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WWBGA: Why Won’t Barack Get Angry?

With Obama’s poll numbers tanking, his supporters are calling on him to “release his righteous rage,” as Aaariahhnah Huffington puts it. Huffington had a fascinating e-mail exchange with her good friend John Cusack, noted actor and political pundit. The two agreed on

…the American public’s readiness to replace the John Wayne take-no-crap-cowboy model of leadership with a Gregory Peck-does-Atticus Finch archetype…Now, as the crises facing our country intensify, and the campaign McCain is running becomes sleazier and more trivial, it’s time for Obama to unleash his inner Atticus — or at least the key element of Finch that Obama seems reluctant to embrace: righteous rage.

Really? I don’t quite see Barack as Atticus Finch, but I’m willing to go with that for the moment, I guess.

Cusack thinks that

Obama has waited long enough to show us this side of himself. Besides, we need to know that he can be a mean motherf*cker if he wants this job.”

I’d say he’s been pretty mean in his treatment of Sarah Palin for the past couple of weeks; it just doesn’t seem to be working. But I guess Cusack means Obama should be angry about issues. Arianna:

As a leader fighting for fundamental change in this country, Obama has to be willing to show us that kind of righteous anger. I don’t know about you, but when I think about what George Bush has done to this country — and what John McCain wants to keep doing — I consider outrage the only rational and legitimate response. So why don’t we see this outrage from Obama?

Gee, Arianna, maybe Barack just isn’t all that outraged about Bush’s policies. After all, he was opposed to impeaching Bush and Cheney, he voted for Cheney’s energy bill, and just recently he voted for amnesty for the telcoms that helped the Bush administration spy on Americans. Just what is it you think Barack is going to get outraged about?

Today Obama appeared in Concord and Manchester, NH. Did he channel Atticus Finch? The Washington Post doesn’t think so.

If Democrats were expecting a dramatic change in words, tone or temperament, they did not get it. While McCain attacked him as a pampered, fading celebrity, a sexist and a desperate bully, Obama stuck to familiar themes linking the senator from Arizona to Bush and Washington lobbyists.

Even after being prodded by the audience in Dover, Obama appeared reluctant to get too aggressive. Glenn Grasso, 39, a doctoral student, pleaded: “When and how are you going to start fighting back?”

Obama responded by calling McCain’s ads “just fabricated” and “just made up,” an answer that spurred some to shout out: “Lies.”

“Lies, that’s the word,” Obama said.

Oooooh! That’s more like it! Oh, wait…

CNN reprinted part of Obama’s speech in Manchester, NH:

“John McCain wants to have a debate about national security; let’s have that debate. I warned that going into Iraq would distract us from Afghanistan. John McCain cheerleaded for it. John McCain was wrong, and I was right.”

“The McCain-[Sarah] Palin ticket, they don’t want to debate the Obama-Biden ticket on issues because they are running on eight more years of what we’ve just seen. And they know it,” the Democratic presidential nominee said. “As a consequence, what they’re going to spend the next seven, eight weeks doing is trying to distract you.

“They’re going to talk about pigs, and they’re going to talk about lipstick; they’re going to talk about Paris Hilton, they’re going to talk about Britney Spears. They will try to distort my record, and they will try to undermine your trust in what the Democrats intend to do.”

Hmmmmm…I don’t know if that’s quite the “mean motherfu*ker” that Arianna and John Cusack were fantasizing about. Besides, if you ask me, that line about “wanting to have that debate” is getting a little old, especially since Obama has refused to debate anyone since Hillary crushed him in the Pennsylvania primary debate.

Joe Biden was supposed to appear in New Hampshire today too, but the AP reports that

He canceled plans to appear Saturday with Obama in New Hampshire because of Hurricane Ike, the campaign said. But the two men met privately Thursday night in New York, and a senior campaign official said Biden told Obama they must keep the focus on McCain and the economy and argue that McCain would be “dangerous” as president given the volatility of the economy and world.

Uh huh. I’d like to have been a fly on the wall in that meeting. I’d be willing to bet a few bucks that Obama showed a little righteous anger over Biden’s remarks the other day to the effect that Hillary would have been a better choice for Vice President. I don’t think that I buy the line that Biden cancelled his appearances because of Hurricane Ike. It seems a lot more likely that he’s been grounded and sent to bed without his supper.

When oh when will Barack get really mad and fight back against Republicans rather than Democrats? John Cusack wants him to act like African American movie stars like Sidney Poitier, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, and Morgan Freeman

these are men who have the inherent dignity to express the kind of cosmic rage that comes from being human and responding to injustice. They are perceived as authentic and powerful precisely because they show us their anger as they fight for what is right and true and good. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t respect them.”

Cosmic rage? That’s a tall order there, John. Well, you never know. I’ll be waiting and watching….

254 Responses

  1. Hey guys, join me tonight.

    Matt is back with a Exclusive interview with Larry Sincalir on his past with Barack Obama, sexual allegations, National-press conference drama, being on Obama’s secret service watch, delaware-drama, obama’s internet thugs, and so much!!!

    Top news Topics: Polls, Sarah Palin interview, Will biden be replace with Hillary, Smears contine against Palin, Electoral Map shake-up, birth-certificate, 527s against Obama, October surprise talk, and so much more!!

    Matt returns tonight at 11PM ET!!! Call-in 347-202-0443.


  2. Was John Cusack living under a rock during the Democratic primaries? Obama’s minions in the media and the Democratic Party were “mean motherf*ckers” to Hillary Clinton while Obama played the innocent above the fray politician who was unaware of the smears and lies his campaign was releasing about Clinton for months. I knew the Obamabots wouldn’t actually have the balls to go after McCain though. Obama is best at attacking women which is why he and the Obamabots have gone ballistic over Palin. You know, those who are perceived to be worth less than men in politics and society are the ones Obama feels comfortable with demeaning and taking subtle sexist jabs that he and his supporters can chuckle over.

  3. DV,

    See they want Obama to get all worked up about Bush’s undemocratic policies. And apparently they were under a rock during the undemocratic primaries–or else they thought doing anything to beat Hillary was the right thing to do.

  4. Why are movie stars the new “experts” anyway? And what qualifies John Cusack to pontificate on politics?

  5. I read the book and own the DVD and O is no Atticus.

  6. Huffie and Cusack….Jeebus gag me with a spork.

  7. I find this youtube piece really hillarious.

  8. Arianna is just as big a narcissist as Obama. What she can’t stand is that her smear campaign against Palin isn’t working, so she’s lashing out at Obama. I can’t but help enjoy the show. pass the popcorn

  9. the reason there is no righteous rage is because no one in that camp has a righteous bone among them.

  10. Well, I’ve got some righteous anger

    I’m still steaming (from the last thread) about not getting Health Care for Everyone this time. Again.

    (screaming) This is my 10th presidential election and you’d think ONE of those times we could have gotten Health Care for Everyone.

    Cusick and Huffington can go to həll for all I care.

    I don’t give a sh¡t about the Democratic Party. They’ve given me pretty much nothing. And now with Obama, they’ve gone even lower.

  11. I thought he was Jesus…

  12. amen katiebird!!

  13. Wasn’t Cusick doing lectures about “The Shock Doctrine” last spring? Is he going to school or something?

  14. he’s a pretentious blowhard.

  15. Thanks BB for a great post.

    It occurs to me that John Cusack is channeling his role in “Must Love Dogs.”

  16. BB- Exactly!!! Why do the “Hollywood Celebs” become the voice of politics? I was so pissed Thurs. night when watching Entertainment Tonight, they asked Susan S. the now famous question about Sarah P. Who cares what she thinks…

  17. John Cusack, Matt Damon, George Clooney…these guys are total narcissists. Sorry to those of you who have crushes on these guys. I love some of their movies but that’s where they belong – looking good with their mouths shut unless it’s a movie script. I think it’s cool once in a while if they help out with a town hall event or local even in their hometown. But they shouldn’t be given a platform to voice their political beliefs and advice. Especially when they sat silent while a Clinton, a Democrat, was being attacked by other Democrats. But now they are all of a sudden concerned about the attacks from the Republicans? First we need to deal with the own hypocrisy and misogyny in our own party before criticizing anyone else for having valid points against their opponent.

  18. Katiebird,

    Keep that anger boiling! We have to help Hillary get health care for everyone.

    Shock doctrine? That’s the U. of Chicago school, Milton Friedman stuff, right–the philosphy that Obama’s advisors favor?

  19. Oh, Cusick is from Chicago, isn’t he?

  20. I’m calling my state party on Monday to tell them to take me off the database. Today they overrode a legitimate state Senate election to (in a nutshell) punish a woman Senator who dared to challenge the good-old-boy network that runs things on both the state and National level.

    Looks like 14% of women in our state legislator was a couple of points too many for the good old boys.

    Hmmm. But then? Maybe I’ll hang around just to give them a hard time…

  21. John Cusack need to get out of Hollywood a little more often. His entire world perspective seems to revolve around movie characters.

  22. @ Eleanor A:

    Wow! That’s terrible. How did they do that?

  23. “His entire world perspective seems to revolve around movie characters.”

    and? 😉

  24. Glad to see you’ll be back Matt. I’ll be listening.
    What upsets me about the “L.S.” story is not so much of his claims (I don’t care about people’s personal lives as long as they do their job); it’s the Biden connection through his son.
    *I really like Joe Biden, I lived in Delaware & he was my choice after Hillary; but this Obama guy just “BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN PEOPLE”!
    ** Then when people say about Edwards, never bringing charges against the Enquirer ; as a clue there was more to the story. Makes me think of Larry S. & poor Donald Young. How is it right before Iowa “NO ONE” reports a mysterious death @ one of the candidate’s church. PLEASE…!.
    ***or the poor man from Arkansas his “shooters” name to this day “with-held”.
    ****Finally as a nurse I can’t help but wonder if Stephanie T. Jones didn’t get a note or an e-mail pressuring her to not support Hillary on the 1st ballot??!!
    This kind of stress could send her blood pressure thru the roof; triggering a possible already present( yet dormant)
    brain aneruysm (? spell) to rupture.

  25. Yes, Cusack is from Chicago, and I think he still lives there.

    These people are so unbelievably full of themselves. Didn’t you hear that Will Smith wants to be president some day. He feels he is here for a “mission” and being a multi-millionaire actor and singer is not doing it for him anymore. No joke.

    Hey, don’t forget it worked for Reagan. In this bizarro world, anything is possible.

  26. or the poor man from Arkansas his “shooters” name to this day “with-held”.


  27. God knows I love John Cusack’s acting ability, but just because he may be capable of channeling Atticus Finch, doesn’t mean Barky is! He’s placing his hopes and values on a man who is, as we all know, NOT the real thing.
    Now Gregory Peck, WAS the real thing, no one had to wish he would live up to expectations.

  28. fif, I’m personally sick of celebrities who think they are qualified to give advice to the masses just because they were lucky enough to have the connections to make it in Hollywood. I don’t care who they support. If they wanted to be politicians, they should go to college like the rest of us and start making $20K a year doing non-profit work so they can gain some actual credibility with people outside of their million dollar communities in Hollywood. It’s troubling to see that the cult of celebrity has infected our politics and lead to electing corrupt and unqualified politicians like Ah-nold, Obama, and Reagan.

  29. I didn’t know the name was withheld. The man is dead.

  30. Eyes closing. Good Night. See you in the morning.

  31. Obama is like any bully. He takes cheap shots, but if someone actually hit him back, he runs crying and whining. John McCain is a true fighter–Obambi doesn’t have it in him to stand up directly. Hence, the debate avoidance. Can you believe he is still out there boasting: “I’LL DEBATE X,Y,Z ANYTIME ANYWHERE?”

  32. I think I know why he doesn’t allow himself to let go–because it would be ugly. Really ugly-like out of control.

  33. Have you heard about the Howard Fineman article at msnbc.com?

    Believe it or not, he lays out the reasons BO is failing. Of course, there is the required CDS in it, but his own promoters are now acknowledging his mistakes. The common thread in all of his errors?



  34. The more people like Matt Damon tell me how outraged they are about Palin’s incompetence, the more I feel like voting for her

  35. did you guys read the NY attack on Palin??
    “Throughout her political career, she has pursued vendettas, fired officials who crossed her and sometimes blurred the line between government and personal grievance, according to a review of public records and interviews with 60 Republican and Democratic legislators and local officials.”

    vendettas, hey? i feel like vendetting the NY just about now

  36. Did she say back in February she wrote about this? How did she know Obama would be on the ticket.

    Also why did you have to bring her up. She makes me want to scream. She is so full of BS as all of her guest posters are who have never heard of google to fact check the lies the spew in their arrogance.

  37. Great piece in the NY Post: “Why Bam’s Flailing”


    I missed that one. Sorry if you all saw it already.

  38. how can she have a 80% approval rate in a sparsely populated state where everybody knows everybody????

    can someone explain this to me???? if she has been all about vendettas wouldnt that have come out in the papers in Alaska when the people that she attacked defended themselves?? she must be really powerfull to control everybody in Alaska like that….

  39. Sorry, Tomboys. I thought her post was so ludicrous that I wanted to make fun of it.

  40. DV: the cult of celebrity has infected many fields. Exhibit A: journalism.

    Andy Warhol called it years ago: 15 minutes.

    That’s about as long as they interest me too.

    I have so many on my list now, I can barely watch or listen to anything. So many actors, singers, journalists, writers, etc. have revealed their vapidity with their O support that I can’t enjoy their work without that taint now. I recently saw Rufus Wainwright in concert. He is so gifted, but in the middle of the concert he said he was excited about going to the Convention and yelled “OBAMA–BRING IT ON HOME!” He then talked about his “O-body.” Now I can’t listen to Rufus without that wretched image coming to mind. Ah well, they have revealed something integral that is quite unattractive.

  41. check snl now

  42. Tina Fey is doing Palin right now

  43. charles, he’s almost 8 months old. his name is macho. he’s half shi tzu, half maltese. And he is hell on wheels…lol

  44. kc: Bingo!

    Like you, I believe that Obama has an anger/boundary problem, and would lose control if he got angry. My guess.

  45. Are you all watching Sarah and Hillary at the podium on SNL? Tina has her down pat. We need these two every week!

  46. It’s very stressful. Really.

  47. katiebird:
    “Timothy Dale Johnson, 50, of Searcy, a stocker in a Conway Target store.” He is the shooter of Mr. Gwatney, name was never with-held.

  48. I turned it on briefly, but turned it back off. That was not funny, that was mean-spirited to both Hillary and Palin.

  49. nodding It was, wmcb — it was.

  50. fif: funny you brought up Will smith because I was thinking about how some aspects of Obama are like Will smith’s character in Six Degrees of Separation.

  51. Thanks, shv2. That’s what I thought.

  52. Amy Poehler is great as Hillary – as always. Again, reminds me of how much we miss seeing Hillary.

    I just think the writers are probably a lot of Obamabots.

    Michael Phelps as host! Cool!

  53. SophieL,

    That is so true. Obama does seem exactly like that character–a conman who reinvents himself because he doesn’t like or doesn’t know his real self.

  54. i thought it was funny

  55. What do you call the icon thingy that appears in the tab? I have an Aunt Jemima icon (really!) on my No Quarter tab instead of the usual No Quarter icon. Confluence’s idon is the same as ever, and so are the other tabs I have open on the browser.

    I am serious.

    I think I’m using Internet Explorer as a browser.


  56. SNL is on my list now too. Too much CDS.

    Gary: Macho is incredibly cute!

  57. I don’t have a television right now so I couldn’t watch the SNL skit. But why did they have to add Hillary into this? She is out of the race. Make fun of Palin, McCain and Obama. Someone can explain the skit or post the youtube video here later but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to connect Hillary to Palin as if they were in a pact to bring down Obama.

  58. It was probably a 2012 skit. I don’t have any cable signals so I coudln’t watch.

  59. I dont understand how they want him to be like Denzel, Morgan, and Will. Aren’t they acting when they show all that righteous anger? acting’s not real life? or is it?

  60. I think Tina Fey and Amy Pohler like to work together.

  61. bostonboomer..your screen name inspired me to use “Science” from the statues in front of the Boston Public library as my Grav.

  62. He likes Republicans esp his hero Reagan and is more pro-military budget than Clinton.

  63. Hey, I was wondering what that was. I’m going to have to get a unique gravitar like everyone else is doing. I’ve got a cold today, so I’m going to procrastinate a little longer.

  64. wmcb – I agree with you, and sorry I wrote reaction a bit soon. I’d like to rebut the points the writers make, and yet since I heard last spring that most of the cast and writers were Obama supporters, I expect the worst from SNL. Thus, may fall on deaf ears of blind eyes. Saw just a minute of the Fox MAD TV show earlier with Obama and McCain, and thought they were cruel to McCain, making him the old man, with a lot of the Obama cliches. Again, I suspect if you did a profile of the writers on MAD TV, you’d see Obamabots abound, like on SNL.

  65. I am going to try to go to bed. I’m up later than usual. And:

    What do you call the icon thingy that appears in the tab? I have an Aunt Jemima icon (really!) on my No Quarter tab instead of the usual No Quarter icon.

    Tell me I’m not crazy.

  66. Arabella: lol. An Aunt Jemima icon? I don’t even know how you can get an icon picture on NoQuarter. Maybe you should email SusanUnPc if you don’t want it but I think it’s pretty funny.

  67. Barky doesn’t know how to get angry in a reasonable, constructive way. He gets pissy, passive-aggressive, and snarks off while giving himself plausible deniability. That’s why he won’t get angry. He’s not CAPABLE of it.

  68. Is that the NY Times that did the hit piece on Palin?

  69. We know that BushCo getting away with so much abuse for 8 years has led to frustration this year. I think that’s part of the problem with celebs as well. In 2004, many of these celebs were ridiculed for their anti-war, anti-Bush sentiments. Some were flaky, but many celebs offered articulate reasons for their beliefs. I think they feel a need to avenge that, or perhaps they just think they were right then, so they must be right now.

    I also think that’s part of Kerry’s vitriol right now. It’s no accident that O mentioned French in his foreign language lecture. Clooney’s dad lost his race in 2004, and George was angry about the media & the Repub invasion.

    But, they’re wrong. Democrats failed in their message in 2004, especially Kerry. It wasn’t completely the voters’ fault, and they can’t keep pretending that voters are stupid when they don’t vote their way. Democrats have failed since 2006 to have any real impact. And being right about Bush/Cheney doesn’t mean they have superior political analytic skills. They ignore that the media is in the tank for a Dem now. Worst of all, their blind self-righteous anger deprived us of our best candidate, and turned them into the very thing they hated in 2004.

    2004 is over, Democrats. You are running against McCain, not Bush. The media love Obama, not McCain. And Obama is no hero.

  70. “bostonboomer, on September 13th, 2008 at 11:46 pm Said:

    Hey, I was wondering what that was.
    Hmmmm. She is kinda dark and hard to see..maybe I’ll try again.

  71. An avatar? That’s what they’re typically called on the net. Or just icons.

  72. I think they probably added Hillary (Amy) to the opening skip at the last minute. Obama didn’t cancel until late yesterday or early today. Bet they scrambled.

    I thought it was funny. Tina totally nailed Sarah’s accent/character.

  73. All those criticisms towards Palin are the same ones they threw at Hillary. But with Hillary and Bill they were much much worse.

  74. not to mention the fact that when they DID win in 2006 the didn’t do anything. Where is the anger directed at them? And I don’t buy the bullshit that they didn’t have the power to override a veto. They should have sent a bill to set timetables for withdrawal to the president every other day and made him veto every one of them. They should have also begun impeachment proceedings the day the majority congress was installed. They had no excuse not to.

  75. fireandair, on September 13th, 2008 at 11:49 pm Said:

    Barky doesn’t know how to get angry in a reasonable, constructive way. He gets pissy, passive-aggressive, and snarks off while giving himself plausible deniability. That’s why he won’t get angry. He’s not CAPABLE of it.
    Excellent point. I think real anger for Obama would be “bat shit” crazy meltdown anger. That would finish him right then and there.

  76. DV – I only noticed it because I looked up a clue for the New York Times crossword puzzle last week. Clue was “Company that owns Aunt Jemima Syrup.”

    Answer “Quaker Oats.” They have updated the Aunt Jemima logo so that it lookd like a modern AA woman.


    The icon on the No Quarter tab is the same. Swear to god.

  77. Hey — East Coasters — can anyone give a report on Saturday Night Live ??

  78. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler are funny almost independently of what they say

    One good thing about Palin being the VP is that we got to see Tina Fey and Amy Pohler together again

  79. how does one change the avatar

  80. OK. I’m at home alone. It’s almost midnight. I am writing comments on a blog. I am writing comments about Aunt Jemima, the New York Times crossword puzzle and an icon on a tab on my laptop.

    I am not crazy.

    I am not crazy.

  81. Anglachel did a great review on Obama. Brilliant writer!


  82. shv2,

    I can see the face if I look closer. It is a little dark, but they aer all hard for me to see. My eyesight isn’t that great.

  83. gary: That theme of failed Dems since taking control of Congress is one that I see in a lot of letters to newspapers throughout the state. Not just the war, but the budget, the federal deficit, energy, everything that the Repubs failed to do for 6 years is now in the laps of Dems. There’s truth in it, too. Pelosi, etc failed miserably because they didn’t even try. Now, Dems are talking tough about pushing through energy bills. Hell, anyone with a sliver of brain cells can see it’s all political posturing.

  84. {{{Arabella}}}

    I’m so glad you’re writing comments on this blog!

  85. Arabella,

    The is called a “gravitar.” Is that what you wanted to know?
    I wish I could see the Aunt Jemima one. Which post did you comment on at NQ?

  86. jonas8 – you have to log into wordpress — http://www.wordpress.com – set up a blog if you don’t have one and set your avatar.

    good luck

    So — is the SNL skit good??

  87. Here is an ALERT… Joe Biden said it today.. We have options. This is PUMA business maybe we can make it SO..

    You might enjoy a weak attempt by Schuster to fluff off Biden’s remarks as self-deprecating. Yeah, like the Titanic!


  88. God, I am getting better and better looking each time! >

  89. Pat — you should never die !!

  90. Think of it this way, y’all – Pamela Anderson is now plumping for Obama. (I’ll leave the lipstick allusions alone.) Maybe I need to stop reading about all these celeb endorsements/attacks, since we have a whole pile of DVDs we’ve bought and paid for, but have yet to watch. Ah well, at least Kevin Spacey has been keeping mum.

  91. Pat: I do sorta picture you that way somehow. Feisty. And I mean that in a non-Barack kind of way.

  92. Pat Johnson, on September 14th, 2008 at 12:00 am Said:
    God, I am getting better and better looking each time! >


    Is that a tail coming out the back of that dress on your pic or something else? Do you need a Depends?

  93. Pat – Sorry, forgot the /snark tag.

  94. bostonboomer –

    I am looking at the “Shameful and Downright Perverse” comment section on No Quarter. The gravatar looks just like:


    I just opened a new tab and went to No Quarter. I still get the AJ grav. Not the usual NQ grave, which is red and black.

  95. fif – thanks for the Fineman/MSNBC link. The last paragraph was most interesting.

  96. bo cannot go after Mccain with the same kind of venom and vitriol that he used with great relish on Hillary and would still love to use on Sarah Palin …. but was called on it too quickly…
    because Johnny Mac is a father figure and attacking McCain iwould threaten his fragile male sense of self …. and his issues with women are deeper and more entrenched .
    HOW DARE THEY ( women) behave as equals ….
    He expects Johnny Mac to behave as an equal … and it would be too threatening for him to attack him on the same level .
    He didnt write “dreams of my mother” ……………;)

    Narcissists are not well fortified internally , they just appear to be because they display such a limited range of emotion .

  97. Hi, Charles.

    Constant vigilance!

  98. Did you all read Anglachel’s column today? Brilliant! She analyzed the Obama cult.

  99. LisaDawn: Watch it!!!!

  100. I was still on the last thread and wondered if everybody went to bed already.

  101. testing the “improved” gravi.

  102. myiq: I just said goodbye to company I thought would never leave so I am wide awake.

  103. I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years; sometimes vegan, sometimes lacto-ovo. The Kid has been various forms of vegetarian for about 8 years.

    Last year, Pam Anderson made some idiotic comment at Derby time about tearing down the statue of Col Sanders due to the cruelty to chickens.

    Kid looked at me and said, “Good god, don’t vegetarians have enough of a reputation as flakes without Pam Anderson being a loud-mouth stupid about hers?”

    I replied, “C’mon, Pam, just try to tear down the Colonel in Kentucky, you’ll be crawling back to Canada.”

  104. Arabella: I love your avatar! The umbrella is adorable.

  105. I want to know what the heck happened to the NY Times? The day after the PA primary, they tore into Hillary for unning a negative campaign and have been Obots ever since. This is a paper that endorsed Hillary. Who got to them?

  106. I’m just watching Bill Maher and I have to say “Liberal” guest on many of those shows are absolutely unbearable.

    I can believe I’m ready to put up with the execrable John Fund but I find Janeane Garofalo incredibly grating.

  107. My belly-button is purple.

    (Edited because we’ve heard it all before. And we need a laugh. – administrator)

  108. Charles, can’t you write it now and schedule it for later?

  109. parentofed: This is a woman who cannot stay married, or in her clothes for that matter, for five minutes and we are expected to take her seriously? Seriously.

  110. I am fighting with a flash drive for an mp3 player that wont let me download anyting because it is write protected ( it wasnt the last time I used it ) …… an old laptop with windows 98 on it ..trying to save an old program i thought I lost but found on the old laptop …

    I think I AM CRAZY lolol wanna see my card I think it is official ..maybe I just need a nice glass of wine …..

  111. Dee-I think you’re right. Hillary was a last minute sub. I thought it was hilarious!

  112. Arabella,

    Where is the AJ thingy? Is it next to a comment by you or in the address line of your tab? Or what? Gravitars are those little square pictures next to our comments.

  113. swanspirit: I just had several glasses of wine and I feel like I could dance all night! So unless you are in the mood to play Fred and Ginger with me, settle for a warm glass of milk.

  114. Compared to previous years, the GOP is running a clean campaign. You can’t count the imaginary dogwhistles the Obots hear. What else has the GOP done?

    There was an ad last week about Obama’s position on sex education, but that’s pretty tame (and arguably true)

    The Paris Hilton ad? If Obama can’t handle that one, he’s unqualified to be President.

    Hmmmm. He IS unqualified to be President.

  115. bb – It’s on the tab.

    I give up. I am crazy.

  116. Wow Val – I am deeply ashamed that you are so deeply ashamed.

  117. Valerie said:
    Yeah, Obama’s nature is not to become angry. His sister said as much. His nature is to analyze the problem and come to a workable solution. What’s wrong with that?

    What’s wrong with that is it’s not true. He gets angry. He gets downright pissed. But it’s not a clean anger over a deeply held value. It’s a passive aggressive sarcastic kind of anger over a real or perceived insult to him personally.

  118. Tell me I wasn’t hearing voices…

  119. Oh, there’s a troll with that ‘thoughtful’ meme. Remember when they hauled that out when he looked like a dumbass at Saddleback?

    Who knew thoughtful meant sounding like Dennis the Menace excusing a raid on the the cookie jar? ‘um, aw, ah, uh, aw, um, ah’

    Jeez, that man thoughtfulss me to sleep every time I hear him.

  120. What happened? Hillary was on SNL?

  121. Hey tpt/ny- I agree with your thoughts. I am also a nurse and my first thoughts was drug induced. I often wondered who were the Super Delegates who started the petition to nominate Hillary. Both of those gone were , I think , close to Hillary. Comments like that aren’t really welcomed here.

  122. SophieL: You weren’t hearing voices. Just an Obamabot whistling through the blogosphere.

  123. yaknnow ..some of these [troll?] posts are quite a window into the projections that people are putting on “the one” …not to mention equating anger with aggression … and to think I spent years teaching children anger was a great and important self protective emotion as long as you didn’t confuse it with and could separate it out from action .

    .or is that too basic??

  124. So far on SNL there have been about 20 Sarah Palin jokes and Zero Mc (whoops, One McCain) Joke. And Zero Obama jokes.

    I’m guessing Palin is still the star.

  125. Exactly, SophieL. He never gets angry about other people getting hurt–only himself.

  126. Pat: you’d think a troll would have better sense than to bring up his sister who was such a jerk to Hillary.

  127. That didn’t sound like a whiste.

    It didn’t smell like one either.

  128. i was just reading the guardian and our brit friends are shocked shocked with Palin’s rock star status. they are shocked, just so shocked

    maybe obama could become british and replace brown. i think everybody would be happy

  129. MABlue, Tina Fey & Amy Pohler did the opening skit as Palin & Clinton.

  130. As for my avatar, it reminds me that I have sat on the computer too much and exercised too little for several months. Hubby & I are starting the FlatBellyDiet Sunday, and I expect to start eating my fingers about 4pm.

  131. Hi Pat – Thanks. Gravatars are so hard to choose.

    I wanted a parasol, but this was the best I could find. I’ve grown to love my litte brolly. I love the angle.

  132. Pat Johnson, on September 14th, 2008 at 12:05 am Said:

    Did you all read Anglachel’s column today? Brilliant! She analyzed the Obama cult.
    Wow!!! That was good!!!!..She may be the best writer on the political blogs… What she didn’t say is, given her “facts and opinion”, what do we do now and after Nov. 4?

  133. shv2: That is the big question. I guess we will have to wait and see how this all shakes out come November. Either way, this blog has to stick together. As PUMAs we have shown a little of what strength in numbers can do.

  134. you have to have a blog to get an avatar?
    thats unfair

  135. Good night.
    Sweet dreams.

  136. nite Arabella

  137. SophieL, I agree. the NY Times was terrible to Hillary. Krugman was the only voice of sanity.

    I didn’t think SNL was funny. It just didn’t work. i think they could have come up with something funny, but it was full of bad stereotypes about both of them.

  138. jonas8: we’ve long maintained here that Obama should just declare himself King of the Kewl World, go off to Germany, and just leave the US the hell alone. We have enough problems due to one thin-skinned, ignorant narcissist who surrounds himself with crooks, we can’t handle another.

  139. jonas, I think you can get them either through wordpress or through some-other site. But, I’m not sure what that site is….

  140. I read a piece months ago-I think on Rezkowatch-before they changed site names – about a time in the ILL. Senate that Obama went after a man he thought was ‘doing him wrong’ or something and basically, the senators had to physically pull him off. Can’t remember exactly but, the basics of it stayed with me.

    Unfortunately, I think that the MSM is going to have to watch him publicly implode before they check anything.

  141. Barack Obama suffers from Democrat syndrome: The symptoms include inability to take a stand, being frightened that the other side might call them bad and mean names, and inability to articulate things in concise and effective manner.

    Just once when the other side is busy name calling I’d like one of the Democrats to say “What are you, three? I know let’s try something different let’s play a game and pretend we’re are statesmen representing people and not namecall like ill behaved toddlers. ” I bet it would rock them back on their heels to be treated like the juveniles they are acting like. Sigh. Like THAT’S ever gonna happen.

  142. SNL is no longer funny. Here and there they may have one skit that produces a laugh but overall they seem to be reaching. The audience hardly reacts. Amy Poehler from Burlington, MA is the most talented. Tina was brilliant. The rest come and go.

  143. jonas8, on September 14th, 2008 at 12:23 am Said:

    you have to have a blog to get an avatar?
    thats unfair
    No..here is the link:


  144. Krugman was great throughout the primary. He was fair. Remember when he gave a mild rebuke to Hill for the gas tax holiday, then the MSM treated it as a big deal, and he wrote a column expressing his frustration over their hyperbole?

  145. parentofed, i suggest that Britain is a better fit to replace brown

  146. myiqx2u-That clown(? )gives me the creeps. {shudders}. What is that?
    Undead? Serial killer?

  147. Val lemme splain it to ya
    ya see it goes like this

    .. When someone drops a brick on your toe you don’t stand there and say
    hmmmmmmm I wonder why that hurt and hey my foot is turning black and blue isnt that interesting ……

    …NEITHER do you pick up the brick and hit them over the head with it …

    but most annoying and passive agressive would be to pretend it didnt matter, say ohh it is OK and then make nasty smart ass brick jokes; and then when called on it say….
    no you are imagining things, I would never say that , and then blame you for even thinking such a thing ….

    a really quick and instinctively self protective angry HEY that hurt !!!!!! You dropped that on my to!!!! and it HURTS PLEASE don’t do that again !!Would get it mostly over with

    that is pretty basic stuff for…. um… grown ups …. or even most of us over say…. 14 years of age ..

    oh i give up LOLOLOL

  148. jonas, I have no blog. I just joined wordpress, and when it asked about starting a blog, I clicked “skip that step”. I had to go to my profile or something to upload the pic.

  149. jonas8: Brown is just an ordinary pol; it has to be a spectacularly world-wide kingdom for The One [and only].

  150. thanks for the info

  151. i’ll give it a try

  152. In fact, if I were McCain I would needle him so much in an effort to push him to that ‘public moment.’ I also think –(scary, no?) that we see his ‘public face’ mostly-you know, that sincere, professorial look. Because we (political junkies) pay so much attention, occasionally we get a glimpse of that unguarded moment-they brushing off shoulder smart ass stuff. I really believe that is the real Obama, but it is going to take a serious melt down so that all can see that side. Just wish it would happen soon.

  153. “LizGranny”
    I used to work in the area that did brain angio-grams & so that’s what I thought of 1st. Also “if” she had risk factors like hypertension ; that would “trigger” it.
    A few people questioned my “shooter” name withheld comment. I checked back to http://www.lynettelong.com web-site & they mentioned someone “killed”, Mr. Bill Gwatney, they chased & the killed the shooter; but never mentioned the “NAME”, motive of the killer.

  154. Charles, all this time, I thought you were staying up nearly 24 hours a day. Commenting here until late and up early to post.

    I feel so silly….

  155. BO always lets someone else do his dirty work when it’s against men especially. I read tonight that he had been warned not to go on SNL because he should not be attacking Palin himself. The others are doing a good job of smearing her and making up the most outrageous lies possible, (ie she is a child molester),

  156. Went to Weight Watchers this am and brought home a box of Peanut Butter Bliss Minibars. I just ate every one of them. Somehow, I don’t think that’s on my program. I’m one of those all or nothing eaters.

  157. Kerry had his chances for righteous anger, clear communication, and fighting back. He blew it. He can’t go back in time, and he can’t try to relive it through his surrogate Obama. I’m so sorry, but it’s over, John, 2004 is over. Please, could someone just get that through to him?

  158. I’m still laughing every time I see SophieL’s gravitar – as she referred to it 2-3 threads back..

    “a booger walking like an egyptian”


  159. kc: Agreed. I hope McCain can push back that cool, arrogant facade. We know McCain has a nasty temper, but then he gets over it. Bobo would be just the opposite.

  160. Bill Clinton had a magnificent temper. He blew and then cooled off fast.

  161. Kerry would have done better in 2004 if his campaign slogan had been:

    “You rang.”

  162. Joan:

    That’s Captain Spaulding – my guardian angel and fairy godmother.

  163. Bill Clinton gets red even when he isn’t mad so I think that kind of killed his displays. That and wagging the finger. He’s such a schoolteacher sometimes.

  164. kc: re WW diet food; I am so like that, it is not even funny. That’s how I quit smoking many years ago. I only smoked a a pack a day, so I went to the library to get tons of nasty cancer books and started smoking 3 packs a day for several weeks. I was so sick, my throat hurt, my stomach hurt. Then I quit cold turkey on about a million Charm pops. I don’t recommend this goofy behavior…….. but I never started smoking again.

  165. Prolix: Hahaha

  166. Prolix: Is that a Lurch reference?

  167. Okay that’s weird, my comment must have hit the spam filter.

    I was trying to post a link to Lisa Loeb “I Do”, it seems appropriate for tonight’s thread. I heard it at the Thrift store yesterday and thought “yep, that about suns up where I am.”

  168. lawd amighty, it’s late. will fall asleep in church tomorrow. have a good nite, all

  169. Yes Reg, and if he had shown a sense of self-deprecation and humor, he would have won.

    BTW, are you okay?

  170. “A few people questioned my “shooter” name withheld comment. I checked back to http://www.lynettelong.com web-site & they mentioned someone “killed”, Mr. Bill Gwatney, they chased & the killed the shooter; but never mentioned the “NAME”, motive of the killer.”

    The shooter’s name was out, fairly quickly after the shootings. I don’t think we will ever know the motive or why Mr. Gwatney. A friend of a friend worked at the same Target store. Mr. Johnson had been acting more and more strangely at work. He was leaving strange and angry notes in the store isles and began to deface merchandise. He was confronted by the store manager on the morning of the shooting and was asked what was happening and was offered help. He left the store and the rest is history.

  171. Night PofE.

  172. nite nite dear hearts and gentle people and Regency .. am SO glad you are ok ((hugs))))

  173. Prolix: I’m fine. No flooding. No damage unless you count tree branches littering my neighbourhood all about. Just limited water pressure and no cable tv.

  174. KC

    I’m munching on salad right now thinking about my 100 calorie cinnamon muffins. I feel like I have been working on these last 10 or so pounds forever. Hugs to you.

  175. nite POE

  176. Regency: I am relieved. The reports along the coast look horrible.

  177. Night, Swanie. (((hugs)))

  178. nite Swanspirit

  179. I’m off too. Had company tonight and I am bushed.

  180. Reg, great, I’m glad.

  181. Night Pat.

  182. Pat J: They were horrible for lots of people. Even my best friend who lives not too far from me is sitting in the dark, eating Ritz crackers and rice krispies treats. I had chili dogs for dinner and talked to you guys. I was blessed and I’m not one who usually says that kind of thing.

  183. During his acceptance speech, Obama did come across to me as angry, or at least he pretended to be. I think he will lose voters if he comes across as angry. And looking angry will also be incongruous with his hopey-changey theme. So, yeah, he should become angry so that he would lose.

  184. Night, Pat!

  185. He can’t do angry because if he does for all those folks that are racists, you know that ones that have been guilted into voting for him, he will become–say it with me now–“Angry Black Guy.” The irony slays me.

  186. I’ve given up on the “progressive” intertube sites for this election. Liberal I can live with, progressive no.

  187. He can’t do angry because if he does for all those folks that are r^cists, you know that ones that have been guilted into voting for him, he will become–say it with me now–”Angry Black Guy.” The irony slays me.

  188. What are Barack Obama and his media surrogates up to now?

    Check it out:

    Lie-ing King


  189. hey regency ur in texas too? been raining here all day in fort worth (ike remnants). windy and rainy, the clouds are breaking up finally and the full moon peeks out every now and then.

    side note: how can i change my avatar to reflect the one that i have for my own blog (on blogspot)?

  190. For Immediate Release

    MANCHESTER, NH — The McCain-Palin campaign today announced that New Hampshire State Representative Doreen Howard, a Democratic legislator from Newmarket, has endorsed John McCain for president. Representative Howard previously supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy.

    “As a lifelong Democrat who enthusiastically backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries, I am now supporting John McCain. Like Senator Clinton, McCain values the importance of public service. Both Clinton and McCain put country first and that’s critically important,” said Howard. “John McCain and Sarah Palin are mavericks who have proven they can deliver real reform. As our nation faces challenges at home and abroad, Americans will benefit from their experience, judgment and strong leadership.”

    Elected in 2006, Representative Howard is a member of the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee. She represents Newmarket and Newfields.

    Representative Howard supported John Kerry in 2004 and Al Gore in 2000.

    Thank you, State Rep. Howard!!

    Mccain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  191. Txpolitico: Yep. Near downtown Houston. It’s been fine here since around noon. Overcast yeah but not much more than windy. Admittedly I haven’t left the house at all so I can’t give too accurate a report. Got dark earlier though.

    (Side note: I think you’ll have to reupload it to wordpress. Just go to your profile and change it.)


    Although I will be writing in Hillary’s name come election day, I have to give Ms Howard props.

  193. Regency, exactly. I for one hope Obama does not lose because of his race. I want the reason for his defeat to be that women beat the balls out of him.

  194. Charles,

    Oh — so you really are posting at all hours. That’s really impressive. I can’t do it. I need about 6 hours sleep and an hour nap in the afternoon.

    I’ve been getting a steady stream of emails from one of my California Aunts. She lives in Carmel Valley now but lived in Mill Valley for about 40 years. The messages are all wildly anti-Palin. And they’ve come from dozens of people.

    My aunts and uncles and cousins were Hillary supporters last spring. But, they’ve all (I think) made the switch. They have Supreme Court fears.

    The view from a non-swing state is so strange.

  195. I am surprised and disgusted at the number of bloggers that tossed their reputations and credibility in the toilet in order to be advocates for Obama.

    Part of me wants him to win so that I can rub their noses in the fact that he isn’t worth their sacrifice.

  196. Obama is a living Eddie Haskel, and like Eddie, Obama will never show his anger.

  197. I’m starting to think I’ll vote for McCain just to prove I’m serious about it. Also, if we make Palin VP then we’ll be doubling the pool of possible candidates from now on. Once we’ve got a woman VP then maybe (I hope) more women will run for President.

    Or I won’t. Who knows.

  198. Dhyana, wow.

  199. cwaltz—thanks, you too. Hang in there. My leader is really good and funny. Has lost 19 dress sizes and her motto is–‘When you are out of points for the day, go to bed (even if you have to drug yourself).’ And on that note, I’d better take her advice and go to bed.

    ‘Good night little ones, I hope you sleep well. Good night, good night dear Miss Clavell.’

  200. As a random late night aside. Those who have not experienced Lulz Clinton, must. They love Hillary and they love teh lolz.

  201. myiq2xu, on September 14th, 2008 at 1:06 am Said:

    I am surprised and disgusted at the number of bloggers that tossed their reputations and credibility in the toilet in order to be advocates for Obama.
    All of my previously favorite blogs disappeared from my favorites months ago. The thing that disturbs me the most is that these white “creative class” bloggers are striking matches near an open “gas can” labeled Racism. They have been hammering the meme that a vote against Obama is racism. When Obama looses, the shit is going to hit the fan.

  202. glad ur okay regency. i have MANY friends that live in Houston. the company i work for has its corporate headquarters near the Galleria on Bering. Corp has been shut down since Thur.

    I have rec’d about 5 emails from friends there (Katy, Houston, River Oaks) and everyone is good.

    The worst is over. Hopefully Ike will break apart and do no more harm

  203. Are women jealous of Palin, is she seen as a threat to O, taking Hillary’s slot or what? All of the above? There has been a very strong reaction to her-good and bad.

  204. Sarah Palin inspires women in Colorado to learn about guns and hunting.

    Making a whole new batch of ourdoorswomen, I love it!

  205. Does anyone think the MSM is getting more frantic in their support of Obama in the last week or so? I read somewhere that 69% of Americans believe the media is biased for Obama, so you might think they would get the message and deal more with nuance and innuendo, but it’s just so blatant, so obvious. ABC published the full transcript of their interview with Sarah online today, and the comments are not flattering to ABC, to say the least. If McCain wins, I win always wonder how much of his support was from people who simply refused to let the MSM dictate a Presidential election.

  206. Glad you made it through all right too, Tx. Got my fingers crossed about Ike. The Coast has had quite enough for one season.

  207. Obama gets angry, sticks his chin in the air and sulks. And whines. After he was finally hit in the debates he fled on vacation and told a reporter, “I guess I should have remembered I wouldn’t be treated like a conventional candidate.” Then he does the hip-hop-finger routine on Hillary. That’s his anger. Then a lipstick comment to make his followers laugh.

  208. Then a lipstick comment to make his followers laugh.
    I couldn’t figure out why the lipstick/pig comment was so funny to the Obots until I read the Hip/Hop definition. Just like the “brush off”, it make no sense until you understand the context.

  209. Does anyone think the MSM is getting more frantic in their support of Obama in the last week or so?
    Yes! I can barely skim the NYTimes. It’s one hit after another on Palin. I will never forgive them for calling the seating of Michigan and Florida the ‘nuclear option’. They decided, along with tv pundits and party leadership that Obama won in early March and letting the rest of the states vote (and Hillary take W Virginia by 41%) was a waste of time. They ignored exit polling. They put on blinders. They selected him, they wanted him, and now they’re in a tizzy because he just might not be elected.

    Maybe they can figure out a way he can be selected.

  210. The blogs I read are way down these days. You’d think I’d save time, but the ones that are left just have a ton more comments.

  211. Charles, How is Prop. 8 doing in CA? Do you think, it might drive more conservatives out to vote?

  212. Prop 8 has been trailing in the polls. That it might drive conservatives to polls is likely. Still think it won’t pass.

    Good. I don’t want it to pass.

  213. The bots have turned up the supreme court volume to loud blasting on post after post. Why does this infuriate me so much? I sensed others angry too about being manipulated like this during last week’s puma radio show–it really sparked comments during that segment. Something is behind this anger–something that needs to be picked apart and understood…..

    The DNC debate has become fundamentally dishonest–everything so meta, the discussion is not about policy or character, it’s about how to manipulate public opinion, how to push buttons.

    Women are being offered a choice–give up public (working) life or give up private (reproductive) life. Obama has no intention of letting women have cabinet positions or being part of the American economy.–only trickle down if they are attached to a man.

    Women should not have to choose between getting laid and getting work.

    Hillary’s supporters are pissed not because of Hillary, but because the social contract with women is about to be changed–when Obama says his approach is about “family” he means the only women on his radar are child-bearing age, and in a heterosexual relationship.
    Women who are afraid of sperm. He has no concept of grandmothers or widows or women on social security or even ordinary single women.

    We are being told we won’t have to be pregnant as long as we remain barefoot.

  214. Having visited Minnesota many times, I’m not surprised it’s turning pink. It seems very conservative to me, and the people I know there are not happy with the taxes. The state took care of my mother and did an excellent job. I think they might be getting tired of being known as a great welfare state.

  215. You would think McCain and Palin would soften their abortion stance.

    For years there was an understanding within the Republican party that the conservative elements would pay lip service to the right-to-lifers, but would not actually seek to pass laws. Now that has changed and they are listening to that extremist element in their party that wants to go after Roe v Wade.

  216. McCain on abortion:

    McCain made a similar statement back in 2000, you’ll recall:

    Republican presidential candidate John McCain, when asked Wednesday what he would do if his 15-year-old daughter Meghan became pregnant and wanted an abortion, said it would be a “family decision.”
    “The final decision would be made by Meghan with our advice and counsel,” McCain said, speaking of himself and his wife Cindy.
    “I would discuss this issue with Cindy and Meghan, and this would be a private decision that we would share within our family and not with anyone else,” McCain told reporters in New Hampshire on board his campaign bus nicknamed “The Straight Talk Express. “Obviously I would encourage her to bring, to know that baby would be brought up in a warm and loving family, but the final decision would be made by Meghan with our advice and counsel.”

    Not afraid of McCain on abortion.

  217. Does it bother anyone else that BO says “tuh” instead of “to”?

  218. Oh yeah, I really, really want Huffington and Cusak to tell me how to vote and who to vote for. I really need the political insights of John to sway me on how to vote. John, your background is what? OH! A C T I N G !! Okay, go on back to making movies John. That’s your milieu John; not politics. If you are only expressing *your* opinion, that’s fine. I’ll give it all the consideration it deserves. (paused 3 seconds giving John’s opinion consideration) NEXT!

  219. Yes, an angry black man and an angry black woman running for the office of the presidency. Now, that’s a vote-getting strategy?

  220. Okay, from upthead. I don’t get the lipstick thing. Can anyone explain?

  221. Must view. This is one of the best video’s on Palin made by a PUMA.

  222. Could it be– a blue state like MN turning against Obama?

    Like Michelle Obama, I’m starting to feel proud of my country…

  223. Well, I’m afraid Tina Fey’s Sarah is little better than a female Dan Quayle, but the voice impression, particularly when Tina raises her pitch, is near perfect.

    The SNL “debates” should be a barrel of laughs. As for Tina, I have a feeling that this gig will last much more than a month…

  224. I have a question. Since I’d imagine it’s theoretically possible for both candidate to reach 270 electoral votes, if they both do what decides the election? Is it whoever reaches it first or does it get thrown straight to the House?

  225. “Yes, an angry black man and an angry black woman running for the office of the presidency. Now, that’s a vote-getting strategy?”

    Loved that one, robert.

  226. Regency, 270 is a majority and therefore a win.

    If there’s a 269-269 tie, the House elects the President, with each state delegation getting one vote. Unfortunately, in this scenario Obama would win, unless he manages to throw away the current advantage Democrats have in house races.

  227. Um, ladies and gents, we have visitors in the “Obamabots in Extremis” thread.

  228. Britannia, they always go to old threads to leave their trash. They are too cowardly to come play with us over in this sandpit.

  229. Oh yeah, I went to change my gravatar and ended up changing my name as well. Too many Alice’s around, I guess.

  230. scruba: Britannia, they always go to old threads to leave their trash. They are too cowardly to come play with us over in this sandpit.

    Yeah, I noticed that. And usually they post when everyone else is asleep. I would think that they would be inspired to extreme boldness by their fearless leader. 🙂

  231. scrubs (pardon me for getting the nickname wrong)

  232. JohninCA, on September 14th, 2008 at 3:41 am Said:

    Regency, 270 is a majority and therefore a win.

    If there’s a 269-269 tie, the House elects the President, with each state delegation getting one vote. Unfortunately, in this scenario Obama would win, unless he manages to throw away the current advantage Democrats have in house races.

    oh gawd, that would mean that the GE has become a caucus…and we know how the BO campaign just loves to win caucuses with as much bullying, death threats, fraud as possible.

  233. I don’t think it is going to be close epicurious.

    Britannia: they didn’t count on those of us who are up all hours keeping track of them. I live down in Australia now so my evening is when the Yanks are deep into sleep (around 3 and 4 in the morning). Easy enough for me to handle that shift.

  234. Forgive the long quote, but we might as well know what happens in a 269-269 tie, as more than one person here has asked that question.

    From the twelfth amendment:

    “The Electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President and of the number of votes for each, which lists they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate;

    “The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates and the votes shall then be counted;

    “The person having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority, then from the persons having the highest numbers not exceeding three on the list of those voted for as President, the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. And if the House of Representatives shall not choose a President whenever the right of choice shall devolve upon them, before the fourth day of March next following, then the Vice-President shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President.”

  235. Thanks for that JohninCa. I hope it doesn’t come down to that.

    For any night owls wanting to read something interesting (and short), go over to Reclusive Leftist and read this article about Palin:


    Nail on the head argument about why so many women are going to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

  236. Shorter bostonboomer: The O Man can’t get angry on our behalf because he doesn’t give a flying fuck about any of us.

  237. I don’t know about BO getting angry and fiesty but the NYT through MSNBC certainly is.


    In brief: Harsh advertisements and negative attacks are a staple of presidential campaigns, but Senator John McCain has drawn an avalanche of criticism this week from Democrats, independent groups and even some Republicans for regularly stretching the truth in attacking Senator Barack Obama’s record and positions.

    Factcheck.org confirms this.

    There’s even a scathing article on Sarah Palin as reported by the NYT. In short, Palin’s govern style uses loyalty and secrecy:


  238. I used to be in the entertainment industry and I felt we needed to be impartial. You need to be able to work from both sides. Your job is examining the human condition from as many different angles as possible. I only got more involved in polititics after I left. I think I’m right and they’re wrong. Clooney is just another party shill now. I have his McCarthy film, and it’s really quite weak. Very McSame.

    As for Peck, I agree, but in the old days you got all views. In Cape Fear you have everyone’s view. And Peck sometimes gets it wrong. He’s not perfect, he’s not The One.

    Actually Obama thinks he’s Ghandi.

    This is off topic, but has anyone noticed how many first ladies seem to have turned into ladies of the travelling pant-suit? I noticed: Cindy M; Laura B.; Lynne C. Are they saying something?

  239. “Hope”
    I don’t know about L.C.; but Cindi M & Laura B. both said good
    things about Palin before the Republican convention.
    Laura, when asked said she had met Sarah a few times, twice
    at the Feb. annual Governors meeting in DC (that is where McCain 1st met her too).
    Also last month Pres. Bush & herself stopped off in Alaska
    on their way to the Olympics.
    *As for all those Roe v Wade people…Cindi M. said John on I believe GMA that if John does anything to over turn it “HE’LL BE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH” (or something like that).

  240. lol

    I meant they were wearing pant-suits. Cindi’s at the 9/11 thing looked like it could have been straight out of Hill’s wardrobe.

    I’m just wondering what all these ladies think about the sexism stuff. Even my best friend who’s a budding Karl Rove has sounded tin eared on this (but I think he’s too young to really “get” the sexism; he’s never seen it in action till now).

    This is my gut feeling, but I think this stuff has stirred something very deep in a whole lot of women. No matter what their political stripe. I think Bill (S lol) said it best “Hell hath no fury …”

    Interesting thought, they now have the two dolls we all had, Cindy and the Caribou Barbie (ooh and the Bratz = Ms Palin lol)… so there’s something for every little girl. I was a Cindy kid.

  241. Pat said: “Anglachel did a great review on Obama. Brilliant writer!”

    I find Anglachel to be a rabid Republican hater. All things Republican are nasty, evil, disgusting and so on.

    Our parties have done a number on the psyche of the voters. If we, and I used to be the same, just let the R or D behind a persons name control the narrative, then we will continue to miss opportunities to move our country forward.

  242. NH, I love much of Anglachel’s writing and analysis, but I agree with you to some extent.

    Perhaps it is because this year, I as a Democrat have realized that I do not agree with the direction my party is taking. If, in years to come, Republicans looked at the actions and goals of people like Donna Brazile, Dean, and DailyKos, and then decided that that was representative of ALL DEMOCRATS, I would be appalled. No, that is NOT the definition of a Democrat. It is certainly not me.

    By the same token, to look at Bush and Cheney and the freepers and take the blanket position “that is what a Republican IS, and isn’t it evil?” is no more fair.

    I will judge politicians from here on out on their own merit, regardless of party affiliation. I remain a Democrat, but know that very Republican is not Bush, any more than Hillary is Obama.

  243. Nijma, on September 14th, 2008 at 2:11 am Said:
    Does it bother anyone else that BO says “tuh” instead of “to”?



  244. I don’t care that Anglachel is a Republican hater. I agree with her on 99.9% of everything she writes. In a usual election year, I’d be a Republican hater as well. I am still too embarrassed to admit to anyone that I will actually vote for McCain. The Republican Party has destroyed this country with their policies. The Democrats have been complicit by not giving a damn or trying their hardest to stop them. Pelosi had a job to do and she failed. I think many of the people who are voting for Republicans have decided that the Democrats need to be punished or given a wake up call. If they continue to sit on the sidelines and allow the media to destroy some of our best Democrats like Hillary Clinton, we will not reward them by voting for their chosen candidate. But this does not in any way mean that I am now a Republican or support the shit that they have done to the poor and middle class in this country. I’m hoping for a Democratic congress and a legitimate Democratic candidate in 2012.

  245. Uhh, I hate to burst their little bubble, but Atticus Finch lost. And Atticus Finch did not let loose his “rightous anger”. His character is pointed to as

    “…a moral hero for many readers and as a MODEL OF INTEGRITY for lawyers…”

    One of the greatest quotes is:

    “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.”

    Hear that, Lawyer Obama. Did you ever climb in the skin of all those tenants deprived of heat and walk around in the cold they lived with?

    Neither Cusak or Huffington has the moral authority to judge Obama’s opponents until they have climbed inside their skin and seen odious candidate Obama from that view.

  246. Seems to me that Obama has thrown one hissy fit after another. He’s pissed al the time. All he does is gripe about how put upon he is. Righteous anger? If he was on the side of righteousness, maybe. But he’s not. He has no claim to righteous anger, and if he displays a pretense of it, he just might get found out.

    We keep hearing about McCains infamous temper, and Obama’s just so sweet. McCain gets angry when he needs to. Obama has a tantrum any time anyone disses him.

  247. […] WWBGA: Why Won’t Barack Get Angry? With Obama’s poll numbers tanking, his supporters are calling on him to “release his righteous rage,” […] […]

    Obama is politically uniting Blacks and Whites, Christians and Muslims, Kennedy Liberals and Reagan Conservatives, Europeans and Americans; millions of Podhoretz Neo-Con and the Leiberman Neo-Lib Crypto-Neo-Marxists are screaming the screams of damned, “Crucify him!”; and the World is singing, “God Bless America”.

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