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    Propertius on Happy Birthday to Me, Bit…
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Saturday Night with Murphy & Friends

It’s another Saturday Night with Murphy and Friends at 8PM 9PM EST!

74 Responses

  1. I’m tuning in. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Does it start at 8:00 EST or 9:00 EST?

  3. Barack Obama new plan, lets claim everything McCain says about me is a LIE, kinda like what we did to Hillary when we made everything she said about me racist. Americans are to dumb to know better

  4. OK – small print says 9:00 — I will have to miss it tonight — mother-in-law is coming over for dinner !!! I only have an hour to play.

  5. It says 9PM.

  6. I fixed the time!

  7. Sarah “Xena” Palin has her chakrum and it’s going *shwipe schwing slice* through everybody on the Obie side. So sad.

  8. Thanks, Katiebird! So I guess you didn’t get the tornado last night?

  9. All I have to say is: Karma is a b*tch! Obama screwed over Hillary’s chance of becoming the first woman president and now Palin is screwing over Obama’s chances of becoming the first African-American president. All of this will result in Hillary becoming president someday. Don’t mess with destiny!

  10. Just before the Ohio State/USC game two ads: 1. Obama talking about “change.” and 2. McCain/Palin “the Mavericks.” #2 was more effective and those ads hit almost every house in Ohio tonight.

  11. regency — is that hillary in your gravatar?

  12. is Tina Fey going to be on SNL tonight? or were they just talking in general?

  13. oooh tina fey!!! schwing!!!

  14. McCain and Palin need to get some specifics in on some real change. O/B are nicely vulnerable on earmarks and they need to come out with a good paragraph or two in stump speech refining the issue. They need to refine energy policy as both a national security fundamental and an economic fundamental; they need to talk about oversight. I heard Sarah start this discussion on improving oversight and it needs to get meat on it. That was a major failing of Bush. I hardly ever give Bush credit but the hurricane season we have witnessed the last two weeks shows that some things are being done right now and I really think R can take some creds for that and they should.

  15. Gary,

    Since Obama has cancelled his appearance on SNL, I’d like to know why he isn’t going down to Texas to help out with hurricane recovery. He sure does take a lot of days off.

  16. bb I was wondering the same thing. that’s why I asked about the tina fey thing. maybe he found out about it and his ego couldn’t take sharing the stage with her, even if it was only someone impersonating her.

  17. We all know that if he appeared on SNL the McCain campaign would have crucified him for it. Obama is really running scared now.

  18. Is Tina Fey on tonight?

  19. Gary,

    That could be it. I never thought about that.

  20. I think he was afraid of more “celebrity” fodder.

  21. Indiggogir; Yeah, that’s Hillary and Bill.

    Oh did ya’ll here that Tina’s probably coming back to play Tina Palin. Check the last thread. I posted the article.

  22. Ehen, Sarah Palin.

  23. ummm… Is Riverdaughter around?

  24. Sarah is the new media star…..Obama is in big trouble as noone is around to just hand him his victories any longer…he will have to do it the old fashioned way…EARN IT….and going by his past work record he isn’t a very hard worker lol….

  25. DancesWithPumas, RD might be back later. But she was taking most of the day off.

  26. oh, okay… anyone want to host a radio program then? lol
    Murphy is out of state and may be having problems connecting due to weather.

  27. Good evening everyone!! We are one day closer to sending Obama and his thugs back to Chicago!

    Quick update:

    Sarah Palin in Carson City, NV today. Crowd was HUGE! 10,000 + people according to reporter.

    Nevada will go for McCain-Palin.


    Read this GREAT article about Sarah Palin by USA Today:

    “Palin ‘governed from the center,’ went after big oil”


  28. Check out Sarah’s suit. She has a great stylist.


  29. Sorry folks, gotta vent. The TN Democratic Party threw out a legitimate election today – albeit one that was decided by 19 votes…Story is the woman in question voted for a GOP state Senate majority leader, AFTER the Dems had already lost the majority in the state Senate. So they’re out to get her.

    WHY isn’t anyone asking why the Dem governor and former Majority leader weren’t able to hold the majority? (because our Dem gov is a DINO, basically)….

    I keep having the feeling if this Senator, whose name is Rosalind Kurita, were named Raymond, we wouldn’t be having this problem.

    I really can’t believe I used to be a wholehearted, enthusiastic booster of this Party. I am SO SICK of good-old-boy gamesmanship and lip service towards novel concepts like gender equality.

  30. ugsome — hey! I called Palin the Xena of America’s Last Frontier the day McCain announced.

    Of course, I don’t remember where I was commenting at the time, so I guess I’ve lost the trademark rights. 😦

  31. Over at talkleft they are discussing about some new ads by Obama and kos linking McCain to Bush. I honestly feel Obama is more Bush like than McCain especially with regard to the cheerleaders. The same msm cheerleaders of Bush are now cheering on Obama. Also both Bush and Obama have similar kind of experiences (coasting along one thru daddy’s connections other thru benevolent mentors), ivy degree, same belief about the historical importance of self, similar problem with geography and same attitude towards debate.

  32. Yes, I see Obama as our Bush too. Add to that our very own Karl Rove in the person of Axelrod; a bad case of foot in mouth disease, and of course, thin resumes.

  33. I keep seeing a premise in most of the lefty blogs (including PUMA sites) that I find disturbing.

    The premise is the the Republican party is evil. Not just Bush and Cheney, but the entire party – leadership, rank and file, the whole enchilada.

    Many of them are urging preemptive negative attacks under the theory that you have to fight dirty to win.

    I don’t remember the Big Dawg running negative campaigns. He took a few shots at GOP policies, but not at the GOP. And he (and Hillary) saved the really negative stuff for counterpunching.

  34. I take a look at TL sometimes now, I used to lurk there daily.

  35. myiq: I think that attitude goes way beyond just the republican party.

    Oh wait, maybe it is just the republicans, but party membership has become a pretty loose and subjective definition.

  36. myiq2xu,

    I’ve been getting terrible email messages from my aunt about how dangerous Republicans (all Republicans) are. So it’s not just bloggers.

    (glumly) People are willing for me to claim I’m an Independent and they’ll allow me to “own my vote” but they FREAK at the thought I might vote for a Republican.

    I want health care for everyone. and I KNOW it’s not going to come from Republicans. But, it hasn’t exactly come from the Democrats either, has it?


  37. There is no way health care for all is coming in the next 4 years. Obama gave up on that battle before the fight even began.

  38. Katiebird,

    Now that I don’t have a favorite candidate, it’s amazing to me to see the distortions on both sides. This morning I had to have a talk with my mom. She keeps asking me if I’m going to vote for McCain. I’ve told her no again and again. I finally told her that I find it really hurtful that she keeps asking and doesn’t seem to accept my answer. I had no idea that Democrats were so rigid until this happened.

  39. myiq

    I’m finding that, too. The way I see it Bush & Cheney = bad. But not Republican voters as a whole. I live in a neighborhood that’s probably 90% Republican (the “Support Our Troops” signs are a dead giveaway!). These are fantastic people!

    However, my Obot friends have taken to calling ME a Repug or Repuke, war monger, “blood will be on your hands as McSame launches bombs on the world!” etc.

    A bit much, dontcha think? Anyway, now that I’m a non-affiliated voter I think I’ll just stay that way.

  40. I’m a veteran, both the army and two wars, and the left as an activist and anti-war during the Cold War – but my concerns were about a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Everything has changed. Today the threat of war with nation-states has diminished, with some exceptions; but much more threatening is the radical religious ideology of Islam and I trust McCain and Palin far more than I would any Democrat except Hillary to keep Americans safe. As for Hillary, her ship has sailed and she was not on it. She will be much better positioned to help with health care and social programs as a Senator no matter who wins the presidency – and it can’t be Obama. I think we must make sure she knows she has our support to do just that because she is a great Senator.

    And we know she can work with McCain. She has before and they like each other.

    As for Obama, if he is still in the Senate and I hope he is not, he can be in charge of the basketball court maintenance committee.


  41. masslib,

    Kerry actually stated right up front that what Hillary wanted to do would never pass the Senate. Oh if only we could get rid of him on Tuesday!!

  42. I’m on a local ‘progressive’ email list and today there was a really mean-spirited discussion about Cindy McCain’s addiction to pain pills 17 or so years ago. I was like….wtf? Besides the fact that she isn’t running for office, I thought progressives were tolerant and understanding people……nice, caring people.

    I was under no illusions that democrats were good and pure and wonderful, but i did think they were less evil and nasty than republicans. I was wrong.

  43. masslib – I am not sure about universal health care being off the table. I think that Obama had to work a deal with Hillary (and perhaps Bill) in order for her to campaign for him.

    Hillary being Hillary would ask for something for citizens (not for herself) like universal health care and not privatizing SS. Hillary pushed both issues in her conventiton speech and reiterated her own positions – which are in opposition to Obama’s positions.

    Hillary would further extract the promise from Obama that if he remains in the senate he will help push for uhc and stop with the rightwing talking points on SS.

  44. At this point I don’t want Obama saying anything about Universal Health Care. With his endorsement we’d lose if for another 20 years.

  45. Barack is NOT trustworthy. Unless that promise would sworn in writing, I think she’d want something more concrete and immediate fro m him.

  46. Dee, on September 13th, 2008 at 10:43 pm Said:

    masslib – I am not sure about universal health care being off the table. I think that Obama had to work a deal with Hillary (and perhaps Bill) in order for her to campaign for him.

    Dee, you are dreaming. I have not even heard the words “universal health care” since the primary ended.

  47. One of the major problems in Iraq is that the Sunni and Shia hate each other, and have been fighting for centuries.

    Both sides have legitimate grievances, because what ever side is on top oppresses the group that is out of power.

    The Sunnis know if we pull out and leave the Shia in charge, they will suffer for all the things Saddam did to the Shias. Both sides think the other is evil.

    That’s why I am disturbed about what keep hearing from Democrats.

    The way many of the talk, we should round up the GOP and put them in concentration camps.

    It’s not just kos, WKJM and Jeralyn. Digby and even Anglachel are talking that way.

  48. On other fronts, Obama is avoiding mentioning Palin at all. If he mentions her it is as McCain/Palin. He is trying desperately to avoid getting drawn off message.

    I bet the Big Dawg told him to do that at their lunch the other day. Suddenly, he changes his approach? Hmm…

  49. “Hillary would further extract the promise from Obama that if he remains in the senate he will help push for uhc and stop with the rightwing talking points on SS.”

    Right, Dee. That’s why he’s out hocking merit pay and vouchers. Because he’s got secret deals with Hillary. Come on…

  50. Speaking of Iraq, has anyone asked Joe Biden if he’s still for the partition of Iraq in 3 States?

    What a silly idea that was.

  51. Regency – like what? I think she would go for the big issues but maybe you have a point.

    Also, as Hillary and Obama’s people negotiated many many players would have been involved. Probably half the Dems in the U.S. Senate were in on the discussion and the house leadership as well.

  52. Fif: Problem is, his message sucks so even when he’s on he gaffes.

  53. Dee, universal health care didn’t even make it into the platform. Honestly, pass some of whatever you are smoking. Hillary is helping Obama because no one is going to blame her when he loses.

  54. MABlue – I have been asking that question of all of my friends that support Obama/Biden. Few are even aware of Biden’s partition idea.

    What can you do – they are low-information voters.

  55. BB, thanks for the explanation on K/O accents two threads ago.

    Charles, I saw the polls. Darn, I thought the Dakotas were going to be the game changer in the west..I guess not.

    Today I received snail mail from the DNC. They want money. I think I am going to draw a pig with beautiful red lips and send it back in protest for the primaries….sophomoric, I know, but….

  56. Regency, on September 13th, 2008 at 10:51 pm Said:

    Fif: Problem is, his message sucks so even when he’s on he gaffes.

    He’s got a message?

  57. The Obama campaign is doing a full court press of personal attacks against McCain-Palin. The media is doing their very best to circle the wagons around Obama and try to insulate him from ANY negative press.- call it Operation COS: Cover Obama’s Ass.

    The media will not do their f’in job. They will copntinue to distort and cover for Obama.

    It is up to us, the American people, and those voters in the key swing states, to PUSH THROUGH and achieve victory for America. The media may be able to take the truth out of the news and spin it upside down for Obama, but they can’t take our vote.

    Stand Up! Keep Going!
    Stand Up For What Is Best For America!

    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  58. New post from BostonBoomer!
    New post from BostonBoomer!
    New post from BostonBoomer!
    New post from BostonBoomer!
    New post from BostonBoomer!
    New post from BostonBoomer!

  59. “Operation COS: Cover Obama’s Ass.”

    KOS: Kover O’s aSs?

  60. myiq, it is always funny that the Left looks at conflicts in other countries, and is convinced that it could all be solved if people would calm down and stop demonizing each other. I hear things like “Well, the Sunni and Shia need to realize that they are both going to have to live in the same country, so neither is going to get what they want. We need to go talk to them and convince them to compromise and cooperate.”

    But these same people take the attitude that anything and everyone not in line with their own party or policies is not just mistaken or wrong, but EVIL that must be DESTROYED.

    I am beginning to think that we Americans have a lot of nerve to piously pronounce on other countries conflicts and how they out to work them out, when we are unwilling to speak of “the other side” , D or R, in our own country as anything less than demon spawn of hell.

  61. masslib – not sure why you conflated education and uhc…

    As for mentioning uhc since the primary ended – like I said, HRC mentioned it in her convention speech. It jumped out at me because it was off message (and therefore confrontational) for Obama’s coronation//convention.

  62. kiki: I guess they decided to focus on Cindy McCain’s pain pill addiction 17 years ago (which she has been very open and honest about) instead of her years of charitable work around the world huh?

  63. UpNY – yesterday I went through a weeks worth of mail. I had 7 prepaid envelopes from Obama and DNC. I found five different pig pics suitable for my purpose, printed them, put various shades of red and pink lipstick on them and returned all 7 envelopes to the campaign. I understand it costs a $1 for each enveloped mailed back to them.

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  64. Today I received snail mail from the DNC. They want money. I think I am going to draw a pig with beautiful red lips and send it back in protest for the primaries….sophomoric, I know, but….

    Upstate: I sent one in today with P.UM.A. written in large red lipstick letters. There was a picture of Judas Richardson, so just for good measure, I put lipstick on his lips. Fun, fun, fun.

    Hey, any form of legit protest must be seized.

  65. Dee, I see I am not alone. Seems kind of unethical but….oh well.

    And H, thank a million for sharing my info with the DNC…not another dime.

  66. I honestly think Sarah Palin has been vetted by the press more in the last couple of days than Obama ever has. Why is the press so in love with Obama?

    Mountain Sage

  67. fif, you too are “bad”, I see. Who knows maybe it will cathartic.

  68. Biden sent me a photo of him and the Great O — and a donation request. I’ve never given anyone reason to think I wanted a photo of them…..

  69. Term limits is the only, way to fix congress. We keep asking, what has happend, and yet, we leave people in office for 20 and more years. And no one asks……what, have you. done. Anyone, who has been in office for more than, 20 years, should have Major, major, accomplishments, on his record. And, remind them, they serve at our pleasure. 12 Years in the senate…….10 years in the house. No…..no…retirement pay…….etc.

  70. I didn’t get no photo of Biden and O. Kbird, you must be special (or donated more to the primaries than I did).

  71. UpstateNY — I don’t know. I think those mailings are sort of random.

  72. From the Head Cheeto:

    “We’re going to win this thing the way campaigns are won — by playing hardball. Politics is a blood sport. Republicans understand this and never flinch from flinging the sh!t. We won’t win until we learn to fight back in kind. And I’m more than happy to get down in the mud with our friends on the Right so Obama doesn’t have to.”

    Actually, the GOP is running the cleanest, least negative campaign I I ever seen them run.

    It’s the Democrats who are playing dirty.

  73. hey – you out there on the East Coast — How was the opening of Saturday Night Live ??

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