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      I haven’t written about this because others have been dealing with it well and pandemics aren’t something I know a great deal about. It does look, now, like the Coronavirus stands a good chance of turning into a pandemic, and I think we should discuss preparation a bit. Our world produces most goods in a […]
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Late Night: THIS is what real leadership looks like

SusanUnPC at NoQuarter caught this a little while ago:

PLUS:  Susan also posted the following schedule of Hillary Clinton interviews scheduled for tomorrow:

Just in from Hillary Clinton’s press office (she should be our presidential nominee, and I’ll never stop saying that, so get used to it):


Hillary Clinton will appear on morning shows tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23 to discuss solutions to the economic crisis.

Tuesday, September 23
New York, NY

7:00 a.m. ET
Hillary Clinton Discusses Solutions to the Economic Crisis in Morning Show Interviews
–CBS’ Early Show
–CNN’s American Morning
–NBC’s Today Show
–MSNBC’s Morning Joe


 Rise, Hillary, RISE!!!!

Open thread – (I’m up past my bedtime, but this video just did it for me!)

130 Responses

  1. well I think the O-bat’s realize that their candidate isnt getting anywhere near the white house or the oval office. Oh he will be invited in to have tea in 4 years and 4 months with President Hillary R Clinton!


  2. Damn. You would put this up, just after the Big Dawg appeared on Letterman and made Obama look just like the very very small, self-obsessed, inarticulate being he is. It’s clear that Bill is deeply proud of Hillary and believes she is at least his equal in all things, including things political. I happen to agree with Bill. Just makes me sick, almost literally, to think what could and should have been…

  3. where is BO (I need to know) during this crisis? is he to busy campaigning to give comfort to people like my great aunt 89 years old with a son with a nuero-muscular disease as their financial security disapears? They live in Illinois so they are his concern! Hell they are his constituents!

    Not a Peep not a ummm or ugh? not even a “what Hillary said?

    What a loser-



    FDR Democrats = Clinton Democrats

    What worked then, will work NOW.

    Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.


  5. Kat5

    Bill makes every American feel like they are his equal! That is called being a President and a concerned and effective leader!

    I am glad that Hillary has returned to the peoples work where is Obambi? again I ask?

    Mr Obama-have you no decency sir? Sir aI say again Have you no decency?


  6. I don’t know how long my comment at TL will survive, so I want to share it here:

    In her latest Palinpalooza post Jeralyn said:

    “I’m 100% with Markos of Daily Kos on this:”

    My reply:

    “If I was 100% in agreement with Markos on anything I would carefully reconsider my position.

    His credibility was one of the first to go when the “progressive blogosphere” went into meltdown earlier this year.

    That was comment #2 on the thread.

  7. Yep, she deleted it already

  8. SM- I am so angry that Dean Pelosi and Donna Brazille chose this bozo to stand for us I could spit purple!


  9. SM: Get to bed now. Yes, Hillary certainly should be our nominee. She is so spot on with all of her points. She is just brilliant.

  10. I heard the tail end of a Hillary econ talk yesterday, and was struck that she included not only the public consumer, but the companies and the employees of those companies in her sphere of concern. She said they were all in her constituency. I thought that was very profound, not just jumping around blaming, but thinking about all the particulars and all the people.

    I hate the friggin DNC.

  11. The thing that’s really killing me is this: Bill and Hillary CARE about this country, about the hardships so many of us are facing, they CARE about trying to make things better, and they are better equipped to do so than any other contemporary political figures I can think of. Our chances of this country recovering on multiple fronts would be greatly improved under Hillary’s leadership. And here we are, stuck with the least prepared, least caring, least ethical candidate the Democrats have ever put forward. Aaaarrgggh!!!

  12. myiq2xu, on September 23rd, 2008 at 12:48 am Said:

    In her latest Palinpalooza post Jeralyn said:

    “I’m 100% with Markos of Daily Kos on this:”

    I guess there wasn’t a line at the driveby lobotomy clinic.

  13. I just saw President Clinton on Letterman. He was terrific.

    Then he was followed by Chris Rock who went into a tirade because the President didn’t seem to realize that his wife LOST! LOST that she’s NOT running anymore and NO ONE cares what she thinks.

    I think he forgot that she’s a Senator….

  14. Hillary/Lipstick/Sarah = Luv

  15. FUZZY: We all need a bear hug. BIG HUG to your great aunt, had a great one like that who lived to 98.

    PUMA-SF: LOL! Yeah, but when I saw THIS, I couldn’t help but share it here with Conflucians. Susan, kudos for getting it. HILLARY, Kudos for being the TRUE LEADER. Is she the female Hamlet, or what?

  16. myiq2xu-did you expect any thing less from that anti-social paranoid? Jeralyn could send a piersons pupeteer into a permanent state of paralyzing fear-causing it to roll up in a ball and sufficate itself!

    (that was for all you Larry Niven fans(created the known space/ringworld series/man Kzin wars series)


  17. Katiebird: CHRIS ROCK, WHAT?? And Hell YES she is a Senator of HIS state. Disgusting.

  18. Fuzzy: Please. Life is so much better when Obama keeps his mouth shut and is out of the limelight.

  19. Everybody hates Chris? Yes, yes they do.

  20. Oh man Chris Rock is disguting. What a despicable thing to say. These people have no class.

  21. Puppeteers believe the majority is always sane

  22. Wow. Chris Rock actually had the nerve to disrespect the Clintons right after Bill was on the same show? That is f*cking ridiculous. These entertainers are not helping Obama at all. They don’t seem to realize that there are millions of us in this country who still support Clinton and believe that she would be a better president. Ridiculous.

  23. SM, yes — it was a pretty shocking thing. Although it is true that Clinton didn’t do any bragging about Obama’s plans for the economy.

  24. Hey myiq – I’ve been a lurker on TL for months now, long enough to witness Jeralyn’s sudden descent into PDS. Do you have any idea what the hell happened to her?

  25. good night all it is good to be home katie hello there I missed you all so much you could never know!

    love good night and sleep tight

    I shall dream of living in President Hillary Clintons World-where there is no challenge that she cannot help us rise together to solve!


    Rise Hillary Rise!

  26. (nodding)

    He explained that he didn’t lose because of sexism. It’s because she’s a loser. She lost to a total unknown.

  27. MYIQ: you know Jeralyn DESERVES to be on Arianna’s red carpet of blogger stahs.
    And WTF, siding with Mr. former Repug Cheeto Boi?

    What EXACTLY happened under that “Big Tent” in Denver?

  28. Doesn’t it just become more and more obvious how brilliant and capable Hillary is? Obama is missing in action while Hillary is once again in the forefront of a tough challenge, working as hard as ever to solve it. She’s amazing. Obama isn’t even in her league.

  29. I like Chris Rock as a comedian. He is a very good entertainer.

    As far as listening to him for political advice, he should stick to telling jokes.

  30. KB: What plans?! He’s still coming up with some. They’ll be written on construction paper in crayon but I guess that counts too. Can’t discriminate against kindergarteners running for the Highest Office in the Nation.

  31. Okay, y’all, my husband saw Chris Rock and assures me he was just joking around, no harm intended (my hubby’s a big Clinton fan, too).

  32. That “Big Tent” was a fumigation tent–and everyone inhaled.

  33. Well, if I get banned from TL at least I’ll deserve it.

    Unlike that other place.

  34. OK, Kat. I saw it but I guess I was wrong.

  35. KBird: Big Dawg on the view, Regency posted the clips in the Gary post near the end. Saw them – he ROCKED. Yes, being a “good loyal Democrat” he praised Obama, but played towards McCain’s experience and life story. In awe of the Big Dawg.

    BTW, was it just me or did he look really good?

  36. I think a lot of the Obamaphiles still have so much anger and hatred for Hillary because she JUST WON’T GO AWAY. They aren’t happy enough with the fact that their candidate “won” the nomination. They hate it when they see her on the news being wonky and brilliant while Obama hides. Chris Rock should be ashamed of himself for disrespecting President Clinton and his own Democratic Senator from NY. He should apologize.

  37. SM: It’s never JUST you. It’s you me, some other people, Pat J,etc. He looked like he’d not only gotten some but that he’d be getting some more when he got home. That’s how good he looked.

  38. Myiq2xu-a Niven reader just finished “The fleet of Worlds”-I feel greater respect and love for you now…

    The Puppeteers were on of my favorites of his creation I love Nessus even though he is insane!

    And if Obama isnt the prototype for an inept Hindmost then I dont know who is!

    Well we will see how sane the majority is on November 5th!


  39. But I care about what Chris Rock thinks. What is an econmic plan compared to such gems as, “You don’t hire the lumber’s wife to fix your pipes!” The man’s a genius.

  40. I can’t even remember the last time I was on TalkLeft. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get fewer than 25 comments on most posts now. Anyone want to report what’s going on over there? I’m not surprised that Jeralyn continues to have PDS. That’s her thing now. There is nothing else to talk about when it comes to Obama so she has to direct all of her energy and anger onto McCain’s vp.

  41. ‘Sokay, k’bird. I have to admit I’m a bit, um, sensitized to any slights toward Hill and Bill, so I’ve probably done my share of misinterpreting.

  42. Chris Rock’s rant was really outrageous. Find it somewhere and watch if you missed it.

    Dee shakes head and says – No wonder people are so stupid. They listen to idiots like him who does not seem to know she still has a job in the Senate. The stupid people laugh and say – Wow, Chris is so smart.

  43. What bothers me about jeralyn is she was a rational, intelligent blogger, and she still is when she sticks to legal stuff.

    But somewhere between partying with the “A” list blogger women at the Dem convention and Sarah Palin’s speech at the GOP shindig a week later, Jeralyn totally lost it on the political stuff.

    It’s kinda scary.

  44. Your husband is naive. Rock also had that funny joke about backing the white woman a while back. He’s an a**hole. And, all these morons who think Obama came out of nowhere, David V Goliath are high. He came courtesy of the Dean/Pelosi/Kennedy cabal. What a total loser.

  45. (blinking)


  46. losing ability to spell Kitiebird it is so good to be home this trip really took alot out of me!

    again love to all and good night!


  47. Fuzzy:

    Do you rishathra?

  48. Good night, Conflucians. Till morning.

  49. I’m with Dee and Masslib, Chris Rock was a jerk.

  50. Regency, on September 23rd, 2008 at 1:02 am Said: Edit Comment
    SM: It’s never JUST you. It’s you me, some other people, Pat J,etc. He looked like he’d not only gotten some but that he’d be getting some more when he got home. That’s how good he looked.

    LOL!!!! Never underestimate that Scorpion you-know-what. RISE, HILLARY, RISE!!!

  51. good night, all

  52. love your picture wish I could get mine to show!


  53. Even if Obama throws Biden under the bus and recruits Hillary for VP, I’m still voting for McCain. I’m not that gullible.

  54. MYIQ: Jeralyn got the whiffs of “fame” – or advertising $$$. Or both. Or maybe it was the TL kid forcing her. I dunno. It’s very weird.

  55. Well! It appears I’m going to have to give hubby another beating. Seems HE missed it with C. Rock. Shoulda been there myself (then we could’ve at least had a great argument).

  56. robert, that is not going to happen. People need to stop this right now. Hill doesn’t want the job, BO’s not offering. It would be electoral suicide to have you VP step down. Please, can we just stop with that silliness?

  57. the reds of ringworld never rishathra (remember I am a redbeared bear!) we only watch and comment and cheer on the partisipants”Ringworld Engineers”-then again from “Ringworld’s Children”-of course if vampires are present….anything can happen!


  58. We need more west-of-the-Rockies Conflucians.

    You Easterners go to bed and it gets quiet. Even the trolls have been absent lately.

  59. Chris Rock has a history of being an asshole here, kat5. Ya go from being an asshole to being an asshole, chances are, you’re an asshole. (I nean him, not you)

  60. I agree with Masslib. It’s a no-go.

  61. Robert – Big Dawg said it – SHE WAS NEVER INTERESTED in VP. Nor was she cordially asked.

    – VP
    Happy PUMA

  62. I only rishathra when I’m drunk.

  63. Scorpios: can drop like it’s hot in 20 positions…so I’ve heard.

  64. Have you all seen Bill’s appearance on the View today? If not, please go watch it. First, he is amazing. Second, Bill understands what Obama does not – never insult the voter. Third, Bill has helped me understand that I am not a horrible hypocrite for considering voting for McCain based on gender interests. Fourth, I think the psychologist Bill is talking about Dr. Lynette Long, who does a lot of blog work with PUMAs. She must be thrilled to know Bill reads her work!

  65. Over at D.U. there are several threads trashing Bill’s appearance on Letterman and high-fiving Chris Rock. What a sad place.

    BTW – I have an unused Democratic Underground bumper sticker. I would like to put it up on ebay but offer money for someone to take it off my hands. Can I do that?

  66. here here masslib!-it is foolish to suggest it…everyone repeat after me-Eagleton-McGovern 1972….ok say it again Eagleton-McGovern 1972…. nowq for slow starters- one final time-Eagleton-McGovern 1972!

    Obama/Biden is the ticket unless Biden or Obama are “found in bed with a dead woman or a live boy!”

    Name the politician who said that for the extra point!


  67. I think you can put anything on ebay.

  68. I was afraid Hillary would get forced into taking the VP slot.

    It was the smart move for Obama, but it would have been bad for Hillary. Thank Koresh Obama’s ego wears the pants.

  69. sorry myiq I am still up by the grace of the goddess and the fact I still have 1 day vacation left to sleep in!

    so I am not in bed yet!


  70. Edwin Edwards! (I win, MPV).

  71. No regency-not JFK-


  72. Edwin Edwards — all jokes silenced.

  73. Dee: DON’T BOTHER with D.U.

    It’s Axelrod astroturfing warfare.

    MYIQ: Wall Street wears O’s pants. And Daley. And Axelfraud.

  74. No I dont think so it was said earlier than him I think…its part of my southern history class- I believe the honorable Mr.Long Gov of Louisiana said it….


  75. really I will spank my teacher for that one

  76. Bonus Edwards question: Who was Edwin’s gubernatorial opponent when the following bumper sticker became popular in New Orleans? “Vote For The Crook – It’s Important”

  77. you are right kat5!


  78. Sorry I stand corrected


  79. good night Conflucians, love you ALL.

    Hillary keeps rocking always – if you can, catch the morning show, I have to take PUMA Cub to school at 7 am-ish, plus early meeting.

    But I can go happy knowing Hillary is KICKING for 2012.

    Good night Conflucians!

  80. You were closer to right than I was!

  81. One more thing:

    Fuzzy, could you leave us a great FuzzyPrayer?

  82. Good night, Sm! I guess I should tke a cue from my big sister. Bye folks.

  83. MPV – you’ve gotta be a current/former LA resident. Right?

  84. It wasn’t Joe Scarborough? Oh come on, I kid Joe.

  85. LOL Did anyone ever find out what happened there?

    They probably blamed it on Condit.

  86. For all TL refugees – Found the following reader comment on Jeralyn’s latest “Palin Popularity Peaks/Plummets” thread:


    Whooo, wonder how long before DD is banned?

  87. New Hampster decided he’s a vag*na voter too!


  88. Whoops – here’s the reader comment:

    by Dawn Davenport
    Those dominatrix photoshops have certainly paid off!

  89. Ok I will try-

    Creartor Father Mother God/des-

    Thank you for allowing my safe return to my ffriends here…I truely missed them. Protect our endeavor to keep safe this Republic that has endured for over 221 years. May we value our constitution everyday and continue to defend it in our acts words and deeds.

    In my travels I have seen the awesome wonder of Your creation. We are truely blessed with this great land you have loaned to us for a time let us be good stewards and gradeners of your gift on loan. That we may turn it over to our progeny a still wonderous place.

    Watch over our Hillary and Riverdaughter and all the Puma’s who daily out on the front lines meet our advesary with grace and respect. Keep us all safe to fight the good fight everyday so we can one day reach the top of the mountain.

    Creator help us with encouragement to achieve that great dream when America will be truely polished and shine like gold.



  90. Oh my…look what the Obama campaign made Biden say:

    Late Monday, Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton issued a statement from Biden. In it, Biden said he “was asked about an ad I’d never seen” and was “reacting merely to press reports.”

    This is all going to get very ugly.

  91. Gary Condit was my Congressman. He spoke at my CSU commencement too

    The guy who replaced him endorsed Hillary then betrayed her – Dennis Cardoza.

    Both Condit and Cardoza arre blue-dogs.

  92. for real this time-good night all


  93. That’s a great excuse. “I couldn’t just say I’d never seen it and you can’t ask me to devote 30 whole seconds to doing my job! Knowin what you’re talking about is so Hillary, ewww”

  94. I think Obama just made a huge mistake. Biden meant what he said when he said the ad was terrible, and he’s not going to appreciate being treated like a bad school boy.

  95. So my Dad’s girlfriend goes to this exclusive women’s gym in DC, apparently she’s hearing a lot of “I always vote Dem, but not this year”. Hmmm. That’s Obama’s bread and butter crowd there.

  96. Wouldn’t it just be way cool if Hillary and McCain introduced a joint bipartisan bill to deal with this crisis?

    While Obama is off twiddling his thumbs and discovering that his adviser was one of the guys that created the meltdown in the first place, Hillary would be acting as the Maverick’s finance czar in the senate?

    After all, “It’s the economy, stupid” is a Clinton trademark, and IMHO this election cycle will be decided by “It’s the economy again, stupid.” McCain would do well to get up to speed on this.

  97. *shrugs* Well, he’s an effin idiot if he didn’t realize how contemptuously Joe Messiah Complex treats everyone. And I’m sure he’s noticed the similarities between Obama and Bush in that respect–what did he expect?

  98. Seriously, I think Joe thought he’d get to play BO’s Cheney. Not gonna happen. Poor Joe.

  99. I know, the difference between Obama and Bush is Bush listens to Cheney and treats everyone else with contempt, Obama doesn’t listen to anyone.

  100. So McCain is going there apparently. Will tie Obama to Wright/Ayers. That’s risky.

  101. Gosh, to see such a brilliant and talented woman put forth sound solutions during these here troubled times, is so comforting and at the same time I want to cry. Why couldn’t the DNC have judged her as A PERSON, THEN THEY COULD HAVE SEEN THAT HILLARY WAS THE BEST CANDIDATE THAT JUST HAPPENED TO BE A WOMAN!

    I am just thankful that she is able to rise about the mock that is the DNC and get back to work…COUNTRY FIRST and SERVE THE PEOPLE SHE SO LOVES. LUV YA HILL!

  102. I still think Senator Biden is just “taking a hit for the team,” that nobody else with any stature would accept Obama’s VP spot. He usually looks a bit ashamed of what the bots are up to.

  103. I can actually bear to go to Drudgereport again…did you all see the headline that Dukakis is saying that Mccain is pulling a Willie Horton…http://www.politickerma.com/jeremyjacobs/1251/dukakis-mccain-using-same-race-tactics-willie-horton-ad

    Hillbuzz has been noting all the race cards being played by Obama surrogates, the AP/Yahoo poll about racism, and now this…something is happening…Democrats are trying to pre-empt something. Maybe they don’t know what it is.

    I think whatever the Republicans are going to leak, I hope they pull a surprise that the BO campaign doesn’t know about…kind of like what they did with Palin. It’s tricky because BO is going to cry racism to high heaven and accuse McCain of dividing the nation (everything that he himself is really doing).

  104. I. Cannot. Believe. I. Voted. For. Dukakis.

    Sigh. I did, all those years ago. So, did anyone else see the video of him being grilled by Hannity at the Dem convention? Hannity kept badgering Tank Man to name just ONE Obama legislative accomplishment, and Dukakis just stumbled all over the place, looking slightly deranged, couldn’t come up with squat. The D’s have become embarrassing in so many ways…

  105. kat5 – you’d think that these surrogates would at least have a one-sheet (because that’s all there is) on BO’s (already exaggerated) accomplishments.

    I want it to be Nov 5 already – it’s like BO constipation – get this entity out of my system, please, take him.

    And then we can start working with President McCain on bi-partisan solutions, and be sending our messages to Hillary in 2011, “Rise, Hillary, Rise.”

  106. Well, why should Dukakis be any different, no one can name any reason to vote for Obama.

    I think he has to, masslib. I’m amazed how many people even in my young age group who are offended by wright to the extent of not voting BO, and a lot of people haven’t even heard that stuff yet. Sure, the media will go nuts, but everyone knows they’re in the tank, and they’ll look even more foolish trying to defend ‘God Damn America’ to a bunch of angry voters.

  107. Seriously –

    I think what bringing back Wright is going to do is – the Obama media (90% of it) will go ape-sh*t and say McCain is being negative and racist…

    And then it’ll just further drive into the closet people who are NObama, and the Bradley Effect will actually rise – not because people are Actually racist (some are, of course) but because people will be afraid to tell pollsters that they are planning to vote McCain, and then in the voting booth, they will vote McCain.

    McCain is President 2008. The end.

  108. Hm, my post didn’t show….maybe because it had a video link?

    I’ll try again a different way.

    If you missed Bill Clinton on Letterman last night, when he spoke about the economy, or can’t find the full interview on line, you can download it here.


  109. Hey! Fuzzy is back! Sorry, I have been away all day so just noticed. Glad you are back, mate.

    Saw the two Clinton videos: Bill on The View: wow, he is so friggin’ great at explainin’ things and, oh, what lovely hands (this coming from a gay woman).

    Regarding the Hillary vid above: I just want to say “f*ck, f*ck, F*CK, F*CK, F*******CK, the Dems screwed up!”
    Why, oh why, are we wasting precious energy on Barack when we sooooo should have had Hillary?

    Onwards to 2012, Hill.

  110. […] The Confluence has Hillary’s appearances schedule […]

  111. Thanks “sm77” It’s still SOoooooooooo PAINFUL to watch; but
    WOW she’s GREAT!
    “kat5” Thanks for the update on Bill. I missed the Letterman appearance. One point you made I might, somewhat disagree
    with… Bill I believe doesn’t “just” view Hillary as his equal.
    I feel “HE” sees her as “SUPERIOR” to him in many ways. When I was @ the Elton John concert in NYC it was just after Chelsea made the comment about, how “her mom would make a better president than her dad”. Bill addressed it just by saying…he AGREES!!
    As far as I’m concerned; I LOVE THEM BOTH!!
    Finally, when viewing the video of Biden with Catie Coutic I
    found a video of a 09/17 joint Biden/Clinton “web-cast”; it was great ( at the opening I could not watch the whole thing). 2-things struck me:
    1- If he felt so strongly about her then “why didn’t he ENDORSE her when he had the chance”.

  112. Meet Crown of Thorns Obama – you can have him for a small price:

  113. Just caught Hillary on Today. Up next on Morning Joe.

  114. OMG, Joe S. rocks.
    “It’s like going to the store to buy an Aretha Franklin album and the store tries to push Miley Cyrus on me. I. Want. Aretha.”

    He’s such a Hillary fan boy. 🙂

  115. […] didn’t even know it!The Politics of Fear?Monday: Bi-Partisan Bank Robbery?I can’t wait for FridayLate Night: THIS is what real leadership looks likeHillary’s Statement on the Bailout (Clip and save)Sunday: Highly Ineffective ObamaphilesMonday: PUMA […]

  116. Hillary has to make the rounds of all the talk shows this morning because Obambi NEEDS his talking points for Friday night! Where else is Obambi going to get intelligent plans for bailing out our economy? Only Hillary can help Obambi. This is so sad. The Democratic party nominated the WRONG candidate. Why isn’t Obambi making the rounds of the morning shows explaining his intelligent plan to bail out the economy? That’s right, he does whatever Hillary says, but claims it’s his plan, and it’s better than Hillary’s.

  117. I’m so sad to hear Hillary promote that fraud..

    It just breaks my heart, she is so much more qualified, she would fixed so much..

    I will never ever vote for that fraud!

    At least mccain comes up with a plan, the fruad? nothing.. of course that’s until he steals hillary’s plan/

    I am disgusted beyond words at the undemocratic party, I am ashamed to even have ever called myself a democrat, rangel calls Palin “disabled”…
    what radical, vile freak show has the undemocratic party turned into?

  118. Isn’t it ironic that we need Bill and Hillary Clinton to make the rounds on television to reassure Americans that there are competent people, who understand the complexities of the economy, working on solutions.

    Where’s our Speaker of the House? Where’s the Senate Majority Leader? Where’s Obama’s plan? I guess it’s taking him a while to read through Hillary’s plan to get some idea of what he’s going to say.

  119. masslib, that’s very interesting. And heartening! I live in Northern Virginia, the DC suburbs, and it’s odd how many people aren’t talking about the election. At work, I pretty much keep my mouth shut. I’m sure people assume I’m voting for Obama and I don’t tell them otherwise because I’m not looking for a fight.

    But the couple of times that my husband and I have been out at dinner and our conversation turns to Obama, what a terrible (and sexist) candidate he is and the 30% solution, the adjoining tables literally fall quiet and I can see the diners exchange glances. It’s so strange. It’s as if it’s a taboo topic.

    I really don’t get the feeling the polls numbers are reflecting the very real and deep disappointment many Americans have with the Obama candidacy AND the Democratic Party. And I don’t think it’s full intensity will be measured until election day. Just as long as the election isn’t stolen with Chicago thug tactics. The DNC needs a wake up call and I hope Americans give it to them.

  120. Interesting that the dems are allowing HRC to overshadow BO during this financial crisis. It’s glaringly obvious to me, and I am biased, that HRC has a plan with solutions and BO has…what? Of yeah, last I heard he said “what the fed said”.

  121. I feel the Clintons are regaining their footing in the Dem community, if not why would the party allow them soooo much face time while Barack reads a teleprompter in a Denny’s parking lot.

  122. How much grief did they give Hillary over the “sniper-fire” comments? Will they do the same to Biden? NOT

    The Story Behind Biden’s Emergency Helicopter Landing in Afghanistan


  123. And her MAGNIFICENT, BRILLIANT, COHERENT, LITERATE and ELOQUENT husband was on David Letterman last night. Good heavens…what a fantfreakin’tastic political couple Bill and Hill are and our own party (MY ex party) has DISRESPECTED those 2 extraordinary people!!@#$%^&^%$ like nothing I have ever witnessed in my life…… I will NEVER forgive the Democratic Party for what they have done to them.


    Every time she speaks about an important issue, she just proves how unqualified Mr. Hopey/Changey really is. Shame on the DNC and the Democratic Party for being so damn stupid.

  124. The scales have fallen from my eyes. I no longer believe the crap Dems are the good guys. They’ve shown themselves to be worse than Republicans. When I see Hillary I see true leadership; how she was abused (DNC/Media), discarded and now expected to haul everyone’s ass over the finish line outrages me all over again. The level of corruption and spinelessness of the Democratic Party in everything is overwhelming- impeachment off the table, mortgage mess, voter disenfranchisement, refusal for a legal roll call, THIS:
    The Final Tally On The Popular Vote:
    Hillary Clinton 17,857,446 — 48.04%
    Barack Obama 17,584,649 — 47.31%
    The Final Pledged Delegate Count
    Hillary Clinton 1,730.5 — 39.17%
    Barack Obama 1,747.5 — 39.55%

    Only a 17 pledged delegate lead ! If our current Democrats merited any of our votes the 17pledged lead count should give pause to voting for any Dem that allowed Obama to be selected.

  125. That twit just had to put a brilliant woman in her place with that lipstick question.

    Why doesn’t she just *say* “Well, that’s all very well and good and sounds real smart but you’re really just a woman, just a piece of fluff like me, aren’t you?”

    #$^!*&& MSNBC!!!

  126. Denise W, do you have a link? I’d like to send it out to family. But I haven’t been able to find a source for these numbers.

  127. The American Public has already lost, because we now have no leadership at the presidential level.

    Way to go Hillary, though.

    Can we please have a do-over? Please?

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