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      A lot of mistakes come from assuming rationality means “thinks the same way I do” rather than “reasons from premises I might not share.” Left than 1/1000 economists predicted the financial collapse, because they reasoned from assumptions like “the market is self-correcting” or “housing prices never go down.” (Sometimes both at the same time, which is rarely […]
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Sunday: Highly Ineffective Obamaphiles

Lea Lane at Huffington Post is worried. Yesterday, she tried to offer some advice to her fellow Obamaphiles that should have been titled, How to talk to Clintonistas (if you must) but which was posted in disguise as Eat Crow?  Hell Yes to Win this Election.  She is concerned that in your PUMA anger and “confusion” about the election, you will without thinking, condemn her to a wiki page cautionary tale of a failed movement. You may unknowingly prove to be her worst enemy by voting against your own interests. It troubles her.

But she has a plan. In times like these, Lea turns to her bible of self-empowerment: Her worn and dogeared copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Lea and her fellow team mates have been sort of “cafeteria” Coveyites. They’ve backslid on 1. Being proactive, since nothing is their fault. If we weren’t all barely literate racists, we’d have gotten onboard by now. If they had followed 2. Begin with the end in mind, they might have picked a different candidate because this one won’t get them where they want to go or, perhaps, they might not have treated us like barely-literate racists, as that tends to make us not like them or their candidate much, disinclining us to vote for Obama. If they had 3. Put first things first, they might have realized that their short term scorched earth campaign tactics and hooliganism were undermining the Clintonistas faith in the system and trust in their candidate. And while 4. Think Win/Win might have persuaded them that at least offering the job of VP to Senator Clinton would have been a better strategic move, they seemed to have been too belligerent and deluded (aka “angry and confused”) to see the benefits of such a plan.

Having failed to lay the proper foundation for a meaningful and constructive working relationship with us, because that requires preparation, strategery and thoughtfulness, Lea puts all of her chips on the one thing she thinks she’s good at and will take the least amount of effort with us stupid, working class, uneducated Sino-Peruvian lesbians- using her words.  She goes straight for habit 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood. This habit is sort of like the old “I feel your pain” or “I hear what you’re saying” but it’s trickier than that in that it relies on empathic listening.  Empathic listening is the practice of repeating what the person says to you with the goal of mutual understanding.  For example, you might say:

“You Obamaphiles are really out of control.  Where the f$^& do you get off telling me that I’m a racist because I refuse to vote for the guy who managed to nullify my vote at the convention?”

and Lea should repeat:

“So, you’re saying that we’re out of control.  You don’t like to be called racists and you have legitimate reasons for not voting for Obama.  You don’t like the fact that your vote didn’t count at the convention.”

Then you would come back with:

“Yeah, and the guy has no experience.  What kind of idiot would run for President after spending 142 days as Senator?  Did you hear him at the debates with Hillary?  She cleaned his clock.  He couldn’t hold a candle to her in terms of knowledge of policy, committment to Democratic principles and confidence.”

Then *she* says:

“So, you are saying that Obama has no experience and doesn’t know policy as well as Hillary.  And you don’t feel that Obama has Democratic principles.  Is that right?”

and YOU say:

“But the straw that finally broke the camel’s back is the overt sexism, first directed at Hillary and then at Sarah Palin.  Do we look like we just fell off the turnip truck?  Do you think you can just whisper “roe” in our ears and we’ll jump through hoops for you?  If Roe is so important to the Democrats, why do so few of their candidates have any mention of reproductive rights on their websites?  Why was Obama courting the evangelical vote?  Why did the platform committee water down the section on choice?  Why is there one message for evangelicals and Republicans and a different message for Democratic women?  Where does he stand on the issue?  And when are we going to stop having male poiticians holding Roe over our heads?  And lay off Sarah Palin, for God’s sakes!  It makes you Obama women look like mindless reactionary sexists determined to undermine your own gender.”

And she says:

Well, hopefully, she says nothing, having gotten the point.  But as Lea lays out her strategy for empathically listening to your righteous indignation, one gets the sense that she really isn’t open to what you are saying.  For example she says:

Eat crow. To get started, memorize this phrase, take a deep breath and say: “Now that I see how unqualified Sarah Palin is, I realize how I misjudged Hillary Clinton. Even Biden said she would have made a great vice president.” Saying you wish she were the presidential nominee may go too far, and you may not be able to get it out. But if the Hillaryite brings it up, don’t argue, and see below.

Lea does not open herself up to a mutual give and take here.  She expects you, the clueless PUMA to finally come around to Obama but she will not make that same capitulation to YOU even though it is her contingent in the driver’s seat right now (but not for long).  She just can’t bring herself to do what should be risk free.

Or take this section:

Take a breath, and move to the next step, which may be the hardest. Praise HRC. Never mention her flaws. Be gracious and do not bring up her vote for the war, or her “dirty campaign.” Do not allude to Bill. Instead, try to find something you can praise with some conviction — some version of “By the end of the campaign I could understand why people were so enthusiastic about Senator Clinton (not “Hillary”). I saw her toughness, her brains, her heart.” “She is gracious and helpful in defeat.” And especially, “Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton.” You may have to go back to steps one and two. Nobody said this would be easy.

Ok, I have to stop right there.  If you want to find out what else Lea and the other Obamaphiles have planned for you, go read the whole ridiculous thing.  I’m sorry, I can’t take anyone who supports Obama seriously when they accuse Hillary of running a “dirty campaign”.  I think at that point I am too bent over with laughter to hear anything else that Lea says.

Here’s the message I would like to communicate to Lea and her ilk:  You guys are fu@%ed.  Big time.  We’ve heard all your stupid hypocritical arguments on sexism and Roe.  We know you have no respect for Hillary or the process. We are determined to stop Obama and his corrupt Chicago Machine in its tracks.  Wake up and smell the Starbucks, Lea.  If you want to win us back, grovel.  Get down on your knees and beg forgiveness.  Promise that you’ll haul Howard Dean’s ass back to Vermont.  Get Obama to apologize profusely for the caucus fraud and the sexism and the accusations of racism and the delegate manipulation at the convention.  We want the satisfaction of seeing him admit that our votes matter to him.

If you can’t do that, move to 6. Synergize.  Think of all the ways you can work together with us to reform the Democratic party after its catastrophic failure this year.

Yeah, right.  We can’t count on you.  You didn’t do all of your proactive work.  Why should we expect you to help clean up?  Nahh, you guys will move straight to 7. Sharpening your saws.  It will be all recreation from here until 2012.  Just do us a favor.  Stay out of politics from now on please.  Leave the real work to the people who actually want to be highly effective.

Stuff you can do now:

  • Contribute to our ActBlue pages.  We now have a link up to The Fab Four on ActBlue.  Did you know that our cocktail party fundraiser last Thursday brought in $700?  We’ll be doing a fundraiser every Thursday from now until the election to help downtcket Dems.  Lea?  Are you working for a downticket Dem or is it all O, all of the time?
  • Contribute to Heidi Li’s effort to send Howard Dean back to Vermont and tell him to eat Sugar on Snow.   Send $10 to Democrats for Principle before Party to place ads in Capital Hill newspapers.
  • Listen to last night’s broadcast of Murphy and Friends PUMA Tea Party.  Murphy talked to Paulie and Marilu of Real Democrats USA.  They need help in the swing states to make Obama very, very busy.  If you want to see Obama running his skinny ass off trying to put out fires, they have a plan for you.  😉

127 Responses

  1. Wow. This diary reads like my time in therapy with my ex. For us to work I needed to change and she would accept my change. Let’s just say that I’m happily single. People forget that others can and will walk away from what they perceive as an unequal and abusive relationship.

    Did you hear that Howard?

  2. I’m sorry, I can’t take anyone who supports Obama seriously when they accuse Hillary of running a “dirty campaign”. I think at that point I am too bent over with laughter to hear anything else that Lea says.

    There is nothing that makes me angrier than the rubbish about Hillary running a dirty campaign.

  3. they’ve already developed the meme for after Obama loses. It will be the fault of middle aged, racist white women. This is so infuriating. They know they’re going down, and they’re determined to take us down with them. It doesn’t matter that middle aged white men will vote overwhelmingly for McCain, it will always be you women who will be held accountable. And guess who is the Alpha middle aged white women….they’re already planning their revenge in 2012

  4. “Vote for me or you are a racist” is not exactly a winning campaign strategy for Obama…

    I’ve never seen a worse run campaign… not since McGovern anyway…

  5. ME: KISS MY AZZ, Lea.

    Lea: “So, your saying to Kiss your azz? Oh, that wasn’t in the emphatic listening manual”

    GarY: Exactly. That whole AP piece spells it out. And the weird thing is it was so general and like only 10% or less of those “racists” answered nnegatively against black people. I bet they’d be 10% of black people that’ll answer the same way against Caucasians or Hispanics, as Hispanics would too. It’s propagandist bullshit.

  6. gary – did you get my email?

    Dee in Durham

  7. UGH – I’m in moderation! I said the R WORD!


    ME: KISS MY AZZ, Lea.

    Lea: “So, your saying to Kiss your azz? Oh, that wasn’t in the emphatic listening manual”

    GarY: Exactly. That whole AP piece spells it out. And the weird thing is it was so general and like only 10% or less of those “r*cists” answered negatively against black people. I bet they’d be 10% of black people that’ll answer the same way against Caucasians or Hispanics, as Hispanics would too. It’s propagandist bullshit.

  9. Now I think I was spammed. Help please?

  10. “If you want to win us back, grovel”

    Not even then, although it might be fun to watch.
    Great piece RD.

  11. Downticket, that is one of the artifacts of propagandists like HuffPo and others. They have actually convinced people that Hillary ran a dirty campaign. Their irrationality on this issue is insurrmountable. The Clinton emails that were published in the Atlantic were supposed to show Hillary had run a bad campaign, but instead showed that Clinton refused to go the dirty route that Penn suggested. Meanwhile they ignore the race-baiting, the voter fraqud, the sexism.
    These people have to be defeated. They are more dangerous than any Republican.

  12. “It’s too late to get us back”.
    Obama was never anyone I ever took seriously during the primaries & I won’t consider him now.

  13. Mawm, on September 21st, 2008 at 10:20 am Said:
    Downticket, that is one of the artifacts of propagandists like HuffPo and others. They have actually convinced people that Hillary ran a dirty campaign. Their irrationality on this issue is insurrmountable. The Clinton emails that were published in the Atlantic were supposed to show Hillary had run a bad campaign, but instead showed that Clinton refused to go the dirty route that Penn suggested. Meanwhile they ignore the race-baiting, the voter fraqud, the sexism.
    These people have to be defeated. They are more dangerous than any Republican.

    Isn’t it wild that we actually is a group of people that are WORSE than Neo-Cons? I would have never guessed this 2 years ago, not even 8 months ago!

    They must be defeated at all costs for our country’s sake.

  14. Great post RD. Thank you. It must be hard being in the front line. I can’t even visit those strange places.

    But note to Lea:
    Dear, do you think it’s wise to lay out your strategy for conversion like that? I mean, people like RD might just make fun of you…

    I’m also wondering if they will be issuing color-coded manuals to the Ommms. I don’t think that they can go back and forth like Lea wants them too without something to fall back on. Pretty much if you ask them one question they just get all hysterical.

  15. Mawm = that THERE actually is a group – need more coffee, sorry!

  16. Lea’s post is too condecending and banal, she wrote the “Jedi Mind Tricks” for Obamaphiles.


  17. Groveling might have worked in July. Now, I require the resignations of both Dean and Brazile, plus an apology from the DNC for gaming the system, and another apology from Obama for remaining silent about the rampant misogyny.

  18. I’m in moderation again – and I didn’t even say a bad word!

  19. that column by Lea, imo was not an attempt to get people to reach out to us, but yet another FUCK YOU straight from obamaland. I mean come on, she didn’t think we would read it??? they say we’re all tech illiterate, but they know its not true. That was nothing more than lea pleasuring herself by thinking about how we react to their smears.

    Be gracious and do not bring up her vote for the war, or her “dirty campaign.”

    oops, silly me, I just did what I told you not to do. give me a break. Fuck YOU lea. (forgive the foul language, but i’m pissed)

  20. angelasmith, they will never even follow the lame suggestions in the article. Did you read any of the comments on the piece? Essentially they are of this kind:

    ‘Fuck them! I’m not going to ask nice to “those people”.’

    ‘Hillary lost, get over it.’

    They are so dense. They can’t even get themselves to pretend they value us. They are so lost, and they don;t even realize it.

  21. Gary – it’s Jedi Mind Tricks for Obamaphiles.

  22. So if we are successful in stopping Obama we are white racist old women? So if we stop Obama, do you think I care what they call me?

    BTW, Larry over at NQ has an extensive post this am on the whole financial debacle, the deep involvement of Goldman Sachs, the complicity of Dems and Republicans. It is long and dense but powerful. It makes one wonder what chance we ordinary people have. It also makes me wonder about the way GS is positioned throughout our financial system and governmental oversight of same and wonder if GS has just engineered a big financial meltdown resulting in the elimination of most of its big competitors and financed by US taxpayer bailout money.

  23. like i said, it was an obamaphile circle jerk….

  24. There’s nothing the Obamas can say or do or think or hope for or slight-of-hand to get me to park my brain at the corner. Their house of cards is going to fall down. From the rubble, I am sure they will be able to beat each other over the heads before scurrying off to be “highly ineffective people” wherever they may go.

  25. Nobody’s listening to them anyway. Just a small percentage of those in denial, the newly indoctrinated or people like Oprah, who have so much money invested, they NEED to stay until the bitter end as witnesses to the money burned in Obama’s campaign.

    If we work positively throughout and not even try to understand what or why the the other side is doing, we’ll be fine.

    The first out poll numbers in Ohio have McCain at 6+ over Obama. This video tells us why and check out the Biden whoppers:

    Pumas Unleashed

  26. Riverdaughter – Thank you for posting some practical advice. I admire your common sense.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  27. Hi RD & Co. Riverdaughter, after that video you had yesterday, plus this article — there is something “missing” in the heads of the late 30-40 something set. I think you put your finger on that here.

    Also, Conflucians — last night I saw a new mag about O. Can you believe it? Right next to a bunch of other mags. It was the historic O presidency! On the cover was the real PRESIDENTIAL seal, as if he won! I looked at it and thought, what a sham, What a total SHAM this whole thing is.

    I have probs with Oprah only supporting him and not allowing Palin on — that seems like CENSORSHIP in a way, doesn’t it?

    Since when has being a President been a celebrity deal — that is what it is about for him. There is nothing there! Nothing! he hasn’t even been a senator.

    And now the country is like 1929.

    Who is responsible? Unethical crooks and CEO’s.

    I feel very bad about our country RD. But, one thing I know — O is not the person to run it under any circumstances. Empty, egotistical rhetoric and hot air. That does not a President make.

    Over at No Quarter, Larry has his involvement with Wall Street –and the bankers. Sick.

  28. I keep reading and hearing that “Obama should’ve” had HRC run as his VP. It appears that winning the WH, is more important than fixing the Democratic Party.

    1. Why should the more qualified candidate accept the position of VP at the furthering of her humiliation and down grading her possibility of a future run?

    2 Why would she want to be part of a failed administration? Besides, be a participant in the further degeneration of the Party itself? If it fails she would be part of that corruption and if it succeeds the credit will be taken by Obama and he would get another four years and she would be that much further from her possibilities.

    3 Why would her followers here who have bellowed about the treatment and duplicitous tactics the DNC, have played in abetting her destruction by the media and Obama, want to continue those tactics by condoning them?

    4 I would never, ever vote for Obama even if Hillary were his running mate. After all, if it isn’t about her, yet about the corruption in the party itself, RBC, misogyny, disrespecting of the 18 million voters why would anyone with an iota of integrity would want to support that? Aren’t we talking about principles here? Are we as desperate as the Obamabots? Does the end justify the means? Again the question of ethics comes up.

    Sometimes we need to break the bone to reset it properly and definitely this entire fiasco is about cleaning house and ridding ourselves of the hyenas that have cannibalized their party. Beginning with Obama down to Pelosi, Reid, Mondale, Dean, and to the bottom of the barrel Brazile!!

    Those saying that having Hillary as the VP candidate would ensure a win, need to understand that it would not. People are not that stupid. What a card board ticket that would be, totally unbelievable and hypocritical. Hillary would look more powerless doing their bidding, after all she does so now. After this bitter and contentious fight who the hell wants to vote for the Democrats. I think Obama himself saw the folly of it. Why don’t you!

  29. Obamaphiles are so f*#ked. And I am enjoying every minute of it.


  30. stxabuela, on September 21st, 2008 at 10:26 am Said:

    Groveling might have worked in July. Now, I require the resignations of both Dean and Brazile, plus an apology from the DNC for gaming the system, and another apology from Obama for remaining silent about the rampant misogyny.


    That’s a good “for starts.”

  31. I was amazed at school this past week (other teachers know I supported Hillary, as did many of them) at how many of the teachers came to me to quietly confess they did not know what to do about voting in November… When I said, “leave the top slot blank”, most seemed quite relieved at that idea…

    Now, I’m in California, so I don’t think it will make that much difference, but at least we will all feel a little bit better…

  32. Know what, Gary? I think Lea is more fucked that she thinks. It’s not the low-info voters who will hold out on her. Well, they *will* but they might be easier to persuade than the real holdouts. The REAL holdouts are the real creative class women and others who are savvy enough know a bad deal when they see it and can cut through any argument the Obots throw at them. And the problem is that we are a much bigger group of people than they thought.
    Yeah, it turns out that not all of us bought the hope and change stuff. We are the ones that Obama’s mesage should have resonated with them most and we didn’t buy it.
    It still comes back to Obama not really understanding his own party.

  33. “OldCoastie”
    You GO GIRL!
    I’m in NY & everyone said the same about us, now the polls are tightening, so who knows.
    My feeling is “every state has potential to be a swing state”.
    @ present I’m still a “N.O.T.”; but I’m leaning McCain/Palin.

  34. Jangles: I am not a George Soros conspiracy theorist. I’m not sure that line of thinking is particularly helpful right now. The breadth and severity of the credit derivatives market exceeds the manipulative abilities of George Soros.
    IMHO, if you are looking for an Emmanuel Goldstein to pin this problem on, you are missing the big picture and an opportunity to make real changes. Please, PLEASE, don’t drag George Soros onto this page. I’m not interested in going there. If NQ wants to talk this up, let them. That’s their area. Puncturing consensus reality is ours.

  35. I was one pissed off PUMA yesterday. On Saturdays, I bring my autistic brother to spend the day with my mother. Yesterday, a friend of my mom’s from back in the day came to visit my mom. This woman was a pain in the ass back in 1962, and she’s a pain in the ass now.

    She’s an easten liberal who now lives in Maine selling real estate. She plotzed herself down n my mother’s sofa and talked a bout the art scene in Porland ME and “livibilty” of the area, etc. She assumed that we’re voting for Obama.

    She has known my brother since he was a small child. She knows that he’s autistic and that he’s routine driven. She interrupted our family day and my brother started acting out. It was horrible. She just wouldn’t leave. Finally I told her that my mom was glad to see her, but Saturday is a bad day. She got all snippy about it.

    She had the nerve to talk about my brother’s care and well being. More like her well being, because with my brother there, she can’t be center of attention.

    It took me all day to get my brother calmed down. My mother was whining at me. I hit every red light taking my brother back to his group home. I came home with a migraine.

    My point : The do-gooders can just leave me alone. Stay away from my family. Obambots, stay away from me. Those of us who deal with the day to day business of getting by do not need to be told what to do. And we sure as heck are not going to me made to feel guilty.

    When I got that busy body out of my Mom’s condo, I was clutching a wet Brillo pad and yelling “As God is my witness, I’ll never put up with this kind of crap again.”

  36. Mawm, that is the quintessential Obamaite comment “they are so dense. they can’t even get themselves to pretend to value us.”

    Us Clinton supporters, we seem to be inferior because we are not duplicitous. Welcome to the
    new world order.

  37. Lea, what’s going on? I thought you did not need us? With that comment we took it elsewhere. Now you spend hours putting together a 7 point strategy to woo us back? Let me give you my 7 reasons why this will not work:

    1. He is unqualified. A scant 200 or so days in the Senate does not invite confidence. He needed to become more seasoned before he threw his hat in the ring with his fingers crossed. But he just could not wait, it had to be now.

    2. His resume is much too thin. I mean, what has he ever accomplished outside of organizing? Name one piece of legislation that he has ever created both in Washington and IL other than what someone else crafted and he allowed him to put his John Hancock to.

    3. He is a ra*cist. Yes, I know you will argue that but he is nonetheless. Sure he let his surrogates get up there, huffing and puffing, pointing out non existent slights on his behalf, but for someone running as the post racial candidate he did nothing to put a stop to this egregiousness.

    4. He is a sexist. Again, did he ever step forward to press
    his disgust with the MSM and his surrogates with what was being shoveled at a more capable opponent in the name of decency? Once again he hovered in the shadows since this somehow benefited him. Sorry, when it came to a display of leadership he flunked the test.

    5. He lies. I won’t bother to list them for you as you are more than aware of what I am talking about, but starting with that “autobiography” the lies just kept coming. Need I say FISA?

    6. He stole my vote. With his theme of “party unity”, which we all know was not possible unless a sense of fairness was on display, he lost every shed of credibility one may have wished to attribute to a presidential nominee. I need to detect a measure of trust with my vote and he basically admitted that the votes don’t mean much when you have enough clout to disallow them.

    7. He is much too arrogant. The faux seals, the pillars, the fact finding mission, the messiah complex, the inability to see beyond himself, the reluctance to speak with the press without script, the dismissive attitude. Tthis merely portends the future handling of his presidency. We have had enough of non transparent administrations. Look where we are today.

    So Lea, nice try. There is more that I could say but we all know where I am coming from. Having been thrown under the bus months ago, it just strikes me as odd that you are now hoping to bring me back to a first class seat. Can’t do.

    I may not be over the moon regarding the opposition, but I refuse to honor a candidate who would do just about anything to get what he wants in the end. My vote counts. You have to earn it. He most certainly has not.

  38. tucsonlynn @ 10:19 am: tucson, hi! Stop by and say hi to your old pals @ http://www.partizane.com

  39. OK, I’ve switched my name from Republican Woman to Swing Voter. I can’t in good conscience vote for my Congressman. Unfortunately, I can’t vote for his female opponent either. She’s a poli sci professor and I’ve seen many papers she’s graded through the years with the comment “If you were a Democrat, you would have received an A.” So I guess I’m voting none of the above. I’m very certain that Dina Titus will be my next Congresswoman.

    BTW, great post. I don’t think it’s helping though. Our volunteers have received their calls and at the end, they ask is there any information they can provide to help change their mind? Yes, tell me one issue you believe he’ll accomplish and why. Silence. One woman actually talked to one of his volunteers for over 30 minutes – very nicely, explained why his plan wouldn’t work – the volunteer actually gave her an email address and they’ve been corresponding. I doubt she’ll change her mind, but she made a friend.

    This is going to be a very strange election. I still think Obama will take NV, and that federal task force we have here will be very busy after the election. It will only make a difference if it comes down to NV & NM.

  40. O/T
    I am concerned about the upcoming debates. I think
    Palin and McCain can do serious whoop-ass on
    the creepy guys, but the moderators of the debates have so far (those in the dem primaries) been swimming deep in the tank (with the PA exception). They are the ones I worry about. I hope that there is going to be some kind of safeguard on the role that the moderators are allowed. If I were a candidate, I would be hard-pressed not to say, “give Obama (or Biden) the question you just asked me. And give me the question you had prepared for him.”

  41. NV Swing Voter – I like the new name! Question for you:

    Our volunteers have received their calls and at the end, they ask is there any information they can provide to help change their mind?

    What volunteers are you talking about? Are they phone banking for McCain? I’ve been out of the loop here lately and I don’t know what you are referring to.

  42. “If you want to win us back, grovel”

    No amount of groveling will win me back. He is an illegitimate nominee, in that position because of fraudulent practices–period. End of story. The only thing that would make a difference is if he stepped down and Hillary became the nominee, and still, my opinion of him, his supporters and the DNC would not change. Of course, that is not going to happen, so I could care less what they are worried about, plotting, planning or discussing. Talk to the hand.

  43. What is amazing is that one half of the Democratic Party is pleading, urging, groveling, at the feet of the other half of the same party to support their party nominee in the general. The primaries, maybe, but the general? Unheard of.

  44. fif,


  45. click: Did you check your compassion at the door?

  46. click212 – Huh? I have no idea what you are talking about. What list?

    I comment here pretty often, and I thought I could vent a bit. If that’s not OK by you, so be it.

    I am glad that people here are giving me suggestions for things that I can do to be certain that Obama does not win. That is the most important thing to me right now.

    And you can call me Arabella.

  47. click212: Arabella is one of our best. P*ss off. She doesn’t need your lectures. Besides, you miss the most essential point: we have witnessed and experienced this exact same boorish behavior from innumerable Obama supporters. They are just like their candidate: obnoxious, insensitive, self-centered, self-important, and intrusive.

    Just like your post.

  48. can I remind everyone what Katiebird has made quite clear in the past, that personal attacks on other commenters here will not be tolerated.

  49. gary: Sorry.

  50. click212: I see that you agreed with my previous post. If you are not an Obot, why did you attack Arabella–especially because of something that obviously upset her? Please be more careful, we’re all quite protective after months of being assaulted.

  51. The anger and DISGUST is unrelenting for those of us who have given hours of our lives, foregone vacations to work on campaigns for candidates like Sen. Kerry whom we knew was not the BEST. However we worked our hearts out to support him.

    What did we get for our efforts, nothing. Or the excited anticipation in “06” that a democratic controlled congress would begin to unwind the errors of Bush??

    Nothing again……. we found that Reid, Pelosi and their fellow democratic members of Congress were just an extension of the republican party. NONE made the good fight to stand up for us citizens.

    Did you as I did ,watch the Sunday talk shows looking for a corordinated effort by the dem. congress to send out senators, congressmen/women to support legislation that they should have worked to pass?

    They didn’t. I finally gave up in disgust, any legislation Reid or Pelosi passed was done by “giving in” to Bush and “watering down” what we citizens wanted to please Bush, not putting up the good fight.

    And that is the problem, the democrats have made no sincere effort by their actions to show us that they are different from the OTHER party.

    The anger and disgust are too deeply imbedded now to “get over it”, it is the PARTY that is in trouble. For the first time in my long life I will not work for or vote for the democratic presidential candidate or the downticket. Why the downticket, because they stood by and allowed this to happen, because they are who comprises the “do nothing” congress. I am without a party.

    I’m through kidding myself that things will be different, they won’t, Obama is just an arrogant, incompetent, corrupt tool of the democrats in power who have become part of the corrupt Washington scene. It is the PARTY that needs a wake-up call,

  52. pat, maybe I should have been more clear. by everyone, I meant click. defending longtime commenters is, imo, acceptable behavior.

  53. Pat Johnson – One thing I’ve notice about Obama and his followers is that they are short on compassion. Obama stands alone on the dias and lectures at us like Cotton Mather. We are guilty, guilty, guilty. We are sinners and he alone holds the answer.

    McCain and Palin stand on the dais together, surrounded by family and supporters and tell us that together we can make life better.

    I know who I’d like to hang out with this election. And many low -nformation, Brillo-clutching white women like me feel the same way. Don’t tell me I’m stupid for existing. Tell me how we are all going to make this country better.


  54. did you guys hear Obama singing “I’m every woman”? get your barf bags!!!


  55. Does he really sing? I’m afraid to click on that link. I still have McCain’s singing etched on my ears.

  56. I doubt that Obama would be able to find “compassion” in the dictionary. He is all about himself. They stuck us with this dismissive candidate and now they are trying to dig themselves out of the hole.

    You could dress this guy in Armani and he still would be nothing but an empty suit.

  57. arabella, yes he does. he is trying to say that michelle is ‘every woman’…..click the link at your own risk!

  58. Sarah Palin serves the people, not entrenched powers

    Excerpt: I stood on the floor of the convention center in Minneapolis, watching with pride as she gave her acceptance speech, and the energy in the room was electrifying. That same jolt of energy has spread through New Jersey where voters are still abuzz about this ticket of mavericks

    It now looks like the Garden State, with its 15 electoral votes, might be the state that puts the historic McCain-Palin ticket over the top. And this will be no accident. Palin is exactly what our country needs — a no-nonsense leader willing to cut taxes and spending and to take on en trenched political powers because it is the right thing to do.


  59. gary – Holy heck.

    I love Chaka Khan. I use her music when I’m working out.

  60. MO and BO make me ill. If she is representative of “every woman” then I insist on maintaining my wholesale resemblance to Cindy Crawford. Both myths.

  61. Riverdaughter wrote, “It still comes back to Obama not really understanding his own party.”

    That was the big mistake Obama and the DNC made. You don’t trash those voters who are the foundation of your party and expect to win with only the followers and the newly converted.

  62. I know the media is knee deep in important issues like Troopergate, but is anyone covering Putin and Chavez lately? Didn’t think so.

  63. “I have probs with Oprah only supporting him and not allowing Palin on — that seems like CENSORSHIP in a way, doesn’t it?”

    I have no problem with Oprah not having Palin on her show. It’s her show, she can do what she wants.

  64. won’t click. too ick. will get sick.

  65. sod – The Obamabots tell me that I’m voting against my own interest.

    I don’t give a flying phooey. Let them waste there time talking to me. I know what my own interests are better than they do.

    I think there is a generational thing in play that is being deliberately misinterpreted by the media. Parents of Obots have told me that this generation (born during the 1980’s) has no “racial bias. ”

    In the Obots’ reasoning old = previous generation = bigoted.

    Very messed up times.

  66. lyn5: They are starting their own party and felt they did not need us to get there. Because this thing so far has been this close, they are not revamping the chant. But should they achieve their goal in getting him elected, we will no longer be a factor.

    The new party, for whatever that contains, will be washed and scrubbed of us. Say hello to Farrakhan and other radicals at whose feet he sat and worshipped.

  67. angelasmith: If the GOP has been thorough, and I suspect they have, they will have negotiated the terms of the debates very, very carefully. Like, who gets to go first and second, foreign policy questions vs economic ones in different debates, lighting, podiums, format. Maybe they even specified the moderators. But if they were REALLY clever, they will find a way to take it one step further.

  68. For years, I have not watched Bush on the TV.
    This is due to personal self preservation and the
    deep felt wishes of those near and dear who don’t like to be startled by me yelling.

    Yesterday, I actually watched Bush speaking about the economy. Having seen the Obrat tout himself in innummerable circumstances, I actually found Bush to be a relief. (hell is now a 24 hour skating rink)/

    I always hated Bush’s smirk. His smirk is nothing compared to Michelle’s hostile smirk.

    I mean if you’re gonna smirk, at least enjoy it.
    Michelle is just beyond creepy. I’ve notice many Obamadrones have that hostile smirk.

  69. As soon as Obama got hold of the nomination, he seemed to lose interest in working for the presidency. He probably expected it to be handed to him.

    Obama doesn’t want to win. He can’t hack high pressure jobs. He’d rather make money on the lecture circuit.

  70. Gary, still here? do you know how a candidate gets added to the Actblue for the Confluence?

    I believe that Darcy Burner is worthy of support here in Washington. She’s pro–women, would not partake in trashing Palin–truly, and I believe she did not say anything in support of Obama until he was the certain nominee. And now, she is perfunctory and luke-warm about him—I heard her tone myself just the other night. If I’m wrong, someone correct me.

    She’s in a tight race, and is a really good person. On another interesting note, this summer, her house burned to the ground. Her five year old son Henry was the one that smelled smoke in the middle of the night, woke them up, and saved the family.

    I know she is WAY more liberal than Dennis Moore who is on the site.

  71. I’m sorry. This is totally off-topic but, is there enough money in the world for this: Bailout Eligibility Expanded to Foreign Institutions

    I don’t understand finance at all. Maybe I shouldn’t even try.

  72. I had that same look in my eyes a few years ago when I fractured my wrist in two places. With the combination of pain killers I was taking at the time, I had a very peculiar gaze within minutes of them kicking in. This may also be attributable to the Obats who appear on his behalf. Some appear to have the same glazed over look that I had for a few weeks. Poor things.

  73. Local Obama nuts have in the past month or so wanted to be friends again with those who were expelled. They want money. Avoiding them at times is difficult. With a queasy, greasy smile one of them hit me up again. I asked if he understood that O was not going to win in this state. Yes he knows but we have to send in money so O can run ads and campaign offices in other states. I asked him to explain to me why I should donate to a candidate who does not like me and does not represent my beliefs nor interests so that he can poor money down a rat hole in another state trying to appeal to voters whom he does not like nor represent in beliefs nor interests. I did not get an explanation. They are starting to hit the wall and actually feel it.

  74. Gotta do the laundry. See you all later.

  75. joanie, I think RD is around, she would be the person to ask.

  76. I’m glad you brought up the issue, Katie. I was going to attempt to voice things you mentioned on the phone this am, and now you can do it.

  77. WOW, anyone catch Chuck Schumer’s debunking of Obama’s tax plan on FOX News Sunday?

    Look for Obama to throw Senator Chuck Schumer under the bus next.

    On FOX News Sunday, Senator Schumer just debunked Obama’s plan to raise taxes on small business and investment.

    Schumer was asked if Obama’s plan to increase taxes on small business owners and increase taxes on invesment should be implemented now that we are facing a potential $1 Trillion bailout.

    Schumer’s response:

    “When the economy is in decline, you don’t raise taxes.”

    Thank You Chuck Schumer!!

    Even Chuck Schumer admits that Obama’s tax plan would hurt our economy.

    Look for Schumer to get thrown under Obama’s bus.

  78. I saw that RD was here after I hit “submit”.

    RD?? Did you see my question?

  79. I suppose I underestimated how scared the O-Fans are. That they’ve pulled out the r*cism charge yet again (and again… and again…) and they’re opening the book on Hillary-Hate tells me they’re freaked. Hee.

  80. Riverdaughter, I’ve been reading Lea’s screed and commentary about it all over the blogs this morning…but I must say, yours is the primo dissection and takedown of it. One of the best of your best posts! 🙂

    Now, back to the top to read comments.

  81. Thanks Riverdaughter. Well said.

  82. Joanie: How tight is Burner’s race? And yes, I do not particularly care for Moore but we take what we can get.
    BTW, Burner is supported by the Big Orange cheeto and Firedoglake, etc. She’s like this year’s version of Patrick Murphy. Personally, if Burner renounced those sites, I’d feel much better about her but I understand her money problems.
    There’s another woman in PA who looks good. Her name is Sam Bennet. I like her slogan: “It’s Sam or the Same”

  83. Arabella, yes, they phone bank on behalf of JM, also precinct captains, and members of our Central Committee. I receive many emails or phone calls from them saying why is Obama calling me, and why do they bother to ask if there is anything that might change my mind, especially when they can’t answer my questions.

    I’ve been a volunteer for many, many years, but depending on what the R party does this next election, I may switch to n/p.

  84. My life has completely been turned upside down. My Sunday mornings used to be the talks shows, Stephanopoulos, Russert, Blitzer. I cannot bear to watch then since so many of the guests are touting Mr. Know Nothing as the Second Coming who will fix everything when I know differently.

    I have choices: go back to church, sleep in, clean out a closet or two, or bury myself in a book.

    The book wins. I would hate to see those church pillars collapse as I walked in the door.

  85. Lea forgot step #8 – “Perform oral sex”

    It won’t change my vote but they should try anyway

  86. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 11:39 am Said:
    Lea forgot step #8 – “Perform oral sex”

    It won’t change my vote but they should try anyway

    I would pass on that one too….

    they wouldnt respect me in the morning… and especially after the election

  87. I’m evilly chuckling at this moment. Lea? The smart horses left the barn when they started smelling smoke. Those of you left aren’t getting us to come back. If I had a nickel for every ‘bot who tried that shit with me this last week, every lame transparent “olive branch” that got waved underneath my stupid/bitter/ r*cist/Hillary-loving/not getting over it nose, I’d be a@@-deep in coinage by now.

  88. Good post. When I read the Lea piece I was reminded of the ‘Pocket Guide’ for the Obamaniac behavior. Code Blue, Code Blue. Suggestions like this have failed since June, O supporters can’t help themselves. Just go to a site that used to support Clinton (TM, TL) …. the Obama people can not tone it down.

  89. Hi RD,

    Her race is very tight, and $ tighter. Yes–Friday there were lots of bots in the room, but we live in Bot-land. I will say this, she probably needs support from where she can get it, but I have NEVER seen or heard of her saying anything that we would find objectionable–quite the opposite. She can’t control who her fans are. I don’t know about her denouncing the cheeto. She needs all the votes she can get.

    I think she is very classy and fair. We are going to need out down tickets big-time.

  90. need OUR downtickets, I mean 🙂

  91. We don’t need to out anyone – that is a deeply personal decision they should make for themselves.

  92. Well, IQ, I took it upon myself in regard to your cross-dressing—Just this once.

  93. Hey, How do I get to personalize my green thing. While I like the Jackie Pillbox on top, The green hue I got from when I accidently clicked on BO singing has GOT to go!!

  94. I blog au naturale, the way Koresh intended.

  95. and Lea needs to add Step # 9 Sing to them

    bo sings ” I’m Every Woman ”


    I have another post but i have to stop laughing first before I can type anymore

  96. IQ, the imagination wanders…..into unchartered territory.

  97. RD,
    I heard Gwen Iffel (sp?) was to moderate one of the debates. Can we ask for Hannity to moderate one as well? Just kidding, but really.. Gwen is horribly biased and knocked Hillary when she could. The people from PBS give me stomach pain. They hide under the pretext of being “a step above” the msm fray. In reality they are some of the worst obots out there.

  98. Your thing is green?

    I need more coffee

  99. I thought this interactive results map was very cool


    oops Gary already posted the singing candidate thingy I was laughing too hard to scroll up sorry .

  100. I let my mind wander once, and it never came back

  101. The Past Week: Recaps & Random Thoughts, September 14-20 (Dog Activism; The Palin Wars; More McCain Offices Open; Joe Biden; We Need 30%; Odinga Revisited; A “Comment” on Congress)


    Good stuff in the roundup…and a great funny from kenosha Marge…

  102. riverdaughter, on September 21st, 2008 at 11:38 am Said:
    BTW, Burner is supported by the Big Orange cheeto and Firedoglake, etc. She’s like this year’s version of Patrick Murphy. Personally, if Burner renounced those sites, I’d feel much better about her but I understand her money problems.
    I think Bill’s 50% statement is a good starting point…The worst Dem is still better than a wing-nut.. with the exception of Chris Carney. Viki Wulsin is another good candidate..she is running again against “Mean Jean” and Dennis Shulman is running against Garrett in NJ-5.

  103. Hugs to you, Arabella–I have a teenaged autistic grandson. Any break in the routine = two hours of hell on earth.

  104. New post by RD up!

  105. OMG. Someone brought that post over to another board I read and the Obamabots are claiming it’s “satire”.

  106. I get in here late and all that you wonderful people say are my thoughts, too, so there is nothing left to add. BUT, I, too, felt that Lea’s post was for “our” ears. They are waiting for our “reaction.” I suppose they think we’ll respond with their kind of behaviors; but, surprise!

    I’ve always said that BO is a product. A marketed, carefully planned out product. What worries me is his continued arrogance – his body movements (running up to the podium like a revered athlete), singing, voice connatations, all of it. I know that a politial candidate needs to be confident – but, there is a certain amount of humble pie that is in order. BO doesn’t have that. There is no humble pie there at all.

    Does he know something that we don’t? I can’t help but think of the caucus fraud.

  107. Back in January, this Lea Lane had only nice things to say about the Clintons…

  108. I got 99 problems, but an proselytizing Obamaphile ain’t one. I just brush them off my shoulders, scrape ’em off my shoes and get back to enjoying my Sunday.

  109. Phoenix, that seems to be more about Lane’s level of access than anything really about the CLintons.

  110. […] (Via riverdaughter) […]

  111. Sheri, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:46 pm Said:

    I’ve always said that BO is a product. A marketed, carefully planned out product.


    I agree.

    I think this insulting, silly little essay by Lane was another instance of tone deaf, bad marketing of a lousy product. This is the problem with both BO and his disciples: they are so invested in their own sense of superiority, their own mass marketed sheen of moral enlightenment, **they don’t even seem to see that they’re publicly insulting us.** Or, they think we’re so lowly that it doesn’t matter if they insult us. What, I can’t read? I can’t see your ridiculous, self-important and poorly written plan? The assumption is that we’re so very “unenlightened,” we the bitter knitters, we the Archie Bunker clingers who dare to carry our lunch to work, that we won’t register the new ploy. Even when it’s posted on a damn website.

    They think they’re that much of an elite group. We, the commoners, can be hoodwinked so easily… ugh.

  112. Where did Lea get these tips from? Sounds like Mossad’s chapter on “Brainwashing”

  113. Ugghhh. Please don’t make me read another idiotic article from the Huffington Post.

  114. This is a wonderful post.

    I will admit it now in retrospect that had Obama immediately asked Hillary to be his VP after she suspended the campaign I “might” have very begrudgingly voted for Obama.

    I say this only because I have never ever voted Republican and for most of my adult life I have considered the word “Republican” to be synonymous with the word “Satan”. And also because I love Hillary so very much.

    However, at this point I have made the decision in my mind, to vote for McCain/Palin. I live in a battleground state and even though it is something I never imagined I would ever do in a million years, I am voting Republican. I cannot risk Hillary’s chances in 2012.

    On a humorous note, relating to this article, I have two Obots that I work with that unrelenting attempt to coerce me into voting for Obama. What I will do is pretend to agree with them, as if I am coming to my “senses”, and then a couple of days later express doubts and veer off into supporting McCain. I usually play this seesaw game every few days.
    It is pretty hilarious watching the Obots twist and squirm over my “indecision”!
    This is devious, I know, but entertaining nonetheless.
    Be Well.

  115. Arabella Trefoil: The kind of politics that turns elections into moral referenda leads to the conclusion that “we” are on the right side of history and “they” are moral lepers derailing progress who must be defeated at all costs.

    Obamans are as morally righteous and irrational as the Christian Right. How can you do the nation’s business with someone who thinks you’re going to hell? Similarly, how can you do business with someone who tars you as a racist for your carefully-reasoned vote against him?

    Should you actually consider Obama as an equal candidate, and reject him because his candidacy does not uphold your values or defend your interests, you are racist. It’s an impossible bind.

  116. myiq2xu: I’ll pass too. I don’t want a social disease.

  117. It’s called proselytizing. When you do it, you piss off 50 people for every one you convert. I think we should act interested and waste as much of their time & energy as possible.

  118. bravo, riverdaughter! brilliant post! arianna IS a thug, as are her minions!

  119. I am having some issues with Etsy right now where I list some of my vintage items for sale. I checked last week on their community boards to see how the majority felt about Sarah, and there were people doing some serious hate bashing of her. I tried to defend her, but the trolls have control.

    My concern is that Etsy’s buyers are about 80% women, and doing serious Sarah Bashing is going to make a lot of women not want to shop on Etsy. If any of you have an Etsy ID, would you mind complaining to Etsy that political threads really don’t belong on a business site?

    I know it is asking a lot, and appreciate anyone willing to help. Thanks in advance.

  120. I wrote a blog about this at Alegre’s Corner, Riverdaughter — but you were blunter and more succinct than I (much less get a much larger audience). Thank you for getting this out there.

    We need everyone in the PUMAsphere to know about this nonsense, in order to combat it.

  121. […] Sunday: Highly Ineffective Obamaphiles Lea Lane at Huffington Post is worried. Yesterday, she tried to offer some advice to her fellow Obamaphiles that should […] […]

  122. Lea Lane has written a particularly disgusting post.



  123. This is a great analysis of that ridiculous article by Lea Lane. That article was everything that is wrong with Obamabots. Sneering, snotty, mean-spirited, fear-mongering, and full of falsehoods.

    I wish someone WOULD dare to try it on me.

  124. Is Barry Hussein Obama ready to hang it up yet? Bill Clinton signaled on “The View” to all of his friends in the Democratic party to put their hopes behind Hillary in 2012. Barry will soon be nothing more than the most socialistic former candidate for the presidency this country has seen in 70 years.

    Nobama….watchin’ the wheels come off the short bus!!!

  125. I think repubs love this site.

    Save every one of your posts. I think it will be interesting with hindsight.

    this river daughter may even (probably is) be a rebublican provocateur.

  126. I like the operation river daughter – casting your nets to catch the innocent angry and frustrated women on democratic party – keeping them in the right temparature of boil….

    excellent work

  127. […] on how to manipulate those stupid, bitter Hillary dead-enders. Obama tells grassroots to ‘get in their face’ […]

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