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Our friend Charles Lemos on his blog, By The Fault, does a wonderful job keeping us posted on polls – both state and national – as they come out. And WOW have they been coming out — what a come-down for Obama! To give you an idea of how wildly things have shifted since the first of September, I made a copy of Real Clear Politics rolling average chart of national polls:

Real Clear Politics Chart of Polls from Sept. 1st through Sept. 12

Real Clear Politics Chart of Polls from Sept. 1st through Sept. 12

Those national polls reflect Obama’s weakness in state after state. From By the Fault:

Rasmussen Reports Washington State Poll — Obama’s Lead Down to Two Points
Insider Advantage Ohio Poll — McCain By One
Rasmussen Reports Michigan Poll — Obama Motoring By Five
Rasmussen Reports Idaho Poll — A Gem for McCain
Rasmussen Reports Wyoming Poll — Red As Ever
West Virginia Poll — A Five Point Edge for McCain
Georgia Looks Peachy for McCain
Quinnipiac Poll on Three Swing States — McCain Widens Lead in Florida, Obama’s Lead Widens in Ohio but Narrows in Pennsylvania

[UPDATE] Two more polls!

Marist New Jersey Poll — Obama By Seven Among Registered Voters But Only By Three Among Likely Voters

Rasmussen Reports Missouri Poll — McCain Holds A Six Point Lead

Unelectable — It’s too soon to relax but I think we’ll be reading more stories like this:

Obama’s Altitude Sickness
By Charles Krauthammer

WASHINGTON — The Democrats are in a panic. In a presidential race that is impossible to lose, they are behind. Obama devotees are frantically giving advice. Tom Friedman tells him to “start slamming down some phones.” Camille Paglia suggests, “be boring!”

Meanwhile, a posse of Democratic lawyers, mainstream reporters, lefty bloggers and various other Obamaphiles are scouring the vast tundra of Alaska for something, anything, to bring down Sarah Palin: her daughter’s pregnancy, her ex-brother-in-law problem, her $60 per diem, and now her religion. (CNN reports — news flash! — that she apparently has never spoken in tongues.) Not since Henry II asked if no one would rid him of his turbulent priest, have so many so urgently volunteered for duty.

298 Responses

  1. Whoopi to McCain: ‘Should I Be Worried About Being a Slave Again?

    and it wasn’t a joke and Babs say’s white folk will take care of them to Sherry and Whoopi and she was not joking either …ARE THESE DEMS JUST NUTS…oh well not sure why I care now I am no Obama fan but dose every remaining Democrat need to play dunce guy’s are PUMA’s are you sure your Dems even New Dems I not sure you are

  2. Rasmussen Markets data now shows gave McCain to be a slight favorite for victory in November. These figures are updated on a 24/7 basis by market participants and currently give McCain a 51.8% chance of victory. Expectations for Obama are at 46.3%. Prior to this past week, expectations for a Democratic victory had generally been in the 60% range

  3. KB – Great post!

    Obama based his run on several theories:

    1) Obama could win without Clinton voters in Appalachia.
    2) Obama could register millions of new voters (preferably AA) in order to make up for those losses.
    3) To further make up for those losses, Obama could win the Mountain West and the South.
    4) Clinton Dems had nowhere else to go.
    5) McCain could, and should, be beaten through harping on his age and tying him to Bush.

    How are those theories working out for him?

  4. If McCain liked black people before I can totally not being a big fan at this point. I won’t even take it personally. THough I’ll be really sad that Cindy McCain ceased adoption procedures.

  5. No, Florida Surfer, it won’t.

    The Repubs stole 2000 and 2004. We didn’t deserve Bush.

    And we don’t deserve McCain or Obama. We deserve Hillary.

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of blaming or hating voters. I leave that to the Obama folks.

  6. The demographic party had better panic more…can we chart that too ?? surely there has to be a Panic Chart … oh heck i might have to make one myself

    I expect that the spewing of the vitriol from the left and bo ( hey maybe Mo will go off again too) will increase in inverse proportion to their numbers falling .

    What a pretty chart that would be … I would do the Repubs in lipstick red … and the dems in code blue …..

  7. swanspirit, on September 12th, 2008 at 3:31 pm Said:

    …surely there has to be a Panic Chart …

    What a pretty chart that would be … I would do the Repubs in lipstick red … and the dems in code blue …..

    Now that’s funny.

  8. (May be a conservative MSM, don’t know)

    Obama Only Talks Good Game On Gender Pay Equity
    From The Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    By Deroy Murdock
    September 11, 2008

    Compensation figures for [Obama’s] legislative staff reveal that Obama pays women just 83 cents for every dollar his men make.

    A watchdog group called LegiStorm posts online the salaries for Capitol Hill staffers.

    Based on these calculations, Obama’s 28 male staffers divided among themselves total payroll expenditures of $1,523,120. Thus, Obama’s average male employee earned $54,397.

    Obama’s 30 female employees split $1,354,580 among themselves, or $45,152, on average.

    Among Obama’s five best-paid advisors, only one was a woman. Among his top 20, seven were women.
    . . . .

    Obama responded Aug. 31 to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s Republican vice-presidential nomination. Palin “seems like a very engaging person,” Obama told voters in Toledo, Ohio. “But I’ve got to say, she’s opposed — like John McCain is — to equal pay for equal work. That doesn’t make much sense to me.”

    McCain’s 17 male staffers split $916,914, thus averaging $53,936. His 25 female employees divided $1,396,958 and averaged $55,878.

    On average, according to these data, women in John McCain’s office make $1.04 for every dollar a man makes. In fact, all other things being equal, a typical female staffer could earn 21 cents more per dollar paid to her male counterpart — while adding $10,726 to her annual income — by leaving Barack Obama’s office and going to work for John McCain.

    Among [McCain’s] top-five best-compensated staffers, three are women. Of his 20-highest-salaried employees, 13 are women.

    In short, these statistics suggest that John McCain is more than fair with his female employees, while Barack Obama — at the expense of the women who work for him — quietly perpetuates the very same pay-equity divide that he loudly denounces.

    To View The Entire Article, Please Visit: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/378772_murdockonline12.html

  9. It’s hilarious…I’m seeing my “Friends” on Facebook putting into their status updates thing like: “So-and-so is wishing Palin away.” Yes, I bet they do wish her away. And look at all the articles being written by op-ed columnists: the word “panic” keeps appearing. Gail Collins in the Times just tried to calm people down by telling them Obama is leading in the electorate college. (Only to be shut down by Paul Krugman in a separate column that Obama’s electoral college lead is in trouble.) We keep seeing the word “panic.” The Democratic party, Obama’s campaign, and their enablers in the media are scared shitless. And it’s hilarious!

    My Facebook update today, incidentally, says: “There’s nothing like the debasement of a teenage mother-to-be by the liberal blogosphere on a rainy Friday afternoon.”

  10. Madamab – in answer to your questions 1-5:

    1, HAh!

    2. HAH!!!

    3. Hah!!!!!

    4. HAH!!!!!!!!

    5. HAHAHAH!!!!!!

    But I think if they keep applying themselves like this for the next two months, they may learn something. I thought it was “rare air” in DC that caused the disconnect to quality government – I admit I was wrong. It’s not just “rare air”(gas bags) – it’s elitism, narcissism, immaturity. It’s the false feeling people get from being on tee vee or movies or sports or rapping that gets them more money and unearned attention than is appropriate. Works a lot like being unaccountable for ones actions – no limit to the improprieties. lies, bias – skys the limit.

  11. DYB: Yeah, I see all that stuff in Twitter and Facebook too. Hilarious and annoying and dismaying all at the same time. I just see them as smug shits who think they can say or do no wrong because they have a D after their name.

  12. For Immediate Release

    Contact: Press Office

    Friday, September 12, 2008


    MANCHESTER, NH — The McCain-Palin campaign today announced that New Hampshire State Representative Doreen Howard, a Democratic legislator from Newmarket, has endorsed John McCain for president. Representative Howard previously supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy.

    “As a lifelong Democrat who enthusiastically backed Hillary Clinton in the primaries, I am now supporting John McCain. Like Senator Clinton, McCain values the importance of public service. Both Clinton and McCain put country first and that’s critically important,” said Howard. “John McCain and Sarah Palin are mavericks who have proven they can deliver real reform. As our nation faces challenges at home and abroad, Americans will benefit from their experience, judgment and strong leadership.”

    Elected in 2006, Representative Howard is a member of the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee. She represents Newmarket and Newfields.

    Representative Howard supported John Kerry in 2004 and Al Gore in 2000.

  13. I’d love to see a commercial with a bitter old knitting lady and a Bubba at the race track calling the DNC with a cell phone and saying “Can you hear me now?”

  14. Hooray for the NH PUMA!
    meanwhile, they are getting it in UK: Why Obama may not win?

  15. McCain-Palin 2008 Launches New Spanish TV Ad: ‘Which Side Are They On?’

  16. It’s the DNC that should get what THEY deserve…..




  17. Hillary will be in Kentucky campaigning for a downticket dem

  18. Just compare the 2 presidential candidates. Obama is just not trustworthy. I agree, he is a great orator. Actually, Obama would have made a great television evangelist, who wants to con people of their money. 🙂 McCain is real, and serious about serving his country, and has loads of experience, and he works with democrats too. In reality, if you look at this contest without bias, there is no comparison at all. McCain wins hands down.

  19. Speaking of polls, I love this joke:

    “There is some good news for John McCain. According to the latest polls, which came out today, John McCain has started to open up a lead over Barack Obama. This is true. Yeah. The USA Today poll has McCain ahead by ten points. The ‘CBS News’ poll has the two tied. And the MSNBC poll says that Obama won the election last week.”
    –Conan O’Brien

    The polls I’d like to see right now are the internal polls for Ohio and Colorado.

  20. Katiebird, great recap and quite happy-making reading. Thank you.

    Madamab, your Obama hallucinogenic wish list reminds me of the saying, “If a bullfrog had his wish he wouldn’t bump his a$$ every time he jumped.”

  21. OT: Everybody in TX, be safe.

    That is one scary hurricane.

  22. Republican Woman, I first read that survey months ago. The obots like to pretend it means nothing, but IMO, actions speak louder than words. It says a lot about John McCain that he hires women for top positions and that he pays them well. Obama, it should come as no surprise, does not hire women to top positions and does not pay his female staff well. It is crystal clear that Obama, at the very least, takes women for granted. And it amazes me that any advocate for womens rights would support such a sexist candidate. I have voted the Democratic ticket my entire adult life. This year will be the first time that I don’t.

  23. So far there’s nothing happening in my zip code.

  24. Regency, I hope it stays that way.

  25. Lisadawn thank you ….
    but this really cracks me up it must be what the race seems to be to the obots …

    for some reason this pic totally cracks me up every time …

    PS sending thoughts and protection to TX please be safe

  26. When Obama loses I can remind my children about all of his cheating in the primaries and say: See, I told you crime does not pay!!

  27. Call your congress representatives and ask them to support this bill

    Clinton and Slaughter Welcome Approval by Key Senate Panel of Their Legislation to Preserve and Promote Women’s History Sites in New York

    WASHINGTON, DC – Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Congresswoman Louise M. Slaughter (D-NY) welcomed approval by a key Senate panel of their legislation to preserve and promote historic landmarks of the women’s suffrage movement across New York. The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee approved the National Women’s Rights History Project Act, which will now go before the full Senate. The legislation was introduced in the Senate by Senator Clinton and in the House of Representatives by Congresswoman Slaughter, Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee. Congresswoman Slaughter testified yesterday on the bill before the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks. In July, Senator Clinton testified before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks on behalf of the legislation, underscoring the importance of these historical sites as cultural landmarks and drivers of economic development through heritage tourism. Senator Clinton was joined at the July hearing by Coline Jenkins, the great-great granddaughter of suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the president of the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Trust. (See more: http://www.clinton.senate.gov/news/statements/details.cfm?id=301564&&amp😉

    “From Harriet Tubman’s home in Auburn to Susan B. Anthony’s house in Rochester, from the Farmington Quaker Meetinghouse to Seneca Falls, New York is home to many of the most significant landmarks of the women’s suffrage movement. These sites, and many, many more, are part of New York’s remarkable historic legacy. This legislation will ensure that they are preserved for future generations,” Senator Clinton said.

    “The foremothers of our country stood up to injustice and by changing the course of history, opened the doors of opportunity for all America’s daughters,” Congresswoman Slaughter said. “I urge my colleagues to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of the heroines who put our great nation on track to equality by supporting this bill.”

    The National Women’s Rights History Project Act would achieve three major goals:

    First, the bill would establish an auto route linking New York State sites significant to the struggle for women’s suffrage and civil rights. The route would be administered as part of Women’s Rights National Historical Park, and the National Park Service would work to promote historically significant locations along the route. To that end, the Park Service would support the development of a guidebook, a signage system, indoor and outdoor exhibits, and interpretive and educational programs to enrich the experience of visitors.


  28. And, just think, McCain’s campaign was broke this time last year.


    How much $$$ will Barry have raised and squandered before this is Over?

  29. My very southern grandmother-in-law (who goes by the name of Nanny and turned 93 years old in April) told me today that: “This November Obama’s gonna git beat like a red-headed stepchild”

    For any Southerners out there please help! What does this mean? I find it very peculiar and have no frame of reference for it. Since she is 93 I didn’t ask her to explain. Is it alot, a little?

  30. The front page article in today’s USA today is powerful. People may just begin to get the full flavor of the energy policy that McCain Palin may represent. If you look at what Palin has done in AK, it is an amazingly liberal approach. She has said fundamentally, these gas and oil resources belong to the people of Alaska and they will be paid first for anyone or any corporation’ right to go in and harvest those resources. Not only will the AK people be paid first, but that contract will be on a basis so that as those resources become more valuable to the developer, they will pay more for the privilege. That is breath taking. Do you realize nationwide how many natural resources are literally “given away” to oil, gas and mining operators at fire sale prices? Do you realize that if taxpayers really got a fair piece of that value many states such as CA, WA, all the gulf states—would have money coming out of their ears. The northern tier states that sit on huge mineral reserves likewise. Paying the people adequately for using their resources is nothing short of a socialist view of things. Add to this McCain’s opposition to the rich subsidies for corn growers (when that position does not help him in the cornbelt/rustbelt states). Those corn subsidies have sent corn prices “as high as an elephant’s eye” and are a major factor in rising prices for milk, meat and other food staples. (The only good effect may be to make the use of corn syrup too pricey.) Science shows that ethanol is not a cost effective or good substitute for fossil fuel. Note in Palin’s first introduction by McCain her statement that public office was to serve “the common good”. I am beginning to really “like” this McCain Palin alternative.

  31. swanspirit, on September 12th, 2008 at 4:22 pm Said:

    for some reason this pic totally cracks me up every time …


    Taking the kids out for a Sunday ride I see…

  32. FLVoter: It means he’s gonna lose like the child nobody wanted.

  33. Lots of smart comments here about polling and trends. Come on over and take my poll on what you think will be the closest approximation to the actual results on November 4. One person has already voted for my prediction–10 states and the District of Columbia for Obama. Now, what previous Democratic presidential nominee does that sound like?

  34. Hey Regency, where in TX are you located? We’re just S of Austin (permanent Katrina refugees from NOLA) and I’ve been tracking Ike pretty closely. My SIL and her husband live in Kingwood (northernmost Houston, y’all) and my MIL, who evacuated from NOLA for Gustav, is still stuck there (pick a ‘cane, any ‘cane). That giant wall of Ike-centric water headed for the coast is pretty darned frightening… Sure hope you’re in a relatively safe place.

  35. My understanding of the “red-headed” step child was that the parentage was obvious, implying that the child was born to a cuckolded husband. That was always my take on it. Here are others: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Where_did_the_phrase_'beat_you_like_a_red-headed_stepchild'_come_from_and_what_does_it_mean

  36. SHV,

    Thank you for the info. Some of Nanny’s comments are completely lost on me. I bookmarked it.

  37. Oh happy day! I got my first solicitation letter from the DNC today. I can’t wait to send it back with NO DEAL written all over it.

    My parents are Republicans. My mom has never voted before, but because of Palin she decided to fill out a registration form to vote for McCain/Palin.

  38. Okay, my link won’t work unless you copy and paste it in entirety. Sorry about that.

  39. Thank you all for the clarification.

  40. Kat5: I’m in Houston but flooding won’t be a problem here. Hasn’t been since Allison. We probably just have to be concerned with wind. We’ll survive. Or not.

    Time will tell.

    But thank you for your concern.

  41. Being red-headed was also for a while a social handicap. Went along with the whole No-Irish-need-apply thing.

  42. ugsome,

    So not really a Southern thing? My husband’s family is split between Southerners and Mid-Westerners. But both sides were originally Irish.

  43. I haven’t read all the comments, and I need to leave for home, but before I do, I’d like to share this quote from yesterday’s Financial TImes:

    “The campaign manager for a first-term Democratic congressman from a blue-collar district in the north-east rejected suggestions that Mr Obama had become a liability. He said his candidate would reach out to Republicans and avoid attacks on Mr McCain.”


    (the bolding is mine)

  44. FLVoter, on September 12th, 2008 at 4:32 pm Said:


    Thank you for the info. Some of Nanny’s comments are completely lost on me. I bookmarked it.
    It’s a good resource for old people like me. I can now know what the Obama campaign is communicating to the ‘bots when they use the “urban dog whistle.” Brush off…Lipstick-Pig, etc.

  45. Hillary september 12
    I really doubt this bill will pass. Too much money

    Senator Clinton Joins Congresswoman Maloney, New York Transit Officials, Advocates, and Unions to Call for Support of Critical Mass Transit Bill

    Clinton Legislation Would Provide $237 Million for New York, $1.7 Billion Nationally to Increase Access to Affordable, Convenient Public Transportation

    New York, NY—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today was joined by Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Gene Russianoff, Straphangers Campaign/NYPIRG; Ray Melleady, New York Public Transit Association & Capital District Transportation Authority; Larry Hanley, Amalgamated Transit Union; Elliot G. Sander, Metropolitan Transportation Authority; Richard Kessler, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Commissioner Jeanette Sadik-Khan, NYC Department of Transportation at Grand Central Terminal in New York City to call for support of her new legislation to help meet the nation’s growing demand for mass transit.

    The Saving Energy Through Public Transportation Act of 2008, which Senator Clinton introduced on August 1, would authorize $1.7 billion over two years to support mass transit systems in New York and across the country that have seen their ridership rise dramatically as commuters look for alternatives to soaring gas prices. The funding provided under the bill will allow mass transit systems to lower fares and expand operations to meet increased demand. Under the bill, New York’s mass transit systems will receive $237 million. New York City’s mass transit system alone handles nearly one third of the nation’s transit passengers, providing 8.5 million rides each day and more than 2.6 billion rides per year.

    “Every day more hardworking Americans are turning to our nation’s mass transit systems for relief from a slumping economy that has saddled them with skyrocketing gas and transportation costs,” said Senator Clinton. “As the demand continues to rise we must take steps to ensure that our mass transit infrastructure keeps pace with the increased ridership, so that we are not putting the burden on commuters and an already stretched system. New York City carries one third of the nation’s mass transit passengers to work every day, and this legislation will help ensure that it remains reliable, affordable and cost effective.”


  46. Flvoter: In true southern speak, it means he will get his ass beat but good.

    Prolix: Also in Southern Speak, the old saying is, If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumps.

  47. David: Maybe we should castrate men like you and fewer women would be pregnant.

  48. WOW republican woman. This needs to be a 527 ad all over the country. This is very very good.

    I hope 527 or McCain gets this info OUT.

  49. Wow, Charles, Missouri too now? Barry is in such trouble.

  50. Unelectable, that’s what you are

    Unelectable, though near or far

    Like a piece of crap that clings to me

    How the thought of you does – yuk! – things to me

    Never before has someone been more

    Unelectable, in every way

    And forevermore, (and forevermore)

    That’s how you’ll stay, (that’s how you’ll stay)

    That’s why BO, its incredible

    That someone so forgettable

    is so unelectable too!

    (musical interlude)

    No, never before has someone been more

    Ooh Unelectable, (unelectable)

    In every way.

    (Apologies to Nat Cole)

  51. Hey, Kim

    Let David, the poor 40-year old virgin, keep his winky intact. It’s not like he’s ever going to get anyone pregnant, right?

    *knitting bitterly*

  52. lol, david is a Obamabot trying to behave like a perceived republican. You’re too stupid, david. Grow up.

  53. Sorry Brit, I just need some chocolate.

  54. David—–get a real job!!

    btw people, check out the new post at falstaff–

  55. Senator Clinton Calls on USDA to Extend Deadline for “Buy-In” Program

    WASHINGTON, DC—Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton today called on the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to extend the September 16, 2008 deadline for farmers to take advantage of the “Buy-In” disaster assistance provision of the 2008 Farm Bill, which allows farmers to gain access to disaster assistance programs even if they have not previously purchased crop insurance or non-insured disaster assistance (NAD). In a bipartisan letter to Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer, Senator Clinton and Senator John Thune (R-SD) requested that the USDA allow greater flexibility for farmers and ranchers to understand new Supplemental Disaster Assistance Program requirements and make informed participation decisions.

    “Under the ‘Buy-In’ provision, New York farmers and growers can benefit from the permanent disaster assistance program we fought for in the Senate Farm Bill, but we need to make sure farmers know how to take advantage of this program. I urge Secretary Schafer to push back the September 16 deadline so the farmers can get the information they need and make the right decisions to protect their crops and farms. We need our New York farmers to check with their local FSA offices to inquire about the provision and sign up,” said Senator Clinton.


  56. Jesus, Hillary is everywhere. She is completely amazing.

  57. eggplant – I love your song parody!

    Next up: “Call me unelectable”

  58. Oh what delightful news! I only hope it keeps up.

    And we can be sure to see more shenanigans from Barky. He doesn’t take bad news very well. Poor baby! 😛

  59. I don’t think I’ve read this WaPo article before (8/26)

    Obama Signaled Early That He Was Unlikely To Choose Ex-Rival

    It makes me really angry at Obama all over again.

  60. Fredster, on September 12th, 2008 at 5:08 pm Said:

    Oh what delightful news! I only hope it keeps up.

    And we can be sure to see more shenanigans from Barky. He doesn’t take bad news very well. Poor baby! 😛
    I thinks as the Republicans continue to tightening the screws, the chances of Obama having an “on camera” angry melt-down are quite high. A NPD being exposed as a fraud will not be suitable for children to watch.

  61. Daily Troll Field Report:

    The trolls are particulary juvenile today. Thank goodness this is a safe haven.

    Of note today: Obama’s supporters pride themselves on “discipline.” I don’t know what they mean by that. I infer that they mean never wavering in their support of Obama, igonoring nuance, and keeping to the talking points.

    The discipline is not evident today. I have seen potty-mouth trolls in abundance.

    Maybe there is disorder in the ranks because money has become an issue (Moveon sent out e-mails urging people to have house parties and send money.) Maybe Obama’s internal polling looks bad.

    The troups are in shambles.

  62. Heh. How’s that new coalition working out Donna and Howie?

    As an aside, is anyone else noticing lines at the gas stations today? It was totally crazy . Oh and that was with gas prices already up 20 cents overnight.

  63. Eggplant – I just LOVE your song lyrics to “Unelectable”

    I’t Wonderful…. it’s marvelous….

    too marvelous for words!

  64. votermom:

    I just read the article you had linked to and like you I am SO mad all over again.

    I had just begun mellowing down after being mad for so long !
    I want him to lose and lose badly

  65. Don’t know how many of you know but

    Palin: Obama Should Have Tapped Clinton

    In Friday’s interview with Charlie Gibson, Palin says she thinks Obama regrets not picking Sen. Clinton as his running mate.
    “What determination, and grit, and even grace through some tough shots that were fired her way — she handled those well.”

  66. Charles: We told them so back in the primaries that he was TOXIC to the downticket dems. Remember NC, they had to hold the primary over because something like 250,000 ballots had only filled the top slot and left the DT candidates in the lurch.

  67. So much better if you watch the video!!


    Check out her face as she says the words. She is totally playing with Obama’s head now even while she is honest and admiring of Hillary Clinton.

  68. Bill cannot save this man from his own sordid associations. The Republicans have his number and there’s nothing to do but to lay back and think of England.

  69. Charles – Yes. “Nobody could have anticipated” Obama’s toxic effect on the downstream ticket.

    I for one, always knew that Obama endangered the entire ticket. That’s why we have a chance to make a huge impact on election day. It’s time to mount a vigorous campaign to support the downticket dems (that are deserving of our support.)

    Politicians appreciate what’s good for them. If they see PUMAs as a positive force that helps them we get more respect. And more power.

    Opportunity knocks.

    Constant vigilance!

  70. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in the middle of a lengthy defense Friday of Barack Obama’s leadership credentials, inadvertently referred to “President McCain.”


  71. Runa, sorry, didn’t mean to to get your blood pressure up! But, ugh, I hate what Obama did.
    Destini, your link doesn’t work for me — page not found.

  72. Oh, link works now! Just ignore me …

  73. If the DNC were smart – which they are not – they would have Senator Obama step aside and put Senator Clinton into the Presidential candidate spot, if she were willing to accept that challenge at this time.

    Truly, it is the only hope for a Dem in the White House in 2009. This was true before and it is true now.

    But the current crowd at the DNC simply do not care about truth.

  74. I just went to Destini’s link. I really like Palin, she comes across very down to earth and real. Obama is in sooo much trouble.

  75. Palin’s stirring the pot. Heh. She knows that part of the reason she was chosen was to appeal to women voters.

  76. The DNC is not smart. They are not even sane, at this point.

  77. Arabella Trefoil, on September 12th, 2008 at 5:41 pm Said:

    Correct. For those interested I discuss Arabella Trefoil’s point and the issue of personnel shifts in the ticket here:

  78. OT but I see where Mawm, Kim, and myself were able to leave comments over at Huff Po in defense of the Will Bowers article. I am just surprised that they let him post there since it is so toxic for Obama. There are so many horrible essays over there, one even mentioning Cindy McCain’s prior drug problem.

    My party needs to go down big in November.

  79. CWaltz, on September 12th, 2008 at 5:19 pm Said:

    Heh. How’s that new coalition working out Donna and Howie?

    As long as I’m agreeing with people, I wanted to agree with the sentiment expressed by CWaltz. And you might want to read Tom in Paine on this topic, here: http://tominpaine.blogspot.com/2008/09/in-2000-al-gore-ran-for-president-on.html

  80. Heidi Li: Even Harry Reid is slipping up, calling John McCain, Mr. President. They know they’ve just handed away this election. It’s gone. I don’t think Hillary would even take the hit at this date. She’s strong and everything but I’m not convinced it could be done.

  81. Chris Matthews appears to be peeing his big boy panties at the idea that Sarah Palin might actually have power. I almost expect him to say not to vote for her “cause girls are icky and they have cooties.” I guess Sarah refused to put om Aqua Velva so that Chris would swoon and tingle.

  82. Site administrator: Several trolls at the bottom of RD’s post today. Probably just one with different monikers, but they are even implying that RD isn’t smart. That’s over the top for me.

  83. Charles, those polls in Ohio mean nothing once we take the Dakotas into consideration.

  84. I really like Palin, she comes across very down to earth and real. Obama is in sooo much trouble.

    Me too. The video right after is where she answers the earmarks question — she seems really sincere in her answer.
    I’m trying to be objective — Obama never comes across to me as sincere. He always seems to be BS’ing.

  85. Heidi Li

    Thanks for the shout out and the link.

    It’s easy for me to sit back and enjoy the destruction of my enemies, especially when they have wronged me. But this is not the best way to handle dissapointments. In defeat, there is opportunity. I have found it so in personal life.

    The down ticket dems will remember those who came to the rescue. And we will be paid back accordingly.

    I choose to stand and fight! For my party and my country.

  86. Heidi, great article. And it would not surprise me to think that they have already given that much thought. Biden looks uncomfortable out there on the campaign trail, more so now that Palin is sucking up all the oxygen. All they have left right now is the possibility of the debates changing the landscape.

    Congratulations DNC. Once again you prove incapable of putting together a carpool let alone managing a presidential election. Idiots.

  87. Heidi,

    Here’s to hoping that Donna gets a room next to Bob Shrum at the retirement home for Democratic strategists. 🙂

  88. A ton of Obats are flooding the comments section of Riverdaughter’s morning post, Democrats Dilemma. Someone needs to go over there and start deleting. The Obamabots who choose to leave comments after people have already moved on so they can’t be refuted are cowards.

  89. LOL

    The DNC needs to change it’s platform to reflect the fact that it’s ongoing mission appears to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on the political landscape. It seems to be better than that than advancing causes like equality.

  90. This isn’t going to help Obama either. forget the people rading online…USA Today reaches a hell of a lot more real world readers. And the picture they paitn of Sarah is completely different than their online counterparts.


    This was FRONT PAGE of the paper this morning.

  91. Regency, on September 12th, 2008 at 5:43 pm

    He is practicing saying President McCain. Isn’t read one of the dem leaders behind this DNC takeover coup

  92. Yes, the sweetling trolls are cowardly and infest the old threads like mice sticking their heads into traps.

    It makes me laugh. I posted a lengthy comment on RD’s thread about why I voted for Hillary and will now vote for Palin, and the troll (or trolls) whine:

    I just don’t UNDERSTAND!

    Reading comprehension has never, however, been the bots’ strongest suit.

    If it were, they’d be able to read the lipstick on the wall.

    If it were, they’d have seen straight through their transparent candidate.

    If it were, they’d have learned our alphabet by now:

    P arty
    U nity
    M y
    A ss

  93. Downticket and it is a darn shame it won’t. We need a better public transit system. This would also be an opportunity for them to create some “green” jobs.

  94. “Congratulations DNC. Once again you prove incapable of putting together a carpool let alone managing a presidential election.”


    Have to laugh, or I’ll go and throw myself into a hurricane.

    Getting hourly updates from my family in Texas. It ain’t good.

  95. Magdalena

    They don’t want to hear the “bitter” truth. Their precious had to be carted across the finish line by the end of the primary and the writing was on the wall then. Nooooooo, we couldn’t have an honest brokered convention, that would give Nancy Pelosi the vapors. So instead our choices are reduced yet again to bad and worse at the top of the ticket.

  96. DT: You’d better believe Reid was in on it. Now he can bend over brownnose.

  97. Regency,

    Where in TX are you? I’ve been worrying about you all day. I’m glad ot see you.

  98. Great post, Katiebird! I heard about the latest Ras. poll on the way home this afternoon. I laughed and laughed. I knew this was going to happen. And I don’t see any way he can turn it around.

  99. Regency, be careful ya hear.

  100. Who’s from NJ? The latest Marist poll just came out and Obama is only up +3! Amazing…

  101. The other day Rosie O’Donnell answering questions on her blog:
    Linda Writes:

    McC and his barbie doll scare me. Wish BO picked HC, can’t turn back. R U still for BO?

    RO: yes
    but i think he blew it
    by not choosing hrc

    18 million votes – come on



  102. BB: I’m in Houston, the non-man-evac part. I’m fine so far.

  103. So at least Rosie is not in denial. Like most of her former galpals on The View.

  104. I found out what advice the Big Dawg gave to Barack:

    “Update your resume. You’ll be looking for a job soon.”

  105. CWaltz: I’m at home. No more care I can take here. But yeah I’ll be careful.

  106. I’m in the greater Houston area too. All’s well thus far. I live outside of the “mandatory evacuation” counties. So, keep good thoughts and energy going — I’ll def. do the same for my fellow Texas/Gulf Conflucians.

  107. Don’t you love it when women refer to a powerul, successful woman who happens to disagree with them as a Barbie?

    What beautiful lessons to pass along to your daughters, ladies. Keep right it.

    Meanwhile, the rest of us will step up to the plate and do the work you are too intellectually lazy to do.

    And your daughters will thank us for it.

  108. Arrogant Michelle & her hubby both said, as the nominee he
    earned the right to pick his own “VP”.
    Well, I hope they are “both” happy being “right” & LOSERS!!!

  109. We’ve got a tornado heading our way — sirens blaring. The “cell” is moving up I-35 toward my house. It’s about 20 miles away but, WOW.

  110. Magdalena, on September 12th, 2008 at 6:18 pm Said:
    So at least Rosie is not in denial. Like most of her former galpals on The View.

    Whoopi’s recent commentary is disappointing. I gave her more credit than what I’ve witnessed, that’s for sure. Sherri — I saw her comin’ a mile off, so no surprises there.

  111. The Republicans have called Obama on his disrespect for Sarah Palin.

    “Disrespect” I like that word. Not everybody is comfortable with “sexism” much less “misogyny.”

    But “disrespect” is a word all women (Republican and Democrat) can get their arms around.

    Think of mighty Aretha : R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    And let’s be shy about demanding RESPECT for the LGBT community.

    No Disrespect ever again.

  112. “earned the right to pick his own VP”.

    tpt/ny, he meant he had the right to pick a VP he owned.

    Way to go BO.

    And congratulations–on your early retirement.

    Try to think of it as a success. Don’t most of your voting bloc hope to quit work by 47?

    Magda: Woman: Middle-Aged: VOTER

  113. katie get in your shelter-in-place room PLEASE!

    Then check back in PLEASE!

  114. Katiebird,

    Get down in the basement pronto! I don’t want to lose you.

    {{{{{ Katiebird }}}}}}

  115. Disrespect: Thank you, McCain.

    It’s a sorry day when Dems have to take lessons in good behavior from Repubs.

    Let me simplify things for our reading-impaired lurking trolls:

    D emand
    R espect
    N ow

  116. And Katiebird, take your laptop with you so you can send updates. Seriously. I hope the thing misses you.

  117. I think it is amusing that the Obots injecting themselves here are pretending to be Republicans. But I suppose principled arguments are beyond them.

    Real Republicans are thrilled that Sarah Palin has exploded the myth that we are misogynists, racists, homophobes, fascists, nazis, morons, etc. We are also thrilled that she is bringing new people into the party. The Woodside fund-raiser for Sarah Palin I mentioned the other day is sold out–it made the paper–and Tom Siebel is thinking of relocating it to a larger venue.

    I thought Palin did okay against Charlie Gibson for her first time out. She’s certainly not in Hillary’s league–yet. But Hillary has taken 16 years of constant press abuse and knows how to handle these guys. Actually one of the best at this was Nancy Reagan. She would just say, “I’m not answering that. Next question.” and shut them down.

    The treatment of McCain by The View people was just bizarre. This guy is a US Senator and candidate for President of the United States, for chrissakes! I thought Whoopi and Barbara Walters looked like fools, but the audience seemed to love it. That disturbs me.

  118. Charles, how big of an impact do you think women are having in places like New Jersey? Is it possible to gauge?

    I don’t women are the only force at work, by any means. But I’d be curious about your take.


  119. Regency,

    I’m glad you are in the non evac zone. Take care and please let us know what’s happening. I’m relived to know you’re OK.

  120. Its early but based on these polls one can see that votes for McCain in the blue states would send a powerful message to the DNC.

  121. Ah, they just showed the “Golf Cam” a “cell” is moving toward the Nicholas Gold Club. Where’ever the fock that is.

  122. Katiebird:

    When the twister passes, let us know if you see lots of little people and a yellow road outside.

  123. I watched the 9/11 service discussion with McCain and Obama. Well I skipped Obama’s. Did anyone else notice McCain chastized that idiot Judy Woodruff for trying to push Obama’s talking points on the ‘community organizer’ issue. She backed off. Boy she is an idiot and when they do that commercial about how PBS is the last indepedant channel I want to laugh and scream. That women has to be one of the worst faux journalists out there.

  124. It just doesn’t look tornado-y.

    Oh, there’s a helicoptor on the news that’s almost right over my house. If they can fly around over my house why should I be in the basement?

  125. Who is this McSame person? What is he/she running for anyway?

  126. There has been some update with those polls. Rasmussen (see todays mumbers) has McCain up by 7 in Ohio. down 5 in Michigan, down 2 in New Mexico, down 2 in Pennsylvania,, up 2 in Virginia, up 18 in Georgia (this was a red state that Obama was going to turn blue) and washington state has narrowed to 2 points. It was a projection at this time that the indications was a slight win for McCain. I have mentioned this before, but if there is such a thing as the “Bradley effect” and I think there is, the number is somewhere between 5 to 15 % and when this is applied to the poll numbers of today, it may look like a landslide. It might even effect the down ticket elections. There is some indication of panic among some of the confressional candidates. To bad the super delegates did not think about this when they turned on Hillary.

  127. Not one person has said ever said what Obama did as an organizer and what he accomplished. Are these people really that stupid?

  128. I came close to having my head explode this afternoon. I’m working as a teaching assistant this semester, and today the professor used Hillary as an example in class. She asked students to hypothesize about why Hillary lost the nomination. ACKKKK! I had to stop myself from running screaming out of the lecture hall as these kids said things like, “She said stupid things like her remark about Bobby Kennedy getting assassinated,” “she’s polarizing,” and “people find her unlikeable.”

    Right, that’s why she got more primary votes than Obama.

    When I’m teaching, I always stay very far away from politics.

  129. I don’t think the Bradley effect is real, and I think this is an Obama talking point that says “see, the white folks are all racists’. I think pushing the Bradley effecit by Obama is BS.

  130. This “McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time” argument is a red herring. Most of those votes are probably routine budget votes. I wonder if Pelosi voted with Bush 90% of the time?

    The real question is when did McCain and Bush disagree? Those differences are well documented. To say that McCain is some kind of Bush robot is simply ridiculous. Most conservatives, including Bush, have found themselves extremely miffed with McCain on many occasions.

  131. It culdn’t happen to a mroe deserving asshole. Or set of assholes. Or set of assholes and their foamy-mouthed sycophants.

  132. wmcb –
    thanx for posting –
    “The McCain-Palin campaign today announced that New Hampshire State Representative Doreen Howard, a Democratic legislator from Newmarket, has endorsed John McCain for president. Representative Howard previously supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy.”

    have u posted it on other puma blogs etc? hope so.

    all credit to howard.

  133. Katiebird,

    “If they can fly around over my house why should I be in the basement?”

    Good point. If you see the news helicopter engulfed by the tornado, then run down in the basement. LOL

  134. bb : Would speaking up have cost you your job. Too bac these kids are going to go through life with a bad memory. I gather the teacher didn’t correct them.

  135. Dave,

    I’ll bet Obama voted with bush around 90% of the time. Someone should make a list of how many times he disagreed with Bush. I’ll bet it wasn’t that often.

  136. BB:
    Hopefully, on Nov 6, you can use the class to hypothesize why Obama lost a sure thing.

  137. Myiq2xu, I think I heard there’s an independent candidate called McSame running in Illinois for a state senate seat. Could be the one the hopefully-soon-to-be-kicked-off-the-site-poo-poo-pants referenced.

  138. NH,

    It would be extremely wierd if I said something in class. I have to be there, but I don’t participate. Besides, I think it would be very unprofessional for me to let students know my political views. I don’t think the Prof. should have used that example, although she didn’t let on what she thought about it.

  139. parentofed,

    It will be interesting to see if students are crying and sobbing after the election. I’m not sure they really care though.

  140. NJ has large Hispanic & Asian population who voted for Hillary. I’m guessing BO’s having a hard time getting their votes. For one thing, snubbing her for VP was really insulting and that’s a big deal.

  141. McSame: That’s when you always get the same thing from Mickey-D’s

  142. A friend who teaches fourth grade said a lot of her students came to school today wearing buttons saying “Obama is Our Savior”.

  143. BO has mocked McCain’s inability to lift his arms above shoulder-level. Judge for yourself.


    *61 mocking JM’s arms. i think it is around the 10th minute

  144. I couldn’t be happier about those polls. Not taking anything for granted, but it’s a good sign.

    Boy, do we need to clean house after this.

    Dean, Pelosi, Brazile, Kerry (I REALLY hope he gets his a$$ ousted),…well, the list is endless.

  145. Thanks for all the great links, gang.

    And all of this is before ANY October surprise from the Republicans. Wow.

    Big hugs to all PUMAs facing crappy weather.

  146. While I don’t disagree with the particular sentiments, could we please NOT quote people like the loathesome Charles Krauthammer. Their stopped clocks may be right about Obama now and then but still…blech!

  147. I think I saw something that said the Dem. Congress voted 87% of the time with what Bush wanted.

    They damn sure haven’t opposed him very often

  148. Constant vigilance.

  149. BO has mocked McCain’s inability to lift his arms above shoulder-level.
    Stay classy, BO.

  150. tdraicer:

    Unfortunately, the entire liberal* media seems to think they are part of the Obama campaign rather than independent observers. The same goes for most of the lefty-blogosphere (PUMA sites and a few others excepted)

    I find myself for the first time ever visiting winger blogs to get information that isn’t just Obamanation talking points.

    But when I do I know that they are biased too.

    *They ARE NOT liberal

  151. votermom…isn’t that because he was tortured?

  152. NOBAMA – Keep the change

  153. Democrats’ Formidable Advantage Down to 5 points. 6:40pm

  154. When Newt Gindrich’s big paradigm of repub-ickiness
    failed (was it the “contract on america?”), the repubs kicked his ass to the curb.
    Is it too much to ask from our weak-kneed dem leaders that they have the fortitude to do the same
    to Pelosi, Reid and Dean?

  155. I appreciate everyone’s concern. But, I think I’m OK. They’ll order me downstairs if it gets bad. But, they just asked people to take photos and send them in. So, it doesn’t sound like the threat is imminent.

    Charles, I’ve been through a lot of these warnings but, I’ve never seen an actual tornado either.

    And I am on a laptop so if I have to go downstairs, I will bring it with me.

    Ah, the warning expires in 2 minutes. So, that’s it, I guess.

  156. Democrats’ Formidable Advantage Down to 5 points.


  157. myiq2xy, that’s why I try to read everything, although the New York Times now seems to be down there somewhere between the National Enquirer and the New Republic.

  158. BO has mocked McCain’s inability to lift his arms above shoulder-level.

    I watched the clip and to say he was mocking McCain is pretty weak.

  159. I just saw part of the Gibson interview that had me rolling.

    Gibson: Do you think Obam should have picked Hillary?
    Palin: (jokingly) I think he’s regretting it now.


  160. MyIq2xu: That’s why I said “Judge for yourself.” It’s being taken that way so I thought the folks here deserved to say.

  161. Usually don’t post here, and it’s kinda late in the thread, but I wanted everyone to know that I just saw a diary on OpenLeft, which posits that the panic being played out there (and at Digby, and MyDD, and C&L, etc., etc., etc.,) is an actual plot by Karl Rove! No really!

    If that’s true, I guess the AP poll out today that has McCain up by four is his, too.

    The mind reels.

    They really don’t know what’s happening.

  162. Troll mop up in RD’s latest post – Woman Voter @5:52 – they have no idea how educated RD really is.


  163. I received two emails today from TalkTop65. Both says “Hillary Clinton to be named as VP with Obama.”

    We have received information from sources high in the Democratic Party that , in a total desperation move, Hillary Rodham Clinton will replace the hapless Joe Biden as V-P candidate on the Obama ticket. I will send out more information on this in several minutes. Hillary Clinton has said that Barack Obama is not qualified to be Commander-in-Chief. He hasn’t grown any more qualified presumably in the past few weeks. As the saying goes, “It took a Republican to have the Obama Dems name a woman to the ticket.”

    Can anyone confirm or deny this. God, I hope HRC doesn’t do this.

  164. mocking McCain’s inability to lift his arms above shoulder-level.

    That’s such a dumb thing to do that McCain doesn’t need bother replying. Not only does BZero insult seniors, but veterans and people with disabilities. Everyone will remember that photo of McCain being released from Hanoi Hilton right off the bat.

  165. merciless – That is really insane.

  166. angel, let’s hope so. Unfortunately, the only backbone of the Democratic party comes in the form of the Clintons and everything has been done to kick them out. Only if Precious loses, is there any hope of Dean, Pelosi, Reid, et.al. being ousted.

  167. Biden will NOT be replaced. That is a strategically LAME move. It will kill the Democratic Ticket deader than well, some really dead Presidents. It will not happen no matter how much some want it to. It change the ballgame and not in a good way for the Dims.

  168. Based on her answers, I can live with Sarah Palin.

  169. I think there is an obamabot generated rumor about Hillary joining the ticket.

    It is a set up for trolls to say “Gee, I hope she doesn’t do it.”

    It is also a ploy to set PUMAs up against each other by arguing about whether HRC should do it.

    Divide and conquer – Obama’s tried and true technique/

    Not buying it.

  170. WHEN did Obama mock McCain in that way? Is it on youtube?

  171. Katiebird: Check the link. LIke I said you have to judge for yourself because some others I have seen are taking it as a mock and others like MYIq2xu see it as a stretch.

  172. What’s this mocking thing about?

  173. I’m at home from school due to the weather so my YouTube-watching ability is non-existent. I’m relying heavingly on othr people’s judgment when it comes to online video watching, so I take full responsibility for what I get wrong.

  174. McCain suffered two broken arms, a broken leg, nearly drowning after he parachuted into a lake, being stabbed in the groin with a bayonet and having his shoulder crushed with a rifle butt. His captors refused medical treatment, beating and interrogating him until they found out that his father was an admiral. They put him in a cast, never setting his bones properly, and put him in a “hospital”–where his weight dropped below 100 pounds. For four months after that, he was in a cell with two other POWs who tried to care for him but expected him to die. When he “recovered”–his hair had turned white–they put him in solitary confinement for TWO YEARS. It was while he was in solitary confinement that his father received the CINCPAC promotion and McCain was offered early release. He turned it down. He was severely tortured, suffering rope bindings and severe beatings–for four straight days after this. He tried to kill himself but was stopped by guards. Then he signed a “confession”–something he is still ashamed of. He received two to three beatings a week for at least another year. He spent a total of 5-1/2 years as a POW in Hanoi.

    He can’t lift his arms above his head! That’s hilarious, BO!

  175. I suspect the ‘Hillary replacing Biden’ rumor is a sad effort to get the buzz back on Obama.

  176. Just got home and flipped on Lou Dobbs: so, Obambi is “launching a strong offensive labeling the McCain Campaign tactics as lies and smears” huh? They showed a clip of Obama telling an audience that his ads are…someone in the crowd yelled out “lies” and he said, “yea, lies.” Lots of heads were bobbing.

    How does this abject hypocrite get away with this? Which part of the ads are lies Mr. Obama? Meanwhile, he can use all the smears and lies he wants.

    I also heard on the radio that Barbara Walters and Joy Behar ambushed McCain on The View today. They played a clip, and Walters sounded completely unhinged, interrupting McCain and yelling at him repeatedly. The Left seems to be in a state of complete hysteria: “It’s slipping away!!!”

  177. If this is true, it makes Obama look like a total ass:


    Seem Obama did not think through his ad mocking mcCains technology.

    ” The reason he doesn’t send email is that he can’t use a keyboard because of the relentless beatings he received from the Viet Cong in service to our country. From the Boston Globe (March 4, 2000):It transpires that “McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes”.

    Now I wonder why he’s never sent an email.

  178. Who made fun of McCain?

    Apparently, after asking McCain about judges and he said something about strict interpretation of the constitution, Whoopi asked, “Am I going to end up a slave?”

    Please, save these people from themselves.

  179. BTW, I watched the “arm raising ” clip, and saw no mockery. But the keyboard thing is a gaffe.

  180. The title “Unelectable” makes me think of that dick, Dick Morris. He said the Democrats have nominated an unelectable canidate in a year where the Democrats can’t lose – he was saying that it was a very interesting phenomenon.

    Sorry to the person who cringed at the mention of Charles K.

  181. If that is true about his inability to type–and I heard someone else suggest that today–the McCain camp should come out with that. It will make Obama look like a complete fool.

  182. The Left has lost it’s collective mind.


  184. wmcb, I do hope you are right. Do you suppose Obama meant to give Hillary the finger or was he just scratching his forehead?

  185. Perhaps it is just me, but I watched as McCain and Obama went down to ground zero, each bringing a rose offering. Obama tossed his rose; McCain bent down and gently placed the rose on the ground, almost careful not to wake those who lay there for eternity. I thought it was very telling of the character of these two men. I admired McCain for the respect and sensitivity he showed.

  186. ben carlson – I saw the clip. Whoopi started out by badgering McCain about strict constructionism
    and then making a ridiculous segue into whether or not she was going to be made into a slave.

    It was the way she did it that was so unseemly. Horrible. Disrespectful. Vulgar. Low class.

    I hope people boycott her.

    I can’t change the constitution, Whoopi, but I can change the channel.

  187. Regency – I am on the left and I have not lost my mind. I don’t know how to describe the cabal of Dems that brought us Obama but I know that Obama is not a liberal.

  188. b mathews,

    Please consider turning off your caps lock key. Your comments would be much more powerful if we could actually read them.

    And I’d be less likely to accidentally delete them….

  189. Seeing as how it was a Republican that emancipated the American slaves, I don’t think she has much to be worried about.

  190. Re the video where Obama supposedly mocked McCain’s handicap: I read the post and watched the first half of the vid, and thought the mocking is not that obvious. It may or may not be there—it’s subtle.

    He did get the number of states right this time. BTW, he keeps pointing out that the one state he has not been to is Alaska. I would think that he would make an effort to go there, if only to educate himself on the energy issues and resources which are unique to Alaska and important to the nation as a whole. But maybe it’s too rugged for him.

  191. Dee: Meant the elected and hollywood Left.

  192. Abe Lincoln, wherefore art thou?

    Janis, have you read “Team of Rivals” by Doris Kearns Goodwin? I highly recommend it. Lincoln was a master politician and gave a great deal of thought to how emancipation could be legally achieved. (Slaves were property then and property could not be seized without due process.) Great reading. Unfortunately they broke the mold.

  193. Was teh View ever a good show? Back when there was Meredith Viera and Lisa Ling?

    Whoa, the winds just picked up. Nice.

  194. If it is true that he can not type because of his torture, then the Obama ad that claims McCain is a dork because he doesn’t email is a big problem for Obama. There is a lawyer rule that you should never ask a question in a trial unless you know the answer. Obviously, Obama got cute again and really botched it.

  195. I just read the NRO piece..The “McCain is old and doesn’t use e-mail” meme is going to come back and bite “O” in the ass. I am sure that the ‘bots thought that is was a great ad because is showed that McCain ain’t kewl..

  196. SHV said “A friend who teaches fourth grade said a lot of her students came to school today wearing buttons saying “Obama is Our Savior”.

    Just curious but were these students primarily AA, I am just wondering if some churches are not working to bolster the divide created by Obama..

  197. PJ at 7:07,
    at this point I am just assuming Obama loses.
    I’m just wondering if when the greek temple lays in ruins about the dems feet, will those dems who have been muzzled or chosen silence rise up and cast out
    those who destroyed our party: dean, reid and brazile.

    If the repubs could toss out gindrich and the dems seem only to wish to emulate the repubs, couldn’t the dems rid us of our waste?

  198. This reminds me of General Washingtons speech to the troups when they were demanding back pay owed to them:

    After reading the first paragraph of what he had prepared, he begged the indulgence of those present while he paused to put on his spectacles, saying, casually, but most touchingly, that “he had grown gray in the service of his country, and now found himself growing blind.” He then proceeded to read a most forcible and noble paper, in which, after acknowledging the just claims of the army on the government and assuring them that those claims would not be disregarded, he conjured them “to express their utmost horror and detestation of the man who wishes, under any specious pretences, to overturn the liberties of our country, and who wickedly attempts to open the floodgates of civil discord and deluge our rising empire in blood.”

    The Presidents of the United States
    Robert Charles Winthrop

  199. Dave, on September 12th, 2008 at 7:31 pm Said:

    Abe Lincoln, wherefore art thou?
    That is a great book..I am looking at it sitting on my book-shelf. The story about the Emancipation Proc. was, to me the most important one in the book. Lincoln was faced with the worst crisis in American history but unlike Bush, Lincoln didn’t want to trash the Constitution. Slavery was legal and constitutional and it would take an amendment to end it. There was no way to amend the Constitution during the war..so Lincoln determined that the south was using the slaves to advance their war effort…So Lincoln, using his powers a CIC, emancipated the Southern slaves in order to disrupt the war effort. Pure brilliance by A. Lincoln..He freed the majority of the slaves without hurting the Constitution. He took his oath of office seriously, unlike the current President.

  200. NH, on September 12th, 2008 at 7:37 pm Said:

    SHV said “A friend who teaches fourth grade said a lot of her students came to school today wearing buttons saying “Obama is Our Savior”.
    Yes she teaches in an inner city school, despite being told that she is too old and too white to be teaching there. Every year her class ends up at the top of the evaluation tests. She wants to give every child a chance and hopes that with every class two or three will “make it.”

  201. fox news is calling out ABC for misrepresenting Palin quote in the Gibson interview


  202. Felizarte
    That’s a beautiful observation. You should send it to O’reilly for “Body-Language” section.
    There was a “slight mock” on the tape; but @ the end he
    did the equal pay crap . Also started the “raised by a single” mom stuff. He wasn’t when she was struggling he was back with the “upper-middle-class” grandparents in Hawaii. Making friends with his “1st” mentor Frank Marshal Davis.

  203. Charles,

    Not only has Obama become toxic but I read somewhere that Palin is being bombarded with requests from Republicans to appear with them.

    This could really have a big impact on congress.

  204. I’d rather go to see Palin than Obama or Biden.

    Obama looks like an undertaker lately. No energy, do excitement.

  205. Regency,

    I think you’re right. He did that arm thing on purpose. What is wrong with this guy? He’s just plain mean.

  206. I don’t think that his problem really. It’s a character and values problem.

    Could you elaborate? Are you talking about him, personally, or the character and values he chooses to extol in his campaign (that is, the American character, and the values the American people should vote for)?

  207. Lincoln took the oath of office auite literally–preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. Bush takes the part about protecting and defending seriously, but he is no student of the constitution–as Lincoln was. Lincoln also suspended habeas corpus and threw dissidents in jail during the war. When he threw a prominent dissident in jail for advocating desertion, Lincoln said something to the effect of “What would rather have me do? Throw this guy in jail or execute a bunch of 18 year-old boys for desertion?” He did what he felt he had to do. And he knew exactly when he crossed the line but he sometimes did it anyway.

  208. The part I really agreed with from the Charles K. article:

    For no presidential nominee in living memory had the gap between adulation and achievement been so great.

  209. Sorry for the doggerel folks. I am finding laughter helps.

    Nancy Pelosi’s Song

    The sun comes up – I think about BO
    The coffee cup – I think about BO
    I want him so, it’s like I’m losing my mind
    The morning ends – I think about him
    I talk to Dems and think about him
    And do they know it’s like I’m losing my mind?
    All afternoon doing every little chore
    The thought of him stays bright
    Sometimes I learn my lines by rote
    Not deviating – going left, not center, not right.
    I dim the lights and think about him
    Spend sleepless nights to think about him.
    Harry said BO could win,
    Or was he just being kind?
    Or am I losing
    Losing my mind?
    All afternoon doing learning my lines by rote
    The thought of him stays alight.
    Sometimes I think of the Hillary vote
    But those dumb bitches are none too bright!
    I dim the lights and think about him
    Spend sleepless nights to think about him
    Donna said he could win
    Or was she just being kind?
    Or am I losing my mind?
    Or am I losing my mind?
    Howard said he could win
    Or was he just being kind?
    Or am I losing my mind?
    Or were they just being kind?
    Or am I losing my mind?
    Losing my mind?
    Losing my mind?
    Losing my mind?
    Losing my mind?
    Losing my mind?

  210. Ugh, I went over to DU to see how they are dealing with the new poll results……….why I bothered, I don’t know. The nastiness of the left continues in full force over there. Truly idiotic and sometimes disgusting things being said about Sarah Palin. It reminds me of how some of the Right Wing sites used to look.

  211. I read something this morning about the McCain campaign reworking the campaign schedule to provide for more joint appearances rather than have the candidates go their separate ways. It appears they see the same thing you do, Charles.

  212. Yes Charles,

    I really did love that line “knives sold separately – offer not valid where void.”

    I read that earlier today and it cracked me up – and made my day. Ha!

  213. I am actually quite happy that BO did not choose Hill as VP. Knowing the kind of trooper she is, she would have accepted. A person like Hillary being VP to a junior senator would be a really tough one to swallow. Even thinking about it feels humiliating. But I am not the person that Hill is.

    So if there is one thing that I will give credit to BO for, it is that he did not go through the charade of vetting her and finding her less suitable to Biden. Thank goodness!

  214. Alice – there are no Dems left at DU. They were run off (self included) by February – March. DU has from day one been at least 40% non-Democrats.

    All that is left are Greenies, Naderites, independents, libertarians, wankers and garden variety bullies. This is the group that Dean and Brazilnut thinks are the new Democrats. Good luck on that.

  215. Charles,

    I agree with everything you said about the joint appearances with McCain and Palin. She lights him up. It’s undeniable.

  216. Thanks, katiebird!

  217. Charles….did you inform them about TChris’s “enlightening” post…..Roger Ebert on Palin….really Jeralyn and he should try for a two-for-one rate at the funny farm.


    According to this, Hillary never had a chance at VP….


  219. Alice, on September 12th, 2008 at 8:04 pm Said:

    Ugh, I went over to DU to see how they are dealing with the new poll results……….why I bothered, I don’t know. The nastiness of the left continues in full force over there. Truly idiotic and sometimes disgusting things being said about Sarah Palin. It reminds me of how some of the Right Wing sites used to look.
    You are right…a certain mind set or psychopathology is attracted to this type of campaign…the politics aren’t important. FISA, Health care, the war..he can change and they defend him. Same with the wing-nuts.

    Hitler youth, Cultural revolution, Pol Pot, Taliban..on and on same mentality different causes.

  220. Yes, it is old news. Very sad old news. I’m glad though she was the VP. IIt would have been a terrible waste.

  221. I agree with you SHV

  222. Got this one from TL: “But if there are millions more registered Dems than Repubs, how can Palin energizing the base result in such a surge in the polls?”

    Gee, got any ideas? 😉

  223. Bush and Chaney and some previous Republican leaders see the Constitution as an impediment to what they want to do.

  224. I have said this many times before – that Jeralyn has gone off the deep end. But her going off the shark is still really shocking to me. She made so much sense and then it was like she flipped a switch. I still check in at TL once in a while and it just blows my mind.

    She was seriously a beacon of light for a long time for me.

    Not whining – she did always say she would support the D ticket no matter what. I guess I just expected her to support Obama with something like “he’s better than the other guy.” Not full-on guzzle the kool-aid kind of support. I think she’s even scaring BTD.

  225. Just heard a tape of Chris Matthews on his “Hard Ball” interview; he is just frothing at the mouth over Palin.

    Matthews has lost all pretense of any kind of objectivity (of course he never had any – but he is now becoming certifiably crazy). I didn’t think he could get worse, but he has.

    His attacks on Palin are regarding her 20/20 Interview; and Matthews needs to be put out of his misery.

    Chris, it’s almost over and Gov. Sarah Palin WILL be our next VP; Yes Chris, A WOMAN will be in the WHITE HOUSE AND IN 2012, IT WILL BE HILLARY!!!

    Now, Chris you can just crawl under a rock somewhere – with the other snakes!!!

    Women Empowering Democracy
    PUMAs RULE!!!!

  226. My joy at seeing Obama sliding down..down…down is tempered by my surpprise and apprehension that shows that the Rebublicans may regain control of the house and that we might have one party Republican rule. This is truly frightening.
    My plans were counting on democratic control.

  227. OT – Charles, my mom (the NY Republican) sent me an email quoting one of your essays. Really made me smile.

  228. angry artist, doubt that will happen, but you can be glad that McCain and the Gang of 14 preserved the 60 vote cloture rule in the Senate–something I was furious about at the time. But McCain turned out to be right.

  229. Katiebird,

    I’ve been through a tornado. I was only about 31/2 years old, but I remember it vividly. We lived in Iowa then. The wind was blowing like crazy, and my mom was taking clothes down from the clothesline, and yelling at me to get into the cellar. In the morning they took my picture sitting on a huge tree that had fallen down.

  230. Wonder if Bruce sang this for Obama?

  231. Now that Obama has almost reached the “Aguirre on the raft with the yellow-bummed monkeys” stage, I have another question:

    How many Democratic candidates will he take with him.

    “Who is with me?”

  232. Arabella,

    Unfortunately too many I think.

  233. I just got really mad at my sister (she lives in CA). She started saying all kinds of stuff about Palin. She knows perfectly well how I feel about Obama. But when I started to try to correct the lies she was repeating, she actually laughed! Then she admitted she still hasn’t registered to vote since moved about two years ago. I finally said I had to go and hung up.

  234. Saw an Obama ad today where he attacks McCain for not using email.

    Just read this quote from a 2000 article on another forum:

    “McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.”

    McCain has a war injury and thus type on a keyboard.

    And Obama attacks him for that?

    That is absolutely unconscionable!

    Obama has absolutely NO respect for America and he sure as hell has NO respect for the men and women that serve her.

    Mccain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  235. OB dragging out Bill Clinton is so like Kerry dragging him out of his sick bed in 2004. This really is like deja vue.

  236. Dave…The polls show a shift putting the R’s ahead. I am surprised that some of the independents and clinton Dems who are turning to McCain are not holding up the polls for a Dem congress.

  237. Linda – Right now the Democrats are like Okello (one of Aguirre’s followers) who says “This is no arrow” just as he is shot dead with one.

  238. Angry artist.. people are pissed at Dems. I think people were holding out hope against hope that Hillary would be the VP. Palin coming along was the final slap in the head for the Dem party.

  239. Have you guys seen that Markos has his own daily tracking poll now? Obama is leading by 1, 47-46. LOL!

  240. Regency,

    Who is that in the photo?

    Everyone–I’ve been hearing rumors that the Dems are going to pull Biden from ticket and put Hillary in the VP slot. Any one else hear this?

  241. Arabella…. this is all like a Monty Python skit now. Complete with hollowing figures tearing at their clothes.

  242. hey whoopi –
    take a look at mccain’s adopted daughter, bridget, from Bangladesh:


    she makes BO look white.

    btw whoopi –

    palin is married to todd and..
    “His mother, a former secretary of the Alaska Federation of Natives, is one-quarter Yup’ik, and his maternal grandmother, Lena Andre, is a member of the Curyung tribe.” (from wikipedia)

    now is the time to stop the racism charges obots – cos they sound more ridiculous than ever given the ethnic diversity of the McPalin team.

  243. I think the Dem congress is in trouble.

  244. The thing is, nothing the Repubs are throwing at Barky is a lie. It’s incredible to me. The Pubs were so ready to lie their asses off about anyone and everyone to gain office, and now they’re just hitting the Empty Suit with the plain, unvarnished truth.

    And meanwhile, the Dems are the oens who are full-on, vicious bullshit machines.

    I will not vote for the worse liar. I just won’t. And I can’t believe how many Dems are going insane with vengeance and pulling the same shit the Pubs pulled in 2000 and 2004 … shows you where their principles were the whole time. All that faux-outrage over Bush. Yeah, like they care. They were all just pissed they didn’t do it first.

  245. PJ….Serves them after what has happened.

  246. florence – That is a rumor – not true.

  247. whoopi,
    take a look at McCain’s bangladeshi adopted daughter, Bridget. she makes BO look white!

    as for Palin, she is married to Tood and –
    “His mother, a former secretary of the Alaska Federation of Natives, is one-quarter Yup’ik, and his maternal grandmother, Lena Andre, is a member of the Curyung tribe.” (from wikipedia)

    enough of the racism charges obots. there’s actually more ethnic diversity in the McPalin team. game over.

  248. No one is more pissed at the dems than I am….that is the DNC leadership and Obama. Voting against Obama is the protest, but not voting for downticket dems is self destructive.

    I am surprised because you would expect Americans to be looking for political balance this year…with tow lousy choices.

  249. angry artist….. I live in Indiana. People are p/o’ed. They feel let down. Dems always painted themselves as the good guys. The mask is gone now. All Dem are going to bear the blame here unfortunately I think.

  250. Screw a Dem congress. We’ve HAD that — have they done anything?

    I’d like one, but I’m definitely not going to lose sleep over not getting it. Teh Pubs are the ones who are engaging in moderate leftward motion at this point. I’m happy to reward them for pulling their heads out of their asses instead of the Dems, who are engaged in the opposite behavior.

  251. Whoopi and Babs just helped McCain gain a few more points with white voters. They looked like complete idiots on The View today. Even Sherri Shephard who says the most idiotic things looked embarrassed for them. Who knew Hasselbeck and Shephard could actually look like people of normal intelligence next to those two.

  252. The situation is terrible. There is no joy in this.

  253. myiq2xu –

    I saw that ad about McCain – I thought it was repugnant. I thought this was going to be a campaign about issues – OOPS – Barry O doesn’t have any – NM

  254. Angry artist… I agree. It is sad and stupid. And totally self-inflicted.

  255. Charles,

    He has actually hired a polling firm, I think. It’s a real poll.

  256. bb – I bet kos’ polling firm only calls cell phones.

  257. stopping by for a quickie — love the blog — gotta run — but wanted to share this — not sure if you’ve seen it or not –


  258. Comment from a panicky diary at DK:

    It is not as substantive as it used to be (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:3goldens, AdManAnt
    It is not as activist as it used to be. Where has everyone gone? Is there a new community that everyone is going to

    LOL! They are freaking out over there! Yes, folks, there are lots of new communities–formed by the people you drove out or turned off with your vile behavior.

  259. Carlyin,

    I started hating Chris Matthews in the 2000 campain. He constantly mocked Gore and had a hard-on for W.

    For some reason I can’t stop watching him – I think it’s probably the same reason I watch specials on Jeffrey Dahmer. Sociopaths are interesting in a sick kind of way.

    There’s no doubt that the piece of crap hates women though…he even ridicules men who he thinks have “feminine qualities.”

    I know I’m not helping watching him, but I would LOVE to see him off the air.

    Everytime I watch him I try to think of the quote from the Wizard of Oz… “You have no power here. Be gone. Before somebody drops a house on YOU.”

  260. FLVoter
    Red Headed Step Child

    A stepchild might be singled out for abuse. But a red-headed stepchild (who presumably looks like his or her absent birth-parent) might be abused even more because he or she is so obviously different from the other children. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=red+headed+step+child


    I think all the explainations below are written by people trying to avoid the unpleasant and far more basic meaning: A step child would get beaten more than a biological child. As redheads are traditionally disliked and picked on, a redheaded stepchild would get an even worse beating! Nasty, simple, basic. Sorry, I have no knowledge of it’s origins.

    “Beating you like a red-headed stepchild” refers to a terrible beating. It is a variation of “beating you like a rented mule.”

    Etymology (the origin of words and phrases) is notoriously hard to pin down. The etymology of this one obviously has something to do with child abuse. Some clues to the origin of its specifics:

    * A stepchild is often presumed to be less favored than biological children. If a parent was abusive, a stepchild might get the worst of it. (Similarly, a rented mule would be less valuable than one you own.)

    * A child having red hair might be an indication that they have a different father, thereby reinforcing that they are a stepchild.

    * Red hair is often associated with a fiery personality. (Similarly, a mule is considered an especially stubborn animal.)

    and more… basically it’s about being different from the herd
    and singled out for it

  261. There are a lot of people who seem so certain that McCain will win, but BO is still ahead in the electoral college. Several of the swing states are close, but it’s not like McCain is surging ahead. What am I missing here? He does have some momentum, but I don’t understand the confirmed loss many speak about. I know I’ve heard about the 527’s, the Bradley effect, etc., but isn’t this going to be a nail biter right down to the end?

    BTW: I love the certainty, but I just don’t see a clear win at this point.

  262. Charles,

    I shouldn’t link to them, but just for you, here are the internals from the Kos poll.


  263. In Alabama – McCain is up by 20+

    No suprise about Alabama but Georgia was supposed to be a toss up state, Obama has cancelled his appearances there.

    It goes without saying that Georgia will remain red.

  264. Where are all these “My granny has been a Republican for 200 yrs and founding member of the Ku Klux Klan, lives in (pick Red State) and has decided to vote for Obama after seeing him on TV”?

    Wasn’t that the reason Hillary was not supposed to be anywhere near the ticket because she was poison for the 50 States strategy?


  265. fif – McCain is not winning and neither is Obama. Obama is not as far ahead as he’d thought he’s be at this point, and he’s not raising money at the rate he used to.

    Too soon to tell what will happen,

    Constant vigilance.

  266. bb: it’s also probably because BO has suffered a drop in young voters in the past month too. I saw an article about it yesterday. Listening to Rush today (I know, yick, but I enjoy the BO insults), he made a good point: the Obama campaign is reevaluating and they are trying to figure out how to present BO’s “message” to the public anew. Rush’s said, “They don’t get it–that’s the problem. He doesn’t HAVE a message. HE is the message–his whole campaign has been about his personality, his aura, and now that the mystique is gone (for good), he has nothing to offer.”

    I think that’s really true. It’s always been about this personality phenomenon, and people got so caught up in it, but the illusion is dispelled now. You cannot revive something like that, and what else does he have to sell?

  267. fif – I don’t think he’s ahead in the electoral college anymore. It’s close, but McCain is ahead by like 2.

  268. fif –

    “We have a word for candidates who rely on the youth vote. Loser!” –James Carville

  269. Janis –

    Yes, it looks like the Repubs learned from the 2006 election that people (voters) actually hold them responsible for their actions. They seem to be the ones willing to make things work while Dems are acting like partisan hacks.

    Ried and Pelosi have squandered what the voters handed them. Hopefully, now they will pay the same price.

    Keep it up until ALL the politicians remember who they work for!!!!

  270. Electoral-vote.com had McCain 270 and Obama at 267 today.

    So, for that website, today, McCain is winning.

  271. A proud Georgian here glad to know we kicked Obama to the curb. So much for Georgia being a swing state.

  272. fif, wife has been telling me for a while that while it is great to have new young voters aboard, it will be interesting to see if they will stick with it in November.

    I always said, make new friends but keep the old….

    things can still change, but so far …sad.

  273. mam, you just have to love that red state (or 50 state, I mean, 57 state plus one state to go strategy).

    What morons.

    It’s Obama’s hubris. Winning blue states doesn’t count. He has to win red states to prove his superiority.

  274. A man on Lou Dobbs tonight ( I think he was a Repub) said that they are expecting Hillary will make it on to the Obama ticket. They weren’t sure how they were going to get rid of Biden but the thinking is that Hillary is going to make it on to the ticket as VP…. We will see!

  275. Is there any chance NY could red? I do believe i read elsewhere that NJ wasn’t all sewn up.

  276. Back in my Oprah-watching days, a Native American woman from Alaska – can’t remember the tribe, I’m so sorry to be that ignorant and don’t simply want to say Eskimo – discussed how global warming was affecting her coastal village. I was trying to multitask & stopped in midtrack, I found myself very moved & fascinated by her sincere crusade.

    I hope Palin can share some of Todd’s Native American heritage and tribal concerns to those of us in the lower 48.

  277. Arabella,

    Love that quote by James. He’s the man.

    And I loved him wearing PUMA shoes.

  278. BB has a new thread up.

  279. i think Barry is losing young voters because they aren’t as immune as we are to a candidate who flip flops.

    Of course, Barry’s sellouts have been massive and frequent. But to idealistic young souls… it HAS to be damaging.

    Doubt we’ll see those young people around politics for some time… they definitely tied their wagons to a jackass

  280. Shit – Hillary needs to stay away from any ticket with poison on it.

    She needs to be at the top of the ticket.

  281. parent,

    Are you boycotting Oprah? Good for you. I wish more would.

  282. Linda, that is how wife and I feel.

  283. I would be heartbroken if Hillary is put on the ticket as a last minute attempt to fix the mess the DNC and BO have made. She deserves so much better than to be stuck cleaning up after those idiots. If they’re going to ask her to save the day then they should give her the number one spot.

  284. Honestly, of late I’ve been so back and forth in my thinking. I AM SO NOT for a republican agenda social or economic.

    So i’ve been thinking…WHAT could make me vote for obama?

    here’s my must list

    2) PELOSI…GONE! someone HRC likes to take over in the Congress
    3) HD…GONE
    4) DNC… moved from Chicago, and new primary rules put in place and APPROVED BY THE VOTERs via absentee ballot mailed to the DNC (otherwise the activists will screw it up again)

    I’m not weakening. I find Obama to be a despicable pandering ass…he’s done much to destroy the party with the help of the DNC leadership

    I just hate having to struggle with a McCain presidency for another 4 years and having the spineless leadership we have in congress. But Obama + Reid/Pelosi…NOT ACCEPTABLE for my country.

  285. Hillary is too smart to get involved with Obama and his handlers. I don’t think it matters how much grovelling he is willing to do.

    Why should Hillary play second fiddle to second best?

  286. Linda –

    Hillary as Senate Majority Leader is BRILLIANT!!!

    It would be a very potent launch platform for 2012

  287. Linda,

    I think you are right on as far as the young voters.

    I was there once and it’s easy to be disillusioned.

    They will drop out. Some of them for the flip flops (the more enlightened ones – he wasn’t the man that I thought he was) and some of them from the growing awareness that their guy is going to lose (America is a mean country and would never elect an AA).

    I feel bad for them I really do. I think you’re right – they may not be around for a long, long time.

  288. HRC as Senate Majority leader would drive a REAL PROGRESSIVE agenda…

    REGARDLESS of who is sitting the WH

    I think I would be willing to vote for BO if all of those conditions I mentioned were satisfied

    but I don’t think it could ever happen until BO is defeated when they will have millions of democrats learning what Obama and the leadership did in this primary

    History is written by the victor…not the pandering ass who snatches defeat out the jaws of victory

  289. Linda,

    You’re right. It won’t happen if BO is elected.

  290. Obama is absolutley unelectable! Sadly for the little latte liberals at MSNBC! They failed to vet this unqualified candidate and now they are going to lose 🙂

  291. i am disgusted to see how much nobama distorts the facts and blatantly makes up lies when the truth is on tape. Just seeing his face or his hideous surrogates show their faces on TV causes me to reach for the remote to fast forward.

    I am desperate to make an impact on these morons where it hurts. Money and power.

    Riverdaughter: Please start a thread specifically for people to post:

    1. the names/titles/districts/states, etc. of the nobama talking head supporters to vote out of office. (Pelosi, Brazil, Boxer, Reid, etc.)

    2. TV shows to boycott & email addresses to send complaints.
    (The View, Oprah, Keith Olbermann and tingly leg Chris – both demoted but still on the air)

    4. corporate advertisers to boycott and their email addresses so we can start a complaint campaign

    5. publications to boycott & cancel subscriptions
    (us weekly, rolling stone, newsweek) & email addresses to complain & phone number to call to cancel subscription.

    6. hollywood crowd supporting obama

    7. anyone or anything else to boycott

    Also snide comment made today about how nobama has more facebook friends than mccain (that is the reason he should be president?


    Thanks for listening and hope you will help to get this boycott campaign organized so we can get make a big impact.

    Thanks to all!!

  292. i think McCain would be happy to have Hillary as the majority leader because it would be nice to have somebody intelligent in the position. Got to be sure to vote Pelosi out of office. Still laugh to know her book is # 13,000 on the best seller list.

  293. fads only last so long and nobama is yesterday’s news. happy to know it was a woman who put out his flame.

  294. remember how the view ladies gave the notorious mo a fist bump and salivated over her excellent taste in fashion? what a difference in how they treated john and cyndi.

    I still can’t understand why it is necessary to spew hate on any side. The real people want decency in government.

    The view is off my viewing list too!

  295. PJ:

    Not only do I boycott Oprah’s shows, I unsubscribed from her email list, and from posting there, which I used to do occasionally. I also boycott her magazine, and refuse to discuss her shows with any friends who still watch. Won’t visit her web site, or read any or her books. I mean I am DONE with Oprah.

  296. hey all you HATERS,with 11 days to go and Obama with a commanding lead in the polls,how you like us now,lol!!!OBAMA/BIDEN 08

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