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Friday Activism: Will Shame Do What Party Affiliation Won’t?

Do Not Let Him Take Our Freedom Away!

Do Not Let Him Take Our Freedom Away!

Having garnered only pro forma support from some of her Senate colleagues (with the notable exception of her frequent partner, Senator Patty Murray) in her efforts to prevent George W. Bush’s HHS from denying millions of women access to birth control, Hillary Clinton joins with the president of Planned Parenthood and takes her case to the media:

The definition of abortion in the proposed rule is left open to interpretation. An earlier draft included a medically inaccurate definition that included commonly prescribed forms of contraception like birth control pills, IUD’s and emergency contraception. That language has been removed, but because the current version includes no definition at all, individual health care providers could decide on their own that birth control is the same as abortion.

The rule would also allow providers to refuse to participate in unspecified “other medical procedures” that contradict their religious beliefs or moral convictions. This, too, could be interpreted as a free pass to deny access to contraception.

Many circumstances unrelated to reproductive health could also fall under the umbrella of “other medical procedures.” Could physicians object to helping patients whose sexual orientation they find objectionable? Could a receptionist refuse to book an appointment for an H.I.V. test? What about an emergency room doctor who wishes to deny emergency contraception to a rape victim? Or a pharmacist who prefers not to refill a birth control prescription?

The Bush administration argues that the rule is designed to protect a provider’s conscience. But where are the protections for patients?

The 30-day comment period on the proposed rule runs until Sept. 25. Everyone who believes that women should have full access to medical care should make their voices heard. Basic, quality care for millions of women is at stake. (emphasis added)

Folks, this is the real deal. This is how the Republicans plan to make abortion illegal – not by overturning Roe v. Wade, but by chip-chip-chipping away at the words and the framing that contains the debate over reproductive freedom for women. I say, they can only do this if we let them. We made the mistake long ago of allowing the most extreme, restrictive factions of the anti-abortion population to entitle themselves “pro-life.” As Hillary implies, is it really pro-life to deny important medical information to women who need it? What about the life of the mother?

In retrospect, I don’t believe the words “pro-choice” were a good enough response to the “pro-life” frame. From what I’m reading in comments over the Internets, I feel those words may have alienated some liberal women who do not support abortion for themselves, but don’t want to see it made illegal. I say we should call ourselves “pro-freedom.” If you deny me access to health care, contraception and abortion, I am not free to control my own body, am I? On the other hand, freedom means freedom to carry the pregnancy to term. It could be a more inviting way of explaining our position.

Hillary’s Op-Ed is a cry for help. I suggest we answer it, since so far, the Party that is supposed to be protecting women from this type of assault on their reproductive freedoms has done nothing whatsoever to prevent this horror from occurring.

Contact your Senators and Congresscritters. Email them or call them. We, the people, might be able to shame our representatives into doing what’s right, if we respond in enough numbers. And Obamans, do feel free to join us, since you are suddenly so concerned about reproductive freedom that you are trying to use it to force us to vote for your Beloved Precious.

You know what to do, fellow activists. Go to it!


You can comment on the proposed regulation directly to HHS by emailing consciencecomment@hhs.gov
It’s in the official posted copy at
Please everybody do this!

 Thank you, Shel!

155 Responses

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  2. How sick. Other than Casey I haven’t had time to figure out which of our so-called Democratic senators didn’t sign that letter. But I will.

  3. I am so sick of the Dems AND the Repubs using Roe v Wade as a wedge issue in elections. IT AIN’T GOING TO CHANGE! It is established LAW. If it was going to change it would’ve happened during 1) Reagan 2) Bush the 1st or 3) Bush the 2nd. IT DIDN’T AND IT WON’T. So I want them both to stop using it to guilt people into voting for them.

    Yeah, and Obama has some nerve commenting on women’s pay when McCain pays his women workers more than men.
    The guy is a piece of work.

    With two major defections this week from the Dems to McCain, Obambi’s bunch should be plenty worried.

    I want Hillary BACK, and I want her NOW.

  4. I am absolutely convinced that Hillary never sleeps.

  5. Dee,

    I know! The woman seems like she has superpowers, super smart, super funny and never seems to tire.

  6. Dee – Last I saw, Joe Biden’s name was not on the list.

    Barack’s “What She Said” is up there, though.

  7. This link is a good one to use. You plug in your zipcode, and write your letter, and it automatically sends it to your Senators and Reps. I just sent one.


  8. When I was a student nurse .. I was on my clinical rotation in maternal child health at what was then Baltimore City Hospitals .. and part of that was in a clinic for women. An older black woman who was completely blind ; and who already had two children she could barely care for ; was there on a prenatal visit .. Her questions to the medical intern were regarding the amount of time she had to make the decision to have her pregnancy terminated . The intern , a black doctor from outside the USA , very brusquely dismissed her questions and gave her no information whatsoever because HE DIDNT believe in abortion , and he had no compunctions about saying so . Besides, he was busy bragging to his fellow interns about how fast he could do a C- section or a hysterectomy and even had the time down to a fraction of a second and was asking his interns to time him in surgery .
    Well I timed how long it took him to move on down the hall and out of earshot and gave the lady the information she needed . I never found out what she ultimately did, but I did then and do now believe she had the right to know. It has been many years and many marches for choice later, but I have never forgotten that arrogant bastard , nor have I forgotten that withholding information or education is an effective means of control . I am tired of having my body regulated .. for me by anyone other than myself.
    What is next, federal hormonel regulation??
    We canot allow this to happen and kudos to Hillary for warning us , so we can act.

  9. Did Planned Parenthood endorse anybody in the Dem primaries? If I remember correctly two other woman’s rights groups went for Obama. Where is he on this?

  10. Mr Mike –

    He signed the letter. Otherwise….

    [cricket cricket cricket]

  11. swanspirit, my God, what an utterly despicable doctor! What is it with people like that?

  12. Bush has been trying this all along. Thank goodness for Hillary being there to call him out on it. They’re a sneaky bunch. Having Hillary in congress for the next four years is the only thing that’s going to save us when McCain/Palin get elected.

  13. And where is that self-described champion of women, Obama? Shouldn’t he be taking the lead on this since he is the Dem Nominee or is he too busy raising money from people like Susan Sarandan?

  14. Come on women….THINK. There is no way abortion is going to be illegal. Even if it ever way, the states would be given the power to decide.

    This is ridiculous that women’s rights are back down to abortion. Let’s bring back victimhood due to PMS while we are at it.

    Women are much smarter than this. Why does abortion even matter in the year 2008 when there are incredibly great products to prevent conception and is less invasive than an abortion.

    I’m 55 years old, I was sexually active in my youth and I never had an abortion. Stop the insanity of this ridiculous subject!

  15. Obama has tasked Biden to look into women’s issues.

  16. Marsha/Griffithinc –

    Hillary needs our help, though. Her fellow Democrats aren’t doing anything because they are afraid of the retaliation by the religious right, who, for some reason, they think they can peel off from the Republicans.

    It’s just f*cking disgusting how they are willing to throw women under the bus for some imagined political gain.

  17. Obama watched the video of the Anita Hil hearings and has decided that Biden is well qualified to speak to women’s concerns.

  18. Obama has tasked Biden to look into women’s issues.

    I am taking a little break while housekeeping and that one sentence posted by Mawm has me laughing out loud. That one little sentence says it all. Best one liner of the day!

  19. juliej, please read the actual post. This is not about abortion. It is about opening the door to deny all sorts of care, based on the “personal beliefs” of providers.

    A pharmacist could refuse to fill needed HIV drugs. A nurse could refuse to care for gay patients.

    It really helps to read the post first, generally speaking.

  20. LIVE stream of McCain-Palin speaking now in Minnesota:


  21. juliej –

    Women are much smarter than this. Why does abortion even matter in the year 2008 when there are incredibly great products to prevent conception and is less invasive than an abortion.

    If Bush has his way, women won’t have access to those incredibly great products. And it’s only due to the efforts of women like Hillary, Patty Murray and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) that those products are available without a prescription. They had to fight for three years to make that happen.

    We cannot afford to let proposals like this become settled law. No one gets to control my body but me. That is the bottom line.

  22. I’m so proud to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton. I contacted my senators and rep. Go Confluence! Go Hillary!!

    It looks like we may have Hillary back now.

  23. Oh, yeah Mawm:


  24. Mawm,

    You can’t be serious. He did a poor job on Anita Hill’s sexual harassment detailed in the Thomas Hearings. Lame, just totally lame.

  25. I sent the letters … along with my story verbatim copy pasted from here . 🙂 cant hurt 🙂

  26. The feminist motto should be: Keep YOUR religious beliefs and YOUR untrained hands OFF my BODY!

    What you do with your is your business, but leave mine to me.

  27. FLVoter – Mawm is joking. 🙂


  29. Madamab,

    Absolutely. That is why I keep e-mailing her and giving her support. I e-mail my reps here in TN, but they’re all Repubs, so of course that does no good. But I keep doing it. The Dems in congress need to get some guts and not be afraid to speak. LIKE HILLARY, for god’s she can’t do it all alone.

  30. OT, but I need to vent. I guess Obama is in Florida teleprompting about women’s issues. Just caught him mentioning the “glass ceiling”. I want to puke.

  31. Madamab,

    Problem with Obama is that he could have been serious. I do not put anything past the guy.

  32. Going to lunch will check back later.


  33. I too took it seriously. Since I am usually most aligned with Mawm’s positions on this site, I thought he was serious. But again, I would not put it past Obothead to actually consider it.

  34. How is it possible for a physician or pharmacist to be allowed to pass on medication or treatment for any illness or injury? Are smokers and the obese going to be on the list of people who have morally objectionable conditions… for which exceptions have to be made in consideration of the delicate feelings of all those involved in health care? Should intoxicated accident victims be left to fend for themselves if the emergency room doctor is offended by drug or alcohol use? Must one submit a valid marriage license and notarized statements from husband and clergy to be eligible to fill a birth control prescription? And if this should still offend the pharmacist who doesn’t think there is any excuse for sexual activity other than to result in pregnancy, what then? Once this foolishness is allowed to begin there is really no end. Roe v . Wade is only part of the battle for reproductive freedom, when access to birth control is still a fight in itself.

  35. You guys are right – it would be so Bush-like of Obama to do something like that.

    The sexist protecting against sexism, like the oil men in charge of the oil-regulating agency…

  36. Ms. Marple: Will the statement “I just don’t like your face” hold up as enough reason to withhold treatment. It will if this thing sees the light of day.

    An added addendum to the Hippocratic Oath will be inserted:
    “I will only treat those who follow my religious beliefs and adhere to vegetarian concepts.” Not too far fetched.

  37. Back to the housework. Once again.

  38. The 30-day comment period on the proposed rule runs until Sept. 25.
    Can someone explain this? Who comments for 30 days and where? Does it just go in a file somewhere or does it matter? It seems like comments from some established organization would carry more weight. Or a calling campaign like the one that dogged BO on FISA. I have blogged about this several times, but what else is there to do? How do you find out if your elected officials (BO and his campaign manager are mine) have taken some stand on this?

  39. Nijma – Best thing to do is call their office and ask, if you don’t know. Obama has signed the letter but so far has been MIA on any follow-up.

    I don’t know if it matters or not, but Hillary’s column implies that the comments come from us!!!

    I hope she reads this and knows we have her back and are waiting to be mobilized!

  40. I just got through contacting Webb and Warner. Warner I’m sure will not care, he’s retiring. Webb’s assistant got an earful and I will be calling back in an hour to find out why the good Senators name is not on that letter. Reid’s office goes directly to voice mail. For a bunch of people who seem so adamant that I need to vote for Obama to protect my reproductive rights the batch of Democrats who happen to constitute a majority seem pretty worthless. It isn’t like they couldn’t draft legislation that addresses this.

  41. JulieJ,

    Some women are happy to be pregnant but end up having to get abortions for other reasons–like saving their own lives.

  42. Woo-hoo! You rock, CWaltz!

    And I know, this is why the O-bots need to stop lying about how the Democratic Party protects and advances womens’ rights. Puh-LEEZ.

  43. Here’s piece I did about how the Bush administration can’t get the salmonella out of our food because they’re too busy with trying to redefine birth control as abortion ( you know abolishing contraception is their REAL objective):


    I seem to remember it was the catholic church that was originally against contraception because of the pope’s statements, but I don’t remember how the evangelicals got on board with it.

  44. OT – BTD at TL (a place I rarely visit) has an interesting thread about Howard Fineman blaming Bill Clinton for the Fannie/Freddie mess.

    BTD is debunking both HF’s article and the Obamanoids that are using rightwing lies to knock Clinton. All in all it is a very informative thread if you want to understand this complicated sub-prime mess.

    On a personal note. I made my first post at TL in a BTD thread last week. I thought it was rather innocuous. It was promptly deleted.

  45. Britannia,

    Obama is supposed to be speaking today at the University of Miami. After the primary, I find it in bad taste for Obama to even pretend to the champion of women.

  46. And once again, folks, we come back to the absolute necessity for the 30 per cent solution we’ve been talking about for the past few days.

    It is fundamentally undemocratic that men continue to regulate, legislate, and adjudicate the reproductive rights of women.

    My world view has been turned upside down and inside out in the past six months. I’m voting the straight V*gina Ticket, from POTUS to Dogcatcher, from this day forward.

  47. Dee – they have gotten rid of quite a few people there. The parameters for acceptable discourse are quite slim.

  48. Jeralyn must think she is back in a courtroom in her defense of Obama. She has become judge and jury all rolled into one.

  49. Protesters interrupt Obama rally (he was pandering to women – which angered the protesters)

  50. Dee,

    Did BTD say how it is supposed to help Obama for the O-bots to keep beating up on Bill Clinton? I thought they wanted him to help their messiah get elected?

  51. bb: You are looking for logic which no longer exists over there. Unless you are all out for pumping up Obama, bashing anyone else is acceptable. Reason has been replaced by zealotry.

  52. This needs to get out to the larger population. I doubt many know of this. The vast majority of people in this country think birth control is a right. The percentage that think birth control is an abortion is miniscule. This douche at HHS has lost his mind. If the men of this country found out they would be having babies when they had sex, this regulation would disappear pronto. This is definitely not just a women’s issue. No one wants a healthcare provider to insert themselves into their decisions about their healthcare. If you feel the need to insert your morals then you are in the wrong line of work-go be a preacher or something.

  53. swanspirit, on September 19th, 2008 at 12:54 pm Said:
    Reminds me of a recurring situation years ago at a community hospital.
    About half of the anesthesia staff was from the Philippines..If one of them was on at night and if a woman who needed a c-section also wanted a tubal ligation…they would refuse to do the case…so no tubal ligation and the woman would have to come back later for another surgery. And everyone was fine with respecting the “Doctors” religious beliefs.

  54. Pat,

    You’re right. It was a rhetorical question. I don’t understand how BTD can live with himself. He told Markos to go f*ck himself, but apparently he can’t stand up to Jerelyn.

  55. Ms. Marple: Once this foolishness is allowed to begin there is really no end. Roe v . Wade is only part of the battle for reproductive freedom, when access to birth control is still a fight in itself.

    How true – it’s about sovereignty of my entire body and mind.

    Always good to read your comments – are you settled back in the US and did you have a nice birthday?

  56. I just heard Rush saying that Sandra Bernhart warned Palin not to come into manhatten because she will be “gang raped by big black brothers”.

    I couldn’t find the actual comments but I did find another video of her trashing Palin

    Beyond vile.

  57. Joan – I agree 100%. I think that’s why Hillary put this in the Times. No one is talking about it in either party. They are all hoping it will kind of slip through the cracks and they won’t have to take a leadership position on it.

    Cowardly f*cktards!

  58. I really loved TL. Now, I go over but only post on BTD’s posts. I think that J’s attacks on Palin are painful to read.

  59. Typical Republican – Take Rush with a grain of salt.

    I certainly hope she didn’t say that, but if she did, she is a piece of trash. What is wrong with these women?!

  60. If every biological father involved in a one night stand after an evening of binge drinking was held responsible for the rest of his life to support the little unexpected dividend left behind on his equally drunken partner, abortion rights would never be in dispute.

    If every young woman was forced to carry that fetus to term then marched right over to the house of the equal participant and deposited the dividend on the front doorstep to raise, abortion rights would never be in dispute.

    If everyone took a step back and realized that a forced pregnancy does harm to both the mother and child in the long run, then abortion rights would never be in dispute.

    If every man forcing their views on a female accepted that this too could happen to one of their own, then abortion rights would never be in dispute.

    And if responsible lawmakers took a breath and told those who hold those views to remove them from the public domain and contain them within their own religious institutions, then abortion rights would never be in dispute.

    But finally, those insisting that a woman sacrifice that right and come to full term they need to step to the plate and be held responsible for the next 18-22 yrs of care and upbringing of this child and not simply be able to walk away.

    This is when abortion rights will no longer be in dispute.

  61. Typical, I like Sandra…she reminds me of the Wendy’s mascot gone “bad.”….humour is a funny thing.

  62. PJ – Preach it, sister!!!


    I’ll tell you what. When men allow the State to have legislative rights over their testicles, then the State can have legislative rights over my uterus.

  63. madamab-Maybe we need to go to football games with signs so red-blooded American males can be clued-in! They don’t read the Times. At least, we could write to our local papers. It’s hard to reach large numbers of people, isn’t it? Frustrating.

  64. When men allow the State to have legislative rights over their testicles….

    Jeee, madamab, crossing legs…..

    and PJ….never ever again will I do “evening binge drinking”

    Leaving with tail between my legs (figuratively speaking, OK?)

  65. You can comment on the proposed regulation directly to HHS by emailing consciencecomment@hhs.gov.
    It’s in the official posted copy at

    Click to access 20080821reg.pdf

    Please everybody do this!

  66. Joan – I know!!! At least a lot of other media outlets have links to the Times…

  67. Shel – Can I update the post with your excellent information?

  68. Upstate-I think Sandra is funny, too. She is just outrageous so I don’t take her seriously anyway. Margaret Cho posted on her blog that she wants to do Sarah-hates her politics but thinks she’s hot. Gotta keep laughing or we’d cry.

  69. In many ways, we continue to be an unenlightened society.

    Overpopulation should be a major concern as well. I see this topic of abortion as akin to someone insisting I must come to love the taste of broccoli. I don’t, I hate it and nothing on this earth will make it so. Serve it any way you wish, I will never like it.

    Forcing all women to live by some religious dictate is the same thing. Separation of church and state is hanging in the balance.

  70. UpstateNY – That’s how we feel every time we see one of these idjits who think they can take over our uteruses!!! Now, isn’t that an urky feeling?

  71. Yes, Pat! Nailed it.

    That’s why I have no respect for most pro-lifers. (Palin might be an exception.) If it were about the babies they’d be pushing for conmprehensive pre-natal care, universal health care, better public schools, a cleaner environment, daycare facilities for parents who need them, and a whole host of other measure that would contribute the the quality of life of those babies and the people they grow up to be.

    It’s really about we can’t let the wimmins have s-e-x, and if they do they have to be shamed and punished.

    I remember when a woman couldn’t legally get a tubal ligation without her husband’s consent and a sworn statement by her doctor that her life would be in danger if she carried another child. That’s assuming you could get a doctor to give it. Laws like that are one reason there are do darm many baby boomers.

    It’s also the reason I spent my first four years in and out of the hospital. Having four kids already, my mom tried a home remedy abortion on me which failed, but chickened out when she went to the back-alley doc. I made it to birth, but darn near didn’t make it much longer. And having to have me and the next five kids didn’t do my mom’s health much good, either.

    So, Julies of the world, don’t be so smugly sure it can’t happen again.

  72. madamab – Yes please!!

  73. Joan, what Sandra said is not funny. Not at all. Not by any stretch of the imagination. It cannot be excused by calling it cutting edge, or provocative, or outrageous, or any other euphemism. It was hate speech, period. Hate speech should not be given legitimacy by hiding behind a claim that it is funny, or performance art.

    BTW, I would be just as sickened if a “redneck” comic stood on stage and opined that Michelle Obama had better be careful if she ever comes to Alabama, because she might get gang-raped by a bunch of my buddies in pick-up trucks.

    It is NO different. It is wrong. It is hateful. It is violent. It is disgusting and appalling, period.

  74. Patty’s name is first. I count 27 sigs. Where are the missing senators?

  75. When I was in the child bearing years, I had two children and then had three miscarriages.
    I asked the doctor about having my tubes cut and tied.
    I was told that you had to have at least five full term pregnancies by state law.
    This was in the early and mid sixtes.
    I had two more children that I love but the choice was taken away from me.
    I don’t want that to happen to any other woman.



  76. Pat…have you tried it with cheese?…if you try it you may like it, really……oh never mind.

    I feel the same about Brussel sprouts….now way, no how, no McCain, no Palin!

  77. As a Catholic, and if I had adhered to their antiquated belief that sex was merely for procreation, and birth control was a “sin”, I did my part with 4 in 5 1/2 yrs.

    But if I hadn’t, and being rather fertile to say the least, I could have ended up with 18 kids! All because some man from 700 yrs ago decreed this as a way of life for following God’s teachings. Come on!

    However a woman chooses to live her life, or undertake a decision for whatever reason, it is none of our business. Period. End of story.

  78. I always wanted 18 kids!

  79. Upstate: Funny thing, I hate broccoli but I do like Brussels sprouts. Weird.

  80. Pat, how are you doing. Feeling better? Hope so.

  81. Upstate: Go see P Diddy. I have lost count of how many he has by now. Of course they all have different Moms.

  82. Pat, is that a “tail” under your skirt (avatar?) oh my!

  83. Upstate; One ear is blocked. I have to finish this housework as company is coming at 7p. Other than that, I am much better than the start of this week. Thanks.

  84. How is it that people who are so filled with self- rightousness they do not realise they have gone past “edgy” and gone over the edge and fallen in to the shadow of hate .. for Sandra Bernhart , or any woman to threaten another woman with rape is beyond vile and reprehensible .

  85. Upstate: Not a tail but the “baggage” I am carrying from the female wars.

  86. And when did “rape” become amusing?

  87. It was hate speech, period. Hate speech should not be given legitimacy by hiding behind a claim that it is funny, or performance art.

    I’m with WMCB on this. I have a pretty good sense of humor, but what Sandra allegedly said ain’t funny coming from anyone. It is extremely base, despicable, and dehumanizing.

  88. ”….humour is a funny thing.”

    Yeah I guess you’re right. It’s like Micheal Richards hilarious bit about stringing up a nigger and shoving a stick in his ass. LMAO oh jeez that was so funny and cutting edge just like Palin getting gang raped…NOT!

    Listen, I’m just an assault rifle owning Texas white boy so I realize my opinion doesn’t hold much weight here but IMHO if you’re going to say it’s ok for some people to shit on you then you’re going to have to get used to everyone shitting on you.


  89. if you’re going to say it’s ok for some people to shit on you then you’re going to have to get used to everyone shitting on you.

    This is an opinion I can live with. So, so true.

  90. Exactly Pat, rape is never amusing .. unless you are so bloodless oblivious and obtuse to suffering that you are a waste of human skin .

  91. swanspirit; That about sums it up. Wonder what the reaction would be if this reference was made about their own mothers or sisters? Not so funny I bet.

  92. I disagree with you Typical.

    Humour is a very personal thing…very much like the whole erotica/pornography debate.

  93. You know, I have yet to see any evidence that Bernhard said any such thing. Rush may have been pulling that quote out of his *ss.

    However, her actual rantings on Palin are just stupid and unfunny.

  94. Typical, what a piece of trash! Liberal Women are coming apart at the seams because of Sarah Palin. The melt down would be really interesting to watch, if it weren’t so tragic

  95. And Upstate – Rape is not funny. If you think it is, imagine if it had been done to you and you were sitting in that audience. Would you be laughing?

  96. My reaction to that story by Tim Graham was.. and which one of your rape fantasies was sandra feeding into tim?? you low life pervert ??

  97. madamab, did you read typical’s link? Pretty disgusting stuff.

  98. Where is there humor in rape? Pat and Swan, you’re right, rape is never amusing. It’s an act of violence and I can find no humor in that.

  99. You can be funny without having to insert vulgarity into every other sentence. Bob and Ray, Bob Newhart, Nichols and May, are a few who come to mind.

    I am not a prude in the least, but having to inject that level of vulgarity into a set tells me the comedian has not much else to say. Shocking an audience is not entertainment, it is merely shocking.

    Brilliance comes when you can make your point without relying on the “F” word as your noun, verb, and adjective. Coarseness masquerading as humor is still coarse. I would have walked out of that Sandra Bernhard performance since this was nothing more than a series of undisguised rants parading as comedy. She has yet to figure out the difference.

  100. I’m sorry, but no one should be calling anyone a whore. Not even if you are referring to a prostitute.

  101. Humour is a very personal thing…very much like the whole erotica/pornography debate.


  102. Mawm – I can’t find any direct quote from her actually making the gang-rape statement. It’s all second-and-third-hand.

    But I agree, the other stuff she said was just stupid and unfunny.

  103. Pat, I like Ellen’s form of comedy. She doesn’t swear and she makes fun of herself most of the time.

  104. You are prohibited from making any joking references to Obama being black but it is acceptable to be as crude and as vulgar as you choose when speaking of Sarah Palin?

    What is wrong with this picture?

  105. Mawn: That is why I love Ellen too. Funny without resorting to gutter humor. She is the best!

  106. Pat: What is wrong with this picture?

    Everything. EVERYTHING!

  107. I have got to finish this housework or the company will handed a map just to find the dining room!

  108. Ellen Degeneres, now that’s funny. She made it to the big time with an act about having a conversation with God, for crying out loud. She stood up for Hillary too when she was being pressured to quit the primaries.

  109. Delphyne, Pat, Mawm:

    You see, women are fair game. They are asking for it because they are women. Women are inherently evil. My Bible tells me so. There is no other reason needed.

    Now Barack, he has a penis, so he must be respected.

  110. Britannia, God is a Black Woman who reads guns and ammo in that skit.

  111. No, madamab, of course I do not think rape is funny. However I am not in the business to tell others what they can and cannot say or laugh at.

  112. McCain’s new ad hitting Biden over the “taxes=patriotism” gaffe is really funny.
    His ad team has the whole subtly mocking thing down to an art, and seem to be very aware that the best thing to do with puffed-up blowhards is not to attack, but to giggle at them.

    The fireworks in this video crack me up. BTW, I know what Biden was trying to say, and agree in part. But I am still laughing my ass off at how he framed it in a way that gave McCain the perfect opening. I have been yelling at my party for years that they DO NOT HAVE A CLUE how to frame this so the voters get it, and I keep being proved right. Hill knew how. Bill knew how. These clowns keep stepping in it with their high-minded “let’s all feel guilty” pronouncements.


  113. Upstate – We all have opinions, of course, but it should be understood that when you refer to a woman being raped in a “comedy” setting, you are going to have a lot of adverse reactions.

    And when you defend the person who did it, you aren’t going to get a lot of women to agree with you.

  114. This is it? These are the only Democrats who signed the letter to HHS?

    Senator Patty Murray
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Senator Barbara Boxer
    Senator Barack Obama
    Senator Debbie Stabenow
    Senator Maria Cantwell
    Senator Frank R. Lautenberg
    Senator John F. Kerry
    Senator Bernard Sanders
    Senator Robert Menendez
    Senator Charles E. Schumer
    Senator Patrick J. Leahy
    Senator Sherrod Brown
    Senator Claire McCaskill
    Senator Ron Wyden
    Senator Richard J. Durbin
    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
    Senator Jon Tester
    Senator Barbara A. Mikulski
    Senator Tom Harkin
    Senator Max Baucus
    Senator Dianne Feinstein
    Senator Blanche Lincoln
    Senator Russ Feingold
    Senator Benjamin L. Cardin
    Senator Edward Kennedy
    Senator Harry Reid
    Senator Christopher J. Dodd

    Mountain Sage

  115. Understood, madamab.

  116. It’s all about the comedy mark’s perceived weakness and ability to fight back.

    White people can’t make jokes about black people because the media will shame them for it. Black people can make jokes about white people because no one makes a fuss. Same thing for women. Most women don’t fight back on the mysogyny. If Mother’s didn’t let their kids buy the HipHop because of the women hate contained within, you better believe the record companies would make sure the rappers stopped putting it in there.
    Problem that I see is that most women have a high pain tolerance, and they let this crap go on a lot longer than men would.

  117. MS – That’s the most updated info I could find…

  118. Mawm – I’m not sure about the pain tolerance thing.

    We may have gotten tired of being told we’re imagining things and that we’re just a bunch of angry old b*tches who have no sense of humor.

    One thing is for sure, if we implement the 30% Solution, we will have a lot less trouble getting our point across!


  119. Divide and conquer has been the best tool to keep women from power.

  120. madamab, don’t you see how fast black organizations jump on any media outlet that does something racist. The women’s groups that do that don’t seem to have the same clout. However, they should have more clout, since AAs make up %20 of the population, but women are %50.

    Divide and conquer

    Don’t make a scene

    Play nice

    Cherish martyrdom.

  121. Pat Johnson, you restore my faith in Catholics! And your comment at 1:21 is pure poster material. I’d love to put that up on the walls of the local so-called liberal university’s libraries and student union.

    That state university, by the way, is paying again this year for anti-abortion propaganda pictures that will be displayed all over campus, but won’t allow any pictures of the real consequences of attempting to force women to have children. The attitude here that equally favors anti-abortion zealots and frat-boy sex-on-demand leaves the young women students appallingly vulnerable but reluctant to speak out. And while the right-wing student publications constantly attack women’s reproductive rights, the left-wing ones never defend them.

  122. Someone should ask Sandra why they are “black” men. Why “black”? Isn’t racism the subject de jur?

  123. Maybe Sen. Clinton is not getting support from her colleagues because they want to use this as a weapon to punish PUMAs—don’t support Obama and we will punish you by letting really bad legislation that harms women go to the president for signature.

    So mature. I have come to believe that this why the Dems let FISA go through, approved war supplements with no improved accountability, sat on their hands and let the financial markets crash— timed to happen about the last month of the election, took impeachment off the table so they would still have Bush’s ugly puss to point to. A lovely little plan to help The One and screw every one of us. I may never ever again vote for a Democrat. Right now the Dems are trying to hold Schwarzenegger budget reforms hostage to the CA budget. I hope it back fires on them and they lose CA.

  124. madamab, on September 19th, 2008 at 2:47 pm

    And that is why the 30% Solution makes absolute sense. 30% is scary to the boyz in power.

  125. Jangles off topic but Mammoth is one of my favorite places on earth. You lucky being, to live there!

  126. I’m having my letter to them delivered to Capitol Hill. That part cost some money but I was willing to foot the Bill.

  127. “One thing is for sure, if we implement the 30% Solution, we will have a lot less trouble getting our point across! ”
    A 30% female representation at a minimum but after watching the behavior of “progressive” women during this election cycle..I think that any member of the 30% needs to be screened for kool-aid use.

  128. SHV, when we get to >=%30 those kool-aide drinkers will suddenly get religion and see the error of their ways. They’re sheep and ready to follow.

  129. Mawm, on September 19th, 2008 at 2:37 pm Said:
    Typical, what a piece of trash! Liberal Women are coming apart at the seams because of Sarah Palin. The melt down would be really interesting to watch, if it weren’t so tragic

    And to think until just recently I considered myself a ‘liberal woman.’ Well I’m definitely a PUMA woman, but whatever those XX-chromosome people hating on other women are, I am not that.

  130. I think Liberal Woman can’t stand the thought that by cannibalizing on of their own, they’ve allowed the “unenlightened” Conservative Women to claim the mantle of Progress.

  131. Reid’s office goes directly to voice mail.


    Reid’s office always goes to voice mail. Faxes are usually undeliverable and his email box is too full. On the bright side, he does have time to sign and mail every student who registers to vote a very nice letter.

  132. This is what she is really implying: My black friends are so sexually deranged that when I crack my whip they will go into a frenzy and rape any woman I tell them to – in this case Palin. As a black person this offends me to high heavens other than it being such a violent thing to say. I don’t care if you frame it as comedy or not.

  133. Republic Woman, no doubt his most junior legislative assistants use a signature stamp to do those mailings.

  134. thank you AAO, exactly! Bernhardt offends 5 ways to Friday.

  135. AAO, Bernhardt is trying to say the most provocative things she can, so she can get media attention for her little show. She says something about black men raping a white woman because she knows that will bump her comment up to the top of most salacious “news” outlets. If she had just said raped, it probably wouldn’t have made the same impact. What really bothers me is that everyone who supports Obama gets a pass to say the most ra*ist comments. Obama is the ultimate get out of ra*ist jail free card.

  136. Thanks very much for this post, madamab. I used the addresses you provided and sent my own letters. This is just unacceptable and HRC is the best and the brightest and I applaud her and Senator Murray for their hard work.

    Here is the list of Dem Donkey’s who didn’t sign on to the HRC/Murray Letter:

    Take especial note of Biden and Klobucher as two of the non-signers. Where are ya Joe? And, Amy, can you not spare one second of your Obama-filled days to sign this important letter.

    Since one of my Senator’s (HRC) was one of the originators of this letter and the other, Schumer, signed onto it, I just wrote to Biden and Klobucher and asked why they didn’t sign onto the letter. And, requested that they sign immediately.

    Please contact your Senator and ask them the same.

    Akaka Hawaii
    Bayh Indiana
    Biden Delaware
    Bingaman New Mexico
    Byrd West Virginia
    Carper Delaware
    Casey Pennsylvania
    Conrad North Dakota
    Dorgan North Dakota
    Inouye Hawaii
    Johnson South Dakota
    Klobuchar Minnesota
    Kohl Wisconson
    Landrieu Louisiana
    Levin Michigan
    Nelson Florida
    Pryor Arkansas
    Reed Rhode Island
    Rockefeller West Virginia
    Salazar Colorado
    Tester Montana
    Webb Virginia
    Lieberman Conneticut

    I agree that it’s not Roe v Wade will be overturned and the Obamabots are using this as a red herring issue to try to scare us into voting for Elmer Gantry. Idiots and con artists although they don’t have enough brains for that profession.

    I agree it’s this sort of example presented in the HRC/Murray letter that will chip away at women’s reproductive freedoms in this country. It’s these underhanded and below the radar tricks that the Republicans will do to chip away not Roe v Wade.

    A pox on the Republicans who pull this crap and the Dems who use Roe v Wade as blackmail to Dem women and men who are not on the Obama-go-round.

    And, shame on those listed above, some of whom (Biden and Klobucher) have used that Roe v Wade ploy to scare Dem women into voting for the Dem Ticket.

    Downticket Dems 2008!
    HRC 2012!

  137. You know, it’s the Ann Coulter tactic only coming from the hate/left instead of the hate/right.

  138. Mawm – that is what it irretates me. Some people are allowed to have a pass. I really don’t care if some one is a Liberal or a Conservative if they call me a N**ER. Both are saying it because they are racist as she apparently is. And this goes even past that … she even describes the act.

    I really need to cool down or else I might end up becoming a republican.

  139. Mawm – you are right about the publicity stunt though – maybe I should have ignored it – see how quickly I can calm down 🙂

  140. The first words a doctor says when a child is born is “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”. Those words permanently establish a separate, but not equal, status in every culture in the world.
    In the US, 52% of the population is female. I demand to know why the other 48% of the population has the right to tell me what to do with my body, mind and soul.
    Congress is a good place for affirmative action on behalf of all women-regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that distinguishes one female from another.
    Seems like a Constitutional argument to me.

  141. WMCB

    I agree with you rape is not funny. Victimizing women is not funny. Ask anyone who has ever been raped or victimized. Bernhardt should be ashamed of herself.

  142. I remember when NOW was BLASTING OBAMA about being *soft* on Abortion. It wasn’t that long ago.


    For those of you who are/were NOW members, do you remember President of the Connecticut’s NOW, Rosemary Dempsey, slamming us with an email?? — Spelling out Obama’s lackluster record on Women’s Rights?


  143. Who Am I?

    I am under 45 years old,

    I love the outdoors,

    I hunt,

    I am a Republican reformer,

    I have taken on the Republican Party establishment,

    I have many children,

    I have a spot on the national ticket as vice president with less than two years in the governor’s office.

    Have you ever heard of me before now?

    I am Teddy Roosevelt.

    25th Vice President of the United States, and 26th President of the United Sates

  144. I just got home and read this post. Thank you so much for your coverage …I have just finished commenting to hhs, using the link you provided. I also went to the NYT piece by HRC and used the NYT’s email service to send it to all of my friends. In my message I included the email link to HHS you furnished here. (Since many of these folks are unfortunately Obots, I sweetly mentioned that they might have to set aside their CDS temporarily in order to do the right thing.)

  145. Palin is pro contraception including the morning after pill and belongs to a group which supports this.

  146. Please explain to me why, if President Bush is so keen on restricting birth control methods, he and Mrs. Bush have only two daughters and those two children are the result of one pregnancy? Have they been practicing abstinence?

  147. Hello, Delphyne. I’m getting used to everyone driving on the “wrong” side of the road and people trying to sell you stuff on the phone…the financial news weirded me out on Monday, but homemade birthday cards from small grandchildren are an antidote to anything negative in the world. The sandhill cranes walk up to the patio doors here and tap their beaks on the glass for handouts so nature gets up close and personal. Being an American in America will come back to me, it’s all good.

  148. bll food or faint 🙂 but before I go mince me some mooseburger ( OK OK its ground turkey cheeesh )

    all these anti feminist women are so like the former anti feminist women .. al the ones that argued that a womans place WAS in the home , barefoot and pregnant , that it wasnt “feminine” to want to be a doctor lawyer engineer etc etc … all the frightened women who aligned themselves with the men for fear of losing approval and or Goddess Forbid their MAN .. or even worse never having one.. I guess they are still out there to some extent … and It makes me sad for them …

  149. […] If you liked this post then you may like this one […]

  150. Seems like a Constitutional argument to me.
    that was probably a stronger arguement for R v W. All State Legislatures were >90% male therefor anit-abortion laws violated the “equal protection” clause.

    Of course, the original Roe decision was not about reproductive choice but was designed to protect Doctors and hospitals from prosecution. The biggest lobbys for Roe were the AMA and ACOG.

  151. Hey, Ms. Marple,

    Hopefully, you’ll see this – it’s about 2 hours past the time of your post.

    Glad you are adjusting to driving on the “wrong” side of the road – I can’t imagine such a thing! One of my sisters lived in Chelsea for about 3 1/2 years – loved it, but couldn’t get used to the driving.

    Nature being up close and personal is one of the greatest things – no matter where one resides!

    All the best getting back to being an American in America – with things the way they are now, I am not sure what that means!

    Be well!

  152. FemTheDem, on September 19th, 2008 at 4:32 pm Said:

    I remember when NOW was BLASTING OBAMA about being *soft* on Abortion. It wasn’t that long ago.


    For those of you who are/were NOW members, do you remember President of the Connecticut’s NOW, Rosemary Dempsey, slamming us with an email?? — Spelling out Obama’s lackluster record on Women’s Rights?


    Dang! Every day, it’s a fresh and shiny new outrage… I can’t keep up.


  153. Wow, Bernhardt sooooo edgy, provocative and non-conformist! Anyone who is “offended” doesn’t “get” the “edgily edgous” social satire!! She was making a joke about rape that was really totally socially conscious! ZOMG! She’s so cool, I heart her!

    (Did I do that right?)

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    I am sick and tired of the media not doing their job to report what they know is the truth about Obama and his crooks at Freddie and Fannie. They are the blame and the media is covering for Obama! We The People MUST stand up and get the word out about Obama and what really caused our economic crisis!!

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