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A Preview of Tonight’s Debate Questions from Gwen Ifill

What Did She Say?

What Did She Say?

Since it has come to light that Gwen Ifill, tonight’s moderator for the VP debate, has written a book about Barack Obama timed to be released on Inauguration Day, questions have arisen about whether or not she can be objective in her questions. John McCain has said he thinks she will be, and I think so too! Just because she is counting on Obama’s win to push her book to the bestseller’s list does not mean she will have an agenda tonight.

In fact, Ms. Ifill is aware of the concern, and has responded in a typical journalistically professional manner.

Ifill questions why people assume that her book will be favorable toward Obama.

“Do you think they made the same assumptions about Lou Cannon (who is white) when he wrote his book about Reagan?” said Ifill, who is black. Asked if there were racial motives at play, she said, “I don’t know what it is. I find it curious.”

I find her response most enlightening. I am sure that she will be just as objective as she can be. And to prove it, I’ve gotten a preview of her questions, from various sources across the intertoobz:

Mayor Palin, Barack Obama is a handsome, charismatic demigod. How many boxes of Kleenex will you need after your crushing loss?

Senator Biden, what is your favorite color? And if you have time for a follow-up question: Why?

Mayor, you talk funny and you own a tanning bed. Why haven’t you released Trig’s birth certificate?

Senator, have you seen those pictures of Obama in his swim trunks? If not, I have them right here.

Mayor, what are the names, ages, and blood types of all 71 members of the Belgian Senate? And why are you unwilling to admit that your inability to instantly produce any and every fact I demand makes you unfit to stand in the way of history?

Senator, you’ve spoken at length. Could you please continue?  (***this may be my favorite)

Mayor, which is your preferred method of stifling dissent, banning books or burning them? Since it’s both, please explain how you can deny the accusation that you’re a fascist, which I am making now.

Senator, could you please sign my book?

My own email contained a few questions as well:

Ms. Palin, if you are elected Vice President, how many more children will American women be forced to bear in the name of Jesus?

Senator, which is more appealing, your smile or your famous sense of humor? I say both. Am I right?

Sarah, I heard Downs’ Syndrome is caused by too much moose meat. Are you a bad mother, or a horrible mother? 

Senator, you have years of experience and expertise in foreign policy that make the Mayor look like a high school student in comparison. Do you agree or disagree?

Sarah, you are showing a lot of cleavage tonight. Are you deliberately trying to win votes with your breasts, or are you always this slutty?

Senator, is Barack Obama great, awesome or incredible?

Any other contributions out there?

Oh, in case you can’t tell, THIS IS SNARK. If you want to follow the debate with the Conflucian gang, join us tonight on PUMA United Radio! We will most likely be having an extended show tonight, hosted by Sheri Tag and Murphy of PUMAPac. Updated times and station information to be posted later…

107 Responses

  1. I’ve already posted what I think all be subtext of all questions tonight:

    Gov. Palin: Why are you so dumb?
    Sen. Biden: Can you believe how dumb she is?

  2. Hee hee hee, angie – I love it. Exactly right!

  3. sorry but after what i have seen the media do, i have absolutely no faith re: ifill.

    why should we trust her to do what’s right. my faith and trust lie in ashes along with any trust and faith i had in congress.

  4. Mayor, what are the names, ages, and blood types of all 71 members of the Belgian Senate?

    Thanks madamab. reminds me of the couric interview about the magazines, was wating for katie to ask what page number SPECIFICALLY an article was on. Too funny!!

  5. “Senator Biden, here’s an advance copy of my book. Can you have Jesus…um…(giggling)…I mean The One…ummm…I mean can you have (stands up and chants) Oh-Ba-Ma!! Oh-Ba-Ma!! Oh-Ba-Ma!! sign it for me?”

  6. stodgie –


    As I said.


  7. madamab, on October 2nd, 2008 at 11:03 am Said:

    And Grade A snark it is, hehe

  8. Funny, IronMan! You may have the winner there.

  9. Nicely done, Madamb! Love the graphic, do you make those? Cute little bugger.

    I’ve been hanging out over at Corrente because their having some great blogging on the bailout. I’ve missed the Confluence.

    I must admit though that I am sometimes a little afraid of the anger against Obama and the willingness to embrace McCain. I certainly don’t intend to vote for Obama but as I come closer to the election and see more of McCain, I’m terrified of what he will/won’t do. Don’t hate me because I’m saying this, just try to understand.

  10. Elixir – Those are actually Word ClipArt. Not bad, eh?

    I understand what you’re saying about McCain. Personally, I think Obama with a majority Dem Congress is more dangerous than McCain with a majority Dem Congress.

    I do not think an authoritarian personality like Obama should be in charge of all three branches of the government. He is too Bush-like for me to be comfortable with that eventuality.

  11. Can someone PLEASE send Gwen a definition of “financial conflict of interest?” These racial accusations for every criticism are really tiresome and destructive.

  12. fif – She is just protecting her J-O-B. What else can she say? She is clearly not the right person to be moderating this debate. Might as well blame it on the “r” word. It’s worked for Oba-Moi so far…

  13. Why do people assume your book is favorable to Dear Leader, Gwen? Umm, the title?

  14. I’ll be drunk-blogging the debate tonight. Get your eyeful before you head off to bed, though, because my drunk-blogs disappear in the morning.

  15. Elixir
    Don’t worry about McCain-he won’t do anything.
    If he wins we’ll promptly get rid of him in four years.
    The scope of the possible damage pales in comparison to what Obama and the fake dems will do.

  16. Can we drink tonight during the “debate”? If so, must I do it alone?

  17. Agreed, fif. I can’t believe she played the race….except I can. It’s an epidemic.

  18. Gwen says the book is about black political leaders yet O is singled out in the title and she says she hasn’t written the chapter about him yet. Allrighty then.

  19. PJ – I think drinking tonight will be a requirement, not an option.


  20. Palin’s accent sounds somewhat Canadian, no great surprise since Alaska also qualifies as The Great White North. (Note for slow Obamabots: It’s called that because of the SNOW.) Living in almost Canuckistan myself (MI), she sounds fine to me. You should hear me after a weekend in Stratford, ON.

  21. Pat-That is a great idea! I’m in. Actually, I’m not sure yet if I can even stand to watch it. So maybe I’ll just drink and let the blogtalkers tell me what’s happening.

  22. catarina — exactly — an Obama WH will do more long-term damage to the Dem brand then Carter’s did. Do we really want 16 more years of Republican rule? I’d rather take my chances with a Republican WH (especially a McCain one who isn’t really liked by his own party) with a Dem congress.

  23. PS; Madam! http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2008/10/01/controversy-surrounds-vp-debate-moderator/

    That is the top link on wordpress right now. This story is HOT.

  24. madamab: I am off to run a few errands. The liquor store is a must on my list of things to do. Love those pre mixed Causmos. No need to get up and mix a batch when all the effort has been taken out by simply pouring it all into one bottle.

  25. Gwen Ifill suggests that it’s racist to assume that just because she’s African American, her new book would be pro-Obama. Well the title certainly suggests that: Breakthrough Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. A whole new age named after his “breakthrough”.. uhmmm… And she’s wondering why people may think it’s pro-Obama? Give me a break! To paraphrase the obots’ leader “She must think we’re stupid!”

  26. Thanks, Anna Belle, for mentioning the drunk blogging. I need to stop at the party store on the way home for more vodka and some munchies. Since I’m too lazy to blog, drunk blog-reading does fine for me.

  27. Why not just have Michelle Obama moderate the debate? She can be fair.

    Or why not have Barack Obama moderate the debate? He’s a really cool guy.

    Why do we even need a debate at all? Shouldn’t we just have Obama made president by acclamation?

  28. whats the point of watching….
    the outcome is pre-determined.

    whats the point of voting….
    the outcome is pre-determined.

    I am disgusted. 😦

  29. You’re welcome, sister. We had a load of fun last time, me and all two of my drunk-blog readers. I actually love doing it because I’m way more honest and I like to preserve the record of what I REALLY thought. I crack up everytime I read the first drunk-blog debate coverage. It’s a shame they have to remain private.

  30. I’m wondering if Hillary had a strategy on the bail out.She was the one who suggested Senate pass it first. Now it goes to the House. It’s possible her HOME thing has a better chance in the House. Then when it goes back to the Senate, the repubs would be forced to vote against something they just voted for that’s seen as a crisis. Hmmm.

  31. hilarious madamab! hilarious!!

    And I need a laugh today like crazy.

    OT, but I gotta say that I am heartbroken about what Anglachel did to RD. An unprovoked attack on THE PIONEER of the Democratic Party Reform Movement (aka in some quarters as the Puma Movement).

    Did anaglachel send RD an email, warning her of her own detection of dogwhistles? Did she give RD the respect she has EARNED as a tireless and brilliant writer who WELCOMES and SUPPORTS other, varying voices — welcomes them even to publish on her VERY OWN blog — by treating her as a colleague and an ally?? By bringing her concerns up in private before trashing the reputation and intelligence of our brightest friend?

    The bottom line is Anglachel thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, or at least smarter than any other woman. The only writers she respects are men — the only voices who guide her are male voices. SOMERSBY! ECON PROFESSORS! MANDOS! oooohhh!

    Anglachel just blew her brains out on her very own sexist dogwhistle. Dismissing, disdaining, and diminishing a woman of integrity, thoughtfulness, and courage, and providing NO evidence, links, or persuasive facts — just a chorus of the other dogwhistles all blowing in her head.

    I am thoroughly disgusted with her for what she did to RD.

    The Anglachel is a fictional weapon from Tolkien. Sounds about right. With Anglachel, it’s ALL IN HER HEAD.

  32. IndigoGrrl – Do NOT stay home. If you do, Obama wins.

    We need to gird up our loins and realize that we’re not getting Hillary this year. All we have to do as PUMAs is go into that voting booth and vote NOBAMA.

    It’s not that much to ask.

  33. OH. MY. GOD.

    You had me going until I got to the questions. Now, I can’t stop laughing! I’ll be late for work because of you. Can I tell my boss it’s all your fault that I missed the bus??

  34. I think she sounds Dakotan. Like Marge Gunderson in “Fargo”.though I guess that would be sounding like an actress trying to sound Dahotan. I have noticed than many are now saying “Alaska” like she does instead of flat like we lower-48’ans have always done.

  35. murphy – Thanks so much for saying that about Anglachel. You rock!

  36. masslib, that strategy to vote in the Senate first was unconstitutional. Are you sure it was Hillary’s idea?

    All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

  37. Wait, what happened with Anglachel?

  38. Elixer, I hear you on your surprise at our support of McCain. But as madameab said above, we need to ensure there’s no one, absolute power center any more, and we must make sure that there are checks and balances.

    As we’re pretty damn sure that we want Democratic values to prevail as opposed to Republican values, and as we’re pretty damn sure that Obama will NOT support Democratic values, the only way forward is to support those downticket democrats we KNOW will fight for Democratic values, and sink Obama for McCain. Obama is much, much more demonstrably likely to create an absolute power center, as he has wanted to do so all his life – e.g. see the list of speakers at the convention – no Wes Clark, no John Lewis, no Charlie Rangel, no one that supported Hillary Clinton!
    I understand the discomfort with supporting a Republican, but McCain is less repugnant than any other Republican, and has fought for Democratic values somewhat more often than some ‘Democrats’. One top-of-mind example is the Freddie Mac regulation that he spoke about in 2005/2006, at the same time that the Democrats were fighting for deregulation.
    Also, I believe that once we’ve figured out what we want to do, the best thing is to go ahead and DO it. That is what separates a blog like the Confluence or PUMAPAC or Alegre’s corner from blogs like Corrente and Anglachel. The latter are theoretical, and thought leaders no doubt, but don’t end up inducing action or revolution or any kind of change. They don’t (and may not want to) have impact beyond their small circle of readers. None of them could’ve created, like RD has, a nation-wide PUMA movement with millions of supporters and wide awareness. The Confluence inspires fear precisely because of our comfort with going the way of our collective conscience. I love the theoretical blogs as much as anyone else, but I don’t see Obama’s campaign being afraid of or being informed by Corrente or Anglachel, simply because they’ve promised their support to anyone with a D-, are clearly uncomfortable with shifting support even in the fact of eighteen continuous months of disgusting behavior and unethical practise, and then sit back and theorize.

  39. I thought what the Senate did yesterday was make an ammendment to an older bill… no?

  40. Well, I heard it was, and that some anonymous Dem leader in the Senate was like, oh I don’t we can do that, the House won’t like it. Then they did it. But it wasn’t unconstitutional. There was some sort of procedural way they could do it. Don’t remember now.

  41. OK. Now we start hearing that a lot of economists don’t agree with the bailout.

    From the end of the article.

    Economists might be known for disagreeing with each other, but there is surprising agreement regarding the bailout and the causes for the current financial problems. There was no support for the broad bailout being discussed in Washington, and the economists believed that the same outcome could be achieved at much lower cost to the taxpayers.

  42. That’s it, BPD.

  43. According to the press, they passed a bill. ANd I just checked, it’s a bill, a House bill at that:

    Click to access ayo08c32_xml.pdf

    How can they pass a house bill that hasn’t passed? WTF?

  44. This dogwhistle stuff is more liberal fascism and mind control.

  45. Masslib: check the previous thread …

    and wow, madamab did i need a good chuckle today with my coffee…

    i have my response sitting in the que … i’m not up to posting it here quite yet, i’m going to let folks enjoy this brilliant snark!

  46. I am just relieved that I am stupid enough to let this stuff roll in one ear and out the other. Stupid has its upsides.

  47. Mawm – A lot of economists think that Reagonomics is just fine and dandy too.

    In fact, the ones in the article may be those very same ones.

    I trust The Krug on this issue.

  48. masslib-But who in the House wants it? Certainly not Pelosi or it would have already been in there.

  49. PJ – Stupid is as stupid does.

    You are one of the smartest people I “know.” And I love ya!!!


  50. I’d just like to point out this point of MAWN’s link, if I may … as the much maligned economist in the aforemenentioned blog war.

    “In addition, most of the economists criticized the federal government for restricting mortgage lenders’ ability to require down payments and properly check credit scores, but they were not unanimous on how much of the problem could be attributable to this.”

  51. What was the bar for Obama?
    Show up on the same stage as John McCain and not make an ass of himself would be a win?
    How will they judge Sarah Palin’s performance since she is a relative neophyte?
    Does the word hypocrisy come to mind?

  52. oh – hell .. I am not staying home…

    I will be voting McCain Palin….however it’s becoming increasingly clear OUR VOTES WON”T COUNT…

    they are CALLING this for BO on Fox Radio today…. I am sickened… the Media and the Corporations and the George Soros’ are going to get their candidate …and with the voter fraud apparently already occurring (Ohio + possibly VA)

    what the hell are we to do?? I am so depressed and disgusted by how this has been fixed from the primaries and on into the GE.

  53. actually, like 70% of economists are democrats, just so you know

  54. Cochrane, quoted it that link, is God when it comes to Asset Pricing … he literally wrote the book on it…

  55. Anna Belle-How does this bill raise revenue?

    Mawm-C-span had a whole panel of economists against it Monday night. And Del. Sherman of CA had a letter from 400 economists when they were debating the bill. They don’t need no stinking ecomonists!

  56. Don’t forget that Obama has had 19 months to learn enough to come across
    as barely presentable (memorized, no convictions). He complained about
    how many debates with Dems? 17? Each one was a prep opportunity (and he could
    hear Hillary and others discuss topics and borrow ideas). He has 300 foreign policy advisors. He is
    not presented openly to the press. If he were, the bubble would burst…
    “Hey, you guys asked me about like eight questions!” he blurted as he backed away from addressing questions about his Rezko connections. When he tells the Des Moines Register about his thought process for opposing the Iraq War, it is based on an event four months hence. Why is this not more important than a VP interview with Couric?

    Sarah Palin knows her world of Alaska. She has been an effective leader there. Without Axelrod, the Chicago machine, and Pelosi/Dean and Co., and outright fraud and theft–the real leader with accomplishments HRC would be our nominee. What one accomplishment for the people, other than being a great vessel for Axelrod’s umpteenth campaign featuring a black politician (and the rerun of Patrick’s “Hope+Change(TM)” can Obama claim?

    The fact that Obama is getting the kid-gloves Bush media treatment is really scary. Now that the Democratic Party has been taken over, we are all
    scr*wed. Give me a person with conviction and soul like Sarah over an
    empty opportunist whose career has been on the take with his hand out to whomever can further his ambition (and for what?) any day.

  57. Governor Palin, you have been trotting your handicapped baby all over the country in an obvious and odious play for sentimental votes. Tell me, does this make you a shamefully bad mother, or merely a heartless cynic using her personal narrative for political gain? Do you view your child as a mere pawn to be used in your grasp for power? Which are you, an hard emotionless schemer or an unqualified sobbing basketcase ruled by your wimminly emotions?

    Senator Biden, please describe how being a single dad after the tragic loss of your beloved wife in a a heartbreaking auto accident caused by a (likely Republican) drunk driver has made you more sensitive and open to the needs of mothers and children. I have tissues for you should you get choked up in your usual manly and admirable way. Take your time.

  58. or economists, either.

  59. CB, that is why Obama says running for President is a qualification to be president.

  60. Kat – I apologize, but I have very few illusions about economists being objective. I tend to find one that I like, whose bias I know, and stick with him.

    For me, that’s The Krug. He is right almost all the time.

    Opinions may, and will, differ,of course. Krugman thinks it’s a bad bill, but that something has to be done and Bush being President, we’re not likely to get what we want.

  61. Well, I don’t see where she was saying that about RD, and I don’t think it’s fair to say PUMA are using dog whistles. But, on the ACORN stuff, I do think there is a point. I think the repubs are using that as a dog whistle, and I think that’s something we have to be careful about. I mean, I had never even heard of ACORN before this. I am not saying there isn’t corruption there, but there is pretty much anywhere where public funds are concerned. Take for instance all this voter fraud stuff. Repubs are always trying to limit voter participation among minorities, so being under investigation doesn’t mean they are guilty of anything. It’s quite possible that this is just typical republican shenanigans, trying to quash people who register minority voters. I mean, McCain and his cohorts really didn’t want to just oversight for Freddie and Fannie. They want to cease programs like Freddie and Fannie because they don’t want federal dollars going to help poor people buy homes. So, I do think we need to take ACORN stuff with a grain of salt.

  62. WMCB, ok I get it. At first I thought you were serious.

  63. WMCB – LOL!

    Nicely done.

  64. I am studying at NCU writing papers about the crime of plagairism. I am trying to avoid conflict of interest in all arens so that I may maintian my credibility. My question is why am I doing all of this?
    Obama has outright blatantly plagairized and is to this day called eloquent; I guess to him they ARE “just words”. Joe Biden had to drop out of a presidential bid because of the P word, but there he is running for VP. For this, I would be kicked out on my ear for lack of integrity, but I am guessing that once I graduate I can be a corrupt presidential candidate, so I will be ok???
    Conflict of interest=Ifill. Ifill=conflict of interest. Period! Give me a break, if this is ok then it is ok in business, in real estate deals, and in personal friendships. We are to use any advantage to get ahead without concern for how bad it looks, or how disgustingly slanted it is. Go for the throat and take it! It does not matter how bad it is just take it!!!
    My question is, where are we going? Just as the Clinton Obama people have ruined relationships, so will society that will follow the lead. We are unlearning polite behaviors that have allowed us all to try to meet in the middle. And, when we have failed to meet in the middle, the only constructive conversations we have had about changing our ways have come through the ability to have these civil conversations. Ask Jesse Jackson, Ceasar Chavez and the like.
    The democrats are amazing to me as far as how far they will go; they have broken so many of our society’s
    pc rules and laws (plagairism is stealing), the leftovers from this event are what scare me.
    Thanks for the read, now, if you’ll please excuse me I will search for citations!

  65. Does the word hypocrisy come to mind?

    It does indeed, as do the words:

    liberal arrogance, liberal all-knowingness, liberal elitism, liberal thought control, liberal fascism,
    liberal pseudo-intellectuality, liberal race-baiting, liberal race-carding, liberal racial extortion, liberal swiftboating, liberal Willie Hortonism, liberal Karl Rovism, liberal Lee Attwaterism and liberal illiberality.

    All of which are threaten to wreak definitive havoc in this country about one month from now.

  66. JohnInCA – You certainly have a way with words!

    Are you inspired to write another poem?


  67. There have been numerous PROVEN attempts at voter fraud this year that originate from ACORN vounteers. Obama got his start as a “community organizer” with ACORN. Just recently, the Dems tried to give billions of $ to ACORN out of the bail-out bill. If I were a REpublican, I would be screaming about ACORN and want my leaders to figure out what was going on there too. After witnessing the primary and the Obama campaign’s caucus fraud, voter intimidation/ vote stealing. I am very concerned that Obama will try to steal this election, so voter fraud and the integrity of the process is on my mind too. Dismissing criticism of ACORN as a racist dog-whistle is exactly the race-baiting game Obama plays whenever there is some legitimate concern.

  68. i’m gonna say one more thing then I’m done, gone, kaput. Masslib, ACORN is corrupt. look up the post I did on what is happening in my county of Durham, NC, the investigation is being led by the director of the board of elections for multiple registrations, fake registrations, you name it. It is not the Republican party…durham is the bluest co. in this state. They had to be tipped off by the VERY liberal newspaper. Before YOU start with your own god damn dog whistles do a little fucking research,,,,and maybe share it with anglachel too. Love you guys but i’m out…later.

  69. Madamab,

    Satire is the highest form of comedy and intellectual curiosity. You do it beautifully.

  70. I’m still trying to figure out who is interested in the wooden arrows issue and how that wound up in this bill … i find that really odd and fascinating

  71. And if anyone watched the clips of the house hearings about Fannie Mae’s problems, you would have seen Dem congresspeople essentially accusing the speakers of racism and wanting to “lynch” the head of Fannie Mae. Where is the liberal out-rage at those tacitcs! Seems like fear of being called a racist kept a lot of people from oversite of Fannie Mae.

  72. After Ifill gives a warm welcome to Biden and a cursory “oh, it’s you, is it?” to Palin:

    Senator: As we begin, please consider this question carefully. Of the list of questions I sent to you for review, which would you like to answer first?

    Mrs. Palin: Give us a word for word recitation of your running mate’s legislative bills, followed by a chronological summary of his voting record, and then explain to the American people–if you can–why you are unqualified to understand or assess his positions.

  73. Mawn, yes, the clearly screwed up, but they are used to be n the defensive with Freddie/Fannie, because Republicans have always wanted to shut those programs down.

  74. Hey! I love my avatar. Especially since this election makes me feel crabby on a routine basis. I think I’ll embrace it…

  75. maslib, you are a race-baiter. This statement is way out-of-line

    They want to cease programs like Freddie and Fannie because they don’t want federal dollars going to help poor people buy homes.

    F*** you!

  76. Thank you, Prolix!

    Mawm and Gary – thanks for setting the record straight about ACORN.

    SOD – I wonder that too. What’s up with the wooden arrows? The crazy crap our Congresscritters do – it’s enough to make you move to Canada or something…

  77. masslib, to assume that ALL Republicans, McCain included, simply want to shut down GSEs like Fannie and Freddie is entirely unfair. McCain has never pushed to get rid of them, only to have them regulated. You are making a big leap in assuming that ALL Republicans are die-hard completely unrestrained free-marketers, and it is simply NOT TRUE.

    By that reasoning, every single Democrat on this board could be accused of being an Ayers sympathizer and bent on bringing communism to the USA. Because hey, if some in my party hold that view, I must be guilty of it too, right?

  78. dakini
    not charging tax on wooden arrows intended for use by children was clearly very important to someone.
    I agree-would be nice to know who that came from.

  79. Whoa guys…I know we’re all very upset today but can we not call each other names?

    Masslib is expressing an opinion that we don’t agree with. Isn’t that still okay?

  80. no, madamab, with all due respect it is not, I’m fucking tired of these holier than thou assholes telling me that I’m stupid, racist, uninformed, whatever…..Isn’t that what brought us here to begin with? expressing an opinion is fine, expressing an opinion with the implication that those who dissent are somehow less entitled to their opinion is eltitst, bullying, and assinine behavior.

  81. As for the pork(arrows) I think the bailout bill is an amendment to an existing bill that already had that stuff in it. Help explain someone who knows more than me, please.

  82. Sigh…masslib, perhaps it’s better if you go elsewhere for a while. This is not the morning to be trying to push the “All Dems Good, All Reps Bad” line of reasoning.

  83. masslib-Good points. I think you are misinformed about Fannie and Freddie, though. The bulk of the loans they buy would be from middle-class/working-class borrowers. They were encouraged to do more lower income loans but that is not the bulk of what they do. It’s not a government assistance program at all. Low income loans are not the majority of the foreclosures-for example, lots of very nice homes empty in CA and FL. Rates adjusting beyond affordability and the housing bubble are to blame for alot of that.

  84. I’m a race-baiter? Whites are poor too, you know. And, don’t we all know this?:

    They want to cease programs like Freddie and Fannie because they don’t want federal dollars going to help poor people buy homes.

    How is that controversial? Republicans have always opposed using federal program to help the poor, unless it is a boondoggle like faith-based initiatives.

  85. Fine, but this is silly.

  86. How stupid is it that the children’s wooden arrows thing costs $6 million? Why is that even an issue taking up Congress’ time? WTF? They apparently deal with stuff like that every day. No wonder they can’t see the big picture.

  87. 6 million might just make it the most inexpensive line item.
    what else did they pack in there?
    this is why i practically foam at the mouth when anyone tells me we have to have this bill.

  88. catarina – Don’t worry, when Obama is elected, he’ll go line-by-line…

    Oh, wait…


  89. EricaLeigh-I have noticed the avatars have gotten more colorful lately. You are lucky-I’m jealous. Mine is sorta blah and looks like a hover sponge.

  90. mawm and I tried for over a year to buy a house in one of the most depressed neighborhoods in durham. Do you know who is buying those homes??? slumlords (usually of the same race as those they rent to)… So these guys come along, take advantage of these programs and then rent the houses out to poor African Americans, and immigrants (many illegal) with no recourse but to pay the rent and expect NO services. So who is the racist now? i was told over and over by realtors and inspectors that I was crazy for thinking about actually buying one of theses houses and actually LIVING in it. Why do that when I could take advantage of some govt program and then bilk poor people out of everything they own because they don’t have the credit to get a fucking decent apt. you think this is silly masslib? I think it is serious as a heart attack. some of us are deeply concerned with the state of race relations in this country and statements like the ones you make and that anglachel made only make them worse. I’m livid right now that you would be so dismissive of other people. I’m so tired of your bs. really.

  91. New post up – Dakinikat responds to the Anglachel bullshit. It’s really well-done.

  92. masslib, not ALL Republicans. That is the thing that is pissing people off. You continue to assume that ALL Republicans are some big monolith, that all hold the exact same views, and that is demonstrably false.

    You seem to have come to the realization that not ALL Democrats hold the same views, but persist in in insisting that the same is not true for Republicans.

    Every Democrat is not Hillary. Every Democrat is not Bernie Sanders. And guess what? Every Republican is not Newt Gingrich or Reagan.

    What many of us are seeing very clearly this year is that we do not simply vote for a PLATFORM – we vote for real live people, good and bad, honest and not, more corrupt or less corrupt, selfish or basically decent, who are going to interpret their party’s platform in good or bad ways, pick and choose, alter and adjust and focus on the parts they like and ignore the rest. That is the political reality in this country.

  93. Gary, who the hell said anyone is a racist. I said you have to remember that Republicans do that crap, that’s all.

  94. madamab– thank you, I do indeed expect to post more poems.

    I’m not declaring war on anyone who considers himself ‘liberal,’ but on those who practice the illiberalities I listed. If examples are needed, there is the last thread, where RD was asked to submit lists of racist comments she deleted.

  95. Lower income people get mortgages through the Federal Housing Administration. I’m not aware of any Repub effort to get rid of it.

    I don’t think all of ACORN is corrupt but obviously at least some of it is. The voter registration part is definitely.

  96. I will give Gwen the benefit of the doubt. I think she is a good reporter and until she proves that she did not set aside her bias, if any, at the door, I will not go along with this post.

  97. Line-by-line-Ha!

  98. We should let the Anglachel thing go. This turmoil isn’t healthy.

  99. At this point McCain will be lucky to win Georgia and Mississippi! What a loser!

  100. I know more democrats who are racist than republican, so you can’t say it by party. Being in a union job, i work with about 50-50 mix of blacks and white. There are racists in both groups.

  101. I guess you would call all these racists union democrats.

  102. Masslib

    Then people should believe that democrats are profligates, cheaters, liars, and 100% vested in patronage, scamming, graft and nepotism. Because, after all, that’s what we see here in Chicago on a daily basis. Illinois is predominantly democrat from the lowliest politician to our governor, and US senators. Yet we don’t see any improvement in our most blighted neighborhoods, which I’ve witnessed over years of driving through them to get to work. And my voting democratic has helped change nothing for all these years.We are consistently in the botton five states for everything from education to living standards.

    The good and bad is everywhere including both parties.

    In the town called nationally one of the best places to live (where I rent) republicans run things, and do it well. Using just one example: recently Meeks boycotted the start of school because he felt that CPS schools were shortchanged vs. New Trier (Wilmette schools) which get more money and thus (he feels) have higher scores. CPS schools get 10,900 per student and Wilmette schools get 17,000. Wilmette is a rare very wealthy suburb where you can get your kids an excellent public education. The only requirement is that you can afford to live there. That’s where NBA basketball players have huge mansons next to corporate CEO’s. New Trier scores 27 on the ACT (average). Our town spends 8,800 per student, 2K LESS than CPS. Our average for the ACT is 25. Our schools provide and implement great programs for all those who cannot financially afford certain things. The music, band and arts program is one of the best.

    The republicans in this town have not done away with any of the social programs available, but they are careful about spending, and honor input from citizens.

    Party ideals are only as good as those who truly believe in them enough to implement them and execute them in the best interest of their constituents. After the entire trajedy that has occurred with this election, I concur with many voices on this blog. If you want my vote, earn it. Show me what you’ve accomplished in concrete results whatever party you belong to.

  103. I am willing to give Gwen Ifill a chance at being a fair moderator. She’s no Oprah. Back in the days when I had teevee, I would watch the PBS News Hour (there was also a roundtable show with journalists which I liked to watch and which she moderated), and I remember regularly thinking whenever I saw Ifill, “Wow, a successful, female, black journalist.” Seeing her in this position, doing her job well made me feel good.

    I am sure she encountered many obstacles and prejudices on her way to being successful, but I also think she knows firsthand that by working hard, being determined, and getting to be good at what one does, one can overcome these obstacles and prejudices.

    If she does not do a good job as moderator, then she does so at her own risk. She still has bosses at PBS to answer to. She’s also not a “hysterical” journalist like those people at CNN. She tends to be calm. I think it can go the opposite of expectations, that she would want to prove to everyone that she can do the job well and be fair.

    I just hope she does not play gotcha journalism. Then I will be very disappointed.

    Remember also that, tonight, the onus is on Palin to show her stuff. I think bias has no effect on Palin; she doesn’t think that way. The thing with Palin’s recent interviews is, comparing them with her old interviews and debates, I don’t think she really showed her natural self in the recent interviews. If she shows her natural, gutsy, confident, snarky self tonight, and have the facts on hand, then I think she will do fine. I hope her debate handlers knew what they were doing.

  104. masslib — I from NOLA (where ACORN is headquartered. Everyone in NOLA “knows the score” on ACORN — no need for taking what you hear about it with a grain of salt — you don’t even know the 1/2 of it.

  105. If you can, just take a minute to go onto the PBS website,


    and send a protest regarding Gwen Ifill’s role in the VP Debate. There is no way that she is unbiased and at least with enough protests she might be way more careful in how she (Ifill) conducts herself tonight.

    Below is a comment that I left on the PBS site:

    “[Yesterday, when I read the first reports on the obvious conflict of interest problem with Gwen Ifil as Moderator for the VP Debate, I thought about the commitment PBS is suppose to have to the public good and the promise to offer unbiased truth and news coverage. Instead of keeping faith with the PBS mission, most of the PBS reporters and commentators ( including Gwen Ifill) have been proselytizing for a particular candidate during the Presidential Democrat Party Primary (there was obvious bias against Senator Hillary Clinton) and now the bias is impacting the coverage of the Presidential Campaign.

    The fact that Gwen Ifil can not even see the depth of the potential for conflict of interest with her involvement in the book that she is working on (which includes Senator Obama) and which is to be released on January 20; just shows the level of self deception and arrogance that members of the media have now attained.

    One simple solution to this problem is to replace Gwen Ifill with Tavis Smiley (also with PBS). Tavis Smiley is a much better choice; he actually is the only person on PBS that has worked to remain balanced and fair on his shows. Gwen Ifill on the other hand has gotten more and more outlandish in her biased reporting and obviously she is also more secure that no one would dare challenge her in any way.

    If Gwen Ifill won’t step down as Moderator then she needs to be very careful in how she conducts herself in the VP Debate tonight. The world will be watching.

    Regarding Gov. Sarah Palin in the debate tonight, Gov. Palin is a class act and she will do just fine.]”


  106. Sarah kicked moose-ass!

    Ifill actually was surprisingly even-handed, although her sighs and tone of voice betrayed her partisanship. Biden also got three extra comments, and she cut off Palin twice while her time was still running. Perhaps our protestations put her on notice!

    During the debate, I’d occasionally forget I’m no longer a democrat and say, ‘Damn! The dem keeps blathering about policy points while the gop is connecting with people via concepts.” Then I’d remember I’m a PUMA now, and Sarah Barracuda is trampling the grapes of wrath for me.

    Palin also was able to link herself more effectively with McCain. Biden made a good case for himself being president, but never gave us any reason to have an epiphany about Barry. Oh, strike that — it’s “Change.”

    Smart move by obamaland and its media whores to make Palin out to be some inbred cretin prior to the debate.

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