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Even if I feel the Juanita Lunchbucket blues, I’m not giving up on Democracy

My fellow and dearest Conflucians,  I’ve read some comments here about how the economic crisis is affecting morale, how their stock portfolio went down,  etc.  If you still have a 401K, stock portfolio or even if you have a J.O.B., thank God/Goddess/Flying Spaghetti Monster you have one – cuz have I got a story to tell you:

For those of you that may or may not know, I work as a contractor in the marketing and advertising fields.  When the economy is up, I work on multiple projects, but when the economy is low, I scrape by with whatever gig I can get.  All this while looking for a decent permanent full time position that seems rare these days.

I recently received the opportunity to work on a ginormous project that involved a team of contractors in a recession-free industry here in Tampa FL.  I’ve done work for this client before, but despite having worked with them in the past, I still had to go through a strenuous screening process.  From drug tests, multiple interviews, competency exams, you name it.   I was vetted more than Obama ever has or ever will be.  The project manager asked for a 2-3 month FT involvement, so I turned down some smaller scale projects because I had to commit 2-3 months for this big, ginormous one.  Actually, it was a dream opportunity for me: the work scope challenging and intense, the people were all hardworking types and cordial and there was talk about this turning into a permanent situation.  The money was great, the new gig meant I could pay off some bills I’m behind on due to a very slow summer – and maybe give my mom a trip to Dominican Republic so she can spend Christmas with one of my huge number of aunts.   This gig was music to my single-mom-Juanita-Lunchbucket ears.

What I didn’t realize is that my “recession-proof corporation” was a publicly traded one, and yesterday my “recession-proof” project got the axe.   Their stock took a considerable hit this past week thanks to the lack of leadership in both parties.  At their quarterly report meeting, the CEO made the decision to draw a red line over me and my co-contractors after their stock dived again.  He didn’t see me as a single mom who also takes care of an elderly parent, he didn’t see my haggling for more time with my landlord & debtors for a late payment, he didn’t see me trying to get a friggin job with health insurance because I couldn’t afford to pay the hundreds+ dollars a month to pay on my own.  He didn’t see me only being able to afford two gallons worth of gas because I have to buy rice & beans to put on my family’s table, and he didn’t see me hoping that gas doesn’t go any higher just so I can drive out 20+ miles a day to their mega-complex to be tested and prodded for months – to now suddenly be part of a “budget cut.”  I became, once again, invisible.

And there are MILLIONS of people in my shoes in this country,  MILLIONS who are invisible to Neo-Democrats, Republicans and the blogger elite who seem hell-bent on writing people like me down in their selected history as low-information, uneducated r*cists.  Just because I am against the DNC stealing my Floridian vote and supported the candidate that will help people like me have a roof over our heads & feed our families?  Guess what blogging elite, get off your asses & do something to help versus criticizing those who have the courage to stand up and fight for Democracy and for people like me.  Vayanse pa’l carajo, pila de comemierdas. 

Of course, I’m very concerned about my income.  My lunchbucket got pissed in yesterday, but I’ll get a new one, hopefully.  I’ve been through worse than this and will not be scared into submission into voting for a party that has done nothing to put lunch in my bucket or count my vote this year, while riding on FDR’s and Bill Clinton’s coattails as the “party of economic reform.”  I’m going to get back on my feet again like I always have, smile at the world, wag a middle finger to anybody who tries to get me to support the Democrats with their “WE’RE ALL DOOMED IF WE DON’T” psychodramatic blackmail and keep going.  Hillary’s words “Never give up and never give in,” have never rang so true as they do today. 

So please, take a moment to be thankful for what you still have and what you still can do.  PUMA & Clinton Democratic groups and movements are here to stay and I am thankful that the Confluence is a part of that commitment to Hillary Clinton’s vision of gender and racial equality, voting & economic reform and everything that our Constitution and Bill of Rights are there to do.   I stand tall & proud with my fellow Conflucian bloggers & commenters and the efforts made to bring Democracy back to the Democratic Party, as well as help make sense of all this madness that’s taken over this country.  Don’t let them piss in your lunchbucket!

¡Que vivan los PUMAs!

100 Responses

  1. SM anything I can do?

  2. SM: I truly love you! I am sitting here crying because of the opportunity lost to this company having you on their payroll and the tight times facing you. I know what it is like to be behind the 8 ball but we just forge ahead. Why? There is no other way. Baby Puma and Mama Puma are two perfect reasons.

    It should not be like this. I know it will be tough but I know you. If there is anyone out there doubting the strength and fortitude of the Latina Firebrand they should have their heads examined.

    I’ll worry, but that is me. You will come out on the other end. I just wish I had the ability to make that happen as of now.

  3. You guys are pumping them out so fast today, there were four new threads when I got back to the office.

    sm: Great post and I am sure someone will recognize your talent and scoop you up.

  4. You have my support-totally

  5. Fuzzy, pray that I get another job soon! Love you & thanks.

    Pat – you know how hard it is for a single mom, you had 4 cubs of your own and I was thrilled. I’d be more satisfied with their decision had I royally fucked up in some way. It’s frustrating and THANK YOU for you support.

  6. Pat, we have both been there and it made us stronger, wiser and honestly, less susceptible to the bulls&*t people try to feed us. I think that is why we haven’t fallen for the hopey changey hocus pocus, because we can smell BS a mile away; we had to in order to survive.

    Hang in there SM, you will come out on top and be a helluva stronger for it.

  7. SM: This blog brought us all together. Women are strong. Kim and I have been through the wars so we identify. We are bonded in a way that men can never fully understand. As lifegivers and nest builders we are what makes the world go round.

    You are tough in spirit. This will suit you well. I just wish I could make it all better.

  8. Thank you for this brave post and I’m sorry you got axed. But I too am sure you will prevail . Your wonderful spirit and fight tells me this

  9. sm- I had an employer tell me that his profit margin was not as high as he would like. He proceeded to fire me, but asked if I could hang on for a few months and maybe then he would be able to re-hire me. He really believed that a single mom with three kids could go three or four months with no job.

  10. SM – If my lunchbucket weren’t empty I’d send you some PUMA food!

    Bless you and keep you, you fierce, wonderful female!

    What a great post!

  11. Exactly & thank you to all!

    I swear – after reading all the blogger drama this AM, I couldn’t hold back to write about how can you swing BULLSHIT to the Confluence when here are real people dealing with real problems and getting off their ass to solve them – not a bunch of snotty and snooty MFers who don’t do shit except talk shit.

    You guys are my blog family.

  12. Thank you for an inspiring post ! All the best to you. Your spirit will help you through this.

  13. SM77 You’re right: Never give up, never surrender! I also like to say, “I’m not poor–I just don’t have money.”

    And if you can afford to hold on to your principles, then you are rich indeed.

  14. SM77-

    Was there last year for 5 months and also SM, kids, and an elderly parent. If you live in Illinois let me know. I’d be happy to help.

  15. Hang in there, sm77. You’re a gem.

  16. SM I’m sitting here at my desk crying. I’m so sorry. I have never met you in person before, but I can say with no reservation that if you ever needed anything, I would be there for you.

  17. sm: About 10 years ago, I sat down to pay the bills. After I paid them I jumped up, turned on some music and the kids and I danced to a mixed Motown CD. They thought I was happy because we had money left over. That wasn’t it at all, I was happy because for the first time, I had paid them all in one setting without any creativeness.

    After all the crap I went through, I am just not as apt to sweat anything as much as I used. Things just seem to work out.

  18. Gary – don’t cry, I already did that and it ain’t gonna solve a damn thing.

    Even though we lose, we have a lot to be thankful for – I’m thankful to you and everyone here.

    This is REALITY, which many of us here know what it’s like to lose a job that you’ve banked all your hope in. Meanwhile, people are going to trash the Confluence as racists because we break it down to the nitty gritty bone?

    Be my guest MFers, call me a racist to my brown, bean-eating face.

  19. SM – I am shaking my head in awe. I can’t believe the incredible strength you have.

    You go, girl!

  20. TheRealKim: That’s exactly my attitude too & thank you for your empathy. A lot of us here know what it’s like and we need to stick together.

  21. The following NewsBusters story should be a major post at THE CONFLUENCE:

    “Cooking with AP: Polls Radically Change Party Mix to Fabricate an Obama Trend”

  22. Anyone who thinks we are the bad guys are freaking looney tunes. Gary is crying because you have lost your job. Pat and I are offering words to ease you through this. Madama is cheering you on. Funny thing is, we don’t even know each other. Gary writes a post saying he is leaving and we all rally and say hell no.

    We are here for each other, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, or earning capacity.

    To anyone who thinks differently, kiss my southern single broke ass.

  23. TheRealKim – She can kiss my Northern married ass too.

  24. SM — my heart goes out to you!

    I don’t have kids yet, and my fiance and I are just barely making it. We did have a miscarriage this summer and believe that it was for the best for now because we are so cash-poor. Spirit-rich we have lots of!!

    Thanks for giving me that shot in the arm. I’m standing on the wall shaking in my boots just doubting myself that maybe I should just give in to what Gwen Ifill calls “the Obama age” and be happy when the One is crowned. I was starting to wonder if I should keep visiting PUMA blogs and show support because it all just seems so hopeless, like the fates are willing Omaster to win. That I should just give in and not only vote for but work for the Democrat of selection (I have worked in every election year, and feel pangs of hurt for not being a part of this one).

    Omaster seems to parade through Wisconsin on a daily basis now (he was just in LaCrosse) and I’m just about pulling my hair out listening to others who share in the glories of Barackastan.

    Then I read your story, and it all does seem worth it. That if you can plug on through your troubles and anger, than I can too. We should stand up for democracy and against the misogyny that pervaded this election, aside for the other multiple reasons Barack is not qualified.

    I’m doing all I can trying to convince friends, relatives, and even my fiance that a Barack regime would be the worst one of all.

    I’m adding you to my prayers and positive thoughts, and also am doing the same for Palin tonight because she has to go up against the beastly Biden.

    Incidentally, I’m in laughing fits over your use of the Flying Spaghetti Monster! My atheist coworker is a devout follower of him, and also believes that Obama is the lesser of the two evils. I’ve tried to tell him that Obama and Biden are the two evils. Oh well…

  25. sm – My sympathies. I lost my job in August. Plus I’m having a tough bout of depression – new meds not helping yet.

    I have to keep away from the blogs latley because of the “we’re doomed” posters. Yeah, economic times are tough, but who needs to be reminded of it. I have far more blessings than I can count.

    I applaud your toughness. Don’t expose yourself to negativity if you can help it.



  26. MadamaB: Thank you, and I know you know how it’s like. We are all affected by the crisis and the Confluence has been a respite for all of us. To have some dumbasses trash us is unacceptable to me. We are a living and breathing entity that goes from professors to single moms, to people trying to hold on to that they got to people who have it all.

    What binds us together is DEMOCRACY.

    PS: The only PUMA FOOD I can think of is a Hillary presidency!

  27. My ass is spreading so more than one person can kiss it at a time! No standing room only here. Since February I have been plunked on it while munching on just about anything portable so know of where I speak.

    Let’s consider that what occurred overnight from a blog once considered like minded was nothing more than a “poison pen” letter directed at people of whom she knows little. I would rather spend my time under the bus with the people on this blog than time with others who have no idea of who I am or what I believe.

    Let’s collectively send that poison penned letter to the incinerator. We know who we are.

  28. Hey, I want to be in the group hug too, but the whole kissing ass thing weirds me out. 😳

  29. Who cares what Anglachel thinks? I don’t.

  30. Arabella – HUGS TO YOU!! I remember reading about your finance job, WTF IS GOING ON?

    There is some gloom and doom, and both you and I are now living some of that, but there is no reason to feel fear as a result of it.

  31. I’m not leaving, I posted this in the last thread, but I’ll say it here…sorry for feeling sorry for myself on your dime. You all know just like me that many of us have not slept, ate, gone out with friends, read good books…nothing for the last year. We have put our lives on hold to try and save our country. It is hard work!

    I find it incredible that people would accuse us of being racist or republicans because of “questionable” sources. I try, but you know what? there are no more credible sources left. If I have to read “worldnetdaily” to find out something that NOBODY is reporting I will. That doesn’t mean I don’t realize they’re all a bunch of raving lunatics. But at this point they are as credible as MSNBC in my opinion.

    As I said before, these people are running scared. they decided to be the few “intellectuals” who dissented, but they never wanted to break that tie all the way. they just wanted to stand out. I can’t tell you how many times I saw this happen in grad school. someone wanting to be contrary to stick out and look smart. But have no doubt, they are squarely allied with the oborg collective. we are NOT worthy in their eyes, and as they see this election leaning towards Obama (whether that is the case or not) they are setting the stage for their own return to the fold…the prodigal sons/daughters of the inteligentsia.

  32. Honora – You don’t have to hug, just clap politely.

  33. Sending lots of new job energy your way … have been there and done that … even as a nurse…
    I went out on a limb for a woman who was starting a an adult day care …and after working for more than a year without insurance ( she couldnt afford it yet) setting up and organising the entire nursing dept for her … she decided ” i wasnt a good fit ” and asked me to leave . This was after she asked me if I believed in Jesus ( i know I know I should have sued but she didnt have any money anyway ) . Not long after I left , a friend of hers had my old job.. but I now have a better job with better pay and with professionals who would never dream of asking what I believed. Hang in there
    sending love and hugs too

  34. Arabella- The hug part is perfect!! PS where is your umbrella??

  35. Pat Johnson, on October 2nd, 2008 at 2:23 pm Said: Edit Comment
    My ass is spreading so more than one person can kiss it at a time! No standing room only here.

    LOL!!! Thank you for the laugh – a multiperson ass is the must have this season.

  36. Honora – I lost my umbrella somehow. A bunch of other people lost their gravatars at the same time. Maybe it’s a wordpress glitch. My litttle brollie shows up on other blogs, just not here.

    I think I have re-install it, but I’m not sure how.

  37. GARY: We love you too much to let you leave!

  38. (((hugs))), sm.

  39. guys, I know we don’t discuss this here, and frankly this has been a dead end in my opinon, but this is too funny. the judge in the Berg v. Obama case has ordered obama to produce a birth certificate….lol


    I know this doesn’t imply that the judge buys berg’s story for a minute, but it made me chuckle that they’re gonna have to get down in the muck with him….couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  40. BIG group hug to everyone back!!!

    Swanspirit – what a SOB!! Thank you – yep, things will get better. I wish I had the chops to go into the nursing field. I admire anyone who is a healthcare worker and know that it takes guts & resolve to deal with all the BS that goes with it.

  41. ah, sm, really tough break … and to think they’re going to fund wooden arrows but not jobs!!!

    i know you’ve got a lot of inner strength and you’ll get through this! You sure have a lot of friends and we’re all here in one great big hug circle!

  42. oh wait, I may be wrong. that might just be a draft of an order. and I work in a law office d’oh!!!!! 🙂

  43. Gary:

    I’m a political junkie, but I have never been so involved with politics on a daily basis as I have this year.

    All day, everyday, I spend my spare time cruisng the blogosphere. Just a few years ago I thought God created the intertoobz so guys could looks at smut during office hours.

  44. Obama was never actually “born”. He was constructed using bits and pieces of others. The only certificate he can produce is the one year warranty on parts and labor.

  45. Pat Johnson, on October 2nd, 2008 at 2:41 pm Said:
    Obama was never actually “born”. He was constructed using bits and pieces of others. The only certificate he can produce is the one year warranty on parts and labor

    Does that warrenty run out before 4 Nov.?

  46. While we are in this group hug, my son left on his first mission in Iraq yesterday. He is no longer safely ensconced on a military installation, but on the road in Iraq.

  47. myiq…it’s about half and half 🙂

  48. sm honey I wish I could help. I live on SS and it just barely makes the bills in the summer. I live in Wisconsin so the winter with added heating costs is a real juggling act.

    My Significant other works part time at Old Country Buffet which is all ready in bankruptcy so we expect them to go under any day. And there simply are no other jobs when you are our age. No body wants you. I only get SS because I was married for 24 years and my ex died. Because of that I could begin collecting on his SS at age 62.

    You are an incredibly strong and resilient person and if you ever need one fat old white lady to have your bean-eating back, you let me know. I’ll find a way to get there. Hell girl, I’m a vegetarian, I LIKE beans!

    Hang in there, as you can see from the comments, you have a lot of friends here.

    And I too got my knickers all in a twist because someone called me an Obama Troll. Seems silly now. Like being called a racist by a bunch of elite @ssholes that don’t know what the hell they are pontificating about. Thanks for putting things back in perspective.

  49. TheRealKim – Extra strong hug for you!!!

  50. TheRealKim, on October 2nd, 2008 at 2:44 pm Said:
    While we are in this group hug, my son left on his first mission in Iraq yesterday. He is no longer safely ensconced on a military installation, but on the road in Iraq.


    I’m not an especially religious person but I’ll keep him in my thougths.

  51. i never expected anything less from the one that gace us

    Party Unity My Ass

    i was reading the post and all of the sudden i ran into the Spanish part. nice change and rhythm.

    by the way, what will be the translation of PUMA in Spanish?!

  52. lisadawn: ssssh, neither am I.

  53. TheRealKim: Ok guardian angels, do your job & protect Kim’s son! Hugging you & big PUMA cub soldier as well. Gosh, that was quick, wasn’t it? I just remember the other day you announced that he had to go.

  54. There is something out there that creates beauty, talent and love. Whatever it is, thanks.

  55. The RealKim

    A hug for you and a prayer for your son.

  56. Audacity, you mean the “vayanse pa’l carajo, pila de comemierdas?” It’s “Go to hell, you pile of shit eaters.”

  57. Pat: And extra special thanks to multiassers!

  58. I remember the day PUMA was born.

    We were all here, pissed off about the RBC meeting, and hearing the media tallk about Obama’s plan to claim victory.

    Petty much everybody was of the attitude “I don’t care, I still ain’t voting for him.”

    Nobody told us to feel that way, we came together because that is the feeling we all shared.

    Then SM made a snarkiy comment about party unity and Ka-Zam!

  59. SM: lol

  60. myiq: And a confederation was born! Severely disappointed Democrats who refused to support the annointed nominee. And we never waivered.

  61. Sending SM all the good vibes I can


  62. Kim:

    The good news is the violence has been down in Iraq lately. My impression is both sides are laying low hoping we will leave so they can start lkilling each other without interference from us.

  63. SM – That translation is extra spicy, just like you! Love it!

  64. I remember myiq, we were talking about Harriet and Mawm yelling out lipstick on a pig. sm made the party unity my ass and a month later the tv stations were talking about PUMA’s

  65. SM being the current SM77 after making the name longer to keep WordPress happy.

  66. OT: I have to stop visiting shakesville. It’s driving me crazy.

    Sm, cool, how come my Spanish teacher never taught me that! LOL 🙂

  67. My suggestion was that we make our mascot a pig with lipstick.

    Imagine if we had done that.

  68. MYIQ: Smart asses stick together! And Pat’s is a multi-serve one too!

    Mawm: Feeling the vibes as I type! Thank you & how’s the game doing? Are you in an amoeba stage still or are you a galactic ruler now?

  69. I rarely visit Shakesville anymore.

    Melissa goes through contortions to condemn sex*sm and not blame Obama for it (cuz then she couldn’t support him)

  70. myiq: My son said in his last email it was better than before and also that all his convoys will be run at night. There is a curfew and only authorized people are to be on the road at night (they are under orders to fire on any unauthorized vehicles). His convoy will be 30 Abrams, 30 HETS and various humvees. The part that scares me is that he is the lead driver.

  71. I was kinda ticked when Will Bowers grabbed the PUMA name and appointed himself leader.

    PUMA belongs to US

  72. VoterMom: First rule when you learn a language is learn the curse words first. You mean that “vayanse pa’l carajo, pila de comemierdas” wasn’t in Chapter 2 of “Hola Amigo, Habla Conmigo” ?

  73. myiq – Did you really suggest that! WOW!

    I think there are some psychics here at the Confluence!

  74. SM, I am a galactic ruler, but you know ruling a galaxy is not all it is cracked up to be. I am back to playing with my robot.

    Wait, that sounds dirty.

  75. Part of the reason things are queter is the ethnic cleansing is complete. Everything is broken up into Sunni and Shia zones, with the Kurds up north.

  76. myiq suggested lipstick on a pig, because Mawm yelled it out at the RBC meeting.

    I thought it was a little weird too that Will Bowers did that too. Puma went viral in a matter of days.

  77. You guys have to forgive my grammar and spelling I am working, typing and answering the phone all at once.

  78. I suggested it because Mawm yelled it at the RBC meeting. He is the psychic.

  79. I never make spelling errors.

    My keyboard makes tons of them

  80. You mean that “vayanse pa’l carajo, pila de comemierdas” wasn’t in Chapter 2 of “Hola Amigo, Habla Conmigo” ?

    I must have cut class that day.
    So, come se dice “lipstick on a pig”?

  81. Mawm, on October 2nd, 2008 at 3:04 pm Said:

    I am a galactic ruler, but you know ruling a galaxy is not all it is cracked up to be. I am back to playing with my robot.

    Mawm, this is a perfect “Things going through Obama’s head right now” caption!

  82. Swanspirit – what a SOB!! Thank you – yep, things will get better. I wish I had the chops to go into the nursing field. I admire anyone who is a healthcare worker and know that it takes guts & resolve to deal with all the BS that goes with it.

    THANK YOU so much !!
    today I visited a little old lady who was discharged from the hospital with out so much as a walker so she could get around after she got home
    and her daughter and she live together WAAAY out in the country in cozy double wide …next to a chicken farm … and maybe not dirt poor but probably those redissh neck working class that Jon Stuart and Steven Colbert .. Huffington and Mahr and bo like to look down their noses on and make fun of

    and they were both so sweet and so kind and caring for each other and obviously independent and had been hard working all their lives and still scared about names of medicines they coudnt read …. I felt priveledged to be able to help them , and our OT person will be getting them a walker …

    i am so weary of the smarmy over priveledged bo class war provoking assholes who live on the people who provide for them … while they look down on them
    I cannot tbegin to tell you …

  83. myiq2xu, on October 2nd, 2008 at 3:07 pm Said:
    I never make spelling errors.

    My keyboard makes tons of them

    IF the keys on my keyboard would stop moving aruond I wuold type way bettr 😉

  84. Hi All — And now, for something completely different . . . New post up top. I’ve been sitting on this one for about a week or so after posting it at LBNYC. My heart’s pounding for having put it up here, as it’s very controversial. Most of what we’ve been concerned with is the economy, but with the debates coming up tonight, I thought it would be a propos — and sure to prompt some discussin’.

  85. VOTER:
    ” lipstick on a pig” is a difficult idiom to translate because if you do a literal one, it loses the “oomph.”

    I’d say it as “es como untar pintalabios a un cerdo” but my favorite that probably means the same thing is the “aunque el mono se viste de seda, mono se queda” which means “even if a monkey wears silk, it’s still remains a monkey.”

  86. I am putting my trust in the voters to know what’s what on a gut level come Nov. I think Obama is overpolling, and that many are just not going to be able to pull a lever for him in the end. I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.

    All of you guys here rock. Thanks for fighting this fight with me. I’m a little burnt out at the moment, so am about to go retire with my latest book (Arthur and George by Julian Barnes) and try to chill before tonight’s debate.

  87. Thanks sm!

  88. I am burned out too. I think that is why I am really bitchy lately.

  89. Go PUMAS!

    SM, hope that things get better ASAP—their loss, obviously. Thank goodness for the strength of mind that you demonstrate and, as you so quaintly put it, “Vayanse pa’l carajo, pila de comemierdas.”

    I you don’t mind, I would also add, ¡y pandilla de mamones!

  90. Warmest thoughts to you, SM, and to Kim.

  91. “not a bunch of snotty and snooty MFers who don’t do shit except talk shit.”
    And this is exactly why I love sm. I know she will be ok (but I’ll light a candle on the way home anyway).

  92. SM, Thank you for sharing.

    I have learned in my 60+ years of life that you have to have unconditional hope to make it through bad times.

    It has been my life experience that in the darkest of times an unexpected “miracle” can happen. I pray that yours will happen soon.

  93. SM, thank you for this post. Life can be so hard at times. Do you have any unemployment insurance? Or single parent help?
    I’m a single mom and have been out of work for long periods, now I finally have a more or less regular job, and it does feel so good to be able to pay the bills….

    Anglachel has upset me all day long, simply because I have always respected her brains. However just lately her economic analyses didn’t seem to hold water, I feel that she is much better on plain politics, for example about Sarah Palin uniting her base.

    In the case of the Pumas, she always said that she would be holding her nose and voting Dem. However if she writes that she doesn’t even “like” Pumas-well that means that she doesn’t know them.

    I really and truly admire the women here and at pumapac. It’s not easy to get up a grass roots movement while being hampered by accusations of racism or Republicanism from so called liberal progressives.

  94. I noted that Anglachel expresses a deep dislike and antipathy for all things Republican. Almost a hatred. Her analysis of the politics of Obama have been good. Her economic analysis relies heavily on Paul Krugman who is sometimes insightful and makes sense and sometimes not. I have always been a Democrat but I have never been a radical anti-Republican. Here in CA we used to have some excellent Republicans on the national scene—Kuchel, Earl Warren and others who have faded into history. Same is true of the Republican party in general. I think this is true of both parties. What moderate to progressive Democrat can be proud of George Wallace or Strom Thurmond, the Daley Machine? Both sides have people they would like to disown. Anyway I will go to Anglachel to see what she is thinking but it is not home. I used to go to Taylor Marsh first thing every day. Now I don’t even bother. I really love this Puma site and I hope it stays true to its founding principles to be for Hillary, to defeat Obama and his machine, to support Democrats who are progressive and honest.

  95. SM,
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. I know how devastating it can be to lose a job unexpectantly due to the economy. I pray that a new job with excellent benefits comes your way soon. Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  96. hmmm, lost my last post. I’ll try again.

    I am sorry to hear of your recent job loss. I know how devasting it can be to lose a job unexpectantly due to the economy. I pray that a new and better job with excellent benefits comes your way soon.
    Know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  97. sorry for the double post. it didn’t show up at first.

  98. sm77, your post made me prouder than ever to be a PUMA and to be a Hillary supporter now supporting McCain/Palin. I have a story not unsimilar to yours that I may share with other bloggers one day. Thank you, thank you for sharing your story. As the great FDR said (and can’t be repeated enough during times like the present) “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Just knowing there are brave women like you fighting for the freedoms we’re all guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights by refusing to accept the neoliberals’ and BO’s orders to ‘sit down, shut up and get over it’ gives me brand new courage to fight on no matter what. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  99. SM: I just got a chance to read your post and I am so sorry. This is just nuts and it will continue to happen as long as our politicians keep walking around with their heads up their asses. These people should be put in jail. Call me any time.

  100. SM – so sorry to hear about this rough patch. Keep the faith and we’re all here for you.

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