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Saturday: Teaparties and Waterparks

The clouds cleared away last night and it’s a beautiful day in NJ.  Brook and I are headed to a nearby amusement park/waterpark for our annual company picnic.  I love the old rickety wooden roller coasters that rattle your fillings.  Brook is bringing a friend and they will have the whole park to themselves.  I hope you have some fun plans today for the end of the summer.

If you are in Massachusetts, you could spend this lovely day outside canvassing for Ed O’Reilly.  The DNC has got to be getting nervous at the way downticket races are shaping up.  Why not send them into a full scale panic attack?  If Ed O’Reilly bumps Kerry from the ballot for Senator in the fall we can make some popcorn and sit back while we watch them spinning frantically.  Who knows what may happen?  Maybe the presidential ticket will change. Here’s a new ad from Ed on reviving the Boston Teaparty tradition.  (It’s Quicktime.  Suck it up, PC fans.)

And here’s a clip of the debate between Kerry and O’Reilly.  Heidi Li has been a champion for Ed in the past month.  I’ll let her endorsement speak for itself.  So, how do you think Ed does in debate?

In the meantime, I have been getting a plethora of emails about the rumor that Biden is about to be replaced with Hillary.  It’s a rash rumor.  Let’s think about the message that kind of move will make: the Democrats will be admitting they made a big mistake by nominating Obama without honoring Clinton’s voters but while they are revealing this weakness, they will take only half measures to rectify it.  The visuals will look even worse than before.  The prelude to the debate for VP will be full of catfight innuendos while in reality, anyone less than Hillary’s peer is going to get crushed by her.  At the top of the ticket, McCain is going to overwhelm Obama in gravitas and confidence.  People are going to end up scratching their heads in consternation.  The whole Democratic ticket would be out-of-joint.

Don’t think the DNC hasn’t tried to rationalize it to themselves and they might even make a boneheaded suggestion like this.  But Biden is not the person who needs to be replaced.  Oh, sure, he’d make a better Secretary of State but he’s perfectly capable of being VP.  It’s OBAMA who needs to make the sacrifice and why shouldn’t we ask it of him?  He’s inexperienced, completely out of his league and his Machiavellian operations have put the entire Democratic party at risk.  If he MUST be on the ticket, let him take the 4 year paid internship as VP.  Clinton/Obama is the only possible winning ticket for the Democrats at this time and that window of opportunity is rapidly closing while Palin gains support.  If the DNC doesn’t do something quickly, we’ll lose not only the White House but the Congress as well.  At that point, we sharpen our pitchforks and fire up the torches for another Chicago Fire (metaphorically.  Jeez, that FISA thingy makes it necessary to clarify every reference.  Thanks, Barack)

It’s a nice day.  Go outside and play.

163 Responses

  1. I say vote for the short guy.

  2. Quick question, are those in the background “the columns”?

    Popular this year it would seem.

  3. I just read a headline on Yahoo News: Whites give McCain slim lead over Obama. The whole thing is misleading, b/c in nearly every demographic McCain leads, and his overall advantage among those polled was 13%, but only 4% among “likely voters.” Obama is losing white women 53% to 40% if I remember the figures. That has to be a first. Only the under 30 crowd likes him better, which we all knew. And the headlines at Yahoo also suggest his fundraising hasn’t dried up, but the article actually says something slightly different, since he hasn’t released figures. He was short of his overall summer goal by several million dollars.

    Until he loses in a landslide in November the Dems will never admit they made a mistake. If they are stupid enough to replace Biden now, they just look desperate, and while few people are jacked up about Biden, I can’t believe the party that refused to back Hillary will now eat crow and ask her to be VP. Too misogynistic. And I hope she’d refuse anyway.

  4. Clinton/Obama 08 or Clinton 2012 and that’s my final offer.

  5. RD,
    I’m with you. There’s no way Biden is going to be replaced. Obama is the problem not Biden.

  6. How come O’Reilly sounds more “New England” than Kerry?

    Is it a social class or a geographical thing?

    Sorry, don’t know enough about English dialects in the US.

  7. “SophieL”
    I’m sorry ; but the window of a Obama as VP for me is “CLOSED”!
    Biden is a fine VP for Obama or Hillary (except for the troubling “LS” connection). It’s Obama that’s the PROBLEM!!

  8. tp/ny wow, you are green cyclop. Now that is cool.

  9. tpt/ny: No can do. The party is split down the middle. The only way to merge the two halves is to force Clinton and Obama into an unholy alliance.
    The GOOD news is that if the Democrats suffer a catastrophic loss this year, it’s looking more and more like Obama and his heavy handed Chicago style operation will be to blame. For this we can be eternally grateful.

  10. “…if the Democrats suffer a catastrophic loss this year…” it will be all RD’s and H’s fault.

  11. tpt/ny: I am willing to reach out.

  12. Say RD: How come my avatar looks like a booger?

  13. Sophie, think of it as a unicelular organism….it is cooler that way.

    At least yours does not look like a crabbily crab…not that I could EVER be described as such….

    OK, must go do some wall painting. Will be back later.

  14. I love my avatar. She looks like an olive with a topknot and a long tail like a Siamese cat. She rocks.

  15. Sophie: The avatar generator analyses your most recent thot patterns and creates accordingly. Apparently, you were contemplating whether or not to probe for that elusive nasal oyster.

  16. Let me amend that:
    a booger walking like an Egyptian.

  17. Riverdaughter
    I looove those rumors! Of course they are absurd, but who cares?
    They are welcome for two reasons: their existence shows the Obama campaign desperation and as a bonus, just imagine the B0bots heads explode! And Palin cleverly is playing up to this
    Also, thanks for that debate! If Ma voters watched that, Kerry is toast. O’reilly rocked!

  18. I think the republicans are starting to spread the Hillary rumor and then Sarah stirred the pot last night.

    Interesting, Sarah said she wasn’t in favor of stem cell research but now McCain has an ad out saying all he is going to do to push for it. Amazing, McCain and Palin can act like adults.

  19. Hahaha…if BO replaced Biden with Clinton, his so-called “great” judgment will be the laughingstock of the world 🙂

    Of course, I don’t want Hillary anywhere near that fraud, but it would be fun to watch it happen in an alternate universe just so that I could see how the Obots would spin it, heeheee 😆

  20. ** would be

  21. Morning all. OT, but might be of interest:

    It’s Dividend Day in Alaska

    It’s Dividend Day in Alaska, when every resident man, woman, and child receives a check representing their share in the state’s oil profits. This year the amount sets a record: $2,069. And for the first time, there’s a second check, pushed through the legislature by Gov. Sarah Palin: $1,200 to pay coming heating bills.


  22. Those background shots of AK in Palin’s interviews are spectacular. Maybe that would make a nice place for a summer cabin. It is amazing how Palin is dominating the news cycles and that is not good for Obama. I understand Greta is going to be interviewing her husband. He is an amazing man. I find it just unreal how they as a relatively young couple embody a new kind of gender equity in marriage and yet are basically conservative politically. Amazing.

  23. Camille Paglia made some good points in her article. Obviously I don’t agree with her opinion of HRC, but I do agree with her on many of the points she makes about feminism. I’m glad to see another liberal feminist stand up for women from ALL parties. I don’t agree with Palin’s conservative views, but I still see her as a strong feminist woman. Feminism should not be a partisan issue…there are conservative women just as there are conservative men. I find it appalling that so many so-called “liberals” are attacking Palin in sexist terms. I have no problem with her being vetted, just as long as we vet Obama too. I think that both Palin AND Obama are both too inexperienced. We could’ve had a real leader running now, but NO, the DNC couldn’t wait for their precious to rule the world so they knocked Clinton out. And now they’re shocked that many Clinton supporters are refusing to vote for the fraud.

    Excerpts from Paglia’s article:

    Palin: Feminism’s greatest leap forward since Madonna

    Conservative though she may be, I felt that Palin represented an explosion of a brand new style of muscular American feminism. At her startling debut on that day, she was combining male and female qualities in ways that I have never seen before. And she was somehow able to seem simultaneously reassuringly traditional and gung-ho futurist. In terms of redefining the persona for female authority and leadership, Palin has made the biggest step forward in feminism since Madonna channeled the dominatrix persona of high-glam Marlene Dietrich and rammed pro-sex, pro-beauty feminism down the throats of the prissy, victim-mongering, philistine feminist establishment.

    As a dissident feminist, I have been arguing since my arrival on the scene nearly 20 years ago that young American women aspiring to political power should be studying military history rather than taking women’s studies courses, with their rote agenda of never-ending grievances.

    Feinstein, with her deep knowledge of military matters, has true gravitas and knows how to shrewdly thrust and parry with pesky TV interviewers. But her style is reserved, discreet, mandarin. The gun-toting Sarah Palin is like Annie Oakley, a brash ambassador from America’s pioneer past. She immediately reminded me of the frontier women of the Western states, which first granted women the right to vote after the Civil War — long before the federal amendment guaranteeing universal woman suffrage was passed in 1919. Frontier women faced the same harsh challenges and had to tackle the same chores as men did — which is why men could regard them as equals, unlike the genteel, corseted ladies of the Eastern seaboard, which fought granting women the vote right to the bitter end.

    Over the Labor Day weekend, with most of the big enchiladas of the major media on vacation, the vacuum was filled with a hallucinatory hurricane in the leftist blogosphere, which unleashed a grotesquely lurid series of allegations, fantasies, half-truths and outright lies about Palin. What a tacky low in American politics — which has already caused a backlash that could damage Obama’s campaign. When liberals come off as childish, raving loonies, the right wing gains. I am still waiting for substantive evidence that Sarah Palin is a dangerous extremist. I am perfectly willing to be convinced, but right now, she seems to be merely an optimistic pragmatist like Ronald Reagan, someone who pays lip service to religious piety without being in the least wedded to it. I don’t see her arrival as portending the end of civil liberties or life as we know it.

    It is certainly premature to predict how the Palin saga will go. I may not agree a jot with her about basic principles, but I have immensely enjoyed Palin’s boffo performances at her debut and at the Republican convention, where she astonishingly dealt with multiple technical malfunctions without missing a beat. A feminism that cannot admire the bravura under high pressure of the first woman governor of a frontier state isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit.

    Perhaps Palin seemed perfectly normal to me because she resembles so many women I grew up around in the snow belt of upstate New York. For example, there were the robust and hearty farm women of Oxford, a charming village where my father taught high school when I was a child. We first lived in an apartment on the top floor of a farmhouse on a working dairy farm. Our landlady, who was as physically imposing as her husband, was an all-American version of the Italian immigrant women of my grandmother’s generation — agrarian powerhouses who could do anything and whose trumpetlike voices could pierce stone walls.

    Here’s one episode. My father and his visiting brother, a dapper barber by trade, were standing outside having a smoke when a great noise came from the nearby barn. A calf had escaped. Our landlady yelled, “Stop her!” as the calf came careening at full speed toward my father and uncle, who both instinctively stepped back as the calf galloped through the mud between them. Irate, our landlady trudged past them to the upper pasture, cornered the calf, and carried that massive animal back to the barn in her arms. As she walked by my father and uncle, she exclaimed in amused disgust, “Men!”

    Now that’s the Sarah Palin brand of can-do, no-excuses, moose-hunting feminism — a world away from the whining, sniping, wearily ironic mode of the establishment feminism represented by Gloria Steinem, a Hillary Clinton supporter whose shameless Democratic partisanship over the past four decades has severely limited American feminism and not allowed it to become the big tent it can and should be. Sarah Palin, if her reputation survives the punishing next two months, may be breaking down those barriers. Feminism, which should be about equal rights and equal opportunity, should not be a closed club requiring an ideological litmus test for membership.

    Frontier women were far bolder and hardier than today’s pampered, petulant bourgeois feminists, always looking to blame their complaints about life on someone else.

    But what of Palin’s pro-life stand? Creationism taught in schools? Book banning? Gay conversions? The Iraq war as God’s plan? Zionism as a prelude to the apocalypse? We’ll see how these big issues shake out. Right now, I don’t believe much of what I read or hear about Palin in the media. To automatically assume that she is a religious fanatic who has embraced the most extreme ideas of her local church is exactly the kind of careless reasoning that has been unjustly applied to Barack Obama, whom the right wing is still trying to tar with the fulminating anti-American sermons of his longtime preacher, Jeremiah Wright.

    The witch-trial hysteria of the past two incendiary weeks unfortunately reveals a disturbing trend in the Democratic Party, which has worsened over the past decade. Democrats are quick to attack the religiosity of Republicans, but Democratic ideology itself seems to have become a secular substitute religion. Since when did Democrats become so judgmental and intolerant? Conservatives are demonized, with the universe polarized into a Manichaean battle of us versus them, good versus evil. Democrats are clinging to pat group opinions as if they were inflexible moral absolutes. The party is in peril if it cannot observe and listen and adapt to changing social circumstances.


  24. Wow! Just finished listening to the Kerry debate. Not only does he say “But Bush promised!” in part one, but in the last segment he brags about his leadership in endorsing Obama bright and early “I don’t know if O’reilly endorsed anyone yet” O’reilly sidesteps that and grills him about not sharing his raised money with anyone. Kerry has the audacity to bring up the costs of recounts 2004!
    Please, if you know anyone in Mass, even if they are B0bots, if they opposed this war and were pissed about 2004 – send them the link!

  25. SophieL – I think it looks like you are “rocking out”!

    RD and Brook have fun.

    I’m in Dallas and the sky is dark. I don’t know when the storm will be here. My collegues in Houston and New Orleans stayed. I will be interested in hearing how they faired.

  26. I would say that last paragraph of Pagla’s explains exactly how I feel about my fellow Dems who shriek in horror when I tell them that I’ll be voting for McCain/Palin.

    They gasp, “No, how could you? McCain is SO EVIL. Palin is trailer trash, a low life religious fanatic” blah, blah, blah. The viciousness of my obot friends has made me change my mind about the Dem party and I’ve come to see that many Dems are as wacked-out narrow-minded as the far right that I’ve always been critical of. That’s why I’m enjoying being a Dem in exile. I can see through all the lies of the Dems and can finally see that they stoop as low as the Rs. I know Clinton is not perfect either, but I still admire her and trust her heart far more than I trust the majority of politicians.

    Hillary Clinton 2012

  27. Hillary Clinton for President of the USA 2012 🙂

  28. Clearly, someone is scared! Every other day, I get an e-mail from a self-described “feminist” telling me how terrible Palin is and how they are outraged that people would vote for her just because she has a vajayjay.

    It seems to me that NOW has become post-relevant and if Palin wins, they will become a caricature. (And I say this as a feminist who never stopped calling myself a feminist or a liberal, and a highly participating member of NOW back in the day.)

  29. SophieL, on September 13th, 2008 at 8:45 am Said:

    Clinton/Obama 08 or Clinton 2012 and that’s my final offer.

    Amen to that!

  30. RD: If that is how avatars are assigned, then I guess I got off easy!

  31. My Dad lives in Boston and he says O’Reilly doesn’t have a chance. apparently the papers are for Kerry etc.

  32. Angry Artist

    Your dad may well be right, but
    I’ll be casting my vote for O’Reilly on Tuesday.

  33. Hillary might not be the nominee but she is busy working on those issues she talked about during the primary. Remember Hillary’s idea about a Public Service Academy that would be modeled after the military service academies.

    Senator Clinton Calls for a Greater American Commitment to Service

    Addressing ServiceNation Summit, Clinton Urges Support for Legislation to Expand Service Opportunities

    NEW YORK, NY—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today called for a renewed American commitment to service. Delivering remarks at the ServiceNation Summit, Senator Clinton encouraged more Americans to get involved in service opportunities and urged support for the Serve America Act that would expand service opportunities for all Americans. The Senator also promoted legislation she introduced, the U.S. Public Service Academy Act that would create the U.S. Public Service Academy.

    “As a nation, we must embrace the spirit of service embodied here at ServiceNation. America’s policies must be as compassionate, caring, and committed to public service as America’s people. Because we know that when Americans can serve, Americans participate in service,” said Senator Clinton.

    Last year, Senator Clinton reintroduced the U.S. Public Service Academy Act (PSA). The PSA will establish an undergraduate academy designed to cultivate a new generation of young leaders dedicated to public service. Modeled after the military service academies, the Public Service Academy will provide a four-year, federally-subsidized college education for more than 5,000 students a year in exchange for a five year commitment to public service following graduation. She also introduced The Coaching Our Adolescents to College Heights Act (COACH Act), which would create a pilot AmeriCorps program to recruit, train and place recent college graduates, or coaches, in high schools to help to prepare low- and middle-income, high-performing high school students for success in college. Senator Clinton is also the champion of The Senior Year Community Service Act, legislation that would promote community service among high school seniors by connecting them with service opportunities within their schools and communities.

  34. An AP poll out yesterday says

    “Fully 47 percent say Obama lacks the proper experience — an even worse reading than the 36 percent who had the same criticism about McCain running mate Sarah Palin, serving her second year as Alaska governor after being a small-town mayor.”

    Looks like the “Palin is too inexperienced” argument isn’t getting very much traction.

  35. On MyDD this morning, a post discussing white womens’ preference of McCain/Palin caused one commenter to opine that white women were racist, another to say that white women had abandoned and betrayed the party, and yet another to bleat that white women are not voting their interests (my husband uses that one as well).

    Are cluesticks available at the wholesale level?

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  37. Oh, sweet! My avatar looks like the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater.

    I loved that song when I was a wee one.

  38. Jangles, on September 13th, 2008 at 9:34 am Said:

    Those background shots of AK in Palin’s interviews are spectacular. Maybe that would make a nice place for a summer cabin. It is amazing how Palin is dominating the news cycles and that is not good for Obama. I understand Greta is going to be interviewing her husband. He is an amazing man. I find it just unreal how they as a relatively young couple embody a new kind of gender equity in marriage and yet are basically conservative politically. Amazing.

    Jangles, I am SO impressed with their marriage. It’s wonderful to see a man who is proud of his wife’s success and is not threatened by his powerful wife. I love hearing that he pitches in with house duties & taking care of the children. He will be an AMAZING role model for young men who often fear feminism because they think it emasculates them. I’ve had so many arguments & discussions with my male friends in college about how feminism actually empowers men since it also frees them from gender stereotypical roles. Strong men are not worried about their masculinity and Palin’s husband appears that way to me.

    I don’t care that the Palins are conservative, I’m just THRILLED that our nation is finally being forced to discuss this very important feminist issue — how to balance career & family as a mother & as a father. Women in powerful careers have usually been frowned on if they have young children so many women drop out to raise children. It’s wonderful to see a mother with young children as a potential VP! As Palin said, everything is possible as long as you focus on what is important. It’s a great lesson for all 🙂

  39. how may I acquire an avatar???????

  40. hmmm – who did that?…next question…how may I change my avatar???

  41. What’s with all the “youth service” initiatives? Between Obama’s youth almost-looking-like-Hitler program, McCain’s call for more people to serve, and now Hillary, I am finding all of this too coincidental. (Guess I’ll don my tinfoil hat and browse over at the CFR site and see if they’re supporting youth service programs.)

  42. darn – I am actually built that way….. and blue too.

  43. UpstateNY,

    O’Reilly was born in Boston and grew up in a working class family in Watertown, MA. He worked in a factory to earn money to put himself through college.

    John Kerry was born in Denver, CO. His father was in the foreign service. He is from an upper middle class family, and he went to elite schools in Europe and then to Yale.

    That is why they have different accents. O’Reilly has a Massachusetts accent. Kerry has an elite Eastern snob accent.

  44. indigogrrl,

    If you go to the WordPress home page, there are instructions on how to change your avatar. I tried it once and couldn’t figure it out. But it’s obviously possible, because lots of people have done it. Regency has had a few different ones.

  45. Gee, where was this John Kerry when we needed him in 2004? Had he had this fire in his belly he might have made it to the White House. I guess the fear of being out of work and having to sponge off the missus is a great motivator.

  46. indigogrrl, you can also set up a gravatar, all you need is an email address:


  47. freyjanyc, on September 13th, 2008 at 9:44 am Said

    Your comments and the exerpts from Paglia article are spot on. She really nails it in what you quoted.

  48. thanks brit! I’ll sign up as soon as figure out what pic to use

  49. SophieL, on September 13th, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Hillary introduced this two years ago. She re-introduced this idea again last year. She wants to encourage more people to go into public service.She supports the “Serve America Act”.

    “In the face of disaster and need, Americans across the country have shown they are ready and willing to serve, but we need to ask and encourage more people to make service a part of their lives. By giving more Americans the opportunity to get involved and work together, we can help meet so many of our challenges,” said Senator Clinton.


    A Legislative Initiative to Expand and Improve

    Domestic and International Service Opportunities for All Americans


    · Expand opportunities for people to serve at every stage of life.

    · Use service to meet specific national challenges. Put service to work to solve our most pressing challenges, such as tackling the dropout crisis and strengthening our schools; improving energy efficiency; safeguarding the environment; improving health care in low-income communities; expanding economic opportunities for low-income individuals; and preparing for and responding to disasters and emergencies.

  50. I would love to see O’Reilly beat Kerry, and I’m definitely going to vote for him on Tuesday, but I can’t see any way he could win. I haven’t even been able to find any polls of the primary race. Rasmussen has Kerry ahead of the Republican challenger by about 28 points. Let’s hope this little bump in the road makes Kerry and the DNC nervous, but that’s probably the best we can hope.

  51. Downticket, I didn’t know Hillary had introduced this bill. I watched the 9/11 discussion on service and of course noone mentioned Hillary.

  52. If MA can’t knock Kerry out, what does that say about our chances of cleaning up the DEM party?

  53. Sarah Palin makes me sick, says columnist and Obama supporter

    Sarah Palin makes me sick. I hate that she was able to steal Barack Obama’s mojo just by showing up wearing rimless glasses and a skirt.

    I hate that she makes Joe Biden look like John McCain and John McCain look like the maverick he is not.
    continue reading: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

    Bill Clinton On Hillary ‘Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully Just for Running’ Bill Add Sarah Palin To That List.

  54. I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to read ANYTHING that Camile Paglia has written. She is truly awful and is by no means a feminist, as I’ve said before she’s an opportunist, and if she’s praising Palin now its because she must think she’s going to win and she wants to be on the bandwagon. her relentless trashing of Hillary is unforgivable.

    As for the Hillar/Biden switch, that HAS to be a Rove/Republican rumor. But it is so effective because it absolutely makes sense that she should have been the VP pick. It highlights the weakness of the Obiden ticket and reminds all the dem women who expected it what a total ASS Obama is.

  55. They will not replace Biden with Hillary. Like Riverdaughter said, it would only work if Hillary was at the top of the ticket. The problem is Obama at the top of any ticket for POTUS at this stage of his career. Biden highlights Oboma’s inexperience which is the dems biggest problem. They think that they can make up for it by having Biden on the ticket as number 2, but it will and is back firing.

    The role reversal in the McCain camp where the more experienced candidate is at the top of the ticket also shines a glaring light on Obama’s inexperience and how upside down the Dem ticket is.

    As for the debate clip, O’Reilly came off a little green, but refreshing. Kerry came off like the snake pol that he is. He slimed out of answering the wind power project on the Cape question and it looked real bad, like he is not really committed to green energy. He apparently did not support it and tried to focus on Obama’s fake energy policy. Well we all know about Obama’s vote for the 2005 Bush/Chaney energy bill. Karry was arrogant and snobbish. I thought that even though he had more knowledge about the political workings of Washington, he came off as a slime ball..

  56. The best case scenario for Ed O’Reilly is if nobody comes to the polls except his voters. There probably will be an incredibly low turnout. I guess you never know. The pollsters, Kerry, and the Republican who has been sent as lamb to the slaughter are simply ignoring O’Reilly.

  57. indigo – it’s actually pretty easy and this is from the quintessential ungeek here! WordPress has good instructions and there is a little window in which you can crop the image you’ve chosen.

    Mine is now Kylie, my border collie.

  58. Well, I don’t know how Kylie turned into a green monster! So I guess I didn’t do something quite right – Kylie’s pic was there last night.

  59. Gary,

    I agree. I hate Camille Paglia, and she definitely isn’t a feminist.

  60. mine is my puppy macho who is going through a phase where he likes to pee on the bed every night @#$#$!!!!!

  61. I think I logged out – hope the picture works now.

    I can’t tell from the pic, Gary, but is Macho a herding dog or a Jack Russell? He’s so cute! Good luck with the urinary challenges!

  62. “SophieL”
    I was willing to reach-out before the convention (against my better judgment); but too much has happened.

  63. NH,

    At some point we have to be a little realistic. It will take a long struggle to get our party back. Kerry has been in office for a long time. Most people in MA aren’t pumas. They are low-information voters who just reflexively vote for the Democrat most of the time.

    What we really need to worry about at this point is that a lot of races that Dems could have won in red states are now going to go Repub because of Obama dragging down the ticket.

  64. angry artist — I live in Boston and I’m voting for O’Reilly for strategic reasons.

    The first is that it’s the only vote-based way to communicate to Kerry that his early endorsement of Obama, completely against the will of the people of Massachusetts and not at all in line with its best interests, was a mistake. It showed how little he cares about the concerns of the voters in his state; and showcased the exact sort of elite liberalism — I know better than you do about your own interests! — that’s killing the party.

    The second is that while I agree O’Reilly has little chance of winning, he is a true liberal in the sense of thinking that government should work to facilitate the prosperity of the people. He’s old school in his approach toward government’s role, but new school with regard to socio-cultural issues (eg, he supports marriage equality, no mushmouth hemming and hawing about civil unions). It’s to send a message; if you’re Senator-for-Life, then you should be using that power in the vanguard of progressive causes, not the rearguard.

    Third, if O’Reilly can make any sort of decent showing, it may well encourage other liberals/Clinton Democrats in the state with more of a chance of success to go up against Kerry or other of Mass. moribound politicos in the future.

    Fourth, if Obama were to win (which looks increasingly unlikely), and Kerry got a cabinet position, it’s the Mass. Legislature which picks his replacement, same if Kennedy retires due to health reasons. O’Reilly made quite a bit of local news just by getting on the primary ballot, everyone, even O’Reilly acknowledged it was in part a reaction vote against Kerry’s endorsement of Obama. I want Mass. local pols, esp. ones not as secure in their seats as Kerry and Kennedy, thinking about how strongly the people of Mass. prefer real Democratic values, as exemplified by Clinton, over fakey hopey changey crap, when or if they have to pick a replacement.

  65. SophieL, I agree that Obama’s Joshua group or whatever it is seems like Hitler Youth, but I think Hillary’s plan is very different. It is on the order of Vista and PeaceCorps but with more incentive and not limited to youth. Many countries require some form of service from their young people. This isn’t compulsory but would actually give people a chance to serve without being penalized. Obama’s group was just a political maneuver to keep the young’uns in line.

  66. yayayay testing

  67. yayayay

  68. hmmmmm got me some avatar problems

  69. Indigo – make sure you’re logged into wordpress. Scroll down to the end of the comments and you’ll see if you are logged in.

  70. obama doesn’t even deserve to be vp; i say clinton/biden

  71. John McCain will have a lot of healing to do for this country once all the dust settles.

  72. yay there it is! me and da boy!

  73. thanks for your help guys!

  74. indigogrrl, what seems to be the problem? I see a cute kid in your avatar.

  75. It is pouring down rain in NE Ohio today. I can’t get out and do the campaigning I promised to do for local candidates.

  76. Valhalla,

    Thank you for explaining the situation much better than I did. I am voting for O’Reilly for the same reasons as you. I want to send a message to Kerry, and O’Reilly is a real liberal who is still in touch with real people.

  77. a dream come true but would the outsize ego involved, ever give it a serious thought?

  78. One reason Obama may dump Biden — not that I think he will — is just to grab the spotlight away from McCain-Palin. It’s gotten to the point where any media he can get, even bad media attention, is better than no attention.

    I trust that Hillary would have the good sense to say no.

    But isn’t there a name for this — negative attention-seeking behavior or something? When kids do it I mean. Obama’s emotional maturity is at the child level, so I could sort of see it.

  79. Nice gravatar, indigo – cute little kid!

  80. gravatar test

  81. yeah, yeah, i wouldn’t normally be quoting Rush Limbaugh, but here goes:

    “the wheels are coming off the Obama campaign, and this is usually the time when heads roll, but the head that needs to roll is Obama’s.”

  82. bboomer — thanks! You know, watching Kerry in that video, without the hopeful goggles of wanting a Dem to win like back in 2004, I can see why he lost. He really presents himself as quite the d*ck.

  83. gary,
    It’s puppy crate time for Macho. It won’t take forever to break the habit if you nip it in the bud quickly. No reason why the crate can’t be next to your bed. It took two weeks to break Sam from peeing on my office carpet in the middle of the night when she was a puppy. Now she sleeps next to the bed on the floor. Sam weighs 100 lbs so it’s on the floor. The only accidents she has now come when she’s having a seizure, and of course, those are forgiven. Also be sure you put a little bleach in the water when you wash the soiled bedding. Although you’re nose can’t smell anything in the sheets, if there is any urine odor left, Macho will pick it up and decide that your bed is one comfy potty.

  84. It’s pouring here in southeast MI. My husband just told me that local supporters of Obama picked today to go door-to-door for him. I’d wondered if anyone was going to do anything. When I worked for Kerry four years ago, we were already out contacting people. I see few lawn signs, even in Ann Arbor.

    Yesterday I saw a bumpersticker that read No Drama – Obama I guess that’s supposed to be pro-Obama, but it could be interpreted in another way.

  85. I think the Dump Biden rumor is just that. Unfounded rumor. Makes the ticket look weaker though.

    Obama blew it.

  86. Valhalla .. I dont believe for a minute bo will dump Biden for Hillary ..but it is a very nice rumor and as was said before… it shows rather glaringly how badly the Demographic party is in panic mode for that reason alone I like it …a lot 😉
    however.. his narcissm and misogyny would totally prevent him from choosing her now , as it has prior to this moment … what will happen…. as you so accurately pointed out; is that he will continue negative attention seeking , because one of the things he finds intolerable is that he doesnt have the spotlight …and it is driving him to do things … over which he has no real control

  87. I forget the name of the county Ann Arbor is in, but I think it was one of two counties in Michigan that was won by “uncommitted.”

  88. Anybody check out the electoral map on Real Clear Politics this morning? McCain has pulled ahead on that most important measure, for the first time. If they weren’t spitting nails before, look out, because they certainly are now.Also, just a thought, and being a Floridian I would never wish a hurricane on our neighbors, but it seems that Mother Nature decided to take the news cycle away from Palin bashing vis a vis the Gibson interview. I just know the obots were planning to use her first interview to diss her for four or five days, and they barely got 24 hours out of it. Better luck next time, boys. Seriously though, I didn’t mean that about better luck.

  89. I forget the name of the county Ann Arbor is in>/i>

    Washtenaw. I think you’re right.

  90. There is no way he can pick Hillary. That would be a disaster for his campaign. He’s going to have to figure out how to win this thing the old-fashioned way. I would suggest that this thing isn’t close to over yet. We all know that. Anything could switch this thing back towards Obama. For all we know he’s winning in polling today. He doesn’t need Hillary just quite yet.

  91. Pie

    I remember looking at the CNN map and thought what is is about Washtenaw County. So I did a wiki and saw home of University of Michigan. Nothing more needed to be said.

  92. Valhalla,

    I decided after the debacle in 2004 that I would never vote for Kerry again. His endorsing Obama and refusing to get Obama to count FL and MI really tore it for me. I’m not sure what I’ll do in Nov., whether to leave the Senate line blank or take the plunge and actually vote against Kerry. He needs to go.

  93. Nothing more needed to be said.

    Nope. Eastern Michigan U is also located in this county.

    Still, I’m surprised I’m not seeing more stickers and signs. BTW, we’re just west of Ann Arbor – but our congressional rep is that stupid republican, Tim Walberg. Our district extends west – much more republican and conservative. Hillsdale College and Jackson, which proclaims itself to be the birthplace of the Republican Party.

  94. samanthasmom : The only accidents she has now come when she’s having a seizure, and of course, those are forgiven

    Oh, Kylie has them too – you can email me a delphyne49atcomcastdotnet if you want to – it’s such a sad thing.

  95. Re: Paglia. What garychapelhill said.

  96. Signs aren’t always the best indicator. I saw so many Kerry signs in Ohio back in 2004 and we know how that turned out. Some cities have regulations on when yard signs can go out. In Akron, where I am, you have to wait until 45 days before the election.

  97. Paglia made a name for herself by blaming “date rape” on the victims. It was such an easy, base argument to make. Ironic, though, since I doubt she ever was drunk in a frat house.

  98. Signs aren’t always the best indicator.

    No, but in some cases, I see two signs, one for Walberg’s opponent and one for our state dem rep on lawns, but not one for Obama.

    Interesting. Maybe they ran out. Or something.

  99. Damning new article out:

    Barack Obama under fire for ignoring advice on how to beat John McCain
    Barack Obama and his senior advisers are under fire for ignoring the advice of Democratic senators and governors who are concerned that they do not know how to beat John McCain.

    The Democratic presidential candidate’s slump in the polls has sparked pointed private criticism that he is squandering a once-in-a-generation chance to win back the White House.

    Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters – something that would put him a long way behind Mr McCain.

    The Sunday Telegraph has learned that senators, governors and union leaders who have experience of winning hard-fought races in swing states have been bombarding Obamas campaign headquarters with telephone calls offering advice. But many of those calls have not been returned.

    A senior Democratic strategist, who has played a prominent role in two presidential campaigns, told The Sunday Telegraph: “These guys are on the verge of blowing the greatest gimme in the history of American politics. They’re the most arrogant bunch Ive ever seen. They won’t accept that they are losing and they won’t listen.”


    Mr Plouffe’s dismissal of Democratic doubts as hand-wringing and bed-wetting only served to reinforce the growing doubts about what some see as a bunker mentality among Obamas inner circle – where outside advice, even from highly experienced people, is not welcomed.

    The Democratic strategist told The Sunday Telegraph: “They think they know best. They don’t return calls. There are governors and senators calling them up with ideas. They don’t get back to them.

    “These are senior people from the border states and the South who know how to beat Republicans, and they’re being ignored. They ignored everyone during the primaries and they came through it, so they think they can do the same again.”

    Read the whole article. Dems behind the scenes are getting pretty pissed.

  100. McCain has started tv ads here in CA. 3. I think he has internal polling that is telling him something. He has limited funds so he is not going to spend them in states that have no promise. CA is one of the biggest and most expensive media markets.

  101. Dems are the masters of the circular firing squad.

  102. Party elders also believe the Obama camp is in denial about warnings from Democratic pollsters that his true standing is four to six points lower than that in published polls because of hidden racism from voters – something that would put him a long way behind Mr McCain.

    Aren’t these the same people that chose Obama over Hillary.
    Quit Hillary quit, they said 🙄

  103. wmcb – good find.

    Slightly off-topic, but not really since this goes to one reason why O is in trouble —

    I’m trying to compile links regarding the alleged intimidation of Clinton delegates at the convention. I have one page from Alegre’s Corner, listing some first-hand accounts from different state delegations. Is there anything else out there? Someone on another thread mentioned a video but I haven’t been able to locate it via google.

  104. Please check out Charles Krauthammer today, RCP. He has an excellent article on the Palin interview and the “Bush doctrine” question. Basically he says that Palin was astute in asking Gibson what aspect of the “Bush doctrine” he was referring to. He went on to document 4-5 different stages in the development of “Bush doctrine”. He has some standing in this as he was the first political writer to use the term and is given credit for coining it.

  105. The electoral map makes one thing clear for me: hold your nose and vote for McCain. If you want to see Obama lose this thing, don’t sit at home and pout on election day. Go out and vote for downticket Dems and vote for McCain/Palin. It might actually make you feel better because if Obama ends up winning later in the evening, you’ll always wonder if a few more votes from PUMAs across the country would’ve made a difference.

    The election is extremely close right now. Everyone needs to vote in this presidential election and the next president will either be McCain or Obama. Stop daydreaming about a third party candidate winning this election. It won’t happen.

  106. Paglia.

    Yeah, I remember back when she said men were biologically more creative than women ’cause they can write their own names with their urine in the snow.

    I also remember her ridiculing rape victims and bulimics.

    She’s a real piece of work–in an opportunistic, woman-hating piece of shit kind of way that makes like-minded men giddy.

    Joan Walsh is constantly complaining about the misogyny of the reader comments in Salon. Maybe she should look at who she publishes there and the kind of readers those writers attract.

  107. I loved that line, “Aren’t these the same Democratic leaders who selected Obama in the first place?” lmao

  108. Disenfranchised voter: Thank you and amen.

  109. Did the demogrpahs think no one SAW what they did on May 31 or at their own convention??? Why do they think independents would trust them afterwards??
    When they themselves split their own party . I think they all suffer from tunnel vision …. And they are delusional as well

    hey lets BULLY people into voting for us …. yeah that will work ……… cheeeez Louise
    I mean SARAH Louise 😉

  110. garychapelhill, on September 13th, 2008 at 10:26 am Said:

    As for the Hillar/Biden switch, that HAS to be a Rove/Republican rumor. But it is so effective because it absolutely makes sense that she should have been the VP pick. It highlights the weakness of the Obiden ticket and reminds all the dem women who expected it what a total ASS Obama is.


    Gary, I agree with you. It really is an effective move. It gets people second guessing, worked up… and the moment Team O has to deny it, the rumor has won and they’re screwed. I’m cheerfully waiting for the moment.

  111. Good one, wmcb. The good news is, it’s hard to shake arrogance, so the Obama camp just has to continue what it’s doing to ensure that McCain/Palin win. At the end of the article, it mentioned that Obama has to connect emotionally to the voters that he needs to win over. Hah! Emotional connection? Not gonna happen.

  112. Jangles: CA will likely remain blue but McCain should at least put up a fight in that state. Obama is having problems with fundraising. McCain has 527s behind him and a boat load of cash. This election will be close. He needs to pry away any electoral votes from Obama and the best way to do that is to target large states like CA, OH, PA, and FL. I’m interested in seeing the polls for NY. Though there is little chance NY will go red, everyone isn’t that excited about him. There are a lot of Clinton supporters here.

  113. Ed O’Reilly is a real Democrat. Too bad there aren’t enough of them to launch a counter insurgency against the DNC and shift the party to the populist stance that Hillary represents.

    Speaking of tea parties, looks like the American electorate is getting one ready for Pampers: http://www.electoral-vote.com/

  114. jules,
    If you are looking for info regarding reports of intimidation of delegates, it might be worth checking out a blogosphere “analysis” engine like techrigy (dot) com.

    I am good friends with the senior software engineer there. It is a very robust app. It could be used in a variety of ways.

    just a suggestion.

  115. indogirrl,

    beautiful boy!!!!!

  116. I agree with DisenfranchisedVoter. As much as it may make your valve close, if you are really serious about salvaging democracy, and the democratic party, you will need to seriously think about voting McCain/Palin, while voting for downticket Dems. With a majority in Congress, Hillary will be able to lead an effective Congressional check against the Republican controlled executive branch (and make no mistake, it will be Hillary doing it, she’s the only real Democrat with any clout in the Senate at the moment). If Obama wins there will be no incentive amongst populist democrats to take the party back. We may actually have to go to Republican party leaders to help us shame the Democrats (lord knows they would jump at the chance).

    I personally feel more and more that the Democratic Party is a poisoned tree with no one, save Hillary and the DLC, with the courage to do anything about it. We need a powerful populist progressive party in this country. We don’t have one. We need to defeat Obama, hold the DNC accountable, and establish ourselves as the populist voice on the American political stage. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

  117. wmcb, on September 13th, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Here’s the funny thing. It didn’t set of alarm bells with the high up Dems when Barry did this to the Dem voter base, but suddenly how Barry rolls is a problem when Senator so&so isn’t respected. When has Barry ever listened and what made these numb nut Dem elite think Barry would treat them any different than he treated Hillary Clinton and the Dem voter?
    It’s funny to see people approve of behavior when it’s directed towards others, but if they receive the same, then it’s awful . How could anyone paying attention all this time be surprised at how Barry and Co operates ?

    Answer: Ego. How Barry has operated since arriving at the private school in HI , he surely would not do to them ! Right.

  118. There is a cosmic difference between winning the hearts of the people , and winning their minds . If Sarah Louise Heath Palin wins their hearts .. it is all over but the swearing in .. and I think we are seeing that happen .
    Winning the hearts of people is no small thing , and it does in no way imply people are not thinking … neither does it mean she is given carte blanche as an administrator or no scrutiny
    ,,, but it does mean that she will win hearts the way Hillary is forever in ours .. for her integrity , her loyalty , her dedication and tireless devotion … among so many other things .
    Sarah Palin said she was going to Washing ton with a SERVANTS HEART .. she needs to say that loud and often between now and November 4 ………

  119. DV, some people may want to make a statement about a third party candidate more than they care whether Obama wins or not. I want to defeat Obama more than anything else, so I agree with your strategy, but I can also imagine that for some, the choice between Obama and McCain becomes moot because they regard the two as equally offensive. Couple that with something they find very appealling in a third party candidate, and I can see how they would decide to vote third party. I do agree, though, that if the voter’s goal is to defeat Obama the best thing they can do is vote McCain/Palin.

  120. Gayle, on September 13th, 2008 at 11:50 am

    good post.

    Paglia’s gig is, ” hey she’s a woman saying it ,” so the visceral woman hate gets a pass unto the MSM .

    the end

  121. paper doll, exactly! Paglia’s feminism is that a woman(her) gets to be a sexist.

  122. I wasn’t aware of Paglia’s history. Ugh

  123. Okay, I just saw that ad mocking McCain for not sending email over on NQ.

    It’s tacky and bad. I cringed. I mean, the ad was bad to begin with — the big “1982!!” with a disco ball was embarrassing in the extreme, but I suppose political ads these days are just tacky across the board. In any case, factoring out the McCain element, why would you make an ad mocking older voters in general? I work with many people who have problems with new technologies, and I dislike it when they’re mocked.

    When you factor in McCain, it gets truly ugly. I was embarrassed, watching it. Yuck. Some “new politics.”

  124. NObama will never give up the top spot. NObama is a narcissistic, power hungry, highly intelligent (which makes him all the more dangerous) machine politician, who will gladly bring down the DEM. Party (and the Country) before stepping down in this Election for POTUS.

    Furthermore, after the defeat in November NObama will blame the Party, his Obot Hordes who did not work hard enough for “HIM – the Chosen One,” Hillary and Bill, all the so called “rac*s*ts” who would NOT vote for him, those uppity bitter old women (a.k.a. Hillary Supporters) and everyone else, but Himself.

    After all, HE offered Himself to us and we rejected his PRECIOUS SELF; no, He will never step down and HE will never give Hillary the VP spot. In NoBama’s mind Hillary owes it to Him to bow to HIM and work for HIM.

    I know we all want the “fairytale/nightmare” to have a happy ending. We are asking for an unattainable MIRACLE – that NoBama and the DNC Incorporated, (Donna B., Howard D, N Pelosi, J Kerry, Axelrod, et al) will come to their senses.

    Honestly, really PONDER this, can you really picture this group admitting they were wrong and attempting to undo the disaster that they have created!!!????

    Fellow PUMAs, this group of LOST SOULS (Obama and Company and the DNC Leadership) gave up their grip on reality a long time ago.

    These folks WILL NEVER…..NEVER…EVER offer either the Democrat Party Candidacy for POTUS or the VP slot to Senator Hillary Clinton. There may be some in the DEM. Leadership (further down the food chain) who see the light and are wringing their hands but they no longer have any control over this runaway “unLOVE TRAIN.”

    Even if someone came to NOBama and asked HIM to step down; he would not do it!!!
    We are on the PATH we are on weather we like it or not.

    I respect everyone here and all PUMAs, whatever choices are being made are respected. I can only make ONE CHOICE, FOR MY VOTE and as for me I am working to:

    (1). DEFEAT NoBama/Biden08;
    (2). ELECT Down Ticket Democrats08; and
    (3). ELECT McCain/Palin08.

    Then, AFTER NOVEMBER, (after the ashes of defeat are cleared, but very quickly so that NoBama and Company can not regroup in order to hold on to the Leadership of the Dem. Party – and believe me they WILL try); there is a lot more to do.

    My hope is that based on the PUMA Movement TOGETHER we will rally to:

    (1). Restore the Democrat Party as an honorable and inclusive Party;
    (2). Restore the Clinton Leadership in the Party; and
    (3). Elect HILLARY as POTUS2012

    For now in the coming weeks, the “Goal for Victory” is:
    Women Empowering Democracy


    Have Some Fun as RD says….”it’s a beautiful day” and ENJOY wherever you are!!!


    Prayers for and Blessings on those in Texas…:-)

  125. Early voting starts next Friday in Virginia . Followed by Idaho, Missouri, Iowa, also Ohio, Florida. It is predicted that 30% or more of electorate will vote early.

    Early balloting after Virginia opens in Idaho on September 22, Missouri the day after and Iowa, another state that Obama hopes to take from the Republicans, on September 25. In battlefield states that have often decided the outcome of recent elections, early balloting opens in Ohio on September 30 and Florida on October 20.

  126. alice: I agree, the ad was done in poor taste. I guess the Obama campaign was trying to go for funny the way McCain mocked Obama being a celebrity or “The One”. They failed miserably here. The music and disco ball was tacky. It mocks anyone who wasn’t born before the early 80s and anyone who doesn’t know how to use a computer or prefers not to use the internet. Also, McCain cannot use a computer because of his injuries sustained as a POW. This is something not to make fun of because the McCain can come out right now with an ad or response explaining why he can’t use a computer. It’s just wrong.

  127. Has anyone seen the Chucky dolls at the Jessica Simpson concert in NYC? I don’t usually share news that isn’t political on here but I thought this was too odd and funny not to share:

  128. Minor irritation to me is Obama’s line of ‘this is the first day of the campaign’ nonsense.

    That sounds just like that old saw ‘today is the first day of the rest of your life…’

    What, is Obama in rehab? Every time I’ve heard his line the last couple of days, I immediately start deep breathing.

  129. PAGLIA is not a feminist. Any idiot can call themselves anything they want. Paglia is NOT a feminist. She is a crazy, crazy awful person.
    She is stupid, ignorant, clueless, annoying, cloying, irritating, assanine, disgusting, bottom feeding, floor crawling, dipshited moron from hell. She is the enemy of women, men, children, and lawn furniture.
    How that piece of scrotum wrapping can get anything published anywhere on any planet or in any bacterial convention is beyond the wildist dreams of humanity.

  130. The only way Obama gives up the top spot is when you hear the words ‘Operation Board Games’ coming from the mouth of Patrick Fitzgerald.

  131. As a MA resident, I’m happy to cast my vote for Ed O’Reilly on Tuesday. So are 3 family members, 8 friends, 2 neighbors. I believe many others will too. The anger/frustration with Kerry may not be reported in the Boston Herald or Boston Globe, but it is very noticeable nonetheless.

  132. The always brilliant Semidi clearly explains what your choice is between the 2 major candidates:


    If you want to vote for a man who:

    – has praised Ronald Reagan;

    attacked Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal;

    attacked Bill and Hillary Clinton;

    attempted to undermine the public’s confidence in Social Security;

    offered an education plan with many similarities to Bush’s “No Child Left Behind;”

    – is arguing that Bush’s tax cuts for the rich shouldn’t be allowed to expire;

    favors Bush’s “Faith-Based Initiative;”

    favors the death penalty;

    thinks marriage is between a man and a woman;

    then by all means, vote for Barack Obama. Or John McCain. All of the above applies to both men.

    So, Conflucians, what say you?

  133. heroesforhillary:

    I love your avatar. Is it a poppy for remembrance day (Veterans Day)? In the UK everyone wears a poppy on that day.

  134. samanthasmom – please check your email

  135. DisenfranchisedVoter, on September 13th, 2008 at 12:32 pm Said:

    I guess the Obama campaign was trying to go for funny the way McCain mocked Obama being a celebrity or “The One”. They failed miserably here.


    Yes. In addition to needlessly mocking older voters and/or voters who aren’t necessarily comfortable with technology — not even mentioning the McCain issue — you’re right, it’s like they were trying to go for Teh Funny. But the oh-so-hip TeamO seems to only understand mean-spirited and self-indulgent. It’s interesting: the marketing narrative says that Dems are younger, hipper, liberal… yet the Dems are increasingly characterized by pompous, tight-lipped, humorless pretension. Honestly, it comes off like BO is so terribly concerned with his image that he can’t stop and laugh at himself. Every time he tries, I cringe, because it’s false and embarrassing.

    I’m using the word embarrassing a lot lately, I find. It’s all so… embarrassing.

    (One of the things that made me grow to respect HRC so much during the primaries is the fact that she could laugh at herself. The woman actually has a dry, deep sense of humor that I like.)

  136. 3 weeks after stepping all over the roll call, the superdelegates are pissed? SCHADENFREUDE TIME!

  137. My response is focused on the debate between Kerry and Ed O’Reilly… So..

    O’Reilly gave Kerry a good point by point thrashing! I would even venture to say, Ed O’Reilly knows Kerry better than Kerry (cares to admit) knows himself.

    The problem with Kerry is he seems to be in denial and refuses to see himself for what he is…for what we see, when hearing him speak about his accomplishments.

    No one , not even the overly well dressed John Kerry can bring home the bacon to their “own” home state without HELP along the way. I hope everyone noticed Ed O’Reilly quickly countered Kerry crediting himself for acquiring the huge earmark of $267m for the state of MA ,when in fact the bill originated in the House.

    This is precisely why I don’t like John Kerry. You never get the “real” story from Kerry, just his OP-ED version of what is…and what he wants you to know.

    I do like Ed (the loofah) O’Reilly. Helping shed the dead skin of politicians who have been comfortable for far too long in a Senate seat that can be better served by someone else hungry enough to pay attention and really help their own constituency..

    Kerry never fought for us in 2004 like he said he would. We helped him raise more money for the fight and what did he do? He rolled over like the “dead skinned” coward he is because he didn’t want to ruffle any feathers.

    Instead of fighting for US…He rolled over, kissed Teresa good night , turned out the light and went to bed..leaving an army of loyal democrats in a state of shock seeing their Democratic Champion removing his armor, laying down his sword and turning tail before the first blow could ever be struck.

    Nope, I’ll take the man from Gloucester, MA. They are proven, hard and tough to beat. They don’t lay down for anyone! Just ask a Gloucester fisherman how tough they are…before you can get the words all they way out, you’ll have a fist in your face.

    If it doesn’t happen that way for you if the opportunity arises..double check if it’s a Kerry surrogate, they’re ALL TALK and NO ACTION! Then you’ll know!

    Before I forget… Anyone here think Obama is suffering from Overexposure OR maybe he’s not likable enough?

    Check here: http://pumasunleashed.wordpress.com/

  138. “It’s OBAMA who needs to make the sacrifice and why shouldn’t we ask it of him? He’s inexperienced, completely out of his league and his Machiavellian operations have put the entire Democratic party at risk. If he MUST be on the ticket, let him take the 4 year paid internship as VP.”

    Exactly. Of course, Obama has shown he is incapable of putting “the greter good” before his own ambitions.

  139. Gee, Kerry sure worked on that Iraq issue…talking, getting advice, meeting…

    Did he do the same when he was falling in love with Obama???????

  140. angelasmith, on September 13th, 2008 at 12:37 pm Said:

    A very accurate description!!!

  141. It would be the ultimate slap in the face for the DONC to offer Hillary the VP slot. Besides, BO’s ego will never let him admit he needs her. HE’s going down in flames.

  142. Down ticket Democrats are very concerned and they have reason to be. They’ve lost a lot of ground….down from an 11 point lead to a 3 point lead on generic polling.

    It also looks like VA won’t be going blue this year.

    Mountain Sage

  143. General question — is there any way to get WordPress to have threaded comments? It may be just me, but there are so many good comments and things to discuss, but by the time I get to the end of them I’ve forgotten half of them.

    Salon/Paglia — Paglia’s the worst. Um Gloria, Palin isn’t the new Schlafly, Paglia is — she’s the modern anti-feminist, vitriolic against women but listened to because she says everything sexists want to hear.

    Salon’s comment section were atrocious before they brought Paglia on (altho I’m sure they’ve gotten worse). It’s because they refuse to moderate them at all, since they are looking to pump up their hit numbers. Joan Walsh is just as much a hack as, say, Ariana, it’s just that her hackery occasionally agrees with liberals. It’s not just misogyny, it’s every article — comment threads are dominated by trolls and people with obot personalities.

    bboomer — I’m with you., Kerry does need to go. But I wasn’t as quick to pick up on it as you (except for wanting to rewrite every speech he ever gave as he was speaking in 2004).

    wmcb — that telegraph article was a hoot! Except it’s everything we (without paying millions to pollsters and consultants) have been telling them for months on end. This quote, though, made me want to vomit:

    but Democrats now point out that he has never run a successful campaign in the heartland states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia, which will decide the election.

    (emphasis mine).

    Now point out? Dya think? Clinton was pointing that out every frickin’ day since February. Never have so few done so little for so many.

  144. I took my girls, a teen and a pre-teen, to see Hillary when she came to Charlotte. The two of them were in awe of her, and they cheered the loudest when she talked about National Service, especially as an avenue to pay off college debt.

    OT: Charles, the column my mom forwarded was a copy of US Campaign Reader
    September 13th, 2008 1:11 am
    that had been forwarded to her. But you did get the credit for it. :o)

  145. The big story over at NQ today is that Michelle O. was stated to be not at ground zero 9/11 because this was 1st week of school and she was going to be at home for her girls that 1st week. However, she made campaign appearances in IN and at an AA Baptist convention on Wednesday 9/10. At first I read the story as she did this on 9/11 so I was ready to orbit but 9/10 is a little different story. No matter, it seems to starkly bely the campaign statement about being home for the girls this first week of school. It also seemed that those appearances were under the radar to blur their visibility. In a campaign follow-up statement a spokesperson repeated the story of being at home for the girls and that “Sen. Obama had reached out to McCain to join him in remembrance on this day”. It makes it sound like Obama was the planned the ceremony at ground zero. What do all of you think? Why would the campaign try to pull this whole thing—if MO was going to make an exception to “being at home” you would think her priority would be the 9/11 ceremony. AA voters are not likely to jump ship on O. Was it about fund raising? Needing bucks? Was it about trying to make a national tv statement on Palin who actually was not at 9/11 ceremonies because she was in AK for her son and the AK guard. Was the O campaign trying to snuff out that media attention? Why did BO seem so p’d at the ceremony? Did he think Cindy McCain would not be there and so it made it look bad that MO was not? Maybe this BO campaign is so used to having the media as a pet lap dog that it has not occurred to them that perhaps they are in a different ballgame? So PUMAs what is your take on this?

  146. The greatest service Camille Paglia could do for feminists is to quit calling herself one.

  147. And if she doesn’t call herself a feminist, better yet. There is no reason to pay attention to her.

  148. Remember it was Kerry, who gave us Obama. Kerry got Obama started. This is all, Kerry’s Obamanation.

  149. John McCain Weekly Radio Address

    In the new Weekly Radio Address, John McCain discussed his plans to shake things up in Washington.

    “Governor Sarah Palin and I not only promise big change in Washington – we have records of change to back up our words. We offer not only change you can believe in, but change you can verify. We’ll get the job of reform done – to shake things up in Washington, solve our energy problems, and get the American economy moving again. And whatever your party affiliation, I want every voter in America to know that I am hoping to earn your support in the cause of real reform in Washington.”

    “We not only offer change you can believe in. We offer change you can verify.”

    Click here to hear the audio:


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  150. Funny how Obama supporter Kerry brags on bringing home the earmark bacon to MA at the same time Obama is skewering Palin for bringing home the earmark bacon to AK.

  151. Jangles: I still think MO wasn’t at 9/11 because fairly or unfairly the public doesn’t view her as patriotic, so a 9/11 ceremony is the last place you’d want her. It would just remind people of her ‘mean’ ‘proud’ etc remarks.

  152. Went to NQ & saw the Obama disco ad, wasn’t a good one at all. When the McCain POW relevance to keyboarding hits big time, I wonder if the O people will apologize. Even if Obama claims ignorance, never a good policy for a prez candidate, the obvious question is we knew it, why didn’t they?

    I doubt we’ll hear an apology, but I think that puts the Dems in a hypocritical light, what with the big to-do over Rush Limbaugh shaking around like Michael J Fox.

  153. Must be talking to myself, everyone else must have listened to RD. Back later.

  154. Jangles, I think MO is a liability now. Without a woman on either ticket, potential First Ladies are “interesting,” discussed and noticed only because they are the only “repository” for our ideas and assumptions related to women in the vicinity of the White House. Once Palin was put on the ticket, things changed. Now Palin, a powerful, “patriotic” (hate that word) and genuine-seeming woman, makes MO looks small, unpatriotic, and ungenuine–which has the potential to make BO look the same. MO’s potty mouth when she talks about women candidates (as she did about Hillary) is a liability; our memory of that potty mouth is also a liability. Finally, she needs to be kept under wraps because she reminds women, not of the heights they can reach (Palin), but of their continued secondary and supprortive status within the Democratic Party. It’s different for Cindy McCain. Her husband had the balls to pick a woman. Her presence reminds women of who she is married to and what he did for the women of this country.

    I predict we won’t be seeing much of MO. Women aren’t going to respond well to a constant visual reminder of how one party, this year, has elevated the role of women in leadership, and the other has kept us in the position of serving tea.

    Way to go, BO.

  155. I wonder if they were actually worried MO might draw boos from the crowds.

    If I were going to participate in a ground-zero memorial ceremony – my spouse and kids would be there. I don’t think most of the campaign events are worth pulling kids out of school, but 9/11…? History kids actually experience is more meaningful and important to becoming citizens than attending school that one day (IMHO ) .

  156. Ironman, “Change You Can Verify” is a good phrase for McCain/Palin.


  158. b mathews: Hahahhaa!

    I did the quintessentially suburban thing: I washed my car. Cars get dusty, not rusty, out here in SoCal. I also applied two PUMA stickers to my car: one of a Democratic donkey with P.U.M.A. superimposed, the other of a puma in repose.

    The latter is doubly appropriate, for as a dissident Dem in her 40s who’s still got it going on, I am both a Puma and a cougar 🙂

  159. b mathews:


    To stop using cap locks? It makes your posts look like spam and they’re very hard to read and understand.

    You’ve never replied. So I can’t tell if you are really participating in our conversations.

  160. My thoughts exactly. Except I hoped for Clinton VP or Presidency.

  161. I’m sick of Obama supporters. They don’t understand anything you say and nothing sticks no matter what you say.

  162. agreeing with donnadarko

    i hate monkeys

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