aisle. That is not about ideology left or right, it’s about basic honesty and representative government.

  71. i have noticed, that Talk Left, of which I am one of the refugees of the post-Clinton house cleaning, doesn’t get a FOURTH of the comment traffic that riverdaughter does.

    I see Lambert posting on TL every now and them and they try to shoo him/her out. I think katiebird used to comment on TL every now and then, too.

    But for the most part, JM and BTD are pretty much talkling to themselves.

    Sad. So sad. Jeralyn should have stuck to her guns on Biden. Would have made great political theater.

  72. angie, victor/victoria was the first movie I ever saw real gay people depicted…and in a positive light. I was very young, but you don’t know how much comfort that gave me. I knew I wasn’t alone.

  73. I saw this over at NQ and I thought you might enjoy it as much as I did.

    I was at the Palin rally today. She was AMAZING. The stadium was packed to capacity and they had to overflow it to another one. The audience treats her like a rockstar. Every time Obama’s name came up people screamed “Obama sucks” and “Liar” over and over. She said it was time to “take the gloves off” as far as Obama and YES she went on and on about Ayers. She did it in a GREAT way…She mentioned the media being obsessed with BS stuff like “what she reads.” Well, she said she happened to be reading the NY TIMES this morning and, low and behold, she say this story on Obama and his domestic terrorist friend Ayers who bombed the Pentagon. To say it was PRICELESS is an understatement. She also said she was at Starbucks drinking her coffee this am…and on the cup was the “quote of the day” from Madeleine Albright…”There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.” The crowd went wild again. She is the MOST charming, gorgeous, brilliant shining star ever. Mark my words, she will be POTUS some day and I’ll br thrilled to have her.

    On a sad, sick note, the most REPUGNANT ugly nasty azz Obama pigs were picketing. They make me puke. Get a life you scumbags and stop obsessing over Palin. It’s really pathetic.

  74. Can you believe I told my sister-in-law I’d babysit for my nephews on election day? She is going up to NH to drive voters to the polls. She’s an Obot, of course. When she asked me, I thought NH was safe for McCain. Now I’m not so sure. Obama seems to be in ascendance, unfortunately.

  75. You were never alone, gary. You just didn’t know it.

  76. I live in PA. I’ve been receiving lots of unwieldy glossy Obama fliers. I pitch them. I wonder whether some other Democrats receiving them find them as annoying as I do. It’s worse than Comcast. Save a tree already.

  77. hey sherry!!! love some jazz hot….loved lesley ann warren in that movie too!

  78. Barney Frank Accused of Fannie Mae Conflict of Interest

    WASHINGTON — Unqualified home buyers were not the only ones who benefitted from Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank’s efforts to deregulate Fannie Mae throughout the 1990s.

    So did Frank’s partner, a Fannie Mae executive at the forefront of the agency’s push to relax lending restrictions.

    “C’mon, he writes housing and banking laws and his boyfriend is a top exec at a firm that stands to gain from those laws?” the aide told FOX News. “No media ever takes note? Imagine what would happen if Frank’s political affiliation was R instead of D? Imagine what the media would say if [GOP former] Chairman [Mike] Oxley’s wife or [GOP presidential nominee John] McCain’s wife was a top exec at Fannie for a decade while they wrote the nation’s housing and banking laws.”


    Frank’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

  79. That babysitting is a bummer boomer.

  80. Election day plans: TONS of vodka, hanging out with my dear friend Charmaine (a brilliant black woman who opposes ALL things Obama) and lots of balled up socks to throw at the TV when states that go for Obama are called.

  81. so true pat!

  82. Everybody had a hand one way or another in the cookie jar. But I love how each side is so eager to paint the other as the bad guy. If I could bottle the amount of hypocrisy on display I could make a million in selling it back to them. Shameless examples of politicians all.

  83. Interesting, IronMan. You know Barney Frank has a challenger this time too. He’ll win, but the Republicans are getting more daring. I found out my rep, Ed Markey has a challenger too. I may find myself voting for the challenger.

  84. I don’t know about where you are, but the local pols have been spinning like tops on the bailout..

  85. Jangles,

    Not really. I adore my nephews, and I take every opportunity to spend time with them. Besides, she has to pay me.

  86. my congressman, David Price, has a special place waiting for him in hell. he was the chair of the committee of theDNC that planned this years primary. he’ll win handily though…they have the kool aid in the drinking water here.

  87. Th crowds are still packing the hospital parking lot where there is supposed to be a siting of the Virgin etched on a window. Even though engineers have chalked it up to a mineral deposit, they keep coming. Like Obats, they refuse to accept anything that goes against their beliefs. Astonishing.

  88. oh yes, Gary, Lesley Ann is hilarious. Her “Chicago Illinois” number was sooo over-the-top funny!

    haha, now I’m replaying the whole movie in my head. Bet I’ve watched it 50 times. 🙂

  89. txpolotico: I use nerf balls

  90. “She also said she was at Starbucks drinking her coffee this am…and on the cup was the “quote of the day” from Madeleine Albright…”There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women.”

    First I am pretty sure it is “help” second, that is true about the Starbucks cups, I got one during the primaries just about when Hillary was racking up those great victories in Pennsylvania, Texas and Ohio. 🙂

  91. PAT! Yep, that SEIU canvasser brought it out again!

  92. pat, did you ever see this one in florida…you gotta admit it kinda looks like it…lol


  93. gary — It never occurred to me the effect Victor/Victoria could have on a young gay person — I’m glad it helped you. It is a wonderful movie and way underrated as nancy said.

  94. Great story …
    No one has contacted me to vote for bo ..maybe it’s my nobama aura , or my despise the DNC vibe heehhee
    …at any rate I can do without the annoyance , but I would welcome telling one of those obots off , just to see the look on their face
    My Fair Lady is one of my all time favorites .. and I adored Hepburn in it ..
    stillsending lots of good job energy your way

    ps Eva Cassidy lovers : This mornings Goddess Radio Show is uploaded to a podcast in six half hour parts

  95. she was in starbucks? going behind enemy lines! how brave.

  96. dakinkat, i don’t know where to get nerfballs anymore. target i guess? just too lazy to look.

    i went to the library today and it is Banned Book Week. OMG did you all know that books like “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings”, “Slaughter House Five” and “Like Water For Chocolate” were BANNED?!?!?

    I was shocked. Our local chapter of the ACLU was one of the library’s event sponsors for the Banned Book Week event.

  97. gary, gary, gary. There are people driving in from all over the place, kids, lunch bags, cameras, folding chairs, and all. So eager to believe in something. They now want the window removed and preserved. No end in sight.

  98. dg — yes, Albright said “help” not “support” — but so what? The point is the same, and for the msm to act like this is some big “flub” by Palin is just insane.

  99. Palin Speaking in CA today about Obama’s Terrorist Connection

    Crowd is pumped!

    Obama’s values are not my values!

    Sarah Palin is the perfect person to go after Obama and expose his terrorist relationships.

    Take off the gloves and knock Obama’s terrorist loving ass all the way back to Chicago!

  100. pat, I’m like scully on x-files I want to believe. I just want to believe that mary is a benevolent extra-terrestrial who is trying to cross over from another dimension 🙂

  101. I like your style IronMan! i am all about knocking out Obama and his bu11sh1t ass!!

  102. angienc, are you saying that Sarah misquoted a Starbucks coffee cup? Now that is serious. : (

  103. I went to our local library yearly book sale today and as it is close to the hospital that has the “siting”, the traffic was quite heavy with the out of towner visitors. From what I can see of the etching on the news, it is not that discernible from my standpoint.

  104. So now Sarah gets crucified for paraphrasing? Will it ever end?

  105. Since IL is probably going his way, maybe I won’t have to put up with any shiny mailings!

    I drove by Home Depot today and didn’t see any sign of Biden – but I’ll try to keep that hope alive.

    SM – more good job vibes headed your way!!!

  106. I’ve gotten a few phone calls from the Demcratic Congressional Committee and I think they finally got the idea that they need to take me out of their database. I should come up with some snappy lines for those calls – but I’d probably forget them anyway because they always call when I’m at work.

  107. Hi all! Do you have any background info on Ayers, his lovely wife Bernadette and Acorn that I can show hubby? He keeps parroting the “it’s old and cold” line about the upcoming GOP attack ads. (Yes, he watches MSNBC while I’m at work. Sigh.)

    And didn’t you think that the original bailout bill was greatly improved by the GOP, who refused to rubber-stamp Bush and Bambi’s 3-page proposal? It’s a classic illustration of why we need divided government. One-party rule gave us the Patriot Act, FISA… and Vietnam.

  108. Hmmm…..Palin evidently packed a pretty big stadium there in CA. Think the media are going to give any awe-stricken commentary about her drawing big crowds?


  109. BostonBoomer: Yay! 3.3MM! I forgot to check the stats.

  110. I get mailings from Obama and the DNC and the state party. OOOO I bet they make for interesting chat around the water cooler.

    In Dallas, we have a gay community/gayborhood called Oak Lawn. There’s this great adult store there. They have these HUGE lollipops with F*CK YOU written on them.

    I bought three of these and sent them to the state and national parties, as well as the Obama campaign.

    I simply attached a post-it that read: THIS IS FOR ALL YOU SUCKERS SUPPORTING OBAMA.

    Felt soooo good doing that. Immature? Probably, but it still felt good.

  111. Is it just coincidence that Biden canceled his campaigning today for a family illness? This is the exact time line given in the Clinton to replace Biden rumor.

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  112. DOH! What I meant to type is I mail them back some pretty hardcore anti-Obama remarks in big red letters. Their reactions would MAKE for interesting chat around the water cooler.

  113. txpolitico — LMAO!

  114. anon: Is that the best you’ve got? Lamo! Darn it.

  115. hey anon — Obama doesn’t answer questions either — he just eats his waffles, so, eff off.

  116. Hey, Ironman! You’re cheering me up.

    I’m told that the McCain people read NQ so I’ve been leaving snide hints about when will they realize they’re in a fight. Apparently the gloves are off. The media either have to lay off Palin or carry her charges over the airwaves.

    We’re at the point in round nine or ten when the boxers quit jabbing and start throwing rights and lefts.

  117. did anybody here see the movie “year of the dog” with molly shannon? I feel like that sometimes, but with politics instead of animals…

  118. WMCB,

    That looks like a huge crowd.

  119. HA circumvent answers??? obama was inventing whole new timelines of history in the debate.

  120. Anon had to go bye bye. I’m just not in the mood.

  121. I mean biden…

  122. Palin winks … wow …beats the heck out of giving people the finger … or brushing them off your shoulders … bo never answers questions .. no wonder he is so frequently compared to Nixons “let me say this about that “

  123. I wish Obama canvassers would come to my neighborhood.

    Captain Spaulding is starting a new medical supply company with a revolutionary new business model.he calls “agressive organ donation.”

    Apparently the demand for healthy donor organs always exceeds the supply. He hopes to change that.

    His approach is cutting edge.

  124. Speaking from experience, I have been in MANY Home Depot Home Improvement Centers, and I can say with absolute certainty, that I never saw Joe Biden in a Home Depot.

    I wonder if Joe Biden has ever bought a 2×4 or a box of nails or a hammer from Home Depot or
    ANYWHERE ever?

    Show me your Home Depot receipts, Senator!!

    What did you but and when did you buy it?



  125. Wow, looks like we could pull out a Senate seat in Mississippi. Incredible.

  126. Gary: That”s the Virgin of Clearwater FL. I’ve never seen it but I’ve seen the news reportings. There’s a novena prayed there every month.

    Phlamingo: THANK YOU!!

  127. betuscha: Check the archive over at No Quarter. They have had many posts on this and there have been good articles here too. The reason I do not think it is old and cold is that Obama gave the story future legs when he at first said—oh he is just a guy in my neighborhood. But Ayers was far more than that. They have a post up on NQ now that is going over some of that history because of what Palin said today.

  128. You know when I think of Palin throwing down the gauntlet today on the Ayers story I keep remembering that picture of her right after she was announced as VP—that picture of her shooting the AK 47 with the scope on it.

  129. MYIQ: LOL! Captain Spaulding would LOVE Florida then.

  130. SOD,

    That might work for me. LOL! Too bad they won’t have to canvass here.

  131. They could have video of Obama and Ayres preparing hand grenades together in the cellar and it won’t make a dent.

  132. Even I am scared to death of Capt. Spaulding and I am 3,000 miles away!

  133. SOD: She caught me off guard, because she was a nice young woman with a clipboard [not a Cuban Jehovah Witness], so I thought they were signing a petition or something like normally happens here in my neighborhood.

  134. A great source for Info on Obama and his pals is The Real Barack Obama (formerly Rezkowatch).


    The RNC has website now called

    Barackbook. It’s kind of a parody of Facebook.


  135. Pat: They could have video of Obama and Ayres preparing hand grenades together in the cellar and it won’t make a dent.

    I think you’re right, Pat. The fix is in. The Republicans want Obama to win so that the Dems will be blamed for everything and the Repubs will be back in power for years to come.

  136. bb: Agreed. It’s largely their mess, particularly the war, and they will gladly hand it over for someone else to fumble for the next 4 yrs and make another stab at governing. Chilling.

  137. It’s really sad that people are for Obama and when you ask them to specify what it is exactly that attracts them – they can’t come up with anything more than they like his views or he’s a Washington outsider. They can’t even tell you any of his policies (well who could really? it’s a trick question) but they support him anyway. And then you point out substantial flaws – ayers/rezko/maybe not eligible/crook/cheater/empty suit/etc – and their eyes sort of glaze over. I’m always waiting for their ears to start smoking or their heads to explode because I need some fun in my life!

  138. SM77:

    Florida is a high-demand state. The Captain hopes to do like the meatpacking indutstry and out-source production to rural states. He also wants to desiign the harvest facilities after Iowa Beef Procesors’ automated “disassembly” lines.

  139. Why is everyone so eager to help out the little Obot canvassers by speeding them on to their next mark? If you have the time why not engage them inm useless conversation. That’s a few less undecideds who will hear their talking points.

    And why take you name of the mailing lists? Let them keep paying for postage.

    But emails? I’ve got eleven of them in the last ten days, all with a donate button and they tend towards the desperate “this is your last chance to contribute before…” dire message.

  140. And when Obama’s “chickens come home to roost” past is finally explored, they will simply follow his lead with: “That was not the Obama knew”.

  141. Then why would the Democratic establishment NOT have allowed the primary to play out FAIRLY, then Hillary would have taken this, show the morons over at GOP, Inc that our candidate could FIX this clusterfcuk, AND had Obamaho as the VP, and ensure 16 years of Dem rule????


  142. BostonBoomer: I think the Repubs will let Obama slide UP UNTIL the last 2 weeks. I truly believe there will be an October surprise. And I’m really analyzing that military in major cities post you did the other day.

  143. Pat and BB: You are probably right about the photo op of Obama and Ayres making hand grenades and not making a dent. But don’t you think it would be fund to test the theory? It could at least be distracting. I know one thing—-Ms. Sarah P. is on fire and on the loose. She is moose hunting.

  144. Hillary would have bucked them at every turn. Obama is compliant. He has been served up to us on a platter because he has shown he can be controlled. HIllary might have made a huge difference and this was a chance they were unwilling to take. Obama serves corporate America. No difference in either label. Hillary is a Democrat.

  145. Nijma – unfortunately, they’re not desperate when they say it’s your last chance to contribute – they do that at the end of every quarter because they have to report the dollars that people are dumb enough to send them.

  146. you know, if Mccain wins, it could be a watershed moment for theGOP…they could be finally rid of the religious right. that would be nice to have them out of politics altogether.

  147. wow Nijma makes a good point. i’m in texas so no obama people will be knocking on my door anytime soon. that is good advice: keep ’em busy and distracted.

    OTOH, if these are starry-eyed youtz, they may get REALLY discouraged from all the rejection. As a seasoned outside sales rep, I can handle rejection pretty darn well. But when you’re an 18 yr old knocking on doors and you get treated like sh1t, it tends to lower your level of enthusiasm.

  148. I am stuck again in moderation and I think my roommate looks an awful lot like Capt. Spaulding. Get me out please!

  149. and if you get snail mail – let’s hope that it has a pre-paid return envelope. Then you can take your handy-dandy sharpie and write PUMA on everything and mail it back to them on their dime!

  150. MYIQ: I suddenly turned into a vegan after reading your comment.

    Um, send my regards to Capt. Spaulding? [please oh please God don’t let him kill me!]

  151. Jangles, on October 4th, 2008 at 11:23 pm Said:
    Pat and BB: You are probably right about the photo op of Obama and Ayres making hand grenades and not making a dent. But don’t you think it would be fund to test the theory? It could at least be distracting. I know one thing—-Ms. Sarah P. is on fire and on the loose. She is moose hunting.

    And bo is wearing a moosehat !

  152. They would be begging him to appear on camera with Rachel Ray to discuss recipes.

  153. 1 minute until SNL let’s see how they fuck with Sarah tonight!

  154. txpolitico67, on October 4th, 2008 at 11:25 pm Said: Edit Comment
    wow Nijma makes a good point. i’m in texas so no obama people will be knocking on my door anytime soon. that is good advice: keep ‘em busy and distracted.

    OTOH, if these are starry-eyed youtz, they may get REALLY discouraged from all the rejection. As a seasoned outside sales rep, I can handle rejection pretty darn well. But when you’re an 18 yr old knocking on doors and you get treated like sh1t, it tends to lower your level of enthusiasm.

    Say VOTER FRAUD and they go running. Or get your laundry basket.

  155. The Palin rally here in Pensacola next Tuesday has had to find a new venue. Demand for tickets completely overwhelmed the original location last Thursday, and now she’ll be appearing in the Civic Center. Not that there was ever any question that the Panhandle would love her. I’ll be there

  156. I haven’t been contacted at all, which surprises me. I’m right in their demo, and I was never home to take their calls during the primary so I don’t see how they could have IDed me as a Clinton supporter. My mother’s gotten a call (she told them to screw off)…it makes me think their organization is crap.

  157. SOD:

    As the captain could tell you, all frozen cuts of meat look the same..

  158. I refuse to watch. Have avoided Mahar, Letterman, Chris Rock, all cable news except for Fox once in awhile, the View. All Obama all the time. I reached my saturation point.

  159. SNL….i may be dating myself here but i haven’t watched that show since the original “not ready for prime time players” left.

  160. sm77 – You really said the right things – the young lady respected your telling the truth and being able to articulate it. Thanks for sharing her comment regarding others she had visited rejecting him – I think BZero campaign people are hearing loud and clear from the majority of voters they reject him. This spurs them on to spend more money – buy more people to muddy the water. I love hearing about it! That was encouraging what your former boss said and I am sending good vibes your way.

    All I get to do is return the envelopes for donations with a half a pound of catelog pages trimmed down and some reasons why I will not support their “selected one”.

  161. Shay; Excellent! Glad to hear the crowd just keeps coming. Hopefully this translates into something positive for a change.

  162. I’m glad that Sarah is taking aim at Obama – especially since he seems to think she’s really his opponent!

  163. sm77, I am going to my local dollar store and get a laundry basket JUST for you! LOL!

    I like the bible shotgun approach. THAT would be an eye-opener for the brown shirt brigade over at Obama, Inc.

  164. NEWSFLASH!!!!

    You are not going to believe this. After all the race baiting, the whining, the bitter attacks on the white working class, and the old deadender women, Obama says:

    Race isn’t hurting him!! Well what do you know?


    Too bad he went and alienated half of his base over it then.

  165. Pat – What if there were two or three videos the RNC has been sitting on that do not reflect well on Obama? Like one with Michele on a rant…

    Otherwise, any more news from Chicago, as Rezko awaits sentencing later this month?

    What about the Philip Berg lawsuit in Philly? Thought I read the judge denied the Motion to Dismiss from Obama’s attys.

    What does it take to make a “game changer”?

  166. The captain is a firm believer in keeping business and social activities separate.

    Otherwise, he says, things get awkward.

  167. Wait, what is Palin doing in California of all places? ah, I see fundraiser the night before.. Still.

  168. It is much like an Obama/Palin head to head. McCain is out there somewhere and Biden is clearly in left field. It seems to be down to those two at the moment. Without her, McCain is lost IMHO.

  169. Pat,

    The right wingers on WRKO and WTTK are actually making fun of McCain. They have already thrown in the towel.

  170. Probably in CA just to ruffle some feathers. Also, Orange County gave Bush the LARGEST plurality in the NATION back in 2004. Kerry won CA by just 800K votes (out of 15 million cast)

    Could Cali be in play? The Governator c-o-u-l-d help with that……(?)

  171. Rezko is now cooperating with the authorities.

    The judge hasn’t ruled yet in Berg v. Obama.

  172. Rallyboo1: That was good news to my ears, at least in my heavy Latino neighborhood, they are mostly Nobama.

  173. bb: Howie Carr did not like McCain from day one. He as a Mitt fan. I don’t tune in often but he seems to dismiss McCain more and more. And Howie hates the Dems with an ubridled passion.

  174. plamingophred — are you sure about that? I read an order from the judge in Berg v. Obama denying the motion to dismiss & ordering production of BO’s long version birth certificate. Of course, it was on the internet, so it could have been a “made up” order.

  175. MoDo is doing more of her usual hatchet job today against Palin. I won’t bother to link since she is just one nasty piece of work.

  176. angienc – yes, I’m sure. go to http://www.obamacrimes.com for the truth since that’s Berg’s own web site. The motion was what Berg included to make it easy for the judge, but as of his last post on 10/1, no ruling has come out.

  177. MoDo is a self-hating freak of nature who is pissed she didn’t get to be Judith Miller.

  178. The other day I got a DNC mailing that included 2 round stickers: “ASK ME HOW MANY HOUSES I OWN” and .. uh..something something VOTE (Democratic).

    I cut off the I OWN, the M & Y out of many, and the VOTE from the other one, stuck them on the donor card and signed it PUMA in big red letters.

    By sheer coincidence, I got some other mail that day with a sheet of happy-face stickers enclosed. One had a big toothy smile and lots of red lipstick. That sucker went on the outside of the envelope.

    Childish, probably. Fun? definitely! 😆

  179. Thanks for the assist SOD! 🙂

  180. SOD & plamingphred — thanks — I read the order Berg prepared & thought it had been entered by the court. I do doubt however that the judge will enter that order — he is a Dem — appointed by Bill Clinton true so there ma be some hope.

  181. Way to go Sherry! You just made my night.

  182. I got a mailing from Michelle this week. I’ll have to remember to send it back on Monday. I have another one from Obama/Biden. They come so often now. And somehow they got my e-mail address, even though I have unsubbed from every possible source. So I unsubbed again.

  183. It’s too bad all of you Audrey Hepburn fans don’t live in the Chicago area – Charade is on one of the PBS stations.

  184. I think the Republicans have a completely bankrupt ideology. I think with the economy is helping the whole Democratic field.

  185. Sherry — I got a sticker from the DNC that said “Vote for a Democrat” I wrote when you nominate one I will with a sharpie & mailed it back to them on their dime.

  186. Hey, I just realized I had a syncronicity yesterday. I went to the bank to get some quarters for the parking meters in Boston. I got 5 rolls of quarters and every single one was an Alaska quarter. Could it be sign?

    OK, I guess I’m reaching, but it was wierd.

  187. masslib – that is so true. I guess we can only hope that the meltdown happened far enough out that something else, like maybe foreign policy, will come up to help sink their hope.

    Dang, I can’t come up with anything tonight to use the change part!

  188. If there’s one thing you can say about MA Repubs, they’re hardcore delusional. They honestly believed Ogonowski could knock off Kerry based on a decent showing in the 5th–and they honestly believe the Dems redistricted to create a Repub Congressional seat. lol If they’re writing McCain off, I’m more convinced than ever that he’s going to win. 🙂

  189. Masslib,

    Duh. I wonder why Nancy and Harry and Barack were pushing so hard for the bailout? No kidding.

  190. sm77, I think it is interesting that the canvassers don’t even try to defend obama in these interchanges. I guess once they see you are adamant they are told to back off. Kind of like the Dem Congress”s strategy for dealing with Bush.

    WRT the Audrey Hepburn….I’ve never appreciated Marni Nixon more than after seeing that scene with Audrey Hepburn’s real singing voice. Ouch. She was a great actress in that role, but I love those songs so much I am glad they weren’t butchered in the released film.

    bostonboomer, my mom and your mom were kindred spirits. My earliest cultural awareness is probably my mom’s extreme displeasure that Julie Andrews did not get that role, nor the one in Camelot. I grew up listening to the Broadway cast recordings of both those shows with Julie Andrews, and I still listen to them. She is just incomparable. Also, for any other Julie Andrews fans, there is a CD out there from the original 50’s TV production of Rodgers and Hammerstien’s Cinderella, which starred Julie Andrews. I grew up with the Lesley Ann Warren version in the 60’s, which I loved. But if you love Julie Andrews’ voice, imagine her singing those wonderful songs “Ten Minutes Ago”, “A Lovely Night”, etc. Look for that CD!

    Anwway, thanks for the excuse for that digression….watching my Cubbies losing here and getting swept in the playoffs…again….

  191. phlamingophred — don’t worry, I have a whole collection of Audrey dvds. I don’t have Charade, though, but that one was never one of my favorites.

  192. I never get any maililngs from Obama or the DNC…which is weird because I volunteered and contributed a lot to HIllary. It makes me think they know who I am somehow..

  193. OOH! I need one of those Alaska quarters. I am collecting al the states’ quarters in this really cool map that’s about 2X3 with a place for all the quarters for each state. Waiting on AZ, AK and HI. That’s all that’s left. They are all due for release this year to end the minted series.

  194. AngieNC: I would’ve written back “I did, I voted for Hillary.”

    BB: oooohh, kismic!

  195. Ruffian,

    Oh no. I’m sorry about the Cubs. That’s sad. My mom used to play My Fair Lady constantly when I was a kid. Other musicals too. I can tell you how many times I fell asleep to those songs. Oklahoma was my favorite.

  196. sm — that would have been great! Too bad I didn’t think of it. LOL

  197. Ruffian – I hate to say it, but I’m kind of hoping they just end it quickly if they can’t do any better than that. It hurts my heart to watch the true fans suffering so much.

  198. txpolitico,

    Keep your eyes peeled. They must have just come out. You’ll be getting them in change soon.

  199. Rocco, whiskey,baby. And don’t be stingy.

  200. “I think the Republicans have a completely bankrupt ideology”

    Or as Obama calls their ideology, “fresh shiny new ideas worthy of emulation.”

  201. Ruffian: Nope, she knew I was a red-alert case once I got into it so she backed off. And don’t catch me with a laundry basket in hand either!

  202. Ooooooh, Gary, you’d better watch out. You might be on the enemies list.

  203. it’s the last quarter (pun intended) and I have noticed that’s when most of them are released into circulation. thanks for the heads up!!

  204. txpolitico, what does the Wyoming quarter look like? That’s the only one I’ve never found.

  205. Nope. There is still one more quarter to come. Hawaii is the 50th state.

  206. Oh wait, I see what you mean. The last *quarter* meaning of the year.

  207. I have to put PUMA cub to bed – and this hot chocolate I drank is making me sleepy.

    Love you all & good night & see you tomorrow!

  208. I have to hit the sack too. Good night SM and all of you.

  209. What’s not to like about Charade? It’s got Cary Grant and Walter Matthau. Please don’t hurt me, but I don’t particulary like Audrey.

  210. Hillary praises Palin”

    “It is amazing, you know, she’s been thrust in the spotlight with very little national preparation and I think, all things considered, you saw a very composed and effective debater,” Clinton said.

  211. Night SM and BB!

  212. Not only did Marni Nixon “voice” for Audrey Hepburn in MFL, she sang for Deborah Kerr in “The King And I” and for Natalie Wood as Maria in “West Side Story.”
    What a talented woman.

  213. phlamingophred, Thanks you, I kind of share that sentiment. After that truly heartbreaking series against the Marlins a few years ago, I said I didn’t want them even in the playoffs again if they weren’t going to go all the way. It really is not any fun getting to the playoffs and then getting killed.

    bostonboomer – yes, my mom had all the musicals too. My sister and I would play the records and act them out. Best fun was the “We open in Venice…’ from Kiss Me Kate and the ‘Take me to the Fair’ from Camelot. I always think the youth of today would be a lot smarter if they had been raised on Lerner and Lowe and Cole Porter rather than the “kid friendly” music I used to hear my friends play their kids. I have no kids though, so it’s easy for me to talk.

  214. Seriously,

    the WY qtr is a cowboy riding a horse and it’s in a bucking style with the state motto “The Equality State” next to it.

    When I got it and read their motto, What a fcuking joke! What happened in Laramie came to mind with that poor gay boy they beat up and left to die on that post.


  215. Jmac

    Look up the word “class” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of Hillary. She’s the definition of it.

  216. She’s also a nun in The Sound of Music.

  217. plamingophred — you are lucky that the TheraFlu I took for my cold is making me sleepy or I would hurt you! How can you not adore Audrey?!?! She is the most beautiful, graceful, sweet, elegant woman to ever grace the silver screen!!
    Nothing particularly wrong with Charade — it just doesn’t compare to her other movies Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, Funny Face & Sabrina (with Humphrey Bogart no less).
    Anyway, I’m off to bed too. Good night bb, sm & everyone.

  218. Ruffian – what’s even sadder is that they played such a great season. I never understand why they choke in the post.

    Gary – you are on the enemies list so make sure you keep looking over your shoulder, and dont’ answer the door in the middle of the night.

    I don’t even recognize our money anymore – which is probably ok since I usually don’t have any to look at anyway.

  219. bostonboomer – yes, my mom had all the musicals too. My sister and I would play the records and act them out. Best fun was the “We open in Venice…’ from Kiss Me Kate and the ‘Take me to the Fair’ from Camelot. I always think the youth of today would be a lot smarter if they had been raised on Lerner and Lowe and Cole Porter rather than the “kid friendly” music I used to hear my friends play their kids. I have no kids though, so it’s easy for me to talk.

    Yes and they would be wittier, too, Ruffian.

  220. Ooh, sorry Txpolitico. 😦

  221. Angie – Sabrina is ok because of Humphrey! He’s my all time fave. I’m sending get well vibes your way!

  222. Hmmm, she’s classy and a nun. I know, but it still made me laugh.

    Off to bed on that cheery note.

  223. Yoo Hoo!! Drinks all around in honor of SM77! Tellin’ it like it is.

    Knowledge is power.

  224. I just coughed up some bux for the Fab Four! Does that get me a drink on the house?

    I’ll have my usual, a Hillary Wallbanger.

  225. fif – good to see you! I knew we were missing someone tonight.

  226. Sometimes it’s fun to run the comments together.

    Look up the word “class” in the dictionary and there’s a picture of Hillary. She’s the definition of it.

    She’s also a nun in The Sound of Music.

    It must be the mojitos I’m swilling to get through this Cubs game.

  227. Audrey Hepburn, from first to last–enchanting.
    Good night, loves.

  228. YOU nailed it RIGHT on the head. YAY for you!!

  229. SM77 – I am also in Tampa and I had a BO lady come to the door. My lady was older, like me. I told her at first that, no, I was for McCain. She was polite and said- well try to keep an open mind. That just set me off. I told her there was no way I was voting for BO because he stole the election from her and he wasn’t elected. He was selected by the super delegates. And that he was a thug ! I said don’t tell me to keep an open mind and to get off my property ! She could see that I was upset and she left.
    I know that freinds in my neighborhood are for him. We have agreed not to talk about it ( like religion ) .

  230. No attitude directed at you Seriously. Just their state motto and the sad turn of events there 10 years ago with the murder of Matthew Shepard.

    It’s irony at its worst.

  231. She’s the most heroic nun in the movie, and she’s holding on to little super Chelsea with pint sized habit *and* wonder woman underoos.

  232. Lizgranny, you are my hero! Principles before party!

  233. txpolitico, that is my first thought when I hear Wyoming mentioned also. I was living in Colorado at the time, and we had a lot of coverage. Just heartbreaking.

    Sad that the state with Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons is going to be forever associated with that and Dick Cheney in my mind.

  234. No, I know txpolitico, just sorry to have brought up bad associations.

  235. yeah, Seriously’s comment following mine was too funny!


    I took a moment to click over to the board I used to haunt and thought I’d bring you this quote from their “caribou barbie” thread – just a taste of what we’ll be seeing a lot more of tomorrow…:

    “The terrorist comment Palin made was so infuriating. By the way, when is the NY Times going to publish a front page story on her witch hunting pastor? She has a much more personal and actual relationship with him than Obama has with Ayers. At this point I not only want her to lose but I hope it leaves her political career in tatters and we never see the bitch again in national politics.”

  236. Seriously, there must have been a pantsuit under her habit.

  237. The Holy Pantsuit. How do you solve a problem like Maria? Quick….to the phone booth!

  238. Gives a whole new meaning to “the sisterhood of the travelling pantsuits”!

  239. txp – Thanks. I quess they are hitting Tampa hard. I wonder if they fit the canvasser to the person they are visiting. I think I will check and make sure I haven’t been purged from the voter rolls since now they know I’m not voting for BO.

  240. Gary, if you are still here. I found a pumamobile for you and Mawn to use for special PUMA missions:


  241. Honest to god, they sound like raving religious bigots. Her witch hunting pastor? Yes….people’s religious beliefs, trying to blow things up with bombs. Same exact thing, except the religious part is scary.

    “we never see the bitch again in national politics”

    Now, see, he forgot to use the plural or I’d applaud him for at least being honest.

  242. texpolitico….yes…and we should answer the door holding (clinging to) a bible.

  243. Pat J. LOL!

  244. she, Seriously. That quote was from a female. 😦

  245. Our supervisor of elections has been holding registration drives all over town. Monday is the last day to register. Most of the places where the drives were, were in black or low income areas. The Election Supervisor is up for reelection, too. I think he is an Obot. He’s not getting my vote. Neither is Castor, either. She is in Pelosi’s pocket.

  246. Ah, the Serena Joys of life. 🙂

  247. myiq — except those where someone forgot to remove the ring from the finger.

  248. I’m off to bed. Y’all keep the porch light burning for the westcoasters, hear?


  249. There was an Obama/voter registration table set up yesterday on the sidewalk near the dog park I frequent in Orlando. It is in a lower income area also. I didn’t see anyone talking with the young man behind the table during the time I was at the park. I guess there is nothing really remarkable about it except it is the first one I have seen.

  250. “we never see the bitch again in national politics”

    I used to at least be happy I was not in the mean-spirited party. Wait, since I no longer consider myself a Democrat, I’m still not. Yay for me!

  251. Ruffian, your logon looks familiar…..were you a commenter at Talk Left too?

  252. You know, I’m totally in favor of voter registration drives, but what worries me is who monitors the process? Like last tie out, Republicans were being accused of taking Democratic registrations and stuffing them in the trash. I wouldn’t put that past the Obots at all, so I think there need to be registration monitors from both parties just like for an election.

  253. I wonder how many will actually vote. If they have never bothered to register, will they bother to go and stand in line to vote. In Ohio, students were registered and bused to vote by the Obots on college campuses. That way they don’t have to worry about turnout. That is wide open for fraud or double voting.

  254. Hi phlaming ((((waves))))

  255. But they suck on foreign policy too.

  256. One and the same txpolitico – I still comment there too when they drive me crazy enough.

  257. I don’t have a link, but Charles posted four new 527 ads against BO tonight at NoQuarter (and probably at his blog), all focused on the economy. They’re strong. October is going to be feisty.

  258. 1) Somebody must write a book entiteld, “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits”

    2) Everyone needs to watch SNL clips as soon as possible. They gave it to the dems out of both barrels on the economic crisis.

  259. Regency: seriously?! What, is Lorne Michaels on vacation this week?

  260. Yeah so do I Ruffian. Jeralyn, who actually told me she liked me (I was SHOCKED!) ran me out of there a few wks ago because I was slamming Obama.

    I have been totally banned by Big Tent Dickhead in his threads. That’s a badge of honor for me though.

    He’s a lawyer that defends Wal Mart. Whatta prick.

  261. Wow, good for SNL. I’ll look for the clips.

  262. I was confronted by an Obama recruiter on the street in Manhattan. I’m often confronted by the DNC and Obamabots because I don’t fit the ugly, uneducated, old, sino-peruvian image they have of Hillary supporters. One of the girls around my age happily asked me if I was supporting Obama expecting an the usual enthusiastic YES! OF COURSE! you get from the wealthy Obamabots in my area. All I did was give a funny face (I wasn’t expecting to do that but my face just cringed up when I heard the name Obama) and I shook my head and said no. The girl was like, “Oh….okay. Well, have a nice day”. I already know a ton of Obambots in my area planning to go on a trip with to PA to recruit people into their cult. The Obama campaign has tables out on the streets daily trying to get people to sign up. The fewer people I need to deal with on the streets of Manhattan the better so I’m all for the cult followers to leave for a weekend.

  263. Here, almost anyone can do a voter registration drive. Just get the forms and set up a table. People fill out personal info and hand the form to someone they don’t know and that isn’t connected to the government at all. Anything can be done with those forms and that info. This election is going to be stolen, just like an earlier post said.

  264. Sorry for the grammatical errors. Need to sleep now.

  265. I have no pity. I altered a sign in my yard that used to read “I ask questions later and shoot first” to read “if you ask me to support BO, I ask questions later and shoot first.”

    I am waiting for the FBI momentarily…..but it sure felt good to do it 🙂


  266. I’ve said I’ll vote for Obama as long as I don’t listen to him or his followers, because as much as the messiah thing creeps me out, and as much as the DNC totally screwed Hillary and her voters, i just think the republicans need a time out. they just are so clueless as to what ordinary peoples concerns are. They really think “no taxes/no spending” is still an effective message. I mean, these are the a**holes who went on a witch hunt and impeached the best President in my life time at least with my tax dollars. They really don’t deserve to be anywhere near government. But, i think Obama will be a whole lot more tolerable if we have super majorities because watching this bailout it seems progressive Democrats are not just going to role over for Obama and Nancy. i think that in itself is a good thing. I think Palin is actually the best candidate then the Repubs have put up since ronald reagan, but she’s schackled with McCain who astonishingly has not moved to the center at all in this election.

  267. Jennifer.

    It’s called First Amendment Rights. Stick to your guns…literally and figuratively!

  268. I’m off to bed now that the movie’s over. The Cubbies got a run but I still think they’re going to blow it and I can’t watch that.

  269. Uh-oh–I guess I’m the only Dodgers fan here.

  270. the dems that voted against the first bill were ones in a tight race and Pelosi gave them the ok to vote no. If we have a dem majority in the house and Senate and bo as POTUS, whoa, look out ! We will be in the biggest socalist state ever.

  271. masslib: I don’t agree re: McCain. He listened to HRC supporters and chose a woman. He has repeatedly signaled that he will put Dems in his administration and work in a bipartisan fashion. He also has made alternative fuels a top priority. With a Dem Congress, he will be forced to compromise on many other issues.

    Re: BO, I just could never go there. Voting for him is endorsing the very same tactics that Bush & Co. employed to seize power and do all this damage. They keep pushing that McCain = Bush. For me, Obama = Bush. However, as respectful Conflucians, we each own our vote.

  272. txpol – I was managing to be diplomatic enough over there at TL until this bailout issue struck. I can’t say good things about any politician supporting it. That did not go down so well over there.

    I’m kind of where masslib is in her last comment. If the more liberal congresspeople hold Obama’s feet to the fire he might be tolerable. But I have no faith that they will, and I don’t know how we get through 4 years not listening to him or his followers.

  273. State, I worry about that. But I mean, I just don’t think I can stand to listen to four years of “low taxes”, “cut spending”. I mean, I don’t know, it’s a tough call, but really it seems out of my hands anyway, because the Democrats seem to be getting a tremendous polling advantage due to the economy and as a liberal I’d welcome super majorities in Congress.

  274. Dean revealed his “50-state strategy” at a convention of Dem party leaders.
    Obots volunteer for 25 home
    visits in their neighborhood. The first time they just pretend to
    be interested in the neighbor–“Nice to meet you, who are your kids?”
    The next time they get a bit more friendly. The third meeting sets
    the stage for the fourth in which you reveal that you are selling

    What is going to make this really effective is that there will be
    competitions to see who can visit the most homes.

    This lovely fantasy was broken by a woman shouting to Dean, “How does Soros get his money? How does George Soros get his

    Soros co-owned bank that donated to Nancy P. so sheSoros will benefit
    greatly from our necessary infrastructure rebuilding.

  275. No hard feelings Iriandese. This series was so short I didn’t work up and antipathy towards the Dodgers. The Cubbies just did not “bring it”. They deserve to lose.

  276. goodnight fellow PUMAs. this texan is pooped and its after midnight. good talking with everyone here tonight. here’s hoping that the R’s come out full throttle this month against Obamaho and he lose Dukakis style!

  277. “But I have no faith that they will, and I don’t know how we get through 4 years not listening to him or his followers”

    I’ll probably just do what I do now to him and Bush, mute them.

  278. The BO talk is disconcerting for me. He STOLE the nomination. That can never be rewarded. The idea of him being elected, even without my vote, is so repellent I do not know how I will be able to face it. To think of Pelosi, Dean, Richardson, Kerry, McCaskill, DONNA B! and the rest celebrating their profoundly anti-democratic party is unacceptable on the most fundamental level. What point is there in supporting a Party that violates it’s own Charter? No can do–ever. THEY also need a time out.

  279. masslib, do you know any Obots? If Obama came to house and ask my father to stab me, I’d run for my damn life. He hates Bush because of the war. If Obama started 10 wars, he’d say “Obama saves” and start beating on protestors. He hates Bush because of civil liberties. If Obama made it a crime to criticize him, he’d say “Obama saves” and make a list of traitors to round up. Obama has shown that there’s nothing he can’t get away with thanks to his glassy eyed kool-ade drinking followers and a slavish media–sound familiar? And the progressive members of Congress didn’t seem to care when the primary was being hijacked and misogyny became the core principle of the party, so the chances of them actually speaking up on much are pretty low. The chances of them being listened to are even lower.

  280. I’m looking at the bright side of the Cubs losing – Obama won’t be able to ride a bandwagon in their victory parade.

  281. Ruffian–good. I can’t believe we haven’t mucked it up. We usually do. I would have rooted for your Cubbies if they had gone on.

  282. I’ll probably just do what I do now to him and Bush, mute them.

    12-16 years of muting the illegitimate president. God bless America.

  283. LOL! Eeww, the very thought of BO hitching a ride on the last bastion of non-political satisfaction for me would send me into complete orbit.

  284. nite all.

  285. Wasn’t it 20 million that Pelosi was going to give to Acorn for BO. Without any checks and balances, who knows how much of your tax dollars will go to them and their freinds.

  286. Nite all.

  287. SOD: Thought that, too. *shrugs*

  288. God, poll–what’s the first thing Emperor George II would do with legislative supermajorities?

  289. Iriandese – congratulations for the Dodgers. I wish them well – they did great.

  290. Nite all…….sigh…we’ll get’em next year (Cubbies) or in 2012 (Real Dems)

  291. Lizgranny – it was $140 billion to ACORN and that is b as in billion.

  292. Ruffian–thanks. Now we’ve got to take out either the Brewers or the Phillies. Not quite sure we can pull this off-but I’m a’hopin. Your Cubs had an outstanding season this year. We just got lucky here.

  293. Masslib
    I’ve said I’ll vote for Obama:
    There is now absolutely no difference between Obama and the Republicans.
    ~McBama favores offshore drilling.
    ~McBama promised to support the filibuster of FISA but then he voted FOR FISA.
    ~McBama voted for the bailout.
    ~McBAma has weaseled his abortion position.
    ~MCBAma took huge payoffs from Big Oil, and surprise, surprise, he was against the proposed tax holiday after supporting a similar plan when he was an Illinois legislator.
    ~McBama took huge payoffs from telecommunications companies. (Remember his vote for retroactive immunity for illegal wiretapping?). Did you see the big AT&T sponsorship signs at the Denver convention?
    ~McBAma took huge payoffs from Fannie Mae–any wonder he voted for the bailout?

    And now you think that maybe because McBAma talks like sugar he will somehow do the right thing “once he gets into office”? Look at how he acts now. That is how he WILL act.

    Women are “bitches and hoes”? Get ready to be a bitch and a hoe.

    His female staff doesn’t get paid what the male staff gets paid for the same job? American women will have nothing but the same income disparity under McBAma.

    You are young and cute and you think tghat will protect you? God help you, sweetie, if you lose your husband as a provider, because in Obamaland it’s the bruthas who are going to come first and you, sweetie, are a sista.

    I don’t care for McCain’s politics, but at least he’s an honest conservative. No matter who we vote for, the corporations will have a stranglehold on the government. The only difference is that with McCain, women are accepted as serious partners in the business at hand. What happens in McCain’s staff room–and he actually has MORE women than men in responsible positions–will set expectations downstream.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m not young, cute or male. Obama and his blue shirts have no use for people like me.

  294. You guys are gracious.

  295. SOD and Regency – I still waver because I have wanted to kick these Republicans out of office for so long. I don’t want Obama. I don’t want McCain either. These are conflicting desires that I have a month to resolve. I read this blog to help me make up my mind.

  296. Seriously….I’m a Cubs fan – i’ve had 100 years to practice good sportsmanship…

    Go Dodgers – I have no interest in the Phils or the Brewers! At least I used to live in Huntington Beach and go to some Dodgers games.

  297. Nijima–Obama and his blue shirts suck, but you are awesome!!!!! Their loss. *cheers wildly*

  298. the night of the dem roll call i had the tv blaring and the door open. in kitchen, making dinner, i hear the door bell ring, and there is a sweet young woman (obviously a local univ. student ) from dem party. she asked if i would contribute to the dnc and i gave her a piece of my mind. i wasn’t in any mood to listen to her perky naive talk and told her how the election was a selection and that she should educate herself. no money for the dnc and no money for candidates i don’t support.

  299. SOD: That’s something to pose to RD or any of the others. I won’t be on most of the day tomorrow. Going shopping for a friend’s birthday, then I have a midterm to prepare for.

  300. Need an opinion, late night Conflucians. Go here and tell me which, if any of them, of the pictures (ignoring the few avatars there) are best for my new blog headers . The one I have currently makes me sad so I’m considering changing it. With it I’d obviously change the colors and stuff too.

    Look closely, some of the pictures which appear identical have different quips on them. I’m no great artiste with the graphics but they amuse me well enough.

  301. Seriously,

    Everyone keeps asking if Obama has brown shirts yet. His people are way ahead of the game:

    Virginia Republicans are in an uproar after the state teacher’s union sent an e-mail to its members encouraging them to wear blue-colored shirts to school to show their support for Barack Obama.

    Here’s the link:

    If women vote for Obama we will have absolutely no leverage with the guy. He has already demonstrated he does not want our votes.

    But if McCain squeaks in because of us, he will owe us and he will know it.

  302. I’m amazed that people vote for crooks like Obama because they think they’ll get free stuff. The lure of something for nothing is the basis most scams.

  303. The roll call at the convention had me in tears. I literally could not watch Hillary’s nor Bill’s speech. I’ve alienated so many of my former so-called “liberal Dems”, I’ve had to re-write my contacts list. Whatever. I cannot support dirty politics or corruption ANYWHERE, and especially in my own party. Yes, the stupid BO sign is still up on the roof across the street, and it reminds me every day to keep speaking up and not give up.

  304. My cold is making me miserable and now that the game is over, I’m going nitey-nite. PUMA!

  305. Good night, folks. Feel beter, Irlandese.

  306. “If women vote for Obama we will have absolutely no leverage with the guy. He has already demonstrated he does not want our votes.”

    Yeah, we will have proven that the Democratic Party can do anything they want to us. No matter what, they own our votes. And they’ll laugh in our faces before spitting in our faces.

  307. Am I mistaken?

  308. Regency are you at Geeklove? That’s who convinced me to put the first political thing on my blog, although I still try to stay pragmatic.
    Okay I love the pics of her family, the one of her and Chelsea is great, the one of her whispering to BigDawg. the montage of lots of her faces. the 2012 slogan. There is another photo of her in a black jacket in the rain that i just love if you can get a hold of it.
    I don’t like: the references to fashion or emotion–bottom line it’s her policies and politics that attract me. Her leadership potential. What our country could be with her. There is one photo of her in an orange suit that has a shadow that calls attention to the crotch that I don’t like.

    For slogans why don’t you take something from one of her speeches? I was amazed at the China speech in the background of the Geeklove film and the skillful way it was cut. Chelsea gives good speeches too, Her father says she ‘s a good campaigner and he’s right. She’s another policy wonk with good soundbites that make you want to do the right thing because it is also economically sound.

    And now I have opened a Pilsner Urquell Czech beer which is quite lovely. I make it a point not to blog and drink at the same time, so good night.

  309. Regency…Maybe tommorow.

  310. Sorry regency, I tried to view them, but my computer sucks too much.

  311. The SNL opening bit was a take-off of the VP debate.

    It was fairly evenhanded, but Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah is so good it made the jokes on that side funnier.

    If I was Lorne Michaels I would use Tina as Sarah on every show until the wheels fall off that sucker.

    If 1012 ends up as a face-off between Hillary and Sarah, Amy and Tina will team up as the funniest SNL duo since Akroyd-Belushi.

    And if you are a Clinton Democrat who gets upset at Tina impersonating Palin you need to seriously unclench your buttcheeks and relax.

  312. Hey, guys,

    Sorry to log in so late, but I’m in my busy season and must work 7 days a week. Hope all are well, and the Phillies win (yeah, I know I’m a New Yorker, blah, blah, blah,…)


  313. That was the wrong door to knock on, apparently. 🙂

    I actually thought the SNL skit tonight was flattering to Palin.. Biden was shown to be exactly what he was, and Ifill was on the mark. The criticism of Palin amounted to “blah, blah, blah..” but certainly not evil.

  314. Regency,
    I am partial to the pantsuit one but really like the ones that have both Hillary and Sarah on them. Best of luck with that.

  315. I was just at CNN. and they have a headline up, Palin says Obama pals with ‘terrorist.’

    Is it just me? I could see putting “pals” in quotes, but, um, did the definiition of terrorist get ambiguous and nobody told me? “Some call it terrorism, we at CNN call it Friday Night Fun.” Man.

  316. Fewer early votes here than I expected.
    How the heck does someone live 68 years and never vote?!

    “According to the county board of elections, of the 4,134 voters who cast absentee ballots through yesterday, 668 also registered to vote in what some are calling the “Golden Week” and others a recipe for fraud.”

    “Based on available data from Tuesday through Thursday, of those who registered and voted in Franklin County, 61 percent were younger than 35 and 80 percent were from Columbus. More than 80 percent of those who cast ballots and also voted in the March 4 primary were registered Democrats.”

    “Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, a Democrat, has ruled the law doesn’t allow observers for absentee voting. Yesterday, former Republican Franklin County Commissioner Dewey Stokes sued after he was denied access as an observer.”


  317. Oh, no, that doesn’t sound questionable at all *headdesk*

    Who OBJECTS to election observers? Oh, that’s right–we do!

  318. Over three million hits! That ferocious cat love! Me. I am here every day for help in bucking up my own sanity in this nasty notably undemocratic race since discovering the Confluence during the DNC. I do occasionally post a few words, but I literally consume every thread like my life depends upon it. Thanks to RD, Gary, Madamab, and ALLl of you Old Regulars so very much for being here. I can only hope there is enough voting power here to help turn the tide against the thieves and the thugs of this political season.

    Nobama, noway, nohow…

  319. Morning. I regularly throw the Obot mailers in the trash but no knocks on the door yet. sm77, nice concise reply to the kid. You probably started some wheels turning behind the blank stare.

  320. Regency, I’d choose Hill and Chelsea-but then I’m a mom.

  321. Laurie, that picture does stand out! It’s good of both of them. I’m not a mom.

  322. I like the “you laugh…you learn (or mourn)…you go on” one.

  323. Regency, I like the “You laugh, you grieve, you go on…” one. I love the sentiment, and I love the photo of Hill, Bill, and Chelsea.

  324. Short story from yesterday

    I was at a beautiful wedding yesterday (most African American and African crowd) and what do you know the discussion came up who we were going to vote for and I noticed already few people that I barely know had already heard that I was totally against Omighty. Words do travel fast when you are against O.

    The good thing – I found out was that I was not alone – well there were a total of 5 out of a hundred crowd. The part I enjoyed about the whole thing was the five of us were having more fun at their expense and they did not like it. Why is the O crowd such a gloomy crowd? I just don’t get it – O has more money, supposedly more crowd on his side, supposedly better ideas about the future but his crowd is Conspiracy Theorists, Enquirer Magazine types – scary.

  325. I too would like some clarification. I thought this was a

    NØbama NØway in NØvember


    I stopped going to Allegre’s soap box because of partisanship. I read anglachel these days with a very large grain of salt because of partisanship and even the Great Somersby cannot get past his partisanship most of the time.

    I, personally, find partisanship dangerous. Vote for a party rather than a person. Show more loyalty to a party than to your country. Partisanship allows us as Democrats to blindly demonize Republicans for having the temerity to not think like we do or agree with our POV.

    I thought like that most of my life. I saw the light when that same kind of thinking and attitude was used against me because I wouldn’t suspend my thinking processes and just get in line.

    No more. Never again will I vote a straight ticket unless I am convinced that each and every candidate is better than his or her opponent. I’m no longer a Democrat. I am an Independent. I will never be a Democrat again. If they clean up their act and become the party they once were I may vote for their candidates. The Democratic Party and the DNC will never get any support or money from me again. I don’t like getting screwed over and refuse to reward that behavior with my vote.

  326. Good morning – did you catch Goodwin’s article in the Daily News about Palin?


    sm77, forgot to mention this yesterday. Have you considered being a Fed? You may want to check out http://www.usajobs.com.

  327. kenoshaMarge – I totally agree!

  328. AAO, on October 5th, 2008 at 10:07 am Said:

    “Why is the O crowd such a gloomy crowd? I just don’t get it – O has more money, supposedly more crowd on his side, supposedly better ideas about the future but his crowd is Conspiracy Theorists, Enquirer Magazine types – scary.”

    I don’t know, but it reminded me of something RD said in an earlier post on Palin:

    “Obama has every advantage to win this race with all of the training wheels, spotters, helmet, knee and elbow padding and a running push. The amount of support for a presidential candidate is unprecedented. Never before has so much been done for so long for so little. So, why is the race still more or less a statistical tie? Maybe because he is the weakest candidate the Democrats could have selected and the Clintons are needed to run a pseudo nominees. But every time I see either of them on the stump for Obama, I am reminded of the glaring weaknesses of Barack Obama.”


    Do people know that their candidate is very weak and are very defensive about even attempting to defend him?
    Are they clinging to “hope/change” because they are unwilling to look at the very real mess we’re in with no “easy” or close at hand solutions?

  329. During the Texas primary, I was visited by a man from New York, who I susspected to be a SEIU staff member or paid member down here working on an assignment. The SEIU has a long history of working with ACORN and getting finacial assistance from them. On Election day they took over most of the caucues in the urban centers. I will not go into again about how they “gamed” the election. They will own Obama if he is elected and they both are very very very ultra left wing.

  330. new post up….I was hoping RD would be back this am, but i’ve put up an open thread until she does, or as a backup…come on up!

  331. “I wouldn’t suspend my thinking processes and just get in line.”

    That’s the thing that galls me about the recent converts to Kool-aid.

    Watching them voluntarily lobotomize themsleves makes me want to beat some sense into them.

    Or just beat them.

  332. Good Morning Confluencians – just want to say I could not have made it through this horrific political “selection” if not for this site and all your posts. Yes, BZero supporters are still creepy – there is no EXCUSE or explanation because everyone of them have different opinions, “reasons”, wishes. It is interesting to read some of the ‘expert’ opinions given lately – what we may be missing?? They of course are very deep – ha ha ha. And these are some experts who know as much about the charade as we do. Hm, I think it has been a very long campaign. I think it has been a very base, base campaign and no one pontificating can give it deep meaning. I am simple minded – if your party goes off the rails, ignores every issue you hold, steals votes to give an unqualified candidate THE NOM, it’s possibly a power grab. Then they call you names and denigate you endlessly – it brings to mind a two year tantum. I cringe when I see adjectives like genius or brilliant attached to people like Rove or Axelfraud – they are crinimals and liars.

    I went through this eight years ago – the media, the hype, look at the corruption – this is not DEEP – this is simple.

    I thank Riverdaugther and her wonderful posters here.You all say it much better than I – thank goodness.

  333. Two year tantum should be two year old tantum – need coffee.

  334. Noonan on Meet the Press backtracking on her Palin debate review. God these assholes. Turned off show. I can’t watch this crap anymore.

  335. JessieB: I have been an SEIU member since they began representing nurses in the early to mid 90’s, The tie to ACORN is because Dale Rathke’s brother Wade is a major SEIU organize who pulled off thr impossible and organized Appalachia. I do not think that Andy Stern has done any favors for the union, and I was much happier before it left the AFL-CIO. There are rumblings amongst nurses that they are contemplating decert and moving toward California Nurses’ Association. While SEIU as a whole endorsed Sen. Obama, many njurses backed Se. C;inton. In fact, if you recall the party after she took FL, there were a number of purple SEIU nurses’ union tee shirts on scene. I have explained to my union why I cannot help them at this point in the election, and many others have as well.

  336. NH: I saw Noonan’s enthusiastic appraisal the night of the debate. What’s her problem now?

  337. Didn’t Peggy Noonan have an initially unfavorable reaction to Sarah Palin? I remember there was some commentarium with Mike Murphy.

  338. Noonan was very enthusiastic after the debate said she nailed it. Now she has to backtrack for all the Obamabots. She is saying Palin established her TV skills but has not shown she is qualified to be Pres. Lord, Obama is not qualified. Truly sad.

  339. chatblu: no, she was raving about Palin’s performance. “She KILLED it,” I think she said. She went on and on about how masterful it was, and that it was a “game changer.” Now, apparently, she has to fall in line because she’s worried about her career. No integrity anywhere.

    Since when has ANY VP candidate been forced to “prove they are qualified to be president” like Palin has been? It’s absurd. And the irony of the experience argument seems to escape all of them: hello? Top of the ticket anyone? But, he can bamboozle with pretty words, you see, so that makes him qualified. It’s a joke.

  340. I’m heading upthread.

  341. sm77 -Scratching Post Saturday
    i am in tampa also. finding it tough to communicate with my family!!!

  342. Stopped here because I was curious. Obama supporter in VA (also male, black, lawyer). Wanted Obama from the start but thought HRC would win. Liked her then, like her now…thought Bill and her “brain trust” did her in during the primaries. That said, I’m all for free speech so you can hammer away at the guy I’m voting for all you like (lord knows I have tons of Republican friends so it’s not new). I’m more curious as to whether you guys are more inclined to (1) write in HRC, (2) sit it out, or (3) vote McCain-Palin?

  343. […] it was yummy too!  Like my my previous post when an SEIU Canvasser dropped by, I’ll write out the exchange in a MadamaB style playlet post except that it’s actually […]

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