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Yeah, what SHE said!

The WayBack machine takes us back to March 2007 (H/T Dyhana)  She gets going good at about 6 minutes in on the sub-prime mortgage crisis and its potential impact on the economy:

Oh, by the way, Senator Clinton is sponsoring a bill that will provide $1.7 Billion dollars ro mass transit projects around the country (H/T Downticket).  Of course, it is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of billions of dollars we as taxpayers will be forking out to banks and investment companies to cover the losses of their disastrous get-rich-quick schemes.  Would it be too much to ask those guys to give back their enormous bonuses they made in the last couple of years?  Yes, I guess it would be too much.

Well, a paltry $1.7 Billion for a worthwhile bill is better than nothing but it only scratches the surface.  At least she’s doing something about it.


325 Responses

  1. Off-topic but v. interesting:

    “Co-Workers: Obama Inflated His Resume”

  2. A decent mass transit system here would be nice. I rode the bus in Los Angeles and in Denver, but here it is practically impossible. It would take 2 hours and 3 busses to go 8 miles.

  3. We CAN have Hillary back – in 2012 and as Senate Majority Leader in 2009. But only if we organize to make these things happen.

  4. We WILL have Hillary back. She has come out of all of this just glowing – and more on fire than ever when it comes to actually TAKING ACTION (are you listening, Barry?) in the Senate.

  5. And Obama opposed the caps on interest rates as I recall
    meanwhile, besides the Siena poll, NY Post tells us of internal party polls that show PUMA movement to McCain
    Can you hear us now?

  6. You need to get sick more often, RD!!! Okay, if we had universal health care you should get sick more often. You’ve put up some awesome posts today.

  7. JulieS9164 – Yeah!

    I mean, get well soon, RD!!

    Stoopid Democrats.

  8. Heidi Li, on September 15th, 2008 at 4:54 pm Said:

    We CAN have Hillary back – in 2012 and as Senate Majority Leader in 2009. But only if we organize to make these things happen.
    If she has any thoughts about a run in 2012, is Majority Leader a good idea? LBJ is the last Majority that went “on”. It would seem to me that all of the administrative, organizational and political infighting that the Majority leader has to do would divert the time and energy needed to campaign for ’12.

  9. HP to cut 24.6k jobs. Are we seeing pre-shocks or is this the beginning of the “big one” for the US economy??

  10. She’s wearing orange.

  11. FDIC is near an all time low at 1.19% of debt. I wouldn’t rely on them to bail you out.

  12. HILL-A-RY!!

  13. SHV makes the point we, or I, are not focusing on. The collapse of these big houses means thousands of jobs lost. Where will these people go and how will our economy survice this kind of influx of unemployed?!!!

  14. More on the state of the FDIC

    Combined Deposit Insurance Fund Balance – $52.8 billion (before Indy Mac (IMB) failure).
    Insured Deposits – $4.4 trillion.
    Reserve Ratio – 1.19%.


  15. i’ll be throwing on an orange pantsuit on election day and writing her name in.

    that’s the only way i’ll be able to face myself in the mirror.

  16. she’s wearing orange…

    Can we have Hillary back now?!!!!

  17. I’m buying an orange pantsuit.

  18. Elixir, on September 15th, 2008 at 5:16 pm Said:

    SHV makes the point we, or I, are not focusing on. The collapse of these big houses means thousands of jobs lost. Where will these people go and how will our economy survice this kind of influx of unemployed?!!!
    The 27,000 job cut is by HP the tech. company. I have no idea what the job lose will be from the investment bank meltdown. What ever it is it will have a ‘snow-ball” effect on the job market. There is a large national head quarters of a Telco a few mile from where is live. I t was recently bought by another company..most of the 2,500 people working in those office buildings will loose their jobs.

    The “thing” that we haven’t seen yet is inflation, but it is going to come. There is inflation pressure in China and other countries that supply a lot of the “stuff” that we buy. i think that they are eating the weak dollar and increasing energy and raw material prices to maintain US market share. They can’t do it forever. It starting to remind me of 1973..weak economy and 18% interest rates because of inflation. My first home mortgage had a fixed rate of 16.5%.

  19. Heidi Li, on September 15th, 2008 at 4:54 pm Said:

    “We CAN have Hillary back – in 2012 and as Senate Majority Leader in 2009. But only if we organize to make these things happen.”

    Heidi Li, I have considerable admiration and respect for your writing and thinking. I am concerned, however, that if – when – MCain/Palin succeed, John McCain will had over the running to Sara Palin in 2012 and Hillary will, I believe, face a very tough challenge. I’m hoping for a McCain/Palin win as awful as that seems because I cannot abide BO. But I see great difficulty ahead for Hillary if Palin is in the race for President in 2012. She will have had 4 years of very public exposure and may well be shaping up as a popular VP, ready to run for President. Perhaps if Hillary were Senate Leader? Even then a visible, popular, and younger, VP might have the edge.

  20. It’s the sisterhood of the traveling pantsuits, right, RD?

  21. >I am concerned, however, that if – when – MCain/Palin succeed,

    Succeed in doing what? McCain will either govern like a Republican and thus fail, or he will govern like a sane person and split the GOP wide open (even more than Obama has split the Dems). Either way 2012 will certainly offer the Dems another golden opportunity. And who knows, in four years they may actually learn to take it.

  22. I just meant succeed in winning the election. I don’t imagine they will succeed in any other sense.

  23. Uh, I know I’m late but have we all heard that Joe Biden thinks America wants to have a sleepover with its favorite candidate?

  24. A what?

  25. Would any of you have info on whether or not Obama was offered a clerkship? Last night, chatting with a friend of mine who is in the law world, he brought up what he noted was the conspicuous absence of anyone claiming to have offered Obama a clerkship. thanks!

  26. A sleepover?

  27. jsvp – As far as I know, obama was not offered a clerkship. It’s hard to prove a negative, though.

    And yes, it is odd that Obama wasn’t offered one. (Assuming that is it true that nobody did.)

  28. I think a bunch of new polls were released at 6:00.

  29. Edgeofforever, I’m in blue blue nyc and I know MANY people, long-time Democrats, who will not vote Obama. This poll does not surprisee me one bit. I did not know a single Democrat who wasn’t voting for Kerry; this is a totally different year.

  30. I’m a New Yorker too. If Obama wants New York, he’s going to have to spend a lot of money here. New York will go from Solid Blue to Leaning Blue before the end of September. Heck, it might get to “toss up” by then.

  31. For a long time I’ve been feeling Obama will have a loss of McGovernesque proportions. What I hear in NY, and now MN and NJ, confirms my feelings.

    Of course, Hillary would’ve been cruising into high gear just about now; she would’ve had a big win.

  32. Heh. I already own an orange pantsuit. Given the anti-woman escapades of my state Dem Party, I might start sleeping in the damned thing.

    THANK GOD for you folks. In all seriousness.

    Any updates on Hil’s debt?

  33. Hillary accurately analyzed the problems and came up with pragmatic and doable solutions, not just shortterm but longterm as well. The Big boys knew it and were terrified that their game would end (oil companies, insurance, banks, military industrial complex. So they had to tackle her out of the game. Between McCain would have been ok had he picked Mitt Romney (definitely one the boys) and Romney because of his success takeover specialist would havebeen placed as captain of the McCain Adm. economic team. But lo and behold, he went out and got a polyanna who’s totally an unknown element and judging from what she wrought in Alaska on the good ol’ boys and the oil companies, could be a disaster for the big boys.

    I think y’all can project the rest of it.

  34. Someone on the last thread postulated that Congress may try to rush through some haphazard thrown-together drilling bill before the election to attempt to steal McCain and Palin’s thunder on this. If so, it will likely be a bill so full of Big Oil perks as to be shameful

    I think McCain and especially Palin will be watching that like hawks. She was not merely a “pro-Big Oil, pro-drilling orgy” governor, as the left is trying to paint her.

    She demanded openness and transparency in the bidding process, strict oversight, and the benefits of that drilling going BACK TO THE PEOPLE, not merely into the pockets of Big Oil. She imposed a TAX on them, as well as making them bid competitively rather than making cushy deals with state kickbacks in back rooms. She said repeatedly that she had no problem with the companies making a fair profit, but they WERE NOT going to do it by screwing over the people of Alaska, and looting their natural resources willy-nilly.

    She is a tiger on this issue. I would love to see her take this on on a national level.

    On the economy in general, however, I echo the sentiment of this post: CAN WE HAVE HILLARY BACK NOW, PLEASE????

  35. I think Obama has forgotten NYS isn’t one big NYC. There’s all that farmland etc he may want to think about. I can see my ‘hood in Brooklyn being a toss up, not a solid lock for Obama. Also, he’s got a tough act to follow as far as campaigning goes, lol!~

  36. PLEASE….Let Hillary stay buried for now. Igor and Frank will put life back in her after November. And she will be invincible. The name Hillary will be like the name ……Blueker……..to Obama.

  37. Thanks, Arabella! I can hardly find anything detailing his academic life. Just one last question, have you found any accounts detailing what Obama was like at Columbia by his fellow students?

    I am located in Upstate, NY, and I would be thrilled if it went red. Either way, we still keep Hillary! pfffffft 🙂

  38. jvsp, we HAVE Hillary back! 😉

  39. jvsp – Some stuff is finally surfacing on the Columbia/New York years. I’ll see if I can find the links.

  40. Her concession speech made me weep for all that could have been in this country. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Here’s to 2012.

  41. jsvp: I found this piece about a classmate at Columbia who claims no one whom he knows knew Obama. The guy making the claim is a libertarian VP candidate.

  42. Arabella,
    Thanks! I would very much appreciate it! So far, I find nothing to recommend him as being anything special.

    “jvsp, we HAVE Hillary back! ”

    LOL! Yes, not everything is going to hell.

  43. Co-Workers: Obama Inflated His Resume


    Obama and Biden-telling fibs about their resume? Birds of a feather.

  44. fer shure this Congress will try to pass energy legislation; keep seeing all kinds of political posturing. Democrats want Repubs to compromise on drilling, etc. Pelosi is such a loser, these people haven’t done crap worthwhile.

  45. Reading the “padded resume” article I can only conclude that Barack was very much like us: another cog in the wheel. As he tried to portray himself otherwise, it becomes apparent that he had no choice but to pad his resume. There is no there there.

  46. It’s still too painful to watch Hillary.
    I’ve heard Huff. Post is trying to “Replace Biden with Hillary”.
    Forget that “Leave Biden / Replace Obama”!!!
    I’d even vote for Biden for Pres with Hillary as his “VP” to keep peace with Obama supporters.
    Under no condition at this point will switching “VP’s” help this mess. When there’s a cancer the main source needs to be removed / that’s OBAMA!!!
    As it stands now thanks to the moron’s (YES, MORONS) that run this party Hillary has lost the Republican woman’s vote. YES, you read right! I met many republican woman (& men) that truly wanted to vote for Hillary. Now why would they / they have their own to vote for.

  47. thanks, jules. there really isn’t anything is there? It’s disturbing, almost as disturbing as the number of people who are impressed by the names “Harvard”, “Columbia”, “UofC”… blah blah.


  48. Imagine if Hillary was the nominee, none of us would have any qualms or second thoughts about how she would handle these pressing problems.

    As it is, we are being asked to consider an old warrior with an inexperienced second, or an inexperienced clown with a questionable back up. Does the thought of either ticket make you comfortable? Myself, I have an overdeveloped case of the heebie jeebies!

    It is going to take a lot more than starry eyed celebrity, meaningless rhetoric, and former military experience to put this nation to rights. God help us.

  49. Joseph Cannon has a brilliant illustration of what the “Progressive” Blogosphere 0.5 has become. It’s a must see.


  50. Apparently the editor of The Atlantic has come on Fox to say he’s sending a letter of apology to John McCain for the idiocy of photographer Jill Greenberg. She wants to sell the photos she doctored of McCain with blood dripping from his mouth, etc but I don’t think that will happen. The Atlantic has trashed its reputation, it is so in the tank for Obama. Are there any decent progressive mags left?

  51. parentofed: Can’t say that there are. So far I have canceled Time, Newsweek, The Nation, The Progressive, my daily local paper, turned off MSNBC, CNN, and tune into Fox on occasion.
    It is like living on a desert island when you throw in the 10 blogs I also deleted from by Bookmarks.

    Just consider it as being on a diet.

  52. New rasmussen polls are out for 5 key states:


    New Rasmussen/FOX polls from 5 swing states:

    McCain 48%
    Obama 46%

    McCain 49%
    Obama 44%

    McCain 48%
    Obama 45%

    McCain 48%
    Obama 48%

    McCain 48%
    Obama 48%

    McCain-Palin are closing the gap in Pennsylvania!!

    And in Colorado, looks like the good people of Colorado were not impressed with Obama’s firework show in Denver. Same poll had Obama up 3 in Colorado last week. Now McCain up 2 in Colorado!! 5 point swing in one week!

    Let’s keep going!!

    Here’s the link!


    In all five states, McCain continues to be viewed more favorably — and trusted more — than Obama.

    Pennsylvania saying NOBAMA!! Love it!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  53. Pat: Don’t say the word ‘diet.’ I’m only on Day 2, and feeling desperate.

  54. MaBlue, LMAO at the Markos Zombies!!! I see they even had WKJM in there.

  55. I have just been having a lot of fun. I received my 1st request for money in the mail from the DNC.

    I decorated the outside of the envelope, 2 tubes of lipstick, 3 Hillary 44 Bills with multiple comments on front and back, the Unity Pony in a Boat out to sea, and Hillary’s Official Head Shot letting them know “Hey DNC, this is what a President looks like! I guess we didn’t “get over it”!

    And, 2 cents.

    It was so much fun.


    Hillary or McCain 2009

  56. parentofed: I am on a self imposed diet. Had a small salad for supper. I am now eating my way through a bag of Hydrox (they were reissued this week). The reason I decided to do my own diet is because I looked in the mirror and I appear to be carrying “the Blessed Event”.

    Am holding off buying Halloween candy until the day before. Otherwise and early start only produces zits!

  57. I am on day 8 of walking on my treadmill again.

    Piper, Trig and Eddy are playing in the other room.

  58. Carol: $%$$##@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &^*&&*((*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Lou Dobbs insisted on knowing the last time BO did a news conference. It was last Tuesday with 4 questions answered. He then insisted on knowing when he held one before that. No one could answer.

  60. A tie in PA? A five point race in NY?

    I’m starting to think that not only is Obama losing in the year Democrats couldn’t lose, he may lose it in a landslide.

  61. Carol, How about how Dobbs handled Dana Bash when she implied Palin was unusually tightly controlled?

  62. I thought this was to be a Dem year? Oh wait it is, another losing year! Tomorrow I vote for Ed O’Reilly here in MA. I would love to send a copy of my ballot to Kerry just to show Mr. Stupid that there are people out here in Western MA (I doubt he ever heard of us) who thoroughly dislike him.

  63. Obama will win Vermont and Illinois. That’s it.

  64. Thanks for the polls IronMan, but those margins are so thin. Am I going to be on pins & needles for 50 more days?

    Did anyone read the NY Times evisceration of Palin? Apparently, it was very long, and today a friend of mine said it claimed she fired everyone in the mayor’s office and hired her “high school friends.” Well, they must’ve been talented friends, considering she helped Wasilla grow to be the fourth largest city in the state. Funny, I don’t remember a really lengthy investigation into Obama’s beginnings–anyone else?

    This friend also claimed that during Palin’s send off for her son last week, she said that her son was going to protect our freedom and conflated Iraq and 9/11 a la Cheney. I didn’t hear anything about that–did anyone else?

  65. And now the first poll with Obama losing in Michigan.

    The fun part is reading all those stories about “panic” among Democratic operatives. We’ll be seeing more of those.

    Yeah, that Biden selection is really working out…


  66. These politicians need to be grilled like chickens on a spit. Their handlers think it is great strategy to “keep them from the public” who is being asked to vote for them. No interviews, no press conferences, no follow ups, no access. Wonderful!

    Then we question why in hell we never knew when they go off the tracks.

  67. Oh, how I love Lou Dobbs…….and how he makes the bias reporters on cnn, look. as bias, as they are. It’s GREAT.

  68. PJ – I have the massive heebie-jeebies. Neither ticket works for me. I am feeling a tad better about McCain after Charles said his economic policies are decent. But truthfully, I think it’s gonna be a tough four years.

    We will just have to keep on going, like Hillary said, and hand in hand, we will get through this.

  69. Pat! Go vote O’Reilly for me too. Hope there are a lot of you as disgusted as I am with “Universal health Insurance? There’s no will for that in the Senate” John Kerry.

  70. JohninCA, on September 15th, 2008 at 7:43 pm Said:


    McCain-Palin ahead in Michigan!!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  71. I am thinking of running for president. I will never leave my house, respond to an e-mail, answer the door, issue a statement, or invite anyone in.

    You can vote for me based on my high school graduation picture, interviews with my neighbors who like me, speak to my children whom I believe love me for myself, and review my performance records from my job that I held for 29 years.

    This is about as much as we get from true candidates so I believe I have as good a chance. Oh, and don’t ask me any questions. I am busy.

  72. Does anyone know if we can do “phone-banking” for Ed Oreilly
    in MA, like we did for Hillary??!!

  73. I think the next big crisis will be credit card debt — I am afraid that is a sleeper out there on the verge of waking up !! I think there are way too many people trying to make it financially and digging a hole – no was is talking about it – but it’s going to hit.

    Pat – I will vote for you — just for your sense of humor.

  74. John Kerry needs to be replaced. And God love him, Teddy as well. And while we are housecleaning, they can take Deval along with them. I have a feeling should Obama prevail Deval will become part of the administration.

  75. BTW, Greta on FOX is doing an exclusive interview with Todd Palin tonight. I want to watch, even though he is not running for anything, because I have admired how supportive he is of his wife, doing the stay-at-home dad thing and all.

    Okay, and he is pretty easy on the eyes, too, I admit it.

  76. I’m originally from upstate N.Y, but now live and work in the big apple. We love Hillary here in New York. She is the only one who has bridged the gap between upstate and the City. She is the best senator we have had in my memory.

    She is so smart thoughtful and hardworking that it pisses me off how the DNC did her. They all should burn in hel!!! I’m just so proud that she is my senator and we get to keep her.

    CLINTON 2012

  77. That’s what I’m talking about. “Acting like [g– d-mn] americans again.”

    Everytime I hear that phrase I get a lil’ fired up. Sorry.

    That’s my dawg!!

  78. The unnecessary brutalization of Hillary Clinton will not be easily forgotten. Nor those who saw fit to support this effort.

    PUMA=Never Again.

  79. The weather here in the Sierra Nevada is absolutely spectacular and yesterdayI managed to get a hike in to one of those mind boggling mountain views, in this case of the Minarets, but today I am glued to this damn computer and that damn election and eating Cheez-its (reduced fat).

    That economic speech from Hillary really hurt. I know I should be filled with joy to hear an intelligent, coherent voice but frankly my dears, it only made me sad.

  80. I was foreseeing all of this for months, which was why it was vital for me that Hillary became the President. I feel no more frightened or upset than I’ve felt since the roll call vote.

    But I DO believe that we will get through this.

    I still can’t give up on the idea of somehow getting HRC in for this next 8 years.

  81. Jangles: OT, but thanks for mentioning the Cheez-Its. I have a whole box on the shelf. Now I can indulge without feeling I am cheating since these are also the reduced fat! I love a good cop out.

  82. Very good you tube

  83. They are being careful with Palin because she is being briefed on what the campaign positions will be. She clearly defined today what her role in the administration will be. That is what she will focus on in the debates and during interviews.

    And, since the media is going to make it up anyway,,,,,,, what difference does it make!


  84. The Closer is on tonight!

  85. My friends and neighbors laughed at me for my “Clinton Shrine” at our house, but it was like a vigil watch for me since 2001 when Bill left. we’ve waited for this moment.

  86. As if there’s a brain there.

  87. Carol = love the Closer — Weeds is also on tonight — too bad Saving Grace has ended.

  88. nycblue and Arabella: I live in NYC too and I have met other people here who are reluctantly supporting Obama because he is a Democrat and I have met about 1 in 5 Clinton supporters who are still undecided or voting McCain. Considering Clinton is our Senator and she won NY in a landslide, 10-20% of Clinton supporters staying home or voting for McCain is huge. I don’t see NY going red but wouldn’t be surprised to see it turn leaning blue.

  89. I think I understand your feelings of hate. What I think Hedi Li is asking us to do s to organize now to plan for an eventual Hillary victory, The people here CAN make that possible. RD and many others here have demonstrated extraordinary ability to mobilize and focus energy. So maybe that hatred can be turned into a searing passion and action plan to get Hillary the office she wants, that we want, and she deserves.

  90. Pat Johnson: OMG how I enjoy your posts; your humor. I will vote for you for president over and over. Maybe you can begin your career as HRC’s VP.

  91. Wow. Speaking of NY, NoQuarter has the latest polls up. It shouldn’t be that close in NY and NJ:

    NY NJ Minn. PA OH
    McCain 41 45 45 47 48
    Obama 46 48 45 47 45

  92. One more vote for Pat for President coming right up.

  93. Oh, didn’t see Carol’s NQ post before posting the results. Yea, those were the numbers I was referring too. This really is a disaster and I don’t see how Obama can change this.

  94. Oh my:

    Obama Rolls Out New Line of Faith Merchandise


    I honestly can’t figure out if this is satire or not.

    Oh lord, it’s at his damn *online store*. It’s for real!

  95. Piper, Trig and Eddy are supporting me.

    I, however will not run, will not accept the nomination, and will not serve if elected.

    We are too busy having fun.

    I wish Ryan was here.

  96. I truly thank God for Sarah!!!

  97. Re NYC, today one of my friends who is a serious obama supporter told me she’s sorry Hillary’s not the nominee. Partly because she believes Obama is going to lose, but also because she knows Hillary would be better able to handle the economic crisis.

    I also know many here in nyc who will reluctantly vote Obama, but also many who will not. Of course, I end up arguing all the time with those who will cast the reluctant vote and feel they can harangue me because I won’t, and get so upset I wind up back here for hours on end looking for support!

    Today someone told me I’ll be very sorry if Obama loses by 2%, and I told her she must think my vote is very powerful! Ha. I’m learning to handle them with humor, and evidence (which I don’t think they read).

  98. I’m voting for Pat also.

    And maybe Carol, too, even if she doesn’t want to leave her love den to run.

  99. I find it absolutely hilarious that the HuffPo liberals are trying to get Biden out and Hillary on the ticket. Biden isn’t the problem it’s Obama. Hillary can’t be expected to always save the day.

    The HuffPo folks need to STFU — they were the same folks trashing her. I say F-Off HuffPo. It’s called consequences. I know you’re used to instant gratification but it’s time to grow up and live in the big world. Your guy is imploding. His ego couldn’t handle Hillary and Mo’s hatred for her was too deep.


  100. My county will go red.

  101. I am like the little girl that came to see Hillary: “I want to see the smart girl”. Yup, it sure would be nice, especially with all the slipping the DOW is doing and the crisis with all the banks. Gee, and to say she was speaking in full sentences and no one was paying attention at the DNC or the DONC (Murphy’s call)…they were too busy being WOWED by ‘CHANGE’.

    Gosh, its going to be tough but I will have to wait four long years…for things to get fixed and for Health Care Reform.

  102. “Thanks State will do”!
    For all those who doubt NY can go RED; remember LI & upstate are more like PA & Ohio than NYC!

  103. Hillary is on GMA tomorrow 🙂

  104. Jeralyn’s comment on the double digit lead in Iowa for O:

    “I take this as a sign Obama is resonating with rural voters. Hopefully, we’ll see similar results in Ohio and other battleground states with high rural populations.”

    …..sure. Since NY is starting to look like a battleground state, we’ll wait and see.

  105. Show alert: O’Reilly is about to discuss with the Body Language expert her take of the Charlie Gibson interview with Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama when he gave the “Lipstick On A Pig” remarks. Should be interesting…

  106. SOD — she’s actually a Hillary supporter, and has been since the 90’s, but she sure did drink the kool-aid after the convention. Now Obama’s THE DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE and that, I guess, is sacrosanct to her. I finally told her to put her money and time where her mouth is…. umm, so much for dealing with o’bots with humor!

    Yep, tpt, and if there are so many of us in NYC, imagine what it’s like upstate.

  107. formerly, large parts of upstate are going to go red this year.

  108. UpstateNY: LOL. I haven’t visited Talk Left in a while. I love how the Obots use Iowa as representative of the entire nation ever since Obama won the CAUCUS (not even a primary) there.

  109. Obama’s 57 state strategy is looking more like Illinois and ummm…maybe Vermont?

    It will be AWESOME if McCain-palin can make Obama spend dolalrs in New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania!

    Let’s Go PUMAS!!!


    Turn those states Pantsuit Red in 2008!!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  110. Back in April I learned about the “Whole Foods Nation” plan of the Obama camp, when I met someone from Iowa who campaigned for him there. She told me all about how they were building a new-and-improved Democratic Party and I’d better get with the program or I’d be left behind. Guess she meant I’d be thrown under the bus!

  111. When I look at the economic situation in this country I shudder to think of either Obama or McCain being in charge of straightening things out. It was my main reason for voting for Hillary Clinton.

    Mountain Sage

  112. The reason Obama might be a head in Iowa — 2 fold.

    McCain is against ethanol and farm subsidies. Lots of farmers out there. My dad a republican is upset by this. He won’t vote for Obama but doesn’t want to vote of McCain. My dad’s pick-up runs on ethanol. In Iowa they can put land aside – they must maintain it – plant alfalfa or oats — etc. It’s a good program – allows the soil to refresh by keeping it out of production for 4 years.

    So — that’s why I’ve given up on the state.

  113. tpt/ny, on September 15th, 2008 at 7:51 pm

    You should try calling his campaign office

  114. simofish, I do not know about Iowa, but we have farms galore where I live and can tell you with almost certaintiy that my county and nearby ones will go red this year.

  115. ***************

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    McCain Responds to Obama’s Reported Undermining of the Commander-In-Chief During Wartime

    The McCain Campaign has issued a statement responding to the report from Amer Taheri (see today’s web briefing) that Sen. Obama secretly negotiated with the Iraqi government regarding U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. McCain spokesman Randy Scheunemann stated as follows:

    At this point, it is not yet clear what official American negotiations Senator Obama tried to undermine with Iraqi leaders, but the possibility of such actions is unprecedented. It should be concerning to all that he reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the US administration in power. If news reports are accurate, this is an egregious act of political interference by a presidential candidate seeking political advantage overseas. Senator Obama needs to reveal what he said to Iraq’s Foreign Minister during their closed door meeting. The charge that he sought to delay the withdrawal of Americans from Iraq raises serious questions about Senator Obama’s judgment and it demands an explanation.

    I think this is the perfect response from the McCain campaign! What will be Obama’s WORM now?

  116. Simo said: “I think the next big crisis will be credit card debt — I am afraid that is a sleeper out there on the verge of waking up !! I think there are way too many people trying to make it financially and digging a hole – no was is talking about it – but it’s going to hit.”

    Me too. I keep hearing that the economy is very, very bad, but I’ll be damned if I can find a parking space at the shopping center, the fair had so many people it was literally elbow to elbow for several hours. Some people are using their credit cards to survive, but many people are just spending, spending, and spending without considering how they are going to pay back those thousands of dollars in the future. I’m having a fight with both my son and my ex over the ex encouraging him to buy a motorcycle, which is fine, because the first one he was thinking about is $4500 or so. If he lost his job, he has enough in his savings to cover about a year’s worth of payments if necessary – nope, the ex thinks he should go for the $12,000 version (mind you the kid’s working two minimum wage jobs). The sad thing is he had enough cash just 6 months ago to buy it outright, but no, he had to buy the Wii, and the laptop, and order pizza every night – with me saying you need to take it back, before you know it, your money will be gone. Sure enough, he got laid off, and it took him 2 months to find a new job. I can’t compete with his hero though (dad). My daughter, she can hold onto $20 for a month, will then loan it to her brother and tells him on payday he not only has to pay her back $25, but has to treat her to lunch.

  117. “Thanks DownTicket” Will DO!

  118. “80,000 stadium seats at invesco field – 4 million dollars
    40 stryofoam greek columns – 1 million dollars
    Laser Show, Assorted disco lights and 2 teleprompters – 1 million dollars

    Watching all that money go down the drain with no return on investment in the polls—— Priceless”

    SOD: LOL! Priceless!!!!

  119. I think this is the perfect response from the McCain campaign! What will be Obama’s WORM now?


    That he never did any such thing, the Foreign Minister is lying, or misunderstood, or the shame, that Iraq is in cahoots with Bush and is trying to make stuff up.

  120. BREAKING:

    Unnamed sources on Wall Street are reporting that the current unrest in the market is related to heavy trading of pharmaceutical giant Ortho/McNeil.

    Insiders are speculating that the trading was sparked by (not quite) 18 million Americans, primarily in Blue States, all buying record amounts of the anti-diarrheal drug Imodium AD over the past week. Much of this highly unusual spike in Imodium sales seems to be concentrated in the Washington, DC and Chicago, Illinois areas.

  121. wmcb, heh.

  122. wmcb,



  123. The MSM is still talking up Troopergate but no mention of the Obama/Iraq issue. Unbelievable! I have no idea of who was right or wrong in Troopergate but it does not rise to the level of possible international subtrafuge. Or maybe it is just me. On balance, if she interfered because of the whacko brother in law, I can live with it. But undermining US policy in a war is something else altogether. What a bunch of morons!

  124. SOD — Priceless!

    WMCB — when I read Ortho I thought they were stocking up on birth control pills because you KNOW Sarah Palin is a right-wing FREAK and she’s going to ban birth control and, and, and…..(said panting and verging on hysteria)

  125. wmcb – lolol!

  126. I want a Pat and Janis administration.

  127. And if I do become Commander in Chief, my first signing will be an order for Ed to serve right alongside me. Just for the record.

  128. Pat, nepotism?

  129. Upstate: One upmanship!

  130. McCain to appear at Clinton conference; Obama to speak via satellite

    Bill Clinton just released the program for his annual Clinton Global Initiative, a New York conference that coincides with the United Nations General Assembly and typically draws an international A-list of speakers and guests.

    John McCain will appear at the event in person, while Obama addresses it via satellite.

    “Both United States presidential candidates will have a role in the Annual Meeting. Senator John McCain will deliver the opening remarks live at the “Integrated Solutions: water, food and energy” plenary session,” says the press release.

    The event, which carries a hefty price tag for guests, includes a revival-style conclusion, at which business leaders come on stage to make pledges to charities.

    This year’s attendees are expected to include, along with the two candidates, Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Afghan President Hamid Karzai, and the presidents of Mexico, Rwanda, Libera, and other countries. Also expected: former Vice President Al Gore, oilman T. Boone Pickens, and Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk.

    Obama is “too busy” to attend this in person, I guess.

  131. Watching all that money go down the drain with no return on investment in the polls—— Priceless!

    Loved it!

  132. Would someone please explain to me how Roland Martin managed to get his own show on CNN??

  133. tpt/ny

    Just contact their campaign — they’ll get you set up.

  134. Pat

    I like what I see. you’ve got my vote! (that is of course unless I can have Hillary back! 🙂 )

  135. Good lord, the news today.

    Right now I am still going to hold my nose, flaunt my uterus, wear orange and vote McCain/Palin.

    At least we’ll have two people with some sense of fiscal responsibility, even if their Party doesn’t.

    Or, to put it another way, SOD: In tight times Obama buys planes and other frills he doesn’t need; Palin sells them.

  136. Obama is “too busy” to attend this in person, I guess.

    I guess I forgot to mention that he will be having a “sleepover” at my house that night.

  137. Understood, Pat.

    State, that was a sad picture. Judging from the comments, others do too.

  138. Disenfranchised Voter.

    What’s really hysterical is hearing their positive spin

  139. Did you leave out “he’s black”?????????

  140. Alice…

    Maybe he didn’t get the memo

  141. Hmm, maybe that lunch was used in part to negotiate that “appearance.” As it is, there will be pictures of John McCain and Bill Clinton standing side-by-side looking presidential, which I don’t mind since Presidential BIll=Schmexy Tiemz.

    But no pics of Mr. Kindergarten President with the last Dem President since FDR.

  142. Priceless, indeed, sod.

    Then again, Obama’s finance chair Penny Pritzker was a big player in the whole sub-prime shell game, so I am not surprised that Obama is blowing through money for little return. Look who is handling the money!

  143. Why is Obama not attending the Clinton event?! That’s a huge deal imo. What could he have scheduled that couldn’t be rearranged?

  144. Carol…Did I?

  145. Lately the radio and tv pundits have been all over Sarah’s church and pastor.

  146. nycstray, I agree with Regency, Bill told Obama he’s not invited.

  147. Has anyone noticed how Obama has changed his signs from ‘Change We Can Believe In’ to ‘Change We Need’?

    I love it. He had no choice. McPalin kept hammering him about all his belief-i-ness versus their actual accomplishments.

    Sometimes I genuinely feel bad for Obama supporters. It must be tough, nay, exhausting, to stump for a candidate without ever being able to begin a sentence in this way

    “Barack Obama has . . . ”

    other than

    “Barack Obama has changed his signs”

    “has changed his position”

    “has cancelled”

    “has clarified”

    “has retorted”


    Meanwhile, we can all easily fill in the rest of the following sentence with accomplishments:

    “Hillary Clinton has . . .”

  148. Apparently Obama is so self assured he manages to blow off a lot of political events. Like the MLK Day, the Tavis Smiley event in NOLA, visiting the wounded soldiers, shrugging off debates, failure to campaign in certain states, the list goes on.

    This guy is such a piece of work.

  149. wow TPFKAnycblue

    I didn’t realize there were only 50 people in NYC! 🙂

  150. Pat, don’t you think it’s that he’s afraid he’ll look small, second-fiddle, to Bill Clinton?

    Once again, his ego gets in the way, he blows it, and McCain get to look like a go-to, we-can-work-this-out guy.

    Th man NEVER learns.

    So no, I do not believe he was offered a clerkship.

    (Or maybe he thought the term clerk, like global partnering, was also beneath him.)

  151. Magdelana, I noticed the sign change as well.

    really flat slogan “change we need.”

    not much umph in that.

    But then, not much umph in the Corrupt One either.

  152. Magdalena: You could be right. But his judgment comes into question too often. He dismisses people and events where most of these limelight loving pols just can’t get enough. Something wrong with that thinking. Either that or he is just too lazy to work for something. He needs others to carry the load.
    And the Obamabots just ooze over with adoration. Makes you wonder.

  153. sarah via uppitywoman, thanks for sharing another “priceless” nugget this evening.

  154. “Change we need”. Like a diaper?

  155. angela, you’re right, it is rather flat. They are seriously running out of ideas and steam now.

    I agree, Pat. And I think it’s hideous to behold.

  156. New possible Obama slogans
    cause “change we need” just don’t fly.

    stuff we want
    stuff we really want
    can i have that
    give me
    gimmie gimmie gimmie
    i’m gonna hold my breathe until your state turns blue
    i want it now!
    oh come on, just succumb
    koolaide! get your koolaide, here!

  157. Watching all that money go down the drain—– Priceless

  158. angelasmith: I just spit a mouthful of tea at the screen!!!!!!

  159. Oh my god. Pat. Like a diaper. That needs to be all over the internet.

    The Obama campaign has wet itself.

  160. LADIES- Oh My god– I too wanted Hilary to win but oh my god- why would you spend all this time dissing Obama– just bow out gracefully -she lost- I was hearty broken and very very angry also at how she was treated – but Jes’ Louises – move on so that this country is not taken over aain by REBULICANS WHO ARE DESTROYING OUR REPUTATIONS. OUR ECONOMY, OUR LIVELIHOODS- OUR SPIRITS. DO YOU REALLY THINK ALL OF THIS CRITICISM LEVELED AT OBAMA NOW IS HELPING US GET BACK OUR BELOVED AMERICA??? PLEASE- LET IT GO AND HELP!

  161. A Traitor In Our Midst [UPDATE: McCain Campaign Issues a Statement]


    Despite the Obama media’s best eforts to try and silence this from the American people, it is going viral!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  162. Does anyone know if we can purchase those orange ribbons like shown at the top of this blog?

  163. angela, LOL, and I would add:

    Obama for America:

    We Got No Reason

  164. Mary — I am voting for John McCain / Sarah Palin they have experience, statesman and trustworthy.

    This criticism sure makes me feel good !!!

  165. alan colmes is such a dumbass. he just said “I’m sure Barack Obama doesn’t want to killl babies”….

  166. Pat J.—–you’ve got my vote!!

    In talking to Hillary supporters I know here in Fl., I’ve only spoken to two who are voting for Obama-out of Dem. loyalty, not because they like him. My own family is split—oldest daughter is writing in Hillary, youngest is voting for bo–Dem loyalty (after words with her, I have let it go–we have sorta agreed to not talk about it), husband who loved Hillary but is a strong dem is so torn (but I think he will vote for McCain because he has to live with me), sister will vote for McCain because -according to her-‘he’s not Obama’ and my brother will vote for McCain because he is a repub….

  167. Mary: Obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. Not surprised since you seem to think we should just shrug it off, stand erect, and vote for the fraud that has been perpetrated on us by the DNC.

    None of us here have any love for your candidate. None whatsever. Some will vote McCain, others will leave the top blank, still others will stay home. We are all not united in that respect. Our votes belong to us. We do not give them lightly.
    Your candidate will never get us back to a “beloved America” since he has no idea of what he is doing or saying, has no record of experience, is totally unqualified, and his resume is tissue thin. Along with that he tells these little lies.

    So thanks for the words of advice. I am sure you are well meaning but you have entered the wrong zone to spout your Obama propaganda. Just ain’t going to happen.

  168. The amount of money wasted by the Obama campaign since the beginning of the primaries is astounding. At least Hillary would have actually won the election if she has been the nominee. She would have also made the respectful and politically smart decision to choose Obama as her running mate and unite the party. The money Obama has wasted was more than enough to fix a good number of failing schools in our inner cities and send some of those kids to college tuition-free. It’s a shame too in a year when Democrats have no excuse to lose. Obama and his minions in the DNC will blame racism and the hillbillies and the bitter womyn folk for their loss instead of taking any responsibility for this.

  169. Mary, Obama could give a rat’s ass about America. Obama is for Obama. Period.

    Read more deeply into this blog, and you’ll find people who truly care about party, country, justice, progress, and the physical as well as moral health of our people.

  170. compared to McCain who spent airfare from Alaska to take the lead, lol!~

  171. Mary Sister Crapping Over The Polls, no, we will not help hand our beloved America over to a fraud, a cheat, and a narcissist. Nope. Go away now.

  172. Did anybody see the video on sugan and Spice yesterday about Obama and the Chicago Annenberg Challenge? Curious to get someone elses read on it.

  173. angelasmith LOL my favorite:

    can I have that (michigan, perhaps?)


  174. Interesting that Pat notes the Obama campaign is wetting itself, and then poor Mary shows up crying.

    I’m going to take a nice hot tub now.

  175. I had a lovely dinner this evening with the FL branch of my family and then called the Bahamas to check out the grands and #1 daughter there…she hadn’t seen Sarah Palin speak, so she finally looked at some video. She’s making sure her voter registration is current. I started talking with my kids about Kucinich, actually, although that seems like years ago now. Then it was Hillary 24/7. I cannot believe, absolutely no offense to either Senator McCain nor Governor Palin, that I’ve come around to voting Republican, and talking to my children about voting Republican, in what seems like self-defense. What a weird journey.

  176. let it go and help? what does that mean?

  177. “i’m gonna hold my breathe until your state turns blue”

    Angela, sorry, I almost just spit my wine all over my computer, couldn’t help it.

  178. Another Ed O’Reilly vote here. I’ve been getting a lot of GOTV calls for local reps and senators for the primary tomorrow. I have been telling the callers that I am only voting for women this year if there is a woman in the race. .One of the female candidates actually dropped by my house to talk to me about issues that I care about after her campaign help told her about my call. She’s got my vote, too, and she’s running in a field of women.

  179. Magdalena, I just emerged from my very hot jacuzzi, and have exfoliated and slathered on the lotion.

    I am ready for Big Dawg’s imminent visit. I’ll get the inside scoop on Bambi being disinvited to the Global Initiative meeting.

  180. let it go and help? what does that mean?

    We need to carry him bodily over the finish line.

  181. Pat, that is pretty much what they want. Nope.

  182. Wanna be amazed? check this out:


  183. They are calling out McCain for having the “dirtiest campaign ever”. I don’t understand since lately McCain has only used Backtrack’s own words and the Paris Hilton comments were absolutely the truth. I guess it is true that we judge things from our own prism but suggesting that McCain was too old to learn the computer when the man has limited use of his arms to me is “dirty”.

  184. Can someone Please Tell the MSM they are NOT in charge of what interests us!

  185. sarah: Too funny!!!

  186. good night, birds.

  187. btw, angela—I would buy a bumper sticker with any of those on it. Seriously.

  188. “Obama’a Teleprompter hits the Trail”

    But the Illinois senator used a teleprompter at both his Colorado events Monday — making for a particularly peculiar scene in Pueblo


  189. All those world leaders coming to Bill’s conference must be low-information people. Don’t they realize that the Big Dawg is finished, absolutely finished, for not sucking up to The One?

  190. the poster: Yeah, I’ll also be very sorry if Obama loses by 2%; I want him to lose by at least 50%.

    liberty: They have a body language expert on O’Reilly to discuss Gibson/Palin? I can tell them that for free: Charles Gibson looked as though he had a hot poker up his a** the whole time!

  191. WMCB: No, you’re really not. He’s hanging with me at the dorm today. I’m his latest project. Gotta help clean up debris after Ike. He’s got on his work boots and jeans.

  192. Pat Johnson, on September 15th, 2008 at 9:55 pm Said:
    They are calling out McCain for having the “dirtiest campaign ever”.
    On GMA today, Obama corrected that attack on the McCain campaign:
    “If we’re going to ask questions about, you know, who has been promulgating negative ads that are completely unrelated to the issues at hand, I think I win that contest pretty handily,” Obama said.
    There you go from the horses ass..uh..uh..mouth.(What an F’ing idiot)

  193. PJ: Suffragists were villified, jailed, and tortured for using Wilson’s own words against him, why is this any different?

  194. parentofed: “Yeah, I’ll also be very sorry if Obama loses by 2%; I want him to lose by at least 50%.”

    I didn’t think of that one! I like it. Maybe I’ll use it next time.

  195. Fox had some guy from BO’s campaign this morning who said BO is completely justified in saying McCain doesn’t know how to use a computer, doesn’t matter why, the fact is he can’t and that means “he’s out of touch.” My mind sentenced him to just 1 year at the Hanoi Hilton, because I actually felt sorry for the little piece of lint who probably never suffered a day in his life. I’m not sure he could have survived one year to be honest with you.

  196. The primary reason why the Palin bubble will burst is that the media will decide that they are bored with her. They’ll need to move to shine a light on a fresh issue or individual.

    So this is from CBS News? The media is telling us about how callow and opportunistic the media is? In other words: we’ll just find some other vacuous story to shove down your throats.

  197. fif: The media likes to pretend it created the Palin adoration, actually it just created the backlash.

  198. Hey guys, join me tonight.

    Tonight we talk about the state of the race for the white house!

    Topics: Electoral Map Update, polls, Race card played again by Obama-Biden, Obama commits treason on the Iraq war, panic for Democrats, down-ticket Democrats in trouble, Palin goes solo on campaign trail, more say Obama should have picked Hillary, and so much more!!

    Join me[Matt] Tonight at 11PM ET.. Call-in number: 347-202-0443


  199. republican woman — here’s the artwork

  200. Funny, I just saw last week how Obama was taking the gloves off, and how he needed to fight dirty. Then, today I’ve seen a couple of places discuss how Obama is accusing McCain of running the dirtiest campaign ever.

    Having it both ways, just like the candidate.

  201. Hi folks! What’s the news of the day?

  202. Hi everybody. Got here late with connection probs. Hannity & Colmes had the guy who wrote the book about ACORN on – voter fraud finally hits the airwaves.
    I was telling a colleague about it last week and he kept saying that if it were true the network and cable news would be all over it.
    I am so tired of people thinking I am paranoid that I’ve stopped talking to almost everybody.

  203. Pat – you will find out soon enough at that “sleepover” if he needs “changing”.

  204. I think Sarah/uppitywoman has finally happened upon something we all can agree with!

  205. Simo, that’s the one. I almost threw my shoe through my television. My father-in-law is a Vietnam vet, and I served with many Vietnam vets, and I lost a friend in Lebanon, and my parents had me protesting Vietnam from 3 to 6 y/o, I remember my little white Nancy Sinatra boots and a sign in my hands – but I understand why and don’t blame them, but I do disagree with them. It’s very complicated the emotions I feel when they attack our vets. I hate war, but I don’t want what happens in Israel here. Our kids are being taught that you can just sit down at a table and work things out, but really they’re giving up the house they own to barely get an apt. to rent.

  206. Hey Mary, .. BOO! Go Away

  207. Did anyone watch Greta’s interview with the “First Dude” of AK? He is really cute–completely without artifice. This is a very interesting turn in the race. Contrasting with Obama’s inability to connect with people, suddenly, out of the blue, comes this couple that are quintessential “real people.” Ani wrote a post at NoQuarter, saying no amount of “advice” from Party strategists will matter, and it’s so true–because that is who is IS & ISN’T. You cannot suddenly make him authentic. It’s a perfect foil to the ultimate phony.

    OT: Rasmussen was on FOX and he said McCain is up 1-2%, but “if anyone tells you who is going to win this race they are either lying or delusional.” That made me nervous.

  208. Even the polls in liberaland aren’t so good.

  209. Parentofed: I phone bank, all parties, but I do it religiously. It’s great when I get someone who just takes the survey. But usually I get an earful of two mindsets: When is John McCain going to fight back, I’m so tired of him playing fair; the next call could very well be I’m so sick of the dirty politics, why can’t they just be nice and move on. I’m not voting. I’ve chalked it up to you can’t please everybody, and probably won’t please anybody, take the few who are happy and save it so you can move on to that next call.

  210. Oh -ho-ho

    Not only did Oprah get a shout out from Hillary on that video, but now Sarah on a Fox clip (an old one) is talking about Oprah who is not inviting her on the show.

    What can I say about Oprah? Women made her – they can take her down. Just like Obama – the internet made him and it will take him down.

  211. On Greta: a documentary filmmaker took extensive footage of Palin in her home months ago. Coincidentally, he asked her what she thought of Oprah. As usual, Palin was honest and open, saying “even up in the Great North, we all love Oprah.” She then went on to say her sister is a big fan, and when she became Governor, her sister hoped that would land her a spot on the show. She said, “Geez, is that the be all and end all? Your sister was just elected governor!”

    She then went on to praise the virtues of Alaska and invited Oprah to visit.

    Too bad Oprah couldn’t be as gracious.

  212. fif, i was just sitting here thinking the very same. and along that vein…

    found in the comment section of the sweetness-light.com link posted upthread :


    September 15th, 2008 at 6:46 am

    An “ONLY IN AMERICA: the Legend of Barack Obama Special! It’s “Chow Time”!

    “Et pour vous, Monsieur le Présidente, la specialitié du maison: un abstraction of hand raised, milk fed veal from le beau pays Normande, avec un rétardation de seasonal vegetables et un petit jus of Norwegian cloudberries” murmured the Headwaiter.

    “Mercy, Pierre” answered Barack Obama. “That looks trés bong”.

    Pierre winced slightly. “La plaisir to serve you is tout ours, Monsieur le Présidente. Would your Excellency perhaps consider to allow us to rename the restaurant dans votre honneur?”

    “Huh? Rename it what?”

    “’L’Aigle Brun’ was notre top choice, Excellency”.

    “What’s that mean?”

    “It means ‘The Brown Eagle’” answered Michelle. “We’ll think about it, Pierre. Now shoo”.

    “But of course” grovelled the lackey. “Bon appetite”.

    “How’s your wine?” queried Michelle.

    “Trés bong” said her husband. “Provocative yet daintily discreet; and with a distinct flavour of peppermint”.

    Michelle sighed.

    “The chef here’s great” said Obama, chewing away. “We should hire him for the White House kitchen”.

    “Duly noted”.

    “Excuse me, Mr and Ms President” apologized Obama’08 campaign aid Kevin Shitt, who materialized at their table. “May I have a word with you, Sire?”

    “Kevin – how’d you get in here?” exclaimed Barack. “This is a classy joint!”

    “I know people. Sorry to interrupt your meal but I have important news for you”.

    “What is it?” asked the Change We’ve Been Looking For.

    “Its current information of which the recipient has not already been apprised” said Kevin, articulating the rest of the ancient gag. “But that’s not important now; what’s important are these latest poll findings – they’re a disaster!”

    “Get back to me when they’re a catastrophe” said Obama. “I’m busy”.

    “But our polling now shows that a majority of ordinary commoners find you ‘out of touch’, ‘arrogant’ and ‘too big for his boots’ – this is serious, Sire!”

    “Tut, tut Kevin” soothed Obama. “What else did you expect? Of course, I’m not the same color as the presidents on the paper money, since I’m not green, and sure I have a funny sounding name, though not as funny as Millard Fillmore or Calvin Coolidge, so of course these thick-necked yokels, fearful and bitter, clinging to their guns and worshipping their primitive sky god, are going to show some resistance to my positive message of hope and change…”

    Michelle drummed her fingers on the gleaming white tablecloth. She’s heard all this so many times before…

    “But when the time comes I know they’ll flock to me for the simple answers and clear instructions which are all their tiny brains can absorb”.

    “Well…maybe” murmured Kevin.

    “Definitely!” said Obama. “Have I inspired you enough yet? Good.” Obama snapped his fingers. “Pierre!Por favor, have Chef get my lackey here some cold scraps from the kitchen, will you? Mercy”.

    “But these polls” fretted Kevin. “Don’t you want to discuss..?”

    “Allez, allez” urged Pierre, taking Kevin’s arm.

    “Polls schmolls, Kevin” said Obama. “Everything’s fine. We’re on our way to Park Avenue!”

    “Pennsylvania Avenue” corrected Michelle.

    “Whatever. Its all good, its all trés bong!””

  213. Polls are manipulated. I completely believe that. The honest ones are usually right, but so many of them are manipulated (e.g., CNN and Fox News will come out with completely different results).

  214. fif,
    …thinking about how out of touch O is, that is.

  215. fif: Oprah has shown herself to be an ingrate. Yuh know, I wonder what MLK would think of the content of some of the characters we’ve come to know?

  216. Pat Johnson Said:
    Would someone please explain to me how Roland Martin managed to get his own show on CNN??

    You mean without saying anything that would perk up Spammy’s ears?

  217. And the Party of Misogyny continues, with approval of the VP candidate

    Opening speaker at Biden rally calls Palin a “bucket of fluff”


  218. Still: I read somewhere online today that Republican women are boycotting Oprah because of her Palin stonewall.

    I was thinking about Oprah the other day–her entire career has been built on empowering women. That is her brand. With her unprofessional behavior this year, she has damaged that brand. I didn’t watch very often, but I officially boycotted after she endorsed Obama and made a big show of it in SC and CA. I read that she had promised to back Hillary if she ever ran. Unless an AA man ran of course.

  219. frostback: LOL
    Votre petit piece du theatre est tres bong! Et comique.

  220. fif – She’s done. Stick a fork in her. I never watched her. I don’t really like talk shows – prefer the judges. But she has ruined her appeal. All gone!

  221. fif,
    I did see the Greta interview of Todd Palin. I can’t get over how regular and down to earth both Palins are.

    I laughed when Greta and Todd Palin were walking around outside the Palin home and in the background was a lawnmower.

    I bet many Washington insiders watched this interview in horror. Perhaps they’re experiencing elitist flashbacks to when the Clintons from Arkansas were headed their way.

  222. fif: Yeah, I think Oprah blew it this year. I wonder if she ever thinks about it honestly.

  223. OCGirl: Perhaps they’re experiencing elitist flashbacks to when the Clintons from Arkansas were headed their way.
    I remember a reporter asking whether Bill and Al were going to have some junk cars in the driveway to fix up in their spare time.

  224. I quit Oprah when she endorsed Obama. I really wanted to see the interview with “Sex and the City” but I refused to break my boycott. To hell with her. She is such a phony anyway. I still remember her rac*st comment when she created the school in Africa. Someone asked her why she had no white girls, she declared she owed white people nothing.

    I said, okay that’s it for me.

  225. Why did the Dems have to be so stupid and throw away their only hope?!


  226. Mary, do you bother to research anything, or do you find it just slows down your typing?

  227. “And, I am honestly just not sure what makes any of you think that Hillary will get in in 2009 if our country continues to lean to the right…”
    We’re not Republicans, Mary. That party is actually unified. We belong to the party that isn’t unified. You can’t be a PUMA if you are Republican. You are a PUMA if you belong to the party that is shattered.

  228. wow. O’Reilly’s tie is the best shade of purple…

  229. O’Reilly got an email regarding the edited ABC interview. He said someone needs to send it to him. He hasn’t seen it.

    Who are these people and why are they not on the internet researching these morons?

  230. Carol: Someone asked her why she had no white girls, she declared she owed white people nothing.
    Wow! That was harsh. She’s cooked – she deserves it.

  231. I’m becoming a Republican.

  232. Carol: which people? Which morons?

  233. Carol – That’s a good question. Why aren’t these people checking this stuff out? Fingers in ears: LALALALALALA.

  234. O’Reilly – why doesn’t he know how to find the original transcript for the ABC interview without asking that someone send it to him?

  235. Pat: Change we Need – like a diaper? I think that is funny as all get out., intend to use it.

  236. Can we have Hillary back now?

    That’s an interesting question and it’s weird that I had a dream about her yesterday morning. Background info: I don’t as a rule dream about real people and the very few times that I have, those dreams have been, or come, true. For example – when my dad’s mom died, I dreamed that my mom stepped into my bedroom doorway at about 3am to tell me – it was so vivid I woke up and looked at the door asking her if it was true. Even weirder was that my parents had divorced about 20 years earlier and everyone involved, except me, lived in Florida at the time – I was here in the lovely state of Illinois.

    Anyway, my Hillary dream – I’m at some sort of event, it seemed like it was outdoors, and I spotted someone huddled close to a fence looking very dejected and crying softly. I go over to console them and it turns out to be Hillary, so I hug her and tell her that everything will be ok because the PUMAs are here and will make everything better. She looks up at me hopefully, then jumps up and starts to charge to the front of the crowd…and that’s when I woke up.

    Fantasy, premonition, my subconcious trying to adjust or just a weird dream – hard to say but I’m inclined to go with premonition based on my normal dream patterns.

  237. Will someone please get rid of ignorant Mary.

    They made the police pay them to investigate a rape…I”m sure this came from a very reliable source.

  238. Carol: Ahhh..

    Yeah, why not?

  239. SophieL, on September 15th, 2008 at 10:59 pm Said:
    fif: Yeah, I think Oprah blew it this year. I wonder if she ever thinks about it honestly.

    Even if Barry hadn’t come along, Oprah was headed for a mid-life crisis….Barry just accelerated it 1000 fold . Anyone who fostered Dr. Phil on the world wasn’t gonna end happily…over the years, increasingly she seem to think she was Jesus, then this year she decided she really was John the Baptist . Whatever .

  240. News Flash:
    Pet food recall – salmonella (can spread from pet to you & kids)

    Here’s the link to the list:

  241. Wow. You guys are quick! As soon as I wrote about ignorant Mary, she was gone. Poof! Back to Kool Aid Land.

  242. Carol, if you do become a Republican, hold them accountable. I do. It’s not easy, but not all of us are extreme right.

  243. She’s not gonna do the nutcases over at MSNBC
    — Newt Gingrich talking about Sarah Palin doing the news circuit, except for those guys.

  244. Pat: While I ate my diet-approved snack of unsweetened soy milk and unsweetened pineapple alongside a spoon of sunflower seeds, all I could think of was your Hydrox cookies.

  245. phlamingo – I love your dream!!
    She charges to the front of the crowd and takes over!

    I wanna hug her, too. Can we please have Hillary back now?

  246. O’Reilly had a clip of a new BO commercial: “What’s become of John McCain? He’s running one of the sleaziest campaigns in modern political history.”

    Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. That is one of the main reasons I will never vote for him, for anything. His bald faced lies. He feigns innocence, as they stick the shiv in someone’s back.

  247. poe – eewwww – just the soymilk part.

  248. Wow..seems like a lot of folks here are on diets lately…I lost 50 pounds last year…I reached my goal in March and have held steady (plus or minus one lb) since then.

  249. Good night all. Dream of an Obama-free world.

  250. Still4Hill: I’m a vegetarian, so that’s no problem, but compared to Hydrox cookies……….

  251. SophieL: Wow, that’s terrific!

  252. Fox News Post: Alaska investigative team finds Palin without fault in “troopergate”. Palin dismissed the state employee/commissioner for not conforming and implementing budget reforms.

  253. Look at my avatar!

    Look at my 2 mantras:


    Punishment, Retribution and Reform 2008

    Do you not think I am not all of that “hold them accountable” thingy?

  254. You go Sophie!! I lost 30 about 5 years ago on South Beach and stayed there. Went from an 8 to a 2 and am off the blood pressure meds – or was. Have to be careful not to get too angry – which I seem to be all the time now.

  255. Carol – LMAO! The GOP may not survive you.

  256. Still – they will be begging to be called Democrats.

  257. NBC news – we’re not getting enough sleep!

    Put Hillary in the White House. All of us would be turning in by now.

  258. fif, on September 15th, 2008 at 11:18 pm Said:

    Wow. You guys are quick! As soon as I wrote about ignorant Mary, she was gone. Poof! Back to Kool Aid Land.
    You stimulated my curiosity to see what a Mary was. Wasn’t worth the effort..Just another concern troll with stuck caps lock.

  259. Carol – what an ingenious subversive idea!
    We take over that party, they all defect, and voila! The PUMAs have a party. Tres BONG!

  260. while LaRouche is seen as a wackadoodle, I have to say he’s been right about the markets for a long time now ….here is an interesting angel to the Charles Rangel (D-NY) part of the money melt down play….Rangel won’t let Wall St dump its stinking load of debt onto the tax payer( you and me ) and therefore is coming in for some heat. If Wall St can’t get its fangs into social security , it will come in the back door and dump their credit mess on us…. But Rangel is in the way . The move to unseat him as little to do with the ethics fudging that’s discussed in the paper….and much to with Wall St, and there fore the NYT, is pissed off that Rangel won’t play ball.

    Rangel Defies Pelosi and Wall St.

    September 15, 2008 : Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee tonight shot back at Wall Street, the New York Times, the Murdoch press and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by defiantly refusing to step down from his chairmanship. Wall Street has been on an all-out drive to unseat Rangel from the chairmanship of the tax-writing committee, since he refused to cave in to Treasury Department pressure months ago, to give Sec. Paulson a free hand to bail out the entire bankrupt financial system, at taxpayers expense.

    Sources on Capitol Hill had reported last week that the demand by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), that Rangel step down from the Ways and Means chairmanship, while a series of ethics probes were conducted, would not have been pressed, had it not been known that Nancy Pelosi was also out to unseat Rangel……..


  261. Still: WTG!! I used to be this size from high school until the change. I woke up one morning, and my metabolism was gone. It took me a full seven years to get it and do something to reverse the curse.

  262. Everyone remember to take strangers and homeless to the polls in MA tomorrow to get rid of Kerry. Won’t it be fun!

    When can we get Nancy out?

  263. I LOVE Charlie Rangel. Nancy Pelosi is the Wicked EWitch of the West.
    We need to drop The House on her.

  264. Sophie – Same here it crept up around the change and I had to whack my metabolism up to speed. Feels better.

  265. CArol – We need action in SF re: Pelosi. She’s out of control.

  266. If you want to know what Barry would be like in office, just think of Nancy on steroids….

    Help us Hillary!!

  267. The most I can do in SF is put needles into a Nancy doll. I will put them in exactly where she gets the botox injections.

  268. PD – I think Nancy already IS on steriods.
    Actually, the way OB is campaigning, I think he’s Pelosi on valium.

  269. Can you believe in 51 days, other than a few talk shows, these morons – BO and MO will be out of our lives?

    Woooo Hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. still4hill, on September 15th, 2008 at 11:45 pm

    lol! You are right!

  271. Carol: Yes, please.

  272. Is it a good thing that I just tried to go to my Merrill Lynch account and the page won’t pull?

    Oh well, I guess I will be trying to win the Mega Millions tomorrow.


  273. Nite Nite. I have to get up early to watch Joe.

  274. NIte, Carol – think I’ll turn in early too.
    Nite all.

  275. O’Reilly had a clip of a new BO commercial: “What’s become of John McCain? He’s running one of the sleaziest campaigns in modern political history.”


    Ya know, any attack ad that uses the word “sleaziest” is itself sleazy.

    For a circle of oh-so-cool hipsters, they sure don’t understand irony.

  276. Disclaimer: I hate Republican ads. All that repetition of the word “liberal” as though they were saying “maggot-eater.”

    That said, the odd thing about labeling McCain and Palin as sleazy is they don’t ooze sleaze at all. Sorry, but they just don’t.

    But when I look at two-faced Obama, and think about his dirty Chicago habits . . .

  277. Has anyone even mentioned that Nasty Pelosi is 2 heartbeats away from the Presidency ?

  278. Newbie, have to chime in on those remarking about having the ‘hebee jebees this election cycle – I know how you feel. From the beginning of the primary season, I knew it’d be tough for Hillary; I figured if she could make it through the primaries with all the left leaning voters, she’d kick McCain good in the Fall. Well…..she might have made it if the DNC hadn’t annointed O’Bama but at this point, I guess that’s neither here nor there.

    Has anyone else seen the t-shirt “We’re Screwed 2008?” That’s exactly how I feel along with having the ‘hebee jebees.’ I keep going back and forth about which is worse – a President Obama with absolutely No Experience and with an ego the size of Alaska or a President McCain who might well continue the Bush policies.

    In the end I, along with so many others have come to the conclusion that the best thing for the Party and for the Country is a McCain Presidency. I’ve Never voted Republican and I’m 53 years old; and I’m So disgusted that we lost out on the best candidate in Hillary Clinton.

    My sisters (also all Liberal Democrats) have gone around and around the block on this one. Three of us are either voting for McCain or writing in Clinton; two are holding their noses and voting for Obama. Personally, I don’t think either McCain or Obama have a Clue regarding what to do about our economy and as such, we’re in for a whole lot of trouble the next four years.

    On the other hand, as my sister wisely pointed out, if we have a Dem President and a Dem Congress (with nitwits like Pelosi and Reid running Congress) how much more will they damage the Democratic Party (not to mention our Country) when they lean hard left with their legislation? If Obama were to win in 2008, he’d lose Big Time in 2012 and the Repubs will ‘clear the deck’ in the Congress while their at it. We Know this is what would happen; Obama is too weak and too easily swayed by those who massage his ego. Clinton wouldn’t have let the libs in Congress get ‘carried away’ so with her in office we wouldn’t be looking at that kind of scenario. But Reid, Pelosi and Obama could make enough of a mess of it that we could be looking at 12-16 years of Republican rule following what would be his loss in 2012.

    In short, we’ve decided that McCain is the lesser or the two evils. An Obama loss would force the DNC to ‘get back to basics’ and clean house; and, it would pave the way for a Clinton comeback in 2012.

    About the only thing that lessens my fear of a McCain presidency is the fact that my Very Liberal Senator, Russ Feingold (WI) when interviewed about a possible McCain Presidency and about McCain’s infamous temper stated: “Sure he has a temper sometimes, don’t we all?” followed with “I’m not worried about it – John McCain would make a good President.” (paraphrase). Feingold (as some of you might know) has worked with McCain on various issues including the major Election Reform Act. As a Democrat, Feingold is supporting Obama; however, I’ve known Feingold since he was in the Wisconsin State Senate and I trust his judgment when it comes to John McCain. In addition to which, I think Feingold’s support of Obama must be pretty lukewarm………..I’ve certainly not seen him stumping for Obama anywhere nor have I seen him singing his praises on talk shows which if you think about it, is otherwise a bit odd given that Feingold has been the biggest opponent of the Iraq War (From Its Inception) than anyone else in the U.S. Senate. It was Feingold who was the first to lead the charge against funding the Iraq War; at the time he was a party of ONE.

    Yup, calm down, take a deep breath and maybe, just maybe we won’t do even worse under a President McCain than we have under President Bush; then again, it is possibe………

    We’re Screwed 2008.

  279. Oh man. I just got back to the dorm to watch the new McPalin “Crisis” ad. They jacked “The Change we Need” from *61 too. Heh. He asked for it. They’re just jacking his memes and owning his narrative.

  280. Well, I didn’t go right to bed, and then I read what Hope wrote, which, incidentally is an excellent analysis (nice work, Hope), and, like I said earlier – we’re not getting enough sleep! Because they won’t put Hillary in the White House this year. So, I agree with Hope:
    We’re Screwed 2008.

  281. Ok, Todd Palin needs to hit the trail with his wife, especially if they send her rural. He built his own house with some contractor buddies, works the North Slope on shifts does the mechanical thing with his snow machines and just seems so down to earth. I can just see the 2 of them hitting local eateries ala Hillary. They’d prob even be popular in the AG areas even though they aren’t from that exact background. Lots of familiarity anyway. I think they may just “get it”.

    To bad they aren’t Democrats. Can we have Hillary back now? I just don’t see Obama “getting it”.

  282. Has anyone in mA gotten calls from Ed? I haven’t, and I would have volunteered to hold signs and whatever, but I’ve been busy and forgot and since nobody called, I never hought about it.

  283. “how much more will they damage the Democratic Party (not to mention our Country) when they lean hard left with their legislation?”

    They’re not going to lean hard left or soft left or any kind of left on anything, regardless. Actually, they’d probably do nothing, because without Bush to capitulate to they wouldn’t have a clue what to do.

  284. OBAMA…MUST FALL!!! Why is he still using the “pig” thing? Dirty, Rotten, Scoundrel…that OBAMA truly is!!!

    barrrako….Just a phase …that NEVER had any substance!!!

  285. Just 48 months and Hillary WILL BE BACK 🙂

    OT but, I noticed the recent post on PUMAPAC about anticipated VOTER FRAUD via Absentee Ballots by the ObamaBots.

    I hope we can dig into that topic soon and turn on our BS detectors full blast so they don’t get away with it!


  287. I saw on CNN or FOX…that they accused B.O of VOTER FRAUD!!!

    No poop!…We already knew that!

  288. Magdalena, on September 15th, 2008 at 9:23 pm Said:

    Has anyone noticed how Obama has changed his signs from ‘Change We Can Believe In’ to ‘Change We Need’?
    McCain has at least won on this point – he’s forced Obama to reprint signs – that should be several hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain for BO.

  289. ObamaNOT!, on September 16th, 2008 at 2:31 am Said:

    I saw on CNN or FOX…that they accused B.O of VOTER FRAUD!!!

    No poop!…We already knew that!



    Time to bring out the PUMA documentaries about voter fraud committed by Obama supporters.

  290. nycstray, on September 16th, 2008 at 1:51 am Said:

    Ok, Todd Palin needs to hit the trail with his wife,

    not to be superficial because it DOES matter, he’s a good looking dude and that along with his Mr. Mom image will sway more of the Palin target audience – women…(ok, straight women, and gay men too!)

  291. Apoligies for the big paste…but I got hit by a big batch of of Deja Vu ..does anyone remember the certainty of the Observer back in Feb 08? Excuse me, but I am old enough to remember how Jimmy hosed every Jew in America…just sayin…read and decide for yourself…Aqualung:

    “Late in the summer of 1976, President Gerald Ford and his inner circle huddled in Vail, Colorado, facing the grimmest general election outlook for a Republican since the L.B.J. landslide of ‘64.

    An unelected president, Ford had barely secured the Republican nomination against a fierce challenge from Ronald Reagan, leaving the party’s conservative base dispirited and even more distrustful of Ford than they already had been. And the stench of Watergate—and Ford’s politically damaging pardon of Richard Nixon—stubbornly hung in the air. After eight years of Republican rule, an amorphous but potent yearning for change had taken hold.

    At the Vail strategy session, the Ford team zeroed in on the chief vulnerabilities of their Democratic opponent, Jimmy Carter: His lack of experience, his lack of accomplishments and his lack of specificity on the issues. These had to be exploited mercilessly.

    And they were. Ten weeks later, Ford came within an eyelash of a political miracle. After trailing by 33 points around Labor Day, he was edged out by a handful of electoral votes—and just two points in the popular vote. If the campaign had lasted even a week longer, many believe, Ford would have won.

    Thirty-two years later, the G.O.P.’s chances of retaining the White House for a third straight term may hinge on recycling that old Ford recipe.

    Once again, the fall landscape looks miserable for them. In John McCain, they are poised to nominate a candidate who does just as little for the base as Ford did. And twice as many voters—many of them independents, and more than a few registered Republicans—have participated in this year’s Democratic primaries than in the G.O.P. contests. After eight years of George W. Bush and five years of war in Iraq, change is once again in vogue.

    And once again, the Democrats seem ready to nominate a candidate whose appeal is rooted more in the emotions that he stirs than in the details of his 12-point plans. For Jimmy Carter in 1976, the operative word was trust. For Barack Obama in 2008, it is hope.

    Actually, the similarities between Carter and Obama are considerable. Like Obama, Carter’s resume included service in a state Legislature (rare for a president), and only a very brief stint in high-profile office, his single term as Georgia’s governor from 1970 to 1974. Obama, of course, has only been in the U.S. Senate since 2005, after an eight-year run in the Illinois state Senate.

    Both also outsmarted their intra-party foes when it came to primary strategy. In ‘76, Carter was the lone Democrat to comprehend the opportunities that attended the proliferation of state primaries and caucuses, entering the race early and targeting every state, a tactic that produced weekly victories, hordes of delegates, and a gathering sense of momentum that left his late-starting rivals in the dust. Similarly, the wisdom of Obama’s decision to contest small caucus states and all of the mid-size contests between Super Tuesday and March 4—and the lack of wisdom in Hillary Clinton’s decision not to do so—is only now becoming clear.

    Most significantly, both men came along at exactly the right time. Carter’s peanut-farmer-from-Plains simplicity and his oft-repeated promise that he “will never lie to you” were powerful political weapons after Nixon and his wiretapping, his plumbers and his pardon from Ford. And Obama’s message of hope—and his own life story—resonates with an electorate that, after these past eight years, feels utterly disconnected from its government and simply wants to believe in someone again.

    In the ’76 primaries, Carter’s Democratic foes at first ignored his trust theme and then—when it was too late—brayed against it, warning that he’d been maddeningly vague about what he’d actually do as president. Hillary Clinton’s warnings about Obama, it appears, have been just as tardy and futile.

    But the ’76 example tells us that criticisms that don’t stick during the primary season can still work in the general election. Day after day in fall campaign, the Ford forces pounded away at the experience question and painted Carter as a political illusion, an affable-seeming politician who was terrified of expressing his opinion on any controversial topic.

    “It is not enough to say, ‘Trust me,’” Ford said at one rally. “Trust must be earned. Trust is not having to guess what a candidate means. Trust is leveling with people before the election about what you’re going to do after the election. Trust is not being all things to all people, but being the same thing to all people.”

    The media eventually caught on too, scrutinizing Carter with a daily intensity that was absent in the primary season, and Carter’s lead steadily eroded.

    McCain is readying the same kind of attack against Obama.

    “I’m not the youngest candidate,” he said last week. “But I’m the most experienced.” And at a different event, he charged that Obama is offering “an eloquent but empty call for change.”

    Obama may prove a more durable fall candidate that Carter. He’s been more specific in his proposals than Carter was (see: health care and diplomacy with hostile nations), and his personal bond with the electorate may prove deeper and more intense than Carter’s ever was.

    But if you’re tempted to think Obama has too much working in his favor to lose in November, just remember what very nearly happened in 1976.”

    Clinton 2012 –

  292. They cheated, they made her run on 48 states, they moved the DNC to Chicago, they couldn’t be bothered to give her a decent roll call vote-my heart is full of tears.
    And the Clintons were the only people at all capable on the economy, in the Party.

    Dimwit, hubris ridden Dimmicrats…

  293. Night shift checking in.

    Great threads today – took me forever trying to read them all.

  294. Ah, macfaux:

    So few know history that we are doomed to repeat it

  295. A friend emailed me this link
    Finally we have someone defending Palin in the media –

    Revoke my feminist card — I like Palin
    by MICHAEL SNEED Sun-Times Columnist


  296. The PUMA feel good article of the day: you’ll laugh! You’ll cry! You’ll be thanking me:

  297. Pat Johnson Said:
    “Would someone please explain to me how Roland Martin managed to get his own show on CNN??”

    When he comes on I tune out. Bias is one thing, but in yer face screaming whenever someone even suggests that BO might not be the Savior, or even entirely truthful!

    Someone here on another post here commented, as I recall, that the CNN folk are not reporters any more – they are actors paid for their roles in supporting BO.

    Did anyone notice Lou Dobbs picking up Dana Bash? last night? She trotted out the line that Sara Palin was highly scripted. Dobbs asked what about Obama? When she tried to wriggle out of the question he pushed it. As much as I don;t like Dobbs – now he IS shrill! – he does ask the hard and embarrassing questions.

    So the CNN folk, headed by the ridiculous puppet Wolf, tout their experience as journalists and analysts. Even Jack Cafferty, I believe, and Roland Martin are described as “analysts”. LOL!!!!

    These folk are “persuaders” The champion of them is Campbell Brown (aww, ain’t she pretty?!). Their job is to persuade one and all to vote for BO and to present that as if they were doing a job of “analysis”.

    Roland Martin fits squarely into that role. But …. if you happen to support BO, or are thinking about it, Martin looks so entertaining- flamboyant, up-beat, pushy and loud! What a guy.

    That’s why I tune out.

    Where is real analysis, real news? Not Lou Dobbs, not Larry King, not Anderson Cooper, not Britt Hume, not Bill O’Reilly, …… and certainly not Roland Bloody Martin (aka “The Ponce”)

    BTW, did anyone see, two nights ago, a radio talk show guy called Miller, I believe, on the Bil O’Reilly show? He came out with the memorable phrase that BO is so confused by Sara Palin that he doesn’t know whether to defecate or wind his watch! [Of course, that’s just a standard saying, and he didn’t mean by saying it that BO was about to shit himself or was confused – there’s no lipstick on pigs here folks. ]

  298. Dear “urge”
    Roland Martin was brought on to CNN just after Obama’s NH loss; to start the “Bradely Effect” baseless rumor !!!!
    By the way he’s a radio guy from….CHICAGO!!!

  299. I don’t watch TV – but the internet is becoming fast an echo chamber too. The memeorandum and Politico all spew one single talking point from 100 sources: Obama good, McCain bad (and he lies too).
    We are re-living the primaries.

  300. Good morning. I am still laughing at sarah’s link portraying O as a Ferengi. Michelle looks fiery as a Klingon (I like strong women).

    Where do I get my Ferengi 08 car sticker?.

  301. Someone on another blog was musing that the Republican Party seems so much smarter at picking candidates. I have a different take on it.

    It’s not that the Republican Party does a better job of picking a candidate, it’s that they DON’T PICK HIM/HER. They let the people do that. And the people always have a better idea of who can win, and what the needs of the country are.

    The Repubs have none of this gerrymandering of weighting more delegates from this or that district, none of this “proportional” crap, no giving more delegates to urban areas, or AA areas, no caucuses. Their primary is set up EXACTLY like the general election, and it’s survival of the fittest. The R party poobahs, no matter how they feel about various candidates, DO NOT interfere in any major way.

    The Republicans end up with a stronger candidate every time, because they hands-off let the VOTERS tell them who it is. They don’t tell the people who is good, the people tell THEM.

    One thing this election has shown me? Like them or not, the Republicans do a better job of LISTENING to the people of their party than the Dems do. They may scheme and craft a message, but in the end, actually trust the people to decide. Um, I think that is called Democracy.

  302. Guys, this video is KILLER. Please spread around.

    Mr. Obama, who ARE you??!!

  303. “wmcb”
    I respectfully disagree. In 2000 given a choice the “people”
    would have chosen McCain; but their party chose Bush!
    Instead of taking the high ground, the current dem leadership
    GAVE US their own 2008 version of BUSH!

  304. sod, so now we are racists AND anti-intellectuals.

    Keep it up, Dems. We win SO many elections by insulting the voters.

  305. crap. I am caught in moderation. Must have been the R word.

    sod, so now we are r@cists AND anti-intellectuals.

    Keep it up, Dems. We win SO many elections by insulting the voters.

  306. Yep, it seems like the latest talking point is that Mc/P is the worstest lying duo there is. Lies, lies, lies…. flip flop 24/7

    If I were O/B I wouldn’t go there.

  307. Expect to see more, I am not a supporter of O, a la Mika in the coming weeks. If there is something MSM anchors love is to be perceived as objective.

  308. Good morning everyone,

    4 non blondes is a little “after” my time, but I inherited this CD and love it for the song and my friend -no video really – just the music that keeps popping in my head and it’s a great way to start the day. Hope you enjoy it, too.

  309. Holy shit. I think McCain just declared war on Wall Street, and this is going to get UUUUUGLY.

    He just said on GMA that the current problems in the banking and financial markets are directly linked to corruption in Washington. He wants to appoint a 9/11 style commission on what exactly has happened. and why.

    The money boys and the congresscritters in bed with them, Dem or Repub, are NOT going to like that.

  310. “I think McCain just declared war on Wall Street”

    If so, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    It could either get him popular support or obliterate his chances….

  311. I took it upstairs, Upstate.


    Yeah, I don’t think a 9/11 style investigation is going to be popular in some quarters, but the people may LOVE it if it gets any traction.

  312. heh, I just went to the website of the R committe in my county to find out where they were located (worry not, I am not voting R…yet….)

    One of the options as a volunteer read:

    “Help at GOP events (Tomatofest, etc.)”

    Who doesn’t dream of being a volunteer at the Tomatofest?

  313. Thanks wmbc

  314. riverdaughter,
    my new avatar freaked me out at first, then I realized it fits my mood exactly from the past few months. No wonder my friends and family look at me that way! I intend to look this way until we get the job done! PUMA HAKA as Carol says! 👿

  315. wmcb,
    the video, “Mr. Obama, who are you” is fantastic. I hope a lot of people see it and that it makes them think. Obama skewered by Obama. Karma anyone?

    NØbama NØway

  316. wonder if the nobama camp really believe the hillary supporters are with them?

    i hope when the election happens, many of the 18.000.000 will oppose him – so many more than he thinks – and vote for mccain. Nobama is dangerous and will ruin this country and we need to give Hillary her chance – hopefully with the real support of the democratic party this time – in 2012.

  317. When I think of what this election could and should have been I want to weep. All of the hope, the dreams, the aspirations that incubated deep within us during these last long and horrilbe eight years of Bush have been squandered with the installation of this braying and pompous candidate. Obama, who bawls for change like a unquenchable golden calf, but who is irretrievably brazen, cold and unelectable. All of the pea green lava hot loathing I had reserved for Bush is now trasfered to him. He has single-handedly extinguished the dream. He and his handlers at the DNC must be held accountable.

  318. ……OM……..

  319. Obama has the serenity of mind, the overall benevolence, the education and brains, and the heart vision to unify the nation as we so desperately need.

    What did you do, sleep with him, do you know him intimately? Or are you just one of the mind altered, Kool-aid drinking Obamabots that thinks you have the wisdom to change the minds of quite a few who are just as smart, or maybe smarter than you. Sell it to someone else.

  320. Perhaps I am just not intelligent enough to discern what the republican party has to offer a woman, any woman. That aside, I’d urge you to consider what you might think of Sarah Palin if she were a man. I would wager your opinion would be very different. As a matter of fact we wouldn’t be having this discussion at all because if Sarah Palin were a man John McCain would have picked someone else as his running mate.

    I’d certainly like to see a woman in the White House however, it is not enough for me to have any woman in the White House.

    Here is a link to a blog that may be of interest. :

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