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      So, Michael Flynn has been pardoned by Trump. His crime was lying to the FBI about talking to the Russians before Trump was inaugurated. Even a man like Trump can do the right thing occasionally, usually for the wrong reasons. It is entirely reasonable and routine for a President-elect’s advisors to talk to foreign governments. […]
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Monday: Misterio

I spent the weekend in PA and interviewed some of the people at the party for my nephew.  It was a good mix of Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Not one Obama voter.

Some of them are feeling pressure from co-workers.  My sister says there are several African-American co-workers who say they are taking to the streets if Obama doesn’t win.  Jeez, I wish these people would grow up already.  Did you see Clintonistas rioting when her delegates were brutally suppressed and threatened and she was cheated out of the nomination by Obama and her own party?

Here are some of the comments from the partygoers:

“There’s something about him that just gives me the creeps.”

“Where did he come from?  You don’t just go from state senator in Illinois to presidential candidate in four years.  Somebody is backing him and I want to know who it is.”

“He’s too liberal.”

“He never says anything.  He just says generalities but I can’t pin down what he’s talking about.  I don’t know what he believes.”

“I have no faith in him.”

My spidey sense says that Obama’s biggest problem is that he can’t close the deal with Pennsylvanians because they can’t see past the glamour he projects.  Some of the people in my family got burned badly by Bush- twice.  They are bitten and shy and won’t get fooled again.  Obama has wrapped himself in mystery.  Where did he come from?  Who is behind him?  What does he stand for?  And why is it all so vague and indistinct?  It’s a trust issue.

Overall, there seems to be a great sadness.  Now that they see their choices, even the ones who were previously lukewarm for Clinton really regret that she’s not there.  I was surprised by how strong this feeling was.  They miss her and feel that we have squandered a great opportunity.  It feels depressing.

How will they vote?  There were no Obama voters among the crowd.  Most of them will vote for McCain/Palin.  They were not fooled by the nasty job that the media is playing on Palin.  They think the media is treating her badly, just like Clinton.  In fact, they are on to the media and know that it can’t be trusted.  My cousin’s husband says he flipped between CNN and MSNBC for commentary after the debate and laughed his ass off.  It was obvious that they were rewriting the results.  He finds it very entertaining when he knows the media is trying to con him.  He sees right through it now.

These are not politicos.  These are just regular Joes.  They work average middle class jobs pulling in slightly above average salaries.  State workers, health insurance processors, systems analysts, music teachers.  They come from Central and south west PA.  And they are just as savvy as we are now.  They’ve been educated and they’ve seen it all in the past eight years.  They don’t know why the media is slobbering all over Obama.  They’re just not that into Obama.  In fact, they don’t know quite *what* to make of him but whatever he is, they aren’t buying it.  It’s too mysterious.  They want the devil they know.

John McCain.

253 Responses

  1. After 18 months of campaigning, most of us do not know who this man is. Truly amazing. And the questions put forth by your PA relatives are the same concerns we all have. Obviously we are not alone or incorrect in our assumptions and hesitation. The man is a sham.

  2. Too liberal?

    Or too conservative?

    Quien sabe?

  3. Too bland. Too wishy washy. Too conflicted. Too inexperienced. Too unqualified. Too corrupt. Too beholden. Too inept. Too arrogant. Too sexist. Too ra*cist. Too empty. Too mendacious. Too vague. Too sophomoric. Too self involved. Too unprepared.

  4. That’s just it, myiq, no one knows.

    So…is there no way of educating the rest of the electorate – there are still those out there who are gullible that are planning on voting for him.

    I met a delegate from NJ at a meeting last week – when I expressed my resentment with my vote being handed over to Obama at the convention, she kind of laughed – this is an attorney, in the State of NJ, saying that we have to vote Democratic. She also happens to have just been elected to represent her district.

    We’ve got to identify a few journalists (I’m sure a few are left) who are interested in the truth.

  5. I just saw “Mad Money” Cramer on Morning Joe. Joe asked him what should the govt do to make sure this kindof crisis doesn’t happen again, and Cramer immediately said: “Show trial.”
    Then he said when McCain said Fire Commisioner Cox he thought, finally! Someone gets it.

  6. A new one from Grail Guardian…a few more reasons why the “deal ” isn’t sealed?

    THE LINEUP: A Who’s Who of The Associates of Barack Obama


    “For months now, we’ve been reading and hearing from the Obama campaign that it’s not experience that matters for Barack Obama (whose paper-thin resume includes being a Community Organizer, Chair of the failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge, and running for public office), but rather the excellent judgment that he displays. In light of the continued media frenzy favoring Obama and shielding him from public scrutiny, I decided that it would be timely to revisit that judgment in the form of the people Obama associates with professionally and personally (both past and present). I personally have been able to find few people that are close to the Illinois Senator that I would want anywhere near the Oval Office, but I’ll let you be the judge. I intend this article to be part of a much needed grassroots effort to educate those that only get their news from the Main Stream Media or do not follow politics closely, so feel free to link it, print it, e-mail it, or do whatever you need to do to get the word out (giving proper credit and/or links to Insight Analytical and myself is always appreciated). You can consider it an Obama 101 Picture Book Primer and a serious attempt to save this great nation.”

  7. Any “investigation” will die a slow death since the revelations will unearth all manner of collusion. The Cong Black Caucus will block any further fact finding and Pelosi will play along. Much too dangerous as a true hearing will bring out every snake in the grass who stood by and watched this implosion develop.

  8. Obama to Scully they are on to me

    “um ah um what I meant by um that oh eh … where is my teli-prompti when I need it?”

    – X Files

  9. wonderful post RD! — I usually only lurk, but always enjoy reading your posts!

  10. Bill Clinton is a PUMA because he is not stupid. If anyone knows the political landscape, and can expound at great length, it is the Big Dawg.

  11. RD— my apologies if this to-do list of sorts is not appropiate here (please erase it, if its inappropiate), I am trying to ask everyone on all pro-hillary blogs to please to call into various radio outlets, since the MSM doesn’t seem to care anymore about anything but their idiot messaih…

    repost… anyone who can call tommrowo and all week to all or some on the call list, that would be great!!

    1) Steven corbett, In case you are not familiar with corbett, he has a very big audience in PA. He was the first one to start the “operation turndown” agn BO.

    The show is on from 3 PM ET, until 7 PM
    Call in number:

    to listen online, here you go:

    2)Lou Dobbs:
    1-877-553-6227 between 3 PM and 5 PM (Eastern Time)

    3)Rush 12 – 3pm est 800 282 2882 (yeah.. I know, but we’ll take help where we can)

    4)hannity 3 – 6pm est 800.941.7326

    1) MO state officials being used by that fraud to arrest people for speaking out agn him. Example:
    if you say BO is raising taxes, you can be charged with an ethics charge. And these are Missouri city and county attys working on behalf of that fraud’s campagin

    (refer them to noquarter’s site for the local news video that had these state atty on saying they will arrest and charge people for anti-BO statements)
    Mention that the fraud has Stalinist tendencies, shut down dissent of any kind!


    2) the Berg federal lawsuit that the fraud being sued since he won’t show his real BC, since he was born in Kenya, then he got his indonesian citizenship. If he born here, why won’t he show his real BC, and shut the federal lawsuit down? why? b/c he can’t. The, the Obama camp is trying to postpone this, and we as americans have a right to see his BC to see if he is qualified, and if he has been held dual citizenships in the past!
    Philip Berg, a former PA atty general, has filed a federal lawsuit.. info at obamacrimes.com

    3)ACORN is not in that bailout bill per the republican resistance BUT the fraud, ACORN have done so much voter fraud, so much corruption, and their main guy was the fraud, who has been working with them for years.. etc. And the taxpayer would have paid for this voter fraud b/c of the bailout bill had it not been for republican reisitance.

    – NOW…it looks like ACORN might be out this round, the fraud said if elected, he will revisit the bailout bill, no doubt to put that ACORN stuff BACK!

    PLEASE PLEASE CALL if you can.

  12. Well, that is reassuring, RD. My family is all in Northern VA and Hillary-supporters for the most part. Not one of them is voting for McCain and they are horrified that I am. NoVA will go Obama, but I’m not sure which part of the state will prevail overall. I spoke to a cousin last night and she started ranting about Palin “banning books.” When I told her that was a lie, and she’d fallen for a hoax she said “I don’t care.”

    Then again, when they tell me bad things about McCain, I also say “I don’t care.”
    I want the Republicans to own their own mess. And I want to clean house in the Democratic party.

  13. Levity in the morning.
    No matter your political views I thought this was too cute!!!

    The other day I went downtown to run a few errands. I went into the local coffee shop for a snack. I was only there for about 5 minutes. When I came out, there was this cop writing out a parking ticket.

    I said to him, “Come on, man, how about giving a retired person a break?” He ignored me and continued writing the ticket. His insensitivity annoyed me, so I called him a ‘Nazi.’ He glared at me and then wrote out another ticket for having worn tires. So I proceeded to call him ‘doughnut eating Gestapo.’ He finished the second ticket and put it on the windshield with the first. Then he wrote a third ticket when I called him a moron in blue. This went on for about 20 minutes. The more I talked back to him the more tickets he wrote.

    Personally, I didn’t really care. I came downtown on the bus. The car that he was putting the tickets on had one of those bumper stickers that said, “Obama in ’08”. I try to have a little fun each day now that I’m retired.

    The doctor tells me that it’s important to my health.

  14. Pat – almost barfed on my beautiful/expensive 24 inch monitor – that was hilarious

  15. ZOMG, Pat. Too funny!!!!

  16. RD…

    what was the racial makeup at the party, just curious?

  17. Someone sent that to me this morning and I just wanted to share. We need a laugh today.

  18. Obots know no shame.

    Saturday was my fifteen year old daughter’s birthday. To celebrate, we took her up to DC because she is a history nut and wanted to go soak up some history. While standing at the top of the steps of the Lincoln memorial, my cell phone rang and I got the devastating news that my mom had passed away. We spent the rest of the weekend trying to soothe my daughter from the trauma.

    My mom’s sister called to express condolences and, in the course of that conversation, said that she was going to call all of the friends and relatives who supported Hillary and are now supporting McCain to tell them that she had a conversation with my mom on the day before she died and that my mom said it was her fervent wish that Barack Obama be elected in November. I called BS because I know that my mom was a Hillary supporter and despised Obama. Granted, she didn’t relish the idea of voting for McCain, but she would never have voted for Obama.

    My shameless aunt is using my mom’s death to convince people to vote for Obama. Need I say more about these people?

  19. Pat,


  20. ssmithssmith – I think the BC think is not worth pursuing. If one parent is American (which Obo is) you are automatically granted American Citizenship. Does not matter where you were born either. I have friends and relatives who were married to Americans with kids born outside of the country and their kids are American Citizens. We have a lot of meat on this guy more than the BC thing. Plus I thought I saw a copy of the BC online – was that proven a fake? It was from Hawaii. Will look it up at Google.

  21. Oh, Pat, lol – I love it!!!

  22. janicen – sorry about your loss. May the good memories of your mom heal your loss.

  23. janicen: So sorry about your Mom. My condolences to you and your family.

  24. janicen, I’m so sorry about your loss.

  25. I am tired of the polls in Florida (according to the MSM) telling me that I am voting for Obama.

  26. Janicen – Sorry to hear about your Mom. How awful to have a relative make this time worse for you and your family. Healing thoughts to you.

  27. Janicen,

    I am sorry for your loss. You and your family will be added to my prayers.

  28. Janicen:

    My condolences.

  29. So sorry, Janicen.


  30. It is interesting to see so many opinions about Obama that conflict. He’s too liberal. His Family, Faith and Values tour is too right wing. There are white supremacists voting for him, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, because he is seen by some as a black nationalist, which they prefer over McCain, the Jew-lover. Offensive, but what they think. It seems the only things critics of Obama agree on is that we do not know enough about him and he does display some totalitarian tendencies (fascist, Marxist, no one knows). And that is the problem! Obama’s so-called move to the soft center, as his supporters like to call it, strikes me as destroying any liberalism still left within the Democratic Party. It seems right wing and frightening. But I know people who see Obama as Trotskyite (so on the other end of the neo-cons, who were Trotskyites and then went way over to the opposite). In any case, as my African colleague says, it’s a 50-50 toss up whether all of this is a planned New World Order or just a big f*&king mistake.

  31. janicen, really sorry about your mom and hope you and your daughter are doing ok. And about your aunt, don’t stress about it. People are going to see through what she’s saying to them.

  32. Obama believes in Obama

    There is no right, left or center. Just Obama

  33. ssmithssmith
    Got the BC – looks authentic but I am no FBI/Secret Service agent?

  34. So sorry for your loss, Janicen –

  35. My concern is that there seems to be a lot of people who are kinda “meh” about Obama and that might translate into not even bothering to vote at all. The Obot vote might be enough to elect him if there’s no compelling reason for people to vote for McCain. Mac needs a game-changer and he needs it now. At this point, Obama is slowly padding his lead and is on his way to the win.

  36. Janicen: Sorry about your mother. I will stop ranting about mine. She was in all weekend for a visit. This morning when I got up to get ready for work, nothing worked. I discovered, after running around for 15 minutes, that my beautiful mom had unplugged everything in the house. Her reasons? “There could be a storm.”

    Pat, I laughed my hiney off.

  37. Thank you, Conflucians, for your kind thoughts. I didn’t mean to drag everyone down, but my story illustrates how this election has seeped into every aspect of life. Honestly, I want to see Obama lose, but I’ll just be happy when the whole mess is over. I’m so tired of being told that my vote is a “spite” vote and all of the other indignities. The civility has gone from this election. These Obama supporters make the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth look like a class act.

  38. Chimera – I think Obot has a Marxist tendency. Cult of personality, making promises without any record to back it up but using academic credentials (Marx, Lenin, Engles), being treated like a Messiah character (Kim Il Sung), Community Organizer without any positive effect at large (Che), get in their face attitude (Khrushchev at the UN) … did I ignore anyone? Boy my days of Political Indoctrination does come in handy – this is crazy.

  39. janicen: They can call me anything they wish. They can paint me in any color they choose. I will not vote for Obama. This election has brought out the worst of us and this guy was supposedly portrayed as a “uniter”. Right.

  40. WTF?

    Dude, where’s my comment?

  41. janicen, Sorry for your loss – a loss like no other. I agree with dcattorney. Your relatives will realize how inappropriate your aunt’s message is. Wishing you comfort.

  42. My nephew’s girlfriend was telling me that she, her brother, and her mother are all registered Democrats in MD. She said some Obots came to the door asking for her and her brother to recruit them to volunteer. The mom answered the door, and has been a registered Democrat all of her life, but they weren’t interested in talking to her. She was pretty insulted and is now considering not voting for Obama.

  43. All pollsters (rasmusen too) changed the sample – jacking the # of democrats by about 10% over the GOP-ers. Obama is still not leding by 10 pts – so, you do the math
    But they all create perceptions to ease the funny vote counts

  44. miq2xu
    One other thing Obama believes: we owe him. And if we don’t pay, he’ll pay back. He’s even pettier and more vindictive than W

  45. I see several articles about Tina Fey impersonating Palin on SNL – most think it is a bad sign for McCain/Palin.

    Don’t they realize the funniest SNL impersonations (Carvey/Bush I, Ferrell/Bush II) ended up being impersonations of the winners?

  46. OT edgeoforever, saw your Puttin on the Ritz fav. I loved that too. Would love to have seen Wilder do a “straight” version. He was good!

  47. myiq: Huge difference. The MSM is also out there going after her full force. SNL is underscoring the already skewed perception. SNL may have made comedy out of Bush 1 and 2, but the media was never in the tank as much as this year for one candidate. It is remarkable.

  48. myiq2xu, also they’re keeping the focus on Palin. She still has a ton of power!

  49. EOF:

    I made fun of jeralyn saying that Obama wasn’t a career politician, but she also said in the same post that McCain felt “entitled” to the Presidency.

    Where have we heard that phrase before?


  50. Up until Palin, and we can discount Quayle, do any of us ever remember such a pile on of one VP candidate?

  51. Pat Johnson, on September 29th, 2008 at 9:38 am Said:

    Up until Palin, and we can discount Quayle, do any of us ever remember such a pile on of one VP candidate?


    I can only hope it will backfire. Some of my most rational friends are so negative about Palin. I think they’re scared!

  52. Dan Quayle was a laughingstock in 1988 but Poppy Bush won the election.

    Palin is drawing bigger crowds than Obama, despite the negative press.

    For Republicans, having the media hate you is a plus.

    Don’t forget, the media hated Hillary too, but it made her stronger, not weaker.

  53. janicen, so sorry about your mom.

    I live in NE Ohio and this is anecdotal but…
    In 2004 you couldn’t go 3 or 4 houses without seeing a kerry/edwards sign. I can count on one hand how many BO signs I see and they are pretty much evenly dispersed with “another dem for mccain” ones. This is a heavily democratic area.
    Also, as part of my job I register voters and lemme tell ya, on sat. we had an influx of people, very serious looking people, filling out forms. I really think there is no way BO takes Ohio. It’s really weird cause there seemed to be so much more excitement in 04. Anyhoo, that’s my unscientific opinion.

  54. janicen-So sorry about your mom.

  55. Palin IS inexperienced.

    But so is Obama, and she’s not on the top of the GOP ticket.

    She is NOT stupid or ignorant, despite attempts to paint her that way.

    Both Palin and McCain are Goldwater-type conservatives, not lunatic-fringe right-wingers.

  56. Sarah comes across as a lovely lady but her recent interviews have been pretty much below par. Instead of concentrating on Obama’s deficiencies the MSM would rather go after one who is lacking in many areas as well. Anything to protect the investment.

    These people are running to fill the highest offices in the land and they are all sorely lacking in certain areas. In all honesty, I do not feel wholly comfortable with any of them.

  57. McPalin are the kind of Republican Hillary was at 14. I feel safe in saying that if she was still a member of that Party, she’d be behind them %100.

  58. She has been treated horribly, no question about it. But there is no comparison with Hillary in her responses. I am not attempting to be critical here as much as realistic. It is vicious and it is personal but perception is the key.

  59. When they go after Palin, McCain becomes lost in the crowd. His policies and positions are obsfucated and many loose sight of the fact that she is NOT on the top of the ticket. That is is the problem. She is being viewed as the successor more than he is.

  60. She will never be Hillary. The very comparison sets the bar so high you can’t see it for the sun.

    As for perception, there’s no sense in worrying about the because the media will scream her incompetence whether or not it exists. And we know she isn’t incompetent because you don’t keep that kind of approval rating if you are.

  61. Corbett continues to discuss the campaigns on his show but sets the agenda for the first three hours – 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. ET. He welcomes callers to change topics during the free-for-all from 6:00 to 7:00. The toll-free number only works in PA. From outside PA, call 570/883-0098.

    Survey USA shows tie in Northeastern PA which is significant given the huge edge Democrats have in registration here. This is clearly Hillary Clinton country even though Biden touts his being born here and living here until age 10. Hillary and Bill will be here October 12 for Hillary’s nephew’s baptism. The local media is reporting that Hillary and Bill will rally with Biden here that day. It would be a sad day for Hillary supporters if that happens.

  62. I think that pollsters are doing a great disservice to this country and should be sanctioned. Much is hinging in this election on VA. Right now the polls are showing Obama with about a 5 point lead. As someone who lived in VA, I just don’t buy it. suburban and exurban NOVA is extremely red. only arlington, fairfax and alexandria will be blue. I remember in 2004 they also showed VA turning “purple” and predicted a Kerry upset. This all has to do with using the wrong sample. Remember on election night they kept saying VA was too close to call, but when they got the results, Bush won by nearly 8 points. Why? because the exit polls were totally wrong. they had it much closer, actually with Kerry as the winner 50.2 to bush’s 49.7. Here’s the CNN page with the info. These polls are wrong…especially in states like VA and NC where they are oversampling dems and AA’s, that’s what happened in 04. They just expect that we won’t remember….Don’t fall for their HAKA people


  63. It would be a sad day for Hillary supporters if that happens.

    It’s been a “sad day” since June 3rd; I don’t see how this will be any different.

  64. The media’s treatment of Sarah Palin has been inexcusable. However, she was terrible in that Katie Couric interview. A few of her responses were incoherent, she frequently didn’t answer the questions Katie posed to her, and many of her responses were just McCain campaign talking points. I’m not a CBS Evening News viewer, but Couric proved to me she does have some integrity- she could have made Palin look even worse but she didn’t.

  65. same thing happened in NC. The exit polls had it much closer, they were off by 9 pts.


    go through the “battleground” states and see for yourself. This should be bad news for Obama.

  66. Thanks Gary, because it is really scary to think we may be monitored for the next eight years by the truth police. At least Bush, “claimed” it was for the purpose of locating terrorists. Obama is just so damned, trivial and petty with this crap and it is not surprising that it is Auntie Claire’s state, that is making sure no one starts any gossip up on her guy.

    Just sickening.

  67. University of Michaigan poll results:

    In the inaugural Big Ten Battleground Poll, John McCain and Barack Obama were in a statistical dead heat in seven of the eight Midwest states included in the survey. The poll sampled 600 registered voters each in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. Obama edged out McCain 48 percent to 44 percent in Michigan and had a large lead in his home state of Illinois. McCain led by 4 percentage points in Indiana. The candidates are tied in Pennsylvania and Iowa, and Obama has a one-point lead in Ohio and Wisconsin. See the complete results online. The poll will be repeated in mid-October.

  68. Wasn’t Couric the one who asked if we were headed to another “Great Depression” then turned around and asked McCain if that kind of language was helpful in a time like this, when she was the one who’d said it, not Palin? She gets no points for that. She was as big a hack as Gibson on that one.

  69. I’m going to write a post on this. I’m no poll expert, but this is interesting….

  70. When Tina did Sarah the first time, it was pretty cute. The second time she made her look pretty stupid though, to be fair, Katie Couric as portrayed by Amy interviewing her, looked pretty awful, too. SNL, if you look at each show in its’ entirety, is fairly even-handed overall in skewering both sides. The “Big Dawg not really endorsing Obama” bit this past Saturday was hilarious.

  71. I read this morning that Elizabeth Hasselbeck may be leaving the View to do a Fox show. I stopped watching the View when they went over the top for Obi and started agreeing with some of Elizabeth’s points. I couldn’t believe this election had me agreeing with a die-hard republican. But the way McCain was treated on that show was ridiculous. Whoopi asking “that” stooooopid question, just really got me.

  72. It is very difficult to watch any of these shows. It is an Obama lovefest all the time. Letterman has been skewering McCain for his failure to appear on his show but went ahead and interviewed with Couric instead. Did it ever occur to Letterman that Couric is news and his show is merely entertainment?

    Chris Rock made shameless fun of McCain. Bill Mahar is in the tank. The women on the View are heralding him daily. The list goes on.

    It escapes me where all this adulation comes from in respect to this particular charlatan. I have reduced viewing time to local news and a few peeks at the headlines. Other than than, I can live on an Obama free diet.

  73. another bank bites the dust:

    Citigroup Agrees to Buy Wachovia’s Banking Business

    when i lived in VA a couple of years ago, wachovia was at the top of the mountain. now gone

  74. Fox is discussing ACORN now.

  75. I have to wonder if VA should change it’s slogan to “Virginia is for Liars” instead of Lovers. Why is polling so bad here?

  76. Fox is reporting on the Obama truth squad in MO right now.

  77. Wachovia’s buying Golden West has to be one of the most bizarre business decisions ever:

    Wachovia has been among the banks hardest hit by the ongoing crisis in the mortgage market. It paid roughly $25 billion for Golden West at the height of the nation’s housing boom. With that purchase, Wachovia inherited a deteriorating $122 billion portfolio of Pick-A-Payment loans, Golden West’s specialty, which let borrowers skip some payments.


  78. Regency: I agree it has been a sad day since June 3rd. I just meant that Hillary and Bill’s campaigning for O would be especially poignant here on a day of celebration for the Rodham family. People in Scranton feel a personal connection to Hillary and the Rodhams. Her brothers continue to spend the month of August at the house her father and grandfather built at nearby Lake Winola.

    Tony Rodham’s son Simon will be christened in the same gown that Hillary wore when she was christened in the same Scranton church.

    Many Hillary supporters have organized here as Democrats for McCain which helps to explain the current tie in polling in this heavily Democratic area.

  79. Couric didn’t cover herself in glory with that interview. The qestions were pretty bad. Palin didn’t adapt very well but it’s hard to deal with gotcha interviewers-also see Gibson, Charles.

  80. bb: The Truth Squad remind me of the Brownshirts.

  81. The House bloviating on the bailout is on c-span.

  82. I agree, Pat. It is just nauseating the way people are so over the top. I understand our love of Hillary, she has done something. It seems like every other day, she has a new proposal out there. But when it comes to Obama, what the hell has he done? Obama’s views on issues change as much as the weather, he has no real record, he has done nothing much more than campaign, his speeches are written by speech writers, he is worthless without his teleprompter. So why the adulation? It is mind boggling.

  83. Good Morning Everyone. I took a few days off to clean, shop for food, work in the yard, and oh yeah, watch the morons march out of the caucuses ever so often.

    Dodd is going to be able to hold hearings to determine who did what and who needs to accept the blame? I hope that means he is working with David Blaine right now so that he can “cuff himself and haul himself off to the federal pen. He should not “pass go and collect $200 as he has already collected over $130,000.” Bye, Bye Dodd – your dad will be glad you joined the ranks of the evil.

    Nancy, you are a pathetic lying piece of crap. You should go back to SF and ………………………….

    Reid, Mr. Moose in the Headlights, “We don’t know what to do …………………………. we have to go on vacation!” Here’s hoping Sarah sets you in her site!

    Barney – drop d**d you lying sack of crap.

    Thank God McCain went back or they would have have stuck Acorn in there.


  84. Kim, because we are so thirsty for leadership and a change from what we have lived through these past 8 years, I guess the “new” and “shiny” object appears to have captured the imagination. The fact that he is not the right candidate has no bearing. Their desire to elect him is as unreasonable as the Hillary hatred we have been subjected to over the years. No one can offer one clear explanation for either position.

  85. Don’t the prosecutors need to work on the side of the McCain camp also regarding the lying ads?

    People had better look carefully at the creeps and thugs that accompany BO!

  86. Obama is announcing today that he is headed for a landslide victory. Wolfson said on Fox , where he is now a contributor, that they could not make the experience meme work for HRC. That they did not make a break through and gains until they started hitting him on the economy. I think this is going to be true for McCain also. Experience and change are conflicting messages. Americans are really focused on the economy and McCain has some structural problems there given GOP policies and results. Obama has been hitting McCain on the economy effectively and McCain has to stop him on this issue. They have got to expose Obama and Dems on the economy. I am wondering if the GOP and McCain have some money problems that help explain their lack of an aggressive attack on tv. I also understand that Obama has attorneys threatening stations running 527 ads that are anti Obama. Palin has a huge burden going into that debate this week. I empathize with her and pray for the best.

  87. I remember when lefty bloggers had principles:


  88. Carol: I was so worried about you that I was willing to forfeit my claim to Ed. Does this give you an idea of what you mean to me?

    I am delighted you are back and since it was nothing more serious than a break in routine, I rescind my Ed offer. Hand him over!!!

  89. I haven’t watched anything political since my mom was down this weekend. She is so pissed that Hillary is not on the ticket, she is voting straight republicans. I tried to talk her into down ticket dems, but it did no good. Her words were something to the effect of, “If Hillary isn’t good for the democratic party, then I am voting straight Republican and they can all go to hell”. When my mom says hell, she is serious.

  90. I think a caller on c-span this morning called Barney Frank-Barney Fife. Ha! Freudian slip? It seemed accidental though he was against the bailout.

  91. “If Hillary isn’t good for the democratic party, then I am voting straight Republican and they can all go to hell”.

    Kim, I like your mom!

  92. TheRealKim-I like your mom!

  93. Under Obama I expect us to be quartered into communes with an appointed leader who is there to report every eye twitch and muscle spasm to the Party. Just like Mao did in China. Crushing dissent will be the order of the day since to criticize the Dear Leader could lead to anarchy. Stamp it out now. I can feel it coming.

  94. Kim: Your Mom is cool!

  95. Jangles – experience is working for McCain. That is one of the reasons why some Hillary supporters decided to support McCain.

  96. PJ:

    Na ga happun

    If Uh-bama wins he will give G-dub some serious competition for lowest approval rating ever.

    Scandals, bad economic times and ineffectual leadership

  97. Pat – I knew you loved me.

    As for Ed, I sent him back to PA and told him he had better not f*ck this up for McCain/Palin. Strickland, Clinton’s, etc. are on board for McCain/Palin and he had better make sure you deliver it for them.

  98. Nancy, you are a pathetic lying piece of crap. You should go back to SF and ………………………….

    Reid, Mr. Moose in the Headlights, “We don’t know what to do …………………………. we have to go on vacation!” Here’s hoping Sarah sets you in her site!

    Barney – drop d**d you lying sack of crap.

    wow, Carol-didn’t even realize how much I missed you!

  99. Speaking of downticket — I’ve been planning to vote downticket Dems here (swing state, GOP area) — then the other day I got a very negative flyer in the mail about the GOP state rep candidate from the Dem Party. I had such a visceral reaction of disgust to the Dems for sending that attack flyer that it almost pushed me into voting for the GOP candidate. Since both candidates are male, I’m now undecided.

  100. Whoever gets in will have one hell of a mess on their hands as a start. Obama is clueless and nothing in his background points to someone who has done anything worthy of confidence. Of course those he enabled to become enriched along the way may argue that assessment.

  101. Carol: Welcome back. You had us wondering if the “truth squads” had you detained in some mysterious WORM hole.

  102. AP has a story claiming that Palin got a free facial while she was mayor of Wasilla.

    Maybe we should appoint Ken Starr to investigate

  103. obama’s coolness and the fact that he pretty much relied on Pelosi and Reid to win the primaries, will make him a president under control by the democratic leadership. He is tied to them and will pretty much follow what they want, which is how he dealt with the financial crisis anyway.

    So if you vote for obama , you are actually voting for a copresidency of Reid and Pelosi. not sure I’m ready for that….

  104. Axelrod is playing mind games on you. He wants you to be depressed and demotivated. Why? So you stay home from the polls. The Camp Obama minions are doing HAKA with their “voter registration drives.”

    The polls are slanted and inaccurate. The media is in Obama’s pocket.

    The reality is that McCain will win this thing.

    Buck up!

  105. Such an interesting choice for Nov 4:
    Obama — clueless and corrupt with lip-service to liberal policy.
    McCain — experienced and not/less corrupt with actual conservative policy.

  106. Carol: I did miss you. See how much you are respected on this blog? Your absence leaves a hole here. And mark this date: this is absolutely the last time I will ever repeat this!

  107. I’m confused.

    A 3 page bill was about to pass until McCain f*cked it all up according to “future federal pen resident Dodd” by a bit of “political theatre”?

    Oh, yeah, he forgot about the Republicans who said “f*ck off”! Now we have a bill that is over 100 pages and threw out “Obama’s love child ACORN” and has still not been made ready for a vote even though it is a 1000 times better than the original.

    McCain and Palin had better be taking notes and take them out.


  108. Arabella:

    If Uh-bama gets every vote in California except one, you will know how I voted.

  109. Thank you Arabella.
    I think you’re absolutely right.

    Lots of folks are so disheartened.

    And I refuse to believe the Republicans will just roll over.

    Last night somebody here said “It’s not October yet 😉 “

  110. Neither candidate is sure yet if they will come back to cast a vote either way for the bailout. I just love people who back up their empty words!

  111. Kim: I think I am with your mom. Hell and damn too.

  112. Carol:

    Dennis Kucinich says there aren’t enough votes to pass the bailout.

    75% of the voters are opposed to the deal, and most of the Congresscritters up for reelection are worried about that fact.

  113. Pat – I will be adding your statement to each of my postings.

    Thanks everyone that missed me.

  114. Obama is a gutless wonder. Leadership? He is nothing but another Bush. Disinterested except when it come to him.

  115. janicen,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself and your daughter. Your aunt is very wrong in what she is doing. This election is even tearing families apart. It’s so sad.

    I haven’t talked to my sister since we had an argument because she was ranting about Sarah Palin, and I just tried to correct a couple of the things she said that weren’t true. She wrote me a note saying that she didn’t want to talk about politics. That’s kind of hard for me, since I don’t think of much else these days. My sister didn’t like Obama at all during the primaries, but now her attitude is what choice do we have?

  116. One non-political related note:
    BEWARE of milk-chocolate based snacks for melamine contamination. dont trust any of them until the company that makes them actually says taht they are ok. In Europe candy makers have been recalling some milk-containing candy and the usa is slowly falling behind as usual

  117. Kucinich was the only one that made sense this weekend from the Democrats.

    Did anyone notice that Hillary has disappeared again???????????????????

  118. Carol
    PJ was talking about being fitted for a burka and SOD had to be talked down from a chair.
    Holy hell broke loose in your absence.

    Meanwhile I’ve been trying to get myiq to switch to a cuddly panda avatar-can you help?

    Piss on the bailout. The execs are walking away with way too much taxpayer $$.

  119. What the congress and leadership have done to this country is criminal. Throw the bums out!!

  120. Arabella-Thank you for cheering me up a little!

    Carol-Welcome back! A friend told me I needed a break from the blog for awhile, too. Did it help? I know I’m addicted and would go into withdrawals. Of course, that might be better than this depression.

  121. Carol,

    I’m so glad to see you. We did miss you very much.

  122. If Obama has one strength, it’s that he can fuck over his followers and they still keep supporting him.

    FISA, campaign finance, NAFTA, LGBT issues, it doesn’t matter. Kool-aid addiction is stronger than reality.

    Jeralyn said if Obama picked Biden as VP it would be a deal-breaker.

    He did, and she threw “deal-breaker” down the memory hole.

  123. Kuchinich is no dummy. A little weird but smart. And would anyone really want to be seen standing next to Hillary who has the answers they lack? No way. She dwarfs these stiffs tenfold. Best they send her to count the napkins then to be seen backing any of them.

  124. You guys might like this car dealer ad I’ve seen on our local tv channel:



  125. I’m still looking for a job. I know that eventually I will find one. Every day I remind myself that I cannnot afford the luxury of a negative thought.

    Same with the presidential campaign. Obama is resorting to mind games. Just check out the blogs (if you have the stomach for it) and you can see what the new marching orders are.

    Most pernicious (sp?) is “Oh well, Obama is not so bad.” Wrong. He’s very bad.

    You guys are tough! Think of Hillary and
    Keep going!

  126. Now that Carol is back (Phew!), I’m wondering what has become of Ben from Ohio. I haven’t seen him here for a long time.

  127. Cool! Rep. Brad Sherman(D-CA) introduces a letter from 400 eminent economists telling Congress to “Slow the F*ck Down”(paraphrased) on this bailout. There seems to be a surprising amount of opposition to this “done deal per Nancy”.

  128. thank goddess, sod-you are needed here.
    nuff of that crazy talk! 😉

  129. Why am I in moderation?

    I didn’t use any bad words

  130. Obama’s answers in the debate were nothing but a cleaned up rehearsed version of his stuff speech. His smirking at McCain showed his immaturity and ADD. I can hardly wait for O’Reilly to do the body language review on Wednesday.

    Palin needs to declare she is not a foreign policy expert and highlight her expertise and make them move on. She will learn it. They are do a bad job trying to make her everything to everyone like BO is.


  131. its the avatar, myiq try the panda

  132. check this video on the bracelet flare-up


  133. It’s a trust issue.

    I’ve been saying that for months. The McCain camp’s whole campaign should have been: “Who do you trust?” I guess that is what they’re doing with the emphasis on doubts and “not ready to lead.” This election is going to come down to gut instinct. When people walk into the voting booth, they are going to go with:

    Who do I trust?

    Or at least: who do I trust to do the least damage.

    The answer to that question is obviously not Obama. I just hope that there are enough pragmatists to overcome the Kool Aid fog.

  134. I do not want McCain to win.

    I want Obama to lose.

  135. sod –

    Constant vigilence!

  136. Arabella: We all go through periods of depression regarding this election. It is almost like riding an elevator. Up, down, Up down. As it gets closer to November 4th the queasy feeling comes and goes. I admit to being a Doubting Thomas. I need concrete proof that this idiot loses. But that is just me.

  137. I don’t think it is right to call Palin stupid. It is true that she doesn’t have much Foreign experience but Obama doesn’t either. There is a double standard. If the left media can call Palin inexperienced, why can’t they say the same about Obama?

  138. I think Hillary was the first victim of the “Obama Truth Squad”! Watch out if Chelsea and Bill disappear!


  139. Don’t say noting about my avatar.

    Homicidal clowns are very touchy

  140. ABG: Go back to the Tennessee Guerilla Woman site since they tolerate your nonsense. We don’t.

  141. Democrats wanted McCain to morph into Bush – McSame he was.

    Now they want Palin to morph into McCain. McPalin she will be as McCain’s on his last, gasping, dying breath.

    So basically, they’re just afraid of – McCain.

  142. jonas8: nice to see someone get p*ssed off at the Obama talking head. Now he knows how we feel most of the time. They accuse him/us of “making stuff up!” Unbelievable. He’s nothing BUT mythology.

  143. I really think I get why Wall St. and big donors, lobbyists are all over the Obama campaign. McCain really is a maverick and I think he really would shake up some of those ultra cozy relationships on capitol hill between lobbyists and politicians. I could see McCain really working with HRC. They do not want that to happen. Who do you want to see handling that bailout bill?

  144. myiq – Clowns are sooooooo misunderstood!

  145. bb: ben and Upstate have not been here for awhile now that you mention it.

  146. If the left media can call Palin inexperienced, why can’t they say the same about Obama?
    Because that would be r@cist. (rolls eyes)

  147. Kim — your mom & mine must be related — my mom is voting straight Republican too for the same reason — she said that what happened to Hillary shows that the Dems. think women are equal as long as they stay in the kitchen and bake cookies.
    As far as the polls go — I think everyone should take it easy — I don’t believe for one second that anyone but the true believers are actually going to go into the voting booth and pull the lever for Obama. I think Obama will get the exact same # of votes in November as he got in the primaries — everyone else will vote for McCain.

  148. I will tell my mom, she has some new friends.

  149. Carol:

    That’s right!

  150. Keep hating him. I

    Well, ABG, happy to oblige.

  151. Clowns have always scared the hell out of me dating back to childhood.

  152. votermom, on September 29th, 2008 at 10:32 am Said:

    Such an interesting choice for Nov 4:
    Obama — clueless and corrupt with lip-service to liberal policy.
    McCain — experienced and not/less corrupt with actual conservative policy.

    Thanks. I do so appreciate nutshell observations!

  153. Oh dear Lord, it is Angry Black Guy again. He needs to get a job or study or something.

  154. I think I would believe the anecdotal evidence this time around. I live in Connecticut. We’re a moderately liberal state, Republican governor, Lieberman as Senator, but then also Dodo. Yet we go blue for Presidents. I have not seen a single Obama sign in any yard and I drive an hour to work. It’s all McCain. Where I work, only the male liberals are enthusiastically for Obama. The women are quite disturbed by the misogyny, etc. I don’t know how that will play out in the polling booth–probably for Obama–but academics make up a small part of the population. I think CT could go either way. If that’s true, PA, OH, and VA are in the bag for McCain.

  155. Ron Paul makes sense. At least on the issue of bailouts.

  156. If the left media can call Palin inexperienced, why can’t they say the same about Obama?

    Downticket: because that would actually make sense and be fair. Who wants that? It’s all about promoting the Empty Suit. Logic has nothing to do with it.

  157. Oops! Forgot to log into wordpress — the comment above by “angie” is me.

  158. I ain’t skeered of no stinking clown.

  159. Riverdaughter,

    The mystery surrounding Obama is what has always troubled me too. For so long, he wouldn’t really make any concrete statements about policy. Lately he has started to get more specific, and I have to admit some of the things he says sound liberal now (in the primaries he sounded like a Republican).

    Sometimes when I listen to him, I start to wonder if I’m nuts or something. He does sound like a liberal lately. But I’ve built up so much distrust of him that I simply can’t believe anything he says. He has lied again and again about so many things. He has no credibility with me. But I can see that this is why people like my sisters, who don’t follow politics as closely as I do, are being fooled.

  160. If Uh-bama wins in November, he will not be reelected.

    But he will be renominated which will mean Hillary will probably never get to be President.

  161. “Obama is taking everything you folks are throwing at him and excelling.

    Keep hating him. It is apparently making him stronger.”

    Then why bother coming here to comment at all. It’s in the bag, right?

  162. fif — the media doesn’t call out Obama’s inexperience because they want him to win — I think FOX does too, although they will not *mind* if McCain does. The fact that the media wants Obama should be all the people of this country need to know as to why they should vote for McCain — the media wanted W too, and look how well they do at picking our presidents.

  163. Captain Spaulding is my guardian angel/fairy godmother.

    Having a killer clown watching out for you is a good thing.

  164. I’m still looking for a job. I know that eventually I will find one. Every day I remind myself that I cannnot afford the luxury of a negative thought.

    Hang in there Arabella. The limbo of job hunting is so uncomfortable. My sister went through that for a year, and found something that pays well, but is just as chaotic as the last place. Now, through that job, she’s got a couple of other good offers. It goes in cycles.

  165. I thought ABG meant “A Bloviating Gasbag”

  166. Pat,

    That’s right. I haven’t seen UpstateNY for awhile. I think he has been bothered by McCain cheerleading. I support anyone who is voting for McCain as a protest, but it does bother me a little when people come on talking about raising money for him or canvassing for him. I think Upstate is a little more sensitive about it.

  167. I always attributed Captain Spaulding to a Marx Bros film. “Hooray for Capt. Spaulding” was a song or something out of one of their movies. I could be wrong. God knows I am more than once a day.

  168. Myiq: In his case, they are one and the same.

  169. Chris Matthews said McCain won the debate.

    Nora O’Donnell said McCAin won the debate.

    I wondered why McCain did not hit BO on this debacle of a economic mess hard……..I have to believe he is gathering all of the evidence and going to knock him unconcious with it at the next debate.


  170. “Obama is taking everything you folks are throwing at him and excelling.

    They are hilarious. Yea, Obama is so tough. He whined and complained through the entire primary, even though he was being pampered and protected by the DNC & the media. Now, the media coddles him like the Chosen One, and he sends out “truth squads” to hunt them down any perceived slight. Yea, he’s a pillar of strength.

  171. Morning ‘My Peeps’——-for some wierd reason the polls are not bothering me now. I have either gone over the edge or think they are full of it. It’s the latter.

    Very interesting post, RD. I always like these about recounting what friends and family say. It is so much more interesting than what 4.5% of Polynesians believe about Joe Blow’s blood pressure or whatever.

  172. Carol: some think he went light on the economic critique in the debate because Congress was in the middle of negotations and he didn’t want to inflame the proceedings. We’ll see.

  173. bb: I miss him too. Funny, some of us are so used to each other that when one goes missing we feel it.

  174. Don’t forget skinny – he’s skinny but tough. That’s his mantra.

  175. They each need to get back here and cast a vote. I don’t much care if it is yay or nay. Staying away due to “campaigning” when they are still sitting senators, is just a way to avoid accountability. Should be interesting to see if they do.

  176. Amazing, yet most of us can’t vote Republican. Will abstaining be enough?

  177. Captain Spaulding got his name from the Marx Brothers.

    Rob Zombie made him infamous in House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects

  178. Jmac, he’s a marshmallow. Obambi.

  179. BB

    I may be guilty of mentioning that I sent some $$ and made some calls for McCain.
    Let me clarify-it is totally revenge and Obama prevention.
    Ok, and sheer terror.

    Sorry if you were offended.
    I do my best to tell everyone who will listen what will happen to America under an Obama presidency and I try not to get carried away.

    I think this is myiq’s friend:

  180. I used to have a student–way back in the Middle Ages when I taught HS government–that always came to class late (was THE class clown). He would throw the door open and say really loud, throwing his arms wide, “My People.” Needless to say, staying mad with him while laughing my butt off was a problem.
    But, that is what I feel about you guys-you are ‘My People.”
    btw, slept in my PUMA bracelet and am convinced that the mojo from that will hex ‘the one.’

  181. Here every morning (or afternoon) for the brainfood.

  182. donnadarko: I am not sure. Casting a vote sends a message after all. I can live with McCain. Not so Obama. My state undoubtedly will go blue once again and my vote may have no bearing in the long run. But I do not want to leave any room for “adjustment” by leaving the top rung blank. Most of us are conflicted as you can tell.

  183. I think McCain has listened carefully to what our peeps have said to him about what we want as Hillary followers.

    He will be a good President.


  184. MABlue,

    Your comment went into the spam filter for some reason. I think it was because it was so short with a link. I got it out.

  185. I went to my local witch-doctor to have him put a hex on Teh Precious.

    But his prices were expensive, and all I could afford was an itchy rash.

    If you see Barry scratching somewhere personal, it worked.

  186. “Captain Spaulding” scares the heck out of me. Not someone you would bring home to Mom.

  187. catarina,

    We respect the choices of all pumas. I just noticed that UpstateNY seemed troubled about it lately. I miss him. Everyone has a right to follow their own conscience, IMHO.

  188. catarina:



    My mom brought him home to meet me!

  189. Pat – I wanted to p*ck yesterday listening to Kerry. Okay, I really wanted to tape his mouth shut.

    Fortunately, I don’t have to hear him that often.

    I almost voted for Bush in 2004 because I couldn’t stand him, but my son threatened me. Maybe he and McCaskill’s child were in the same “parent abuse camp” together.

  190. myiq: Which explains a lot! I just spit out my coffee. You are too much!

  191. Carol – some Hillary news for you

    From 23 september

    Clinton and Snowe Hail Senate Passage of Legislation to Boost Foster Care and Adoption

    Legislation Includes Key Provisions from Clinton-Snowe Bill to Aid Growing Number of Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children

    WASHINGTON, DC – Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Olympia Snowe (R-ME) applauded Senate passage of the Adoption Incentive Program, which included key provisions from S.661, their Kinship Caregiver Support Act. Senators Clinton and Snowe noted that the provisions included from their bill will provide federal assistance to states for subsidized guardianship, establish a Kinship Navigator Program, increase opportunities for relatives to step in when children are removed from their parents and placed in foster care, and clarify that states may waive standards for relative and non-relative foster homes on a case-by-case basis so families face fewer barriers in attempting to care for their loved ones’ children.

    “This is a real victory for our most vulnerable children and the kinship caregivers who take on the responsibility—physically, financially, and emotionally—of raising them. This measure will provide support and resources to help these unsung heroes meet their unique challenge, which in turn will benefit the millions of children who rely on their care and devotion,” said Senator Clinton.

    “When parents are unable to raise their own children, the ability of grandparents or other relatives to open up their homes and take these children in can help soften that blow,” said Senator Snowe. “This legislation is a common-sense approach to caring for these children with all the love and support they deserve.”

    More than one in 12 children are living in households headed by grandparents or other relatives. Across New York, more than 400,000 children—more than nine percent of the children in the state—live in households headed by a grandparent or other relative according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau. In Maine, there are nearly 10,000 children living in grandparent-headed households and over 2,000 children living in households headed by other relatives. Of the children living in households headed by grandparents or other relatives in Maine, 4,326 are living there without either parent present.


  192. Is Kerry the biggest ahole around? I just keep in mind that he tapped McCain for VP so how bad is McCain in the long run compared to Sen. Know Nothing?

  193. Hillary 25 september

    Senator Clinton Introduces Legislation to Establish A Commission on the Conflict Between Russia and Georgia

    WASHINGTON, DC—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has introduced legislation that would create the Commission on the Conflict between Russia and Georgia. The purpose of the commission would be to examine the causes of the conflict between Russia and Georgia and make recommendations with respect to U.S. policy toward Russia, Georgia and other countries in the region.

    “The recent conflict between Russia and Georgia raises serious questions about this administration’s policies toward this volatile region, and we need to determine what our role has been and what steps we should take going forward. This commission will make a focused effort to establish the underlying facts of this conflict and make informed recommendations on future U.S. policy toward Russia and its neighbors,” said Senator Clinton.

    The Commission would consist of nine members selected by Congressional leaders and would have the authority to hold hearings to receive testimony and evidence about the conflict. The Commission would examine and determine the timeline of events since 1991 that led to the conflict, the policies of the Russian government with respect to Georgia and the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the April 2008 Bucharest Summit in the development of the conflict, U.S. policies toward Russia and Georgia, the role of peacekeepers from Russia in South Ossetia and the relationship between Georgia and the peacekeepers, and the training and preparedness of the militaries of Russia and Georgia. The Commission would then make recommendations with respect to the policies of the United States toward Russia, Georgia, and other countries in the region.


  194. That Clinton – can’t she just leave something for Bambi to do????????????

  195. Downticket: I love Hillary Clinton. It saddens me that she is no longer the nominee. To think that they substituted a box of Whitman Sampler for a gilded box of Godiva is maddening. But she just keeps going. Amazing woman.

  196. Carol this is for you. Video of Hillary on Farm Day

  197. New York is so lucky to have her.

  198. bb

    Here’s a secret I’ve been holding in.

    I ended a relationship once because my partner was fervently campaigning for Mac.
    I couldn’t deal and had to bail. It really bothered me.

    But I’d vote for Satan before I vote for Obama. I believe that Obama is sick and dangerous and will bring about the ruin of my country.

    My husband and I joke daily that I might run into my ex while volunteering for Mac.
    My plan is to stare at him blankly and say, “sorry, you must be confusing me with someone else..”
    I’ll do it. I’m crazy.

    When this mess is over I will be right back with Hillary.
    She can run rings around them all.

  199. I can picture Hillary as president crafting policy and getting it passed. The only picture I can draw of the One is someone shooting baskets out back while Michelle works up an enemies list.

  200. Catarina: LOL!

  201. PJ
    that aint no Whitman Sampler-it’s generic made in China
    with tainted milk dollar store s***!

  202. Hillary is blessing fruit baskets and BO is wanting to handle crisis’ all over the world.

    It makes a lot of sense to me.

    Pass me that rope. I won’t have trouble with the knot.


  203. Obama wants everyone to believe that he’ll win in a landslide. This way, Democrats will withhold their vote, or vote for a third party candidate.

    I have a feeling this strategy was part of Camp Obama training.

  204. I agree — Ignore the polls, keep getting the truth out there. There are not as many Obama signs in my neighborhood as there were Kerry on ’04. Several houses are now flying American flags, though — houses without Obama signs. Does this tie into the McCain convention chant of “USA! USA!” ?
    A very heartening article — but, I know some highly intelligent, generally well-informed (on other topics!), usually reasonable people who are Obama supporters — something I simply cannot understand. Don’t forget the down-ticket candidates, either.

  205. Did gary and Mawm go to the campaign event this weekend?

  206. History will record that the bypass of Hillary Clinton as the first female president will serve as a dark mark on the Dem Party. Because it delivered one of two mediocre candidates to wrestle with problems far beyond their paygrade, the Dems had a chance to offer a candidate who had the public in mind and knew what the hell she was doing. May 31, 2008 will serve as the date that hope was lost to regain our footing.

    It will rank up there along with other infamous dates because it will illustrate how we have lost our way.

  207. Carol: Don’t think so. gary said that he had been under the weather. I think he would have mentioned it had they gone.

  208. Why does my gravatar keep changing? I really have to get going. The job of looking for a job is a full time occupation.

    I just wanted to stick in my 2 cents about polls and psyops. Sure, we all go up and down with our emotions. But now and then it’s time to take a deep breath and maintain an even strain. Obama has not won this thing yet.

    Buck up!

  209. Arabella – probably part of the training – or possible evidence of a fix

  210. I know some people who have some pretty hefty egos but none compared to Obama. He is going to save the world and win in a landslide! What a guy!

  211. McCain will be in the Senate for vote on the Bill!

    “But I’m never going to not get engaged when the taxpayers and middle class of America are in danger of losing everything literally that they’ve worked all their lives for. I’m going to be out working on it. I won’t claim a bit of credit, okay, if that makes them feel better. But I’m going to be there working and trying to help solve this crisis.” — John McCain


  212. I’ve noticed the same thing. More of the Obama signs are gone. The fool ‘bots across the street NAILED THEIRS TO THE ROOF, however (these people are idiots of the first order. The koolaid be a’flowin’ over there). RD–good to know people on your side of the coast are “getting it”. I’m thinking it may be starting to happen here also. Thank heavens for us “regular Joes”.

  213. Carol: Then Obama followed up with, “Me too!”.

  214. re: Senator Kerry

    I’ll be voting for his Republican challenger, Jeff Beatty, as Ed O’Reilly is not longer an option )-:
    I’m sending him a check today.

    Beatty seems reasonable. I’ve exchanged several emails with his campaign manager, Bryan Dumont.
    John Kerry has pissed me off enough so that I have Beatty
    stickers on my car. Please note I do not put stickers on my car.
    People in MA need to see that it is OK to vote against Kerry.
    To “send a message”. (ok, no more godfather reruns)

    If Beatty gets enough votes to give Kerry a serious case of agita I’ll be thrilled.
    We need to get rid of that useless backstabbing f***-er.

  215. Irlandese: Nailed it to their roof! Jeebus! Who the hell wants it?

  216. Pat: I agree about the HRC bypass and I am convinced that if McCain wins, HRC will have an important national stage and opportunity. If Obama wins, he will take all the oxygen and do everything he can to subtly shut her down and marginalize her. Look at the role she was given in the bailout bill—no visibility except what she was able to create on her own. She has the stature to create her own media presence but her opportunities with a McCain presidency and an Obama one are vastly different. That is a major reason why I am voting McCain.

  217. Downticket: I am glad HRC has introduced this legislation. When I was with legal aid I got a grant from Z Smith to assist in grandparent adoption. Welfare reform ended AFDC and it became WFFA, grandparents caring for loved ones children were not sheltered and most of the assistance was cut off. They either had to adopt their grandchildren or make do on their fixed incomes.

  218. catarina: I went to the polls that Tuesday with full blown flu symptoms just to cast a vote for O’Reilly. I knew in my heart he did not stand a chance but I wanted to see Kerry sweat. He has no more inkling of his constituency in this state then Kennedy. We are just rubber stamps for them.

  219. Pat–I watched this woman on a stepladder just about kill herself trying to nail it to the eaves first. Ever watch something like that? I had the phone in my hand ready to call 911 if she went down.

  220. OK, but what about all the post-debate polls showing Obama with a big honkin’ lead? I”M SKEERED!!! Seriously, I am getting very worried.

  221. Irlandese: I am just anti Obama enough to let her fall and break a leg; one less vote for the bastard. But it must have been rather amusing to watch that fiasco.

  222. Those polls are rigged. I’m convinced. You can participate by calling/logging in. This is Camp Obama handbood material. I’m not buying it. It’s a tactic designed to dishearten and undermine us. “Don’t listen to the demon, Damien. He’s a liar”.

  223. Not many election signs here either compared to 2004. A few more Obama than McCain ones, but just a handful for both.
    Also, no signs indicative of party for downticket candidates. (The GOP state candidate uses green rather than red or blue in his signs/flyers, and everyone else uses blue and stars. This is the year both sides are going for cross-over votes.)

  224. Pat–I was only going to call 911 for her; not get underneath the ladder!

  225. Irlandese you were going to kick her first right? o-:

  226. Pat Johnson’s comment on 11:11—-I see a McCain ad ‘McCain is so scary that Kerry wanted him.’

    I also think Obama people are going to increasingly use Psy. 101 to try to keep us home rather than vote for McCain. Resistance is futile line—-why bother, he’s got it in a landslide. Talked to a friend of my daughters this past weekend and was stunned that a normal, although high sounding, educated woman became absurdly vitriolic about Palin. To get her to calm down (although it was stupid of me to try to reason with a person who had imbibed way too much), I yelled at her in my mad mother mode. It worked—still upset about Palin and way irrational, but she did cool it abit.

  227. Wonder if we could get a PUMA bracelet on The One? Think he could remember who we are?

  228. Carol – Farm day is more than just about fruits. For seven years Hillary has hosted Farm Day in DC. It helps wine producers, fresh food farmers get new contacts and also showcase New York’s best products. Hillary has new ideas. She wants to connect the farmers to hospitals. She is constantly trying to find new markets for them.

  229. No kicking–bad Karma. Laughing yes, kicking no. This “regular Joe” has to go to work now. Thanks for the giggles.

  230. votermom, on September 29th, 2008 at 11:34 am Said:

    I’ve seen McCain posters in people’s yards, as well as Uhbama’s. I’ve seen more uhbama stickers on cars, though…(currently Northeast Ohio).

    Also, on my way RUNNING out of town from NE Ohio (only here for a job, thank God), a nice Ford pickup truck with what looked like younger white guys honked their horn and flipped me off (I have a “Democrats for McCain” sticker on my car).

    I wasn’t driving like ruthlessly, so it had to have been the bumper sticker.

    Funny thing is, back around 2004, I had an anti-bush sticker on my car, and in southern ohio, I got flipped off again from young white punks driving a beat up truck.

    More things change, the more they stay the same.

  231. In reference to the campaign signs, every day on my way home from work, I pass a very large estate. Right out front, behind the wrought iron fence is a huge McCain sign. The thing is about half the size of a billboard. On each side of it is a lifesize cutout of McCain and Palin and they wave. I laugh every damn time I pass that sign.

  232. Heh:

    “One recent Alaska poll showed Palin’s approval rating there had tumbled to 68%, which is still about 20 points higher than either presidential candidate and seven times greater than Congress’ approval.


  233. Kim
    I have one of those life-sized McCain thingies.
    I’ve been letting it “answer the door”.
    Can’t wait for the ‘bots to show up.

    My toddler niece carries it around and calls it ‘Mr. President”

  234. Irlandese—how about dangling your cell phone over her head with your finger onthe send to 911. Yes, I am so vindictive.

  235. Same reasons RD! You always nail it, except — he offended us with his actions to Hillary. That can never be forgiven. Out here, the big GREEN-Blue State — suddenly McC signs are sprouting, stickers on cars!

    We are more LIBERAL than anyplace — we don’t like him — our state wanted Hillary and to us — he’s an imbecile!


    If only McC had taken Hillary, ugh. It would have been perfect.
    Maybe McC could announce his plans for her, soon. Or for Bill C?
    We love them.

    OOOOOOooooo! That Pelosi. We love Cindy Sheehan!

  236. Why does the Obama campaign have to call everyone that disagrees with them liars?

    They did it to Hillary and Bill and now they do it to anyone that puts out anything critical of Obama.

    They have played the your are a liar card too many times, and no one seems to notice.

    What is Obama going to do when he talks with Putin or other leaders of foreign countries that we have a delicate relationship with, call them liars if they disagree?

    Oh boy, that is a scary thought.

  237. Well if those heads of state are unable to see the “greatness” of The One, to hell with them! How many magazine covers does he have to do before they finally “get it”. Putin may have the KGB but we have the Truth Squad. They can ferret out liars without leaving the frat house.

  238. Obviously these so called “heads of state” are envious of the Possum Seal, the new BZero “head” coins and the super duper Presidential barkolounger.

    Seal envy is such an ugly thing.

  239. gary and all – regarding Virginia – the heaviest voting for Obama in the primaries came from downstate in Hampton Roads, Norfolk and Richmond areas, presumably from an enthusiastic AA base:

    In the past, such as the recent elections of Gov. Kaine and Sen. Webb, it was the large blue margins in NoVa that carried the day, but Obama has an advantage in the committed AA voters of the south east of the state that I don’t think Webb or Kaine drew on. I don’t remember any mention of heavy pro Webb or Kaine votes in the south eastern counties, at any rate.

    I skipped many comments from this morning to post this and hope it isn’t a redundant point.

    Speaking as a NoVa resident, in Fairfax, my immediate neighborhood could not possibly be more pro-Obama. Signs in many yards. Maybe 25 to1 ration on signs. Kool-aid in the lattes, apparently. However, leaving my immediate neighborhood, the enthusiasm does seem to drop off somewhat. There are not as many bumper stickers on cars this year for either ticket as I’ve seen in years past.

  240. perries, I think you left your comment on the wrong post, you might want to copy and past in the one on the polls 🙂 I agree on the SE pop going heavy for Obama, and I believe that they are reliably Dem, in the kaine and webb victories. they also helped warner–although he is kind of an anomaly because he appeals to many fiscally conservative repubs, not to mention on social issues he’s not that great (but then neither is Kaine). Kaine also rode the wave of warner’s popularity into office. I think NOVA is overrated as a swing district. Fairfax, Alex. and Arlington have always been HEAVY dem counties, but the outlying burbs like prince william. fauquier, loudon are heavy repub. you surely know that the difference between fairfax and PW is like night and day. I just don’t see this year being that much different from 04

  241. Boy I hope you are right, gary. After years of hoping VA would go blue, or at least purple, now I’m hoping it will stay red.

  242. “There’s something about him that just gives me the creeps.”

    I feel the exact same way.

  243. perries, me too. It is sad after hoping VA would go blue to hope for a McCain win there. My family is all in that Arlington and Fairfax area, and my cousin said there are Obama signs everywhere.

    Altho I’ve had a few yelling bouts with them over this election, none of them are actually bots and they sadly agree with me over Obama and ask to drop the subject.

    Janicen, I want to add my condolences to the others here. How devastating for you and your daughter. My son’s grandfather died on his birthday, too…there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that people often pass on special anniversaries. Peace to you and your family.

  244. I was a county delegate for Hillary and know first hand the crap the BO people will pull. The DNC had their pick before we even got started. It sickened me and I am so disappointed with my “old” party. (Go PUMA!!)I don’t understand this love affair the media and all the Dem morons have for this man. Let’s face it, the only thing BO real has to offer is more arrogance, and I think we’ve all had enough of that! Hell, he even has that same smug smirk of Bush’s we’ve been looking at for too long .These “sheep” that are just blindly following the Democratic party are killing me! How can they all be so stupid? This guy is emptyI Howard Dean and all his followers are such screw ups! They had everything they needed in Hillary, and they blew it. And the media! they are sooo bias! I can’t believe how many are lined up to kiss his holiness’ ass. The pole are a jokeas well. These people will stop at nothing to slant things in their favor. Even the state prejections are overly optimistic in BO’s favor.

  245. Zee-a lot of these BO signs could be eyewash. Here they put their signs in the yards of empty houses and businesses.

  246. Indictment coming! Well Mr. Obama should have been vetted by the msm. Mr. Rezko is cooperating with the feds and turning on the messiah as well as the Gov. of Illinois. You heard it first from me, a little birdie told me this will happen in the next few weeks! Maybe now people will realize why Bill Clinton has been so smug the last few weeks.

  247. My prediction is that Pennsylvania will go red come November. With the exception of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Obama killed his chances in the state.

  248. […] SoetorObama Can’t Close the Deal in PA. Posted by hillbuzz under Uncategorized   Monday: Misterio Posted on September 29, 2008 by […]

  249. Hey RD. This thread is probably dead, but I’ll add my .02 anyhow. I’m in Northern Florida, and I was with a group of people on Saturday who said that they couldn’t understand why the polls were so close because no one they know is voting for Obama. One gentleman was a young doctor from Chicago. (He’s not voting for O.) I asked him if Obama had done accomplished anything, and he said he didn’t know because Obama wasn’t in any one office long enough.

  250. Thank you for this post, RD.
    I agree with many of the posters in that Obama is trying to convince the voters that resistance in futile. However, perhaps this will backfire. The youth vote may not bother voting because they figure they have it in the bag.
    I agree with one of the posters above that said that with a McCain win, that Hillary will be poised to be the de facto leader of the New Democratic party. If Obama wins, she is neutralized. If only for this reason I am trying to reason with any Kool Aid drinkers I know.

  251. Palin should just say something like: I am a Washington outsider, and I do not know all the votes on all the bills for the last 10 years, I don’t know every player in every game, I don’t even know where I could find a good Italian restaurant in Georgetown. But I do know corruption, I do know greed, and I know that their face is the same in DC as it is in Alaska. Reform is sorely needed in Washington, and I am much more interested in bringing about reform than I am in ingratiating myself into the Washington culture that necessitates reform in the first place.

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