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Money Quote


If you think the Big Shitpile is a reason we need to elect Obama, think again: 

OBAMA: Well, I think there are a whole host of areas where Republicans in some cases may have a better idea.

WALLACE: Such as?

OBAMA: Well, on issues of regulation. I think that back in the ’60s and ’70s a lot of the way we regulated industry was top-down command and control, we’re going to tell businesses exactly how to do things.

And you know, I think that the Republican Party and people who thought about the markets came up with the notion that, “You know what? If you simply set some guidelines, some rules and incentives, for businesses — let them figure out how they’re going to, for example, reduce pollution,” and a cap and trade system, for example is a smarter way of doing it, controlling pollution, than dictating every single rule that a company has to abide by, which creates a lot of bureaucracy and red tape and oftentimes is less efficient. (4-28-08)

Can we have Hillary back now?

(h/t Makana44)


At a campaign rally Monday, September 29, in Denver, Colorado, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama once again charged his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain, with being a supporter of deregulating financial markets that have since collapsed. “He’s fought against common-sense regulations for decades … and he said in a recent interview that he thought deregulation has actually helped grow our economy. Senator, what economy are you talking about?” Obama said.

BTW – Obama lied

73 Responses

  1. Brilliant! Weird – I haven’t seen this in the news…

  2. The hell of it is that the repubs actually sounded the alarms on Fannie and Freddie years ago and wanted to regulate them. The dems kept them from passing any bills because they saw the mortgage giants as one huge trough feeding them their slop. While I’m not at all convinced that the repubs had absolutely pure motives, their hands are a whole lot cleaner than Frank, Dodd, 0bama & co.

    Washington is full of fattened pigs, but whether they have a “D” or an “R” behind their names, they are all just PIGS and nothing more.

  3. Is this coherent? It makes about as much sense to me as basing the BIG anti-war speech that made his career on what Colin Powell told the U.N. four months after his speech.

  4. I see Obama’s Truth Squads are getting some press now and attention from the Governor too.

    I am just checking in….
    Nite, Nite…

  5. I think it’s typical Obamaspeak.

  6. Obama was for deregulation before he was for it

  7. He said his usual nothing at all.

  8. Mos politicians sell their souls, Obama skipped a step and never acquired one in the first place.

  9. Obama was for deregulation before he was for it

    The quote is quite recent too, from a few months ago.

  10. Pelosi – a vacuous idiot. Obama – an empty suit. When you put them together you get a negative number.
    We really have to make it clear to our fellow Democrats that the fate of the party is at stake. If you can’t sleep and want something that will help check out this post just up at Heidi Li’s Potpourri:

  11. Check out the update – Obama flip-flopped and lied

  12. Wow. Those, my friends (hee), are the words of someone who is drunk on power and thinks he can get away with absolutely anything.

  13. Obama just does not know much about history recent or past so he’s constantly confusing who did what when.

  14. myiq2xu, on September 30th, 2008 at 2:27 am Said:
    Obama was for deregulation before he was for it

    Thank you for this post.!!

  15. Heidi:

    Obama strikes me as a person who lies almost pathologically. He has gotten away with it for so long because no one has ever called him on it.

  16. “When you put them together you get a negative number.”


  17. I’m not going to pretend to know much about what is going on right now. A lot of the details with the financial crisis is over my head. All I know is that this spells trouble for McCain for now because more people trust the Democrats with the economy.
    I decided long ago that I will not vote for Obama. This has not changed my mind. But right now you have to admit that the election is at a dead heat with it favoring Obama more than ever before because of what happened today. However, I am expecting the Democratic leadership to f*ck things up and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. I don’t trust Pelosi and Reid to do the smart thing in this situation.
    I’ll have to wait and see what happens in the next several weeks. This should be an election the Democrats can win in a landslide but like I said, I am expecting the Democrats to do something stupid in the next several weeks so I still think McCain still has a chance despite what others are saying around the blogosphere.

  18. “Obama strikes me as a person who lies almost pathologically. He has gotten away with it for so long because no one has ever called him on it.”

    Obama’s thirst for power is Machiavellian. And yes, he’s been getting away with things for so long. Some time ago as I surfed the net I found this article from 2004 which mentioned the local media was having a love-affair with this young upstart and was letting him get away with anything. (It also talked about Wright/Pfleger/Meeks. And it uses the term “the anointed one.” This is 2004 folks.) Fast forward to the present and now it’s the national news media having a love-affair with him. This guy hasn’t had to answer anyone for anything his entire career. The sense of entitlement some of us saw in him during the primaries is there in there in the general. He gets away with everything. It’s astonishing.


  19. Backtrack is the guy that says “trust me I am sterile” and you wind up pregnant with triplets.
    We have to watch and see what they comeup with in a new bill. Be very careful that they don’t try again to put funds for Acorn and other crooked things.
    They public has to stay informed and vigilent now more than ever.



  20. Why do so many want a love affair with this guy? Eeeeewww! My charisma radar must be really broken.

  21. The Democrats did not need a single GOP vote to pass the bill. The Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives, so they can pass any bill on a party-line vote.

    So how is the GOP to “blame” for the bill’s defeat?

  22. Britannia:

    It’s not your charisma radar, it’s your bullshit detector.

    And it ain’t broken, it’s working fine

  23. Brittania: who knows… Did you read the article I linked to? The writer is obviously a rabid homophobe. But everything he discusses in that article has been relevant in this race: Wright/Pfleger/Meeks and all that they brought to the table, Jesse Jackson Jr., Obama refusing to debate Alan Keys, Obama lying about being a professor, the news media working hard to elect him, Obama’s stance on gay marriage, Obama’s Democratic convention speech in 2004 being an audition piece, etc. The article is over 4 years old and it could have been written today.

    This writer only gives Obama too much credit on gay marriage.

  24. Oh, thank you myiq. I think I do have a pretty good BS detector. It never fails when I point it at myself. It works quite well when I point it at others too.

  25. Another first in a year of many firsts. I agree with Megan McArdle:

    “Pelosi screwed up royally. She is the Democratic Tom DeLay. Newt Gingrich was an ideologue, but Tom DeLay was simply a partisan, most keenly interested in maximizing his party’s political power. Pelosi cut a deal in which, as far as I can tell, every single Republican in a safe seat had to vote yes so that the Democrats could maximize their no votes. Given that the Republican caucus is pretty much in open revolt, this was beyond moronic. She then spent a week openly and repeatedly blaming the Republicans and the Bush administration for the current crisis. The way she set things up, it was “Heads I win, tails you lose”: vote for the deal and I’ll paint you as heartless reactionaries bailing out your fat cat friends. If you’re going to do that, you’d better make sure you have some goddamn margin for error in your own party. She didn’t. Then she got up and delivered yet another speech blaming the Republicans for the bailout deal she was about to pass.”

    It’s not as bad as last week, when I found myself agreeing with Michelle Malkin


  26. “The Democrats did not need a single GOP vote to pass the bill. The Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives, so they can pass any bill on a party-line vote.”

    Well, because see, Obama and the House Dems are complete useless idiots, and that’s okay. We have to accept, excuse, and ignore their limitations and absolve them from all grownup responsibilities. So with no absolutely no expectations on them, ever, nothing can ever be their fault. And it’s gotta be someone’s.

    Everything I know I learned from the MSM.

  27. been lurking sometimes, often too busy to post but..

    Barney Frank today:
    Give me those 12 people’s names and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them and tell them what wonderful people they are and maybe they’ll now think about the country.

    What a dick! Is it not possible to hold back on this kind of insulting commentary for as long as it takes to get this thing done?

    Reminded me of Donna Brazile thoughtfully saying after that travesty from the RBC, she’d cast her superdelegate vote for Hillary if it made Hillary’s supporters feel better and get in line.

  28. DYB, yeah I just read it. It seems even in 2004, Obama already had his media “devotees” and had some sort of “coronation.” Pray, someone explain to me how that happened. What stellar performance as state senator, outside of teleprompting, made him worthy of the distinction? They also saw a future “President Obama.” How do they do it?

    And, well, “professor” sounds better than “lecturer.” Can you blame him? Only there’s a gulf of difference between professor and lecturer like, umm, tenure.

    And I really, really doubt that Obama will do anything for gay rights. And it is really sad that so many of the LGBT community support him.

  29. I’m also dismayed when right wing propaganda gets posted up here, which is exactly what that “mensnewsdaily” site is. Garbage

  30. dg:

    I understand your point, but the left wing media and bloggers haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory lately either.

    Can we move beyond left wing/right wing and do a factual analysis?

    What specifically was false about the posted story?

  31. “What a dick! Is it not possible to hold back on this kind of insulting commentary for as long as it takes to get this thing done?”

    My sister and I were talking about this before, Barney can be kind of a rude guy in general. We’ve both been to Democratic events where he’ll basically take this ‘I am so much smarter than you’ attitude when someone on his side asks him a simple question and bark at them. It’s kinda offputting. He’s like that annoying guy at work who can’t control himself from letting you know how little he thinks of your intelligence. 🙂

    Unfortunately, our side is lacking in people skills a lot of the time. Someohow, people seem better inclined to accept ^%$&*()* when they’re wrapped in more of a down home package.

  32. Pelosi cut a deal in which, as far as I can tell, every single Republican in a safe seat had to vote yes so that the Democrats could maximize their no votes.

    That’s it!

  33. This explains why BO is the 2nd greatest recipient of $ from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac.

    He is totally in the tank for the DEMs on feeding the mortgage giant.

  34. http://mensnewsdaily.com/archive/s/stix/2004/stix082204.htm

    ^^ This thing? Are you kidding me? Straight up trash. Facts matter. This is a lot of speculation about intentions, beliefs, and motives. It’s not journalism and it’s terribly written.

  35. The Democrats insisted that John McCain be excluded from the negotiations so that he could claim no credit.

    Now they want to blame him for the failure of the bill.

  36. I have to get some sleep. It’s not a big thing but as I’ve been reading here lately, I see more references to rightwing sources and praise for McCain.. I don’t think the Confluence started that way but it’s going in a strange direction. I’m more in line with Alegre.

  37. dg:

    We are not pro-McCain, we are anti-Obama.

    But we no longer assume Democrat = good

  38. WalMart shopping mom won’t help out Wall Street employee dad. She does not know that Wall Street employee dad’s condition will eventually afflict her. On both counts, I cannot blame her. With power comes responsibility.

  39. This is really bad:

    “Then there is this conference call between Treasury and Wall Street types that the great unwashed was not supposed to hear about. It pretty much confirms that the concessions “won” by the leadership are intentionally toothless, mere formalitieis to manuever around.”


    Whole lotta bullshit going on:

  40. She knows that if Wall Street Dad goes down it will hurt her, but she also knows helping Wall Street dad won’t really help her, because she always ends up getting the short end of the stick. So in return for that help, she’d like a little concrete help of her own beyond a rising tide supposedly lifting all boats. She doesn’t have a boat.

  41. Here’s anglachelq’s direct link to the recap of the conference call.


  42. Seriously, on September 30th, 2008 at 2:52 am Said:

    Wow. Those, my friends (hee), are the words of someone who is drunk on power and thinks he can get away with absolutely anything.

    Well, bostonboomer did outline a pretty strong case that BO is a candidate for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He’s not simply arrogant or a liar – he truly thinks his every utterance is wonderful. He truly loves the sound of his own voice. Except, like most NPD folk, he is deeply, darkly insecure. The best way to expose BO is the the way John McCain did – make it plain you do not like or accept him. This, of course, will enrage his followers who have bought into the glory of BO’s narcissism .

  43. dg, on September 30th, 2008 at 4:19 am Said:


    This thing? Are you kidding me? Straight up trash. Facts matter. This is a lot of speculation about intentions, beliefs, and motives. It’s not journalism and it’s terribly written.
    dg, which makes it different from what you see on MSNBC, in the NY Times, and on CNN how?

  44. “myiq2xu, on September 30th, 2008 at 4:31 am Said:
    We are not pro-McCain, we are anti-Obama.
    But we no longer assume Democrat = good”

    I am pro- McCain AND anti- Obama.

    Re: the bailout:
    I think the Democratic leadership is disgusting. If the bill was so important why pile scorn on the Republicans who were ready to hold their noses and vote for the bailout?

    Here’s a video clip of a Fannie Mae -Freddie mac hearing from a few years ago.

  45. If it is the truth, it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Attacking the messenger does not disprove the message. JN

  46. utc:

    For example, Andrea Mitchell cropped the Big Dawg’s MTP interview:


    Then there is this from (ugh) instapundit:

    “Off the record, every suspicion you have about MSM being in the tank for O is true. We have a team of 4 people going thru dumpsters in Alaska and 4 in arizona. Not a single one looking into Acorn, Ayers or Freddiemae. Editor refuses to publish anything that would jeopardize election for O, and betting you dollars to donuts same is true at NYT, others. People cheer when CNN or NBC run another Palin-mocking but raising any reasonable inquiry into obama is derided or flat out ignored. The fix is in, and its working.”


  47. James:

    The “progressive” blogosphere used to be about “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.”

    The liberal blogosphere still is.

  48. This whole year has been a strong reminder of what our Founding Fathers warned us about :

    “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    And this bailout bill just points out that even in an economic crisis that has hit We the People first, all but a few of our public servants have put their own selfish interests before the good of this nation.

    What is going on in Washington right now is a scramble among those holding power to keep that power regardless of the cost to others. This economic disaster is what they have been paid the big bucks to prevent and few have been worth the money.

    And most obvious from observing how the two presidential candidates have handled it, one of those candidates is going after absolute power and it isn’t Senator McCain.

    Certainly SENATOR Barack Obama has not earned his salary since most of his term has been spent trying to convince us to give him more power through promotion rather than doing the work he was hired to do. We’ve all worked with people like Obama, always taking credit that didn’t belong to them and the last thing we want is for them to have any power over us.

  49. Apparently BHO can’t remember what he told who. Thanks for posting RD. I love reading your blog. Too bad that the MSM hasn’t picked up this story. Big surprise there! Yes, I want Hillary back too.

  50. Deregulation was a Reagan idea. Prior to that, Republicans did engage in regulation of business–Nixon had wage and price controls, but was forced to do that by a Democratic Congress and moderates in his own party who worried the US economy was going down the tubes. Reagan busted unions, deregulated airlines and credit, etc. And a lot of Democrats supported this. They all ditched the Keynesians economics born out of the Great Depression to protect the people. Obama loves those Chicago School people–well, they have a lot to answer for! I don’t know if Obama flip-flopped, or if he just wants to return to the Nixon era and be Nixon without the five o’clock shadow. His corn policy is just like Earl Butz’s (RMN’s Sec. of Ag). Do failed Marxists go back to Nixon for inspiration?

  51. Karol actually Lord Acton said “Power TENDS to corrupt, Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY”.

    It is often miss quoted or attributed to the founding fathers but in reality it was spoken by an English Lord.

    notice the nuanced difference between what people repeat as the quote and what the quote actually says.

    I will agree that the philosophy of many of our founding documents and the great people who wrote them expresses a firm belief in Lord Actons quote, and are possibly a fullfillment of a reaction to absolute power.

    off to work …

  52. G’ morning fuzzy!

    Here’s my latest, quoting Chris Bowers:

    Being one of the roughly one hundred and eighty million Americans who opposed the bailout bill today, I have to say that I can’t remember being called stupid so often in a 24 hour period so many times in my life.


  53. Thank you so much for unearthing this at the right moment!
    It was buzzing in the back of my head – now you made the voices stop 😉
    meanwhile, Politico is wondering if Nancy’s little stunt doomed the bill. Did you know it was an ad lib?

  54. To those who wonder if this site is becoming unquestioning of Republicans—I speak only for myself, but I am not a Republican and by and large do not agree with them, particularly the ideologues like Cheney. They have ruined our country. But this election has changed the way I think about the Democratic Party, and it has changed the Dem Party itself. The party is now split between several different ways, but mostly we have a gap between those who grew out of the post-New Deal coalitions that became ever more inclusive and whatever is happening now–the toss ’em under the bus folks. I don’t know if that is liberal vs. progressive, but I think so. My fear is that if BO is elected, the Democratic Party becomes a right wing party. Then there is no liberal party with major backing. It reminds me of the 1932 election when black voters still voted Republican b/c that was their party, the party of Lincoln. In 1936 they realized that the Democratic Party was the one with their interests in mind–not perfectly, but moreso. We have to readjust our thinking about what we believed about the parties in this country. It’s a painful and confusing process. I registered independent b/c I couldn’t call myself a Democrat when the party was taken over by BO.

  55. Chimera:

    “I quote the truth wherever I find it” – Richard Bach, Illusions

  56. […] from a Senator, one who did nothing but campaign, and also said this makes one want to offer him a mirror. But then he might miss the point […]

  57. I began to question the democratic process in 2000. I laid the blame squarely on the Republicans and the Supreme Court. In the 2008 Democratic (sic) primary, I learned that my vote wasn’t wanted or valued (especially not as much as someone’s from the Philadelphia area).

    Without democracy all is moot.

  58. This is your brain on Kool-aid:

    “The time is ripe for Barack Obama to advance a populist proposal that would address the adverse fallout of Wall Street excess without rewarding the executives (on Wall Street or elsewhere) who caused the problem.


    TChris still thinks Obama is a liberal Democrat.

    Hey Chris? Remember FISA?

    Better sit down while you’re waiting.

  59. Just yesterday I was willing to vote for the whole ticket just cause the repubs have bungled everything for so long and McCain’s answer seems to be “low taxes, no spending”, and I just don’t think I can here four more years of that, and with the Ham Sandwich at least he is more likely to have less repubs in his cabinet. Then I read BO’s “leadership” is to tell Congress to “step up” and “get it done”, and that he is still running Harry and Louise health care ads, and ugh…Neither of these two morons know what they are doing.

    Could we please have Hillary back?

  60. Perspective? There’s an intersting story by Max Hastings at http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/its-not-the-end-of-the-world-20080929-4qcf.html?page=-1

    The story largely concerns British privations before and after WWII. Hastings ends with this:

    “A few years ago, researching a book about Europe in 1944-45, I met in New York an enchanting old woman named Edith Gabor, who had survived several Nazi concentration camps. After spending three hours hearing her story, I stood on the pavement outside her apartment, waiting for a cab to take me to Kennedy airport, to catch a plane back to London.

    The cab did not come. I became first impatient, then emotional. Edith, a rotund little Hungarian Jewish octogenarian, came and stood beside me on the sidewalk. She laughed heartily. “Relax!” she said. “It’s not important! When you’ve been in a death camp, you get to see that missing an airplane really doesn’t matter very much.”

    I felt ashamed to have displayed before such a woman a preoccupation with trivia characteristic of our incredibly privileged generation. The credit crunch is alarming. But, in the context of modern experience such as that which Edith Gabor knew, it really does not matter very much.”

  61. Judging from the way Obama “LIES” about McCain’s positions
    (just like he did about Hillary’s), “I guess the truth squad only works as long as it favors him”.
    Also “DYB”
    Great article!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    e-mail this EVERYWHERE also:
    since your great @ research try this….on the FOX Obana bio. the have his college roommate from Occidential highlighted. The one he went to Pakastan? with to visit his family. Are they christian or Muslim?
    Then see if he stayed in a Muslim dorm @ the college?
    If he did then Obama did.
    What Obama doesn’t get is at least to me…..I don’t care if you are Muslim or anything else.
    However, if your faith of your birth is/was Muslim say that.
    Add in that as an adult, I chose Christian….DONE case closed! UGH………….!

  62. I mean, on the one hand we have the Democrats George Bush, and actually I pity OBot Scott, because he doesn’t know he’s voting for an idiot, if I vote for him, I will know I’m voting for an idiot, then on the other hand we have the republicans John McCain. Two morons.

  63. I know that I am not a Democrat anymore. I was one for 20 years, but that ended on May 31 only I didn;t realize it then. What has made me realize it has been watching this crew of Democrats operate this summer. I used to believe in robust social programs and didn;t mind paying slightly higher taxes to fund them. Now, having woken up to how the Democrats will happily line their pockets with this money, I no longer trust them with it. They wanted to give over $100,000,000,000 to ACORN in this bail-out bill for God’s sake. At this point, we aren’t going to have enough money to even think about spending on any new social welfare programs, so I think I’d rather go with the guy who is going to fight to keep the cost of government low, and that sure ain’t Obama.

  64. You know, I’d gladly vote for Edwards and his 13 children born out of wedlock if we could just have a candidate with some sort of grasp of the issues again.

  65. Mawm:

    For over 20 years my default position was “Democrats good, Republicans bad.”

    I no longer assume that party affiliation is a reliable indicator of anything.

  66. Well, look, repubs are still shitty. Now we just see that so are the majority of democrats.

  67. Mawm, I am still a Democrat in my ideals – but it’s a trust issue.

    I would gladly pay higher taxes in order to fund robust social programs, if I had any confidence whatsoever that the Dems would actually DO THAT with the money.

    But the truth is, the only Dem in my lifetime that did so in any kind of sane way was Clinton. The rest of them just take the money and run. They all want to claim the “democratic record” as their own, when they are no more a Clinton or an FDR than the man in the moon.

    So until my government proves to me that they can handle money responsibly, then the better part of valor for me is the party that will take less of my money. Party A is going to claim great goals, take my money, and do jack shit. Party B is not going to claim any great goals, take less money, and do jack shit. Under those circumstances, party B is a more practical choice. If I want to help society, I guess I’ll have to do it through private charities.

    It is not that I disagree with the Democratic platform in theory. It’s that I do not for one minute believe that THEY have any intention of achieving it, nor the skill to do so. The much-vaunted “dems are better at governing” meme has only been true ONCE in several decades, and that was under a president whose approach and legacy has been soundly rejected by the current Democratic Party. Their trotting out of the Clinton years as “proof” that they can do the job is completely laughable and transparent at this point.

  68. After this election debacle is all over, I hope Bill Clinton takes his political clout and forms a third party with Joe Lieberman and other people who can no longer find a home with the Democrats. It should be about social justice, sound economics, and pragmatic international cooperation. (Lieberman votes with Dems 70% of the time; 100% of the time on social issues). In some ways, Bill started this move to the center, but I don’t think he foresaw or now approves of the Obama Party, which is what it has become. Cult of personality, anything for the One, anything to win.

  69. Great post myiq2xu! Thanks for all that you do.

    Obama tries to be an artful dodger. I do not understand why the media is so in love with him and let these things pass.

    I found this video of Obama spending almost three minutes not answering a question. Then he says that questions like his were also part of the problem.

    He quotes fact check dot org… you know something is up.

    Yes, we deserve serious answers Obama. When are you going to start giving them?

  70. I’d never heard of mensnewsdaily until I found that article while googling “obama and wright and pfleger and meeks.” Frankly, coming into it cold with no preconceived notions I was struck by the relevance and timeliness of what the writer was saying. His obvious homophobia struck me, too, and I realized this was a conservative sight. But it did not negate everything else he was writing. And he was writing things about Obama in 2004 we have been discussing on this site in 2008. And things the MSM isn’t discussing.

    One thing I’ve learned during the primaries is that labels no longer matter to me. As an independent since 2001 (thanks to that snake Tom Daschle, who virtually single-handedly drove me away from Democrats) I’ve been, shall we say, caucusing with Democrats exclusively. Voting for anybody with a D next to their name. Including voting for Fernando Ferrer over an excellent mayor Michael Bloomberg because Ferrer had a D next to his name. This was silly and I’ll never look at D the same way again. Mensnewsdaily and Michele Malkin might be right-wing propaganda – but it doesn’t mean that they have NOTHING of value to say. Just like the left-wing media no longer tells me everything of value.

    I was thinking about it last night for all you Harry Potter fans: Obama is like Dudley – a spoiled brat. The media and his supporters are Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon – the doting parents: “Look at our cute little Dudycums! He’s so cute! He just smashed our living room! What a strong boy to be able to to do that!”

  71. […] Money Quote (by myiq2xu at The Confluence) If you think the Big Shitpile is a reason we need to elect Obama, think again: “OBAMA: Well, I think there are a whole host of areas where Republicans in some cases may have a better idea. WALLACE: Such as? OBAMA: Well, on issues of regulation…” Can we have Hillary back now? […]

  72. […] What I do know, it was Reagan who started the deregulation that led to today’s economy (and Obama expressed admiration for this idea). […]

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