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Scratching Post Saturday Night – Healthcare Crisis plus a song for mercy

UPDATE:  Sheri tag sent a reminder for all Conflucians to set their timers for Murphy and Friends at 9PM, and as Sheri says: “Pauli and Marilu of Real Democrats are going to let you know how to work for Obama’s defeat without selling your soul to republicans.”  here’s a link to the show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/NO-WE-WONT/2008/09/21/Murphy-Friends-Puma-Tea-Party

Hey Conflucians!  Yes, Market crash, Obama said this, Sarah Palin that, Sandra Bernhardt, THAT.  But Healthcare is a crisis in this country that we need help NOW.  Read this:

PLANT CITY, Fla. – Charles Todd Lee spent a lifetime going backstage at concerts, following politicians on the campaign trail and capturing iconic shots of everyone from Martin Luther King Jr. to Mick Jagger to Mickey Mantle. Today, he enjoys such freedom only in his dreams.

The 67-year-old photographer has been confined to a nursing home for five years, the victim of a stroke that paralyzed his left side. And he’s angry.

“Most of the people come here to die, so you want to die,” he said. “It is a prison. I can’t escape it.”

Lee is among the Medicaid recipients across Florida challenging the nightmare of the old and disabled: to be forced from comfort and familiarity into a nursing home.

They say the state is illegally forcing them to live in nursing homes when they should be able to live where they choose. Advocates charge that nursing homes, afraid of losing money, have successfully pressured politicians to make qualifying for community care more difficult. They have filed a federal lawsuit seeking class-action status on behalf of nearly 8,500 institutionalized Floridians.

Whether the litigation gets Lee and others moved out of nursing homes remains to be seen. But at the very least, it has illuminated the frustration experienced by older people or those with disabilities who say they’re shuttled into nursing homes when they are healthy enough to live at home, with relatives, or in other less institutional settings.

“There are very, very, very few people who cannot be cared for outside in the community,” said Stephen Gold, a Philadelphia disability lawyer who, along with AARP attorneys and others, is representing the group. “Why should the state give a damn whether you put the money in the left pocket of the nursing home or the right pocket of the community?”

Why can’t Charles go home and recieve care from a home attendant as per the new Medicare/Medicaid laws dictate?  Had Universal Healthcare been in place, we wouldn’t be seeing cases like Charles.  The state is just hoping people like him die fast.  And if you think this is just a “red state” thing, I have an 82 year old aunt in serious condition after a knee replacement operation in NYC.  She had her knee replacement done and all fine.  Because she has Medicaid/Medicare, she was shipped to a nursing home for 2 month recouperation and therapy, despite her children offering to care for her at their homes.  Now, she’s in critical in St. Luke’s Roosevelt  [Update 2: She’s now at NYU Joint Disease Center, part of NYU Medical Center on E. 17th St. Manhattan, older cousin will find out more, but she is more stable, reacting well to antibiotics as of 9:30pm] infection at the nursing home, even though she did not ask to be sent there.  Please send some good thoughts over to her.    This is an immigrant from the 1950s that worked all her life until the age of 65 working in the garment district in Manhattan.  Like Charles, she’s getting shafted because it’s cheaper for people to die than to have them get back all those Social Security and FICA taxes they paid for most of their adult life in the United States.  Why is this happening in the United States of America?  Hillary, WE NEED YOU!  This should not be happening to the people that are the back bone to this country, the WORKING CLASS HEROES.

Here’s a song for Charles and Tia (aunt in Spanish) – Mercy, Mercy, Mercy performed by Tampa native Cannonball Adderley, written by longtime keyboardist, Joe Zawinul.  I ask mercy for Charles Todd Lee and for all those facing healthcare crisis around the nation.  This should NOT be happening in the 21st century.  Mercy for all the ailing people in this once great nation. 

This is an open thread.  Order a drink from Rico, Flo is working he karate chops on Gollums wanting to “get in our faces” – this should NOT be happening in the US.  We need Universal Healthcare and a standard set for all people and all insurance companies.  Rich folks shouldn’t be the only ones getting good healthcare. 

288 Responses

  1. sm77, email me at drnancyatsbcglobaldotnet

  2. Ok mothballane!

  3. SM!!!!

    I haven’t heard that song in years. I hope and pray that your aunt will recover and return home soon.

  4. Ah, well — this is the weekend we wave goodbye to any hope of Health Care for Everyone. It was a nice dream but it seems that others need the help more than us.

    (seriously praying for SM’s aunt)

  5. My husband is the only thing standing between me and assisted living….it is very scary at this point…we are living in a very remote section of the state and have little choice and absolutely no availability of most services…am praying for your aunt….hugs….

  6. SM… un abrazo fuerte para ti y tu tia!!

  7. gary: easy for you to say.

    sm: yeah, what he said.

  8. Guys, thanks. I just found out through very nervous mom that she’s in some hospital on 17th st.. she was too nervous to take the name down.

    I called my cousins & left a message.



  9. Hi guys, don’t forget that Murphy and Friends is on at 9pm.

    Pauli and Marilu of Real Democrats are going to let you know how to work for Obama’s defeat without selling your soul to republicans.

    here’s a link to the show:


  10. Obama was in Jacksonville today. Biggest AA population in FL. That’s why he trotted out the “don’t trust whitey” card again, like clockwork. I despise this man. Purely despise him.

    “Obama told the Florida crowd of 12,000 today, “I will cut taxes. Don’t believe what those folks say. Don’t let them run the okey doke on you. You heard of the okey doke. Don’t let ‘em bamboozle you. Don’t be hoodwinked. I will cut taxes, cut taxes for 95 percent of all working families.”

    http: / / countusout.wordpress.com/

  11. sm77, I will say a prayer for your aunt. Our country needs Hillary. *sigh*

  12. Ok taggles! Will post up now!

  13. myiq, I won’t click on any pro O-hole blogs, since I don’t want to give them the traffic stats. What’s she saying?

  14. Jeralyn deleted all my comments from this morning. I guess she don’t have no sense of humor

  15. SM: I am so sorry to hear about your Tia. It brings back terrible memories of my father and what happened after his knee surgery. You are both in my prayers.

    Rose and I found a great place to live so hopefully everything will go smoothly and we’ll be in by mid October.

    I’ll have a Pink Puma for Tia and Charles.

  16. The latest travesty is about the “road to nowhere”

    Despite the title, it has nothing to do with supporting Obama

  17. myiq2xu: you are good!

  18. Sheri, I put up the Murphy & Friends link!

    PUMA-SF: YAY!!! new place! Cool! Thanks for the hug.

    BostonBoomer: Isn’t that a great song? I love Cannonball Adderley. They recently had a big birthday jazz fest on a station here & it was the first one that came to my mind to play tonight.

  19. When I’m good, I’m very good.

    When I’m bad, I’m better

  20. Thank you Gary, ¡eres un amor!

    WMCB: HILLARY!!!! Jeezus. When I hear stories like Charles Todd Lee happening, then my aunt, I just friggin lose it. This shouldn’t be happening. Not when you have a trillion dollars going into a fund to HELP people like Medicare/Medicaid.

  21. myiq west?

  22. MYIQ: LOL! Why even bother with Jeralyn? Is it the Aries in you that keeps wanting the challenge?

  23. Hey Dot!!! LONG TIME NO SEE??

    What you been up to?

  24. This afternoon, as Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., addressed a rally in Jacksonville, Fla., a small airplane flew overhead pulling a banner that read, “Raising taxes is not patriotic.”

    – Jake Tapper

  25. you know what, I’m not exactly thrilled with dotcommodity showing up again only to promote her agenda after being so insulting and hurling phrases like “cutting off your nose to spit your face”, which is exactly what she did last weekend. I for one wouldn’t mind deleting her link.

  26. McCain campaign to use Garrett song
    Posted by KIRA L. SCHLECHTER, The Patriot-News September 19, 2008 09:30AM
    Categories: Music
    We told you a day or so ago that Strausstown country singer-songwriter Pat Garrett’s latest song “Moose-Shootin’ Mama,” about vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, was signed to a record label.

    Now the McCain/Palin campaign has asked the label, Lofton Creek Records, for permission to use the song “in various ways in connection with campaign activities including websites, streaming, audio-visual works, and live performance,” according to a press release sent by Garrett’s wife, Suzy Dalton.

  27. myiq2xu,

    Jerelyn sez: “If I were Sarah Palin, I’d drop both the Bridge and the Road to Nowhere from her list of accomplishments. They are just fodder for late night jokes and they speak poorly of her so-called executive acumen, not to mention her veracity.”

    If I were Jerelyn I’d get a high colonic to clean out all that hate. Then I’d find a good therapist and see him or her three times a week.

  28. Debbie Cook, the candidate dotcommodity is pushing, is a bigtime Obamabot.

    She has a picture of her fawning all over him plastered across the top of her website.

    Just so y’all know.

  29. Jeralyn used to be a top-notch blogger.

  30. Well she’s a moose shootin’ mama
    And she’ll help keep our country free
    She’s a moose shootin’ mama
    She’ll make a great VP

    When she looks you in the eye
    You know that girl don’t lie
    She’s a moose shootin’ mama
    Yes, Sarah is the girl for me

    She’ll help the prez keep our taxes down
    And clean up Washington
    Get them pork-barrel boys on the run
    Man, this is gonna be fun

    And it’s drill, baby, drill
    Cause we’re paying way too much
    Maybe what this country needs is a woman’s touch

    The lyrics to MOOSE SHOOTIN MAMA

  31. I hate to break it to you guys, but dotcommodity has partaken of the kool aid, and she likes to come over her and drop her links while insulting us at the same time. I’m not having it.

  32. and its obvious that she just hits and runs, because she sure didn’t hang around to defend herself.

  33. Charles,

    Thanks for the good news!

  34. On the Senate: I am not sure I want the Dems to have a veto proof Senate. I am beginning to think that all the people who have been in DC forever, whether Dem or Rep. are on the take, not very bright, and more interested in their own portfolio than they are in this country. All they want to do is posture, preen and pundit. The only one right now that I trust and admire is HRC. I even see where Chuck Hagel is in the tank for Obama, Interesting that he made that trip to Afghanistan with Reed and Obama. Chuck is up for Sec. of Defense, betcha. As for the House, they have passed some really dumb legislation. I remind you of FISA. The energy bill they rushed through is stupid and a sham.

    What’s this about Fox being in the tank for Obama. I watched OReilly just last night and he took Obama to task on his ad creaming McCain on immigration. He also hit McCain on his response ad but it was clear he considered Obama the worst. Greta had Gingrich and Limbaugh on both of whom were handing it to Obama. The weak spot on the program was Hannity and Colmes but Hannity was absent and his replacement did ok but was just not as knowledgeable as Hannity (I can’t believe I said that but I have watched Hannity pull real facts out to defend McCain and Palin). Greta did a great series this last week on both Sarah and her husband. Hannity did an interview segment with Palin that really showed her in a good light. Brit Hume has analysts on who are usually supportive of McCain and definitely were in this economic crisis mess. I can’t believe I am defending Fox but having actually seen all this stuff I was really surprised by the anti-Fox statements above. They do have some folk who take McCain Palin on the news segments but nothing compared to the msm. So, PUMAs just asking, help me out.

  35. sm77 I am so sorry that your aunt or anyone is “stuck” in a nursing home… is it possible to call adult protective services?? Medicare covers home care …

  36. So no thoughts on the Anti-Obama (maybe McCain?) folks flying that plane over Obama’s rally? “Raising taxes is not patriotic” is a Biden BURN. Y/Y?

  37. Joe Walsh:

    I’d like to announce my candidacy,
    I’d appreciate it if you’d vote for me.
    I want to be Vice President.
    Vote for me.

    If I was Vice President you know what I’d do?
    Pretty much anything I wanted to.
    Vote for me. Vote for me.

    I’d have a first class seat on Air Force One.
    An awesome pad in Washington…D.C. (If you vote for me)
    Play golf all day with heads of state,
    If they brought beer wouldn’t that be great? I can’t wait!
    Vote for me. Vote for me.

    Well there are an awful lot of issues important to me.
    Here’s my campaign policy,
    Legislation, education,
    occupation, arbitration,
    conversation, equalization,
    immigration, itemization,
    immigration, race relations,
    imitation, hospitalization…
    I’m freaking out vote for me!

    Well it’s the land of the brave, the home of the free.
    That’s the funny thing about democracy.
    A vote for me, is a vote for me!

    Dick Cheney’s theory of the OVP:

    “If I was Vice President you know what I’d do?
    Pretty much anything I wanted to.”

  38. Sorry about your aunt. My mother broke her hip and had to go to a rehab for about 5 weeks. Then she came home down the street from me. She’s doing well, it almost killed me. I need neck surgery from all of the lifting and assistance.

  39. Dick Cheney’s theory of the OVP:

    “If I was Vice President you know what I’d do?
    Pretty much anything I wanted to.”

    And Sarah Palins response

    and just what IS IT Vice Presidents do??

    the obots thought she was really asking

  40. Carol and SM, I’m so sorry about your relatives. It’s hell getting old in this country. The government seems determined to make sure it’s the ninth circle of it.

  41. SM: Very sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she is better very, very soon.

    My mother has fought medicare/medicaid for years now on not being forced into a home (they’ve tried, even sent social workers demanding it), but I don’t know how much longer it will be. She’s never worked and we were raised at poverty level.

    What I don’t understand is how Universal Healthcare would help? Wouldn’t it just demand that people like my mother be in a nursing home and give them more power to put her there? They’ve tried everything, including trying to declare her incompetent, to put her there, but she’s always been in the system so she knows how to work it. I’m just terrified that if the government runs health care, we no longer have any say whatsoever (kind of like Charles).

    Katiebird, agreed. They just gave away the motherlode and will now say there is no money for anything whatsoever in terms of funding of anything or any sort, all in the name of saving Wall Street.

  42. When i saw the article about someone flying over Bo I thought they were dropping something like flyers or paper bags with doggie doo on him ..but then I realised that was just wishful thinking on my part but the banner is pretty funny

  43. Does anyone have any hope that this financial crisis will finally convince some people that government intervention isn’t always bad and that unbridled capitalism can easily turn to tyranny?


  44. In Texas, they were in a hurry to get my mother out of the rehab. She had multiple people come over multiple times a week for about 6 weeks afterwards.

  45. charles, I’m not sure, she posted her once way back in the primary because she thought Hillary was better on the environment (she is a one issue person apparently). anyway, she shows up after months last week to promote her blog and tells us that we should vote Obama or ‘we’re cutting off our noses to spit our face”. I found it rude, condescending and I didn’t think it was appropriate. Not to mention that she just dropped in to leave her link and leave. So I deleted her.

  46. I never liked my nose anyway

  47. gary – she used to contribute to Hillary’s campaign. I remember the name.

  48. myiq2xu – I guess not – that big red bulb.

  49. I am missing any action today from McCain or Palin.

  50. Republican Woman .. you are correct… financial manipulation is very large part of the political maneuvering ..which is why we needed 16 years of Democrats ( when dems were who I thought they were ) in office because no one going into office now will have the ability to do what is needed That is what happened to Bill Clinton when he became president .

    Universal Healthcare … if administered correctly, would allow patients to remain in the home because it is ultimately less expensive as a health care cost that housing someone in any facility .

  51. Regency, I think what BO/Biden does not understand is that saying $250,000 is rich to a guy from Arkansas, they’d probably agree, but tell that to a couple living in Manhattan, or Los Angeles – they’d say WTF??? If I lived there, I’d be furious with his comments. Where I live, $250,000 would definitely be upper middle-class, lower class rich.

  52. They held a rally. I saw it on Fox as I was going to the kitchen.

    My mother thinks I’m going to be a Republican. She said it as a Freudian Slip.

  53. I truly believe Palin is going to slash and burn and there will be enough money to pay for HRC’s health care plan.

    I suggest we cut the salary of people like Reid, Pelosi, ……………………………………..

  54. It must have been a re-run. They were off today. McCain went to the Navy game for his 50 year anniversary and she is in Florida.

  55. oops sorry meant to type THAN housing someone in a facilty

  56. A plane flying over an Obama rally with a banner about taxes are not patriotic? Now that is a great little trick. Wonder how that plane got past the Secret Service? You gotta hand it to those Repubs; they do come up with a few. I think that trick is much more effective than crashing into someone’s private email account. Have these parties just totally switched places?

  57. I suggest we just cut them period. Get them out of there! Harry “We don’t know what to do” Reid and Nancy “Impeachment is off the Table” Pelosi. My ass.

    RepWo: I know! Money doesn’t do what it used to and making that amount of money in a year doesn’t mean you get to keep it!

  58. What’s wrong with housing people in facilities?

    If it’s good enough for drug addicts, it’s good enough for the old and the sick!


  59. Swanspirit, I hope you’re right. I believe home alternatives are cheaper, but for some reason, at least where I am, nursing homes seem to be the preferred method of anyone on government assistance, and it’s (to me) a death sentence. They’re horrible. I’ve always believed that “public” nursing homes are there to expediate the death of their patient (I’ve worked on litigation against some of our care facilities, it’s horrendous how they treat their patients). Can’t collect if you’re not alive. It’s absolutely disgraceful and probably the only reason why I oppose the government being involved. Then again, health insurance is covering less and less, and charging more and more.

    Who determines the “administration” of Universal Healthcare? Is it overseen by an independent from government and insurance companies? I might not be as concerned if that were the case.

  60. It doesn’t matter how much you make personally, most people ultimately start helping take care of multiple households. I help my mother, loan money to my siblings, sent my son to USC – 5 more years of paying for that, and send a great deal of spending money to nieces and nephews that are in college.

    It would be easier to just have my company direct deposit into each of their accounts. Oh, and by the way, I get 1 deduction on my tax return.

  61. Myiq: You have facilities for drug addicts????

  62. Convinced government intervention is not always bad—how about Wall St., WSJ, George Bush, the Republican party (to name a few).

  63. Hey guys, join me tonight.

    Tonight, Harriet Christian will stop by with a update on her work, thoughts, and role in the 2008 Election!!!

    There is so much more to talk about!!!

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET!!!

  64. Charles,

    She pretty much left DK, because she was supporting Hillary and thought Obama was terrible on the environment. She was commenting here for a long time and posted a couple of times on the front page about environmental issues. But she couldn’t stomach being a puma and now has apparently drunk the koolaid.

  65. They’re called “prisons” but that’s just a technical term

  66. “even see where Chuck Hagel is in the tank for Obama, Interesting that he made that trip to Afghanistan with Reed and Obama.”

    You know, that’s yet another thing that irritates me. They act like we’re so willfully ignorant that we just sit around digging in the dirt and refusing to leave the country. Most people would love to go to Europe or Africa or Asia, but it’s not there are free trips available that we’re turning down. We can’t afford it.

  67. myiq2xu
    I am so sorry, of course squeezing people 3 beds in a small room with one window … feeding them crap food , passing infections around like they were candy , and having help that thinks call bells get answered after their cell phones is preferable to being at home in your own comfy bed , with family if that is available to you . SLAPS my forehead what was I thinking !!!!;)

  68. Regency, I suggested an Anti-Incumbent party in this post: http://annabellep.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/his-name-is-henry-paulson/

    The idea is poverty-style turn over for several years to make a political point about who serves whom.

    Also thought Conflucians would find this funny: http://annabellep.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/this-is-your-brain/

  69. Carol, on September 20th, 2008 at 9:37 pm Said:
    I truly believe Palin is going to slash and burn and there will be enough money to pay for HRC’s health care plan.

    I suggest we cut the salary of people like Reid, Pelosi,

    I sincerely and deeply hope so , and agree completely

  70. Myiq: Got it. Sorry. Used to have places that you could get drug addicts clean, along with the psychological help they needed to stay that way. Those have been long gone here. A few help groups, privately funded, but that’s about it, and there’s zero tolerance so unless you are that desperate to stop, you’ll be 86’d out of the program never to return. Next stop, a never ending merry go round of trips to jail.

  71. Regency,

    I wonder who paid for the plane and banner to fly over Obama’s event? Did you hear that he is so very concerned that women have to do a lot of extra jobs like grocery shopping, cooking, and doing the laundry? Nice job endorsing the sexist pig, NOW.

  72. Hill eeeerrrrr yyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!


  73. Anna Belle:

    I must take issue with you re: Obot erectus or whatever it was.

    They ARE NOT liberals. I am a liberal.

    They are fauxgressives

  74. Carol, you’d get far more money from demanding the likes of Pelosi and Reid (and Republicans too) hand over their “extra-curricular” income they earn from their positions. As representatives of the government, they get pennies in comparison of the benefits they earn from speaking engagements, sweatheart deals, etc.

  75. The media is already making excuses for why Obama will lose. Yes, you guessed it. Those bitter working class Hillary supporters are racists.


  76. RW … that is an excellent question…. Universal Healthcare would only work as long there were trustworthy capable and responsible people running it … I like it with Hillary in charge but with bo and wife ??I dont think so
    You all do know that the hospital in chicago where mo worked turned away poor white and black ??Makes me extremely confident about having bo in charge of any kind of health care

  77. RW:

    I never understood the theory of protecting people from the dangers of illegal drugs by introducing them to the dangers of prison.

    We don’t lock people up for being alcoholics or smokers.

  78. says teh NYT:
    NY Times: Palin Shielded by Debate Format
    “There will… be much less opportunity for free-wheeling, direct exchanges” in the veep candidate showdown than in McCain-Obama debates, “at the insistence of the McCain campaign.”

    Sincerely, dont you all think that the Obama campaign was happy about this? do you think that they really wanted lots of opportunity for free-wheeling, direct exchanges with Gaffe-a-meter Biden??

    I bet the obama campaign is happy, really happy for short answers and up to the point questions, if only Biden shuts up and answers in one sentence. Ah whishfull thinking!I

  79. RW – you are correct.

    Time to kill a rat. Burn down the barn. Anyone got a match??????????


  80. Whenever I hear that expression (cutting off your nose to spite your face), I think of Michael Jackson.

  81. myiq2xu Said:
    We don’t lock people up for being alcoholics or smokers.

    Oh, thank God!

  82. Myiq: I agree. By not treating the problem, you create a criminal, even if they don’t have a criminal bone in their body. Only the very wealthy can afford “real” drug rehab, yet it costs the government, and the taxpayer, far more to lock them up and throw away the key, than it would to have solid drug rehab programs. Programs that treat the root of the drug problem in the first place. Locking them up doesn’t take the drugs off the street, supply and demand, or lack of demand, is the only thing that will take drugs off the street.

  83. sm, I hope your aunt gets better. I also think due to the Wall St disaster, we can kiss health care goodbye for a long time. That makes me incredibly sad. I just finished waiting through a 12 month pre-existing clause and now I know for sure that if my company goes under, I’ll be in the same damn boat again.

  84. Is the debate on a Thursday? Biden seems to love to say stupid things on Thursday so far as the Obama campaign is concerned – Hillary would make a better VP, then the next Thursday, we should do our patriotic duty and pay taxes – I can’t wait for this next Thursday.

    OK, I admit it, I’m being sarcastic – I was devastated (I really thought Hillary would be on the ticket), but also quite happy about Biden because he just loves to talk and talk and talk. I’m a reverse mysogenist because I would have voted for Hillary, well maybe not because she’s a woman, but that was definitely a bonus.

  85. Hagel and Lieberman for Obama. Daily Kos and Arianne (who hated the Clintons – and Gore) and both voted for George W – for Obama. They’re trying to tell me something.

  86. bostonboomer, sugar has a post up about Obama enocuraging his already over-excited scary followers to get in people’s faces, and this woman commented that she was in the grocery store with her young biracial daughter, and the daughter was excited to see a picture of Sarah, and this guy tells the kid only racists will vote for Sarah.

    But jonas8, it’s not like Obama has been ducking debates or anything. They should ahve a headline, Obama Shielded by Credulous, Worshipful Media.

  87. Lieberman is for McCain Jmac.

  88. I would rather put up with drug addiction than the evils of drug prohibition.

    We manage to survive having alcohol legal in society, and liquor store owners don’t kill each other over territory.

  89. bostonboomer, sugar has a post up about Obama encouraging his already over-excited sca ry followers to get in people’s faces, and this woman commented that she was in the grocery store with her young bira cial daughter, and the daughter was excited to see a picture of Sarah, and this guy tells the kid only raci sts will vote for Sarah.

    But jonas8, it’s not like Obama has been ducking debates or anything. They should ahve a headline, Obama Shielded by Credulous, Worshipful Media.

  90. What out — not sure if this has been shared yet or not — here are the new tricks


  91. THE VILLAGES — Thousands of people formed a line circling the pavilion at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square on Friday morning, each waiting to secure a ticket to attend a rally for GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Rich Cole, president of The Villages Republican Club, said that approximately 16,000 tickets were handed out Friday. Cole said that the Palin rally will rival any political event that The Villages has seen.

  92. Speaking of Hagel, I agree with myiq. These Obama supporters aren’t liberals. They were perfectly fine to have him as a VP prospect. They don’t care about old people on social security or poor people with no health insurance. They only care about themselves and their lifestyles.

  93. Thanks, Terry. Time for bed!

  94. sm, hugs to you. I hope you’ll have good news of your tia very soon. I had a hip replacement a few years ago and was very glad to be sent home after 2 days, with 2x week visits from a home healthcare therapist for the first few weeks. I’d heard horror stories of people acquiring staph infections in hospitals.

    Keep us posted.

  95. Annabelle, Carol, Swanspirit…

    The anti-incumbent party and salary cuts for Congress are great ideas. Members of Congress should be compelled to pay back their incomes retroactively for helping to create this financial mess.

  96. Biden warns Obama: Don’t take my gun

    “I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said angrily. “They’re going to start peddling that to you.

    “I got two, if he [Obama] tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”


    Joe “Big Mouth” Biden strikes again! LMAO!

  97. Malarkey?

    He really said malarkey?

    Heavens to Betsy!

  98. maybe Biden can go moose-shooting with Palin

  99. the first to get a moose wins

  100. says the Guardian

    Mass poll shows Labour wipeout across country
    Eight cabinet ministers forecast to lose seats while Tories would have majority of 146

    Ha, poor Brown! Maybe he can ask Obama to go campaign for him!


    [Update 2: She’s now at NYU Joint Disease Center, part of NYU Medical Center on E. 17th St. Manhattan, older cousin will find out more, but she is more stable, reacting well to antibiotics as of 9:30pm]

    She’s gonna be ok! No more nursing home crap. Daughters have ordered doctors to NOT SEND HER to nursing home and to receive therapy at home where she shoulda gone in the first place.

    Infection was a skin/flesh infection, not gone into the blood, yet we don’t know what KIND. Doctors say it could be a type of staph but needs more testing. But so far as of a few hours ago, no fever anymore!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR THOUGHTS and PRAYERS.

    This is an 82 year old diva who kicks AZZ. I just saw her in a big family reunion in August and she was swilling Johnny Walker Black Labels like the rest of my female warrior older women. THANK YOU ALL!

  102. Holy %$#@. Wow, I wonder what would have happened if HRC said this.

  103. Great news sm! Here’s to strong women.

  104. Boa sorte sm77, Força Tia!

  105. Glad to hear it, SM!!!

    Seriously: World War III. Biden is a gaffe a minute.

  106. Here is the link to send online comments about the proposed regulatory change by Leavitt of HHS. Please submit a comment opposing this action. It would allow personal beliefs to limit the delivery of medical services. Here is the link.

  107. Worrying about health is something we all do from time to time, but we should never have to worry about healthcare.

    Not in the wealthiest nation in history.

  108. Sorry if this is a double post. Please try to avoid another sort of healthcare crisis and submit comments opposing the proposed regulatory change allowing personal beliefs to limit delivery of medical care. Here is the link.

    Thank you.

  109. my- LOL! Next Biden will say “Balderdash!”

  110. I want to preface my question with the statement that I really, really, really don’t want to vote for Obama. My question is how do you get over the conflict of voting Republican? After what the Republicans have done to this country I’m struggling with this decision. I even dream about this crap.

    Any advice?


  111. Hopefully Sarah knows the difference between men and moose.

  112. Mountain Sage, move to Tennessee! It won’t matter how you vote that way.

  113. If an inexperienced Democrat inherits this mess and makes a bigger one, will a Democrat be elected in 2012? 2016? Or will we be facing a drought of Democrat leadership the likes of which we faced after Jimmy Carter?

    If you want to save the Democratic brand, you have to burn it down.

    It’s that simple. Short term loss for long term gain.

  114. Reg, we hoped that Dick Cheney knew the difference between a pheasant and a face, but since they both started with F he got confused. When you are plowed to the gills I can understand the confusion.

    In any event, Sarah won’t be drunk while she is hunting.

  115. Terri….it may not matter here in VA.

    My biggest fear is the economic crisis.

  116. Great news, SM.

    Mountain Sage, have you considered voting Green? You have to do what you can live with. Personally, I never thought I’d be voting Republican for anything, but the thought of the Obamabots taking control of the party with no hope of getting them out is scarier.

    So…have kos, Roland, and Donna started calling for Biden to resign yet? Have they alerted teh Secret Service about this threat, yet?

  117. myiq2xu, on September 20th, 2008 at 10:54 pm Said:

    “Worrying about health is something we all do from time to time, but we should never have to worry about healthcare. Not in the wealthiest nation in history.”

    myiq2Xu: if wealth is measured by the ability to do more, to do and be what one wants, then, largely because of its poor health care, the US is not the wealthiest nation on earth.

  118. I think it will matter a lot in VA and hope you vote, Mountain Sage

  119. Barack cannot fix the economy. He doesn’t understand it. Democrats–save the Clintons–are completely dumbfounded. Harry Reid said as much. Surrender hope all who enter here. Democrats don’t have the solution to your problem.

  120. Mine too Mountain. I don’t have faith in either one of them to get us out of this mess. It scares me.

    I think your vote in VA may matter. It’s pretty close there. I would hate to be in your shoes making this decision. All I can do is set back and watch…it’s a 25 point race here. (In a state Bill C. won twice.)

  121. Sit back, I mean.

  122. Regency, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:01 pm Said:

    If an inexperienced Democrat inherits this mess and makes a bigger one, will a Democrat be elected in 2012? 2016? Or will we be facing a drought of Democrat leadership the likes of which we faced after Jimmy Carter?
    IMO, which ever party wins the WH in ’08 will lose in 2012. Bush and the Repubs. have set a course for the economy that has to correct itself. All of the band aids being applied will only delay and make the final outcome worse. I am now glad that Hillary didn’t get the nomination; whoever wins in Nov will be the “Herbert Hoover” of the 21st century.

  123. Mountain Sage, I ‘m in the same boat. I live in Ohio and know that my vote counts if it’s counted.
    As of now, I’m voting Democratic downticket and leaving the top spot blank.
    Good luck and Peace with your decision.

  124. Terri….”I would hate to be in your shoes making this decision”

    I’ve never felt so conflicted about voting in my whole life. I held my nose and voted for Kerry and I would do the same and vote for Obama IF I felt it was the best thing for the country. I seriously considered voting third party but that seems rather pointless.

    I’ll be glad when November is behind us.


  125. Re the latest Biden Gaffe.. it is now nine twenty four in montana.. i figure it’s important to set date in body of post because no telling if the big B will go off again before the night is through…

    So Mr. “Obama is clean” is now implying Obama’s life would be in danger if he touched his Baretta?

    Does Biden win both the “most racist line in the campaign award” and the “biggest implied death threat award?”

    This is the guy who they want “one heartbeat away from the Presidency?” THIS GUY?

    Obama made Bush look smart. Biden makes Dan
    Quayle look articulate.

  126. LOL You’ll need a nap, there, too, SOD

  127. oh hell, I landed in moderation. the r**ist word.
    Worse than that, my beloved avatar has been switched. oh woe.

  128. Evening all…been a long and fun Saturday. SM – so glad to hear your Tia is doing better!

    My vote never counts (Obama will probably win my state handily), so I’ll vote the all-v*gin* ticket, McKinney/ Clemente.

    If a miracle happens and New York is close, I will vote McCain/Palin with very few qualms. It’s the 30%, feminist thing to do.


  129. angela:

    I thought you looked like you gained some weight

  130. I would be conflicted, too. Plus disowned by my family 🙂 I don’t know what to tell you. I agree with SHV. The party that wins this year will lose next time. It’s too big of a mess to fix that fast.

    I’m by far the most liberal person in my family/friends but I despise what our party has become during this election. Maybe you will get lucky and Virginia will move out of swing state territory and you won’t have to make a decision. I can’t have any regrets because my vote doesn’t matter here.

  131. I think we are effed no matter who wins therefore I have no problem voting for Mac to show the Dems the error of their ways. Both of them have negatives so it’s 6 of one, half a dozen of the other as my Mother says when weighing 2 less than optimal choices. Strategically, I agree that it’s better to let the Repubs deal with the mess we’re in and try again in 2012. Each individual vote is almost meaningless so there’s no point in stewing about how you cast it. Votes don’t mean much-isn’t that what the Dems taught us this year?

  132. Media Caught Fabricating White Racists
    A quote attributed to Sandra Cichon, a private citizen, is spreading across the internet as a living example of White Racism. Did a reporter put words in this woman’s mouth? she says so

  133. oh myiq,
    your observation is truer than you know.

    as to my avatar, it truly was a thing of beauty.
    hopefully we will be reunited down the road.

  134. “madamab”
    It seems like all states including our NY can be “close”. For me I’m “N.O.T.” right now.
    I want to vote for McCain/Palin & as “people” I would; but it’s the republican thing that holds me back.
    I am VERY comfortable with the “NoBama” thing.

  135. State,
    that is funny. “just for today” obama.

    sounds like a hallmark card.

    makes me wonder what kind of hallmark card obama sends out to his posse.

    sort of like a “sorry I missed your birthday” card.
    nah– he doesn’t say sorry.

  136. Backtrack Obama

  137. tpt/ny – I dunno, that poll seems to have been an outlier. We will see what happens as we get closer….

    I am sure you will vote your conscience, and it will be screaming “NOBAMA!” That’s good enough for me!


  138. I really, REALLY wish the f*cking religious institutions in this country would keep their f*cking hands off our elections.

    Church. State. Wall. Y’know?!!!!

  139. I don’t know, angelasmith, I kind of like your pink piece of toast with bat wings and curly hair-what’s that?-hair.

  140. NOBAMA – keep the change

  141. madamab,
    totally agree. separation of church and state– good enough for the founding mothers and fathers– good enough for me.

    also oddly enough, the same advice comes from the Bible, don’t it?

    Render onto Ceasar and all?

  142. Oh Gawd, why did I click on that “Catholic Vote” video? Such narrow-minded, hypocritical bigotry…

    Maybe I should switch my avatar back to my old green monster with scary-looking claws. It’s like I’m the Hulk!

  143. and angelasmith – your avatar is adorable!

  144. good night everyone!

  145. SOD —- no mention of pedophilia in that Catholic Video !! They should have at least come out against it !!!! Oh, that’s right – the church isn’t against it.

  146. Terri, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:24 pm Said:

    I would be conflicted, too. Plus disowned by my family 🙂 I don’t know what to tell you. I agree with SHV. The party that wins this year will lose next time. It’s too big of a mess to fix that fast.
    Maybe I am trying to rationalize this screwed up situation…But if Hillary had walked into the WH on 01/20/09…no woman would have a chance at the Presidency for another 50 years…same if Obama wins and a AA’s chance to win again will be zip. IMO, the real come to Jesus moment for the economy will be when all of the interest cuts, soft dollar and money borrowing brings on inflation. At best, we are looking at 1979-80, Jimmy Carter and 21% interest rates. My first home mortgage in 1980 had an interest rate of 18.5%

  147. Even if you don’t live in a swing state, your vote does matter because it forms part of the election returns which are then dissected and analyzed by both parties. Any significant PUMA movement will not escape notice.

  148. I plan to get very drunk before I vote – for plausible deniability.

    “Don’t blame me, I don’t remember who I voted for”

  149. SHV, I guess it’s finally time for me to give up my adjustable rate mortgage? My payment has only gone down the past 11 years so I haven’t bothered.

  150. lol, myiq. VWD, voting while drunk.

  151. ugsome, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:42 pm Said:

    Even if you don’t live in a swing state, your vote does matter because it forms part of the election returns which are then dissected and analyzed by both parties. Any significant PUMA movement will not escape notice.
    I am coming around to your point of view. The general population will be looking at the National vote totals..the EC totals will not mean as much. If Obama looses by ~5% then it will be the “Bradley effect”. He needs a crushing defeat in the National vote totals.

  152. Sweetsue,
    my “pink piece of toast”

    I used to have this cute little green creature whose three or four hairs stood straight up. It had a nice pink background too.

  153. More gibberish from Jeralyn:

    In a Florida poll taken after last Monday’s economic tumble, the Miami Herald reports John McCain has a statistically insignificant 2 point lead over Barack Obama.

    If that “statistically insignificant” lead holds up, McCain will be President.

  154. Here’s to Tia! Best of health!

  155. I have three or four hairs that stand straight up too.

    I used to have lots more, but . . .

  156. I like Still4Hill’s the best. It looks like one of the aliens from The Simpsons, except friendlier

  157. Today was a beautiful, almost fall day in Atlanta. I had friends in from out of town. We took a walk in Piedmont Park….Atlanta’s “Central Park.” Within the space of 15 minutes, four separate groups of young 20-somethings asked us if we were registered to vote. Finally, I asked one who she was working for. She said no one had hired her, she was a volunteer for Obama. I said I’m a Hillary supporter. As she walked away, she said over her shoulder, “I was, too.” I wondered if it was a “talking point!” So much for a nice Saturday afternoon!

  158. Some pundits say Biden was picked to woo Catholic voters for Obama.

    That video on the Catholic website, is a direct appeal to Catholic voters. IMO, it is a very powerful ad.

    I don’t see Biden winning many Catholic votes for obama.

    Remember, Obama’s answer at the forum on the question about Life/Abortion was… “it’s above my paygrade”

    Obama has no moral clarity. He couldn’t even answer the question. “above his paygrade” WTF kind of answer is that?

    Been talking with alot of Catholics that I know.

    NONE…absolutely NONE of them are voting for Obama.

    They also think Obama choosing Biden was an attempt to try and woo them, but they have no respect for a man that is morally bankrupt.

    My friend told me this week, “You know I supported Hillary, but I will vote for McCain.”

    This woman, in her late 20s, is a Catholic, but is also Pro-Choice.

    I asked her, what about party unity, and voting for Obama because he is a Democrat…to see what she would say.

    Her response:

    “No, I will not be voting for Obama. I cannot support someone that is morally bankrupt.”

    I think that tells it all right there and I agree with her decision.

    Obama IS morally bankrupt.

    And why on earth does Obama keep using abortion to try and scare voters. Roe v. Wade is not going to be overturned. It is part of our culture now. Obama’s scare tactics will not work.

    In other news, the blogs are filling up with Joe Biden’s latest comment about Obama and guns. LOL!

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m already looknig forward to watching that VP debate!


  159. Terri, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:45 pm Said:

    SHV, I guess it’s finally time for me to give up my adjustable rate mortgage? My payment has only gone down the past 11 years so I haven’t bothered.
    My qualifications as an economist are based of sleeping in one of those motels. On the other hand, all of those foreign countries that make all of the stuff that we buy, are eating the weak dollar, rising commodity prices and inflation at home in order to keep their market share in the US..can’t last forever.

  160. I saw that catholics for whatever video posted over at NoQuarter. It was introduced as having been sent in by someone who was “pro choice and pro same sex marriage.” hmmm… yeah, right. I didn’t even bother to click on it. looks like madamab did. she confirms the worst.

    I’m a little too used to Obama-ists posting things like
    “I’m a HIllary supporter, BUT”

    Whenever I see a disclaimer now, I just get the salt shaker.

  161. Sage, skip it altogether. I’ve done it on occasion. Unless you are in one of those states that state if you skip the candidate, it automatically goes to your party, then just don’t vote that portion of the ticket. It too sends the message that you’re not happy with you’re party, but you’re not willing to vote for the other party.

  162. Over on the winger blogs, they are seeing comments like “I am a conservative Christian but . . . “

    The basic Obamanation “conversion” story, modified for a new audience.

  163. SM, glad to hear about your aunt.

  164. Hey Lakota,
    aren’t those Obama people freakin bizarre?

    If someone asked me, “who are you working for?”
    and I was out canvassing for HIllary, I would
    proudly say, “I’m working for Hillary Clinton.”

    The Obama people say, “I’m not working for anybody. I volunteered.”

    peculiar thing to say.

  165. I’m a moderate, but I think even my own “Christian conservatives” are sick of the partisan politics. It’s only the extremists that are still holding on to the hope they can make force their agenda down everyone’s throats.

  166. Lakota, I’ve heard about these canvassars regisrtering people for both parties and then dumping one pary’s registrants in the trash (not specifically this time, but last time I heard Republicans were getting rid of Democratic registrations). If they’re volunteers, is there any oversight here? That sounds shady as hell. They should have to have observers from both parties, just like poll watching.

  167. myiq2xu, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:51 pm Said:

    More gibberish from Jeralyn:
    All that I can say is that the koolaid is some bad shit. I haven’t been to TL for months…Jeralyn used to be her own person and for that alone, I used to send her some financial support. The Obama koolaid is some bad shit and think that I will really discover that when I visit my obot sister next week. We have not discussed politics since very early in the primary season when she asked what I thought of Obama. I said that is he is the nominee I would vote for him but he hadn’t been vetted and that worried me. She never asked again.

  168. SM: Joining the party late but glad to hear your aunt is doing better.

    myiq: I did get a chance early this morning to see your comments at Jeralyn’s cave before they got scrubbed. Your sense of humor goes right over her righteous head.

  169. angelasmith, on September 20th, 2008 at 11:57 pm Said:

    I’m a little too used to Obama-ists posting things like
    “I’m a HIllary supporter, BUT”:
    That is the same “line” that the wing-nut concern trolls use…I am sooo disappointed in Hillary..blah..blah….the same people who call Hill the “c” word with their friends.

  170. I’m Catholic and the pope himself could come to my door and offer to let me drive the “popemobile”, he ain’t getting my vote.

  171. The only recent changes in my political views concern John Edwards and Barack Obama

    I was very tentatively supporting Edwards when this all began, but I was hoping Gore would decide to run. By the time Edwards dropped out I was supporting Hillary. Now I regret even tentatively supporting that no-good two-timing louse.

    As for Obama, my original judgment was “not ready” and now it’s “never ready”

    IOW – I didn’t change, TalkLeft did

  172. For those that missed McCain’s weekly radio address today, here’s the link to listen to it:

    Weekly Radio Address

    During the weekly radio address, John McCain discussed the ongoing situation on Wall Street.


  173. SHV,
    clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right.

  174. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:11 am Said:
    That was exactly my political progression. Edward’s was a fraud, just look at his Senate voting record, but my rational was that he had the fewest political negatives and would have the easiest GE win. Boy was i I wrong.

  175. Mountain Sage, It won’t be easy.

  176. It would be refreshing to have all priests, rabbis, mullah’s, ministers, shamans, whatever, stay the hell out of politics. I am so sick of all these idiots thinking they have a lock on what “God wants, says, thinks”. Give it a rest! Clean up your own houses before you start dictating to the rest of.

    We know where to find you when needed. But not in the voting booth.

  177. Mountain Sage,
    I have no plan.

  178. SOD: No difference. The separation of church and state is fast disappearing. We should follow our own consciences.

  179. Now even koolente thinks we’re rac*sts:

    “Far be it from me to think that white America might have a moment of clarity and shake of their addiction to gluttony, denial, and self absorption and decide, just this once, to put foot to ass for the sake of the nation. “I’m not a racist – I’m culturally conservative” is what they say. Or my favorite, I’m not racist but I know people who are.

    Guess what? Yes you too.”


  180. Dammit, I’m getting moderated!

  181. Hey State,
    Didn’t know you posted that video. Must have missed that. Would I call you an “obama-ist”?
    No, no, no. Perish the thought.

    Happy to see any group knock Obama on his drawers.

    Not happy with anti-choice, anti gay marriage stuff.
    Not surprised by it. Not shocked. Just saddened.

  182. Angela:

    Jokers and clowns are friends of mine

  183. The church turned a blank face toward pedophilia. Rev Wright goddamns America. The Evangelicals want to outlaw dancing. The FDLS marries off children to perverts. Many pastors counsel that homosexuality is a sin. Many churches turn away from evololution and stem cell research. For most religions, women are regarded as secondary or beasts of burden.

    And we are supposed to take their advice on how to vote? Please.

  184. I knew Edwards was hopeless and would never put up a fight when he dumped Melissa from Shakespeare’s Sister to appease Bill Donohue.

  185. Well…this certainly is interesting.

  186. “I’m not racist but I know people who are.”

    I’ve lived most of my life and I’ve never heard anyone say that. not even racists. Koolente needs better ideas and better writers. something like

    I’m not a racist….but I did stay and a holiday inn express last night…

  187. Bill Donohue is the biggest nutjob, moonbat, asshole, ever allowed onto the national scene. I always imagine how it must be having to live next door to him.

  188. Maybe Two-Beretta Biden is trying to work up Dutch courage for that steel cage match with the Guv? I’ve been lurking over at LGF (the green football place) and there in the middle of a surprisingly rational discussion of creationism and science, I see another addition to Uncle Joe’s Greatest Gaffes. What a mouth that man has on him. Dang. And malarkey.

    (I cannot believe I’m now cruising LGF. Sigh).

  189. whoops, I’ve actually lived ALL of my life 🙂 I meant to say most of my life in the south

  190. ’m not a racist….but I did stay and a holiday inn express last night…

    One of the best slogans of the season!

  191. ’m not a ra*cist….but I did stay and a holiday inn express last night…

    One of the best slogans of the season!

  192. Sorry for the double post.

  193. 😯

  194. myiq,
    yes… your avatar.

  195. I personally don’t care.

  196. Jeralyn put up an Open Thread 15 minutes ago. Not a single post. I knew TL would endorse Obama if he won (or was given the nomination) but I didn’t know that she would cut off even constructive criticism.

  197. myiq, don’t tell me, that was written by the guy who accused women who got mad at Obama over the sweetie remark of putting him in danger of being lyn ched, cause, ya know, that’s what white women do?

  198. I am going over to TL to see if she accepts my post.

  199. I’ve been doing lots of sit ups and crunches so that when I fall on my sword my chances of survival will be better. 🙂

  200. stateofdis – Did Obama actually pose with a crucifix behind him?

    Or was it just a cross?

  201. myiq2xu…I just lost track.

  202. For some reason Lambert seems to prefer fringe types at his blog.

    Like Mandos, xenophon, ChicagoDyke, and dogemperor.

    Mainstream liberalism is so passe’

  203. Over and over democratic voters have given
    a “blech” to the idea of Biden being President.
    The Repubs hate him as well.
    I don’t suppose it’s fair to point out that this really unpopular guy– who people have clearly stated should not be POTUS– I don’t suppose it’s fair to say that no one wants him a “heartbeat” away from the slot.
    Palin might be a relative new-comer, but Biden has been voted on and rejected.

  204. Behind him?

    He wasn’t posing ON it?

  205. madamab —

    I haven’t been to church in a while.

  206. Dee, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:36 am Said:
    stateofdis – Did Obama actually pose with a crucifix behind him?
    Or was it just a cross?
    cross..Obama is walking a fine line… evangelicals think RCs are close to being devil worshipers and on the fast train to hell.

  207. My TL comment which I think is pretty innocuous.

    Hi Jeralyn:

    Thanks for the open thread. May I ask a question of you?

    Why are you so intent lately to block longtime bloggers and fans from this site? I have always admired Talk Left for being rather fair and balanced in allowing its posters to comment without fear of banning. But since Barack Obama became the nominee, all I am able to read are comments that are only positive in his favor with no criticism or questioning of him being allowed.

    I recognize that this is your blog, and I also recognize that you must ban those who choose to use vulgarity and slander as talking points. But shutting down commentators who have been your mainstay over the years is rather puzzling.

    Perhaps I have missed something but as someone who has come often to read your analysis of topical issues I honestly do not understand.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and also finding the time to provide insight.

  208. SOD, it is interesting in KY since the D senate candidate is using McCain in his ads against McConnell. I’m not sure that KY even figured in the 57 state strategy.

  209. Simo — maybe the smoking nuclear stacks were a metaphor for that. 😉

  210. Bedtime! nite all.

  211. Maureen Dowd has another one of her insane columns up at the NYT. I think she borrowed her outline from madamab.

  212. I wonder if they would’ve gone as ‘full-throttle’ if she were the nominee.

  213. SOD, I know, I’m now talking about the general and there are ads running where the D is invoking McCain against McConnell. It’s an example of the lack of schwing BZero has.

  214. nite angela

  215. joaniebone: Don’t call me for the bail money. I myself will be too busy sleeping mine off!

  216. Freudian slip. The night before, with all my MIGHT, I will lay out the booze, the scrub and the socks.

  217. I have a older cat who has “senior moments”

    If you open a door he runs in, then looks around confused like he doesn’t know why he came in the house.

  218. joaniebone: I just hope I am not so inebriated I forget to even get dressed before leaving the house.

  219. Pat, you’re such a dear friend, I know I can count on you whatever may happen. My last offense was so minor, it won’t be much of a burden.

  220. We’ll drink kool-aid if it has whiskey in it. It was always served in elementary school that way. With the level of corn squeezin’s in it, it counted as a vegetable.

  221. SofD:

    They drink mountain dew, but it ain’t no sody-pop

  222. Lambert still loves Hillary.

  223. The school ketsup was great for Bloody Mary’s.

  224. Obama should have married Maureen, not Michelle. They could work out their issues together.

  225. joaniebone and I would look like Patsy and Edina if we lived near one another and voted together. Each holding the other up as we made our way to the voting booth.

  226. Maureen Dowd is a vapid little snot!

  227. Pat, it too counted as a veggie. We were the original, “We could have had a V8,” but we had a Bloody instead.”

  228. If you vote by mail, you don’t have to get dressed first.

    Just make sure the neighbors aren’t watching when you walk out to the mailbox.

  229. SOD: “I think it would be really sad to make a list of everyone I USED TO like but now HATE.”

    I canceled on a friend tonight because I couldn’t bear the thought of sharing company with the intellectually catatonic. This board is splendid in that it is thoughtful, informative, and smart (which my friends are not).

    Depressing, indeed!

  230. Pat , I wish I had you to hold onto that morning. After the polls, we could go to my favorite neighborhood dive bar after–the “Gim Wa”, where we could be served by Nina, 20 years my senior and still in hot pants. We could get drunk and then go to home and watch Sopranos on DVD. Hopefully, we could then pass-out, wake-up and see BO defeated.

  231. MYiq, I have always looked for excuses to avoid getting dressed. Have never heard a word of complaint from the neighbors. Funny.

  232. Jeralyn responded in her own way. I responded in mine. I was so nice I almost made myself sick all over again. God I hate it when I am sucking up to people.

  233. SOD, my mom has been inexplicably watching Fox News for years. For years, we’ve been threatening to get the Fox Blocker. Now we’re glad we didn’t. lol

  234. I never go outside less than fully dressed.

    Not until my parole ends anyway.

  235. joaniebone: Sounds like a plan but should one of us “get lucky” the other will need to be able to still see the number of the license plate when the car pulls away from the curb.

  236. But I never cook without an apron.

  237. jvsp – the only people I currently hang out with are folks I met volunteering for Hillary during the primary and are not riding the unity donkey. Most of my friends had to be back-burnered as I learned that they think I am crazy because I am no longer a Dem.

    Maybe after November…

  238. State-o,

    That is very, very sad. My own sister (an o-bot) is flying out to Seattle for Xmas and made a point of telling me that she isn’t sure what kind of time she’ll have to see me.

  239. Late, but-report from the front lines.

    via youngest daughter (who actually went, but we do not discuss politics anymore) to my husband (the conduit)—rally this afternoon in Jacksonville had a net of about 6,000 people. Mostly AA’s and young people. Only a few deluded older ones. I do trust her estimate of the crowd-she’s a math whiz.

  240. The number of Christmas cards we get this year will determine just where we stand with those people who think we are either ra*cists or deadenders for not coming aboard the Obama express to nowhere.

  241. btw—I feel sure his camp will report it at 10,000. Just clearing this up.

    Have been having a good cry tonight. When I saw that picture of Hillary in the rain-I completely lost it again. The bottom line is -they stole our future. Our champion and it still hurts.

  242. What is it that they see that we don’t?

  243. My favorite thing was when my Obot father tried to close a door on me. lol I stuck my foot in it. Sorry, dad, but it’s not the Godfather, you don’t get to close the door on the insignificant wimmin folk.

  244. Last night as I was shutting down in the office, I saw some commotion in the meeting room on my floor. Someone said, “Darcy Burner”, and my ears perked up. I like Darcy, and she is in a tight Congressional race against Dave Reichert the celeb “Green River Killer” sheriff turned congressman. There was a small fundraiser going on-only 7 people or so, and Darcy was on her way there in moments. I was so lonely in this group of Demos while they killed time waiting for Darcy by trashing Palin and praising BO.

    To Darcy’s enormous credit, she had no part of such behavior. It was great to see her and hear her, and I hope we PUMAs in Wa show her some love.

  245. kc – What picture of Hillary in the rain? Where?

  246. Dee,
    That’s rough, really rough. Having principles has its costs. I should be finishing up writing some outstanding papers at the university, but I just can’t bear the idea of fending off automatons that are going to “get in my face.”

    Anyway, hopefully after Nov. things will be better 🙂

    ..must say though that I doubt it. This election will prove to a disaster for “race relations”, not to mention exacerbating already existent tensions between a variety of groups or maybe I am too pessimistic?

  247. Pat – or maybe: What is it that we see that they don’t?

  248. If Obama wins those supporters will be even more insufferable.

  249. jvsp – Actually, not too pessimistic – realistic. Unfortunately, you are probably right.

  250. Goddess Bless Joe Biden he is the only comic relief we have…in this whole mess

    not that I want that dufus a hearbeat away from POTUS but at least he is good for our Daily Laugh
    He IS like Gerald Ford he just trips over his tongue

    “I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said angrily. “They’re going to start peddling that to you.” “I got two, if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”

    Biden has said he doesn’t hunt, but shoots skeet with the two shotguns. “I like that little over and under, you know? I’m not bad with it,” he said today.

    Much of his remarks focused on protecting labor from the “barbarians at the gates

    First he sounds like he wants to shoot his running mate .. and then he he is worried about ?? Atilla ???

    Joe…. I saw the movie Atilla and Gerard Butler was one of the NICEST barbarians EVER
    really he was ..Attilla … cheeesh

    I must be tired I should go to bed soon ………

  251. Mountain Sage, I am pretty sure I’ll be voting McCain-Palin instead of staying home. I just think of Barack & Michelle Obama living in the White House and it makes the thought of voting Republican much easier to contemplate. Two less deserving people to be there, I can’t imagine.

  252. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:19 am Said:

    Now even koolente thinks we’re rac*sts:

    “Far be it from me to think that white America might have a moment of clarity and shake of their addiction to gluttony, denial, and self absorption and decide, just this once, to put foot to ass for the sake of the nation. “I’m not a racist – I’m culturally conservative” is what they say. Or my favorite, I’m not racist but I know people who are.

    Guess what? Yes you too.”


    What does one do if one abhors Obama, but is mixed race? Does that mean you’re half a racist? A demi-racist, maybe?

  253. “I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,” Biden said angrily. “They’re going to start peddling that to you.” “I got two, if he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.”

    Uh-oh, Joe, you better not be a “moose murderer”! The fawns of Obama forest hate moose murderers!

  254. I have no idea what these people see in him or what convinces them he is an agent of change. Nobody can point to one solid piece of legislation or support any position that he has not flip flopped on to back up this adulation.

    His background is suspect and he is surrounded with questionable associates, namely Rezko, Wright, Farrakhan, and no one questions it. He made one effin speech 4 years ago and the nation is enthralled thinking that this will lead us out of the mire? He has shown his ra*cism, his ability to lie and cheat, his manipulations, and his indifference. Yet the media is in his thrall and his supporters are rabid. It is all a mystery to me.

  255. Joe Biden is another idiot. His mouth just keeps getting in the way. And these two are each running to hold the highest positions in the land? Remarkable.

  256. swanspirit, I think there’s some movie from the 80’s called Barbarians at the Gate, I saw part of it on TV a few years ago…maybe James garner was in it? It’s about corporations, Ivan Bosky, and some other guy, Michael something, white collar crime.

    But yeah, great reference, nobody will know what the hell he’s talking about.

  257. …the Emperor’s new clothes!

    the post-racial candidate of post-partisan politics is a race bait. No surprise. After all, he did spend TWENTY years in the pews of St. Jeremiah Wright’s pub drinking “bitters”…

  258. Pat …..
    Joe Biden is a buffoon… he really is a classic example of the old adage

    ‘better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt ”

    I cant wait to hear what he says next .. ..because I need a good laugh

  259. Still4Hill—-the picture of Hillary in the black jacket-the one where she is speaking at a ralley in PA. It’s been out forever, on front page here. I just get re-choked today. Maybe because ‘the one’ was here in Jacksonville and my youngest daughter (the traitor) went to see him along with ‘all’ her friends. She did vote for Hillary in the primaries but now thinks we should be good dems. and thinks that McCain is a war monger. Yes, I tried to tell her some things, but she kinda looks at me like I’m old and deluded. I do love that child though, she is so smart and compassionate. I really don’t think she will become a total kool-aide freak—–but, I finally told her that we would not discuss politics.

  260. I have decided that I’m gonna be the first in line, no matter what happens in Nov., to say ‘I told you so’ to everyone I know who was on board for Obama. You know, my husband and I used to do alot with Dem. party here in Jacksonville—worked every election, etc..
    Now, I won’t go near the place. It’s kind of like a death in the family.

  261. Seriously ,,, I dont remember that movie, heck I was not even familiar enough with Eve Enslers name to remember she wrote the V*gina Monologues
    ..when i read that horrid email she sent out about Sarah Palin … and when i did realise who it was…….. I was MORTIFIED
    for HER..
    How could someone with writing credentials and someone I once admired so greatly for breaking such incredible barriers and such good writing send a piece of horribly written unsubtantiated trash around like that??

    But then every day Joe opens his mouth and somethinig else falls out , and he is running for VP

  262. Are we all crazy–it’s late or rather early. Must go to bed. I seriously think that If BO is elected, he will be a major disappointment. Things are just too hairy in this country now. Love you people, good night.

  263. I like the election day suggestions. Thanks MYiQ!
    Are there rules for bringing liquor into voting booths? The might before, I will lay-out gin, a loofah sponge and clean socks.

  264. nite nite darlins i cannot keep my eyes open any longer and I have to resort to the Shakespearean insulter for my last thought about bo

    You are a shallow cowardly hind, and you lie.

    Taken from: Henry IV, part I

    if you wish to avail yourselves

    its fun LOL

    here is one for Joe

    [Thou hath] not so much brain as ear wax.

    Taken from: Troilus and Cressida

  265. Pat,

    I’m sure you know that THE SPEECH was not recorded or videotaped when given. Obama was not running for Senate as he claimed. THE SPEECH could have been conveniently forgotten had the war sold by the media like it sells Obama and sold Bush been a success.

    Axelrod’s PR agency recorded Obama giving a speech in front of an audience (and probably revised) several years afterwards when it would have looked prescient.

    Staged. Questionable. I think the woman who organized the anti-war rally in Hyde Park had invited Bama as a stand-in for Jesse Jackson.

  266. Sage, if you’re still here,

    Check with your state’s Secretary of State to see how a write-in vote for Hillary is counted.

    In my state all write-in votes are tallied as “write-in.” They are NOT assigned to any other candidate on the ballot, but they do lower the percentages of all other candidates for that office. On the other hand, leaving the slot blank has no effect because according to the rules in my state, there is no vote to count.

    Here is the contact sheet for all secretaries of state:


  268. It is inconceivable but true. My mother is in her mid 80’s and lives with me. She was recently hospitalized with a serious condition. The doctor wanted to release her to a rehab center, but she did not want it at all, and I had worked for one in management (quit over their ethics which I could not embrace in good conscience). I took care of her at home. I could not understand why we could not get help for her at home in familiar surrounding, which would be less expensive for medicare to pay than the nursing home. I was able to work from home for one week, and then traded of caring for her with my daughter.

  269. looking for integrity, on September 21st, 2008 at 2:12 am Said:

    My sister went through a similar problem with her husband. She ended up paying for home health care out of her pocket, multiple tens of thousands of dollars, so that he could die in his own bed at home. The way that she handled his chronic and ultimately lethal illness was cheaper than a nursing home but medicare wouldn’t “buy” it.

  270. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 12:39 am Said:

    For some reason Lambert seems to prefer fringe types at his blog.

    Like Mandos, xenophon, ChicagoDyke, and dogemperor.

    Mainstream liberalism is so passe’

    Myiq: Was CD sober? i just remember one particular posting she did and admitted she was wasted. The post was appalling and afterwards I just sorta scrolled past hers

    BTW, I responded to the “if you don’t vote for obie you’re racist” thing.

    And, fwiw…LSU WON!!!! And I do believe some Cajun did shoot the War Eagle and was seen plucking feathers and had the fire burning for the gumbo! 😈

  271. Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question. I found this article, 60% of Physicians Surveyed Oppose Switching to a National Health Care Plan, It’s worth a read.

  272. My wife is a doctor and she absolutely does not want a national (as in government run) healthcare system.

    She does want something done with the pharmaceutical companies though. It’s ridiculous how much money they spend trying to get doctors to use their drugs. Literally, every day a pharm rep feeds everyone (not just the docs) in her practice. I don’t mean McDonalds either. It’s more like what does everyone want from the Palm today? It’s crazy.

  273. “The Incredible Shrinking Obama” is running as a double feature with “Attack of the 50-foot Alaskan Woman”

  274. looking for integrity – I found this legislation that Hillary is still working on

    August 6, 2008

    Clinton, Lowey, Advocates and Family Caregivers Call for Action to Relieve Unmet Need for Respite Care Services

    Urge Funding for Clinton Legislation to Expand Access to Respite Care Services

    YONKERS, NY—With a growing unmet need for respite care services in Westchester County and in communities across New York and around the country, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today called for action to ensure that family caregivers receive adequate support and services. Joined at Jawonio Westchester by Congresswoman Nita Lowey (D-Westchester/Rockland), respite care advocates and family caregivers, Senator Clinton called for funding of the Lifespan Respite Care Act, a law she authored that provides competitive grants for states and local bodies to increase the availability of respite care services for family caregivers of individuals with special needs regardless of age. Senator Clinton emphasized that funding will help meet the need for respite care services.

    “Every day millions of Americans rely on family members to provide critical long-term care services. To these dedicated individuals these aren’t patients, they’re mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and cherished loved ones. Being a family caregiver is a full-time labor of love that can place a great strain on the lives of the people who are caring for relatives. We should provide the resources and support services these unsung heroes need,” said Senator Clinton.

    “Caring for an elderly or disabled loved one can be physically and emotionally stressful,” said Congresswoman Lowey. “Access to respite care is critical for the well-being of both patients and caregivers. I will continue working with Senator Clinton to provide accessible, affordable health care, including expanded respite services.”


  275. The best way to get decent health care for all, IMHO, is to deny tax-payer funded health care for every damn elected official in the country until ALL of us have it.

    Why should we pay for theirs if they won’t vote for ours?

    NØbama NØway

  276. #
    Matt, on September 21st, 2008 at 3:42 am Said:

    “Did you see the Bunk study stating 2/3 of doctors in America want National Health Care. The doctors who did this study also conducted one in 2002 and found that the majority of doctors did not want national health care, the problem with this is that the 2 question surveys drastically differ in there 2nd question.”
    Typical Republican, on September 21st, 2008 at 5:18 am Said:

    “My wife is a doctor and she absolutely does not want a national (as in government run) healthcare system.”

    Doctors also generally oppose evidence based medicine, preferring instead to rely on (good ol boy) networks for stories on how to treat patients. Doctors, in my experience, are generally mavericks who like to think that they know what to do and no-one else is going to tell them what’s best for their patients. Mostly they are wrong.. Listening to doctors is important. Letting them dictate national health policy is stupid.

  277. Living in Europe, I cannot see why people should prefer a capitalist, private insurance run, health care system, to a national, government run, (and publicly accountable) one.

    The example given by the Obamas, where Michelle received an enormous payrise to something like $300,000, after her husband earmarked a million bucks of tax dollars a year, to the hospital she worked for-seems to me to be an enormous waste of public funds squandered in a so called private system.
    And that’s but a drop in the bucket.

  278. Warning! You may be encountering the jehova Witness style B0bot trying to woo you:

  279. “Laurie”
    That is an example of how the MEDIA protect Obama.
    That FACT about Michelle & her hospital employer, is
    FAR WORSE than any “TROOPER-GATE”!
    I heard Lady Lynn reference it in her “smack-down” with Campbell Brown; CB just IGNORED IT!

  280. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 7:30 am Said:

    “The Incredible Shrinking Obama” is running as a double feature with “Attack of the 50-foot Alaskan Woman”


    Thanks. I needed my morning 😀

  281. myiq2xu, on September 21st, 2008 at 7:30 am Said:

    “The Incredible Shrinking Obama” is running as a double feature with “Attack of the 50-foot Alaskan Woman”

    me too:)

  282. […] to udate this with a most excelent comment made at the Confluence by miqxu “The Incredible Shrinking Obama” is running as a double feature with “Attack of the 50-foot […]

  283. dotcom, no I will not allow your comment. you have all the hallmarks of a troll, i’m sad to say. you come and deposit comments and don’t bother to stick around to debate your position. you insult us, and you leave comments on old threads. You are, imo, a troll, and I will delete your comments if I see them. If RD is of a different mind, she is welcome to reverse my actions. In my opinion you’re coming here only to promote yourself, and your narrow-minded single issue advocation of Obama (which I might say, is contradictory of everything you said several months ago). I t hink you have some real nerve pulling this bullshit. I say good riddance to you.

  284. are you kidding me dot??? you should know that this is not the forum for debate. the debate is over. the debate ended when Obama and the DNC stole the election. you know that. I’d at least have a tiny bit of respect for you if you were upfront and not playing the “i’m one of you” troll bits. get lost.

  285. Have to comment on the single-payer issue. Please don’t insult doctors. They are as diverse as any other professional group. Also, it depends on when and where they are trained and their mentors as to how previously-held beliefs are modified pryor to going into practice. It depends on their personal practice situations and their own fundamental characters as to how those beliefs are modified throughout their careers.

    A few decades ago, the MCD and Medicare reimbursements where more in line with the private insurers, so MOST practices accepted MCD and Medicare. Also, a few decades ago, more of the population had insurance. The idealogues who had the power to decrease MCD and Medicare reimbursements or prevent them from keeping pace with private reimbursements did so–in the name of cutting government spending. One result was that more and more private practices stopped accepting MCD and Medicare insurance, because the reimbursements were too low. In terms of administration, it is much less expensive and cumbersome to deal with a single-payer than to deal with as many as ten other third-party payers. It also affects how physicians practice because each plan has a different formulary, generally based on buying groups. A single-payer system does not limit the patient’s choice of physician. None of that “you have to go to one of our doctors.”

    Also, evidence-based medicine has support. Again, it goes back to the individual physician’s fundamental character and competence–Is this good for my patient? vs. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, don’t tell me how to practice medicine! Note the second may be an appropriate response to a plan representative trying to deny coverage of a particular study or medicine that is indicated by the clinical situation but “not on the list.”

    One thing that we have learned is that although high-technology and more expensive drugs have contributed to increased healthcare costs, they have not improved outcomes in many cases. Another point people ignore is that the majority of the healthcare cost increase in the last decade or so has gone to adminstrative costs, not provider salaries and expansion of services.

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