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TPM: Obama has a problem with “aging white women in battleground states.”

Sexist pig?

Sexist pig?

Hahahahahahahahaha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! OMG! Whew! {{ wiping away tears }} Wow, I needed a good laugh today, too. That’s hysterically funny.

Via Joseph Cannon, Greg Sargent writes:

In a sign of just how nervous senior Democrats are about Barack Obama’s situation, top Democratic Party operatives are privately urging the party’s major donors to get serious about putting big money into outside groups looking to attack John McCain in key battleground states.

Several senior Democratic strategists unaffiliated with Obama’s campaign convened a private conference call late last week with at least four dozen of the party’s most prolific donors to progressive causes and outside groups — a call designed to instill a sense among donors that things are “pretty damn urgent” right now, one of the organizers of the call tells me.

The call is yet another sign that donors and outside operatives — who had earlier gotten the message from Obama that he doesn’t want such activity — now recognize that Team Obama is privately hoping for such efforts to gear up in earnest.

On the call, Stan Greenberg, who did polling for Bill Clinton in 1992 and now partners with James Carville to run the Dem polling firm Democracy Corps, gave a presentation to the donors that painted a somewhat bleak picture of the struggles Obama is having with aging white women in battleground states.

Oh, man, that is the funniest thing I’ve read in days! Gee, I wonder why a sweet guy like Barack Obama would be having trouble with “aging white women?” Oh, those wacky old women! What on earth is their problem?

It wouldn’t be this, would it?

The time has come, Senator Barack Obama says, for the baby boomers to get over themselves.

In taking the first steps toward a presidential candidacy last week, Mr. Obama, who was born in 1961 and considers himself a member of the post-boomer generation, said Americans hungered for “a different kind of politics,” one that moved beyond the tired ideological battles of the 1960s.

Mr. Obama calculates that Americans of all ages are sick of the feuding boomers and ready to turn to the generation that came of age after Vietnam, after the campus culture wars between freaks and straights, and after young people had given up on what überboomer Hillary Rodham Clinton (who made her own announcement on the Web yesterday) called in a 1969 commencement address a search for “a more immediate, ecstatic and penetrating mode of living.”

Or this?

“I think there is no doubt that we represent the kind of change that Senator Clinton can’t deliver on, and part of it is generational,” Mr. Obama told Fox News yesterday about the difference between himself and Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York. “I mean, Senator Clinton and others, they’ve been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s, and it makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done.”

It certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with this:

NEW YORK – Welcome to “Sweetie-gate,” a place paved with eggshells, where terms of endearment turn into political peccadilloes at the drop of a diminutive.

Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois found himself in just such a place this week when the Democratic presidential candidate’s use of the term “sweetie” with a female television reporter hit a sour note with people who considered it offensive and sexist….

What Obama said was: “Hold on one second, sweetie. We’ll do a press avail, thanks.” Appearing at a suburban Detroit Chrysler plant, he gave the remark, in an apparently neutral tone of voice on the video, in response to Agar’s shouted question about what he would do to help American autoworkers.

Nah! It couldn’t be. Those “aging white women” couldn’t possibly be that thin skinned, could they? No way. And I’m sure those old biddies wouldn’t be bothered by this either.

Sen. Barack Obama approached first overflow in the parking lot outside
of the Scranton town hall, and immediately went to Denise Mercuri, a
pharmacist from Dunmore who was wearing a Hillary Clinton button. She
held an Obama button in her hand, and he asked what he needed to do to
get her to wear his instead of his rival’s.

“What do I need to do? Do you want me on my knees?” he asked.
He then conceded, keeping with his flirty trend of the day (see earlier
report), “I’ll give you a kiss.”

Of course not. He was just being “flirty.” Like he was this time:

It may be April Fools Day, but Sen. Barack Obama was acting like it was Valentine’s Day. He was in full charm mode while touring the Tama Manufacturing plant, a JC Penny supplier of made-in-the-USA clothing in Allentown.

Obama was especially flirtatious today, winking and grinning at the female workers who were swooning behind their cell phone cameras. Tama President Mark Fogelman told quality inspector Carol Davis not to be nervous when she talked to Obama, even though he was “only the next
president” greeting her. Obama smiled ear to ear as he looked at her work, saying: “These look pretty comfortable, this is all pretty leisure wear.”

After the presidential hopeful walked away, Davis let out a “Whoo!” and fanned herself.

“It got hot in here. He ain’t bad looking either,” she told your pooler.

“I hope he wins,” Davis said, adding she was not registered to vote. “I wish all of them good luck, just bring the troops home is all.” During the 25-minute tour, Obama called a woman “sweetie,” and thanked her in spanish, then told another woman who let him know she is from Thailand, “I love Thai food.”

But Obama lavished compliments on dancewear manufacturer Marisa Cerveris, who gave him a black and pink leotard for Malia and Sasha, explaining she was once in the New York City ballet. “You look like you might be a dancer,” Obama told her, later adding: “You’re big time.”

“You’re gorgeous,” he told Cerveris after glancing at one of her old ballet photos.

And I certainly can’t imagine it would have anything to do with anything Barack Obama said about Hillary Clinton during the primary campaign. Of course not. That was just politics. No one would be troubled by Obama saying during the NH debate that Hillary is “likeable enough.” And remember the time he said “You challenge the status quo and suddenly the claws come out,” and that other time he said “I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal.”

Come on, ladies, get a sense of humor, for heavens sake. So Barack said Hillary wouldn’t be where she is except for being married to Bill Clinton. It’s true, right? And when she traveled as first lady, she really did just have tea with the wives of foreign leaders. There’s nothing at all wrong with his pointing that out, right?

Gee, I just can’t imagine why those silly “aging white women in battleground states” would be reluctant to vote for Barack Obama. Can you?


133 Responses

  1. Well I just love that term “…aging white women…”.

    Isn’t everyone aging?

  2. Someone over at NQ came up with something really catching: “It’s not his pigmentation; it’s his pigmentality.”

  3. I’d rather be an aging woman than an aging juvenile like him.

  4. No, only white women age. Its an amazing scientific fact uncovered by the Obama campaign.

  5. janicen- You took the works right out of my mouth.

  6. Felizarte, on September 16th, 2008 at 7:00 pm Said:

    Someone over at NQ came up with something really catching: “It’s not his pigmentation; it’s his pigmentality.”
    That’s good and very true.

  7. Don’t forget about the time he called Barbara Boxer a ‘cutie.’

    Or his campaign’s tart reply to Lynette Long’s request for parity in Cabinet appointments: ‘You can’t have that.’

    And, of course, his supporters who took the generational warfare to homes, offices, schools, and the Internet.

  8. HifromMD, LOL.

    Though the Obama campaign ‘uncovering’ anything is so much of a stretch. Quite the contrary….

  9. I guess Obama is ready to let us older white women dodder off into the oblivion from whence we came. However, some in his campaign think we might respond to some ads.

    We boomers did develop a sense of entitlement in our meandering. At least I thought I was entitled to have my vote count. Perhaps we’ve heard all of the promises before, now we want to see some action. Action where your mouth is Obama. Too late now. He’s busy campaigning, I know.

    To paraphrase one of my least favorite commentators, David Brooks, Obama is so fond of the future because that is where all of his accomplishments are.

  10. I remember during the earlier days of the primary listening to the media give poll after poll of how key demographics were voting. And it was always well Obama has those age 18 to 35, and blacks and Hillary has 50 and up and those white women over 40.
    Well as I’m a female and between 35 and 40 it was as if I were invisible! Again and again my group never seemed to enter into the equation. For a time there, I was wondering if I even existed to these people. Well, I am black, so maybe I was SUPPOSED to be in THAT group, but as I wasn’t going for Obama, guess I just threw the whole polling system outta whack! No wonder they ignored people like me.

    I also think it’s funny how Obama tries to paint himself as the young fresh kid, who’s pushing the old fogies over the cliff for their own good…and ours of course. Ummmm do people forget that the dude is almost 50!!!! Oh yeah he’s totally not 20yrs past the point where he himself would have been expunged, if this were “Logan’s Run”

    Nearly 50 and he’s accomplished next to nothing. Yup he’s truly an inspiration to those youngin’ coming up. “Do Nothing, Know Nothing, Act Appalling, Expect Everything Because the World Owes it to You, and hey kids you too can be President someday!”

  11. trist – Well said!

  12. It is very funny to read that he was heralding himself as the harbinger of doom for baby boomer wars, when his campaign seems to very much project baby boomer rhetoric and attitudes. I’ve been arguing that with choosing Palin, McCain has been the one to put the nail in the coffin of the baby boomer generation, as she represents those of us who grew up benefiting from all that the boomers gained, in civil rights, women’s rights, etc. We don’t need to keep fighting the same battles. But it seems that is what Obama wants us to keep doing. I did not realize he had been trying to sell himself as being beyond that. How funny. Another area where McCain has out-obamaed Obama.

  13. Just my opinion, but, you can stick that picture of Obama up your……….etc. I thought the confluence is better than that.

  14. janicen: thanks for that link to the Palin spoof–hilarious.

  15. Gee do you think that it is becuase the fool has no clue what the word respect means?
    People of certain ages have lived thru a lot of history.
    When my girls were teenagers we had a neighbor who was in her 80″s.
    At every neighborhood party people would gather around just to listen to her.
    I told my girls to learn from her on how to attract people.
    Backtrack has never really faced adversity and I don’t think he would know how to handle it.
    If the economy tanks the way people are predicting, we better listen to some “old’ people.
    Many have lived thru hard times and know what to do.
    They learned to make a quarter go as far as a dollar.
    How to cut corners to feed and clothe families.



  16. At least TPM didn’t use the term “dry p*ssy demographic”

  17. Thank you purplefinn 🙂

  18. In point of fact, there are baby boomers younger than Barack Obama. The baby boom didn’t end until 1963.

  19. On any given day, this aging white woman could take with a toothpick!


  20. Oh, shucks, are you saying he did not mean it when he told us that he could win without us? When his supporters booted us off their blogs and told us to go to hell?

  21. Advertising ain’t gonna do it, kids. You know what they say–you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

  22. “take him with a toothpick!

  23. Palin was born February 11, 1964. She missed the baby boom by about six weeks.

  24. Great, Felizarte! When Obama loses we should all say

    “It’s wasn’t his pigmentation; it was his pigmentality.”

  25. Let’s make a fair comparison: what had Hillary accomplished by the time she was his age?

  26. “ ‘Hold on one second, sweetie. We’ll do a press avail, thanks.’ ” Appearing at a suburban Detroit Chrysler plant, he gave the remark, in an apparently neutral tone of voice on the video, in response to Agar’s shouted question about what he would do to help American autoworkers.

    WORM: Uhhhh … I don’t …. ummm … know how to … ummm … answer that … uhhhhh …question.

  27. Palin is an Aquarian. “this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius . . .” I recall was a clarion call of the sixties. Here we go again. Too bad, Obama was too young to have acquired any wisdom from that generation. He reflects the attitudes the sixties rejected.

  28. I don’t know if that is the fair comparison, Hillary was not presumptuous enough to run for President before she had the resume to support her. That is why I supported her in 2008. Maybe, I would support Obama in 2030. Oh, I forgot Michele says that he is not allowed to run again.

  29. Has anyone heard about the Mass primary?? Is turnout (low) good for O’Reilly.

  30. Does anyone else fear for this nations future though, if THIS is the standard of how a Pres. should now be “chosen” All hype, zero substance. Like the marketing of so much “new coke”

    I mean there have been studies in the past about how the Gen x-y er’s are the “me me me” generation. Their parents wanted desperately to give their kids the best, and in doing so, made life soooo easy their kids now expect life to always BE easy. “if I want it, I should have it” PERIOD.

    I can understand they want what’s new, and exciting. When I was 20 and voting for the first time. That was a lot of what drew me to Bill Clinton. But I like to think of myself as fairly clued in and not completely self absorbed. Even back then. Had I been 20 during THIS time, I believe I wouldn’t be conned by the Obama craze, so I’m wondering, why are so many now?

    Is it their age, when they’re older will they look back and say. “what the hell was I thinking?!?!” or is it the way they were raised? And if so will it only worsen as they get older and further instill those traits to THIER kids?

    If we defeat Obama it’ll be because the numbers were great enough to overcome any cheating they will try. But if the “me me me” generation continues, eventually they will out number the sensible people which means at SOME point an Obama type will get elected. What will this mean for the future of this country then? Will it HAVE a future?

  31. This problem he has with problem with “aging white women in battleground states.” Is it by any chance reflective of his true attitude towards his mother?

  32. You are welcome, fif. This primary/election season has been going on for how long? …and yet all this time, my Obot friends and relatives have not bothered to send me any stupid e-mails.Since McCain has picked Palin, they are all acting like they have found the Holy Grail. I can’t believe how these fools are acting. They keep sending me nonsense about how Sarah Palin was only a mayor of a small town, and other such bs. I haven’t gotten any responses to my newest revelation about Palin. It’s pretty funny, isn’t it?

  33. Trist, let’s get Obama defeated first before we worry about those coming after him.

  34. Here is a link to an article on Politico.


    I thought Dean-Pelosi-Reid (DPR) threw their weight behind Obama partly because of his fundraising skills which would secure them a majority in the Congress. Looks like that ain’t happening.

  35. So I’m an aging female, but my husband – younger than me – is not in the “aging” demographic? BO is just a few years younger than me, how did he manage to split the party on lines of race, gender AND age? That is quite an accomplishment, bigger than anything he’s ever done.

    BTW, when we were teenagers, we sure didn’t want to see pics of an almost 50 year old guy body surfing. Eewww.

    The big issue I see now is that we aging women and our allies had better defeat this fellow because if we think we’ve been disregarded and insulted up to now, its nothing compared to what will happen in an Obama Administration.

  36. Oh, yeah, run some television ads, that’ll do the trick! Because everyone knows that we aging women are the ones who run out and buy every new fad because it’s kewl and the TeeVee told us to!

    Oh, wait, wrong demographic.

    There is a reason Madison Avenue doesn’t market much to us. Likely it’s those finely honed bullshit detectors we have acquired over the years. Hell, I raised teenagers who could do a better job lying to me than Barky does. It was often great fun, when they thought they’d done a great snow job, to wait for the perfect opportune moment to snort and tell them they were busted.

    I’d then lay out for them in embarrassing detail my awareness the entire time of their too-cute-by-half plan.

    But please, go ahead an target some ads at me. I’m just a gullible ol’ aging white woman.

  37. I’m getting fund raising calls every day. If they are after my meager $5.00 donations, things are bad.

    I tell them, no money. And I tell them why.

  38. janicen – I enjoyed that video too, several times. Worth repeating the link. Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin

  39. “I mean, Senator Clinton and others, they’ve been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s, and it makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done.”
    Well, he got what he wanted. We won’t fight those old fights anymore. HE can fight for Roe – he can fight for the middle class and those in need, he can fight for quality education for all and universal health care. I’m sure all those 20 year-olds he’s brought on board will relish the fight.

  40. trist,

    That was a righteous rant! Loved it.

  41. Oh, and Hillary is partly to blame for Obama’s inability to help downticket democrats.

  42. arabella- When they call I am going to tell them that after I feed my cat and me (the same food), all my money goes to McCain..

  43. “I mean, Senator Clinton and others, they’ve been fighting some of the same fights since the ’60s, and it makes it very difficult for them to bring the country together to get things done.”

    You mean like equal rights and equal pay for women? Yep, Obie, Senator Clinton and the rest of us older women are still fighting those battles after all these years. Pity that you’re too much of a male chauvinist pig to understand what it’s all about.

  44. Got a fundraising mail from Big Dawg touting ‘superiority of democratic party values and policies.’

    I responded saying, “thanks, that’s true, but only you and Hillary could get them implemented; Obama can’t. Therefore for me, it is “Nobama, no-how; no way!

  45. Hillary-zilla wrote,

    Just my opinion, but, you can stick that picture of Obama up your……….etc. I thought the confluence is better than that.

    I think Obama is a sexist pig. That’s what the picture says. If other Conflucians think it’s inappropriate, I’ll replace it with something else. But the message is “sexist pig,” and that is what he is.

  46. Who asked what Hillary had accomplished by the time she was Barack’s age?

    From HillaryClinton.Com

    Nationally recognized commencement speech at Wellesley College

    Yale Law School graduate

    Staff Attorney at Children’s Defense Fund

    Registered voters in rural Texas.

    Served as only one of two women lawyers on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee considering the impeachment of Richard Nixon.

    Ran a legal aid clinic for the poor when she first got to Arkansas and handled cases of foster care and child abuse.

    At 30, President Carter appointed her to the board of the United States Legal Services Corporation, a federal nonprofit program that funds legal assistance for the poor.

    Lead a task force to improve education in Arkansas through higher standards for schools and served on the board of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, helping them expand and improve their services.

    Served on national boards for the Children’s Defense Fund, the Child Care Action Campaign, and the Children’s Television Workshop.

    Led the American Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession,

    Partner at Rose Law Firm

    Hillary was twice named one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.

    Worked on two successful AR gubernatorial campaigns

    And those are just the years up until Arkansas, a minimal biography from her website; I’ve not begun with the White House years.

  47. I added a caption to the photo.

  48. NOW is on CSpan endorsing Obama.


  49. dcattorney, on September 16th, 2008 at 7:42 pm Said:

    “So I’m an aging female, but my husband – younger than me – is not in the “aging” demographic? BO is just a few years younger than me, how did he manage to split the party on lines of race, gender AND age? That is quite an accomplishment, bigger than anything he’s ever done.”

    Oops, I’ve underestimated him also. Another divider claiming to be a uniter. I misunderestimated Bush also. I thought that he wouldn’t distinguish himself. But hey, he’s the worst president ever.

  50. Can anyone get into bitterpoliticz anymore?? I have tried to register under wordpress but can’t seem to get in??

  51. Honora said: “That is why I supported her in 2008. Maybe, I would support Obama in 2030”

    You know there WAS a time I felt this way. That “not now, but someday when he’s ready”, I’ll gladly support him. Well, that day as LONG since past. They’re ain’t no sense in waiting for a day, that’s NEVER coming.
    It’s not a question of giving him time, and gaining more experience. It’s just HIM! He is a terrible human being. Selfish, self absorbed. A user, and exploiter all for personal gains! Among many other things you all know. Those traits are most likely here to stay!
    Some people just should not be put into positions of power where they can effect and ruin other people’s lives. (example Bush) And he most definitely is one of them!

    I thought I would grudgingly accept a joint ticket where Hillary was on the top. But I now feel so strongly that, that man should NEVER be anywhere near the White House, I couldn’t in good conscious support even that ticket. When Hillary said “was it just about me” is when it truly hit me. She’s right, it’s not about her, it’s about this nation. And as much good as she could do for it, the fear of what harm could ALSO be done with Obama hooked into the power of the Presidency even if only from the #2 position (example Cheney) is something I don’t want on my hands.

    If you believe things happen for a reason, then you can believe there was a reason Hillary was shut out this year. Because we know, while he was free to f-up his choice for VP and pass over the one person who would have guaranteed his win, had Hillary gotten the nom, she would have been forced to take him!

    The ONLY way to ensure he will NEVER get his slimy hands on the WH was for him to make it to the Gen. election without her, and lose BADLY! Which he will. Then we can ALL breath a sigh of relief and start working towards 2012.

  52. former nycblue:

    Awesome. Thanks!

  53. They expect Obama to raise 9mil tonight at his fundraiser!

    d@mn, spread that around some.

  54. Any news yet from MA on the primary?

  55. NOW just played the race card!

  56. trist, you’re on a roll tonight. Nice job of expressing what so many of us here feel.

  57. Honora – may I borrow that line?

  58. I just read an article on Splice called The Audacity of Defeat. The author thinks it was unimaginable last month that Obama could lose. Ha! How come we all know he’s going to lose and knew back in March that if he became the nominee he’d go down in flames? No one listens to us old hags. We aren’t called “wise women” for nothing, boyz. As the electoral map turns pinker and redder, I just get happier and happier. Except that I do worry about downticket Dems. I don’t want another Republican reign of terror.

  59. Thank you bostonboomer! 🙂

  60. Felizarte:

    “Too bad, Obama was too young to have acquired any wisdom from that generation. He reflects the attitudes the sixties rejected.”

    Brilliant! And “pigmentality.” I have to remember that one.

  61. BB my pleasure. I’m always astonished by what she has done and continues to do. I’ve been reading Living History for a few weeks now (when I’m not lurking here) and it is so enlightening and moving.

    In Living History, she talks a lot about how she learned true forgiveness by watching and listening to Nelson Mandela talk about his captors. And how she tried to always be “up” for her staff, no matter what was going on (I’m up to the f*$#$%#g impeachment crap now) so that they would keep going too. She’s really inspiring.

  62. Carol, what did NOW say regarding race?

    And Kathy, when I hear all the shock and dismay and “no one could have imagined this” coming from Dem commentators, I feel like I felt when the Bush admin said , “No one could have foreseen that the levies would break.”

    Um, no…I foresaw it quite well. Lots of us did.

  63. OMG that reporter just let them have it. asked gandy why they won’t support McKinney, because of her stances that help women, and why they support obama, after all his sexist shit (he mentioned almost evgerything in this post)…gandy answered” I’m glad the anti obama press is here”, then went on to say they trusted Joe “anita hill” Biden because they’ve worked with hiim for 30 years. jesus effing christ….

  64. trist, on September 16th, 2008 at 7:53 pm Said:

    “If you believe things happen for a reason, then you can believe there was a reason Hillary was shut out this year. Because we know, while he was free to f-up his choice for VP and pass over the one person who would have guaranteed his win, had Hillary gotten the nom, she would have been forced to take him!”

    Good points. I think Hillary would have done the “big” thing and placed him on her ticket. The results of that would not have been pretty.

  65. WMCB, and nobody could’ve foreseen that planes would attack the WTC, either.
    (Except that there were memos suggesting people had been plotting just that)

  66. that was awful.

  67. thanks poster formerly known as:

    It’s really something to read even part of Hillary’s resume. Makes me feel good just seeing it.

  68. Honora – lol!

  69. I hope he looses the election so badly that he never dares to run again. What he did to Hillary was wrong. He stole the nomination from her. The moron had the gall to say that people wanted something new and he was the one with all the ideas when the truth was he stole all of Hillary’s progressive plans. And then people like Samantha Powers calling Hillary monster and other crap while knowing that the guy they are supporting has no original thoughts of his own. The person they are calling a monster is the person whose plans they are stealing. Idiots.
    What really hurts is that he didn’t “win” fairly. He cheated and had help from Democratic leaders.

  70. NOW declared a “young, African American running an historic campaign”. I had to turn the channel.

  71. Thank you grayslady. I really appreciate all the nice comments.
    from you all. ^_^

  72. Did NOW declare Hillary an “older, white woman running an historic campaign”?

  73. I am mad at NOW supporting Obama b/c of Biden just for the Violence Against Women Act. Sure, Biden was instrumental in that, but he was also one of only 3 Democrats to vote for the new bankruptcy bill that forced thousands of people into foreclosure and refinancing schemes that are crushing them. Think how that affects women! Cynthia McKinney is the only candidate who carries many of the same principles Hillary Clinton did. She’s more liberal than Hillary, which is OK with me. No question HRC was the best person to be president, though. I too like Living History. Great book, great life story.

  74. election results, pls??

  75. bb – keep the pic. He is what he is.

  76. Carol, on September 16th, 2008 at 8:04 pm Said:
    NOW declared a “young, African American running an historic campaign”. I had to turn the channel

    And what about Hillary? Governor Palin is running a historic campaign, and she is a woman; not a sexist pig. NOW is supporting man over a woman. Great going NOW. We need some new women’s organizations, because the ones we have now, have sold out, to the highest bidder.

  77. Honora,

    It’s too early to know the results. The polls are usually open here until 8PM. It’s 8:09.

  78. Biden’s push for the Violence Against Women Act was just an attempted makeup call for his orchestrated stoning of Anita Hill.

    As I recalled, when he came to the Senate he was anti-choice.

  79. state – I’m thinking of a complete brain washing to remove all memory of him from my data bank.

  80. SOD: Excellent!

  81. Biden was forced to describe himself as a devout Catholic that is Pro-Life last weekend. So, he’s been rendered obsolete in attacking Sarah.

  82. new post! interesting too…

  83. Election results (polls closed at 8pm):


    Back to lurking……

  84. When this is all over and Obama is stricken from all records and history, we need to have T-shirts made up that say:

    PUMA — We Tried to Warn You

    LOL! I will buy one….heck I’ll buy a dozen and give ’em out for xmas!

  85. NOW is in a snit fit over Palin as VP, yet the ticket they endorse has a top spot occupied by a man who utilized misogyny to win (and never ONCE rebuked it), and a VP who is also PRO-LIFE and who presided over the witch-trial of Anita King.

    No, they do not care about women. They care about their own political future as a “playah” in the democratic Party. They care about the big Dem donors, and which congresscritters have them on the Rolodex, and whether they get asked to speak at the next fucking “We lurv teh Wimminz” symposium. That is what they care about.

  86. Kathy
    hey are you the kathy that used to post at talkleft? If you are, I’m so glad to run into you again!

  87. Sorry bostonboomer, but in Maryland we have our election results hand-delivered to each and ever citizen within five minutes of poll closing. 😉

  88. Today’s mail brought a new high (um, low) from the DNC: my very own 2008 commemorative photograph of Barack and Biden (Biden big toothy grin; Barack not so much).

    I thought briefly of saving it for a future sale on Ebay, but instead grabbed the brightest lipstick I could find, touched up the photo, and returned it to them in their postage paid envelope.

    Damn, that felt good!

  89. Mass Senate race — bad news kids, they’ve already called it for Kerry.

    With 2% of the vote in, it’s 71 to 29 percent. Damn, I really wanted O’Reilly to break at least 30, and was hoping for 40. (I suppose it might get there by the final count, no way to tell which towns/counties have been reported in yet).

    Ok, I know this is little consolation, but on the ‘News’ page of boston.com:

    LOCAL > R.I.
    Obama’s running mate to visit RI for fundraiser
    The running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama will visit Rhode Island next week for a fundraiser, while Sen. Hillary Clinton arrives later this week.

    They didn’t even say Biden’s name! He’s just ‘Obama’s running mate’. How many of you all think the 19-year old copy editor here didn’t say Biden’s name because he/she doesn’t know it?

  90. Irishbone: You have to send camille your email address. The blog’s gone private.

  91. SOD,

    That’s great! I got two mailings today–one from the DNC and one from Obama/Biden. I plan to deface them and send them back in the prepaid envelopes.

  92. Yeah, well he has a aging woman problem because he wrote us off, refused to entertain our issues or laid out plans directly opposed to our best interests (privatizing social security), and dissed and insulted the candidate who did address our interests, issues, and needs. He still has not reached out, while Hillary continues to work toward our interests. He’s a talker. She’s a doer.

    He pales by comparison.

  93. Regency,

    How do we contact Camille?

  94. BB: email her at camille4242@gmail.com so that she can check your email address to let you see the blog with comments.

  95. Hillary became Chair of Legal Aid and saved it by
    working with Congress to keep it funded.

    She and Bill helped with Carter’s re-election (Hillary was incharge of Indiana). Hillary missed an important event (Bill’s governortorial inauguration?) to stay and
    help with Indiana. Meanwhile, Carter helped Bill lose his second election by locating more of Castro’s boat people (released from prisons and mental hospitals) in Arkansas, even after there was a mass escape from a federal prision in Northern Arkansas that
    worked against Bill in voters’ eyes. Carter really hurt
    Bill politically then, which is unconscienable considering how much work they both did for Carter. His grandchildren told him to vote for Obama as a super, and that is fine since the Democratic Party in Georgia is predominately black and Obama won the

    Hillary also had improving education (Arkansas was 49th after
    Mississippi) as her emphasis when Bill became governor. She was the first woman on the Board of WalMart (then a local company) and was able to get
    money passed on to Arkansas education from Sam Walton.

    She took a year off from Yale Law to study childhood
    development/psychology and her legal writings on
    issues of children’s legal rights are landmarks in the
    field. She is an original thinker.

  96. I remember when the term “boomer” was first introduced. Back then it didn’t cover the broad swath of years it now covers. (I think it used to “end” in 1956, maybe earlier.) It just keeps growing and it seems that one day everyone will be a boomer. I always considered myself a part of the post-boomer “blank” generation (named after the Richard Hell song), but apparently someone else has already named it Generation Jones (hope I’ve done this right):


  97. Thanks, Regency.

  98. Valhalla,

    O’Reilly never had a chance to win. But maybe next time he will.

  99. O’Reilly’s up to 33% now, with 15% of the vote in. So yaay! He broke 30. I was just hoping for enough to send a message to Kerry that, well, he’s a jerk. I know, I know, I can send an email, but I wanted to use all the avenues available, at least as long as the Democrats let me still vote for Senator.

  100. Phoenix, you can look at their comparative timelines here:


  101. Valhalla,

    Wow! That’s excellent. That’s a heck of a lot better than I expected. Let’s hope Kerry gets the message. Listen to the voters in your state next time, John.

  102. Speaking of pigs:

    Video shows pigs abused at Iowa farm

    Apparently a supplier to Hormel. Really, really sad.

    In defense of pigs, they are very intelligent, curious creatures, with great personalities, and have sacrificed themselves for humankind. I’m sure it is a great insult to pigs for their name to be associated with Obama. 🙂

    Let’s call him what he is. Pig is too good of a word for him. Obama is an arrogant, self-absorbed, sexist, chauvinist, deceitful, crooked empty suit who is arguably the most incompetent, most dangerous nominee for POTUS.

  103. Great post BB!

  104. I don’t slam the door in their faces, I don’t return their mail. I’m happy to let them waste as much effort & money as they want to trying to turn me!

  105. I had a canvasser stop by my house today. What a joke.

  106. I have to admit it really gives me great pleasure seeing the Democratic starting to panic. They all knew better than we did, they told us to get out of the Party, and now they think they can win back our votes with some crappy ads about “women’s issues?” And they actually believe we care what Clare McCaskill thinks?

  107. When this is all over we’ll be saying a whole lot of “I told you so’s.”

  108. Apologies for my bum link. It’s there in Wiki, but just doesn’t want to link.

    I’ve had it with the Democratic Party giving lip service to women’s rights and expecting us to all be good girls and stay in line. The characterization of Obama-NOTs as “old” is so dismissive on so many levels. IMO, he has serious emotional issues when it comes to women. As, apparently, does a significant portion of the so-called “left.” Talk about old. Their attitude towards women is positively prehistoric.

  109. Gee, I wonder why a sweet guy like Barack Obama would be having trouble with “aging white women?”

    It’s our dried-up, dust-encrusted, unwelcoming v*gin*s. They impede us intellectually.

  110. I agree!

  111. The most recent DNC mailing has a bumper sticker in it.

  112. SOD: add ‘psycho ex-girlfriend’ to your list of terms of endearment at Camp Obama.

  113. I’ve got news for them. He’s got problems with aging white women in California too.

  114. cc,

    Massachusetts too. But MA and CA could turn into swing states if he keeps up what he’s doing.

  115. Phoenix, just thought to offer a bit different perspective that would capture both Obama and Palin as technically “Baby Boomers”, because 1963 is news to me as the cut-off. I thought it was 1964.

    That’s because I learned way back (and taught, even in this decade) that the baby boom ended in 1964, rather than 1963, because the fertility of women who were of child-bearing years (figured by demographers as extending to 44 – 45 years old) was projected from the end of WW II (1945 with delivery in 1946) fast foward another nearly 20 years. In other words, an 18 year old woman in 1946 could still be pregnant at 38 in 1966 (36 in 1964), or a 21 year old in 1946 could be pregnant at 43 in 1964. Actually know some ladies that fit that profile. (Some are aging white women, too.)

    Anyway, I learned/taught from “Population Pyramids” showing Age and Sex composition by age-cohorts, with men on the left, women on the right, by percent. Population Pyramids for different countries and snapshots in time can show what happened to the WW II Generation, progression of the “Baby Boom Bulge”, and how they age-progress, change the shape. I’m looking at some side-by-side comparisons of Japan, China, Brazil and the United States from Goode’s World Atlas. I like how the Pyramids can also be used to illustrate high-growth vs. low-growth countries, etc.. The age cohorts extend for a group aged 40 – 44 years old, and women would be regarded as still child-bearing age. Just look at Sarah Palin as an example (now 44).

    Anyway, that’s been my experience, going back more decades than I care to count, but hope it’s useful.

    But what the heck do I know? I’m just an “aging white woman”, though not in a battleground state. It’s deep blue, but they won’t get my vote.

  116. He’s having trouble with us because we demand substance over style in our Presidential candidates, and we don’t respond to that cutsie wutsie, gimme a kiss, wink, wink bullshit.

  117. cc: That makes two aging white women in California. I have a PUMA sticker on my car.

  118. I thought the Baby Boom ground to a screeching halt with the introduction of the Pill.

    I once asked my mother if we were ‘accidents.’

    She replied, ‘You were not all accidents in the current sense. In the 50s, you expected children but you didn’t know quite when.’ (I came along last in 1963.) She continued, ‘I love you all very much and I’d have you all again, but one day in 1964 I went to my doctor and he said, “How would you like to take a little pill that ensures you never have another baby?” I could’ve kissed him.”

    My youngest sibling-in-law was born in ’64. I mentioned to his mother, “I see you stopped having babies in 1964 for the same reason my mother stopped having babies in 1964.”

  119. Oh, and in early 80s I read that “The baby boom generation is moving through the economy like a chicken through a python.” That stuck with me.

  120. I am loving it!! The O didn’t need us. He rejected one of us. He rejected US (“got myself all those college young’uns who just adore me. Got myself a whole lotta new registrations..) Smoke and mirrors, Magnificent O. Take a lesson from the opposition. The rule is,and always will be: “Fire up the base.” “Go for the competetive battle ground states.” Take a f***ing look at the electoral college map. Your arrogance will be your own undoing. However, you are going to take a “whole lotta others” with you, because “There’s a whole lotta shakin’ ” going on within this party, this movement, and this “democracy.” We will not be silenced in the election, as you silenced us in your emperor’s “convention.” Do you know what the root “con” means? It means “to come together.” HAH! Another mission (not) accomplished.

  121. Aging white women. What will they throw at us next? They are bound and determined for us to vote for McCain. They are practically driving us to the polls and guiding our hands on the screen.

    Wikipedia has the baby boomer era ending 1965:

    Baby boomer is a term used to describe a person who was born during the Post-World War II baby boom between 1946 and 1964

  122. msindym,

    That’s really funny, because I was born in 1947, and when I was in high school, 1945 was the first year of the baby boom. When did they drop 1945, in the ’80s or something? To me the baby boom should include just the people born right after the war. It should end with people born in the ’50s.

  123. msindy – That’s just what I learned, taught, and trying to convey, based on memory and never thought to check Wikipedia. (Ironic – Feel I might know more than that source on a few topics.)

  124. I am not an aging white women but I am from a battleground state.

  125. bostonboomer, the same Wikipedia article goes on to say:

    Seventy-six million American children were born between 1945 and 1964, representing a cohort that is significant on account of its size alone.


    It’s people-edited so we can challenge it. Better to be more inclusive than less. WWII ended 8/15/45.

    Liberty Belle, it’s wonderful to know as much as we do! Men should celebrate “aging women”, just as they’ve always celebrated aging men.

  126. Hey, check this out from the same article:

    “…baby boomers also have the highest median household incomes in the United States”

    Our money doesn’t even earn us a little respect from these fools.

  127. msindy,

    The media and corporations don’t even suck up to us anymore. Even with all that money, they don’t target us with ads, movies or TV shows. We’re invisible. But we do vote, and they will hear from us in November.

  128. uforvendetta,

    We aren’t so frustrated anymore. We are over that. We’ve known for months that Obama can’t win, so we are supporting downticket Dems who believe in real Democratic ideas and issues.

    As for the candidate who is supported by the people who backed Bush, you might want to look into where Obama’s money is coming from. He is the candidate of Wall Street and investment banks because he favors privatization of social programs. He lays it out in his book “The Audacity of Hope.” Have you read it? His two top economic advisors are long-time supporters of social security privatization.

    We all own our own votes. You are free to vote for Obama if you want to. But you would be wise to educate yourself before you do so.

  129. “At 30, President Carter appointed her to the board of the United States Legal Services Corporation, a federal nonprofit program that funds legal assistance for the poor.”

    Her work at LSC was amazing. The agency has always struggled for funding, but under Clinton’s three years heading it, it received the most funding, and helped the most people, that it has had at any time during its history.

    At Wal-Mart, she not only sat on the board (which Obamanauts love to throw at her as a slur), she was instrumental in beginning to move Wal-Mart toward more woman-friendly policies and more tolerance for unionization (Wal-Mart is stridently, violently, anti-union so any strides in this direction would have to be baby steps, but at least it was a start).

    HRC’s accomplishments dwarf those of almost anyone in politics today except for Mr. C’s. What a couple.

  130. vexed. take your bullshit somewhere else. And save the racism bullshit for the obama campaign which cynically used race baiting as a campaign tactic, and in doing so damaged race relations in this country more than i’m sure you’re willing to even consider. YOU are the ones who voted based on race, we just voted for the best candidate. Well look how well that turned out for you. Sorry, only have yourselves to blame now…

  131. All I can say is (as an aging baby boomer) what an ass.
    By the way, my daughters are in Obama’s preferred “Whatever’ demographic and say that would NEVER vote for that man.

  132. My husband received a phone call Monday from a “survey group unaffiliated with any candidate”. The young woman launched into a long description of all the wonderful things that BO is proposing to do if elected. My husband sat quietly for at least 2 full minutes while she went on and on. She finally asked if he had decided for whom he would be casting his vote. My husband said that yes, he has decided. She wanted to know if he, as a registered Democrat, would be voting for Obama; he said definitely not, he will be voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. The young woman acted shocked and wanted to know how he could, as a Democrat, do that. My husband said that if the Democratic party had nominated the person who was best for the job, he would have no problem voting for the Democratic ticket; however, since the DNC had decided to push Obama down the throats of the American people even though he wasn’t qualified to even open the door to the Oval Office, he would not vote for him. The young woman went on to say that Obama was fighting for all of us, not just the higher income big business people. My husband asked her if she was getting paid to read her questions from a script or was she just completely ignorant. He then asked her what survey group she was from … and she hung up on him. As an “older white woman”, I thoroughly enjoy it when my “old man” gets riled. That’s what happens when us poor, uneducated, cranky, old white folks sit home and actually think about what has happened this year when the Presidential campaign “went bad”. Such a warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction.

  133. Oh, they are worrying NOW, are they? Why do I feel no pity for them? Maybe because they only pay attention to or show respect to certain demographic groups once they realize they need a few more votes?

    So amusing that Obama was lecturing these groups of aging Americans previously, and now he needs them. Too funny.

    I didn’t even know about those other instances where Obama said things like “sweetie” and talked down to women. Sheesh.

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