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Wednesday: The Power of 18 Million Old Uneducated Women

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey, Conflucians, are you feeling your Cheerios this morning?  Isn’t it funny how we uneducated {{snort!}} old women and men, who even as late as August were thought as negligible voters, are now giving the parties sleepless nights.  They’re getting positively Freudian about it.  You can almost hear them question: What do women want?  It’s a totally new concept for them, that women could actually, ya’ know, *matter*.

I would like to cut some of the latest ponderers some slack for getting it soooo wrong.  They have thought so little about us in the past that they simply do not know how to characterize what they are seeing.  And it may be very true that there is a sizable segment of us without college degrees.  But they vastly underestimate our intelligence.  For centuries, intelligent women have been denied the same educational opportunities as men.  Heck, even as late as the 70’s, some of our most prestigious institutions were open only to men.  Conversely, there have been men who are as dumb as a box oof rocks who have gone to college and majored in keggers.  I’ve met quite a few of them.

But the Obamaphiles?  Who gave them permission to behave badly to us?  Who told them it was ok to physically intimdate little ol ladies at the caucuses?  Who told them it was socially acceptable to call us names, denigrate our experience and accomplishments?  Who approved of the language of media types who speculated on how it would be great if a male superdelegate took Hillary Clinton into a room and made sure he was the only one that came out?

When a person who is purported to be a leader does nothing to curb the enthusiasm of his followers, he gives them permission.  When the powers that be hold no one accountable, they give them permission.  They take the burden of conscience away from the hooligans and uninhibit deep seated prejudices.

One of the most insulting outrages is how the Obama contingent continues to use racism as a weapon against us while at the same time setting free the societal restraints against sexism.  Those restraints were already weak.  What we have seen is a pandering to the neanderthal tendencies in men from the left that is no less disgusting and unacceptable than the pandering to the white segregationists of the south by the Republicans since Richard Nixon.  In the process, it is the Obamaphiles who have voted against their own interests by passing on the true leader, a woman, in favor of a man who stroked their egos.

But we, the shrieking band of paranoid holdouts will hold them accountable.  They might have forced Hillary off the ticket but she now knows that she has millions and millions of people behind her.  I’ll bet she’s starting to feel her cheerios.

As for power, I will never give mine up to the testosterone poisoned contingent.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”.

And I do not consent.  Do you?

230 Responses

  1. It’s been quite the journey to see the Obama campaign go from ignoring to vilifying to realizing that they may actually need us.

    Like the Reclusive Leftist basically said, you don’t get anyone’s attention until you have a big enough club to do some major damage to them.

  2. The Democrats may be waking up to the fact that they need us, but we are empowered by the knowledge that we no longer need them. Liberating!!

  3. No, I don’t consent either.

    Thanks for a wonderful post Riverdaughter.

  4. No!!! I don’t give my consent.

    I’m a Proud PUMA! And no one is going to shame me about that either. We are the real grass roots movement. Obama is a consumer product.

  5. Katiebird,

    It’s good to see you.

    I guess he was “WRONG” back in the primaries when he “arrogantly said”:
    “I know I can get her voters / she couldn’t get mine”!

  7. Hell, no.

  8. I wanted to reach out last night during your radio show and give you a big fat hug! When you discussed the type of women who they continue to denigrate as deadenders and low information because they do not hold advanced degrees but who were just as informed and knowledgeable as those who have had the opportunity for higher learning.

    Speaking for myself, I have a collection of over 3,000 books that I can say I have read. I keep myself informed and though I may not be Phi Beta Kappa, can discuss the issues with a good amount of clarity. One thing I can attest to, I know what I don’t know and am always open to learn more.

    My foundation is based on the ability to absorb, a willingness to see both sides of an argument, and a bullshit meter that his always on, along with a healthy dose of common sense.

    We are not women who have disappeared into the Betty Crocker world of existence but have managed to work, raise families, cut corners, and have lived through life experiences which have taught us to role with the punches. Thanks for pointing out that you do not need to be showered with degrees to be considered one of the educated elite.

    We count. We vote. We exist.

  9. “Honora”
    That was said:

  10. I guess he was “WRONG” back in the primaries when he “arrogantly said”:
    “I know I can get her voters / she couldn’t get mine”!

    tpt/ny, that statement of Obama’s was the moment when I decided I would never ever vote for him – not for president, not for VP, not for dogcatcher, not for Prom Queen.

    He dripped condescension, and gave his little cocky sneer when he said it. It was appalling. That moment right there revealed the man for who he is, and as Maya Angelou says, “When they show you who they are, BELIEVE them.”

    I decided right then and there that NO ONE who spoke of me with such arrogance and disrespect would EVER get my vote. NEVER. The Repubs could have run Cheney himself, and I would STILL not vote for Obama. They can call me any name they want, and I will still NEVER vote for Obama.

    All policy aside, I do not give my vote to people who talk to and of me like I’m dirt. Period.

  11. WMCB: We have been treated like serfs. I am nobody’s serf and I have no intention of casting my vote for somebody who can dismiss so cavalierly. They can bleat from now until November 4th and nothing will budge me from this position.

  12. Well, if you take everything else away there is certainly one precedent that this blog has shattered: Riverdaughter is a scientist that can actually write in literate English.

  13. “All policy aside, I do not give my vote to people who talk to and of me like I’m dirt. Period.”

    The embarrassing thing is that I have voted for such people before. I’ve done it again and again. It’s amazing how often Democratic politicians do that.

    Since I’ve never followed Republican candidates that closely, I’ve got no idea if it’s common among them. But now’s the time to find out.

  14. The saddest thing that I have learned from this primary season is that I always believed that the Dems were the superior party. That they honored their constituents and stood for something. Maybe I was living in a fool’s world before, but this year drove home the simple fact that they are no better than the opposition. Venal, fraudulent, vote stealing pigs!

    I have no idea of this is a direct result of Obama and the Chicago Machine at work but it certainly has given me pause to consider that these same tactics are very much ingrained in the Democratic leadership we have been taught to revere. A pox on all their houses.

  15. I will never vote for another Democrat again simply because they have a “D” by their name. Never.

    WMCB, it’s sad that so many of his followers think that Obama’s arrogant and condescending attitude towards Hillary and her supporters is “cool.” It really speaks to what a mess our culture has become.

  16. Who said Democrats have no principles?

    From what I see they have *one* principle: do or say what it takes to get elected.



  17. I won’t pretend to be enthused over a McCain/Palin ticket. In a different universe they would never appear on our radar screen. However, Obama should not be anywhere near the Oval Office for reasons we have covered in depth. As a result, I may have to vote against the only party I have ever known. Thanks in large part to the DNC, he is a disaster waiting to happen should he win in November.

  18. Pssst, obamaphiles. Calumny has consequences. Let this be a lesson to you, greenhorns!

  19. I absolutely love this post. I love it. Did I mention I love it?

    The photo of Eleanor Roosevelt, just perfect.

  20. Have you all been following the news about Senator Obama’s latest attempt to have it both ways with his newly announced “Barack Obama: Faith, Family, and Values Tour”?

  21. Does anyone know if these current poles are accurate? Obama ass seems to be gaining and if these polls are false, I am worried that it is only a prelude to stealing the general election.

    Furthuremore, I am wondering why the Clintons have been on every news channel s this week. And Bill was on the view the other day too. What is goling on?

  22. Calling names and insulting voters is hardly evidence of “superior” intellect. And educated a$$hole is still, at the end, just another a$$hole.

    What probably enrages the “educated elite” that like to look down on all the peasants the most is that say what they will, fling insults as they may, at the end of the day, on November 4th us peasants all get ONE damn vote just like their “superiornesses” do.

    NØbama NØway in NØvember

  23. I don’t know if the Obamabullies will ever get it but to borrow from Bill Clinton’s campaign, “It’s the women, stupid.”

  24. WMCB and KatieBird: your point about just saying no to candidates who disrespect one is dead on. I am still getting emails from Obama staffers who refer to me as a b**** and a c***. Do they honestly think this makes me more likely to vote for their candidate?

  25. I agree with all the comments I’ve read so far. Pat J expressed very well the disechantment I feel with the Democratic party. Were we naive all this time? Quite possibly.

    Obama implicitly consented to the behavior of his followers when he failed to speak out against it.

    We PUMAs explicity do NOT consent to relinquishing our votes, voices, and power.

  26. should read “explicitly” — sorry!

  27. This experience has been truly humbling. I was like Pat, I thought Democrats were superior, because we cared for the little people and stood for much more than corporate greed. I was so wrong. This election has shown me that mt party was no better than the conniving, thieving crooks of Tricky Dick’s day. I may only possess a BA, but being a woman has me finely attuned to bullshit and it has spread like a pox during all this.

  28. make that a {{{doublesnort}}}, RD!

    I’m feeling my cheerios, and encouraging everyone I encounter to watch the debate on Friday evening.
    9 pm ET
    I’ll be sending reminder emails and making phonecalls to friends aren’t online, reminding them to watch.

    Obama will make an ass of himself during the debate.
    It doesn’t matter how much he prances and practices, or who is coaching him.
    I’m sure he’ll act up-either by flipping McCain the bird, or
    some other mature and presidential gesture…

  29. Heidi Li: He scares me. His pandering to faith based initiatives is just another example of his willingness to forfeit the constitution in favor of vote getting. What a tool! And Kmiec is just another moron now onboard. Dangerous tactics all around. If I want a dose of religion I will go where it is sold: church. I do not wish to see another 4 years of this crap forced fed into the daily operation of government.

    For a man who is supposedly a constitutional lawyer, he must have flunked that part of the curriculum.

  30. dumbest campaign ever run…

  31. Good morning, I’m still seething from last night

    Anybody saw Wanda Sykes in Jay LEno last night??
    She is an Obama supporter, thats fine i couldnt care less. but her attack on Palin was behond disgusting

    She basically said that she didnt want a mother with small children in the white house!! She doesnt trust mother with small children, we cant do our jobs and we are not strong enough to be vice oresident or president.

    and who said that palin would set womens rights back 100 years??? I think the democratic women are setting womens right back 100 years. its disgusting.

    they are not feminists, they are partisans and will support a man over a woman anytime if the women are republican. and it seems like democrats woould prefer working mothers to go back to the home to give jobs to the boys that need to support their families!! I never expected this, never.

  32. Re Kendallj’s comment: This morning on Fox and Friends, an author who wrote a book on election fraud was discussing all the voter-fraud incidents that have surfaced so far. He mentioned Acorn, in particular. He also predicts that there will be some sort of recount mess again this year because of provisional ballots. If people show up to the polls and are not on the lists, they will be given provisional ballots. That will leave the door open to lawsuits on including these ballots if the vote count is close enough.

    Re Heidi Li’s comment on Obama’s faith tour: My formerly Hillary-devoted friend just told me she is scared that Palin is too religious. Huh?? She must not realize that Obama is still barking up the faith tree. I need to find a copy of those flyers that went out in KY with Obama in front of a pulpit. Now THAT was scary.

  33. I am unable to watch most of these “news” shows since the polling unnerves me. Today there was mention that he was rising once again in the polling due to the “economic mess”. Like this inexperienced moron knows what he is doing!

    McCain better come out strong on Friday night since the most people will be basing their opinion on these debate performances and both of them seem to be stuck somewhere between 44% to 48% up until now. In other words, the public at large is just as turned off as the rest of us but know they have a decision to make in a few weeks.

  34. church and state:

    se-paration or re-paration?!

    from donny mcclurkin to kmiec. the perfect loop.

    the religious right soon will pale vs. the religious left.

  35. I’m still trembling with disgust. someone should get the video.

  36. I made a mistake of going to Shakesville today. I really should avoid them until after the elections. It pains me that after being so fair this whole campaign, some of their posters are clearly displaying signs of Palin Derangement Syndrome.
    (I am pretty mad about one post. Grrr.)

  37. Hell no!!! I do NOT give my consent.

    With all the abuse I’ve had heaped at me the last week (not here of course) all that kept going through my mind was what someone here said a couple of weeks back. The Obamaphiles’ modus operandi seems to be “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

    And I’m not having any of it. I can hit just as hard as anyone else and I’ll do it in the voting booth in November.

  38. jules, they try the line of “Well, Obama is not responsible for everything every supporter does/says.”

    Bullshit. These were not isolated incidents of the occasional bad apple. His entire campaign was FULL of hatred and derision toward women by his peeps. His own blog was covered in it, often with sexually violent imagery, and I myself called HIS CAMPAIGN repeatedly to complain about posts that were left to stand for days and days, even after I called.

    We made thousands and thousands of calls to the DNC asking them to STAND UP, to DO something, to SAY something about how Hillary and her voters were being savaged. They had no problem weighing in with tut-tutting every single time any Hill surrogate said one word that could even be remotely construed as rac**t, yet they were SILENT on the misogyny.

    Obama knew exactly what was going on. The DNC knew exactly what was going on, and how toxic it was for women. And they LET IT HAPPEN. That was a calculated CHOICE on their part, not ignorance.

    So while I do not generally believe that campaigns can be held responsible for every single isolated incidence of bad behavior, I maintain that they should and WILL be held responsible for the overall tone of the supporters when it becomes that rampant and obvious.

  39. and slowly religion and the gay issue, it’s sneaking up embracing the campaign.

  40. Just because he is black he is exempt from scrutiny. This guy comes with more baggage than US Air. If a white performer got up onstage and riduculed Obama the press would go nuts yet Obama supporters are allowed to ridicule and demean Palin without recourse.

    Makes me wonder how the press will handle an Obama administration when things go wrong. Any questioning or criticism of The One will be tamped down harder than those who spoke out against Bush. Get ready for a heavy dose of secrecy and chants of ra*cism from that group if it ever comes to that.

  41. Wow, you guys are amazing. I had to go away from my computer for awhile, and I just read all the comments since I left. You are all so intelligent, so articulate, so determined. I’m proud to be in your company.

  42. “Conversely, there have been men who are as dumb as a box oof rocks who have gone to college and majored in keggers. I’ve met quite a few of them.”

    Sounds like you’re describing Dubya.

  43. No, I don’t. You go girl!!!

  44. But the Obamaphiles? Who gave them permission to behave badly to us?

    …and most of these Obamaphiles are young boys who will be the next generation of misogynistic men running our society.

  45. WMCB,

    The worst thing for me was the way they attacked Hillary when she talked about RFK be assassinated after he won the CA primary. And the way they twisted her remarks about MLK and LBJ was a close second. I simply can’t abide it when people deliberately twist other people’s words and then play innocent when they are called on it.

    As RD said, when the media is in league with the passive-aggresssive candidate, he doesn’t get confronted in a really high profile way.

    I think the real test of what the media is up to will come in Friday’s debate. If Obama isn’t questioned about Ayers after the WSJ story yesterday, we’ll know the fix is still in.

  46. I have been told over and over, “But you just can’t vote McCain, not you, you just can’t.”

    Well guys, guess what? Yes, I can and yes, I will.

    If there was anything learned from all those years as a DV counselor, Roosevelt’s quote is true. If we allow this to continue, then we cannot complain, because our silence would imply consent, so No, RD, I do not consent.

  47. jules, they try the line of “Well, Obama is not responsible for everything every supporter does/says.”

    i wrote a blog about that, i ran for office once, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a bunch of haters and the candidate attracts and encourages them all, I may have lost but a few hundred votes out of a few hundred thousand cast, but i reigned my folks in, wouldn’t let them do the dirty deeds or say the dirty things …

  48. Hi BostonBoomer!!

    Do you have a link to the WSJ Ayers story?

    Also, did you see Greta last night? She interviewed the reporter who’s going through the foundation papers. He was adamant that Ayers and Obama worked very closely.

  49. dakinikat,

    More accurately, Obama is not even responsible for anything he says, that is why the WORM was invented.

  50. can’t wait for the debates … they should be REALLY interesting

  51. I’m going to run a pool on gaffes, and the number of ummmmms….

  52. The fix is indeed in, no question about it. When KO is allowed to rant in his “special comments” segment over perceived ra*cism by Gerry Ferraro and then demand Hillary get out of the “sewer”, when the pundits giggle and chortle over Palin and her private life but refuse to examine Rezko and Ayres connections in detail, when surrogates are permitted to pontificate over Obama on nearly every cable network without refutation, when the MSM defends him at every turn, the fix is in.

    Obama is a shadow man. He steps aside while his minions do the dirty work. Any criticism is labeled ra*cist. His inexperience and unqualifications are never discussed.
    These candidates are treated with awe rather than as mere mortals whose leadership abilities are up for review.

    When the shadow man eventually steps forward many will be surprised at the lack of substance he brings to the table. The electorate will once again feel cheated but in the end this is what they have bought and paid for. A sham.

  53. dakinikat, I’d suggest a drinking game, but we’d all be sh*tfaced within 30 minutes.

  54. Hi Katiebird!

    Here is the link to the story. I think he’s probably the same guy who was on Greta. His name is Stanley Kurtz. I missed Greta, but maybe I can watch it online later on. I have heard him on the radio before. He’s very conservative, but I have found his articles very credible.


  55. dakinikat: Bring an abacus because you won’t be able to keep up otherwise!

  56. i heard on NPR today driving up to campus that folks have really HIGH expectations for Obama, this could be very interesting …

    jules … we should get Pat to do buck “jello” shots in here … every obama umm, and ahhh, we contribute to pay down HIllary’s debt or to Heidi’s ads

  57. Pat, I’ll do the hashmark method … you call the contributions to whichever cause!

  58. I’m really tired of being denigrated by these Obots as well. I guess my mere Bachelors’ Degree in Economics means I’m not educated enough to appreciate the finer points of Obamamania.

    What I don’t understand, however, is why it is that whenever I get into a discussion about the intricacies of the primary and the piracy of the RBC and the fraudulent convention with one of these ubereducated Obots, their eyes glaze over and they say something like, “Well, I don’t know about all that, but at least he’s going to change things. At least he’s different…”

    Yeah, I’ll put my Bachelors’ Degree and life experience up against any of those drones.

  59. The last time I did “jello shots” was on Super Bowl Sunday. I would not have need anesthesia when the Pats lost. Keeping up with the crowd only earned me a bloody hangover on Monday.

    However, for the sake of all my Confluence friends, I am more than willing to make the sacrifice once again!

  60. Katiebird,

    No Quarter was on this story a long time ago. It’s quite clear to me that not only did Obama work closely with Ayers on both the Woods Foundation board and the Annenberg Challenge, Ayers was really instrumental in Obama getting into politics in the first place. Kurtz points out that it’s a mystery how Obama could have been considered qualified for the job Ayers gave him.

    Without his job as Chairman of the Board of the Annenberg Challenge, what experience would Obama have had? He was a community organizer for three years in the 1980s. Before that he worked for one year in a job that he apparently really exaggerated the importance of. And he was a part-time instructor at U. of Chicago.

  61. I’m very disappointed with the democratic party, with feminists, with the press, with hollywood celebrities. it just goes on and on

  62. KB and BB,

    Fox and Friends had an interview w/ the NYT reporter who’s going through the foundation papers @ U. of Chicago. I missed the interview but note that this is the beginning of the republican take down of Barack Obama. They’ve been waiting for just the right time and now they are launching their REAL attack. It’s just before Friday’s debate, at a time when Obama is weak in the polls and Joe Biden is gaffing his way to obscurity. They are just getting warmed up. Let’s see if someone can get Obama to grow a pair. Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

  63. I have a proposition: should Obama lose we can offer him the position of “community organizing” the PUMAs. With that illustrious background he should be able to turn us into the same force he exuded in Chicago! Anyone?

  64. It is so disheartening to know that we have not “come a long way”, no one has, I saw that when I was on the Obama campaign and it has not just angered me, it has hurt me in so many ways. I have had to explain that I am not a racist to people who do not know me. People whose only claim to not being racist, is that they voted for the black guy. Whoooeeeee!

  65. I meant to add that No Quarter writing about Ayers wasn’t good enough for the story to break into the corporate media. But now that the WSJ has published the information on their op-ed page, there is little excuse for them to ignore it–not that that will necessarily stop them from ignoring it. I did hear the morning show people on Fox talking about it though, so it will get out to all those “uneducated” Fox viewers that Obama finds so beneath contempt.

  66. We will need Carol Diamonds to be in charge of the fundraiser on Friday night. She whips us into shape!

  67. It is so disheartening to know that we have not “come a long way”, no one has, I saw that when I was on the Obama campaign and it has not just angered me, it has hurt me in so many ways. I have had to explain that I am not a r@cist to people who do not know me. People whose only claim to not being r@cist, is that they voted for the black guy. Whoooeeeee! But it is okay to yell at me and say I am a r@cist, then in the next breath call me a bitch or a c!#t. When did it become okay to be sexist? Or has it always been okay and I have just been dancing in the dark?

  68. Fox is merely preaching to the choir. It needs to be discussed on CNN and MSNBC along with the regular news channels. They will let it die a slow death.

  69. Kim: We have been “dancing in the dark”. This campaign simply made it acceptable to come out in the open. Civil discourse took a back seat when the Hillary bashing became the norm. It began to decline further from that point on.

  70. Corporate media is in the bag for Obama. And anyone attempting to do otherwise I am sure has been intimidated by the surrogates and the black caucus. No one or nothing will stand in their way to get what they want. May 31st brought that picture home loud and clear.

  71. I still like how Bill explained it on the View … thought it was great for us folks that the obamanation think are simpleminded… I think simpleminded means any one who doesn’t see Obama’s true light … they can insult us any ol’ way they want to … I yam what I yam and that’s all that I yam …

  72. How about instead of a drink for every “umm” that Obama utters we send a fixed amount to our favorite candidate or group? I figure that at 10 cents an “umm” means I’ll be donating 30 bucks to actblue.

  73. BostonBoomer,

    NQ is where I first read about Obama’s Ayer’s releationship back in February. I remember going around to various blogs and asking if it was true. I was deeply distressed to learn that bloggers like Ezra Klein said it was irrelevant. That all politicians have questionable associates.

    Well, we’ll see.

    As it turns out, I think the “God Damn America” church could be made into a particularly horrific ad now.

  74. Obama may not have personally enriched himself so much at the public trough as he did in making damn sure his friends and sponsors received shovelfuls of money along the way. The fact that most of his enrichment was tied into his campaign coffers does not exonerate his involvement but his ability to satisfy the likes of Ayres, Pfleger, Wright, Rezko, A.C.O.R.N.

    His ability to be able to direct the monies to them is why he is in the position he is today. He is the true product of a corrupt machine that will find its way into the Oval Office.

  75. lisadawn… great idea!

  76. I think the nation needs to know that we down here in New Orleans call ACORN rent-a-protestor. That would clear some things up about Obama’s ‘communty organizer’ days

  77. Powerful post RD!

    You are right. This meme by team O that those who do not support him are inferior human beings in so many ways is the most divisive and destructive message a person running to be POTUS could promote.

    This communicates to me that he wants to be POTUS more than he cares about the people in our country. IMO, this “uniter” is waging class warfare in order to win.

  78. Before this election I remember writing that I could never vote for a Republican because they had purged any moderates from their ranks. Their extreme ideology was repugnant to me. And it still is, but it has been a wake-up call to realize that 1) voting for a 3rd party or no one at all for POTUS is not throwing away a vote and 2) blindly voting for Democrats does not mean I get a liberal.

    We now have Palin who has done a lot to hurt gay people in her state, whose beliefs are anti-gay, and we have Obama campaigning with preachers who think gay people should not marry or have civil unions and/or that gay people can be cured. John McCain, on the other hand, has a gay chief of staff. Conservative, but gay.

    If real Democrats let the Democratic Party become anti-gay, pro-death penalty, pro-drilling, pro-life, anti-gun control, pro-FISA, etc. then what is the freaking difference going to be with the Republicans?

    We need to lose this presidential election to get the party back.

  79. Obama cannot “unite” a stamp to an envelope. The man and his supporters have divided this party and this country wider than any before.

  80. chimera: no matter what the outcome of this election, we’re going to lose, but at least if the DNC looses, we have some ammunition to clean house!

  81. Did anyone see Chris Rock on Letterman the other night. MAN I CAN NOT STAND HIM. Major Poser. Anyhoo, that said Obama/Biden is the most unlikable presidential ticket I have personally ever encountered. That goes for the followers as well. Obama is an unadulterated sexist, forget about the fact that he lies through his teeth and the SM lets him get away with it. He lies about his biography, he steal speeches and slogans, he takes more money than everyone bun one person in congress(Chris Dodd) from the very “people” we the tax payers are left bailing out. Meet the New Boss. Same As The Old Boss.

  82. I do not feel bad in the least that I do not support Obama. I never have, I never will. I love my country and the constitution and I do not wish to see it further eroded by this man who does not have a clue. Voting for him just because he is black is as egregious as voting for a woman simply because of gender. We should know who they are, what they espouse, what is their vision.

    This guy is a blank slate for those who champion his nomination. A blank slate is not the most ideal reason to choose someone to guide the ship of state.

  83. They take the burden of conscience away from the hooligans and uninhibit deep seated prejudices.

    That’s what I was thinking about yesterday: the ID has been unleashed. I have “sophisticated” friends sending me horrified emails about the Evil Palin, and how she must be DESTROYED! The ugly bigotry, fear and violence of his supporters has clearly been on display for months. I am appalled by Heidi Li’s comment above that OBAMA STAFFERS are still calling her b*tch and c*unt. WHERE is the accountability for this? WHY has the virulence of his base not been exposed? The sheer hypocrisy of the “hope” candidate is stunning. I find myself listening to [shudder] Limbaugh, just so I can hear someone call him a “FRAUD!” with great gusto.

    And consent? I feel like the Chinese student, standing in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square, or Ghandi, sitting immovable in front of menacing soldiers. I will not be moved. If we sacrifice the very foundation of our principles, then we have nothing.

    Consent: Hell no! Never! Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

  84. Barack Obama tells running mate Joe Biden to keep quiet and defended his pick of Biden over Hillary Clinton.

  85. This communicates to me that he wants to be POTUS more than he cares about the people in our country. IMO, this “uniter” is waging class warfare in order to win.

    Leisa: and not just class warfare. He is deliberately using race to inflame, and sexism and homophobia to gain advantage.

    My rage also is largely directed at the media. Good people are supporting him because they do not take/have the time to be informed, so they are not getting the truth. It’s an outrage, and the level of manipulation and distortion is unprecedented. It truly frightens me, because they are having a huge impact on engineering these elections–leading the sheeple by the nose.

  86. That would clear some things up about Obama’s ‘community organizer’ days.

    Dakinikat: if you read the Kurtz article from the WSJ, he makes that link very clear. Ayers & Obama funneled millions to ACORN and other groups, including teachers and parents, that were willing to “educate” children in their radical philosophy. Groups that did not cooperate went unsubsidized.

    Mao anyone?

  87. Chimera – what has Palin done in Alaska to hurt gays?

  88. fif: Acorn is a group of anarachists, they’ve done nothing down here but stir up the pot all the time

  89. “What do women want?” They’re actually asking the question aloud. It’s right on the cover of Newsweek, written out in lipstick. When I saw that the supermarket, I said, “Power!”

  90. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi

    Welcome to the “fight” part.

  91. I have a proposition: should Obama lose we can offer him the position of “community organizing” the PUMAs.

    Pat: You can’t herd cats…surely, the PUMAs would turn on him.

  92. It’s true–there is no “win” in this election. I did mean if the DNC designee loses. As for Obama staffers, I remember when I phoned the Obama campaign to ask what was going on when he gave Hillary the finger. The guy on the phone told me, laughing all the way like a frat boy, “I scratch my nose sometimes when it itches, don’t you?” When Cheney told Patrick Leahy to “Get f*%ked” I wasn’t surprised, b/c he is a crude, disgusting man. But Obama is held up as a gentleman scholar by his bots. What is gentlemanly about giving your fellow senator and former first lady the finger?

  93. What do women want?

    How about JUSTICE?!

  94. Excellent post RD. I heard the conversation last night, too and agree w/the participant that often life experience is worth a thousand formal educations. I am from the 50’s/60’s era in the Midwest, Kansas City area; some of my girlfriends went to college but usually dropped out after 2 years (it was for the social); others got married and had babies. Then, there were those of us who on to be secretaries. But many of us turned that position into a career later down the road and became “paras”; I became a paralegal.

    At any rate, we ARE in fact smart women as is evidenced by all the wonderful women posters here at The Confluence!

    I am anxious for the debate on Fri night because I am seeing that BO is ahead in the polls now.

  95. what do women want?

    Respect …

    and it’s the way Aretha sings it! Not miley cyrus!

  96. Fox is merely preaching to the choir.

    Pat, that’s actually not so. Fox does not have 3 times the ratings of MSNBC by only being watched by hard-core conservatives.

    Fox’s audience is actually 1/3 to 1/2 Democrats, and always has been. The meme that only stone-cold Republicans watch Fox has always been a lie.

    In most states, every single bar, sports pub, airport, etc is tuned to Fox.

  97. Sheri, I am a paralegal also and the thought that, just because my boss has a JD and I have a BA means he is smarter is assinine. They can’t wind their watches without us.

  98. A great post as always, RD.

    As I am one with all on here, Obama will never get my vote. As a life-long Democrat (turned Indy after RBC) I still have many friends asking me how I could vote for McCain?

    What about health care?

    What about the economy?

    What about my retirement?

    And I realized that it really is all about the money.

    My congressman, Patrick Murphy of PA, sold his vote for @ $18,000 even tho his district went 67-23 for Hillary.

    And I was watching fox last night as they were interviewing a man in Fla who was about to lose his home. He was waiting to decide voting based on home bailout.

    So…are all votes for sale? Is all voting just an excercise in “I want to get mine”. Is it a matter of degree, or is each one of us for sale?

    I also want to provide for my children. I also want healthcare and retirement. But at what cost?

    I hope I don’t have a price. I know it’s not 30 pieces of silver.

  99. “Barack Obama: Faith, Family, and Values Tour”? Holy moly. That’s REALLY right wing. That makes me think of the Vichy regime that replaced the motto of the republic, “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” with “Family, country, work” (Travail, famille, patrie.) “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (Children, kitchen, church), said of women’s role under the Third Reich, also comes to mind.

  100. In truth, it’s MSNBC that is preaching to the choir. The case is better that only hard-core lefties watch them than that only Repubs watch Fox.

  101. TheRealKim: Whooaa, tell me about working for attorneys. I was a legal secretary in my previous career. I never met a bigger bunch of pompous asses.

    In those days when people found out I was a secretary, they shrugged me off as a ditz. As soon as I went back to school to study computer science, people starting reacting to me as if I were Albert F’in Einstein.

    People are so full of it.

  102. Wonderful post, Riverdaughter. Eleanor R. is my Hero!

  103. chimera, how has Palin done a lot to hurt gay people in Alaska?

    The only thing I have read about Palin and a connection to LGBT issues is that she vetoed a bill that would have denied benefits to gay couples.

    She doesn’t support marriage but neither did Obama or Clinton.

  104. Palin Gaining Support Among Gays

    Thursday, September 18, 2008 1:22 PM
    By: Tim Collie Article Font Size

    Sarah Palin is gaining support from an unlikely group: gay and lesbian Alaskans.

    Despite her evangelical Christian roots, some openly gay residents of towns throughout Alaska describe Palin as more of a libertarian in her approach to same-sex issues in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

    Writing on several blogs, men and women who describe themselves as openly gay say the governor is known for her tolerance and warmth. They dismiss her opposition to same-sex marriage and other issues as political posturing.

    A vast state with a small population — fewer than 700,000 people — the Palin supporters describe a go-along, get-along approach to governing that they hope will serve as a template if the McCain-Palin ticket wins in November, they say.

    Eric DeLand, an openly gay man who lives in the Kenai area of Alaska and knows Palin, said, “They may not agree with her on everything, but they agree with enough; they’re happy with McCain’s decision to pick Sarah.

    “I’ve never seen her mistreat anyone for being gay or for whatever,” he said, adding that many Alaskans are more libertarian than doctrinaire conservative. “You live your life and I live mine; we’ll all just get along.”

    That sentiment is shared by other gay bloggers in conservative strongholds.

    The blogger Queer Conservative, who lives in the red state of South Carolina, says he’s giving McCain a chance because of Palin. Choosing the Alaskan “showed me that he will listen, that he will change his mind if he thinks it’s the right decision. He won’t be stubborn like Bush even in the face of evidence he’s wrong.”


  105. I have a J.D. and a Ph.D. It hasn’t stopped anyone from calling me stupid, irrational, dangerous, hysterical, etc. It hasn’t stopped male colleagues from saying to me with condescension, “I am surprised at you…” as if they were my parents discovering a joint in my drawer.

    I see how my male colleagues treat the administrative assistant. The place would absolutely not run without her. She has intelligence I could sure use. All but two of my 10 male colleagues are “progressive.” Guess who is nicer to the secretary?

  106. chimera, I’ve gotten the dripping-with-condescension treatment from my Obot spouse. It’s infuriating.

  107. Ugsome: I never knew just how pompous until I left Legal Aid. At legal aid, we were all advocates in our own specialty and I was a DV coordinator. When I had to leave after my divorce for monetary reasons, I received a reality check. Of course, now that I am known as the mouthy bitch in the office, no one messes with me anymore and if they did, I am sure I could find something else. I have never been one to be “job scared”.

  108. i’m starting to believe thta progressives and feminists dont like Palin because she is a mother with small children. they think less of her because of that. they think that she should stay home and leave the job to the men or the women that made the sacrifice of not having children to advance their career. they cannot forgive her the fact that she is having it all, a career and kids.

  109. Mysogyny is the new black.

  110. Kim: You look to pretty to be considered a mouthy bitch!

  111. Good feedback, fif.

    I feel the same…

    “My rage also is largely directed at the media. Good people are supporting him because they do not take/have the time to be informed, so they are not getting the truth. It’s an outrage, and the level of manipulation and distortion is unprecedented. It truly frightens me, because they are having a huge impact on engineering these elections–leading the sheeple by the nose.”

  112. Chimera: I love it when I am treated with condescension in my office, because I only have a BA, but have to stop the bosses from beating the copier because they don’t know which button to push.

  113. somethings up guys. obama’s up in the polls supposidly giving him a clear lead, how. If large portions of the democratic base is not boting for him, and we know republicans won’t vote for him, where in the heck is this lead coming from the numbers don’t add up. i think people need to stop asking questions now. I think the polls are slowly being manipulated.

  114. They don’t like Palin because she took the “newness” spotlight off The One. As long as he was receiving the slobbering treatment from the media they were content. But she is pretty, young, dynamic and savvy. The perfect choice to smear for those who cannot see any flaws in Sen. No Vote.

  115. TheRealKim: my solution was to become a specialist in a trade that baffles, confuses and intimidates people, if they’ve even heard of it. Perl engineer? What’s that? People back off now. Even my dad backed down and starting showing proper respect after I got my CS degree. Whatever, as long as it works.

  116. No, riverdaughter, I do not consent. In the words of one of my other favourite writers, “I know. But I do not approve. And I am not resigned.”

  117. WMCB, that jibes with something I heard someone on NPR say a few days ago — Palin seems more libertarian than conservative. The talking head (I forget who it was) cited her admission of pot-smoking once (since it’s legal under State law) as an example.

  118. Another reason they don’t like Palin is that she’s luring Democratic women out of the harem. We are casting off our veils and fleeing. The Sultan HATES that. After all, he was counting on our votes.

  119. start asking questions, sorry. Ever since palins chopped up interview. I don’t trust these people anymore. I want to see hard data for everything.

  120. ugsome, u write perl? I’m writing some perl right now.

  121. Pat: I live in the south, have that lovely twang and am considered to be quite pretty. So it usually comes as a shock when I tell someone to go f&!k themselves, as I am prone to do.

  122. Get used to it Barky:

  123. Kim: I’ll buy that. So depressed right now about his lead in the polls I need to get out of the house for awhile. Have you heard from your son?

  124. Mawm: Yes, I am crack Perl programmer. Need any help?

  125. ugsome, are you in biotech?

  126. “Ditto-WMCB”
    It was that moment for me too & “Your nice enough Hillary” in the NH debate.
    For Michelle it was the 1st time I saw her & she was doing
    her, “if Hillary can’t clean up her own house / how can she clean up the white house”…thing!

  127. TheRealKim: I’d pay good money to hear you tell someone to f&ck off in that honey-dripping voice.

  128. TheRealKim said (in reference to attorneys) “they can’t wind their watches without us.” SO TRUE!! Like nurses and doctors, too. But, as far as attorneys, they have to have the glue that puts it all together – all that research, all the admin, blah, blah.

    Ugsome: I was lucky to have worked for great attorneys – the good ones. I know what you mean about a lot of them being pompous but I feel the same about doctors. LOL BUT, in my career, I gained a lot of respect and definitely salary. And, I had the best of attorneys to work for. Maybe that’s the key!

  129. Yes Pat, he leaves in the morning. Training over, and they changed his MOS to security detail. I will be a wreck tomorrow, I just know it. The few friends I have left are obots and are now using it against me. I am hearing, oh but how could you vote McCain, when your son is in Iraq? I know it sounds insane, but I trust John McCain with my son in Iraq more than I could ever trust these democratic hacks that we have in Congress. And there is no way in hell, I would trust Barack Obama with my son.

  130. Faith, Family, and Values Tour

    Here we go– we’re getting mighty close to that say anything/do anything to get elected mode.

    For me it’s not really consummated until they go on one of those fake hunting trips.

    I’m waiting for that so I can quote Virgil’s famous line: “Of arms and the man I sing…”

  131. Oh, forgot to mention Ugsome: Computer Science? That’s my hubby’s career – over 30 years. Good career but taken over by globalization; I’ll leave it at that. He doesn’t “program” anymore – works as a Sharepoint advisor now.

  132. I think the polls are all lies right now. Take the last ARG PA poll. They have McCain at 46 and Obama at 50, but they sample Dems at %53, Reps at %39 and Inds at %8. To me, those numbers seem highly inflated for Dems.

  133. One of the most insulting outrages is how the Obama contingent continues to use racism as a weapon against us while at the same time setting free the societal restraints against sexism.

    Terrific post riverdaughter, as usual. Is part of Barry’s JFK thing the amazing sexism of the early 60’s ? Seems to be. It’s rat pack cool again to treat women like dogs.

    ugh….not this time

  134. Kim: I know it isn’t much, but we will be here for you. I can only imagine how difficult this must be for you since I was a huge puddle when my last one left home but he was not going into danger. No matter the age, they are always our children, those babes they placed in our arms for safe keeping.

  135. Mawm, no I’m not, but there are lots of Perl hackers in biotech; it’s become a language of choice. If you want to take this OT discussion off line email me at corbubelus at gmail dot com.

  136. it’s not the big polls any way –it’s the electoral map … you can only get so many electoral votes from winning california … it’s all about those swing states now … and they’re looking like a toss up still

  137. I don’t think any party ever has over %50 of voters. There are always a lot more independents and in that poll, McCain was winning independents.

  138. ugsome, OK

  139. Thank you Pat, he is my only son and we have always had such a special bond. Also, he still lived at home with me, so this is my first time having an empty nest. I can’t tear up right now, so I will just say tomorrow a big piece of my heart will be in Iraq.

  140. For Michelle it was the 1st time I saw her & she was doing her, “if Hillary can’t clean up her own house / how can she clean up the white house”…thing!

    I have heard the same comment about Palin’s pregnant daughter:

    “if Palin can’t rake control of her own house / how can she control the white house”…thing!


  141. Indeed, the polls are a product. The poll people will not produce a product unpleasing to the customer. Whoever the press loves, Bush or Barry, they use bogus polls to prop up their current sweetheart …..the problem for Bush was he was so unpopular, they could not craft a poll that helped him! And I remember the head lines any time he zoomed to 30% approval!! LOL! & That hasn’t been for a while

  142. that abc poll went from changed their sample from the last poll to polling more dems and less independents. it also oversampled african americans. I don’t believe either, that despite this econ mess that his numbers would shoot up that high. I believe they are trying to back up their claims that Palin is no longer a factor, despite being met with 60,000+ crowds.

  143. Kim: Yep. It is another one of the life experiences we are never given credit for. The act of letting go. So painful.

    I am going out for awhile before I puddle up again. Need some fresh perspective.

  144. Kim , I am so sorry. No one but another parent in the same boat knows what you are going though.

  145. Speaking of polls and approval ratings, does anyone know if Cindy Sheehan is making much progress against Pelosi? Are the voters taking her run seriously?

  146. The debate this Friday will probably have a big impact.
    In theory, like Bill Clinton pointed out, the election is Obama’s to lose. By all rights, the Dems should be winning in a landslide this year.
    That being said, I think Obama’s doing a pretty good job of losing it so far. And Mccain has been tenacious — he really really wants to win. So I think it’s still a toss-up to see who does better at the debates.
    (Of course the media except Fox will say that Obama won the debate, regardless of how he actually performed. But a lot of people will be watching to see for themselves.)

  147. Yippee- I just got a call from the DCCC. I didn’t even let him talk, you know how we bitter , old women can be. I let him have it, then I waited for a reply. He said ‘Ok ‘ and we both hung up. Made my day.

  148. re: the polls — remember Obama consistently overpolled by 5-10% during the primaries. I read every poll result with that in mind as subtract at least 5 from Obama’s number.

  149. jonas8,
    How about, If you can’t fix your own neighborhood in Chicago, how can you fix the entire Nation?

  150. Wait, I shouldn’t say “fix”. Obama might misterpret that as rigging the election, something he does know how to do.

  151. votermom, on September 24th, 2008 at 10:57 am Said:
    (,,,,,,Of course the media except Fox will say that Obama won the debate, regardless of how he actually performed

    oh for sure…if McCain raises an eye brow, the media will turn it into Dean’s scream. They will try and paint McCain either as senile, always pissed off or both.

  152. Mawm, on September 24th, 2008 at 11:02 am

    lol! Oh that’s what he means?

  153. right Mawn, exactly right

  154. Yeah RD. funny thing how they just discounted us — that is a trait when oooooh a fascist style scene is coming about. I find it strange that all the Dem envelopes begging for money only come to the male member of the house. Now, did they know by demographics that I’d go Hillary?

    Must have.

    Given the level of corruption NQ has been reporting Hillary should distance herself RD. Not tarnish herself.

    Forget being a Dem, this year. Until all the bad dems are gone — that is what I’m going to do. Have to at this point. Biden? Same ties as O. I’m sure more will come out as we go along.

    hugs to all.

  155. I love this post! love love love it. Thank you, RD.

  156. Some people put up info on Stanley Kurtz about the Ayres
    connection. Well, he was on a radio station in Chicago area a few weeks back & 7,000 obamates flooded the station demanding he doesn’t go on.

  157. tpt: Yes it is scary and the constant r@cism meme is only adding fuel to the fire.

  158. Question to all you computer wiz’s out there. After I have been on a while, I start getting booted and I get an error message. What could cause this?

  159. Mawm: email me any time. I love Perl and am happy to advise.

  160. Check-out Bill at his wonky best happening live at the CGI…
    No Chris Rock at this event!
    Bono just called Bill “extraordinary”….duh!


  161. McCain just finished a conference call with the pollsters. He accused them of fixing the polls. They changed their matrix to overload it with Dems.

    BO and his thugs are despictable.

  162. Kim – we love you and your boy child. May GOD be with all of you. McCain and Sarah will do the best to protect him, after all they have their children on the lines also. Of that, I am sure.


  163. jonas:
    Saw your complaint re Wanda Sykes on Leno. The last time I watched Leno was the time Sykes trashed Hillary Clinton during the primary. Way over the top, digusting beyond belief. I wouldn’t go watch Sykes in anything, for any reason. Also, Leno is dead to me now.

    When I realized that Letterman would make fun of everyone but Obama, I quit him, too.

    Late night TV is pretty much gone for me, except for Family Guy reruns.

  164. Carol, that is the one thing that lets me sleep at night, knowing their sons are also there.

  165. No, I don’t consent and I haven’t for a long time. I no longer even feel the need to defend myself against the racist charges and all the other crap that has been thrown at us.


  166. I do not consent. They know we are here, they know we hold political power and they are afraid of us.
    Little old ladies, with nothing better to do than to stick their noses into politics!
    Who do we think we are?
    A voting block, a big voting block and one that isn’t going to vote for Obama in any way, shape or form.
    Hillary I will be waiting for you, millions will wait another four years and endure another republican victory, for you Hillary.
    We understand that if Obama wins then you cant run until 2016 and none of us wants that, Obama will have turned our country into a war zone by then.
    But we will endure McCain knowing that he is a true patriot who loves this country and would never do anything to hurt her or us.
    This Dem is voting republican, and in 2012 when we have rid our DNC of all the corruption, and democracy is once again part of the democratic party, I will return and once again proudly cast my vote for Hillary Clinton!

  167. The debate is telecast in Mississippi, and I am sure they are getting ready for a race-baiting incident, just like the Dems pulled off in S.C. this year. Their level of corruption is beyond disgusting; Mr. Change Candidate will do or say anything to get this election; he has sunk lower than Karl Rove and that is saying something. People are asleep at the wheel. They think this election is about race when it is really about ideology. Obama’s platform is more extreme socialism coming from marxist ideology. He is mentored by Bill Ayers and Rev. Wrignt and others who hate America and wish to do it harm. I hope some of the 18,000,000 women are living in VA since that is where Obama people are concentrating to win this election and registering massive amounts of new voters every day.

  168. parentofed,

    I do try to catch Letterman’s “Great moments in presidential speeches”; otherwise I have given up on Leno and Letterman, too.

  169. Being a 2nd waver from the 70’s, it’s fascinating to me how I woke up yet again this election and I thank Hill for that. If she had dropped out in Feb, I would not know how Dem leadership despised me and I most likely would be holding my nose and voting the Dem loser , like I have done since ’72.( expect for 92-96 when I voter for a Dem winner! Thanks Bill)

    But Hillary stayed in and the fangs came out . I saw Dem elite like I never have before and realized it’s been that way all along…or for a very long time. It’s telling how they go on and on about Roe vs Wade. It’s because that’s the last time they did anything in that regard . They have nothing else to point to that was not done by Bill ( like the family leave bill etc. )

  170. Chimera said:
    We need to lose this presidential election to get the party back.

    I’ve heard Republicans say the same thing. They don’t trust McCain. A lot of them are angry with his comment on replacing Cox (Sec and Exchange Commission) with Cuomo.

    But they will hold their nose and vote for him. I won’t hold my nose and vote Obama. Of all the Republicans to nominate, the Republicans came up with one I can actually stomach.

  171. Great post RD! Always right on.

    fif said
    My rage also is largely directed at the media. Good people are supporting him because they do not take/have the time to be informed, so they are not getting the truth. It’s an outrage, and the level of manipulation and distortion is unprecedented. It truly frightens me, because they are having a huge impact on engineering these elections–leading the sheeple by the nose.

    You are sooooo right. I hope the Repugs bring out the big guns or the debates go down great for Mac.
    I live in Florida (Tampa to be exact) and my LOCAL NBC affiliate is slanted toward Obama–this morning they did a spot on how one of McCain’s campaign advisors is connected ot Fannie or Freddie..NOTHING about Obama’s connections through his people or money he received (2nd highest after Dodd) from them.. On the radio this morning I heard Obama was ahead by two in FL. Hard to believe, really. He may be in Tampa, but I can’t see him taking Florida from McCain.

  172. Oh and here’s the funny part….they treat us like dirt, but we are supposed to leap to do their bidding??
    I think odd idea comes from the Dem groveling to the GOP….they are projecting their own modus operandi onto to us and are confused when it doesn’t work.

  173. It’s telling how they go on and on about Roe vs Wade. It’s because that’s the last time they did anything in that regard .

    Ding ding ding! You win. That is IT, and that is why the Roe card is not working on me anymore. The Dems gave women some basic protection way back when, and have done JACK SHIT since then.

    Sorry, but they have gnawed that tired old bone to DEATH. No nourishment for women there, not in years. Don’t spit on me, stomp on me, then point to something some good Dems did 30 years ago as proof that you care and I ought to support you. Bullshit. These misogynists need to stop hiding their asses behind Roe.

  174. Now that Maureen doesn’t have Hillary to beat black and blue, she is pounding Palin with the hammer again today. She had to add a hit on Bill Clinton. If they’re still on Palin it means she has made a huge impact and continues to do so.

  175. Just watched The Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKgkBV-XBVs again. She is clear about the power of Hillary supporters! Looks like she’s been having some hate comments and death threats though. Comments disabled.

    For me the three best traits of the presidential candidates are as follows:

    Barack Obama
    1) African heritage
    2) Self promotion
    3) Can espouse liberal positions (before he reverses himself on them)

    John McCain
    1) Maverick history
    2) Known quantity
    3) Experience

  176. RD and all,

    In case you haven’t read it already, Robin Gerber’s book Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way is an excellent book and well-worth the read.

    The lessons of Mrs. Roosevelt that Robin relates are transferable to anyone, but particularly instructive to anyone who wonders what “one person” can do to make a difference. The book is packed with anecdotes from Mrs. Roosevelt’s decades of showing the establishment how things ought to be and then living it.

    And, if you ever get the chance, go hear Robin speak. It is without a doubt she is a Puma.

  177. “Little old ladies, with nothing better to do than to stick their noses into politics!
    Who do we think we are?”

    The more things change, the more they stay the same! I am convinced these neo-prog bourgeois boyz (such as the spousal unit) would’ve snorted at the notion of woman suffrage a hundred years ago. It’s the same Jacobin mentality that denied women suffrage because “they’ll all vote the way the village priest tells them to.”

  178. tpt/ny, on September 24th, 2008 at 10:38 am Said:

    For Michelle it was the 1st time I saw her & she was doing
    her, “if Hillary can’t clean up her own house / how can she clean up the white house”…thing!


    First time I saw her too and never liked her from that moment. What a stupid thing to say.

  179. OT somewhat but does anyone know the facts behind the “30% Solution”-
    is there any verifiable data for the” 30% of federal govt being women means
    women’s issues get traction”- I’m trying to promote the solution and I don’t have anything to back it up.
    Maybe it was posted before but I don’t read all the comments daly.

  180. Madamab did the post on the 30% solution on September 16.

  181. The media campaigns hard for Obama ,the pollsters manipulate the polls for Obama. Thank god for the people we will decided this election. McCain will win FL and OH, but to seal the deal he needs to win PA and/or Michigan which all indications says he can. Make calls for McCain in those 2 states and we can show the media we the people are still the deciders.
    Only for those who support Palin/McCain or oppose Obama

  182. Off Topic—

    Apparently, as you probably know, the fight in Congress at the moment is over Section 8 of the Paulson bill, which would allows that the rights of the Treasury Department to be unlimited and without any regulation or oversight. Also that there would be no judicial followup to anything that is done by the Treasury Department. Sound a little like Hitler Germany to ya?

    Well, it seems that the people aggressively fighting this bill and section 8 are REPUBLICANS. Why? What’s going on? Is this a new Democratic principle? Liberal fascism? Bush economics?

    Also apparently, Biden expressed disapproval about the limitless bailouts, and was chided for his negative comments by his superior, Mr. Obama. Why? Is Obama ready to play this game the way that it is being set up?

  183. The Democrats want to have some limitation on executive pay and golden parachutes, and protection against foreclosure for homeowners.

    They also oppose the lack of oversight.

  184. I think Fred has it right: the big media (if not the pollsters) are campaigning hard for Obama and there needs to be a grass roots effort in MI, PA, and OH, and MN.

    I’m in CA, and am in the process of being trampled upon by a mob determined to hand over 55 electoral votes to Obama.

  185. bluemorning, on September 24th, 2008 at 12:15 pm Said:

    OT somewhat but does anyone know the facts behind the “30% Solution”-
    is there any verifiable data for the” 30% of federal govt being women means
    women’s issues get traction”- I’m trying to promote the solution and I don’t have anything to back it up.


    I got a little bit of information with a Google search using “30% representation women”

    30% representation women

  186. No, I do not consent. I have eaten my Cheerios and after reading your awesome and inspiring post I am really fired up. Thanks, RD. What a great way to start the day.

  187. The latest grim news…


  188. I read this today at that nut job–Taylor Matsh’s site…..

    “There’s just no way WJC is going to alienate future and potential Hillary voters (including the unhinged fringe and those who’ve unwisely joined the Palin pack),….

    This was my response…..
    I remember…not too long ago Taylor how you yourself were one of these so-called “Dead
    I wonder what you had to give up besides your soul to the Obama campaign.
    I realize you probably will not allow this to be displayed on your site.
    There can be no criticism of “The One.” Too bad. You were once a hero to my daughters…now
    your just a joke!

    Now hers….

    RedDragon62 | 09.24.2008 – 11:39 am | #

    Nice try, but I was never a “dead ender,” as TNR described the unhinged fringe.

    Once Hillary lost and wholeheartedly backed Obama, which she’s now taken another step thru
    “Hillary Sent Me!”, I was completely on board.

    I’m in good company in my support for the Democratic nominee. I’ll stand beside Hillary and
    Bill Clinton any day.
    next stop: NoQuarter

    My response…….

    I respect all you have done Taylor.

    There was a time when I would recommend your site to everyone I knew. I lost that respect
    when you allowed some of your writers to refer to those of us that supported Hillary and still
    do as “Dead Enders”.
    Being a refugee from Daily Kooks and TPM I found in you a reasonable voice among the lunatic
    fringe frat houses attempting to pass as “Progressive” sites.

    Being from Chicago and knowing the Hyde Park area myself…I can not understand why the media
    will NOT look into the troubling relationships Obama has cultivated over the years here.I just
    love when he claims to have been a “Community Organizer” here but no one I know ever met him!
    Not only that…When he refers to his work at Altgeld Gardens . he is taking credit for
    someone else’s work. Those of us that DID work on removing the abesto’s in that slum barely if
    ever saw Obama. We know a Political pimp here when we see one and He is one!

    Because of this and many other reason I chose not to support Obama. I know of many many more
    Hispanics that will not support him as well. We here have our reasons and if that makes us
    “Dead Enders” so be it!

    Maybe I used that term in describing you a little too quickly. But I remember your strong
    opposition to him. So you can imagine the surprise when you wholeheartedly supported him.

    How quick we forget what we write!

    I decided to walk away from that fight over at Taylor Marsh’s koo Koo asylum.
    I was outnumbered…LOL

  189. Nice work, RedDragon62. Keep up the good fight.

  190. JohnInCA: I’m in CA too. Since ‘le vote utile’ is le vote futile here, I am considering a ticket that appeals to me, McKinney/Clemente. But I won’t decide until closer to election day.

  191. I had to boogie from there lest I get cyber lynched.

    I don’t know what possessed me to go into the demon lair…I suppose I am a glutton for punishment…LMAO!

  192. I’m still hung up on the sheer hypocrisy of some Obama supporters who pointed claimed they weren’t sexist and would support a woman for President, just not this one – then turned around and scream racism whenever someone doesn’t support Obama.

    Guess what losers, some of us have voted for people of color for various political office (including President) well before got your legs tingling and brains shutting down.

  193. please call the Human Rights Campaign (the largest gay lobby) and ask them to reconsider their endorsement of Obama. He has not done anything to help defeat Prop 8 in California (a constitutional ban on gay marriage). Gay marriage is currently legal in CA. Not only that his campaign is having a “Faith, family and values tour” with Douglas Kmeic who wrote an op ed in the SF chronicle supporting the ban. This is effectively an endorsement on the Obama campaign’s part. They have a history of pandering to evangelicals at the expense of gays. PLEASE call them and let them know you are not happy and that they need to reconsider:

    HRC Front Desk: 202/628-4160
    TTY: 202/216-1572
    Toll-Free: 800/777-4723

  194. No, I do not consent. Thank you for noting that perogative.

    I also wanted to note a corollary to this:

    One of the most insulting outrages is how the Obama contingent continues to use racism as a weapon against us while at the same time setting free the societal restraints against sexism.

    They are also using this inversely. They have for months claimed understanding and empathy for black voters voting for a black candidate in huge numbers, but deny women that same empathy. One has to wonder if this isn’t a manifestation of white-guilt-gone-racist. Oh, those poor, poor black people, or course they don’t know any better, but you, you white woman, you should know better. It’s a dual expression of both racism and sexism.

  195. I want to confess something. I will vote for McKinney — and the reason is that if I vote for McCain he is sure to lose. Ever since I have been able to vote I have always voted for a loser. Just going backwards in time … I’ve been supporting Hillary, then Edwards, then Kerry, then Gore. My vote is a jinx.
    Maybe I should vote for Obama?

  196. My comment is awaiting moderation. Is it something I wrote or is the Confluence moderated now?

  197. Hi again— somebody was asking about Sheehan, I hope she blasts Pelosi out, personally.

    But I came across this little piece out of TN, on the Dems going the way of the Whigs? I should look that up in the wiki — you know, after all these years of being a Dem — this year, something really went wrong. This is a good take on that — so here it is!


    CA Dems are Progressive Dems. That is what is wrong with the Dems right now — they aren’t.

    I finally figured out what O should do. Hang in Hollywood. They all see him as a moneymaker, and they can make a ton off of him.

    Isn’t that a sad truth?

    It’s true!

    if you lived out here, you’d know the mindset — but– Dems who feel scr*wed by this deal? McC all the way. Payback for Hillary.

  198. Anna Belle, a lot of us go in and out of moderation for reasons that probably have more to do with technical glitches than site policy.

  199. Some words (like “r@cist”) will automatically put you in moderation.

  200. Ahh, I see. Terminology did it. But it’s out now. Thanks whoever is modding!

  201. Excellent post RD and for me, Bella Abzug* said it all:

    “[The establishment is made up of little men, very frightened….They used to give us a day–it was called International Women’s Day. In 1975 they gave us a year, the Year of the Woman. Then from 1975 to 1985 they gave us a decade, the Decade of the Woman. I said at the time, who knows, if we behave they may let us into the whole thing. Well, we didn’t behave and here we are….We want an equal share in government and we mean to get it].”

    *Bella Abzug (1920 – 1998) – a great woman;
    “[First Jewish Congresswoman, Bella Abzug was known for her fiery personality, as well as her work for feminism, peace, and civil liberties].

    Bella Abzug is definitely a PUMA!!!


    Women Empowering Democracy

  202. When Eleanor Roosevelt had her life threatened by r*cists after WWII for her stand on civil rights, she didn’t ask for Secret Service protection, she just put a gun in her purse and carried on. You have to admire that.
    McCain won out in the GOP primaries over the ideologues because the Republican voters liked his more centrist stance.

  203. RedDragon62, It’s like the Monty Python sketch in which alien blancmanges turn everyone into Scotsmen so they can win Wimbledon.

    Taylor Marsh, Jeralyn et al have been turned into a Scotsman so Obama the Blancmange can win Wimbledon.

  204. Anna Belle said, “One has to wonder if this isn’t a manifestation of white-guilt-gone-racist. Oh, those poor, poor black people, or course they don’t know any better, but you, you white woman, you should know better. It’s a dual expression of both racism and sexism.”

    The phrase “the soft bigotry of low expectations” springs to mind.

  205. Gary, done.

    I gave the guy at HRC an earful. He said he completely understands and that HRC will be coming out with a statement on the “Familky values tour” shortly.

    I won’t hold my breath

  206. I got voicemail, but left a good message….

  207. I’m BEGGING everyone who is reading this to please take 5 min to call them and let them know that you are against bigotry and that the HRC should not endorse bigoted candidates. you don’t have to be gay to voice your displeasure.

    HRC Front Desk: 202/628-4160
    TTY: 202/216-1572
    Toll-Free: 800/777-4723

  208. I strongly suspect some Obama campaign folks lurk here, and are drilling him on his negative ways. They are a little scared now, and I don’t think we’ll see arrogance on Friday, unless it seeps out between the toes. I’ll be watching the floor.

    But, you have to pity John McCain; he has to tell us his positions AND has to tell us what the media has failed to do – Obama’s real positions and who he really is.

  209. votermom — lol — I can sympathize with the “my vote is a jinx” rationale too — especially living in a solid red state until 3 years ago — and while your “vote for Obama to jinx him” plan might work, if I were you I’d go for the 3rd party vote because voting for Obama is so repugnant.

  210. parentofed, Obama won’t be able to resist. It is who he is.

  211. votermom, lol. Its called being a Democrat.

  212. The sliver lining to this crisis is more people will tune in to the debates than perhaps would without it . It makes the media spin job harder to put over when more people see things for themselves. However I don’t think McCain is doing the sweating when the word” debate” is used. I’m thinking Barry is the One….. with the moist collar.

  213. Thank you for that wonderful photo of the wonderful Eleanor and the wonderful words which accompany it, RD. You know, reading the comments above is like looking in a mirror of my mind. Y’all’s thoughts make me feel not alone (and help distract me from my neighbor/friend’s newly planted Obama yard sign, yetch and wretch). Can’t remember who posted it above, but “Misogyny is the new black” would be MY personal yard sign. Terrific slogan! Matter of fact, I just might get those magic markers out…

  214. Gary: I just filled out an online questionaire and mentioned it there but I will call as well. I gave them hell on the phone one evening when they called soliciting money so it will be my pleasure to call them again. Thanks.

  215. RD – This is such a great post. Sometimes, the power of refusal is the strongest power we have. The more we stand our ground, the more they will have to listen to us.


    Oh…and new post up!!

  216. Screw Eleanor Roosevelt. Apparently, there’s a new archetype for American Womanhood:


    I thought it was a joke but it’s not. Click on the bust of the African statue for the full story.

  217. “I have a proposition: should Obama lose we can offer him the position of “community organizing” the PUMAs. With that illustrious background he should be able to turn us into the same force he exuded in Chicago! Anyone?”

    If you got Obama to “community organize” PUMAs it would wind up a destroyed movement. I’ll trust the leadership of a working mother from a small town with small business experience any day.

  218. From Eleanor’s time to our time, I do not Consent!!!!


  219. JulieS9164, Thanks for that. I found this to be very bizarre. From Edwards’s letter to the British Museum

    As a sculptor whose primary subject is the figure, I am appalled to see that the British Museum would contribute to what amounts to as racist behavior in the forthcoming exhibit “Statuephilia,” curated by Waldemar Januszczak and James Fox. By hosting Marc Quinn’s contribution to the exhibit, the gold cast sculpture of Kate Moss, which promotes the Anglo type as the ideal form of beauty, I feel your institution is reinforcing a destructive message of racial superiority.

    Does he mean to suggest that artists cannot admire feminine beauty anymore if the model happens to be white?

    These people are beyond disgusting

  220. Great post, RD. I actually tried my first letter to the editor today of our local free weekly (The Philadelphia Weekly). Their editor has completely lost the plot. However, he gave us the following ‘existential truths” to consider. I guess he assumed HRC bus victims are too uneducated to understand his rants:

    “Below, some potential existential truths for your consideration.
    In light of events and the political campaign you may want to consider appropriating as many as you like:

    » If Sarah Palin were ever to become president there’d be widespread panic in the streets.

    » The trickle-down theory of economics has forever been discredited by the avaricious CEOs who espoused it.

    » Anyone involved in attempting to paint Michelle Obama as an angry woman will suffer deeply in the most unspeakable ways as a consequence.

    » FOX may be right-wing, but CNN’s Lou Dobbs possesses the darkest soul on television.

    » John McCain decided he no longer had to believe half of what he said the night he spoke at the Republican Convention.

    » Ralph Nader is the saddest of sad sacks.

    » Philadelphia, because it is both third-world and world-class, knew the depth of the economic abyss before Wall Street did.

    And finally, because we are both third-world and world-class, we know this existential truth: ‘It’s time to get on board, and let this train keep on riding, riding on through.'”

    Because I’m a disenfranchised Clinton voter who is now voting for Nader, I actually took keyboard to computer and sent off a missive the rag will never publish.

    Anyway, thanks to Ms. Marper for the shout out to E.S.V. Millay. She’s my favorite, too.

  221. I do not consent, I AM liberated. Their chains over what they perceive as my interests belong to them and weigh them down.
    I respect and admire Senator Clinton and support her endeavors, but hell I’m voting MY interests and putting my country first.
    While some may choose to go topless and some may choose to wear Amerikkka, this liberal progressive Democrat will be wearing lipstick and USA, so swallow that DNC.
    They want to cry racism, I say cheap shot and dead wrong, try my perception of anti Americanism, tendencies towards socialism/Marxism, tactics and political shenanigans that are disgraceful and unproductive to the common good.
    Guilty by association is now increasingly proving to be guilty by participation.
    Good job Democratic Party and DNC, we are thrilled to know we can count on you to represent our best interests.
    Now, I will put my faith in McCain / Palin that they will fight against special interests every day in Washington remembering that they serve us ‘we the people’.
    I will lobby my issues to them.

    1) Bring our soldiers home and help Iraq secure their country.
    2) Access our American energy resources so as to stop our energy dependence on foreign nations. I also believe it makes enormous economical sense.
    3) Investment in public infrastructure.
    4) Government strategies and efforts for innovation, investment and incentives in thinking green and cleaning our planet.
    5) Removing special interests, waste and modernizing our healthcare. Bulk purchasing of medicine, minimizing discrimination on insurance policies and wider access for all Americans. Wider access to affordable fresh healthy nutritious food.
    6) Focus on good affordable child care for working single parent families. ( Not really my issue, but I feel it is extremely important for the common good.)
    7) Developing and improving friendships and partnerships in our ever increasing global environment while first and foremost always protecting the interests and security of the American people.
    8) Focus on immigration issues and securing our borders. ( Working with the Hispanic community to find ways to find solutions and compromises. Focus on keeping families together (mothers and fathers) while respecting and preserving public services that many Americans feel are strained and quality compromised because of over demand and not enough resources for financing. )

    I believe Republicans under McCain / Palin leadership can live up to these things……

  222. Looking at the frenzy the Obama supporters are in, I really doubt Obama isn’t trailing badly. I think the Obama backers, like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, hope that PUMAs will believe they don’t have a chance, because of the fake polls, and give up. Well, as one poster has stated, you have reached the fight stage. And they are throwing everything at McCain and Palin. Really, why do you think they are asking for a 700 billion dollar blank-check bailout now? Do you think a single up for election Congress Critter wants to vote for that right now? Can you imagine the kind of arm-twisting that must be going on? So why?


    McCain is NOT happy with them…. kinda like Hillary and Bill. The Obama backers have that effect on people. Like their puppet, they know how to win friends and influence people.

    The Obama backers also tried to get McCain to support the bailout, so they could hammer him down with it, and in typical McCain fashion he said:
    “The chairman of the SEC serves at the appointment of the president and, in my view, has betrayed the public trust,” McCain said. “If I were president today, I would fire him.”

    McCain has apparently realized he is supposed to lose, and is not a happy camper. Is this surprising? Apparently to the people who selected Obama. They have so far misjudged Hillary, Obama, McCain, Palin, PUMA’s and the American people in general.

    Not to be stopped by the complete failure of getting McCain to HELP them blame the current theater on him, Special Agent George Will began publically foaming at the mouth for Obama:

    This is panic mode! Guaranteed Obama’s campaign has access to REAL polls. And you know what? They are panicking!

    I’m going to sign up for a phone bank myself. It would be useful for the moderator to put information on how to do so, and for which states to do it.

  223. Sorry the smiley should be a no# 8 , I don’t know what happened.
    I want to add another thing.
    9) Fiscal responsibility and paying our debts. After this ecconomic debacle, of course.

  224. I just LOVE Sarah Palin!

  225. Chimera said: I see how my male colleagues treat the administrative assistant. The place would absolutely not run without her. She has intelligence I could sure use. All but two of my 10 male colleagues are “progressive.” Guess who is nicer to the secretary?

    It is the same in my husband’s office. It is the conservative lawyers will tell you that they couldn’t do their job without the Admin Asst. The fauxgressives treat them like dirt. It has really opened my eyes.
    I am amazed at how OK it has come to be open in your misogyny.

  226. Kim,
    my son is a Marine who did security details during the battle for Fallujah. He came home fine. I know where you are at. If I can help you in any way, let me know.
    And you are so right about John McCain. He truly loves our sons and daughters who are in the miltary. My son wouldn’t vote for anyone else.

  227. I have a quote magnet on my fridge that says “Do one thing every day that scares you. — Eleanor Roosevelt”

    The one thing that I do every day is affirm that I’m voting Republican this year. But it only scares me because I have realized that the Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party of even last year.

  228. I LOVE this site go McCain/Palin!!! Woo hoo!!!!

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