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Harry Reid Wants Democrats To Lose Congress AND The White House

Vote For Me, I Have No Idea What To Do!

Vote For Me, I Have No Idea What To Do!

It looks like the horrible economy has boosted Barack Obama’s daily tracking numbers just a bit. Well, we can’t have that, now, can we? Harry Reid to the rescue! He’ll make sure that bounce goes away, further torpedo the chances of downticket Democrats, and reassure Americans that the Democrats ARE completely clueless:

ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports from Capitol Hill: Don’t look for any legislation in the near future to address the financial crisis.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asked today what new regulatory actions Congress can take, said, bluntly, “No one knows what to do. We are in new territory here. This is a different game. We’re not here playing soccer, basketball or football, this is a new game and we’re going to have to figure out how to do it.”

Woo-hoo! When big financial problems arise, it’s always good to admit you have no clue how to resolve them. That will build confidence in your party!

Now, the lede of the story is somewhat misleading, since there will be short-term legislation proposed to try to alleviate the damages caused by greed and deregulation. But apparently, any heavy lifting will be passed on to the next President and Congress. Now, THAT’s leadership!

In the short run, Democrats are trying to push through a second stimulus package with funding for infrastructure improvements, renewable energy tax credits and other things. But all agree it will be up to the next President and Congress to do any re-regulation.

And its important to remember that there is no congressional oversight on the string of bailouts by the Federal Reserve of AIG, the nation’s largest insurance company, or the lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Moments after the press conference, on the Senate floor, Reid said he will keep the Senate in pro forma session after the Sept. 30th departure date so that committees can meet and consider the problem.

I ask you, if the Congress will remain in session after September 30, and will be doing something to counteract the effects of these failures right away, then why didn’t Senator Reid say that?

And why in the name of the Giant Green Lizard are we allowing the free-marketeers to get control of the framing of this issue? Why doesn’t it SOUND like the Obamacrats are the Party of the Responsible Economy any more? Is it because they are stupid, or because they are bought and paid for by Corporate America? Or is it a combination of both?

Let’s just pretend for a moment that Harry Reid were infused with the spirit of a real fighting Dem, such as, oh I dunno, FDR, Truman or Hillary Clinton. This is how I think his statement might have been different:

Well, we’re preparing a large-scale stimulus package to provide immediate relief to the American people. If we can get some of our Republican colleagues to join us, and President Bush doesn’t veto it out of sheer partisan spite, it may even pass the Senate in time to help people immediately.

What the American people need to know is that the impact of the failure of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae had nothing to do with whether or not the institutions were part of the government. Remember, other corporations, like Bear Stearns and AIG, were also bailed out by the Federal Reserve, yet they were private corporations that were deemed “too big to fail.”

The problem is, when deregulation and corporate greed go hand in hand, the people always end up footing the bill with their hard-earned cash. The CEO’s of these companies walk away with multi-million-dollar golden parachutes, while their employees walk away with nothing. This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be.

What led to this financial crisis was the deregulation of the mortgage industry and the deregulation of the lending industry. We need more oversight, not less. It’s incredibly irresponsible of the free-market ideologues, like Jim DeMint, to try to claim more deregulation would have prevented this crisis. That’s like claiming that giving a heroin addict more heroin will cure his addiction. It’s madness.

We need to get back to diversity and real freedom in the market. We need to break up the big companies and give the small businessperson a fighting chance. We need to end the practice of no-bid multi-billion dollar contracts for the friends of the President and the Vice President. And we need to make sure that when the corporations make mistakes, they, and they alone, are responsible.

To this end, we are proposing the following legislation:

  • A “Golden Parachute” law, to the effect that if a CEO drives a company into bankruptcy, he or she cannot profit from it;
  • A reinstatement of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, which will be used to break up monopolies so that this sort of domino effect does not happen again;
  • A new Truman Commission, which will be overseeing and correcting wasteful government spending and war profiteering; and
  • A fully-funded, fully-staffed SEC, with the power and ability to enforce new and existing regulations.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to work.

Wouldn’t that be something to hear? But the Obamacrats are too stupid, too paid off, or both, to say anything like that.

Pass the popcorn and watch McCain/Palin sail to victory in November. There’s just no hope for Obama or Congresscritters like Hapless Harry. But if you have any spare change, please donate to your favorite Downticket Dem if you feel so inclined. We need a strong divided government in January.

Who knows, with two people in the Executive Branch who actually have a record of reaching across the aisle (UNLIKE George Bush, Dick Cheney or Barack Obama), maybe we will get SOMETHING good accomplished in the next four years.

Yes, I know. I’m just a cockeyed optimist.

Cross-posted at Partizane

UPDATE: H/T to Downticket in comments…looks like Hillary said EXACTLY the right things today.

As usual.

197 Responses

  1. madamab, I think they want the economy to continue to tank. I thought Obama said as much the other day. they think it will win them the election. this along with the story that was buried about Obama stalling troop withdrawal negotiations only go to show that he doesn’t give a shit about the american people, just how he can use their suffering to further his own personal ambition. It is really disgusting.

  2. Bought and Paid For

  3. Gary – I think so too. It’s the same reason they didn’t impeach BushCheney on Day One. They were afraid they’d lose the election! So, the wars keep going and going…the economy keeps declining…the gas prices keep going up…nothing changed in almost two years of Democratic control.

    Of course, they’re going to lose the election anyway. No one likes a bunch of whiny, finger-pointing, do-nothing jerks in charge of Congress. They will be lucky to get 56 Dems in the Senate now. At one point, they were looking at 60.


  4. I’m sorry, but the picture is starting to become crystal clear. Everything that Reid and Pelosi DIDN’T do for the last two years makes sense. They are the same as the bush crowd. They just want a bigger piece of the pie, and they know getting Obama elected will give it too them. They couldn’t possible have Hillary, because Clinton wouldn’t have let them gorge on the American tax-payer. For everyone looking for the reason they did what they did to Hillary in the primary. It wasn’t mysogyny, although they used that. It wasn’t CDS, although they have that. It was pure GREED. The Clintons weren’t going to let them line their pockets with our hard earned money. Obama will fill the trough and lead all the piggies to feast.

    God help us if he wins.

  5. I vote combo of both! Madamab.

    Mawm – can’t say it enough – GREED!

  6. For everyone looking for the reason they did what they did to Hillary in the primary. It wasn’t mysogyny, although they used that. It wasn’t CDS, although they have that. It was pure GREED. The Clintons weren’t going to let them line their pockets with our hard earned money. Obama will fill the trough and lead all the piggies to feast.

    God help us if he wins.

    Amen, Mawm!

    He won’t win, though. The numbers are not there for Obama.

  7. The New and Improved Democratic Party fighting for the bitter knitters! (LOL)

  8. Destini, on September 18th, 2008 at 3:34 pm Said:

    From the second part of tonight’s Palin interview on Hannity…it’s all about Hillary.

    On her respect for Hillary Clinton:

    “I think Senator Clinton had shown a lot of determination and stick-to-itiveness in her campaigns and I have to respect that. I don’t have to
    agree with all that she tried to push through and parts of her agenda. In fact, I don’t agree with all of it.”

    If Obama has any sense he should use this.

  9. It’s the “Mad,” not “The Math.” All of his numbers are imaginary.

    Great post, Madamab. Read this post on Partizane earlier.

  10. Mawm, I think the same. They hated Hillary primarily because she would have insisted that they GOVERN. She would have insisted that they WORK to do what they are sent to Washington to do.

    These DNC fakers don’t want that – they just want to maintain their private (and profitable) fiefdoms. And they figured that with the public anger over Bush’s abuses, they could easily do it, so long as Hill went down.

  11. He won’t win, though. The numbers are not there for Obama.

    Madamb, you are my rock. Everyday I waffle about this. Somedays I think, “There’s no way”. Then others, I get worried. You have never waivered in your belief that Obama is unelectable.

  12. OMG – harry Reid needs to be removed as Senate majority leader, STAT!

    WHAT A MORAN! How the hell can he even stand there castigating us Hillary voters to vote for Obama when the main issue that made Hillary so strong – is the one Harry fumbled with a “uhhh, I dun no?”

    GET OUT OF POLITICS HARRY. You’re a wimp.

  13. Sad. Just sad. Reid and other dem leaders are just pathetic. And from the update above, it’s clear there is only one dem in congress with balls, and it’s our Hillary. Sad indeed.

    I’m voting for a do over: McCain/Palin ’08, Hillary ’12

  14. Mawm – Awwwwww! {{{Mawm}}}

    Katiebird and I are united in our faith that the Republicans will never allow this person to be elected.

    If they do not go after him full-bore starting in early to mid-October, I might start worrying then. But there’s one thing I know – they know how to win elections.

  15. I encourage you all to watch the video on Hillary’s site. She is on fire. She was even given 10 extra minutes to continue her speech.

  16. Madamb, I hope you’re right. Apparently, the latest CNN poll shows McCain ahead by only 1% in NC, which just can’t be true, can it?

  17. DT, on it now.

  18. NC only +1? uh that’s not right. That seems like an outlier.

  19. JulieS9164, WHAT?

    Are you telling me that I am going to have to knock on doors for McCain?

    Ug, everytime I think that I’m out, they pull me back in!

  20. Julie – Absolutely not! No way NC is a swing state! LOL

    They are probably oversampling Democrats, or going with Registered rather than Likely Voters.

    There are plenty of ways to make Obama look viable, and the media is happy to do so for their Precious.

  21. Look at Hominid Views.

    Latest map

    Notice that every state on the East Coast is now light blue except NY.


    Obama is toast.

  22. Hey, any word from Hillary on the recent economic dismantlings? By the way, TalkLeft has no less than 5 posts on their front page re John McCain’s Spain problem. Things must be tough when you have only 2 people posting – Jeralyn and BTD – on the same topic over and over and over and over….

  23. This is how Hillary says, “I told you so.”

  24. The NC poll is probably similar to the NY poll that had McCain only behind by 5. McCain has rallies scheduled in Minnesota. That’s significant.

  25. The only “surprise” to any of this is when it hits us head on. We all knew there was a real and valid reason for them to treat her the way they did and it went far beyond CDS. And look who got into bed with them, the corporate media who are heavily invested in these markets both at home and abroad.

    When Pelosi took impeachment off the table that should have alerted our antenna since the grounds were there. When FISA got another pass we should have become even more skeptical that there was something deeper and darker behind our suspicions. It all flows back to the corporations who actually rule this economy, foreign policy, and elections.

    Term limits need to be brought back to the table. All these guys care about is maintaining their cherished, and in many cases, lucrative seats at the table. It wasn’t just that she was a Clinton, or a woman, that made them go after her. It was that she symbolically stood in their way to keep what they already had. A pipeline for more and more of the gravy train.

    After watching the video just now of her addressing the Senate in firm and deliberate tones, you know, I know, they know, that this lady is formidable. A formidable candidate is not always pliable. Barack Obama fits that mold. The change he offers is more of the same. Having Nancy and Harry in your corner spells as much.

    We are witnessing the most disgusting display of political arrogance ever bestowed on the American public by none other than our own Democratic Party. It needs to go. If they have their way, we will be charged in the future for just breathing the air. And guaranteed, they will find a way to tax that as well.

  26. DT which video? There’s quite a few.

  27. Elixir go back to the last thread for a link to Hillary’s speech today in Congress. It’s good stuff.

  28. Elixir – Read the update at the bottom of the post.

  29. MAWM: I always thought the problem they had with Hillary was that she was too smart and would hold them accountable. She would be on the side of the people. They didn’t want that. They couldn’t control her.

  30. PJ – *applause*

  31. She should be paid to give “I Told You So” speeches.

  32. It bothers me that VA is still pink. I can’t freakin’ believe it. This is the first time I’ve wanted my state to go red, which it does with stubborn regularity every four years…and now it’s pink. Well, I suppose that’s better than light, medium or dark blue.

  33. madamab: I wish I could share your optimism that Obama is going to out and out lose. I could sleep better at night if this were so. They have managed this “nomination” so far so I have every reason to believe that he could possibly pull it out. Sorry for my skepticism but allowing the best qualified candidate to sit this one out makes me very nervous.

  34. Update: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Invest in Lawmakers


    Current members of Congress have received a total of $4.8 million from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, with Democrats collecting 57 percent of that. This week we also wrote about how much money lawmakers had invested of their own money in the companies last year–a total of up to $1.7 million. Who has had their hand in the cookie jar of Fannie and Freddie the most?

    Fannie and Freddie’s three favorite Senators:

    1. Dodd, Christopher J
    2. Obama, Barack
    3. Kerry, John

  35. madamb you just scared the bejeezuz outta me! Every state in the NORTHEAST is light blue except NY. South of the Mason/Dixon is still mainly shades of red.

  36. McCain needs to start hitting Obama hard on the economy, starting with the fact that he’s received more money from Fanny Mae than almost anybody. If the media doesn’t care about Obama and troop withdrawals, he’s got to hammer than home too. They need to step it up, the media is just drooling to let Obama back ino this.

  37. Worth the read!

    Are Democrat Leaders prepared to Crash the Markets to Elect Obama?

    WEBCommentary Contributor
    Author: Mike Graham
    Bio: Mike Graham
    Date: September 18, 2008

    Senator John McCain 2005 economic statement: “To underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.”

    Obama is out of touch and has no clue how to deal with the countries market crises and deal with Wall Street. Obama can only say he want’s “Wall Street more transparent,” say What.”
    Obama has proven he is not ready to be president:

    1. Obama spent most of his campaign time stating the Iraq surge would not work while denouncing John McCain for calling for it, plus supporting it. Obama was wrong, his cut and run policy would have put our country right back in the Vietnam era day’s.

    2. Obama was wrong on the international Georgia Russia crisis. It took Obama three statements to get it right as to how America should react in supporting an ally country. McCain got it right in his first statement.

    3. Americans National financial crisis, Obama played a big roll in bringing it about standing with his party leaders. Three years early McCain is on official record sounding the alarm in congress, only to have Obama and the democrats put the issue on hold officially till now. Democrats do have control of the congress.!

    Read more here:

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  38. PJ – How hard was it to manage the nomination when they had so much help? They had total control over the process.

    They will not have that in the GE. And besides, Obama is the most scandal-riden front-runner EVAH.

  39. Watching Hillary address the Senate just bummed me out once again. Instead of a strong and decisive leader, we are left with a bag of wind.

    He can take his “hope” and “change” along with the usual “unity” sh*troll and stick it up his skinny, unqualified, lying ass!

    The next multi billionaire corporate leader must be just salivating waiting for The One to take power. What’s another Bush when you can have a carbon copy to play with? This one is a guaranteed 4 more years of Bush.

  40. Elixir, on September 18th, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Hillary video here but you can only watch it on windows media player.


  41. Julie – D’OH!

    Sorry – multitasking. I did mean NORTHEAST!!! LOL

  42. madamab: I will still be taking the Advil between now and election day. They were able to push through a Bush win in 2000 so I would never discount the same with 2008. Remember, they learned from the best.

  43. If 2012 isn’t Hillary’s year, the PARTY WILL BE DEAD. Who let this woman go?

  44. that NC poll is definitely an outlier. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it had 13% undecided. I’ll go check

  45. The baby fable kills me. Who the fuck is throwing babies in the river?

  46. Regency: Keep reading.

  47. PJ – Rove is on McCain’s side now.

    But I am married to a worrier. I understand. Whatever gets you through the night, baby!

  48. The failures of Lehman, Bear Stearns and AIG are much more understandable to me than the failures of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Fannie and Freddie have more government oversight than even the Postal Service. What is “regulation” worth when the corporations are funneling millions into the campaign coffers of the very politicians who are supposed to regulate them?

    Agree 100% regarding Reid. He is a real embarrassment. I also believe the numbers that show Obama getting a bounce from the Wall St. meltdown. This thing is going to the wire.

  49. PJ said – We are witnessing the most disgusting display of political arrogance ever bestowed on the American public by none other than our own Democratic Party. It needs to go. Sigh…… and when Hillary told us subtly – HE IS NOT ELECTABLE. And when Donna said – STAY HOME ..we got the money we don’t need you. And when Michelle said, only this one time because we will be too rich to do this again.

    We should have been in the streets with pitchforks and lighted torches – these people are besotted with GREED, they really do think the American voter is stupid and beneath them. We have been so hamfisted it has been insane. And look who bore the brunt of the punishment – look who is still standing magestiscally – who still is working on a plan.

    Now, who is going to explain to those who actually believe this charade of a candidate. Who is going to pat the head of these celebrities and explain how they have been used? What a poser BZero is and how deeply they stepped in it. They probably will remain forevah STUPID because they don’t really care to CARE.

    madamab – wonderful post – your very better. I wish I was as optimistic as you about BZero’s chances. His backers have a great deal at stake and will stop at nothing – especially now more details are coming out.

  50. Lord, please help me spell check and do better. Sorry guys – better is best.

  51. Whoever declared that corporations had the same rights as the ordinary citizen needs to be found then drawn and quartered. And that is just for starters.

    I remember when they called out Elizabeth Taylor for having an affair with Richard Burton and accused her of being a “bad influence” on the American public. For God’s sake, can you imagine that?

    Yet here they are, once again, bowing to corporate masters who are more than a bad influence, and all is silent. Unbelievable!

  52. The baby fable kills me. Who the fuck is throwing babies in the river?

    Her actions were funny. There is also the “we do not know what we do not know” 😀

  53. Pat, the difference is Bush’s party had control of the Supr eme Co urt. The Republicans didn’t di e, they’re still out there knowing all the tricks and ready to checkmate any manoeuver. Obama can’t beat them at their own game, and Ho wie and Do nna can’t do anything in the general.

    I mean, HRC couldn’t say much when they were trying to keep their precincts open past voting time. The Republicans know that’s coming and they won’t stand for it for a second.

  54. Seriously,

    McCain-Palin exposed Obama today in Iowa. They nailed him on his ties to the financial crisis.

    It was a thing of beauty!

    This will give you a good update:



    I posted some of the comments from the Iowa rally in the thread downstairs.

    McCain-Palin are using the truth to hit Obama-Biden square in their glass jaw and are now following it up with some clean, hard body blows. Obama-Biden got rocked today and are on the ropes in this tax/financial/economic crisis. The media is acting as their shield for now, but that is startig to slip. They’re goin’ down fast! Won’t be long now until Obama-Biden are KO’d.

    John and Sarah ’08
    Hillary ’12

  55. Pat J: Did you notice the freudian typo in the transcript of Hillary’s speech?

    Now there’s much more, Madam President, that we need to do. Individuals have to take responsibility. We know that. But in this dynamic environment we must work together to stabilize the market, tackle the root causes that have festered too long, and restore confidence in our economy.

  56. Reading Hillary’s speech just depresses me. She so obviously has a grasp of the big picture and specific solution. It’s just pathetic that the Dems couldn’t take the blinders off and see how superior a choice she would have been. Just pathetic.

  57. DT: I picked up on that too and laughed. Thankfully, my suitemate is used to me laughing out loud.

  58. Look, I can’t help it. I have no faith whatsoever in the ability of the Dems to out-corrupt the Republicans when it comes to election fraud.

    The Repubs stole 3 million votes in 2004 to swing the election to Bush. Do you think they are sitting on their hands this year?!

    It’s the first time I’ve ever been comforted by the knowledge that the Republicans will do ANYTHING to win a presidential election.

  59. I also love how she pretty much wouldn’t shut up. She gives great, “STFU” face though. It’s a Scorpio thing. I did it to my suitie (suitemate) when she and a temporary visitor saw fit to rearrange my stuff. She called it an “evil look.” I’m known for it.

  60. Regency: I love that woman. And each time I watch another video I get all choked up. What a waste of talent that this nation permitted to abuse. I really hate Obama and all who support him with a deep and abiding passion. If it means McCain, then I am willing to cast my vote in that direction. This is how much I loathe what has been done.

  61. madamab: This is one reason why I never play the lottery or visit casinos. I need a sure thing guarantee. It’s what made my hair turn gray.

  62. I really miss Hillary – that was another one of her brilliant, wonkish speeches. She always had a PLAN, not just lofty ideas tacked on to faux outrage.

    My hope is that the Repubs are still holding an October surprise to whack Obama with – I don’t want this to be close at all. I want Barack utterly defeated – so our message has the chance of making it to the place it needs to make it to.

  63. I agree, madamab. HRC was hampered because she’s not only not going to sink to their level, but also not cause conflict in the party by calling them out for the scu mbags they are. The Republicans wrote the book on this stuff, they know exactly what he’s going to do before he does it, and they’re not going to sit by and let it happen. Meanwhile, they’re going to be doing their own shady stuff and there’s not going to be a thing Obama will be able to do about it.

  64. Go Scorpios!!!! 🙂

  65. Scorpios Sting!!!!

    It feels weird seeing Hillary say Madame President when I think of her as that in my head.

  66. Heh. I have a Scorpio rising.

    My pissed-off face is legendary!

  67. SOD: This post by madamab and the prior two by gary and SM about sum up what happened. For those of us who see the benefit of both Clinton’s, there are those in congress whose wallets would not bulge as largely with them straightening out the mess.

    Not so sure about McCain, but Obama sure ain’t up to it.

  68. *hi-five Mad!* I invoke the face without even trying. Hill’s “ITYS!STFU!TTFN!” face is pretty great. So was the “ITYS” chuckle she’d let out every once in a while.

  69. I don’t think it was slip. That’s how you address whomever is presiding over the Senate at that time, I think.

  70. Hey, we cannot blame Obama for not having a grasp of this issue. He has been campaigning for higher office for over 18 months! Which is longer than he served in the Senate by my reckoning. Give the guy a break and cut him some slack.

    As Bush was wont to say: it’s hard!!!!!

  71. What kills me is that some people on the fauxgressive side are so cynical that they actually support Obama because the media is in the tank for him.

    Um….when the big corporations love your candidate, you are not much of a Democrat if that’s your reason for supporting him.

    Just sayin’.

  72. that is, I read Hill’s speech but didn’t watch it.

  73. Laurie, watch it! Yes, it’ll make you sad, but it’ll also remind you that this woman isn’t toddling off to lick her wounds. She’s out there for YOU.

  74. “explaining that his wife has put forward the most comprehensive solution to the problem.”

    Tee hee, hmmm, now Bill’s throwing Obama under the bus. Poetic justice. Democrats threw any advantage on the economy under the bus by picking Obama.

  75. Since none of them can offer even one paltry reason for their enthusiastic support, it only makes me scratch my head more. Just what is he offering anyway? Oh that’s right: NOTHING!!!

  76. Laurie I couldn’t watch it either, too sad.

  77. Laurie: It also makes you proud that no matter what, your selection and support of Hillary was always right on target.

  78. Seriously: Obama is not getting under this bus with us, there is not enough room for his ego.

  79. Harry (Clueless) Reid AKA Whorehouse Harry

    How did you manage to get the Senates top spot? It wasn’t because of your admitted lack of leadership skill. So what was it? Ho – Dean owed you a favor? Was it another land deal for your buddies? Was it because Queen Nancy said there could only be 1 woman leader in DC? Are you afraid to go after Fannie/Freddie because you are in up to your corrupt eyeballs? Do Democrats really want to trash Wall Street to get Obama elected?

    HRC for Majority Leader!

    Save the Democratic Party while we still can!

    Palin/McCain ’08 – HRC ’12

  80. Kim: You look so cute in that picture!

  81. Hillary’s next campaign song should be “Better Days” by the Goo Goo Dolls. We’re gonna need some by the time she comes back around.

  82. […] basketball or football, this is a new game and were going to have to figure out how to do it. Harry Reid Wants Democrats To Lose Congress AND The White House The Confluence __________________ The OBOMINATION “CIRCLE OF FRIENDS” […]

  83. If Obama lands under the bus with us I am activating that stick of dynamite you guys thought was a swizzle stick I was carrying. Beware.

  84. ‘wow, I think she’s more (if that’s possible) impressive, decisive when she detailing her solutions to problems.


  86. Has either candidate offered one creditable solution to the financial crisis?

  87. IMO, to get the economy strong (eventually) there has to be even more of a repeat of FDR, i.e. start rebuilding the infrastructure (transportation, energy [possibly safe nuclear], medical research, agriculture, etc,), and partner with other countries that are about to see their old economy blow—but to BUILD PROSPERITY, instead of teaming up in a world war.

  88. Marsha – ME TOO!!! WAAAAAHHHHH!!!

    Seriously…Yup, Bill threw Obama under the bus. Well-freaking-deserved.

  89. Thank you Pat, my son took it to have a pic to take with him. Just me and my puppy.

  90. That’s a really good point, SOD. There’s also the advantage to the party not-in-power when the economy’s tanking, but I don’t think Obama will be able to benefit from that. He obviously doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing, and people don’t trust him. Once again, we screwed ourselves by demonstrating we’re not serious, pushing aside the one candidate who’s capable of dealing with the crisis, and acting like we can win by default.

  91. Karolina NYC – That’s how I’ve felt for a long time. That’s why I supported Hillary. She gets it.

  92. When did Bill throw Obama under the bus?

  93. I think Reid should get brownie points for at last telling the truth….they have no clue what they are doing.

    Did you read about Obama telling his supporters to “get in their face”? I guess he forgot we are the bitter gun clingers.

    Mountain Sage

  94. Mt. Sage: Sometimes, it doesn’t do to be that honest.

    “Get in their face.” I saw that and I was like if they get in my face, I will use my Oxford Edition King James Version of the Bible to get in their face. They’re clearly confused about the characters.

  95. masslib: Bill made a speech covered by CNBC that laid out Hillary’s plan to the last period. Hillary is no longer the candidate. Bye, bye Barack. Nowhere was Obama credited with anything.

  96. Laurie and Kim, watch it. It will make you laugh and proud. Hillary is so serious but the hand gestures and her “I told you so” are funny.

  97. What did he mean “get in their face”, I didn’t see that.

  98. Pat Johnson, on September 18th, 2008 at 5:08 pm Said:

    masslib: Bill made a speech covered by CNBC that laid out Hillary’s plan to the last period. Hillary is no longer the candidate. Bye, bye Barack. Nowhere was Obama credited with anything.

    Well, it’s about time. Do we have video of the speech? Where did he make the speech?

  99. masslib, Bill was talking about the financial crisis and made a point of saying that his wife has offered the most comprehensive soultion to the problem. Subtle, but still a diss. 🙂

  100. SOD: Right, like those shoppers who get in the express line with ten things over the 12 item limit. I hate those phonies. Like they are much too important to stand in line any longer than the rest of us.

  101. masslib: He made the speech on CNBC. That is all that I know.

  102. How is “getting in our face” a new tactic? What, his supporters were full of sweetness and light before?

    Give me a break. Obama is constantly doing this. There’s nothing new about anything he does. He just keeps doing the same things over and over again, then says “I’m doing something new now!!!”

    And all the idiots that support him and the bought out media say the emperor is wearing clothes, when we know he’s naked.

  103. Karolina NYC – Hillary is already working on infrastructure. Her mass transit bill will cost 1.7 billion. It sounds like a lot of money but when it is compared to the amount used to bail out these companies, it is just pocket money. She is working on agriculture too.

  104. Kim: On an earlier thread Obama told his supporters to get out there and get the message across even if it means getting in our faces. Like that attempt is going to convince me. Don’t know about the rest of you, but there is nothing I love more than someone getting in my face to lead me in the right direction. Works every time!

  105. Since September 3rd Hillary has done 40+ things of import. Does she sleep?

  106. Well if they get in my face, it will be their “oh shit” moment.

  107. Harry Reid has just done a brilliant commercial for McCain Palin. Just when things were looking a little rough for the Macster, a gift from a fellow Senator. Now that is what I call senatorial courtesy.

  108. SOD –

    I think something very bad is coming down the pike for Obama, and Bill knows about it.

    If anyone knows about how Rove works, it’s Bill and Hill!

  109. I really want to see Bill’s speech. I can’t believe these idiots gave us clueless over FDR in a pantsuit THIS. FREAKIN. YEAR.

  110. I think they have overdone somewhat the whole race card issue. He is now being judged soley upon himself. The fact that he cannot seal the deal as yet is a testament to the voters who are looking at both candidates and trying to come to the decision of voting for the worse over the worst.

    His popularity is waning. The issue is more him than his race.

  111. Jangles – LOL!

    “And now, I will give the election to the Senator from Arizona!”

  112. Of course it’s more him than his race. I think he actually benefitted from race. Made him look different rather than just your typical inexperienced Chicago machine politician.

  113. The debates will break the tie. Unless the moderators slip him questions like: what’s your favorite color? or who is your favorite movie of all time?

  114. Cueing SNL!!!

  115. “How is “getting in our face” a new tactic? What, his supporters were full of sweetness and light before?”

    Yeah, just like he has to stop being so nice and start playing mean like mean old HRC and Mccain. His problem isn’t “Dirt off the Shoulder” and mocking someone who can barely use his arms for having trouble with a keyboard and making everyone think he’s an overgrown frat boy a——–. It’s being too sweet and forgiving in the face of their non-existant attacks!

  116. PJ – Yup, the debates will be his undoing. That’s why he has postponed them for so long.

    A guy who believes in nothing and responds in word fogs instead of bullet points does not have the ability to do well in a debate.

  117. Regency – I was thinking of “lets go round again by Louise Redknapp”. for her primary campaign(song for the PUMAs and SOTTP) and “I will survive”( America will survive) for the general.

  118. Seriously – Tee-hee!

    Sweet and forgiving – that’s our Oba-Moi!

    Does baby Oba-Moi need a hug? Awwww….his widdu feewings are hurt by the big Meanies!!!!

  119. DT: Never heard that first one but the second one will so be true in 4 years. Is the first one country?

  120. I am dying to hear that Bill Clinton speech. I noticed Hillary laid out her plan, AS her plan, no propping up Obama, and now Bill. How could the Party screw the country like this?

  121. In the previous thread, thinking of Hillary’s plight somehow reminded me of a piece of Jane Austen’s writing. Tada, I found the quote. Reading it also reminded me of the “oh shit moments” thread.

    In Northanger Abbey (written late 18th century), Austen writes with oozing satire:

    Where people wish to attach, they should always be ignorant. To come with a well-informed mind, is to come with an inability of administering to the vanity of others, which a sensible person would always wish to avoid. A woman especially, if she have the misfortune of knowing any thing, should conceal it as well as she can.

    The advantages of natural folly in a beautiful girl have been already set forth by the capital pen of a sister author;—and to her treatment of the subject I will only add in justice to men, that though to the larger and more trifling part of the sex, imbecility in females is a great enhancement of their personal charms, there is a portion of them too reasonable and too well informed themselves to desire any thing more in women than ignorance.

    Heh. I love Jane Austen for good reason.

  122. I’ve been listening to Limbaugh in the car to enjoy the BO insults and hear how the other side thinks. He has been very emphatic about the blame lying at the feet of government subsidized giants like Fannie & Freddie. Rove made the same case last night. A financial analyst called in and agreed, saying F&F were creating instruments with such low interest that other banks/brokers were reacting to that competition by creating new instruments like NoDoc loans and Interest Only. F&F bought up many of these loans, securitizing them, because “they knew there was no risk because the government would bail them out.” This created a black hole effect in the financial industry. These critics further argue that Dems (& some Republicans) like Dodd & Frank were blocking reform proposals for the past five years to reign in F&F, and feeding off the artificially elevated profits. Was it Raines or Johnson that made $90 million from F&F?

    Charles are you here? Can anyone respond to this? I’m not an economist, but the two philosophies are in full battle mode right now, and it’s interesting. Thanks–I’ll check in for any feedback after work.

  123. Britannia – AWESOME!!!

  124. I think the “getting in your face” stuff only works if the party of the rude part has a hold over the party of the intimidated part. There’s no “or else” that can be held over my head so I can’t see how verbal assaults could ever influence me to vote for Obama. I also can’t see how this works for anyone else.

  125. Pat Johnson, on September 18th, 2008 at 5:20 pm Said:
    The debates will break the tie. Unless the moderators slip him questions like: what’s your favorite color? or who is your favorite movie of all time?


    What is your favorite color?
    Blue. NO, yellow….boiinnnggg.

  126. Fif

    sounds right to me. i remember when I used to sell real estate in, ironically, Hyde Park, Chicago, during the Clinton years and it was HARD to get a mortgage. Damn hard. And you know most Americans pay their mortgages.

  127. Regency, on September 18th, 2008 at 5:14 pm Said:

    Since September 3rd Hillary has done 40+ things of import. Does she sleep?

    I second the notion that whoever wins the GE, Hillary should just be called president. Thanks to whoever came up with that idea.

  128. I’m of the opinion it needs to be handled the same way felons are treated. If you murder a person or a company you don’t get to profit from that murder.

    Call me crazy.

    And by the way, I never qualify for any of those stimulus packages. And, as far as I am concerned, if we have to borrow it from China to stimulate the economy, it’s a Catch 22 that never ends.

  129. fif – If we aren’t vigilant about this, the free-marketeers will win the argument.

    It’s true that Freddie and Fannie were irresponsible. But their governmental status had nothing to do with it. The bigger the company, the more likely it is it will be “too big to fail.” Bear Stearns and AIG were not government enterprises, yet we are footing their bill.

    The Republicans, and some Dems, will not rest until the entire nation is a corporate state and the government and the corporations have merged. It’s already happening now!

    Remember this and don’t let their lies about deregulation sway you.

  130. Now I love Sarah Palin, but this was spot-on:Sarah Palin Maybe Knows Who Tina Fey Is…Maybe

  131. They can “get in my face” all they want — push comes to shove, I am alone in that voting booth, and they can kiss my ENTIRE ass over it.

  132. All right folks, gotta get going. Hugs, wonderful Conflucians!

  133. I can’t believe that voters are actually considering putting the economy in the hands of a man that can’t even deliver a speech without his teleprompter. Wake up USA before its too late!

  134. Regency – No. It is 90s pop



  135. Night, Madamab!

  136. Louise Redknapp’s sound seems very retro. Hmm. Reminds me of the Spice Girls. Thanks!

  137. “She’s cute” is another sexist attack against Palin – as though that is the only reason you would be voting for her.

    I am sick of this Production. Bring down the Curtain. Move the audience from the threatre. Turn off the Lights. Sell the Building.


  138. I think, as long as the BO wing of the Dem party crashes and burns, Hillary & Bill will regain party leadership and be there leading the opposition to the McCain admin.

  139. Woohoo. Looks like the Palin hacker is *drum roll* the son of Democratic Tenn. State Rep. Mike Kernell.

  140. Ah, damn it. Didn’t mean to post that!

  141. Matthews just did one of his “let’s be brutally honest. There is a segment of the population, probably older people, maybe women that are of a generation that would possibly have a problem with voting for someone like Obama.”

    Someone do something! Why have we allowed these race-baiting, misogynistic windbags to continue earning a living?

    I can’t take it anymore.

  142. I don’t watch Chris Matthews. It’s not my fault he’s still on the air.

  143. I wish Matthews would just flame up and self-destruct, and go up in a poof of smoke.

  144. I think that we are wrong to assume that Michelle is not out campaigning. She is talking to carefully picked audiences and is delivering a carefully crafted. The Obama campaign more than any Democratic campaign that I have ever watched, wants the right people to vote. She is out there, but she is talking to women AA groups and AA churches and it is not getting reported.

  145. Honora: I know. SHe’s all over the place–very quietly saying disconcerting things. Between her and Biden, BO doesn’t need to make any gaffes of his own.

  146. sigh, hi everyone

  147. The HotAir folks (in comments I think) have posted Kernell’s home number online. Are they insane?

  148. MSNBC is a nuthouse. Let’s hope their ratings crash, then maybe they will do an overhaul.

  149. Seems some movement occurred in the Senate – market’s up – no joy in Obamaville

  150. Call me stupid, but how is it that none of these politicans “know what to do”? We have at least Obama and Biden running for president/VP who spend a lot of time saying they have the experience to deal with (among other things) THE ECONOMY. Maybe they should high tail it back to Washington and demonstrate some of that leadership………(and McCain too for that matter).

  151. Regency, any link to the Kernell son story? Is it just a rumor right now?

  152. Does anyone else find that weird?

  153. Regency – maybe whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

    Didn’t that little a-hole post the cellphone numbers of the entire Palin family?

  154. 😯

  155. Brit (do you miind if I call you that?): State rep confirms that son is subject of Palin e-mail chatter

    It’s true.

  156. […] you, as madamab at Confluence reports, Harry reid tried his best to keep the mess […]

  157. […] you, as madamab at Confluence reports, Harry reid tried his best to keep the mess going ABC News’ Z. Byron Wolf reports from Capitol […]

  158. Is this an open thread?

    Purina Cat Chow is already donating $175,000 for breast cancer and is offering another $50,000 if 50,000 folks do their 5 question quiz. The web address is http://www.catchow/pink.com

  159. Regency, thanks for the link. Wow. Okay, I don’t know these Kernell people. Are they ardent Obama supporters?

    You can call me anything that my posts suggest to you. 🙂

  160. Brit: : ) I couldn’t find who, if anyone, Kernell had endorsed.

  161. Alrightty wrong web address. Sorry one more try.


    By the way I gave mine in Elizabeth’s honor.

  162. Bill likes Sarah. Regency – you may have been replaced. He definately has given us the vote Candidate Y with the Fabulous VP Choice.


  163. CWaltz: I gave it in EE’s honor too.

  164. Carol: Bill likes women. Plural. He can like as many women as he pleases as long as he comes home to me.

  165. Has anyone talked about Hagel’s little snide remark about Palin? What I’d like to know is if he thinks that Obama’s time in Indonesia counts as foreign policy or is he willing to admit that Obama’s experience is just as thin?

    I’m getting tired of theses sexist men. I am getting to the point where I will vote for Palin out of spite for all these misogynistic buttwads that seem to think that it is perfectly okay that a male presidential candidate have virtually no foreign policy experience but heaven forbid we have a female without that experience. They can all bite me.

  166. Definitely bought and paid for.

  167. CWaltz, on September 18th, 2008 at 6:26 pm Said:
    I’m getting tired of theses sexist men. I am getting to the point where I will vote for Palin out of spite for all these misogynistic buttwads that seem to think that it is perfectly okay that a male presidential candidate have virtually no foreign policy experience but heaven forbid we have a female without that experience. They can all bite me.
    They are clutching their pears about the “Bradley ” factor..it’s the behind the voting booth curtain “Palin” factor that is going to bite them in the a**.

  168. oops!!! pearls but maybe also pears.*g*

  169. I like the clutching-their-pears image better. Or is it cupping?

  170. CWaltz – vote proudly for McCain/Palin. They are people of integrity, hard work, and good judgment.

    The alternative is unpalpable.

    And Piper and Trig needs to stay in the lower 48 or the Terror*sts will have won.


  171. Piqued by Regency’s info, here is more on the Palin hacking from Wired. If true, then it was scarily easy to do it. I hope the perpetrator gets nailed by the law. No mercy.

  172. Regency,

    I was so upset yesterday. My sister has pnuemonia. She is one of the uninsured. They gave her Levaquin, 4 bags of fluid and put her on O2 a couple hours before sending her home due to that fact. I’m trying to console myself with the idea that she won’t be risking a secondary infection but I am still worried. She has three kids all insured, two by the state. Evidently even though you make less than $500 a week in Florida it is still too much to qualify for health care there if you are an adult. I want kind of stupid country I live in where it is smarter to risk the parent of a child than to pay for that parent’s health care to ensure that a child have a stable childhood with their parent/parents.

  173. Sorry, they aren’t large enough to be ‘pears’ or precious enough to be ‘pearls’. I’m thinking more like microscopic anomalies.


  174. Regency, where did you hear that about the hacker? Spill!

  175. Oh, CWaltz I’m so sorry to hear that your sister’s going through that. I’m sure she’ll come through all right.

    But yeah, she’s one real life example of why his plan of mandating coverage for children but not adults is such bull. We need true UHC.

  176. WMCB: I posted the link upthread. I heard it fromBP but I wanted a link first.

  177. I suggest that we all contact our Senators and Congresspeople urging them to support Senator Clinton’s comprehensive, broad and bold plan to get us out of this financial and economic mess. I already have and have received positive feed back stating that they want and need to hear this.

    Hillary Clinton is fighting for us again and we need to give her out support. Obama can’t do it – so we have to make Reid and Pelosi do their job and implement Hillary’s plan.

  178. Carol

    My husband calls the Democratic leadership “the nutless wonders.” He’s reeling over the fact they screwed up what should have been a slam dunk cycle.

    I will be happy when the whole bunch of them get the boot so I can be proud to call myself Democrat.

  179. Thanks Regency. I’m gonna dig up my ol’ combat boots so I can put a boot up the backside of Congress on health care.

  180. Madamab & Downticket—

    it is extremely comforting to think of her when she was studying, learning and discussing plans with true economists and historians, in gearing up for this crisis, she was actually hoping to be in the position of power so that it could all be resolved with minimal terror and/or pain and/or damage.

    BTW, I believe, she had presented the Homeowners Banking & Protection Plan, which (surprise, surprise) was NOT welcomed by the Congress with open arms, yes?

    And now after all of this baloney that the Primaries were, she did not let that hinder her goals and is proceeding forward like the brilliant professional leader that she is.

  181. “kEEPING THE DREAM ALIVE” – that would be a good theme for Hillary in 2012. Got the inspiration from Hillary.

    “With hundreds of thousands of American families struggling to keep their homes and major Wall Street institutions fighting to stay afloat in this mortgage crisis, New York credit unions are uniquely positioned to help homeowners and provide some much needed stability in the market,” Senator Clinton said. “I have long been proud to work with our state’s credit unions, including those from Central New York, to help New Yorkers achieve the dream of homeownership. Now we have to help many of those same New Yorkers keep that dream alive.”


  182. And now after all of this baloney that the Primaries were, she did not let that hinder her goals and is proceeding forward like the brilliant professional leader that she is.

    True. Her promises to the people during the primary were not lies or empty promises. She won’t be able to achieve them as she had expected but she will try while in the senate.
    Sorry guys but I can’t post what Hillary has done today because the list is too long. She has been so busy today. Check it out http://clinton.senate.gov/news/statements/index.cfm

  183. Senator Clinton to Host New York Farm Day

    Local Produce from Across New York to be Showcased in the Nation’s Capital

    WASHINGTON, DC—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will host the seventh annual “New York Farm Day” Tuesday, September 23 from 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Senate Russell Caucus Room. Over the past six years Senator Clinton has invited producers of New York’s award-winning wines, farm-fresh products, and fresh seafood, as well as leading restaurateurs, to travel to Washington to showcase on a national stage the quality and diversity of New York’s agricultural and its importance to the state’s economy.

    “Farm Day is a unique and important opportunity for us to showcase the best of what New York’s farmers and producers have to offer,” said Senator Clinton. “Every year we bring New York to Washington and I am thrilled that this has become such a widely anticipated event on the Congressional calendar. New York’s farmers and producers are some of the best in the world and this is a great way to spread the word even further about the quality of our produce. New York’s educational and research institutions are also world-class, and I am delighted that they will display cutting-edge processes for producing great food and energy. I know we are all looking forward to sampling some of the incredible wine, food and produce from the Empire State.”


  184. Thanks, Downticket, I always feel happy when reading your posts and doing the links! it becomes a Hillary moment for me—stay away from the baloney and focus on the no-nonsense work.

  185. Instead of the ‘Bradley effect’, why aren’t we talking about the outcome of the election based on 90% of AA’s voting for BO because he is “black”!

    Shut up media and politicians and go away!

  186. Hear! Hear!

    (sniff, wiping tear away)

  187. The parents must be really proud of their little darling and all that he can do! I hear every excuse in the book being made for him right now. An overzealous supporter, his first time voting made him a little wiggy, he means well. The brat!

  188. We are expected to believe that 95% of the black community collectively agree that Obama is the right choice and their decision is not based on race? Cut it out!!

  189. Kernall is probably proud of his son. I wonder if he attended the obama training camp.

  190. I always thought of going into a voting booth to vote as a distinctly private activity. Similar to Catholic confession. Caucuses are anti US voting privilege, and the Bradley effect is just too freaking bad.

    And what can we call the 95% AAs being pro-O? The Messiah effect?

  191. Tell Harry to ask HIllary…she knows what to do.

  192. “A financial analyst called in and agreed, saying F&F were creating instruments with such low interest that other banks/brokers were reacting to that competition by creating new instruments like NoDoc loans and Interest Only. F&F bought up many of these loans, securitizing them, because “they knew there was no risk because the government would bail them out.” This created a black hole effect in the financial industry. These critics further argue that Dems (& some Republicans) like Dodd & Frank were blocking reform proposals for the past five years to reign in F&F, and feeding off the artificially elevated profits. Was it Raines or Johnson that made $90 million from F&F?”

    This is all true. It is hard for me to understand how more regulation would have helped when the regulators like Rangel and Dodd were basically taking bribes. Give me the free market over that any day!

  193. Just call them “Herbert Hoover Democrats”.

  194. Latte Liberals are heartless

  195. CWatlz, so sorry to hear that. Someone I know kept saying Sicko (I hate Michael Moore for what he did to Hillary) was just the exceptions, and I told him, even if those were the only stories that were true, something needed to be done about it.

    Pro-life – what does that mean. Aren’t women’s lives life? Aren’t children’s lives life? I bet none of the politicians really give a damn about abortion anyway, except the religious fanatics.

    And anti-choice Harry Reid can kiss my ass – he needs to be replaced by Hillary pronto.

  196. I have to agree with most of what you said in this.

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