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The Politics of Fear?

This Woman Is Not Scary!
This Woman Is Not Scary!

If you have been paying attention to all the Palin-mania over the past few weeks, you might notice a common thread running through all the negativity: Fear.

Here are just some of the things we are supposed to fear about Governor Palin:

These claims, despite their zero basis in fact, can easily be believed by the Democratic Party faithful. They simply reinforce our underlying credo that Republicans are evil, hateful, ignorant idiots, just as the Party Republican faithful believe we Democrats are weak, unpatriotic, foolish moonbats.

But to win a Presidential election, both parties must convince the undecided voters, since neither party makes up a majority of the electorate. And here’s something we may not realize about these folks: They’re not stupid. They’re not uninformed.

They just don’t agree with us.

Like many of my Democratic friends and foes, Barack Obama is convinced that Americans who won’t vote for him are either racist, or confused (the key moment in this video is about 55 seconds from the end). Indeed, the only arguments I get from Obamans whom I know and who come to this blog amount to just those two points, sometimes spelled out quite succinctly. Although I was certainly prone to using these so-called arguments in the past, I now see how totally ineffective they are when the person you are arguing with disagrees with you.

A swing voter is a person who is willing to consider the arguments put forth by either party, and then vote according to the most convincing argument. When convincing a swing voter to vote Democratic, the Democrats traditionally argue that the Democratic candidate is an empathetic and responsible custodian of the country and the economy (Bill Clinton: “Ah feel your pain, and Ah’ll balance your budget.”) When convincing a swing voter to vote Republican, you must argue that the Republican is stronger and more willing to protect Americans from terrorism (George Bush: “Wolves.”)

Do you see the problem with the way the Democrats are arguing this time? Sarah Palin and her husband are NOT SCARY to swing voters. Neither is Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or John McCain. They see all the candidates as politicians, neither inherently good nor inherently evil. Wrap your partisan brain around THAT one!

Notice that John McCain is not trying to turn Obama into a monster. It would be a poor argument, and would certainly backfire. Instead, McCain is mocking Obama as a lightweight, something that is laughably easy to do. (WE TOLD YOU SO.) And Obama comes back with what? Trying to turn McCain into a monster, and telling his supporters to get in people’s faces to convince Independents and Republicans to vote Obama for America. Yes, glazed-eyed Kool-Aid drinkers being even MORE obnoxious and aggressive to proselytize on behalf of The One. That will CERTAINLY convince us all to vote for him. After all, it’s worked so far!


When the next Presidential election comes in 2012, we’d better have our shit together, Democrats. We’d better have a transparent, effective primary process designed to select a WINNER based on the real, not the hopey changey, electoral map. We’d better have a Party Leadership that stays neutral and throws its support behind the ELECTED, not SELECTED, winner, no matter who that might be.

And most of all, we’d better have a lot stronger argument as to why we should be given the keys to the most important house in America. Otherwise, we will never win another Presidential election.

Cross-posted at Partizane

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  2. I need the Bill Clinton interview from this week to send to my son. Anyone have a link?


  3. Thanks. Yes, but do you have the video?

  4. I love it when people tell me she’s “religious” — well, I would rather take my chances with her church then Obama’s — his church teaches black theology and hatred and he sat there for 20 years soaking it all in — you can’t tell me he didn’t jump up and hoot and holler like the congregation did when they were mocking Hillary Rodham Clinton — a former First Lady of AK and the United States and a sitting US Senator.

  5. SimoFish – Agreed, and I don’t think McCain is going to sit on the obvious comparison much longer.

    If I were Obama, I would not have tried to smear her religion. That’s like Hugh Hefner condemning Hester Prynne for sexual misconduct.

  6. mad – are you secretly feeding the answers to Obama? You seem to have all of the links – I am suspicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I’d like an answer to a fair question:

    Why do some people on this foum and others think that if you are a Hillary Clinton supporter and have decided to support McCain-Palin, then you are saying you no longer support Hillary Clinton?

    That kind of reasoning makes no sense to me.

    OT – but it is important to note that people are already voting in Virginia and will be voting early in MANY other states VERY soon:

    ACORN Update: Widespread Voters Registration Fraud Reports from Battleground States
    Posted by adminSeptember 21, 2008


  8. Carol – Are you kidding? I am a Jewish, feminist, forty-one-year-old female Hillary supporter. I couldn’t get their attention if I tried!

  9. When I converse with Obama supporters I repeatedly ask them to “Name one core policy Obama passionately embraces that you agree with?”

    “Name one thing that he will go to the mat for”.

    I always pretend that I can be converted if I can get just one solid piece of information. After about 20 minutes they realize they got nothin’. Then I tell them I feel a little sorry for ’em and can feel their pain because he has not provided them anything to work with – to argue with. I suggest that they email his campaign and tell them how hard it is out here. I always leave it open that they can get back with me when they have nailed something down. They usually go away a little frustrated with Obama because as their leader he isn’t giving them much to work with when they encounter a high information voter – often referred to as an adult.

  10. IronMan – A lot of people are probably in your position.

  11. I have learned a lot about hubirs during this election cycle. My own hubris that is.

  12. Dee – LOL! Way to go, sister!

  13. Arabella – Me too.

    But take heart – no one has done more for hubris than Barack Obama!

  14. thanks mad – my son is an advid Hillary supporter, but was going to vote Obama. He works every minute, so I am going to spare his life because he wasn’t aware of what is going on.

    I just sent that over there to him. He is a professional editor in the movie and music industry and was in shock at the way they edited her interview.


  15. Do you have the links for the Hannity Interview??????

  16. Carol – you are a good mom for allowing your son to live. I myself am similarly sparing the lives of my father, stepmother and brother. Ain’t I sweet?


    You mean edited Sarah Palin’s interview? That was absolutely disgusting. They will do anything to force Obama into that Oval Office. Even Entertainment Weekly had a stinging indictment of the press in its editorial section. Too biased, no substance, no real debates…all the stuff that drives us crazy.

  17. Carol – Nah, I don’t know much about Hannity. You’re on your own with that one!

  18. I am loving your site. I am a die-hard Republican. Not because I agree with everything that party does but because it reflects as close as I can get my values.

    I have to say if people like post at this site with cool heads and logical arguments actually take back over the Democratic party, I would switch in a heartbeat.

  19. We all tried to tell the Democrat Party elites that Hillary Clinton was the strongest candidate to win in November.

    But they gave us the collective finger.

    The Dean/Pelosi/brazil bandwagon chose The One over the lady that could (and will in 2012) get the job done!

    I have ZERO sympathy for the Democratic Party that is led by Obama.

    I hope they are all tossed out on their collective you know whats this November!

    It starts with making sure that Obama is not elected POTUS. We can’t rubberstamp what the DNC did. We must reject it!

    That’s what I’m doing.

    McCain-Palin’ 08
    Hillary ’12

  20. Sapphire –

    I have to say if people like post at this site with cool heads and logical arguments actually take back over the Democratic party, I would switch in a heartbeat.

    That is really great to hear. I really believe that if the Clintonian wing gets back control of the Democratic Party, the less elitist, more logical and well-framed style of argument will prevail – and make the Democratic tent a lot bigger!

  21. Arabella-me too.

    I always thought that Dems were right and Repubs were wrong. That when they talked of latte-sipping, volvo driving Liberals, that they were off their bats.

    Now I know what the so-called Lib media is, and the so called progressives, and 3rd wave feminists- are-women haters.
    From Corrente:
    ” the moose hunting, speaking in tongues, shot gun wedding, snow mobile racing, Jack London, arctic tundra, psychopathic beauty queen turned hockey mom – “I can see Russia from my house” WTF”

  22. Pete – I am not going to open your link – it looks like a Republican party thingie. This is definitely not welcome here.

  23. Pete: Why?

  24. Pete – I deleted your comment because the Confluence is trying to build a strong Democratic majority in the Senate.

    This is not the place to promote your agenda. Thanks.

  25. Note to Moderators – thanks for purging the Freeper.

  26. Laurie – That is a prime example of the worst sort of liberal elitism and misogyny.

    Gawd, that is so off-putting! The Freepii of the left strike again. The only difference is the lefties tend to spell better and have a slighter better vocabulary.

  27. Carol-what did you send your son?

  28. I think people who should fear Palin are those who will make her job difficult or who will not be team players. From what I’ve read of her past in Alaska, she does not hesitate to shake things up, clean up and fire people if she thinks those people will not work well with her.

  29. madamab and RD,


    I could hardly hope to put in words what you have expressed so well! Even if I tried, half way through I would be pounding the keys (just got my new Mac and it needs to stay alive 🙂


  30. Thanks, jvsp! (blush)

    And RD is DEFINITELY on fire today!!! Wooo-hooooo! The financial piece was especially incredible.

  31. My sister, Obama supporter, sent an email this morning to my husband (dem county chair) asking him to pass it around – that it’s very important. It was an article insisting McCain release his medical records.

    That’s all they’ve got?? That’s it? It reminds me when Hillary was running they were insisting she release her tax report.

    Bumper sticker seen in San Antonio – Just say No to BO

  32. Jmac – Fear the scary old person!!!! He’s going to dieeyeeeyeeee!!!!

    Most people in America have relatives much older than John McCain who are hale and hearty. That tactic is going to backfire.

  33. Jmac, I think McCain did release his medical records for a limited time (a few hours?) during the primaries. Reporters pored over them during that time.

  34. And where are Obama’s medical records? I think he only released one page! And, he’s a smoker who always looks exhausted.

  35. I posted this to another thread, so you may see it twice. If so, I apologize.

    I am having some issues with Etsy right now where I list some of my vintage items for sale. I checked last week on their community boards to see how the majority felt about Sarah, and there were people doing some serious hate bashing of her. I tried to defend her, but the trolls have control.

    My concern is that Etsy’s buyers are about 80% women, and doing serious Sarah Bashing is going to make a lot of women not want to shop on Etsy. If any of you have an Etsy ID, would you mind complaining to Etsy that political threads really don’t belong on a business site?

    I know it is asking a lot, and appreciate anyone willing to help. Thanks in advance.

  36. Jmac, are you in San Antonio? I am in SA.

  37. jennie, there are a LOT of crazy posters on the etsy boards, it’s been going on for years. It amazes me that people would say such bizarre, offputting things with their shop links right there, but I can tell you that there are things I have not bought in the past because I recognize the shop owners from some of the more disturbing threads. *shrugs*

  38. If this election season has uncovered anything, it has to be the deep seeded misogyny in this country. I have never seen anything like this, the violence and hate in peoples’ words and reactions. If Sarah Palin was male, her “lack of experience, blah, blah, blah,” would have been a one day story, and then people, along with the MSM, would have moved on to the actual presidential candidates. The hysteria from the Palin haters is unprecedented and, to my mind, disturbing. I’ve been around the sun a few times, and I thought I understood the degree of sexism and misogyny in people, but I now realize that I had no idea how reviled I am just because I am a woman.

  39. madamab,
    Someone should have been addressing the economic health of this country. As far as I can tell the only people who have made any notable effort to do anything is McCain and Hillary, and most notably Hillary. these days I remember one of the mentors with whom I was fortunate enough to have read. As he put it, “they used to care. then they pretended they care. now they don’t even try to pretend they care.” It’s nice to know that at least there are those in the citizenry who DO care. Keep on writing!

  40. WMCB – I’m in the Dallas area. My brother is in San Antonio.

    I thought McCain had released his medical records also so I don’t know what the email’s about.

  41. Janicen and JVSP – Very well said!

    I guess the blogger that linked here thinks we are all being “tricked” by McCain and Palin.

    No, “A Hippie’s Musings,” we JUST DON’T AGREE WITH YOU.

    Ever consider the possibility that you might possibly, maybe, once in a while, have your head stuck firmly up your rear end?

    Happens to the best of us, you know.

  42. A PUMA in the HillaryClinton forum was evidently asked to speak at a McCain rally. She has posted the text of her speech, and says she got a standing ovation.

    This part of it touched me, and I remember hearing about JSM’s Democratic buddy Udall before, and their long froendship:

    I want to relay a story to you that was first presented in the New York Times Magazine in 1997.

    In 1982 when Sen. McCain was first elected to the House, Arizona Democratic Congressman Morris “Mo” Udall took him in hand and Sen. McCain has said Mo reached out to him in 50 different ways. Four years later when he was elected to the Senate, Sen. McCain said he felt his greatest debt of gratitude was to Congressman Udall, saying “There was no way Mo could have been more wonderful and there was no reason for him to be that way.”

    In the late 1990’s, Sen. McCain made the trip every few weeks to a veteran’s home not far from our nation’s capitol to visit Congressman Udall, who by then lay ill and crippled with Parkinson’s Disease, twisted and disfigured. Udall was rarely conscious and even when he was, showed no signs of recognition.

    On one particular day, a nurse entered and said “Almost no one visits anymore.” Once one of the most sought-after men in the Democratic Party, Udall lay dying and was visited regularly by only one single old political friend – Sen. John McCain.

    Sen. McCain has reflected on how it affected him when Mo Udall took him in hand all those years ago. Sen. McCain said it was one man saying to another that while they may disagree in politics they didn’t disagree in life. That party political differences only cut so deep. It was the reason Sen. McCain continued to visit Mo Udall, long after Udall lost his political influence. You see, the politics were never all that important. It was the friendship. Congressman Mo Udall died in December 1998.

    But, Sen. McCain didn’t forget Mo Udall’s kindness and he carried it forward. When Sen. Hillary Clinton arrived on the Senate floor in 2000, she wasn’t warmly welcomed by the good-old boys club. But, there was one man who was there to welcome her – Sen. John McCain. He reached out his hand, welcomed her, and showed her around, much like Mo Udall had done for him so many years ago.

    That, my friends is character and if character is the measure of a man then I would say Sen. John McCain far exceeds the measure.

    I want a president with character. I don’t want a president who has to hold repeated press conferences to apologize for and explain his lack of judgment in his personal, business, and religious associations; and I don’t want a president who spent 143 days in the Senate before he decided he was experienced enough to lead this country.

    I want a president with proven experience. I want a president who learned long ago that there is great value in bipartisanship politics. I want a president who loves his country and will fight for it. I want a president I can trust.

    Full text of the speech is here:


  43. Seriously: Thanks for the info. I am apparently an innocent when it comes to how scary people’s thinking is. One etsy poster was talking about ways Sarah Palin should die. It was sick.

    If you post anything positive, they make so much fun of your words, and then ask why you stop posting to the thread. Apparently, they don’t know what respecting someone else’s viewpoint means.

    I will stop posting there, but I am going to ask Etsy why they allow poltical threads. With the election so close, it is not in their best interest to let Etsy members rant.

  44. Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush didn’t have foreign policy experience before office. The last person to have foreign policy experience was Bush SR. She is a VP and has more executive experience that anyone.

  45. Hi Madamab! (wildly waving)
    It is so nice to see the face behind all of those fabulous plays. Nice to meet you face to avatar (I am still the brown toast) 🙂

  46. WMCB – That story brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it.

    Maybe McCain won’t be such a bad President after all. I just have a hard time imagining how he could be a good one.


  47. Hi S of the brown toast avatar! Nice ta meetcha!

    I hope to have a new play soon. I’m just not as riveted to the campaign as I used to be, since I think the race is all but over. I’m focusing more on Congress and post-election actions these days…

  48. My best buddy just said the same thing to me today. I told them I don’t understand this irrational fear that people poeple have of these candidates.

    They quoted every thing you talked about. They somehow believe that she has some invisible power to control things because they have seen the Bush administration’s effort to control. And my firm belief is that government only has as much power as you give them. Even though Bush tried some things like making DOMA an amendment, he didn’t succeed. the people would not allow it.

    And honestly, I don’t think Palin is likely to abuse her power. She’s had opportunity to do so in the past, but she didn’t. (Please don’t try that Troopergate thing. I already know what went down.) She could have banned benefits for same sex partners in AL, but she didn’t. She vetoed it despite her own opposition to benefits. That takes principle.

    Obama on the other hand… I feel as though if he wins he will be beholden to MANY PEOPLE. And that I don’t trust.

  49. jennie, yep, racism, sexism, sadism, classism, and all around scariness, you’ll find it all on the etsy boards! The site owners have to know that stuff like that affects business, but they apparently don’t care because they assume that buyers will just go to someone else’s shop instead of staying away entirely. The only thing they really crack down on is discussion/complaints about etsy’s policies. Those threads get cracked down on and locked in a heartbeat.

  50. xax – I’ve heard it from many people myself. I’ve heard it from strong ex-Hillary supporters too!

    I don’t understand what they think Sarah Palin and John McCain are going to do, unless the Democratic Congress allows it. They should have close to a veto-proof majority. Do they not understand the first thing about how government works?

  51. Seriously: one lady posting said the 9/11 was a controlled demolition job, and posted a link. She then said about 3 posts later that she is trying to get citizenship to the US. Reading all their crap made me want to never sell, or buy, on Etsy again.

  52. @IronMan

    Keep up the good work, sadly Hillary is no longer in the race. For many of us the goal now is an Obama/Media/DNC defeat.
    I feel the same way you do, and thank you for your links and input

  53. Laurie – I followed your link to corrente. Amazing – I started to leave a comment, but I was offended on SO MANY levels… I see RD put on the waders and went for it.

    I’m still in awe at the crap leveled at women this election and then the puzzlement that we aren’t reacting well.

  54. Well, they bring up the argument that the Democratic Congress is collaborationist/useless.

    Which is absolutely true, but damned if I can see how that’s a great argument: “We can’t be trusted to oppose McCain, even with supermajorities! Vote Democratic!”

  55. And they are all avid Obama supporters. This is the mind set of the people who believe Obama will make a great president. It is very scary.

  56. madamab, re: whether JSM will be a “good” president, I think Hillary was our only shot at a truly good one this year. My concerns about McCain are that he is WRONG on some stuff, and that could hurt the country. But I do not have concerns about him re: his motives, his desire to help the country, or his basic decency.

    If he fails or harms, it will be from being honestly wrong, not from evil or selfishness. I do think he is comfortable enough in who he is that once he is elected and doesn’t have to worry about votes, he will LISTEN to others, including Democrats he trusts. McCain may not be able to repair or heal this country, but I trust that he will not do it harm from lack of loving it, or not caring about its people, or from ego. Obama WILL do harm, – and I firmly believe that HIS harm will be far worse than anything McCain can do, because his motives are morally bankrupt.

  57. Seriously…exactly.

  58. I think John McCain will be as good a Republican President as he can be in the current climate. He will be superior to George W. Bush I believe sincerely. He’s a bandaid and Hillary will rip him right off in 4 years.

  59. Madamb: Yay! I’m a swing voter! This is a great article defining our post-convention status. That “Hillary Holdout” wasn’t sexy enough. PUMA Swinger? yeah baby!

  60. Carol…which Hannity interviews are you looking for?

    If you are looking for the Palin interview videos I have them:



  61. Governor Palin reminds me of the Big Dawg in 1992.

    Not that she’s anything like him, but in both cases the opposition party went into deranged freak-out mode immediately.

    I understand not liking, disagreeing with, or being opposed to a candidate.

    CDS and PDS I can’t figure out.

  62. Hillary’s Hootchies?

  63. She is inexperienced and is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency

    Had Hillary been the nominee and Obama the VP, Republicans would be making the same arguement, if not worse, because YES Obama’s inexperience is light years behind compared to Sarah Palin.

    Palin’s done stuff – Obama’s done nothing except piss me off.

  64. sweetsue pointed out earlier today that we could have Obama v Huckabee. with that in mind, McCain doesn’t seem so bad. 😉

  65. well, biden is just an impeachment away from the presidency…

  66. would be…knock on wood

  67. gary, we could have had Huckabee/Romney. *shudder* McCain/Palin isn’t so bad thinking of it that way.

  68. or huckabee/guiliani…i’m going to have nightmares for weeks…

  69. “well, biden is just an impeachment away from the presidency…”


  70. GCH: There’s a joke about BO, Biden’s berretta’s, and gun control here but it’s probably not socially acceptable.

  71. Palin hitting Bambi hard:

    And on reform, she asked the audience, “Our opponent likes to point the finger of blame, but has he ever lifted a finger to help?”

    “Nooo!” the crowd shouted.

    “Has he ever reached out a reformer’s hand to the other side of the aisle?” she continued. “In order to get others to say ‘yes’ to change, has he ever told his own party no? When it comes to reform, he says, ‘I will,’ but has he ever been able to say, ‘I did’?”


  72. “I’m still in awe at the crap leveled at women this election and then the puzzlement that we aren’t reacting well.”

    This is what pisses me off the most. You want to run on misogyny? Awesome, but don’t then come crying to mommy to bail you out. They’re so chicken^%$#, it’s like they never even considered the possibility that if they follow this through, they’re going to have to find a way to pry those woman hating votes away from Republicans in order to win, not try to guilt trip the objects of their hatred. I don’t owe you jack, friend.

  73. Seriously – That is the stupidest argument ever, but I’ve heard it too.

    I guess we shouldn’t bother voting at all according to that philosophy, since the Republicans are evil and the Democrats are worthless? Way to get out the vote, Obamans!

  74. McCain is on 60 minutes. They asked him with whom he would replace Cox with if he could. ANDREW CUOMO!!!! LOL!!!

  75. Hey, you forgot the scariest Palin story of all: she has a tanning booth! No kidding!
    Anyway, earlier today, after Riverdaughter posted Hillary’s statement on the bailout I started a countdown for obama to repeat the same words.
    be assured – he did. I had only borrowed a small paragraph from Hillary on my site – obama spewed it all! And the media – delighted!

  76. jjm:

    I was banned from koolente. Lambert said I was making his blog look bad because I talked about Obama’s BFF Bill “The Weatherman” Ayers.

  77. WMCB – That’s why they hate her. She doesn’t owe anyone in Washington anything, and has no compunctions about performing the traditional attack dogging on Obama.

    It is quite a thing of beauty to watch. I’m sure Hillary is having a beer and a shot in her honor tonight.

  78. ” When it comes to reform, he says, ‘I will,’ but has he ever been able to say, ‘I did’?”

    Ouch. Palin’t got O by the gonads on that one. I’m starting to like her!

  79. JVSP – LOL! Andrew Cuomo – are you kidding me????

    Oh, Obama’s haid is asploding…

  80. .”I have never seen anything like this, the violence and hate in peoples’ words and reactions..”

    There is a special, ugly kind of energy that takes over the body language and expression of women (women!!) when they recount all the hate and fear of Sarah Palin (and Hillary during the primary). It is a horror to watch.


    Thank you! What a great post and a truly great link to reclusivelefty’s excellent summary on Palin/Feminism!

    This has been a great day at the Conflunece for forwarding material. 🙂

    Now, a question: In your photo, where does your hair end and the background begin? I want to get a good picture of you in my head:)

  81. From Wiki (so grain of salt) on Cuomo:

    On November 7, 2007, as part of his probe into the mortgage industry as New York Attorney General Cuomo announced subpoenas for Freddie Mac (FRE) and Fannie Mae (FNM) requesting the companies retain an independent examiner to review mortgages and appraisals.[citation needed] Cuomo sued First American Corporation (FAF) and its eAppraiseIT unit for allegedly colluding with Washington Mutual to use a list of select appraisers to inflate mortgage appraisals.[citation needed] Washington Mutual stock responded with a sharp decline.[citation needed] CNBC’s Jim Cramer labeled Cuomo a “communist” who “wants to shut down the mortgage market.”.[18]

  82. One of the most interesting phenomena I have noticed in regards to bo .. and the response that peope have to him is that when they finally “see through him”
    to the other side is that afterward , there is no going back … for some people it is like finding out there is no santa claus.. but this reponse is not engendered by any other candidate . Other than the knee jerk responses from the obots to Mccain and Palin , people gradually discover or warm up to McCain , or are genuinely pleased with Palin .
    Not so for bo, once the facade has fallen , it has fallen forever , and what is revealed is so objectionable as to be repugnant . People slap their foreheads and say WHAT was I thinking ?

    The obots are actually terrified of Palin because she does just that ; show the other side of bo in all its noxious reality . And she does it with great relish , clearly and in languange everyone understands and with facts he cannot refute .. I dont blame her . She has been working hard for years , while slacker guy bo has been living off of other peoples hard work and taking credit for it .
    I love that she is taking him apart and revealing him for what he is, I just wish she would do more and do it faster.

  83. Yeah, Andrew Cuomo LOL! the interviewer commented, “but he’s a Democrat?” McCain said yes, and he has done a good job!!!! etc. McCain is doing well except on the economy, but not terrible. Mc’s interview thus far has consisted of “I have…”. Obama’s will consist of “I will..”. …I refuse to watch the obama segment.

  84. Palin draws crowd of 60,000 in The Villages FL

  85. Xenophon compunds the felony:

    Sarah Palin is a gun babe: Get over it!”

    “So yeah, I’m a little curious about the condition of the margin of victory. And yeah if it goes to McCain, until I hear an argument for why he will be a better diplomat than Obama, I’m going to assume race played a part in the decision. Please don’t tell me you think people vote on the issues.

    I kid you not.


  86. Joaniebone – My hair is in a bun in the picture. I have a traditional JewFro most days!


    That is some fascinating info on Cuomo and Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae. Seems McCain is being consistent in his desire to regulate and oversee them.

  87. LOL! BO just said, on 60 minutes, he has “a track record of believing in this stuff” (re: reform/change)

    I’m glad he is so confident in his track record of belief. But what has he done?

  88. myiq – Has Xenophon heard this argument?

    Obama is a terrible diplomat because he has pissed off half the Democratic Party.

    McCain is a great diplomat because he has a long history of reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats.

    Gee, is that too rational for that fucking asshole?

  89. myiq elitist snob bloggers shilling for their elitist snob candidate? why am I not surprised.

  90. BPD –

    LOL! BO just said, on 60 minutes, he has “a track record of believing in this stuff” (re: reform/change)

    Does he understand what the words “track record” mean?! They mean a record that people can track, which is, you know, outside of his head.

    What an IDIOT.

  91. my racism must be quite selective to only the presidency seeing as how I’ve voted for several AA candidates in the past….most notably Harvey Gantt who unfortunately lost to a real racist, jesse helms. strange world we live in…

  92. I’ve never experienced the degree of hostility and anger over an election like this one. I find it unfathomable that the Obama supporters think that insulting Clinton supporters is somehow a winning strategy.


  93. Mountain Sage – They can’t help themselves. They are so hypnotized by their own sense of self-righteousness that they cannot see straight. They are voting for the AA candidate and we aren’t. That’s all they need to know. We are r*cist because we can see past the color of his skin.

    It’s just so pathetic and sad. So many of these people used to be my online buddies…

  94. I have a track record too – it’s called “bet on the slow horse”

  95. wmcb at 7:27: Exactly how I’m feeling these days.

  96. You know, I was reading TL this morning. I can’t post a comment because I’ve been banned for saying that Jeralyn lost her feminist credentials when she started attacking Palin using every crazy smear out there. Someone commented there this morning that support for Obama and calling out the people who are attacking Palin in a sexist and misogynistic way need not be mutually exclusive. But I guess they are mutually exclusive over there because the comment was deleted minutes after I saw it. I’ve decided my motto is “Vote for Women” this election. At first it was because I thought little girls should see that women can rise to positions of power. Now I think it might be just as important for little boys to see it. And women who say that sexism “isn’t an issue for them” need to see it, too.

  97. madamab, re: diplomacy, McCain met with pissed off Hillary supporters, and listened to their concerns, and gave assurances that he would be cognizant of the women in his decisions. Then he chose a female VP.

    Obama refused to meet or speak with or acknowledge us in any way.

    Now, they will say all day long that it doesn’t count, because it’s merely a “political ploy”. Um, excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK DIPLOMACY IS??????

    That IS diplomacy. That’s how it works. Do these idiots think diplomacy is about “converting” people? About inviting Putin and Ahmadinejad over for a slumber party with s’mores, and then we’ll all hold hands and be friends?

    NO! Diplomacy is reaching out, being prudent, being respectful, and figuring the best political angle to get people to support what you are trying to do of their own free will.

  98. Obots are a bunch of 20-something white kids who wear baggy clothes, like Hip-Hop music and are suffering from faux-black rage.

  99. so what’s jeralyn’s excuse?

  100. I think Cuomo would be an absolutely excellent choice.

  101. As I saw one commenter say elsewhere, “I’m not a racist. I just think his ‘white’ half is unqualified.” Pithy.

    Personally, I don’t like O’s ears. they remind me of Bush.

  102. madamab, on September 21st, 2008 at 7:40 pm Said:
    WMCB – That’s why they hate her. She doesn’t owe anyone in Washington anything, and has no compunctions about performing the traditional attack dogging on Obama.

    It is quite a thing of beauty to watch. I’m sure Hillary is having a beer and a shot in her honor tonight.

    I so agree with you …, and not only do I think she has no compunctions, I think she has practiced in Alaska , she has skills and enjoys using them !!

  103. If something should happen to President McCain, VP Palin
    could just call Senator Hillary Clinton to be the President,
    finish the term, then run together for a second term as a
    Clinton/Palin ticket. Palin would acquire a hell of a lot of experience, then she would run at the top of the next ticket
    in 2016. No sweat.

  104. Laurie – I sent him the unedited version of the ABC interview.

  105. edge at 7:38: Obama’s on 60 Minutes and repeating Hillary’s words there as well.

  106. I usually think that Presidential debates are pretty worthless but the one coming up may be the watershed for this election. Unless the fix is already in, Obama has a lot on the line. There will be a lot of interest and if Obama replays his last debate performance..he is toast. I guess that is why he is spending the week memorizing the answers that his staff has prepared. This could be the JFK/Nixon debate of the 21st century.

  107. Let’s see how long my latest comment at TL lasts:

    She does the work, he takes the credit?

    This morning she said:

    “The American people deserve to know that this isn’t a blank check.”

    This afternoon Obama copied her position.


  108. Oh Lawd, he did it again? I suppose NO ONE in the media will call him on it.

  109. myiq – LOL!

    Imagine if we made those types of statements about them, and then expected them to vote for Hillary?!


  110. Amazonia, on September 21st, 2008 at 8:08 pm Said:

    If something should happen to President McCain, VP Palin
    could just call Senator Hillary Clinton to be the President,
    The 25th Amendment is very specific on how things are to be done in that situation. Hillary could be named VP and if approved by Congress become the VP.

  111. Is anybody watching the 60 Minutes interview? They are just letting this guy walk.

  112. Everyone lets BO walk. Then, they let him trip–off a clip.

  113. JVSP – Of course they are.

    Isn’t it disgusting? Poor Hillary. She does all the work and Obama takes all the credit.

    I am really starting to loathe him.

  114. OMG – Obama is playing the race card on 60 minutes – “millions of dollars spent the last 2 months trying to scare people” .

    He is the only one trying to scare people……..


  115. Time for dinner – later, Conflucians! Don’t let the bastards get ya down!


  116. jvsp, I’m watching it and you’re right. It’s hard typing with one hand in the air, but I’m trying to save my watch.

  117. Has anybody else read the vile things the people at Jezebel are saying about Gov. Palin? Xenophon’s post at Corrente is ugly; but the Jezebels are supposedly feminists and their comments are sick sick sick. I’d never have thought I could read anything online worse than Free Republic during the Clinton years, but Jezebel has managed to outdo even the Freepers.

  118. countusout:

    End The Accusations of Racism: Vote Against Obama’s Unqualified White Side.


  119. Talk About Get In THeir Faces

    From a commenter at BP:

    i got one for you, and i’ll make it short. out at a bar the other night. a girl came in with an giant obama pin on her shirt. (by the way, who wears that on a night out). some of us were in the bathroom. she cut in line, and we were all very respectful and said, “we’ve been waiting for 20 minutes.” she said, “shut up you dumb bitch.” i said, rather calmly, “as much as i don’t want to escalate this, did your candidate of choice teach you to get in people’s faces.” she said “hell yeah he did, bitch.” AND THEN SHE HIT ME IN THE FACE.

    i am not lying. i swear on my life it happened. and while i’ve been a little on the fence about mccain, i’m sure that obama and his supporters are absolutely too violent and combative. i have never been more convinced that mccain must win…although who knows what will happen if he does. people are freaking crazy, and obama is ABSOLUTELY encouraging it.

  120. Carol,

    I am off to try and eat.

    b back later.

  121. Are there any radio shows tonight?

  122. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 8:12 pm Said:

    Let’s see how long my latest comment at TL lasts:
    You haven’t been banned????????

  123. madamab, on September 21st, 2008 at 7:58 pm Said:

    LOL! BO just said, on 60 minutes, he has “a track record of believing in this stuff” (re: reform/change)


    Now there’s a reformer I can trust! After all, he believes in “this stuff”!

    (People keep saying how brilliant this guy is, but all I see is one more hemming hawing privileged dilettante busy greasing the wheels with snake oil.)

  124. Re McCain’s medical records: Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN was among the doctors to review 1000 pages of McCain’s medical reports. He said he was healthy, had a melanoma on his face removed 8 years ago, is cancer-free today, 10 years cancer-free is what they aim for. He also said that they had one PARAGRAPH to look at regarding Obama’s medical records. Don’t you think someone should be asking for something a little more detailed? The MSM?? HAHAHAHAHA.

  125. I’m SHOCKED!

    My comment is still up at TL

    Jeralyn must be watching the Emmy’s red carpet show with Zsa Zsa and the FDL ladies (just like she watched the Dem Convention)

    “Oprah was wearing a beautiful gown . . .”

  126. SHV:

    I think today may be the day

  127. What really really galls me is that you can recognize an Obambot immediately. They are ill manered- rude and and always have the same rote argument. You can not win an argumnt with them and you should not try.

    You are either a racist, or an idiot, or off your meds, or a REPUBLICAN in cognito ( as if republican are lepers with communicable diseases) or you are a bitter and menopausal old uneducated women who can’t get over Hillary having lost the election – to name a few.

    In any event – these obots are trained and retrained to be divisive- set you back on your heels, get in your face and scream you down if they have to with degrading humiliating remarks about anyone who is not OBAMA!

    There is no substance to anything they have to say – they have talking points – it doesn’t matter if there is any truth to any of it or not – that’s their story and they are sticking to it. There is no use releasing a press release – they ar all over it with inciniary comments that make you cringe.

    To think this is all going in the records for posterity- this is the legacy we are leaving for future generation to read about us. I cringe.

    This is certainly not the change I want for our country. This selected Candidate and his campaign is a disgrace and in this day and age when all these things will be forever recorded in history – I am ashamed of what we are leaving for our children and grandchildren to learn about us.

    Never mind what our daughers and grandaughters are learning right now . We used to call them the little darlings now they are called ho’s and bitches!

    Change I can do without! Sorry for the long wind- I cringe!

  128. SherryNC, on September 21st, 2008 at 8:26 pm Said:

    Has anybody else read the vile things the people at Jezebel are saying about Gov. Palin? Xenophon’s post at Corrente is ugly; but the Jezebels are supposedly feminists and their comments are sick sick sick. I’d never have thought I could read anything online worse than Free Republic during the Clinton years, but Jezebel has managed to outdo even the Freepers.


    Isn’t Jezebel the source of that violent ugliness against Palin that was posted over at Reclusive Leftist? Fantasizing about murdering Palin? That is a level of sheer mindless, frenzied hate that I will never understand. I don’t even know how someone like that can bear to look in the mirror in the morning, let alone claim to be a feminist. Hell, claim to be a human being.

    I don’t want people like that anywhere near political power. They’re unhinged and the success of their gutter tactics in the primaries gave them license to hunt in the general. It’s hard not to think that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong with this country.

  129. This is too funny. Listen to what Brazile says about Palin. She could literally be talking about Obama. Oh my, the hypocrisy:


  130. To the obots diplomacy seems to mean appearing popular. The obots are acting like high school kids, with the mean girls clique attacking Palin and Obama being voted most likely to become President. If I hear another Obama supporter describe him as the man most likely to be our next President I think I’ll have to hurl something.

  131. masslib:

    Please provide text, I don’t want to ever look at or listen to that woman again!

  132. sagesgram, on September 21st, 2008 at 8:40 pm Said:

    Re McCain’s medical records: Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN was among the doctors to review 1000 pages of McCain’s medical reports. He said he was healthy, had a melanoma on his face removed 8 years ago, is cancer-free today, 10 years cancer-free is what they aim for. He also said that they had one PARAGRAPH to look at regarding Obama’s medical records. Don’t you think someone should be asking for something a little more detailed? The MSM?? HAHAHAHAHA.

    The media is soooo in the TANK for Obama it is scary. I remember all the ‘Cindy won’t release her tax records’ and then found out Kerry’s wife NEVER DID!

    They screamed bloody murder about getting McCain’s medical records and then went silent because the one sentence about Obama was enough: HE HAD A PHYSICAL…IT WAS GOOD!
    MSNBC: Good enough for us.
    CNN: Dr. S…so much information sounds good to me too.
    ALL THE REST: Yup, it is fine, to ask for anything more would be ‘racist’…so we think he looks darn health!


  133. I can’t. It’s a Cnn clip. Basically she says it’s ok to “attack Palin”. Says we can’t treat her as a “symbol”, can’t put a wall around her, have to examine her record. She talks about change, but has she enacted change. It’s very funny.

  134. gxm17:

    The media and the faux-feminists remind me of a mean girls clique, sneering at the pretty, popular and smart new girl at school.

    The sneered at Hillary for her ankles and her voice, now they sneer at Palin for being too pretty.

  135. Regency, I recall early on in the primary reading (on message boards) threats from obots that there would be riots if Hillary won with super delegates. They have threatened violence from the start. It’s very sad, as well as frightening, that we’ve raised a bunch of young adults who think that you can take whatever you want by force, even an election. It gives me more than a little pause about the state of our country and what the future holds.

  136. “millions of dollars spent the last 2 months trying to scare people” .

    Oh, boy, here we go again. Scare them about what? How about some specific examples? Or maybe conjuren up the late Senator McCarthy, he was better as this.

  137. gary, in my years in Chicago I supported, contributed to, and/or voted for Harold Washington, Carole Moseley-Braun (twice), Jesse Jackson Jr., and Barack Obama (for the Senate).

    My seeming transformation into a bigot unable to pull the lever for the melanin-rich has entirely escaped my notice.

  138. Nobody as responded to my comment at TL (except “tootired” who rated it a 5.0)

    They were too busy praising Obama for his wonderful, bold leadership.

    I know how RD feels when the math teachers are praising the boys in the class and ignoring Brook

  139. Women can be womens worst enemies sometimes. We need to seperate ourselves from the tow extrmes and fly on our own. we do not have to be one or the other . It is easy to see that they too are divisive- very divisive.
    We should not be attacking any woman at all – Not even michelle!
    We need to just cut them loose like that book – toxic people?

  140. conjure

  141. They simply reinforce our underlying credo that Republicans are evil, hateful, ignorant idiots, just as the Party Republican faithful believe we Democrats are weak, unpatriotic, foolish moonbats.

    This election has been very educational, allowing me to see the strengths and weaknesses of both parties. It’s been so easy to vilify “them,” but now I see that there are corrupt, self-serving representatives in both parties. No one is perfect, but no one is pure” evil” either. It’s too simplistic and tribal.

    Tonight, I got into a discussion with my brother. I have to be careful with him because he is of the “all Republicans are evil” school. Talking about the financial meltdown, he mentioned McCain’s association with Keating. It struck me–the only thing he perceives regarding McCain is evidence of wrongdoing, and yet, Obama is neck deep in Wall St. money right now, and either he knows nothing about it (because of media censorship) or he refuses to acknowledge his duplicity. I’m tired of arguing with willful ignorance.

  142. Just asking again, I thought Sherri’s radio show was on tonight. Is there one on tonight? Otherwise, I’m going to go rent a movie with hubs.

  143. They’re more like the poorly adjusted kids than the mean kids. The mean kids are usually popular and they pick on the unpopular kids. The poorly adjusted kids are the ones who aren’t too smart or talented, and they have this bitterness and sense of resentment/entitlement, so they pick on the real powerless kids, the ones with disabilities, the one Asian, latino, or black kid at the all white school, the girls who won’t go out with them. The ticking timebombs.

  144. Good grief – i can’t spell! Well I can but – anyway anyone here from PA ?

    We are going to crash an Obama party on 10/13- at Penn State. But unless we can gert a crowd we will look silly- we need a lot of folks and we want them to come dressd in NOBAMA gear – anything NOBAMA.
    Puma- JSND- RealDEMS- anything NOBAMA. Anyone PA or close enough to visit? Great Fall day at State Collage PA in OCt. if you know anyone – I am BJ@free-us-now.com

  145. My regional Eastern Kentucky newspaper gives big front page coverage to Hillary’s visit in Pikeville Saturday. I got called to got, but I couldn’t face it. She was there stumping for Bruce Lunsford, running against Mitch McConnell. Dems called her “our adopted daughter, and even Lunsford sounded optimistic. Article quotes 2 Hillary supporters who can now go to Obama, but CNHI author Ronnie Ellis is increasingly pro-Obama.

    McConnell is way smart, though, and his response was, “Senator Clinton may have visited Kentucky today, but it’s the Obama-Lunsford agenda that’s on the ballot this fall.”

  146. I’m pretty sure she will have worked out world peace by Thursday:

    “September 21st, 2008 8:33 PM Eastern
    Governor Palin’s Schedule….
    by Greta Van Susteren

    Since I promised the “behind the scenes,” check out the email I just received from FNC embed producer Shush Walshe:

    From: Walshe, Shushannah
    Sent: Sun Sep 21 20:26:14 2008
    Subject: Urgent: Palin to meet with Presidents of Iraq, Georgia, Ukraine, and Pakistan, and Indian P.M.

    According to a Palin campaign aide, this Wednesday in separate meetings Palin will meet with Iraqi President Talabani, President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvelli; President of the Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko; Pakistani President Zardari, and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

    She will also meet with rock star and humanitarian, Bono also on Wednesday.

    As previously reported, on Tuesday she will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and Dr. Kissinger. Also in separate meetings.

    The meetings will be in New York and coincide with the United Nations’ General Assembly which attracts leaders from all over the world.

    All of the meetings will be pooled-….
    Shushannah Walshe
    Fox News Channel”


  147. WMCB,

    Thanks for sharing that story about Mo Udall. My uncle used to work as his press secretary. He was a Senator though, not in the House. I wonder why she called him “Congressman.” He was a wonderful man and would have made a good President. He ran once, but he just didn’t have the charisma that everyone wants. All he had was intelligence, knowledge, experience, and all that other useless stuff.

  148. WMCB: great Udall story; I remember him very well, particularly in regards to the environment.

  149. Pelosi copied HRC’s statement today also—said the exact same quote about it is not a blank check.

    Imagine: we have McCain for Pres and Clinton for Sen. Majority Leader. They could get some things done—might have some long discussions but they would get things done. Now who could we have for Speaker of the House?

    Can you see that picture of the State of the Union Speech: There sits Ms. Pahlin as the president of the Senate (I think that’s the title they give the VP) there sits Sen. Hillary Clinton, Majority Leader and then Speaker Pelosi? I bet speaker Pelosi would be blinking 1000 twitches a moment. Can you just hear McCain saying—Madame Leader, Madame VP and Madame Speaker. Well it’s not Madame President but it would be a small step for men and one giant step for woman kind. What a picture that would make.

  150. You are absolutely right- the partys keep it that way so they can keep us apart and working for them- they don’t want us united – united we stand divited they can control us – we probably ned a third party to teach them a good lesson.

    No radio show tonight.

  151. Okay – Laura Linney just got on my cross off list. She said “I will thank all of the community organizers that helped form our country.”

    These people are experts are sound bytes taken out of context.

    Fuck them all, Vice President Sarah Palin.


  152. A bit of silver lining from an ominous story:

    Troopergate: Alaskan senators promise Palin report before election

    Although some polls this week suggested the Palin phenomenon was beginning to fade as a result of Troopergate and other revelations about her record as governor of Alaska, one of the most respected polling organisations in the US, the Pew Research Centre, published a survey yesterday suggesting that the Republican party brand has regained some of its lustre for the first time in three years and that this can be attributed mainly to Palin.

    The centre found that independent voters, who will decide the election, have an equally favourable view, 50% to 49%, with the Republicans having the edge. Normally vice-presidential picks have little impact on elections. Stan Greenberg, the Democratic pollster, said that this remained the case, with people voting on the basis of the presidential candidate rather than the vice-presidential one.

    But he acknowledged that Palin, with her claims to be a reformer and not part of the Washington elite, “makes McCain look plausible as an agent for change”.

  153. Jangles: I want that so badly. I could get with that image.

  154. Women will have “made it” in this country when a woman runs for President and nobody notices, mentions or cares that the candidate has a v*gina

  155. Charles, what does that leave him with – 53 or 54 states???????????

  156. Just for the record: my recall of the Keating 5 is that although McCain attended one or two meetings with Keating and the others he did nothing wrong and was helpful in nailing Keating’s hide to the wall.

  157. In November Obama and his supporters will have three states – confusion, shock and dismay

  158. BostonBoomer, she was recalling an old article she read about McCain and Udall, so she likely got senator and congressman confused because McCain is now a Senator and spoke of Udall showing him the ropes. She likely forgot that McCain started in the House.

  159. They dropped $8 million in Florida, Johnny Mac spent $0 and guess who still leads that state?

  160. Or rather, she got it confused because she REMEMBERED McCain started in the House. You know what I meant. 🙂

    Trying to type and watch “House” at the same time, here.

  161. myiq less than Carol’s – hysterical!

  162. I could tell that Greta supported Hillary. Since her husband (who traveled with Hillary’s campaign) did not jump on the Obama bandwagon, I think he and Greta are pissed. She is extremely pro-Palin on her show.

  163. Don’t worry, NV swing voter. The Republicans wrote the book on voter fraud. They know what he’s going to do before he does it, and theyre not just going to stand by and let it happen. I have zero faith in Democrats’ ability to sucessfully out-fraud Republicans.

  164. There’s not even good polling showing a BO win in NV. I think McCain will take the state.

  165. Why would any Hillary supporter in Florida or Michigan now vote for Obama? I just don’t get why those states would even be close. Those people were cheated out of their vote, and now they will turn around and vote for the DNC backed candidate who did everything in his power to keep their votes from counting? What am I missing here?

  166. The GOP has got to be hoping that Obama tries to cheat this election.

    Then they can expose it and say “Democrats do it too!”

    It will also justify all the voter ID laws and everything else they have been trying.

  167. I hope the faux new democratic party is remembered like Tammany(sp?) Hall.
    They both equal Corruption.
    They more the obominations diss Gov Palin the happier I am that I left the democratic party.
    These spoiled brats have never done anything useful in their lives and follow another do nothing and know nothing.
    I can not trust my country to this bunch.



  168. Greta’s husband came out a few weeks ago and said he is supporting McCain.

  169. Yeah, and unlike say, Kerry and Gore, they wouldn’t just let it go. They’d fight it all the way down the line, and even if they didn’t prevail which they would, they’d bring it up every single day for the next 4 years and use it as an excuse to block everything–“no collaboration with a corrupt, unelected, illegitimate fraud.”

  170. Regency, well I certainly hope that Obama is not saying “Can’t we all just get along” when it’s all said and done. This could get very, very ugly.

    “although who knows what will happen if he does. people are freaking crazy, and obama is ABSOLUTELY encouraging it.”

  171. End The Accusations of Racism: Vote Against Obama’s Unqualified White Side.


    That is beyond an awesome statement. I will use it unabashedly!!!!!

  172. Prolix, are you here tonight? I’d like to exchange some thoughts on Kentuckians for the Commonwealth with you.

  173. Seriously: That’s kind of funny, but I have no doubt there’s some truth to it. I won’t be poll watching this year, I value my life too much.

  174. freemenow, on September 21st, 2008 at 9:04 pm Said:

    Freemenow: I understand where you are coming from and I respect your right to engage in this political process in whatever manner you see fit. That said, please consider this viewpoint.

    We don’t know if Hillary will ever run for prez again but many of us sure hope that she will. If and when she runs next, she too is going to need the support of the 18 million who voted for Obama. Some of his supporters will never vote Hillary but I believe that is a small number. Aggressive and in-your-face behavior by Clintonistas now may put off the soft supporters who might be inclined to vote Clinton in 2012. After all, many people refuse to vote Obama simply because they were intimidated and put off by his supporters.

    I feel, and I understand that you might feel differently, that the priority now is to work quietly and systematically to aid a McCain victory in the GE. Loud and aggressive gestures are cathartic for sure but they usually don’t achieve much.

    Let me say again that this is just my opinion. I understand the anger and frustration that you must be feeling. And I respect your freedom to express yourself in any manner you choose.

  175. Dear Mr. Obama: Who Are You?

    Let’s help make this video go viral.

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  176. I don’t recall any great leader who accused the people who didn’t support him (they’ve all been guys, sad, isn’t it?) of being wrong in some way.

    Great leaders don’t say the voters are rac*st, stupid, or wrong, they say “I failed to convince them”

  177. Can anyone show me where Bill or Hillary ever blamed the voters for ANYTHING?

  178. alice, yes, some of the Jezebel comments were posted by Violet. I made the mistake of following her link. 😦
    I wholeheartedly concur with you on the “human beings” part. I don’t see any hint of humanity in their discussion.

    Violet’s discussion (including comments), on the other hand, is absolutely wonderful.

  179. Just a few reasons why McCain is not Bush:

    In 2001, he was on of only two Republican Senators to vote against Bush’s tax cuts

    In 2003 he voted against Bush’s second round of tax cuts, calling it “unwise in a time of war”.

    He stood up to his party on the torture issue, getting his Detainee Amendment into the appropriations bill despite howls of protest and threats of veto by Bush.

    The McCain-Feingold bill, considered McCain’s finest legislative achievement, is one of the strongest campaign finance reform bills in US history.

    He defended John Kerry’s war record from the floor of the Republican National Convention in 2004. Word is Bush was pissed at that.

    He tried to get the Climate Stewardship Act passed in 2003, and while he failed, he was one of the only Republicans pushing to address the issue at all. He has angered many in his party by his openness to listen to the facts rather than toe the party line on climate change.

    He defended a fellow Republican Senator Jim Jeffords, when he switched to Independent and threw senate control to the Dems. Jeffords was being eviscerated for it, and McCain testily called them “self-appointed enforcerrs of party loyalty”, defending Jeffords.

    He has worked his tail off for practical, comprehensive immigration reform, addressing security concerns while staying far away from the xenophobic posturing of some on the right.

    He helped expose and bring down Abramoff.

    He angered his party by leading the “gang of 14” to reach a compromise on filibusters.

    He was considered to be a favorite for John Kerry’s running mate in 2004. Biden said so. Others said so. If he is such a hard-core conservative as the Left is now trying to paint him, why did many Dems want him on the ticket 4 years ago?

    Is McCain everything I want in a president? Not by a long shot. But he is NOT the Bush clone that the Dems are so suddenly trying to claim he is. It’s baloney.

  180. I got an Obot reaction:

    “If he “copies” her position he’s a…hmmm…I guess you would say plagiarizer?
    If he doesn’t embrace her position, he’s a fool for not taking good advice and proves his folly and arrogance.

    Or at least, that’s how this “stuff” flies in your little neck of the woods.”

    My reaction was “How about giving her credit and following her lead?

  181. Palin Draws Crowd of 60,000 in The Villages

    The Villages, a vast, upscale planned community north of Orlando, has about 70,000 mostly adult residents — many of them military retirees — who vote reliably Republican in statewide races. Tens of thousands inched along roads into the picturesque town square of the complex, where they stood in sweltering heat for about four hours as local GOP officials and a country band revved up the crowd.

    “Sa-Rah! Sa-Rah!” they chanted at every mention of her name, applauding loudly and waiving tiny American flags that were distributed — along with free water bottles — by local volunteers. The fire chief estimated the crowd at 60,000.

    Admiring throngs mobbed the Palin family’s arrival and departure, snapping souvenir pictures. Autograph seekers thrust campaign signs, caps with the McCain-Palin logo and copies of magazines with her face on their covers, and the Palins responded warmly.

    Palin, her husband and three of their children arrived in Orlando but spent a family day at Disney World, she said as she introduced her entourage to the enthusiastic crowd. She joked about similarities and differences of the two states at opposite corners of America, but was all business when she focused on the need for a large voter turnout in a hotly contested state with 27 electoral votes.

    Read more here:


  182. You know, BO is so good at taking credit for other peoples’ work, I have often wondered if that’s not why all his records from Columbia and Harvard are sealed. First of all, why is it OK that they are sealed? For what purpose do they need to be sealed? Can you say plagiarism?

  183. SherryNC, agreed: Violet is a voice of sanity, and it did my heart good to read the comments.

  184. WMCB,

    That is an impressive list you detailed. McCain is indeed a maverick. He’s authentic.

    I have trust in John McCain.

    I have ZERO trust in Obama.

    Thanks for posting that list!

  185. Obama staff leaves North Dakota

    Posted 1h 18m ago

    BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — Barack Obama, who has deployed more than 50 staffers in North Dakota in an attempt to become the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state since 1964, is pulling out.

    An Obama spokeswoman, Amy Brundage, confirmed Sunday that the campaign’s North Dakota staffers were being sent to Minnesota and Wisconsin, where recent polls have shown a tight race between Obama and Republican John McCain.

    The Obama campaign’s decision comes just before North Dakotans will begin marking early ballots for the Nov. 4 election. Absentee voting may start as early as Thursday, and county auditors have reported getting thousands of ballot applications.


  186. OMG – Obama is playing the race card on 60 minutes – “millions of dollars spent the last 2 months trying to scare people” .

    And his Spanish language ads linking McCain to Limbaugh using xenophobic slurs is not trying to scare immigrants? He’s such a compulsive liar, and the “journalists” nod their sycophantic heads.


  187. masslib, on September 21st, 2008 at 9:23 pm Said:

    There’s not even good polling showing a BO win in NV. I think McCain will take the state.

    Oh yes there is. I phone bank every spare moment I get. We have the Ron Paul factor. You have no idea how many Republicans have told me to fuck off (and that analysis is polite).

    RNC rules State party inept: http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2008/aug/29/slap-state-party-smarts-state-mccain-needs/

  188. madamab….the only time I’ve ever encountered this kind of hostility online was when I used to post on a message board that was predominantly conservatives. They really got nasty when I didn’t support the Iraq war. One of them started stalking me on the Internet and emailed me to let me know he knew where I lived.

    It makes me wonder if some of the Obots aren’t in fact rightwing nuts.
    Maybe I would just like to be in denial about the left having it’s own wingnuts.


  189. I clicked submit by accident.

    McCain is up supposedly by 2%, however, they’re not including any new registrations. Ron Paul took 14%. Without the Independents predominately going JM, along with some Democrats.

  190. This is a must read by By Dr. Kate

    “We all witnessed the theft of the nomination from Hillary Clinton , and the theft of the democratic party from its base in these last several months. As I have become profoundly aware that Obama is not who he says he is, I also wonder about his Manchurian Candidate chararacteristics. What is inside this Trojan Horse? Who is he a front for?”


  191. Does Ron Paul have enough of a pull to be spoiler in the GE? I would gather there is also Nader and McKinney in the mix too in whatever way they will pull off voters.

  192. Went over to IronMan’s link to The Villages/Palin story. Glanced at the comments, someone listed some signs for Palin. One sign said

    Our Lipstick is Better Than Your Dipstick

    People keep saying the O is smart, but he always seemed kinda dumb to me, so I find this sign hilarious.

  193. Mountain Sage, a lot of them are Republicans who left their party and now want to make ours over in their image.

  194. Madamab and Mountain Sage: I fervently hope that the FBI investigation into the hacked Palin emails will slow down the hate. If that TN kid is found guilty, I hope he doesn’t get a wrist slap. This stuff is serious, and jail time would help chill some over the top Obots.

  195. fif @ 10:01, the hypocrisy is astounding.

    McCain or his surrogates have not ONCE gone around saying “Oooo, scary black man!”

    Obama and his surrogates have LONG been running around yelling, “Ooooo, scary RACIST Republicans and PUMAS!”

    If anyone is trying to scare the voters about race issues, it is THEM, not McCain.

  196. fif,

    After the race card, he will play the riot card (the same Brazile has been spewing for months?).

    Obama has directed his followers to get in our faces.
    That is the kind of politics of “hope” that he believes in.

    Obama is scary. Bates Motel scary.

    His deck of cards is about all used up.What will he play next?

    Expect Obama and his campaign to try and hoodwink the voters. They are using ACORN to gain the system via voter fraud. The media just lets their tactics slide right by.

    If Obama is a candidate, there will be bamboozling. Count on it.

  197. Okay – Laura Linney just got on my cross off list. She said “I will thank all of the community organizers that helped form our country.”

    How OLD are these people? They are so full of themselves, and think they are being so “radical” and working so hard for the “little people.” Meanwhile, they are wearing $30,000 gowns, diamond jewelry, and just exited from the stretch limos. Aren’t they all so special in their ultra-exclusive little club?

    Put Linney on my list too.

  198. WCMB: Nevada’s Republican Party Platform opposes McCain/Feingold. The campaign demanded the words McCain/Feingold be replaced with the actual name of the Bill, but it’s still part of our Platform, at least until the next State Central Committee. This state really did not like John McCain.

    “The McCain-Feingold bill, considered McCain’s finest legislative achievement, is one of the strongest campaign finance reform bills in US history.”

  199. May be off-topic by might interest some to know of survey feedback from Mr. Arnone:

    Here are the results of my recent survey of Hillary Clinton supporters, who had indicated in my prior survey that they would either vote for McCain-Palin or for neither ticket, or were undecided, or would write in Senator Clinton’s name.

    Would you change your mind if Hillary Clinton were to replace Joe Biden as the Vice Presidential candidate running with Barack Obama?
    YES: 34 (55.7%
    NO: 24 (39.3%)
    NOT SURE: 3 ( 4.9%)

    Many of those who responded “Yes” noted that they could not “imagine such a scenario,” which remains highly unlikely. Some emphasized that they still strongly prefer that Senator Clinton head the ticket. Some stated their hope that, as the Vice Presidential nominee, Senator Clinton “would have some influence on major issues, especially health care.” Others noted that she would add a “world view and the experience that speaks to middle America values.” Some questioned whether Senator Biden “can do an adequate job of debating Palin” and noted that “it just will not do to have the Presidential candidate talking about the VP candidate of the opposite party.” One respondent stated: “I like Palin’s fire and straight-forwardness, but Hillary has not only those traits, but courage and experience as well.”

    Some, however, said that, although they would vote for an Obama-Clinton ticket, they were against the idea, as it would make the Democrats look “desperate.”

    Some of those who responded “No” viewed such a ticket as a “disaster.” Some said that they would only vote for the Democratic ticket if Senator Clinton were the Presidential nominee. Some indicated that they would not vote for any Democratic ticket in November as a protest “against the Democratic National Committee.” Some stated that they were strongly opposed to Senator Obama as the Presidential nominee no matter who is running mate is. Some expressed their opposition to such a ticket, believing that Senator Clinton would be “blamed” should that ticket lose in November.

    Thanks to those who participated in this follow-up survey.

    –William Arnone

  200. They think of themselves as activists, I think. You diss activists and you diss me, because if I weren’t getting paid a million dollars for a day’s work, I’d be in the Peace Corps spreading enlightenment throughout the world! Plus, I’m from a small town, and the backward hicks there didn’t appreciate my genius, so any criticism of them just for existing and being unhip is warrented!

  201. wmcb, in charlotte, Obama said that mccains philosophy was “dangerous”. who’s trying to scare whom?

  202. “jvsp, on September 21st, 2008 at 10:07 pm Said:

    Does Ron Paul have enough of a pull to be spoiler in the GE? I would gather there is also Nader and McKinney in the mix too in whatever way they will pull off voters.”

    Many of his supporters will vote 3rd party, or not at all for top of the ticket. It wasn’t just Ron Paul, supposedly, had they let the Convention finish and let Nevada go RP at National, they would have been satisfied and voted the R ticket. Supposedly, since they shut down the State Convention and tried to “select” the delegates, rather than “elect” the delegates … it’s anybody’s guess. But, Hillary had the higher numbers, and our State went to Obama at the State Convention, and they far outnumbered the Ron Paul votes.

    The question will be whether or not the Unions strong arm wins, or the Ron Paul hold out wins. I don’t think the polls can accurately determine that. But I do know that I’ve gotten a whole lot of hate dished on me by my own party.

  203. Seriously…..I agree. The tactics being used so many of the Obamabots are too similar to the rightwingers I ran into to be a coincidence.


  204. OMG, these hollywood people are making fools of themselves. Do they know his organizing amounted to registering voters for the Daly machine? They sound like idiots.

  205. Ironman, I have a question about ACORN, I’ve read some of the links you provided and I see nothing wrong with registering people in prison in Alabama because their law does not prohibit them from voting. The law needs to be changed if you don’t want them voting.

    We have our own problems with ACORN and they’re being investigated by the feds. Obviously people who work for ACORN are in jail for voter registration fraud from 2004/2006.

    I have to believe their “mission statement” is a good thing, and if they are committing such national fraud, why aren’t the feds (or even Hillary Dems) infiltrating their organization with “spies” to bring this whole organization to it’s knees.

    I suppose I’m being naive because I honestly believe that ACORN is a Democrat organization, supposedly has the greater good in mind, and it’s only a few individuals who get nailed for fraud.

    They provide transportation to low income seniors on election day, low income communities that don’t have a lot of transportation available, and I’m glad for that even if it means my Party loses.

    Don’t get me wrong please, I don’t like them, nor do I like the fraud at all, but overall, they COULD (and should) be a very good organization.

    Maybe they have been infiltrated, and maybe come December there’s going to be a whole lot of indictments pending. I’m torn between the good they should be offering, and the potential bad they may be up to.

  206. Anyone who has watched a “Celebrity Edition” of “Jeopardy” or “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” will pay no attention to celberity endorsements.

    Do we care who Paris Hilton is going to vote for?

  207. “celberity?”

    myiq2xu + 6 is semi-incoherent

  208. I’m remembering what Pat Johnson said the other day about not being able to watch any of her favorite shows on Sunday mornings anymore. I’ve always loved watching the Emmys, the Oscars, the Tonys, all that good stuff in addition to morning talk shows. It’s all gone….gone. I can’t watch ANYTHING anymore on MSM because if I hear one more “celebrity” being a hoodwinked pretentious ignoramus in the bag for BO, I’m going to scream. I’m left watching HGTV, History, Discovery, A&E, and National Geographic Channel. It’s getting skinnier by the day.

  209. Did y’all here Biden is giving a “major foreign policy” speech next week. How lame.

  210. If they force Hillary to take the VP spot as third choice and e vote yes for that – I would be so ashamed of us. have we not allowed her to be used and abused enough already?

    That would be the worst possible slap in the face! No way on earth would I allow her to walk behind that man let alone be third choice – what are those 55% who would accept that thinking?

  211. Someone earlier commented that Obama is leaving ND. Saw on Politicker KY that Obama is closing all KY offices except for the Louisville office. Suspect that is due to Yarmuth re-election bid; he came out early for Obama. McCain’s lead in KY is currently18 points.

  212. Irlandese – agree, it’s slim pickin’s on TV for me, too, for the same reasons. That’s why it’s off right now.

    Some other suggestions: Turner Classic Movies, The Travel Channel, and the Food Channel. Also, The Weather Channel seems harmless enough.

  213. OT..but did the Obama campaign report their August fund raising numbers yet? The 20th of Sept was a very..very last day to report to the FEC. Maybe they are just going to tell the FEC to shove the rules.

  214. If the Democratic Party was concerned about abortion, health care, the economy, the party would have supported Hillary. Because the party backed the least capable nominee for the presidency, I don’t believe anything that the Democrats say.

    In 1993 with a Democratic Congress and a Democrat in the WH we did not get the promised health care. In 2006 the Democrats said they would stop Bush’s policies, but have given GW everything he wants.

    “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.” — GW

    Write your senators and representatives and ask them to implement Hillary’s solution for the crisis, cut and paste:

    Senator Clinton proposals to address the crisis:

    * Create a new entity to buy up and quarantine toxic mortgage securities that are dragging down the markets which would allow the markets to stabilize. Last spring Senator Clinton was among the first to call for a new entity modeled after the successful Depression-era Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC) or the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) created after the Savings and Loan crisis.

    * Place a temporary moratorium on the most abusive stock transactions, many of which involve the “short-selling” of stocks. Yesterday, Senator Clinton wrote to the Securities and Exchange Commission urging such a moratorium, saying it would provide breathing room for the markets to recover, for investors to make accurate assessments of companies and for regulators to assess what trading practices should be permanently banned.

    * Convene an emergency economic summit to show the American people their government is working together. Bringing together leaders in the administration and Congress with lenders, consumer advocates, non profits, financial institutions, and all stakeholders will allow a coordinated response to the crisis.

    * Aggressively pursue and encourage mortgage modifications. Senator Clinton has introduced legislation to remove barriers to mortgage modification and to encourage lenders to voluntarily work with borrowers to keep them current on payments and in their homes.

    * Restore competent federal oversight of the increasingly complicated financial markets. The rapid evolution of the securities and banking industry overwhelmed the current regulatory framework, resulting in a “shadow banking system” that operates outside of oversight and without accountability.

    * Require transparency and accountability on executive pay. Senator Clinton has proposed the Corporate Executive Compensation Accountability and Transparency Act to impose new transparency rules on executive pay, end the accounting techniques that hide compensation, and provide shareholders a say in executive compensation packages.

    * Ensure the accountability of financial institutions borrowing money from the Federal Reserve’s new lending facilities. Taxpayers deserve to know that the companies they are bailing out are on the road to recovery and aren’t throwing more good money after bad.

    Senator Clinton urged the administration and the Congress to move quickly to adopt these proposals and prevent the crisis from worsening.

    “Time is of the essence. Any delay could be ruinous for both financial institutions and confidence in our markets,” Senator Clinton said.


  215. Irlandese: I hate watching the awards shows now, they just look like an Obama ad. I just hiss & boo at the celebs like a goof here in my house.

    Did you see the Obot Jessica Alba GOTV ad that shows her gagged and bound with some kind of garbage like ‘Not voting is like being gagged’ or some kind of nonsense. I read about it in People and thought about gagging all right, but not like she says.

  216. My question is this, why are they not giving Cindy McCain a more prominent role in the campaign? I didn’t know much about her until this, but she seems like quite an asset to me. Just read about her charity work in the third world. Also I bet she’s really not anti-choice. I remember an article in Washington Monthly back in 2004 where she was urging McCain to switch parties. I suspect she’s more liberal than her husband…

  217. If you want a fair and balanced look at the astrological apsects of Obama/Palin go to http://www.robertphoenix.com

  218. msindy: Cindy McCain is more of a behind the scenes kind of person. Add to that JM does not want her to be “smeared” the way candidates are. Kind of like Bill & Hillary tried very hard to keep Chelsea out of the public eye, JM does not want Cindy to endure the horrendous criticism of the press. One was a child, one is a spouse, but the fact remains if you throw them into the spotlight, they become public fodder.

  219. Went over to read the Newsbusters story on Dems threatening with IRS, but was really put off by the ridicule of Hillary not having guts to attend alongside Palin.

    Don’t the Repubs understand they have to do 2 things to win POTUS this year? Distance McCain from Bush and provide a place for disaffected Hillary voters? They can go back to attacking Hillary after Nov 5, but for now, that stuff leaves me ice cold.

  220. Fair and balanced astro aspects?? from a site that links to mexicanlust.com puulleeeaasseee

  221. Found the August fund raising numbers for Obama..$65 million..another $35 million short-fall.


  222. parentofed, unfortunately the right has their rabid loons that are just as bad as ours on the left. The posters there are not interested in gaining our votes, since they live in a bubble-world where all Democrats are a lost cause and crazy moonbat communists. The same way the Cheetos think anyone who disagrees with them must be foam-mouthed war-mongering Cheney-loving neocons, and therefore unworthy of consideration, and hopeless to court.

    It is we, the sane, on BOTH sides of the aisle, that are trying hard to make a real difference and struggling to be heard.

  223. PoE, I have never understood the appeal of Obama. Kept hearing that he was a great orator. Nope. That fake preacher schtick is the worst. What a sham! And I have yet to hear anything new or interesting come out of his mouth. Of course, after listening to him dredge up the OLD stereotype about “white people” who are afraid of black people to smear his own grandmother as a racist, I stopped listening to him. Seriously, he comes on the TV and I change the channel. I can not stand to look at or listen to him. If he manages to steal the election, it will just be another 4 more years of ignoring the President as best I can.

  224. Bill C circuit schedule.

    Monday Morning: The View
    Monday Night: Letterman
    Tuesday Night: Greta

    Have I missed anything?

  225. Laura Linney was one of my favorite actresses. Now she is a playing a politician on tv. I refuse to commit until I know for certain who Denise Richards is supporting. I count on her insights to get me through the day.

  226. Ooops. Sorry, I used the “r” word. Please get me out of moderation.

  227. Regency: Wednesday night Larry King!

  228. Reg: Has Bill ever been on The View before? Seems like a funny place for him.

  229. Parentofed: The extreme right has only one agenda and no, they could care less. They would rather lose than compromise. JM is a maverick and he appears to be ignoring the far right to some degree and they are frothing at the mouth. I’m almost beginning to believe that JM will, if elected, finally get rid of those far right voters and won’t be afraid to say, see ya, find a different party (Independent American?). That would make me do the happy dance for the next 4 years.

    I will have no problem saying buh bye, take your pro-life, anti-gay agenda somewhere else.

    Then again, maybe I’m just dreaming and I’ll have to join some 3rd party that promotes and advocates a fiscally conservative, socially liberal platform.

  230. NV Swing Voter: It is known as common ground. To come together in the middle and let the extreme fringes go their own way would be such a welcome relief. Most of us desire as much. Not so the partisan congress.

  231. Thanks, Pat J! Hey, I’ll watch so you don’t have to.

  232. WCMB: What you said, agreed.

  233. Regency: He stays on unless he starts overdoing the Obama schtick. Then it’s bye bye for him. I have limits.

  234. I don’t think Bill’s been on the View but I’m almost positive that Hill has. Joy Behar gave Bill a real whatfor in the 90s. Going into the Lion’s Den. That’s my Big Brave Dawg.

  235. I am hesitant to point this out, lest I be branded a gasp r*cist but did anyone else notice how few people of color, or anyone besides white people actually won awards??

    I like to watch the fashions .. I dont even know half the shows …
    for instance I have never seen 30 rock and I didn’t appreciate the gratuitous and hypocritical politics throw in and Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert have long since ceased to be funny and both are extremely sexist

    There is no accounting for taste , the fashions sucked this year …among other things

    When they start having award sjows for teachers and nurses and firemen and policemen etc etc and we get to wear ball gowns, tuxedos and diamonds , I might have a bit more respect … or not

  236. Like I said, I watch for the double talk. Bill’s king at it.

  237. I saw this posted at Greta’s – it’s old, but appropriate.
    Maybe Sarah can speak at the UN this week and outline it for them. I think it would be great.


    Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan . . . what we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message.

    Robin Williams’ plan…(Hard to argue with this logic!)

    I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of one plan for peace. “Books, not Bombs” won’t work. The head mullahs won’t let anyone read them. If they do, they poke their eyes out.

    Here’s the plan:

    1) The US will apologize to the world for our “interference” in their affairs, past &present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini and the rest of them ‘good old boys’. We will never “interfere” again.

    2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea and the Philippines. They don’t want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No more sneaking through holes in the fence.

    3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We’ll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of who or where they are. France would welcome them.

    4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit. No one from a terrorist nation would be allowed in. If you don’t like it there, change it yourself, don’t hide here. Asylum would not ever be available to anyone. We don’t need any more cab drivers.

    5) No “students” over age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don’t attend classes, they get a “D” and it’s back home baby.

    6) The US will make a strong effort to become self sufficient energy wise. This will include developing non-polluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while.

    7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don’t like it, we go someplace else.

    8) If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not “interfere”. They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if any anyway.

    9) Ship the UN Headquarters to an island some place. We don’t need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, it would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.

    10) All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us “Ugly Americans” any longer.

    Now, ain’t that a winner of a plan ??”

  238. PJ: If they could reach some common ground, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I think you and I could be good friends in real life.

  239. The View ladies will be overwhelmed in his presence. His charm alone will be enough to scrape off the floor. But if he starts in with what a great guy The One is I turn it off. Can’t stand watching anybody trying to uplift that scarecrow.

  240. The View is one of the results of the dumbing down of this country imnsho 😉

  241. I’m almost afraid to watch Bill on Larry King Wednesday night. He’s managed to be Bill throughout this whole mess, though. He can dance with Larry like he’s Fred Astaire. I’m at the point that I’m only watching my collection of DVD’s; I can’t afford to get pissed off at any more actors/actresses. I’m getting low on entertainment fodder. NV–I’m with you on the whole 3rd party deal. Can I have a fiscally conservative, socially liberal candidate?? HHIIILLLLAAARRRRYYYY……Please run as my Independent heroine.

  242. Carol,

    (I would pay a good amount of money to be in the audience for that speech)

  243. NV Swing Voter: We all pay for our energy. None of us wishes to be overtaxed. We expect our politicians to be looking out for us. We all need healthcare. We all want safe borders. None of us wants war. We appreciate affordable housing and education. We all believe in the right to equal opportunity. We love our constitution and want to protect it. Our courts and appointees are the mainstay of our nation. We believe in free and fair elections. We all salute our flag. We love our troops.

    This is common ground. And it is not held any more sacred by either political party. It is the politicians who continually muck this up.

  244. Not so the partisan congress.

    Pat johnson, it’s not even that the Congress is partisan that bothers me, if only they were honestly partisan over real big issues and governing.

    But they are not. They are only partisan about their own POWER – attaining it, keeping it, and denying it to “the other side”. Their partisanship has NOTHING to do with ideology. It’s all juvenile sniping over whose fraternity won pledge week, and who has dibs on the better frat house. It’s all chest-thumping and stealing the other team’s mascot costume, hanging a jock strap on the enemy’s sainted school statue.

    The partisanship that exists in Congress today is not a genuine debate (which I could handle). It is the moral equivalent of running around TP-ing each other’s houses.

  245. parentofed – The Clintons kicked the far rights behind for eight years. If you’re waiting for them to say nice things about the Clintons you’re going to be waiting a long time.

    I’m a moderate R at best and even I don’t like to admit he was a pretty good president even though it’s true.

  246. Nothing can lift a scarecrow but the wind. That’s why they brought out the head hurricane.

  247. WMCB: Exactly. And if members of his own party had stood up to him, Bush would never have gotten away with what he has. Speaking truth to power should be the order of the day. Instead they, along with a good number of Dems, caved in. Few in congress have the right to point fingers at the other side since we know how much they were all beholden to their own brand of special interests.

    For those who did try to take a stand, like Kucinich, they were laughed off the the floor. Goes to show you how entrenched they are.

  248. Why don’t we have term limits? Why are these bozo’s in office forever?

  249. Is Bill going to be on the View? Uggh. I’d like to see Whoopi try to give Bill the “I’m with Michelle/you’re a r*cist” crap. I would rather suck eggs than watch Bill cozy up to the same Jezebels that plunged knives into his wife’s back. Does anyone else get so uncomfortable with this garbage that you have to continually change the channel? Or is it just me?

  250. nite nite all will go to bed dreaming of term limits and Hillary as POTUS


  251. I used to be against term limits since I saw this as an imposition to freedom of speech. However, these career politicians have shown that though they get elected and reelected they have done next to nothing on behalf of the commonwealth.

    Watching Robert Byrd get wheeled onto the floor due to his agism, and knowing that he is more than likely firing on 2 cylinders, is ridiculous. Strom Thrumond had no idea where he was most of the time. And when they do eventually retire, they do so with more money then when they came in. Go figure.

    There should be a study on making term limits the norm.

  252. Bill’s going most likely to promote the Foundation’s latest work. Then to promote Hillary’s economic agenda. Then, if it comes up, BO.

    And because he’s sexy.

  253. Iron Man at 10:21 p.m. – I read it, and agree. Dr. Kate’s Treatise on TD is a must read. FYI – I put a post over there to reflect my reaction, too. Trojan Horse, and I’d add, Manchurian Candidate – all in one Obama package.

    Scary as hell, but makes perfect sense. Feel I got more of the connections between Obama and the left-wing radical, if not downright communist associates.

    Just asked for more on the impact of his association with “Frank”* Marshall Davis (who was a communist) on shaping Obama’s view of himself, narcissism, and even sexuality (because the man was reputed to be rather deviant). (*Only name given in Obama’s book)

  254. Brenda Leigh Johnson nor The Closer nor Monk nor Psych got awards.

    This was obviously not based on talent or content.

  255. Irlandese: I hardly watch commercial tv or cable shows anymore. As I have said, they are more like infomercials than news or even passable entertainment. Formulaic broadcasting along with 98 commercial breaks drives me nuts!

  256. Oh, and I’m going to watch to see if he turns red. Dude, the redness is a sign of “You’ve pissed off the Big Dawg.” And the wagging of the finger.

  257. Regency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  258. The year they awarded Terri Hatcher Best Actress was the year I stopped watching. If she can act I can sing opera!

  259. Here is one question I want asked of EVERY SINGLE CANDIDATE in a debate:

    “We often hear politicians decrying the horrible state of partisan politics in this country, but too often in the end compromise is decried just as strongly as the partisanship. Here is the question: ‘Name one major issue on which your party strongly disagrees with the other party, and describe in detail how you would be willing to compromise on that issue. What would a bi-partisan solution look like?”

  260. WMCB: I love it! And I would follow up with: Have you ever read the Constitution of the US? Then pick an amendment and ask them to explain.

  261. He’s going for CGI not Obama. He does this every year.

    Carol, on September 21st, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:

    Why don’t we have term limits? Why are these bozo’s in office forever?

    We DO have term limits. They are called elections.

  262. Carol: Well that’s just ridiculous. The Closer and Psych are fantastic.

  263. Am I the only one that looks at CSpan throughout the day and sees no one at home? They never show up, and if they are, they are milling around talking to others and messing around. Attendence looks like high school in the movie “Lean on Me” – show up for your fix and then bug out.

  264. You know what I would do if I were McCain, I’d co-sponsor Hill’s economic proposal before Obama had a chance to copy it. But I don’t think he has the chutzpah.

  265. I am all for letting someone serve no more than 3 terms (6 yrs) in the House and no more than 2 terms (12 yrs) in the Senate. If the office of president is limited to two terms I fee that this is only fair. Here in MA we continually revote for Kerry and Kennedy because the competition gets overwhelmed and the candidates barely try.

    The voters get lazy and just keep sending them back. Over and over and over.

  266. masslib – mandatory term limits. Fuck the electorate that continues to send the morons off to screw with country.

  267. The office of the president is only mitied because FDR won four terms and the repubs couldn’t take it anymore. I’d have lived quite happily under four terms of Bill Clinton.

  268. Carol: I agree. And they have to hold a quorum for each vote to get them back on the floor. When they do they mill around like high school students between classes. No wonder nothing gets done.

  269. Thank God, Sarah Palin isn’t running for President then, Nanners. She’d be devastated not to get your vote.

    Satire s not for weak minds.

  270. Well you’ve hit the nail on the head, WMCB. If there wasn’t partisanship, there’d be no power struggle. No power struggle, no money being spent keeping power struggle going. Term limits, yes please! And let’s remember our 30% solution.

  271. Screw mandatory term limits. That’s a wussy way out. We need public funding of house and Senate seats and you’ll see lots more hiring and firing in elections. We don’t need term limits.

  272. Bill was all for (casually of course) getting rid of Presidential term limits too.

  273. There has to be partisanship. We’ve had hyper-partisanship since Gingrich in the 90’s, but healthy partisanship means real debate. It’s essential in a Republic. I don’t want to live in a one Party country.

  274. RED EYE is showing Sandra Bernhardt. What a fucking *&^%%^%$%$!!!!!!!!!!

  275. Who is red eye?

  276. I’m not sure that targeting someone’s inexperience is playing into the “politics of fear.” Of course every president is going to have advisors and people to help him/her out, but at the end of the day, it’s the President that has to sign on the dotted line.

    I’m concerned because Sarah Palin has extraordinarily little experience and because McCain is of an age where succession is a real issue. Palin had never even gotten a passport to travel overseas until 2007 after she became governor, and she can reasonably be expected to negotiate with other leaders.

    How can our leader negotiate with other countries if he/she hasn’t gotten some perspective by viewing the world through a lens other than from within the United States?

  277. masslib: Screw them any way you want. We need a fresh approach every ten years or so. And as soon as some of these yokels get the opportunity, they run off to join lobbying firms for whom they have “serviced” over the years. This will at least put a stopper of sorts into an already corrupt and untrustworthy congress. Can they get any lower than zero in the polls?

  278. Fox News late at night.

  279. Inexperience = Barack Obama. Next question.

  280. Wes: By comparison, how much experience does Obama have? And you are willing to take a chance on him at the head of the ticket.

  281. Oh Pat, you have no idea how many times I sent a letter, made a call, starting with the whole no-bid contract for Haliburton. If you knew my other blog name, you could Google me and would know I ‘ve been screaming I have a lot to say, and just deleted it, b/c I can’t risk publicizing it LOL.

    I’ll keep working behind the scenes until that fiscally conservative, socially liberal 3rd party can establish itself.

  282. Turn it on it is great. They are dissing on all the left hate on Palin. FoxNews.

  283. ^That’s interesting. How dare we defend a woman from baseless attacks?! Blasphemy!

  284. TP-ing each other’s houses–that’s priceless! I’m still laughing. Congress has indeed come to resemble the “Revenge of the Nerds” greek council. Stan, Betty, and Ogre at the frat/sorority houses, scheming about ways to keep the rest of us out of the loop.

  285. I remember when I was in 7th grade and the nun teaching civics told us to look at the federal government in the most simplistic of terms: There is a pot of money that is collected through taxes. The congress gets together and agrees on how best to spend it for the sake of the common good.

    It made it easy to understand how the federal government operates. But that was then and this is now.

  286. Hey, myiq2xu!

    I was banned from Corrente too because I wrote a piece about how Jim Vandehei SHILLED for Obama and Michelle…. and talked about how they always positioned themselves as vicitms, a la “Camille”

    Ooooh, the word “shill” was bad and CAMILLE was WORSE!!

    Luckily, I’ve got my own blog set up now and I used the word SHILL this week in the title of a post and I didn’t find I had to BAN MYSELF!!! LOL!!

  287. Pat we don’t need term limits to do that. We need publicly funded elections. Look, I don’t want to give up a Shelia Jackson Lee for the a**hole who is trying to unseat her as a write-in. I don’t want to lose John Lewis for that Obama joker. The answer is public funding of elections and primary reform in states like ours where it took 24 for years for Kerry to be primaried. These people, at the end of the day, are bureaucrats. I value experience in that position. We have the potential to hire or fire them every election. The answer is to make sure we have an even handed process. Not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  288. PatJ: The idea is still sound, but justification is no lo nger the “common good” however.

  289. Republican Confluence Doesn’t Get Palin « Fitness for the Occasion, on September 22nd, 2008 at 12:06 am Said:

    […] looking to slash Democrats from within. But their latest bit of chicanery is inexecusable. They are defending Sarah Palin! Do you see the problem with the way the Democrats are arguing this time? Sarah Palin and her […]

    Can some explain these types of comments to me? I never get what this stuff means.

  290. masslib: Whatever it takes to stop the revolving door and the entrenched bureaucracy. The way it is now, they will be pushing more wheelchairs onto the floors of both Houses since these people are there until death or the FBI serves a warrant.

  291. Wes, stick a sock in it, bot. YOUR candidate is the one whose supporters touted his few years as a child in Indonesia as “major foreign policy experience.”

    Before he started running for prez, Obama had NO MORE foreign experience than Palin, other than ONE TRIP with Hagel.

    So what you are saying is that we should be worried if McCain dies, but not worried if Obama lives.

    If McCain dies, Sarah can do exactly what Obama did – get 300 advisors and a more experienced VP.

    Palin is not running for president – MCCAIN is, and Obama is.

  292. I am so out of touch. I haven’t watched much T.V. since 1978. Who the hell is Terry Hatcher? Goodness, I quit watching when the Luke & Laura drama on General Hospital was going on (I learned through someone else they came back to life), a little bit of “who shot J.R.?,” but not all the way through, some “Beverly Hills 90210,” my fave now is “America’s Top Model” when they have the marathon episodes, because I have zero patience to wait a week. I actually watched a bit of “Friends” tonight. My hubby loves Sex in the City. I bought Heroes on DVD. I do personally love TNT, Shirley Temple, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and watching some of those movies make me realize nothing is different today, even with the internet. My favorite all time movie is Sullivan’s Travels.

  293. Mass: No one’s unseating Lee. He gave up at the last second.

  294. You’re right, Sarah Palin isn’t scary. Her bangs are a tiny bit scary in that photo but other than that…

  295. Mass: They’re trackbacks. They mean that someone has linked to a particular post on the blog along with a sample of what they’ve written about it.

  296. Folks, what scares them the most about Sarah Palin is that she represents a TRUE outsider. Not the make believe ones that all the rest are. Even McCain’s maverick ways work within the confines of the rules set in Washington; maybe working around the edges like a beloved eccentric uncle, but still within the boundaries.

    Sarah, in her brief time in politics, has shown that she not only doesn’t play within the boundaries, but she has the drive and strength to actual change the rules of the game. This scares people- even some in the GOP- more than anything else.

    Things will get really ugly before this is over; Hillary didn’t catch half of what they’ll throw at Sarah. If it wasn’t for the danger to our country that Obama’s inherent problems would bring to the office, I would almost hope for McCain to lose, so the Palins can go back to their normal lives. For their sake, not for ours.

  297. Let’s not forget that Obama spent a total of 3 weeks in Pakistan on vacation with two college buddies which is now being touted as experience in that part of the world.

    I have been to Canada. I am an expert on all things Candadian as a result. Give me a break!

  298. NV Swing Voter: Laura’s back on GH! I’ve been catching up on YouTube.

  299. How interested will these bozo’s be if McCain/Palin actually get in there and slice and dice their spending and all of their special interest projects?

    I think each project needs to be brought up and voted on the merits.

    Run it like a business that has to be productive and profitable.

    I’m done with the bs.

  300. NV: Terri Hatcher is one of the Desperate Housewife stars. Very pretty but a lousy actress.

  301. Pat, Obama has been in the Senate less than four years and is the second largest recipient of Freddie Mac dollars. It doesn’t take long to line pockets. Further, Obama was something “fresh”. That’s just not the way to hire and fire. Look at Virginia where they have to pick a new Governor every 4 years. They could have had another term with Mark Warner and instead they ended up with Unibrow Kaine. There are better ways to do this than taking away the right of the voters to retain a competent bureaucrat.

  302. “Things will get really ugly before this is over; Hillary didn’t catch half of what they’ll throw at Sarah. If it wasn’t for the danger to our country that Obama’s inherent problems would bring to the office, I would almost hope for McCain to lose, so the Palins can go back to their normal lives. For their sake, not for ours.”

    Mike, I don’t think you’re wrong, actually…though it’s hard to imagine how things could get uglier than they already are. I hate to think what this could mean and yet, worse it likely coming.

  303. Sarah put the Alaska government books on the internet. You can’t get more transparent than that. She said it was the people’s money and they had a right to see how it was spent. I find that refreshing!

  304. NV, Terri Hatcher is a desperate Housewife and GHWB’s girlfriend.

    Regency, thanks.

  305. I’m so amused that 1. The Confluence is Republican, and 2. so is Riverdaughter. Why, it must have been a grand scheme for YEARS while she posted at all those other places (even under another name which she has shared here), supporting Hillary and so many downticket Dems, when all the while she has been a Repug double-secret agent. I’m sure she’s had plenty of time for that in her kicking-back-at-the-mansion lifestyle. Fitness for the Occasion?? Lordisa.

  306. Pat – BO has been using the word “transparency” over the last week. He can’t get any words or phrases on his own. He is such a copycat.

  307. “Run it like a business that has to be productive and profitable.”

    Well, that won’t work. Government programs are pretty much never profitable, at least in the short-run. They are only profitable in the sense that they increase the public good.

    But I don’t think now is the time to be poaching money for swimming pools at private hospitals. That’s bs. Though really, almost all federal spending is defense, medicare, and social security.

  308. How mature is it that these morons call us “OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Republicans”?

    When will the shame from being outed stop?

  309. Irlandese: And the fact that she was able to attract so many of us “closeted Republicans” like myself to this site also speaks well of her stealth. We have been embedded in the Dem Party, some of us carrying signs, phone banking, sending money, working the polls for the Dems over the years but we were merely Manchurian Dems all along.

    These people are crazy. They just cannot accept that we cannot accept an illegitimate, know nothing, Chicago pol who stole our votes. Until then, they can call me anything they wish. I am so over it!

  310. “You keep using that word: Transparency. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  311. Carol: He has yet to adopt “my friends”. That is the day I will completely buy into his being a Robot.

  312. I feel sorry for Wes.

  313. Has anyone noticed that Obama has few “friends”? None that have come forward from his college days to tell us what a great guy or what a fun person he was. Very telling.

  314. Carol, if we are all Republicans, and always have been, then where oh where is that percentage of Dems not voting for Obama coming from?

    If it’s not us (since we are all “republicans”) then WOW, there is another 20% or so of the party out there who can’t stand Obama either! Mysterious….

  315. profit = assets = healthcare = bridges and roads = social security = defense = education = energy independence = …………………………………


  316. Pat J: My momma told me that if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say nothing at all.

  317. Regency: Aren’t you supposed to be reading another 300 pages of the bible? Get busy!

  318. Ha! No one has come forward saying that they even saw him at Columbia! There are absolutely NO articles detailing his Columbia days.

  319. Pat, I’ve noticed. Meanwhile, Hill’s high school friends toured the country for her. Also the Arkansas travelers.

    You know something that really creeps me out about Obama, he’s always calling himself “skinny”. Was he overweight as a child? I have never known a grown man to describe themselves proudly as “skinny”.

  320. And always the comments–“we don’t need them, anyway”. So why the fuck do they show up here? Believe me, I wouldn’t waste my time or risk losing my gorge giving them more than a passing glance. Stan and Betty doing drive-by’s.

  321. okay “Princess Regency” – isn’t it past your bedtime?

  322. jvsp: One factor they are covering up is that during his “Columbia” days he was living with a white woman. Like any of us would care. Bill and Hill lived together in New Haven for a few years before they got married. A big yawn for me.

  323. Regency, I think Laura died in 1981 the first time. I think that was it. It’s been so long. I used to rush home from high school, then college to catch the latest GH episode. Our office watches some soap (One Life to Live, not sure) during lunch. I won’t even walk into the lunch room because I start laughing at the drama, and the “OH” face everyone has. I take a late lunch just to warm it up because they get irritated when I start laughing. I can’t help it.

  324. Carol, on September 21st, 2008 at 11:30 pm Said:

    I saw this posted at Greta’s – it’s old, but appropriate.
    Maybe Sarah can speak at the UN this week and outline it for them. I think it would be great.


    Actually I find it quite offensive. I am an “older” student in the US … here to study. And I know that the US depends on our intellectual capital just as we depend on the US for our research funding.

    Besides, the US as we know it is a country of immigrants. If anybody wishes to talk about shutting out immigrants forever, we need to ask the opinion of native Americans on that one.

    Illegal immigrants are a problem in several ways. But legal immigrants are a different story. If the US seeks to shut off the flow of foreign labor, one response of other countries could be to shut out US finance capital and US goods. That would hurt the US economy much much more than the outsourcing of jobs or inflow of guest workers do. (Outsourcing is another thing that democrats and republicans use to manipulate the American public with. But that is another story.)

    Robin Williams plan may be funny but its economics is plain idiotic.

  325. masslib: Actually the pictures of him as a child and young adult show a darling young boy who looks healthy and well nourished. He was a beautiful little boy and a handsome young man. There is just something there I can’t quite put my finger on.

  326. Pat J: 14 pages.

    What I meant was that no one he knew can say anything nice so they stay silent lest they feel the wrath of the “Thin Man”

    Carol: It’s college. I don’t have one.

  327. Regency: I just don’t think he had friends. His aloofness was apparent then as well. Like, I am Barack Obama and I am better than the rest of you thing.

  328. NV: You’ve missed so much! Laura died. Came back after being imprisoned by the Cassadines and forced to have a son by Stavros (though he may have actually been Stefan’s). She didn’t tell Luke. They got back together. Had two kids. He found out about Nikolas (the son). Got divorced. Reconciled. Were going to re-marry, but Rick Webber lost his mind and she killed him (they re-wrote it recently to say that Scott did it, but whatever) and Laura lost her mind. She went into a catatonic state for years. Came back in 2006, had a fake wedding to Luke. Went back in state. Now she’s back again. Luke’s married to Tracy Quartermaine now but Laura doesn’t know and Lulu (their daughter) has been committed herself.

    There’s more but you get the general tragic drift.

  329. Well, it’s back….that damn yahoo banner citing racial views as “steering white Dems away from BO”. Yup, that’s it. My grand Repug scheme has been found out. I’m toast. 26 years of hard work down the crapper. Even my whole lifestyle–single working mom, all for nothing. Oh the humanity!

  330. S – it was to prove the hypocrisy of some of the world view towards the US.

  331. Pat, I think he had friends. Friends of the Ayers and Frank Davis ilk. Which is why he’s so mum on it, and cannot remember any names, or any addresses where he lived.

  332. Regency: A few postings ago you mentioned you had received yet another scholarship. I posted later on that I was very pleased for you. If you did not see it, I am proud of you. A very smart girl indeed. Cheeky, but smart!

  333. Pat J: He had acquaintances and associates. He never really seemed to leave a footprint behind. It’s like he worked hard at that.

  334. Pat,
    I believe he had backers early on who made his admittance into Harvard possible. To obtain admittance into Harvard would require some outstanding transcripts, transcripts that one would be proud to share. Elsewhere I have read a discussion of Obama’s selection as the president of the Harvard Law Review in which details suggest that it was not based on merit (read that how you please). Further, he published nothing both at Harvard or the U. of Chicago. It sounds crazy I suppose, but I believe him a political trojan horse. There is a NY Times article in which certain details are mentioned that give me pause. Sorry to wind on about it, but this aspect of his life bothers me to no end.

  335. I feel like a character out of a John Le Carre novel after all these years! Do I get the money I contributed to the DNC as part of my cover back?

  336. Pat J: Thank you! I don’t try to be cheeky but it comes naturally. Forgive me if I ever offend you. I always try to give true context to what I say, but I always end up leaving the important parts out.

  337. All of his friends are currently in prison, dead, or in witness protection programs. Hard to use them on your Resume. The return addresses are dead give aways.

  338. I too have encountered imbalanced levels of hatred towards Palin.

    I think it might be because she gives a strong mother vibe off and people who had lousy relationships with their mothers project that all on her.

    But I don’t know. Anyone else have any idea why some people go insane when talking about Palin?

  339. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/07/30/us/politics/30law.html?pagewanted=1

    “He was wary of noble theories, students say; instead, they call Mr. Obama a contextualist, willing to look past legal niceties to get results.”

    “Nor could his views be gleaned from scholarship; Mr. Obama has never published any. He was too busy, but also, Mr. Epstein believes, he was unwilling to put his name to anything that could haunt him politically, as Ms. Guinier’s writings had hurt her. “He figured out, you lay low,” Mr. Epstein said.”

  340. jvsp: That’s what I mean about him. You can’t quite get a handle or a clear picture of who he is and they seem to have gone to great lengths to cover his tracks. He may have had political cronies but I am talking real friends. He just does not seem to have them from what I can see so far.

    He is more like a chameleon in some respects.

  341. His father went to Harvard and that alone carries a lot of wait in the ivies.

  342. Regency: I love your cheekiness!! Are you kidding me? You are adorable. (now watch Carol get “up in arms” because I have not said one word about her tonight. you know how she gets.)

  343. Pat, he s4erves as a blank slate, remember?

  344. Legacies gave us GWB. Stands to reason they’d give us this guy too.,

  345. Nanny Nanny Booo Booo!

    Trig and Piper taught me that!

  346. masslib: I think he lives in his head.

  347. Pat J: Thank you! I try. (Carol will learn to live with being ignored–don’t you know Eddy’s hanging here now–purely for academic purposes, don’t you know?)

  348. He’s a legend in his own mind.

  349. Where’s Ed?

  350. Someone at algre’s corner says Obama laid out Hill’s economic plan today, not that this person cares, he just mentioned it. Did I sleep through that?

  351. Then he can be President in his head. Let the rest of us in the real world have a President who lives here.

  352. Eddy took Piper, Willow and Trig to Disney World yesterday. He’s sitting for the kids this week while Sarah is working the UN.

  353. masslib: I mentioned a few days back that he would have adopted her plan within 24 hours. He never fails to deliver.

  354. When is Sarah speaking at the UN this week? I wonder if C Span will carry it?

  355. Wes honey – Shouldn’t you be more concerned about how many passports Obama has? He more than likely traveled to Pakistan (in the earlly 80s) on his Indonesian passport. Perhaps it was his Kenyan passport. It definitely was not a U.S.A. passport because he would not have been allowed to travel there at that point in time if he used an American passport.

  356. I believe McCain, Palin and Hillary posses those qualities. BO – no, not so much.

  357. I am off to bed.

  358. Mass: All of us must have.

  359. Pat J: Good night.

  360. Obama is transparent. You can see right through him.

  361. She’s not speaking, she is having meeting with multiple world leaders and Bono.

  362. Honestly, Pat, the whole plan? I don’t recall him using HULK?

  363. HOLC – Homeowners’ Loan Corporation.

  364. He’s the invisible candidate – we can see straight through him and his bs. He has traveled without any trace, he is not visible on any systems, cameras don’t pick up his likeness – although it is amazing that his “likeness” is on every magazine, newspaper, internet banner…………………………………….


  365. Wes, as Pat Johnson said, look at Obama’s experience, and he’s running for president.

    I’m defending Palin and Cindy McCain because they are being unfairly targeted as women. Palin is obviously not even someone I would have considered for VP if given the choice. I wanted Hillary for president and I know she’d have picked a fine VP.

    What we are left with is a terribly flawed presidential candidate (Obama) and a better candidate (McCain). If heaven forbid McCain could not fulfill his term then I’d still feel better with Palin as president rather than Obama.

  366. Sorry, HOLK, not HULK. I guess a big green guy coming in to save people from their repossessed homes was to much to hope for. Heh.

  367. rpm – thanks for posting the astrological link. Not really my cup of tea but interesting and a nice break from the usual stuff. I liked this quote…

    “Lastly, she is the astrological opposite of Obama as Leo and Aquarius oppose one another in the skies. One wants to be king, the other to live in a world without them”

  368. nite nite………………… Joe will be on soon. Let’s see what Mika has to say about the ending of the world …………………………

  369. You can see through Obama right to Hillary behind him. That’s what confuses people.

  370. Good night, Carol.

  371. Good night Regency – I feel good about the day. I got about 15 pieces of paper filed and actually vacumned half of one room.

    I’m overly productive.

  372. Regency: LOL, seriously. My grandmother used to have a circle around a particular day every month. We visited every Sunday. As I got older, I finally had the guts (truly) to ask what is that day you circle every month? She said that is the day I stay home, sit in my recliner, fix myself a ‘Manhattan UP” and watch the soaps. Huh? She further went on to say that she loved soaps, but realized long ago (this was in the 70’s) that you only needed one day a month to catch up on everything that was going on, thus she circled a day toward the end of the month “to catch up.” I thought then she was crazy.

    You have caught me up with 25+ years of my favorite soap in one 5 minute post. LOL : )

  373. itsawonderfulife–May I refer you to Riverdaughter’s post, “Highly Ineffective Obamaphiles” earlier today? It would be good reading for you.

  374. And on this note, good night all, you’re awesome!


  375. masslib, yeah, I believe Obama has said he had a weight problem at one point, so now he always describes himself as skinny. I guess he was psychologically damaged by the taunting, or something and it’a big part of his self-image.

    To be fair, there are different kinds of inexperience. Clearly, Obama’s kind is the “good” kind, while Palin’s is the “bad” kind. Perfectly obvious when you come to think about it.

  376. South Texas Chisme just posted an email from the Obama organization where they are asking Obama supporters to take a bus trip to Colorado and New Mexico to help get out the vote for Obama. The bus trip is scheduled the weekend before early voting starts in Texas. The guy is just shameless. We have a lot of downballot candidates who could use these people. We have a shot (though the polls may not say so) at replacing the odious Senator John Cornyn with solid Democrat and all-around good guy Rick Noriega. We also have a chance to put a Latina Democrat (Linda Yanez) on the currently all-Republican Texas Supreme Court. And we’re five seats away from taking control of the Texas House — which will be critical when we redistrict after the 2010 census. Why would Obama take away people needed to block walk for Texas candidates? Doesn’t he care about the downballot Democrats?

  377. “Palin had never even gotten a passport to travel overseas until 2007 after she became governor, and she can reasonably be expected to negotiate with other leaders.”

    You understand, right, that like most Americans, Palin isn’t that well off and probably couldn’t afford to travel abroad, never mind take time off of work to go and get a passport photo taken, which also costs money? But do cling to your illusions that we ignorant worki ng class people are just stu pid dolts who pass up all those ample free opportunities to travel abroad because we’re so xenop hobic and moronic.

    If I were you, I’d be more concerned about Obama’s arrogance, penchant for insulting people, and propensity for gaffes. It’ll be hard to negociate with world leaders if he takes his usual tack of “%$#@ you, I don’t need you” followed by describing their citizens as ignorant, rac ist, gun toting, overly religious oafs who live in hick countries that don’t count for anything. She seems to be able to get along with all sorts of people, he seems to have utter contempt for everyone who isn’t him.

  378. Seriously @ 1:32 am: Not to mention she had a family to raise and take care of.

  379. “This scares people- even some in the GOP- more than anything else.”

    MikeO – You nailed it. I even heard Rush say “she’s not exactly what we want but we’ll take it”.

  380. Fake astroturf Palin smear campaign exposed:


  381. Does anyone know what character Biden is referred to as?

    Obama is Bambi

    McCain/Palin are now Scooby Doo & Scrappy Doo

    Biden ?

  382. Term limits– a good idea but they require a constitutional amendment.

    Shaking up Washington– all for it, but congressional evildoers can always slip their wasteful spending into the budget, and McCain would have to sign on or veto the whole thing and shut down the government.

    That’s why the country needs radical fiscal reforms like a line item veto and some sort of balanced budget amendment.

  383. I was listening to AM radio today and it was Bob Woodward talking about GW Bush and that he often skipped some of the high level meetings on the Iraq war…and the radio DJs were confounded, saying “what is wrong with George Bush?”

    It occurred to me then, take away the party affiliations, and I could see Obama doing exactly the same thing as Bush…skipping high level meetings, telling others to take care of it, voting present basically…and showing ZERO leadership.

  384. It is amazing that Obama is now floating the meme to anyone who will mindlessly download it that every white woman who does not vote for him is a racist..amazing.

    “If Obama wins, she [Hillary] gets to see her party in power, if that is her object. The problem is that the party is no longer hers. Or hers and her husband’s. If Obama wins, the Clintons become history. They also slip down considerably on the great grid of power: She is eclipsed by a president who defeated her, a first lady who hates her, a loquacious vice president with a large, lively family, and a legion of people who early on threw in their lots with Obama, and have prior claims upon him and his loyalty. She becomes in effect a footnote to history, remembered perhaps for her personal dramas, her historic run in the primaries no longer remarkable, but overshadowed by Sarah Palin’s run for vice president. Win or lose, Palin becomes the country’s most visible she-politician, culture phenomenon, as well as the best bet to succeed John McCain at the head of her party. Hillary is yesterday’s news, and has the rest of her life to brood on the mistakes that caused her to lose–very narrowly–the great prize she wanted and pursued, some will tell you, for the past 30 years.

    This changes, however, If McCain wins. At once, she becomes the most important Democrat, the shipwreck survivor, the frontrunner for her party’s 2012 nomination; the road not taken; the one that, if followed, would have led to the outcome for which her party has struggled so long. For four long years, she will be saying “I told you so”–to the super-delegates who didn’t flock to her even when she won all those big primaries; to Obama, now back in the Senate, who didn’t name her when he had his big chance. A deflated Messiah, a wünderkind who couldn’t quite hack it, Obama would join Al Gore and John Kerry in the weary line of pitiful losers who tried and failed to match Bill Clinton’s success. Bill Clinton himself becomes the Big Dog again, the one shining light in the overall darkness, the only Democrat to be elected twice since Franklin D. Roosevelt, the most successful Democrat since the mid-1960s, when Lyndon Johnson’s luck, along with his party’s good fortune, ran out. (Granted, this is a fairly low bar to get over. But still.) If you were Hillary Clinton, which prospect would you find more appealing? Let’s guess.”

    ..Noemie is spot on

  385. Almost 400 responses eh?

    Threads getting longer at the Confluence.

    A new one anytime soon?

  386. Weekly Standard (yeah, I know) adds some good fodder to the topic

  387. Obama also used Bill Clinton’s words when talking about the economy….a plan for Main Street as well as Wall Street. I have a screenshot of a CNBC interview with Bill Clinton the day BEFORE Obama’s Main Street/Wall Street reference. Up on the screen is “Clinton: Bailouts are needed to save Main Street, not just Wall Street.”


  388. Interesting, edge.

    The picture accompanying your commentary is thought provoking (chapeau to the artist).

  389. macfaux – excellent statement. It must happen for there to be any justice in the universe.


  390. WOW! Guess what happened overnite?





    Bloggers sniff out anti-Palin astroturf campaign– and the cover up begins

    September 22, 2008 04:44 AM


    These kind of tactics by the Obama campaign are unconscionable!!

    Help get the word out and expose Obama.

  391. “It must happen for there to be any justice in the universe.”

    (Sad smile) Why is karma playing tricks on us this electoral cycle?

  392. Moderation?

  393. Yup, moderation….I’ll go pay taxes online while it gets freed by the forces that be.

  394. msindy, on September 22nd, 2008 at 12:56 am Said:
    (respectfully snipped)
    What we are left with is a terribly flawed presidential candidate (Obama) and a better candidate (McCain). If heaven forbid McCain could not fulfill his term then I’d still feel better with Palin as president rather than Obama.

    Amen and a hallelujah chorus!

    McCain is sharp as a tack for an “old geezer.” Obama, not so much. Plus McCain has the experience. This is what he does. And he’s been doing it for a long time. Best of all, he has a proven track record of reaching across the aisle. Although I am more liberal than most, I’d feel more comfortable with McCain. After 8 years of Bush it would be nice to feel that someone competent is heading the country.

    And Palin is clearly a very quick study. She doesn’t scare me either.

  395. Hi,
    Been lurking for a while here and just wanted to say what a great site you guys have going.

    I encourage y’all to take a look at this “astroturfing” story breaking at Jawareport.

    For me, I was instantly with the parallels of what happened in the Democratic primaries: all we kept hearing about from the media was this alleged “grassroots” movement that supposedly came out of nowhere from the people themselves to take on the “corrupt” Clinton machine. Well, it turns out all that “grassroots” mumbo-jumbo was manufactured by strong arm media and marketing moguls directly and intricately linked with Obama and his campaign. The “grassroots” was completely fake! Wow! The whole lie that is the candidacy of Barack Obama is slowly being peeled away.

  396. “fear”?

    Hang onto your hats.

    I have full confidence this administration will lay aside their perverse pursuits of Ritual Abuse Trauma- covert torture, mutilation (ritual balding, teeth grinding, facial injections that cause wrinkles to artificially age) and violations of US citizens after gassing them to enter the house in black ops,

    to crank up a bombing at least of Iran.

    Fear? You have not seen fear yet.

  397. Just got this obot email. They’re trying to “turn around” a poll that’s trending positive for Palin.

    PBS has a poll that asks: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?

    I logged on a few minutes ago and a smaller percentage has voted NO.

    Let’s turn this around….. You don’t have to give your name or email address in order to vote. It’s very simple.

    Here’s the link:

    I voted YES. I figure that IF Obama is qualified to be President then Palin is MORE than qualified to be VICE President.


  398. Here, here! I completely agree. Thanks for your post…

  399. I got the same email about the PBS poll. I don’t think any web-based or email polls could possibly have any validity. I just deleted the email (don’t tell my cousin).

  400. These claims, despite their zero basis in fact, can easily be believed by the Democratic Party faithful. Because in desperation they want to believe any of them..


  401. Okay I support Hillary and am … um, nevermind….

    (edited by the moderator because no troll should ever write anything that long–trust me)

  402. Moderator, come on. I have posted here for weeks but because my opinion differs slightly from yours, you call me a troll? I have posted things very pro-Hillary that were much longer than that, and you know that. People have commented nicely about my posts. If you’d like I will go to the archives and find them. You didn’t delete those.But now that I express a view about a candidate which you do not agree with I’m suddenyl a troll? Are you seriously saying that you oppose peaceful discussion with differing opinions? Wow.

  403. why do you trolls always post on old threads….nobody’s reading this anyway…

  404. This is an old thread? It’s from today, isn’t it?

  405. Have you ever tried talking to an Obama supporter? My own mother has been drinking the koolaide and is totally deranged and she’s a life long Catholic and cannot understand why her Jewish son refuses to follow the Obamabots to Jonestown.

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