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I can’t wait for Friday

McCain was really on fire today in Media, PA:

Senator John McCain intensified his political attacks against Senator Barack Obama late today as he charged that his Democratic rival was frozen in the face of the financial turmoil gripping the country.

“The truth is, we don’t have time to wait for Senator Obama to recover from his paralysis in the face of this crisis,’’ Mr. McCain told a roaring crowd at a rally outside the flag-draped Delaware County Courthouse here. Mr. McCain added, shouting, that “one week after this crisis began, Senator Obama has still not offered a plan of any kind’’ and that “Senator Obama has been M.I.A., my friends. That means missing in action.’’

Wow! Let’s hope we get to see this McCain in the upcoming debate. It would be so much fun to see the look on Obama’s face when he gets cut down to size. I feel a little strange rooting for a Republican, but the man speaks the truth.

McCain also put out a new ad in which he links Obama to the Chicago Daley machine.

The Republican presidential candidate’s new television advertisement slams Barack Obama’s relationships with Chicago-based political players. The 30-second spot, titled “Chicago Machine,” flashes images of four Illinoisans, including Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who has been the subject of recent investigations. The most recognizable name on the list is Tony Rezko, who was convicted in June of, among other things, wire and mail fraud.

The other two are less well known: William Daley, an economic adviser to Obama, former U.S. Commerce secretary and a lobbyist who comes from a family steeped in Chicago politics; and Emil Jones, the president of the Illinois senate whom Obama has called his “political godfather.”

After pointing out only the questionable attributes of each of those men, the ad concludes with this: “With friends like that, Barack Obama is not ready to lead.”

You can see the new McCain ad here.

Here are just five questions I think Jim Lehrer should ask Obama on Friday night (and if he doesn’t ask them, McCain should find a way to bring them up):

1. Why are you so secretive about your time at Columbia College? You won’t even speak on the Columbia campus, although you have been asked many times.

2. When your foreign policy credentials are questioned, why don’t you emphasize your official Senate trip to Africa?

3. When you are criticized for having no executive experience, why don’t you talk about your time as chairman of the board of the Annenberg Challenge?

4. Specifically what were your achievements as a community organizer in Chicago in the 1980s? How did that experience prepare you to be president?

5. Why are you putting so much pressure on Hillary Clinton to campaign for you? Why aren’t other presidential contenders like Chris Dodd under the same pressure?

I’m sure you Conflucians can think of plenty more questions for Barack. Please have at it. This is an open thread.

270 Responses

  1. How about: Since you have based your campaign on the fact that you are a “transcender” and post racial, you have stood by silently allowing your supporters and surrogates to portray any opposition to you as ra*cists and never addressed the sexism engendered to both Sen Clinton and Gov Palin?

  2. Another thing I’d love to know is why Barack keeps his grandmother under wraps, but I guess that question might be a little too pushy.

    But why does he keep using her as an example in his speeches if he isn’t going to introduce her to the public? After all, McCain’s mom is in her 90s, and she’s been on the campaign trail.

  3. I think Lehrer should also ask Obama flat-out why he did not even consider Hillary for VP. His supporters say it was because it would disrupt his “change” narrative, but how exactly does Biden represent change? Biden’s been in the Senate for 36 years collecting dust while Hillary has been fighting for change that whole time at all levels, inside and outside of Washington. Hillary got 18 million votes, the most of any primary candidate in history, and Biden got 70,000. Hillary had a broad coalition of blue collar whites, Latinos, seniors, women, etc., while Biden had… Delaware. Hillary is still polling higher than Obama and McCain months after leaving the race, and Biden isn’t even helping Obama’s numbers in Pennsylvania where Biden has been campaigning for weeks. So Lehrer should ask Obama why he chose Biden and never even considered Hillary.

    I don’t think the question would be out of line. Obama wants us to elect him on judgement. His VP pick and his snubbing of Hillary for the job show a lack of judgement. If the decision was one of spite, then Obama should say that and let the voters decide how they feel about that.

  4. Pat,

    I’d give anything if he were asked that! Somehow I don’t think good old boy Jim Lehrer will do it though.

  5. How did you like the jokes regarding “Todd done his daughters”?

    How would you like it if SNL does a skit of “you doing your daughters”? Ya think that ‘s funny?


  6. How about: “Senator Obama, you often describe yourself as “skinny” but tough, do you think hefty people are by their nature tougher?” Ok, he’s not probably going to ask that, but that skinny crap gets on my nerves.

  7. Renegade,

    Another great question! And one that would be very appropriate.

  8. Bill said Hillary did not want to be VP. I’m sure she told him “NO”!

    He’s sinking like a rock!

  9. Oh, and I’d also like to see Lehrer ask Obama why he backed out of the town hall debates this summer. He agreed to the debates while he was finishing the primary season, then as soon as he gets the nomination he backs out of them. Obama says he wants the race to be about the issues, yet when given an opportunity to keep it on the issues all summer, he refuses.

  10. She didn’t tell him no. He didn’t flippin ask! Sorry, but it truly annoys me when people think Obama had the courage to run with Hill. He didn’t. Bill said, if asked she would have joined the ticket.

  11. those are some very good questions.

  12. I say she told him “NO”. That ‘s just the spin.

  13. they asked bill on the view today why he didn’t pick her. he said that it was his decision and that he wouldn’t question it…or something like that which totally evaded.

  14. “Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain as technologically inept”

    Something I can like about Biden, he at least has a conscience.

    Anyone know if McCain was talking immigration reform today, I saw him this morning talking about it before I left work, but did he continue to mention it throughout the day? That may not be the No. 1 issue anymore, but I know a lot of people who will skip the top if he goes there. They don’t care what BO’s position is on it.

  15. From reading that book on Obama today, the plan was never to discuss the issues since they knew Obama was weak in that area. The campaign was built around “personality”. Not that Obama has any. Just saying.

    Personally, I prefer McCain’s personality, temper and all. At least you know where he is coming from. And like Boston Boomer, never in a million years would I accept that I am now in another camp. Did hell just freeze over?

  16. Hary, he also said if asked she would have done it. Why on earth would anyone want to give Obama credit he doesn’t deserve, like being smart enough to ask Hill to run with him?

  17. Renegade,

    That would be a good question that McCain could bring up. If Obama didn’t want to debate, why does he keep saying like a mantra, “That’s a debate I’d like to have”? Every time I hear him say that in a speech I want to scream.

  18. Pat,

    Which book did you read today?

  19. “Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain as technologically inept”

    Something I can like about Biden, he at least has a conscience.

    Anyone know if McCain was talking immigration reform today, I saw him this morning talking about it before I left work, but did he continue to mention it throughout the day? That may not be the No. 1 issue anymore, but I know a lot of people who will skip the top if he goes there. They don’t care what BO’s position is on it.

  20. I think that no matter how badly he stinks on Friday, the MSM will hail him for chanelling lincoln from the lincoln/douglas debates

  21. Bill was on The View? And I missed it? Damn.

  22. Pat Johnson, on September 22nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:

    From reading that book on Obama today, the plan was never to discuss the issues since they knew Obama was weak in that area. The campaign was built around “personality”. Not that Obama has any. Just saying.

    Pat, this is Axelrod in the Deval Patrick primary too. ‘Course he didn’t have to fabricate any of Deval’s life story and Deval has an actual personality, but this is all textbook Axelrod.

  23. Hi Carol, maybe she didn’t want the VP spot, but that is moot since Obama made it known that he never considered her. If he was smart and had judgement, he’d have worked out a deal with Hillary that he would publicly offer her the spot or let it be “leaked” that he was approaching her about it, and she would turn him down and make that known. That way Obama would have shown interest in having her as VP, she would have turned him down, and I bet many Hillary supporters wouldn’t be so angry. I think there were a lot of people who were furious that he didn’t consider her for the spot, so he should have at least made a deal to “offer” it to her and she would turn it down. If she didn’t want it anyway, it would work out perfectly.

  24. He never wanted Hillary. She outshines him. You can’t have two “stars” competing even if one is the real thing. And I don’t mean him.

  25. In the debates, you explained your voting “present” over 100 times in the Illinois legislature as “strategy” instead of taking a stand on an issue one way or the other. Please give me a couple of examples how the strategy worked.

  26. SOD,

    The guy who wrote those articles says he does that kind of thing for a living. I will say that Audacity of Hope is written in a very different style than the earlier one. It’s very boring and wordy, just like Obama’s non-teleprompter appearances.

  27. Valhalla – it’s on NQ.

  28. bb: The Case Against Barack Obama by Feddesco or something like that. I have to go downstairs to get it.

  29. Hi Masslib, I’m a Massachusetts resident (and proud Mass. Hillary voter) too and the Axelrod/Deval campaign annoyed the heck out of me. All fluff, no specifics. Hmmmm, guess they recycled that for Obama.

  30. Thomas, very good question.

    Pat, I always guess Samantha Power ghost wrote one of those books since she was on sabbatical at the time with Obama.

  31. Gary,

    I think the audience for the debate will be huge, and I trust the American people to ignore the media hacks and decide for themselves. I really do. I think this will be the first time a lot of people wake up to the reality that Obama is an empty suit who can’t speak extemporaneously.

  32. Renegade: I am in MA as well. After 4 years of Mitt, who spent most of the time out of state running for president, Deval looked different. After the first 6 months we knew we had a loser once again. But that’s just us in MA. We are weird.

  33. I believe McCain is making a very big mistake. Obama is running around the country lying to seniors and telling them that McCain wants to privatize Social Security. McCain should be focusing his ads on refuting these lies and he better do it now. Recent polls show him losing the Seniors votes, while the Obama Media Networks continue to shrill their faux outrage at McCains negative attacks, and McCain continues to hit Obama on this financial crisis. If McCain continues to lose the Seniors votes he will lose this election.

  34. He is a narcissistic personality. He would never want to be humiliated by being turned down. And, Hillary would not humiliate him before the election.

  35. Renegade, yes, they called it a dry run for the Obama campaign, but I way prefer Deval, even though he’s a crap executive so far. He’s passionate about civil rights, and at least he’s passionate about things other than himself.

  36. Senator for a first question I would ask if you commit to do the other two debates irregardless of how badly Sen McCain mauls you?

  37. You really cannot compare the personalities of Deval and Obama. Deval, while not a great governor, is a little more likable. And I liked that he marched alongside his daughter in the gay parade when she came out. Other than that, he is not a very effective politician overall. Kind of lame.

  38. Hi bostonboomer, yes Obama is horrible without his teleprompter. During the primaries people kept saying how much personality Obama had, but I didn’t see it. You wanna talk personality? How about Hillary finally coming into her own in March and wowing the country (and winning most of the remaining primaries) with her tough-yet-playful, gritty-yet-cunning style. She had a “Rosie the Riveter” way about her and I loved it. And that was all Hillary, her true self busting through, casting off her poorly managed campaign to be herself. Unlike Obama who always just seemed like a manufactured puff pastry.

  39. NH,

    The problem with your advice is that McCain does want to privatize social security. But so does Obama.

  40. He did talk immigration. He was PA and said their are 50k illegal Irish immigrants that work hard and need a pathway to citizenship.

  41. Pat,

    Unfortunately, Deval told Howie Carr that he won’t accept a job in an Obama administration and he plans to run for a second term.

  42. I love puff pastries! Please choose another analogy. How about dog food?

  43. How did I post the same thing twice?

  44. Isolde: “Senator for a first question I would ask if you commit to do the other two debates irregardless of how badly Sen McCain mauls you?”


  45. bb: I had heard he will be tapped for attorney general. Doubt he will win re election this time around.

  46. I don’t believe for a minute McCain would waste political capital on another failed attempt to privatize social security. Ain’t gonna happen. I’m more worried about Obama in that regard.

  47. Hi Pat, yeah I was disappointed in Deval. Mitt spent his whole term campaigning for president and crusading against gay marriage. He needed to go. But I didn’t mind Healy as much and she wasn’t another Mitt. I liked Deval because, as you said, he was different. But we learned in Mass. that “change” is not always great.

    masslib, yeah I guess Deval is better than Obama (that’s not saying much, but I see what you mean about his unselfish passion). And Deval agrees with me about getting casinos in our state, so that’s something. lol

  48. Renegade,

    Hello from another MA Hillary voter. It really felt good to vote for a woman for President. I’d like to do it again soon.

  49. Pat – get Newt’s book on energy and report back.

  50. Obama and a compliant Dem congress will ram through just about any social program they can. A McCain admin will have a much tougher time. Give me a McCain admin in that event.

  51. PJ, is it a good book? By boss purchased a few copies, but I don’t know if I want to read it.

  52. The Casino boondoggle came straight from Chicago. That was a enormous waste of capital. Patrick effed up big time. His latest screw up was his Utopian education plan, which he designed without any consultation with the leg and proposed without any funding source.

  53. Thanks everyone, I just watched the first part of Bill on The View. Can I have Hillary back now? Bill’s just the awesomest, but even he can’t save that show from it’s vapidity.

    Yes, Obama totally should have asked her, or at least done anything except keep setting his rabid attack dogs after her in the hopes that he could ruin her favorability ratings and he wouldn’t have to look like the asshat he is. They absolutely could have worked out some sort of public script that left them both better off, but his hatred of all things Clinton (and esp. all things ‘mommy’) was too great. What an ass.

  54. NV Swing Voter: The book summed up what we all know or at least thought about Obama. A big nothing. There were some new things listed but all in all it more or less congealed what we have long suspected. A good read. Quick and researched. Not a true hatchet job since he relied on interviews and cites sources.

    The guy is a true Chicago pol. Hand picked to do their bidding. The Chicago Machine is dirty, dirty, dirty. It includes all parties and races. No one wishing to achieve is exempt. That’s our boy!

  55. I have come to a decision about how I will vote.

    Until women reach electoral equality in this country, I will cast my votes only for women unless there are no women candidates available to vote for.

    That includes primaries and general elections. I do not care what party they belong to or their policy positions.

    If there is more than one woman candidate available to vote for, I will chose between them based on policy and party.. I will not be deterred from voting for a woman candidate because she is “unelectable”

    I believe that sex*sm and misogyny are two of the most serious problems facing this nation. This is how I will do my part to fix the problem.

    Even if Obama were not the nominee, I could not vote for the Democratic ticket because it’s still two guys.

    The GOP ticket does have a woman on it, but there is a better option.

    Cynthia McKinney is running for President, not Vice President, and her political views are the closest to mine. Not only that, she never called me a rac*st.

    So from now on I am now a “vag*na voter” despite the fact that I am estrogen-deficient. This is not a major change for me, I always kinda liked them things, and I try to play with them ever chance I get.

  56. myiq: Spoken like a true hedonist!

  57. masslib, I doubt McCain will have any political capital anyway. This is a very anti-Republican year. If McCain wins it will be by a teeny margin and will be a referendum against Obama more than a statement favoring McCain. I think Congress will still be overwhelmingly Democratic, so McCain will have to compromise with them or just sit around doing nothing for four years (until Hillary has him evicted hehe). The Dems will not let McCain privatize social Security, especially in the wake of this volatile market. McCain will basically have to be a moderate and compromise or he will have Democratic legislation pushed past his veto (preferably by Senate Majority Leader Hillary Rodham Clinton!).

  58. Renegade: I think you summed it up perfectly.

  59. Newt just declared the Paulson plan is going to send us into 20 years of a financial debacle.

  60. Senator do you commit to reappoint Patrick Fitzgerald to USA for Northern Illinois even if he indicts all of your poker partners from Springfield?

    BB, I love to play the naif and embarrass people. My adult children frequently want to strangle me.

  61. Greta is going to discuss the SNL – Todd slander.

  62. myiq: I concur!

  63. I think any Obama poll upswing is because the media 10 days ago predicted that a bad economy would help Obama, and now the media is saying that the bad economy is helping Obama.

    They control the message, and their message is that McCain is weak on the economy and Obama is strong. I’ve spent the last 10 days reading that message everywhere. It’s not true, but the economy is a complicated and scary issue, so I think the public went back to watching MSM for awhile.

  64. SOD, I don’t think college credits is unusual. I know someone who interned with the State Party when she was 15 the three months prior to our Caucus. If she were in college, she would have received college credits. Also, our high schools require 5 hours of volunteer work at a political office, and you can earn 2 semester credits based on the hours you do anywhere as a volunteer, whether it’s politics, community, I think even church.

  65. McCain has actually voted conservative but never put his name on anything that wasn’t consensus, so I doubt he’ll have a problem with that.

    McCain/Kennedy Immigration Bill
    McCain/Feingold Finance Reform
    Abramoff Scandal
    Voted against Bush Tax Cuts Twice
    Can and Trade/Climate Change

    He’s going to go with stuff where there is consensus. That’s my guess based on past performance.

  66. Newt just declared the Paulson plan is going to send us into 20 years of a financial debacle.

    I cannot stand Newt but he is smart nonetheless. This statement sends shivers down my spine. The only way I can even feel somewhat enchanted, is if they start indicting the people who made this happen. The fact that they won’t is even more troubling.

  67. Hey guys, join me tonight.

    Hot Topics Tonight: Electoral Map Update, states McCain must win, Polls, Debate friday night, Bill Clinton on the “View”, Rumors continue on Hillary replacing Biden as VP, Palin draws 60,000 in Florida, Challenge Obama’s citizenship on your state’s ballot, early voting, and so much more!!!!!!

    Join me[Matt], Phillip, Momma E returning Tonight at 11PMET.
    Call-in 347-202-0443


  68. Cap and trade.

  69. my-Yes!!!!

    Greta will soon be discussing the vile SNL skit. O’Really talked about the McCain skit and said there is talk that Al Franken was behind it. It was very derogatory.

  70. Call me Chicken Little, but I feel the sky is falling down. One more hurricane, one more Putin threat, one more financial collapse, and we are all fu*ked!

  71. Masslib: Randi Rhodes gave the one and only convincing reason against privatizing SS, which finally convinced me to switch my opinion.

    Why are so many against it?

  72. Pat, we’re already screwed, you just don’t feel it yet.

  73. masslib: For me it would be like a walk down Memory Lane. If you get my point.

  74. nv- what was her convincing reason?

  75. BB, those are 5 great questions. What about posting them to the News Hour’s website? Lehrer might actually see them.

    Here’s my question:

    Given your experience as a community organizer, during the redistricting of IL in 2000 why did you personally see to it that your traditional consitituents from south Chicago were gerrymandered out of your district and replaced by wealthy, white, business people?

  76. Pat: Aside from the other 99 reasons not to vote Obama, a biggie is that his policies will require huge new capital. We are broke in this country, and instead of folks talking about the new economy or the new hopey change, we need to go back to the ways of grandma & grandpa. Eat like they did, save like they did, reuse like they did, and do without things like they did until you could pay cash.

    In regards to the economy, I’m beginning to think old.

  77. FDR provided safety nets for all of us. Little by little they are being chipped away. Sooner or later we will become a third world country a la Mexico. The wealthy will prevail and the rest will be selling combs at a nickel apiece just to feed a family.

  78. NV,

    I hope you’re kidding about social security. Right now the system works very well with almost no overhead. And you want to put it in the hands of the investment banks who just ripped off the treasure for a trillion dollars? No thank you.

  79. lets just remember that the first person to talk about a oversight board was McCain. Now CNN is all about where is the oversight of the bailout without ever mentioning that McCain was the first one to ask about oversight

  80. Polix,

    That is a fantastic question.

  81. SOD – got it, our schools allow the student to choose.

  82. Think at some point Obama will be ready for the not-Hillary as VP question.

    Prolix, I think you’re right about this question. I think Obama is as crooked as a wrecked dog’s hind legs, and I don’t think he can cover for it all.

  83. Go go, go Johnny go! 😉 We’re counting on you to send ThePrecious back to Chicago.

  84. Why are so many against it, NV???? Well, do you notice what is happening in the stock market, if your social security were tied up in that you could lose every single penny. Take a look at Chile when the Chicago Boys sold them privatization, millions of people ended up in utter poverty. Most Americans actually don’t have a clue how to make private investments. Social Security is NOT meant to be your entire retirement savings. It’s a social safety net, and it’s remarkably successful. Do you know why it was created? Because 70% of our elderly ended up in poverty, now we’re down to 30%. That’s all social security. It has an excellent rate of return. It’s fully funded for the next 40 fricken years…tell me one business that can promise to be profitable for the next 40 years, I’ll wait. Once it dips in funding to 70% as the baby boomers die out, it surges in funding as we have more young workers than elderly. Simple answer: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, it keeps grandma off the street.

  85. Another question: Sen Obama, are you willing to take a lie detector test? I ask this since so far nothing much that you have said adds up.

  86. Carol,

    I hate to admit this, but Newt is right. This is a very big mistake, IMHO.

  87. in cnn they were asking why obama is not leading the democrats in congress in the response to the bailout??

    Why is Frank in charge and not Obama?? after wasnt Barney Frank in charge of some changes that led finally to this disaster?

  88. Good evening all.

    I am LMAO at the ignorance of the following comment by Joe Biden to Katie Couric and for Couric nodding in agreement with it. This is shocking!


    Behind The Scenes With Joe Biden
    CBS News Anchor Katie Couric Spends The Day With The Democratic VP Nominee

    Sept. 22, 2008

    CBS News was with him last Thursday during one of the rockiest weeks in history for the U.S. economy, something that wasn’t lost on the six-term senator.

    “Part of what being a leader does is to instill confidence is to demonstrate what he or she knows what they are talking about and to communicating to people … this is how we can fix this,” Biden said. “When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed. He said, ‘look, here’s what happened.'”

    Hmm, so, according to Joe Biden, when the stock market crashed in 1929, FDR appeared on TV and talked candidly with the American people.

    Gee, that sounds so nice, doesn’t it? And Katie Couric just nodded along in agreement with Joe Biden.

    But wait! There’s a little problem with what Joe Biden said: Historical Facts

    The great Stock Market crash was on Oct. 30, 1929. Herbert Hoover was the President then. FDR was not elected President until November 1932, the first of four terms.

    AND furthermore…

    I’m pretty sure FDR wasn’t popping up on TV to reassure the American people of anything in 1929, given the fact that it was not until TEN years later, in

    (wait for it)

    1939 !!!

    when FDR became the first President of the United States to

    (wait for it)


    LOL!!! My side hurts now!! 🙂

    FDR was at the 1939 Word’s Fair in New York in 1939 and his appearance was broadcast to a handful of TV sets in the New York area by RCA. That was the first time a US President appeared on TV.


    How can Joe Biden get a pass on uttering such ignorance? Did Katie Couric not know what a whopper Joe Biden was telling? Golly!

    I am looking for a good link with the video of this whopper by Joe Biden and will post it when I get it.

  89. The world is spinning on its axis!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Pat, you are hysterical!!!

    Poliz says: Given your experience as a community organizer, during the redistricting of IL in 2000 why did you personally see to it that your traditional consitituents from south Chicago were gerrymandered out of your district and replaced by wealthy, white, business people?

    Polix, my Dad read that and it literally sickened him.

  91. OMG! Did Biden really say that FDR got on television to talk about the stock mkt crash. LOL! I’m calling my mom right now to past that on. LOLOLOL!

    Doesn’t Biden even know about the fireside chats? Even I rremember listening to the radio as a kid. TV was very new then.

  92. Social Security=Hands Off! It was put in place for a reason. A very good one I might add. Whoever pushes privatization should be taken out back and beaten!

  93. Do they come any dumber than Joe Biden doing an interview with Katie Couric? Are you sure this wasn’t another lame SNL skit? Good grief!

  94. The sound you hear is me beating my head against the wall. Is this the best we can do??????????????????????

  95. Prolix, looked for you last night to ask what you know about Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. I have been an avid supporter since the Save the Homeplace days, but their increasing concentration on voter empowerment makes me uneasy in this day of Obama voter fraud.

    E.g., their blog dicusses a voter empowerment workshop at Berea College to make sure that young people actually vote this year. Their mailings, etc emphasize registering black voters in Jefferson Co and felons. There’s nothing wrong with this, but their associations with ACORN & lots of liberal elite foundations make me wonder. I know the couple that organized KFTC [ Joe Sesko, I think, & wife] were liberal NE community organizers, but for years I saw an emphasis on mining & the environment.

  96. just imagined if Palin had said that…

    also just imagined if McCain had made an add that joked with a disability like Obama did with the ad joking about why McCain couldnt use computer

  97. How many tv sets in 1929? Did someone say 2? Even if that were the case where FDR spoke out (which I doubt) this is so far out of the realm of commonsense it defies logic. Maybe Katie could not believe her ears.

  98. “Senator Obama, can you look at the American public in the eye and tell them that you are ready to be the CiC of the USA?”

    “Senator Obama, what course of action do you propose with the growing problems with Venezuela’s Chavez and his increasingly close ties to Russia?”


  99. Pat Johnson, on September 22nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:
    From reading that book on Obama today, the plan was never to discuss the issues since they knew Obama was weak in that area. The campaign was built around “personality”. Not that Obama has any. Just saying.

    Personally, I prefer McCain’s personality, temper and all. At least you know where he is coming from. And like Boston Boomer, never in a million years would I accept that I am now in another camp. Did hell just freeze over?

    AMEN PAT! Hell froze over and we are fighting on the ice! (Pat Buchanan quote) See? I did it as well, thinking that a Repub is making sense.

    And I agree, personality, judgement and character-wise, I tend to have more respect for the guy who lived almost 6 years in a box for his country, went against his own party on 2 major issues (campaign reform & comprehensive immigration bill) vs. the guy who spent 20 years running for office and being a yes-man to the Chicago thug machine and Wall Street barons.

    And I recall Katiebird, what has he accomplished that someone didn’t push him across the finish line? Even his State senate record was created by Emil Jones who did all the homework for him!

    BostonBoomer, great post!

  100. There was literally a locked guarded chamber in the IL statehouse — you had to be admitted, then through another locked door where there was the redistricting wizard complete with a green visor. Each rep and senator got their turn in the barrel to redraw their district. It was during this redistricting that Linda and Penny Pritzker became his constituents — Hyatt heirs. Linda Pritzker is the person who got him to sub for the infamous anti-war speech.

  101. Obama will spend Tuesday sequestered in Tampa, Florida with no public events prepping for the first general election debate Friday.

    its going to be an interesting debate

  102. Bill Clinton says Dems shouldn’t attack Palin

    (CNN) — Bill Clinton said Monday the Democratic ticket should steer clear of launching personal attacks on Sarah Palin over her relatively thin resume, and instead acknowledge she was a “good choice” for the No. 2 spot on the GOP ticket.

    In one of the former president’s few extended comments to date on Palin’s surprise VP candidacy, Clinton also told reporters in New York Monday he knows why the Alaska governor is attracting massive crowds on the campaign trail.

  103. SM: Go read the post above about the Biden/Couric interview. Good for a lot of laughs.

  104. SS ??

    The reason I ask is when they were initially discussing, that I remember, the market was healthy and strong. I liked the idea of having some control over my “tax” or “investment” dollars. So yes, I bought it and favored it.

    Most Ds I talked to just didn’t want it out of government control, but that was all they could say. There was no reason other than the fear that the government wouldn’t have the money anymore.

    Indigo: Randi said, and I can’t explain it very well, that if you privatize it, and you have every working American investing in the stock market, they now become sharesholders and the bottom line becomes the No. 1 issue, that companies would be even more inclined to move overseas and the Americans left with jobs would cheer because they’re investment is being protected, that it would force American workers in California/New York to say who gives a crap about the employees of some factory in middle America so long as they’re getting a return on their investment.

    Boston: So no, I wasn’t kidding, but since nobody had explained it to me quite that way, I couldn’t understand why it was such a bad thing. I’ve actually convinced other “moderate” Republicans it was a bad thing, and it’s funny, because one of my friends called me this weekend saying all week I kept thinking about if SS was privatized like we all wanted, we would all be so screwed right now – how did you figure this out – the pause on the other end when I said a liberal explained it to me was rather interestingly long, with a final “oh.”

  105. IronMan,

    When I listen to Biden, I am amazed that any Democrat or self- proclaimed “progressive” can tell me Palin is a dimwit with a straight face.


  106. Well I think the FDR/television gaffe wasn’t that big a deal (they all make gaffes), but I would hope this would be a lesson every time Obama obsesses about an oratory mistake McCain made. Obama says words matter and he harps on McCain’s “Sunni/Shia” mistake, then he picks Joe Biden, the king of gaffes, as his running mate. Haha priceless.

  107. We need to elect more gynocrats at the local and state levels.

    City councils and county offices are often stepping stones to state legislature positions. Those in torun are stepping stones to statewide offices, and then on to the national level.

    Hillary is well qualified to be President, but how many other women have the experience to be considered top-tier contenders? This is a problem that will take years to fix.

    At every level, women candidates are often less experienced than the guys they are competing against because they can’t get the jobs that give them the experience.

    Of course, even when they have the hard-earned experience they get passed over by some empty suit with a pen*s.

    We have a few governors and a handful of Senators that are women, and that’s counting both parties.

    Until we achieve gender parity at the lower levels, the top levels will remain a sausage fest.

  108. PofE,

    I’ve been gone so long I really don’t know anyone associated with K’iansforComm other than Tom Fitzgerald who is a big environmental guy (a really good guy). I don’t know about their other affiliations.

  109. that biden gaffe is priceless….here’s a video for him 🙂

  110. But Joe Biden was purposefully chosen for his “experience”. This tells me the guy is such a loose cannon that anything can pop out of his mouth. This is the same guy who said to Alberto Gonzalez of all people who was lying through his back teeth: ” I like you. I really do.” Open mouth, insert big foot. Moron.

  111. Yes BostonBoomer,

    He said it! LOL! But we need to find a link to the video of it asap. Can anyone help us find it?

    I am searching for a link for the video now of that portion of the interview with Katie Couric. He was on his bus at the time.

    Joe Biden saying FDR got on TV when the stock market crashed is a MAJOR gaffe!!

    I think Black Thursday was what, October 24, 1929? And then that was followed up by Black Tuesday, on October 29, 1929.

    Pretty sure FDR was not on TV in 1929!! And FDR wasn’t elected President until 1932!! LOL!!

    Someone please help me find a link to the video. Thanks in advance!!

    LOL! Still laughing here about Biden’s latest whopper! 🙂

  112. Paris Hilton is my new BFF??? WTF! “Game on b@tches”

  113. That rumor is making the rounds. Here’s another interesting question that he’ll never be asked about:


  114. I stand by my comparison to archie bunker…he may be a good guy at heart, but he’s a total blowhard who talks out of his ass most of the time. oh and he’s kinda sexist and racist.. lol

  115. Guys and Gals – we are about to go into a “no information lockdown”. Sarah is spending her time with the heads of state at the UN and McCain is at the GCI with Bill. Then everyone is going to prepare for the debates.

    I guess there is a chance I might clean house, exercise, visit some relatives, ………………………..


  116. Gosh, there really are so many things I’d like to stick it to him with, but just going by what infuriated me today, it would probably be along these lines:

    Senator Obama, you’ve changed position on so many issues, it leaves the electorate with a real worry about just where you stand on any and all issues. Just today you announced a “Faith, Family and Values Tour”* that will include Catholic legal scholar Douglas Kmiec. Mr. Kmiec is a strong supporter of Proposition 8 in the State of California, a proposition that you have informed the LGBT community that you are against. You’ve also stated that marriage should be between one man and one woman, yet you’ve come out against this initiative. As you can see, you’ve played both sides of this coin. My question is this: when will you stop pandering for votes and take a side on any issue?

    *For reference, here is a link to article about this tour: http://www.advocate.com/exclusive_detail_ektid61930.asp

  117. Joe Biden and I have something in common. We have a wicked sense of humor but lack an output filter on our face portals.

    Sometimes were snarking, sometimes we’re thinking out loud, either way we get ourselves in trouble.

    We have the right to remain silent but not the ability.

  118. But the government has the most reliable rate of return. The government backs your money. Even if the funding dipped for a short stint, the government still sends you your check. The private market ain’t going to do that. You may think you are a better investor than the government, but how about your neighbor? I assure you, most people are not financially savvy enough to play market investor with payroll taxes. What’s happened to this country? Do we really have to see grandma out on the street yet again to realize why the heck we have social security?

  119. Carol -perfect time for Rev. Jeremiah Wright to make an appearance!

    I do believe the 24th brings the next installment of the Berg vs Obama case?

  120. gary: He is typical of any Irish Catholic male of a certain age. He talks just to hear himself talk. Blah, blah, blah. Through in a few high falutin words and they call him a “genius”. Take it from me, I have had more than of few in my own family. Gasbags all!

    And we laughed at Cliff Claven from Cheers.

  121. MYIQ: was that a V*agina monologue?

  122. NV,

    The main reason Bush wanted to privatize SS (and the reason the investment banks are backing Obama) is because they want to get their filthy paws on our money. No thanks.

  123. Jonas: NOoooo! Please don’t bring him to Tampa!!!

    WHY????? WHY??????? (a la Nancy Kerrigan)

  124. jvsp, isn’t wright’s book coming out in october?

  125. The kid that hacked – remember, their frontal lobe are not fully functional at 20. They know the difference between right and wrong, but the reward is worth the risk.

    We have real FISA threats on the OBAMA team.

  126. Re the SNL skit: Living in Appalachia with a media-created stereotype, I have to say that I don’t understand how an adult can find any joke that involves the sexual exploitation of a child funny in any way.

    I take a dim view of censorship, but just because comedians have the legal right to say it, doesn’t mean that we must give it a place of legitimacy among reasonable adults.

    And yes, I know I can’t define all those limits to the satisfaction of everyone, but this is still my strongly-felt $0.02


    If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it. I like it when Abuela PUMA can get back some of that money & healthcare she rightfully earned all these years.

  128. SM,

    I wonder where in Tampa Obama’s debate camp has been set up? Will he be in a fancy hotel? Maybe you can get an interview with him….

  129. sorry sm77, but on the other hand he will be squestered and hopefully out of sight

  130. And BTW, SM, congratulations on the Devil Rays winning the pennant. Are you a baseball fan?

  131. POE: I didn’t see the SNL skit, but I heard about it. WTF is wrong with these celebrity Democrats?

  132. Pick me! Pick me! Ask about all the freaking money he gets bundled by the very same companies that are draining the American taxpayers right now in the form of a bail out,while John McCain is using public financing. Why didn’t he accept public financing? After all, then he wouldn’t be beholden to such special interests. Also, why were these companies giving so much money to a Junior Senator who has only been in office for less than 3 years and has been running for president for 2 of those years. Oh, I just answered my own question. Dang.

  133. gary:

    Before I was banned at koolente I did a post about Archie. He gets a bad rap.

    Archie was the stereotype of a blue-collar worker in the late 60’s. Their whole world was changing fast and they were scared. They weren’t really haters. But the war, the anti-war movement, the economy, the Civil Rights movement, Women’s lib, and everything else that was going on was just too much too fast.

    During the years All in the Family was on the air, Archie changed.

  134. 10 hours before Sex and the City goes on sale.

    I guess I’ll be watching that tomorrow.

  135. Gary -that’s the rumor I’ve seen circulating… whether or not the story has any credence is another matter. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rev. Wright has been put away for “safe” keeping, i.e. he isn’t feeling so social.

  136. Prolix: Thanks anyway, and yes, Fitzgerald has really solid creds.

  137. I prefer a dialogue

  138. Boston, you know I was born & raised in Mass, so I’m a definite part of the Red Sox nation. ALWAYS.

    However, I am happy to see that the Rays are finally earning their keep. Sorta.

    Let me just say that here in Tampa, this is Yankee party town, met & greeted a lot of the Yankee greats in posh social scenes here. Doesn’t sway me one bit.


  139. Just a question, can people use the same name or can there only be say one Kitty? If anyone could school me in this department, I would appreciate it.

  140. myiq, I said he was good at heart, and yes he did evolve…to a point that the show was no longer watchable, but we watched it anyway because it felt like we knew him, and we were happy to see him grow…plus that show gave us George Jefferson



    You sly fox.

  142. sm77 I miss Manny and his baggy track suit 😦 Let’s Go Red Sox!!!! Clap Clap Clapclapclap!!!!

  143. kitty, yes they can. in fact their is a sick little troll who also calls himself kitty, but the monster is different because it is associated with a different user. so if you hear something about kitty, its’s probably that one, but don’t worry he is permanently exiled to spam island.

  144. Hi everybody, I just got back from a pay down the debt fundraiser for Hillary.
    She looked great but tired. As I shook her hand I told her I’m from the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit, and we have her back, always and forever.

    She laughed that great laugh of hers and we barely got posed for the picture.

    Unfortunately her speech was all about how she’s been doing everything she can to get Obama and other Dems elected. The first time she said that, I think half the audience applauded. Later the applause got louder for the same type of line. I know she has to do it, but then he should have to pay down her debt.

  145. Nite, Nite. I had to take a benedril – Pat gave me a runny nose and I’m drifting offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  146. Oh and P.S., I wore a pantsuit! Now I’ll go back and read the thread.

  147. The Wright book has been postponed. It isn’t coming out in October. On another note, I believe Wright’s performance at the National Press Club that brought about the break-up was staged. BZero knew he had no other way out and Wright obliged him by going into character and then promptly disappearing. That’s my story and I’ll always believe it.

  148. sm77: They do what gets them the headlines, no one thinks about the world of hurt these words can bring to people. Although SNL come on late at night, it is a popular show that is widely discussed in many places, especially during an election. Strangely, I don’t think these liberal elites would find incest funny if the joke was set in Africa or wherever.

  149. SM,

    I’m glad you’re still a Red Sox fan. It looks like the Sox will get in the playoffs, but I doubt if they will beat the Devil Rays. They always had trouble with the Rays even when they totally sucked. Let someone else win this year. Now the Patriots, I’m really broken up about yesterday. Ugh!

    I miss Manny, but you knew it would happen eventually. He always had stretches every year when he dogged it. And this year was really bad.

  150. Kitty,

    Maybe you should come up with some way to distinguish yourself from Kitty the troll. Because that Kitty is really nasty.

  151. poe, exactly…imagine if they had done a skit about one of Obama’s children getting lynched?

  152. Ya know that Willow and Bristol’s friends were watching. It was disgusting.

  153. Kitty, the Dominican trifecta, Papi Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez. GOLD.

    When Pedro left, I DIED.

    When Manny left, I WAS PISSED.

    The Red Sox run their operations very similar to the way the DNC does, they let the true stars go and keep drudging along just for spite’s sake – until the planets align of course.

  154. Prolix: I agree, media sympathy was all for Obama after the Wright Press Club speech.

    Me, I still have my Archie Bunker for President – We Need a Few Laughs 1972 button.

  155. Ask Obama: Why did you go to Pakistan in the 1980’s?

  156. Ask Obama:
    What was your GPA at Columbia?

  157. BostonBoomer: The secret (and not to instill my heritage here, but we know how to play this game)

    GET MORE DOMINICAN BASEBALL PLAYERS. When that happens, sky’s the limit.

    Look at the Red Sox. Look at the lineup from 1990-2006. How & when did it progressively get better? More Dominican players. Same with Rays. I know, it sounds bad and prideful on my part, but just look at the players. More Dominicans = more wins.

  158. myiq2 — I thought the same thing.

  159. I must be mising something. What SNL skit are you guys talking about? The Palin/Hillary one? I thought that was funny. I bet Bristol and her friends either didn’t watch it or watched it and didn’t care. Every candidate has had families and many have had minor children. I assume the families expect the ridicule and the poking fun.

  160. garychapelhill, thank you for the heads up. I was wondering why everyone was so mad at “me” the other night.

    sm77 ouch! I still love the SOX, can’t help myself. I love Manny. What a character. My husband is from Foxboro but we live in Seattle, he corrupted me I might be a little bit of a Masshole now I guess:)

  161. no it was a skit which had the punchline that Palin’s child with down syndrome was actually the result of an icestuous relationship between Bristol and her father…beyond disgusting.

  162. If anyone is having trouble understanding the mortgage crisis here is a great tutorial with stick figures


  163. Good point. After 1968 and before 1992, the Democrats were not seen as strong on the economy. FDR and JFK gave Dems the edge but LBJ’s welfare expansion became unpopular and Jimmy Carter’s disastrous term ruined the Democrats on the economy and sent them into the liberal wilderness for four years. It wasn’t until 1992 when Clinton emerged with a clear and concise economic plan in the midst of a bad economy that Dems got that edge they have now. Obama is capitalizing on the edge created by the guy he slandered with the race card.

  164. jsvp: The adultery accusations from that white woman in another church probably makes old Jeremiah want to stay inside his fancy new house, too.

  165. Will anybody kiss us and thank us after they’ve screwed us? I think not.


  166. McCain needs to get better at this. It’s Tuesday and the SNL skit has not gotten a lot of coverage. If this were Obama, the outrage would have begun before the show was over.

  167. If anyone can get a message to “Matt” on “my 2 cents”;
    My call didn’t connect.
    My question is:
    “What’s going on with the law-suit”?

  168. Kitty – once you encounter a Masshole, you are never ever the same again.

  169. SM,

    I never wanted Manny to leave. I loved that guy. Even though he loafed sometimes, he was so much fun to watch. And yes, the Dominican players are the best.

  170. Lehrer appears to be an obot. I would rather that each side just choose a person to be co-moderator for the debates. Team McCain chooses a person, and Team Stupid-corrupt-lying-weasel chooses a person.
    That way, we all know which is which and who is who and they can just have it.

    I’m totally sick of pretend impartiality on behalf of these
    f—ing pseudo journalist hacks from hell.

  171. Oh SWEET,
    my beloved avatar and I have been reunited.

  172. Seriously,

    O’Reilly and Greta both talked about the SNL skit. O’Reilly also had the editor of Newsweek on and badgered him about have Markos writing a column for him.

  173. POE: WHITE WOMAN & REV. WRONG??? No way!


  174. All the moderators are O-bots. And worst of all will be Glen Ifill in the VP debate. I think Sarah can handle her though.

  175. Seriously, Republicans believe in the “code of silence.” The more big a deal you make of something, the more publicity it gets, if you remain silent, they hope it just dies and goes away.

  176. The thought of Gwen Ifill is filling me with the same warmth I get when I see Nancy Pelosi.

  177. a pleasant thought before i go to bed

    ON the view todayPresident Clinton said he thought bo could win but then he added this

    I know you all thought I would add words and all that, but essentially, the debates could change the outcome,

    Love and hugs

  178. sm77: Yes, I swear I can’t remember crap anymore, but this was a married white woman from another church. Let me see if I can find anything. I must have read about it late at night or something because it all seems very vague.

  179. Good night Swannie.

  180. Watch Bill on Letterman tonight! And Greta tomorrow! And Larry King on Wednesday!

  181. It should have been a top story on all the Sunday shows.

  182. I am late to the Dance and have 10 minutes before Hero’s comes on.

    SOD — You’re too funny tonight

    IronMan – was that a flat panel FDR spoke on? I want the ART work on that quote — video would be priceless.

  183. sm77, I think sugar has that story up about Wright, it’s frm maybe a couple weeks ago.

  184. Secret Message
    Frm: HandsOfDawg@ClintonFounation.org
    To: JohnnyMaverickSoFine@JohnMcCain.org
    Subject: The View

    I know you all thought I would add words and all that, but essentially, the debates could change the outcome,

    I meen it. Don’t eff dis up, bb! Uz gots 1 shot! Lock and load.

    (LolClintonz is dngrz bznss)

  185. sm77: Story broke on Sept 9 on Politico, Ben Smith. Woman was an executive assistant as a church in Dallas, she’s 37. When people at her church learned of the affair from her husband, she lost her job and the husband left.

    Wright hasn’t actually denied it, Politico says he cancelled an appearance at a NJ church to go & prepare a legal defense. Bet there’s a big settlement for Elizabeth Best, paid by the Trinity Church folks.

  186. The white woman affair is somewhat amusing given Wrights “theology” that can be summarized as “Goddamn the white devil.” Of all my supposedly hatred-of-any-kind-is-not-acceptable friends all of them find O’s 20 years of membership nothing about which one ought to be too alarmed. I can’t get over it, absolutely incredulous. I skipped a great jazz show precisely because I would be amongst the hypocrites. Now they are trying to portray Palin’s church as just as radical. HELLO!!! There isn’t any racial theories in her club. Her pastor isn’t her spiritual mentor, an advisor for her campaign, etc.

    And NOW, all we read are discussions about the bigotry of “whites.” Unbelievable.

  187. Joe Biden offered perhaps his most off-message statement yet since being tapped as Barack Obama’s running mate, saying in an interview that he thought one of his campaign’s own ads was “terrible” and hadn’t know about it in advance.

    Asked by CBS’s Katie Couric about an ad Obama released earlier this month mocking John McCain for not being able to use a computer, Biden criticized the commercial and suggested it had been aired without his knowledge.

    “I thought that was terrible by the way,” Biden said of the computer ad in an interview broadcast tonight on the CBS Evening News

    Asked why it was aired, Biden said: “I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we would have never done it.

  188. Regency,

    LOL! BO will be made to regret the way he treated Bill.

  189. POE,

    The funny thing is Wright met his current wife when she was married and he was “counseling” her and her husband. Apparently Wright is serial adulterer. Funny how he felt qualified to attack Bill Clinton from the pulpit.

  190. jvsp: I’m stunned that we can’t discuss radical Black Liberation Theology in regards to Obama; the media won’t touch it. WTH? We can discuss the ugliness of white supremacy theories and any candidate who would espouse them, why not Obama and BLT?

  191. My Scorpion little sis, RegencyG:

    I must thank you for your Big Dawg videos. What a man, what a marvel. What a global icon.

    Brilliance and that “know how” that even a 2 year old can understand when he’s explaining the most confusing stuff. LOVE HIM. ALWAYS.

  192. yiq2xu-can I committ to vote as a v*g*na voter too…even though I am vaginally challenged?


  193. SM! *glomps* Hey!

    I just passed on the grand BigDawgnesss from other sources. He is a public good and should be disbursed thrustly.

  194. Thusly, even.

  195. BB: Yes, apparently the first cuckolded husband was more forgiving that this second husband, who objected that the wifey was fooling around with an old black man. Man, I love irony.

  196. McCain has suggested a portion of the social security could be put in private accounts that the voter controls. Many economists have maintained that a person would get much better returns over the years investing SS privately then is received from the same amount in SS. Historically this is a true statement. Last I checked McCain’s position was a voluntary choice, although he says he is open to bipartisan discussions on solutions. There are pros and cons to privatizing a portion of SS, and in truth if our Gov’t had invested the $ and left it alone we would not have any issues. But D and R have spent it and now all they have is IOUs. At least McCain is trying to deal with reality, Obama is pushing fear. Personally, I am counting on SS because I won’t have enough otherwise, so this is an important issue for me.

  197. Bill. Letterman. Now.

  198. Masslib, didn’t mean to get your blood pressure up. But I’d seriously like better talking points, or something I can “sell.”

    Need to watch Heroes with my daughter, I think it’s the only MSM show I watch anymore.

  199. we need to get rid of the 2 term limit amendment to the constitution on the Oval office if GW ran against Big Dawg would we be in this mess?
    No not at all and We would have a 4 term Bill Clinton defering to his brilliant wife to take his place and Obambi would be a footnote on history!


    could someone release me from moderation! i used a form of the “v” word!

  200. Thankfully over the years every time they gear up to steal social security for Wall St, the market tanks and people can see the folly of it . They try and sell using folks ego ” to chart their own course….it’s your money , you should say how to invest it! ” blah blah blah . Like that’s a snap. But there is a reason Wall St professionals do it all day and believe me, many busy average people cannot devote the time needed. It’s hard enough getting a tax return out once a year. After all that there is no guarantee you’d be any good at it. So what? If you pick a loser, will you be happy you charted your own course to the pet food aisle?

    Wall St wants that SS pot o’ gold though… the current crisis robbery will have to make do before they try again.

  201. POE: I wonder if he’ll “gawd damn” that “America” he was getting from his “white woman” who’s never been called a (that word).

  202. Fuzzy!!! You’re back! It’s so great to see you. How was Iowa? We’ve missed you so much.

  203. Thanks for the Big Dawg links Regency. I was, however, worried by his election predictions. He gave several reasons why he thinks BO is going to win.

    1. Economic hardship–people want a change
    2. More new Dem registrations in battleground states while Republican registrations have remained flat
    3. Increased cultural diversity

    Was there another one? The specifics of voter registration (and BO’s fabled “ground game”) scared me. Thoughts?

  204. parentofed, as someone else mentioned here, the whole Rev. Wright meets the press fiasco was staged to innoculate O from further criticism; “Now that we’ve taken care of that let’s address…” McCain’s best bet (imho) is to center on O’s Chicago days and THEN add in Ayers and Wright and Kilpatrick, etc. (there have to be more) to establish a pattern! Further, he ought to dig into the fraud within the Democratic Party itself. Probably wishful thinking, but I am sure it could be spun for good effect in benefit to the Reps … I come to this site for reason to be optimistic after having spent the day in gloom and doom LOL!

  205. sm: Mebbe he was riding dirty on his own pulpit ….

  206. FUZZY!!! hugs from Tampa. Missed you and your prayers!

  207. Fuzzy:

    You’re already more of a feminist than Jeralyn

    But I’m not sure Jeralyn has a vag*na either.

  208. Watching Bill on Letterman: God–he is so damn smart and charming!

    Makes BO & McCain appear sorely lacking.


    Hillary Clinton will appear on morning shows tomorrow, Tuesday, September 23 to discuss solutions to the economic crisis.

    Tuesday, September 23
    New York, NY

    7:00 a.m. ET
    Hillary Clinton Discusses Solutions to the Economic Crisis in Morning Show Interviews
    –CBS’ Early Show
    –CNN’s American Morning
    –NBC’s Today Show
    –MSNBC’s Morning Joe

    Oh, this is gonna be a fantastic Clintonly week.

  210. OK, I’d better hit the sack. I’ve stayed up way too late again. Night, everybody.

  211. jsvp: watching/reading/listening to MSM will cause headbanging on the keyboard and depression in the head.

  212. Rev. Wright showed the woman Gabriel’s horn and told her to blow it

  213. Gah, I love Hillary like tons but if needed an intern I’d love to be gainfully employed by him.

  214. POE: LOL!!! Of course, he was thinking of that Yellow Rose in Texas and had to play it off!

  215. This seems to be the week that the Clintons say to the country – we’re the future in 2012.

    If McCain is elected, I hope he takes advantage of the Clinton smarts, and we just have a hell of an election in 2012.

  216. Gee whiz, seems like the Clintons know what to do. Is Harry Reid “out of the loop”? Just give your job to Hillary, Harry. You’re in over your head.

  217. ok, I confess, I love the Dancing with the Stars… Cloris Leachman, 82, danced so sweetly it brought a tear to my eye… but then (and I don’t know if it was intended to be a political statement) she said to the audience, “Vote for me! I’m an orphan! Very sad, you know!”…

    I dunno – coming out of Leachman’s mouth is was hysterically funny…

  218. OldCoastie: That didn’t sound like a ringing O endorsement either!

  219. Reg, how are things going with the roommate?

  220. parentofed, I’ve been putting off an appointment with a couple professors on campus, because I haven’t gotten a Dem. for McCain shirt yet. It will be one day that I will thoroughly enjoy myself heh heh >:-)

  221. sm and myiq: Well, the woman worked at a Baptist church. The hubby grew up Baptist, and tells that old joke about the preacher & secretary getting it on against a wall, and the preacher says ‘No, stop, we can’t do this, suppose someone from the congregation comes in and thinks we’re dancing?’

  222. NRA Empties The Magazine on Obama

    Four New Videos:


    I think these are (or will be) running in Michigan, Virgniia, and PA.

  223. Seriously: She just showed up to test her key apparently. She doesn’t move in till Wed. Gah. I want my own room. I’ve had it for 5 weeks. This is ridiculous.

  224. a peek at the future:

    stardate November 4th 2008 1100 PM EST

    MSM-KO and Tweety (sweating bullets taking monogramed hankies out of their suit pockets dabbing their heads)

    KO-Chris its been a suprize night indeed and not the one predicted in any “Pro-Bama” poll errrr MSNBC/CNN/MSM poll! record turn out 145 million votes cast wow its one for the history books

    Tweety-Yes it is the next president goes in with a huge mandate for change….with a hostile congress that has the largest Democratic Majority in 25 years!

    KO-I know and look at that winning team! they were stellar on the dias as the accepted the concession of their Opponnents-so gracious in defeat I really was pulling for them you know!

    Tweety-Yes my leg has tingled for months I thought it was “The One” turns out I have Siatica! Keith I know this hurts us our job prospects and our credibility as journalists….we were wrong and neigther of us want to say it so we have deffered the honor to a real journalist on loan from CNN-

    KO-Take it away Lou Dobbs-(KO coughs and gags weezes and dry swallows a handful of pills to regain composure)

    Lou Dobbs-Guys this fawning over that light weight empty suit has to stop its time to be like the electorate and live in the real world…(pregnant pause)….Congradulations President John McCain and Sarah Palin! Hillary good luck in 2012!


  225. I have a question for them to ask Obama. Did he feel it was truly necessary to force Hillary out of the UN protest and pressure the organizers to retract Palin’s invitation? Part two of that would be, Do you feel so threatened by Hillary that you have to destroy her position in the rest of the world before you are done?

    People should know that one of Israel’s leading newspapers today printed, ” The speech Sarah Palin didn’t get to give.” It’s quite a read, with nothing but good words for Hillary, and a lot of respect for her. This whole affair has made Hillary lose respect and I have to believe it came from the top of the chain.

    But, you know what, Hillary is 60/ I am 60. I walked out on a big contract this year,that hurt me, financially, because it wasn’t right. I have friends giving me a very hard time because I will not support BO.

    There comes a time when you do what is right, not what someone pressures you to do. I was sorry when she first said she would support BO if he was nominated. But, it had gone too far. She will not take on Palin as an attack dog, but, how many of us think she would have pulled out of this on her own?

    I am disappointed that Hillary didn’t make the occasion non-partisan and show Iran that we stand together on this issue, but I am truly disgusted that BO would use Hillary in this manner. Just one more thing to never ever forgive them for.

  226. jvsp: Yeah, I think I may load up on Dem for McCain stuff, but then I think, heck, who in KY will notice? May do it anyway, just to shock my neighbors, who have always seen me put up Dem stuff.

  227. Ok, so McCain had a great idea today…my Dad told me about it. He said these CEO’s should only get the pay of the top paid federal employee. That, my friends, is actually an outstanding proposal.

  228. Senator Obama, what have you accomplished for those in your
    district who do not live in the tony Hyde Park/U. of Chicago neighborhood? Please exclude the earmarks you passed on to
    State Speaker Emil Jones, Jr.’s adjacent South Side district in repayment for
    his making you a U.S. Senator.

    Senator Obama, in the South Carolina debate you said that your
    relationship to Rezko was limited to working four hours or so as part of
    a team when you worked for Allison Davis’s law firm. Can you
    explain your contribution to making Rezko a millionaire? Were you
    aware that Rezko’s poor, mostly black tenants, were without heat during a Chicago winter
    because his company Rezmart claimed to be insolvent? If not, why
    were you so unaware of a local scandal. Did you ever consider giving
    back the $1000 Rezko was able to funnel for your next campaign when
    his company was too poor to turn on the heat?

    Can you elaborate on how you helped Davis make money through
    housing deals funded by taxpayers’ monies?

    Was the walkthrough with Rezko in your desired mansion counted
    as part of those four hours? Can you explain the financial deal
    that Mrs. Rezko (broke at that time according to the court) made to enable you
    to buy the mansion?

    Why did you attack your opponent for taking lobbyist’s money and
    claim that you did not take “one dime” when it could be easily
    proved that you had bundlers and accepted money from lobbyists’
    wives, associates, whatever?

    How do you propose to bring fiscal responsibility to the United State
    government when your campaign has had to outspend the opposition
    by three or four times and still lost?

    Do you believe in gaming the caucuses?

    What in your record qualifies you to be President.

    Why did Senator Clinton need lawyers to negotiate her role in the
    Democratic Convention?

  229. Masslib: Agreed, that is a great proposal that makes sense.

    Fuzzy: Oh, so you think KO & Tweety will be able to speak if Obama loses? I’ll bet their staff hide any weapons from them. Or maybe not…….

  230. Bill Clinton, speaking on Late Show with David Letterman, said that there would be a big campaign rally with Obama up in NE PA in about 3 weeks.

    (woops) 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up, Big Dawg!

    The polls are close in PA. I think people in PA have had enough of BO’s BS. Hillary cleaned Obama’s clock in PA.

  231. Aghh. Bill is convincingly making the case for BO again. Makes me nervous. I hope he is just doing his best PR presentation and it isn’t at all accurate.

  232. I love it when a Clinton talks about the economy . . .

    just sayin’.

    Catch Letterman if you’re in the later timezones!

  233. That rally is going to have a lot of protesers I think.

    There is NO convincing case for BO. Only a convincing case for a Democrat which BO only plays on CNN.

    Bill could convince me that red hair dye is a good idea even though I logically know it is not. It is OUR job to make sure that Bill is wrong. He’s been saying the guy can’t win for 18 months. I’m not inclined to believe otherwise now.

  234. The end of the week the news will be “Hillary Shines-Obama UHHHH-ummm”

    Oh and It will also state hey if god cannot save the Democrats Obama/Biden ticket on Nov 4th isnt it a little much to expect Bill and Hillary Clinton to pull this off?

    Nancy Pelosi Pink Princess Phones 2 for the price of one @ Wallmart!


  235. Check Haaritz. com to see Palin’s speech to the UN that she didn’t get to give.

  236. McCain will be on Letterman wednesday (9/24).

  237. How much sway do you think Bill has with independents?

    Would it be a a good strategy for the Reps to use Bill’s previous commentary about O (primaries)?

  238. parentofed, on September 23rd, 2008 at 12:13 am Said:

    This seems to be the week that the Clintons say to the country – we’re the future in 2012.


  239. Bad roommates can really , really suck, I hope she gets nicer.

  240. It is OUR job to make sure that Bill is wrong.

    But Regency. All we have at this point is our vote. With those numbers factored in (ie: the PUMAs), BO is still holding his own and catching an edge. When is this big GOP surge supposed to happen that everyone was convinced of for months? Talks of landslides and the unelectable candidate–it seems to be cutting it pretty close. The debates will be important, but McCain has a fierce headwind to battle with the Bush albatross around his neck.

  241. It is always interesting to me that Bill in these interviews never says “You should vote for BO.” He always says “I think he will win because of A,B,C..”

    He also calls Biden and McCain Joe and John fairly often. He almost always calls BO “Senator Obama”

  242. It would hurt Bill, but it might work.

  243. the last was in deference to my Eugina ONiell of the pen-Madamab!


  244. Chris Rock having a mini-Jeremiah Wright moment on Letterman now. WOW!

    CR is a funny guy.

  245. It also drives me crazy that Bill doesn’t let it rip and tell the American people about the race-baiting and stolen nomination. How can they all pretend it was just “politics as usual?!” I know, I know, he is looking at a larger picture, but I can’t stand that BO is not being held accountable for such abominable and deceitful behavior. THEY VIOLATED THE PARTY’S OWN CHARTER! THEY STOLE THE NOMINATION!

  246. masslib, your grandfather invented Colby? That is soooo cool.

    I have a lot of weird food phobias, and for about 8 years that was practically the only thing I could bring myself to eat. My parents would give me a block and I’d gnaw on it for a week. lol

  247. CR is an ignorant guy. Comparing sustenance hunting to dog fighting and bringing up race is just F***ING WRONG.

    He obviously has a narrow view of the election also.

  248. Well kiss my grits!

    Two different correntians criticized Lambert for banning me while dogemperor is allowed to post her 3rd “Palin is part of a secret conspiracy to turn the world into a theocracy”

    Lambert’s response:

    “Hey, the guy can mail me and request his account back.”

    Why should I? I didn’t request to get banned.

  249. NEW POST!!

    Hillary CNBC interview – BREAKING IT DOWN.

    Plus new Interview sched. for Sept. 23

  250. fif,

    With millions tuned in for the first presidential debate on friday night, that would be a great time for McCain to nail him on several fronts. America will see it and hear it and the media will not be able to filter it. Friday night at the debate is the time for McCain to show his own leadership and share his vision for America with the American people. It is also the perfect time and place for McCain to hammer the empty suit that is BO.

    McCain needs to be respectful, but be on offense and put Obama on the defensive. I am looking forward to the debate already!

  251. Ha! At the end of his interview with Letterman, Chris Rock yells “Obama” with two clinched fists.


    Wonder who Chris Rock supports?

  252. well I think the O-bat realize that their candidate isnt getting anywhere near the white house or the oval office. Oh he will be invited in to have tea in 4 years and 4 months with President Hillary R Clinton!


  253. Senator Obama, why is it that your records from Columbia and Harvard are sealed? Many Americans are impressed by your scholarly endeavors, so why the need to hide your accomplishments?

  254. I need there to be less Obama in my life.


    Next Post!

    Hurry, before I go to sleep…

  256. Did y’all see this?

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Barack Obama’s running mate says a campaign ad that mocked Republican presidential candidate John McCain as an out-of-touch, out-of-date computer illiterate was “terrible” and would not have been done had he known about it.
    Obama, McCain’s Democratic rival, launched the ad earlier this month, part of an aggressive push to slow McCain’s rise in the polls after he chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate. It included unflattering footage of Sen. McCain at a hearing in the early ’80s, wearing giant glasses and an out-of-style suit, interspersed with shots of a disco ball, a clunky phone, an outdated computer and a Rubik’s Cube.
    “He admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t send an e-mail, still doesn’t understand the economy, and favors $200 billion in new tax cuts for corporations, but almost nothing for the middle class,” the ad says.
    Asked about the negative tone of the campaign, and this ad in particular, during an interview broadcast Monday by the “CBS Evening News,” Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, said he disapproved of it.
    “I thought that was terrible, by the way,” Biden said.
    Asked why it was done, he said: “I didn’t know we did it and if I had anything to do with it, we’d have never done it.”

    Asshat and The Gaffe ’08: Blundering for a lamer America.

  257. That ad is just the teaser…I’m waiting for the floodgates to open…
    My favorite point would be the suffering people without heat in Obama’s Illinois leg. district…

  258. myiq: “City councils and county offices are often stepping stones to state legislature positions. Those in torun are stepping stones to statewide offices, and then on to the national level.”

    Hah! That’s funny. In my state Assembly it’s a goal to aspire to local positions. Seriously. As an Assembly person, or even a State Senator, you get $8500 (every two years), but …. aspire to City Council, $45,000/year, or County Commissioner $55,000/yr., your power increases exponentially. Pennies really, but power, Wow! You are so much more powerful if you are on local government as opposed to State government (unless you’re Governor).

    We’re really asssss backwards.

  259. myiq2xu, on September 23rd, 2008 at 12:35 am Said:
    Hey, I was hassled at Corrente for using the words “Camille” to describe the Obamas’ victiimhood card..

    and then suddenly…after that storm passed…suddenly, I could no longer post there (I hadn’t tried for awhile and was totally shocked…aftery trying several times over several days…I figured it wasn’t a glitch)

    Well kiss my grits!

    Two different correntians criticized Lambert for banning me while dogemperor is allowed to post her 3rd “Palin is part of a secret conspiracy to turn the world into a theocracy”

    Lambert’s response:

    “Hey, the guy can mail me and request his account back.”

    Why should I? I didn’t request to get banned.

  260. As for Biden…
    He’s either simply gaffe prone…or distancing himself from Obama! LOL!!!

  261. I still think Senator Biden is just “taking a hit for the team,” that nobody else with any stature would accept Obama’s VP spot. He usually looks a bit ashamed of what the bots are up to.

  262. Why hasn’t he authorized the Hawaii Dept. of Health to release his birth certificate to satisfy the Berg v. Obama lawsuit in Philadelphia?? (If it doesn’t exist, does he then acknowledge that he’s not a natural born citizen – per the Constituion – and thus ineligible to be president? I guess the Constitution doesn’t say you can’t run for President — it just says you can’t BE president.)

  263. ~”If Obama didn’t want to debate, why does he keep saying like a mantra, “That’s a debate I’d like to have”? Every time I hear him say that in a speech I want to scream”~

    I just get angry about he double standards the media and the Democratic party applied to Mr. Obama’s actions. But the debate Obama longs for is Obama debating Obama. Although I don’t think he knows about that clip the Daily Show put together where Bush debated Bush.

    And when discussing social security privatization, don’t forget that the name of the program is Federally Insurance Contribution Act – FICA, which was created for workers who didn’t have company pensions. Since company pensions, once routine and now almost extinct, have been replaced by volatile 401k investments that are gone in a flash (ENRON) and go up and down with economic crisis now is not the time to mess with it.

    401ks are not backed by the government and I’m sure everyone here realizes that we would have had several bank rollovers by now without that other government guarantee given us by FDR insuring our bank deposits. Don’t want that one changed either because we’d be living a repeat of our grandparents’ depression without that security.

    If it isn’t broke, I don’t want Obama or McCain “fixing” it; let them work on the loopholes that created this economic mess – and they are both Senators so it doesn’t matter if Obama loses; they are both still responsible for fixing it.

    All you have to do is read about the S&L scandal in the 1980s to realize that this isn’t the first time our political leaders have let us down by letting everyone stick their hands in our economic cookie jar – that one cost we taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars and the reverberations were still being felt in the Clinton administration.

    And since the politicians “borrowed” the secure social security trust fund to meet government expenses , they can just keep paying us back by putting it in the entitlement portion, or the federal deficit portion, of the budget until they pay it off. Social Security (FICA) is no different than putting your money in the bank; you expect to get back what you put in and you certainly don’t expect them to say, “I’ll just keep this account and why don’t you just open up another one.”

  264. The Washington Times, while not calling the PUMAs out by name, has printed an article today outlining the problem Obama is having pulling Hillary voters into his camp:

    The problem that supporters of Clinton, the New York senator, have with Obama seems to flow from their measure of him as a candidate, not from issues. From establishing a timeline for a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq to abortion to canceling tax cuts on the rich, their views of the importance of issues are virtually identical to Democrats in general.

    Yet they find Obama less likable, honest, experienced and inspiring than Democrats overall do, and have a better view of McCain. And while majorities of Clinton supporters say Obama shares their values and understands ordinary Americans, they’re less likely to say so than Democrats overall.

    “It’s just a gut feeling, my gut tells me he’s not it,” Leslye Burgess, 53, a federal Treasury Department manager and Democrat from Fairfax, Va., said of Obama. The Clinton supporter added, “I’ll have to fight with myself between now and November” about how she’ll vote.

    Read it all.

  265. give it up Iris, nobody can see your drivel but me, and seriously, I can’t get through the first couple of sentences before your condescending BS makes my eyes glaze over. take it to a blog where people give a rats ass what you think.

  266. NV Swing Voter, on September 22nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:
    “Biden criticizes Obama ad hitting McCain as technologically inept”

    Something I can like about Biden, he at least has a conscience.

    Anyone know if McCain was talking immigration reform today, I saw him this morning talking about it before I left work, but did he continue to mention it throughout the day? That may not be the No. 1 issue anymore, but I know a lot of people who will skip the top if he goes there. They don’t care what BO’s position is on it.


    The fact that Biden says “he didn’t know about it”, and “wouldn’t have allowed it” demonstrates from the horse’s mouth that the uhbama campaign is ARROGANT, and won’t listen to others’ advice.

    This my friends, is uhbama’s achilles heel.

  267. God, you people are exhausting. Still gonna go for the old man and his trophy hockey mom, sacrificing out country’s economy and security. Hell hath no fury like an exiled ignoramus. And having your Lance Armstrong bracelets say ’18 million’ is pure fraud. Everyone of those 18 mil women I know wouldn’t be caught dead voting for McLame!

  268. You don’t know me, artD. And some of those 18 million are men. Duh.

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