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      Colin Powell was the first black secretary of state. He was the consummate insider, who climbed the military bureaucracy with great skill and vigor. A man who always knew what had to be done to get ahead and get along. In Vietnam, for example, he understood his role perfectly: his time as a young U.S. Army Major posted in Saigon, when, after the My Lai Massa […]
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The Lions Share: Let’s take back our party!

Heidi Li Feldman, co-founder of The Denver Group and Democrats for Principle Before Party will be the guest tonight on The Lions Share. She will be discussing the practical steps that every one of us can take to hold the powers that be accountable, protect our majorities in Congress and plan for the future, whatever it may hold. Please join us tonight for The Lions Share on PUMA United Radio at 8PM EST(PURrrr)

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  1. Reposting from the previous thread.

    Hello my magnificent sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits!

    My hugs to you, those that have shared your “Oh shit!” moments. And my hugs to you, those that have read and empathized. How about we take this one step further?

    Would you share some of your “Oh yeah!” moments? An “Oh Yeah!” moment is when you realize that you have stood up for yourself, done something totally sensible, kicked ass, made yourself proud in a pressure situation. It is a moment when you have seen another woman do something like this very naturally and taken that as a lesson. I bet there are many, m-a-n-y of those moments which you probably don’t even register.

    One of my “Oh yeah” moments was when I watched Hillary sweetly turn her back on people howling for her to get out of the race and continue. In the face of numerous parodies, vicious attacks and constant speculation, she had a blast campaigning in Puerto Rico. She taught me not to be afraid that I will look bad going after my desires tenaciously. It is perfectly ok to look “bad”. Oh yeah!


    The lady asking the a question to McCain/Palin right this instant is a self proclaimed PUMA.

    They’re all over the place.

  3. Anyone watching the McCain/Palin townhall meeting in Michigan? A woman just got up to ask a question but first talked about the fact she is a Democrat and a Hillary supporter and also a PUMA. She says there are millions of Hillary Democrats that will be voting for McCain/Palin.

  4. Sarah talked about being a product of Title IX and that if we need more legislation to promote / help women in the workplace,etc. than they will get it done.

  5. HOLY SHIT! A PUMA just stood up in John McCain’s Michigan town hall and LAID IT OUT THERE!

    She talked about being disenfranchised, as a lifelong Democrat. She talked about the denial of the true roll call vote by the DNC, and how McCain had welcomed Hillary voters. She says that she is a PUMA, and several in the crowd yelled: We love you!

    She said that the media says that Hillary voters are not going to McCain, and they are WRONG. Palin started talking about Title X, and how it helped her, and that there may need to be more legislation to provide more opportunities for women. McCain talked about the ENFORCEMENT of existing discrimination laws, and more women in Congress and other govt.

  6. I’ve answered this “oh yeah” moment thing below.

    I am not interested in being derailed from being angry as if this is some sort of awful thing we need to detour before it “gets out of hand” or something. WE ARE ANGRY. I feel no need for a distraction.

    What women NEED is nto to be detoured form anger, but to find constructive ways to be angry. The 30% solution is it — it is EXTREMELY simple and guaranteed of success. W e get too bogged down in details about these things.

    Vote women. Period. That is ALL you need to do. Get your ballot and vote for women and only women. If there are two men in the race, screw them. VOTE WOMEN, always and only.

    We have a clear, targeted action item and we know EXACTLY what we need to do; beyond that, I’m not just interested.

  7. Before we run out and vote for any woman on the ticket we need to fully educate ourselves and get to know what this woman represents. I am all for more women serving but I also want to be certain that they are representative of us as well. Jean Schmidt and Marcia Blackwell come to mind. They are mere rubber stamps and under no circumstances would I be casting a vote for either one.,

    The grassroot level is where to begin. Just automatically voting outright for a woman candidate simply because she has earned a place on the ticket is not enough. Another Scmidt or Blackwell earning the female vote simply because they are women will not gain us much in the long run. And Schmidt is just naturally nuts.

  8. S, I’m sorry I’m not up to relaying an “Oh yeah” moment. It’s a good idea. I’m sure the stories would be great fun. I’ll think about it as I go to sleep, of course, it will be too late then.

  9. If Mccain really means what he is saying then he should support Hillary’s “Paycheck Fairness Act” and the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act”

  10. Janis, I love you – yes, it’s time we finally faced the fact that if we don’t support US – (women) – we’re done.

    I’ve never understood why women don’t stand up for other women. We are physically weaker, we have more compassion and want to support others -that can sometimes be a negative – in as much as we think before we act – thus giving the aggressor more time to attack – it’s time for us to reach out to each other – it is indeed time for the second wave to begin Now.
    And as far as I’m concerned NOW is dead. They are supposed to support sisters and equal opportunity – they are ca ca in my book – as is Emily’s list.

  11. Sarah just gave a shout out to PUMAs

  12. Pat, you may not be able to do it, and that’s your right.

    But again, the studies have shown that things in society GET BETTER for women as a whole when that 30% is reached regardless of the ideology or actions of the women elected. The 30% solution is NOT about getting specific legislation passed, etc. It is about societal change on a fundamental level, not specific policies.

  13. I have just seen on the Net that Sarah Palins personal email has been hacked. This is so wrong, I can’t believe it. Where does it end? This is Big Brother. This is 1984. And, of course, Obama will deny any part in it. This has just got to stop. I hope it backfires.

  14. WMCB: I would personally love to see 50% of women serving in congress but I think we should all be involved at the grass root level in helping to promote the candidate who shares our beliefs.

    We are faced with 90+% of the black community blindly following a candidate because of his ethnicity. I don’t think it benefits us to do the same without having some measure of where this woman stands on female issues. None of us would promote the candidacy of a Michele Malkin or a Phyllis Schafly simply based on their gender.

    If the Religious Right kept offering candidates whose soul mission was to overturn Roe v Wade, or insisted on changing the Constitution as to reflect “God’s will” as did Huckabee, I doubt we would be supporting that candidate.
    This is all that I meant.

  15. I am in North Carolina. Senator Dole is running for re-election. Her Dem opposition is Kay Hagen. Kay stupidly endorsed Obama before our primary. I don’t want to vote for either one of them.

  16. Thanks to Heidi Li for all of her intelligent and gracious efforts. It’s important that we take all of our passion, talents, and commitment and use it constructively no matter what happens Nov. 4th.

    OT: but just catching up. I heard two things today that I want to comment on.

    1. Harry Reid’s response to the economic crisis. No kidding, he said, “We really have no idea what to do. We are in new territory.” Did anyone ever tell Reid about the term “leadership,” and even if that is true, it’s doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in our government, if the Senate Majority Leader comes out and shrugs his shoulders, and says, “I dunno.” Can you imagine Hillary EVER making such a statement? She would/does have a 10-pronged approached, short and long term in five different simultaneously functioning dimensions. And that would be just for starters.

    2. At the Hollywood fundraiser last night, Obama said the race is close because people have become so cynical, that they are just having a hard time “making the leap.” Oh, so we’re back to that Iowa talk again? Those of us who just happen to think he is an inexperienced hypocrite inadequate to the task of CIC are just not able to see that he is the personification of transformation and transcendence because we are jaded. Uck, uck, uck. Go away please. Everything he says is so friggin condescending.

  17. Downticket – you are so right. Maybe we should start a letter writing campaign to Sarah about the issue.

  18. Pat, perhaps we can agree that to vote for the woman if she is even remotely qualified, competent and not a batshit insane person might be the standard.

    Some may lower the bar for women more than others, but we can likely agree that the time has come for us ALL to lower that bar.

  19. PJ you reminded or an email I received from an AA colleague – she was quite upset at O’s nomination as she felt that having an AA as President would be wonderful but it had to be someone who is competent and capable of doing it right.
    She said she could not find any qualifications for his being President and was afraid that he would make all AAs look bad. While she felt good about Hill being capable and could be proud of her being elected as President.
    Clealy she has a point – the first of anything is always scrutinized.

  20. I hate to sound cynical, but my best bet is that none of them “know what to do”. There is so much on the table right now for whomever gets in that they will need a shovel to dig their way out.

    These are the same dopes who led us down this path and they don’t have enough “crumbs” to get us back. Anyone wanting this job is certifiable. Hillary was the only one I trusted who I thought had a handle on it. With her out of the picture it becomes bleaker.

  21. These hackers are the ones decrying the violations of the Constitution by the Bush Administration and the Republicans. I guess the Right to Privacy doesn’t apply to pro-life candidates. More hypocrisy every day from the fascist Left.

  22. oh WMCB – you have such a way with words.
    I’m not so much in favor of lowering the bar for anyone.

  23. Ugh, I just read the hacking e-mail story. The website that posted some of the e-mails isn’t even sorry about it. They are just pissy that Palin shut down that e-mail address, saying that she is covering something up by doing that. For fuck’s sake!

  24. Is the Town Hall still on? Where are you guys watching it? I checked cnn.com and they only had Biden Live. Blech.

  25. Scrubs: it doesn’t matter if they are not sorry for it, because according to what I read today, it is a Federal offense, punishable by up to 5 years, and because Palin is a VP candidate, the Secret Service will be involved. Not only that, but the site(s) that posted any of the information can also be prosecuted for the same offense.

  26. fif, it is on CNN. You have to go to the Biden one, then the “alternate” choices are off to the right.

  27. WMCB: This was my point. Candidates need to stop hiding behind handlers and answer questions. Their views and positions need to be an open book. Second guessing and keeping fingers crossed is the dumbest way to elect a president. They are expected to answer to a nation not be planning on their place in history.

    This year has made me more cynical than ever. Dismissing the one candidate who had genuine ideas and solutions to be then offered one who has little or none has made me wary of whatever comes out of their mouths.

  28. fif – we watched it online. Its over now. Someone posted the link in a prior thread.

    To the person who posted it – thanks.

  29. Pretending we can afford to vote on issues is like rearranging the deck chairs. This is ridiculous. We are murdered in astonishing numbers, alone among ALL CLASSES OF HUMAN BEINGS. We are raped, bludgeoned, beaten, hated, slaughtered. We cannot afford to pretend we have the freedom to vote as if none of this were the case.

    Vote women. Always and only. To say that we wouldn’t benefit from a single, individual woman is insane — we are not talking about individuals. We are talking about mass numbers.

    Like the book said, regardless of the beleifs of the individual women, ALL WOMEN BENEFIT once you reach the 30% number.

    We know what to do. Refusing to do it leaves us to blame for our own subjugation. PERIOD.

  30. I keep saying this — when you play chess, you move the pieces that help you win. You don’t move only the ones you like.

  31. “Joanelle”
    Tell your friend I couldn’t agree more. Look @ NYC Mayor David Dickens is a very nice man; but not the best mayor. Some say that has set back chances of another “AA” NYC mayor for years. Have them go to http://www.pocpuma.com (it’s
    a safe place for people of color to express freely not voting for Obama).
    I wish I saw the PUMA @ the Palin Town-Hall mtg. Knowing the media they won’t replay it!
    Does anyone realize they NEVER showed an Obama
    town-hall mtg for more than 1 question. I guess they thought she’d screw-up.
    Sounds like the media “blew-it” again (from their point of view).

  32. Thanks, Janis for a stern and thoughtful reminder.

  33. I believe whole-heartedly in the 30% solution. I was one of the first women at an all-male college almost 40 years ago. Until women became over 25% of the school, it was a difficult place for women to fit in. The majority of the students are still male, but the atmosphere is much less hostile to women. The shift became noticeable when the faculty also included more women. I exercised my right to vote for women in our primary yesterday. In every race that had a woman candidate, she won. I don’t think I was alone in my thinking.

  34. Jeralyn over at TL is simply fueling my desire to vote McCain/Palin to wreak vengeance on the Left’s slimy campaign tactics. She’s turning her site into a veritable cesspool, using the detestable rationale that any and all ends justify the means. Talk about destroying the village… And to think I once admired that woman.

  35. All things being equal, I’ll vote for the woman over the man anytime (and person of color). However, I can’t vote for a woman just because she is a woman. Case in point: a woman running for city council ran on a platform consisting solely of firing the female chief of police because some believed she was a lesbian. There is no way I could support someone like that just because they are a woman. It hurts a woman already in power (the chief of police) and damages LGBT rights.

  36. Janis, I cannot pretend to be as smart as you but I still think that just voting for any woman on whatever ticket she represents without having some idea of where she is coming from is not the way I would go. We have seen this with an AA candidate whom the press refused to grill, and who was kept from them, simply because it was better for him. And he was handled gingerly because he was black.

    Women can exert a powerful voice and presence but they should not be rubberstamped just because of gender. We should have some idea of who they are before we cast that crucial vote.

  37. I loved watching the Town Hall. The only thing they said that I don’t agree with is the Health Care issue. Giving a tax credit is not going to get people Insurance and health care. People will not spend it appropriately. I think Hillary will get the nod to fix this from McCain.


  38. If McCain gets in I think he will have a much better relationship with Hillary then Obama. I think he would send her to the locker room if given a chance.

  39. I am sick of all of this. I will be glad when BO and MO have gone back to Chicago.


  40. I’ll gladly drive and I hate highway driving. But this would be a pleasure!

  41. tpt/ny @ 7:53: I guess they thought she’d screw-up.

    Palin did fine, though. I thought the format, with both of them answering questions, worked out well for them because they got to build each other up. What good things one couldn’t say about oneself, the other one could. I have a feeling this won’t be their last joint town hall meeting. I think Palin needs to talk slower, though.

  42. LMAO!

    Chicagoist: Chicago News, Food, Arts & Events
    2008-09-17 15:10:00
    Proving, once again, that politics has jumped the shark, both the McCain and Obama campaigns released statements today regarding Obama’s no-thanks to an offer from Ms. Lohan to host a fundraiser.

    Said an Obama source to Zwecker, “[Lohan] is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us.”

    McCain spokesman Tucker Bound told TMZ, “”So let me get this straight – they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko’ Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama.”

  43. Since Lindsay is now dating a woman he probably did not want to “offend”. He is such a creep!

  44. Pat – as you know, they will driving the Chevy Minivan back with no perks.

    Sa la Vie!

  45. For those who missed it, make sure you to go CNN.com and watch the video of “Clinton supporter endorses McCain” about Lynn De Rothschild. She is very articulate and talks about the fearmongering wedge issues the Dems are using, including class and Roe v. Wade. She represented the PUMAs well.

    Apparently, Obama’s campaign is trying to smear and dismiss her as “Lady Baron de Rothschild,” the elitist. She explains that she came from a middle class family in NJ and her parents worked two jobs to put four kids through college and graduate school. She is supporting McCain/Palin because she feels they can give those same opportunities to other Americans.

  46. SoD, that’s the best analogy I’ve found.

    It just begins and ends for me with the fact that we know what works, and we know exactly what it takes. We either do it, or we sit in our own shit and cry.

  47. I’ll be only too happy to provide the Cheeto’s for the trip. And because I hate highway driving there will be not stops enroute. So take care of your business now as this is going to be one long drive. And no whining back there either!

  48. Remember, BO has his own supply of Pampers. So, I’m not seeing a problem.

    (Trig just said he would offer up some of his Pampers.)

  49. Since Lindsay is now dating a woman he probably did not want to “offend”. He is such a creep!

    Lindsay Lohan is dating a woman? Good for her–the younger generation is really benefiting from the civil rights work done by the Stonewall generation. It really is so much less of an issue for them.

    It’s also a stupid move on BO’s part. Don’t they know Lohan is huge among younger voters?

  50. (Trig just said he would offer up some of his Pampers.)

    LOL!! Carol, you slay me.

  51. fif: See, if you followed perezhilton.com like I do you would know these things! Lindsay has been dating for a few months now.

  52. OMG – KO’s guest is predicting McCain will screw up because “their campaign” is soooooooo carefully scripted.

    Did someone forget to tell him about the teleprompter that accompanies BO into the toilet when he goes?


  53. I give you credit for watching KO. I cannot stomach him. And that over the top video on NoQuarter is the pits!

  54. Pat, I’m so out of the loop.

    Hannity did a 50 minute detailed interview with Palin today that is going to be on his show in two parts, tonight and tomorrow, starting at 9 p.m. I hope ABC is not doing the editing…

  55. Pat Johnson, on September 17th, 2008 at 8:12 pm Said:

    I give you credit for watching KO. I cannot stomach him. And that over the top video on NoQuarter is the pits!
    KO went off my TV after he defended Michael Vick…

  56. fif: I plan on watching Hannity for the interview with Palin if I can just stay awake. I just took two more aspirins and some antihistamine and I am beginning to feel drowsy already.

  57. Pat Johnson, your comments are always a breath of fresh air!

    By the way, for those who might be interested, John Mack the CEO of Morgan Stanley and Lloyd Blankfein the CEO of Goldman Sachs have both been on the phone with Hillary Clinton trying to get the Bush SEC to relent on short selling rules that have helped cause the current financial crisis. It’s interesting that when the chips are down they asked Hillary for help, not Obama. They know only too well that Hillary is far more effective and capable than Obama.

  58. Actually, I don’t think those are BO’s ears. I think they are wide screen video teleprompters with sound giving him the answers. That answers the question of the halting speech pattern.


  59. SHV: He went off mine when he started to ridicule Hillary. It was disgusting. He is disgusting. But as Carol says, you have to keep an eye on the enemy. Just glad she does it and not me. I caught him for about 5 minutes last week and he was making fun of Sarah Palin. What a jerk!

  60. We need to get a you tube of the Puma Woman at the McCain rally.

    Yeah – no way could I vote for Donna Brazilenute if she ran — but I believe in standing up for women when they are being trashed.

  61. Lindsay Lohan is dating a woman?

    Samantha Ronson…DJ

  62. Re: BO’s violation of the Logan act on his trip to Iraq in July: I’m just wondering why the Bush Administration and the Justice Department is not all over this. He was negotiating troop withdrawal as a nominee–blatant interference with the current administration’s strategy/role. At the very least, they should launch an investigation into it. Apparently, there were five people in the room as witnesses–that is why he has not categorically denied it. He’s just doing his best WORM.

  63. Poor Hillary, they treat her like a tailer or a handyman. Fix this, fix that. Idiots!

  64. fif: Lindsay Lohan is dating a woman? Good for her–the younger generation is really benefiting from the civil rights work done by the Stonewall generation. It really is so much less of an issue for them.

    Yes, she’s dating Samantha Ronson. They haven’t had an easy time of it, because the paparazzi has been hounding them ever since rumors of their relationship started. They basically wanted to “out” Lohan, which I found disgusting. So, they’re gay. So what? Leave them alone. But they wouldn’t.

  65. Carol, I honestly believe Hillary will have an easier time working with McCain on healthcare than with Obama (heaven forbid!).

  66. Pat Johnson, on September 17th, 2008 at 8:16 pm Said:

    SHV: He went off mine when he started to ridicule Hillary.
    He defended the “dog fighter” well before that…A real indication that KO brain was going off the deep end.

  67. Yeah – no way could I vote for Donna Brazilenute if she ran

    OMG! Don’t even think it! I would make it my life’s mission to defeat her if she ran for office. That woman is at the very top of my list (and the list has gotten quite long).

    A new statement she made re: Obama’s possible defeat. “If he loses, it will just show that America is not ready yet.”

    Her entire world view is screened through a racial prism. Everything is about race for DB. HE’S UNQUALIFIED!!

  68. Obama and Brazilnut – always insulting voters.

    What a pair of a**es.

  69. SHV — Lindsay is dating a woman? Really? Who? How old? Interesting – love it.

  70. fif: Or Claire McGaskill or Nasty Nancy or Kathleen Sebellius. I would include Debbie Wasserman Schultz but she was originally for Hillary but her slamming of Palin is out of bounds.

  71. I am SO EXCITED!

    My Obama mailer (I get at least one a day!) today came from Joe Biden and contained a picture of BO and Joe….I’ve painted red lipstick on each of them and am returning it (in their pre-paid mailing envelope!) with my standard message…

    GO TO HELL – NObama – EVER!


    What a great feeling!

  72. simofish: She has for a few months. Has been off drugs, partying, and wild behavior. Seems her girlfriend has had a pretty good influence on her.

  73. Shainoza: I received mine as well. Went right into the basket.

  74. KO is still carrying on about TrooperGate. I guess he didn’t get the emails that vindicate her of any wrongdoing.

    Where is his and Matthews’ outrage regarding Palin’s email hacked? This is in regards of the hours of live coverage the night they accused Hillary of hacking BO’s passport.

  75. My wonderful Conflucians!

    Gawd have I missed you all!

    I’ve been dealing with a new job-adjusting issue so I truly apologize for being away.

    I’m LOVING Heidi Li.

    Love you all- have a drinking post after this one.

  76. Apparently LiLo’s g/f announced she planned to marry her.

  77. Someone needs to tell Donna Brazile that if Obama doesn’t win the election it’s because Americans are tired of the current bungling, self-absorbed chucklehead and don’t want another 4 years of the same… or worse!

    Good grief, my own mother offered up that very same “If Obama isn’t elected it’s because of his r a c e” excuse. My reply was: If Obama isn’t elected it’s because he’s an @$$hole.

  78. KO broke into Matthews program to tell us all about Passportgate! Made it sound like the Russians were at the back door. But never once have they criticized or scrutinized their beloved Obama. I loathe those two along with a stable of others. But these two stand out in sharp contrast for me.

  79. SM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. What is with all of the marry BS? Don’t they know getting a divorce is not that much fun?

  81. PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hugs to you & all. Have to make some rice and beans to put on the table (and try to afford some of that Boliche!!)

  82. SM77: Holla!!

  83. What’s that old expression: they are entitled to be as miserable as the rest of us.

  84. Carol! How was Ike, did Ed kick his azz?

  85. Lindsay Lohan is dating a (20-something by appearances) deejay named Samantha Ronson. I only know this because my DIL gave me a pile of gossip rags she was through with. According to the rumors, they are quite smitten with each other and are inseparable.

    It’s funny because I read these magazines and don’t know most of the celebrities they’re talking about!

  86. Oh Carol, it’s so Hollywood. It’s the “thing” to do now that Ellen & Portia got married. Lohan has been with this woman, what, five minutes? Crazy kids.

  87. FIF: Hey you! How’s everything!

  88. GXM: For the ignoramusses, i.e. ME, what is a DIL?

  89. If Obama isn’t elected it’s because he’s an @$$hole.

    I read a post today, and it said some people are calling them “O-holes.”

    I like that!

  90. I wasn’t kidding when I said my blog trips are here and perezhilton.com. Though like gxm, half these people are unknown to me.

  91. Sorry about that. Daughter-in-law. She’s home with my new grandson and is going through these rags at a rapid rate. 😀

  92. DIL=daughter in law.

  93. We’re plugging along, trying to make sense of the daily insanity that is this election. It’s never dull, that’s for sure, but it takes a toll. What did Gary say? It’s been “about 75 years.”

  94. Eddy was too busy taking care of Piper and Trig! They were both a little fussy last weekend because it was raining. Piper kept trying to give him a mohawk!

    Over 50 dead now because they needed to ignore the “certain death if you don’t evacuate” warning. I guess they will be talking that one over up in heaven.

    My peers in Houston are still out. I haven’t gotten any work done because everyone seems to have had issues down there. Not to mention one of our buildings in downtown was hit pretty hard.

  95. Pat: what will I do without you! Thanks, I feel dumb. But it ain’t the first time.

  96. Carol – I hope Houston gets back up for the business. I’d love to see Ed in a Mohawk!

  97. SM: Eddy is sick of the diaper and daycare duties! Promises to bolt any day now as soon as You Know Who makes another visit to Target. And the rain is not helping with his sinuses.

  98. Pat – diaper? On him or Palin babies?

  99. No, No, No – Trig was getting the Mohawk!

  100. SM: Ed has only a few strands left on his head to begin with and what he has he has been pulling out with both hands recently. Don’t know why??

  101. Carol – Trig with a Mohawk???? Ed needs a drink quick.

    Wait….which one is Trig?

  102. Trig is adorable! You just want to pick him up and hug him.

  103. Pat – we do all of the time!

  104. Pat Johnson, on September 17th, 2008 at 8:37 pm Said:
    SM: Ed has only a few strands left on his head to begin with and what he has he has been pulling out with both hands recently. Don’t know why??

    LOL! I can’t even picture that in my mind.

  105. Carol: The “we” part just gets me. *&*&^%&^%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Is Trig the baby??? Or the soldier? (Sorry. Too many of the Von Trapps to keep up with names).

  107. campbell brown is having heart attack interviewing the PUMA woman that changed from democratic to republican
    campbell is apopletic that she is going to vote for McCain

  108. SM: He is the 5 month old baby. So cute. Piper is the 7 yr old. Along with Ed they are all residing in the house of trees for the time being.

  109. Trak is the soldier, Trig is the baby!

  110. LMAO jonas! hubby just took over the remote, or I’d watch!

  111. That woman is Lynn de Rothschild, a big Hillary supporter. And she is so poised and articulate. She is moving over to McCain which may make me a little less reluctant to do the same.

  112. Don’t think they could consider Lynn de Rothschild as a deadender either. This is a classy, bright, and well do to lady.

  113. I am not voting for Obama because

    He is NOT a statesman
    Cant’ trust him — biggest flip flopper of all

    Oh, did I mention that i could care less that he’s black. But — it seems that he thinks he should be President because he’s black — why doesn’t he draft a bill for Affirmative Action for President if the thinks being black is holding him back.

  114. Thank you Pat & Carol!

    Ok, loving Heidi Li a billion times over.

  115. The Asian Stock Market is tanking right now!

  116. SimoFish: Exactly. The man is a nothing politician from Chicago. No background, no experience, no polish, no guts. Other than that I hear he plays a mean game of basketball.

  117. Hey Simofish!

    Amen & ditto.

  118. Pat – what say you that we head down to Florida together and find Caylee. I am sick of the revolving door of this stupid murderer and the media.

  119. You guys are helping to keep me awake. I am only waiting to see Sarah on Hannity at 9.

  120. Campbell Brown ……..just got crushed by Lynn de Rothschild……..WOW. Fanasitic. Rothschild , a bitter, gun toten, bible thumper.

  121. Pat – isn’t Ed doing his duty? Or are you bored already?

  122. Palin looks beautiful tonight.

  123. Carol: If I ever got near that woman or her mother I would attack and I am not violent. But that baby is buried somewhere out there and it breaks my heart. These people are fools and I am waiting for them to arrest her for murder. No excuse now that this was an accident. She did it. The family is aware of it.

  124. SM: Ed is in Texas once again and trimming the 27 trees in the house. Otherwise he would be here with me and helping me get over the flu.

  125. oh – I missed Lady Lynn — crap — I sure hope there is a YOUTUBE of this. Love Lady Lynn !!!!

  126. Lynn de Rothschild is class with a capital C.

  127. Pat: Aw! Please get better! Ed needs to get back in his role of love god.

  128. I am off to catch Hannity and Sarah. Thanks for keeping me awake after the meds kicked in.

    As for Ed, he will always be my love god. Even if he is all worn out. As he himself said, he never signed up for “nann” duties.

  129. McCain Press release (received email from Citizens for McCain):

    ARLINGTON, VA — Today the McCain-Palin campaign announced the endorsement of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee.

    “In an election as important at this, we must choose the candidate who has a proven record of bipartisanship and reforming government, and that’s John McCain,” Rothschild said. “We can’t afford a president who lacks experience and judgment and has never crossed party lines to work for meaningful reform. Amid tough economic times and foreign policy concerns, we need someone who is ready to lead. Although I am a Democrat, I recognize that it’s more important to put country ahead of party and that’s why I support John McCain.”

    Rothschild, an attorney and businesswoman, supported Sen. Clinton during the Democratic primaries. She will campaign for Sen. McCain through Election Day.

  130. Just received a request from the McCain campaign to talk with the media. Any PUMAs in Virginia want to speak out?

  131. I caught the end of it. It was TOOOOO funny! Cambie was about to pee her pants with futile fury. Campbell tried to say that Lynn was bitter because she won’t support Obama.

    Lynn simply smiled indulgently as if at a ranting child, and told her that Obama called people who cling to their guns and religion bitter and called “rednecks” bitter. She said that if calling her bitter was the only way they could rationalize her reluctance to vote for Obama then by all means call her bitter.

  132. PALIN ON FOX.

  133. janis —

    very astute chess analogy

  134. Carol, Do you remember when Bush had that microphone strapped to his back-until people noticed the bulge in his suit?

  135. Carol, That passport thing still bothers me, especially that no one came out and made anything of the fact that the guy who hired those temps was an Obama advisor. Now would BO have anything he’d like to change or swipe that might have been in his file??

  136. Where did everyone go?

  137. Do you think O hacked into Palin’s account to find out what HTML means? Anyway it is really sad that the same people who complained about FISA until O voted for it seem very happy about it – at CNN.

    Do you think my new blog is mean and I should get rid of it? I got so angry but did not know how to fight the Obots using their own medicine. Check this out


  138. fif, some of us are trying to watch the Palin interview on FOX. But I’m around. 🙂

  139. Anyone who is watching Palin so far–what do you think?

  140. dcattorney, I’m a VA PUMA, but not really interested in talking to the media.

  141. atypical08, on September 17th, 2008 at 9:10 pm Said:
    Carol, Do you remember when Bush had that microphone strapped to his back-until people noticed the bulge in his suit?

    Charlie Gibson was the one who interviewed Bush and asked him about “the lump”. he failed, imho.


    (it’s funny, i don’t recall Bush saying anything nearly as “witty” as quoted in the linked transc. excerpt)

  142. She is a breathe of fresh air. Wow, who knew people were capable of sharp, complete sentences to the point.

    atypical08 – are you kidding?

  143. She looks good and she knows what she is talking about.

  144. Obama supporter talking, giving her opinion of Palin’s interview so far.

    That’s what the MUTE button is for. I already know what she is saying, so why bother?

    Bush III
    Out of touch with Americans
    Bush tax cuts
    Blah blah blah

  145. Most importantly, she has described what her duty will be in the administration. That way, she can defer the questions of National Security about the war to the President McCain.

    Brilliant move.

  146. fif, Hannity is ripping up that Obama supporter. Pointed out ALL O’s financial industry ties, etc.

  147. Why is Hannity the only one in the media that actually presses obama supporters with real questions?

    Thank you Hannity

  148. wmcb: notice how she completely ignored that Obama was one of the second ranked recipient of Fannie & Freddie largesse? She claims HE is the only one who has pushed for reform? Is she talking about that lame ethics reform bill that only insists that lobbyists and government officials cannot sit when they meet, they have to stand?

  149. Hehe, I won’t click over there, but there is evidently a diary up on the Cheeto dismissing the Rothschild endorsement as being because she’s a closet racist. No proof, no nothing, she just MUST be a racist.

  150. I think it is because Hannity is more focused on the actual content. Others, including O’Reilly who was so weak with BO, are vain, and they are worried about their own image and careers. Hannity is not trying to be the most popular kid on the block.

  151. I think Sarah is doing a good job. Confident. well spoken. Hasn’t said anything yet with which I disagree. I just shake my head in amazement that I’m actually going to vote Republican for the first time in my adult life!

    Hillary 2012

  152. RD – listening to the radio show from earlier. It was my birthday (I’m an aging white woman…) and we went to dinner. Sorry I missed your call.

  153. Hannity pointed out that two of Obama’s top economic advisors are from the failed Fannie Mae and Lehman.

    The Fannie Mae guy worked for 6 years and made 9 million dollars, then left (and now the taxpayers are holding the bag).

    Hannity took it to judgement – why does Obama surround himself with these people?

  154. New post! Come have drink at the Scratching Post!

  155. Janicen, I’m in Alexandria, and not that thrilled with the idea of talking to the media, either.
    But I’m just mad enough… they clearly know we are having some effect.
    Just send good thoughts my way, please!

  156. WMCB

    I jsut googled Rothchild because I read on some obama site she’s a”British aristocrat”. She’s not, she’s from New Jersey and her fortune she made herself buying broadband licenses.

    But every single comment section that I googled to find information on her has the bots are all over it with “Rothchild is a racist” . You see, elitist is actually code for uppity.

    This obama campaign makes me ill.

  157. jerseygirl5555
    Happy Birthday

    Mrs Marple
    If you are here Happy Belated Birhday.



  158. Did anyone else see CBS News tonight? They are doing a series where they ask McCain and Obama the same questions. Here is one of the questions, plus the responses:

    Katie Couric: What one personal flaw do you think might hinder your ability to be president?

    Barack Obama: I don’t think there’s … a flaw that would hinder my ability to function as president. I think that all of us have things we need to improve. You know, I said during the primary that my management of paper can sometimes be a problem.

    Couric: You can come up with something better than that, though, can’t you?

    Obama: I just use it as an example of something that I’m constantly tryin’ to work on. What is often a strength can be a weakness. So, you know, for me there are times where I want to think through all our options. At some point you’ve gotta make sure that we’r making a decision. So far, at least I’ve proven to be pretty good about knowing when that time is.

    I think, as president, with all the information that’s coming at you constantly, you’re never gonna have 100 percent information. And you’ve just gotta make the call quickly and surely. And I think … that’s a capacity that I’ve shown myself to have.

    John McCain: You know, I’m not an objective observer. I would think that probably, I think that would have to be, to make sure, that I don’t make any decisions that are not fully informed by every source of information that’s credible I can possibly get. When I see and read history, I see sometimes that presidents make judgments that they only consulted a small circle of people. And sometimes, those were only those who agreed with that president..

    I’ve got to make sure that I reach out to Democrats, to Republicans, to people who have opposing views. Because when we’re making decisions about the future of the country, you cannot discount practically any viewpoint. So what happens to presidents in history is they get in bubbles and they don’t get all the information they need to make the best judgments. I’ve got to guard against that.

    As usual Barry is just SO perfect. He doesn’t even have a flaw… except that pesky paperwork. Must be why all his records from the Illinois senate and his time at Columbia University are so hard to find.

    McCain’s response was thoughtful and personal. Obama’s response reminded me of any 20-something at a job interview. My weakness? Well, ummm, I don’t really have a weakness…. it’s like, I get along with EVERYone so I suppose that could be a weakness because it’s like, everybody just confides in me and wants to tell me things, but I’m just like SOOOO excited for this opportunity and ummm, maybe I just like lattes a little to much! I know I spent to much on them but I just, like I just can’t get started in the morning without one. So like, I suppose that’s my real weakness.

  159. Obama may have ticked up in the polls, but lest anybody take a CNN poll as Gospel, take a look at this link…


  160. Also, I hope this isn’t a big deal or anything but I must confess to having borrowed a slogan Carol was using, and modifying it ever so slightly to…

    Obama-Biden for Senate ’08

  161. […] for us, WMCB posted it in a commentary at the Confluence HOLY SHIT! A PUMA just stood up in John McCain’s Michigan town hall and LAID IT OUT […]

  162. There is one small comment I would like to make. It goes to the statement that why would we vote for a ‘batshit” women, but if she running against a “batshit” male, might just as well vote for the women because that will at least display the the women vote has power.

  163. Johnin-makes a great point. You need to take any of CNN poll of polls with a grain of salt. I just tried to make some comments about their polls and I don’t even get to moderation. They wiped me out. They pick 4 or 5 polling organization and that way they can control whatever desired result they want. Go to RealClearPolitics-Election 2008.

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