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      Why would they? Hypocrisy is no big deal. Owning the libs is what counts! NEWS: Sources inside @HerschelWalker #GASEN campaign confirm to @dcexaminer: The Georgia Republican had "record-breaking" fundraising day after @thedailybeast story broke: Walker raised $182K, inclu $50K during his @seanhannity interview on @FoxNews — David M. Drucker (@David […]
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Conflucians Say: Would you buy a used car from this man?

Heidi Li has the latest ad from Democrats for Principle before Party up.  And now that I think about it, I do see a certain resemblance:

Naaahhhh, Tricky Dick was a crook, not a used car salesman.  I think Heidi must be thinking of this guy:

His teeth!  Bright light!  Bright Light!!

Heidi could use a little help getting this ad on the air.  You can make a donation to The Denver Group here.

And what else happened today, boys and girls?  Did you read about what Hillary said about the bailout?  Have you called your congresscritter or did the fall in the Dow leave you shaky?  And why are the banks being so greeeedy?  Why isn’t the obscene wealth they already have enough?  Does it have anything to do with drowning in a bathtub?  Check in with Conflucians Say tonight at 10PM EST on PUMA United Radio and we’ll shine a light on it.

201 Responses

  1. Boy, she had to talk really fast to get all of O’s rotten stuff into one 30 second ad.

  2. Oooooooohhhhhhhh, that was good!!!!

    Heidi & Denver Group & Marc & Democrats for principle – awesome job!

    PS: My congresscritter kathy Castos voted AGAINST the bill.

  3. I love that ad.

  4. Argh: Kathy CASTOR.

  5. Honora — lol — she still wasn’t able to get in all of his rotten stuff!

  6. ok, new rumor on larry king that republican rethinking vp pick. I wonder if it’s because of rumors that Obama was rethinking Biden VP pick for the past week. backlash?

  7. Hey All,
    Want a corny distraction?

    It’s my second one so… :0)

  8. cbn: I think it is all part of lowering expectations for Palin.

  9. I took a look at this ad but I don’t think it is very good. It is too tied up with the insider view of the Democratic nominating process. I don’t think it will speak to Independents and that is where the undecided votes are against Obama. He needs to get hit hard on what is happening now and particularly on economic issues.

  10. Moving this up from previous thread:

    2 Democratic reps, Kaptur of Ohio and DeFazio of Oregon, were on Lou Dobbs tonight discussing their alternative plan called the “No Bailouts Act.” Descsription here: http://www.thenation.com/blogs/thebeat/366595/the_no_bailouts_act

    What do you all think? Kaptor and DeFazio asked that people call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 if in favor.

  11. FOX:
    Steve Wynn: First of all, the sky is not falling. The last people who can handle all these bad pieces of paper (mortgages) are the people who created it.

    He recommends injecting liquidity into the system (like Buffet did) and telling those companies they will not get any bonuses or rewards until they fix the company and give the government a 5-7% return on their investment.

  12. There will be no veep replacement, on either side.

  13. Thanks RD, makes sense.

  14. Regency – the only replacement will be the top of the ticket on the Democratic side.

  15. Jules, I heard Judd Gregg (R-NH) on NPR today and he said something that completely reminded my of the 1980s S&L scandal during the Reagan years.

    Remember Michael Milken? He went to jail for packing up billions of bad junky stuff and selling it off.

  16. I think that most of our angst stems for the simple fact that there is not one leader out there whose word we trust completely to lead us out of this. Bush and his cabal have gotten away with so much with little or no accountability that the public is completely distrustful no matter who is speaking to us.

    This current crisis has been brewing for at least a few years yet here we are being asked to just accept whatever is spewed out as fact and it all boils down to partisanship in the end. The public has been royally screwed and the answers to fixing this problem are coming from the same ones who sold us this bill of goods. Would any of us return to the same car lot that sold us the ” lemon” the first time?

  17. Carol- From your fingers to God’s ears.

  18. Ouch, ouch is all I can say about that ad.

  19. Jangles: I see your point, but I think the issue of TRUST is central in this election, because Obama is still an uknown after all this time. The fact that he flip-flops on so many issues may influence people in the voting booth in battleground states. This is also specifically targeted to FL & MI and the voter suppression.

  20. Jangles

    I liked McCain’s Fannie and Freddie ad. I think that he has an opportunity and the reason Obama is benefitting from the economy is because most people are giving Obama the benefit. He needs to figure out a way to translate Obama’s disinterest in the economy and enumerate Obama’s failure to actually do anything meaningful about the economy.

  21. Carol: If they had any good sense, yeah, but frankly I don’t think even the over-awesome Clinton Matriarch would head-up the Dim ticket at this date.

  22. fif — if Warren Buffet & Steve Wynn both say it, then I believe it. (fwiw, Trump said the same thing today too, but I don’t trust the comb over).

  23. Pat Johnson, on September 30th, 2008 at 9:31 pm Said:
    I think that most of our angst stems for the simple fact that there is not one leader out there whose word we trust completely to lead us out of this. Bush and his cabal have gotten away with so much with little or no accountability that the public is completely distrustful no matter who is speaking to us.


  24. Bush and his cabal got away with it WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF THE DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP. Is it any wonder we can’t trust anyone?

  25. Same day registration and voting. Hannity: Isn’t this setting us up for “massive voter fraud?”

    Disturbing pattern of association. Ken Blackwell, African American Former Secretary of State in Ohio. He brings up Ayers, Saul Alinsky and now ACORN.

  26. Do I understand this correctly -members of the House have asked us to call the Senate. That is kind of funny. Sounds like they are trying to go around Nancy.

    Is DeFazio the congressman who said today that Christopher Cox is an idiot?

  27. CWaltz: I am not exonerating them either. This was a hand to hand operation. No one shines.

  28. I agree with RD about the Palin to be replaced rumor — they are lowering expectations for the debate — I will add that I think her “flubs” on those two interviews were planned to also lower expectations so that when Palin does well at the debate the press will look even less trustworthy to the American people for ridiculing these last 2 weeks. Yes, I think the GOP plans things that far in advance.

  29. Federal Court Rules in favor of same day registration in Ohio.

    Hannity: What can the people of Ohio do to combat this.

    We must be on our toes. Eternal vigilance. We have a bipartisan panel, and we must be vigilant.

    Colmes butts in. He’s such an idiot.

  30. Greta has the transcript of a new Palin interview up. I am sure it will rattle a lot more cages. Sarah is absolutely main street. She must drive the liberal left Ivy Leaguers totally crazy. I am sure she would be banished from all of their clubs.I like her even though I truly see her rough edges. Bill Clinton totally gets this woman and why she is an effective politician. She is living, breathing, high definition Washington change. In her way she is as much change to the DC scene/woman’s role that Hillary was. Different as they are they are both change agents for women.

  31. On the upside, I’m pretty darn sure the GOP wouldn’t take having the election stolen from them sitting down? There will be counts and recounts and recounts of the recounts, if the GOP thinks something hinky occured. One thing I have learned is that only our side seems to roll oner and play dead.

  32. Re Ohio same day registration and early voting (I think last day of registration is Oct. 6): There was an article from a few days ago which said that Obama’s camp had vans already lined up in Ohio to bus homeless people to register and vote.

  33. Colmes: I keep hearing the name Saul Alinsky. What is so offensive about him and why do you keep tying him to Obama?

    Ken Blackwell: Alinsky fundamentally hated this country and believed in extralegal activities–the end justifies the means.

    Colmes makes a desperate attempt to defend Alinsky. Does he EVER have an independent thought in his scrawny head? I think he has a string that you pull in his back, and he starts spitting out partisan talking points.

    Blackwell: It is a curious pattern of association–Ayers, Alinsky, ACORN. I want to protect the integrity of our system.

  34. Hillary is going to fix this for McCain. McCain is going to let Hillary fix Healthcare.

    The fix is in!


  35. fif:

    as much a good real estate developer as he is, Steve Wynn is way off here. The sky IS falling, too bad none of the 2 bozos running for POTUS are totally unable to explain it to Joe Schmoe, and the nimcompoop we have in office has less than ZERO credibility.

    With the liquidity crisis, as the one we have, corporations and banks are unable to issue commercial papers that are crucial for day to day expenses (inventory, capital), totally viable businesses can go down and in the worst case, large corporation become unable to meet their payrolls.

    People should stop comparing investors like Warren Buffet and the government, starting with the simple fact that the latter is not a for profit institution.

  36. I am willing to bet money that Nancy made a deal with the Repubs to take impeachment off the table. If so, then something was promised in return. Whatever it is, it will not be something in our favor. Personally, I think it has more to do with Obama and his election. Note that with the exception of Hannity who pounds away nightly, there really is little disparagement set aside for Obama.

    I may be getting much too deep into conspiracy theories, but Nancy and the GOP fashioned something together with that impeachment issue which the public expected to happen after the 2006 election. It may be nothing more than that they hold back anything of consequence they would have on The One. But them I am getting a little crazy these days.

  37. Colmes and Pelosi use the same Botox doctor.

  38. fif — Colmes resembles the “If I only had a brain” Scarecrow more then physically.

  39. Why is Colmes not off for Rosh Hashanan?

  40. Jangles: well said. Each time I hear Palin, I am surprised by her extraordinary ordinariness. It’s startling. Wait a minute! Isn’t she supposed to couch everything she says and double speak talking points? Instead, it’s like you’re sitting across the kitchen table from her. It makes the classim come screeching to the surface for all the pampered elites who are used to being the privileged few.

  41. MABlue — I disagree with you that the government is not a “for profit institution.” The government most certainly should turn a profit — that is what surpluses are for.

  42. angie: lol! He’s such a weenie.

  43. fif: I do not buy that argument about borrowing for day to day operations. If that is what a business is doing, then they are a very poorly run business. I have enough experience in running a small corporation to know that rule #1 is about cash flow and if you do not plan your business model so that you have the cash flow to manage basic operations then you are going to crash and burn. If you routinely borrow money to meet payroll and the utility bill, you have an incredibly poor financial team.

  44. Sarah will come in wearing her Blair Catalogue outfits, not Versace. This is driving them insane.

  45. Carol — LMAO!!! Rosh Hashanan!! LOL

  46. Well, the House voted down the bailout, the market threw a fit because they didn’t get what they wanted, and now the Senate has decided to do the dirty work because those stupid House members were dumb enough to listen to their constituency. But does the Senate have the legal right to originate a revenue bill that has already been voted down in the House? Not under Article 1, Section 7 of the U.S. Constitution. But why should Bush and the Senate leaders let that get in their way?

  47. oops: classism

  48. Is this crisis actually the “October Surprise” or can we expect more? Not sure I am up to it unless they find out that Obama is a convicted felon.

  49. Pat — since it isn’t technically October until tomorrow, I’m willing to bet that there is more to come — buckle your seat belt.

  50. MAblue & Jangles: but isn’t Wynn saying that by injecting capital into the system it will provide the needed cash for businesses to make payroll etc. until they can restructure and fix the larger systemic problems? He was emphasizing that government bureaucracies have no idea what to do with all those mortgages, but these companies do, and if they the offer requires that they fix the model first, repay the investment, and THEN they can reap any rewards of a healthy corporation, doesn’t that make sense (ie: they can’t reap profits until they pay back 5-7%)?

  51. Pat – the “prison guards” are not the guards he thought they were!

    And, I am sorry to tell you this, but Amy has declared, “I’m a mess!”

  52. angienc, on September 30th, 2008 at 9:44 pm Said:

    MABlue — I disagree with you that the government is not a “for profit institution.” The government most certainly should turn a profit — that is what surpluses are for.

    Oh my God, come on. That’s not true. Governments are certainly not for profit.

  53. Carol: Amy just beat up another “fan”. People going to her concerts need to come armed.

    And from an earlier comment: Ed needs to stick with the pro choice theme. If not, I am losing confidence in him.

  54. I spent some time today on McCain’s blog. It is over run with trolls and there is some really unfortunate bashing of both the candidates that is allowed to happen. There is a thread of posts negative to Sarah (as well as John). I think it is a self-feeding loop. The trolls go in and do the Sarah bashing there and it is reported on other blogs that the Repubs want to dump Sarah and then it becomes a news story. McCain’s team needs to get a site administrator full time 24/7 to clean up the traffic.

  55. Pat: So what’s your point? Do you think that Obama being a convicted felon would disqualify him for president? Why? I don’t see how any potential criminal actions have anything to do with his exceptional gift to transform our world.

    What’s your point?


  56. Someone need to inform the members of congress that the government is “not for profit”. They must have this confused with the lobbyists writing those checks as fast as they can. Somebody is getting rich down there and I am seeing none of it.

  57. fif: I stand corrected. They would transform him into Barrabas is that were true. Love him!

  58. “And from an earlier comment: Ed needs to stick with the pro choice theme. If not, I am losing confidence in him.”

    What’s this about?

  59. masslib — OH MY GOD, come on!! You and MABlue are misrepresenting what “not for profit” means — which is what I was trying to point out in my previous post, if maybe inarticulately. It is a false analogy to compare governments to regular corporations or to non-profit organizations. Saying a government is “not for profit” conflates the entire idea of the purposes of governments and the purposes of corporations.

  60. He is Catholic – he made his bed, he has to lie in it.

    They just showed the “kiddies singing for Obama” – seriously, Child Protective Services should be called in.

  61. OMG, FOX is showing the Sing for Obama thing. That is really disturbing to me. Weren’t we talking about Moonies last night? Jim Jones, David Koresh, Mao, Kim Jong Il? Really spooky.

    Hannity: THAT is frightening. For the first time in my adult life, I am going to keep my mouth shut.

    Colmes: It’s very nice.

    Hannity cites O-BAMA chanting. “They’re not thinking!

  62. It is a false analogy to compare governments to regular corporations or to non-profit organizations.

    Agreed. Government is also not a non-profit.

    Saying a government is “not for profit” conflates the entire idea of the purposes of governments and the purposes of corporations.

    Yes, Government is entirely different than non-profit and for profit corporations.

  63. As I ponder the events of these past couple of days…..my Democratic party, stolen by the left and unrecognizable….some Republicans on the right still acting too “right wing” for my taste…….I wish of course for the common sense of Hillary to come to the rescue. I am a woman with no party, lost. I come to blogs like this to seek refuge from the clowns to the left and the jokers to the right….I am stuck in the middle with you….Flashback 1972

  64. Fantastic! I love it. I’ve always said that Obama reminds me of the two Presidents I dislike the most: Nixon and GW.

  65. They are praising the Senate package and said it will pass.

  66. Someone turn that film into Child Protective Services. It’s creepy. I would start looking for missing children in neighborhoods, I think we found them.

  67. fif: I disagree with Ma Blue in that I don’t think government should be making a profit as a goal because that means they are planning to take more tax $ to run things than they need (not that we are probably ever going to see that day). A surplus at the end of the year is to me just that—a surplus that you plan to return to the taxpayers at the end of the year or that you reinvest in the common good in some manner. My only point is that if businesses are borrowing to meet operational expenses in my view that is not good business operation. That goes to the point that people are making that if we do not have a cash infusion businesses are not going to be able to meet payroll. I think that is nonsense. They may need loans for other reasons but payroll should not be one of them.

  68. Carol: Ed is Jewish.

  69. Carol who are “they” who are praising the senate bill? what are you watching?

  70. Jangles: but Charles has been here arguing regularly about the credit crunch and it’s effect on small business loans used for things like payroll. Whether these large businesses are functional or not is not the issue now. They obviously are not. The question is: how to facilitate a solution?

  71. Re: Saul Alinsky

    I don’t see anything wrong with Alinksy. He did the landmark work on grassroots organizing. It was all about methods.

    Hillary had a connection with him as well, I think she was intern with him, at any rate he was the subject of her senior paper.

  72. Airtime is expensive – Heidi Li took 30 seconds and made an A-bomb I think. You have to remember that accuracy is not the most important thing – it’s the image and impression. Most people are not paying as much attention as we are.

  73. The government doesn’t deal in profits. Come on, now.

    Is Ed going pro-life? What’s up?

    Did the radio show start?

  74. The show is on now.

  75. SOD: Yikes! Now I’m not going to be able to sleep!

  76. SOD — Scarier then the video are the comments.

  77. ninja – Hillary Clinton interviewed Saul Alinsky as part of a paper/thesis. She rejected his theories.

  78. I guess this is how the Senate found the way to vote first. (Second paragraph below; I include the first because it’s interesting.) From CNN:

    The revised bailout bill also includes a “Mental Health Parity” provision, which would require health insurance companies to cover mental illness at parity with physical illness.

    Because the bill must originate in the House, the Senate is attaching the rescue plan to a bill that deals with renewable energy tax incentives. This would allow the Senate to vote before the House.

  79. Still: I agree. It’s all about Trust/Doubt. When the Undecideds get into that booth, what will their gut tell them? Will the image of Nixon, Ayers, Wright et. al. flash before the mind’s eye?

  80. Pat – until after November 4, 2008 – he is taking communion as a Catholic.


    Greta is gushing for Palin.

    Hillary did it the bill – FDIC increase to $250k to prevent runs on the banks, tax decreases to get the economy going, insurance to the financial entities to secure their debt until it is able to be resold, no ACORN bullshit ………..

  81. Alinsky wanted Hillary to work for him. She was not so keen on his methods.

  82. Carol: You are so full of crapola!!!!

  83. @ angie – WHOA!! Who are those people commenting?

  84. fif: I hope so. I can’t sleep nights contemplating an Obama win.

  85. Still4Hill: Riverdaughter, Boston Boomer and SM are on talk radio right now.

  86. Greta is definitely a PUMA, just ask her husband.

  87. Catholics in PA are being reminded by the Church that they are Pro-Life and should consider that when they vote.

    Eddy is doing his job as a community organizer.

  88. The Mental Health Parity will be the one thing we need during this mess. We will all be on meds!

  89. oh fif:

    Really I think people who lived through Nixon might get it. I don’t know about the Ohitler youth vote.

  90. Even Alinsky recognized a brilliant star when he met her…

  91. Eddy needs to do his penance in temple and forget what the bishops are endorsing. I ignore them all the time. Ed should be stressing overpopulation.

  92. Yay! My spyware just recognized that site as an attack site!

  93. Still: they’re going for the Undecided voters. They are not necessarily young.

  94. Thanks Pat- outta here to radio – and my 2cts later with Phillip Berg about the lawsuit.

  95. Hillary was the only candidate of Edwards, she and Obama advocating for mental health parity. It’s actually a break through. I mean outside of the propped up market failure of private insurance, when our government starts treating mental health on parity with physical health it’s a real step forward toward ending the stigma of mental health.

  96. angienc, on September 30th, 2008 at 9:57 pm Said:
    masslib — OH MY GOD, come on!! You and MABlue are misrepresenting what “not for profit” means — which is what I was trying to point out in my previous post, if maybe inarticulately. It is a false analogy to compare governments to regular corporations or to non-profit organizations. Saying a government is “not for profit” conflates the entire idea of the purposes of governments and the purposes of corporations.


    No offense but huuuhhhh???

  97. So, masslib, Hillary hasn’t given up on the issues that she promised to make progress on. I’m proud of that.

  98. Mental health parity is HUUUUGE. I have worked in the mental health field, and it is the step-child of the health care industry, and we know what a wreck that is. Remember Obama’s comment about “women who are blue?” This man has so little understanding and empathy about so many critical issues. Hillary is a champion. Just like she said, she never stops fighting. I’ll say it again: I love that woman.

  99. Just received this email!

    A Senate Committee hearing is no place for a comedy routine.

    Tell the Bush Administration’s Howard Weizmann that equal family benefits are not a joke.

    Take action now.

    Dear Carol,

    How would you expect top officials in the administration to prepare for a Senate hearing? By reviewing studies and data, or going to the movies?

    If you picked the latter, apparently, you’d be right.

    Last week at a Senate hearing on equal family benefits for LGBT federal workers, the Bush Administration’s Howard Weizmann cited the plot of the Adam Sandler movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” about two men who pretend to be gay, as evidence the program would be scammed.

    What next? Education policy drawn on the wisdom of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”?

    Tell Mr. Weizmann public policy shouldn’t be based on Hollywood comedies.

    56% of Fortune 500 companies and 16 state governments already provide family benefits to LGBT employees, and there is zero evidence these workers are any more likely than heterosexuals to perpetrate fraud.

    The American people deserve policies based on facts, fairness, and logic, not fictional scenarios designed to sell a ticket and get a laugh. Using a Hollywood comedy to justify opposing fair compensation is a new low even for this administration.

    Weizmann went into the hearing with a neutral position on the equal compensation bill, which HRC has long championed. But when a colleague passed him a note he changed his tune.

    The day after the hearing, Weizmann was still at it, telling the Washington Post his “Chuck and Larry” example “is not farfetched.” Click here to remind him that lowbrow Hollywood comedies are meant to get a laugh, not drive policy decisions.

    LGBT Americans demand no more for their families than the basic benefits and protections afforded to different-sex spouses. Let’s remind Washington what’s really at stake here—not box office receipts, but real American lives.


    Joe Solmonese

    This link is specific to you, so please take action on this campaign before you forward to your friends. Having trouble clicking on the links above? Simply copy and paste this URL into your browser’s address bar: http://www.hrcactioncenter.org/campaign/equalfam_weizmann

    © 2008 The Human Rights Campaign. All rights reserved.
    Human Rights Campaign | http://www.hrc.org
    1640 Rhode Island Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036-3278
    Phone: 202/628-4160 TTY: 202/216-1572 Fax: 202/347-5323

  100. I can hear the East Coast tucking itself into bed. Sweet dreams.

  101. Brittania: I am still up.

  102. PJ: Oh, good.

  103. Some of us are listening the blog radio.

  104. I love that Hillary added the Mental Health parity. She is a genius. She realizes we are all now mentally ill from the economy and the election.

  105. Oh that explains it!

  106. I love that Hillary added the Mental Health parity. She is a genius. She realizes we are all now mentally ill from the economy and the election.

    You crack me up!

  107. I bought Sex and the City today. I have not watched it yet (I did see it at the movies). I can hardly wait.

  108. Britannia – now you are covered with that “crack up”.

  109. Carol: You will love it! My fave was Kim Cattrall. She was such a slut in this. Funny!

  110. Hopefully, soldiers that are returning to regular jobs will get mental health care that the VA can’t provide them with.

    I am happy. Into each tragedy, some good “can” come.

  111. Pat – I saw it. I am just excited to see it again.

  112. Carol; Which one was your favorite?

  113. Greta is having a great interview with Pakistan’s new President.

  114. No offense to you either MABlue and I realize things can be taken in the wrong way when posting (as opposed to actually talking to a person) but I think your premise is fundamentally flawed when you compared governments to corporations (as you did in your initial post as a reason not to listen to Wynn’s advice because “governments are not for profit” and to state that the sky is in fact falling). “Not for profit” means something very specific and that meaning has nothing to do with governments — and perhaps you didn’t mean it that way, but that is how it read to me. If you want to reject Wynn’s advice (that the government should inject liquidity into the market, not go into the business of running mortgages) then do it for the right reasons, not because the “government is not for profit.” That, imo, makes no sense especially given that if the government does take over the mortgages (that is buys the bad debt from the banks which is what the bill as I understand it proposes) then the government will be looking to run that take over for a profit.

  115. Carrie and Big. I love Mr. Big. I love Charlotte and her husband.

  116. I loved Aidan. She gave him such a raw deal.

  117. I liked Aiden also, but Carrie and Big – they just kept missing each others signals.

    My favorite episode is when he has his “Hubble” moment and marries the “Girl”.

    Also love the episode when Charlotte is proposed to by her Jewish husband.

    I didn’t like it when it first started. I started watching it probably the 3rd year. Of course, I have seen all of them a zillion times.

  118. The voter fraud has started in Ohio.

  119. Carol: Me too. I loved Charlotte and the dog, Elizabeth Taylor. She married that idiot who had a “problem” due to his Mommy issues. But Samantha was so wild! Acted in a way none of us ever could and with no conscience. Loved it.

  120. Obama has 3 buses per half hour to take students to the polls. That is just maddening.

  121. The money for those buses are coming out of ACORN.

  122. I would have been Samantha had it not been for disease.

    Also, when Elizabeth Taylor got &)(^^^$ at the park and pregnant was hysterical. My friend Barbara – an ex- flight attendent friend of mine that married a millionaire used to scrub her bathrooms in her silk blouses, pearls and diamonds also.

  123. angie:

    I said people should STOP comparing investors like Warren Buffet to the Government because they do have diametrically opposed modus operandi and totally different raison d’etre. Better now?

    I still don’t understand what you are arguing about. The government IS NOT a business, thus cannot exist for the same reason, which is to make a profit.

    As for the cash infusion, the government IS injecting money in the market. Haven’t you read that the Fed will put $630 B into the global financial system?

  124. Greta is very easy going and laid back but she sure loathes Obama. I was surprised to read how her husband was so closely aligned to the Hillary campaign seeing that she works for Fox. She is the only one giving Palin a fair shake.

  125. I just watched “You Can’t Fix Stupid” with Ron White on Comedy Central. Hilarious!

    Jon Stewart and The Daily Obama Show is coming on next.

    Where’s my remote?

  126. myiq: Watching Obama might help your insomnia. Think about it.

  127. Going nite, nite.

    Joe better have changed his attitude or he is history.

    I can hardly wait for the debate. She will win.

  128. Even worse, Bill Maher was the guest.

    I used to love TDS, but TDOS is stoopit

  129. Carol: You had better be here for that one. You weren’t here for Obama and McCain. She just has to come across more in tune or they will wipe the floor with her.

  130. Watching Obama would help me lose weight.

  131. They just released a video.

  132. MABlue — misunderstood you because a “not for profit” is a type of corporation too — I thought you were saying that the government is a “not for profit.” I got off on the wrong track and it was hard to get off of it. Forgive me? 🙂

  133. Jon Stewart was for Hillary but when she dropped out he turned on a dime. He hates the Repubs. I cannot watch Mahar anymore and I considered him one very intelligent man but he is Obama all the time and his ridicule of Palin is insufferable.

  134. Over at Corrente, some people who own small businesses are discussing the fact that they haven’t had their credit dry up. In fact they have been offered credit increases very recently.


  135. I can’t even stand watching Obama when I’m drunk, and I’ll do almost anything when I’m drunk.

  136. I love that Hillary added the Mental Health parity. She is a genius. She realizes we are all now mentally ill from the economy and the election.

    lol. She’s taking care of her PUMA babies.

  137. No one is going to wipe the floor with her. Piper is going to feed her the answers – she has been studying up on the issues. Trig is going to give her the day off from nursing so that she will be refreshed.

  138. angie: Even if MABlue does not forgive you myiq will. Not to worry.

  139. Carol: lol But who feeds Trig?

  140. Pat — ah, you know me too well — I only really care what myiq thinks. LOL

  141. angie: We’ve noticed.

  142. Pat and Carol,

    I think it’s shocking that you two are discussing something as trivial as Sex and the City when there is a national crisis going on.


    I love Chris Noth, but I liked him best in Law and Order.

  143. bb: Good points tonight on the show.

  144. Pat — it is not only that Maher has kool aid running through his veins, he exposed himself as one of the most disgusting mysoginists alive.

  145. Sarah is sending pre-filled bottles. I supplement with the Tahitian Bottled water – he is sooooooooo spoiled.

  146. bb: And we giggled a few times too. Shhhhhhhh!!!!

  147. This is why I love Hillbuzz:

    “In other news, we’ve decided to create a sculpture of SoetorObama using things we have in our fridge. Two large falafels for ears, raisins for his lying beedy eyes, and the smallest shelled peanut we can find for what guys in the East Bank Club tell us is tucked, with much room to spare, in the front of his tighty whiteys. We don’t have a cabbage big enough for his ego-inflated head, however, so we’ll have to make do with that big bag of Arugula we bought at Whole Foods.”


  148. Pat — LMAO! I’m not subtle, but I’m effective! LOL

  149. Tut tut. I ought to smack the backs of your hands with a ruler!

  150. myiq: Hilarious! They do have some unique postings over there.

  151. bb – I did my part for the economy by buying the video today.

    I just love Chris Noth. He is awesome.

  152. Thanks, Pat.

  153. angienc:

    Off course. I was sure you got me wrong.

    Myiq: Stay out of it, will ye?
    Btw, for some bizarre reason, I was reading the “About” above The Confluence and I loved tis part about you:

    Myiq2xu: Not really sure what myiq does for a living. (Er, freelance mortician?

  154. Bill Maher “dated” (m)Ann Coultergeist

    ’nuff said

  155. I am undecided as to whether I should start going back to church and making novenas to ensure no Obama on November 4th or to make a promise that I will start attending weekly Mass again if he loses. Lord, hear my prayer.

  156. Nite all. Tomorrow: another day, another Obama lie.

  157. Speaking of small shelled peanuts — I was thinking today after reading the story on the nude Palin that some one who can paint (ie not me) should really do a nude Obama but with a very small one –( like the classic statutes where the men are “built” as if they were 5 years old) — so that it will be “art” (that is not vulgar) and realistic as well.

  158. myiq: Bill also has a “thing” for Ariana Huffington Post.

  159. I am branching out into organlegging.

  160. nite fif

  161. I just had to clean my screen again. myiq is so badddddd!!

  162. Pat – cover all of your basis. Temple is on Friday night and Eddy will go with you.

  163. Pat:

    I have been holding weekly goat sacrifices. If things don’t start looking better, I’m switching to virgin goats.

  164. p.s. Miranda was my favorite. I loved her friendship with Carrie.

    I saw her in a coffee shop in this area about a month ago. She was very natural and sweet. I also saw Chris Noth in a restaurant in the Berkshires. Very cute.

  165. Carol: And when we finish there we can hit a few Buddhist shrines and mosques along the way. Nothing like double downing. Eddy loves an evening of contemplation. Or he has since he left Texas.

  166. “Pat Johnson”
    I heard he’s supporting McCain now.

  167. I never even look at the comments… holy geeez!

  168. fif — Chris Noth “very cute”? That, my dear, is an understatement.

  169. Chris Noth is a cutie patootie!

  170. Pat-do both….make novenas and promise to go back to Mass! Do everything you can! I’m not Catholic, but I’ll go back to Mass, too! Anything!

  171. Haven’t we seen enough of BO? Do we really want to see more?

    Count me out. I wouldn’t look if he were standing in realtime in front of me stark naked, and I just moments ago declared myself a sex fiend.

  172. Toni: For real? Eddy is one smart politician but supporting McCain would be a huge step out of his role.

  173. May as well start practicing now since I think we will all be spending more time on our knees if this showboater gets in.

  174. Pat: please do not mention “double downing” and Eddy in the same sentence.

  175. Carol — I would look — I love to laugh & point.

  176. angie –
    I have a concern about a painting of BO.
    Wouldn’t it be considered child pornography?

  177. Y’all stop by after Sunday Mass, I’ll have BBQ Birria de Chivo ready for lunch.

  178. RD, how can you not be for the HOLC? Bill Clinton said it costs the tax payer 250K for every home foreclosure. A lot of these people were scammed by brokers. They were applicable for prime mortgages and sold junk mortgages. They are primarily minority families. And, yeah, let’s say they over extended themselves, so we want to turn all their children out on the streets?

  179. Obama does not possess a spine. What other appendage is he missing?

  180. Hi everyone!

    Have you all been keeping up to speed on the Berg v. Obama lawsuit?

    Here’s the latest update I could find:


    Rather than providing proof of being a natural born US citizen, Obama and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss the case. Berg has now filed his answer to Obama’s motion and the Judge will be ruling on the case soon.

    This could be the October surprise.

    Hopefully the Judge will allow the requested Discovery to go forward and force Obama to either put up or shut re: proff of being a natural born US citizen.

  181. May as well start practicing now since I think we will all be spending more time on our knees if this showboater gets in.”

    Um, Homie don’t play dat!

    Not even when I’m really drunk

  182. Pat Johnson — I’ve moved beyond kneeling — I’m laying prostrate now. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  183. myiq: Couldn’t we get those to go?

  184. I’m not touching any of this. Need to hunt up my old rosary.

  185. kitchen — LMAO!!!

  186. Sure

    Quieres arroz y frijoles?

  187. Why is the scarey clown speaking in tongues?

  188. Because the Scary Clown is a cunning linguist

  189. I’m off to bed.

  190. I’m calling my mother.

  191. Nite, Nite. Tomorrow will be better.

  192. New thread up. With poetry!

  193. Iron Man — the judge in that case is a Democrat — bless Berg’s heart, but I seriously doubt that case goes anywhere. Of course, he was appointed by Bill Clinton . . . we shall see.

  194. Carol – LOL Upstream comment)

    I had to work til late tonight so I missed the news. When is the Senate voting on the bill?

  195. SM77 – I’m not in Castor’s district but I’m supporting her opponnet – Adams. She was so for BO during the 1/2 vote deal. I hope she loses. I’ve been donating money to McCain, too.

  196. LOL! Totally clueless (4.50 / 6) (#119)
    by goldberry on Fri Aug 29, 2008 at 10:19:41 AM EST

    So sorry, coigue. The election is already over with the selection of Palin today. McCain had to pay his dues to his party but he’s never been a neo-con Bushie Republican. Palin represents a fresh start for the party. Her pro-life stance is not my cup of tea but if they play this right, McCain and Palin can show that pro-life can coexist with those of us who want to make abortion safe, legal and rare.
    She’s been tough on the oil industry as well. She’s a brilliant choice. This ticket is all but unbeatable. Save your breath for Obama. He is so 10 minutes ago. His campaign is already old. The DNC walked right into this with its eyes open. I’m not rewarding stupidity. I’m sticking to downticket Dems. Leave Obama/Biden to the history books. McCain/Palin is the winning ticket.

    [ Parent | none12345 ]

  197. THE VIDEO
    Is this effective to anyone but insiders?

    So the four points in the video of why we should vote for McCain over Obama are:

    1) Obama changed his mind about accepting public funds. And? (“…but so did McCain…and?”)
    2) FISA retroactive immunity (“Who? Argula?”)
    3) Florida and Michigan votes didn’t count. (“Oh, but they did, because Barack himself at the convention said he was counting them all. Anyhow that’s just for Democrats, and I don’t belong to a party…I’m independent”).
    4) Won the nomination on a rigged vote. (“But he won the primaries. didn’t he? I KNOW he did. Everyone saw his victory speech in Iowa. If he didn’t win, why would he have a victory speech?” )

    Note: I had a long conversation like this with an AA woman on the street in Denver while we were demonstrating against the secret hotel vote. She was not an ordinary voter or ignorant of politics, but the friend of a delegate. I tried to talk to her about delegates and superdelegates, and I told her Obama did not have enough delegates to win the nomination without superdelgates, but she “knew”. I told her to look at http://www.realclearpolitics.com but she said she only trusted NPR. Someone like this will hear the fast-talking bamboozle lawyer at the end and say it doesn’t jibe with what they already know.

    “Plus, you know Obama got all his contributions from the little people and not from big corporations.” I don’t suppose we can mention OpenSecrets.org at this point….


    That is what I’d like to see…rebranding Obama from “populist” to “paid off”–by lobbyists and big money interests.

    Obama voting to protect telecoms from illegal wiretapping, then pan to (1) huge telecommunications contributions to Obama campaign, the AT&T logo sponsoring the Democratic convention. Obama (2) receiving money (half a million, yes?) from Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, then Obama voting for bailout, Obama (3) taking money from Big Oil, then switching his vote on offshore drilling.

    You know, people have made a lot of McCain’s half a dozen houses that he says are an investment, but I bet if McCain has his money in real estate, he is on the side of wanting property values to go back up, as are all the people facing foreclosure.

  198. Stephanopoulos comment on new ABC poll:
    he says:

    1. [Bush has a new disapproval rating of 70%.] “The problem for McCain is that a majority of Americans – 53 percent – believe he would take the country in the same direction as Bush.”

    2. “The poll found McCain leading Obama on who would make a good Commander-in-Chief of the military, with 73 percent of Americans saying McCain would do a good job, while just 46 percent said Obama would make a good Commander-in-Chief.”

    3. “But for the first time, the poll found a majority of Americans – 52 percent – who say Obama has the experience to serve effectively as president… If Obama keeps that number above 50 percent, it will be his race to lose.”

  199. Oh, dear, comment at 2:03 in moderation.

  200. Many, many, many (did I say many) thanks to RD and the Conflucians who are helping with the fundraising.

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