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      Newly released data shows that properties owned by the Trump Organization and Kushner Companies profited from pandemic relief programs: In total, it was more than 25 PPP loans worth more than $3.65 million. https://t.co/O4Ltezu7lj — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) December 2, 2020
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Conflucians Say: Topsy Turvy

Whoa!  It looks like Newsweek gets is *almost* right on why we won’t vote for Obama.  How often does that happen?  AND Bill Clinton gets it too, though I wonder if he’s trying to schmooze us a bit.  And who gave Obamaphiles permsission to call us stupid, old women?  Can you say Milgram?  And what are Credit Derivative Swaps anyway? Tune your cat channels tonight at 10PM EST for Conflucians Say on PUMA United Radio (PURrrrr)

206 Responses

  1. I think everyone is still on the other thread.

    What did Newsweek say?

  2. Yes, what did Newsweek say? I’m dying to know!

  3. Hey the trolls are swarming old posts again. We must be doing something right.

  4. well, I can discuss the credit derivatives … the rest, I give

  5. Rick Davis’ firm (Davis Manafort) received retainer payments from Freddie Mac
    until last month to the tune of $15k/month.

    This after a blistering attack on the NYT when they reported on even earlier feddie advocacy on Davis’ part.

    Bye Bye Davis?

  6. Newsweek has Jonathan Alter commenting. They have been in the tank for Obama for months. This “favoritism” caused me to dump them along the way along with a host of others. I am now down to reading Watchtower tracts.

  7. trolls know obama is going to lose with Biden’s help

  8. When the trolls breathlessly rush in I appreciate that I still have a semblance of a hold on reality. They make me look sane by comparison.

  9. Peter,

    What’s your point? Obama has tons of connections with the investment banks and has taken more money from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than anyone else in the Senate except for Chris Dodd. No wonder he claimed to be on the banking committee.

  10. On top of which the Children’s Defense Fund (that moveon.org has in its back pocket) has rated McCain the worst senator on children’s issues.

    Well screw them and that report. They are obviously in the tank for Obama and are willing to use little children as pawns in politics.

  11. Where have all the trolls been lately? We used to get 2-3 every shift, and a bunch in the middle of the night.

    The last few days have been quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t miss them, I was just curious.

  12. BB

    Some one asked about the Newsweek story. I obviously made the improper assumption that was what people were talking about.

  13. Because he did it so well, I’ll just reproduce Semidi’s brilliant presentation of the choices people have in this election.


    If you want to vote for a man who:

    has praised Ronald Reagan;

    attacked Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal;

    attacked Bill and Hillary Clinton;

    attempted to undermine the public’s confidence in Social Security;

    – offered an education plan with many similarities to Bush’s “No Child Left Behind;”

    is arguing that Bush’s tax cuts for the rich shouldn’t be allowed to expire;

    favors Bush’s “Faith-Based Initiative;”

    favors the death penalty;

    thinks marriage is between a man and a woman;

    then by all means, vote for Barack Obama. Or John McCain. All of the above applies to BOTH men.

    Would you vote for such a candidate? Well, I won’t.

  14. Charles: CALL IN TO THE SHOW!!


  15. Got depressed on earlier thread watching Hill, so I went to the gym and saw an Obama ad on TV. Screw the depression, I’m back to being pissed off.

    Newsweek? Hah! They should just change their name to NewsToHelpObama or some such.

  16. Obama, of course, has given up on us hillbillies, so these ads are for Ohio or VA.

  17. Let’s face it, women rule.

  18. Thanks, Charles, for all your excellent posts over at BTF. Your in-depth analysis of the polls helps me figure them out everytime.

  19. Nice to see Bill Clinton on Greta Van Susteren. Have the radio show on, too (split focus here).

    Both Hannity and Greta are going after the connection between Obama and Ayers, perhaps bolstered by the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece (haven’t read). Some things I’ve heard before – Obama getting $250K for Father Pfleger’s Church, etc.

    Anyway, glad to hear Gary, River Daughter, and all chatting away on the show. Always learn new aspects with their lively discussion.

  20. News weak – The Story of Obama

  21. Hate to point this out Regency, but Billy is madly in love with Hillary.

    Don’t think he’s gonna break ranks!

  22. Carol: He totally is but I don’t need his heart. I just want his body. Oh, and I think he has a massive boy!crush on Toddy Palin.

  23. I did not see Bill on Greta. I am sure he did well.

  24. He is definately in love with Todd.

  25. CHARLES: are you kidding me???? Please call in, I just gave you a shout out. ¿Por favor?

  26. He wants to play with his snowmachines.

  27. Regency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Start the homework!

  28. Bill just takes no real position anymore. Not since the Convention, where he looked on the verge of a stroke anyway. Now he looks hot and like he’s got his plan. He damns with faint praise and then talks up the Republicans. The Republicans are having ” Come to Bubba” parties all around the country everytime that man takes the stage.

  29. Pat J: Done the homework!

  30. Regency: Fold the laundry!

  31. Still hurts to hear Bill support NObama on Greta! I’m worried today by the polls. And, an Obot friend just will NOT leave me alone! I’m so tired of the Palin-bashing. I’ve tried to knock down all the attacks, even told her about the 30% Solution that RD previously wrote about and we’ve discussed here. Our conversations always end in deciding not to talk for awhile….then she just can’t help herself! She calls again! Aacckk!

  32. Pat J: Done!

  33. Lakota: Caller ID until after the election.

  34. Lakota: What Pat said.

  35. Regency, Regency, Regency……..

  36. Pat, Pat, Pat…

    Ed says, “Hi, hi, hi.”

  37. Regency: I am calling Ma right now!

  38. Caller ID! Yeah!

  39. Pat: Please, do. She loves Big D too. He gets everyone going. What is up with him? It’s like the testosterone just permeates the area when he’s in the area. The pheromones are dangerous. Dawgs find those mile-long legs attractive.

  40. Okay Regency. Get your hands on the bible now!

  41. I want to add a little to the radio conversation regarding women’s education in the pre-baby boomer era. Three of my aunts completed college, one of them a master’s degree, in the 1930s, and began working professionally. Their family was not at all wealthy. My own family (eight children) was not at all wealthy, yet most members of my family either attended college, graduated, or obtained graduate degrees — all the while working at other jobs. I received a degree from my state’s flagship university in the mid-1950s (it was cheap back then). I also had been Valedictorian of my high school and earned other honors in college. My mother did not receive a college degree. She was married the year after she graduated from high school. HOWEVER, she studied four years of Latin in high school and all her life remained involved in serious study and activist efforts (church, school boards, service to the poor, art, music and study clubs, political action). She was better read than anyone I know. (I have a great deal of her library now, but others in my family also have some of it.) This week I picked up a copy of Virgil’s Aeneid dated 1931with her name in it. She was 17. For fun, I am reading it along with other books on the American Revolution, Afghanistan, and World War II (which I remember, of course.)

    I can also tell you that I learned about gender discrimination in my mother’s life ( a long tale) and experienced it (at times bitterly) in my own, my sisters,’ and my daughter’s lives (way too long to discuss). Let’s just say we all are avid for equality for many reasons. I have spent my life in professional (creative, journalistic, policy wonk, program development and executive) work and more recently in writing serious books. My children are college graduates, one with a master’s degree and both have taken many continuing education and advanced courses over the years, as have I.

    I continue to be amazed at the scurrilous language and abuse demonstrated in this year’s election. The fraud and intimidation I have seen in my part of the country many years ago when poor, illiterate people were shown how to mark the X on a ballot, but it is sad we are continuing to see such travesties around the country.) This cannot be good for us and for our country. My daughter and her husband are diplomats and I hate for this kind of thing to have any bearing on the work they have to do anywhere in this world.

  42. Bubba IS the best. Everytime I see him I’m so glad, then so sad, then so pissed. I cannot freakin’ believe Obama and his little slimeballs oops I mean supporters even dared denigrate his presidency. One Bill is worth 10 billion of them.

    I LOVED watching him googly eye Todd Palin. “I like people who don’t quit.” We know Bill! We know! We do too!

    I also like the way he’s insisted whenever he’s been interviewed he won’t say bad things about McCain or Palin. I think one reason Hillary lost is that she believes the same thing, and acted on it. She just keeps going, being positive, and putting her best foot forward. NOT that she should change a thing, but it just makes me even madder at, again, the Oslimeballs and their cheating pals for stealing the nomination from the one nonslimy candidate in not only this election but the two ones before too.

  43. Pat J: The King James version frankly isn’t moving me to revoke my heathen ways. Makes me enjoy them even more.


  44. When other less wealthy countries show they have no problem with electing women, while we continue to villify our own women candidates to the extent we do, we merely underscore that fact that in many ways we are extremely juvenile.

  45. Bill on the Daily SHow!

  46. Regency: I am signing up as your new roommate. Watch out!

  47. My roommate comes tomorrow. I might prefer you to her, Pat.

  48. Regency: Not after the first 5 minutes!!!!

  49. Regency: And just to add the cherry on top, Carol is coming too.

  50. Discussing coal plants on Conflucians Say and Biden’s gaffe. Actually, Hillary is also for clean coal technology. I have serious doubts about clean coal, but I strongly suspect it is a done deal here in Appy, no matter who is elected.

  51. Lakota — I find there’s no arguing with KA drinkers. The only thing to do is laugh at them, whatever they say. Whatever your friend says, just laugh as if it’s the silliest thing you’ve ever heard, and follow it with ‘Oh my, you don’t actually believe that, do you?” Obama and his supporters can’t stand to be laughed at, people who are full of themselves can’t stand it. That will shut them up.

    Now, I’m sure Hill or Bill would have much more mature, measured advice for you. But they are great people and I’m not.

  52. Todd Palin seems like a man who marches to his own drum, and is completely himself. That is Bill Clinton, and I’ll be he admires that in Todd.

  53. One thing that Bill said on Greta that worried me was that he didn’t think he’d ever be involved in a political campaign again to this extent. (Not exact words.) Worried me that Hillary wouldn’t run again! She’s got to! That hope keeps me going through this madness!!

  54. Hillary on fox. Beware the usual political annoyances.

  55. I just want to be able to keep reasonably warm this winter and not freeze to death because the price is unmanagable. And to drive my car without having to secure a loan.

  56. Frankly, four years from now Bill may not be in the health to do what he did this time around. Or he simply may not want to.

  57. Charles, EXACTLY. That’s what Dakinikat was saying.

    Farmers are trading in land that would’ve gone to eggs, dairy & beef to farming biofuels.

  58. Great show tonight River!

  59. Great show you guys!!

  60. Valhalla – laugh at my Obot friend! That’s hysterical! I’ll try it. She doesn’t have much of a sense of humor anyway.

  61. REG!!!! DOn’T SAY THAT!!

    Bill will last FOREVER. Yeah. Forever.

  62. Charles Brazillian Ethanol is Sugar based it is more efficient to raise than corn ethanol-but then I have not seen if Brazil is clearcutting the rainforrest to grow the cane…

    Do you know?


  63. Maybe Bill meant that in 4 years he would be involved in a campaign to a GREATER extent than this year.

  64. SM: I want him around FOREVER. But I realize that the shelf life for bypasses are about 10 yrs. He had his in 2004 IIRC, 2012 will be 8 years after the fact. That essentially going to be 18 months of what he just went through. He may not be up to it and Hillary may not let him even if he wants it.

  65. You cannot expect people to continually put themselves out there and take beating after beating year after year. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if it is all worth it.

  66. I got another solicitation from Obama/Biden today. Has anyone else noticed that their paper and envelopes are getting cheaper and cheaper? The last one I got was one of those foldover things, and today I got one in a brown paper envelope.

  67. OT: Clay Aiken is out of his glass closet.

  68. Mine joined a host of others in the basket. They are wasting their time and money.

  69. Regency,

    He can get another bypass. I know someone who had two.

  70. i got three obama/biden solicitations today … i don’t eve n open them any more

  71. Great show.

    Just an FYI, I think one of your “cocktail parties” should include the amusing avatars and what everyone thinks of their own. How did we get them?

  72. BB: I know he can but if he experiences restenosis and has the surgery around that time he won’t be in any condition to campaign like this.

  73. Pat – I know. Most days, I couldn’t believe that Hillary got up every morning during the primary just to do it all again! What a woman!

  74. Lakota: Her stamina was amazing. I couldn’t do it.

  75. sugar cane sillage is used in brazil for ethanol

  76. left over chicken fat from processing is a good source of ethanol too …

  77. dakinikat,

    You were great tonight!!!

  78. Fuzzy – the reason why Sugar is more eco-friendly and cost effective is that it grows FASTER than corn.

    Now you can’t grown sugar in Iowa or Nebraska due to climate, but the fact is that there are many countries in the tropical and sub-tropical regions (like FL & Gulf Coast states) that can make the case for sugar can bio-fuels here in the US. But Big Oil won’t go for it. They say Drill. I say, gimme some Equal & get me that sugar ethanol vs. corn!

  79. Regency,

    We can’t know what will happen, but I think Hillary could handle it by herself with Bill advising from an easy chair.

  80. BB: I’m sure she could. I’m just saying Bill might not be as involved as he was for health reasons. ‘Tis all.

  81. I think what is very, very sad about this election is that friendships will be lost. I’ve lost friends because I refuse to partake in the Hillary bashing, refuse to defend Republicans who have been “bad” Republicans (I do have a Governor who couldn’t keep his willy behind his zipper and a Congressman who hasn’t seen a bailout that he opposes). I can’t blindly vote for my party just because it’s supposed to “my party,” especially when I’m disagreeing more and more with them.

    Many of you are on the defense from good intentioned friends who think blindly voting for the “party” is the only option.

  82. Dakinikat – ECONOMIC DIVA SUPREME!!!

    Seriously, I’m always thinking of you with Nawlins & storm issues. Now, resident Economist. You rock!

  83. Charles,

    Biden keeps saying the wrong thing in PA. This is worse than when he admitted to being a Packers fan.

  84. actually the ones against sugar ethanol are the corn farmers. thats one of the reasons why McCain will lose iowa. one of the reasons why i like McCain because he is against the corn subsidies and will allow import of sugar ethanol. unlike Obama who has sold out to the corn lobby to win Iowa

  85. *Scratches PA of the “expanded” electoral map*

  86. thx … i was just trying to be helpful … i know it’s all kind’ve drowing in jargon and stuff so, I try to share what i know …
    knowledge is power 🙂

  87. *bows before Dakinikat* EconQueen.

  88. dakinikat,

    I don’t read the solicitations. I just deface them, stuff them in the postage paid envelope and send them back. The last few, I wrote “lipstick on a sexist pig” on the back of the envelope flap. But they just keep on sending them to me anyway.

  89. to think i used to like talkleft…
    i cant stand their anti-palin bias now. the more they trash palin the closer i get to vote for her

    they should never forget a major truth that Bill Clinton mentioned yesterday at the View. voting is emotional and never never trash someone elses reason to vote for someone that you dont like

  90. All I know is that a bunch of greedy bastards saw an opportunity to bleed us once again. This list includes the bankers, the borrowers, the middlemen, the congress, and anybody else who thought this was a great way to “beat the system”. For the rest of us who live by the rules, this group should be held accountable.

  91. Bill is on The Daily Show and you can tell that Chris Rock got to him last night because he said a few times that Obama was going to win. ugh.

  92. I want Bill to eat those words.

  93. the first rule of understanding business is that don’t like capitalism, they like monopoly … the rest just sort’ve falls in after that … problem is there is all these stupid republican politicians think that business folks want to start jobs, and compete, truth is they HATE competition … they want it eliminated and that’s why they pay the congress to create laws to get rid of the competition

  94. I want Bill to eat a sandwich. I’m not getting mad at him for this stuf. I’ll let BO eat those words. God knows “skinny” man could use a meal.

  95. cbn, bill has been saying that already, that obama will win. what the obama people want him to say is that obama will be a great president, obama is ready to be president, obama is the greatest etc. Bill did not say that yet

  96. Charles! See, this is one of the reasons why I admire you so – you LIVE & BREATHE the issues. Some of my family in northern DR (en el Cibao) were into rice production for a numbr of years until Hipolito Mejía took office (the Dominican Dubya), then they sold the rice lands to the “Fabrica” who they sold to and did away with the hassle of extreme inflation.

    Leonel Fernandez (the Dominican Clinton) is bringing the country back to where it should be, but with inflation so bad under Hipolito Mejía, they couldn’t keep up.

  97. Who outed Gaykin err aiken?

  98. Jonas: What Dakinikat said. Sugar is faster & cheaper to grow, unlike Corn.

  99. bill said because he’s a good democrat he believes and says obama will win on the view, or at least that’s how it sounded to me

  100. Clay outed himself but we all know it started with KGriffin. It’s all about the woman who isn’t Nicole Kidman.

  101. I’m expecting Bill to say the EXACT same thing on every show. I just watch for the fashion.

  102. I’m not mad at Bill or Hillary. I know perfectly well they don’t believe Obama can win. But they are doing their damndest to elect the nominee of their Party. When all is said and done, no one can say they didn’t try their best.

    From the Newsweek article:

    “Obama spokesman Bill Burton said Clinton supporters are turning to Obama “in huge numbers” and noted that the AP-Yahoo News data differed from other polls. He said strong feelings by Clinton supporters were understandable considering the length and intensity of the Democratic primaries and said of Clinton, “She’s done everything we’ve asked her to do.” ”


    Right, keep telling yourself that and maybe pigs will fly too.

  103. Biden is sort of a verbal disaster.

  104. Thanks SM-about sugar I am very concerned that we not exploit Brazil and its rainforrest. I beleive the rainforest contains the answers to many of our medical issues treatments for such diseases and breast cancer and AIDS-took a break at Matts my 2 cents-


  105. Bill needs to make another trip to Africa for the next 5 weeks. Those who insist on building up Sen Know Nothing give me a headache. It would be like me ginning up all the qualities of my ex husband to the new trophy wife. Insincere and total bullshit.

  106. I think it’s just that this time he was more complimentary to Obama and that it will be a better economically under Obama and Biden. I guess the point I am trying to make is that Bill was really quite forceful tonight in stating that Obama will win and why. It was just hard to hear.

    He also stated he was going out to campaign for him after the global initiative plan.

  107. Don’t hate on Bill!!!!

    Bill is being a “good” Democrat, as he has said.

    We, on the other hand, DON’T HAVE TO BE GOOD.

    Especially when the Democratic candidate pissed on Democracy.

    Let the Big Dawg & Mama Clinton do what they have to do. WE WILL do what we have to do. They know us. We know them. Lines have been drawn on the sand but we are on the same 2012 team.

  108. I think we need a Biden gaffe meter!


  109. Charles,

    I hadn’t heard that one about the Molly Maguires. Maybe Biden was trying to defend Obama for being pals will Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

  110. After what Chris Rock put him through last night, he did what he had to.

    Bill said the EXACT same stuff he’s been saying. We knew he was going to campaign. We knew he thought BO was going to win. There’s no sense in panicking or even being anxious over what he’s already said.

  111. cbn,

    It is hard to listen to. I feel the same way. I think it’s funny that Bill is announcing where he’ll be campaigning for Obama three weeks ahead of time. That will give Clinton fans a chance to get all the tickets.

  112. Regenc, I should know better by now to just turn the channel, but it’s hard to do because he does also talk economics and I find it interesting to hear his opinion.

    I am not hating on Bill but just think ugh.

  113. SM77 right on Bill and Hill are doing what they need to do to stay in the “game” for next season! We are doing what we need to do to ensure thay have that opportunity!


  114. Fuzzy,

    It’s so nice to have you back!

  115. Pat Johnson, on September 23rd, 2008 at 11:05 pm Said:
    You cannot expect people to continually put themselves out there and take beating after beating year after year. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if it is all worth it.


    I have been concerned about that. Over the last few years it has become so obvious that our honorable pols are going to be brutalized by the unhonorable. I got to watch Bill on Greta tonite – my heart hurts when I see and hear either he or Hillary – their demeanor is statesman like, dignified, intelligent, graceful. Can one just sum it up as a “professional”. I don’t think so. I think it is more being a genuine human being. The contrast between them and BZero ilk is so stark. I have never been drawn to plastic. What makes these people take a beating and keep so balanced? It is amazing. Neither Bill nor Hillary are perfect – they have suffered enormous losses, great pain. Life is sometimes painful for all. But they seem to grow stronger – not seem to, they do grow stronger.

  116. Obama is polyester to Bill’s cashmere. But I mute anybody, I don’t care who it is, that proclaims the myth of Obama. They know they are lying, I know they are lying, why bother to waste another 10 minutes of my life pretending.

  117. CBN: I’m not saying you are. Even if you , you’re entitled to, but I’m simply sayin Bill is just repeating talking points. He’s not exactly going to say, “BO’s a disaster but he’ll win.” Not in the memo. Can’t do it. Some interviews will make us happy, some will not. He’ll talk economics as long as someone lets him. He is the guy he is. He is keeping his word. If he campaigns his heart out though and I lose him, BO answer to me next. Guy is not worth it.

  118. After seeing Bill talk about Todd tonight, I think he wants Todd to be his BFF. He was really getting a kick out of talking about him. Obama on the other hand was more like getting a high colonic.

  119. Micahel – sugar is GOOD for Brazil – see Charles’ blog.

    Rainfoest- so far – under control that I know of. Not in the 1980s. Clinton & UN (and Sting) helped with that in the 1990s.

    Sugar grows about 2.5 times faster than corn in the tropics. In So. Florida, there are sugar can plantations owned by the Fanjul family & grows almost at the same rate in sub-tropic climates in So. Florida as in Tropics like Africa & So. America. If there’s an ethanol, sugar is the way to go.

  120. to be honest its completely irrelevant to me what Bill or Hillary say now. They are not on the ballot. I’ve to make my decision about McCain or Obama and its a very personal decision. Bill and Hillary are not coming with me to the voting booth to see who i voted for! Actually in contrast to waht the obama people think, voting is not an exam. I will not get an F if i vote for Mcain or an A if i vote for Obama. They seem to think that someone will flunk the voters if tehy dont vote for obama!

  121. January 21, 2009: New York Times: Fmr. President Clinton and 2nd Husband Palin go bobsledding in Alaska!

  122. Big Dawg might be a good D, but he drew the line tonight with Greta. She asked what was the difference between Rev. Wright and David Duke? Big Dawg looked thoughtful for the longest time (the editors left the time on the tape) and said, “I’m not going there, but It’s irrelevant since BZero left the church.”

    I thought it was a good question from Greta. Big Dawg was excellent as always.

  123. I like Chris Rock but what do these people want? Just because someone is not leading a big brass band in honor of that Empty Suit their surrogates get all worked up over it. The thought of this guy ever getting into the WH gives me agita. One can only imagine the reaction should anybody question or criticize this sham. High dudgeon every time.

  124. from the Obat news ticker:
    Obama to declare victory on October 4th! Request a cancellation of the election on November 4th! With such a massive lead in the polls in key battleground states like Mass, New York and Illinois. we could jost save the taxpayers the money and declare Obama/Biden victorious!

    This Demcracy thing is so 18th-19th-20th century! Letr the polls rule!

    Obamabots are post-democracy


  125. Bill C ♥ Todd Palin.

  126. No fair Regency stole my headline for the future…


  127. Fuzzy, you can still have it–royalty-free.

  128. Charles!!! YOU MET BALAGUER!!! My aunt was a loyal advisor to him for 30 years. Yes. he’s a by-product of Trujillo, but the man was SMART. If I were to efine him, he’d be centrist Democrat, IMHO. In fact, Leonel Fernandez, being of Juan Bosch’s PLD party, was baptized by Balaguer to be the next president in 1996. I was there & saw the whole spectacle with thefamilia. They went nuts but knew if Balaguer crossed the party lines, it was for a reason. And the old man was right.

    Also, Balaguer was a Dominican Neruda of sorts. His poetry is exquisite.

  129. Who gives a crap what Chris Rock says anyway? Let him whine like his O master for all I care.

  130. Fuzzy: Once they start going steady, Toddy’ll let him wear his mooseskin jacket.

  131. Bill sends a note in class

    Yes No

    (Circle One)

  132. I’m having too much fun here.

  133. I have always believed Democrats can win elections without having to lie and cheat.

    The Democratic party used to agree with me.

  134. well gotta go back to work tommorrow so night all will work up a might good prayer for friday-hopefully any thing I should ask of the Creator Father Mother God/des?

    I can only ask the creator to watch over us tonight-Amen


  135. Amen, Fuzzy.Good night.

  136. Chris Rock is a comedian. He says stuff to get laughs. Don’t take him seriously

  137. Somebody ought to ask Chris Rock [yeah, I know I’m not letting it go, but he royally ticked me off last night] just how much he would expect Barack and Michelle to campaign for Hillary if she were the Dem nominee.

    How effusive would they need to be in order to please us Hillary voters in the reverse situation? Tell me that, Chris a**hole Rock?

  138. Love you Fuzzy!!

    My fellow Conflucians, I must go to bed too. Please forgive my awful grammar mistakes, (I just re-read my comments, ouch!)

    Love you all & good night!

  139. Joe Biden = Dan Quayle?

    I don’t knw enough about them to judge but that seems sound based on verbal gaffage alone.

  140. Fuzzy,

    LOL! When will Obama and the O-bots start screaming for McCain to drop out of the race?

  141. Myiq: too late. Came back pissed from the gym & CR is the first thing I see.

    ok…letting go…..

  142. BB: Didn’t they start screaming that just today? Can’t remember the context though.

  143. Imagine Who would take bill’s place in Hillaries life they really dont need anyone else-they are intellectual equals and respect each other that way!

    I think anyone in the room with Hillary more than 5 minutes would fall hopelessly in love with her logic and mind!

    of course Obama couldn’t recognize Hillarys intellect or mind being devoid of one himself and lacking a heart which old scratch repossessed when he fould BO’s soul worhtless collateral.


  144. Okay – the media is screaming about the “$26 million road to nowhere!” Turns out the earmark was specific and the contract was signed sealed and delivered prior to her taking office. She had no choice to stop it.

    I am sick of these pigs in the media.

    In 2 years she has put $9 + Billion dollars into the Treasury as a Surplus.

    The media needs to shut the fuck up or I’m buying a ticket and gettin’ on a plane.

  145. Regency,

    Biden is a lot smarter and infinitely more experienced than
    Dan Quayle. I would have voted for Biden for president, even though I wouldn’t be enthused about it.

  146. Fuzzy: I did! More so for her than even for him. It’s maddening. Bo is an idiot.

  147. BB: Thanks for letting me know. Learn something new every night and day.

  148. “It would be like me ginning up all the qualities of my ex husband to the new trophy wife. Insincere and total bullshit.”

    Oh PJ, I’ve done that LOL @!~!!! Anything to stay rid of him. It’s a very uncomfortable conversation to have the ex’s wife call me for advice (why, I have NO idea).

  149. sorry old scratch = the Devil for you wippersnappers


  150. Charles, the sad thing is, Balaguer had so many great qualities to him, as a left-thinking author that he originally was – but then he had these colonialist/Trujillo tendencies that were troublesome. But one thing’s for sure, he outlasted them all until he passed the baton to Leonel in 1996. It was very much a special moment. we need to talk more about your experiences in DR. I’m curious for your impressions, good or bad. You know my email, hit me up sometime & let’s have a good Latin American “discurso.”

    Now I really have to go to bed. Love you all & see you tomorrow!

  151. Also, on Countdown last night they went on forever about McCain lying about an earmark for Arizona for $9 million. Turns out it went through the proper channels and was not an earmark.

    Oh yeah, Shitster corrected it in a footnote at about 10 minutes before the end of the program tonight.


  152. Goodnight, SM

  153. POE:

    Go to the nearest college computer lab, find an Obot troll misusing the money his parents paid for his tuition, and just beat the living crap out of him.

    I guarantee you will feel better immediately.

  154. Regency,

    Do you know if Fox reruns Greta at midnight?

  155. I had a trophy wife once.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t finish in first place. Not even close.

  156. All the media is talking about is McCain’s temper.

    I am about to introduce them to mine if they don’t STFU!

    I’ve had it. I have spent the entire year in this cause, and I better have something to show for it.


  157. Dan Quayle LOL. The only thing that sticks in my mind is the day he took the garden hose and started spraying the MSM schills on the lawn with it. Personally, I thought that was hilarious.

  158. The rumors about mcCain’s temper have been around for years, and the media never made a peep.

    Now, they suddenly want to talk about it.

  159. myiq – how many wives have you had? It might be the clown makeup – just sayinggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes a clown is just scary!!!!!!!!!

  160. myiq: at least it won’t be my own kid.

    Good advice, though, thanks.

  161. I personally think this whole financial crisis/bailout deal is a George Bush engineered scam. Like father, like son.


  162. treadwell is starting to go negative on gillibrand here
    in upstate NY.

  163. Unlike Quayle, Biden can spell potato.

  164. Re McCain’s temper: media are setting the stage for Friday. When he goes after Obama, they just want to make JM look ugly. Hey, go after The One, I say.

  165. Not to change the subject, but I wish you all would check out this story on how Obama’s Harvard Law School education was financed in 1988. I’d read things before on No Quarter, and the more I read, the more nefarious the connections, and I believe there’s something to it.

    Report from earlier this year: It was funded in part by Saudi Prince Alwaleed , via the efforts of (Dr.) “…Khalid Al-Mansour, a Black Muslim and Black Nationalist who was a “mentor” to the founders of the Black Panther party at the time the party was founded in the early 1960s….”

    A fellow named Kevin Wardally claims to be the family spokesmans for the Manhattan Borough President, Sutton, said it was all wrong. Ben Smith believed Wardally’s story, dismissed Sutton’s. And yet, Sutton’s own family now says: Who is he? We never heard of him! I.e., Suttons story stands.

    Ben Smith took Wardally’s claim at face value, and yet see how the alleged “family spokesman” appears to be one of those “New, New Lions” trying to oust and discredit the old one, or, an Obama operative. Will anyone pick up the story, after Smith dismissed it (including Smith himself)?

    Q. Is there no end to the mendacity of the Obama Campaign and his supporters?

    Some say Ben Smith is an Obamabot – what say ye?

    The old saw: You lie down with dogs, you pick up fleas. Given all of his past/current associations, Obama must have one powerful flea collar.

  166. Makeup?

    Are you making fun of my pale white skin?

    Are you discriminating against me because of my melanin deficiency?

  167. BB: They do. Now I think.

    Carol: All McCain has to do is keep his temper and he wins. It’s going to be Royale v. Sarkozy pt. She came unprepared. He came calm. He walked away with it.

  168. Trying this link again for article on Obama’s Harvard Law School education financing:


  169. Why does the media always have to look out for Obama, anyway? You’d think he was blind, deaf, and sick.

    If McCain goes after him, let Obama stand up for himself; if he can’t, well then, let’s see if Putin or Chavez will be as obliging.

  170. The problem is: Obama saying, “What McCain said” is not going to work as well as it did when he said, “What Hillary said.”

    It will confuse people. But, the media will fix it for him.

  171. I don’t recall the media ever being this openly biased in an election.

    This is waaaaaay worse than Bush v. Gore

  172. I have to say if the fundraiser was a chance to have dinner with Sarah Palin, my hubby would hand over the rent money, if it was snow sledding (or whatever) with Todd Palin, I’d do the same.

  173. myiq – I don’t see anything in color anymore. Which, makes it very difficult considering I am an watercolor artist.

  174. I don’t care who paid for Obama’s education.

    It’s not like he’s gonna feel obligated to them or anything.

  175. There’s a video on YouTube discussing McCain’s temper, and his colleagues pretty much dismiss it. Some big Dem, can’t remember who, says McCain gets ticked, then gets over it real fast & it’s gone. It’s clear that Obama’s someone who nurtures his anger, feeds it and takes it to bed with him. Ugh.

    Can’t seem to do anything but grumble over The One, so I think I’ll go watch Hillerman’s Skinwalker or something to seep out my anger.

  176. I think Quayle could spell potato, it was making it plural that messed him up…

  177. I guess you are a swing voter

  178. OMG, it WAS the singular…that’s sad

  179. Didn’t a 3rd grader correct him on that?

  180. Gary, yes, potatoi is much preferred to potatoe.

  181. he tried to correct the kid…he told him to add an “e” on the end of potato

  182. parentofed:

    “It’s clear that Obama’s someone who nurtures his anger, feeds it and takes it to bed with him.”

    That would be correct, and it is named “Michelle”.

  183. Carol: You hit that one clear out the ball park! A home run.

  184. potatoi sounds so exotic!

  185. Sounds like a toy and not the academically acceptable kind.

  186. carol….you are too much….with that I’ll say goodnight 🙂

  187. “After what Chris Rock put him through last night, he did what he had to.”

    So he put his fist through Chris Rock’s face, then? 😉

  188. Good night, GCH.

    Charles: I know, believe me and it keeps me up at night.

  189. I like that Jon Stewart brought up to Bill that there are people
    “saying” they haven’t done “enough” for Obama. Then he
    referenced the dem. convention speeches that the “message” was’nt getting through, because of it.

  190. Seriously: Of course not! He pays people to do that.

  191. PofE, I heard a radio blurb today that Lunsford was within 3% of McHowdyDoody.

  192. I don’t think Bill can stomach bsing the way he did at the Convention. Might do him in.

  193. Nite, Nite. I’m going to try and have dreams of McCain/Palin being sworn in with Hill and Bill standing on the platform with them.

    Also, I am going to pretend there will be money in my 401 on Friday.


  194. Prolix: hahaha.

    Hillary definitely helped Lunsford, but no.

  195. I’ve seen video of that! Quayle was reading the word off a card, so it was one of the teachers or someone there at the school who wrote it down wrong, but Quayle didn’t stop to think it through, the buck stops there. LOL

  196. Myiq: LOL

  197. Seriously: And he’s never lived it down.

  198. There’s was a $28,500 fundraiser tonight with Biden in Louisville. A dj said he’s never had to pay that much to hear a comedian without an opening act.

  199. Seriously: Dan & Marilyn just took themselves so….seriously. If Dan could have just sincerely laughed that off when it happened, it would have been a non-story.

  200. Simofish: Again, Congrats. For you:

  201. I think BO should just become a full time fund raiser. Why would he want to have to take on real work with real consequences.

    He could make up the deficit in no time.

  202. Prolix: yeah, I saw Biden was coming. I said here weeks ago, the only way KY sees The One, maybe Biden too, is at a private fundraiser with big donors.

    Please, you dumb r*cist hillbillies, we don’t need you. The few of you that are worthy of us, just fork over your damn money.

    Hillary, of course, comes here working for the downticket Dems.

  203. I wonder what happened to the kid, he should write a book.

    POE, someone told me about seeing Marilyn on some C-SPAN panel, and she told this story about how someone was supposed to drive an old woman to the polls, but found out on the way she wasn’t voting for Quayle, and took her back home instead!!!! Marilyn thought it was funny. “Funny” how much Obama Democrats have in common with this type of mentality.

  204. Obummer flip flops more, than David Hasslehoff on a drinking binge,

  205. NEW POST UP



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