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The AP is working for the Republicans

How else do we explain the AP-Yahoo study that purports to show that one third of Democrats will not vote for Obama because of his race.  Only 59% of Clintonistas will vote for Obama (Really?  We’ve been that successful?!  Alright! {{high-fives all around}}).  So there must be a correlation between the reluctance of these former Hillary people and their prejudices.

There can’t possibly be any other reason for why we will not vote for him.*  We must simply not like African Americans and think them incapable of leading. That must be it.

But what if that’s NOT it?  What if the holdouts are simply unconvinced that Obama is ready to be president?  Maybe they think it would be cool if an African American would  be president but they wish Obama had waited 8 years.  Maybe they are put off by the way he conducted his campaign.  Maybe they don’t like his supporters.  Maybe they were offended by the sexist attacks on Clinton.  Maybe the people in NJ didn’t like their votes for Hillary turned over to Obama at the convention without even a “By Your Leave”.  Maybe they didn’t like that Hillary wasn’t offered VP.  Maybe the whole economic/war/globalization thing has them spooked and they want an older and wiser leader.

Or MAYBE they are really sick of this “If you are white and you don’t like Obama, you are a skin head, Nazi, KKK, ignorant racist.”  Hmmm, let me check with myself on this.  Yup, my self says that I am sick of it.  In fact, the more I read about polls like this, the sicker and angrier I get.  I get so angry that I think to myself, “I am not going to let someone insult me and offend me over and over again and let them get away with it.   I will not be shamed into voting for Obama because I have nothing to be ashamed of.   I am going to vote *against* the person who does that just to teach them a lesson.  And the lesson is, stable systems result when there are bonds made and disorder reduced.  And calling people racists when they aren’t is counterproductive to stability and leads to distrust and disorder and inefficiency.  A candidate who sinks to that level is not a good leader.”  I know of a LOT of other people who are feeling the same way.  I don’t have to prove my non-racist bona fides to anyone by voting for this corrupt politician.  I can give my vote to whoever I want or no one at all.

This race baiting strategy has jumped the shark.  So, I can’t possibly see the advantage of rolling it out now.  Strategically it is stupid to further antagonize your shrinking base.  Therefore, I can only conclude that the Republicans are fanning the flames of faux racism by commissioning this poll.  But it wouldn’t work nearly so well if Obama hadn’t lit the match in the first place.

*Talk about burying the lede, the REAL reason most Clintonistas won’t vote for him has nothing to do with racism:

Perhaps most noteworthy, the AP notes that the study itself found that “race is not the biggest factor driving Democrats and independents away from Obama.” It notes that “doubts about his competency loom even larger.”

115 Responses

  1. But playing the race card worked soooo good in the primaries!

    EVERYbody agreed that those nasty Clintons were bigots. Everyone except those bitter old . . . oh, wait.


  2. yeah, and elsewhere, I’ve seen people claiming that having doubts about his competency is racist. Apparently, the only reason we think he’s not competent to lead is because he’s black.

  3. Dang! Used the “R” word so I’m in moderation.

  4. Not on purpose, I am sure. That last ditch attempt at crying wolf on racism has a funny twist too: it appears they are also using fake quote from people who were never polled to make their point

  5. It also sounds very like a set up for blame after the fact .. and I dont care… at this point I dont care what they call me … I have given up on hearing anything remotely resembling the truth on the MSM … I certainly dont expect it from people who rig elections and give away votes and delegates to people who were not on the ballot ; neither do i care what people who think that is ok call me I just dont care …
    What i do care about is making sure that lying bo does not make it to the white house .

  6. […] Riverdaughter finds the burried lede in the AP article Perhaps most noteworthy, the AP notes that the study itself found that “race […]

  7. julie – I made the same mistake – with the same result

  8. I saw that on Yahoo all damn day yesterday–it wouldn’t go away. I’m smelling desperation. Let ’em think what they want. Everybody has made their decision about who they will vote for at this point. Attempting to tack on some guilt about it isn’t going to fly. I think it’s an attempt to scare us into thinking that if BO doesn’t win, there’ll be riots due to the perception that “he lost due to r*cism”, and we’d better fall into line or suffer. What does everyone else think?

  9. As Hillary said, he only has a speech he gave in 2002 🙂

  10. RD — congrats on hitting over 3M hits !!!

    I saw that article yesterday and was disturbed by it. I am with you so sick of hearing and ANGRY about it. A “neighbor” left us an anonymous note saying your signs (McCain & Hillary) indicate anyone but a black man. I was offended and insulted.

    I like what Lady Lynn said to Campbell and I paraphrase but it goes something like this — If calling me bitter because it helps you justify what you don’t understand — then call me bitter

  11. I would have voted for Obama even though I thought he lacked the experience, was a Chicago thug and a fraud. The one and only reason that I will never vote for him is that he is psychologically unfit to be President, now or ever. He is a f’ing sociopath and we have already had eight years of that and Obama would be worse.

  12. Ah, eof, I’m sure you will be revealed to us shortle. :o)

  13. Who said it?:

    While the need to address the current crisis is clear, I will only support steps that will prevent a widening crisis, tackle the worst kinds of abuse tolerated for too long by the Bush Administration, and address the root problems at work.


  14. that was supposed to be “shortly”. Oy. :o)

  15. Irlandese: Who has time for riots anymore? We all have to get up and go to work on Wednesday morning. Messy, dangerous things, riots.

  16. RD: Almost choked on my coffee on your title. I think they switch back and forth just to throw a wrench at the readers. If a person is a r**ist, they really don’t care what anyone thinks of that, and they aren’t going to reconsider their position just because you call them such. The word only hurts those who are not. I know a woman who absolutely hates Asian people, they’ve called her that, and she just looks at them and says “so, what’s your point.” As she told me, she’s too old to care, and has no intention of changing her views.

    Off topic: I did find this interesting link at Wikipedia – if you click next to the flag you can see the map for all the prior elections. I only went back to 1976, but find it interesting that most of the West Coast was Republican until Bill Clinton. CA and NV went blue, NV went back to red when Gore ran.


  17. I should vote for Obama because he’s African American?

  18. race is not the biggest factor driving Democrats and independents away from Obama.” It notes that “doubts about his competency loom even larger.”

    maybe that’s why Obama, sebelius, biden, etc are trying to make sure that people t hink that the two are one in the same. that if you callhim incompetent that means you are racist, whether you know it or not. I’m sick of it too, I hear it in every argument in support of him. They are making a mockery of everything the civil rights movement tried to accomplish.

  19. Scary Smart Anglachel, re: Hillary’s statement:

    This statement should be printed out, carried around and read five times a day by every Democrat. In four paragraphs, a new vision for the party and the country are laid out.

    What she said


  20. The biggest mistake we can make as in BHO…Is to think or believe one persons voice is the “only” voice we need to listen to.

    “No Quarter” has important information unrelated to Soros and key to understanding just who’s pocket Obama is in and WHY? It’s ***ALL WALL ST ***all the time!

    We live in a complex world with MANY factions affecting the political climate. It isn’t the Huffington Post or Obama supporters…They are nothing more than propaganda pushers. We need to get at the ROOT Cause of things otherwise we’re just spinning our wheels.

    Anyone that hasn’t figured out that it’s the World Bankers that have cause this Economic Crisis is living under a rock with their primary purpose to destroy the Middle Class.

  21. Gary, I’ve been told the same thing and I, too, am sick to effing death of it!

  22. SOD: I seriously think it is a Republican operation. People are mad as hell about being called racists. It has crossed a line in the sand. I think the meme is a way to drive voters away from Obama. But as I wrote, it wouldn’t be working if Obama hadn’t lit the match.
    Let us not misunderestimate the ability of Republicans to get inside and fuck around with people’s heads. They played a similar game with Hillary by telling Democrats that she thought she was the inevitable candidate. Well, who the hell wants to be told they have no choice in the matter? Obama wouldn’t have gained so much ground last year if there wasn’t a direct reaction to this meme that Hillary thought she was going to sail into the WH without much opposition.
    See how it works? It’s like reverse psychology.

  23. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but BO often uses the term “looK” (as in how this (POTUS) race “looks) when he’s speaking – I heard him do it again when he urged his followers to get in people’s faces. I feel more and more that he is playing the race card himself – but no one is calling him on it.

    I don’t care if the a** is orange, purple or blue. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED to be POTUS and I’m through propping up idiots.

  24. NVSV:

    California went blue thanks to Republican Pete Wilson’s racially divisive campaign strategery that pissed off the Hispanic community.

    It got him elected, unfortunately.

  25. What concerns me is, if Obama is elected, will we not be able to hold him accountable for his governing the country because any questions about his actions or lack thereof would be considered r@cist?

  26. RD–well, having lived thru the LA riots back in ’92, they sure throw a wrench into simply GETTING to work!

  27. Riots? From what I understand, every major city has already trained their police forces to be prepared, and all of our local police are “on call” to work that night – no vacations that week, you better be in the hospital or you will be at work. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but ours went through intensive riot control training shortly after Hillary suspended her nomination. I’ve already told my mother that she has to stay with me that night, and possibly for a few days after.

  28. Irlandese, agreed. I lived in LA then, we weren’t allowed to go to work for several days, they shut down our building.

  29. OK, now we know they’re desperate. LOL

    Jewish grandkids are flying to Florida to visit their grandparents — without being guilted into it — to talk their elders out of voting for John McCain.

    The Jewish Council for Education and Research — a new pro-Obama political action committee — is organizing “The Great Schlep,” in which hundreds of Jews will make the Southern exodus on Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 10-13.


  30. I heard yesterday on PBS – McLaughlin Report laid out a case against Obama on the economic front. Transcript / Video hasn’t been posted yet.

    Have you seen this? Might have been posted a couple weeks ago – who knows. Still good stuff to pass along.

  31. 1-They’re defending themselves against future attacks.

    2-Since forever, they’ve been bundling inexperienced, scary, funny (foreign=unAmerican) name, and r*cist into the same sentence- attempting to create a subliminal message that any one of these criticisms is basically closet r*cism.

    3-They are trying to scare Pumas, and trying to persuade their supporters that it is morally ethical to “get in their face”, or worse.

  32. Here’s an interesting piece on the problems with the study. For one thing, they polled all adults, not registered or likely voters. The study also didn’t look at how many people will vote for Obama *because* he’s black.


    Why is Stanford U. partipating in unscientific studies like this?

  33. NV Swing Voter, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:46 pm Said:

    Riots? From what I understand, every major city has already trained their police forces to be prepared:
    My friend who teaches in an “inner city” school has already heard from her students that there is going to be trouble. If the “O” wins it will be a “We won!!!” civil disturbance and if “O” looses it will be a “Rodney King” type civil disturbance.

  34. Leisa, everything will be racist if he is President. Time to print out PUMA flyers!

  35. Will the white liberal elitists be rioting in their university enclaves?

  36. The poll is a joke.

    Had you asked Blacks and/Hispanics, about 10% would’ve answered the same thing about Caucasians. There are rotten apples in every bunch. But they are not the majority and never will be.

    They highlighted the most statistically insignificant numbers to play a race card. And Obama’s inexperience? Polled the highest but not reported as such.

    I remember a few years ago there was a draft Colin Powell movement that was HUGE. Of course, Colin Powell is a Republican but many Blue Dog Democrats love him and were willing to vote for him on any ticket. Oh and he’s black. Born in the Bronx.

    So that race card is CRAP.

  37. Laurie – I’m DYING for an O-bot to “get in my face.”

    They won’t have a face left by the time I’m through.

  38. Oh crap! I just did what I hate.

    I called them “liberals”

    They ARE NOT liberals.

    They are fauxgressives

  39. I moved to LA not long after the riots, and you know what? they burnt all of their own neighborhoods to the ground. The police made quite sure they didn’t get past Pico. LA is one of the most racially divided cities I’ve ever lived in, but if they think rioting is going to do anything but hurt themselves, they’re crazy

  40. SM,

    See, the fact that we think Obama is inexperienced means that we’re racists. See how that works?

  41. I hope an Obot gets in my face.

    I eat lots of onion and garlic.

  42. bostonboomer – according to the Obots, no one is voting for Obama because he is black. They are voting for him because (insert random list of Hosannas) AND he’s black. The black part is just icing on the cake. So there’s no way the pollsters could have surveyed people who support O because he’s black because they simply don’t exist.

  43. myiq chapel hill will surely be engulfed in civil unrest. They will storm the rural NC countryside with arms raised holding scalding lattes and flinging arugula at the unclean masses.

  44. Weeeeeee!

    Raiders get a 68 yd kick-off return to open the game!

  45. Gary – whilst capturing it all on their i-phones, no doubt.

    Lord, you made me laugh and laugh and laugh!

  46. oh, great – riots. Sometimes I feel that I — being white — am the only one at the table to discuss racism. I feel this primary season that everything is on my “white” shoulders — that it’s all my “white” fault — that I must fix everything that is wrong with racism. Perhaps we need to bring “diversity” training back and teach the piece about “being white” to African Americans. That it takes 2 for this conversation. I am talking to the folks who think violence is the answer.

    If the “chosen one” is all that — where is his leadership on this? His “black and white” speech this spring – was about blaming whites. That’s not a leader. His “fathers day” speech was about telling black fathers what they must do.

    Why not stop the speeches and do something. Go back to Chicago and instead of working as a Community Organizer for ACRON – why don’t you actually do something to change the culture, the message and help people instead of preaching to them.

  47. Gary, nicely done.

  48. Julie,

    I understand it would be difficult, but a study could be designed to elicist that information. As long as the AP/Stanford poll doesn’t account for people who are voting for Obama because of his race, the poll itself is not scientifically valid.

  49. Riverdaughter: I totally agree with this:

    I seriously think it is a Republican operation. People are mad as hell about being called racists. It has crossed a line in the sand. I think the meme is a way to drive voters away from Obama. But as I wrote, it wouldn’t be working if Obama hadn’t lit the match.

    Republicans are expert at turning enemies’ weapons back against them.

  50. Gary,

    I can’t wait to see the riots on Beacon Hill. Those crazy rich elitists will probably destroy downtown Boston.

  51. BostonBoomer, EXACTLY! yet the Republicans have broken racial barriers via Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell and Alberto Gonzales. Sure WRONG Politics, but they can’t claim R*ACISM at every opposition.

    Colin powell was the perfect example – I remember even before the Iraq mess when Colin’s name was thrown around that I was even positive about him doing a VP or Presidential run. And I’m a liberal! Because he has the EXPERIENCE.

  52. bb – of course you’re correct. It’s just that I foolishly have been posting elsewhere, and when I pointed out that very same weakness with the poll, that it didn’t include blacks who were voting for Obama because he is black, I was seriously told that there are no blacks who are voting for him for that reason.

  53. Amen SimoFish!

  54. How can we get all of these pundits and pollster’s comments to go straight to “moderation”?

    Hell, we can’t even use the word as in the phrase “r*ce to the finish line” without altering the word. They throw it around like a freesbee all day long.


  55. On May 31st, I felt as low as I could as a citizen of this here nation (yes…it crossed my mind that they weren’t counting the votes because Hill was a woman). I remember seeing young women in their twenties to late sixties in tears and some men too. Voters in Florida were declared 1/2 a person!

    I think for it to be a valid poll they need to ask if the misogyny of the primary, the voting issues, not counting votes and the general perception of the people’s trust has affected his electability irrespective of race. For me, I was willing to check him out before the brutality of the primary which started full steam ahead in January with the calls for Hillary to drop out.

    Today, I continue to run into more people, (Republicans too) that said they were going to vote for Hillary if she hadn’t been knocked out. Yes, many see what went on and others are just learning about it. So, the media doesn’t report on it, but people are still hearing about it.

    The fear is so well documented that many people want to pay special ‘watch’ to the GE and to think that the United Nations was coming to the US to make sure he got a fair go, only to see it was his campaign that kept people out of the voting process. They should have gone back to his early days and seen that he had used any and all tactics to keep his opponents out of the race including knocking voters off the rolls…for as little as printing their name (some people can’t do cursive…in many nations an X and their thumb print is good enough). 😦

  56. The race for Hillary was Super Tuesday. It never was the GE..
    I said it over and over again…Guess what? No one listened!

  57. BostonBoomer — too funny !! I would love to see those Beacon folks riot.

    Yeah – I live along the 13 in Oakland, CA — my city of Oakland happens to be the 4th most dangerous city in the country. We’ve had over 100 murders so far – it’s nuts. I live in a great neighborhood – I am lucky to be able to afford this home – but then – I have worked my ass off for it and made wise investments. Part of it’s luck and part of it’s my drive for success.

    I am the only one that has the courage to put up my McCain sign. The guy behind me is a republican. Everyone thinks I am the only one voting for McCain and they can’t understand why since I love Hillary so much.

    They are so angry over my sign. It was stolen last week – lucky me – I had a spare. I sent out an e-mail to my neighborhood e-mail list and the response was – that sign doesn’t belong here. I kept to my message – it’s my property on my property and your opinion isn’t asked for nor does it matter.

    It really felt good – a weight was lifted — my sign had completed it’s purpose – to piss off the Obots. So – I best be home the night of Nov 4th to make sure my neighbors don’t come torch my house. I don’t think they would.

  58. SHV, I really hope not, but I grew up in those “inner city” schools and it’s not the voters who will start it, it will be criminals. Kids don’t understand what happened with Rodney King, there was an almost riot a few months prior that community leaders squelched when the Korean grocer got probation for shooting that little girl in the back saying they would get justice with Rodney King, and they didn’t. It started off peaceful (my bldg. was evacuated by the police the moment the verdict came in), then the criminals started looting, targeting Korean owned businesses at first, that man was pulled out of his truck, the stupid news told everyone that while the National Guard was moving in, they had no ammunition in their rifles, live coverage also showed white men loading televisions and stereos into their BMW’s and Mercedes, it went from a protest to an “opportunity” and a lot of people got caught up in the mob mentality and a lot of people got hurt.

    I left the state a month later.

    I really wish they would realize that no good comes from it and they, personally, may get hurt. I have no doubt in my mind that the LAPD will do exactly what they did during Rodney King, leave the community to fend for themselves, while Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Palos Verdes, and surrounding communities will do exactly what they did then, be surrounded by police with orders to shoot first, ask questions later.

  59. The Republicans started in on Hillary the day Bill took office! They’ve had 16 years to “swift-boat” her, and it worked. I’ve said it before, they are the masters of the chess game of politics. Knock out HRC, put in a straw man, get him knocked out, undermine the entire DNC base, and stroll right into 1600 PennAve. Let’s just hope that McCain/Palin can deliver. *side note–just got off the phone with a bff that moved to Alaska 2 years ago. She’s enjoying her $1200 “energy check” she got from Sarah. I’m telling you, masters of the chess game…………

  60. Hillary won big on Super Tuesday, but the media made it sound like she lost.

  61. NV–Darryl Gates, the LAPD police chief, was the idiot who didn’t put the cops on full alert the day the RK verdicts came in. It could’ve been prevented, but he wasn’t bright enough to figure out how much trouble there was going to be. The man who got pulled out of his car at 3rd and Vermont and beaten was Reginald Denney.

  62. When he loses, they will only throw their blackberries, ipods and cell phones across the room, and then quickly rush out to replace the broken one.

    My sister would never stop her 2 year old from throwing herself onto the ground at warp speed and screaming any time she didn’t get her way. It was pretty embarrassing and quite poor parenting in my opinion. It all came to an end at Six Flags in Missouri one very, very, very hot day. My husband and I were with them when “Whitney demanded something.” Her dad said, “Whitney, wait until …………..”. On cue, without instant gratification coming her way , she hit the asphalt screaming. Within seconds, she stopped, jumped up and looked shocked that her aunt Carol and uncle Tommy were laughing. She gave us a look of “what the hell is so funny, the ground was hot, and I got burned”. Then she started looking for the “I did it to mryself, buut where’s the sympathy?” Shte didn’t get it from us and my sister was too embarrassed to offer it up also.

    It was a

  63. NV swing — wow – ground zero view — thanks for sharing

  64. I have images of burning Starbucks and overturned Beemers

  65. myiq chapel hill will surely be engulfed in civil unrest. They will storm the rural NC countryside with arms raised holding scalding lattes and flinging arugula at the unclean masses.

    Gary, you moved there after I finally left. That is funny. I think many places will have peaceful protests, but places like Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Washington DC, probably Las Vegas (except we allow concealed weapons), could very well evolve into riots.

    BTW watching Obama in Charlotte, the people in the background don’t look very enthusiastic. Almost looks like a JM rally pre-Palin.

  66. “Officer! They’re looting Bed, Bath & Beyond!

  67. Why is he wasting time in NC? He should be planting his feet in OH and FL. I don’t get what he’s doing. Anyone?

  68. Daryl Gates PULLED all the police out of the communities to spite Mayor Bradley over a disagreement they were having. Daryl Gates was at a high priced fundraiser dinner and told his people to go away, he didn’t care if Mayor Bradley’s city burned. He didn’t get off his high horse until the Governor called the National Guard. Yes, I place a lot of blame on Darryl Gates, but the blame really goes to the criminals who took advantage of an opportunity.

  69. Julie,

    Please, think of your sanity! Stay out of O-bot territory.

  70. Those who would vote against Obama because of his color as not any more racist than those who would vote for him because of his color.

  71. Irlandese, BTW, you and I are in complete agreement.

  72. Simofish,

    You have guts! Hang in there with your sign.

  73. Perhaps all this unnecessary violence by the senseless perpetrators of violence against argula can channel their energy into non-violence like burning their Barnes and Noble discount cards.

  74. NV–I think I knew that at one time, but forgot the whole Bradley/Gates feud. Results were tragic. I just got back from spending 10 days down in LA, and boy was I glad to get back to Eastern Oregon. I wouldn’t want to live down there again for anything.

  75. During my LA stay, I did see one guy in a Target store in Chino wearing a McCain/Palin shirt. People were staring at him like he was wearing a white hood. I’m just going to silently pull the lever on 11/4. No need to get anymore crap thrown at me–I’m still hurting too much about Hillary to take much more.

  76. Irlandese: It’s one of those things I’ve never forgotten. I haven’t been back there in 10 years and I highly doubt I will ever find a good reason that will force me to go back.

  77. My computer acted up so I didn’t get to finish.

    When he loses the ipod group will get over it quickly – they will just wonder why the results took so long to come in that night.

    The others will get their “I did it to myself, but where’s the sympathy?”

    PUMAS will be sitting back with that cheshire grin on our faces saying “We told you so, you burned yourself!”


  78. I wish that black Americans knew the real Obama. He’s not from the American
    black experience, and had to create his black identity. His typical white grandmother was a bank VP in the Sixties. His high school was the most posh in Honolulu.

    What has he done to help blacks? He hangs around
    Hyde Park and the Rezkos of the world.

  79. NV–where were you? I was in Sunland/Tujunga–literally 10 minutes away from where the whole RK video was taped. Lots of bikers riding up and down Foothill Blvd that week. We didn’t have any looting, but you could see the smoke coming up from downtown LA.

  80. Carol Diamonds: LOL!!!

    My diva PUMA CUB knows better. She inherited all the skills from her Amazon Warrior tribe.

    At that point, I would do a one swift spanking on the butt. Once i do that, PUMA cub I meant MAMA HAKA at that point.

    Since then, I’ve rarely spanked her since, because once that “look” gets in me, all bets are off.

  81. Carol: PUMA cub “knew” I meant.

    Yeah – eyes giving our before I press submit comment.

  82. Carol: our= out!

    JEEZ I need a new keyboard & laptop (or eyes & fingers!)

  83. CB, on September 21st, 2008 at 2:02 pm Said:
    I wish that black Americans knew the real Obama. He’s not from the American
    black experience, and had to create his black identity. His typical white grandmother was a bank VP in the Sixties. His high school was the most posh in Honolulu.

    What has he done to help blacks? He hangs around
    Hyde Park and the Rezkos of the world.

    They know him. Just read Black Agenda Report & Sugar & Spice and patsy/Soldier for Hillary.

    They are supporting because he’s black, no other reason. They know he’s hollow on the inside but if they don’t support him, their friends & neighbors will call them “Uncle Toms.” It’s black mail to Black people. Just awful.

  84. Here’s some straight talk:

    “In the past few weeks, Obama has thrown so many false accusations against John McCain that just keeping track of them has become difficult. And these aren’t innocent errors. They are deliberate distortions of the sort Obama has always said he reviles.” — New Hampshire Union Leader

    “Obama In The Mud: So Much For Honesty”



  85. On that last thread– I wanted to say that the poll did not attribute greater prejudice to the Democrats polled; that part however may have been buried under the headline.

  86. On a lighter note, anyone who hasn’t downloaded Matt’s 2 cent radio show on Friday, should get it -the first half hour is a hoot!!!
    Imagine 3 eighteen year-olds taking off Whoopi’s slavery remarks!!
    I was in bed with a fever and I couldn’t stop laughing…

    blogtalkradio.com search my 2 cents.

  87. Irlandes: I lived in Torrance/Hawthorne and worked downtown, and took side streets all the way home. I got home pretty fast but my ex, whose boss did not send people home until they heard gunshots, worked at 96th & Figueroa. It took him 2.5 hours to go 5 miles.

    It was quite a shock to be stopped and asked for my ID to prove I lived in Torrance by police barricades (I think I was on Prarie Ave), to be able to get home. And that was before Reginald Denney, watching that live was pretty horrifying, especially since I didn’t know where my ex was.

  88. NV–I had just been to 3rd and Vermont that Friday before picking up supplies for work (that and I loved Bullock’s Wilshire). That’s where Reginald Denney was pulled out of his vehicle. It’s not at all funny. I was looking in my rearview and side mirrors for a long time after that, trying to keep aware of people who might approach my vehicle while stopped by traffic. I don’t miss having to be so hyper-vigilant here in rural EO. I don’t think who didn’t live through it has any idea how terrifying that time was. I just didn’t know when it was going to end.

  89. Corrente lost no time posting vicious calumny against melanin-challenged females:


    In addition to r@c1sts, we’re spoiled little princesses who don’t have any real problems:

    But, alas, as the last soccer mom hops in her gas guzzling SUV and trucks her latte drinking ass to the mall to get blasted at the local theme bar with her “friends” before its time to pick up Amber and Brad from another one of their overscheduled activities…[list of dire world problems follows]

    Those stupid, selfish b*tches are putting themselves first! How DARE they!

    What an ugly time to be a woman.

  90. Unfortunately, if these kids choose a RK riot, I think they are in for a very big surprise and will ultimately regret the results. There aren’t enough police to stop it if they’re already planning it.

  91. ugsome, that’s the biggest load of sexist crap I’ve ever read….stereotypes are bad no matter who they’re aimed at. would the oh so enlightened leah and chicago dru.., um i mean dyke have accepted a sentence that replaced the “soccer mom” imaged with one of a “baby momma”. coolente has become yet another den of hypocrites. again, better writing please, coolente….”alas” is soooo 1.0 of you.

  92. I have been convinced for some time that any person who brings up race in a discussion is the true racist.

  93. Maybe the Obama campaign hasn’t noticed, but the race card doesn’t work anymore.

  94. There are ONLY 2 reasons not to vote for Obama:

    Either you are incredibly uneducated or you are a vile racist.

  95. Okay so do I vote for McCain or no one on top? I can’t decide! How absurd that this is our choice.

  96. Lburg,

    Reading this may help…

    Statement from a fellow Hillary Clinton supporter that now supports John McCain:


  97. bboomer, I agree with some of Nate Silver’s points, but he’s kind of an idiot. His polling analyses tend to be rather simplistic and most have a sort “Aren’t I smart? Aren’t I aren’t I?” undertone that makes them difficult to take seriously (imo).

    His valid points:

    1) nondisclosure of methodology. The ‘full results’ pdf put out by AP/Yahoo does not contain most of the more ‘damning’ crosstabs put out in the write-up by the authors. And no methodology on any of the estimates of how much Obama’s polling has been or may be affected.

    2) the polls does contain a largish number of non-registered adults — a little under a quarter.

    But, the study did approach the question of number of people voting for/against Obama bc of his race:

    All Respondents, More/Less likely to vote for him bc of race: 9/9
    Whites only: 6/10

    Silver also didn’t examine the results contra to the ‘narrative’ here, which was the relatively high percentages of people who picked positive adjectives for AAs. Even in the whites-only category, the percentages were much higher than the percent of adults OR RVs supporting Obama.

    Most of the ‘Oh noes!’ articles and blog crap discussing the study focus primarily or exclusively on the numbers for white Democrats and Indies and draw conclusions about how that will influence voting. Yet as I said, the published report doesn’t show those crosstabs, and also doesn’t specify what the MOE would be for those subgroups. But the MOE for just Democrats (nevermind white Democrats who supported Clinton) is already +/-3.

    I don’t agree that this is a Republican effort; I think it’s a Democratic CYA effort, or at least a MSM wasp-nest poking effort. The AP in particular has been in the top among MSM outlets in false, incorrect, or smeary reporting this year, to Obama’s favor in pretty much every case. Esp. since the study was fairly far-ranging but only the race-baiting parts are making the media reports, or seem to have been in the press release statements released by Stanford. Part of the reason I think it’s an obot/Dem thing is that every time Obama looks shaky in the polls the racism riffs come out like clockwork, to rile up the obots and get the verbal violence flowing. It’s both voter suppression and rallying the troops.

    Some stats you won’t see floating in the obot Sea of Crap:

    Percent of people who have an at least ‘Somewhat Favorable’ impression of the following people:
    GWB 32%
    Clinton 53%
    Obama 54%
    McCain 44%

    47% of respondents believe ‘Inexperienced’ describes Obama. Only 36% picked ‘Honest’ to describe him, and only 29% picked ‘Courageous’. Only 25% agreed ‘Unifying’ described him.

    On percent of Respondents who believe Obama/McCain would cooperate with members of Congress from the opposing party at least ‘a moderate amount’:
    Obama: 60%
    McCain: 63%

    Who do you think should have been the Democratic Party’s candidate for the 2008 presidential election?
    Obama: 39%
    Clinton: 38%
    Edwards: 10%

    One thing I found very odd, but don’t know whether it matters, is the geographic breakdowns — 84% of respondents live in metro areas, and only 16% are from non-metro. Study says nothing about definitions of ‘metro’. Also, the South is the heaviest-represented region.

    Anyway, there’s lots of numbers floating around that could be forth contra the racism narrative, or at least extremely skeptical of it, but you probably won’t see those in any MSM accounts.

  98. I also enjoy being called a GOP operative at the same time I’m being solicited by the DNC since I’m a registered Dem.

    We really need to publicize the write-in or 3rd party option, state-by-state. Can “voter education” count as being non-partisan?

    BTW, thought of a new ad campaign on the way home, on the lines of the John Hancock ads. For those of us who have been or who have had to pick guardians, conservators and executors – would you pick Bambi? That thought alone makes me sudder.

  99. So if you all can talk about the gender issue and sexism 24/7 and how it’s the reason for Hilliary’s failed campaign (besides no money and super bad strategy), why can no one bring up the race issue? No one talks about Obama’s election offices getting vandalized and degraded with racial innuendos in places like Indiana or Ohio, because if the Obama camp brought it up they’d be playing the race card. Stop trying to rewrite American history. White women were subservient to men, but they were never slaves, never segregated through Jim crow, never hung up on trees, and never treated as a legal entity making them 3/5 a person.

    You ladies are tired of being called racists because you’re not voting for Obama. Well I’m tired of being labeled a sexist because I’m voting for Barack and don’t happen to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton! The knife cuts both ways.

  100. I am so sick of the r @ c e excuse. Is that the reason Kerry lost? How about Gore? Or Mondale? The list goes on. The only consistent “ism” being displayed is a particularly vicious sexism. First against Hillary and now against Palin. Oh, but that’s supposedly justifiable. It’s okay to attack them with tasteless sexist humor, criticize their attire (be it pantsuits or glasses) and say that they owe it all to their husbands. But, anyone who doesn’t support, embrace or vote for Obama because he is inexperienced, can’t hold a position and engages in dirty tactics is a r @ c i s t. All I have to say to these people is: Take a look in the mirror if you want to see a narrow-minded chauvinist.

  101. giggly said’

    White women were subservient to men, but they were never slaves, never segregated through Jim crow, never hung up on trees, and never treated as a legal entity making them 3/5 a person.

    you are pretty stupid aren’t you? They most certainly were slaves (and still are– in this very country–smuggled in and used for sex or sweatshops). Not only have they been hung up in trees, but they’ve been burnt at the stake, tortured, and in many places even today forced to have painful circumcisions, have acid thrown in their faces, are victims of “honor killings”, forcibly raped, forced to have abortions, and yes, even still today, burnt alive. As far as legal entities, they weren’t only property of men, they were subject to their every whim, and until much more recently than African Americans. Get your facts straight before you come here spouting off about who’s a bigger victim of whom…maybe then you won’t scream racism everytime something doesn’t go your way. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!

  102. giggly, do you realize Obama never lived under Jim Crow and that he has no blood relations who lived under Jim Crow? Are you aware that his father was from Kenya which wasn’t remotely part of the slave trade? Jesus, i get sick of this. MLK he’s not.

  103. giggly – the problem with your statement –

    we are not voting for Obama because he is an unqualified, deeply entrenched in dirty politics, race-baiting, liar. We don’t care what color he is.

    You however are a racist because that is the reason you are voting for him – because he is black.


  104. Hey … if you really want a ‘change’ … change WHO you’re sending to Washington … I’m not voting for either one of those two Bozos … I’m voting Libertarian this year and I truly hope a lot more folks do as well. Send Bob Barr to Washington and that will really shake up the status quo!

    Surely you don’t think McCain is capable of wading through all this economic mess. This isn’t the first time he’s been in banking trouble … if you’ll put on your thinking caps and think back to the 1980-90s … you should remember that he was a member of the Keating Five … a group of influential imbeciles who caused the Savings and Loan Crisis. Now McCain is in the middle of yet another banking crisis and maverickly spouting off stupid comments. Shout, even his son Andrew espouses his economic prowess in that he was recently part of the Silver State Bank failure in Nevada. Nope … can’t support McCain … I’m a retireee and I just flat out can’t afford his economic inadequacies and don’t trust him to lead this nation out of the bowels of this financial crisis.

  105. Gary–thanks for setting ol’ giggly straight. Giggly? Spend some time lurking here before you start shooting your fool kool-aid mouth off. You might learn something worthwhile.

  106. bob barr???? you’ve got to be kidding. I think you’re at the wrong blog.

  107. New post up!!!

  108. Hey giggly, there are white women, hispanic women, black women, asian women, women of all ethnic backgrounds, who are right now (not 100 plus years ago) living as slaves. There are also children, and even men, living as slaves. TODAY. Not yesterday. Get educated. And if slavery is a SERIOUS issue for you, get involved in trying to put an end to it.


  109. One good reason to take these polls with a grain of salt is the so called Bradley effect. The Bradley effect is supposed to be a pattern of telling pollsters that they are voting for an AA candidate, including the exit polls, when in effect they are voting or have voted the other way. This involves 4 to 6% of those polled. If this is true, it represent a very hard number to overcome because, not only does the candidate lose that number, but some other candidate gets these votes. Therefore it means two votes, one lost and one gained if some of those votes go to McCain. I think that the only thing that you can get out of the polls now is to how certain states are trending.

  110. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 1:37 pm Said:

    I have images of burning Starbucks and overturned Beemers


    LOL, I live in the middle of one of those gated elitist Whole Foods Nation enclaves, so yeah, I can almost picture that. The Starbucks Rebellion of ’08. Latte ran in the streets that day!

  111. Thank God for all of you “enlightened ” PUMAs!!!!
    You all get it!! I take “incoming” every day because I don’t fall for all the CR_P the media and theObama campaign put out. I am the last person on earth that would be racist…..but that is what I am called because I don’t (can’t) support “precious.” I find solace and comfort reading your blogs. I really don’t want to vote for McCain because I am a life-long Democrat (recently converted to Independent) but I’m starting to lean that way ( to McCain) just to ENSURE that Obama does not get enough votes. Strange times require strange measures!
    BJD in SO.CAL

  112. There are probably only a few possible reasons for the recent flood of race-card plays from the Obama camp and the MSM:
    1) his internal polling is showing fatal trends
    2) there is a damaging assault underway that the Obama camp will label as a “raci$t attack


    I pick #2. It almost feels… preemptive. OTOH, Leisa has a great point too. It’s a preview of BO’s presidency. No criticism please, or else you’re a r@cist. Ah well, the big boy blogz will love that — fits their style to a T.

  113. Obama and his cult are change, but for the worst. Even worse than Bush. This notion of playing on someone’s guilty feeling just gives you an insight into the evil workings of this media-anointed celebrity.

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