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The Sense of the Species

I’ve been in touch with various PUMAs lately and I’ve been told that the media pays attention to our various blog posts (BTW, we can be reached at theconfluence08 at yahoo dot com.  We don’t bite- hard.)  It’s time we discussed what is going on in the hearts and minds of some of the PUMAs around the PUMAsphere.

Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight: most PUMAs are over the anger stage.  Now, they are responding with cold blooded pragmatism.  They have one goal- to be absolutely certain that Barack Obama is defeated.  Contrary to popular Obamaphile opinion, the vast majority of us are Democrats.  Some of us are independents.  Even fewer have Republican ties.  We come in all shapes and sizes, working and professional classes, education levels, ages and genders.  Many of us are women but you would be very surprised to find out how many people on our conference calls are men.  We are NOT Reagan Democrats.  We’d really appreciate it if the media would stop trying to pigeon hole us into some model that would fit its worldview or a concept that the Obama campaign has handed them.

One of the things that sets PUMAs apart from other Democrats is our built-in BS detectors.  The other thing is that we were supporters of Hillary Clinton because we saw her as the true Democrat in the race.  We liked her stands on the issues, her ability to reach out to every voter and her grace under pressure.  But the PUMA movement is not about Hillary.  It is about us, the voters.  The Obama campaign, the DNC and the media targetted *US*, Hillary’s voters, for a peculiar brand of derision, disrespect and disenfranchisement this year.  It split the party in half, not based on any class distinctions exactly but more on some “perceived” distinctions.  The Obama supporters think they are “special”.  They are on a quest.  They are projecting their own guilt about race.  In short, they have been manipulated in a way that PUMAs have not.  And the PUMAs know that whatever is behind this split and manipulation of the Democratic party has to be stopped or voting will become meaningless.

We have limited ability to destroy the destructive elements in the Republican party but we *do* have the ability to clean our own party.  It doesn’t particularly matter to us whether the perpetrators are old stalwarts of the party, who seriously misread women who grew up at the tail end of the baby boom generation and aren’t putting up with sexist BS, or whether it is the testosterone fueled bad boyz of the Obama machine, who thought the best way to fight Rove was a Chicago style scorched earth campaign, or whether it was the 50 state strategy of the theoretically liberal, but practically stupid, Dr. Dean.  Their actions during this campaign season have been reprehensible and destructive.  They have deprived our party of almost certain victory and have sown defeat not only at the top of the ticket but now throughout the party.  For this reason, they have got to go.

The most commonly heard phrase at most PUMA get togethers these days is “cut off the head”.  That is, the primary goal is to make sure Obama and his enablers are defeated.  And half measures will not do.  If there is any possibility that a write in vote for Hillary will be given to Obama through state rules and regulations, it is being actively discouraged.  PUMAs are under no illusions as to what will happen if Obama manages to squeak out a win, however improbable that is at the moment.  Therefore, it is safe to say that PUMAs are moving increasigly towards voting for John McCain or nothing on top, depending on how their state electoral vote is likely to go.

No one should misinterpret that to mean that PUMAs agree with the Republican party in any way.  We are Democrats.  We do not share the Republican worldview of government.  However, we do not see McCain as criminally corrupt as the Bush neo-cons.  McCain does have a fairly good working relationship with Democrats.  Even so, our vote is a protest vote and not in any way an affirmation of Republicanism.  Obama trolls can save their breath.  We don’t care if you think we are being “fooled” or that our lack of education is causing us to not see what McCain is or that Roe v. Wade is in danger, yada-yada-yada.  Obama supporters had a choice to nominate a person who would have supported every thing they cared about and they let themselves be manipulated and deceived into thinking she was the devil incarnate.  Well, now you have to live with your choices.

So, that is the sense I am getting.  Many PUMAs are going McCain.  This doesn’t mean everyone.  There are still a band of us who may never be able to push that GOP button but are just as determined that Obama does not get to the White House for the reasons stated above.  Please note that race doesn’t factor into our decision.  This is all about the way the campaign was conducted, Obama’s running away from the Democratic brand, disenfranchisent of our votes, lack of “fair reflection” during the convention, particularly the roll call vote, rampant sexism in the party itself and hypocrisy when it comes to reproductive and abortion rights.

The problem is that we can not get people to concentrate on downticket Democrats. This is the most troubling and alarming aspect of the election season so far and, I, as a lifelong Democrat, I am very concerned about the trend I am seeing.  There are several reasons why downticket Democrats and the Superdelegates that sold us out should be worried:

  1. Sarah Palin has re-energized the Republican base, especially evangelicals.  The idea that Obama could ever win these people is ridiculous.  Now, they’ve got one of their own to vote for and they have no need to listen to Obama’s campaign as it attempted to replace US with them.
  2. Sarah Palin has energized many feminists.  There are many women who have come to realize that they were held hostage to the Democratic party that “claimed” to be supportive of women’s issues but when push came to shove, they shoved out the one woman who could actually substantiate that claim.  Obama showed himself willing to sacrifice our issues when he courted the evangelical vote.  The Roe v. Wade argument no longer has teeth.  There are already 5 votes on the USSC to overturn it.  No matter what happens at the federal level, abortion is not going to go away and if the parties think that there won’t be millions of women on the street protesting it if someone even dares to take us back to the 60’s, they’ve got another thing coming to them.  Let us acknowledge what Roe really is: a political tool used by both parties to inflame their base.  At this point in time, it is no longer a real player in this election cycle.  It is not nearly as important as preventing a further regression of women’s progress that has happened this election cycle.  Racism is off the table but public repudiation, humiliation and discrimination against women is all the rage this year.  The election of Sarah Palin for VP could truncate that trend and pave the way for a woman at the top of the ticket.  And when THAT happens, issues that are important to women may finally start to get the recognition that more than half of the population deserve.
  3. The tactics that the Democratic party has used against its own base has turned off a good portion of that base from voting for ANY Democrat this year.  Many PUMAs and other Democrats are not satisfied with cutting off the head.  Any Democrat that went against the wishes of their voting district and threw his/her weight for Obama at Hillary’s expense will find themselves targets in the future.  Whether or not that future will be this election cycle is debatable but there will be a good number of Democrats who will not stop with voting for McCain.  They will be voting straight Republican where there is an opportunity to punish Democrats who turned their backs on their voters for Obama.

Now, I’ve tried reasoning with some PUMAs that having one party Republican rule like we had from 2002-2006 is dangerous.  It’s very unfair to the millions and millions of innocent citizens who will be held hostage to a Republican government.  They rely on Democrats to protect social security, unemployment benefits, to pass SCHIP, to overturn the ban on stem cell research, to try to end the war, to protect our civil liberties.  Of course, it might be easier to make this argument if our Democratic Congress had actually done any of these things.  The point is that if there is a Republican in the White House, we need Democrats in the House and Senate to counteract aggressive and committed Movement Conservative Republicans.  But in this poisonous atmosphere and with the DNC rules of engagement, one party Republican rule is what we’re headed for.  Some voters cannot reconcile their consciences to vote for candidates who betrayed them at the convention.

So, there you have it.  The Democratic Party made a mess of things.  It thought it could ignore the voters.  It misread women.  It adopted Chicago style campaign tactics in violation of its own stated principles.  It installed an inexperienced, unscrupulous, yet politically naive, less than one full term Senator at its helm at the expense of one of the best candidates it’s had in 16 years.  Voters have had to live with Republicans for eight straight years and were looking for a break.  What we’re getting instead is another Republican party in the guise of a Democratic party.  We can’t have that.  So the PUMAs are going to make absolutely sure that the party apparatus that gave us Obama and his organization is destroyed.  We were hoping to make the next four years bearable by having enough downticket Dems in Congress.  But the party overplayed its hand here as well and has put the entire party at risk.

I realize that it is pointless to ask the party elders to do something about it.  They ignored us before the convention and there is no reason for them to pay any attention now.  But they deny reality at their own risk.  We are not voting for Obama under any circumstances and if there is any calculation that relies on us for his win, then the party is looking at certain defeat.  We can not make this any clearer to you.  When people tell you what they are going to do, you need to believe them.  We can no more vote for Obama than for George W. Bush.  Both are anathema to us.  Obama personifies everything we dislike about the party right now and how the party has been run.  We don’t trust Obama and this is unlikely to change in the next two months.

After the election in November, we are not going away, especially if the powers that be do nothing to prevent the loss of Congress to the Republicans.  The refusal to respect the voters is about to result in the greatest disgrace in the history of the party.  The party has a responsibility to the citizens of the country to protect the common good.  If it does nothing, it deserves all the derision and infamy that future generations will heap upon it.


197 Responses

  1. Thanks, Riverdaughter. You have thoroughly articulated what is going on in the heart and mind of this PUMA.

  2. RD- The down-ticket Dems that we are supporting are the same weak-kneed sell outs that backed Obama despite the wishes of the Democratic voters. I guess we have to support them in the near term to ensure Democratic control of the House and Senate. But I hope that Phase II (The return of the PUMAs) can be focused on purging the sell out Obama and Pelosi loving Democrats.

  3. Great stuff. Straight to the true democratic heart of it. No wonder Hillary noticed!

    Thanks, RD.

  4. P.S. Normally I wouldn’t dare suggest an edit, but since you intend this to be read by a broad audience, para. 4 line 9 should read “sown” not “sewn” — feel free to delete this comment after you’ve read it! 🙂

  5. Very well said, RD.

    The downticket Dems supported Obama because they thought he would bring them buckets of money and supporters. But all the money is going to him — his failure to take public financing means that he will continue to suck up donations they need and would otherwise have gotten.

  6. This is it exactly!

  7. Fortunately, my congressman is running unopposed. He stuck with Hillary until the end, introduced Bill at the convention, and has actually done a good job for the district.

  8. The saddest line in this piece:
    “They have deprived our party of almost certain victory”

    How is it possible that Democrats are in a dead heat against the party whose president holds an approval rating somewhere in the twenties?

    Democrats’ selection of Barack Obama will be viewed by historians as one of the all-time major mistakes of a political party.

  9. I think all Dems should go into the wilderness for the next two years. I’m voting straight R. I want the party to be absolutely decimated.

  10. Since this is an anti-Obama coalition, and the big media for the most part have been incredibly biased towards Obama, I really think that JSND should consider undertaking some sort of boycott, at least of the most biased networks and programs.

    If anybody likes this idea, by all means feel free to reply to this comment.

  11. The mind boggles to think that you get up early and articulate like this before work. RD, you are incredible!! Thank you for this incredible summary.

    I am so proud to be a PUMA, and have never felt so patriotic. I didn’t think that Washington State would be close enough to matter who I vote for, but lookie, lookie…there it is. I will be voting for McCain. I’ll have to.

  12. Thanks Riverdaughter, for re-introducing PUMAs. You’ve got it exactly right. We’re a broad-based voting bloc, and polls reflect that we comprise a fairly large voting bloc–about 20%–when you include feminists who were at the forefront of the women’s rights era. Those voters are also senior voters now–who are overwhelmingly supporting McCain/Palin.

    This former Democrat–now Independent–is voting for McCain/Palin on Nov. 4. I’m also voting for my Democratic Congressional Rep who supported Hillary Clinton, and refused to back down in the face of enormous pressure from the Obama campaign, including trying to frame him in the press as a racist!

    Read My Lipstick, Barack: McCain/Palin ’08

  13. We can no more vote for Obama than for George W. Bush. Both are anathema to us. Obama personifies everything we dislike about the party right now and how the party has been run. We don’t trust Obama and this is unlikely to change in the next two months.

    Exactly. It is visceral. The only clarification I would make is “unlikely.” More like NEVER. They cannot undo the corruption–only if he steps down and they resign with a full mea culpa, and that’s not going to happen. We have been saying this for months, and they will not listen. What part of voter suppression, manipulation and intimidation don’t they understand? This is a vote FOR democracy, and since our Party decided to violate it’s own principles to engineer this inexperienced hypocrite’s nomination, they have lost our trust and support.

    I am a New Yorker, and most of our representatives were strong HRC supporters (until some of them pressured her in the end), so my downticket decision is not as difficult. I am also concerned about returning to a system of checks and balances, so I will vote Dem downticket. Having said that, is there a source that accurately summarizes, state by state, who our representatives supported for the nomination and when?

  14. creeper, they started depriving us of that before they even selected Obama. Our Democratic congress has a much lower approval rating than even Bush. It’s around 9%, no?

    So first they screwed the pooch when they waltzed in in 2006 and refused to do anything that even resembled standing up for the people, then they just topped it off and continued the trend by selecting Obama.

  15. If Dems keep the house, Pelosi stays. There won’t be enough handwringing if only Obama loses. They will chalk it up to racism, and they’ll blithely move on. The whole rug needs to be pulled out from underneath them. They DO NOT represent you anymore.

  16. thank you so much for this post. I personally have calmed down and will be supporting the downticket Dems on my ballot (except Bev Perdue, but that’s because I like Pat McCrory).

    Can I just say once again that I am so grateful to have this oasis of sanity to come to.

  17. Here’s an article in NY Post. Rich material for a McCain ad.


    Here is an excerpt.

    WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.

    According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

    “He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,” Zebari said in an interview.

  18. My state went for Hillary so I’m ok supporting the downticket Dems. Though I don’t know that it will matter since my area is so solid GOP.

  19. I really think that JSND should consider undertaking some sort of boycott, at least of the most biased networks and programs.

    Absolutely John, and more importantly, that should include the advertisers/sponsors. The networks will only listen if the sponsors complain. It needs to be organized, targeted, and broadcast to PUMA’s across the land, so it is a powerful punch. I have been boycotting the MSM since February, but it’s not enough to just not watch. Advertising dollars–that’s where it counts.

  20. S, that is damning. He knew the Repubs getting some troops out would hurt his chances, so he wanted them to stay.

    What a cold-blooded fucker.

  21. S: I saw that in the last thread. You know why he did that don’t you? Because he did not want any appearance of success for the Republicans before the election. Again, it’s all about Obama. No problem if our soldiers are having their limbs blown off in the meantime–the Empty Emperor wants what he wants. He disgusts me.

  22. You are so right, RD. Our wish for balanced government is in jeopardy. The downticket Dems are being tied to Obama in every ad I see. It’s mostly their own fault but millions will pay the price.

  23. Guys, we need to spread that far and wide. Obama wanted to play political games with the lives of our soldiers.

    I am so disgusted with this egotistical empty suit, I could spit.

  24. YES! – RD you nailed it.
    We should all send RD’s article to those downticket Dems in our districts – they need to know that PUMAs are closely watching them and that our votes will come at a premium.

    S: the man has no soul – he doesn’t deserve to lead a latrine cleaning let alone be nominated for leader of the free world.

  25. Fif, your point about sponsors is well taken.

    MSM for the most part are a bunch of clowns and court jesters. It literally required a Saturday Night Live parody on the debates to show how biased and contemptible the official media really are.

    We not only have to jettison MSM, as far as possible, but we need to create alternative media.

    This is already happening to a certain extent with blogs and blog talk radio. It will be a great day when the Big Media buffoons realize that we’re not coming back.

  26. You said it for me! Way over the anger stage!
    As for downticket, I know my ballot choices supported Hillary – so, I’ll definitely vote for them.
    meanwhile, Wall Street is in meltdown and one of the candidates is in their pocket. Most likely for the most money in history, more than incumbent W in 2004. Is that the guy to clean Wall Street?

  27. Riverdaughter encapsulates my views entirely and succinctly. This time it is wholly about revenge. Although I will do absolutely nothing to ensure a McCain victory, my hope is that a strong message is made loud and clear that we will not take anymore of this disrespect from our own party.

    Truthfully, with the economic downturn, the failure of big investment houses, a never ending presence in Iraq, the threats coming from Putin, oil prices going through the roof, and the mismanagement of most political decisions coming from both parties in the last 8 years, I fear very much for the survival of this country. In either case, I do not believe for one minute that John McCain or Barack Obama is the answer. Both sides frighten me and leave me with little confidence in placing the country in their hands.

    This country had a chance with Hillary at the helm and with Bill lurking in the background the odds were that we may be able to overturn the last 8 years of this insanity. Instead we are being asked to risk it all on two candidates who most of us would never have considered worthwhile to become Commander in Chief.

    Choosing McCain is a validation of Republican misadventures and wrongheaded policies. Choosing Obama is a validation of fair play and voter chicanery. Some choice in a year that the Dems had every right to expect a victory. Most disheartening and very troubling.

  28. Actually I was never pro-Hillary as much as anti-Obama (since his speech in 2004 actually-I could see where he was going with the Unity thing back then). I’ve come to admire Hillary, I would support her in 2012, but the Clintons are not my ideal Dems. (But FDR is dead, alas.)

  29. RD, you have expressed my thoughts exactly.

    I’m leaning toward voting for Sarah Palin.

    I’m leaning against voting for my downticket Dem Congressman, Patrick Murphy, (PA-7) because he was an early Obama sellout ($18,826) despite the fact that his district and my state went to Hillary. So, he simply did not represent our wishes. He won by only 1% last time. He says he is not worried about being re-elected, but his opponent is a Rep who lost a son in Iraq. A weasel with a D beside his name is still a weasel.

    I did change my registration from D to I, so thankfully I do not get all the money requests from people like Gore, Edwards, and Emanuel. I still get stuff from Obama, but that goes unopened into the trash.

  30. John-I totally agree. I have asked here that people not watch MSNBO, at least, but not only do they still watch, they post comments about what enraged them that was said there. I don’t get why anyone would give them viewership when they are so egregious. Someone tried to start a advertiser boycott months ago over Hillary’s terrible treatment but it didn’t catch on. Can’t remember who it was. Puma Pac could probably get it going-they’ve had success with mass emails.

  31. Riverdaughter,

    This post just took my breath away. You have expressed the state of affairs in puma-land clearly and succinctly. We are so lucky to be able to read your thoughts every morning.

    I’m one of those pumas who is very resistant to voting for McCain. But if there is a chance that Obama could lose MA, I will carefully consider my options. I have to admit that the chance of having a woman–even a Republican woman–in the second highest office in the land is appealing to me. And despite my disagreements with Palin on the issues, I do find her very likeable.

    Until recently, I felt confident that the Democrats would still control Congress even if Obama lost. Now that is starting to look questionable. I don’t know if there are any Dem Senate candidates who have a chance of winning, do you? It’s all very frightening, especially in the light of the collapses on Wall St. recently.

  32. That last paragraph is powerful – we are not going away after the election and the party deserves the derision that history will heap upon it.

  33. RD, you hit this one straight out of the park, across town and through the window of the local t.v. station that failed to cover the game, but instead interviewed each other about how the game probably didn’t really exist.

  34. Ah-hah! I smell a plant in the Iraq war delay story. It’s the beginning of a new news cycle. It should hit the fan big time tomorrow. Someone is trying to take Obama out from the inside. This story is one that the party elders can get behind to force him out.

  35. Hope Hillary stays far away from Obama. With the Iraq war delay story, who who where he’ll end up.

  36. there is a special place in hell for my congressman, David Price. I will not vote for him, but alas, my congressional district is completely overtaken by obamazoids. See, David Price is particularly responsible for this whole mess:

    The 2004 Democratic National Convention passed a resolution calling for the creation of the Commission on Presidential Nomination Timing and Scheduling.

    The Commission is charged with studying the timing of presidential primaries and caucuses and developing recommendations for the 2008 nominating process. In fulfilling its mission, the Commission will examine all proposals — incremental and substantive — and evaluate how those proposals would be implemented. The Commission will carry out its work bearing in mind the Party’s commitment to a nominating process that is open and fair to all Democratic voters and presidential candidates and that produces the strongest possible nominee, and will look at all facets of this issue.

    The Commission was announced in December 2004. Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexis Herman and North Carolina Congressman David Price serve as Co-Chairs of the Commission.

  37. I’m governed by clear, cool logic at this point. I checked my emotions at the door.

    I’m working for down-ticket dems and hoping for a divided government.

    And then we will roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess within the Democratic Party.


  38. I never would have thought I would hear myself suggest term limits. But this is where much of our current problems emanate. These people are so entrenched in their government careers that they feel entitled to ignore the very same constituents who sent them to Washington in the first place.

    Rangel is now another example of overstaying his time. IRS investigations, friendly loopholes designed to grease their way and line their pockets, the all out greed which has nothing to do with public service. Their votes are for sale, make no mistake about it and they will walk the plank to ensure the spigot is never turned off.

    The corruption is rife in both parties and until that issue has been soundly addressed expect more of the same. They care nothing for us and today’s political climate has more than ever made that fact a reality.

    Let Mr. Deeds go to Washington but then let him find his way home. Thurmond and Byrd are ripe examples of staying much too long at the fair. Clean house!

  39. I think RD may be right that the Iraq story could have legs.

    On the lighter side, it always cracks me up to watch hapless Democratic spinmeisters try to figure out some way of dealing with the Palin phenomenon.

    The sanior pars is now suggesting a different approach…


  40. riverdaughter – How can they take Obama down from within?

  41. Say what you will RD. At this point in the race, I will never vote for McCain. Although Obama’s camp must have been successful in quashing Hillary’s write in application here in MA, I can still write her in and my vote will NOT be counted for the dem candidate.

  42. If party elders want to force Obama out, what do they have as a back up plan? What do they do about the Obama supporters? The death of the Obama candidacy would release toxins that will destroy life as we know it.

  43. RD,

    OMG! I wonder who leaked that story? It almost sounds like Obama tried to pull the same kind of thing Reagan/Bush did successfully when they delayed the release of the hostages until inauguration day. Obama is so incredibly arrogant!

  44. bb – The story was in the NY Post. I thinkl Drudge has a link to it.

  45. Brilliant post, RD, Thanks. It helps clear my head. I will be quitting my 15-yr. subscription to the NYT today, especially for their Palin witch hunt.
    All my downticket Dems took $$ from Obama and jumped in early, and this PUMA has a long memory, so I’ll probably vote Independent.
    I don’t want to appear stupid here, but what is JSND?

  46. my favorite part of the Post article:

    To be credible, his foreign-policy philosophy requires Iraq to be seen as a failure, a disaster, a quagmire, a pig with lipstick or any of the other apocalyptic adjectives used by the American defeat industry in the past five years.


  47. @Tess: JSND = the Just Say No Deal Coalition.

  48. The article is from the Post. Nowhere in the article does it refer to Dem insiders as sources. It cites Iraqi sources. From what I have read it doesn’t seem to be coming from “within”.

  49. Just Say No Deal

  50. Elixir: There are state exceptions but given the recent past history of how votes were reassigned to another candidate, it’s a very risky proposition. For all we know, the Democrats may make some case that those votes rightfully belong to it. I would suggest that you make absolutely sure your vote can’t be given to Obama and that there are no plans for the MA legislature to make that happen. Better to be safe than sorry.
    I too, would have a hard time pulling the lever for McCain. But if it looks like New Jersey is in play, I will do what I have to.

  51. The NY Post is Republican friendly. I would not trust the article as 100% accurate at this time.

  52. Folks are we sure that the Iraq war drawdown delay story in the MY Post isn’t a repub attack. When I googled “Obama” “delay an agreement” the initial 12+ hits were conservative blogs and the NY Post. We should be wary of buying this crap before it’s been vetted.

  53. I don’t know pat, he quotes the iraqui foreign minister directly. If he’s lying about that, he’s pretty brazen.

  54. Hey RD & Co. Blogging at you from the land o’ the Joshua Tree in SoCal–desert country which is sooooo unlike my coastal beachtown. No Obama stickers to be had in this area—he isn’t going to win with this crowd because they seem to be military families and also given the “bix-box” look of this place they are the sort that Palin is going to rensonate with.

    It’s large families, maybe lower middle class basic “Americana” like in all the little towns all over state by state.

    You are right. Dems like us want our party, but not its corrupt CORE anymore. Great post, and yes our resolve is getting steelier, minute by minute!

    Ugh. Why did they not see?

    Our vehemence this year is going to be a CLEAR LESSON.

  55. If the NYP story IS true it’s a helluvan October surprise.

  56. gary: Not to say there is some truth there just that the source itself is suspect in my view. Nothing these days can be taken at face value. For all we know, the NYT is sitting on this same information and as we have seen in the past, they may just hold off release until after the election. So much for the NYT these days.

  57. Arabella,

    Yes, but that doesn’t tell me who leaked it. It would have to be someone who was there with Obama. Chuck Hagel??

  58. RD,

    You are completely right on all points. I do not vote for McCain joyfully, but with a heavy heart. The Dems this year have forced my hand. I mourn the loss of my Democratic Party. I am saddened by the complete transformation of my Democratic FL Senator and Representative. Sen. Nelson IMO has always been on the conservative, but I never thought that he could actually vote in favor of FISA. Rep. Klein voting for FISA completely floored me. Betrayal, disappointment, heartbreak at the once glorious Democratic Party. I have awakened to a two party system that is Republican and Republican Lite.

  59. if taheri, the author of the post piece, is flat out lying about the Zebari quote, he’s really putting his neck out there. He makes a direct quote, doesn’t attribute it to heresay. here’s what he says

    According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

    “He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,” Zebari said in an interview.

    he even put it in quotation marks. there is no room for interpretation.

    link to article here

  60. Thanks, RD. I’ll keep an eye on where the write in votes will be placed. This may be a year when I just sit it out.

    On the upside, I will be voting for Ed O’Reilly in tomorrow’s primary.

  61. I meant BIG BOX!—this is like thee HUGE cheap shopping malls that they built–with stores like Home Depot, Target et al.
    These people don’t go to boutiques.

  62. John I like your idea of a boycott.

  63. No matter how bad things look for Obama now, 6 weeks is an eternity in politics. Obama can still make a come-back and ger close enought to steal the election.

    Each person has to make up her own mind. I’m voting for McCain.


  64. If Barry gets in, he’ll destroy the Dem brand utterly …and frankly he has damaged it so much already I think that it’s part of his mission …to make 2010 a freaking Dem blood bath . So IMO if one cares about the Dem party, they will stay home, vote just Dem down ticket or vote McCain. Otherwise it’s like letting a very drunk friend drive….don’t . Take the keys away .

    RD, you write great posts day in and out .

  65. Gary,

    WTH business does Obama have trying to negotiate directly with Iraqi leaders and with US military leaders? He wasn’t even the Democratic nominee yet when he made that trip.

  66. I too will be voting for Ed O’Reilly tomorrow even though I doubt he stands a chance. But the message should also be sent to Kerry that he has competition. At this time, I have no idea who the Repub candidate will be in November for Senate. Anyone from MA have a clue?

  67. Arabella: I call it party apoptosis. That is programmed cell death of a member of your own party who has become destructive to the body as a whole.
    What happens is that someone from within the party leaks controversial information to the media and the rest of the party heads for the fainting couch claiming they never really knew Obama after all. He fooled them all. Who could have imagined that Obama would go to Iraq, meet with the foreign minister, talk to him about delaying a resolution to the war putting thousands of soldiers and their limbs at risk. It goes against EVERYTHING the party stands for. It’s bringing down the whole ticket. We’re dispatching Kerry to talk with him. We’re dispatching Kennedy to talk to him. Scratch that. Kennedy’s sick. Oh, HOW could he DO this to Kennedy?!?!? The Lion of the Senate tapped Obama himself with his mighty paw. He has betrayed all of us, *betrayed*, I tell you. We cannot suffer a witch to live. Er, wrong outrage, too biblical. But there you have it. He is ruining everything for us. He must step down for the good of the party.
    This is how it is usually done. The Bushies have been very good at getting people to resign on their own, then they trash their reputations later. But for years, this is how it was done. Put out a story, gin up the fake outrage, have his supporters defect one-by-one, then it’s all over. Should take about 2 weeks. Don’t know if the Dems have 2 weeks. Maybe it will take more than one story along these lines. I’d haul out the delegate manipulation at the convention except that implicates a lot of superdelegates and they don’t want that, not that the republicans aren’t going to use it in late October. In fact, better to get out in front of it now. Say that the Chicago bosses threatened to mow them all down in front of a theater on Valentine’s day or something.

  68. Pat,

    The Republican challenger to Kerry is Jeff Beatty, a former CIA official and member of the Army’s Delta Force.


    The story quotes Kerry as saying he “respects the voters and the process.” How ironic.

  69. BB, if this is true it is BIG and will destroy Obama. the only thing they could say is that the Iraqi foreign minister is lying. That doesn’t bode well for Iraq/US relations in an Obama administration. I think it rings true though, and is consistent with Obama’s MO of taking credit for things he didn’t accomplish. If this is proven to be true, Obama is finished politically.

  70. bb – I have no idea what’s behind the troup withdrawal story. I’m not familiar with the author (Amir Taheri)

    Here is a quote fro Taheri’s article:

    According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

    “He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,” Zebari said in an interview.

    It seems as if Taheri got the information from Zebari directly.

  71. In the world of TV Land ratings, ratings, ratings, count more than anything else. Not too long ago there was a great sitcom, “Arrested Development” that went on to win all kinds of awards. When threatened the first time with cancellation the fans wrote in which bought them another year on the air.

    Problem was, the audience, though faithful, was limited. Great scripts, great acting, did nothing to keep them on the air. The ratings were very low and off it went. If we refuse to watch these travesties masquerading as news, the same will happen. KO and the like may be riding a little high right now with the Obama push but the ratings have either remained static or gone down. Fox is still killing them in the 8pm to 10pm hours.

    Refusing to watch is another way to end some of the blight.

  72. Arabella,

    Thanks. I read the article. I still say someone leaked this to the press in order to hurt Obama. It may be that more Obama-centric papers like the NYT times decided not to print it.

  73. RD — thank you, as always, you hit it all right on the head.

    My fears now are aimed at the post-loss narrative. The media, of course, will blame racism because Obama will feed it to them, and they are short on the sort of reasoning skills that would prompt a normal person to ask, well if it’s racism then why was he leading in the polls for 3 months, sometimes by quite a large margin? Also, they are ever ready to push whatever’s the easiest analysis — less work, that way. That will come no matter what, but we know it’s coming so we can fight it.

    I’m more worried that the DNC-failure narrative will be written as Palin’s overwhelming attraction for ‘Walmart Moms’, those stupid, low-information bitches (in the media’s view) was too much for any politician to combat. The mistake they are likely to overlook is that the DNC’s purge of the party of just that demographic (whoever’s really in it) because they were not cool, shiny and high-income enough, and because they were, you know, female and their silly concerns like the economy need not be regarded, was the gigantic door they opened themselves for the Republicans to waltz through.

    Obama’s attitude toward the people he is supposed to be persuading to his side (they are always ‘they’ and ‘those people’, never ‘we’ or ‘our party’) only reinforces the Democratic Party’s elitism. They have long had the rhetoric of inclusion but the actions of exclusion. Obama’s extremism in this area (don’t worry your little heads about it, sweeties, the menfolk will take take of everything) only highlighted a longstanding problem of the Democratic leadership, Clintons and a few others excepted; they resent needing our tainted, low-class votes.

    The Democrats themselves created the situation they find themselves in, where the selection of a person they are working overtime to denigrate could sweep in the bring the most politically disgraced Republican Party in my lifetime to victory (I mean really, if Palin’s that horrible, what will it say about Dems if McCain beats them?). So if the DNC and Obama is vanquished in November, it is squarely on their own short-sighted and venomous selves, not us and not McCain and not Palin.

  74. Party apatosis this late in the game? I can see it as a way for certain politicians to distance themselves from Obama.

    But what about the pyrogens released from the dying Obamabots?

  75. We are less than 98,000 hits from 3 million.

  76. The Dem party is facing a influx of Buyer’s Remorse. They thought they had “chosen” the top of the line candidate when all they got was a yard sale leftover. Oh well.

  77. Here’s a new one from PUMA kenosha Marge…

    Sarah, the Mooseburger Mom


    Which also delves into the soul of a PUMA re: the Democratic Party and her sense of betrayal as she watches the trashing of Sarah Palin….

  78. Gary,

    There have been so many things that I thought Obama couldn’t survive. Unfortunately, they went ahead and nominated him even though he has looked like a loser since February. It will be interesting to see what happens, I guess.

  79. Kenosha Marge also hits a homerun in her analysis! Terriffic piece.

  80. From Akron Beacon Journal:

    Erica Montz, a Garfield High student, was so excited to get Clinton’s autograph after her speech that she ran and jumped into her mother’s arms.

    ”She’s such an inspiration,” said Erica, 17, who had tears in her eyes.

    Erica will miss the cutoff for being able to vote by nine days. If she been able to vote, she said, she would have chosen Clinton.

    ”I wish it was her,” she said, referring to the nomination.

  81. Every major media outlet should read this fine synopsis of what PUMA-PAC and the disenfranchised majority core membership of the Democratic Party believes.

    The so-called liberal elite gave up any kind of critical thinking a long time ago to jump on the bandwagon of a very thin, superficial, and unelectable messiah. They still don’t have a clue that they were thrown under the same damned bus with all the rest of us. They venomously rejected the best candidate who best represented (categorically) the agenda they say they cared about and are content to remain in a state of blissful ignorance. We all know who they are going to blame for the loss in November.

    Real Democrats however, are going to fight to reinstall what was stolen from us and we are in it for the long haul. The so-called “party elders” who are responsible for this are about to find out what scorched earth is all about.

  82. Here we go. Obama just came out with a scathing negative ad against McCain about “honor.” Can’t be long before the Republicans take off the gloves. This is like that point in a long boxing match where the jabs start turning into uppercuts…

  83. Wow…I just don’t know what to say…except that I was wrong.

    In my blog, I challenged the PUMAs to leave a lucid, thoughtful comment defending their position of NOT supporting Barack Obama. I said there could be only three reasons for voting for someone else simply because he is not Hillary Clinton:

    1) you’re really a confused republican that does not share the core values of democrats

    2) you’re really stupid

    3) you’re really a racist, and you need to come to terms with that

    But I see now, there was a 4th possibility that I did not consider:

    You are completely insane.

    Let me get this straight. Because you think Hillary was cheated, you want to elect a guy who wishes to overturn Roe v. Wade, could care less about equal pay for equal work, and doesn’t know shit about the economy during the worst economic crisis of our lifetime?

    Wow. Thanks for clearing that up.

  84. River daughter,

    Sorry I spelled “apoptosis” incorrectly. Check it out, Conflucians:


    Pretty neat stuff.

  85. re: Jeff Beatty

    Zero info on social issues on his website.

    So far no reply to my email trying to get some info out of him
    re reproductive privacy, etc.

    I will vote O’Reilly tomorrow, although I would have considered voting for Beatty if he’d replied.

    At this point I want to punish the damned dems.

  86. Pat: at 9:17, you said, “Choosing Obama is a validation of fair play and voter chicanery.”

    Did you mean to say unfair play or something similar? Or is my reading comprehension slow this Monday morning?

    I always read your stuff carefully because you’re so darn smart. And often funny.

  87. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – “Thank you PUMA, and all who support it and make it possible!” I remember after the last primary finished, I didn’t know where to go from there, where I would have a voice. Almost instantly, Clinton Democrats came across my radar, introducing a coalition of others such as myself. From there, not long after, PUMA “came forth from the ashes” (to paraphrase a line from Patrick’s email posted at No Quarter). The strength and focus of PUMAs and co-conspirators is an invigorating movement, a focal point in the people taking charge of their country. My fondest thanks and gratitude to you, Riverdaughter, for being one of the fiercest and articulate voices. Lead on general, lead on!

  88. I have also emailed Therese Murray here in MA.
    No reply from her either.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to find out which MA delegates voted for HRC at the convention roll call?
    Is this classified info?

    I want to make sure I never support any of the f-ers that voted for Obama. (You’re on my BIG POOP LIST, Deval Patrick!)

    Nikki Tsongas is unchallenged but I’ll leave that part of my ballot blank. That beatch got a payoff from Obama before the convention. Frakk her too!

  89. Us, too, Erica. Us, too.

  90. For all those who continue to say they will be voting “present”, you still have 7 weeks to show your integrity and not allow others to carry your water.


  91. Valhalla, you nailed it.

    Clintons and a few others excepted; they resent needing our tainted, low-class votes.

    Yup. They have always needed and courted our votes, while privately sneering and hating that fact. This year, the sneering and resentment went public. It has not been pretty, to see what the Dem elites REALLY think of a large swath of this country. As soon as they thought they had enough votes in the youth and the AA bloc, they were falling all over themselves to rid themselves of those distasteful commoners.

  92. S, on September 15th, 2008 at 8:59 am Said:


    According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

    It’s striking such a high official is named and quoted!
    It will be interesting if the foreign press pick this up. However anything like this coming from Iraq can be Bush helping McCain …on the other hand, if Bush F-‘s up the post Ike situation in TX, that will damage McCain .

    McCain had better sent Cindy down there to kick ass

  93. Oh yeah, and I’m voting down Obama too with a vote for McCain. Only I get the privelege earlier the most! Absentee ballots get mailed out the beginning of October for Indiana!

    No how. No way. No Obama.

    No Deal!

  94. wmcb, on September 15th, 2008 at 10:29 am Said:

    Valhalla, you nailed it

    and I couldn’t agree more. I thought they at least respected us! HA! This year we saw the fangs .

  95. catarina,

    I don’t know if there is any way to find out who voted for Obama or Hillary. I do know that Martha Coakley fought hard to get the MA delegation to vote according to the results of the primary. And I heard that some women delegates stood up to the pressure and voted for Hillary. It wasn’t unanimous, but Obama got more votes, which is an outrage considering she won our primary about 15 points.

  96. I’m still waiting for the “national conversation about sexism” promised by Dean.

  97. Dear DNC:

    Got a minute! I just wanted to set the record straight a little bit even though I know you have your hands full trying to fix all the leaks erupting through the bottom of that Obama luxury liner you planned on sailing into Washington DC in January. The most I can offer is another handy bucket but I don’t see it doing much for you in the long run.

    See, you insisted on this guy from the beginning. You just did not care that 18 million of us men and women may have had other thoughts in mind. It was your way or the highway if I remember correctly. Many of us chose the highway and pursued a different path.

    So while you castigated a more than qualified female and made her into an unqualified nominee, John McCain poked a finger in your eye by nominating a woman as his running mate. And while you were wiping the tears from your eyes, this action moved the line of defense in an entirely different direction.

    Do I think she is qualified? Hell no! She is probably a competent pol representing her state to some degree, but is she actually ready to lead at this juncture, my radar tells me to slow it down a bit. Her being on that ticket is just their way of telling you that you have royally fu*ked up!

    And the most ironic twist to this nomination is that the public saw through this right from day one but they had already experienced a full blown misogyny putdown with the most qualified female to ever step foot on the national stage and their collective ire rose up. So now many find reasons to defend this nominee simply because of the awful bashing that was perpetrated against Hillary Clinton. Payback is a bitch you will have to agree.

    Now we find your unqualified and inexperienced presidential nominee running against their unqualified and inexperienced VP nominee from the other side! You cannot get more ironic than this can you? I mean, who woulda thought?

    But keep bailing as you drift along. Just a reminder that this did nothing for the Titanic. Once those leaks begin there is no stopping the eventual sinking. Perhaps it could have been shored up by counting the votes in a legitimate manner but you ignored the warnings.

    I hate kicking someone when they are down, but hell, I just cannot resist. And for those of us who remained on shore, good luck!

    I Told You So

  98. Sharon, on September 15th, 2008 at 10:32 am Said:
    I’m still waiting for the “national conversation about sexism” promised by Dean.


  99. I am a troll. I don’t know why I keep trying to post comments here. I guess I just can’t help myself.

    [edited by moderator]

  100. parentofed: You are correct in pointing that out. I should have reread before submitting. He is an idiot!

  101. Hillary in Boston September 19th.

  102. I just got an e-mail saying that Hillary will be in Boston on Friday. Is anyone going? I can’t afford the price of admission myself, but would love to hear what happens.

  103. bostonboomer


    I know over 50 MA delegates cast their votes for Hillary.
    I’d about sell my soul to the devil to find out which ones
    besides Martha..
    Maybe I’ll email Coakley’s office.

    Yesterday I stumbled upon the blog of a MA delegate who wrote about how Deval Patrick had addressed the delegation with his* importance of unity speel* before the vote-and presto! Everyone was unified!
    The blog owner promised a post convention update.
    Well, there was no update.
    Probably because there was no unity.

    I’m Sicilan and wired to hold a grudge.
    I want names, names, names!

  104. It looks like Troopergate will be going away:

    … North to Alaska: It turns out that well before he was jettisoned for what he says was his refusal to fire trooper Wooten at the behest of Sarah Palin, Monegan had his own share of domestic troubles – some of them spilling all the way down to the [San Francisco] Bay Area.

    In October 1994, Monegan’s estranged wife, who had moved from Alaska to the Peninsula with the couple’s two daughters after more than 10 years of marriage, sought a temporary restraining order against him – accusing Monegan of threatening to kill her, waving a gun at her and dislocating her shoulder, according to her declaration on file in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

    In an interview last week, Georgene Moldovan said Monegan had threatened several times to throw her body in an Alaska river. …


    M&R: Fired official has no grudge with Palin
    Sunday, September 14, 2008

  105. bb: My daughter in law is thinking of going. Not sure at this time. I cannot afford it either but she can. Will keep you abreast.

  106. Florida Surfer is a troll. FS, we don’t want to purge anyone from the Party. It is we who have been purged. Now go away.

  107. Damn.

    I see the price has come down to 100 bucks to see Hillary.
    I gave my money to Regency so she could see her in TX!

  108. catarina; You are a sweetheart!

  109. catarina,

    It says there are limited tickets available at that price though.

  110. aw, shucks Pat.
    What a worthy cause.
    She’s such a good kid-I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

  111. RD,

    Excellent post like usual which speaks exactly for me. I am also in NJ which, as you know went ,unanimously for Obama at the convention where NJ had been largely carried by Hillary. So for me the down ticket is a HUGE problem. If Corzine and Lautenberg had said no and talked of an organized walk-out (yes that’s call courage!) together with California and some other states, they would have ended this mess right there.

    Why should I give my vote to somebody who spit on it?

    On the other issue of the apoptosis. I have predicted this as a HUGE possibility since June. Parties eat their own. example: Margaret Tatcher. This Iraq issue is the point of the spear, the first jab. I believe is this one gets some traction, other issues will follow. And remember the Birth Certificate issue. I have said from the begining of this whole mess this is THE trump card for both parties. If it comes out in September, it comes from the Dems wanting a redo. If it comes out in late october, it’s from the Reps wanting to seal their numbers.

    I tested the issue of Ayers, yesterday on a non-declared PUMA, and he picked on the long time friendship between Michelle and Ayers’s wife, that well known terrorist. He was outraged about that. Very interesting…. It’s always the little human aspect which gets traction.

  112. BOOSTED by the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Republican John McCain has experienced a surge of support among women in heavily Democratic New York state – where he has closed the gap with Barack Obama, new private polls show.

    The internal Republican and Democratic polls, details of which were provided to The Post, have stunned members of both parties – and produced deep worries among Democrats.

    The private polls have consistently shown the Obama-Biden ticket still leading but with less than 50 percent of the vote in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 2.3 million voters.

    Shocking New York Poll Obama 46% McCain 41%

    Seven weeks until Election Day, the race for President has tightened in New York, with Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) leading Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) 46-41 percent among likely voters, according to a new Siena (College) Research Institute poll released today. Obama’s five point lead is down from eight points in August, 13 points in July and 18 points in June, when he led 51-33 percent. On a series of six questions concerning current issues in the campaign – economy, Iraq, terrorism, health care, America’s position in the world, and education – likely voters believe Obama will do a better job on four. Conversely, out of six attributes voters often look at in choosing a candidate – compassion, patriotism, experience, intelligence, integrity, and leadership – New York’s electorate gives the edge to McCain on four.

    “Although New York has long been regarded as a ‘safe’ state for the Democrats in presidential politics, likely voters in the Empire State are currently only giving Senator Obama a five-point cushion,” said Steven Greenberg, spokesman for the Siena New York Poll. “The conventions are over. The running mates are set. And as voters begin to focus on the race, New York’s overwhelming Democratic enrollment advantage is not reflected in how voters tell Siena they plan to vote.”




  113. I have to look it up, but I remember during the “O World Tour” reading a quote from someone in the Iraqi Govt complaining that Obama, in essence, didn’t want it to be perceived that the surge had worked. The Iraqi official was very annoyed. I’ve got to go see if I can find that article. It reminds me of this NY Post article.

  114. Florida Surfer, on September 15th, 2008 at 10:35 am Said:

    “Just out of curiosity, what sort of political party do you envisage after the purge of the obots? ”

    I hope for one in which the next Presidential candidate is a female computational chemist – a person with brains, guts, integrity, compassion, fighting spirit, and stamina, who can write with clarity, flair and persuasiveness, and who can stimulate and carry a major debate.

  115. RD, sorry if I was a bit abrasive on my earlier comment. I really would like to have a discussion with you on my significantly less crowded blog. I promise not to be an asshole–I really want to understand why you feel the way you do. I’ve even, as a show of good faith, linked your website to my blog. Hope you stop by.

  116. urgetocompute – Hillary????????/

  117. Brava, Riverdaughter! Well done indeed!

    The perfect PUMA manifesto!

  118. I thought they at least respected us! HA! This year we saw the fangs .

    paperdoll, and now those distasteful commoners and uppity wimminz are going to hand them their ass on a platter. Have a latte with that big ol’ ass-sandwich, Pelosi and Dean and Kerry and Donna and Teddy. Chow down, you pigs.

  119. Ben McKnight, on September 15th, 2008 at 10:54 am Said:

    “RD, sorry if I was a bit abrasive on my earlier comment.”

    Ben, you were not a bit abrasive – you were totally offensive. You call people who have Ph.D.’s in technical fields, and others with major artistic and technical achievements to their name, insane because they do not agree with you. My friend, you need help.

  120. RD, love the line… “built-in BS detectors”.

  121. Thanks for the spot-on summation, Riverdaughter. That’s an insightful and clearly stated manifesto for where-do-we-go-from-here.

    About the Post story:

    “According to Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Obama made his demand for delay a key theme of his discussions with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad in July.

    “He asked why we were not prepared to delay an agreement until after the US elections and the formation of a new administration in Washington,” Zebari said in an interview. ”

    this isn’t just a repeat of Reagan’s interference in the Iran hostage incident. It’s also a repeat of Richard Nixon’s collusion with Thieu on the Vietnam peace talks in the interval between the ’68 election and his taking the oath in January of next year. The maneuver has a very long, very sorry and very right-wing history. It should dispel any remaining illusion that Obama is a real Democrat or a liberal of any stamp. He’s a neocon, and no neocon gets my vote.

  122. Carol – I believe that the computational chemist in question is RD herself. :o)

    You know, my avatar looks strangely like Blue, the dog from Blues Clues.

  123. urgetocompute: How about the most qualified candidate? Male, female, black, white, green, blue, Christian, non Christian, agnostic, atheist? And the nominee wins it fair and square, the caucuses are no longer, the supers don’t get to vote until the convention, all votes are counted, the party need only sign the checks? I could actually live with this.

  124. Ben,

    Try reading the post you are supposedly commenting on. If that isn’t clear enough for you, there are plenty of other posts in the archives that spell out our position. It is not our job to help you “understand.”

  125. Ben, we are not here to have a discussion with you, nor to justify ourselves to you. The time for that is LONG over. We don’t owe you shit.

    Try reading comprehension. If you wish to know “why we feel the way we do”, go back and read the many many posts explaining just that.

    Otherwise, you are merely here to distract us, and we do not have time to be distracted. We have a mission, here, and you are an annoyance.

  126. paperdoll: I think we are having a national conversation about sexism. It’s with Sarah Palin, and this year, the sexism has all come from the Democratic Party.

    Nice conversation, huh?

  127. Ben: I’m with BB on this. I have laid out our reasoning pretty clearly. There is nothing to discuss with you. I am not persuadable on Obama. I absolutely will not vote for him under any circumstances. Case closed. Nothing to discuss.
    Now, if you want to talk about why I think Obama should sacrifice his ambitions and step down for the good of the party, that’s a conversation I will gladly indulge in- here. Not on someone elses blog.

  128. Thank you, RD, for your excellent post. You have described PUMAs perfectly. For the record, my husband and I never voted for Reagan, have voted Democrat in every election, have contributed financially and with legwork to the Democratic party, are educated, upper middle class latte drinkers, and we will be voting McCain/Palin and straight Republican down the ticket in November.

    The only voice we have to express our dissatisfaction with the Democratic party is our votes. Our money, time, and votes will be going to the GOP this year, and possibly for many years to come unless we see some major reform in the Democratic primaries and in the party itself.

  129. Pat Johnson, on September 15th, 2008 at 11:01 am Said:

    “How about the most qualified candidate? Male, female, black, white, green, blue, Christian, non Christian, agnostic, atheist? And the nominee wins it fair and square, the caucuses are no longer, the supers don’t get to vote until the convention, all votes are counted, the party need only sign the checks? I could actually live with this.”

    Pat, are you suggesting – gasp! – a DEMOCRACY? (Heady thought)

  130. urgetocompute: Ok, who are you?

  131. Exellent riverdaughter. Thank you.

  132. RD – not sure how to answer that fully in this forum. Someone who has been a Hillary supporter for a long time, who shares the intense disappointment of the DNC, of Obama’s despicable political machinations, and who has great admiration for what you are doing here. You have established, to my mind, a wonderful forum for a different and more intelligent kind of political debate that has otherwise been sadly lacking.

  133. Speaks for me. Voting in this particular election is more an act of faith than any hard evidence that either political party has one’s best interests in mind, so I think it is time that we think along the lines of JFK’s famous dictum about who’s best for the country. For me that leaves an easy choice. But then I realize that intelligence and faith are frequently found to be mutually exclusive, and this election cycle seems to insist on proving that this is not the most compelling season to hide behind open-ended slogans and empty suits. I’d prefer to leave those things to the community organizers of the world.

  134. PJohnson, you are on fire with your posts- outstanding stuff in all of them. This was the best:

    “The corruption is rife in both parties and until that issue has been soundly addressed expect more of the same. ”

    Plus bonus commentary about the lamented demise of Arrested Development. Well done.

    But after reading the comments in this thread, started wondering why the PUMAs didn’t step over to the GOP and begin taking charge there? Agreed that putting Palin on the ticket is arguably a very cynical ploy- but in this case the cynical ploy works FOR women, and not AGAINST them- why not go path of least resistance?

    From where I’m standing, looks like McCain and Hillary are within shouting distance of one another on most issues, and seem to remember McCain recently spoke semi-favorably about putting Hillary in his cabinet.

    Point being, ideologically it wouldn’t be as large a leap over to the GOP as one would think on first glance. And besides- platforms and party goals are fungible things, as evidenced by this campaign season- things can be changed.

    Dunno- just supposing here… I’m as sick of business as usual as most people on this thread, so a shake-up like the PUMAs taking over or becoming a large voice in the GOP might be a very good thing… at the least it’d be great to see the shocked faces of all the smug DC “pundit” types if it came to pass.

  135. Since our dear Riverdaughter needs no defense from me, I hope she’ll forgive me for pointing out that it’s stupid to call a computational chemist stupid or “really” stupid.

    It’s also redundant because all stupid people are really stupid, or their stupidity wouldn’t be real, in which case they wouldn’t be stupid at all.

    It’s also knavish, if not really knavish, to suggest that somebody with no known history of racism is racist, or really racist; it’s also redundant to call her really racist for the same reason it’s redundant to call her really stupid.

    Since false accusations of racism are stupid, if not really stupid, I hope we won’t see any more of them, although the way this campaign is going, I really doubt that that will be the case.

  136. No Super Delegates need apply. One person, One vote, Popular Vote wins. Period. End of Story. End of Fraud. End of swaying the Election to the benefit of Minorities.


  137. “After the election in November, we are not going away, especially if the powers that be do nothing to prevent the loss of Congress to the Republicans. ”

    — by voting for McCain you’re adding to the momentum that will ENSURE the loss of Congress to the Republicans…

  138. Right on target as usual RD!

    This old PUMA is voting McCain/Palin to lodge a protest, to vote for a woman and because WI is a leaner state.

    Wisconsin had been in the solid blue column but is now just leaning blue. Obama has gone from 5+ ahead to 3 up.

    Down ticket I will vote for whoever I think will do the best job. I voted mostly straight Dem for 40+ years. Those days are gone. Now I will vote for the person, not the party. It’s a big change for me. For a while I felt as if I’d lost a part of my identity. Now, I feel like I found it.

    NØbama NØway

  139. A new post at No Quarter has more background on the Obama interference in Iraq Story.


  140. a rightish visitor: McCain and Hillary are NOT within shouting distance of one another. Republicans and Clinton Democrats have completely different views on the role of government in citizens’ lives. They are irreconcilable. That is why McCain is a Republican. It is because he is not a Democrat. That doesn’t mean they can’t work together on some issues like corruption, campaign reform, immigration and stuff like that. But when it comes to civil liberties, sharing of risk, free market capitalism, privacy and war, the parties are different. VASTLY different. Or they should be and would be, until Obama came along with his post-partisanship spiel.
    No, we don’t have any interest in taking over the republican party, thank you. We are firmly in the progressive camp. it’s just that McCain is not a Bushie. He’s more of an old style Republican. Not our cup of tea in the least little bit but by all accounts, a decent person who will not harm us. The danger is in losing the Congress to the Republicans. They are more movememt conservative types and belligerent assholes. The desire to purge the party is going to trickle down to Congress and coupled with the Palin move, we are in big trouble. One party rule is never a good idea unless the party in power is cleaning up after the one that has gone radical. This is not what awaits us. Instead, we will have a regular Republican president and a rabidly radical Republican Congress. It could be very destructive.
    That is what I fear. It doesn’t make me want to become Republican. I have no use for that kind of power if it means I walk around feeling dirty.

  141. Riverdaughter’s post certainly puts Puma’s current position and dilemmas in prospective brilliantly. It seems that the best goal for which to strive would be Obama’s defeat while maintaining democratic control of both houses of congress. This should not preclude a price paid by the main architects of the stolen primary election. I have a suggestion. Years ago, when our current Indiana senator, Evan Bayh’s father, Birch Bayh, was senator, the republicans put together a stratedgy that targeted a small number of democratic senators they wanted to eliminate in the next election. Accomplishing their goal meant contributing large sums of money to opponents and doing all in their pwoer to discredit these senators with their constituents. They were successful in bringing at least some of the democrats down. WhiIe I have never been a particular advocate of republican dirty tricks, I think a similar approach might be employed to rid the party of the leaders who led us into this horrible mess. I would suggest supporting downticket democrats, but targeting the following two:

    John Kerry – Support Ed O’ Reilly
    Nancy Pelosi – Support Cindy Sheehan

    Eliminating these two would send a definite message, While I understand the reluctance on the part of some of us to vote for McCain and I certainly would not wish to break my record of never voting republican, I will vote for McCain with shaking fingers, because my republican vote will actually count as two votes against Obama. Indiana traditionally goes republican in presidentail elections, but given the mayor of Gary’s talent for fudging, I am not taking any chances.

  142. jjb,

    RD has repeatedly said she doesn’t plan to vote for McCain. No individual is responsible for what happens in the election. In fact our votes only matter if we live in a swing state. In addition, there is no need for any of us to decide what we will do right now. If the Democrats lose the House in the fall, it will be the fault of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazille, and most of all Barack Obama.

  143. RD,

    Are you staying home today or did the firewall go away? It’s so nice to see you commenting!

  144. What Boston Boomer and RD said. It is the principle we uphold. I would rather my hands become paralyzed before I vote for McCain. But I will do what I have to in MA if it means keeping Obama from winning. The risk is much too great.

  145. Wow – Riverdaughter – you are awesome – wish this could be read by everyone who has doubts about cupcake – also read the article from KenoshaMarge & I remember thinking the same thing when I saw the Palin interview on faux news – could’ve been my home when I was a kid –
    With your permission – RD – I would like to copy your post & email to my best friend – she was a Hillary supporter but is scared to death of John McCain & Sarah Palin – we’ve tried to discuss but it has gotten a little heated and we’ve agreed to not discuss anymore – feel badly but perhaps I was a little aggressive – I’ve been here & there since everything fell apart for Hillary in May – was here the night SM(77) coined the Party United My Ass slogan & joined PUMA on 6/5/08 –
    Glad I’m not alone in this – I have never loathed anyone as much as I do the current Dem nominee – was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me – I’ve spent the last 8 years avoiding seeing or listening to Shrub – I just thoroughly dislike him – but now I find myself doing the same thing with cupcake & like I say – I absolutely loathe him & everything he stands for – don’t like listening to him – ever notice how his cadence changes depending upon his audience? -okay, I’ll stop now – thanks for letting me rant

  146. I DEFINITELY DO NOT LIKE THE IMAGERY OF CUT OFF THE HEAD. I do not think you should use this line. There are many ways to say the same thing. All I can think of with that line is the beheading of Pearl and others by jihadists. Please come up with something else. I do not disagree with the basic idea of defeating the top of the ticket and working for the down ticket—something I have always believed from the moment I had to concede that my gal was not going to be our nominee.

  147. Sorry – ‘Party Unity My Ass” – fingers were flying too fast

  148. The idea that votes against Obama/for McCain Palin only count in swing states is not valid imho. I am CA; I would expect Obama to carry CA by 10%, HRC would probably carry the state by 15%. If my vote for McCain Palin can help shrink that margin in Pelosi’s front yard and the front yard of the Hollywood crowd that has absolutely gone berserk, then I will cast my vote. The message has to be sent loud and clear in every state. I will most certainly vote for Dems in other respects unless they are under indictment. If we want to take this party back, we have to make sure this party is fearful that they are going to lose a lot more than the presidency. And if the party does not dramatically clean up its act I think it is 3rd party time. I give them 6 months to clean house then they are over.

  149. jjb: We are doing nothing of the sort. My post was meant to be a warning and call of desperation for the party to get its shit together. Ever since the convention, I have been pushing hard for Downticket Dems. The last thing I want to see is the party lose Congress. But the biggest blow to the Dem candidates is not coming from PUMAs. It is coming from the entry of Palin in the race. The alienation of the democratic base is only exacerbating the problem.
    Are you getting it now? Obama is no hero for allowing his half of the party to bully and run roughshod over the other half. A lot of Democrats are staying home this year and some of the rest will be voting *against* the very people who sold them out at the convention. And why shouldn’t these people be punished? In some districts, like Patrick Murphy’s in Pennsylvania, the vote was overwhelmingly for Clinton but he gave his vote to Obama. That was wrong. If he doesn’t pay for that, then voting in a primary means nothing.
    It was a critical mistake for the party to treat Hillary and her voters as if they were irrelevant. It should have let the primaries play out without interference. It should have allowed for a floor debate and a genuine roll call vote. Intimidation of delegates shouldn’t have been allowed. There is a price to be paid for the substitution of the will of a bunch of establishment middle aged white guys for the will of the people.
    This is the danger that the DNC walked into. We refuse to feel guilty for exercising our consciences. If you don’t like the prospect of Congress reverting back to the Republicans, then I suggest you contact your superdelegate and ask him/her ot ask Obama to step down for the good of the party. It’s time you stopped blaming the voters for not giving you everything you want with nothing in return.

  150. BB: Sore throat. headache. I’m at home.

  151. OT: can someone link me to the post where the final vote talleys were laid out? I think it was originally LadyBoomerNYC’s post?

  152. Yep. Yes, and right. I’m with others above. How do you get up in the morning and so consistently bang these statements out?

  153. Maybe it is because I am in a bad place right now. but I refuse to tolerate the disrespect from the democratic party.
    Like most of you I have voted democratic all my voting life. I have volunteered for the democratic party.

    The democrats forgot WE put them in Washington to do the people’s business.
    WE pay their salaries and expect a lot more from them then they are doing.
    They are putting this country at risk by their actions.
    That is unacceptable.
    I do believe that Johm McCain loves this country.
    That is more then I can say about backtrack and the people who mentored him.

    Maybe a national boycott of msm and advertised products could be called for certain days and make sure it long and wide spread and loud.
    Nothing else is working.



  154. Maybe we should do like they do in Europe call for a general strike for one day nation wide.
    I don’t think it has ever be done here.



  155. We have become invisibles to most of these politicians. The only time the come around is during an election. You can’t get an e-mail response or a phone call returned. They do not give a damn. Only when they see a movement coming out of nowhere like the PUMAs do they take notice.

    I no longer wish to be placated: I want to be heard!

  156. Love your site – read it everyday.

    Thank you for talking about the Supreme Court. I have been talking about the current conservative majority of judges who could have overturned Roe this past year. Even if obama became president, Roe could still be overturned on his watch. And given how little he has done for his constituents, he probably would not blink if Roe was overturned.
    These young people need to wake up and research the facts.

  157. RD,

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I have a cold too and really bad sinus headache at the moment. May we both feel better soon!

  158. RD,

    miracle spray for the sore throat : Herbal throat spray by Wellness (you find it in Health stores and Whole foods) Also, Grandma’s remedy: gargle with listerine half pure (half listerine and half water).

  159. The trolls are still in emergency juku sessions.

  160. RD: Great post. You speak for me as well. Defeating BO and tossing the bums out is crucial.

    Sore throat? Gross as it is, gargle with salt water and take an Advil for the inflammation and pain. Then have somebody bring you ice cream.

  161. Hello, I’m just jumping in to provide a comment on the post.

    I’m a life long independent with a strong history of voting Democratic (I’ve only voted for Republicans on the state level, and only if they seemed more capable and prepared than the Democratic candidates). However, I’ve been so disgusted by the behavior of the Democratic Party during the primaries, that I’ve actually decided to vote Republican across the board in November.

    I’m doing so to send a strong message that the entire Party must be held accountable for the cheating and blatant favoritism that occurred during the nomination process. I don’t know of any Democratic candidate that has come out to blow the whistle on what the Party leadership allowed to happen. Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, they’re all guilty of putting their own interests above the best interests of this country (as well as the long term interest of the Party).

    Anyone who realizes that the rights of voters are being compromised and doesn’t speak out is essentially an accomplice, and does not deserve to become an elected official. If a candidate won’t stand up for basic democratic voting rights and the fair application of Party rules, how on earth can I count on them to take a strong stand on anything while under the pressures of public office.

    Yes, my viewpoint is drastic and I’m sure most here will disagree with me. I’m not voicing my opinion in an attempt to convince anyone to follow suit, but rather for informational purposes. If I feel this way, there may be others who feel the same, or who may end up feeling this way if damaging and embarrassing information is revealed during the next few weeks. If voters end up believing that the Democratic leadership and superdelegates cheated to nominate an unqualified candidate, then I suspect down ticket dems could pay a serious price.

  162. Total agreement here, RD. Thanks for putting it so clearly.

  163. “WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.”

    This made me think of Nixon too. With his “secret” plan to end the war, he made it go on for years and cost us tens of thousands of soldiers lives.

  164. Hell yeah, RD. I am really fired up now. Thank you reading my mind and for being much more articulate then I could ever be. You are a treasure.

  165. riverdaughter, thank you. I’m going to send this to all my friends and family members who think I’m nuts.

    PUMA for McPalin08 and Clinton12

  166. Wow, RD, you’ve hit a grand slam with this one. It speaks to me and for me. These are exactly the reasons I’m a PUMA and why I will not vote for Obama under any circumstances. In fact, I’ve already decided to vote for McCain/Palin simply because my state (Oregon) is getting closer and closer to a toss up. I will not sit this out and allow Obama to squeak by.

    Incidentally, I’ve read quite a few posts from people who assume their states will go blue, as they usually do, so don’t feel they will have to make a hard choice. I would urge you to pay close attention to the polls. Just in the last couple of days, Minnesota has become a toss up. Minnesota is about as blue as you can get. There is a brand new New York poll out today that has Obama only up by 5 – that’s pretty close to the margin of error. I’ve seen a recent New Jersey poll that is down to 3. If NY and NJ are that close, I have to believe that all the blue states are going to be swing states this election. None of us may have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines.

  167. Riverdaughter–As always, you’ve captured the PUMA movement beautifully and succinctly. Thank you.

    I’m in Florida. Obama didn’t want my vote in January, so he will not get it in November.

    My vote for McCain/Palin is a protest vote to keep Obama out of the White House. I will vote downticket Dem to keep the McCain administration in line. I’m sure Hillary will be able to handle those Dems who turned their back on her.

  168. As always, RD, you hit another one out of the park with your sublime ability to so clearly convey the PUMA viewpoint. With you all 100%. We tried to tell them and not only did they refuse to listen, they replied rudely, if at all. Now they’re on the rout with the polls closing in on them and all they can do is tell media to keep editing out the facts and modifying context.

    Good Riddance to the perpetrators of this shameful scam and Godspeed to all those who see through it and work to spread the truth.

    McCain in ’08– ’12 won’t be too late!

  169. RD:

    As I said, just doing some supposin’ on a hypothesis.

    However, I appreciate the courtesy with which you expressed your strongly held views. I am merely a visitor, and as such can easily be banned or belittled.

    You stated your beliefs eloquently and passionately but with tact and restraint- and I thank you for that.

  170. i’m from New York and will be voting for Mccain.
    My decision was made before Palin, but she helps.
    I will also vote down rep. because of the message
    it will send. Sometimes you have to take a stand and
    pray your decision is the right one.

  171. Can we get a coalition together to turn Illinois red? I know that’s probably a really nice fantasy, but it would certainly send the message loud and clear!

    RD – always a pleasure reading anything you write

    suggestion – if you get solicitations in the snail mail, hopefully they include one of those lovely prepaid return envelopes – send the literature back with PUMA written in big, black letters all over it, that should either send a message or hopefuly get your name off the O List so you can get on with your very real life

  172. Yes! Actions have consequences.

    Great post!


  173. I’m so fired up!

    Excellent post RD!

  174. Amazing post.

    Mawm (and Asian4Hillary on the last PURrrrrr show) are right. Half measures aren’t enough. I said I’d never vote Republican because I’m vain. I voted Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Kerry in my life.

    Never say never?

  175. Esp now that they’re tampering with absentee ballots.

    You know it’s happening with this bunch.

  176. Did anyone see the last episode of Desperate Housewives? Katherine was stalked and abused by her ex-husband so she finally killed him knowing there’d be consequences. It turns out she did the right thing so there were no consequences.

    Half measures aren’t enough.

  177. Take a look at Seattle pi.com
    Last updated September 11, 2008 1:01 p.m. PT
    Obama only talks good game on gender pay equity

    Obama pays his female staffers .83 to the male staffers $1.00
    McCain pays females $1.04 to males $1.00

    Now I ask who is unfair, who is unequal.

    Also interesting the MSM has not picked up on this story.

  178. Regarding the NY post article that was posted, thank you for that info! My God, what a hypocrite BO is. I hope McCain uses this, as it is good information for all Americans to know in order to make the correct decision in November. Since the NYT insisted on smearing Gov. Palin in four separate articles this sunday( 6,000 + words. They must be terrified), I’m happy to see some actual fact-based reporting.

    I’m soooo upset about the tactics that NYT, WaPO, and LA times are taking. And they aren’t the only ones. BO’s latest ads say that McCain has lied, but they don’t talk about specific lies. They just say “lies” and then quote these publications who are obviously in BO’s pocket.

    I’m not fooled. And as per a Rasmussen Report, neither is most of America. 7 in 10 Americans (69%) say that not only does MSM push the candidate that they want to vote for, 5 in 1 Americans believe they are pushing Obama. And this has been going on since at least January 2008. Hillary had to go through this.

    The MSM thinks it owns American minds. Well, this isn’t 1984. This is 2008, and Americans are smarter than that!

    Re: the Tina Fey/Sarah Palin appearance on SNL. Chevy Chase said on Fox News that “we din’t need the Hillary thing”. YES WE DID! Go to the link I left and see if you don’t think TF is a Hillary supporter.


  179. Great article!! It hit all the points. You know, at first I thought about not casting a vote for anyone, then I had second thoughts. It is my right to vote for the person leading this
    country, and I admit the person I want as leader is not on the ticket. Hopefully she will be in 2012. My way of thinking is simple, if we don’t vote or if we vote for a minor candidate, then in essence that will end up as a vote for Obama. It will split the votes and I am afraid he will be the winner. If Obama wins then as far as I can see, Hillary will never be our president. If Obama loses, she can and WILL be the candidate in 2012.
    We all need to go vote and ensure that the Republicans will only have the presidency for four more years. If Obama wins, it will be for EIGHT more years and that is EIGHT years we nor Hillary can afford. Thank you and blessings to all.

  180. The point about voting McCain/Palin versus
    “nothing on top” worries me.

    What if Obama wins the popular vote but loses
    the electoral vote? There will be pandemonium.

    The best case if if McCain/Palin wins both
    popular vote and electoral vote and ends this
    Obama/Dean/Pelosi/Brazile nonsense once
    and for all.

    What is so terrible about McCain/Palin? They
    aren’t perfect but they are a hell of a lot better
    than the alternative.

  181. I happened upon this site accidently. I am a Republican. I just wanted to say that even I felt bad for Hillary at her treatment at Obama’s hands. I said at the time, he is going to rue the day he did that. If it came down to it, I’d rather have her, any day, than Obama. I believe that she is not so radical left that Obama is. It truly scares me if he would win the election.
    I was thrilled with Sarah Palin, I have never really considered myself a feminist, but couldn’t believe how thrilled I was when he named her. I know alot of my relatives and friends(females) feel the same.
    Anyway, good luck on your mission, I admire your courage in the face of taking on the O machine.

  182. Thank you for putting into wordes exactly how I feel

  183. Thanks, Riverdaughter. You are SPOT ON!

  184. obama is really getting dirty. PUMAS need to rally around McCain/Palin and give obama a serious hosing on November 4th.

  185. GREAT summation of the “cause,” its purpose, and its goals. Wonderful comments from everyone (except the Obots).

    As an afterthought, wouldn’t it be nice if we could set up something special for election day? Emotions will be running high with all of us that day, I think.

    Also, as a fundraiser, I thought it might be nice if you offered some really nice pictures (8×10 or 5×7) of Hillary. I have the June issue of New York with her cover (“Hillary Clinton, Superstar), and I would like to frame that and place it in a place of prominence. However, I know the paper will age with time. I think the picture of her on the “Hillary Bucks” is very nice. Anyway, I just thought that many of her admirers would also cherish such a momento, of her historic candidacy, as well as the inception of this historic coaltion.

  186. Thanks, RD, for laying it out so concisely. It seems our Puma message is resonating and turning the tide for McCain. If we couldn’t have Hillary, McCain/Palin is certainly palatable.

    I suggest voting person not party for the down ticket races. We need to send every reform-minded candidate to DC that we can find, regardless of party.

  187. I was a true supporter of Hillary and can’t stand the thought of voting Obama. I will be voting for McCain/Palin with a good feeling. I am sick to know the party I have supported my entire voting life has not only thrown us under the bus but continues to run us over. I am putting my country first and voting for the Reps.

  188. Principle is always most important… Glad to know you are here…

  189. I have been an unaffilliated independent my entire voting life, not to age myself but that amounts to over 30 years. I have been an interested reader of all the JSND listed sites, as well as, following all the PUMA activities online and on MSM. Although I was not a Hillary supporter, I must say that throughout the Dem primary campaigns and convention, I gained a tremendous amount of respect for her tenacity, courage, and sheer grace in the face of the terrible treatment she received at the hands of her own party and the MSM. I am a devout McCain/Palin supporter at this juncture because I have done a massive amount of research on Obama, and frankly it all scares the hell out of me. There is so much info out there and the vast majority of it is vetted and sourced (as opposed to the BO tactic of rumor mongering and distortion). As an army vet who loves this country I find it hard to understand why anyone would or could support this charlatan. I just wanted to say hi to all of you and commend you for standing up to the status quo. It is the people of your caliber (we the people and not the sheeple) who make this country what it is and has always been – the worlds best hope. I commend you all and wish you well in your endeavors.

  190. Excellent post. I’m so afraid Obama will win I am voting straight Republican – someone’s got to be there to keep the Socialist in check.

  191. Kudos for a Great article!

    Lets make it plain and simple Hillary is not a viable candidate in the 08 election unless something big happens like if Obama has to be taken off the ballots see obamacrimes .com.

    But is nothing happens the only way we are going to defeat Obama is by voting for MCcain.

  192. Great post Riverdaugheter. This dem will not be voting for ANY dems this year because of the fraud they have perpetrated. I am comfortable with the McCain/Palin ticket. McCain is the one who has a record of working in a bipartisan way. That is what our country needs so desperately now in order to implement solutions to our problems.

  193. Thanks! Also, it is interesting that the major media is suddenly interested in the subject of “sexism” now that Hillary is defeated! Of course the intention this time is to cause ambivalence toward Gov.Palin! Nobuma!!!

  194. McCain and Palin’s records sure don’t match their “reformist” rhetoric. And thank goodness most intelligent women recognize that FACT. It very sad that you PUMAs are so easily manipulated by the Right-Wing Republican propaganda machine!

  195. The Democrats have become a cult of naive hatemongers, blindly following the “O”!
    Their ugly methods have surpassed anything I have ever believed of the Republicans – I could never remain part of a party that has turned into such a heinous hate group.
    Atlantic photographer Jill Greenberg is another example of malicious behavior – hired to photograph McCain, she took advantage of him by lighting him from below and then posting the photos on her website doctored with red eyes, sharp teeth and dripping blood – the height of professionalism! Say what you will about McCains views, but this man was imprisoned and tortured in defense of our country – what has she done?


    In looking at her website, you will find the following statement –
    “The photographs of Senator John McCain have been removed temporarily while Jill Greenberg is in discussions with the Atlantic Monthly. Further, we deeply regret the misspelling of the word “warmonger”.


    Becoming a PUMA became the obvious thing to do….

  196. If you review the senate voting record, you will see McCain & Clintons voting records are much closer than Clintons and Obamas (what little record he has). McCain has always worked with democrats. He is a republican I can feel comfortable voting for. The far crazed left has taken over the party and it is time they were defeated and take the party back.

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