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Barack Obama: Serial Confabulator

Confabulation: con·fab·u·la·tion (kn-fby-lshn) n.
The unconscious filling of gaps in one’s memory by fabrications that one accepts as facts.

–The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary

Remember when Barack Obama gave that speech in Selma, Alabama (I won’t link to the speech on Obama’s website, but you can find it there if you want to read more) and said the following:

What happened in Selma, Alabama and Birmingham also stirred the conscience of the nation. It worried folks in the White House who said, “You know, we’re battling Communism. How are we going to win hearts and minds all across the world? If right here in our own country, John, we’re not observing the ideals set fort in our Constitution, we might be accused of being hypocrites.” So the Kennedy’s decided we’re going to do an air lift. We’re going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is.

This young man named Barack Obama got one of those tickets and came over to this country. He met this woman whose great great-great-great-grandfather had owned slaves; but she had a good idea there was some craziness going on because they looked at each other and they decided that we know that the world as it has been it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child. There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don’t tell me I don’t have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don’t tell me I’m not coming home to Selma, Alabama.

And remember when right wing bloggers pointed out that the Selma March took place in 1965 and Birmingham in 1963? and the Washington Post explained that Obama’s father came to the U.S. while Eisenhower was President? And remember the story about how Obama’s grandfather liberated Auschwitz?

Well here’s another example of confabulation from the anointed one. You know that stirring speech that Obama gave in October, 2002? The one that never got reported in any of the Chicago newpapers? Well, here’s a video of Obama discussing his superior judgement with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register.

The entire video is fascinating as an example of Obama’s narcissistic personality. His arrogance and self-involvement come through so clearly.

From the transcript:

The speech that I delivered in 2002 wasn’t just me getting up and yelling, “I’m against the war.”

It was a very clear, specific outline of what I anticipated would happen if we went into war and why we shouldn’t do it. And it stands up pretty well … [it] was based on sound judgment….

Some of it was probably also my lawyer’s training.

I watched pretty carefully the presentation made by Colin Powell at the United Nations.

As a lawyer, you’re trained to poke holes in somebody’s case … it didn’t look particularly strong to me.

Wow, that’s pretty impressive. Just one problem: Colin Powell’s speech was in February, 2003. How on earth did Obama see it in 2002? Well, we do know he’s a transformational candidate. Maybe he’s psychic. He apparently does see dead people.

192 Responses

  1. Very good catch bb! Too bad 2/3 of the msm doesn’t give a d@mn (the other 1/3 are even more ignorant of history then Obama and thus don’t know things like when Powell gave the speech or when the march on Selma happened) — if it did this fraud wouldn’t have made it past the first debate in the primary.

  2. I don’t know why I’m up so late. Looks like I’m the only night owl tonight. Sleep well Conflucians.


  3. Hey, thanks for commenting, angie. I can’t seem to get to sleep tonight for some reason. Maybe it’s the wierd weather.

  4. Oh, no! Why didn’t we listen to Obama? He was the one we should have turned to to lead us out of the wilderness. *sobs*

  5. Am I invisible? I’m here!!

  6. bb — I don’t know if it is the weather — all I know I’ve been having bouts of insomnia ever since the primaries. Another reason for me to loathe Obama, Dean, Pelosi, et al.

  7. angie,

    We must have posted at exactly the same time. I thought I was alone here.

  8. M. Scott Peck’s book, “People of the Lie”, is a must read for more on those who are “confabulators”. Yes, BO is very much this kind of Liar. Please read this book. It is of particular pertinence when discussing the presence of evil at a particular time in history–as in right now.

  9. Honestly, can we ask Oprah to get Dr. Phil to stage an intervention? He is so obviously suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

  10. bb — yep, jinx — you owe me a coke!

  11. Refraining on Commentary on this one as their actions speak louder than any words I can muster:


    New Obama Campaign Poster Released for Missouri

    Campaign is testing it out there and will be going national with it in all 57 states if they can get away with it.

    Here is the Link:


    Heading to get some sleep now but wanted to update you on the latest.

    good night all 🙂

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  12. Seriously — I think he is not only narcissistic but a full-blown sociopath — he actually believes the lies he tells!

  13. I have trouble getting to sleep most nights. It’s old age. But I usually get to bed by around midnight. I’m out of sync for some reason. I couldn’t sleep last night and then I slept till 9 this morning, which is unheard of for me.

  14. BO’s “I was against the war” train is fast running out of steam. He sounded positively HAWKISH Friday night about Pahkistahn and Afghanistan.

  15. That is a truly scary thought, angie. Good god!

  16. bb — same here — I couldn’t fall asleep last night until around 4 a.m. and then I slept until noon –I’m sad to admit, though, that sleeping til noon on a Saturday isn’t unheard of for me! I think I should have been born a princess — or at least a duchess! LOL

  17. Irlandese,

    I’ve read People of the Lie. It is good. I was kind of disillusioned when I found out about Scott Peck’s private life, but I still like the book.

  18. True Irlandese — but unfortunately his followers (and that’s what they are) will totally justify his positions on Pakistan & Afghanistan, though.

  19. Angie–he’s got “OJ Simpson Syndrome”. He most certainly believes his own stories. His fragile ego can’t handle “being wrong”. It’s too humiliating and threatening to him.

  20. OJ Simpson Syndrom — LOL! Too true. McCain was right last night at the debate — BO is more like Bush then McCain is — at least in the ways that would really harm this country.

  21. BB–I firmly believe in not throwing the baby out with the bathwater, to further quote Peck! He’s got too many good points to get hung up on his private life. I felt the same way about James Dobson. I raised my daughter on “Dare to Discipline”, but hate the fact that Dobson became such an outspoken homophobe later in life. You’ve just got to take the truth where you can get it.

  22. “It was a very clear, specific outline of what I anticipated would happen if we went into war and why we shouldn’t do it. And it stands up pretty well … [it] was based on sound judgment….”

    Then maybe you should step aside in favor of your speechwriter, because we all know your judgment is pretty much awful,

  23. Who said SNL was funny tonight?

    I’m funnier when than SNL when I’m sober, and when I’m sober I ain’t funny at all

  24. Now I’m going to have to take all of my own advice and get over every single person on my shit list lately in regards to BO and the betrayal of the Clintons. Damn.

  25. SNL hasn’t been funny since John Belushi’s heyday. Well, maybe when Eddie Murphy did Gumby.

  26. I agree about SNL. Actually I thought it jumped the shark about 3 or 4 years after it started.

  27. Well, myiq2xu — I took a peak at TL & Jeralyn was very amused by the Tina Fey/Palin sketch — so that should reassure you that SNL was the opposite of funny tonight.
    If you want to read something funny, look at Jeralyn’s thread that the fact that McCain likes to go to Las Vegas about once a month and gamble should be used against him. Her logic seems to be McCain = Gambler = Risky. That’s comedy gold, baby!

  28. Out of curiosity, who else besides HRC has said they were wrong to vote for the war resolution?

  29. Seriously — I remember that John Edwards made a HUGE deal about his apology for his vote at the beginning of the primary.

  30. myiq2xu,

    When I was working on this post, I came across a post by Jerelyn about Obama’s Selma story. I wonder if she’ll start purging her own archives soon to cover up for not always being an Obama supporter?

  31. I think John Kerry finally said he was wrong to vote for it. I don’t know if Biden did.

  32. bb — I doubt Jeralyn has enough sense to do a purge. I’m sure she doesn’t even remember that she was against Obama before she was for him. It really is strange how suddenly she morphed into an Obot after her trip to the convention, isn’t it? Maybe we should ask for proof of life.

  33. Well, that’s okay, Biden’s sins have been washed away by the Messianic touch.

  34. Was I a bad Dem for being for the war?? Not for Cheney and Company turning it into a money-maker for themselves, but for getting rid of Hussein the butcher, and keeping a presence in the Middle East? We’re running out of ‘allies’ over there. I remember how much time we had given Hussein to let UN inspectors in the check for WMD, and how long he dragged his feet. Hillary, bless her heart, voted her conscience. I don’t recall her ever apologizing for it. Edwards–what a skunk!

  35. That post by Joseph Cannon was hilarious. I spent a couple of days getting intraveneous morphine when I broke my elbow a couple of years ago. The morphine didn’t kill the pain, but made it easier to bear. I’m glad I didn’t have to watch Obama and McCain debate while my elbow was dislocated though.

  36. No Irlandese — you weren’t a bad Dem for being for the war. You are a bad Dem for being against Obama.

  37. “I doubt Jeralyn has enough sense to do a purge. I’m sure she doesn’t even remember that she was against Obama before she was for him.”


  38. Angie–LOL! Not anymore. I’m and indie, remember? Now I get to be “pandered” to. About f*cking time, too.

  39. myiq2xu,

    LOL! Do you think Jane Hamsher and Markos kidnapped Jerelyn and subjected her to CIA mind control techniques? Don’t forget, Markos went through the entire CIA training program. I’m not entirely convinced he isn’t still working for them.

  40. Nighty-night folks. It’s 3AM here. If I still can’t sleep I’ll turn the radio on. That sometimes works.

  41. I can’t take opiates of ANY kind. They give me those horrible “lucid nightmares”. I had oral surgery when I was 16, and was given Percocet. Bears were chasing me through my living room within 30 minutes. End of drugs.

  42. Irlandese — the second to last debate (I think) Hillary did say that if she had known then what she knew now (i.e., how Bush was going to use the bill as an “excuse” to hasten us into war and not as a bargaining chip against Hussein) then she would not have voted for the bill. An honest assessment, I think, of how a lot of us feel. Because the fact is that despite Obama’s & the Obots attempt to rewrite history, the feelings of this country, along with the assurance of Powell (who I for one trusted and respected at the time — heck I still do because when he realized how Bush had manipulated him he left) of how Bush was going to use the authorization, we supported it too. I didn’t vote for Bush, but it was the way he abused our trust by his use of the authorization that made me see how dangerous he was.

  43. Hey–Chuck Barris and Markos have something in common besides being moronic.

  44. I was against the war, but I don’t for one second believe Mr. ‘Is There Any Way I Can Weasel Out of Even Voting Present’ would have voted against it if he’d been there, plus he hasn’t done a thing about it since he has, plus he has no plan now, so unless he’s got a time machine and the guts to go back and undo it, so I’m not impressed. It’s just more empty words from the do-nothings.

  45. I remember that in the debate, angie. I don’t think it quite squeaks into the apology range, though. I still think she was felt she was being boxed into a corner and that was as much as she would concede. Lord, did ANYBODY here vote for a Bush?? I know I never did.

  46. They like to gong people?

  47. Irlandese — LOL! I’m an Indy too now — I’m still waiting for the pandering to start, though. Too bad about the opiates thing though — I remember when I broke my ankle the docs game me percocet and I thoroughly enjoyed them! I remember putting down my book, with my leg propped up and starting at the ceiling and thinking “wow, this is nice.”

    bb: actually I would not be surprised at all if that is exactly what happened:
    “Do you think Jane Hamsher and Markos kidnapped Jerelyn and subjected her to CIA mind control techniques?”

  48. Off-topic but…just saw this on WaPo about the deal:

    Democrats also made a number of concessions, abandoning demands that bankruptcy judges be empowered to modify home mortgages on primary residences for people in foreclosure. They also agreed not to dedicate a portion of any profits from the bailout program to an affordable housing fund that Republicans claimed would primarily assist social service organizations that support the Democratic Party, the official said.

  49. “abandoning demands that bankruptcy judges be empowered to modify home mortgages on primary residences for people in foreclosure”

    So in other words, hand out no strings money but screw people who are suffering and can’t pay their morgages?

  50. Seriously–LOL! Chuck Barris’ stupid “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” about his supposed “sint” as a CIA assassin. Markos spent time training with the CIA. I’m seeing a pattern here. Of stupidity.

  51. Fredster — of course the Dem majority effing threw the little guys under the bus by backing off of the cram down provisions! Those stinking rats!
    I’m glad they agreed to take out the ACORN slush fund though — that must have killed them.

  52. Markos spends his life assassinating sanity.

  53. “They also agreed not to dedicate a portion of any profits from the bailout program to an affordable housing fund that Republicans claimed would primarily assist social service organizations that support the Democratic Party, the official said.”

    ACORN? They have played a role in the subprime mortgage mess.. and… well, they have “ties” with Obama…

  54. Okay, so in essence a few hours ago people were screaming that we had to accept any deal or we’d all be going into foreclosure–so we accept a deal that throws people in foreclosure under the bus.

  55. Seriously — your assessment , “hand out no strings money but screw people who are suffering and can’t pay their morgages” is right on point. It sickens me that the Dems would fold on that — yes, a bailout is probably needed, but the fact is that helping to keep homes out of going to foreclosure in the first place will help the economy as much as bailing out wall street would. The homeowners could keep paying their mortgages (and thus, these loans would not be “bad debts”) and it would help stableize property values. Plus, it is the fair and equitable thing to do. So much for the Dems being the party for the little guy. Truly, this makes my decision to vote for McCain even easier. The Dem party has proven it doesn’t deserve my support.

  56. Good–no money for Acorn. They must have been deafened by the screams from pols terrified by all the correspondence from their constituents threatening them with displacement. Silver linings–you take them where you can take them.

  57. That should have been the number one condition of any bailout. The Dems are so freaking stupid!!! All I’ve heard this week is how can we bailout the financial sector when we won’t do anything to help people who are losing their houses. Ugh,

  58. BB — Good catch and funny too! I finally got here, but you’re off to beddie bye — Me too, after I write to Fredster . . .

    Fredster, the second point sounds good — like they nipped ACORN in the bud, er wallet. I heard that first concession announced Thurs or Fri, so it sounds like the Dems are claiming it twice!

    ‘nite to anyone who’s still here!

  59. “abandoning demands that bankruptcy judges be empowered to modify home mortgages on primary residences for people in foreclosure”

    So in other words, hand out no strings money but screw people who are suffering and can’t pay their morgages?

    Well, wasn’t that part of the bill that done in April to help out people already in foreclosure? I think Acorn got some money of some type in that one.

    God there’s been so much shit about this I can’t remember the “other” financial crisis from just a few months ago!

  60. Night lady Boomer

  61. Just FYI — I know I’ve said this before on this site, but bankruptcy judges should totally have the power to modify mortgages — first, it would be consistent with the broad powers the judges already have (and, in fact, until a 1978 court decision which was codified by the horrible 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act they did have that power); and second, if they did mortgage companies would bend over backwards to help people renegotiate their mortgages instead of allowing the courts to do it for them.
    The silver lining in all this is more work for me — personally, though, I love my clients and I would rather didn’t need me.

  62. Lady Boomer I saw the article linked on Corrente and read it at the WaPo site. I just copied the para. about Acorn to post here.

    As I also wrote about I *think* they covered the people in foreclosure in the previous legislation but just don’t recall off the top of my head.

  63. It sounds like they weren’t talking about all people who needed help, but specifically about orgs that supported Dems only, which would be ACORN, which is accused of systemic voter registration fraud and illegally mixing political activities with their non-profit status.I imagine we’ll hear more soon.

  64. About the foreclosure part of the bailout: It sounds like they weren’t talking about all people who needed help, but specifically about orgs that supported Dems only, which would be ACORN, which is accused of systemic voter registration fraud and illegally mixing political activities with their non-profit status.I imagine we’ll hear more soon.

  65. Seriously, on September 28th, 2008 at 3:21 am Said:

    That should have been the number one condition of any bailout. The Dems are so freaking stupid!!! All I’ve heard this week is how can we bailout the financial sector when we won’t do anything to help people who are losing their houses. Ugh,

    Exactly Seriously — sure help Wall Street, but only if you also help the little guy. Now Wall Street survives but the foreclosures keep on keeping on.
    I can’t wait to hear BO’s justification for throwing Main Street under the bus.

  66. Am I the only one that cannot even handle a skit on SNL that has to use women as ‘strippers’ making a funny about the bailout? I’ve gotten so thin-skinned about misogyny this year, I can hardly watch the TeeVee at all anymore.

  67. ACORN and other groups like it got $500 million in the housing bailout in July. How do you think they can afford to hire these people all over the country to go out searching in cemeteries for voters?
    I think this man Obama is the most dangerous person to hit the political scene in the history of this country. I wish that Bill and Hillary Clinton would hold a huge press conference and announce their support for John McCain. It’s time for the ethics to trump the issues. It’s time for country to trump party, period.

  68. Alright all — I’m going to try to get some sleep — I need to wake up early in the morning to get myself “in sync” for Monday.

  69. Murphy sent me a PUMAPac e-mail 9/26 about calling the congressional switchboard to tell them NO ACORN BAILOUT! I didn’t make the call, but apparently many others did. I did as many of the PUMA prowls as I could. I’m sure I’m on somebody’s list now.

  70. Night Angie.

    Fredster. angie’s a bankrupcy lawyer and she’s said that the judges don’t have the power to scale back mortgages (and they need it). So from what she’s said, it doesn’ sound like it was taken care of before.

  71. I think Bill already did that, lol! In the most Bubba-esque way, of course.

  72. Also, she said that just the other day Obama started equivocating and saying oh yes, well take care of that someday….but there’s no rush about it. Let’s take it out now and take care of it at some unspecified future point.

  73. Does anyone think that McCain’s rushing back to Washington have anything to do with giving the Repubs some support to stick up for no money to ACORN? Does anyone think BO will be able to tear himself away from golf and campaigning and working out in the gym to get his sorry butt back to Washington to vote on this bill?

  74. Night Angie. I’m glad I don’t have to get to know you professionally. Yikes, you’re a busy lady lately, I’m sure. Good to know that your clients are being handled by someone intelligent and competent.

  75. Seriously — one last post then I’m out — whatever Fredster is talking about re: helping people with foreclosures — and I think he may be talking about the Homeownership Preservation Foundation — which has done a lot of work to help people renegotiate their mortgages & keep them out of foreclosure, but not enough — if he is talking about bankruptcy judges being able to modify mortgages then he is wrong on that. They do not have the ability to do it, and frankly, the only serious way to help keep a lot of people out of foreclosure is to give the judges that power. Trust me, the judges are not going to abuse it and, more likely, the banks will take it upon themselves to renegotiate the mortgages (as I’ve said). Right now, they have no incentive to do so because they know no one can “touch” them. For all those out there that say these people should not have taken out mortgages they could not afford, all I can say is while there are some people out there that “work the system” re: bankruptcy lost, the vast majority of my clients are hard working, honest people who never thought they would file bankruptcy. I can’t tell you how many of my clients cry when they come see me saying they’ve never been late paying their bills before, etc. It would break your heart. They come to me as a last resort, but something terrible has happened (usually a lay off or huge medical bills — UHC would hep with that one) that has put them in the position of needing me. And, if we are honest — there but for the grace of god goes all of us. Sure, I could survive a few months if I lost my job, but not much longer then that. As to BO’s bs about taking care of the “cram down” provisions later, don’t hold your breath — the bankruptcy bar lobbied hard to get those provisions in the Bankruptcy Reform Act. They will never get passed if they aren’t in the bailout bill now. The Dems have the majority in the House — their concession on this point is ridiculous.
    Ok — sorry for the rant. Good night for real this time!

  76. Thanks for making that point Angie–I’ve gotten smacked around a bit for trying to defend those in the process of losing their home. It’s very easy to jump on the condemnation bandwagon, but you’re right–there for the grace of God goes us. Most are people who never thought it could happen to them, and not “working the system”. Good to know your clients have someone compassionate working with them! Bless you.

  77. Thanks angie, this information is really helpful.

    I know that in my area, the housing prices are out of control. People would love to have smaller starter homes, but builders won’t build them. So they have no choice but to either rent or take their chances with the cheapest house then can find, which is still insanely expensive and probably more than they can afford, especially if something happens. I mean, my parents’ house is tiny and in really, really, poor condition. It was probably built sometime around the early 70’s and nothing has been changed since then, it’s falling apart–but it accesses for over $400,000. It’s just out of control.

  78. Do what I did 10 years ago–relocate to eastern Oregon. You can still buy a decent house here for less than 200K, oftentimes less than 100K. The cost of living here is so much less than it was down in Los Angeles, and the school system here is decent. Not perfect, but decent. You have to travel a bit to Bend, Portland, Boise, Spokane, or Seattle, but they’re all a 4 hour or less drive. Many here work online for bigger businesses in Portland or other metropolitan areas. I’ve always been a bit of a vagabond, and though I grew up in the LA ‘burbs, I knew I didn’t want to be stuck there.

  79. You didn’t like LA? All those movies make it seem like a fun place to grow up.

  80. Which movies?

    Grease? Or Colors?

  81. LOL You know, if you ignore the substance and just focus on the pretty, pretty palm trees and snazzy carports….

  82. I even think Hyman Roth’s house is bitchin’, though admittedly that’s Miami

  83. Anything Quentin Tarantino–I used to live in the neighborhood in Pasadena where they filmed part of “Pulp Fiction”.

  84. I was so disappointed when I started high school. I thought for sure I’d hook up with a Danny Zuko–except I didn’t look like a Sandy. 😦

  85. Is Pasadena nice? It would be very disappointing if such a beautifully named place didn’t live up to it. 🙂

    Hello? We can all see you, you totally look like Sandy.

  86. This is the movie stars’ board, we’ve got Angelina, Sandy, and I think riverdaughter looks like Liv Tyler.

  87. Pasadena rocks! It’s too bad I can’t afford it anymore. I didn’t look like Sandy then. It’s hard to explain without sounding somewhat conceited, but I’ve gotten better looking as I’ve gotten older. I was shy/nerdy/geeky when I was younger, and didn’t come out of my shell until I was in my late 20’s. Go figure.

  88. And of course, Marcel Marceau.

  89. Well what do you look like, seriously? Your avatar is a red heart with antennae!

  90. I don’t even know what gender you are for petesakes! I don’t assume anything around here.

  91. ooh, I’m glad. I used to watch the Rose Bowl when I was little and wish I lived in Pasadena. In large part because it’s so fun to say. Well, Sandy was shy/nerdy/geeky herself. You probably just needed to take off your glasses and remove your hair ribbon in classic move fashion. No, I don’t think I’m too influenced by the cinema, why do you ask??

  92. Pretty much like that only sometimes I lower my left arm and raise my right.

  93. Uhoh–I said a bad moderation word. I’ll repost a shorter comment. Seriously–LOL! Pasadena and the Rose Bowl were fun places back in the day. Saw lots of Bruin games and concerts, and walked around the circle of the Rose Bowl and Oakmont Country Club back when my girl was little. It was a fun place to be 20-something.

  94. The have some kind of giant flea market thing there too, right?

  95. 3rd Sunday of every month.

  96. Aren’t we supposed to be on topic?? Can you say confabulator 5 times really fast?? I’ve gotta stop pulling late-niters 2 nites in a row. I was all beat to hell at work yesterday. I can hopefully sleep in.

  97. Okay I’ve hit the wall. Night ‘all.

  98. Night.

  99. See? This is why i talk to tro lls. No one else is prowling the internet at this time of night. I mean, they are, but they’re looking for porn. It’s lonelier than being the Maytag repairman. *weeping*

  100. Seriously, LOL! You’re a tro ll magnet. You must be something lika a vampire with your hours. BTW, you’re talking to yourself. 🙂

    (Heh, let’s see if this one slips through moderation.)

  101. I just got home from work and was reading the comments.
    Between the economic problems and the threats to free speech in Mo. it is beginning to feel like 1930’s Germany.
    I was talking to a man who was a soldier in the German army during WW2 and as late as the 1960’s he thought that Hitler had helped the German people.
    They had economic hard times and he got them out of it.
    I am very worried that the same thing is happening here.
    We have two generations that have not seen hard times and I am not sure they can handle them.
    Backtrack promises “everything will be beautiful” all you have to do is give up your rights and put me in office.



  102. Have you ever seen the movie Insomnia? The part where Al Pacino goes around putting black tape over all the windows? I’ve actually DONE that. It is the story of my life. Except the part about being a cop who’s a forensics genius, going to Alaska, grilling suspects and dealing with a serial killer with a vendetta against me.

    “BTW, you’re talking to yourself”

    *lip quivers*

  103. Y’know what makes me overwhelmingly sad? I just went to a site that I used to love–Afterellen.com–but that I had to leave when some of their vidbloggers took it upon themselves to tell Hillary to drop out back in April and they had to nerve to refer to Sarah Palin’s “anti-gay stance” in reference to Lindsay Lohan and her new love, Samatha Ronson. Y’know I don’t mind the politics; I get it, but I don’t agree with reporting half the story. Sarah Palin is not anti-Gay. Does anyone research? Does anyone know what Barack Obama’s like? Have they met his friends?

    Does anyone remember that Veeps don’t set policy agendas, presidents do? Where is the civic disconnect? I don’t even wanna go back there even though I should. I know I should try to convince them but I can’t stand the fact that in this year of all years someone has to be told to read a candidate’s website.

    The B (of LGBT) in me wants to smack them in the face. That’s a whole website of people who take the bloggers at face value and don’t bother to research further. I feel visceral hate now. It’s just irresponsible.

    *sigh* To bed with me now.

  104. Seriously
    In work we were discussing Paul Newman movies.
    My favorite is ” the sting” and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
    Do you have any favorites?



  105. Regency, you know I used to hang out at afterellen also. But after the Palin bashing started, I couldn’t get myself to go there again. It’s clear that it’s pro-Obama, probably because its members are mostly teens and early twenties. I’ve only been there for a few months, so I wasn’t aware of their asking Hillary to quit, but that’s very disappointing. And no, the discussions there are not very well informed, sad to say.

  106. Oh, I love Paul Newman! It’s so sad. I’d have to say The Sting, that was the first movie I ever saw him in and I rented it every day for like two weeks after that.

    Reg, I was just at annie duke’s website (the poker player) and she like two rants up about Sarah palin, which I did not read. I’m sorry, but this is a woman who has been subject to a lot of sexist innuendo and double standards in her time herself, the hell? I want to get a t-shirt with there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.

  107. Seriously, no I have not seen Insomnia. I hope you do get you rest in the daytime, though.

  108. Paul’s also a Hillary contributer, BTW.

  109. “Does anyone remember that Veeps don’t set policy agendas, presidents do?”

    Yeah, but this is all a big set up. They declared teh debate a draw or an obama win, so now it’s “This will all be decided by the Vice Presidential Debate.” Hmmm, I wonder who they’ll say wins that? Ooh, the suspense! They’re overplaying their hand, people are not going to fall for it.

    Thanks Britannia, I catch a power nap now and then and like once every ten days I get so exhausted I’ll fall asleep and actually stay that way for a while. LOL I’m used to it though.

  110. Politics is a dirty game but this election cycle is the worst I have ever seen.
    Neither party is concentrating on what is best for ALL Americans.
    There is never a canidate that is 100% agreeable to everyone but this year we are stuck with the dregs of the barrel.
    The treatment of Senator Clinton and Gov Palin is insane. Every American should be ashamed to even tolerate the sexist and stupid comments.

    When i was a teenager Paul Newman was every girls dream. Even after I was married and had children he still was something to dream about.
    He had the ability to laugh at himself and make everyone feel better about themselves.



  111. He was also great in Fat man and Little Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Glass Menagerie.

  112. Yeah, he seems like a really decent person (as well as Redford). And he always has that twinkle in his eye like he’s not talking it too seriously.

  113. If you can rent ” cool hand Luke” and awsome movie.
    But he was never in a bad movie.
    One of the best lines ever is from that movie.
    ” what we have here is a failure to communicate”



  114. Oh thanks helen. I’ve always wanted to see HUD too but never got around to it. I’m sure they’ll be running a lot of his movies in the next couple of weeks.

  115. G’night and take care.

  116. Thank you for the conversation but i am getting tired and going to bed.
    Are you on the west coast too?



  117. Night

  118. Thank you for the conversation. 🙂

    No, I’m on the East Coast. Sleep well!

  119. Seriously, well if you’re in the East coast then you’re gonna have company around here soon enough.

  120. What am I saying?

  121. LOL

  122. Oh, my head!

  123. “People that I know that have never cared about politics are registering to vote this time: gang members, ex-cons, you name it.” – Snoop Dogg

    Fo shizzle!


  124. TGW has Tina & Amy, and Tina does a great Palin impersonation:


  125. Nice post bb. Here’s something taken directly from http://www.cocaine-addiction-solutions.com/articles/narcissistic-personality-disorder.htm:

    “Pathological narcissism is an addiction to Narcissistic Supply, the narcissist’s drug of choice. It is, therefore, not surprising that other addictive and reckless behaviours – workaholism, alcoholism, drug abuse, pathological gambling, compulsory shopping, or reckless driving – piggyback on this primary dependence.

    The narcissist – like other types of addicts – derives pleasure from these exploits. But they also sustain and enhance his grandiose fantasies as “unique”, “superior”, “entitled”, and “chosen”. They place him above the laws and pressures of the mundane and away from the humiliating and sobering demands of reality. They render him the centre of attention – but also place him in “splendid isolation” from the madding and inferior crowd. ”

    And this pathological narcissist is in the process of convincing the American people that he actually is “the Chosen one”. We know he’s mad, sick. But how can so many other seemingly normal people be fooled. My first thought is that the people who vote for him are lacking authenticity in their own lives. They are, pathetically, projecting their own empty lives onto his message of hope. It’s all going to come crashing down when they realize how sick this man is.

  126. Where is everyone this morning?

  127. busy. they r registering for the the MO or PA Truth Squad


    or working with Snoop Dog and ACORN …


  128. I doubt this bunch of heathens is getting ready for church

    Sino-Peruvian lesbian Wiccans

  129. Uppity Woman says it looks like they have a deal on the bailout:


  130. Priceless!!!

  131. The atrocities continue at TalkLeft:


    Gee Jeralyn, do ya think maybe the ad features two black guys because Obama and his buddy are black?

  132. Hers’ how the Mayo clinic describes Narcissistic Personality Disorder ( http://www.mayoclinic.com/print/narcissistic-personality-disorder/DS00652/DSECTION=all&METHOD=print ):

    “Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don’t value themselves more than they value others.

    When you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may have a sense of entitlement. And when you don’t receive the special treatment to which you feel entitled, you may become very impatient or angry.”


    Are there any psychiatrists reading this site who can shed some light on BO’s lying, boastful and pretentious behavior, and possible NPD? It seems truly absurd to me that a person who has exhibited to a high degree behaviors strongly indicative of NPD should be close to becoming POTUS. It is truly scary.

  133. One benefit of insomnia is some of my favorite movies come on in the wee hours.

    Jackie Brown is on TNT right now.

  134. BB did a really good post on Obama and NPD

  135. urgetocompute,
    here is a previous post from The Confluence on the subject of Obama and mental health:


    one of the other posters here shared it with me. Very amusing it is, but disturbingly true.

  136. Thanks jvsp – and it’s by bb too!

    We’re not psychiatrists – well, I’m not – so we have to be very careful attributing to anyone a mental illness. However, as bb points out in this post and in the previous one you brought to my attention, BO IS showing all the signs of someone with NPD. If it turns out he does have NPD then we are all in trouble. There is never and end to what such a person will do to satisfy their craving for attention and adulation.

    On the other hand —- maybe he will be the first ever POTUS to be a world rock star, leaving Joe Biden to be the President de facto.

    Let’s just keep working to keep this liar out of office.

  137. The Fabricator in Charge also is into GOON Squads now…but he needs people tracking him!! Media, wake up!

    The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 21-27 (Obama Goon Squads; Mortgage Mess; Girl Power! on CNN; Lynette Long on the Record; “Presents” in TX; Obama Strikes Gold; Rezko; “Racism” Now in O.J. Trial; For Democratic Reform; )


  138. Now this is the truth:

    [T]he ruling elites do not care what you think. I repeat: they do not care.

    Oh, yes, they care to some extent when elections come around — but any such concern Democratic politicians might have for certain voters’ views is obliterated by one consideration loudly and repeatedly announced by almost every liberal and progressive blogger. As I’ve noted before (with regard to the vacuous, narcissistic bloviating of that great political thinker, Markos Moulitsas), the Washington Democrats know you will continue to vote for them no matter what they do.


    Arthur Silber is a daily must-read

  139. Of course, if Hillary had said ‘I wore red shoes to the meeting” Thousands of reporters and ‘average Americans’ would spend countless hours pouring over every picture ever taken of Hillary to prove that she was a liar. PUMA isn’t only about the Democratic Party, it is about our society in general and the lack of a working press.

  140. myiq- Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m off to 9am Mass.

  141. There are exceptions to every rule

  142. […] Barack Obama: Serial Confabulator […]

  143. John Fund and Acorn voting fraud on FOXNews


    He actually pointed out that Obama has long been ACORN’s legal counsel, their trainer at the national level, and has some ‘splainin’ to do.

  144. Good catch, bostonboomer, thanks.

    And IronMan….I followed the link to this story above and saw in the comments there what that Missouri SS poster was all about.

    Apparently Obama set up a TRUTH (read GOON) SQUAD in Missouri, including sheriffs and prosecuters, who will prosecute anyone criticizing or “lying” about Obama! It’s a misuse of an intimidate and abuse law there. The Governor of the state released a statement regarding this. But we are in for some serious suppression if Obama does win the highest office.

    Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement


    JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics….

    “St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

    “What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment….”

  145. Bill Clinton on Meet the Press !!!!!!!

  146. Paul Newman favorites: The Outrage, Sweet Bird of Youth, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Somebody Up There Likes Me, The Color of Money, Road to Perdition

  147. Downticket:

    Color of Money, Where the Money Is, The Verdict

  148. Oops, forgot The Sting

  149. And Slap Shot

  150. Thanks to this post for that timeline reminder. I had not put together that the famous 2002 speech preceded our actual involvement in Iraq—preceded the work at the UN and the resolutions against Hussein and preceded the famous Powell speech at the UN. Even after that speech I was against the intervention but I know that the support at that time was around 70%. If I had been in the Senate and had the real responsibility for the consequences of voting yes or no, I suspect I would have done what HRC did. And I hark back to the actual content of that resolution. It was not for an invasion of Iraq but for authority to act following all other measures. I wish Republicans would call out Obama on this and so many of his other lies. Could we get the MO Truth Squad on this?

  151. MSNBC Busted.. Foreigners Cast 80% of Votes in MSNBC’s Online Debate Poll for Obama. Countries that case votes in MSNBC Poll listed below: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  152. So, Obama is using prosecutors and sherriffs in MO for his own personal advantage, and now he is using the unions the same way.

    I know that unions have been a force in elections for Dems as far as GOTV etc goes, and that is all fine and good. But have any of you ever heard of a union forcing a WORK STOPPAGE that has nothing to do with work conditions, nothing to do with a management dispute, but is solely to benefit a single politician? This is coercive in the extreme.

    If I were a WV coal union member, I would be PISSED OFF at this:

    Is the union for miners or Obama?

    Nobody coerces UMW members, and that includes their union
    IN the last two presidential elections, the leaders of the United Mine Workers have embraced the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate while West Virginians have elected Republican George Bush.

    The gulf between the union and the people of the state appears to be widening this year as union leaders launch an all-out effort to elect Democrat Barack Obama over Republican John McCain.

    That effort includes a call for a strike – a brief work stoppage – at Consol’s Blacksville No. 2 mine because a crew for the National Rifle Association filmed an anti-Obama ad at the mine.

    Union officials said the film crew tried to get people to bad-mouth Obama.

    “This, I think, is an attempt to try to twist the facts here,” UMW president Cecil Roberts said. “We’re just hoping people aren’t misled.”

    An NRA official denied that.

    “This is an effort by the Obama campaign to try and shift the focus away from Barack Obama’s abysmal record on guns,” NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam told the Associated Press. “I checked with our crew that was out there and they said they didn’t coerce anyone.”

    Absent evidence of coercion or misleading people, a work stoppage, however brief, would seem unjustified from the union membership’s perspective. Many union members are also members of the NRA. Furthermore, they would be striking against themselves.

    From the union leadership’s perspective, it makes perfect sense. The leadership has curried favor with Democratic leaders despite an increasing gulf between the liberal national Democrats and the rank and file in West Virginia.

    A work stoppage over an anti-Obama ad is an unnecessary reminder of that gulf, and certainly will not change the minds of any union member who is leaning toward McCain.


  153. Obama and McCain disagree over undead menace:


  154. myiq2xu,

    Jackie Brown is one of my favorite movies of all time! As for Paul Newman, Cool Hand Luke is one of his best. I also love The Verdict. And I love his early movies: The Hustler, Sweet Bird of Youth, Hud, and Long Hot Summer. Of the later movies, The Sting is a classic.

    As for Jerelyn: did her IQ drop 50 points when she went through the Camp Obama brainwashing process? She doesn’t know who Raines is or why he’s in that ad? This is the same thing that happened to Josh Marshall. WTF is in that koolaid anyway?

  155. Good morning everyone!

    MYIQ: I read the Corrente post and I don’t think that a blogwar is necessary – but a definitive Conflucian stern reply is. I felt that Mandos was trying to play the race card on us here and on Dakinikat’s post. NOT COOL.

  156. WMCB – this is why people are afraid to say whom they are voting for.

  157. BB:

    When they washed Jeralyn’s brain it shrunk

  158. SM,

    Don’t tell me Mandos is back at Corrente. He was banned and now he’s back? Going to look now….

  159. I just came across this info on Obama’s ridiculous “I have a bracelet too” moment. It seems that the mother of the hero soldier (who supports Obama) had some time ago asked Obama to stop wearing the bracelet because she didn’t want her son’s death used as a campaign tool. This came from the soldier’s father in a radio interview some time BEFORE the debate. The mother has refused to speak with the media for a long time.


    The gall of Obama to go ahead and use this soldier’s sacrifice (even though he couldn’t remember his name) is beyond vile. This hasn’t been reported in the MSM yet at all. Once again I have to ask myself what if it had been the family of McCain’s soldier who had asked him not to wear or use the bracelet. There would be hysteria coming from all of the MSM.

    I keep getting sicker over what has happened to this country.

  160. Jangles,

    The point is that Obama claimed he had seen the Colin Powell presentation to the UN before he (Obama) made his speech. He claims to forsee the future. I guess he also foresaw what Powell would say. The man is constitutionally unable to tell the truth if a lie or exaggeration will make him look better.

    Now, who does that remind me of? Oh yeah, our current president.

  161. I’m not a blog insider. What is the relationship between Confluence and Corrente? I’m just trying to figure out who this chucklehead Mandos is who says that PUMAs are “tone deaf to racism.” Anyone who supports an openly misogynistic jerk (that would be Obama) is not merely tone deaf to sexism but an endorser of such behavior. I’m so sick of sexist pigs calling me a racist because I don’t support their inexperienced, unethical sham of a candidate.

    The way I see it, the Dems are waist deep in the morass from making money off of poor people’s backs. This whole housing scam is shameful. Neither party is blame free. And Obama is one of the worst corporate shills in the game. Anyone who could support him, and claim to actually know something about what’s going on, is either a bald-faced liar or a complete idiot.

  162. Downticket,

    Yay!! Another Conflucian loves Sweet Bird of Youth. Newman was a beautiful young man in that movie. It’s one of my favorites.

    And myiq2xu, I forgot about Slapshot. That’s a terrific movie.

  163. Boston, yes, and he has an anti-Conflucian post up there regarding Dakinikat’s economy post.

  164. Here’s a link for anyone who still (wrongly) thinks that Obama is a nice guy who represents progressive ideals.


  165. SM,

    I wonder what Mandos’ supposed expertise is? Is he an economics prof. too?

  166. typo: the link should have read “Board Games for Slum Lords”

  167. I said the “r” word. Please take me out of moderation.

  168. myiq2xu, on September 28th, 2008 at 8:28 am Said:
    Now this is the truth:
    [T]he ruling elites do not care what you think. I repeat: they do not care.

    I doubt that they ever did. They are just more blatant about it these days. Even a pretense of good manners and caring is a thing of the past.

    It is time for a complete overhaul. There is no point in my tax dollars paying salaries of officials who display contempt for constituents. Someone on a previous post suggested an anti-incumbent party and that sounds like a good idea to me. A better idea would be to demand an immediate reduction in the salaries and benefits of all government workers, as well as a reduction in the number of elected officials. If American voters have to shoulder the cost of the bailout, then those who engendered this mess, whether repub or dem, have to face the consequences.

  169. SM and Myiq,

    My eyes tend to glaze over when I try to read more than a couple of paragraphs about economics. Mandos does have some good points. I agree with him that the problem was the adjustable rate mortgages more than the efforts to prevent redlining. I totally agree that minorities should not be discriminated against in lending. I hope dakinikat will have time to read Mandos’ article today and respond to it.

  170. I find the fictional aspect of Obama’s life story to be extremely troubling. The man is entirely invention. What’s worse is the way his followers have embraced the fiction. Hillary was demonized for repeating her mother’s affectionate story that she was named after Sir Hillary, but Obama is canonized when he invents himself. It’s really scary. But it does give one a firsthand view in how myths, biblical and otherwise, are established into a culture.

  171. Great post, BB. The constant telling and retelling of known falsehoods by Barack Obama and his followers is extremely scary to me.

    And speaking of scary – new post up!

  172. Bill on MTP.

  173. bostonboomer – maybe the rumours that there was never any speech are true. Have we ever heard from anyone that saw him give that speech?

  174. Downticket,

    He did give the speech. We have had commenters here who were at the anti-war rally where he gave it. But there was no risk for him in what he did. Jessie Jackson was the star of the rally. Obama was someone nobody had ever heard of–an obscure state senator running for reelection.

    If you read the speech, it isn’t even that impressive. Watching the video and seeing Obama describe himself as so precient is nauseating. I had the same thoughts about the war as Obama did. Anyone who lived through Vietnam could see what was coming.

  175. We better hope that the Republicans have an ace up their sleeve for an October surprise or we are going to be stuck with this narcissistic jackass for the next 4 years. Things aren’t looking good for McCain and I attribute a lot of that to the Katie Couric Sarah Palin interview.


  176. Cynthia McKinney took a stand and voted against the war when it counted. Anyone who is voting for Obama because of his supposed “stand” on the war should switch his or her vote to McKinney. She is the only candidate running who actually stuck her neck out and voted against the war. Whereas Obama didn’t do anything more than any other citizen, such as myself, who was against the war. The man’s egotism has no bounds! And neither does his ability to fabricate.

  177. The fact that the Powell speech wasn’t until 2003, we can’t argue that Senator Obama’s statement about the war have not been on target.

    Part of Senator Obama’s point was that he analyzed Powell’s speech and was convince that his (Obama’s) 2002 stance was on point.

    If he had cited Powell in 2002 before Powell’s address then we would have to give Senator Obama the credit for seeing the future to KNOW exactly what Powell was going to say.

  178. Ouch!

    Combine that with Obama claiming he was “in the midst of” running for the Senate when he gave the speech in October 2002, when in fact he only declared in January 2003, and you’ve got a guy who seems more than a little confused about the “judgment” that’s at the core of his candidacy. We. Are. So. F*cked.

  179. BillForObama, The fact is that Obama’s “stance” didn’t meant squat. Cynthia McKinney’s stance did. We have no way of knowing how Obama would have voted. It is not a matter of record because it NEVER HAPPENED. And, given his any way the wind blows approach to the issues, there’s no way to know for certain what he would have done. (Probably not show up.)

  180. To borrow a phrase John McCain used Friday night…”So let me get this straight”…the 2002 Anti-War speech that Barack has run his whole campaign on was a rebutal to the “hole” filled speech that Colin Powell gave to the U.N. in Feb. 2003? It’s poor judgement to lie.

  181. […] Barack Obama: Serial Confabulator Confabulation: con·fab·u·la·tion (kn-fby-lshn) n. The unconscious filling of gaps in one’s memory by […] […]

  182. […] In case you haven’t gotten your daily dose of Obama screw ups, then head over to this post highlighting Obama’s confabulations! In other news, we approach the Vice Presidential debate, answer this question: has your opinion of […]

  183. It is clear The One is prescient – I will call him Nostrobamas.

  184. Just wanted you to know I submitted this article to both Drudge and Michelle Malkin. Great article that deserves some attention.

  185. Maybe that should read the link. I never sent them the whole article just what it was about and your link.

  186. I just now got the chance to see the debate (long hours at work since hurricane Ike)…
    Man, does this guy like to hear himself talk or what?!! I found him to be quite rude, talking over John McCain several times. And for someone who is a so called “dynamic” speaker… if it weren’t for his stuttering I’d have fallen asleep. You’d think he’d work on that since he does soooooo much talking. (I never heard Hillary stutter!)
    Beside the fact that I just don’t trust the man, he also has that same smug smirk George Bush has. He also shows a lot of the same arrogant attitude. I really don’t see much “reaching across the isle” there. I for one am tired of all the arrogance and this man’s ego is just too big.

  187. Indictment coming! Well Mr. Obama should have been vetted by the msm. Mr. Rezko is cooperating with the feds and turning on the messiah as well as the Gov. of Illinois. You heard it first from me, a little birdie told me this will happen in the next few weeks! Maybe now people will realize why Bill Clinton has been so smug the last few weeks.

  188. […] anything, do anything to get what he wants. In my opinion, he is utterly corrupt, ruthless, and a compulsive liar. I believe he is even more of an authoritarian than Bush or Cheney. I can’t prove it, but my […]

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