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Hillary OpEd piece in WSJ while Obama’s in “Uh Uh Rehab”

Hillary Rodham Clinton, again displays her brilliant Solutions for America that actually will help everyday Americans .  Please click on link to read, here are a few excerpts.

I’ve proposed a new Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC), to launch a national effort to help homeowners refinance their mortgages. The original HOLC, launched in 1933, bought mortgages from failed banks and modified the terms so families could make affordable payments while keeping their homes. The original HOLC returned a profit to the Treasury and saved one million homes. We can save roughly three times that many today. We should also put in place a temporary moratorium on foreclosures and freeze rate hikes in adjustable-rate mortgages. We’ve got to stem the tide of failing mortgages and give the markets time to recover.

The time for ideological, partisan arguments against these actions is over. For years, the calls to provide borrowers an affordable opportunity to avoid foreclosure as a means of preventing wider turmoil were dismissed as government intrusion into the private marketplace. My proposals over the past two years were derided as too much, too soon. Now we are forced to reckon with too little, too late.

…Corporations that will benefit must be held accountable, not only to large shareholders but also to the American people, who are rightly tired of business as usual: short-term profit at the expense of long-term viability; lax oversight and regulation; obscene bonuses and golden parachutes regardless of performance; reckless risk-taking that has placed the markets in jeopardy; rewards for foreclosing on middle-class families and selling mortgages designed to fail; and outsourcing good jobs to serve short-term stock prices instead of America’s long-term economic health.

This is a sink-or-swim moment for America. We cannot simply catch our breath. We’ve got to swim for the shores. We must address the conditions that set the stage for the turmoil unfolding on Wall Street, or we will find ourselves lurching from crisis to crisis. Just as Wall Street must once again look further than the quarterly report, our nation must as well.

Meanwhile the Democratic Candidate, Emperor Barack O’Nero,  fiddles with debate dress rehersal in Tampa, or as I call it, “Uh Uh Rehab”: 

Obama is staying at the historic Belleview Biltmore until Thursday to get ready for his first debate with John McCain, to be televised from Mississippi on Friday. 

Choosing the Tampa Bay area for his debate prep and making sure to work in a few photo opportunities while he’s here is a way for Obama to keep his name in headlines in a battleground state while he is staying secluded to work toward the debate.  

Seclusion?  From what?  Reality, maybe?   Why would you need so much practice at something you’re already supposed to know?  Like DancesWithPumas said in MYIQs post below, “this crisis is above his pay grade.” 

But that’s what tutors are for!

Washington lawyer Greg Craig will play the role of McCain in Obama’s debate rehearsals. Craig, a foreign policy expert and member of President Clinton’s impeachment defense team, also played President Bush in John Kerry’s preparations in 2004.

Ooh, an expert pretend Republican with a recurring role! 

One goal of the prep work will be to make sure Obama gets to the point quicker than during the primary debates, an aide said. The often loquacious Illinois senator has been delivering snappier sound bites recently on the campaign trail at the encouragement of his campaign advisers. 

So it is “Uh Uh Rehab!”

So let me get this straight: Senator #1 has the solution to the financial meltdown which in turn will help everyday Americans affected by the crisis and the economic model that Senator #1 presents helped the US get out of the Great Depression in the 1930s.  

Senator #2 plays dress-up for 3 days for a debate that may not happen which took his opponent, Senator #3,  a couple of hours to prepare and said opponent suspended his campaign to return to Congress and help solve the meltdown.  This is Obama’s “My Pet Goat” and “Katrina” moment.  And the AMerican people are supposed to feel confident in Obama’s “leadership” and support the DNC’s choice for a candidate?  RD once again is right, it’s a fiasco. 

Can we PLEASE have Hillary back? 

¡Que viva los PUMAs!

236 Responses

  1. My proposals over the past two years were derided as too much, too soon. Now we are forced to reckon with too little, too late.

    Yes, she did, and they ridiculed her. Like Katrina, like Iraq, they let things slide, and now they have to play catchup.

  2. One goal of the prep work will be to make sure Obama gets to the point quicker than during the primary debates, an aide said.

    LOL! He won’t be able to help himself. It will be especially obvious in stark contrast to McCain’s succinct responses.

    And, once again, where-oh-where is the press. Are they telling the American people that Obama is play-acting while the economy is in meltdown, while McCain drops everything to help?

  3. Once again Hillary cuts through the cr@p and gets to the heart of this mess.

    Oh, and BO, that title before your name, Senator, does mean you still have a job. Try doing it for a change.

  4. fif, on September 25th, 2008 at 10:12 am Said:

    One goal of the prep work will be to make sure Obama gets to the point quicker than during the primary debates, an aide said.

    LOL! He won’t be able to help himself. It will be especially obvious in stark contrast to McCain’s succinct responses.

    Obama reminds me of Sergio Garcia. The man has this irritating tick when he is golfing, where he doeslike 30 practice swings before he actually hits the ball.

    We all know Obama’s ticks 🙂

    uh um uh uh uh um that is uh um uh uh the notion uh um uh uh you know um uh uh um uh black um uh uh um uh hope uh um uh um change um uh uh uh lipstick.

  5. Once again, Hillary leads.

  6. Once again it is evident to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear, that the “Democratic party” picked the wrong candidate as their nominee. It was evident throughout the primaries and it is evident now that Hillary is solution-based, a problem solver, who loves this country and will work every day to make it better. Obama loves Obama (and Michelle and his girls) but no one else. He has no real plan to solve anything (he may some ideological plans but that will not help, it will only make the country more divisive than he has already done by his arrogant attitudes). He can just cut and paste from others’ ideas as he did during the primary process. Maybe it’s time he acknowledged once and for all that the Presidency is way above his pay-grade.

  7. A listener in Pittsburgh did the math and KDKA Radio’s Martie Griffin offers this conclusion: instead of giving $750 Billion to Wall Street, just make the payments directly to the taxpayers. Send checks for $22,876.84 / per American and let us bail ourselves out. Ever been foreclosed upon? Had a sherrif’s deputy show up during dinner to nail a notice to your door? Ever had a vehicle reposessed? Ever been fired from your job by a greedy owner who didn’t want to pay you, give you the raise you earned or include you in the benefits plan?

    Show the banks and predatory lenders the same reason and compassion they showed the consumer / taxpayer! Next time you are broke down in traffic trying to get the kids to day care before heading to work with another excuse for why you’re late again, see if the boss helps pay the repair fee on that car.

  8. My peer at work’s mother is going to the debate if it happens. She is ssssssssssoooooooooooooooo McCain, but really was mad about the way Hillary was treated.

    The crowd should be interesting.

  9. Apparently, Paulson asked specifically for McCain’s help in getting Republicans on-board for a compromise bill:


  10. I thought McCain was going to cancel the debate in order to attend to financial business. Was that before Harry Reid told him not to come to Washington because he wouldn’t be helpful? I thought it was brilliant of McCain to back out. I’d love to have heard Barky barking about him chickening out of debates.

  11. What really worries me about Obama is that he’s all about winning, and not at all about what to do once he has won.

    His campaign will organize this election like nobody’s ever seen before.

    And then what? He has no clue about policy, or governing. He’s never shown any interest in taking a position or working with people or doing anything except running for the next job. What do we get if we get him, except a lot of hot air?

  12. Hillary is THE expert on this crisis. Obama doesn’t have a clue.

    I am hoping that McCain and Hillary will be able to meet with each other today. Will it happen? I hope so.

    Hillary deserves a seat at that economic table to help get the best plan for America.

    Obama’s lack of leadership on this issue is shocking. Just reported that he is still down at his hotel in Florida. WTF? While he kicks back with room service, McCain is heading to the White House and taking action.

    Barack “Just Have ’em call me” Obama is not showing leadership. He’s showing his inexperience and an unwillingness for action. Words, just words.

    I, uh uh uh , I I I , um um , uhhhh I uhhh …

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  13. Well, if we’re going to let folks keep houses they bought which they could not afford, like the folks at 45k per year who bought 500k houses, then I want mine too. I want a house really bad, and I can’t afford one even though I make pretty good money. When everyone was buying these overpriced houses here in S. Florida using interest free load and ARMs and other crap products, I was sensible and decided to wait until sanity returned. But if we’re going to bailout all these people and let them keep their 500k houses, and shore up the market so affordability doesn’t return, then all I can say is I want my piece of the pie. I want my million dollar house, and then reduce the debt to 400k so I can keep it.

  14. I think if a deal gets done today or tomorrow, no doubt McCain will make the debate tomorrow night. He has been looking forward to that debate for months.

    But if a deal can’t get done in time, by all means, the foreign policy debate should just be rescheduled for next week. No brainer.

  15. In a bipartisan effort, I want to offer $1000 to anyone that doesn’t know where Obama stands on the issues in return for canceling the debates and not being forced by the “lookey, lookey at a car crash” mentality I will engage in on Friday night like millions of others.


    Is anybody out there that can collect from me?


    Last Chance!!!!!!!!! Anyone who doesn’t know??????????


    Thought so. BO get you “skinny ass back to Washington” and attempt to do the job you have been collecting a salary for the last 3 + years


  16. LOL! Obama speaking via satellite now and there is NO AUDIO. LMAO!!

  17. Barry looks tired. He is speaking very slow. Teleprompter not scrolling at the right speed? LOL! What’s the deal, Barry?

  18. Uh oh, the teleprompter is acting up on Barry.

  19. Does anyone notice BO’s face is morphing into the look of a “rat”?

  20. Oh noez! That teleprompter must be r@cist!

  21. Please, please, can we have Hillary back?

  22. If BO wants me to pay anymore attention to him, he’s going to have to start burning those flags they are piling up behind him.

  23. votermom – It is, I can tell.

  24. NH: those houses are “on sale” now.

    Something has to be done. I would rather risk some homeowners being helped more than they deserve than seeing the banks get propped up and the foreclosures continue to flood the market.

    Oh, and the CEO pay thing really gets my goat – while those fools outsource the call center, the billing department, the IT department…

    Some people might benefit more than they deserve in any play to inject money – I’d just rather see it be working people.

  25. He just said, “Our dependence on oil and gas makes us subject to the terrorists.”

    Shouldn’t he have said “foreign”.


    That r*cist teleprompter is really messing up.

    Pathetic. Keep reading your speeches. No one is listening.

  26. Oh, my God! His teleprompter just quit for a measurable moment and he just stopped talking until it got going again!

  27. Wow, does he look baaaad. Holy cow.

  28. Is it possible to listen to this?

  29. I noticed yesterday the MSM was drooling over the chance to talk about the debates. They are NOT, NOT happy with McCain. They are getting tired of talking about the economy because it is so HARD and they have to interview economists… oh no!

    This week plays to obama and his super great multi-tasking… um, I don’t think presidents really get to have several days to study one topic.

    Next week, McCain might get to be the hero if he really does help with bipartisan support.

  30. jjmtacoma, we are just being fed more BS so that Paulson can save his buddies on wall street. We are getting the propaganda now that this bailout is really for our 401k and jobs. Scare tactic. doesn’t anyone remember this crap anymore.

    Here is what we should do: from another site:

    Rather than give $700 B to a bunch of wall street slimeballs that passed bad paper – why not announce a $700 B gov’t program to rebuild the infrastructure in the country – highways, railroads, sewers, electric grid, highspeed internet backbone, cellular, wind and solar farms – the whole nine yards.

    I figure that there are some financial firms that aren’t overloaded with toxic paper that could help finance this AND the rest of the system and at the same time we would allow those firms with toxic paper to eat it or go bankrupt.

  31. He’s getting a decidedly lukewarm reception. Now he’s jacking EVERYBODY’S plan for everything.

  32. I think this speech might be the worst speech I’ve ever heard. He’s not even reading it well.

  33. Is Obama stoned? Why are his eyes so bloodshot?

  34. Somebody’s messing with his teleprompter….this is funny. Multi-tasking is so easy when you’ve had NOTHING ON YOUR SCHEDULE BUT CAMPAIGNING. Multi-tasking, indeed! What the hell does this guy know about M/Ting?

  35. If he was pausing for applause, he was only getting it from maybe 1/3 of the room. Everybody else looked glazed.

  36. To illustrate his ablility to multitask , BO is running his own teleprompter today…..

  37. Well, glad Obama’s 10 minute text reading is over. That was hard to watch. LOL!

  38. Where is is he speaking?

  39. soupcity, nicely done.

  40. I didn’t watch either, wherever it was — someone point us to a you tube if it comes up?

  41. Since this bailout package makes us all shareholders of Wall Street, can we get dividends? Will i get a $10k refund in a few years? or does the idiot who took out the subprime mortgage on a house he can’t afford get my money instead?

  42. Not one of Barry’s best moments, to say the least.

  43. Why, thank you Prolix.

  44. He was speaking to Bill’s Global Initiative.

  45. Arabella, Obama was speaking via satellite from his hotel down in Florida. To say it was just weird, would be a major compliment.

  46. Does anyone notice BO’s face is morphing into the look of a “rat”?

    LOL! Carol, I loved your PUMA HAKA ARMY on the other thread.

    For those that are arguing that this is just a political stunt by McCain, these two points:
    1. The Republicans won’t sign on without his approval, so he is key to passing a deal.
    2. The credit markets are FROZEN. That cannot be sustained for more than a few days. If it is not dealt with by Monday, when the Asian markets open, at the latest, it will cause a new wave of calamity. It has to be done NOW.

    A stupid debate that can be postponed for a week is certainly not a priority. There is a time for debate/talk and a time for action. Action is needed now. Decisions. Something completely foreign to Barry. Can’t we just solve this problem with a speech? (Preferably in a stadium)

    The idea that McCain is “afraid’ to debate Obama is preposterous. As Linsday Graham said, “We’ve been begging this guy to debate for months. We’ve got 40 more days to debate.”

  47. Hilary should be in that meeting in Washington much more than Dodd or Frank. Geez.

  48. Bill Hemmer called out the BO advisor on her attempt to pretend BO is the first to acknowledge this brewing crisis.

  49. Plural: “And then what? He has no clue about policy, or governing. He’s never shown any interest in taking a position or working with people or doing anything except running for the next job. What do we get if we get him, except a lot of hot air?”


    You’re kidding, right? Hillary will be expected to do all the work while Obama plays emperor and Biden travels around to the world committing huge gaffes in meetings with foreign leaders.

  50. RD actually added all of the PUMA ARMY HAKA 👿 ‘s

  51. Reading this makes me too sad. We could have had a candidate with true vision and leadership skills, we could have had a candidate with a spouse who served 8 years in the same job magnificently, we could have had a candidate that could debate John McCain under the table.


  52. BB,


    I fear you are right.

  53. Did Obama put in more gray for the debates or is he going for the younger more ‘elite’ look? Important things first…MAKE-UP!

  54. I can see him admiring himself in ermine, while the media faint at his feet.

  55. Bill Burton is on. I would enjoy shoving his face into some excr*ment. Sorry, just being honest.

  56. Carol, too late — he’s spewing the stuff.

  57. Obama spokesman, Bill Burton, saying that Obama has been following this matter very closely.

    “He’s been in constant contact with Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi.”

    The same Harry Reid and Speaker Pe4losi that don’t know what to do and asked McCain to come to Washington to tell them what to do?

    Barack Obama is just phoning it in, as usual.

    Obama chatting by phone with Harry Reid and Speaker Pelosi in between room service meals from his hotel in Florida. Wow, thank God Obama is such a hard worker in all of this.


    Bill Burton’s ignorance cracks me up. He is one funny tool.

  58. Barry: “Uh huh, what Hillary said.”

  59. Hi all. This is off-topic, but I was astounded so I thought I’d post. I was reading the *other* free local rag this morning (see my post yesterday about the fine writing by the Philadelphia Weekly editor) and was blithely reading the “Choice Awards” for Philly for 2008. I then came across the following, which was written by Monica Weymouth (yea, that’s MONICA). I have edited the offensive word to get through moderation but believe me, its written out in the actual paper. I already wrote to the editor at citypaper dot net, but I think it would be awesome to inundate their Obot loving office. There’s a “write to the editor” link on the home page.

    Best Use of the C Word
    Awesome Dudes Printing (website deleted) took home an award last year for their inspired “Khyber Bathrooms Are For Lovers” T-shirt. But this time, it was their eloquent tribute to another dirty tramp that caught our attention. Their latest design reads, in giant lime green block letters, “Sarah Palin Is a C**t.” My mom taught me better, but come on — total c**t. —Monica Weymouth

  60. Maybe I’m being pollyanna here – but I believe if Hillary was the nominee, she and McCain would come out with a joint plan and get it through together. Nobody would get points for it and they would move on.

  61. “The credit markets are FROZEN. That cannot be sustained for more than a few days. If it is not dealt with by Monday, when the Asian markets open, at the latest, it will cause a new wave of calamity. It has to be done NOW. ”

    The markets are not frozen to folks to buy houses, cars etc if they can afford them. Credit is not frozen to companies that can show credit worthiness.

    Credit is frozen to those a##holes who want to use 100% credit to do more mergers and acquisitions to buy market cap or get themselves out of debt. The very people who benefited fromt the GREED and who not want to be bailed out of the consequences. We are being fed propaganda.

  62. Obama is a little pissant pisher who needs to admit he is way over his head in this. Above his pay-grade, is the understatement of the fucking year.

    Like I said on the previous post, I realize we have to do something. But damn it to hell, why do I have to pay for it. Average unemployment is around $300 bucks a week. If we fuck up at work, we don’t get golden parachutes worth millions, we don’t even get a parachute, they just push average citizens out of the plane without one. Make them give the golden parachute money back. (I know they can’t, but for fucks sake, enough is enough)

  63. In every case this year when the market blowhards demanded something from the Fed, like lower interest rates etc, they market would go up for 1 or 2 days afterward. Then the market would meltdown again and the demands for further action by the Fed would commence. Bailout of Freddie and Fannie, a couple of days of market respite, then downward spiral again.

    The same with this 700b taxpayer bailout. The market will go up for a couple of days and then crass again and more demands will be made. Thats why Paulson wants a blank check and no oversight. (plus they are guessing on the amount of money that will be needed).

  64. Apart from solving this crisis, there should also be criminal investigation into the whole thing.

  65. Yeah, voter mom, I want to see some repo’d Bentleys and some of those mansions turned into shelters for the people who have already been foreclosed on.

  66. Link to text of McCain’s speech at Clinton’s Global Initiative this morning:


    Here’s a portion of it:

    It has become clear that no consensus has developed to support the Administration’s proposal to meet the crisis. I do not believe that the plan on the table will pass as it currently stands, and we are running out of time. So I am returning to Washington to seek five fundamental improvements to this critical legislation. I have laid out these principles over the past week:

    First, there must be greater accountability included in the bill. I have suggested a bipartisan board to provide oversight for the rescue. We will not solve a problem caused by poor oversight with a plan that has no oversight. Never before in the history of our nation has so much power and money been concentrated in the hands of one person, and there must be protections and oversight in place.

    Second, as a part of that oversight, there must be a path for taxpayers to recover the money that is put into this fund. When we’re talking about 700 billion taxpayer dollars, that money cannot simply go into a black hole of bad debt with no means of recovering any of the funds.

    Third, there must be complete transparency in the review of this legislation and in the implementation of any legislation. This cannot be thrown together behind closed doors. The American people have the right to know which businesses will be helped, what that selection will be based on and how much that help will cost. All the details should all be made available online and elsewhere for open public scrutiny.

    Fourth, it is completely unacceptable for any kind of earmarks to be included in this bill. It would be outrageous for legislators and lobbyists to pack this rescue plan with even more taxpayer money for favored companies. And frankly, members of Congress who would attempt such a thing are scarcely better than the most reckless operators on Wall Street.

    Fifth and finally, no Wall Street executives should profit from taxpayer dollars. Let me put it this way: I would rather build a bridge to nowhere — and put it square in the middle of Sedona, Arizona — than take money from teachers and farmers and small business owners to line the pockets of the Wall Street crowd that got us here in the first place. And I can assure you: if I have anything to say about the matter, it’s not going to happen.


  67. I remember hearing my grandparents talking about the suicides during the depression. I, honestly, am not worried about it. I have been broke before and I may be broke again. The one thing I know, is I won’t jump out of a damn window. I will just eat PBJ and bologna until the dust settles. Regular people always find a way to make do. If that makes me folksy or not intelligent enough for here, sorry, I grew up a rural, farm girl. We survive.

  68. Has Obama gone from Hope to Dope? 🙂

    In his speech from Florida this morning, his pupils looked dialated and overall, he appeared to be very lethargic and just not all together. I don’t think it was just the teleprompter. Someone should make him pee in a container and run a CBC stat!

    Hope to to Rope A Dope: The change Obama believes in.

  69. Micki, on September 25th, 2008 at 11:13 am Said:

    Best Use of the C Word
    Awesome Dudes Printing (website deleted) took home an award last year for their inspired “Khyber Bathrooms Are For Lovers” T-shirt. But this time, it was their eloquent tribute to another dirty tramp that caught our attention. Their latest design reads, in giant lime green block letters, “Sarah Palin Is a C**t.” My mom taught me better, but come on — total c**t. —Monica Weymouth


    I just don’t know how to deal with this stuff anymore. I feel like the number of sane people in the country is dwindling. Who are the good guys? I. Just. Don’t. Know. Anymore.

  70. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalradar/2008/09/bill-clinton-do.html

    Bill Clinton this morniing:

    McCain acted on ‘good faith’ for debate delay

    “We know he didn’t do it because he’s afraid because Sen. McCain wanted more debates,” Clinton said, adding that he was “encouraged” by the joint statement from McCain and Sen. Barack Obama.

    “You can put it off a few days the problem is it’s hard to reschedule those things,” Clinton said, “I presume he did that in good faith since I know he wanted — I remember he asked for more debates to go all around the country and so I don’t think we ought to overly parse that.”

    Tell it Big Dawg!!

    Obama is crying now. LOL!

  71. have you guys seen this:

    i dont know whether to cry or laugh or both
    but somehow it works to make me vote for McCain!

  72. Pakistan just fired on one of our Aircraft!

    This is not good!

  73. Carol,

    Let’s hope this isn’t our October surprise.

  74. Carol @ 11:41

    “Pakistan just fired on one of our Aircraft!”

    Really? Wasn’t Barky going to invade Pakistan or something? I think we should just let him take over right now, and get on with it.

  75. They fired on US helicopters patrolling Afghanistan.

  76. A more detailed account of the Pakistan action on our helicopters:


  77. I guess shrub didn’t let Pakistan know that we’d be invading their airspace. Oops.

  78. The more I think about it, the HOLC revival (sans the red lines) is the only real option.

    But it’s not as easy as you may think. HOLC worked — and despite what some will tell you, it DID work; it even turned a small profit — because it was able to transform the very nature of home loans.

    Before HOLC, they were very short term — four years or so. After HOLC, they became fully amortized 15 year loans — later 20, 25, 30 year loans. This gave plenty of room for loan restructuring, so that strapped homeowners were able to meet payments instead of facing an eviction notice.

    Do we have that kind of leeway now? It seems absurd to keep raising the length of loans indefinitely. (60 years? 100?)

    I would propose that the new HOLC be granted the power to declare a “crisis period.” We can’t use that actual term, for obvious psychological reasons, but let’s call it that for now.

    The existing terms of home loans to financially troubled individuals would be declared null and void for the period of the crisis, and only for that period. The crisis period might last as long as two years — five years — maybe ten. During that time, an entirely new — and much easier — loan structure would be in place. Temporarily. On a case-by-case basis.

    A family might find itself paying $500 a month for a three-bedroom home during the crisis period. This might seem absurd, especially since the home next door might have a house note of $2200 or so.

    But the situation would be temporary. When boom times return; the family would be eased back into making larger payments.

    The terms of the home loan would be extended in time for as long as the crisis period exists.

    What’s the alternative? Instead of collecting that $500 a month, and collecting a great deal more money further down the line, the bank forecloses on the home. The family is tossed out. The foreclosure drives down house prices throughout the neighborhood. Across the board. Worsening the national problem.

    The house may be sold for a fraction of what the evicted family agreed to pay. The holder of the mortgage loses big-time.

    The holder of the mortgage, it seems, will be the taxpayers. We will be paying $700 billion for a bunch of properties that are not worth $700 billion. With each foreclosure, the deal gets worse and worse.

    Under the system proposed here, the properties would maintain their value. The new HOLC would, like its predecessor, eventually turn a profit.

  79. Does anyone know where I can find the latest Obama statement on video? I’m not having any luck on CNN or FOX

  80. Don’t worry, Barry will send a text message to Pakistan when he finds his phone.

  81. BB, he was speaking to the Clinton Global Initiative.

    Try their site.

  82. There goes that crazy Bill, being truthful again:

    Fox News Blames Democrats for Financial Crisis, Bill Clinton Agrees


    Going very much against the media meme that the current financial crisis is all George W. Bush and the Republicans’ fault, Bill Clinton on Thursday told ABC’s Chris Cuomo that Democrats for years have been “resisting any efforts by Republicans in the Congress or by me when I was President to put some standards and tighten up a little on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”

    Whether he knew it or not, Clinton was going against virtually all press outlets that have been pointing fingers at Republicans since this crisis began, and likely much to the dismay of such folk actually agreed with a Fox News segment aired on Tuesday’s “Special Report”

  83. I hope McCain says “me too” on Hillary’s proposal before Mr. Call Me does.

  84. Joseph, I think people have stopped thinking paying off the primary home for financial security is a good idea.

    Since the average home buyer never intends to pay off the loan, the length of the loan doesn’t seem to matter. Longer loans are better for the financial “industry” because they get more interest over the life of the loan, even if the rate itself is much lower.

    We better hope for UHC pretty soon. That is the only way I can see anyone of my generation or millinials being able to retire – since they will still have house payments and no sweet pension to add to SS.

  85. Where is this Economic experience of Obama’s from???
    I just want to know – how come Obama owns the “economic” side of the
    where did he get all this economic knowledge over McCain???????? This
    be questioned don’t you think? If I were McCain I would ask Obama
    question if I got the chance. I think this needs to be highlighted
    because I dont know where the hell obama got his background.
    melk txs

  86. If there’s any sliver lining to this whole crisis and bailout, I think it’s that we can start asking Washington, regardless of who is president, how come we can afford $700B to rescue Wall Street but we can’t afford universal healthcare?

  87. MK-Tony Rezko taught BO all he needs to know about economic issues and then some.

  88. Plural,

    Thanks, I found it on google news finally.

  89. WMCB, on September 25th, 2008 at 11:55 am

    And FOX news is not reporting everything. From what I read he is not blaming the whole mess on Democrats rather that the share the blame.

  90. MK5112 Tx,

    Obama doesn’t have any experience. What he has is the DNC and the entire corporate media.

  91. jjmtacoma, we as a society also seem to believe that if we are entitled to 4000 square feet, separate bedrooms and bathrooms for every kid, and generally way more than we need.

    The average family of 4 used to live in 1200 to 1500 square feet, quite happily. Same sex kids shared a bedroom, period. Paying off a modest house was entirely doable. It is STILL doable, but not if you insist you must have a McMansion.

    Hubby and I have zero debt. Zero, zip, nada. Our cars are bought used. Hubby’s a doc, and pulls into the hospital and parks his beat up old truck (has a dented fender) beside all the other docs Mercedes and Lexuses. We moved to Texas about a year and a half ago, and have been leasing since our youngest only had one year of school left. We are now starting to look for a house. We can AFFORD an over million dollar house. We are looking for around a $300,000 house, and can come close to paying cash for it if we need to. We live WELL below our means. Americans have completely forgotten how to do that.

  92. No, downticket, he is not laying the blame solely on Dems. But he IS pointing out that the cries of “It’s ALL because of the nasty Repub deregulators” is a bogus claim.

  93. We really should simply demand Hillary back.

  94. TheRealKim: My thoughts and prayers are with you and your son today.

  95. Barbara Boxer is on Fox.
    She really ought to consider medication.
    Ranting about how Senators need to be able to do more than one thing at a time and McCain calling a time-out does not serve the American people.
    What an Obot.
    How can these fools downplay the seriousness of what is going on?

  96. Letter for Debate Commission (Director Janet Brown: jb@debates.org)

    Dear Director Brown:

    If the debate scheduled for September 26, 2008 is going to be rescheduled or refitted, there is time to make sure that ALL candidates who have qualified on state ballots across the country participate. The organization of the Commission to control the political process in this country was a blow to democracy and an attempt to force all political voices through the corporate parties’ megaphone. The cutoff of a 15% polling level is a blatant attempt to stifle expression and limit the choices of the voting public. The national standard for recognized party status is 5% of votes cast in the previous election for statewide office in many states. Please explain the decision of the Commission set a polling standard of 15%? No explanation you could invent will hide the truth that it is about control of taxpayer money.

    Well, Director Brown, there is a big to-do about how to use $700,000,000,000 of that, OUR, money right now. I think the people of the United States should hear ideas about how to fix this mess and avoid it in the future. The Democrats and Republicans are responsible for allowing this crisis to occur. Credible, intelligent, committed candidates for President are ready to have their voices heard and ideas debated. There is a better response than, “No one knows what to do.”

    I sincerely hope that the Commission can show that it wants to operate in the interests of the American people–not the two corporate parties. Open the debates to candidates McKinney, Barr, Nader, Baldwin, and any other candidate who has qualified on state ballots across the country.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    A. Citizen

  97. WMCB, on September 25th, 2008 at 12:11 pm Said:

    The average family of 4 used to live in 1200 to 1500 square feet, quite happily. Same sex kids shared a bedroom, period. Paying off a modest house was entirely doable. It is STILL doable, but not if you insist you must have a McMansion.

    There are some markets where modest homes wit modest prices just do not exist. From 2005-2007 I worked in DC. My ex bought a 1200ft cottage in Cheverly MD for $370,000 adn that was a great deal in that market. Most one bedroom apartments inside the beltway or close to it were around $1500 or more a month. My officemate and his gf rented a two bedroom for over $2000/month. I was a GS-7 with an E-7 retirement check coming in and it was tough. While there are many people who live above their mean there are just as many of us who work hard and don’t have a chance to save to buy into a decent piece of property.

  98. MK5112 Tx Obama is riding on the coattails of previous Dem Presidents. He has no experience and no qualifications. Americans who think Obama will do right by them because FDR did or Clinton did are fooling themselves.

  99. My husband and I moved to tx in april of 06 – we could have bought more of a house also but we decided to use that 20% solution. So 20 % of what was left over of real income was what we decided to spend on our mortgage. Using that we could spend around $200k on a house , no money down, fixed rate on the first and second on a third of an acre with my mini dachshunds. An extra little house out in back.
    When the last problem with mortgages happened- in the 1980’s my husband and I bought a little house with an adjustable rate mortgage that went up to 24% before we finally managed to refinance it. We didnt ask any one to help us out of it, we assumed we had to handle it ourselfs and thats what we did. It was a very good lesson- stay away from ARM’s.
    I would really like to put a big light on “obama’s claim to economic experience” – we need to pick at this like it is a big bad pimple on his face.

  100. My little house is 1300 sq ft maybe alittle more and the little house (that needs insulation) in the back is about 280 sq feet . – yes I had more stuff to put in there than I had room because a few yrs ago we lived in a $600k home on 4 acres in the Santa cruz mountains and it was to much space and to much to heat and to much ea month to pay- we learned from that to- better to live modestly than to be over your head.

  101. The comparison really is to George W. and his reaction to the news that the World Trade Center buildings were attacked – he FROZE! Obambi has NO IDEA what to do when faced with a crisis, other than to say “call me if you need me.” To do what Obambi? What would you do? Do you have a well thought out PLAN like some senators have? Or do you need to stand in front of the mirrors a little while longer and pick out the right tie to wear for your big debate?

  102. Why is Obama secluded to work on the debates? Can’t he do two things at once or is that only required of John McCain?


  103. Dodd says a “fundamental agreement has been reached.” Quick, tell Barkey to stay at Disney World.

  104. I am quite sure Dodd has something worked out. He is so close to the Wall Street banks and all.

  105. MK5112 Tx,

    $200K for a house? Where I live that is a pipedream that has been over for many years. I live in a two-br Cape Cod, a dinky little house. The nearly identical house across the street from me went for $499K a year ago. If you want to live closer to Boston, you will pay that much and more for a condo. That is why I plan to move back to Indiana when I can.

  106. The thing that gets me is the freaking media, the headline on MSN is “Obama, McCain Joining Talks on Wall Street Rescue”. Excuse me but isn’t Teh One in Florida cramming for the debate?

  107. A lot of it is luck — I am so grateful that we were able to save up enough for a down payment in the last years of the Clinton era, before this stupid housing bubble, so we managed to buy a house at a reasonable price. But this economy is still hurting us.

  108. Gore and Kerry lost because they were Democrats that didn’t connect with rural voters and were called elitists. John Kerry became the Flip Flop King and Gore invented the Internet.

    The Dems blamed Bush for the Gore 2000 loss in a race that shouldn’t have been close. Gore was rejected by the voters in his home state. (If Gore had won Tennessee, there would be no Bush two terms).

    They blamed Blackwell of Ohio when Kerry lost when, in actuality, Kerry flip flopped his way to a defeat when he took whatever position he thought would ascend him to the white house.

    The Dems continue to look for someone or something to blame for why they lost or will lose. Now it’s “blame their own” by claiming they’re racists. How about the DNC blame their gawd damn selves. You’ve given us two winners in 40 f*cking years.

    Bill Clinton was not the DNC’s choice for president. He was the people’s choice! That’s why he won TWICE.

    The DNC, blinded by greed, has forgotten what a winner looks like. They want to continue using the blame game to explain away their mediocre choices. Hey Howard and Nancy! Obama may be a different color, but he’s the same kind you’ve lost with in the last 2 elections: “The Losing Kind”. He can’t connect with rural voters. He’s an elitist and he’s taken away the flip flop crown from John Kerry. Why should his faith be any different?

    You want us to lower the bar based on his race.

    You’re asking that guilt be the deciding factor for our vote. You’re saying throw away our principles because he’s entitled. In other words, you want us to put a man before our country. Leading America is not about entitlement or race. It’s about leadership.

    The junior senator with 143 days in the senate and over 100 present votes, has flip flopped on every position he’s taken. He is NOT ready to lead.

    He hasn’t even earned the right to.
    If you feel me on this please share your comments

  109. TV Announcer: “The fort is on fire.”

    John McCain:” Get the fire trucks down to the blaze , roll out the hoses and extinguish the flames.”

    Barky: “Does this mean the prom is cancelled?”

  110. wait, I don’t get it. I thought they were both going to DC to meet Bush. when is that supposed to happen?

  111. Notes from above:

    Yes, WMCB, I remember well the days when kids shared bedrooms and the whole family made it with one bath. Somehow we all survived with no deprivation psychoses apparent. I remember, too, the standard 30-year mortgage which almost everyone eventually paid off, after years of careful spending.

    As for Micki’s Best Use of the C-Word post: what’s really depressing is that, just six months ago, this sort of item might have been mind boggling – now it’s in the predictable column.

    Re Obama’s satellite screw-up: anyone really believe this will get candid coverage in the MSM? Not a chance. We canceled the self righteous Austin rag when it became Obama wallpaper, and opted for the San Antonio paper (we live b/t the two cities). The latter seemed to be noticeably more real-world and objective. Sad to say, it has since succumbed to NYTimes & AP front-page Obama boilerplate, and its opinion pages are filled with anti-McCain/Palin screeds. This morning headlines were variations of “McCain Chickens Out Of Debate”. So much for the SA paper.

    I fear that I’ll soon be down to My Weekly Reader. Even my beloved New Yorker has turned traitor. Ditto Vanity Fair and The Atlantic; the list goes on and on. Anyone know if Popular Mechanics has jumped on the Obama wagon?

  112. Call your congressperson. Call your senator. Tell them to vote against this bailout. It’s a hoax and not the solution. HRC has the solution and they (Washington) need to look at her plan or, at least, the plan of using a HOLC to strat with.

    Call, call, call, call, call.

  113. gallup daily has JM and BO tied again today. rasmussen ahs BO up by 3 I believe.

  114. Count Us Out, Gore never said he “invented the internet,” it was Chris Matthews who spouted that Urban Legend (check Snopes) again and again (and
    he removed his Bush button before doing so). It was a way to smear Gore and prop up the arrogant, empty suit that the mainstream media corporations were selling, naming G.W. Bush.

    What Gore said was that
    he worked for years on the legislation that was the backbone of the current
    internet (DARPA). He is a technology fan and worked hard to help us
    progress to the point where e-mail moved beyond the Dept. of Defense into education and then into corporations, and finally into everyday life. Government support from legislators such as Gore was crucial to the development of the internet. The thing about Gore is that he is a doer and not a bragger. He talked about the origins of the internet when asked about it, not to claim anything. For him government is making a difference in people’s lives, not being a “rock star.” Remember Chris Matthews also got a thrill when he heard JFK, Jr. as a teenager, but he “fell hard” for Nixon.

    Be aware of your sources.

  115. gallup had BO up 6 just a couple days ago…. now back to a tie… i think it’s fairly obvious that you have to take all of these polls with a grain of salt

  116. I just saw the McCain and Palin interviews with Couric.

    1st – Couric used the phraseology of Depression with Palin – Palin was responding to the question with her phraseology. Couric then intimated that Palin was pushing Depression.

    2nd – When someone asks BO, Biden, KO, Maddow, Matthews, Mika to name Barky’s accomplishments and can get an anwser, I’ll worry about Palin not having a tick off of McCain’s accomplishments regarding regulation.

    Couric – you will be fired soon. I have never liked your style, as in, “yes, your sister was murdered and laid out in front of the high school while you were hovering scared sh*tless under a desk trying to survive while all of your friends were bleeding to death ……………………………………. How did you feel about that?” “Were you really scared?”

    No journalist left.


  117. Oh my heck — BO justed “me too’d” McCain’s plan to improve the Paulson bill at the Clinton Global Initiative conference. He laid out the same dang 5 improvements to the bill that McCain outlined earlier. Watch the msm treat BO’s 5 as the holy grail while ignoring the fact that McCain even spoke at all.

  118. hey NC PUMAs, Biden and Obama are going to be in Greensboro on Saturday. Anybody want to go make some noise? I’m up for it. email me at mawmandgary@gmail.com I’ll write a post about it tomorrow.

  119. wmcb does have a point, though, about those who aren’t obliged to spend $500K + on a house because of market conditions. Sometimes watching “House Hunters” can make me sick: “Oh, this house doesn’t have a pool,” “But there’s no spa bathroom,” etc. If you can afford it, good for you. But there are plenty who do not have the means but apparently want their “dream house” badly enough to take out enormous loans.

    I remember when my husband and I were looking at houses several years ago and one surprisingly frank mortgage broker said, “Look, mortgage lenders don’t care if you have no money left for food or furniture, they’re going to hope you buy a house at the higher end of your price range.” Of course, they’re salesmen.

    I don’t mean to oversimplify the issue, but it does bother me that some people don’t have the good sense to know when to say “No, I can’t afford that.”

  120. gary and Mawm – ya have another Hurricane coming your way.

  121. Jules, you’re right. Any salesperson doesn’t give two shakes about how much money you have to back up your purchase unless…. they’re regulated.

  122. Hey CB: A few months back, I had a rather heated e-mail exchange w/Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker (the guy who usually writes nearly all Talk Of The Town political items). Turns out Hertzberg is an old friend – and huge admirer – of Matthews, and believes he’d be an outstanding candidate for political office. Simply bind moggling, especially after all the damage Matthews has done to genuinely decent and capable Dem candidates such as Gore.

  123. countusout, there were some very funny voting shenanigans in Ohio during the 2004 election: ten hour waits and machine malfunctions in Democratic (black) precincts, towns that ostensibly voted for everyone and everything except the top of the ticket and blocs of votes that amazingly switched in toto from Kerry to Bush!
    The CEO of Diebold-the company that manufactured our voting machines-publicly stated that he was committted to seeing that Bush was re-elected.
    Kerry was and is a stiff but, I believe, that the election was stolen from him.

  124. Amendment: “…genuinely decent and capable Dem candidates such as Gore – AND BOTH CLINTONS”.

  125. Well, let me say I have 4 children and we live in a 3 bedroom trailer. My three boys share a room. My daughter has her own room but it is small. We rent the lot it is placed on. I clip coupons. We do breakfast for dinner weekly. We shop back to school at thrift stores and consignment shops for all but socks, underwear and shoes.The kids bookshelves with games and books line the walls in my husband’s and my bedroom. It’s a small home but it is what we could afford. I resent the hades out of the fact that revenue will be utilized to bail out the fiscally irresponsible, while people like ourselves are basically paying for those who weren’t so responsible to stay in their homes and lavish lifestyles, homes and lifestyles , I might add that my children will only be able to dream of wistfully. I’d prefer my money go to places like the Mission in Roanoke, who are busting their bottoms to feed and shelter folks.

  126. Connecticut Dems to trying to Censure Lieberman for his campaigning for McCain.

    Are these the same Democrats that would not support Lieberman for re-election?

    Is this the same old politics that BO says we are all tired of? Isn’t this America where everyone has a right to their opinion and a duty to act on it?

  127. Bernie Sanders rocks. Check it out:


    Sign his petition to stop the bailout.

  128. Gallup Daily: Race Back to a Tie at 46% Each


    September 25, 2008
    PRINCETON, NJ — John McCain has gained ground and is now tied with Barack Obama among registered voters in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update for Sept. 22-24, with each candidate getting 46% support.

    Americans appreciate, respect, want, anmd deserve a leader in the White House that will put country first and take action to help them in a crisis. That is exactly what John McCain is all about. The new poll reflects this.

    God Speed John McCain!

  129. Pelosi thinks they will have a bailout deal by today. If so, McCain can head into the debate with “economic hero” cred, no?

  130. NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — Lawmakers have reached a bipartisan deal on the $700 billion financial bailout plan being pushed by the Bush administration.

    Both parties and both houses agreed Thursday to a set of principles on revisions to the rescue plan, which calls for the Treasury Department to buy up bad mortgage securities from banks in an effort to get them to lend again.

  131. carol, it’s a nor’easter…kinda early for it though…they say we’re gonna git 40mph winds and lots of rain.

  132. Sorry, WMCB, there is just no way I could ever afford to buy a house in the SF Bay Area doing what I want to do, working in the nonprofit sector if I want to live close to where I work. It has little to do with the size of the house. I’m single and plan to stay so for a while so I don’t have delusions of being about to have a nice house any time soon. The reality is that not everyone experiencing financial difficulty has ginormous houses. It’s often the difference between living a dream of having a house period, and renting for the rest of their lives. Sure there are some greedy folks who want more more more, but the people in need aren’t all that way. Blaming the victim used to be the avenue of the GOP, is it a PUMA trait now as well?

  133. Carol,

    I wonder if the censure will be accompanied by a sternly worded letter? Sadly, the Democratic party has become the punchline to a bad joke.

  134. The problem would seem to be separating victim from opportunist, GQ. The latter gain cover from the former – the usual MO.

  135. Blaming the victim? Uh, no. This is about refusing to become a victim. My family should not be required to bail out fiscally irresponsible people who didn’t bother to figure out whether they could REALLY afford or whether the home they were thinking of purchasing was actually worth the money they were being asked to purchase it for. I know, why don’t I go to the car dealer and tell them that even though we signed a contract saying we agreed to the loan terms and to pay said amount, we should be allowed to pay much less since the reality is that the car is now worth less? Oh wait, that only should happen if you were stupid enough to purchase a HOUSE that has depreciated. I don’t think so.

  136. And McCain gets what for flying to DC?

  137. CWaltz: Are you from Roanoke? My aunt and cousin live in Vinton.

    gq: Based on the kinds of comments that WMCB has made over the months, I don’t believe she’s the type to blame the victim. I think we can agree that there’s a difference between those who live in inflated markets (I grew up in Fairfield County, where you have to spend min. $600K for a bungalow now) and those who choose to buy a bigger house that is beyond their means.

  138. For all I know McCain flying moved the Dems. They didn’t want him stealing thunder.

  139. I’m in Blacksburg. My hubby is from Bent Mountain originally though and he works for NS at the Roanoke terminal. My BIL still lives in Roanoke.

  140. Geez, the Obama campaign is SO getting played by the McCain campaign.

    In other news, Hillary’s op-ed once again shows the amazing depth of her knowledge and insights. I continue to be angry that the DNC did not support the candidate who can win and who would make the best president.

  141. CWaltz: OK. Pretty country down there.

  142. Poor McCain…..He was darned if he did and darned if he didn’t. Everyone and his brother(from where I am sitting) was asking why the two so called prospective leaders weren’t taking more of a leadership role rather than just talking about the economy……he does so and the media figures out a way to attack him on it. As for multitasking, what exactly is Obama multitasking on? All I’ve seen him do is blather(althougfh I do say I prefer it to his other specialty- selling the American people out)

  143. It is really pretty. The mountains look like they are on fire in the fall. I lived in Upstate NY in the mountains and it was like this also. Absolutely breathtaking.

  144. I’ve never seen Obama uni-tasking, much less multi-tasking.

  145. Abortion is legal in Alaska, she’s still pro-alternative energy, and wolves might be romantic when you live in the city, but wild animal population control is a bit more complicated than a good little progressive vegan might want to believe.

  146. Unfortunately, we will all suffer if something isn’t done about the financial crisis.

    And previous “bailouts” have turned out to be profitable, so I like to be an optimist about that part of it.

  147. McCain is not like Bush. Obama is far closer to Bush in temperment- just look who has done the vacationing during the “grueling” campaign cycle. Hint: it wasn’t McCain.

  148. Janis – is that the “bluebird of happiness”.

  149. By the way, I’ve never met an anti life person- have you?

    or do you mean anti choice?

    I’m okay with that, at least she isn’t a hypocrite that says one thing and does another -See Barack Obama on FISA

  150. CWalz – I think we get out hairs done at the same place. Also, love your pumps!

  151. McCain is the republican anti-thesis of Bush. Yeah, he’s still a repub, but he’s about as far as you can get from the man.

  152. How’s about Nancy and Biden on having been put in time out for their Pro-Choice stand while taking communion as a Catholic?

    My, My ……………….

  153. I don’t get why there’s so much fear and loathing of Palin.

  154. Why does BO continue to tell us the economy is in crisis and we are at war with 2 counties?

    Who doesn’t know?

  155. “McCain is really too much like Bush” LOL LOL LOL

    The Dems cloned Bush and up popped Obama.

  156. Super Powers are often feared and loathed if their are capable of change and promising it.

    It will be a breath of fresh air.

  157. AP feeds most local papers in KY, and there’s not a word on Hillary working to do crap. McClatchy doesn’t have anything in our papers about her,either. Nothing about McCain except how he wants to cancel debate.

    This might surprise a lot of people, but most papers in KY shill or lean Obama. Most blogs are Golden Triangle elite [Louisville, Lex, Northern KY, which is the land of white collar biz] and they love Obie. Our media suck in this country. Everything has to be reduced to a sound bite or a poll.

    If someone had bet me a year ago that I would be watching Fox for a semblance of fair news…..

  158. Carol said: Why does BO continue to tell us the economy is in crisis and we are at war with 2 counties?

    That’s all his advisors have told him, so it’s all he knows.

  159. Why thank you, Carol! Red becomes you, it is quite slimming and those red flats are something I’d expect to see on Angelina Jolie………heehee. We have quite the trendy gravatars.

  160. I picked a great time to get fired! Thank goodness my husband is employed.

    I am just as glad not to be working where I was two months ago. (Investment management.)

    I feel terrible for the people who are going to suffer because of the DC shenanigans.

    Arabella the Angry Amoeba

  161. If McCain ticked up 3 points in Gallup, which uses a three day rolling average, how many points did he gain last night?

  162. Small world, CWaltz. Our neighbors moved to our just-south-of-Austin college town a year ago – from Blacksburg. He’s a newly minted PhD, she’s a full-time mom for now. They loved B’burg, and we love them. They’re wonderful friends already.

  163. CWaltz – Thanks. I think the red and the flats kind of “soften my appearance”. I really like downplaying my personally through my style.

  164. I don’t think the national polls (Gallup,etc.) are important except for propaganda purposes. It’s all based on state/electoral polls now.

    It will come down to the undecided voters (10% or so of the population.) Most people don’t follow politics the way we do. I not to fret about the ups and downs.

    McCain will win.

  165. home for lunch -what may I ask is not above Senator Obama’s paygrade? please some one tell me so we can put him to work on it! I would like to see this guy do something besides run for office.


  166. Hello Arabella did you miss me?


  167. God forgive me, but I’m sure the Republicans have 527 material that will make Obama unelectable. Not that I’m sitting by and doing nothing.

    NY State is going to be in play in another two weeks. What crazy times!

  168. fuzzy!

    Yes, I missed you to death. Did your mom have a great time?

  169. I think CWaltz and I have talked about this before, but most of my family lives in Blacksburg….got my BA from Radford–go Highlanders!!! (our school color was tartan…I always thought that was weird)

  170. this is making me sick-Obama is now using the pink princess phone towhine that mccain is getting to much attention!

    why cant tne american people be satisfied with just words and just speaches?


  171. does anybody know the basics of the deal? and are they still going to meet with bush? it sounds like precious hasn’t gotten out of bed in FL yet…

  172. thanks arabella-she had a blast 32 og th 50 surviving classmates showed up-I am glad I missed her and her frends renditon of there school cheer!


    Gary I am going to contact HRC soon I know I cannot ask them to endorse a repug I think I will just ask then to withdraw there endorsement of Obama.

  173. Gary- so far, they seem to all agree on the first 3 points it’s the 4th one they’re still arguing about:
    1) a panel to conduct oversight of how the vast sums of taxpayer cash are spent;
    2) taxpayer protections — a way for taxpayers to receive some equity, through warrants, in the companies receiving government aid;
    3) limits on executive compensation for officers of the companies receiving government aid — regarding golden parachutes, bonuses based on erroneous earnings (or “clawback”), and tax deductions for bonuses;

    Here is where they’re stuck:
    4) but a source tells ABC News that there was a problem resolving the issue of how to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Democrats want to re-write bankruptcy laws to enable judges to re-negotiate mortgages; Republicans do not.

  174. If McCain had not gone to DC, the three cabelleros would still be goofing off. I’m very dissapointed in Barney. I knew him back in the day when he was first getting started in MA politics.

    We share the same birth day (March 31)! I think that it’s Che Gueverra’s birthday too.

  175. Why Carol, you have a lovely personality and red is “the” power color. My power, my vote……..LOL.


    It is indeed a small world. It always amazes me when I run into people who know of “our little Burg.” I remember when the only thing open after 10 was Walmart. We’ve come a long way since then. Why just this year, we got our very own Olive Garden in Christiansburg and Main St is getting a new shopping plaza.

  176. I am ever glad that John is meeting with Bush. I was so moved by Bush’s speech last night. I am sure that together they can come up with the right solution. Just so glad that John is in Washington now.. or he will be soon. I think his speech at Clinton’s climate crisis event is over isn’t it?

  177. CNN says this also:

    Instead of receiving the entire sum at one time, Treasury will receive the money in installments, with $250 billion in bailout funds available immediately, the Wall Street Journal reported. Lawmakers also said the deal calls for the government to receive stock warrants of participating companies, the Journal said.

  178. The instalment plan was suggested by Chuck Schumer the other night on CNBC.

  179. Carol as the ulitmate power shape. How many triangles does one encounter over the course of a day?

  180. Krugman thinks the bail out may just be a plan to throw money at the financial sector. Like there is no need, they are just scaring people to bilk them.

  181. Here’s Krugman:

    My sneaking suspicion is that they [Paulson and Bernanke] started with a determination to throw money at the financial industry, and everything else is just an excuse.

  182. Gary- You’d be proud of RU. They are trying like heck to revitalize Radford. They went in with businesses to create a Highlanders festival complete with parade and folk art booths.

  183. Krugman is probably right. They are bound and determined to get the money from average Americans by hook or crook. It isn’t like they haven’t been hoping for Social Security money now for almost 4 years.

  184. CW, I am proud of RU…I loved going to school there. It has grown tremendously since I graduated.

  185. Arabella – as you know, Pat and I are sharing Eddy. That is really the only triangulation I am participating in at this time.

  186. Seems Krugman is one of the few truly good guys left on the Left. Stuck up for Hillary, isn’t exactly fawning over Obama. Bet he loves sharing a masthead w/MoDo. Haw!

  187. Did you know that Obama’s Campaign is NOT part of the Democratic Party?

    September 24, 2008
    by PUMA Pundit

    Hmmm. I read an interesting article this morning about how Obama’s campaign has chosen to be a separate entity from the Democratic Party, interesting to say the least.

    A few excerpts from the article at DBKP.net

    Will Election 2008 be remembered as the first contest between Republicans and Obamacrats–or the first between the Obamacrats and the Democrats?

    Senator Barack Obama is building a national organization separate and apart from the national Democrat Party apparatus–at least in any state where the outcome of the November election is at all in doubt.

    In state after state, the Obama campaign, in a break with tradition, has opened up its own offices–which largely push Barack Obama, and only Obama–apart from the Democrat Party’s own offices in those very same communities.

    Obama has, literally, hundreds of these offices dotting the USA.


    In our weekend visit to Obama offices, we found that local and state Democrat candidates did have a presence at the Campaign for Change offices–but not much of one.

    Almost all of the usual campaign giveaways were there: pencils, literature, stickers. They were all on a small table in the back of the room.

    That small table represented all of the local, district and state Democrat candidates–combined. The rest of the spacious room was dedicated to Barack Obama. In almost every case, it was Obama without a meniton of running mate, Joe Biden.

    The local Democrat campaign office, we were informed, was “down the street, around the corner.”

    The Obama campaign and supporters will likely dismiss the separate offices as “smart thinking” and “targeting resources”. But, each office sucks up resources: lease money, campaign materials and manpower. The Campaign for Change offices are staffed by volunteers, but a volunteer sitting behind a desk is a volunteer not knocking on doors.

    But in this way, the Obama campaign is sure of one thing: the volunteer on the phone in a Des Moines Campaign for Change office will be talking about Barack Obama–not the local Democrat candidate for County Commissioner.

    The Obama campaign is apparently charging fellow Democrats for Obama campaign materials. At a Democrat-sponsored booth at an event in Wheeling WV, local Democratic candidates manning the location complained about this sign of Obamaization. The booth featured many local and state Democrat candidates, but not much Obama signage or literature.

    “We had to pay for them,” a lady complained. “They don’t give us anything.”

    and of course, in line with the fact that the Obama campaign is short on cash:

    Even Obama supporters have to pay the campaign for everything in the offices. “Al”, who we spoke to at a local Obama campaign office, said he had to “pay for the lease out of my own pocket. All of the t-shirts, button, stickers here, I paid for.”

    So, if Obama volunteers are paying the campaign for everything and picking up the tab for leases, isn’t this just a smart move?

    Each Campaign for Change office becomes a cash cow: it not only pays for itself, it sends money to the national Obama campaign for campaign materials.

    And, the staff isn’t wasting time contacting voters about the other Democrat candidates. At Campaign for Change, it’s All Obama, All of the Time.

  188. Hillary september 24

    September 24, 2008

    Clinton Introduces Legislation to Address Iraqi Refugee Crisis

    Companion Legislation to Bill Championed by Congressman Hastings

    WASHINGTON, DC—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton introduced legislation to address the growing humanitarian crisis and potential security breakdown resulting from the influx of Iraqi refugees into neighboring countries. The Iraqi Refugee and Internally Displaced Personal Humanitarian Assistance, Resettlement, and Security Act, which was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Alcee L. Hastings, would increase directed accountable assistance to these host countries while facilitating the resettlement of Iraqis at risk.

    “The United States has an obligation to address this great and growing crisis in Iraq and other countries in the region. This legislation will take important steps to ease the burden on host countries that have seen this influx of refugees and to help resettle the displaced population within Iraq. I’m proud to join with Chairman Hastings in this effort to bring American leadership to this challenging situation,” said Senator Clinton.

    “I want to thank Senator Clinton for her leadership in introducing this critical legislation that comprehensively addresses this worsening humanitarian crisis,” said Congressman Hastings. “Iraqi refugees and IDPs continue to suffer daily. This is the largest displacement of individuals in the Middle East since 1948 – approximately 4.7 million Iraqis. As resources are depleted and Iraqis remain stranded, jobless, and deprived of essential services – they will look for any means to survive. This is a recipe for disaster. I believe that the United States has a moral obligation to take the lead and provide a ‘humanitarian surge’ in responding to this crisis. The future of the Middle East depends on it.”

  189. Hillary 24 september

    Senator Clinton Announces New Initiatives to Support New York Agriculture at Seventh Annual New York Farm Day

    Event Showcases New York’s Wines, Produce, Seafood & Restaurants on National Stage

    American Farm Bureau Honors Clinton with “Friend of Farm Bureau” Award for Work on Behalf of New York Agriculture

    WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announced new initiatives to support New York agriculture at the seventh annual New York Farm Day on Tuesday in Washington, DC. Senator Clinton hosts Farm Day to showcase award-winning wines, farm-fresh produce, outstanding seafood, and fine restaurants from across New York on a national stage. In addition to welcoming the hundreds of farmers, producers and visitors from every region of New York, Senator Clinton also met with her New York Agriculture Board. She outlined new initiatives including a farm-to-hospitals program to make fresh, locally-produced food available in New York hospitals and a holiday gift basket project to promote New York producers.

    “New York Farm Day is a wonderful opportunity to shine a bright spotlight on the hard work and terrific products of our state’s farmers, wine-makers and producers. Every year, leaders from across our nation come to Farm Day to discover a new and delicious taste of New York. I am very proud to showcase our great state and all it has to offer,” Senator Clinton said. “I was also pleased to announce new initiatives that will benefit New York agriculture. I am committed to doing all I can to help keep our vital agricultural economy growing.”

    “Senator Clinton has been a real champion for New York agriculture and a true friend to the grape and wine industry,” said Jim Trezise, President of the statewide New York Wine & Grape Foundation, which organizes the event. “This year’s New York Farm Day was bigger and better than ever, and the enthusiasm was palpable. The whole purpose of this event is


  190. Hey everyone, check this video out..

  191. The Democrats have won only 3 of the last 10 presidential elections, and 2 of those victories were a Clinton. So naturally, the DNC elites nominate… Obama?!


  192. Dang, Gary!! I’d love to head up to Greensboro but I’m working all weekend. Are you driving the PUMA mobile?

  193. Okay there are posters on here that have the misguided notion that we are republicans. There is one (see above – mycomment) that says Bush’s speech really moved her/him. And it doesn’t sound snarky.

  194. Just to be clear, I did not mean to imply that everyone with mortgage problems is in that boat because they were not responsible. There are markets where to afford a home at all, you pretty much have to take out a loan on your firstborn, and I understand that.

    But in the non-urban areas, the trend has been to grab the most house whether you can afford it or whether it is WAY more than you need or not. Our country has gone credit consumption crazy as a whole – not EVERY individual. Some of that is bad economy, yes. But some (not all) of it is cultural – a whole generation of people who think they are ENTITLED at 25 to everything their parents had at 55.

  195. Kim – I read the post and thought it was a concern troll

  196. NH, on September 25th, 2008 at 10:33 am Said:

    I’m late to this thread, but (to paraphrase BO) let me be clear: I’m not going to use up bandwidth to lay out all the reasons that your perception about the mortgage crisis is wrong, the scenario that you have posted here is a stereotype that is being propagated by Wall Street — this is not about 500k houses and the needed cram downs would NOT cut a mortgage in half — they only apply to 120% loans, etc (i.e. mortgages that actually did not attach to any equity in the home).

  197. TheRealKim, on September 25th, 2008 at 4:35 pm Said:
    Okay there are posters on here that have the misguided notion that we are republicans. There is one (see above – mycomment) that says Bush’s speech really moved her/him. And it doesn’t sound snarky.


    The ONLY thing that the Shrub could ever say to move ME, is

    “I quit”.


  198. NH — and let me add: keeping homes from going into foreclosure helps this economy AS MUCH as anything else: the homeowners will be able to pay their mortgages (and those loans do not “become bad debt”) and it protects property values. Furthermore, it is the equitable & balanced thing to do to help the homeowners while helping Wall Street.

  199. Considering most American’s have whatever wealth they have tied up in their homes, it is imperative to stop foreclosures to stop the decline in home values.


  200. When I took economics in college, the theory then was your mortgage payment should never exceed one weeks pay. I understand that was a long time ago, but it made sense. Now I think the norm is about two and a half weeks. How in the hell do you manage utilities, car payments, insurance, food and incidentals on a week and a half salary? It is insanity.

  201. O’REILLY on the radio went OFF on both the Republicans and the Democrats over this crisis. He defended BILL CLINTON! O’ Reilly is right for once. BOTH parties protected their turf (the Repubs protected the big banks, and the Dems protected Fannie and Freddie)

    NONE OF THEM protected the public interest.

    Listen to this – for once I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH BILL O!!! Color me shocked.


  202. Wow.

    It is truly bizarre to see these congresscritters and such trying to blame Bill Clinton, who left office seven and a half years ago, for something that has happened on their watch.

  203. Wow, Palin really screwed up in her Couric interview. Had basically no foreign policy philosophy and now there’s tape of her having satan exercised or something. Wow, just wow.

  204. I speak with people on a daily basis who are either in foreclosure or about to be in foreclosure. The amount of homes and families at risk is enormous. Too many people are only one paycheck away from disaster. I cannot tell you the countless hours I have spent with people trying to help them into a better situation (and yes, I do it all pro bono, since they cannot afford my services). Unfortunately for many, saving the home is not a realistic option. The South Florida economy is down and layoffs are getting to be common place. Many homeowners are upside down on their mortgages and finding buyers in this tight credit market is almost impossible. I do believe that we are in an economic crisis. The majority of the people I speak with are in their situation not because of irresponsibility, just like the majority of people who file for bankruptcy do so for reasons other than credit card debt.

    IMO only Hillary Clinton has the answer to the economic troubles we are suffering. Both Obama and McCain would be wise to follow her lead.

  205. I think its kind of unfair to paint everyone who is struggling with their mortgage as people who bought beyond their means. I imagine there were some that did that, but I would guess that they are few and far between and that most of those people have already lost their houses to foreclosure. I think that as credit slowly dried up the only option that many people had (who didn’t have perfect creditl—and if you want to demonize people with less than stellar credit, well, lets just say you’ll be at it a while) was to borrow against their house to pay for things that they needed. many refinanced and got into variable rate mortgages because that’s what they could get. Many of them are just now facing their rate going up. I don’t think these are greedy people. they just couldn’t get access to the regular credit that other people could. And if you say that they shouldn’t have done that, well raise your hand if you have no debt to your name and you can throw the first stones. There absolutely has to be relief—at least a freeze on foreclosures. BTW, nobody is suggesting that their loans be forgiven, just that they aren’t faced with a mortgage payment that is doubled soley due to a jump to some crazy loan shark rate. If you aren’t facing this horror you might want to count yourself as one of the lucky ones.

  206. masslib, that tape was of a Kenyan pastor praying in general for her protection from Satan. Standard fare in many evangelical churches. Let’s not start in with the religious bigotry, or we’ll have to start having hysterics that Catholics are secret cannibals.

  207. masslib: I believe Palin’s minister is from Kenya where they do believe in evil spirits. In many religions, the laying of hands on people is quite normal. I think they are trying to say it was an exorcism. Which is crazy as hell.

    Not my religion, wait I don’t have one.

  208. I figured the exorcism thing was crazy the moment I heard Olberman was spouting off about it. Olbermann is the one who should have a few hands laid on him.

  209. I can’t anyone would even go there with the minister, especially if they support O, whose minister said “god damn america” and that AIDS was a government conspiracy. I’d rather have the one who believes in evil spirits….

  210. I wonder who watches KO any more? Just the choir at this point I guess.

  211. Ah yes, communion and cannibalism.

  212. Demonic possession is something that the catholic church believes in. Though exorcisms are performed rarely.

  213. Melanin theories and theology… a benign combination, that.

  214. Hey everyone!


    1) Oil went up.

    2) Gas went up

    3) Food went up

    4) Housing craze happened in 2002-2004

    5) Adjustable Rate Mortgages suckered people in

    6) Oil went up MORE

    7) Gas went up MORE

    8) Food went up MORE

    9) People can’t afford to drive to work, buy decent food to cook and make a loan payment on time and/or a complete payment.

    Lather, rinse, repeat

  215. masslib,
    I’m an African American & have attended black churches in the south for most of my life & that’s not unusual at all. The pastor will lay hands on people, speak in tongues, cast out spirits. But I can see how people who aren’t familiar with that would think it’s odd. I agree with you about the 2nd half of the Couric interview. She really messed up that foreign policy question about her time as Alaska governor and foreign affairs with Russia. You really couldn’t understand what she was saying actually. She needs to get better answering these questions because it’ll be worse in a debate. Not that Biden is some genius or star debater either but she doesn’t want to give the media more ammunition.

  216. still damn hard to figure out why they wanted the other guy and an odd feeling that if she had been the nominee the meltdown may not have been created……..

    Anyway ballot’s come out in less than a week for us

    I’m sticking with the Dem for Attny General in our State

  217. Has anyone seen Pat? Eddy seems to have disappeared!

  218. I apologize if this is too far of topic, but BO functionaries are threatening to sue media outlets that run ads from the NRA pointing out his record on gun rights. This is apparently being done in Ohio and PA. They seem to be worried that those bitter people might not want to vote for him if they knew what he really thought.
    Talk about their opponents being inside their ooda loop. How out of touch can you be? This will win over those stupid centrist swing voters. I can’t see how this can end any way but badly for the Lightbringer. JN

  219. I do hope that McCain is getting the credit he justly deserves for putting this mortgage catastrophe higher on his priority list than a debate with Obama. But the MSM is eviscerating McCain, as usual. To me, Obama looks like an idiot. Does he have any clue what a mess the markets are in?

    As a free market Republican, government intervention in the markets is total anathema to me. However, I am forced to agree with President Bush that the government needs to do something immediately to guarantee liquidity or the whole system is going to tank. 94% of mortgages are being paid, so the mortgage derivatives are far from worthless in reality. But no investor on the planet will touch them with a 10-foot pole right now. So the right bailout package will float the financial markets and possibly even turn a profit for the government in the long run.

    I am 100% in agreement with McCain’s conditions. There needs to be some oversight of Paulson & Co. Paulson’s idea that the government would just hand him a $700 billion blank check is absurd. Contrary to the press spin, McCain actually *is* taking the lead on this and is playing a crucial role. The vast majority of Republicans hate the very idea of a government bailout. I’m getting emails from the local party officials who are organizing a protest of the bailout. Without McCain, the Republicans in Congress won’t vote for the package. Reid’s notion that his presence is not necessary is complete b.s. He’s just covering for Obama, who is doing absolutely nothing except sniping at McCain! Republicans stopped taking George Bush seriously as the party leader after the 2006 elections. He’s a lame duck in every respect. Heck, they didn’t even want him at the convention!

    I did see Hillary Clinton’s piece in today’s WSJ (and the one by Andy Kessler–anyone who wants to learn more about this crisis should definitely read today’s paper). I believe we should protect homeowners from gouging (if, for example, ARMs go to 20+% like they did under Jimmy Carter) by capping the interest rates. But I have little sympathy for deadbeats who bought homes they could not afford, lied about their income, etc. for the purpose of speculation on the theory that they could refinance later when home prices went up. These people are just a guilty as the robber barons at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the investment banks. The bankruptcy laws were changed recently to favor the banks–and this should be revisited. But they shouldn’t be changed to leave the banks holding the bag either.

  220. Since my vote doesn’t count, I might as well admit that I flunked this new religious test for public office too.

    In my congregation we still have the Tridentine Mass in Latin, followed by a prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, which in its long form is known as exorcism.

    If the course of this election cycle doesn’t suggest that it’s reasonable to believe in the existence of evil spirits, I don’t know what does.

  221. Like everyone else on this blog I wish we had Hillary as our candidate. Well, we don’t. We are not going to get Hillary for this election. So I am wondering if we could just let go of saying over and over, “I want Hillary back.” Since she can not be our candidate, what can we say that continues to support her in a realistic way? Her obvious talent for problem analysis, defining solutions and organizing support are what we do have—her political leadership. I would like to suggest that everyone go to the McCain site on the contact us tab and send a message: Contact Hillary; support her economic recovery plan.

  222. sod
    you rock


  223. NEW THREAD!

    We need some laughs – CAPTION THIS PHOTO post up!

    PS: Somebody doesn’t look to happy to be there

  224. I think Sarah and Biden are pretty evenly matched. All I can say is, I humbly wait for interviewers to ask Obama the same questions with the same level of follow-through then let us compare the answers. Guess what—Sarah is not any worse than BO.

  225. “there were others who wanted to live the lavish lifestyle”

    And a simple “no” from a mortgage company/lender would have stopped them.

    Yes, people need to have better financial restraint.
    Yes, there are those who abuse credit.

    But there have always been those types of people; there have not always been “financial instruments” packaged as investments.

    The ultimate responsibility is a bank who goes around letting their standards slip, or accepting a handwritten piece of paper with an “income” written on it.

    Owning a home is built in to the standard “American Dream”; however, these days it’s more of just a dream than anything, and I do not fault people trying to live that dream. Personally, I’m not sure you understand just how widespread the problem is, and that many many many homes were faaaaar from being 500,000, or even 150,000.

    See Cleveland, for instance.

  226. […] Hillary OpEd piece in WSJ while Obama’s in “Uh Uh Rehab” Hillary Rodham Clinton, again displays her brilliant Solutions for America that actually will help […] […]

  227. SOD: Hey! I resemble that remark! I have an iPhone! ‘Course I don’t really have a lavish lifestyle otherwise…renter with a roommate, paying off the car to Bank of Mom, hardly any credit card debt…so don’t begrudge me my little luxuries. 🙂

  228. For McCain’s next trick! Announce a few weeks before the election that he will place Hillary in a cabinet or other position.

    If you think about this it is very possible. JM picked Palin and blindsided the Dems. He then puts his campaign on hold to help fix the economy, another move that blindsided the messiah and the Obots.

    We know that Bill has been saying positive things about JM and Hillary hasn’t gone on the attack on Sarah. Could there be a back room deal to have Hillary have a position in a JM administration?

    Could this be the final crescendo for John McCain? What do you think?

  229. Christiaan, on September 26th, 2008 at 12:44 am Said: …..
    “We know that Bill has been saying positive things about JM and Hillary hasn’t gone on the attack on Sarah. Could there be a back room deal to have Hillary have a position in a JM administration?

    Could this be the final crescendo for John McCain? What do you think?”

    I don’t think so re: backroom deal. I think that WJC and HRC want to just talk about the issues and not make accusations.

  230. Christiaan – Hillary is happy as the Junior Senator from New York

  231. he was reading to kindergartners about a goat.

  232. women have been done in by the democratic power machine. why on earth should obama be the headliner when there are at least 99 other senators not to mention many dem governors with more experience than him? why would they pick obama team over clinton team especially since the clinton team has something that gop ticket does not have; an experienced insider in bill clinton in their corner.

    there is only one word to describe this “sexism”.

    there is a slogan on one of obama’s supporter t-shirt that read “broes over hoes”. it’s crass but true.

    tis a sad day for the democratic party.

    many are calling sarah palin dumb, but at least she has the good manner to thank ferraro and clinton for blazing her trail.

  233. […] SM at The Confluence:  Hillary OpEd piece in WSJ while Obama’s in “Uh Uh Rehab” […]

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