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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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For Democratic Reform- FDR

Some of you may be asking what you can do now that the party has abandoned its principles and the public.  It isn’t enough to withhold your vote for Obama.  What can YOU do to make the party better?

Well, we are working on that.  A number of Clinton bloggers and organizers have begun to coalesce and form an initiative to reform the party and take it back.  We are calling our initiative For Democratic Reform or FDR.  (It’s intentional)

We are in the process of forming an inrastructure, formalizing our political philosophy and goals and developing content for our new site.  That’s the hard part and we are committed to it.  The easy part is the website through which we will start to communicate with the public and others who would like to help us to achieve our goals.

Have a sneak peek at our Website: For Democratic Reform- FDR.

This is the start of something *good*!

47 Responses

  1. Very exciting!!

  2. This is a GREAT idea! Thank you so much RD for doing this.

  3. Damn straight! I want my party back!

  4. FDR–I love it!

  5. Great idea RD! How do you find time to do your day job? 🙂

  6. Ricki Lieberman came up with the name. I think it’s brilliant.

  7. riverdaughter, on September 27th, 2008 at 11:59 am Said:

    Ricki Lieberman came up with the name. I think it’s brilliant.

    Someone earlier was asking for a lapel pin to identify people who are clued into the current fiasco. Are we close? FDR

  8. http://vbonnaire.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/i-believe-hillary-clinton-can-fix-poverty-in-america-by-using-fdrs-new-deal-wpa-methods/

    Yay! ps: writ back in April when we still HAD HILLARY!

    it’s a plan based on FDR……………….!
    (one of my Dem heroes) — the WPA!

  9. Guess what? We American taxpayers may be bailing out not ONLY the US markets, but the British markets as well.

    Britain’s five leading high street banks have as much as £95.3 billion ($175 billion) of distressed assets on their books that may qualify for the American bailout scheme.

    If the British banks tap the rescue fund being set up by the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve to the maximum, they could secure one quarter of the $700 billion being made available. Under the terms of an outline agreement that appeared to have been reached by US policymakers last night, Britain’s lenders will be able to use the facility.


    Oh, HELL no!!!!! Sorry to be OT, but this PISSES ME OFF!!!

    Back on topic – I love the FDR Democrats idea! I want buttons, etc!

  10. check out this read from a former Hillary supporter in Texas RD and Co— this is like me! — how I feel anyway at this point — it’s that last sentence. Can we work to make Palin understand who Dem women are? Maybe. It can’t be that hard. I can’t watch another savaging of a woman. Nope. Not after that BS we saw.

    Check it out!

    she might know us! as PUMAS!

  11. Wait we do know her! Her pieces are up at NQ! Yay!

  12. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. “FDR” – most excellent.

  14. Ya hooooo – let us go forward! Thanks to the team that put this together. That’s real leadership

  15. We all need something more forward thinking. Everytime I think about what has happened, I am disgusted. It is better to think about what can happen.

  16. Have fun digging the entrenched Deans, Pelosis, and Reids out.
    Me, I’m all for forming a new party around the Clintons.
    We can call it the Normal Party. No drama queens, religious fruitcakes, or conspiracy nuts allowed.

  17. Thanks awe now have a spring board for our post November strategy-I say we also launch a Committee to Draft Hillary As soon as Obozo loses this thing!

    I now ask my friends:

    “Who do you believe based on their expeience and past history would take a bullet for someone they disagree with because it was the right thing to do? Barak Obama or John McCain?”

    If they say Obama I respond

    “Well with144 plus present vote to me sounds like he will not even take a bullet for his own party, People he is supposed to like. All the party funds are being eaten up by him with none being left over for the down ticket democrats running for office doesn’t sound like he would take a metaphorical bullet let alone a real one!”

    If they Keep on I say…

    “all senator Obama would do was say ‘Hey I would have loved to take that bullet but it was WAY BELOW my paygrade’ so just remember that on November 4th!”

    I then end the exchange with “”Would you please pass me the yeast rolls”


  18. Count me in!
    I just unloaded on a canvasser for a local candidate who confirmed that Obama has a separate office here in LC, NM, apart from the regular Dem Headquarters.

    What happened to the “coordinated campaigns” I worked on a few short years ago????

    Obama must not become the Democratic Party!!!!

  19. Great idea and news!

  20. The camp bo training for “field organisers ” frightens me beyond words . It seems to me WE CANNOT allow this man to have the power of POTUS , and we MUST eliminate the pelosi brazile dean reid power block …

    and I think the best way to do that is elect John and Sarah , so that they can be properly addressed as

    President Mccain and Madame Vice President Palin

    I want to hear those titles come out of bo and mo , nancy , donna, howard, and harry’s mouths …
    that will be SWEET to me

    not to mention wolfe ,anderson, keith, and rachel 😉

  21. Is it just my computer or is the right side of the FDR website cut off? Many of the words are missing on the right column.

  22. This is awesome, RD. It’s just what we need. Where do I sign up?

  23. RD,

    The site looks great. This is really exciting. I love the FDR idea!!

  24. kjmontana: It’s your computer, er, browser. Switch to Firefox.

  25. Puma-SF: We are still brainstorming the infrastructure. We will definitely let you know.

  26. I use Firefox and it’s cut off on the right for me as well.


  27. heheeh its under “RECONSTRUCTION ”

    I dew lub it i dew i dew

  28. RD I swear you are surely much smarter than me FDR-Democrats For Reform-in my face the whole time so glad you saw it first!


    Would take a bullet for all of you!

  29. ok how do I get my pic to show? in this little character box?


  30. i want to have my own pic up….


  31. Looks like a great new site that will focus on the real issues that affect almost all of us (excluding the filthy rich, of course).

    Although I came to support Hillary after supporting another candidate (not Obama) and to understand that she is committed to true reform, I still believe that we need real election financing reform and would like to see this issue included in the list. This was made even more apparent to me when I read the following in the October issue of Harper’s:

    “Amount that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae loan companies have spent lobbying since 1998: $174,000,000”

    I’m sure that this amount doesn’t include the money sent directly to Obama’s campaign and the DNC by the top level management of those two companies without the involvement of middlemen lobbyists.

  32. fuzzy
    do you have a wordpress acct?
    you can upload an avatar pic there

  33. Wow, I like it. The triple post format threw me at first, but I like it. It’s very, how do I say this? Well, I think women are more about sharing credit or not caring about credit than men are, just generally speaking, of course. I could get into a long-winded explanation of why that it is, but that’d take too long. What I think the triple format does is acknowledge shared power and assumes a point of view of respect for other’s credit. I’m over-thinking it, prolly, but do like it. And I love the name. Good for you and Heidi. Who else is involved?

  34. count me in too.

    with all the wall street mess, ironically there was an ad on tv about fha home buying and a bill sponsered by chris dodd. the timing is perfect .

    Will i be able to add a FDR bracelet toe my PUMA bracelet? I would be proud to wear it.
    Just think all THOSE PEOPLE will be members of a party with ethics, patriotism, and forward thinking ideas.



  35. I also think this is a good idea and I like the title. I would suggest that it really is becoming important that all these groups of disaffected Dems get united and that we reach out to others who may not necessarily be HRC Dems but who share our sick and tired of it feelings about our democratic process. I think there are Republicans who share some of this frustration also.

  36. this is really weird.
    I was checking my e-mail and a e-mail from truthout entitled FDR a nation turns it lonely eyes to you.



  37. Anna Belle: “Who else is involved?”

    Read the About section. What a great group!! YAY!

    FDR bookmarked.

  38. Great new site and great move forward!

  39. ok how is this I got my name up there now!

    its me fuzzybeargville like the new look…

  40. Wonderful idea. I’m tired of so-called Democrats running as Republican-lite (Obama).

    And it is time for Democrats not only to defend the fundamental principles of FDR’s party but to shout them from the rooftops.

    Much as I dislike just about everything Republicans (= Conservatives) stand for, they do insist on their principles come hell or high water. FDR’s 4 terms didn’t deter them. Truman, Kennedy, Johnson didn’t deter them. They kept spouting the same stuff decade after decade until they got the media and the country to buy in.

    Ex. Rep. Shelby’s late Thurs. comments about the bailout were reprehensible on just about every level to say nothing about being totally untrue: I watched all the hearings and every Rep. on the committee got a chance to pontificate and not one of them told Paulson & Bernenke that the proposed plan had to be scrapped in its entirety.

    But my point, sorry for the digression, is that Republicans insist on being heard, insist on putting forth the same Conservative principles (e.g., the free market) over and over.

    McCain, for all of his many faults, is running on traditional Rep. principles of lower taxes, reduced govt., getting rid of gov. waste (yes, it exists, but next to the war in Iraq or the bailout, it’s irrelevant), etc., etc. – even though those principles may cost him the election.

    That’s what I want Democrats to do. And one beginning will be to push for Hillary as Sen. Majority Leader – regardless of who wins the White House. She’s not left enough for me to be real happy, but she believes in the fundamentals and will fight for them.

  41. Looks good. Something to look forward into the future. I would add no more stolen elections to that – as without this, everything else is unattainable.

  42. I predict all PUMAs and others will join. I have friends who aren’t PUMA but are furious at the primary results. They will vote Dem, because they’re loyal but they feel demoralized by the party.

    Once FDR is ready, lets really get the word out.
    Thank you for this!

  43. Count me in!

    I’ve already sent the link to my non-PUMA friends.

  44. Great idea! I’m in.

  45. Interestingly enough I participated in a meeting at the Institute for Women’s Leadership at Rutgers University for the Exec. Women of NJ – an in depth discussion started when I said that perhaps this debacle might be a blessing in disguised as it made the DEM misogyny overt. I was surprised as to how many women agreed. One of the guest speakers pointed out the significance of having women on corporate boards and that statistics show that the more successful companies usually have higher % of women on their Boards. Makes sense – you can then reflect the market you are selling into instead of guessing.
    So now that the windows and doors are open to the situation we can address it directly.
    FDR speaks to everyone’s rights not just women’s – it’s an idea who’s time has come.

  46. I feel like this site has allowed me to be ‘there at the beginning of the revolution”. We are going to take back our party and then change America in a way that Obama can’t even fathom. Love you guys.

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