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Vice Presidential Debate: Unfiltered

It’s almost that time again.  It’s time for the big showdown between a career politician who has had years of experience debating on the Senate floor, who can wax eloquently on all matters Constitutional against the Governor of Alaska who looks like she just jumped out of an episode of Northern Exposure. I can say that my months away from the Mainstream Media has left me relatively virginal when it comes to anything Palin.  I haven’t watched her Katie Couric interviews.  I have not subjected myself to cables shows picking apart the way she breathes or the fact that she has the unmitigated gall to run in the first place.

So, I am going to watch this debate with somewhat fresh eyes.  Biden is a smooth talker but I know that he doesn’t always vote his convictions.  In know that being a 2 year Governor of Alaska isn’t exactly the most thorough preparation to be VP but she’s probably learned more than one thinks in those last 2 years.  It should be fun.

If you’d like to watch it Conflucian Style, set your DVR and watch the debate the first time through with the volume off.  Then watch it again.  Has your impression of the body language changed your impression of what the candidates said?  We’ll see.

Now, on with the show (on C=Span, of course)….

This is a live blog

810 Responses

  1. Can I call you Joe? She’s disarming him already!

  2. geez louise. i’m so nervous. i hope palin isn’t as nervous as i am.

  3. Biden immediately blames Bush & Republicans. Sarah is going to slam that. I am so tired of them taking NO responsibility. Wasn’t Joe in Congress for the last 8 years?

    Now he’s kissing O’s a*s.

  4. LOL gxm!

  5. Oh no!

    She lost already! She was too nice.

  6. I wish they were sitting. She would be standing in those 3-inch heels for at least 1.5 hours.

  7. O must have one sore butt by now, fif.

  8. Sarah, sock it to Joe!

  9. She’s looking right at the camera. She’s such a natural when it comes to connecting with people. It’s a real gift.

  10. Wow!

    My God, is Joe experienced!

  11. Brittania: she’s one of those women who can stand for hours in heels. (I’m not!)

  12. she is speaking directely to the people – llooking into the camera

  13. Love Palin -speasking about common people…..that will get her far.

  14. Oh Brittania, I wouldn’t worry. This woman gave a speech after her water broke, she’s made of a special kind of steel.

  15. Blue tie for Biden screams, “Trust me”.

  16. She was very good there.

  17. She knows what her job is. Doing great so far.

  18. does biden have eyes under these eye lids?

  19. Y’all will have to be my ears and ears – too nervous to watch this sucker.

  20. well, she’s putting sentences together. (one “analyst” sniped that she couldn’t put a sentence together during the kc interview and i thought: have you never listened to obama sans teleprompter!)

  21. Black again.

  22. MABlue: He’s the bestest most experienced Senator EVAH!

  23. Another good answer.

  24. viv: bags!

  25. she is always positive and energetic!

  26. Whoa!! She is staring right at the camera. Great move.

  27. she’s doing fine…. they both started out of the gate talking a little too fast… but she’s hitting her marks and slowing down now a bit…

  28. She is real. That is her problem. They hate that!!

  29. God, winking at the audience. My screen just melted!

  30. Exactly, pat.

  31. She sounds nervous, but she’s getting her points across.

  32. Wow, she sounds like a democrat.

  33. super confident – even cracking jokes! boy she is the real thing

  34. excuse me, Gwen. Yeah, it’s the buyers’ fault.

    Love you, Sarah!

  35. Joe suddenly looks thrilled at Sarah’s statement that “it was the fault of the predatory lenders”…..was he expecting that?

  36. She hasn’t puke on the stage?

  37. “strict oversight” – that’s what I want to hear, Sarah…

  38. Joe does not look too healthy.

  39. MABlue, LOL!

  40. You ageist, you, pat. (snark)

  41. Joe is lying! Hillary said that!

  42. I love Sarah. She is so genuine.

  43. Joe has had voice trouble for awhile now…

  44. Go Sarah Go!!!

  45. I know they’re moving quickly tonight – but since when is there a genocide in Bosnia?

    Sorry, I’m having computer issues tonight so I’m a little behind.

  46. I LOVE her! Love, love, LOVE her.

  47. can joey actually look into the camera….she is talking to the people, joey to the moderator

  48. She has got to hit back the “deregulate” mantra with Fannie & Freddie. Suddenly Barack was the one calling for reform and regulations? When–where’s the legislation?! He takes credit for friggin’ everything.

  49. It took a salad bowl of actors who created this mess. Not one person.

  50. she should quote Obama praising Reagan’s deregulation back in January 2008

  51. Pat, what they hate about her is that she is a serious threat because she connects with ordinary Americans. She’s got something they don’t have and never will.

  52. Darfur, Phlamingo?

  53. Obama did not warn about the subprime crisis. He said he wasn’t sure the government should intervene because it may reward spectators.

  54. I thought Biden looked surpised when Sarah talked about the predatory lenders.

  55. Look at him smiling–I think Joe is smitten!! Joe’s gonna vote for Palin! Joe’s a PUMA!!!

  56. I like the fact that she’s not very polished.

    As cliche as it sounds, she comes across as natural and regular Jane.

  57. Obama is FOS, masslib. And so are the Obama lovin’ , lyin’ media.

  58. Sarah is a “first name” person. I like that. It promotes intimacy.

  59. can Joe stop with the condescending smiles?

  60. Joe, we love Sarah!!!!

  61. I find Biden utterly smarmy, not folksy.

  62. fabulous – she makes mooseburger out of the douche bag!

  63. Joe’s big patronizing smiling when she is talking doesn’t look good.

    What’s with the “Barack voted to raise taxes on people making $42,000? Is that true or not?”

    She is not answering the deregulation charge and she needs to. Oh wait, here she goes.

  64. She is fresh, positive, youthful. I’m sure this is no accident.

  65. I was still commenting on the other thread! 😦
    My thoughts — who looks like Jackie O now?
    Biden doesn’t only have hairplugs, he is botoxed to within an inch of his life.
    Smile and smile and be a villain. (re: Biden)

  66. I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Regency – I know and you know it’s Darfur – but I swear he said Bosnia

  68. RD,

    She really is likeable. Biden had better watch out.

  69. Joe voted for a lot of that deregulation.

  70. He did say Bosnia.

  71. Joe better stop grinning… it’s not looking too good…

  72. Go Sarah!

  73. YESSS, RD! I love her too! I love this woman – she’s naturally Good and I hope she plays to her strengths.

  74. His big obnoxious grin when she is talking is pissing me off:

    ISN’T SHE CUUUTE? is what he is saying with that smile.

    I’d like to wipe it right off his face.

  75. The smiling like that when she speaks looks condescending — look at the little girl talk politics! how cute!

  76. thanks angienc! I didn’t want to think I was old enought to start losing my hearing.

  77. please God help Sarah win this debate beyond all propaganda!!

  78. You go, Sarah!!!!!

  79. All of a sudden this year they give a shit about us!

  80. She just needs to keep calling him out.

  81. fif –lol great minds.
    I’ll say it again — smile and smile and be a villain is what came to my mind.

  82. I like how she outright said she’s probably not going to answer the questions the way anybody wants, but is going to speak to the American people.

  83. angienc, you’re right – Biden is Botoxed! I never noticed before….

  84. Sarah has figured out that she has to end-run around the media and speak directly to the people.

  85. What studies, Gwen?

  86. If we were doing shots everytime Biden says John McCain I would be passed out before the halfway point.

    Here’s a tip Joe: talk about yourself and your running mate.

  87. To me the best word to describe Joe Biden is “smarmy.” What a phony. I’ll just bet he was hanging around his local gas station. Give me a break.

  88. How many times have Biden said MIDDLE CLASS? Do ya think that maybe they suggested he hammer that endlessly?

  89. Good for her, phlamingo – very smart move.

  90. Sarah, can we get rid of the Department of Homeland Security? Oooo, Joe is on the defensive.

  91. Where are these bogus numbers coming from?

  92. Sarah has talked about creating MORE jobs…. will Joe? or is he just going to talk about tax cuts?

  93. Pat Johnson — yeah, it seems like every 4 years they “care.” LOL

  94. Is joe being paid by the number of times he says “middle class”?

  95. Campaign finance reform Good one.

  96. Sarah, don’t be trashing UHC…don’t go there girlfriend.

  97. OMG, it’s a smiling contest, and I like Sarah’s better.

  98. She can go toe to toe. That’s what counts.

  99. “When you talk about Barack’s plan … you’re forgetting the small businesses…” She’s doing well!

  100. also, good job on putting herself and her family smack in the middle of the middle class – so there Joe!

  101. Burn on the gov.

  102. I think she’s doing much better than everyone gave her credit. Deep breath . . . . exhale!!!!

  103. Scranton – here we go again!

  104. Joe has been whipped!! 😉

  105. Sarah – will you do anything about health insurance companies kicking people off the rolls for BS reasons?

  106. Joe: “Middle Class” one more time and I’m smashing something?

  107. fif: Yes, “middle class” is the talking point buzzword.

  108. I feel sorry for Sarah having to defend John’s crappy non-health plan.

  109. Sophie: she’s a Republican. She’s gonna trash UHC :shrug:

  110. Uh oh: Joe is starting to sound like a Bloviator.

  111. I just noticed something: when Biden talks, I tune out. When Palin talks, I am fully engaged.

  112. Oops, he got ’em mixed up. Sorry, Joe, we do too.

  113. Joe, Sarah, hate to tell you but the cupboard is bare. We all know it.

  114. BTW: Gwen is doing fine so far.

  115. geez, i am sorry but i can’t make myself watch it. i am seeing through the eyes of the posters. thanks

  116. Gwen needs to do more follow up…

  117. She should refocus the health care issue to pharmacueticals. McCain has already put the industry on notice.

  118. I would take a shot every time he says middle class but I have to work tomorrow.

  119. Let’s not talk about how either of them pay for things–health insurance, homes, cars.

  120. Not only do people get kicked off health insurance rolls for BS reasons–it’s also nearly impossible to find individual insurance if your employer doesn’t offer it.

  121. RD: When Sarah’s speaking, I’m listening. When Joe’s speaking, I run to the kitchen to stir my sauce!

  122. oops, Biden was good on that whole healthcare argument.

    Of course, I’m sure Hillary could’ve kicked McCain’s ass a whole lot better.

  123. Joe is kinda losing his cool.

    He is meandering.

  124. Sounds good so far but I can see the MSM headlines already: “Kewpie Doll Krushed By Mighty Biden” .

  125. So, basically you are not going to cut anything.

  126. this seems very rushed…

  127. Joe is bloviating ….running out of time before he finishes his point.

  128. He is full of cackadoodledoo!

  129. Yes, the light is blinking…STFU.

  130. eliminate the wastefule spending – that’s why they just voted to pass the “rescue” plan yesterday that’s now more than 400 pages of pork!

  131. Whooo Hoooo!

  132. Nailed it!

  133. He’s giving stuff he’ll cut on the McCain proposal?


  134. Sarah…remind him that Barack Obama voted FOR that Big Oil Tax Break.

    O God: I call that UNPATRIOTIC, UNPATRIOTIC. Shut up Joe.

    She calls Barack out on his hypocrisy. She just mentioned that Obama voted FOR the energy bill–good job Sarah.

  135. She’s doing fine.

  136. She said “bless their hearts” I love her.

  137. that’s it – bring up your actual governing experience! and Joe’s just flashing the smarmy smile at her

  138. WHAT did she do???

  139. Ha ha ha – Barack Obama voted for the Energy Plan to give the tax cuts to the oil companies – that’s just great…

    Hi RD!

  140. His smile is so irritating. “Look at her, she’s such a spitfire (for a girl).” I’d like to see Hillary kick his a*s.

  141. which expenses are you cutting are you cutting, Joe?

  142. Go, Sarah. Bush/Cheney coming home to roost.

  143. Great answer on energy.

  144. Oh my god, she named the oil companies.

  145. She is wonderful! The camara loves her-

  146. Smirk smirk smirk, Joe.

    Oh, we are going to be hearing a lot more from Sarah.

  147. HR for Sarah!

  148. she is brilliant at switching from charming to steely/serious – mixing it really well up

  149. Oh that Joe Biden smile is not looking very good now.

  150. Yes!! Hits Bo on voting for Cheney’s energy bill

  151. She is creaming him!

  152. Ooooo, snarky, ain’t she?

  153. Ifill is doing a good job (I kind of thought she would because of the uproar & I’ve seen her work in the past — the GOP waiting until the day before the debate to bring this up was a GREAT move on their part)

  154. She is really going for it and doing well. We’ll see if the press and pundits rewrite history like they did after the last debate.

  155. Excuses, excuses Joe – it’s a losing issue for you…

  156. That was awesome: she just looked at the camera and promised to turn it around.

    She needs to answer the tax cut issue.

  157. Biden points out the money Sarah got for her citizens? Who’s side is he on?

  158. How long is this debate? She’s doing good. Wondering if she can keep it up for the full time.

  159. I used to like Joe Biden.

  160. Biden wrote that bill!

  161. What the hell is he talking about?

  162. Aren’t VP debates usually better? I remember Lieberman & Cheney. Much more interesting than Bush & Gore.

  163. masslib: 90 minutes

  164. Sounds good so far but I can see the MSM headlines already: “Kewpie Doll Krushed By Mighty Biden” .

    It’ll be, “Who cares What She Said? She’s Unclean and Makes us Very Uncomfortable–You Can’t Expect Us to Listen!”

  165. has Biden even mentioned Obama yet?

  166. Biden’s on Hillary’s side.

  167. OMG! She did the “bless his heart” maneuver???? Viciousssss…

    Hey there, JerseyGirl!!! So glad you decided to join us.

  168. This isn’t the Joe Biden you knew, Pat.

  169. PJ — lasts until 10:30 est — 90 minutes like the Pres. one.

  170. main streeters like me….like it

  171. “Main Streeters like me”

  172. Main Streeters like me. Good one!

  173. Sarah – talking about McCain. Joe – not talking about Obama. Joe has forgotten why he is there.

  174. Oh crap, I missed bless his heart. What’s that?

  175. What’s going on? Isn’t Biden supposed to be wiping the floor with Palin?

  176. again pointing out that she’s part of mainstream America

  177. Joe voted for that bill.

  178. Now I remember why Biden didn’t get very far as a candidate.

    He is booooooooring.

  179. joe reminds me of a guy who hires/fires. he said that some have resumes with the same six monhs experience over and over and over. i think joe and obambi fit in there somewhere.

  180. If Joe keeps up that smarmy condescending approach he will lose even if he technically wins

  181. RD — she did say “bless their hearts” — as a southern gal she is my sister for life now.

  182. I don’t get the feeling that Biden is into this.

  183. This is setting up to be a perfect time to bring up Obama’s buddies at Freddie and Fannie.

  184. Oh lawd, he’s defending his awful bankruptcy law. Oh my God, Obama did NOTHING on subprime. It was Hillary!

  185. Say Hello to JerseyGirl, Conflucians. She works two doors down the hall from me.

  186. “Bless his heart” is an Irish saying.

  187. Ifill told Sarah earlier that she didn’t asnwer to “what she would do as VP. She wasn’t even asked that question – only rebuttal to Biden’srbuttal/Gwen not trying too hard to appear objective

  188. but myiq — smarmy & condenscending is who he is.

  189. Senator Credit Card bloviating about bankruptcy. Just one more irony in a season of them.

  190. did he just switch Obama and McCain’s positions on when they spoke out about the sub-prime mortgage mess?

  191. Hi, Jersey Girl!!!

  192. eh, abrupt change of subject, Sarah, clumsy.

  193. Southern gal?

    You don’t happen to speak in a twangy southern drawl, do you?

  194. “Bless his/her/their heart(s)” is also a Southern thing, PJ

  195. she is brilliant – such a natural…..

  196. WTF did Obama do when he saw the crisis?

  197. Is it me or does Biden seem totally stupid?

  198. Hello Jersey, Texas here.

  199. Not a “big” drawl — a slight one — or so I’ve been told by yankees.

  200. “East Coast politicians” Love it.

  201. Hi RD, kitty just got back from dance and she’s singing a song she’s composing.

    Go Sarah – Energy independence…

  202. Biden’s on Hillary’s side.

    Sophie: what do you mean?

  203. Joe has WAY too much make up on. More than Sarah! She’s great. I’m loving her (even though I don’t agree with all of her positions). Gwen is doing good too. That’s a relief. I didn’t want to have to write her off like KC.

  204. MAblue – nothing. he took days to make a statement whether he agrees or disagrees with the bailout.

  205. Governor Palin, you rock!!

  206. And Joe lives…where again?

  207. I hope Sarah is going to point out that both Biden and Obama voted for the “bridge to nowhere.”

  208. The word “yankees” is used with love, btw — bless their hearts, they can’t help being born up north. LOL

  209. Palin looks very confident. She has a great appeal. I agree . . . I’m tired of hearing “middle class.” They forgot about an interest in middle class families when trying to put them in houses they couldn’t afford but lined the pockets of the Obama gang.

  210. Why is it that I constantly hear how “terrified” someone is at the possibility of this woman becoming President yet they’re comfortable with Biden taking over ???
    She is SO much more qualified.

  211. Hits energy Hillary-style. Energy independence-national security, prosperity, climate change.

  212. she souns a bit more nervous – like first energy gone

  213. Joe is from Delaware.

  214. Wow!

    The noise you’re hearing is Joe CRUSHING Sarah!


  215. Who is going to mention polar bears first?

  216. i get the feeling that biden thinks he should be president and not obambi. maybe that is why he hasn’t mentioned him.

  217. “Bless your heart” is the ultimate southern shiv. You’re welcome to it, guv!

  218. She’s on fire! smart, fresh, wonderful!

  219. She formed a climate change committee in Alaska? First governor to do that – good girl…

  220. yeah, but he grew up in Scranton!

  221. Idiot. She’s actually right about climate change. It’s both, man made and cyclical.

  222. And congress has done nothing to mitigate climate change.

  223. I was snarking, pat, but got moved down the queue…

  224. Looks like Joe is emitting biofuels right now. LOL!

  225. we believe, Barack Obama believes – which is it Joe?

  226. climate change. Did that hurt her?

    JM has voted against funding alternative energy–is that true?

    Barack Obama “believes.” Once again, what the hell has he actually done.

  227. She can hit him on clean coal now. GO SARAH!

  228. “Bless their hearts” is redneck for “F@#% Them!”

  229. I’m just listening and so far she sounds good. An omen—first name – Sarah (my oldest daughter’s name) and she’s a flutist (so is my oldest daughter). Isn’t that weird–the things we look at. She is doing well.

  230. Didn’t he talk about this coal thing and got caught with saying something inaccurate?

  231. eeps, Joe’s back on coal again … just negated what he said a few weeks ago in Penn…

  232. MABlue: I’m going slowly. What did I miss?

  233. I wouldn’t say he were crushing her. Not sure who’s going to come out ahead but she’s not being skooshed.

  234. Even scientists are not done with this climate change debate.

  235. OMG, Biden is f*cking lying. John McCain told his own Party years ago that man was contributing to global warming.

  236. Is clearly man made?

    Joe have you watched the temperature swings we’ve had over 100 years?

  237. IronMan: LOL!

  238. Drill Baby Drill!!

    Love it!!

  239. She just called him Senator O’Biden!

  240. myiq2xu: “Bless their hearts” is redneck for “F@#% Them!”

  241. Like riverdaughter, I find my mind drifting away when Biden talks. He’s full of sh*&t.

  242. in case you missed it – that was Joe’s “OMG, I’m really f@#$ed now!”

  243. She’s got a lot of raw political talent. I’m surprised how much she is underestimated.

  244. RD:

    Aren’t you just watching how Joe is CRUSHING Sarah? I mean CRUSHING!

  245. did she cal him Obiden?

  246. fif: I mean that in his heart of hearts, Biden would rather be voting for and running with Hillary. (That’s what I believe, anyway.)

  247. Out of context my ass!!!

  248. fif, on October 2nd, 2008 at 9:35 pm Said:

    She just called him Senator O’Biden!

    Really? FUNNY!

  249. Biden is always f*ucking lying.

  250. Biden keeps trying to have the last word on every question.

    According to Al Gore, there is no such thing as “clean coal”

  251. LOL on her statement ‘Joe, the chant is Drill Baby Drill’ – correcting Biden’s purantical restatement.

  252. OMG, Biden is f*cking lying. John McCain told his own Party years ago that man was contributing to global warming.

    They lie all the time masslib. And get away with it.

  253. fif
    has a nice ring to it, non?

  254. Did Biden come out in favor of gay marriage without saying the M-word?

  255. she makes it look effortless, he looks like he cant make an effort

  256. He’s lying about coal. Absolutely lying.

  257. masslib:

    I thought I heard her say that

  258. The Elite Left and MSM totally underestimated Sarah Palin.

    She is doing great!!

  259. SOD:

    That’s a good one.

  260. biden is full of shit on the gay issue…he’s lying.

  261. He said the M-word too

  262. gak! Sarah on same sex marriage… just awful.

  263. Oh oh Sarah.

  264. walk carefully Sarah – this is a quicksand issue

  265. yes he did. But you should see her answer to Katie on gay’s.

  266. Strange phenomenon: like with Obama, I can’t focus on what Biden is saying. Lots of words, self-importance, but it doesn’t land.

    Beautiful answer on same-sex couples re: tolerant!!!

  267. Problem is, now the lying MSM will REALLY hate her.

  268. ugsome: Joe actually said the M-word earlier.

  269. Oh lord…is she saying “some of my best friends are”?

  270. Bad answer on marriage equality.

  271. Sarah is being a Republican about gay marriage…we expected that.

    Hey! she backed Obama & Biden into a corner on gay marriage!

  272. I knew he said “same-sex marriage”!

  273. Well, at least we know where she stands.

  274. she has the same position as Obama

  275. That isn’t what he said before ready gay marriage did he?

  276. screw both of ’em on same sex marriage…

  277. Gary – love your posts!

  278. Yes, she’s saying some of my best friends are.

  279. Here we go with the religious insertion once again.

  280. nice – point out to Ifill what her actual question to Biden was! very classy

  281. fuck you joe!!! I don’t care what your faith feels

  282. The moment everyone has been waiting for – Foreign policy time!

  283. F*ck the democrats on marriage equality!

  284. awesome answer on gay marriage…my answer is the same as his she ROCKS!!!!!

  285. ugsome, it’s not that she’s underestimated. It’s that she is realized for the very real threat she is. So what does the so-called “left” do? Resort to sexist smears about the “dumb” woman who got where she is either on looks or through her husband, or both.

  286. OldCoastie: I am gay and do not agree with you. She emphasized tolerance. They both AGREED. Unfortunately, not supporting gay marriage, but she worked to tell us that she is not judgmental and does not prohibit civil rights legislation. That’s not perfect, but Joe & BO don’t support it either.

  287. Actually they both gave bad answers on marriage equality

  288. sarah barracuda is back

  289. gary – don’t hold your feelings back! 🙂

  290. Yes! Use Biden’s own words agaisnt Obama

  291. :-))) she said she wants ‘visitations in hospitals’ – i think she meant ‘visitation rights in hospitals’

  292. She signed the equality bill.

  293. The point is that they gave the same answer.

  294. They agree about gay marriage. I really don’t understand what the big deal is. Marriage is a religious act, not a government act. The gov’t has no business in the marriage business. All people should enter civil unions.

  295. Yes, both major tickets are against gay marriage.

  296. This is where I have to hold my breath.

    We’re are talking about Biden’s expertise, like break up Iraq in 3 States.


  297. Nail Biden on the timeline ONLY plan, Sarah!

  298. Hillary’s stand re marriage is leave it to the states.

  299. OBiden is trying to look more knowledgeable by tossing out lots of factoids without context.

    That won’t impress Joe Bagodonuts who isn’t an expert.

  300. ha! My husband just said that they should be heading their tickets.

  301. i’ve said it before, she has the same stance on same sex marriage as obama, but she actually has a better rocord than he does given her veto as governor.

  302. I love how he puts words in Obama’s mouth.

  303. I think here side stepping the gay marriage and equal rights were her way uv not committing

  304. LIAR!!!

  305. Oh, Lord. Biden should say “We’re opposed to gay marriage because we’re weasily opportunists–they actually believe this stuff! Uh, except the ones who are also weasily opportunists.”

  306. has anyone else noticed how much nicer her highlights look than his balding head?

  307. Yes!!

    Palin to Biden: “Your plan is a white flag of surrender.”

    She nailed it!

    You can tell by his little smile.


  308. You know—we were all sold a bill of goods by the MSM via Obama talking points memo about her being soooooo right wing. I don’t think she is about pushing her personal beliefs down anybody’s throat.

  309. True, gary.

  310. Ewww Joe’s grin grosses me out. I so would not buy a car from this guy.

  311. myiq — “bless his heart” is NOT redneck — all southerns say it — genteel & redneck alike.

  312. Oh wow . . . Biden wanted to run with McCain. Great job!!!

  313. Ouch!!!!!!!!!

  314. I am watching on CNN. They have a thingie across the bottom of the screen charting response from some folks who are wired up. Sarah seems to be doing better with men than women. Interesting…

  315. fif – marriage equality seems fundamental to me… unrealistic on my part, perhaps, but fundamental…

    even here in liberal California, a teacher who would like to leave her pension to her partner should that teacher die, the state retirement system only allows for a small lump sum payout… instead of the full monthly payout until the partner’s death…

    that is screwed and wrong and I’m tired of the excuses.

  316. I agree with NV Swing Voter – government out of marriage – civil unions only.

  317. “There’s no end in sight to end this war?”

    WTF does that mean?

  318. Sarah plays rough…with a smile.

  319. ooooooh! “You also said that Barack Obama was not ready to be CIC.”

  320. Ugh, bad answer joe.

  321. they are zapping each other equally well on Iraq.

  322. i think joey has botox all over his face…..nothing seems to move except his mouth

  323. Stick it in, Sarah!!!!! Whooohoooo.

  324. masslib: they don’t have the guts.

    Did McCain really vote against funding the troops or is Joe lying again?

  325. He can’t fight her with his words thrown back at him!

  326. “I love how he puts words in Obama’s mouth.”

    He doesn’t want to misquote him. There’s a difference between “uhhhh uhhhh” and “errr err.” That would be a gaffe.

  327. Way to quote Biden from Dem primaries!!!! Obama isn’t ready to be President!!!

  328. their he goes with God love him!

  329. Didn’t Joe say that FDR gave a TV address when the stock market crashed?

    He’s not a rocket scientist, is he….

  330. I love him , but John McCain has been dead wrong on the fundamentals of the war, but Obama has been right.

    BASED ON WHAT? What the HELL has Obama done?!

  331. She’s is doing great even in Foreign Policy?

  332. Biden is doing too much ‘John McCain did this and that” and not enough pro Obama stuff.

    I don’t think Biden has been too into the Bambi campaign since he was sent to indoctrination camp.

  333. BTW — Biden sounded like an idiot saying climate change is “man made” It is both. I recycle, etc. but I have to also to acknowledge that there are a lot of credible scientists on both sides about how much of the climate change is man made.

  334. No. Joe means he didn’t vote for the Democratic various plans. But, that’s stupid. he voted with the CinC. Not that I agree with Bush. But that is a dumb thing to say.

  335. Joe Biden looks like he had a bad face lift. His eyes are pulled up on the outsides like Joan Rivers’ or Nancy Pelosi’s.

  336. When did McCain vote against funding the troops?


  337. She should have had a chance to rebut his last answer.

  338. pakistan is going to attack Israel???what the hell is he talking about?

  339. Damn, my heart is in my throat…

  340. Did he say Obama was right about how to conduct the war in Iraq? Didn’t Obama admit the surge worked? I don’t see how Ifill can let him get away with saying that — Oh, yeah, she does have that book coming out.

  341. He should have done something about the big bags under his eyes when he had the facelift.

  342. One more “God love him” and I’ll scream.

  343. Biden is winning this thing in a walk, as expected. As long as Sarah Palin holds her own, her performance will be seen as a victory. But she is overmatched and she knows it.

  344. that was idiotic. Pakistan is not a danger to israel? they are clueless

  345. Sarah Palin is authentic. She is speaking straight to the hearts and minds of Americans. She gets it!

    There’s no BS from her. I love the way she speakes from the heart! Straight Talk!

  346. Oh, hi, susann. You seem to be a party of one here.

  347. Biden isn’t winning anything. I don’t even know where that’s coming from.

  348. Oh-oh. “Nu-cu-lar”

  349. Biden, you ass, YOUR Presidential candidate was the one who Dangerously proclaimed that he would attack Pakistan if necessary – and that was probably the most idiotic, presumptuous, disastrous statement ever. Don’t you dare point to McCain’s statement.

  350. susannunes — I don’t know what debate I’m watching, but I can’t make heads or tails of what Biden is saying (climate change is man made only; McCain voted against funding the troops, etc). And I went to Ivy League schools.

  351. She’s from Alaska. She gets a pass.

  352. Oh I am glad I read these comments. I thought maybe I was nuts and this is a half-way decent debate and maybe Sarah P. has a grip. heh.

  353. Dang – she can’t say nuclear correctly – I hate that in anyone. But I still think she’s doing well and at least she can pronounce the guys name correctly.

  354. Biden, you ass, YOUR Presidential candidate was the one who Dangerously proclaimed that he would attack Pakistan- and that was probably the most idiotic, presumptuous, disastrous statement ever. Don’t you dare point to McCain’s statement.

  355. Even Carter said nucular.

  356. Oh no – she said “Nucular” – it’s “Nuclear”. God, I hate that. At least she can say Ahmadinejad.

    Pet peeve as a scientist….

  357. she called obama dangerous!!!!! love it

  358. i think sarah is holding her own… especially considering the low bar set… looking good

  359. It’s the accent.

  360. Chevalier — Obama said, and I quote that he “would take them out” re: bin Laden in Pakistan.

  361. So glad to see Sarah being Sarah tonight!

    She is a natural!

    Let’s see a lot more of that from now until Election Day!!

  362. joe’s making faces …. snark snark

  363. Look at him smirking and scratching his neck. What a pompous jerk. She’s doing well.

  364. KO and tweety bird’s heads must be exploding!

  365. A bunch of folks laughed “our respect for women’s rights.”

  366. She’s holding her own in Foreign Policy- pivoting great to her strengths, and sidestepping her weaknesses


  368. I love her accent. It reminds me of North Dakota.

  369. yes, he did!

  370. Biden SIGHS? Oh, she’s Gored him.

  371. I think she’s kicking his ass. remember most people aren’t as hard core on these issues as we are. She is talking straight to the peopel…he keeps asking rhetorical questions…and he’s been on dfense the whole time.

  372. She’s got a decent enough grip for a newcomer. I don’t get the orgy of Sarah hate. Vote against her on the issues or experience, but the feeding frenzy of hate completely eludes me.

  373. Biden just lied!!! Barack did say he would sit with Oh . . . whatever his name is.

  374. he’s such a lizard


  375. fif, on October 2nd, 2008 at 9:50 pm Said:
    Stupid bambi did say it

  376. Joe becomes red

  377. Yes, Bostonboomer. Like northern Minnesota too.

  378. Sarah is coming across as much less polished, but in an “everywoman/everyman, you can relate to me, I see things like you do” kind of way. That’s good.

  379. and the North Dakota accent reminds me of Canada – but that’s ok because the more you hear it the more you get used to it and then all of the people making fun of it look stupid

  380. She should drop the RIGHTWING buzzwords, but she’s performing beyong my expectations.

  381. did he really say this on SPAIN?

  382. You guys are right. He’s starting to condescend to her. Not a good idea, Joe.

  383. Yes – Obama did say he wanted to sit with Ahmadinejad! Bad Joe, Bad Joe

  384. Spaaaaa-in!

    Is that true–did McCain say that? Again, I think Joe is liar liar pants on fire. I can’t imagine that JM would have said that.

  385. Biden is easy to understand. He knows what he is talking about. Palin really doesn’t on a lot of things, and she knows she is overmatched.

  386. The game’s back on, boyz. Sarah’s not an airhead.

    As long McCain does his job, this is a contest once again.

  387. Oh, Joey is bloviating now

  388. We are aware of the flip flops because we are political nuts. Most of America is not. We know Obama lied.

  389. biden is crushing sarah? i don’t see it. in fact biden isn’t as well as the hype indicated he would.

  390. vivenne – I don’t know. Biden’s lieing left and right on things.

  391. she’s been studying

  392. They prepped her well, and she did her homework.

  393. the spain thing is a lie…he misunderstood the question

  394. If Sarah can come across as being sufficiently – but not too – tough, she wins tonight. And FU, NYTimes.

  395. Since the bar is very low for Palin, knowing she is not in the league with Joseph Biden, if she survives the debate it will be seen as a victory, period.

    Biden has to be careful not to be seen as picking on her.

  396. This is tough—-they must go home/hotel thinking ‘I wish I had said this or that’—I sure do after arguing with people.
    She’s doing fine.

  397. So we aren’t going to get rid of susannunes?

  398. So, foreign policy is supposed to be Bidens forte….he is not wiping the floor…..

  399. I can’t agree with you susannunes. Biden is a bloviating, boring, smarmy fool. Maybe you should go over to DK to watch the debate with the Obamabots.

  400. Oh my, referring to himself in third person. What a windbag.

  401. Things slow over on Kos, susie?

  402. susanunes, you must be watching a different debate than the one they are. please let us know the channel. maybe it’s a new one strictly for democrats for obama.

  403. Joe is getting hot under the collar. He sounds angry.

  404. I don’t see where he’s crushing her. In fact,she’s “wearing her lipstick very well.””

  405. She’s really holding her won, after outperforming him in the first 30 min.

  406. Does Obama pay over-time for trolls to come on PUMA blog sites during the debate?

  407. But Senator, Obama said Iran was just a small country and not a threat.

  408. My mother is in northern Wisconsin. I recognize that Northwoods accent. Doesn’t bother me as much as it does some of my fellow city slicker friends.

  409. we both love Israel – bam

  410. I think O’Biden loves saying Barack Obama and listening to his own voice.

  411. Unlike bloviating, boring, preachy Biden, Sarah Palin has real charisma. And unlike Obama, she has a sense of humor. I love it when she slips in the knife with snarky remarks.

  412. France is not part of NAto – why would they want to send nato troops to Libanon??

  413. Joe does look cranky.

  414. Anyone hearing and seeing Joe’s DEEP INHALES tonight?


    That is about the 10 th time he’s done it!

  415. bring up the change issue! nice

  416. nice response on the looking backword crap

  417. Good lord, stop sighing, Joe.

  418. A bunch of folks laughed “our respect for women’s rights.”

    Sadly, those were our Senators.

  419. susanunes, you keep typing those obama talking points and you’ll get a nice check at the end of the debate.

  420. even here in liberal California, a teacher who would like to leave her pension to her partner should that teacher die, the state retirement system only allows for a small lump sum payout… instead of the full monthly payout until the partner’s death…

    Under civil unions for all this would not be an issue. Leave the religious aspect of “marriage” out of it.

  421. Sarah does “snark” well. Like we love it here.

  422. When did Barack say all these things? In his former Senate live?

    I didn’t know he used to be Nostradamus.

  423. susannunez is here to cause trouble. I’ve never seen a serious commenter make the exact same comment so many times in succession. That its exactly the Axelrod talking point for tonight and tomorrow is also telling. Expect to hear that from the pundits after the debate. They are trying to create their own reality. That’s how they work.

  424. Biden continues to forget he is not at the top of the ticket. Obama who?

  425. Why did Obama pick Biden? He’s got as much Joementum as Lieberman.

  426. We haven’t heard any of Obama’s policy plans either, Joe.

  427. biden looks kind of like pualie from the sopranos

  428. It is hard to point backwards, but O’Biden does it well.

  429. Enough is enough with constantly looking back and playing the blame game. For a ticket that wants to make a campaign about change, there is too much looking backward. Now she is focusing on moving forward and making change.


    Joe with smirk: Past is prologue.

    Now he is going on and on about McCain = Bush.

    George Bushssssss. He is an ass.

  430. Biden’s preaching cadence makes me want to punch him. bUSh’s!!! Ugh!!!

  431. Al Gore had to hand those sighs off to someone

  432. Joe’s feathers are officially ruffled…and then some. LOL!

  433. susannnunes, you must not be watching the same debate I am.

  434. Joe is so lowering himself to debate with this “inexperienced” woman. Now he’s ranting. It’s not attractive.

  435. Sorry, but accents are GOOD. I love ’em.

  436. gqmartinez: I know about the alternate-reality game. I distinctly recall Gore crushing Bush in debate. Fat lot of good that did.

  437. Guys, Sarah is kicking his ass. Sorry, talkingheads.

  438. Joe isn’t grinning quite so much now, huh?

  439. She knows how to “seize” the moment in her favor. Good.

  440. I think Biden received and insane amount of botox.

  441. re nucular:

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary:”Though disapproved of by many, pronunciations ending in [kjə.lə(ɹ)] have been found in widespread use among educated speakers, including scientists, lawyers, professors, congressmen, United States cabinet members, and at least two United States presidents and one vice president, who are, in other respects, educated. While most common in the United States, these pronunciations have also been heard from British and Canadian speakers.”

    Oxford English Dictionary:”The colloquial pronunciation…has been criticized in usage guides since at least the mid-20th century, although it is now commonly given as a variant in modern dictionaries.”

  442. She really is a quick study.

  443. If Hillary were debating Sarah, it would be a lot more fun to watch.

  444. facts matter? since when?

  445. BPD, on October 2nd, 2008 at 9:56 pm Said:
    biden looks kind of like pualie from the sopranos

    LOL, he’s gonna start doing curls with his hand weights soon.


    Let me say this again…I fucking heard you the first time Joe.

    I am getting really tired of this guy. I might just have to mute.

  447. the spain reference: radio interview

  448. What’s his point? Is he about to contradict himself?

  449. She’s doing well!
    Biden seems to keep GETTING the last word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  450. Dude, 3rd person is not your friend.

  451. The people who responded to Reagan’s Morning in America are going to respond to Sarah.

  452. His forehead never moves.

  453. Oh – he is really getting hot now – but his forehead doesn’t move or wrinkle – amazing stuff that botox is.

  454. Well, if debates are won on charm, this is a no-brainer.

  455. Biden can’t defend Obama because he knows Obama would be dangerous for our country.

  456. he’s screaming, gesticulating. i didnt know he had an anger problem as well – not just a gaffe problem!

  457. Now he’s talking verrrrryyyyy sloooooowwwly so that Sarah can understand him with her tiny little female brain. “Let me say that again…”

    No, please don’t say everything twice Joe. It’s so annoying and boooorrrrrrinnngggggg.

  458. I think Biden has a crush on Obama. He argues Obama’s case better than Obama does. What a bunch of sell-outs. What happened to he isn’t experienced enough? Suddenly he is a Great Visionary.

  459. Joe is coming across as annoyed and angry.

  460. The same comments were made about the surge in Iraq.

    STFU Joe!

  461. One of Obama’s 172 days in the Senate. What a guy!

  462. please tell me we don’t have to do shots every time he sighs!

  463. She is sounding strong on Afghanistan.

  464. Uh oh, I just heard Joe with his big sigh again.

  465. Joe mumbling under his breath

  466. Wait, isn’t it MCCAIN with the anger mgmt. problem?

  467. big sigh

  468. There’s the obnoxious smile again. Women are going to hate that.

  469. Whether you agree or disagree with her, she can hold her own. I like that.

  470. Afghanistan succeeded? Then why did my boyfriend’s friend just deploy there? Why is there still trouble there?

  471. Why doesn’t she mention that he never held a single hearing in Afghanistan. Now it’s his top priority?

  472. Chevalier – In his local neck of the woods, Biden is known to have a temper, or at least act like it.

  473. This is the rambling ticket.

  474. There will not be a Barack Obama administration, good buddy!

    We The People will not allow it!!

  475. I am not watching the debate, but it sounds like she is doing great!!!!!!!!

  476. Is he sighing? Not good. Gore was heavily criticized for it.

  477. ugsome: It is the newest vacation spot in the world.

  478. Sigh, sigh, sigh.


  479. Bosniacs?

  480. Two hotheads who can’t take criticism and make stupid error after stupid error–hello, world! A match made in heaven.

  481. Bosniacs?

  482. I think the moderator is being far more fair than the MSM was trying to say.

  483. last time i checked they still dont like each other on the balkan

  484. Yes, Pat, she sure can. Underestimating Ronald Reagan got us nowhere. Same with Bush. I see that steamrollier coming down the path a third time.

  485. Bosniacs?

  486. bosniaks? what the hell?

  487. MABlue: not only is a rambling ticket, it’s boring.

  488. Where are more troops going to come from if not from Iraq.

  489. Oh, so now it’s ok for Biden to give Bush authority to go into Iraq because there was a REASON, but for Hillary it was an atrocity?

  490. I think he means Bosnians. I guess.

  491. Why does Biden always get the last word!

  492. WTF are bosniacs?

  493. Biden: “I gave the President the power.”


  494. Sleepless Bosnians?

  495. at least he finally got into the right country for the genocide! about freakin’ time Joe!

  496. am I 1st?

  497. Are they going to talk foreign policy for the next 30 minutes?

  498. She is absolutely charming!!!!!!

  499. LOL KAT5

  500. I was for it before I was against it! Way to slam it home Sarah!

  501. You voted for the war – and now you oppose it…

  502. ugsome, and for the first time I’m rooting for that steamroller.

  503. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Biden’s trying to compare the Bosnia success with Iraq about bringing together different ethnicities.

    Is that why he announced the Biden plan to split Iraq into three for Shias, Sunnis and Kurds in 2004?

  504. dig .. . twist . . . knife goes in deeper.

  505. “i’m a Washington Outsider” – that’s why I like her. She is a quick study RD.

  506. hehe – not washington insider – she is very clever

  507. Biden really needs to see a cosmetic dentist.

  508. Pat: Well book my tour of Afghanistan then. My uncle travelled through Afghanistan during the 70s when returning overland from Southeast Asia. It’s criminal what’s happened in that country since the Soviet invasion.

  509. Bosnian maniacs.

  510. as some other poster mentioned

    i can’t hear him. he turns me off

    and she is teasing him with each answer …

    pulling the carrot in front of the donkey?!

  511. Divestment in Darfur. Good detail.

  512. America needs a Washington outsider to represent We The People in the White House!


  513. Contrary to my fears, Palin gives you a good basis to work with. I’m actually impressed with her potential.

    Keep in mind that she’s been at it for 5 weeks while the other 3 have been running for 2 years.

  514. did he just sneer at her?

  515. I think that’s the third time she said her state was “energy rich.” Must be their talking point.

  516. who said she cant string a sentence together – mmh must have been on CNN

  517. i dont care what anyone says…. based on how low the bar was set, she is winning

  518. Methinks this lady is very smart.

  519. Wow! Her smiling while telling about his record on supporting then opposing the war, what he said during the Dem. Primary debates (she watched) – pretty cool.

  520. Oooooo, Sarah hitting Joe on how he suddenly thinks Obama is right…but she WATCHED the debates during the primaries, and he didn’t think so then.


  521. I love the way Sarah flashes her beautiful smile while she’s socking to to him.

  522. i can’t hear him. he turns me off

    Me either. Is it just us, because we are biased? Then again, he only got 9,000 votes, so we are not alone.

  523. mablue, joe biden has been running for president since 1988

  524. Check the website!

  525. I had to mute him. He’s unbearable. So overbearing.

  526. Gotta admit I liked Biden’s answer on Darfur

  527. Andrew Sullivan is live blogging and is giving it to Palin.

  528. You’re kidding, janicen???

  529. I have never gotten Andrew Sullivan.

  530. Gary:

    How can I just forget 18 years. I have to say he has little to show for.

  531. My daughter is sitting on campus walking the debate. They have caught Biden in so many lies that even the Obama supporters are cringing. I’m getting periodic calls of “what the hell is he saying – he’s outright lying”.

  532. Heartbeat away. Gee, I wonder where she got that expression.

  533. he must be low on his kool-aid supply

  534. But if Biden knew the war would be so horrible, why did he vote for him.

  535. That vein on Biden’s head is bulging.

  536. Just got a call at the house.
    “Is Mr. Ugsome there?”
    “No, he’s not.”
    “Are you Mrs. Ugsome?”
    “Yes I am.”
    “Are you also a Democrat?”
    “Not any more!”
    “Okay, good night!”

  537. It would be a national tragedy of historic proportions if it ever happened (ie: Obama being hurt). But not if it is any other president. Dog whistle anyone? Or are we the only ones who can use those?

  538. Andrew Sulllivan?? I just fell off my chair!

  539. Her Darfur de-investment comment – that’s good to know.

  540. Is it just me or is Biden sounding tense and abit frustrated?

  541. I think Joe is about to cry.

  542. WTF, fif?

  543. Not kidding. My husband is following on his laptop.

    Andrew sullivan dot the atlantic dot com

    He’s no Palin fan, but he says she’s beating Biden.

  544. “a tragedy of historic proportions”

  545. Ironman, why? ???

  546. She winked at us! (Re: pushing McCain on Anwar drilling)

  547. The most important election since 1932? Huh?

  548. What is this tragedy???

  549. Biden: Bla bla bla bla bla bla….

    He is so boring.

    Meanwhile she is bright, cheery, smiling, and energetic.

  550. Amen!!

    Go Sarah!!

    Government for the People!

  551. People who don’t like her (aka elitists) must be going ape shit over the “aw shucks” approach.

  552. Smirky Mr. Ugsome is back from walking the dog.

  553. Wasilla Mainstreet.

  554. Biden is CRUSHING Palin.


    I didn’t know I’ll see such a fun debate.

  555. Joe spends time in Home Depot?

  556. lets go to home depot with joe biden – in my dreams!

  557. Smile, wink, nod…I’d love to see Joe try that move!

  558. He spends a lot of time at Home Depot?

  559. Joe at Home Depot. Mr. Guy next doors.

    This administration. He is lying again. McCain has bucked this administration many times. Lying again Joe.

  560. No wonder Biden spends a lot of time in Home Depot, Obama’s plans for America are dumber than a stack of 2 x 4’s/

  561. People in his neighborhood know

  562. He spends a lot of time in Home Depot? No wonder nothing gets done in DC.

  563. Oh – he’s trying to look like one of the “common” people – walk into Home Depot, the Diner, etc

    This is a losing argument – she’s a common person…

  564. Just a thought – all those people who said Obama should have picked Hillary as Veep.

    What if what it was Hillary debating Sarah?

  565. dog gone it i love it!

  566. I’m going down to Delaware to the Home Depot and see if Joe is hanging around there this weekend. LOL!

  567. ass-kicking time

  568. On how many issues does BO disagree with Bush?

  569. Doggone it!

    Your wife a teacher of 30 years–god bless her, there’s a place in heaven for her. LOL!

  570. LMAO! Joe now tries to be like ordinary Sarah, because he goes to Home Depot. Sorry, Joe, you are not going to win the “who is more ordinary” contest against this woman.

  571. God, she is good!

  572. Shout out to 3rd graders! She’s hilarious.

  573. shes kicking ass!

  574. God Bless you Sarah Palin!

    She’s speaking about teachers and education!! Yah!!!

  575. “There you go again, Joe.” Throwback to one of Reagan’s best debate lines with Carter.

  576. Woohoo, she’s on a roll!

  577. MABlue: I disagree.

  578. education? way to go sarah! the teachers should like her.

  579. nice homey touch giving the shout out and extra credit to the grade school

  580. Maybe Joe’s train runs through Home Depot?

  581. She just proved she’s a common person by pointing out all the family members who are school teacher’s and I’m glad she’s talking about education – yeah!

  582. Cute, extra credit for watching the debate.

  583. Gawd she’s funny!

  584. why is he smiling?? is he laughing at her??

  585. I like her on public education…

    I don’t trust BO as far as I can throw him on education…

  586. awesome shout out to the kids!!! love that!!!!

  587. Lame attempt at a joke.


  588. She got a laugh out of the audience, well done.

  589. ugsome:

    If you can’t see that Biden is crushing the inexperienced Palin, you’re not an intellectual.

  590. LOLOLOL! I am laughing my ass off. Democrats really are the party of male chauvinist pigs. If you want to win, you go with the whoever you have who can do the job, male or female.
    I have the feeling that Palin is a political junky.

  591. and the best so far: no mmmh, ohhmm, mhhh from Sarah!!

  592. Cute joke.

  593. Energy Independence, Reform , and Special Needs!


  594. Gov Palin is really impressive.

  595. Body language…Biden seems angry. Palin in control, actually looks like she is enjoying herself (go figure). I turn up the volume occasionally… and she is typically making a subtle dig (I personally appreciate a sarcastic sense of humor) at politics as usual. I liked her comments about finger pointing by the ticket that touts ‘change’. Looks like she is getting to him on a personal level.

    Nice banter about being a VP. She’s getting laughs. Good on her.

  596. As my husband just said: She’s a charmer.

    She’s doing great. And I think she’s winning a lot of hearts (and minds) over tonight.

  597. MABlue – shut the fuck up.

  598. She’s talking right to ME. I like her. 🙂

  599. Sarah is a PUMA!!!!!!!

  600. Frankly, she’s a better candidate than John, IMO.

  601. NCLB is BAD. Not “no money”. Bad idea.

  602. Regardless of ideology: how can you not like this woman.

    C’mon! She’s a doll.

  603. MABlue:
    That is utterly unfounded and hostile remark. I need not defend myself against that calumny.

    I do see that she is inexperienced, but she also has a tremendous charisma that will carry her far, and she is getting her points in very well.

  604. She is really good- you can’t help but love her-
    She was gracious enough to threw Joe a life line with the never take VP spot

  605. he really thinks he’s going to be allowed to sit in the room when major decisions are being made?

  606. joe doesn’t look good tonight. dang, nancy should never have told him to go to her doctor for botox.

  607. Oh, I do love me an underdog. Bite him, Sarah!

  608. Our Founding Fathers – again, nice touch

  609. [[[[ high fivin Pat J ]]]]] Me Too!

  610. I agree….she is SOOOO likeable.

    And really, her comments about what Joe USED TO SAY about Obama are really painting him as nothing but a political hack…

    she’s got the high ground there

  611. “Reid”
    Is the head of the Senate!!! They don’t need Biden!
    Also let the public know Obama will have Biden “holding his hand”!!

  612. Ooooo….Joe just talked about being in the room for all Obama’s decisions. Then he realized what he said and added: He’d be president, not me….

    Joe just made it very clear that he is propping up the noob.

  613. If she’s the winner, would anyone except Fox say so?

  614. Sarah Palin is wiping the floor with him! This is great! Too bad she’s not at the top of the ticket!!

  615. Is this what you people want?
    Palin is no Hillary.

    What a sad joke.

    This will seal the deal for Barack.

  616. Barack asked Biden to babysit him. That’s basically what he said.

  617. indigogrrl, ugsome:

    I hereby REVOKE your membership from the “intellectual Club”.

  618. She’s HOT 2-nite!

    They said let Sarah be Sarah and she’s following through.

  619. Sorry ohwhata. Obama ain’t no Hillary either.

  620. ohwhataworld: If anything seals the deal for OB, it will be the media.

  621. she has effectively painted biden as the typical flip-flopper…

  622. Biden is Obama’s Cheney. His nanny.

  623. Dumber than a stack of 2 x 4s. LMAO

  624. MABlue — hell I threw myself outa the “intellectual club” now why don’t you get the hell outa here

  625. I maybe mistaken, but I assumed MABlue was being sarcastic.

  626. If you can’t see that Biden is crushing the inexperienced Palin, you’re not an intellectual.


    So now we all have to be “intellectuals” to appreciate her skills, natural political instincts, and raw talent? Wow. That sounds very elitist.

  627. WMCB — BWAHA — yup, reassurance to the “older folks” that Obama will not be making decisions by himself.

  628. There is way too much stupid on the other side.

    Palin doesn’t have to be Hillary; just better than Barack.

    Mission Accomplished!

  629. Andrew Sullivan is giving this to Palin!?!

    Of course he is if he’s like many of us, we are hitting the mute button whenever Biden speaks so really we are all just getting to know Palin. Biden is only there to laugh at Palin’s quips.

  630. AMEN!! AMEN!!!

  631. Um, I think MABlue forgot the snark tag. Right?

  632. Can we agree now that Palin has been masterful at lowering the bar?


  633. one thing i like about mccain and palin is he encourages her to go for it and be herself. i always thought that in the last presidential race that kerry shut john’s natural talents down way too much.

  634. MAB, you’re cracking me up. But its a pretty good exercise to see people’s reactions ;).

  635. whoot!!

  636. Biden can’t slap Reagan – B0 loves him

  637. If Sarah is coming across as inexperienced in Washington politics, I believe that was the point in asking her to be VP. It is to create change. They don’t want her to sound polished or experienced. She is supposed to be a real breath of fresh air. Someone who will see the “politics as usual” in Washington as something that needs to be changed.

    Sarah isn’t being crushed. Biden is being a bore.

  638. ohwhataworld: no, we wanted Hillary. But the crooked Dems took that away from us. Now we choose Sarah.

  639. Oh…Joe’s achilles heel is his “excessive passion.”


  640. she is really good.

  641. Sheesh, we are uptight here. I’m sure MABlue’s comment was a snark.

  642. Boy the Obot trolls are out in force! Well, Obots, deal with the fact that your guy is getting his ass kicked by an Alaskan hockey mom from the Wasilla PTA! LOL!!

  643. MABlue: Oh how my delicate feelings are hurt. Your smug self-satisfaction is just what allows Bush and his ilk to gain office and do their damage. It’s much more important for you to feel smart than to reach people or do any good, isn’t it?

  644. so all of the gotcha interviews where everyone kept saying how badly she did were just the pre-game show?

  645. Okay, whoever prepared Palin for this debate, they did a really good job.

  646. fif: I think MABlue is being facetious.

  647. I do hate john McCain’s Healthcare

  648. OMG!!!! he just said he hasn’t changed in 35 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  649. this will make her very popular

    and the palin/mccain team has sense of humor

    bo and bidet r humorless

  650. No need for attacks here guys — MABlue was being facetious.

  651. Pat: I sincerely hope so.

  652. Sarah is connecting with Americans.

    She is tough and authentic and REAL!

  653. then why has MABlue made the same idiotic comment several times??? very trollish

  654. indigogrrl:

    You get outta here. I mingle only with “intellectuals”.

  655. Oh god, why is he saying this stuff about being a man? Bizarro.

  656. When we get enough money honey I’ll bring ya down.

    uh oh. “honey”

    Back to the middle class saw for Joe.

  657. Oh hell. He’s crying.

  658. 9 more minutes, and she’s home free.

  659. Holy cow! She is really doing a hell of a job and Biden sounds really weary.

  660. MA Blue is joking.

    “Palin is no Hillary.”

    Right, Hillary was the one you hated hysterically because she’s informed, experienced and unclean. Palin is the one you hate hystericaally because she’s inexperienced, less nformed, and unclean. But they’re both satan, in their own wrong gender way, right?

  661. now he’s bragging about his house when we’re all facing foreclosure…he’s going off the rails!!! just lost his train of thought…BAD!

  662. I was wondering how long it would take Biden to bring up the car wreck. (god, I’m going straight to hell)

  663. ugsome, I believe MABlue was being snarky. It was a joke.

  664. angienc: I’ll take your word for it. People’s sense of humor tends to evaporate when they’re called stupid.

  665. He’s blathering on and on and most people will have their eyes start turning in circles.

    She talks right to people in average people-speak and keeps our attention.

  666. fif: Trust me. He loves a good laugh.

  667. America is ready for a real reform Maverick team.

    Change is coming!!

  668. I just saw the education bit, and she was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the occasional wink!

  669. She did it!! Ha!

  670. I’m on edge. Snarky Mr. Ugsome is home laughing at the stoooopid woman. Stupid fucking hypocritical liberal men. I hate them.

  671. why is my last comment in moderation???

  672. angie, you’re just saying that cuz youre an ivy league intellectual. hehe

  673. What’s up with the constant interruptions?

  674. Don’t forget John voted AGAINST the tax breaks for Exxon

  675. ugsome:

    Of course I’m self-satisfied. I understand the world and Palin has an accent and went to some college in ID or somewhere.

    How can she be VPOTUS?

  676. Biden blowing smoke n mirrors out his mouth now. Biden admits he has not and will not change.

  677. MABlue:

    But how will it play in Peoria?

    Don’t forget the chattering classes all said BO won the debate but McCain got the bounce even in this tremendously crappy economy. It doesn’t matter a bit who looks smarter to “intellectuals.” People don’t vote on that. They vote on who they trust and who they like.

  678. They HAVE to sever this Bush = McCain meme if they stand a chance.

    Joe is really obnoxious. Did I already say that?

    He has not been a maverick on the war? Are you kidding?! He jeopardized his entire political career on the surge. That’s just bullshit.

  679. biden is talking about the budget? come on, the democrats passed the budget. you can’t get out of this one joe.

  680. Good answer!

  681. ug and indigo- it was total goofing

  682. If Sarah doesn’t vomit in the next 5 mins, she won hands down.

  683. angienc, on October 2nd, 2008 at 10:22 pm Said:
    I was wondering how long it would take Biden to bring up the car wreck. (god, I’m going straight to hell)

    not for that – you may have a lenthy stay in purgatory though

  684. btw — have we ever had more then 1 VP debate? the press keeps brining up the fact that there is only one this year to make it sound like the GOP is trying to “protect” Palin.

  685. If Hillary were the Dem candidate, I would be voting for her. But she’s not. So I’ll be voting for the Republican ticket which just happens to have a woman on it. And it just so happens that she’s plucky, pretty, smart and very charming.

  686. I just saw McCain pulled campaign resources out of Michigan.


  687. What about Clarence Thomas, Joe?

  688. Joe — excuses don’t work; i voted present because I didn’t this or that, I pushed the wrong button, I voted against it only because….

    HA He want’s to do what Sarah’s already done!!!

  689. omg he’s talking about bork after he allowed Clarence thomas…what a ass!

  690. Joe, how about Clarence Thomas? Did you ever apologize to Anita Hill? No? I didn’t think so.

  691. let’s talk about how Joe TRASHED Anita Hill…so we could get one of the stupidest supremes EVER… Clarence Thomas

  692. MABlue, I went to school in Massachusetts and lots of people there had accents too. Since when are you the one who decides who is an “intellectual” and who is not? This is the problem with you and you’re ilk. You actually believe you are better than we are.

  693. I just love her genuine-ness….she definitely is not part of the Washington in crowd-charming.

    People-person for sure….

  694. Furthermore, the New York Times-reading electorate is despised by the heartland for a goddamn good reason. They’re working harder and harder and getting screwed harder and harder. Barbara Ehrenreich tried to live that life in “Nickled and Dimed” and couldn’t even last a month before she fled in horror back to San Francisco. Goddamn right the great underclass hates and distrusts elitists and wants someone “real”–even if that real is fake.

  695. She did a really really good job, considering that she is debating a man who has been in the Senate for a gazillion years.

    Good for you Sarah! You made women proud, regardless of Party.

  696. Dave: He is being provocative, that’s all.

  697. MABlue, I’ve been vomiting for her so I think she’ll be okay. It hasn’t been easy trying to watch this debate with my head between my legs. But I have managed, at least, to not pass out.

  698. Anita Hill is precisely why I loathe Biden. That and the bankruptcy bill. And the credit card deal. And the fact he’s kissing Obama’s butt. And…

  699. You are not running for President, Joe. BO is.

  700. portia9:

    She was so much the underdog and Biden was soooo overrated. There is NO WAY he doesn’t lose this debate, none whatsoever.

  701. You guys are doing a fabulous job on this debate. Just so you know the blogging over at NQ is seeing Sarah the same way you are. I think maybe I will be able to sleep tonight (if the idiot pundits do not ruin this moment).

  702. Jesse Helms does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. Sorry.

  703. the news is that McCain is writing off Michigan because of the economic crisis

  704. i almost feel sorry for biden. he looks tired and i don’t think his heart is really in it. taking one for the team is tough. why did the democrats do what they did? they have truly lost their way.

  705. he’s complimenting JESSE HELMS???? WTF

  706. He may have been surprised, but at least he tried to fix it. Duh!

  707. this place has always been a safe place to come ….lately I’m not feeling that anymore. bye.

  708. MA Blue was SARCASTIC!!!

  709. MABlue: Do us a favor, please, and play it straight for the rest of the evening. We’ve had enough tension today here at the Confluence.

  710. MABlue, on October 2nd, 2008 at 10:25 pm Said:
    If Sarah doesn’t vomit in the next 5 mins, she won hands down.


  711. Ohhhh, I thought Sarah pulled the Helms plug….

  712. Credit where credit is due:

    Gwen did a very good job. No complaints.

  713. McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Clinton and on and on.

    Joe you have nothing to match that.

  714. if mablue is being sarcastic, it would be nice if he would add a snark tag!

  715. Hi Jersey Girl!

  716. Is she using a teleprompter. She is looking straight at the camera and speaking so clearly. Uh-bama can’t do that.

  717. she called out the media….she is right on…

  718. Gwen did do well.

  719. Nothing, he was busy eating waffles

  720. Gah! She did it! Great Job, Sarah! And a parting shot at the MSM too! Great closing!

  721. She should have asked for the vote.

  722. Ummm, no Joe, actually the 2000 election was the most important election I ever voted in.

  723. McCain-Feingold, McCain-Kennedy, McCain-Clinton and on and on.

    She didn’t counter with that enough. She let Joe go on and on about Bush = McCain and that’s is working.

  724. Brava Sarah!! Brava!!!

    This IS the change I believe in…

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

    My God help our country to make it happen!

  725. well done

    ughhhhh why do we hear “most important election” every 4 years?

  726. Biden is using “tax breaks for the oil companies” as his closing attack? oh my…

  727. indigogrrl:

    Please come back. Maybe the whole thing is too tense and I chose the wrong moment to be snarky.

    You didn’t follow the whole comment thread and my history here.

  728. Okay, I can breathe now? Thanks SO MUCH to all of you for the running commentary.

  729. She beat his ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  730. Gwen did great. Sarah did great. Yay ladies! WE won. I can finally relax and take a deep breath.

  731. There are 740 comments on this thread!!!

  732. Joe likes to think he is a priest.

  733. i am glad that gwen handled the debate well!

  734. Sarah…….Damn good job.

  735. she was a fair moderator… I think Palin did a good job

  736. She won.

  737. Sarah Palin !!! She is a no doubt about it winner!

  738. Uh oh…there goes Joe speaking about coal.

    Is “Chuck” in the audience?

  739. she brought mom and dad up on stage – way to go Sarah!

  740. There’s Piper!!!

  741. phlaingphred — I’ll be lucky if I rate purgatory.

  742. This was a great day for America.

    She is a beautiful soul!

  743. She is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triple love her!!

  744. Palin gave us the greatest head fake in history.

  745. Sarah impressed me tonight, and quite a bit.

  746. “Dad and Mom, you wanna come up?” What a terrific person.

  747. Why did Biden always seem to refer to the campaign as “I and Barack Obama”? It should always be the main candidate first!

  748. btw — who else thinks that Biden drew the “short straw” in having to be Obama’s VP
    I like how is petting up Sarah — watch that old lech, girl.

  749. Told ya so. Told ya so. Told ya so.

  750. Ifill was really good, I agree. I hardly noticed her, just the questions.

  751. I like the snark, MABlue.

    Come on, people. Take a deep breath before getting chest pains. I’m of the view that you should always gather yourself before making comments. (Unless of course youre intentionally being a jack ass, which I’m known to do on occassion…but only with really good friends.)

  752. OH LORD thank YOU SARAH!!!!

  753. Did you see Joe whispering in Sarah’s ear, now he is rubbing her arm. He liiiiiiiiiiiiikes her.

  754. There’s Piper!

  755. I’m very impressed.

  756. I miss Trig and Piper.

  757. MABlue…from the looks of his big stupid grin I think it’s more like a CRUSH on Sarah

  758. It never pays to underestimate. She knocked it out of the park.

  759. MABlue, I fell for it hook line and sinker. LOL!!

    When they do the fact checking tomorrow, I wonder how ol’ Joe will do…

  760. New Post debate thread. Pick up your cocktails and migrate.

  761. as the economic fears ease and with this strong showing from palin, i do believe that the “real” poll numbers will reflect it. i too believe that the media is throwing “faux” poll numbers at us trying to create a false surge.

  762. My goodness…can’t gay couples already have joint ownership of a house?

  763. Joe ♥ Sarah

  764. oh my….. MSM killing Palin yikes

    so in the tank

    F THEM

  765. Sarah Palin clearly won.

    Let’s see what the media tell us.

  766. Carol: Right once again. This is getting way too dangerous.

  767. Well, its over and I thought Gov Palin did great. She really connected with me.

    I don’t know how you all felt, but I detected Gwen’s bias in her decisions when to move on to the next question, and whether to ask a follow up. Plus the Q about whether the candidate had ever changed a position was directed at Biden. I think shes read their speeches and definately asked Q that favored Biden. It was subtle but I thought it was there.

  768. I love it when she told him the general in Afghan did not say that. And Joe had to agree.

  769. was he nodding in agreement with her?

  770. CNN says Repubs are very happy. Charming, folksy.

    Matthews doesn’t like her (gasp) Matthews stunned by Palin’s comments that VP should have more legislative powers. Stunned she doesn’t want media filter (extraordingary, I’m not going to play by the rules and I want more power. Not much humility there) Other talking head fine with her, thought she was good on her issues. They think she stayed with her game plan. Thought the debate format too limited and no one challenged her.

    Now I’m leaving. Good initial reviews. When they think about and pick her apart, they will hate her.

  771. Watching FOX myself, I am not going to listen to the CNN, NBC or PBS bullsh@t.

  772. NH: There was a definite bias that way. There were times when Sarah really could have used a rebuttal but wasn’t allowed one.

  773. fif — I read that McCain only had a little hope of carrying MI (which was blue the last 2 elections) but there was a “small” chance — he took it to make Obama spend $ to defend it (which he did). Now McCain wants to focus $ in other states.

  774. She is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Triple love her!!

    Pat! You’ve come around!

  775. I predict the msm talking points will be: she did well, but she didn’t “hit it out of the park” which is what she needed to do.

  776. I thought so to Regency. There were responses by Biden like on McCain’s health care proposals where I wish she had been more aggressive in responding, but hopefully McCain will hit his ideas in the next debate. I would like to understand his proposals as well. I will look it up, but I don’t like the idea of taxing the employer heath contributions.

  777. fif, on October 2nd, 2008 at 10:25 pm Said:

    I just saw McCain pulled campaign resources out of Michigan.


    It’s a losing state and waste of precious campaign dollars. I wish he would at least go there and speak, encourage those who will vote for him, even if he does pull all the campaign people. I guess we’ll be getting at least one more campaign person here.

  778. sarah “bless your heart’ed” Ifill re: her ankle — I so love this woman.

  779. So, all the people from last week who said that Gaffee McGaffikins was going to wipe the floor with palin, you can settle up your bets.

  780. Ouch! Oh Snap! — The White Flag of Surrender…

  781. waldenpond, you are right, by the end of the week the MSM will have rethought her reponses and re-characterized her so that she is the devil incarnate.

  782. Sarah Palin is mainstreet America.

  783. He’s on the defensive…yes!

  784. My short take – Sarah was cheerfully cheerleading the McCain/Palin team. Biden was somewhat defensive and more than a little smug about the Biden team – he mostly forgot about the Obama guy.

  785. Undecided focus groups overwhelmingly in favor of Palin!!


    We all saw it!!

    She connects with the American people!

  786. New thread

  787. Wow, Frank Luntz group… they thought Obama had won the other debate… almost unanimous that Palin won the debate. Everyone thought she was better than expected.

    Ha! many think she is qualified now! She did well.

    Here comes the chart… she was off the chart on personal responsibility. (one guy says she was patriotic on behalf of the people- we’re not going to take it anymore) McCain picked up several votes and lost one. Fun stuff.

  788. I predict the msm talking points will be: she did well, but she didn’t “hit it out of the park” which is what she needed to do.

    I think susannunnes’s “overmatched” thing is what it will be. She was overmatched. Biden is a great debater, intelligent, and ruthful, and he doesn’t need to prove that by actually doing well or being honest in teh debate. As long as he’s breathing, the stupid girl should kick rocks, if not crawl into a hole and die. Overmatched!

  789. condescending smirks…..he’s such a lizard

  790. It’s the authenticity, people. Agree with her on everything or not, people get the sense that she knows what it is like to be an average American.

  791. yes stateofdisbelief, I hope someone talks to McCain about his health care.

  792. He’s copying her by looking in the camera. It comes across as lecturing though

  793. lecture lecture lecture….

  794. Comment from another blog that sums it up pretty well. Palin’s strength and appeal is that “she is us.”

  795. She’s ticking him off. She needs to let the clown spring out of the jack in the box and make him go bonkers.

  796. I think he is charmed by her….


  797. Plain speaking again now in St. Louis!


    LOUD chants of USA!! USA!! USA!!!

  798. “doggone it.” — I Love Her!

  799. can we see a obama-palin debate!!! pleaaaze!

    the caribou would shred the obambi into pieces

  800. WMCB—yes!! Someone on Luntz’s group said that also. And it is refreshing as hell after years of the word parsing and bs. In fact, that is Bill Clinton’s charm also–he makes even difficult things understandable to us.

  801. I just saw McCain pulled campaign resources out of Michigan.

  802. fif — it said his campaign rep said they were conceding the state already.

  803. “she’s always been PROUD to be an American”

  804. It would have been far kinder had Bidden been in a physical fight with Sarahcuda. She could have finished him in the first five or ten minutes, and then he could lie down and take a nice nap.

    As it was, she just hit him, and hit him, and hit him. Again and again. And he just couldn’t fall down.

    Towards the end he was jerking his head back and forth wildly. And the wierd super-heavy breathing.

    Looking at them, and everyone else was to, you could tell who knew she was winning, and who knew he was being whipped. I would like to thank the Couric creature for ticking Sarah off. Mission Accomplished!

  805. Oh my God…they are spewing sexist rants like pea soup during an exorcism

  806. Of course…

  807. NH — not much Palin could do with Mac’s gawdawful Healthcare.. She probably hates it too.

  808. NH —Never gonna fly.

  809. Proud of you Sarah!

    McCain/Palin ’08

    Hillary Clinton ’12

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