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Barack Obama flaps arms, clucks like a chicken, wins debate

“Bloviating media gasbags and Kool-aid slurping bloggers all agree that junior Senator from Illinois looked more Presidential than whiny old John “Crypt Keeper” McCain.”

If you think I am snarking, you aren’t paying attention.

Well, okay, I am snarking about the “waves arms, clucks like a chicken” part.  But just barely.

Consider this an open thread.  You will anyway.

234 Responses

  1. I was working and did not see the debates but from what I have read here and on No Quarter backtrack was as ignorant as cats–t.
    The man is no-class and low-class and there is no way he could deal with leaders form other countries.
    I read the bit about the bracelet and was appalled.



  2. helen:

    Watch the media throw the bracelet thing down the memory hole.

    Teh Precious would never have done that, so it must not have happened

  3. Good Morning America.

  4. Consider this an open thread. You will anyway.

    Snort. Nice poster.

  5. It’s not quite 3am where I am, which is the state of Insomnia

  6. Brit:

    We never stay on topic, and at this time of the morning, who cares anyway?

  7. The bracelet thing was not only unbelievably disrespectful, it was so stupid. Either you know the name or you don’t, if you don’t then don’t bring it up. It’s not a prop.

  8. Sorry about the spelling.
    I am half asleep.



  9. I have no business being up this late, but that’s what caffeine in the morning is for. The worst moment? That pathetic attempt to “me too!” his way in with the bracelet, while he had to uhm and uh before he could get the name right. McCain wiped the floor with this pup. This was like a high school band geek trying to hold his own with John Phillip Sousa.

  10. This is the time when the trolls used to come in and demand in-depth explinations of our positions on everything.

    Good time for that! You’ll be warmly received.

  11. This is a cleaner version of my Klownhaus post, but since this is RD’s place I have to mind my manners.

    If you want to see the other version:


  12. This is the time when the tro lls used to come in and demand in-depth explinations of our positions on everything.

    Good time for that! You’ll be warmly received.

  13. Which part of SoCal are you in myiq2xu?

  14. “This was like a high school band geek trying to hold his own with John Phillip Sousa.”


  15. myiq: I know, I’m usually one of those who is never on topic. I was laughing at your sense of humor.

    helen, if you’ve got time, it might be worth it for you to watch the debate. There were times when McCain had Obama on the ropes, so that might be fun for you to watch. Anyway, I think that if you go to the left-wing blogs then they will say Obama won, and if you go to the right-wing blogs, then McCain won. If you read mainstream newspapers, then Obama won.

  16. I’ll bet you that if Hillary was asked if she knew the names of any New Yorkers killed in Iraq, she could rattle off a bunch of names without hesitation.

    I’ll bet she wrote each of their families too.

    Hillary has class, but we knew that.

  17. Central Big Smoggy, north of Fresno

  18. Seriously–thanks. This stuff just spring unbidden into my mind.

  19. If I’m awake much longer I’m gonna make coffee and just stay up

  20. Of course she could. She’s a responsible adult who takes her job seriously.

  21. This is the time when the tro lls used to come in and demand in-depth explinations of our positions on everything.

    Good time for that! You’ll be warmly received.

    Oh gawd, no.

  22. Sorry I can’t spell for beans tonight–the cat can’t handle the competition for cuddle time with the laptop.

  23. It’s just total bush league. You’re using someone as a prop and you don’t even care enough to get the name.

  24. Okay, this is OT (heh) but I find it stunning:

    Monday the lefty blogs were screaming no bailout. Then suddenly, they are blaming McCain for tanking the deal.


  25. I’ve pulled the all-nighter more than once, mostly when I was still on DNCPartyBuilder. This is more fun. Thank Goddess we have a Starbucks here in my little ‘burg. I’m smelling a triple shot in my future.

  26. They’re taking notes from the Pelosi handbook.

  27. Okay, that’s it, one pot of caffeine coming up.

    I can sleep when I’m dead

  28. You know their mantra, “we’re keeping our powder dry.” They were hoping this was the one time Reid and Pelosi would refuse to capitulate to Bush. When that didn’t happen, hey, blame the Republicans.

  29. Principles aren’t really a compelling issue for the Obots, anyway. A fake fight is better than associating with the wrong class.

  30. Seriously:

    Here’s the problemo – voters hate the bail-out idea. Dems hate it 10-1, Reps hate it 100-1

    And the Dems gave johnny Mac the credit for stopping it.

    How dumb are they?

  31. Britannia: that’s only because the the mainstream media is kissing major BO ass!

  32. I’d grind the lovely new Sumatra beans I bought the other day, but my grinder sounds like a woodchipper. Every dog in my neighborhood would be barking. Maybe I can just chew on a few.
    Pelosi took the “impeachment off the table”, just to keep the dead horse around to beat when needed.

  33. G, yes, yes, of course. I should not have left out that fact.

  34. To all who have jumped here from the last thread – apologies if anyone was offended by my comments. However, posting such things as saying that either of the candidates “flaps arms, clucks like chicken” can be seen as equally offensive, as can the use of pet names (Backtrack, McSame, etc…) I was railed for my “proselatyzing” and supposed lack of respect….and yet, as I go back and review the posts from many of the bloggers here, I find massive amounts of disrespect being thrown from all sides! Look in the mirror here, folks…mudslinging begins at home. To call ANY elected candidate (yes, both McCain and Obama were elected to represent their party, last I checked) by negative, inflammatory names places you directly in the column which you supposedly go against. My point is, and was from the start, that it’s time for ALL of us to stop with the mudslinging, stop worrying about the past, and move forward to actually make a change! Tired of feeling like elections are being stolen? Everyone here seems pretty computer literate…try signing up to help make sure elections aren’t stolen. Info can be found at http://www.blackboxvoting.org/toolkit2008.pdf
    Again, I would like to make clear my point – it is not nihilism, and it is certainly not the “STFU and take it” attitude that has been flung (how, exactly, did I become associated with Naziism) but it is, and has always been…STFU and CHANGE THINGS!

  35. LOL How dumb are they? Let’s not go there.

    They’ve never had any strategic sense, but i think this time they think that the MSM will somehow be able to spin them out of this.

  36. Chris:

    This is my thread. I don’t delete trolls, I edit their comments for my amusement.

    You have been warned

  37. Chris–please refer to Riverdaughter’s post regarding such as you….Sunday:Highly Ineffective Obamaphiles Sunday 9/21. Go read it RIGHT NOW. Then STFU and go away.

  38. My 15-year-old has better manners than this pup. Mom taught her that proselytizing was insulting,

  39. And of course, they think the American people are idiots and can be sold anything.

  40. Oh please–do some fun editing! I need a giggle right about now.

  41. Irlandese, it never ceases to amaze me. And it’s not just tr olls who do it. People are getting calls and emails from the DNC and the Obama campaign yelling at them, insulting them, and trying to browbeat them. Who runs campaigns like this???? They seem to think we should be auditioning for the opportunity to vote for them and be allowed into their wonderful clique.

  42. Obama does not get any of my respect except that which I bestow on all for being part of the human race and for not committing despicable acts. As a nominee for POTUS, he has none of my respect. None.

    Got that Chris?

  43. Chris:

    I will violate my own policy and feed a troll.

    This is our place. We are talking to each other.

    This place was created as a refuge from Obots.

    If we went to your blogs and started arguments, that woud be different.

    One last thing – Obama WAS NOT elected. Hillary got more votes, and the delegate balloting at the convention was rigged.

    Obama was SELECTED by the DNC, not by the voters

  44. As for giggles, I’m looking forward to Joe Biden kicking the empties under the podium while he gives one of his googy speeches at that rally.

  45. Irlandese – please re-read my posts…I am NOT endorsing Obama. I AM, however, endorsing a change in the process of American politics, which begins by making sure our elections are fair, not just griping about how they are not. myiq2xu, same thing…I do NOT endorse Obama, and will not be voting for him in the upcoming election. My entire goal has been, as stated numerous times now, to suggest that rather than posting about how unfair elections are, we, the people, begin to do something to change it. Over. Out.

  46. If you have that little impulse control, then you should not be volunteering. In any normal campaign, anyone who did that would be asked to leave. With Obama, they probably get high-fived. I once had a woman scream at me for making campaign calls to her house that I had nothing to do with. She was rude and crazy, and I still treated her with kid gloves because I didn’t want to lose her vote, and didn’t want my behavior to reflect badly on the campaign.

  47. (oh and she came to my house to scream at me, that’s an important part of my story LOL She’s at my front door)

  48. If you want to see Johnny Mac’s post-debate ad, check it out:

  49. Chris–oh. I could understand your arrogance in coming here telling us what we’re doing wrong if you were a ‘bot. But apparently you’re just dense. We’ll have fun playing with you the way a cat plays with a mouse before it’s eviscerated. Keep towels and bandages on hand.

  50. Chris:

    How does “getting over it” do anything to change it?

    Please pontificate your solutions

    No questions for us, give us YOUR opinions

    BTW – Who are you voting for?

  51. He already said he’s for Stephen Colbert/Paris Hilton. LOL

  52. Yeah, mister fence sitter, who ya votin’ for?

  53. As stated earlier, I am writing in Colbert/Hilton – yes, I truly meant that. At this point, I truly believe a comedian and an heiress could run the country better than the options we’ve been given. Pontificate my solutions? Well, lets start with the pontification given above – reform of the election process so that it IS fair and every vote DOES count. blackboxvoting.org is a good place to start for more info on this – thus the reason I posted the link.

  54. Paris isn’t old enough to be Preznit, otherwise I would do, er, vote for her

  55. Oh my gawd, myiq, what happened to your avatar?!

  56. “That’s hot”.

  57. Chris, we are trying to do something about the election process. However, right now our party is controlled by Obama’s corrupt cronies. In order to change that, Obama has to lose and we have to get them out of there so we can overhaul our nominating process.

  58. Chris, we are trying to do something about the election process. However, right now our party is controlled by Obama’s cor rupt cron ies. In order to change that, Obama has to lose and we have to get them out of there so we can overhaul our nomi nating process.

  59. As stated earlier, I am writing in Colbert/Hilton – yes, I truly meant that. At this point, I truly believe a comedian and an heiress could run the country better than the options we’ve been given.

    Wow, you’re deep, man.

  60. Chris, we are trying to do something about the ele ction pro cess. However, right now our party is controlled by Obama’s cor rupt cron ies. In order to change that, Obama has to lo se and we have to get them out of there so we can overhaul our nomi nating proce ss.

  61. So you don’t have any realistic solutions.

    You’re just trolling

    You are the weakest link – goodbye

  62. Can someone spring my first post from moderation, please?

  63. I’m hysterically ROFL! That’ll give them some comic relief when they’re counting the votes–a write-in for a stooge and a skank. Wow. Rock the vote, you know?

  64. My regular avatar went back to bed

  65. Are you sure you’re myiq2xu?


  66. I’m still laughing!

  67. Yeah, but right now there are as many problems in our own party’s nominating process as there are in the general. We can’t just sit by all slap happy and pretend that’s okay. We need reform there as well.

  68. My parents don’t know I’m on the computer. It’s waaaaay past my bedtime.

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  69. Would a write-in of this magnitude count as evidence in a non compos mentis case?

  70. Actually, I have to say I think Colbert/Hilton would probaly do a better job than either option.

    Oddly, though, i think they might have a problem attracting support.

  71. Hey Chris–your college scholarship committee just called–they want their money back.

  72. There is something warm and squishy in my big boy Pull-ups

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  73. He’s on another window surfing for porn. Quiet! The ‘rents might hear.

  74. Chris is the reason incest is illegal

  75. I have green teeth

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  76. Just checking myiq. Actually, I was just teasing.

  77. No–you’re too much fun.

  78. I made a big poopie in my pants!

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  79. My mom and dad are brother and sister

    (edited for the amusement of myiq2xu)

  80. Chris, did you read my post? We can’t do anything. I don’t think you watched teh televised hearings where our party made a mockery of its own rules. See, if you have corrupt hacks in control, then no reform is possible. We can’t get rid of Howard Dean or Donna Brazile because Obama wants them to stay. We have to defeat him and then work on getting them out of there so we can work on eliminating the record number of caucuses and providing oversight and transparency to the process. We tried, and we got checkmated. So we can try again, but until that change happens, we are out of options for the time being.

  81. I haven’t had this much fun at 3:45 in the morning since….well….I was this pup’s age. Purely PG, you know.

  82. Seriously, you are a much better person than me.

  83. Oh I’m a-gigglin’ now!

  84. Chris—how much alcohol have you had to drink this evening? I can only imagine how much you would be slurring your words while delivering this most pompous lecture to all of us do-nots.

  85. Britannia, I’m usually not. 🙂 I just have a second wind right now. LOL

  86. myiq2xu—you’re KILLING ME!

  87. Wanna see a trick I can do with a golf ball and a garden hose?

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  88. I can hear you slurring your words all the way up in BF eastern Oregon.

  89. Well, I wish I were deaf, but sadly, no. I can still hear you.

  90. Chris, do you have anything to say about what Seriously has been trying to explain to you? I think Seriously has made a good attempt at starting a good discussion. What say you?

  91. Hey–you’d better make sure you kick the empties under the bed before Mom catches you.

  92. And I would like to revise my statement–when I said “we can’t do anything,” the best thing we can do right now is to defeat Obama. That is the only step we can take between now and election day that brings us toward our goal.

  93. I am sexually aroused by green, leafy vegetables. Arugula gets me HOT!

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  94. Blah blah blah blabbity blah

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  95. LOL

  96. Well Chris, since you’re going to get all huffy about it, and you can’t get what you want from us, which is a vote for BO, I suggest you stay and let miq2xu mock you some more. He’s on a roll.

  97. Editing is much more fun than deleting

  98. I am a crash-test dummy

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  99. Chris slipped when he questioned the point of defeating Uh-bama

  100. Bingo!!!

  101. Can I have some more Kool-aid please?

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  102. God they think they’re so crafty at that age.

  103. Well, Chris, you have to understand that you came to the previous thread with a “get over it and move on” attitude. If you were sincere in starting a civil discussion of election reform, that was hardly a good way to go about it. And you hardly redeemed yourself afterwards. You are being censored because you brought this on to yourself.

    And if you understood what Seriously said, then you would understand why defeating Obama would be the first step to overhaul the system.

  104. The first time I had sex it was late at night, it was dark, I was alone.

    Actually, that was just a little while ago

    (edited for the amusment of myiq2xu)

  105. Chris, how can we watchdog the entire election process when we can’t even prevent our own nominating process from being taken over by thugs? That makes no sense. Where do we get all this power? If we had a magic wand, we’d use it–we don’t. Yeah, third parties are fine, but they can’t win in this system at this time. We’re Democrats. We belong to this party. We don’t want to be chased out by thugs, we want to reform the process.

  106. *cueing music* “Turn out the lights, the party’s over…’

  107. …..still laughing……

  108. See what happens when you feed a troll?

  109. I mean, think about it logically. We have a bunch of undemocratic voter fraudsters in the Republican party. So your solution is, let the Democratic Party be taken over by undemocratic vote fraudsters–that way, when we have nothing but extremely powerful, entrenched thugs who benefit from maintaining a corrupt system throughout the political world, the entire election process wil be magically healed! No one will fight fraud and intimidation, they will all partake of fraud and intimidation, and lo, there will be no fraud and intimidation!

    Can you see how that doesn’t follow?

  110. But in my defense, he wasn’t going anywhere, fed or not. 🙂

  111. This one’s the Chia Pet of trolls. Watch it grow! It’s fun for the whole family!

  112. And anyway, it’s too late to make polite conversation! They’re warm bodies to talk to. *sobs*

  113. Now what in the world would land me in moderation??? Is Chia Pet a codeword now?

  114. At times in my life I have had the opportunity to buy stolen property.

    I learned that stolen property has bad karma attached.

    If you “win” an election by cheating, the result will also be corrupt.


  115. And who wants a cheater running their country?? Didn’t work out so well with Bush2. BO would be Bush3.

  116. “Are there not enough people on BOTH sides of the fence who are angered this year to give a third party viability”

    Um, see, our disgruntled people would be mostly Greens, theirs would be mostly Libertarians, or something. So in the absense of all us getting tohgether and agreeing on one third party, which we can’t do because WE DON’T AGREE IDEOLOGICALLY, and there are many small parties, uhh…no. (And even if we did agree, no, you don’t go from no base or organization to winning a national election overnight, no. If it were that easy to break up the two party system, it would be done. You’re not the first person to even think of this, amazingly).

  117. Thanks for bringing up the bad Karma angle. I live by this–I’m trying to divest and not accrue. I expect everyone else (somewhat foolishly) to do the same. Especially those trusted with the future of my daughter.

  118. The cyber world isn’t the end all and be all of life, if you are at all serious about this and not a typically obnoxious, self-righteous pest, then you should go to your third pary of choice and get involved. To become a national party a third party needs to get organized, start running more candidates, win some local offices, win some state offices. Online petitions are good, getting involved is better if you actually wnat to do something. There are even these things called real petitions, where you go out and collect signatures for candidates.

    You might wnat to revise your approach, though.

  119. We can’t make Hillary the nominee. But we can defeat the guy who cheated her out of the nomination

  120. Chris–simply stated—“Barack Obama will not get my vote. EVER. For anything.” You’re wasting your time, but damn, that was some hilarity. Miq2xu—I think you were doing some showing-off. I’m glad I was here for this. I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. 🙂

  121. What’s the over-under on Chris being a Perot guy?

    Perot will unite us! We can all agree!

  122. I nominate Seriously for the Nobel Peace Prize. 🙂 What a heroic effort.

    And Chris, if you’re still reading and if you’re really sincere about learning about the issues being discussed here (but that Paris Hilton thing really throws me off), then I suggest you go back and read the many posts on this blog. Educate yourself. Then maybe you can discuss coherently. But I have my doubts.

  123. So you plan to solve that by voting for Colbert/Hilton?

  124. Chris–live a few more decades and you’ll figger out why us “senior citizens” will vote for the other side in order to knock out a cheater. You must never reward bad behavior by apathy.

  125. BTW – We’re not supporting McCain either.

    I plan to vote for Cynthia McKinney

  126. Yeah Chris….that’s the viable “3rd Party” you’ll be voting for??? Bait, bait, bait……….

  127. “So you plan to solve that by voting for Colbert/Hilton?”


  128. Oh, I knew head of time that Darcy was the bestest…
    In the meanwhile, watch him copying the answers just like he did in the primaries:

  129. I’d like to write myself in….as “benevolent Dictator”.

  130. Good morning, maybe. Last night when I went to bed after the debate, I could see John McCain’s face. He inspired confidence. This morning when I woke up, I thought about John McCain’s ideas of a “bare bones” government – defense and entitlements. His vision is way too limited for our country. I think Barack has the better ideas, but he doesn’t inspire confidence. As someone said repeatedly yesterday, “We could have had Hillary” – confidence and good ideas and a plan! Waaaahh.

  131. Getting back on topic, I think McCain clearly won by not being “scary senile old guy”

    That was what they have tried to portray him as.

  132. Of the Gynocrat Party.

  133. I am going to be so upset if I vote for Colbert/Hilton and either McCain or Obama ends up winning anyway.

    I’m putting a lot of faith in you here, Chris.

  134. This was as clear and concise a dissection of foreign affairs as I have EVER seen in a debate. McCain knows his stuff.

  135. Seriously–LOL!

  136. Right, Chris.

  137. I’m surprised that he didn’t hit him on ACORN since that’s clearly something the Republicans really want to get out there.

  138. Chris, did you watch the Democratic National Convention?

  139. Chris:

    If Obama is defeated, the corrupt DNC goes with him.

    In 2012, we elect Hillary.

    That’s how we defeat corruption in our party and take it back

  140. There is only one unqualified, untested media darling running for POTUS in this election cycle. Get your facts straight.

  141. Gee Chris, since your vote, like mine, won’t matter here in Big Smoggy, why don’t you join me in supporting Cynthia McKinney?

    If she gets enough nationwide votes, the Green Party becomes eligible for federal election money, thus increasing the viability of the party for the future!

  142. This is why I moved my daughter out of SoCal. She’d have already smacked you down, though. She’s got a good head on her shoulders and her Mom’s BS detector.

  143. Oh my god! You are annoying!

    I’ll try once more. Defeating Obama is a necessary precondition for reform. Now, if Obama is defeated, that does not mean reform will automatically occur. It may, it may not. It is not an absolute given. But if Obama is not defeated, it will definitely not occur. Hence, necessary precondition.

  144. To those that mentioned the “bracelet thing”, why isn’t that
    ALL OVER the NEWS!!!
    I hope the people that “gave” him the bracelet get angry & call him out?
    I said last night McCain did great on his points; but he did miss the chance to “put Obama away”. Jim Leher wanted them to talk too each other & they didn’t. McCain with every answer
    should have turned to Obama & stared him down. That’s what you do with bullies & that’s ALL Obama is.
    1st- Make fun of that fact Obama could not remember McCain’s name. That should be the next video (how ever I must admit I LOVE THE CURRENT, McCain’s right one).
    * could anyone imaging if JM got BO’s name wrong?
    2nd-Obama did not VOTE/or NOT VOTE for Iraq, because he wasn’t in the US Senate @ the time. Also, from what I’ve read he was a “stand-in” for Jess Jackson & NO ONE CARED @ THE TIME WHAT HE HAD TO SAY!!

  145. Because after he loses we’ll sprinkle magic fairy dust over everything.

    Give it up Chris, you don’t have a solution, you just want attention.

    You aren’t getting anymore of it here

  146. Chris, are you really this dense?

  147. Myiq2xu—please go back to editing. He’s just a broken record at this point. You were on such a roll.

  148. “Chris, are you really this dense?”


  149. I feel like I’ve been on a Friday night group date at a comedy club.

  150. Please don’t respnd or address our dear departed visitor.

    He is done for this morning.

  151. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

    He was not part of the solution

  152. Fun’s over. Darn. You ARE the troll master!

  153. ROTFL! He’s baaaaack!

  154. myiq2xu, on September 27th, 2008 at 7:43 am Said:

    Gee Chris, since your vote, like mine, won’t matter here in Big Smoggy, why don’t you join me in supporting Cynthia McKinney?

    If she gets enough nationwide votes, the Green Party becomes eligible for federal election money, thus increasing the viability of the party for the future!


    myiq2xu, I didn’t think of a vote for McKinney as helping the Green Party, the largest party outside the big “two.” Thanks.

  155. Ahhh. There should be some kind of mechanism to wipe away the late night chat so that other people can’t read it and wonder what the hell we do here at night. LOL

  156. Am I the only one for whom it is morning? No wonder I’m so out of sync with you all.

  157. Good morning purplefinn.

  158. Our visitor was trying to get us into a tail-chasing discussion with no solution.

    “Vote 3rd party – but don’t”

  159. I think so, purplefinn.

  160. Soon it will be daylight here I will have to return to my crypt

  161. “Vote 3rd party – but don’t”

    It’s all hopeless and pointless, but please don’t call it nihilism.

  162. No Seriously—I want to come back and revisit this. This was fun. I don’t get out much in my old age (44). This was myiq2xu at his finest. I’ve got a crush now. I’m in the orchestra pit cheering with all the other fans.

  163. LOL Jack Cafferty is occupying it. It could get…unpleasant.

  164. I’ll bet he can quote Foucault – all time wasting philospher wannabes can

  165. I’m glad you had fun. 🙂

  166. I’m sorry to disappoint our visitor, but I don’t have a detailed plan for victory

    My plan is:

    1. Defeat Obama

    2. Figure out what to do next

  167. Glad I caught the last of the late night then. Good morning and good night Conflucians.

    I’m going to work on a post card campaign to certain so-called Democrats. I need to ask them (for all to read) why they didn’t give us the candidate who inspires confidence, has good ideas and a plan for our country. When they think of their love for our country, they need to ask themselves why they wouldn’t give us the best.

  168. Purplefinn—we’re all still on a group date/bait with a troll from last night. It’s still dark here in the NW.

  169. 3. If Obama’s cronies don’t go willingly like normal non-corrupt defeated people, make them go.

  170. Woman usually find me attractive from a distance.

    Alcohol helps too

    Long-distance beer goggles make me look like Brad Pitt

  171. LOL! You’re gonna make me start again. I’m trying to put my serious face back on.

  172. You got too close to Jeralyn? That did it?

  173. We tried to tell you that chicks don’t dig mimes. You wouldn’t listen.

  174. Puh-leeze!

    Even I have standards, low as they may be

  175. A mime is a terrible thing to waste

  176. OH! Kissinger smacks Barky on Iran. Whatever will MSM make of that?

  177. They will make nothing, jst like the bracelet thingie.

    Teh Precious doesn’t make mistakes, therefore it didn’t happen

  178. myiq2xu,

    A mime is a terrible thing to waste



  179. Chris: We do intend to change things and we are making plans that extend beyond this election season. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t an immediate need to point out to the public by any means necessary that there is something seriously wrong with our fourth estate and that they have prevented us from electing someone who we desperately need right now.
    I’m concerned that you may not understand how this blog works. If this is going to be problematic for the current residents, you may have to go.

  180. No, Kissinger will suddenly become just passe, along with anything remotely Clintonesque. Really, these seniors just need to get out of the way of History Revisionist Syndrome!

  181. “A mime is a terrible thing to waste”


  182. Too late. It appears that the mighty Katiebird or garychapelhill has dispatched the troll.

  183. They also have schizophrenia at this point. They can’t make out whether they love Kissinger like always or hate him as an obstacle to Barky.

  184. That wuz me, not gary or katie

  185. Good morning!

  186. Good morning Arabella!

  187. Good morning

  188. Once again I cross paths with the east coast conflucians

    They’re getting up. I’m heading (back) to bed

    I hate insomnia!

  189. You hate it, think how you;d feel if you were on the East Coast. It’s 8:30!!!

  190. I guess the troll had a bridge to guard.

    Why they waste their time here is beyond me.

  191. Even Kissinger’s not immune from underthebusitis on Planet BO. You watch, he’ll be dismissed as “too old and out of it”. The similarities to 1930’s Germany’s growing disrespect to “elders” are disturbing.

  192. I’m in moderation!

  193. I’m shocked. I really thought the MSM were propping Obama because he’s such a weak candidate and they really wanted Mccain. I don’ know if that’s true but they just couldn’t deal with him picking a woman or what happened.

  194. Who’s ready for October? It’s not going to be for the faint-hearted.

  195. Media says Obama one the debate…BUT Facts say otherwise.
    When you read and verify, McCain is clearly the better debater.

    Many people I spoke to said something odd about Obama, they didn’t like his “TONE”.. I have the scorecard here:


  196. Biden was interviewed by Chris Wallace after the debate and said that the only thing succeeding in Iraq is the plan he and Barack talked about which General Patraeus is implementing… but, according to Biden, Barack didn’t have time to mention it in the debate.

    I’m sorry, but I just get the giggles every time I see Biden on TV. I just know he’s going to leave a gift behind. There’s a YouTube of it on Redstate, but I am link-challenged. It’s worth a look.

  197. Of course the media said Obama won the debate.

    Too bad for them that the low-information voters make up their own minds when they go into the voting booths.

    Remember: undecided voters, electoral college, swing states.

    I expect the polls will be all over the place from now on. I’m not going to let the mind games get to me.


  198. The media did the same thing to Gore after the first presidential debate in 2000. The polls imediately after the debate showed that the majority of people came away with the impression that Gore won. Then the MSM started replaying the “sighs” again and again, and, in a very short time, polls showed that most people thought that Bush won the debate.

    Same thing here. I guarantee that Obama’s win-percentage will increase substantially by Wednesday.

  199. Even Kissinger’s not immune from underthebusitis on Planet BO. You watch, he’ll be dismissed as “too old and out of it”. The similarities to 1930’s Germany’s growing disrespect to “elders” are disturbing.

    You’re not kidding. It was bad enough when the DNC dismissed us “bitter old white women” (lumping the angry young men and women of all colors who agreed with us), but the repeated attacks on McCain’s age and fear-mongering about Sarah Palin because the “ancient” McCain could go at any minute are just astonishing!

    And btw, I remember the name of the soldier on my POW bracelet, and it’s been over 30 years and I was around 9 when I got it.

  200. McCain wins the debate – Mainstream media paper says it – behold the miracle!

  201. Let the media keep digging their hole even deeper. Toto’s pulled the curtain almost to shreds. There’s no question that MSM is full of it. “Methinks the lady doth protest to much”.

  202. Cheer up…he CAN stay still for a portrait!!!!! I’m not kidding…

    Obama’s Presidential Portrait Already Chosen??? (See here) (Why Bother With More Debates or Having an Election??)


    But I like the other portrait posted MUCH BETTER!!!

  203. One thing Obama claims 95% of the country will not have their taxes go up, only 5% will. He says this thinking that most will think that is positive. Gee I won’t have to pay. But, how dumb, he thinks 5% of the country should pay the expenses and costs for all, and he thinks that 95% wont’ pay the consequences in lost jobs, lower capital investment etc. This is really dumb. I don’t think the super rich should bet bigger breaks, and I think we shouldn’t tax the poor, but OMG this plan is just plain stupid. Better to cut spending and not raise anyone’s taxes.

  204. Lynn Forester is coming up on FOX, next segment.

  205. Huh…even the Iowa Des Moines Register called this one for McCain. Could it be? In the very state where BO pulled off his first caucus fraud? Will wonders never cease.

  206. No matter how the pro Obama media spins this debate millions of Americans are waking up this morning looking over at their families, especially their kids and saying I do NOT want Sen: Obama to have the job of protecting my family or my country. I turn down his offer

  207. Oh there’s no conflict in my mind, Lynn! Said with much respect.

  208. I’m sorry but there’s no way Obama won that debate no matter how much spin there is for him. He came off as a disconnected lecturing history professor. McCain knew how to push all those emotional buttons.

  209. No matter who wins I am going to have my pockets picked anyway. They can talk all they want about pie in the sky, THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT TO START!

    Good bye UNC, education vouchers, the greening of America! The next president will be stuck with cleaning up 8 years of the biggest mess ever created with nothing but loose change in his pocket. Once again, we have been had.

    And we have so many to thank for this that it is useless to try and pin the blame on one person, one party. Back to sticking my head in the sand. At least it is fairly quiet down here.

  210. From Anglachel’s Journal, http://anglachelg.blogspot.com/ Friday, September 26, 2008

    “The grown-up was forcibly shoved out of the way by some decidedly juvenile power brokers who were so sure that a Democrat could not lose this year that they could nominate their favorite suck up and win. And now we are stuck with a contest between the His Petulance, The Precious and Old Grandpa Creepy, with Gaffaholic Joe and Soundbite Sarah bouncing along in their surly and shallow wake.”

  211. I said earlier in a comment way upthread, BO was like a high school band geek trying to hold his own with John Phillip Sousa. Bears repeating. There’s just not enough KoolAid in the world that’s going to make BO look like he knows past and current foreign policy like McCain. He sounded typical BO about economic policy–swoop and squat everybody else’s points.

  212. Pat Johnson, on September 27th, 2008 at 8:53 am Said:

    And we have so many to thank for this that it is useless to try and pin the blame on one person, one party. Back to sticking my head in the sand. At least it is fairly quiet down here.


    True, Pat, but one of the parties could have given us an excellent candidate. The sins of omission!

  213. Pat–you’re right. I’ll be dead in the water trying to get my girl any college scholarships. I’d better start collecting coffee cans and digging holes in the backyard.

  214. LMAO! Hillaryis44 admin says: “You can put a bracelet on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

  215. With Hillary we stood a chance. Now, Armegeddon.

  216. Riverdaughter has a new thread up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  217. “Gaffaholic Joe”—LOL!

  218. From a Post on the Website “Chicagoans Against Obama;” (from ‘Please Get In My Face and Argue With Me’); an interesting story about questionable UNETHICAL Senator Joe Biden behavior (maybe a liar and a cheat?):

    “[…..I have been ’stiffed’ three times in my 30 year professional career by someone who I rendered services to, gave a finished product to, but who refused to pay for those services even though they acknowledged the services and products were correct, were what they asked for, and were never challenged for not being correct. I am lucky in having only three, but those three hurt badly.

    Joe Biden was one of those people. I worked on his 1988 Presidential campaign financial disclosure engagement. I busted it for him and got everything right. He stiffed me for over $15,000 worth of work. He refused to pay once he dropped out of the race. I did similar Capitol Hill campaign financial disclosure work for Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan, and a Democratic candidate for Ambassador to New Zealand.

    All of those folks paid even though they lost the election or did not get the appointment. That type of work is very demanding and very tedious because your efforts are scrutinized by Congress. Biden did not care.

    I am on the Board of Directors of a company that owns a majority position in a private jet management company in Northern Virginia. They manage jets for businesses and rich folks. They also charter planes to the public This past winter John Thompson chartered over $250,000 worth of air time. He paid every penny.

    Joe Biden, in his latest unsuccessful run for President, chartered over $150,000 worth of air time. He PAID ZERO. He continues to refuse to pay stating his race is over and he is out of money. He never once complained about his flights. Joe Biden is a rich man. He could pay.

    Joe Biden is a liar and a cheat. I know it first hand. Character is what life is all about. Joe Biden is a man of bad character and sets a bad example for America.

    I feel compelled to share this dark side of a man who asks for your vote and trust.

    Best Regards,

    Bruce D. Riddle, CPA, CFP
    BDR Associates, LLC
    2401 Research Boulevard, Suite 101
    Rockville, MD 20850
    Website – http://www.bdrtax.com%5D

    Note: Bruce D. Riddle’s website is real.

  219. Carly–I read that article by link at another site right around the time of the RNC convention. The person posting the link claimed to actually know Mr. Riddle if I recall correctly. I’ll try to see if he can corroborate again.

  220. Everyone remind the Mud-Slinging Media (msm) that they don’t get to “select” America’s next top Fuhrer!

    snark snark

  221. I can’t stand it. Who was the poster who put up the comment after the coronation speech at the Greek temple, saying that Obama’s entire speech consisted of

    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark!
    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark!
    da dum, da dum, da dum, bark!

    I could kill that person. 😉 I never hear a word Obama says any more…just that hypnotic cadence. It’s straight out of Jeremiah Wright’s pulpit.

  222. […] TV in the same sentence),  it appears Joe Biden is a notorious deadbeat on the campaign circuit, not paying bills for airplace service and previous campaign work that other losers do manage to pay ….  Maybe Joe does have a good grasp of our financial crisis; he seems to leave enough of them in […]

  223. I haven’t read everything but so far I haven’t come across any mention of 3 remarks of B.O.’s at the debate last night that seemed telling:

    He turned to McCain and referred to Bush as “YOUR president” suggesting that B.O. does not accept him as HIS president as if he chooses to deny the US has a single president that is all of ours, like him or not

    2. He twice aluded to 10 years—again suggesting he believes the presidential term is 5 years!

    3. His closing remark (I need to check the exact words) but I heard him to say something on the order of: when my father came from Kenya young children looked up to the U.S. and this is NO LONGER TRUE—suggesting he himself does not respect the U.S.


  224. Alot of new names in here today……….

    I watched the debate last night hoping I would see something worth my time but alas, nothing significant came out.

    It just fortified my total dislike for the obama. How many times did he refer to McCain as “John”, then a few times, “Mr.McCain”, never the Senator or my opponent.

    I quit watching about half way when my stomach started to turn.

    Like I’ve said SO MANY times before – OBAMA HAS NO CLASS. Irreverant pup!

  225. All the pundits kept saying that all Obama had to do is show up and not make any major gaffes.

    I disagree.

    What he had to do was to hammer the point home that Mccain is Bush III. He failed. Everytime Obama tried to paint Mccain as Bush McCain was able to refute the thrust of that argument.

    All Mccain had to do was to keep Obama off of his message, which he did.

    So, round 1 goes to Mccain.

  226. I watched the debate on streaming vid at work with my co-workers, all of whom are Democrats.

    All of them decided that they are going to vote for Sen. McCain. Only one of them had decided to support Gov. Palin before hand– last night, ALL of them decided that Sen. McCain was not the Anti-Christ after all.

    They felt the same way I did– that Sen. Obama was angry and aggressive and confrontational, not to mention just plain rude. Good manners are extremely important to Southern folk, and they were very definitely dis-impressed by Sen. Obama’s constant interruptions and talking over Sen. McCain. They felt that Sen. Obama was trying to bait Sen. McCain into losing that infamous temper of his. They were impressed by Sen. McCain’s equilibrium during the verbal assault.

    And there was something that I noticed that Sen. McCain let slip by, and I pounced on it, and gained a few political points with my co-workers. It was when they were talking about Georgia, and Sen. Obama said this:

    CNN Transcript

    No. 1 is we have to have foresight and anticipate some of these problems. So back in April, I warned the administration that you had Russian peacekeepers in Georgian territory. That made no sense whatsoever.

    And what we needed to do was replace them with international peacekeepers and a special envoy to resolve the crisis before it boiled over.

    I recalled to my co-workers that, a few weeks ago, when the trouble in Georgia exploded, Sen. Obama made this same statement in public, only when he said it then, he specified that what he’d “told the administration” (like he had a private pipeline into the President’s cabinet meetings, and the administration had no clue there were Russians in Georgia!– AND probably got that information from a security briefing that came from the White House in the first place!) was that we needed to send UN peacekeepers into Georgia.

    That was one of Sen. Obama’s biggest foreign policy gaffes of the entire campaign– Russia has a veto in the UN Security Council, and asking the UN for peacekeepers to replace the Russian troops would have brought gales of hysterical laughter at Turtle Bay for the sheer arrogance of it.

    Friday night he reminded us of that gaffe, but said “international peacekeepers”. There are only three ways to get “international peacekeepers”– by going to NATO (but Georgia is not a member), by going to the UN, or by stringing a group together on our own. None of which Russia would go along with. But it didn’t erase the fact that he originally said “UN peacekeepers”. He made a mistake in reminding us of it. Or, at least, he made a mistake in reminding ME of it! And I immediately took advantage of that error to point out that he had no clue what to do in an emergency.

    Of COURSE the mainstream news media is saying that Obama “won” the debate. They’re in the tank for him.

    But that wasn’t what I heard from the Democrats watching the debate with me.

  227. [I posted this on another thread – but it seems that thread is closed. Anyone still here?]

    I was astonished to read a report today that as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin cut funding for rape kits – the medical test kit that is normally provided free to rape victims.

    The report further says that McCain has voted several times against the renewal of Violence Against Women act, a resolution that Biden helped draft in 1994 and that makes states ineligible for federal grants if they charge rape victims for medical test kits.

    As far as I remember no one has ever asked Sarah Palin about these things in an interview.

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  228. tpt/ny said
    “1st- Make fun of that fact Obama could not remember McCain’s name. That should be the next video (how ever I must admit I LOVE THE CURRENT, McCain’s right one).”

    This would make a good campaign commercial: photos of Obama with his ever-changing fake grey hair, forgetting names, then ask, “Is Obama too old?”

  229. Indra, re: “I was astonished to read a report today that as mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin cut funding for rape kits – the medical test kit that is normally provided free to rape victims.”

    The Obamabots turned loose in Alaska tried to make something of this.

    However, they could not find one single instance in Wasilla where a rape victim (or any other crime victim) was made to pay for evidence gathering exams of any kind.

    As Governor, Sarah INCREASED funding to crime victime.

  230. Marial: “All Mccain had to do was to keep Obama off of his message, which he did.”

    Yes, Obama lost many opportunities during this debate. It’s an old story, however. Because

    What Is His Message?

  231. Missouri Governor Blunt is calling out Obama’s Chicago thug politics:

    Gov. Blunt Statement on Obama Campaign’s Abusive Use of Missouri Law Enforcement

    JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

    “St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

    “What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

    More at the link


  232. mamapajamas:

    Did Palin cut the funding though? Has she been asked about this? Whether or not it had any effect (or if there were any rape victims in Wasilla the years she was the mayor) is less important to me than her intent.

    I find it frustrating that Sarah Palin has decided to shun the press.Looking forward to the VP debate to find out more about her.

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