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Obamabots in Extremis

The number one recommended diary at the Great Cheeto at this moment is:

Is dkos being played by Rove?

….Why is it that all we do is talk about McCain or Palin (look at the diary titles beneath mine)? Why do we put up so many diaries complaining about Obama that he should being doing this or that? What has happened to the positive diaries about speeches Obama makes from the trail (they exist and continue to come out each day), or of people’s positive experiences canvassing for Obama or registering voters for Obama? It is time for this community to get back to what it was doing just a couple of weeks ago — getting out and fighting to win this election, doing so with grit but also with a smile. Come on everyone Lets Get Fired Up and Ready to Go!

Remember when DK didn’t allow discussion of conspiracy theories? This hysterical diary was triggered by a letter to Andrew Sullivan from one of his readers. Here’s the letter Andrew Sullivan published:

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being the only blogger (aside from Al Giordano) who gets it. While the rest of the blogosphere (especially the liberal bloggers) lose their heads you are an island of common sense. Patience and Steel. Yes, yes. yes.

It also occurs to me that in a way McCain and Rove have actually simply taken over the liberal blogosphere in some way. They are being played.

Just a few examples—yesterday Obama gave a fantastic interview at the Service Forum. Did the liberal blogs even cover this? No.

He gave a great speech on the trail. Are his town halls even posted or excerpted? No.
The liberal bloggers have become McCain central. They make people click on his ads, make the world spin around him instead of focusing on our candidate and what he is trying to do. There is ZERO coverage of what Obama is actually doing every day talking tough on the issues. There is ZERO coverage of Biden (who is on the trail but the blogs don’t seem to care or cover him unless he is doing what they think he should be doing. Sadly AFP did cover him this week and people seemed to be too busy saying he was not doing anything to include the link with his forceful comments against McCain. The one time the blogs linked to Biden—when the MSM tried to make a big deal out his answer to a question that made Hillary look bad and he defended her. That was it).

McCain and crew realized early this cycle that they did not have a visible internet presence. So what did they do? They took over the liberal presence, they are manipulating the leading liberal blogs , just as they manipulate the MSM. All to their own advantage. And the blogs have all fallen for this hook, line and sinker. Does no one realize this?

They are all being played.

And Obama, god bless him, he gets it. As does his team. while everyone whines he keeps at it every day with much much class and like a laser focused on the issues. The problem is not Obama, is that no one wants to follow his lead. Instead they are following McCain-Rove and they don’t even know it.

Sorry bots, but Rove doesn’t need to play you. Obama already played you. Now you’re bringing your own candidate down by spewing your vile rage and hatred at Sarah Palin. It’s different this time, isn’t it? When you did it to Clinton, nobody (except a bunch of old, menopausal, “low-information” Democratic women) called you on it. Republicans are different from Democrats. They stand up for other Republicans. They play to their base instead of trying to drive it out of the party.

Congratulations. You used slimy smear tactics to win the primary for your candidate. Now you’ll have to figure out how to get him elected without all the people you and he disrespected all through the primaries and during the convention. It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of people.

This is an open thread.

357 Responses

  1. “Come on everyone Lets Get Fired Up and Ready to Go!”

    a la Jearlyn? She seems quite fired up lately.

  2. They are so desperate over there that they are quoting Peggy Noonan’s column in the WSJ.

  3. UpstateNY,

    It’s the endorphins that get released when you become “enlightened.” When the koolaid high wears off there are going to be a lot of desperate, suicidal people in ObamaNation.

  4. From imdb.com Apocalypse Now

    Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?
    Lance: What?
    Kilgore: Napalm, son. Nothing in the world smells like that.
    Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning. …Smelled like… victory.

  5. BOO!


  6. So my question is…where do we go from here? I just do not feel like cleaning up after this mess. I own my vote, right?

  7. lisadawn,

    It smells like flopsweat to me.

  8. bostonboomer, on September 12th, 2008 at 9:32 pm Said:

    It smells like flopsweat to me.

    Yeah. But that’s not as dramatics as Apocalyse Now.

  9. I’m mean dramatic

  10. Repost from end of last thread. My stuff usually isn’t worth reposting, but I really am interested in the Alaska Native Americans. I hope it would also highlight the NA tribes in our other states :

    Back in my Oprah-watching days, a Native American woman from Alaska – can’t remember the tribe – discussed how global warming was affecting her coastal village. I was trying to multitask & stopped in midtrack, I was very moved & fascinated by her sincere crusade.

    I hope Palin can share some of Todd’s Native American heritage and tribal concerns to those of us in the lower 48.

  11. UpstateNY,

    I don’t know where we go from here. I’ve said again and again that I’ll make up my mind when voting day comes. Meanwhile, I guess we have to continue trying to build our own movement, since the Democrats are determined to self-destruct.

  12. lisadawn82, on September 12th, 2008 at 9:30 pm Said:

    From imdb.com Apocalypse Now

    Kilgore: Smell that? You smell that?
    Lance: What?
    Kilgore: Napalm, son. Nothing in the world smells like that.
    Kilgore: I love the smell of napalm in the morning. …Smelled like… victory.
    I love the smell of new 527 ads in the morning…smells like…victory

  13. lisadawn,


  14. I’m not at all surprised, just still disappointed in them, that they continue to blame others for their failure.

  15. Isn’t it a little early for this type of political movement to start eating its own? I guess they are now more certain of their defeat than we are.

  16. goodness, but Andrew & Markos sound like parents trying to make the kiddies be more responsible, and hold hands while they all stand in line together.

    That’s the kiss of death………

  17. When I responded to an old friend that I didn’t want unsubstantiated propaganda sent to my work email I receive this hate-filled email back from an Obamabot. I’ve changed names to protect the innocent and not so innocent. It’s so offensive on so many levels But this is the attitude of these people:

    You of all people should realize that Roe v. Wade is the basis for the same “privacy” that – while is doesn’t do a great job – theoretically provides protection for gay rights.

    Do you realize that under Sarah Palin’s adminstration as mayor, women were required to pay for their own rape kits in her little town?

    But don’t worry, if you are supporting a McCain/Palin ticket, from now on you are certainly off my list.

    Ohio must be a really rough place to live and maintain liberal values… my sympathies! I miss the old Ben Carlson.


  18. Who’s getting played (like an XBox)? Here’s today’s Obspot:
    Obama – as I keep saying, really does think he can run the country off his Blackberry.
    News flash – Bill Clinton doesn’t do keyboards either. What’s the big deal?

    Andrew, you need a hobby. All work and no play makes you a dull boy.

    Watch tomorrow: where will McCain be? Where will Obama be?

    Will anybody be near Ike? (I’m a linguist – I like both interpretations of that questions, so I’ll lay it like it lays).

    Here’s your 2nd lucky chance, Barry, to swoop in and look presidential – and very unlucky for the Texas coast).
    Everybody watch (you, too Andrew). Bet we’ll get an email tomorrow from Barry the Nerd.

  19. The Obama/Biden ticket is hurting down ticket. According to Gallup the Democrats are down to only a 3 point lead against Republicans…down from 11.

    Mountain Sage

  20. bostonboomer,
    I went over to DK today and I didn’t see panic so much as cluelessness. They think that there are millions of magical voters who are going to show up in Nov.

    BTW, Obama has almost completely pulled out of GA. It seems that the vaunted field offices were nothing more than lies.

  21. Andrew Sullivan IS the comic book guy from the Simpsons!



    Am I right?

  22. This is nothing like revenge or spite to me. At my age, I’ve forgiven a hell of a lot of people for a hell of a lot of stuff, and needed the same.

    Aside from failing to defend a woman, US Senator, and loyal Democrat from the hate & disrepect of the media, and aside from the failure of the party to vet a candidate, there is one sin that is unforgiven.

    Unforgiven is voting in a state-certified democratic primary in the state of KY, and when those delegates get to the convention, there is no similarity to what the voters said. If I can’t trust the Democratic Party to reflect my vote, and the votes of other Kentuckians, I sure as heck don’t trust them with anything else.

  23. “They play to their base instead of trying to drive it out of the party.”

    That basically sums up the difference between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party. It might explain why Republicans have won 7 of the last 10 presidential elections.

  24. OO, BostonBoomer! I love your posts. You have just the perfect tone.

  25. Mountain Sage,

    All this week, I’ve been listening to right wing radio to see what they are saying. They think the Biden pick was a complete joke and that the Dems should dump him off the ticket. Even the right wingers don’t realize how self destructive the Dem party really is.

  26. I’ve been saying that because Obama’s support is so shallow and all about personality if he is behind hte enthusiasm will immediately dry up and those people will not show up and vote or work on election day. He’s a brand name, and there will be no rush to go out and buy it.

  27. Katie,

    Thanks. I just thought we needed a new thread.

    I am so mad right now. I just had a fight with my favorite sister. I just can’t believe the mess that Dean, Brazille, Pelosi, and Obama have created.

  28. Andrew Sullivan IS the comic book guyfrom the Simpsons!

    Am I right?

  29. BB: yes, your post is perfect. I certainly like what you wrote about all of *us* who tried to call out the media and the party for what they did.

  30. from Still’s link:

    “change is a president who brings people together”…

    Yep, O, that is so you.

  31. When the koolaid high wears off there are going to be a lot of desperate, suicidal people in ObamaNation.

    BB: it’s actually quite literal. This has always been such an unnatural intoxication fueled by fantasy, and I’m sure it has generated chemical highs. I also knew it was inevitable that a mirage would fade, and now these people are going through withdrawal. There is going to be severe dis-illusionment on many levels. That’s why we are seeing the panic and desperation. DT’s. I feel sad for the AA community. So many good people who really hoped for their own breakthrough, but they ignored this man’s character to achieve that goal. It will be a big disappointment.

    Ben: if your friend is willing to dismiss you, without listening to your experience and perspective, she is not really your friend. You are an intelligent, thoughtful person. It’s her loss.

  32. BB

    As you can see from that email i posted that was sent to me, lines are being drawn. Friendships are giving away and families are feuding. But on November 5th Hillary will rise like a Phoenix and claim her party back for us.

  33. A.S. (s):

    There is ZERO coverage of Biden (who is on the trail but the blogs don’t seem to care or cover him unless he is doing what they think he should be doing.

    Ex-CU-uu-UU-uu-UU-uu-UU-se me! OH! It’s up to the BLOGS to deliver the news. We’re so glad to know. Want to explain why I am paying $115 a month for satellite?

    Andrew, you’ve exceeded your limit of characters on the comment space of my mind.

  34. Does Michelle Obama remind anyone else of Lady MacBeth?

  35. {{BostonBoomer}} My sisters have always been close but, we’re split on this election and hardly dare talk to each other. We’re just too emotionally invested in our very different views.

    I’m so lucky to have Joaniebonie sharing The Confluence with me.

    I’m sorry things are so difficult with your sister.

  36. Ben,

    I just can’t believe the snotty letter your “friend” sent you. How condescending to tell you what your best interests are. Honestly, I don’t see how the Democratic Party is going to recover. Maybe the only way it will happen is if we do it.

  37. Fif: She’s no loss to me. Sadly, though, when I emailed her I mentioned how she and her husband were two of my favorite people. I’m more upset about how she put down Ohio, a state my family has lived in for 9 generations now. And since she now lives in PA she doesn’t have much room to talk.

  38. poe:

    Unforgiven is voting in a state-certified democratic primary in the state of KY, and when those delegates get to the convention, there is no similarity to what the voters said. If I can’t trust the Democratic Party to reflect my vote, and the votes of other Kentuckians, I sure as heck don’t trust them with anything else.

    You tell it, sister! Same here in NJ.

  39. I read an earlier thread and someone posted about Big Dawg’s lunch with BO and one of their advisers said that Bill would discuss how to “deal with Palin.”

    The thing is: it will not be Bill, with his political finesse, that is countering Palin’s appeal. It will be Obama, and he can’t pull it off. The problem is Obama, and since he is the candidate, no amount of advice is going to help. HE is the nominee–no one can substitute for debates, interviews, speeches, rallies etc. Good luck with that.

  40. The irony in the “Real Change” ad is just LOL funny.

    “Because this year, change has to more than a slogan”


  41. Katiebird,

    The thing that really makes me mad is that my sister knows perfectly well that I follow politics really closely. She really doesn’t. But she was quoting my younger brother to me about how great Obama is. My brother didn’t even follow the primaries. He is clueless about what has really been going on. Oh well….

  42. As if, Bill would give him the correct advice. THAT’S THE PROBLEM. THEY SHOULDN’T BE DEALING WITH PALIN!!! IT’S MCCAIN, STUPID!

  43. ben carlson, on September 12th, 2008 at 9:53 pm Said:


    As you can see from that email i posted that was sent to me, lines are being drawn. Friendships are giving away and families are feuding. But on November 5th Hillary will rise like a Phoenix and claim her party back for us.

  44. It’s all over. Obama cannot win. Lieberman will caucus with the Republicans, so there goes the Senate. The only question left is whether the House will go Republican. It’s possible.

    We need to organize right now. Less than two months from now, we have to take over the Democratic party.

    The first actions:

    1. Get rid of Howard Dean.

    2. Get rid of Donna Brazile.

    3. Make sure that Barack Obama loses his Senate seat in two years.

    4. Make sure that the “progressives” receive 100% of the blame. DO NOT allow anyone — ever — to blame racism.

    We must constantly hammer home one message: The blame for this disaster belongs to a small coterie of left-wing writers, commentators and major blog-owners. Most of these people are actually Libertarians, not liberals. The guilty parties are


    When we get done trashing these clowns, their reps will smell like dog manure. We have to make sure that the Democratic party’s new leaders view these individuals as TOXIC.

    No Democrat must ever again have anything to do with them. We must insure that all Democratic candidates avoid “Yearly Kos” the way they’d avoid a conclave of child molesters.

    One name stands above all others in the infamy rolls: Markos Moulitsas. After the disaster comes, we must make sure that he is the single most despised person in the history of the Democratic party.

    Indeed, I would go so far as to suggest that the new Democratic Party should institute new rules designed to force “toxic individuals” out of the party in a formal fashion. Markos Moulitsas, Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall, Keith Olbermann, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, David Axelrod, Barack Obama and all D.U. moderators should be forevermore forbidden from registering as Democrats.

    That gesture may be extreme, but it would signal to the electorate that there the “progressives” (who are really LIbertarians) no longer have any say in how the party runs.

  45. Sarah’s on 20/20 and she does a big shout out to Hillary. A great pander to us.

  46. Love it how Andrew pities the hard-working Obama droning on day after day, doing………speeches, speeches, speeches.

    Think, Andrew, why aren’t people paying attention to The One anymore?

    How about they’re bored stiff with his talk, talk, talk….. and has never done, done, done anything?

  47. Ben: It sounds like the Kool Aid talking. She has been infected with that “if you don’t vote for him you are a bitter, clinging, medieval racist” thinking. I saw some friends of mine awhile back, and they came right out and said the only reason Hillary won WV, KY & PA by big margins is because they are “all racist.”

    BTW: In-depth interview with Gibson on domestic issues on 20/20 right now, ABC.

  48. parentofed,

    That was actually a letter to Sullivan from a reader. I wasn’t clear about that. I’m going to fix it.

  49. Lieberman will take a cabinet seat, leaving CONN’s repub gov to replace him with her choice, possibly herself.

  50. I’m sure that Obama’s got an ad about how McCain can’t tie his shoes on deck. God, if I were a conspiracy theorist I’d say that all the bloggers boys and Obama’s campaign advisors were being paid off by Rove. When have we ever been able to win an election by being hateful and vile? That’s not how we win.

  51. bostonboomer, on September 12th, 2008 at 9:24 pm Said:

    They are so desperate over there that they are quoting Peggy Noonan’s column in the WSJ.
    Peggy Noonan – the genius who figured out the morning after the symbolism of the Greek Revival Stage.

  52. apart from the fact mccain can’t type himself because of the torture he suffered, how’s this to shatter BO’s new ad claiming mccain can’t email, etc…

    29 May 2000: Forbes: Net Vs. Norm
    In certain ways, McCain was a natural Web candidate. Chairman of the Senate Telecommunications Subcommittee and regarded as the U.S. Senate’s savviest technologist, McCain is an inveterate devotee of email. His nightly ritual is to read his email together with his wife, Cindy. The injuries he incurred as a Vietnam POW make it painful for McCain to type. Instead, he dictates responses that his wife types on a laptop. “She’s a whiz on the keyboard, and I’m so laborious,” McCain admits.


  53. fif, on September 12th, 2008 at 10:02 pm Said:
    Ben: It sounds like the Kool Aid talking. She has been infected with that “if you don’t vote for him you are a bitter, clinging, medieval racist” thinking. I saw some friends of mine awhile back, and they came right out and said the only reason Hillary won WV, KY & PA by big margins is because they are “all racist.”

    Mhmm. Well, than Obama may as well pack up in PA, then, right? These types of arguments lead to no logical conclusion.

  54. The intro for the ABC interview is, of course, completely suggestive and leading re: earmarks, a $48 million earmarks, billing the state for travel, and Troopergate. I hate the MSM. I just want to see her speak her own words.

  55. Joseph,

    I totally agree with what you’ve said. I’m a great fan of your posts and really appreciate that you posted this comment here.

    Any Conflucian wanting to to help bring down Howard Dean: The first step is to find out how to be a Precinct Committee Person. The Democratic Leadership all begins with that.

  56. Ben, I too had a similar experience when I advised another tireless activist that I wasn’t drinking the kool-aid and that I wanted Obama defeated because of the corruption and caucus fraud at the DNC and from the Obama campaign.

    Here’s what she sent me.
    You know, Linda, you used to be my idol. I will remove you from my lists and refuse to smile at you when I see you. ED
    but *g*… I didn’t give up…
    Elda…I’m sorry. But my personal commitment to the standards I though Democrats sought to advance are being torn apart by fanatic Obama supporters. I hope you reconsider because I’m still someone who believes in a progressive agenda…I just don’t believe at any level in Obama or his willingness to advance it.

    I thought as Democrats… we understood that we could disagree and still be friends.

    That hurt.

    we exchanged a few more emails…and now she get’s it WHY I don’t support him and why I consider him dangerous. She respects that I’m coming from a place of integrity.

    I say that we remind our “political” friends that because we are not on Obama’s side…we are on still on the side of RIGHT and progressive stances… we just believe we have to find a safer way to advance those than Obama, who in our minds is a corruption too dangerous to put in the WH.

  57. ‘She’s one of us’: Palin wins over Obama women

    Women who said that they intended to vote for the Democrats are turning towards Sarah Palin, despite predictions that they would be alienated by her strong opposition to abortion

    Jessica Goral had pretty much made up her mind two weeks ago: she was going to vote for Barack Obama. Then John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running-mate.
    continue reading: http://countusout.wordpress.com/

  58. Charles:”he did not expect McCain’s VP to be a gamechanger?

    True, nobody did. What I believe Palin’s potential problem to O, besides reenergizing the GOP base (money, votes/coattails, etc.), is that, given her background, she pretty much neutralizes O’s western states.

    If the south and the midwest are going GOP (predictible), the westerns states are remaining red, and the rustbelt is more likely than not turning red too… I do not see how it can be done.

    Then again, time will tell and as someone said above, Bill and O may have been discussing how to deal with the whole Palin problem…heh.

  59. I second what Katiebird said. I’ve been reading Cannonfire for years.

  60. Kate Snow’s story was mostly negative but fair I think. I just don’t ever remember a story like this about Obama.

  61. Joseph, can we jus tar and feather them?

  62. Charles…actually, even with the new registrations for democrats, the Dem rolls have declined by 2% from Jan to June. I think most of it occurred in May.

  63. Is anyone else watching Palin? She is SO natural. It’s very strange to see a politician who is so unguarded.

  64. ne @10:07- I know -. It’s easy to dismiss other people’s disabilities when they do not advertise them. It’s shameful the attitude I see from Obama. Nasty.

    Old song from “Hair”: Easy to be Hard

  65. Linda

    I sent her an email back but it wasn’t quite as gracious as yours. I told her that I liked her better the way SHE was.

  66. I saw some of the interview in the abc news tonight. I disagreed with some of her postions, but I was able to respect her conviction.

  67. I just watched a clip of the View with McCain. My Lawd, what’s wrong with those ladies?

  68. Wow. You should hear Palin talking about the economy. She’s great. She is talking about what she did in Wasilla with taxes–very specific and very confident. That will go over very well.

  69. Joseph: The AP has largely been a lying sack of shit this whole year. They were destructive to the extreme in the primary.

  70. Joseph…you are correct. There is going to be a void at Dem HQ at the state level after the pounding we take in November. It’s going to cost us in the Congress. NOT because we aren’t voting down ticket but that Obama is so overreaching and reactionary now that he’s costing everyone. WE ARE TIRED OF BEING CALLED RACISTS or pigs with lipstick!

    I suggest everyone here locate your state party chair’s email and send him this message.


    If we flooded them with that message…the national just might get some feed back from them… unless the chair is on the kool-aid which we can’t do anything about unless we are willing to show up to the state conventions and vote them OUT.

  71. Masslib: Why in the heck did anyone think those women on The View had anything pertinent to add to the political exchange in this country?

  72. The letter writers are partially correct. I suspect that Rove has been conducting ratfucking operations on progressive blogosphere 1.0 for a long time now. Oh, sure, Edwards and Obama did a good bit of it too. The only person I did NOT see ratfucking and who managed to behave transparently (well, most of the time) was Hillary. And I only say that cautiously. I think Hillary’s band of merry men and women are more like shoemaker elves than ratfucking orcs.

    The Obama people are easy to spot. When they act like we’re stupid, they give themselves away.

    But Rove is very good at getting inside heads. He must have done a lot of studying up on psychological behavioral experiments on groups and certain types of individuals.

    In general, Rove either divides and conquers or he has Dementors sucking the joy out of us and making us feel helpless.

    Everyone who posts on a blog or on the internet in general should disabuse themselves of the notion that there is a “safe” political blog. They’re here among us. Some of them may be regulars.

    They might have given up manipulating us for the time being but there is no doubt that they are watching and reading and gauging our reactions to certain planted ideas. We’re a focus group for operatives. The difference is, we are aware of it, while many on DailyKos are not. Kos himself is no dummy so I have to wonder what he’s up to with Obama. Not so sure about what he’s doing with Rove.

    That’s why it’s a good idea to periodically reflect on your principles and cross check them with your surroundings. Stay away from mainstream media. Hold hands, stick together. We’re keeping our eyes out for intruders but we can’t catch them all. Be on your mental guard. We’ll get through this Ok. Think of it as a game of Stratego.

  73. ‘What has happened to the positive diaries about speeches Obama makes from the trail (they exist and continue to come out each day), or of people’s positive experiences canvassing for Obama”

    somebody misses the “conversion diary” phase. Honeymoon’s over sweetie 🙂

  74. Not sure what “efficiencies” are. the social issues are coming up next I think. Hang on to your seats ladies and gents.

  75. Charlie Gibson is being an a*s again.

    Reduce taxes
    Control spending
    Reform the oversight of committees and agencies

    Some things should be off the table: vet’s programs off the table


    We need to get into every department and examine spending and controls.

    As usual, Charlie is being confrontational and repetitive. She is right on target. “Maybe I’m wrong, but I think the American people want to see efficiency so that families can grow and prosper.”

    FAMILIES ARE GOING TO LOVE THAT! She just nailed the economy discussion.

  76. Ben: efficiencies = cutting out the waste and bureaucracy no?

  77. If I were the O campaign I would watch it with the “old fool” stuff.

    A while back Chretien, the liberal Prime Minister of
    Canada was ridiculed by some opposition politician while running for reelection (he has some kind of palsy that affects part of his face).

    It backfired big time, got him the public’s sympathy and he won.

  78. Well said, RD. always vigilant and watchful.

  79. Ben, here’s the thing. We have to show up at our state party HQs in December. We have to be calm and authoritive.
    We NEED to spend this time getting organized to show up to those FIRST STATE PARTY meeting in December.

    They will be greatly weakened and we are in a position to say… we warned you. YOU didn’t listen. This is what we have to do now to recover our Congress in 2010.

    I did this by taking over DFA in OKC. I had 12 active members left. I used those 12 people and a list of 1300 to make us a FORCE at party HQ. Sometimes I had people tell me…there aren’t that many people willing to do the work and there are so few of us..

    I told them that perception is always greater than reality in the short term. That we would recruit from within the party…and WE would volunteer for every committee, every function…

    When we started, the elected officials sneered at us. Didn’t want DFA’s endorsement! Guess what, within a year they were asking for time to speak with us.

    THAT’s how it’s done and I’ve seen NO ONE really launching the organizing that MUST BE DONE. There should be monthly meetups til Dec of PUMAs. We should have an agenda and a plan. We must be ready to set the NEW TONE of the party and to remove all traces of Barry and his Chicago thugs


  80. fred, I can understand that trend. I was already prepared to vote for McCain (if needed in my state) but his choice of Palin just made it easier. I have always had a positive impression of the man, but his smart and savvy VP pick just makes doing the unthinkable (voting Republican!) easier than it should be.

  81. awesome answer, Sarah.

  82. I agree with Joseph Cannon that the execrable bloggers deserve to be held accountable and seen as vile. Not sure about Republicans winning the congress. While certain of those bloggers are stupid and malicious enough to incite a backlash of that magnitude, the polling isn’t quite there yet.

  83. Why are you any different?

    I am a Washington outsider. I mean, look at where you are (AK). I don’t have those allegiances to the powerbrokers.

    Why do you keep saying that BO will raise taxes on middle income families?

    I would argue with his whole premise of that. He has had 94 opportunities to vote against raising taxes, and he has not done that.

    Earmarks: Bridge to Nowhere
    Charlie: “You have said continually that you would not support it, but you turned against it after Congress turned against it and it became an embarrassment.

    It has always been an embarrassment. I was for infrastructure in the state. She said the funding kept coming in and they decided they would not spend it on the bridge.

    Every question he asks is a “gotcha” question. Every one. And when she answers, he comes at her again.

    Again, it is like a test. I have never seen him do this with Obama. Never.

  84. i hate abc so much… Palin sounds so much better on 20/20 than they cut and paste her to look on World News a few hours ago

    actually… that was a half-way decent explanation on earmarks/bridge to nowhere

    they made her look like a fool on World News

  85. No, fif…but I saw them all do this with Hill.

  86. Joseph

    I agree with your premise but I disagree with some of your solution. I intend on taking the high road in regards to Obama and his merry men. I do believe however that they should be reminded that they are mere mortals like the rest of us and that their behavior was reminiscent of what one might expect from an ill behaved grade schooler.

  87. She talks about transparency. “It will not be done behind closed doors. In a McCain/Palin administration, earmarks will stop.” (period)

    She maneuvered through that really well, even with his tricky questioning.

  88. Gibson is a condescending A$$!

  89. well, they aren’t going to get the expected result from Gibson’s interview

    fact is… he’s agressive… all the MSM are agressive with the Repukes. SOMETHING THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FOR 7 FRICKIN’ YEARS!

    too late… you people lost your credability 5 years ago!

  90. What does “taking the high road” mean?

  91. true masslib. And isn’t it usually male interviewers? I can actually feel the power play.

  92. Linda, my problem is that I’ve stop believing that the Dems are on the right side. After this primary, all I see is strident, unquestioning adherence to a Party and a sham candidate, not a commitment to an ethical, progressive ideology. The Dems have lost me. I don’t know that I’ll ever go back.

  93. I think what she is saying that a public university can submit a grant for an earmark and that is one thing but it’s different if it is a lobbyist trying to get something stuck in a bill. I’m not sure if I understand the difference.

  94. RD,

    Thanks for your cogent analysis. I don’t know what we would all do without you. I agree that we need to be wary. I especially think we need to keep in mind what McCain’s policies really are. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Obama going down to defeat, but the other choice is just about as bad. We are going to have a lot of work ahead of us.

    As for DK, the quality of the writing at that place has gone down so far that it’s pathetic. That diarist didn’t even provide a link to the letter he/she reproduced and no one even commented on that. So many of the people there now are so young and inexperienced in politics, they are clueless.

    As for Markos, I guess he’s just in it for himself. He’s destroyed his site’s reputation with the smears they’ve been spreading for months.

  95. Not sure how I ended up in moderation with a discussion of earmarks.

  96. The contrast is really obvious with Palin though. She is actually sweet, and his obnoxious and patronizing attitude is highlighted because of her sincerity. I might not agree with her policy positions, but she seems like a really genuine person.

    There must be some kind of dark side…no way there can be an honest politician!

  97. earmarks must be a code word too ben.

  98. Upstate NYer

    I can’t understand how they couldn’t have seem McCain picking a gamechanger. Certainly many of us HOPED he’d pick a gamechanger. Only the naive and inept wouldn’t have seen that the GOP wouldn’t exploit the rift caused by a very divisive primary. One of the things I absolutely agree with Joseph on is that Dean SHOULD be fired for his handling of the primary from start to finish.

  99. understood. I heard that from the Deaniacs (who are actually the ones who propped up Obama).

    but ultimately here are the challenges you face

    and then there are the lists

    if you stay OUT of a party… you will ultimately NOT be the one driving the agenda

    If you take one over (like Obama did by having DFA handed over to him by Dean)…. you drive the agenda

    building a 3rd party? You’d need 5 George Soros financing it.

  100. RD: “They’re here among us. Some of them may be regulars”

    uh, oh……Look over there!!!

  101. gxm, we have to get involved in trying to reform the process and change the culture. We can’t let the bots destroy our party.

  102. She’s saying earmarks for public purposes are different than earmarks for private companies.

  103. good answer on The Gays.

  104. It means I am not going to be doing what they have been attempting to do. I’m not going to shut them out because I disagree with them. I’ll extend to them the same behavior I willextend towards Palin, I’ll work with them when we have a common interest. That said, I am going to enjoy watching a bunch of them eat their crow cold. It isn’t like throughout the primary some of us didn’t say that the extreme behavior needed to be checked and there needed to be room for different viewpoints.

  105. Ah schadenfreude!

    They are trying to “Hillary” Sarah, and it’s not working. Surprise!

    If we had our girl heading the ticket it wouldn’t have worked either. But her own party did it to her. I hope B&H are sitting back comfortably and chuckling.

  106. Ok, I have to say this!

    DFA was a great outfit. The move towards a more progressive agenda that we’ve seen was the RESULT of our 50 state strategy. NOT THE DNC… it was US!

    and if Dean hadn’t interfered with the process we would be looking forward to a landslide victory in Nov. I am very, very disappointed that an organization that has done much to advance intelligence at the local level was used ultimately to subvert the process

    And believe me, Dr. Dean did everything possible to advance our organization. I remember one event where a man approached him to talk about running for office and HOW to get started. He pointed at me and said, you need to start with her. DFA will get you started.

    WHY did he have to sell us out to the likes of Obama…a corrupt chicago thug! I am really upset.

  107. Good answer on The Guns.

  108. ben, what did she say about the gays?

  109. bb: It’s not just about Obama going down. IMHO it is critical that we send a loud and clear message to the Democratic Party leadership.

    Oh boy, here come the social issues:

    Roe v. Wade: feels it should be reversed and states should make that decision. I do respect other people’s opinion on this also. I think we can all agree on fewer alternatives to abortion–like adoption.
    Rape & incest: my personal opinion is only in the case of life of mother. She emphasizes her personal opinion.

    Stem cell research: we are making a lot of progres with adult stell cells. Embryos: my personal opinion might be different from the policy of an administration. I owe it to people to give my personal opinion.

    He AGAIN challenges her: I stil

    Homosexuality: I am not one to judge. I am from a family with many members of many diverse backgrounds. [yes!]

    Guns: I do not support a ban on assault weapons. She keeps emphasizing transparency as a candidate: I have grown up with that–it is part of the culture in AK.

    Charlie talks about gun violence/health issue. If you start banning guns and putting laws on guns, a second amendment right, you will take guns from law abiding citizens.

    Is it sexist to ask how you can manage a family of 7 and be VP?

    I’m lucky that that has not been a question in my generation. It is accepted. Of course you can be VP and raise a family. People asked me that as a Governor too. Do it the same way other Governor’s have done it–granted they’ve been men.

  110. Linda, because he hates Hillary. Duh.

    What was her answer on gays?

  111. She just said she doesn’t ‘judge’ on that issue. She just brushed it off. She mentioned having a diverse family and community.

  112. I really like this lady.

  113. in other words it is none of governments business.

  114. Charles —

    Obama made certain assumptions. One– that he would get all of his votes plus all of Hillary’s in the general. Not true. Two– that he could draw Republicans and independents and remake the electoral map. Not to extent he thought on the former and on the latter he did not expect McCain’s VP to be a gamechanger. No one did. Three– that his money would continue to roll in. Doesn’t seem to be the case. Four– that Iraq would be the issue. Not any more. Five– that he could bring new voters through registration drives.

    Most of those assumptions I always felt were half bravado-tpm to be shoveled out to the obots to carry to the rest of their social networks, and the other half were not so much assumptions as arguments of necessity. They are like nonresponsive answers in law. The opposing atty asks a question and you give an answer but it doesn’t really respond to the question, either because it’s off topic or not realistic. They are for the most part not much different than saying ‘maybe all the Republicans in the country will fall ill and die on November 3rd’.

    On Palin — most high-obsession voters (this is my new terminology to replace the low/high information crap, which I detest) knew Palin was at least a possibility. So far the Dems haven’t rooted out a single ‘scandal’ that wasn’t already on her wiki page.

    They may not have known exactly what the gamechanger would be, but any mildly observant student of presidential campaigns knew that they’d certainly try for some major gamechanger. Absolutely and utterly caught with their pants down.

    Getting all of Hillary’s votes was never a realistic assessment — polls from back in Feb. at least always had approx. 20% of Clinton voters preferring McCain in a McCain v Obama matchup. Iraq was never going to a key issue once the race moved to the GE because his campaign and the DNC have always badly misunderstood the current opposition to the war.

    The big $ and new voters — that I can maybe see assuming when things looked at they did in February, except the new voters thing has been tried before, and not really worked out so well. Certainly something to try for, but not depend on. Big money was just counting chickens.

    I’m rambling (and I’m not disagreeing with you), but there’s a difference between basing assumptions on a realistic evaluation of conditions as they exist or are very likely to exist, and basing a campaign on the only assumptions that if true would allow for a win.

  115. I’m just not feeling any love for my old Party right now. Maybe after this nightmare is over. I’ve never thought the obots had any intention of sticking around. So maybe come December it will be safe to venture back. But I’m just not feeling it right now. I will vote for Mark Warner in November. He did a great job as governor and is very popular here in the Old Dominion.

  116. O, the One and Only, or 000, as most of you know, launched to new sharp anti-McCain ad today which highlighted McCain’s supposed computer illiteracy and “doesn’t even send emails”. In the LA times a deconstruct pointed out that McCain can not use a keyboard or even tie his own shoes because of the effects of torture. Now I ask you, did the 000’s not know this? Did they know it but thought they would use it anyway and not get caught (cheap shot)? Or did they think no one would find out and it would just go under the radar?

    Does this 000 campaign have a clue?

  117. Is anyone familiar with what’s going on with Progressive Democrats of America, or any of the state chapters? They were a good organization, but I’m afraid now they’ve probably been taken over by Obots, since I know some of their former supporters are now working for Kerry etc. here in MA.

  118. Hillary was sucker punched. I doubt during the primary she saw that first fist being leveled at her. Sarah has an advantage because of what she witnessed during the primary, she can anticipate the blows better.

    I’m not keen on that Roe v. Wade answer but I guess it won’t be any worse than the Democrats selling us out on partial birth. Heh.

  119. its important to note that she qualified all of her social stances with it being her “personal opinion” and not necessarily policy in an “administration”

    that is kinda key, imo

  120. Librarian issue: “Never banned a book, never desired to ban a book. When I became a Mayor, it was a question because what if a parent came in and asked us to remove a book. I thought that long list of books listed was pretty funny, because Harry Potter was on there, and it wasn’t even published yet.

    She very clearly explained Troopergate, and sounded very clear and convincing. They were asked if there were any threats against their family as the First Family in the state, and there was–her ex-brother in law. Neither my husband or I ever asked his superior to fire him. He’s still a trooper.

    Gibson asked if she is worried about the investigation.

    No, because didn’t do anything inappropriate.

    Whew. Sorry for the fragments and typos, it’s hard to keep up. I hope people want this info. and I am not just hijacking the thread.

  121. She is moderate, attractive for those in the middle. It just boggles the mind to watch Gibson’s rather hostile and overtly condescending questioning, and consider how easy O has had it.

  122. gxm, me too.

  123. Evening all. A kindred spirit with nickname cancelledbysbc (one of you, by any chance?) on youtube has posted the Palin interviews. Thanks to that person for posting.

    Day 2:

    Part 3
    Part 4

    Day 1:

    >Part 1
    Part 2

  124. BPD: exactly. I think she said she will work within the framework of the administration.

  125. fif – I want to see it, thanks!

  126. Must go to bed now. See you in the morning.

  127. its important to note that she qualified all of her social stances with it being her “personal opinion” and not necessarily policy in an “administration”
    that is kinda key, imo

    BPD: I was going to write the exact same thing.

    She went out of her way to qualify EVERY SINGLE ISSUE, as if to say, it is MY personal opinion, and it does not mean that will be aligned with administration policy.

  128. Fuckin’-A! It sounds like she’s doing great. Her “personal opinion” answers seem consistent with her governorship of Alaska,
    BUT, I just heard a podcast of Fresh Air tonight about McCain and how he’s had to woo the religious right. Basically, he had to concede everything to them on the GOP platform. As I understand it, the platform is he most conservative and severe they’ve ever had. More socially conservative than Bush’s. So, that means to me that we must step it up with downticket Demcs because a good many of the GOP congresscritters woll owe the religious right for turning out for them.
    Palin may be rightwing but not nutty. It’s the Senator Inhofe’s and Cornyn’s we have to worry about.

  129. masslib

    you know.. I didn’t start out liking Hillary but here’s what i learned

    1) I had been indoctrinated by the neo-cons in SPITE of being a progressive
    2) and day after day she EARNED my respect after I heard her consistency, her pragmatism and her very real regard for the good of America

    we’ve got to root the neo-con dialogue out of our heads and our party… it is destructive in the hands of basically giving/caring people. It works for republicans… NOT US

  130. Hello, can a mod kindly rescue my post from moderation? It probably ended up there because I had links to the Palin interviews. Thanks!

  131. bostonboomer, on September 12th, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:


    Thanks for your cogent analysis. I don’t know what we would all do without you. I agree that we need to be wary. I especially think we need to keep in mind what McCain’s policies really are. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of Obama going down to defeat, but the other choice is just about as bad. We are going to have a lot of work ahead of us.
    Anytime Republicans talk “smaller” gov’t…they really mean reduce the gov’t functions that protect the public from Big business. Contaminated food and drugs, “free market” S&L’s, banks, home loans, one and on..Started with Reagan…..It’s like ground hog day…The New Deal reforms were designed to prevent the abuses that caused the Great Depression and the Republicans have been trying to un-do them ever since. Well they were successful and the economy has been looted and we are headed over the cliff again.

  132. fif: Thanks, I also want to see it.

  133. Oh dear. I knew about Palin back in February. Does that make me “high obsession”? My DIL is Alaskan Native. So I was very interested when Palin’s name first popped up. Although I admit McCain’s brilliant pick caught me by complete surprise.

    My DIL has a bumpersticker that I love: Alaskan Girls Kick A$$!

  134. I’ve noted here my troubles with the KO-mesmerized Obot spouse. It is a wretched scene. We’ve already had a screaming blow-up in public.

  135. Hey guys,

    Tonight, we have a guest host Momma E. Momma E and Phillip will discussion top news of the night and a review of the weeks news and stories.

    Topics: Rumor- Will Hillary replace Biden as VP, Polls, birth-certicate, Palin interview, Palin vs. Obama, Obama’s lunch with Bill Clinton, and so much more!!!!!

    Join Momma E Tonight at 11PM ET!!! Call-in 347-202-0443


  136. If I had a nickel for every Dem who didn’t start out supporting Hill but eventually turned to her…Oy, this is why we are here.

  137. I really wish Palin was a Democrat, because she is unique. I am kind of amazed by her seemingly (always need to be cautious) genuine and honest way of being in the midst of political shark-infested waters.

    Personally, I keep hearing her emphasize a non-interventionist attitude toward governing re: social issues, and that was my concern. Even the Roe v. Wade answer was qualified by her “personal opinion.”

    All of this hysteria and attempts to demonize her are going to backfire because she is so open and likable. People will tune in, expecting to see her head rotating, and instead she’s like Mary Tyler Moore.

  138. Republican smaller government translates to

    more private contracts to Haliburton

  139. Yeah, Linda, we know, but what have the hapless Dem’s done to stop it???

  140. Valhalla

    We lost our advantage on the war when we failed to do anything other than rubber stamp Bush on it anyways. So we are “symbolically” opposed to the war, it isn’t like that has saved the lives of the servicemembers still there or the money being utilized. Nope, our side was too scared tey’d be called “terraist lovers” to actually do anything and voters just don’t do nuance and symbolism.

    As for our party being caught with their pants down…… I have a question. Has our party even put it’s pants on? The GOP has owned the Dem party to the point they had them condemning their own advocacy group. Would you ever see the GOP signing on in legislature to condemn Dobson? Uh, I don’t think so. Our party appears to be full of inept fools who are clueless and have no strategy whatsoever in addition to having the backbone of jellyfish. Ugh.

  141. George had to finish with a dig at Palin, that her economic plan was no different from Bush.

    well I’m no republican but she said that she wanted to increase oversight of the federal agencies. Bush didnt, actually Bush is responsible for the destruction of the reputation and efficiency of the EPA, FDA,Interior Dept, and etc etc etc

  142. ugsome, I’ve found that my Obot father will start in with me about it, then get mad and refuse to talk to me. He even tried to close a door on me at one point, but I stuck my foot in it. lol He says he doesn’t want to discuss it, yet he can’t stop bringing it up.

  143. Earmarks/Palin: She understands the main issue. Getting federal funds for state projects is not in and of itself a bad thing. The bad thing about earmarks is that they are presently hidden—they are added on after a bill has been passed in the reconciliation committee. McCain Palin has the mission of ensuring that any earmark is transparent: what it is for, who is requesting it, how much—before a bill is passed in other words when people vote for the bill they know what the earmarks are/why and why—it is public. I think that is a very important reform.

  144. RD: I am going to beg to differ with you. I don’t think McCain will be as indebted to the religious right as Bush. He would NEVER get involved in a Terry Schiavo situation. I think McCain uses anyone he can to get what he wants. That is his pattern in life. He won’t do the religious right’s bidding. HOWEVER, he will work best with a democratic congress.

  145. riverdaughter, on September 12th, 2008 at 10:51 pm

    Exactly…It’s a little depressing to get e-mails from the liberal Dem challengers that I send money to. They sing the virtues of the messiah…but I figure they will get over it and they are a lot better than the garbage that they are running against.

  146. masslib…

    when the party goes down in November it will be our best opportunity to back up clinton, and kick Reid and Pelosi along with Dean and his hacks to the curb

  147. ok, what is this nonsense about HRC being put on the ticket. I didn’t give it any credence whatsoever, but someone posted earlier that a CNN commentator made it sound like a serious consideration via political insiders.

    They would not seriously do this would they? Wouldn’t it make them seem completely dsyfunctional?

  148. Joseph Cannon: “All DU moderators” is a bit harsh. Some mods have an agenda, others are just ordinary folks stepping up to attempt to keep order.

    The Democratic Party is not structured like a European party, with dues and membership, so kicking someone out might be hard to pull off.

  149. I am hoping that McCain returns to his LIFELONG centrist roots on social issues. He really is a Goldwater republican at heart on the economy. But I don’t think that model applies anymore… it only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer

  150. ben: i’m not saying we have to fear that much from a McCain administration. i am saying that congress was favored to go Democratic this year and if it goes GOP instead because Palin energized the religious right, then those Congressmen will feel indebted, especially in the House. THAT’S where the danger is.

  151. Linda, I’m with you. Hillary was my third pick after Kucinich and Edwards dropped out. And she completely won me over. I haven’t felt as passionately about a candidate in a long time… and it felt good after years of tepid support for my Party’s choices. She’s the real deal and she would make a great President. All that has been lost this year. It’s very depressing.

  152. BPD,

    I trust the GOP even less than I trust the Dem party. The crux for me is that they occasionally DO advance things the crazy 10% of their base wants(translation: They actually have a set). That said I’ll be darned if I will solely make my decision based on her having this one position. After this primary cycle, I’m prepared to go kamikaze on choice. If I don’t the DNC will continue to help the GOP water it down anyway.

  153. Jangles, on September 12th, 2008 at 11:00 pm Said:

    Earmarks/Palin: She understands the main issue. Getting federal funds for state projects is not in and of itself a bad thing.

    All Federal expenditures should pass through the appropriations process.

  154. oh and meyers was surprised that Palin supports TitleIX. I dont understand these pundits. Imean c’mon she was a high school athlete, she knows the reason why she got the resources she got toplay, the reason Title iX. Actually in my womens basketball readings, it had been noted already weeks ago that she was a title ix supporter as any woman athlete.

  155. Good point about earmarks Jangles–you explained that really well.

  156. McCain Palin need to sharpen how they will be different in their own party stands on policy. I think that can help. I thought Palin’s interview with Gibson was good. He really tried to put his own words in her mouth and she did not buy into it. Her comments on HRC seemed sincere to me; I think she sees HRC as a hero and even if she were pandering to all of us, God I love to be pandered to and have my heroes respected.

  157. fif

    They ARE dysfunctional. At least that’s how it appears from where I am sitting. It should be interesting to see if Hillary would be game and see how they attempt to sell this. It isn’t like they have been really good at selling anything thus far.

  158. I agree RD. I’m not looking at Mccain with rose-colored glasses. But by having that democratic Congress those bill will never end up on McCain’s desk.

  159. Doesn’t Meyers know that Palin is a member of Pro-life Feminists or whatever it’s called?

    I switched channels as soon as I saw Meyers. I am so done with pundits. I don’t need someone else to tell me what I just saw and heard, especially because they are usually lying.

  160. I don’t believe anything on CNN anymore

  161. WE must speak out to save our down ticket dems from Obama’s ignorance

    I suggested this earlier and I’m going to say it again because i agree with RD, we are moving into dangerous territory with guttless Reid/Pelosi and a REPUBLICAN majority with a Republican president

    I suggest everyone here locate your state party chair’s email and send him this message.


    If we flooded them with that message…the national just might get some feed back from them… unless the chair is on the kool-aid which we can’t do anything about unless we are willing to show up to the state conventions and vote them OUT.

  162. CWaltz: absolutely, but shuffling the ticket at this stage would be a clarion call to the world that they don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

    Got judgment?

  163. McCain once said the religious right had hijacked his Party. I don’t expect much problem on the social issues front.

  164. “meyers was surprised that Palin supports TitleIX”

    Yeah,, and half our guys have apoplectic fits over title IX. Bring that up at one of the big liberal blogs and see what happens.

  165. No way in hell BO is dumping Biden. If he were to do that, he may as well concede to McCain now. Imagine how hapless and incapable he would look. I think this is GOP payback for the Eagleton smear.

  166. Evenin’ Folks!

    For some contrast, check out the transcript of the interview did with Obama on March 6. Quite a different interview. No tough questions (like, Why don’t you drop out since your trajectory just dropped?).

  167. Obama’s job is to saddle McCain with Bush.

    McCain’s job is to remove the Bush yoke without losing that base.

    Obama’s job would seem to be easier, but so far he’s been unsuccessful, except to some untutored Obots. But then, I’ve only known Obama to be successful at one thing politically, and that’s cheat.

  168. but I have to say… the MSM in their ignorance and pandering are doing a good job of destroying the precious!

    it only works when you are still fooling everyone that you impartial… lol

    I think Barry certainly deserves the friends he has

  169. i am saying that congress was favored to go Democratic this year and if it goes GOP instead because Palin energized the religious right, then those Congressmen will feel indebted, especially in the House. THAT’S where the danger is.

    I agree RD. I was alarmed when I heard today that the Congressional races are now within 3 points, and Dems are distancing them from the not-so-golden One. I do not want a Republican Admin. WITH a Repub. Congress. McCain I can live with, but let’s not push it here. We need to get back to checks and balances.

  170. fif: I’ve seen that rumor too but as you say, it will just make them look weak. Check out Heidi Li’s post on it. She makes a lot of sense and the rumor makers do not. Nothing would surprise me but the Democratic ticket would look even more unbalanced than it does now. Hillary would come into debate to mow down Palin and McCain would come in to decimate Obama. It will leave most people scratching their heads.
    There was only one potentially winning ticket and that was Clinton/Obama. With Palin’s entry, that’s almost gone now. It would require a sacrifice from Obama, which the regular Democrats have a right to expect. And there has to be a plausible explanation, like voters were angry about the roll call vote so they had to do a do-over.
    These rumors would be completely groundless except for Biden’s defense of Clinton a couple of days ago. There may be something to it. But it would be very dangerous to do it halfway. It could end up making the situation worse.

  171. fif

    It’s called Feminists for Life. Life is much calmer once you realize the media pundits are clueless fools parading around their opinions as facts and stop watching them.

  172. ben carlson, on September 12th, 2008 at 10:00 pm Said:

    Sarah’s on 20/20 and she does a big shout out to Hillary. A great pander to us


    Pander, pander, pander…makes me happy.

  173. Seriously, agreed, and I just don’t get it. But I explained my support of Title IX to one “liberal” young man this way: Let’s say you have a piece of pie and I have a piece of pie, now what gives you the right to take mine just because you ate all yours? For some reason, that seemed to quiet him down and give him something to think about.

  174. Masslib said: “McCain once said the religious right had hijacked his Party. I don’t expect much problem on the social issues front.”

    Yes, totally agree there. Think Sarah was the sop to them, and since she seems to share his hands-off approach, she is probably the only person that could please both RR and McCain.

  175. RD,

    I wonder how that’d work out for stuff like getting publically financed or has that ship already sailed?

  176. RD,

    Can we at least find someone to run against that idiot Steve Cohen in Tenn? He’s the one who came up with that silly slogan, “Jesus was a community organizer; Pontius Pilate was a governor.” I think he’s also the guy who said that Hillary should stay down like Glen Close should have in Fatal Attraction.

  177. As long as the Obamabots are bashing their heads against the walls and pouring handfuls of Motrin down their vile throats, I could not be happier. All I see are Repug women standing up and defending Sarah Palin from those horrible attacks where our ladies just sat and stared into space counting butterflies when it came to Hillary.

    Just hoping those sewers masquerading as progressive blogs suddenly disappear. They contributed to this mess with their superiority never thinking in advance. Oh well.

  178. Obama will never admit he needs Clinton. Even if all the party establishment demand it, what does he care? The entire party can go down in flames and he still won’t do it.

  179. “McCain once said the religious right had hijacked his Party. I don’t expect much problem on the social issues front.”

    And really, how much of any platform is enforcable?

  180. maybe the DNC will demand his COLB… *g*

  181. epicurious,

    Isn’t it nice, if not weird to have a candidate that actually seems to think that respect being shown might have some sort of influence in how people vote in November?

  182. BB: Didn’t Cohen just win against that crazy AA woman, Nikki Tinker or something like that? Equated him with KKK?

  183. Platform is for the activists… not the people really

    In our party it’s WHERE we want the elected to go… doesn’t mean that’s what they’ll do

  184. I just want to take a moment to say how very very much I appreciate having this blog to come to.

    For a person who is not a US citizen, I became emotionally very involved in Hillary’s campaign. Many have asked me why I am so interested in US politics … the answer is Hillary. My friends are all Obama supporters. Without going into the gory details let me say that while most of them have been exceptionally nice to me, the primary season was not pleasant.

    It is such a comfort to come here, read the posts of this very diverse group of people bound only by their respect for Hillary and the principles of democracy. It is such a comfort to have a place to rant during moments of frustration, to laugh, to share good news and to share my fears and insecurities without shame or censure. Not one of my friends know how much it hurt to listen to Hillary’s June 7 speech. I wouldn’t let it show. This blog saw me through that day.

    Thank you RD for providing this place and making it so welcoming. Thank you guys, for being there and for sharing.

  185. I can’t believe Hillary would agree to replace Biden, and I can’t believe Dean, Pelosi, and Brazile would let it happen. If they were to put Hillary at the top of the ticket, that might work, because the media would go completely nuts attacking her every day until November and the American people would be highly motivated to punish them.

    But let’s face it. We are going to have to get through four more years of Republican rule, and now Obama is hurting the downticket Dems.

  186. We need to start a letter writing, email campaign and general pressure to our R and D elected officials to hold hearings and consider pulling the licenses of CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS and NBC and their subsidiaries.

    These airwaves belong to us and these organizations are not acting in the best interests of Americans. It’s clear their needs to be greater oversite and regulation since these organizations have violated the public trust.

    Perhaps we can find alternatives and re-assign the airwaves to other companies willing to maintain the public responsibilty. We put up with it for 2000 and 2004 and they felt empowered to be even bolder. We need to stop this now.

  187. Re Cohen, individuals and groups this election so far could pretty much be summed up as crazy and crazier.

    With a few notable exceptions, of course.

  188. S. I am sure all of us here remember that feeling of finding out “I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS!” LOL


  189. Cohen is also the guy who compared HRC to Glenn Close in fatal Attraction, isn’t he? “Congressman, is there any woman you don’t think is trying to kill men just by existing?”

  190. “Bostonboomer: Republicans are different from Democrats. They stand up for other Republicans. They play to their base instead of trying to drive it out of the party.”

    Great post.

    Republicans only stand up for those candidates they believe in, they lock arms, and they stand strong. They will, however, throw their own out if they aren’t living up to expectations. Stevens aside, don’t know what happened there. But normally, they will defend their own. Half of this country is R, but Bush still only receives a very low number of approval. Obviously, Rs aren’t happy with him either.

    R’s are fed up with their own doing exactly what we oppose and have cast their votes accordingly.

  191. here’s my tribute to the fools in the DNC and the media that backed Obama – if the Dems wanted the White House, they should have put Clinton on the ticket (top, by the way)


  192. Remarks of Steve Cohen (D-TN):

    Seeking to defend Obama from GOP criticism over his experience, Cohen noted Wednesday in a floor speech that Obama and Jesus both had experience as community organizers. Cohen also said Pontius Pilate was a governor, drawing an implicit parallel between Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) and the Roman governor who, according to the Gospels, ordered Jesus’ execution.

    “The parties have differences, but if you want change, you want the Democratic Party,” Cohen said. “Obama was a community organizer, like Jesus, who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    Yesterday, Cohen apologized on Hardball for saying this, which made him seem even more ridiculous. He would have been better off to just say he meant to compare Obama to Jesus.

  193. actually, there are more Ds than Rs. Used to be a lot more but Dems, being very independent thinkers ultimately have been bailing to go independent.

    I moved from independent to Dem in 1988 because I was sick and tired of the idiots they picked to run for office.

    a lot of good that did

  194. I just finished reading an article in Vanity Fair about Putin. A rather lengthy one at that. These pols have no idea what they are up against in him. He is evil and his worldview designs don’t bode well. I cannot possibly see Obama in any future discussions with this guy. Obama is too soft. McCain, I think, understands what he may be up against.

    All I can say is watch out for Putin in the next couple of years if this article stays true to form. Again, it is the oil, oil, oil. He who controls rules.

  195. BUT, I just heard a podcast of Fresh Air tonight about McCain and how he’s had to woo the religious right. Basically, he had to concede everything to them on the GOP platform.

    RD (or anyone): how obligated is a president to the approved Platform? I mean, is it restricting or does he/she have the ability to adapt it as they choose? If McCain doesn’t plan on running for another term, why will he be beholden to the base?

  196. Yes, and apparently Susan Sarandon is quoted as saying the same thing as Cohen. That’s what I saw in Governor Palin tonight: Pontius Pilate.

  197. Platform is meaningless. It’s just the wacko wonks of the party write all this crap into it to appease the extremes of the party. It’s not a governing document.

  198. Pat, I think McCain was quoted as saying, “When I look in Putin’s eyes, I see K-G-B.” (Didn’t Bush say he saw his soul?)

  199. Here’s what Steve Cohen said about Hillary:

    When asked about whether Clinton should drop out of the race on Fox 13’s “Good Morning Memphis” program today, Cohen said: “Glenn Close should have stayed in that tub.”

    Here’s the video:


  200. That’s what I saw in Governor Palin tonight: Pontius Pilate.

    Ben: are you saying that for yourself or are you referencing Sarandon?

    I heard a clip of her today. Apparently on ET last night she repeated the same talking point: “Jesus was a CO, PP was a Governor…that’s all I have to say.”

    Who does she think she is Garbo?

  201. You are seeing the same “WWTBJQ” stuff with Palin. Media outlets proclaiming her ‘not ready” and other such things. They can’t help themselves at this point.

  202. OH…sorry, that was sarcasm

  203. fif: Bush was also seeing leprechauns at one time.

  204. My point was that I didn’t see anything like that. A comparison to Pilate couldn’t be futher from what is in front of one’s eyes.

  205. how could have biden say that the election of Palin is a step backwards for women??

  206. Sarah comes across in her interviews as more of a leader than the other men on both tickets. I feel I can believe what she says, and that living day to day with a family to take care of is her main priority in legislation. She does not come across as a politician with a personal agenda to advance.

    And I am sure that McCain is not in anybody’s pocket. He doesn’t owe anyone anything. They had all written him off long ago. They are a solid ticket when compared to Obama/biden. It is anybody’s guess who they owe.

  207. The fact that my own party is capable of outsleazing the Repugs this year is heartbreaking. We seem to not only have lost our way but our soul as well.

  208. ugsome: I’ve got an obama voting spouse as well. If he is a strong obama supporter, he hides it well.

    I don’t worry about who he votes for, although I’ve teased him about voting for obama. The Greek temple provided a good bit of material.

    The only “fights” were over how much influence the sexist attitudes on the MSM influenced casual liberals.

  209. Do they even realize how retarded and what a turn off it is to compare Obama to Jesus? Christians are NOT going to appreciate the comparison.

  210. ben carlson, on September 12th, 2008 at 11:27 pm Said:

    Platform is meaningless. It’s just the wacko wonks of the party write all this crap into it to appease the extremes of the party. It’s not a governing document.

    Hey Ben… the Platform is about “ideas” from the grassroots. At the state level they are all gathered from the people who show up at the precinct meeting every two years and submit them.

    They are then organized into a resolutions document. Each item is voted up and down at the country convention, then the district and then the state level.

    It is a valuable insight into your active membership. It is NOT meaningless because believe me…without the activists and active party members…HD would be writing god knows what. They may not be perfect but they are a start.

  211. S, beautifully stated.


  212. I think this dropping Biden thing is being floated by Republicans. Sarah further stirred the pot tonight. Anytime she speaks about Hillary it will be news.

  213. Al Capone was a community organizer. FDR was a governor.

    See how fast they shut up after that.

  214. fif: Bush was also seeing leprechauns at one time.

    lol. Leprechauns with cowboy hats

  215. Open Thread?

    Here’s something to laugh at – Carol Burnett Show
    Talking about Elephants

  216. Linda, thanks for the clarification on the platform. I’m not a party activist so I don’t know the ins and outs. I just remember hearing during a convention years ago that it didn’t mean too much.

  217. We seem to not only have lost our way but our soul as well.

    Not all of us, Pat. Not all of us. For PUMAs, our principles have seen us through, just like HRC.

    “Keep going!”

  218. Good point Charles. Jesus was a carpenter. He built crosses for crucifixions.

  219. If Obama and his bots had half a brain among them, they would have just ignored Palin and let her celebrity run its course. They have only hurt themselves by attacking her. But Obama just couldn’t stand anyone getting more attention than he did. You could tell that by the remark he made on Letterman:

    Obama admitted he didn’t know much about Palin, but added “there’s no doubt she’s energized the base” of Republicans, and become a star – the kind of celebrity McCain once accused him of being.

    “As someone who used to be on the cover of Time and Newsweek,” he began ruefully, as if regretting the lost of his own celebrity. “I had a recent offer from Popular Mechanics,” he deadpanned.


  220. To Pat Johnson. You obviously hate Repugs, and your reasons are probably the same as why I hated “Democraps” for so long. The people I know who are Ds are so awful that I blamed the party in general, even though I never met an R until I joined the Army at 17. I’m not Christian right, and I’m more of a moderate R, but I also am against tax increases, corporate bailouts (which I’ll admit my party has been an absolute failure on, but I don’t see any Ds saying absolutely not).

    But, the Ds in my life believed all criminals could be reformed, they believed that the stoned out of his mind teenager who raped me when I was 9 should be given a chance and I should not be “angry” with him, he was “stoned”; that I couldn’t hire a file clerk who is a man, because he may have to answer the phones; that even though I may be required to work until 11:00 at night, I damn well better have my a@@ into work by 8:30 a.m., didn’t matter that I had two young children who needed me at home, and I did that for a few years – they needed me at my job more than my children needed, first day of school, so what, be here at 8:30, you’re kid is sick, not my problem – you chose to be a single mother. They, Ds in my life never cared that I had responsibilities outside of my job. It was my R boss who finally gave me “flexible” work hours. Who fights to keep my job because maybe I’m not there at 8:30 a.m., but I certainly put in 60 hours a week or more. Our D bosses said, 8:30 to 5:00, when the whistle blows you better be there, and if you stay after the whistle does its final blow, if you stay later, we didn’t ask you to stay. But our clients sure did. So leave, you’re fired, stay, you weren’t asked to.

    I was raised to believe the Ds had my back, that they cared, but none that I ever encountered ever did. I read these blogs and realize it’s not the Democraps or the Repubs, it’s individuals who hide behind their party and say they are superior.

  221. I’m amazed that no one’s complained yet that comparing Jesus and Obama is insulting to Obama. Well, I’m sure it will happen eventually.

  222. Obama has no idea how to be firm, which is the problem we are seeing.

    He can’t handle conflict. If Palin sent him into such a destructive loop, imagine how a terrorist attach would affect him.

    That is another reason he is dropping in the polls. He isn’t a natural leader. He is a natural orator, but lacks a lot of inspiration. The words have to be supplied, and then he can add the appropriate feeling. But he can’t write the words, and figure out the emotion they should have at the same time.

    He is shallow, and weak.

  223. we have reason to be happy tonight. but we must be prepared for a sudden shift to obama that could happen at anytime. There are major forces behind him pushing his storm surge into the White House. Vigilance.

  224. RD…I don’t think there is any doubt Kos wanted a piece of the Obama pie. He set himself up well. From his Daily Kos position, his new book, his occasional piece opposite Morris at the HIll, at Newsweek against Rove, Netroots. From the outside to me, it all looks like a plan to live in the power. I think he wants to be the Tony Snow of the internet.

    [Moulitsas pointed out that their so-called strike was more like a “boycott” and called them “laughable”, noting that “It’s a big Internet, so I hope they find what they’re looking for.”]

    When he calls you and others laughable, I just see the arrogance of the wannabe powerful.


  225. It’s nice to see the Obama-ites squirm. It couldn’t happen to a nicer group of people.

  226. jennie

    The problem with being all things to all people is that its awful hard to do that AND be true to self. Personally, I have always felt bad for Obama because he really comes off to me as insecure.

  227. Regarding the commercial the Obots put out about McCain’s inability to do email or lift his hands above his shoulders because of war wounds, how do you think they’d react if the Republicans attacked FDR for his polio and wheelchair use, or JFK’s myriad health problems, some of which Kennedy sustained during his tour in WWII? They’d be rabid.

  228. Charles,

    The one thing we do know about Pontius Pilate–at least from the gospels–is that he didn’t want to crucify Jesus. He washed his hands of the whole thing and left it up to the crowd. Somehow I see Sarah Palin as more engaged than that.

    As for the community organizer thing, I guess they mean that Jesus was a liberal because he helped the poor. The whole comparison is weak and foolish.

    If Obama is the Messiah, let’s see him perform some miracles. Maybe he can go down to Texas after the hurricane and multiplies loaves and fishes and turn water into wine.

  229. just read a post over at No Quarter, that all the candidates’ children went to private school – except one.

    Sarah Palin’s kids went to the public elementary school just down the street. Then I thought of how she was a PTA mom.
    Now I know why Obama will lose the election….You simply can’t get any more Americana than that.
    And Palin did it on her own – no rich backers…she became head of the PTA, mayor, city council, and governor. Nobody paid her way…nobody made her the affirmative action pick…she just did it.

    You can’t beat that…

  230. Don’t think jesus ever drew a paycheck to do his organizing

  231. Did you all know BO is going to be on SNL tomorrow night?

    Once again, he’s pandering to the voters he already has on board.

  232. Heh,

    I hope kos is rethinking his wisdom of telling the PUMAs to head off into the big internet. He is partly responsible for the movement he hates. He’s right the internet is a big place and PUMAs were able to do exactly what he did in order to organize a countermovement to his own. it was pretty dumb and arrogant to shut down dialogue. Almost as stupid as not choosing a woman who represented 18,000,000 votes.

  233. Republican Woman:

    I agree. I always thought the same thing about Democrats. it was the belief that the Dems had my back that led me to argue with my family for the last 16 years. I have stood tough because I believed the Dems were more honorable when it came to families and children, and the middle class.

    I was a fool. My family turned republican after Carter. My parents raised me as a Democrat. They became Republicans because of the horrible economy left by Carter.

    I look back at all the screaming matches with my family over the last 16 years, and ask myself why. The Dems sold me out for a slick talker with no experience who will most likely leave America in cess pool if elected.

    The Dems cheated me. Period. They need to be taught a lesson. It seems Obama’s mistakes have begun to bring that message home to them.

  234. Republican Woman: I am willing to meet you halfway. It is people who make or break the rules regardless of what label they represent. I would never have thought that my own party would stoop to the levels they have in order to prove a sorry point. That point being Obama.

    They stole votes, manipulated the delegate count, marched out the ra*ce card against their own, practiced misogyny, co-opted the press, incited the blogs, refused to adhere to the 2006 mandate, sanctioned Bush, turned their backs on accountability, lied, cheated, manuevered, manipulated, divided, and sold out. In turn they sullied the name of the Democratic Party just as the Repubs did in bending to Bush.

    We conduct daily searches here in an attempt to locate one sane, trustworthy voice that we can support and mostly to no avail. It is people who do this, not the institutions they represent. Both sides need to be cleansed.

  235. bb

    You’d figure they’d give it a rest after McCain riffed off it in his ads. It’s embarassing.

  236. Mark bailey, they might be upset about JFK since they want to claim that imagery, but the ex Republican latte Obot base aren’t really big fans of FDR, by and large. And they feel like if you don’t care for someone, anything goes.

  237. sarah: I was really struck by that in the interview tonight. They showed her in several completely normal situations: shopping with Piper at Target, carrying the kids around, hanging out at home. She is very…ordinary and unlike Bush standing in front of his faux western stage set in Crawford, it’s real. She really is completely new in the political sense–especially at the highest national level.

    We’re used to seeing Kennedy in Hyannis Port, Bush at Kennebunk, Kerry in Nantucket. Palin at Target?

  238. Eva Longoria was just on TV saying something about how she was disappointed because after all her experience playing a desperate housewife, with the sex lies, etc, she should have been picked for VP. Wasn’t she a Hillary supporter? It feels like when the kids in my neighborhood call each other out with the “N” word, like they think it’s okay.

  239. The problem with being all things to all people is that its awful hard to do that AND be true to self.

    Shelby Steele wrote about this re: BO: “He is so busy trying to be all things to all people he never became himself.”

  240. I will admit to not being a huge fan of Sarah Palin due to her positions on issues that do not necessarily jibe with my own. That being said, she is a grassroots politician, something I admire.

    She started out by becoming involved in her children’s school and worked her way up the ladder. The others, in my opinion, and especially Community Organizer, latched onto a good thing and sought out those who could make it happen on their behalf whether it was through political connections, financiers, or both.

    Sarah springs from our roots and I think that is where the appeal lies. Many voters see her as the genuine hockey Mom getting up at 4am for rink time, baking cookies, driving herself to work. Things we all do or have done at certain times of our lives. The others are true career people who have always had someone to grease their way.

    Obama, like it or not, is up against Sarah more than McCain. He is coming up short and dissing Hillary has not helped. No pity party for me on his behalf.

  241. Good night everyone. Sleep tight.

  242. sarah, on September 12th, 2008 at 11:43 pm Said:

    just read a post over at No Quarter, that all the candidates’ children went to private school – except one.”
    Chelsea went to public schools when they lived in Little Rock. When they moved to DC they wanted to send her to public schools but IIRC, the Secret Service said they couldn’t protect her in the public schools.

  243. nite fif

  244. There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Madeleine Albright hit the nail on the head.

    We are our own worst enemies and we always have been.

  245. jonas8, on September 12th, 2008 at 11:32 pm Said:
    how could have biden say that the election of Palin is a step backwards for women??

    Oh, that’s cause if the wimmins vote Palin Biden doesn’t get to be VP.

  246. Jesus had Judas, BZero has Rezko.

    Jesus had 11 other friends, BZero not so many.

    Jesus liked women, BZero not so much.

    Jesus drove out the money-changers, BZero gerrymandered them into his district.

    Supposedly Jesus left behind an empty shroud, BZero wears his.

    Cohen is a pandering idiot.

  247. Troll Alert.

  248. Ok, I’m like totally getting the Jesus/Obama community organizer thing, but correct me if I am wrong now, ok, I don’t pretend to be a theologian, but Jesus wasn’t lazy, right? i mean, I think he even worked fulltime, some blue collar job, like a carpenter or something. So while I think the comparison of like dying for everyones sins to collecting votes for the Daly machine is totally valid, I think the argument loses points on the fulltime job experience part.


    In todays Chicago Suntimes Neil Steinberg writes:

    I walk in beauty, as Krazy Kat used to say. My heart sings, while my Democratic brethren fuss and fret over the advent of Sarah Palin, that George Bush in drag, that QVC home shopping channel in human form. They see her as a Trojan horse, with John McCain crouching inside (and within him, a tiny George Bush, nestled in his heart).

    They watch in horror as their gleeful fellow citizens fling open the gates; they see the happy crowd strain at the ropes and they despair.

    Yet I am not afraid.

    First, because it’s September and not November. A lot can happen in six weeks. The cracks in the feisty facade Palin offered in her maiden speech before the nation are already widening — the 300 nights of travel reimbursement the reformer received while sleeping at home; her initial support of the Bridge to Nowhere, and worst of all, the casual attitude toward the truth revealed in her brash claims, all too familiar to anyone who has been paying attention the last eight years.

    Second, remember, those are just the immediately obvious flaws, the rotten fruit littering the ground, waiting to be gathered. If Palin were ready to be vice president, never mind president, she would not have spent the last two weeks in complete media isolation, while squads of Republican spinmeisters struggled to prepare her for the ordeal of being given a cat bath by Charlie Gibson, master of the slow-pitch softball.

    And finally, even if the ruse works. Even if America buys this cubic zirconium in four easy payments of $33.99 and then proudly presents it to the world as a political diamond? Well then, frankly, that’s OK too, because it will be entirely our fault, and we’ll deserve what we get.”

    Nearly vomiting after reading this by a writer who did not vet Obama nor write about him in this manner,
    I came home to Bill Moyer interviewing Obama supporting journalists who were criticizing the media including CNN for trating Palin like a celebrity, the mocking tones of the CNN anchors and their laughter was unbelievable. These “journalists” felt that the media should be highlighting the investigations of Palin. Well, where are the investigations of Obama? When is the media going to stop talking about Palin, and Hillary before her in such an insulting manner? In doing this they are insulting half the population of this nation.

  250. I liked Sarah Palin even more after I saw portions of her interview. She is so genuine and honest it is refreshing. She is upfront about her beliefs so that the American people can decide if they want to vote for her. She doesn’t try to put on airs or try to play to the super rich elitist on the coasts. Those sophisticates will look down on Palin because she doesn’t act the snob. This is what they hate about the Clintons. The Clintons are real people who don’t put on airs to try to play to the super rich snobs.

  251. Prolix: Interesting points. I had the radio on while I was cleaning today and Rush (I know, I know) was talking about them converging all over Alaska looking for dirt on Palin and
    finding her approval rating very high and everyone so far having only good things to say about her.

    He then mentioned that Obama has yet to have one person from Harvard, Columbia, the community, or even Hawaii come forward to say they knew him when and what a great guy he is. He said that is very unusual since most people get in line to back somebody who may be a winner down the road. It’s true, if the only friends he has match Rezko and Ayres then naturally they won’t trot them out to offer high praise. Too dicey.

  252. Eva did a lot for Hillary. She stood in Hillary’s corner in Texas when so many others would not. I think she was just telling a joke. Rush played her remark today. It was a joke, and it was funny. We can’t lose our sense of humor.

  253. Great comparison of the Charles Gibson interviews of Obama and Palin:


    Definitely worth a read and summarized so it is easy to make the comparison.
    Guess what the bottom line is?

  254. The only way this sexism will stop is if Sarah is elected vice president. If she is not then they will continue to do this to women.

  255. The MSM, and now Bill Moyers, are so in bed with Obama that they can’t see straight. His background is loaded with deficiencies yet they concentrate on Palin without even once recognizing their own hypocrisy in all this. I used to admire Bill Moyers. I have no idea where the real one went to.

  256. With the number of former Clinton supporters walking around saying really dumb ish in regards to Sarah Palin, I may in fact be all out of humor.

  257. Pat,

    I have to admit there were nights, days, weekends, even a couple of weeks where I don’t have a good recollection of my graduate years — all courtesy of smart juice, but even with my keeping several distilleries in business during those years, I could tell you where I lived, how I got electricity to my apt/houses, and that I had a phone. For someone running for President to have years that are erased and invisible is “unicorn land.” It just doesn’t happen.

  258. Of all the candidates and their wives, I much prefer Cindy McCain. To me she is the real deal. Wealthy or not, she uses it to do a lot of good around the world. And she does it with little fanfare.

  259. ben i agree

  260. Charles, There was a period of about 5 years where mister and I were supporting 11 people. And, I think that having an Aldi in town saved us. I can’t even imagine what we’d do if we had to buy our groceries at a regular grocery store. Just from spot checking prices at Hy-Vee, it seems like we’re getting our groceries for 1/2 price. Somethings for 1/3 the price at regular stores.

  261. We should take solace in that the general public is getting it right at the moment. However, we have only The Confluence to go to now.

  262. Pat, didn’t it come out at one point that all the women he worked with as a community organizer can’t stand him and voted for HRC?

    To be fair, I’ve met one very lovely woman who worked on the harvard campus when Obama was there, and she likes him, though I don’t know how well she knew him or the last time they were in contact.

  263. Prolix: And your mother must have been so proud when the cops brought you home to the right address, or at least close enough! His lack of memory is very troubling. But nobody presses him on those “lost” years. Who knows, he could be just another “Rockefeller” in disguise.

  264. o/t …With reference to The View, Whoopie was an ardent supporter of HRC. She had a YouTube video saying as much. For her to attack McCain the way she did surprised me. I always thought she had more class.

  265. Those candidates who are authentic win elections. McCain and Palin are the real deal. Obama isn’t, and I don’t know what Biden is.

  266. Mark: Did she ask McCain if he was going to make her a slave or something like that? Seems like I saw this from another commentator. If so, that is outrageous and totally disrespectful.

  267. Biden is the sacrificial lamb.

  268. “It’s worth noting, too, that Obama could and should be doing better among White women. As you can already see, he’s running about 4 points behind Kerry in this group, and a full 9 points behind Democratic performance within the group in 2006. Hitting the choice issue — and hard — should be an effective way for Obama to move these numbers, but it won’t do it all.” extract from MyDD

    this opinion angers me because it’s clear that they think ‘the choice’ issue is enough to frighten / cage us in the party…

    men can act like our body is theirs to control in the most insidious ways.

  269. Mark, she wasn’t an “ardent supporter”, she voted for her, but she wasn’t ardent.

  270. Seriously: I read that somewhere. The women he worked with were not thrilled about him.

  271. LOL, Pat!

  272. Well, to be fair to Whoopi, she’s huge on choice and may see the issue as such. Remember her early coat hanger comedy. It was very political.

  273. Pat, I’m a firm believer in always being within staggering distance of home.

    I find it amazing that everyone is jumping on Palin for not knowing the rather amorphous and ever-evolving “Bush Doctrine,” or going after McCain for being “out of touch,” but neither of them have drawn a blank about where they lived for three years or so.

  274. Prolix: I am always impressed that you are so well organized before you leave the house. It says a lot about your character.

  275. About ear marks – it is the job of a Governor (or mayor) to ask for funds. Emphasize on ask.

    It is the job of the U.S. congress to decide who receives funds.

    Governors who don’t ask for federal funds are not doing their job.

    Senators who control the money and make the decisions as to who receives it but yet don’t control the pork are not doing their job.

    When Sarah became governor the two senators from Alaska had been serving for a total of 42 years. The two senators from Illinois had a total of 10 years. All that seniority seriously matters when it comes to bringing money home to the state.

    Charlie Gibson tonight snarked about the high dollar amount that Alaska had received vs. the lower amount that Illinois had received per captia as if it was a bad thing. I wish Charlie would have bothered to factor in the square miles of Alaska vs. Illinois as Alaska is 11 times larger than Illinois.

    Also, when the appropriations bill was being discussed we all learned about the bridge to nowhere that Stevens wanted but not one news sourced talked about Obama’s earmarks for his wife’s employer that resulted in a giant raise for Michelle.

    The way this discussion has been framed in the media: Asking is bad. Giving away (including to wife’s employer) indiscriminately is completely defensible.

    P.S. Loved Sarah’s shout out for Title IX. Just realized we have Nixon to thank for that.

  276. Sarah Palin will not work her heart out to overturn Roe v Wade. Why? Because if she does get to be VP she will possibly be looking at a run of her own say around 2012. She knows her chances of winning in this election are dependent upon women crossovers and to tip that apple cart would doom her own chances should that time come.

  277. “This week, Chris Bowers at OpenLeft has been encouraging readers to run their own media campaign. The idea is very simple: at a fairly low budget, anyone can set up a simple Google ad campaign, targeted geographically and by keyword. Bowers has been running two ads – one against McCain, the other against Palin – in his native Pennsylvania, and thinks he can reach a lot of voters on a fairly low budget.” extract from MyDD

    sorry-last extract from that website. found this tactic interesting. maybe useful info…

  278. If they are so concerned about earmarks one need look no further than Robert Byrd and West Virginia. Every road, school, bridge, public and private buildings bear his name. So much so that they should consider the state be renamed in his honor.

  279. No, Charles. We’ve had Hy-Vee in Kansas since 1987. And we like it as our supplement store. We’ve got a Price Chopper very close to our house but, they are almost always out of the things I need. And it’s a waste of time and gas to go to multiple stores. Also the Hy-Vee is near Marshalls and Borders….

    The first time I went to Hy-Vee I couldn’t believe it — they sold televisions! Little did I know that one day I’d get my television, computer and lawn mower from Aldi…

  280. Obama Ad Mocks McCain’s War Injuries (the reason he doesn’t use a computer)


    The Barack Obama campaign is attacking rival John McCain for being computer illiterate. However, it looks like the Obama forces are the ones in need of a lesson in online research.

    In a new advertisement, Obama attempts to portray McCain as “out of touch” for not using a computer.

    However, according to Jonah Goldberg, writing at National Review, it only took a few minutes of “googling” to find out why the Republican doesn’t surf the net: “The reason he doesn’t send email is that he can’t use a keyboard because of the relentless beatings he received from the Viet Cong in service to our country.”

    Both the Boston Globe and Slate Magazine reported on McCain’s injuries and their effect on his use of a computer back in 2000, Goldberg noted.

    This is the second potentially high profile gaffe for Obama this week. Earlier, he came under fire for what some claimed was a reference to Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin as a pig.

    Both attacks come at a time when Obama has seen his lead in the national polls all but vanish and a number of news stories have reported that Democrats are in a “panic mode” over the slide.

    It is unclear whether Obama’s attacks on McCain and Palin will succeed or backfire. Many Democrats have urged the Illinois Senator to go negative, following McCain’s recent rise in the polls. Some, however, have speculated that the hard attacks could tarnish the Democrat’s claim to be a new kind of politician.

    The mainstream media should expose Obama for this sick ad attack against John McCain.

    We have got to get themedia to call Obama out on his BS personal attacks.

    This is unconscionable.

    As one of the posters on another forum mentioned:

    Obama is sick.
    Scary sick.
    Bates Motel sick.

    Small town America. Women. Seniors. Wounded Veterans. Who will Obama offend next?

    America deserves better than Barack Obama!


    McCain-Palin ’08
    Hillary ’12

  281. My two cents regarding accountability when November comes:

    I agree with Joseph Cannon. Those big bloggers need to be held massively accountable. I was at DU for a long time and the moderators went bonkers when it got down to Barack versus Hillary. Any post that was remotely supportive of Hillary seemed to get removed by those mods.

    Going back and looking at DU now, though, makes me feel that some amount of justice has already been done. The threads are oftentimes quite immature and full of foul language. Very few posts are over 2 lines and there isn’t much substantive left.

    The Confluence kept me rational when I was surrounded by a bunch of kool-aid drinking nuts.

  282. Alice: Like everyone knows that calling people the worst names imaginable are going to gain you new friends. Idiots!

  283. F*&! earmarks….what about the delegates that got money to vote a certain way???!!!

  284. Looks like we are getting closer to the 3 millionth hit! Wow!

  285. carpetride: Yup. You get what you pay for in the end.

  286. SHV – yes-and Chelsea went to public school

    I was referring to the article which talked about Biden, Obama, McCain and Palin’s kids…

    So Hillary’s and Sarah’s kids went to public school…real authentic people….guess that’s why I like ’em both

  287. The delegates went so cheaply too.

  288. From waaaay back:

    Unforgiven is voting in a state-certified democratic primary in the state of KY, and when those delegates get to the convention, there is no similarity to what the voters said. If I can’t trust the Democratic Party to reflect my vote, and the votes of other Kentuckians, I sure as heck don’t trust them with anything else.

    Did you hear the stories about KY delegates – who apparently work for the Brashear administration – being threatened with the loss of their jobs if they didn’t vote for O?

    I don’t know in whose behavior I’m most disappointed here…

  289. “it is the job of a Governor (or mayor) to ask for funds.”

    About a week ago, NPR ran a ridiculous hit job where they explained that Palin kept the money from the bridge to nowhere and used it for actual road and bridge projects. *cue scary music* Oh no! I think the people of Alaska should have to swim across rivers and use shovels to dig their own personal roads.

    I mean, yes, I understand that conservatives hate taxes and then whine about poor public services and try to dismantle government but want their own projects taken care of, but I think pretty much everybody is in agreement that roads and bridges are a good use of federal tax money. Next week, they’ll do: “Alaska has schools–can you believe the hypocrisy?”

  290. linda–LOL…
    they went cheaply but in the end cost us so much.

    what is sickening, too is the amount of money that has been spent to introduce/force obambi onto the stage—about $300 million—and yet what can anybody say about him??? just that he is the hope-change guy. and this from a party that purports to care for the poor, etc…

  291. BREAKING!!


    The Oinkbama campaign released this excerpt from the Historic Upcoming Speech entitled:
    Barack Oinkbama’s Historic Speech on Gimps and Email

    “I Love This country TOO MUCH to let these kind of smears swiftboat My Historic Campaign. I could no more make fun of John McCain’s diabilities then I could disown my own typical white grandmother. I have said this before so let me be absolutely clear on this and let me finish…if Stephen Hawking, a typical white quadriplegic can use a computer then so can the guy who was hanging out poolside at the Hanoi Hilton drinking margaritas and sitting out the war for 5 years…a war, that had it been still ongoing, I, Barack America Obama, would have volunteeered to fight in when I graduated from High School. However, since it was over, I chose to, like Jesus, become a Community Organizer, unlike Governor Pontius Palin.”


  292. One thing I’m seeing slip into the nervousness discussions is how BZero does not garner votes equal to his polling numbers. I’m having a difficult time believing that if he couldn’t mobilize on the ground one primary state at a time how he will try and overcome this on a national or at least multiple states at the same time.

    The polling numbers while reported accurately, may very well not be an accurate representation of just how much trouble he has.

  293. In reading BB’s post and half of this thread, I was thinking about how much Palin has threatened the victory that Obama and his people will do anything to win. It suddenly occurred to me that if he continues to not be able to hurt her (& consequently McCain’s) popularity & momentum, and in knowing his ruthless ambition & aggressive character, I am afraid that he or someone on his “team” might resort to having her physically, um, hurt. I hope that she has bodyguards and I hope that I am wrong.

    I guess that he and “they” really are a frightening bunch of immoral, unethical brats IMO.

  294. http://www.youtube.com/user/politicalfilms –link to my youtube videos in case you haven’t seen them..

  295. Just heartbreaking. It’s bad enough that O is gonna cost us the Presidency. But a bunch of seats in Congress, too?

    Ay, carumba.

  296. Isn’t the ad regarding Sen. McCain and his physical inability to use the keyboard enough reason for KO to do a “special comment” section on his broadcast? One would think so but I doubt he will. To make fun of a disability should be ruinous to a campaign.

    Good luck with that one Backtrack. Oh and by the way, Jesus would never do that.

  297. Karolina NYC –

    Palin already has a secret service detail…. her code name is Denali…. Todd Palin’s code name is Driller

    no joke


  298. Quick observational note:

    MCCAIN-PALIN both share a confident speaking style with directness (hence, MCCAIN’s slogan “straight-talk express”).

    OBAMBI-BIDEN both share a confident speaking style with obfuscating the prime tactic (hence, after over $300 million dollars has been spent, many people still do not know what Obambi stands for).

  299. Charles, completely OT, but can you recommend a microfinancing charity. I have been supporting Accion for a few years and I would like to add one that is only for women. Also, if you have an opinion about Accion, i would love to hear it. Thanks!

  300. And BO’s ability to win red caucus states in the primary was supposed to mean that McCain would have to compete in red states? Well, it’s not like HRC had this vast coalition of the Democratic base on her side while he was looking at support from only one or two groups.

  301. BPD, thanks for the info!

    (And I’m smiling about the code names).

  302. Damn, I was all set to go to bed and then I see Hilary Rosin on Larry King. They showed the clip of Sarah Palin praising Hillary Clinton and H. Rosin was saying crap about how cynical it was. It pissed me off all over again.

    It’s good that Hilary doesn’t spell her name the same as Hillary – she doesn’t deserve to. I won’t forget that she was a “supposed supporter”, but not two days after Obama had “wrapped up” the nomination she was talking about Hillary Clinton “will not hold my vote hostage.” (or some such crap)

    She makes me want to vomit.

    Ok, I’m going to bed now.

  303. given our experience with Obama and his principals about FAIR ELECTIONS (not)

    I suspect a lot of dead people will be voting in November for the Democratic ticket

    jeeze…it is so disgusting to think he’s the nominee of my party

    in all seriousness though…the same hidden interests who installed Bush will be doing the same for Barky…it is a very real scenario

  304. Pat,

    Obama’s helicopter attack campaign is losing altitude and is about to crash and burn.

    How low can he go? Obviously, Obama is digging a hole to the core of the earth. Sooner or later, Obama is going to melt from all the heat and pressure that is building up.

    Obama’s latest personal attack ad against John McCain is further proof that America deserves better than Obama.

    How can the media not call Obama out on this disgusing attack ad? Obama rolls out this ad on the day after 9/11.

    Obama has no honor at all. No decency. He is not fit to be POTUS.

    Is Obama psychotic, or narcissistic, or both?

  305. Karolina… I actually thought about this concern the other night when she went back to Alaska and had that big turn out of people. The energy jumped right out of the TV. She has the secret service around her. Big she looked so tiny. But, what a presence.

  306. Thanks, Charles, I’ll look into those.

  307. Charles, do the MN numbers put MN back up in the toss-up column? Does that leave, MN, NV, CO, OH, VA, NH and MI as the toss ups now?

  308. Yeah, but once again, you can’t out Republican Republicans. HRC couldn’t press the issue when he was illegally keeping his precincts open later. No way in hell can he pull that maneuver with the Republicans. They wrote the book on this stuff, they know what he’s going to do and they’re going to do it more successfully.

  309. Iron Man: I just hope those members of the DNC who were his catnip supporters have nightmares for what they have done. A Hillary/Obama ticket would have sailed into the WH and probably stayed ensconced for the next 16 years. But no, they had to make sure that this moron got the spotlight all to himself and look where we are today. Talking about John McCain of all people!!!

    Good grief, Charlie Brown.

  310. Is Obama psychotic, or narcissistic, or both?
    NPD?, ODD?, Sociopath? maybe they will have to come up with a new diagnosis for the “O”>

  311. Obama is a narcissist surrounded by people telling him exactly what he wants to hear. The Obamabots are the psychotics, caught up in the sense of something new and shiny. The minute he starts slipping back in the polls to say a 38% to 40% positon, they will be gone.

  312. IronMan — IMO Barky is BOTH. BB wrote a great post in July about the behavior he has that shows his narcissistic personality disorder.

    Linda — I am glad to hear that I am not the only one having these eerie thoughts.

  313. Pat Johnson, on September 13th, 2008 at 12:59 am Said:

    Iron Man: I just hope those members of the DNC who were his catnip supporters have nightmares for what they have done
    I am beginning to think that the knives have been out for the Clinton’s since the late ’80’s when the then rising star, Bill Clinton, went with the DLC and not the “elites”.

    I now think that that crappy speech that he was forced to read at the Dukakis convention, was no accident. That speech nearly undid his National political career.

  314. “Palin already has a secret service detail…. her code name is Denali…. Todd Palin’s code name is Driller”

    Maybe Obama’s is “Denial.”
    Sorry Michelle, the only anagrams for “driller” I found are Redrill, Red Rill, Dill Err, Drill Er, Drill Re.

  315. Charles, I really appreciate that you cover these topics in your blog. I thought I was reasonably well-informed, but there some utterly horrific practices that are beyond the imagination. They are painful to read about, but necessary if any change can happen, so thank you.

  316. Pat, I don’t think so. The Obots have ridden this train so hard, they CAN’T back off now. They’ve got to ride it all the way to the end, they’ve staked all their credibility on it. Admitting that it was all one big delusion would take more character than most of them have.

  317. Are you suggesting that the OFB play with themselves? Surely not!

  318. OT but in reference to the email above about ALDI vs. WAL-MART

    I lived in Germany for many years. The ALDI story could be the script for a movie, but their value to the consumer is their prices. How do they do it? ALDI sign very long term agreements with producers of top quality products like POST The products are sold under the ALDI brands. The long term agreement lock in prices for the consumer, and provide security for the producer. That along with their simple way of merchandising keep their prices low. I have to admit that I was pretty excited when I saw the first ALDI go up in my town…

  319. Pat J. – sorry for the late response. But yes, Whoopie did say the ‘slave’ comment

  320. If Obama did not exist it would be necessary for Karl Rove to invent him.

  321. I am so glad your all here. Imagine if we were alone with our thoughts. The whole world has been painted as ready for Obama. What a farce. What a shame.

  322. Sorry… your should be you’re.

  323. Robin, I have made loans through Kiva and LOVE it. They have little blurbs and pictures of the individual entrepreneurs on their website, so if you wish to promote small businessWOMEN in the developing world, you can do so. You have a wide choice of how much you can loan – sometimes as little as 50 bucks at a time helps.

    I have been very happy with Kiva, and have had a couple of my investments already almost paid off. kiva.com is great.

  324. Crap, Charlie Gibson is an asshole.

  325. I have read a lot on this blog tonight about a Republican presidency removing all obstacles for big business, and I would buy that except for one thing. The media IS big business. Google Disney or Time-Warner or GE and see just how far these giants of industry and media have insinuated themselves into our lives. They were clearly advancing a Bush agenda in 2000 and 2004, I remember throwing my slipper at the TV in 2000 and screaming for them to vet Bush, his military record, his past business failures, on and on. Fast forward to 2008, and the big business agenda via the MSM is so pro Obama that something like 70% of the country now sees it. So if a Republican presidency guarantees protection and advancement for big business, why the blatant push for Obama?

  326. Sagesgram… Those that pull the strings are their own party. They don’t need a Dr or R behind their names. $ stands behind teir names. I think the R brand was going down so they went to push a like minded Dem. They didn’t know that people would grow to love Hillary.

  327. Alice
    They went bonkers before it was just Hillary. The writing was on the wall at Dkos when kos took TU status from many Edwards supporters but didn’t take TU status from the extremists who supported Obama. That said I will work with the infrastructure we have and with those at places like DU when we have common interests. The trust is gone though. Blinders are off. I will be verifying things much more closely after this primary cycle. The internet appears to have the same flaws as the media and some of the bloggers have egos just like the punditry. I refuse to be a cog in a noise machine.

  328. I can’t prove it, but I think that the same business powers-that-be picked Obama that picked Bush. And the corporate media played along.

    I personally was very surprised when McCain won the Repub primary. Mitt Rpmney was the back-up Repub choice of the corporate bigwigs, IMO, after Obama. But those pesky Republican VOTERS pulled a fast one and were stubborn enough to push Johnny Mac through.

    We Dems were not paying really close attention, and when we did it was mostly from a “who is easier to beat” standpoint. But I believe the Republican voters pulled a little bit of a back-to-sanity coup of their own this year.

  329. With a massive Hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast and a huge train wreck in California tonight, it sure is a comfort to know that Barack Obama has been spending his time this week studying up on his lines for Saturday Night Live.

    Ah…And just a few minutes ago, the Obama campaign issues this statement:

    In light of the unfolding crisis in Texas, Sen. Obama has decided it is no longer appropriate to appear on Saturday Night Live tomorrow evening,” said Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

    Hey Psaki, your candidate is NOT appropriate for America!!

  330. I think the media has been purchasing the Dems and figured they’d get more bang for their buck. They figured the Dems couldn’t lose with the way Bush has been running things. It must suck to have spent all that money on a presidential knock off with the idea that you were purchasing a genuine article.

    That said, I don’t think McCain is a threat to big businessand the rich and influential. We’re in for a tough ride whoever wins.

  331. Republican Woman, I read a comment at No Quarter that some walls of hate are coming down between many liberals and conservatives. Seems those of us in the creamy center of American politics have more in common with each other than with the far-out edges.

  332. From the Jim Lehrer New Hour, here’s the take of Shields and Brooks on the Palin interview (transcript, you have to scroll down), and other things.

    What’s up with David Brooks, anyway? I would think he would be more supportive of Palin. And I wish he would have given examples of the “faulty instincts” he thought Palin showed. Also, note the discussion on the Bush doctrine question.

    A few excerpts:

    DAVID BROOKS: Well, I thought she made no gaffes. You know, I thought she did fine.

    I guess my view was changed a little, not for the better, to be honest. I don’t think it was a disastrous performance. But the sticking to the talking points just shows a lack of comfort level with a lot of the issues. I thought — I thought the Bush doctrine question was illegitimate and unfair.


    JIM LEHRER: Do you agree with that?

    MARK SHIELDS: I agree with that.

    JIM LEHRER: I mean, who knows the Bush doctrine?

    DAVID BROOKS: I know it well. There are four different Bush doctrines. Well, anyway. But then…


    DAVID BROOKS: So there is a lack of comfort level you want in a leader.

    And then the desire, the intense desire to show toughness on every single issue. No one is going to out-tough her. So, she is going to be mean. We are not going second-guess the Israelis, no matter what the circumstances. We are going to declare war on Russia, blah, blah, blah. The intense desire for toughness, in a position where John McCain is fully capable of nuance, that did unnerve me a little.

    So, I thought she did fine for a very smart person who is involved in this. But she didn’t show the comfort. And I thought she showed faulty instincts.

    MARK SHIELDS: The one place I thought her instinct really did fail her was, did you blink at all?

    I mean, that was the time for a little humility, to say, are you ready to be president?

    On the Palin effect:

    IM LEHRER: It’s triggered a tremendous number of debates among women, some who are all over the political spectrum.

    MARK SHIELDS: And a total inversion. The traditional conservatives have said, a women’s place is in the home. You know, they think it is terrific this mother of five is out running for national office.

    The feminists, who said you can have it all, are saying, why isn’t she home with her baby? You know, it is just — it’s a rather remember remarkable transformation of positions.

    And I would say, it is women. It’s Southerners, and it’s particularly people in small towns. That is where her pitch is. The woman thing is fascinating. It is almost an identification in many cases of women who have children, who are working, who are trying to do the balancing act. And it’s not ideological. It is really identification.

  333. I got that Anne Kilkenny email from my mom. Here is my Reply-All:

    Here’s my rebuttal.

    Sarah Palin is no more or less qualified than Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia, who was in the running to be Obama’s VP. She is right-wing in her views but tends to govern from the center. There is no evidence of Christian social crusading in her record. She believes Alaskans deserve a cut from the use of their natural resources and they get a check in the mail each year to prove it. Geez, how … socialist.

    Why should woman running for the #2 spot, only a few years younger than a man running for the #1 spot, be subject to such alarmist scrutiny? The ongoing hysteria surrounding her selection is telling us something ugly about how we view women. If we are wise, we will listen and change.

  334. There has to be a backlash

  335. Okay, who is covering the night shift in the States (on the Confluence) right now?

    It’s only 6 p.m. here in Oz and I’m watching the Fox coverage of Ike.

    I hope all are okay. When I lived in San Antonio a few years ago, we had the big flood. A few people died but the power outages and flooding on a HUGE level made life quite inconvenient for a while.

    Cyclone season here starts in February. We had a massive one (Larry) when I first moved to Cairns. Reminded me of Hugo (when I lived in South Carolina).

    Mother nature at her finest this political season.

  336. From the Washington Post, Krauthammer slams Gibson on the Bush doctrine question. Says he got it wrong. Krauthammer saying there are four versions of the Bush doctrine seems to agree with what David Brooks said in the Jim Lehrer News Hour.

    And then, here’s a hostile editorial from the New York Times about Palin’s performance in the interview. You might need a vomit bag before heading over there. And I will repeat what has been noted by commenters here: Why does MSM refer to her as Ms. Palin, but refer to Hillary as Mrs. Clinton? Is it an age thing? So, so odd.

  337. OT
    I just got home from work.
    We had a major accident today where I lost a friend.
    There is no official cause yet.

    There also was what we call a train-auto.
    A person ran around the gates and was hit by a train.
    This happens somewhere in the US everyday.
    It takes less than a minute for a 6 car train to run a crossing. A long freight train takes about 5 to 10 minutes to run a crossing.

    How valuable is your life?
    Is it worth waiting 1 to 10 minutes for a train to run a crossing?
    Tonight a person is dead, a family is grieving and an engineer that did not know the person is grieving because he could not stop a train in time to avoid the car.
    If one person reads this and remembers this when they come to a crossing with the gates down and thinks enough of their life to wait maybe I did some good.



  338. Moonbats dropping like flies from PDS epidemic


  339. Hey could someone add the link to my website on the Blog Roll 🙂 THANKS!

  340. {{{helen}}}

    I’m very sorry helen — what a terrible night.

  341. how do I contact Confluence to add my blog to blogroll 🙂

  342. If I knew, I would do it too 😀
    Palin says Obama will regret not picking Hillary

  343. Shit, helen……I hope you are okay. Big hugs.

    Sorta puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

  344. Tom Litchford: You have some very interesting posts on your site but we get requests for blogroll additions everyday and have decided to restrict the blogroll to those bloggers who post more frequently. In fact, I just cleaned up the roll and removed people who only occasionally blog. Maybe you could check back periodically and remind us of what you’ve written? You can send me links to your more recent posts to theconfluence08 at yahoo dot com.

  345. Obama mocking McCain’s disability (computer ad) combined with his kicking Max Cleland from his event – could this be a pattern now? remember James Watts?

  346. Hillary will be here in Akron tomorrow. I”M trying to figure out what to put on a sign.

  347. Wow, the last paragraphs of this diary are great!!!

  348. “Today is the first day of the rest of the campaign,” Obama campaign manager David Plouffe says in a campaign strategy memo. “We will respond with speed and ferocity to John McCain’s attacks and we will take the fight to him, but we will do it on the big issues that matter to the American people.”

    Love the cliches Plouffe! So lame.

  349. What morons. “What happened to all the happytalk about Obama?” There never was any, dipshits. WE knew that — we saw it. You did nothing but savage the shit out of Hillary, and had nothing good to say about Barky except your “falling to the gruond and speaking in tongues” conversion stories. They get old after a while.

    You have nothing to say about your own candidate because there IS nothing to say about him.


  351. Let us put it bluntly, Obama is running his campaign very well. He doesn’t need instructions from “liberal bloggers.” However, “liberals” aren’t the only ones covering the McCain campaign and its short falls, I am a Republican, conservative and I find plenty of short falls in McCain’s campaign as well as the early on promises that he has made. The bottom line of McCain’s promises, more big government. The bottom line of McCain’s no to high taxes, no guarantees that it will return jobs to U.S. shores. The other guarantee of McCain’s promises of no high taxes, is that there is actually no guarantee, given the nature of this nation’s deepest debt, that he can even keep the country “safe and strong.” In which case, since I already know where Obama is coming from, my focus will remain on McCain and the failures of his “straight talk.” Sorry, but this conservative blogger isn’t being “played.”

  352. ha! obots pretending to be republicans out of shear panic on a post about panicked obots. how very absurd!!! thanks jeh15!!! good times…

  353. Becoming Republicans because you feel Hillary was treated poorly.

    If you bother to read the hundreds and hundreds of comments on this blog, you will know that your assumptions why people have abandoned Obama are just plain wrong. People who comment here are actually thoughtful people. Imagine that.

    Looked at the polls lately? Obama is sliding. Down, down, down…

  354. NOBAMA – Keep the change

  355. We focus a small part of our rage on Obama because he stood by and did NOTHING while the media and his surrogates (think Jesse Jackson, Jr for one) said horrible things about Hillary.

    As Sarah said, Barry is going to regret not putting Hillary on the ticket. We rejoiced because it would have made our decision that much more difficult – but Barry just ended up looking even more sexist than he had already looked.

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