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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Happy Birthday to Me!
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Late Night: Now for something completely different….

Okay, so I put up a very depressing tinfoil tinged post. So sorry Conflucians. I didn’t mean to cause upset tummies or sleepless nights. So as penance, here are a few cheerful tidbits.

*Interesting* analysis of the Palin-Biden debate from CNN:

An analysis carried out by a language monitoring service said Friday that Gov. Sarah Palin spoke at a more than ninth-grade level and Sen. Joseph Biden spoke at a nearly eighth-grade level in Thursday night’s debate between the vice presidential candidates.

Here’s a bit more detail:

Grade level: Biden, 7.8; Palin, 9.5 (Newspapers are typically written to a sixth-grade reading level.)

Sentences per paragraph: statistically tied at 2.7 for Biden and 2.6 for Palin.

Letters per word: tied at 4.4.

Ease of reading: Biden, 66.7 (with 100 being the easiest to read or hear), versus 62.4 for Palin.

The analysis said Abraham Lincoln spoke at an 11th-grade level during his seven debates in 1858 against incumbent Stephen A. Douglas in their race for a Senate seat from Illinois.

Just for laughs, here’s the you tube of Bill O’Reilly and Barney Frank squaring off over the bailout bill:

And now for something completely different, the Bush administration’s plan for the bitter, gun toting working class Hillary voters:

182 Responses

  1. What made you laugh? I still haven’t watched the O’Reilly thing. I heard it on the radio though.

    I know what you mean. We have to keep laughing. One thing I really can’t stand about Obama is that he has no sense of humor. McCain and Palin do. The world has turned upside down, and I just can’t get used to it.

    Laughter is the only answer. You are so right.

  2. SOD,

    I don’t have anything to do with that. Have you asked RD about it? I have read your blog.

  3. Bb-I wanted to thank you for your previous post. Didn’t get to do that before you put this one up. I found your facts disturbing but not surprising really. I’d like to discuss it further in relation to spiritual/cultural shifts but understand people might need some cheer right about now. Maybe another time.

    As always, thanks all for being here!

  4. BB – thanks for that. I needed to laugh.

    I have a question – does anyone else feel like a war has been declared on women and no one, including us, is talking about it as such?

  5. Lakota,

    Thanks. I’d really like to hear what you have to say. I don’t think anyone would really mind. Right now it looks like we are the only ones here anyway.

  6. BB, the O’Reilly/Frank clip is reminiscent of the best of Jerry Springer. You would have sworn it involved some untoward luffa use or something.

  7. Lori,

    It certainly is an open war now, isn’t it? And the so-called feminists like Gloria Steinem aren’t really helping.

  8. Lori-Yes, I do think another round has been declared on women. It’s been really sad to see how far “we’ve not come.”

  9. I actually like Biden, but I’m really excited about Palin. There’s definitely something energizing about her.

  10. Yes, BB, I think your previous post was something we won’t hear anywhere else. Thank you for posting it.

    There’s so much going on courtesy of the Patriot Act and hidden behind Cheney’s expansion of executive privilege, I always check under the bed at night to make sure the NSA hasn’t set up shop.

  11. I’m kind of surprised took Barney so long to get going. He ended up doing pretty well.

    Can you believe O’Reilly used to do the news in Boston years ago?

  12. SOD,

    Barney Frank and Chris Mathews in shouting match. That would be a riot! Now who would be a good match for Olbermann?

  13. That was funny. I read it awhile back.

  14. Prolix,

    Barney should have brought up the loufa, but then O’Reilly might have started ranting about male prostitution rings.

  15. I’m thinking about shooting a commercial for YouTube. Have a woman on camera talking about how offensive Obama and his campaign have been and about how McCain, unlike Obama, pays the women in his office as much as men AND put a women on the ticket. Then tell women that they don’t have to tell anyone that they’re voting for McCain – they don’t have to tell their husbands, their sons, or even the pollsters. In fact, they can tell everyone what they want to hear and then vote as they want. How many of us keep our mouths shut about wanting to vote this way or that, because we don’t want to hear the grief we’re going to get if we state our preference. I”m just thinking about the upset in New Hampshire here. I’d much rather run against McCain in four years than Obama.

    I wonder if there is a way to up the stakes of this war. I think Obama is gonna set us back fifty years. I’m wondering if there is something we can do to upset a few battleground states. Stan Greenberg says Obama has trouble with “aging white women” in those states. Can we do something to help increase the “trouble”?

  16. A match for Odiousmann might be Ackmadinnerjacket — they have the same opinion of themselves.

  17. SOD,

    I think it’s pretty cool that Terry McAuliffe is running for governor of VA. I’ve never been sure why Markos hates him. He is always so cheerful and upbeat, it’s hard not to like him.

  18. They were really about a hair breadth away from personal invective. Now that would have been some good theater.

  19. Prolix,

    Speaking of I’madinnerjacket, how about a debate between Stephanie Miller and Hillary Clinton?

  20. bostonboomer, thank you for putting up the last post….agree with you that this is insidious, this slow chipping away of basic rights and rule-of-law and it is shocking how less reaction it’s getting.

    and Ooooh, Lori, kewl idea. Sounds like total fun. Let’s!

  21. SOD-I’ve had a crush on Terry, too, for quite awhile!

    Bb-In thinking about what you wrote on your previous post, I find it all too real! For some time now, I’ve read a few people who talk about the possibility that Bush will declare marshall law to prevent the 2008 election from taking place. I thought that it was not a possibility. After the events of the past nine months, I no longer consider anything out of the range of the possible! I hope I am not right, but I fear we are heading into a time, the likes of which we’ve never seen.

    To go out on a limb here….much has been discussed about the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. Native American, as well as other cultures, have seen a shift in consciousness as we lead up to this point. I have to wonder if what we are seeing is similar to what the spiritualists might say are battles between powers of peace versus turmoil. I hesitate to use the words, light vs. dark. In the time leading up to 2012, the extremes are supposedly brought out for all to see. The differences are stark.

    I’ve felt for a time that there is just more going on here than I can understand. Some days, I feel I’m in the Twilight Zone. Other days, I’m more cynical. But, it is, without a doubt, a time like nothing I’ve seen in my life.

    I just can’t wrap my mind around everything that’s happened….with everyone watching! Something “larger” has got to be going on.

    This comment probably makes no sense. I’m having trouble putting this into words. It just feels as if something is happening before our eyes that we haven’t quite acquired the “vision” to fully see. It is cause for great concern. And, on my better days, it is cause for great hope.

  22. Terry McAuliffe telling Andrea Mitchell about Hillary being one of the guys.

  23. Lori,

    How long would it take you to make that video? Maybe we could figure out a way to make it go viral.

  24. Well, Chevalier, it would require people to send it out to their friends in battleground states. I’m wondering if people would do that. I’d really want to think about the text. I’d want it to make clear that there is a class war going on here as well that has put working class women on the front line, and they are being sneered at and mocked by the Democrats. Piss them off.

    I can’t believe how Dems are talking this time. Its so ugly what Obama has unleashed. all sorts of Dems who would never, ever call a conservative black politicians a “fucking n****r” don’t hesitate to call Clinton and Palin “fucking whores” and worse. How did this double standard happen? And why are women the target?

  25. SOD,

    I think so. I stopped listening to Stephanie a long time ago, but I’ve accidentally caught her on Larry King a couple of times. She’s still swigging down the koolaid. Sad.

  26. sorry to intrude, but just had a goofy thought…
    anyone remember the cafe scene from Back to the Future II with Pres Reagan and Ayatola Khomeini on the videos like Max Headroom?
    How about a video of BO as Max Headroom, speaking, and every time he flips direction on the screen, it is another one of his flip flops that he has said on video. It would take a lot of editing, but it would be Hilarious!
    anyone here know a clip editor?

  27. BB, just as a follow-up to your previous post, thought I would mention this.

    Bob Woodward was on Bill Maher’s show. I watched his segment before switching it off. Woodward said in essence, “The surge didn’t work, but our secret initiatives in Iraq have worked. I was told about them, but they will never be made public.”

    Maher said, “Is it exploding gift baskets?”

    Woodward replied, “Close.”

  28. BB – once I found the woman to do the presentation, it could be done in a couple days. I’d have to lasso Brad into helping me cut it, but I think he would.

    I wonder what PUMAs we have in LA who might be willing to take the stand?

  29. Lakota,

    I have actually read about the mayan calendar. We are in the fifth night right now and it ends in November, I think. It’s extremely eerie, because all this stuff is happening and it matches up with the predictions.

    There is no doubt we are headed for a very difficult time, because every economist I have listened to says this bailout won’t work. Paul Crag Roberts says the bailout is just a last ditch effort to put off the meltdown until after the election.

  30. Just watched Letterman. He really gave it to Palin, with edited snips from the debate that had her admit she was unqualified, and on and on. The the top ten list was all about Palin. To top it off, his first guest was the NBC anchor and they went on and on about how unqualified Palin is. I really used to like Letterman, but he has gone too far for me on this one. Downright sexist too. I tried to show it on the DVR to my wife but she was in no mood to sympathize with me. She has drunk the kool aid I’m afraid. Forgive me for dumping my feelings on this blog. BTW bostonboomer, loved all your posts tonight.

  31. Lori,

    I hope Brad isn’t too upset with us. He got a hard time this morning from some commenters. I hope he realizes that the commenters aren’t representatives of The Confluence.

  32. Thanks for all the support everyone. I’m sorry I lost my cool earlier. The past few days have been really upsetting around here with all BS attacks from other blogs, and seeing Gary get hurt has bothered me a lot too.

  33. bb, I liked your previous post. It’s old news, as Brianna noted, but very much in need of more spotlighting. We’ve taken our focus off Bush, so who knows what he’s busy organizing around what he’s already implemented. I forget which poster noted it, but it is possible they are positioning for potential rioting by Obama voters (which I think is fear-mongering). I also posted down there a transcript excerpt in reply to your question about Pelosi…she didn’t threaten martial law. The tactic used was speculation and fear-mongering. Members were being pressured to vote and told if they did not the stock market would crash big time, people would riot, they’d have to declare martial law, etc.

    I think all the speculation from both sides about people rioting is their guilt talking. They know they’re guilty as hell and the people might well riot. Back in 2000, before they knew whether or not people would stand for the election-jacking, both Cheney and Bush were nervous as hell….remember Cheney had a heart issue and Bush had that huge boil on his face?

  34. Gordon,

    I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live with an Obamabot. You must love your wife very much. I hope it all works out in the end.

  35. BB

    Yes, he does. We spent a fair amount of time talking about the dynamic of this race and how it impacts people. He doesn’t read many blogs, other than this one, so he doesn’t always get just how misogynistic the rhetoric is. I keep telling him that so much of what gets discussed here is rooted in our exposure to hatred.

    That’s why I’m thinking about this commercial. No one is talking about the hatred that is pouring out towards any woman with the audacity to run. We all agree Palin is nowhere near as qualified as Clinton, yet Clinton wasn’t treated by Democrats with any more respect than Palin is.

    I went back and dug up some of the boards from Kobe Bryant trial after the young woman who had accused him had been named. It was stunning. The rhetoric around that girl in the boards could have been lifted right out of Daily Kos towards Clinton.

    there has been a staggering amount of hatred unleashed by the Obama camp. It could upset this race if it could be harnessed.

  36. Zee,

    What I wrote about isn’t old news. The army brigade just began serving in the U.S. on October 1. I gave the background in my post, but there has been no previous announcment of armed soldiers actually being used against American citizens. Sorry, but that isn’t old news. And the fact that this ginned up financial crisis is going on at the same time can’t be simply coincidental.

  37. Mandos told me he has been banned from Corrente

  38. Lori,

    I’m glad you talked to Brad. I felt bad this morning, but I had to rush out the door. I did write one comment to him.

    The hatred of women has been there all along. It seemed to be dormant, but looking back, as women have become more powerful in society, there has been an increase in the objectification of women in the media. This campaign really brought it out, but it has been there all along. Even at Daily Kos, intense sexism would spring up from time to time, but then the women would let it go.

    A woman trying to break the biggest glass ceiling was just too much, I guess. It brought out all the misogyny in “liberal” men who had maybe been trying to repress it–at least when women were around. It’s out in the open now, and I don’t intend to forget what happened. It’s shocking to me how many women are willing to step aside for Obama.

  39. myiq2xu,

    Haha. I think Mandos was banned once before. I wonder why they let him come back? I guess Lambert couldn’t stomach his stupidity any longer.

  40. Quick, random question: Where’s KB? I haven’t seen her in a while.

  41. I didn’t realize you were in regular contact with Mandos, myiq2xu.

  42. Regency,

    KB had to take a trip to Minnesota to take care of some family business. I think she should be back pretty soon. I haven’t heard from her since around Monday. She has limited access to the internet and is really busy.

  43. MyIq, whatever could have been the reason?

  44. SOD,

    I don’t know what I would have done without The Confluence and all you guys. I’d probably be really depressed. Whatever you do, don’t jump out any windows. Where there’s life, there’s hope.

  45. BB – it seems to me that Obama intentionally exploited it. It’s clear he made no attempt to rein it in. He was profiting off of it, and was willing to let it run its course.

    I’m 53 year old life-long feminist. I know that misogyny is always beating below the surface. My question is – could we use it as a weapon against him? Or am I just out to lunch on this?

  46. Night, SOD. Sleep well.

  47. Lori,

    I didn’t mean to lecture you. I was just rambling. Of course I know you know it too. I don’t know if we could use it against him or not. It would only work on the internet or, as you suggested, woman to woman. I’d like to send it to my Mom, and she would probably send it to her friends.

  48. Thanks, BB.

  49. “I was told about them, but they will never be made public.”

    What a pompous ass Woodward is!

    Prolix, have you ever seen the movie, “Dick” —- the parodies of Woodward and Bernstein are priceless.

  50. Zee,

    Where did that quote come from?

    I loved the movie “Dick!” I’m looking forward to the new Oliver Stone movie about the Bushes too. I’ve been hearing the ads on the radio.

  51. Never mind, I found Prolix’s comment. LOL! Woodward and Berstein have both turned out to be very disappointing.

  52. I didn’t mean it that way. Tonight, I’m just heartbroken. I don’t understand how this kind of rhetoric is acceptable in the party I’ve always loved. I’m just heartbroken.

    I go to boards I’ve known with men I’ve joked around with for years, and all I hear about is what a stupid cunt Palin is, or Clinton is, or whatever. These men never used to talk like that.

    I stay away, but I”ve left behind so many friends.

  53. Zee, agreed, his inflated ego would put the Goodyear blimp to shame, but his access to the Bushies is absolutely remarkable.

    Didn’t Will Ferrell play Woodward?

  54. Mandos left a comment on my blog. If you read it you might think Mandos and I are good friends.

    On anothert opic, I tried to make a comment at anglachel’s place and wordpress would n’t let me.

    Was I banned from Anglachel’s to? If so, why?

    I have never had a harsh word to say about her, nor have I disagreed with on much of anything until she dissed us.

  55. Thanks BB! Thanks for the laugh. It reminds me of Wednesday night when all of you were coming up with the debate questions and I even laughed in my dreams.

    God…If I don’t keep finding things to laugh about I end up crying.

  56. Thanks BB. Lori, your idea about the video is so great. My eyes have certainly been opened by following this blog about the mysogyny that is so rampant in our society. And I’ve been disappointed lately by so many women who represent women’s rights (NOW, NARAL) and women in power positions dumping all manner of foul abuse on Hillary and now Palin. But I agree that it’s primarily the Old Boys Club mentality, that carries an extreme amount of fear of women in power, that is still so strong. Of course, BO and his army seem to carry little regard for the real intelligence and insight of women. They don’t even try to hide their distaste.

    So many women who write on this blog are right on the money about our political and social fabric here in America. BB, Ladyboomer, RD, Katiebird and so many others. Thank you!

  57. Is RD around?

  58. I had a sobering experience tonight, not that I needed sobering up or anything.

    Back in the day, my offspring were solid Clinton supporters. At a family gathering tonight, I learned that after last night’s debate, their take on the election is, “Palin is stupid! McCain is old! Palin is REALLY REALLY stupid!” More appalling still, I realized that it would be futile to ask them actually to discuss politics, or to talk about what they’d prefer. It was all spewing negative images. (Negative campaign much, Barky?) We;re in Oregon, but it was truly distressing, and not, I hope, an indication of what’s happened to the general run of Clinton’s former supporters.

    It certainly hasn’t happened to this one.

  59. bb, sorry, I was referring to a post Briana made….about the nearly lethal weapons for “crowd control” made under the auspices of the “war on terror” and also to the seizing control of the state national guard and the other details discussed below. I fully believe Bush is making new use of all these things he put into place long ago…and that he is doing so while our focus is elsewhere.
    And, yes, I do think it’s not coincidental…they are worried about people rising up. Sadly, I think they are unnecessarily worried. We’ve already proven they needn’t worry….especially when they continue to dismantle our freedoms to nary a peep from the public.

  60. myiq2xu, I think there is a technical difficulty. I attempted several times with AIM which didn’t work but it worked for my gmail account which is the same name. Try another account if you have one. I don’t think anglachel would ban you nor can she even do it on blogspot. All she can do is moderate comments and delete the ones that she doesn’t like.

  61. bostonboomer, look at Prolix’s comment above. Woodward bragged he knew the real, secret initiative in Iraq and that it would never be made public…yet he boasted about it to Maher.

    I love the movie Dick and the new W. movie is definitely one I look forward to seeing!

  62. Zee,

    The Oliver Stone movie sounds a little over the top, but I think I’ll like it. I loved his “JFK” and “Nixon.”

  63. Y’know what would be really funny? Chris Matthews and Barney Frank in a shouting match — and no towels to wipe up all the spit they’d throw.

  64. Zee,

    Oh, I get it. Yes, the nonlethal weapons have been around, but they are developing new ones. They got some publicity before the conventions. A young woman was killed in Bostn by “nonlethal weapons” though.

  65. BB — it’s so hard to catch RD on here.

  66. Ann On,

    I’m getting the same thing from some of my family members. My sister isn’t speaking to me at the moment.

  67. .. ;)) terrific .. !! .. thank YOU ..

  68. Lori,

    It is sad. Of course that is why the Confluence exists. RD, KB, and I were all regulars at the Cheeto for years. In fact KB was one of the earliest registered members. And we were driven out. Hundreds of us were pushed out simply because we couldn’t support Obama.

  69. Thanks Briana

  70. Will Ferrell did play Woodward. It was a total riot. Of course, I was the same age as those girls in the movie during Nixon, so every single detail in the movie cracks me up. I even had a nightgown identical to one in the movie!


    Ann, the women in my family have all jumped ship, even after hating Obama. They are buying all the crap on Palin…one cousin even told me she “didn’t care” after I corrected her that Palin didn’t ban books.

    Honestly, Lori, I don’t know that a video would budge any of them. It’s an identity thing, and they’ll never vote Republican. They don’t get that I am dedicated to cleaning UP my own party….and that voting Obama is the worst thing for the Democratic Party’s future. They all buy into the fear-mongering that we won’t “survive” another 4 years of Republican rule.

    I try to think how to break through this mindset but it’s a lot of information they’ve already rejected and ignored, or refuse to believe, so it’s not easy to impart in a way that will make an impact….but totally worth trying, anyway!

  71. I must admit…I have a Terry crush. The only one higher (with the exception of my hubby of course) is Big Dawg.

    Hillary sure does surround herself with wonderful men, doesn’t she?

  72. I stopped listening to Stephanie a while back.

  73. Zee,

    That’s why i was thinking that emphasis should be that you don’t have to tell anyone. Make it legitimate for those women to walk into the polling booth and vote for McCain without telling anyone. It’s okay to lie about it.

    This tribal thing is keeping a lot of women roped in. I’m looking for ways to loosen the bonds a bit.

  74. A numerologist told me that “8” is a terrible number and to beware of 2008. It has been a horrible year all around.

  75. bostonboomer, yes all the pieces (weapons, laws, etc) have been assembled for some time. And even when we were focused on Bush that information never broke through to the public….so no surprise that more is being put into place with next to no notice at all.

    But did you know President Adams put a version of Homeland Security into place to clamp down on citizens? I think after he jailed one or two some lawmakers took issue and repealed it. I don’t know what it will take to reassert our freedoms, but I know it won’t be done by Barack “I will make you work” Obama, who wants not only youth corps but also older Americans to have mandatory service.

  76. Oh! And I got stuck in Boston that night the girl got killed. It was scary…

  77. Did you all see this ??? .. oh my .. It’s my last night BIG laugh from the msm .. I love THIS ..!!!

    Debate analysis: Palin spoke at 10th-grade level, Biden at eighth


  78. Its all good BB. We’re all human and there are alot of terrible things going on around us that have left at least me dazed, lost, frustrated, depressed, and downright edgy.

    If it weren’t for the Confluence I probably would have jumped out of a window by now.

  79. Briana,

    You didn’t read the post. It is about the CNN story you linked.

  80. OJ .. guilty Today ..

    same day he was acquitted for Nichole & Ron ..

    irony .. exact same date .. not guilty .. & today Guilty !

  81. OJ was found guilty. That’s a cheery bit of news.

    and… RED SOX WIN!!!

  82. Briana,

    That’s amazing. I didn’t know it was the same date.

  83. BB .. ;)) . forgive me .. I just took what I liked – the headline and the following detail . ..

    “Grade level: Biden, 7.8; Palin”

    I post on a board where they talk and talk about what a dumb stupid hick she is .. blah .. blah .. blah .. and YOU can take it from me . .I will use this piece effectively .. ;))

  84. Lori, I think women have been voting secretly for who they really want to vote for in the privacy of the booth for years. But so many are so busy in their lives, they are not aware of everything that has happened. Just two weeks ago my aunt – highly educated, NOW member, director of a battered women’s shelter, “hard-core feminist”- could only say, “well, McCain cheated at the Saddleback forum!” She just didn’t want to believe anything else because Republicans have such a bad track record, she thinks she HAS to vote for the D. Another gift George Bush has given us.

  85. bostonboomer, on October 4th, 2008 at 1:36 am Said:

    It is sad. Of course that is why the Confluence exists. RD, KB, and I were all regulars at the Cheeto for years. In fact KB was one of the earliest registered members. And we were driven out. Hundreds of us were pushed out simply because we couldn’t support Obama.

    I left the Cheeto in March or so earlier this year because of the misogynistic Hillary hatred. I was surprised by the intensity of it, although I had always considered kos to be a bit sexist. I had been visiting the Cheeto, mostly just reading and not commenting or writing diaries, since Fall 2003!

  86. “How the markets really work video comedy from January 2008:

  87. OK, nite all

    Thanks BB…have a good night.

  88. Briana,

    That’s OK. It happens all the time. I just thought it was funny. It’s good to know that Lincoln spoke at the 11th grade level. I wonder how Obama would score? Would all the uh’s count?

  89. Pat Johnson: OJ found gulity on all counts

  90. Firelight,

    I like it here a lot better. I hope you stick around.

  91. Briana,

    Have fun trolling the Obamabots! They deserve it.

  92. Goodnight everyone. Thanks for cheering me up!!!

  93. bostonboomer, on October 4th, 2008 at 2:02 am Said:

    OJ was found guilty. That’s a cheery bit of news.

    You know that’s a r@cist action and it’s because Barack’s running for President! That’s why they convicted OJ!

    Now I’m going back to watching Tim on HBO! 😛

  94. Well, hell. The Weather Channel is not safe anymore on Dish Network. I just saw an Obama commercial complete with that spiffy little icon blinking that say press select now to view the Obama’s Plan for America Channel. My stepdad said he saw it on TBS, too. If I see it on HGTV, I’m gonna be pissed!

  95. bostonboomer,

    Much better here…there’s been some really interesting posts and discussions the last few days.

    I have no interest in going back to the Cheeto. I’m so glad you guys took the initiative to set up a new blog. Thank you!

    Good night!

  96. Is Dish the one that has the O Channel on there now?

    Can you block it?

  97. Nite Bostonboomer .. sleep in peace .. ;))

    I’m going to .. Good nite everyone .. see you tomorrow .

    LoL .. can’t stop laughing ..

    “Grade level: Biden, 7.8; Palin, 9.5 “

  98. The FBI is investigating another one of Obama’s “friends”. Is there anything that will stick to this guy?

    Has there been any good news? Any polls, anything… Not even O’Reilly makes me smile… look at Barney. He can’t even admit he was wrong in any way. What has happened to my country?

  99. Maybe the video could take the form of some women having lunch and the conversation comes around to the election and cone confides that she can’t even talk to her husband anymore, that he is so into Obama that she doesn’t even try anymore.
    Another one shares that she can’t discuss politics with her kids either, and just lets them think she is voting the way they are to keep peace in the family. Another wonder if men have the same problems in reverse? One jokes that she’s gonna just smile and nod and then do what she pleases in the booth cause it’s nobodys business who she votes for. Another laughs and says something to the effect that isn’t it ironic that all these years after getting the vote that things have gotten so nasty that voting feels like some really scary cloak and dagger thing? Another said, well if you could hear how my coworkers talk about Palin (and Clinton) and how they just swarm on anyone who disagrees, you’d go undercover too. Laughter, “maybe we will need a secret handshake! Lord have mercy!!!

    Whatever we have to do ladies (and men), we must cast our vote for the candidates we can support with a clear conscience. And most important of all, we can’t let ourselves be intimidates. Too many people sacrificed too much to let ourselves be run over. Country before party, always.

    The end. You know, something along that line, all reallly based on stories we have heard hear from folks going through it in real life. Just an idea.

  100. fredster, yes Dish Network. I can block it, but DN will not know I did. I just avoid it by not putting it on my favorites list. The problem is the commercials are on channels on my fav list. Yech!

  101. Carolyn,

    That isn’t quite what I was thinking, but it’s certainly an intriguing notion. I’m gonna toss that into that hat as well, if you don’t mind.

    If I could pry just a few votes away, I’d feel better.

  102. Gagal: You’ll just have to hit the clicker when the O commercials are on I guess.

    Has a prez candidate ever had his own channel before? Sheesh! I’d almost want to switch satellite providers.

  103. Jeralyn at TL was rooting for OJ. Too bad. How sad.

  104. fredster, I know! O has probably invaded the other provider’s too. Hopefully, a month from now will be the last we ever see of him.

  105. Ugh. Jeralyn has completely lost her mind. She also probably doesn’t want to seem like a ra*cist for wanting a black man to go to prison for life. These people will never be 100% honest about their feelings because white guilt haunts them every second of their lives. You’d think O.J. would be smart enough never to commit a crime again after getting away with murder once. Some people never learn. And, yes, I believe in karma and this is one of the times when it is clear that O.J. is finally getting what he deserves.

  106. O.J Found Guilty On All Charges. 13 Years Ago On This Very Same Day O.J Was Acquitted Of Double Murders. 13 Years Later On The Very Same Day GUILTY

  107. SOD,

    The Biden “what am I talking about?” video was hilarious. I watched it 3 times, cracking up. But a few minutes into that, I realized I was on the verge of crying.

    I find what’s happening in our country so deeply disturbing, and getting more personal every day. I live in a blue state, in a very liberal (seems synonymous with snotty, now) area. I am accosted almost daily now about how I plan to vote. Today in a staff meeting, a partner in my company did a bimbo-ish imitation of Palin and everyone (almost all women) laughed. In our waiting room is a newly installed register to vote display that features Obama brochures but nothing from the McCain side. When I mentioned that I think it’s great to promote voting but that we should be non-partisan, it opened a whole other can of worms. These types of encounters occur daily now.

    But I could take it in stride if I did not have a sickening feeling inside that our country is headed toward a markedly more authoritarian, repressive, fascist-leaning era if Obama is elected. I’m amazed to write those words, but that’s the fear I have every day now.

    But tomorrow’s another day, Conflucians. Sleep well.

  108. Wow. So I went over to TalkLeft for the first time in like a month to read what Jeralyn had to say about O.J. This is what she had to say about the Goldman family. You remember them, right? The family who lost their son Ron Goldman and had to endure callous jokes from the media about their murdered son, watch O.J. get off the hook, and not get anything in return:

    “Afterthought: The relentless Goldmans will now have no reason to keep hounding O.J. for money as he’ll be in jail. They’ll never see more than a fraction of the judgment they got against him. (On the other hand, I won’t be surprised if they try to garnish his prison wages.) They’ll claim their 15 more minutes of face time on tv this week and then, I hope, fade into oblivion.”

    Amazing how much sympathy she has for a criminal but little for a victim’s family. And you wonder why most of the country doesn’t agree with Jeralyn’s viewpoints on the justice system. Liberals will never be able to convince people that the death penalty is wrong among other things with people like Jeralyn representing us.

  109. I just had the weird experience of seeing my name used in vain on another blog, with somebody I don’t know talking shit about me.

    I was happy to see they spelled my name correctly.

    It’s not as weird as when I was in college and the local newspaper reported on a campus free-speech rally organized by the Poli-sci club. I was club president that year, mainly because nobody else wanted the headaches.

    I didn’t thing the media was even aware of the rally, so I was surprised as hell to see a picture from the rally with a caption underneath stating that it was a photo of me speaking to the “crowd” (students passing thru the quad on the way to/from class)

    They spelled my name right and even said I was the PSC Prez. There was one small problem though.

    It wasn’t me in the picture.

  110. I blame a large part of this freaky cultish craze for Obama on George Bush. If he hadn’t screwed this country over sooo bad these past eight years, I think people would not be quite so blind. Of course, I’m not too happy about the country voting GWB in for the second time either! That didn’t help, to say the least. I’ll be so glad when this election is over. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure what we’ve seen this year never happens again.

  111. Take a look at this. Youth Boys chants to Obama


  112. Excellent post by Tom in Paine about how a Dem can vote for McCain with a clean conscience.


    On OJ: see what I wrote above. That’s probably jeralyn’s take too: OJ got convicted because Obama’s running and it was a racist jury.

    Sweet Jesus I’d never want her for my lawyer!

  113. I might have gotten into moderation. If so, can someone let me out?

  114. DV:

    Jeralyn is still a pretty good blogger when she sticks to legal stuff.

    I don’t understand her hatred of Palin, but why would I?

    PDS is irrational hatred and and I’m still rational

    At least on even-numbered days

  115. Was that vid for real?

  116. I posted this link to an article by Tom in Paine where he explains how Dems can vote “comfortably” for McCain.


  117. Carolyn, on October 4th, 2008 at 2:37 am Said:
    “Maybe the video could take the form of some women having lunch and the conversation comes around to the election and cone confides that she can’t even talk to her husband anymore, that he is so into Obama that she doesn’t even try anymore.
    Another one shares that she can’t discuss politics with her kids either, and just lets them think she is voting the way they are to keep peace in the family. ”

    I think this is a fabulous idea! It’s happening everywhere. People are being pressured and hounded to support O. I think there is a tidal wave of pent up anger about it out there.

    Remember the radio host in Pennsylvania (I forgot his name, darn it!) who got tired of all the Hillary bashing? The station got THOUSANDS of calls from Hillary supporters who felt the same way once he went on the air and said he wasn’t going to take it anymore.

    Tap into that feeling – it will go viral!

  118. The perfect person to debate Olbermann: Gilbert Gotfried.

  119. OK, that Youth Boys video is scary. Chanting Alpha, Omega? The beginning and the end?

    I am officially weirded out now.

  120. I enjoy this blog and others off of the blog roll, and have learned a lot. But I am a centrist and don’t have a party affiliation. I get bothered by some of the extreme partisanship sometimes. You know, George Bush is a lousy president, but he isn’t Satan, there is no point in demonizing people. Al Gore didn’t lose in 2000 because of a Republican conspiracy, he ran a lousy campaign. He threw away a golden opportunity to be president all by himself.
    The Republicans use sleaze and dirty campaign tactics, but so do the Democrats, no one side is pure. The actions of the Democratic party against the HRC supporters are noticeable because people here are on the other side of it now.
    I mean no offense to anyone, good people of conscience can disagree strongly on issues. It just isn’t necessary to see someone who disagrees with you as among the fallen.

  121. James Nelson, I have to agree with much of what you wrote. I agree and plead guilty.

    There was a time when I was simply a moderately liberal Democrat that could reasonably talk politics with friends and family that were both liberal and conservative, Democrat and Republican.

    Then the partisanship went berserk and suddenly it all seemed really simple, nothing Republicans did or said was right and nothing Democrats did or said was wrong. With that as a mindset you become a partisan zombie. At least I did. And I had lots of company.

    I am once again a moderate liberal. But I am not now nor will I ever again be a Democrat. If they clean up their act, when they run decent candidates I will vote for them. But I will never again trust them or myself enough to support one party and one party alone.

    Mostly I am now a Gynocrat and will vote for women whenever and wherever I can. Because until we have the 30% solution women will remain second class citizens. And I have 7 granddaughters who I do not want to have to keep fighting the same fight their foremothers have fought for so long.

  122. Gwen’s cousin article about Sarah “offending” black women made me think about women turning against women

  123. Carolyn, I like your idea for an ad. It shows how women are being silenced, but still exercising power.

    I don’t read Talk Left, but how can someone attack the Goldmans? I would have been after them in the same way were it my son. I would not have rested. What a terrible death their son faced!

    Well, someone I know is so Obamatized she actually said that Palin should have aborted her Downs Syndrome baby but she had it for political reasons, because she’s anti-choice and didn’t want to be seen as a hypocrite. I am sure that was the first thing on Palin’s mind.

  124. @kenosha marge
    gynocrat – I love that! I would join in – if women didn’t disappoint me so as of late…The hell with it, I am in your party!

  125. James Nelson
    A lot of people will get closer to some of your views as of late…
    I’ll never ever though buy into “Gore lost” BS – especially now that I know how easily the “run a lousy campaign” meme can be fabricated by the media against the candidate they don’t want.
    I did learn a few things this year.
    I thought Republicans were bullies and democrats victims – and yearned for them to find some courage.
    I learned that anyone with TPTB can become a bully – that Democrats in this position can even outdo republicans…They never found their courage (see the “rescue” bill), but they sure got to sling dirt better than the former bullies. But then again, I always knew bullies lack courage.
    I still remain in the dark as to who exactly are TPTB which decide elections in advance. One thing I know: the people who installed W – twice – are working hard – twice as hard – to shove Obama down our collective throats.

  126. Hey, Fredster! I comfortably voted for McCain/Palin on my absentee ballot last week.

    Nice to know I voted for the team that speaks at a higher educational level in debates.

  127. BostonBoomer-thought I would comment here on your last thread that it is a slippery slope that Bush,McCain or Oama may not want to ever go down.

    Can you imagine a soldier being ordered by his superior to fire on his own countrymen and women? See a soldier takes an oath to “defend the constitution so help me God.”

    If an order is issued and it s an illegal order even if the order came from the president the commanders would have a duty and a responsibility to ignore such an order. Firing on americans even with “non leathal” weapons while they are excersizing their “First Amendment” rights would constitute an illegal order.

    This puts the military in a bad position, see at this point first lofficers of the line and their troops would probably disobey such an order, probably in mass. Our command and control structure would break down.

    Heck the general in charge realizing that he could be held responsible for carrying out an order (that is illegal) he him self could be charged with the crimes acted out by his soldiers and subordanant officers would be compelled to disobey such an order.

    See the good order and displine of the armed forces could be brought down by a decision to use troops on domestic soil. Most of our military leaders are loath to get involved with such “internal policing”.

    Military leaders a very patriotic people and they a well schooled in the consequences of carrying out an illegal order. A President, that would use the military of the United States on its own soil to carry out his political agenda, would be well advised that he could in the end be looking at a military force that would turn against him.

    In case you are wondering the oath administered to the average soldier and officer in all branches is the same oath the next President will take on January 20th 2009.

  128. Race, O.J., and Politics–The Potential for an October Meltdown UPDATE–SIMPSON GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS
    Posted on September 25, 2008 by insightanalytical | Edit

    From the Las Vegas Sun:
    Simpson guilty on all counts; could face life imprisonment…

    I’ve been thinking about the possible ramifications of a guilty conviction, especially since racism was injected into the trial as well as during jury selection (see below)…What does Obama do? Will he be under intense pressure from his black voting block to issue a statement of some kind? And what kind of a statement could that be, what kind of balancing act would he have to do?

    I guess it depends on what kinds of demands will be made by some of his more radical followers…and if the mainstream media even allows us to know about those demands…after all, they hide nearly everything when it concerns anything dubious about Obama, his connections, and his followers.

    More on Judge Jackie Glass later…I’ll just say that my research on her has revealed that she has a reputation as a very tough judge when it comes to sentencing…



  129. Morning All!
    The video of Oreilly/Frank was not the “best moment” for either man. However, OReilly came off worse, if that’s even possible.
    The “Clip” of Terry Mc/Mitchell was great. Yesterday someone mention Chris M. & others that had a “crush” on Hillary & were rejected. I believe the list is even longer. Lanny Davis to me is STILL in love with her.
    Is it true about Terry running for Gov. of VA?? Isn’t that Tim Kaine’s state??

  130. Ratfuckers and sleaze-mongers and the money boyz behind the scenes have no party. They exist on both sides of the aisle. There are good honest people and horrible people in both parties. The bad Repubs use the smoke screen of “smaller government will be better for you” while they screw over Joe sixpack, and the Dems use the smokescreen of “our policies will be better for you” while they screw over Joe sixpack. Neither have any intention of doing a damn thing except make sure their paymasters are happy and fat.

    There exist people on both sides of the aisle who, regardless of their platform, would like to USE that platform to make government fairer, more honest, more transparent, and more beholden to the people within the bounds of their political beliefs. There are honest brokers (at least as honest as a politician can be) in both parties.

    I am at a point with our political system that I am more concerned with voting in those on BOTH sides of the aisle who are in that latter category, then with voting in any particular party.

  131. That video above did not wierd me out it was frighting the “Jim Jones” effect in operation! I guess some out their are ready to elevate the “empty suit” to diety status. Truely frightening.

    Also the Healthcare plan part is total hyjacking of Hillary’s plan except it does not promise universal coverage.

    Oh and Mr Obama doesnt really have the passion to see this or any of his party’s platform through to the point it becomes law.

  132. fuzzybeargville, on October 4th, 2008 at 8:22 am Said:

    “BostonBoomer-thought I would comment here on your last thread that it is a slippery slope that Bush,McCain or Oama may not want to ever go down.”

    I wish you were correct. But having seen Bush/Cheney institute torture and spying without oversight, I find it hard to put anything past them.

    While I’m leaning McCain/Palin I noticed that Palin seemed enthusiastic about taking on Cheney’s expanded role as Vice President.

    Got democracy?

  133. I believe the first official acts for Barak Obama-

    1) Authorization that public spaces be made available for private fundraising to put the head of Barak Obama on Mount Rushmore.

    2) Dignatig a Federal Holiday in honor of Barak Obama

    3)An Executive Order putting the white house on a 3 day 5 hour work week.

  134. BTW, reports of no “Joe-gaffes” were greatly exaggerated – see the following: http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/totten/35261

  135. Is it just me, or has Biden had some serious plastic surgery? His eyes looked almost alien

  136. Jerelyn was on the OJ not guilty side when he was tried for murdering Nicole and Ron. She was one of the commentators that was on MSNBC discussing the case from the OJ side during the tried.

  137. Purplefinn-

    The expansion of tourture which is mostly carried out outside the United States and on non-Americans is discusting. Also tourture is mostly carried out by the “clandestine services”, not the US Military. AbuGhrab Prison not withstanding.

    It is a whole different matter when you ask a boy from Iowa to fire on Texans or Virginians who are carrying a peace sign. Their are alot of soldiers that are just not going to do it.

    It has nothing to do with what Bush/Cheney want it has to do with what is going on between the ears of that boy from Iowa carrying the gun.

    I remeber watching Tinnamen Square Live from the mess decks of our ship. When that tank ran over that young man-each sailor on that deck was appalled.

    Most of those saillors out right said they could never get an AMerican to do that to his own people. That is what in the end would save us. Soldiers and Marines doing the right thing and saying “No We Wont” when ordered to fire on our own people.

  138. DisenfranchisedVoter,

    Jerelyn almost always takes the defense side in every case. As for the Goldmans, I imagine they’ll be pretty satisfied with the knowlege that OJ is in prison, if it actually happens.

  139. fuzzybeargville, I hope you’re correct. I would hope that there would be an outcry as there was regarding the National Guard at Kent State should someone be fired on

    The silence of the American people on torture did not inspire my confidence. I think the Congress heard from the most people regarding falling portfolios.

    Cynical? You bet. But I am hoping you’re right!

  140. Hello

    Puma’s are being censored on ABC News.com. Jake Tappers moderators are locking PUMA’s out and the Obamabots are spewing hate at us. Please go to:


    and post your opinions and that you are PUMA and we are strong. The Obamabots want people to believe that all Hillary supporters are backing Obama. They are lying. Several PUMAs attempted to post and they were not permitted and their posts were erased.

  141. fuzzy,

    I hope that U.S. soldiers would refuse to fire on American citizens, but I’m not as sanguine as you are. FIrst, I remember Kent State like it was yesterday. I remember Chicago in 1968. You are probably a lot younger than I am, but in the late ’60s, we came very close to a real insurrection in this country. Another example is what happened in Oxford, Miss. when James Meredith was trying to register at the U. of Miss. I wrote a post about it recently. We came very close to a second civil war.


    But now we have an army brigade specifically assigned to the U.S. to control U.S. citizens. It’s against everything our Constitution is based on, and it’s a very dangerous step toward fascism. I don’t think it’s a good idea to take this lightly. As Sinclair Lewis wrote, “It can happen here.”

  142. Some are reporting that Palin was reading notes she brought to the debate.

    Absolutely not true.

    “Marc Ambinder reports, “Debate rules prohibited candidates from bringing any pre-prepared material with them. Only blank paper and writing utensils were provided. So to the extent that Palin seemed to be reading, it was because she had, during the course of the debate or during Joe Biden’s answers, written down some notes.”

    Obama supporters just can’t stop them sick selves.


  143. Carol,

    Is there anything the Obamabots won’t do to tear down Sarah Palin? Honestly, this is disgusting.

  144. gary – I thought there was a problem, but then I saw a big scar on the right temple, probably where he had surgery – 1st time I had ever seen it.

  145. Hillary gave her a great review.

    Enough said.

  146. Front page of NYT’s is now reporting on Ayers and Obama.

    It’s about time.


  147. People protesting the Iraq war had rubber bullets fired on them by municipal police. Those things can do damage. It was an isolated instance thank goodness. But it happened here.

    Tasers are used with little accountability.

    That doesn’t address your belief in U.S. soldiers. So it may or may not be relevant.

  148. Boston I understand your fears-but really there are decent people in our military….I am not saying that we should be complacent about this. I am issuing a warning to “those leaders” who think the Military can be used as a tool to promote public policy of any leader in contra-vention of the US Constitution.

    See the military remembers the bad fallout from Kent State(carried out by national guardsmen if I am not mistaken.) I believe they are less likely to forget history than the average american.

    The sixties are well remembered in the halls of the petagon and they are very likely to protest being use in that way again. Remember most of our Generals and Admirals are from the same generation as you and I.

    To be just I am on the tail end of the baby boom. I was just a little nipper during Kent State. I have more faith I guess in the American Spirit showing up at the most in opportune time in a Tyrants occupation of the Oval office.

  149. Maybe Biden and Nancy see the same doctor?

  150. carol and fuzzy, you think it is plastic surgery or a lobotamy?

  151. Even some Bobot bloggers notice – the “rescue” bill – is now Obama’s – and he just rescued himself from all his campaign promises

  152. Thanks purplefin- I believe the problems with the domestic law enforcement is their lack of training in the areas that soldiers have drilled into them.

    Since Vietnam soldiers know that they will be held accountable for actions they take against civilians both foriegn and domestic. It has proved with rare exception a strong deterent.

    Of course the quazi armies of the insurgentcies pose a special problem, I believe that miliatary law has yet gotten up to speed on that. It may take the quitte of the post Iraq conflict to straighten out how we treat these “civilian insurgent groups and the poeple who support them”.

  153. gary – I don’t know if that is where they went in or not, but I saw a scar there during the debate.

    “Biden Resting After Surgery For Second Brain Aneurysm

    Published: May 4, 1988
    LEAD: Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. underwent surgery today to correct an aneurysm in an artery that supplies blood to the right side of the brain, a spokesman for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center said.

    Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. underwent surgery today to correct an aneurysm in an artery that supplies blood to the right side of the brain, a spokesman for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center said.”

  154. For anyone fearful of what can happen down the road, remember Kent State. Citizens were fired upon by our own National Guard.

    As for OJ, may his lying ass rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life. This guy has gotten a free pass to commit murder and then golf for the rest of his stinking life. If I were the Goldman’s, I too would chase this piece of trash to the ends of the earth for what he did to my son. His arrogant, thuggish ways have at least been addressed even if it comes 13 years after murdering two people. For those still defending this moron, go cry your crocidile tears elsewhere. He finally has to pay for breaking the law. Justice rules.

  155. The NYT article is a rehabilitation of Ayers. Thus the whitewashing of Obama continues. Mc’s gonna take the gloves off, and the NYT is working at “blunting” the attack, because so many in the middle class, undecideds, etc. read the Times.

  156. Gary possibly both would explain how a 35 yr memberof the Senate and a master of debate would let himself be beaten up by a girl.

    It had to be the painkillers dulling his brain from the surgery and the slow down of the nueral synapses firing in his brain from the labotomy.

    Oh heck he just is not as good a debater as we were lead to believe.

    Sarah Kick butt almost as good as Hillary Clinton would have. Mr O’Biden sould just take it in the boy gotten beaten up bu a girl.

  157. I have spoke to two friends over the past 24 hours who were fence sitters. They hate Obama but are also wary of McCain. Since Sarah did so well in the debates they are now in the McCain camp. So she did make an impact on at least two people who had shared my hesitation. At this point, they feel no compunction about voting the McCain/Palin ticket.

    Way to go, Sarah. You are one of us!

  158. bostonboomer, I expected as much with Jeralyn. I often came across professors like that in college. But then again, they seem to live in their own bubble, safe in the confines of a top university and then to their suburban homes in some of the safest communities in the country.

    I wouldn’t wish anything bad on anyone. But I wonder how they would feel if their son or daughter was murdered by someone with a lengthy criminal record that became a high profile case. Regardless of how they feel about the death penalty, do you think they’d want to receive at least some sympathy or would they be okay with other liberals telling them that the suspect was innocent and that they should just get over their child’s death without seeking any relief whatsoever?

    I just think that there are some liberals who are so set in their minds about the problems with the justice system that they are willing to let anyone with an excuse to get off the hook. But take the blame on the victim’s friends and family who have lost the most.

    Jeralyn can think that OJ is innocent all she wants. But you know there are most of us in the world who live our entire lives without any brush with the law whatsoever. It’s really not that difficult to be an outstanding citizen. But people like OJ think that they can get away with anything because they rich or for whatever reason invincible. OJ never did attempt to find the real killers of Nicole and Ron. I believe he was the real killer but regardless he really could give a sh*t about the mother of his two children, the woman he also beat to a pulp the night before she was sliced and diced.

    OJ needs to be taught a lesson. Beating the sh*t out of your girlfriends and robbing people at gunpoint might be acceptable to Jeralyn but to the rest of us it is f*cking disgusting and wrong. I agree Pat Johnson. Let him rot in jail.

  159. oh no, I didn’t know he really had brain surgery…sorry for my crass remarks 😦

  160. Most Americans who remember the weathermen do not recall them fondly…any attempt to rehabilitate “a known terrorist” will fall flat in the post 9/11 era. A domestic terrorist will be less likely to be allowed the “forgiveness of the public”.

    If Osama Bin Ladan rent his garments covered himself with ashes, dawned sackcloth, cryed tears for the 9/11 dead, apologized for it to Almighty Allah and the world, gave all his money to the victims, and cut off one of his hands as penance would we forgive him or forget?

    No I think not the same will go for John and Jane Q Public. All they need is a commercial showing Bill Ayers Face Morphing into Osama bin Ladan and then tag line it ” which terrorist is friends with Senator Obama? and is there any difference”!

    The NYT is not read by as many people west of the hudson as they think….housewives and husbands everywhere need something to line the birdcages and cat boxes with! Local papers contain valuble news coupons and reciepes!

    No way

  161. i’ve got a new post up with a message from Hillary!

  162. My world is completely upside down.

    I never thought I’d see the day when my Party and its revered feminists would play a reverse sexist card and throw a career woman under the bus.

    If it didn’t tick me awf so much, I swear I’d cry. Instead, I’ll freakin’ donate to McCain.

  163. I am not sorry he probably still had botox and has been totally obamalobotomized!

    I dont care if he drew the short straw-he sould have walked away like the 9 million PUMA’s and their supporters.

    Hill and Bill better embrace us after November 4th when Obama loses…the time for being party people will have to end and they will be required to support or reforming of the party.

  164. fuzzy,

    I’m not fearful. I am disturbed that the U.S. Constitution has been violated repeatedly throughout the Bush Administration and that the Democrats in Congress have allowed Bush to take away most of our individual rights and freedoms.

    The fact that the government has not yet used the executive power that has been taken is not proof that it will not happen. We need leaders who understand and respect our Constitution. But at this point, we need to RESTORE freedom of speech and assembly, habeas corpus, and posse comitatus. These protections have been taken away from American citizens. Right now, Bush has the power to arrest any of us and imprison us without trial.

    The Bush administration has acted very much like Hitler did in taking over Germany. They have bankrupted us, instilled unreasoning fear in many Americans, and gathered unbelieveable amounts of power. The one thing that I believe will prevent the government controlling the civilian population is that there are so many people spread over such a vast territory.

    Anyway, I’m not afraid. I’ll fight and die before I surrender to tyranny.

  165. The NYT will bring attention to the relationship that many don’t know about. And while they may be white washing it for the liberals, the rest of America won’t care if the POPE declared them innocent.

    Hopefully, it will get out there.

  166. Michael: Many of Obama supporters are under the age of 40,many under the age of 30, with little or no recognition of what the 70’s were all about. “Anarachy” was the brand of a lot of privileged kids who thought bringing down the government was “cool”. Most of those kids, like today’s Obamabots, had yet to earn a paycheck and the ideal activity was to get to college with the intent to shut down the doors of those institutions while Daddy and Mommy paid the bills. Ayres and his ilk were a constant threat and managed to find many supporters as a direct result of the raging Vietnam War. Activists like Ayres were considered “heros'” back then because they cloaked their subversive activities in name of “taking back our government” slogans.

    Many of those students today are Republican voters who grew up and joined the status quo when it came to protecting their monied investments earned since college.

    Obama appeals to the youth with this same brand of subversion. The same immature mindset and watching the world evolve from a privileged seat of judgment changes when they enter the real world of money. Until then, idealism trumps responsibility and commonsense. Unfortunately, this man is running for president while Ayres were merely running from the law. But in both instances, it was the youth vote that captured the attention of these shysters and this is what we are witnessing again in 2008.

  167. I don’t buy that Obama met Ayers in Chicago. They attended Columbia University at the same time and lived near each other in NY. They were both mentored by the same professor. I think they probably met in the ’80s in NYC. Bill Ayers was a “community organizer” from Chicago. Obama moved to Chicago after Columbia and became a “community organizer.” Does anyone really believe that is coincidental?
    I certainly don’t.

  168. edgeoforever, on October 4th, 2008 at 9:28 am Said:

    Even some Bobot bloggers notice – the “rescue” bill – is now Obama’s – and he just rescued himself from all his campaign promises

    Then deductive reasoning would suggest that then he had a HAND in inserting the ACORN PORK IN THE PRIOR BILL TOO. Has he denied having anything with the ACORN PORK in the prior bill?

  169. Ayers was probably “underground” at Columbia. If he and Obama were friends, that explains no one remembering him at Columbia, because he was esentially “underground” also.

    Michelle has a long history with his wife from what I understand.

  170. I tell you it is hard for a person that likes to sleep to catch up with all the comments in the morning. Gary- The reason I like you so much is your apology about the Biden snark. You are a class act. Second, about the NYT article, good or bad, it is buried in the Saturday edition. And finally, Jerelyn supports the defendant in every single case but one. Palin should have to turn over every paper, thought, email , etc. that she has every produced in her entire life so that it can be determined that she harassed her ex-brother in law. (You know the cop that tasered his own step son because the 9 year old asked him to show him how it felt. Yea, this is a person that I want as law enforcement carrying a gun and taser. ) Ok, now to make some coffee.

  171. Carol,

    When Ayers was at Columbia, he had recently come out of hiding and then escaped prison, probably because of his wealthy and powerful family. If Obama was friendly with him then, he could not use the excuse that the events happened so long ago.

  172. Gary – I second Honora’s reference to you as a class act. I look forward to your posts. And, since I have had to work and sleep a lot the last three days, I am behind reading posts/comments by almost 2000 – I hate that. So much has happened.

    One thing I feel we should not do – just my opinon – this “election” season is like no other we have seen in my life time. This is not our parents Democratic Party. This is a “selected” candidate who does not support the Dem party. There are so many issues they are diametrically opposite of that D label. Let us not focus too much on any one issue – weather it be misognmy, class status, education, wealth or whatever. This video production is a great idea – personally sent to freinds, relatives etc. This not a single issue problem.

    I remember Kent State well – I grew up in southeatern Ohio in a small college town and was a young teenager. It can happen again and that is why BZero is so scary – the aggression shown by his supporters is just the tip of the ice berg, their zeroing in on the youth is freightening.

    Water seeks it’s own level – people we thought we knew are showing different “colors”. Do they know something we don’t know or is their commitment to Dem issues not so important as being on the “band
    wagon” of the new and shiny – do they want to profit more than they value human beings?

    The only people who know the most about what is in store for Americans that I value are Bill and Hillary Clinton. We have no idea what they have been facing but we know they have been in power and have never chosen that power over the American public. They have back bones of steel. JMO. Everytime some one I thought I knew as a blogger leaves the reservation, I just say as another poster said – and another one bits the dust. Live is really pretty simple – right is right and wrong is wrong. I am simple minded – I take a lot of things literally, I can’t sleep worrying about my family but also about the less fortunate. Anyone who does not consider walking in other’s shoes is not a full human being. All these stupid labels leave me cold. The important one is – what kind of human being are you? I said I was simple minded. I guess I am not complex enough.

  173. Here’s link to listen to McCain’s Weekly Radio Address today:


  174. Oh, Joe, Joe, Joe – his lates gaffe came Thursday night – reported by M. Totten in “Commentary Magazine”

    Biden said the strangest and most ill-informed thing I have ever heard about Lebanon in my life. “When we kicked — along with France, we kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon, I said and Barack said, “Move NATO forces in there. Fill the vacuum, because if you don’t know — if you don’t, Hezbollah will control it.” Now what’s happened? Hezbollah is a legitimate part of the government in the country immediately to the north of Israel.” [Emphasis added.]
    What on Earth is he talking about? The United States and France may have kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon in an alternate universe, but nothing even remotely like that ever happened in this one.
    Nobody – nobody – has ever kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon. Not the United States. Not France. Not Israel. And not the Lebanese. Nobody.
    Joe Biden has literally no idea what he’s talking about.
    It’s too bad debate moderator Gwen Ifill didn’t catch him and ask a follow up question: When did the United States and France kick Hezbollah out of Lebanon?
    The answer? Never. And did Biden and Senator Barack Obama really say NATO troops should be sent into Lebanon? When did they say that? Why would they say that? They certainly didn’t say it because NATO needed to prevent Hezbollah from returning

  175. Societal breakdown!
    I am totally disgusted with the whole lot. We are all still down here, under the political fray; do they even think of us when they are pushing for power? I doubt it, I believe they would like to contain and constrain us, but we do not matter of the flesh. We are voting matter; we are numbers. We represent a tool to be used to get what they personally want; power.
    I am sick of seeing, hearing and reading about Obama; he reminds me of the IPOD, everyone has to have one, right? I am not cool if I am not in. Please, waffled rubber clogs are big too, but do you want to dress that badly? Anything to be cool!!!
    People are as easy as sheep; just tell them something is cool and act like you want it and one could sell millions. Obama sucks; period. He lies, makes deals, takes fannie mae/ freddie mac money and is full of “eloquent”(PLEASE!) crap! NOBAMA! NOT EVER! NOBAMA!

  176. Phoenix
    THANK YOU SO MUCH I will be uploading this show to my podcast today !!http://goddessradio.podomatic.com/

    there are lots of previous shows there…. including a 2 part interview with Z Budapest on the January 5 Show on Womans Spirituality .
    She Z Budapest is wonderful and calls Hillary a GODDESS in that interview ….

  177. http://goddessradio.podomatic.com

    there is the link to the podcast
    sorry about that

  178. Frankly, I’m a little stunned the our “media” hasn’t jumped on Biden—-as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee—for claiming that France and the US “drove Hezbollah out of Lebanon.”

    It never happened. Biden is delusional, here.

    And his comment that the responsibilities of the VP reside in Article I of the Consitution?

    They don’t. Article II describes the VP.

    Whole lotta mistakes made by Biden in the debate.

    You know that “Katie’s Restaurant” he mentioned , as the place where good-ole middle class people talk about kitchen table issues?

    Katie’s Restaurant has been out of business for 10 year. Bought out and renamed something else.

    Biden’s full of sh*t, folks.

    Senator CreditCardCompanies did a very poor job of making it seem like he has any clue whatsoever of knowing what the “middle class” is going through, or what they’re thinking.

    What a farce!!

  179. That analysis must have been based on just the words used by the candidates. It certainly wasn’t based on how those words were used
    in sentences. Not sure if we could call many of Palin’s blurts actual sentences. Sad that anyone with any education level would try and defend the embarrassment and insult that is Sarah. We can knock Obama and praise Hillary all we want but we need to be careful about how we elevate Palin because that will frame all of our other stances.

  180. JohnboyNJ, you need to take a long look at yourself, because there is nothing “embarrassing” about Sarah and she is not an “insult.” She spoke her mind as she sees the world and as an American she has a right to voice her opinion. You need not demean her, because you don’t agree with her.

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